◾No Money Down
◾A-XV rated insurance carrier = Most Competitive Rates in California
◾Cash Safety Incentive: Earn up to 10% of your paid premium back for little or no claims!
◾California Construction Safety Specialist (all our clients are contractors!)

Contact: Chris Longo
 E-mail: clongo@bixbyzane.com
 Phone: (800) 235-4909
 Website: www.bixbyzane.com


Boise Cascade Engineered Wood ProductsBoise Cascade, L.L.C. is a major manufacturer and distributor of high-quality building products, including lumber, plywood, oriented strand board and particleboard panels, engineered wood and specialty wood products. With more than 40 years of experience, we provide solutions for our customers’ building materials needs as well as support for sales, engineering and software & training.

We sell our products to wholesale distributors, retailers and industrial users in truck load and rail car quantities.

Contact: Denise Bough
 E-mail: denisebough@bc.com
 Phone: (951) 212-4504
 Website: www.bcewp.com

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Champion LumberChampion Lumber Company supplies contractors with the lumber and materials they need to build one of the fastest-growing areas of the country. From housing tracts to commercial projects, Champion Lumber Company is contributing to the transformation of the Inland Empire landscape. Phenomenal growth has been the fruit of Champion’s honest business practices. From fifteen employees in 1967, the company has grown to more than one hundred personnel. And less than a half dozen pieces of equipment has grown to fifteen trucks, thirty forklifts, and a full milling facility. “We do a tremendous amount of business with our customers because we do what we say we’ll do,” says Chairman George Champion. That honest approach has helped this family business build relationship with both customers and employees for decades.

Contact: Mark Boone
 E-mail: mboone@championlumber.net
 Phone: (951) 346-1719
 Website: www.championlumber.net

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TW_siding_trim_collins_grn_4cHeadquartered in Portland, Oregon and family-owned since 1855, Collins TruWood Siding & Trim produces high quality wood products, including softwoods, hardwoods, millwork, pine particleboard, veneer logs, TruWood Siding and Trim. Collins TruWood Siding & Trim also features a full line of FSC-certified wood products. A champion of sustainable practices and protecting the integrity of the total forest ecosystem on their landholdings, which cover more than 307,000 acres, Collins TruWood Siding & Trim upholds their long-standing commitment to land and resource stewardship.

Divisions are located in: Chester, CA; Kane, PA; Richwood, WV; Boardman, Lakeview, and Klamath Falls, OR.

Contact: Brian Hurdle
 E-mail: bhurdle@collinsco.com
 Phone: (916) 806-9000
 Website: CollinsWood.com

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Crenshaw LumberWe strive to earn our customer’s respect and loyalty by supplying a quality product, with on-time service, competitive pricing, and a partnership for success from the team at Crenshaw Lumber.


Contact: James Cederholm
 E-mail: jamesc@crenshawlumber.com
 Phone: (310) 323-1337
 Website: www.crenshawlumber.com

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Grove Construction HardwareGrove Construction Hardware specializes in offering the largest selection of construction hardware supplies in Southern California. At Grove Construction Hardware, you will only find the highest quality products along with the finest service in the industry. Let our knowledgeable and friendly staff help you today.

Contact: Steve Croll
 E-mail: steve@grovehardware.com
 Phone: (909) 544-4331
 Website: www.grovehardware.com


Grove LumberWe are a full-service hardware store that strives to provide the best in customer service. For your shopping convenience, we want to welcome you to our online store where you can purchase 70,000 items available for overnight delivery. If you want to purchase a product that cannot be delivered by UPS, stop in or call our store to purchase the product. If we do not stock the item, one of our friendly employees will be happy to special order the item for you.

Contact: Don Estes
 Phone: (909) 947-1312
 Website: www.grovelumber.com

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Hardy FramesConnectors cost you more every year! Stricter code requirements continue to make structural connectors a more costly component of building. Recent hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes have caused building code agencies to re-evaluate their connector requirements. Now, more connectors are required than ever before.

You can save money… There is more than one structural connector company that provides a complete line of connectors, anchors, and epoxies. A single specification creates a non-competitive environment. That means you end up paying more for connectors – which drives up your costs of building.

The solution: Specify two connector brands or pre-approve a second brand as an “or equal” option. This still allows you to build high quality homes that meet or exceed the local code requirements.

MiTek Builder Products is the answer. Let our technical sales representatives and engineers meet with you and your engineer to prove that our products are qualified for specification and equal consideration. Once you see what we offer, you’ll want your engineer to add MiTek Builder Products to your building plans.

You will get a more competitive bid. Once MiTek Builder Products are added to your building plan, you’ve opened the door for competitive pricing. The bid process will keep your connector costs down, without further effort by you. So even if you continue to buy from your current source, you will be paying less. And here’s an extra fringe benefit: We can give a second opinion to your engineer, providing you with less expensive selections to meet your local code requirements.

Contact: Landon Boucher
 E-mail: lboucher@mii.com
 Phone: (951) 226-4355
 Website: www.hardyframe.com

Read MiTek Builder Products’ Spotlight Article in CFCA’s Summer 2007 newsletter edition.

Lockton Logo 25mmLockton Companies helps make our clients’ businesses better by helping framing contractors like you with risk management and insurance. Clients count on Lockton to deliver insurance, surety, and risk management services with superior value. We have more than four decades of experience in the construction industry, so we understand your business issues. Our vibrant culture keeps the focus on you and your business.


Contact: Timothy J. Noonan
 E-mail: tnoonan@lockton.com
 Phone: (213) 689-0508
 Website: www.lockton.com


Mid Continent Nail CorporationMid Continent Steel and Wire is the largest domestic gun nail manufacturer in the United States. We offer a vast product assortment of collated nails, bulk hand drive nails, staples, brads, and finish nails for construction and industrial applications. All fasteners are engineered for superior performance in all pneumatic tools and species of wood.

Mid Continent Steel and Wire is committed to reviewing and making appropriate updates to ensure that our fasteners meet the requirements of our industry and our customers. We are proud of our commitment to provide a broad range of fasteners that meet today’s stringent building code compliance through our ICC report # ESR-3132. The allowable loads for our nails as stated in the report meet or exceed requirements according to the National Design Specification (NDS) as referenced by the Uniform Building Code (UBC), International Building Code (IBC), and International Residential Code (IRC).

Mid Continent Steel and Wire and its dedicated Magnum family of employees is committed to providing the highest quality products and exceptional service each and every day.

Mid Continent Steel and Wire’s commitment to you, our customer, is quite simple.

“Don’t just meet, but EXCEED your expectations at every level of our quality and services.”

Contact: Carlos Johnson
 E-mail: carlos@magnumfasteners.com
 Phone: (800) 867-6245
 Cell (951) 553-9420
 Website: www.magnumfasteners.com

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Dixieline logoDixieline was established in San Diego County by the Cowling family in 1913. Now, 100 years later, as Dixieline ProBuild, the company continues to meet the building materials supply needs of Southern California contractors. Dixieline ProBuild currently operates 11 locations in the Southern California area, including lumber production yards in Colton and Shafter, near Bakersfield, and sells a broad selection of building materials, including lumber and plywood, engineered wood, gypsum wallboard and other drywall products, millwork, roofing, siding products, tools, insulation materials, and metal and hardware specialties.

Contact: Carlos Gonzalez
 E-mail: carlos.gonzalez@probuild.com
 Phone: (619) 778-1099
 Website: www.probuild.com


Reliable Wholesale Lumber, Inc.Reliable Wholesale Lumber, Inc. is a family owned and operated full service Contractor Lumber Yard. After over 80 years of service, the Higman family is committed to maintaining the company’s substantial presence within the marketplace. Our goal has always been to provide the customer with high quality products at competitive prices with service continuing to be our highest priority.



Contact: Randall C. Richards
 E-mail: randall.richards@rwli.net
 Phone: (714) 848-8222
 Website: www.rwli.net

Read Reliable Wholesale Lumber’s Spotlight Article in CFCA’s Spring 2005 newsletter edition.


Roseburg LogoRoseburg, A Forest Products Company, based in Dillard, Oregon, is a closely held manufacturer and marketer of a diverse line of building materials and specialty products that include lumber, hardwood and softwood plywood, engineered wood products, decorative melamine, particleboard, and specialty panels. With lands and facilities in the Northwest and Southeast, we market product to customers throughout North America. With state-of-the-art, vertically-integrated facilities, Roseburg manufactures products that meet or exceed the wood industry’s highest structural standards. Roseburg’s brands include RFPI®, RigidLam®, RigidRim® engineered wood products; SuperPly®, RediPlyTM and SkyPlyTM plywoods; UltrablendTM, RoseburgPineTM, Multifiber®, Novoflor® SkyBlend® and Redi-ShelfTM particleboards; and Duramine® decorative melamines.

Contact: John C. Assman
 E-mail: johna@rfpco.com
 Phone: (909) 923-4458
 Website: www.rfpco.com


Simpson Strong-TieFor more than 50 years, Simpson Strong-Tie has led the industry in products that strengthen the structural integrity of homes and buildings. Our products and research are recognized for increasing a structure’s resistance to seismic and high wind forces. Simpson works with builders, framers, engineers, code officials and homeowners across the U.S. to provide products that reinforce the structural frame of a house, making it stronger and safer. Simpson’s core structural connector products, such as, joist hangers, hurricane ties, straps and holdowns, are used by contractors on job sites every day. Simpson also has several featured product lines, including prefabricated shearwalls (Wood Strong-Wall® and Steel Strong-Wall®), Anchor Tiedown Systems for multistory structures, Anchor Systems for concrete and masonry, and Quik Drive® screw driving systems. These products help the company offer a whole-system approach to building design.

Research & Jobsite Support – Simpson’s research and laboratory facilities are dedicated to developing new products that improve the way structures are designed and built. The Tyrell Gilb Research Lab in Stockton, California, has highly specialized equipment that tests a structure’s ability to resist earthquakes, high winds and other natural disasters. Full-scale structural components are tested using the lab’s seismic shake table and cyclic/static test frame. Simpson also has branch labs located across the U.S. that address regional construction issues to service local customers. Customers frequently ask Simpson to perform tests to help resolve installation issues that arise on the jobsite.

Commitment to Service – Simpson is committed to providing value to its customers. Simpson employees are often at job sites providing installation training or answering a customer call through its 24-hour technical support. The company also offers a variety of educational classes and workshops to help customers with product installation and code requirements. Simpson Strong-Tie is proud to support our customers and the work they do in the field each day. To learn more about Simpson Strong-Tie, visit www.strongtie.comor call 800-999-5099.

Contact: Jason Rutledge
 E-mail: jrutledge@strongtie.com
 Phone: (760) 802-4824
 Website: www.strongtie.com

Read Simpson Strong-Tie’s Spotlight Article in CFCA’s Spring 2011 newsletter edition.


West Coast EquipmentWest Coast Equipment, LLC is an independently owed, factory authorized dealer of JLG, Gradall, and Skytrak machines. Established in 1984, we owe our longevity to great customer service and lots of experience. In fact, our team has a combined 100 years of experience and can help you get your job done easily, efficiently, and on time.

When deadlines are tight, and time is money, you need a dealer you can trust. At West Coast Equipment, LLC, we have the products, customer service, and experience that will make your next job seem easy. Contact our sales, rental, or parts department today and get the job done.

Contact: Dave Robidoux
 E-mail: drrobidoux@westcoastequipment.us
 Phone: (951) 256-2040
 Website: http://westcoastequipment.us/


WeyerhaeuserWe grow trees and make forest products that improve lives in fundamental ways. Our wood products are used to build homes, where families are sheltered and raised. Our cellulose fibers are used to make diapers and other hygiene products that keep people clean and healthy. We innovate to use trees in products you may not expect, such as fabric, plastics and energy. We do these things because growing a truly great company isn’t just about great financial results or being a great place to work, it’s also about making a great contribution to society.

Contact: Steve Black
 E-mail: steve.black@weyerhaeuser.com
 Phone: (909) 879-2529
 Website: http://www.woodbywy.com/


HD Supply White Cap is the nation’s leading distributor of specialty hardware, tools and materials for large and medium-sized contractors. Our extensive inventory, combined with will call, site delivery and direct ship options, enable us to deliver the products you need when and where you need them. Additionally, our team of more than 500 outside account managers are experts in their field, so you can rely on us for professional service and solutions.

We bring comprehensive knowledge of concrete, tilt-up, bridge, highway, grading, waterproofing, residential and commercial construction practices to provide the expertise you expect and the products you’ve got to have to get the job done. With over $100 million in inventory and a vast fleet of delivery trucks, HD Supply White Cap has what you need, where you need it, when you need it.

Contact: Bob Jacoby
 E-mail: bobjacoby@whitecap.net
 Phone: (949) 794-5272
 Website: www.whitecap.net

Read White Cap’s Spotlight Article in CFCA’s Winter 2010 newsletter edition.



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