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CSI Historical Highlights ~ Construction Specification Series
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Advertising Info. Contact - Jay Sweeney (901) 260-9670
Architects, engineers, contractors, and manufacturers—14,000
members strong—are in touch with one another through their
Construction Specifications Institute membership. CSI provides
contacts in the construction industry as well as provides you up-to
-date information to help you do your job efficiently and effectively.
Yearly Institute membership fee is $240 plus $40 Memphis
Chapter fee = $280; Institute membership fee for an Emerging
Professional is $115 plus $40 Memphis Chapter fee = $155.00;
and Institute membership fee for students is $27 plus $10
Memphis Chapter = $37.

Membership Info. - Janya Roland
At each monthly meeting, the Chapter encourages all members to
provide a table display of their product and/or services for
inspection and education of those attending the meeting. After the
meal and prior to the program, the displayer will be given five
minutes to address the group. The table display is also
encouraged to be represented during the social hour and after the
program for any questions by the attendees.
The presentation fee for this time is $25.00.
Table Top Info. - Robert B. Valentine
110 South Union Street, Suite 100
Alexandria, VA 22314
Founded in 1948, the Construction Specifications Institute is a not-for-profit technical organization dedicated to the advancement of
construction technology through communication, research, education and service. CSI serves the interests of architects, engineers,
specifiers, interior designers, contractors, product manufacturers and others in the construction industry.
Membership Tabletop Displays at Monthly Meetings
The Memphis PerSPECtive Information
The Memphis PerSPECtive
Table of Contents
2. All About the Institute and More
3. Schedule and Meeting Location
4. Presidents Messages
5. Historical Highlights
6-7. February Meeting Report

 8. Construction Specification Series
 9-11. 2013 Products Display Show
12-14. 2013 Membership List
 15. CSI Leadership
March 10 Daylight Savings
March 13 Michael & Markie
 Cardone Wedding
March 17 Saint Patrick’s Day
March.18 Board Meeting
 Smith Doyle
 5:30—7:00 pm
March 19 Products Display
March Issue 2013 P AGE 3
Schedule at a Glance:
Tuesday, March 19, 2013
4:30 - 8:30 P.M.
Agricenter International
7777 Walnut Grove
Meet and Greet Visitors
March 2013
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Please visit
for information on all chapter activities.
P AGE 4 The Memphis PerSPECtive
Michael Cardone
CSI Memphis
Chapter President
CSI Memphis President’s Message January 2013
University of Memphis CSI Chapter President Message
Edward Hall, CSI-s
University of
Chapter President
We start March 2013 with the famous and best Products
Display Show west of the Rockie’s. This year’s show promises
to be a bigger and better than in years past. Ron Roberts,
Mike Zielinski, Charles Cooper and myself are working
hard to bring new vendors along with previous vendors
from years past to the product show. We will have a full day
of CEU courses (2 rooms worth) for everyone to catch-up
on needed hours, and of course, food and drink for all.
March also brings us to another 50/50 membership drive,
which is really important to the Chapter. We need to invite
our colleagues to attend the Products Display Show and
monthly dinner meetings and encourage them to join our
very important organization. April’s Chapter program will be
Pre-Engineered Metal Building (Gulf States Manufacturers)
with a discussion forum. We will finish up my term as the
president with the May program of Legal Ramifications of
BIM & LEED (owner, architect & contractor), and then there
is June’s Awards Banquet.
Last, please support our student affiliates at the U of M by
donating time to give lunch lectures on our various professions.
I, myself, have agreed to give two lectures and Hans
Faulhaber will also being lecturing to help the students get
a better understanding of our professions and organization.
I also need volunteers to fill several committee chairs for
the upcoming fiscal year. Please take time to be active and
further educate the public on our organization.
I have spoken with Joe Cavallo again in the past week and
he said to tell everyone hello. He still misses the chapter
and its great programs and is looking to returning to Memphis
in the very near future. If anyone would like to drop
him a line his email address is
Michael Cardone, CSI
As many of you can imagine, February has been a
very busy month for our University of Memphis student
chapter. With the Products Display Show quickly approaching,
we have held weekly meetings centered on the
design and construction of our student booth. As in the
past, our booth will be in the same location. The theme for
this year’s booth is the connection between the parent and
student chapters, so please feel free to visit us. We will
also have CSI T-shirts for sale which will be located at the
CSI-Memphis booth if you would like to purchase one.
Along with the Products Display Show, we have also been
working on other student chapter activities. Michael
Cardone, President of the Memphis Chapter, will be holding
a lecture for us at the University of Memphis that explains
exactly what CSI is and who all is included in CSI. In
the past, Mr. Tom Mason always held a bond fire and hot
dog roast at his house, and that tradition will continue this
year with the date being set for March 30. As always, we
appreciate all that the parent chapter does for us.
Thank you,
Edward Hall
Everything you need to know about CSI Memphis and more.
February Issue 2013
CSI Memphis Historical Highlights
March, 1967*: Membership was reported by Chapter
President, E. A. (Ted) Keyes, at 112, including 51 professional
and 61 industry members, with a goal of 150 by
year’s end. The March Chapter meeting, to be held at the
Knickerbocker Restaurant on Poplar Ave., will include a
presentation on Architectural Concrete by Mr. James Shilstone
of Architectural Concrete Consultants of Houston,
Texas. For $3.25, one receives a dinner composed of
roast beef, salad, baked potato, rolls and tea or coffee! For
$1.25 more, a nine ounce club steak can be had in lieu of
the roast beef.
March, 1973: At the March meeting of the Board of Directors,
treasurer, Tom Mosiej, announced that the Chapter
should end the fiscal year, 6/30/1973, in the “black”. The
Memphis Chapter won the “man
-mile” contest at the Region
5 (predecessor to the Gulf States Region) in Shreveport.
This consists of multiplying the number of members
form the Chapter in attendance times the miles from their
home site. 12 members attended, plus nine wives and two
children! President, Norman Newman reported that someone
from another chapter thought that Memphis was having
its regular monthly meeting!
March, 1983: Morris Ungren, Chapter President, reported
that the Chapter membership now stands at 156, including
62 professional, 89 Industry, one junior (?) member and
four students. The annual Gulf States Region conference
has been moved to April and will be in Nashville on the 8th
th and 10th. Tickets to the Grand Ole Opry will be available
for $13.00. “Computers” will be the topic for the Saturday
afternoon’s main event.
March, 1993: At the March Board of Directors meeting,
Lisa Namie, Certification Chair, reported that the Chapter
has seven candidates for CDT and four for the CCS exam.
Kevin Norman, Products Display Show Chair, announced
that he had received payment for sixty booths with 80 committed.
President Tommy Smith, announced that the 1993
Gulf States Region conference is scheduled for April 23
in Little Rock. The hot topic will be “Metrics
– A Blessing in
Disguise”. Membership Chair, Kay Fielden, reported that
the Chapter membership stands at 168, with 32 non
March, 2003: President
-Elect, Scott Guidry, announced
that the Chapter’s website is up and running. The March,
2003, issue of the PerSPECtive outlines the site and its
contents in detail. President, Steve Mangin, announced
that the location of this year’s Gulf States Region conference
will be back in Nashville on May 16-17 at the Doubletree
Hotel in downtown Nashville. Our own bluegrass
band, Critical Path, will be part of the festivities.
Ron Roberts, Historian
*first March issue available
P AGE 6 The Memphis PerSPECtive
CSI Memphis February Meeting
Jeremy Dollar—Winner of the Products Display
Show Poster Contest and Michael Cardone.
Past Presidents Charles Cooper, Byron Graves, Jim
Neison, Ron Roberts, Scott Guidry, Carl Drennan,
Tommy Smith & Wally Bostelmann
Tom Mason, Wendy Cooper, Trey Carney, Barry
Howard, Charles Cooper, Byron Graves, Robert
Valentine and Michael Cardone.
This being National President’s Month, Chapter President,
Michael Cardone, asked for those Chapter past Presidents
to rise and be recognized. Standing were Wally Bostelmann,
Charles Cooper, Carl Drennan, Jr., Byron Graves,
Scott Guidry, Jim Neison, Tommy Smith and Ron Roberts.
Each gave a couple of minutes of past Chapter history during
their tenure.
Special mention was made of the passing of our past President,
Donald W. Manley, April 24, 1934-October 27, 2012.
His long time service and accomplishments for our Chapter
will be long remembered, as well as his service to the Gulf
States Region and to the Institute. Our Chapter’s highest
award, The Don Manley Award, is named in his honor.
Several members spoke about their experiences with Don
during his almost 50 years of membership in our Chapter.
He will be greatly missed.
Several new members were introduced, including Valli Wiggins
of Stop Alarms, Inc. and John Pruett, Architect. The
University of Memphis student affiliate officers were in attendance,
including Ed Hall, President; Jeremy Dollar, Vice
President; Ben Cooper, Vice President and Sreeram
Schattu, Secretary. Other guests included Ken Hudson,
Architecture, Inc.; Wendy Cooper and Markie Cardone.
The winner of the Products Display Show student poster
contest was announced: Jeremy Dollar, CSI-s. Jeremy
was presented with a $300.00 check for his winning efforts
by PDS Committee Chair, Ron Roberts. Several reports
were given, including an update on the Scholarship Fund
by Julie Vanardo; the Products Display Show by Ron Roberts
and the Leadership/GSR Conference in Shreveport by
Michael Cardone, substituting for Mike Zielinski. An announcement
was made repeating the cessation of “hardcopy”
printing and mailing of The Memphis PerSPECtive.
Beginning with the August, 2013, issue, the magazine will
be electronically mailed to all, except those members who
do not use a computer.
The “Table Top” program was introduced by Robert Valentine,
Committee Chair, who - in turn - introduced the meeting’s
presenter, Valli Higgins, our new member and associate
of Stop Alarms, Inc. Her presentation was well received
by all.
The primary evening program was presented by our Vice
President, Hans Faulhaber, who presented the second part
of his series on “Construction Documents” as outlined by
the AIA issues on contract documents. His presentation
was greeted by many questions and much debate on several
Following Han’s presentation, the President had the prizewinning
ticket drawn for the $25.00 award for donations
tonight to the Scholarship Fund. The winner was who other
than …. Byron Graves !
With an announcement of next month’s Chapter event, the
Products Display Show on March 19th and the April meeting
on April 18th, the President closed the meeting at 8:00.
Respectfully Submitted,
Ron Roberts, CSI, CDT
March Issue 2013 P AGE 7
CSI Memphis February Meeting
Valli Wiggins, Charles Cooper, Barry Howard,
Byron Graves and Julie Varnado
Valli Wiggins, Charles Cooper, Robert Valentine,
and Byron Graves.
Markie Cardone, Ken Hudson of Architectire, Inc &
Randall Haynes
Ben Cooper, Ed Hall & John Pruett
Construction Specifications Series
P AGE 8 The Memphis PerSPECtive
Question 1
Which two specification methods are both prescriptive, i.e., the products and processes are specified, but not the results:

(Very tricky question…not by my design! I could argue with the wording of this one.)
a. Descriptive and Performance.
b. Performance and Reference.
c. Proprietary and Reference.
d. Descriptive and Proprietary.
Again…From the CSI CSEP Session #7 Student notes:
(repetition is good in this case and for new comers to the mailing list)
 Defines exact properties of materials & methods of installation without using proprietary names
 Specifies required results & criteria by which performance can be judged, & method for verification. Contractor is free
to use products of his choice that comply with specified performance criteria
Requires product or process be in accordance with established standard published by recognized agencies or organi
zations (i.e.: ULI, ASTM)
Specify actual brand names, model numbers, & include proprietary info. Spec without manufacturer’s name can still
be proprietary if only one manufacturer can meet the spec.
Question 2
Which of the following project types are suitable for using shortform specifications?
a. Projects of limited scope and complexity.
b. Projects with negotiated contracts.
c. Design/build projects.
d. All of the above
(None of these typically require or are conducive to highly detailed and demanding specification requirements…that
always drive the project costs higher!)
Please refer to the CSI’s new Project Delivery Practice Guide and Construction Specifications Practice Guide for producing suc cessful
Steve C. Tubré, CSI, CCCA
Construction Specifications Institute
Baton Rouge Chapter
Answers: Question 1 (d.) Question 2 (d.)
Products Display Show March 19, 2013
March Issue 2013 P AGE 9
4:30 PM till 8:30 PM
7777 Walnut Grove
 Join us and see the latest in construction products and services.
 All persons in the industry who specify or purchase materials
and services are invited.
 Complimentary Bar-B-Que dinner and refreshments.
 Go to CSIMEMPHIS.ORG for additional information
 Door Prizes (Age 18 and under ineligible to win)
Dedicated to the Memory of William E. Kaiser, CSI
The Construction Specifications Institute—Memphis Chapter P.O. Box 172349 - Memphis, TN 38187-2349
For Complimentary tickets contact:
Danny Clark at 731-571-9695 or
Complimentary tickets are also available at the door.
P AGE 10 The Memphis PerSPECtive
2013 Products Display Show Floor Plan
March Issue 2013 P AGE 11
2013 Products Display Show — Booths
P AGE 12 The Memphis PerSPECtive
CSI Memphis Chapter 2013 Membership List
Last Name, First Firm Phone Fax E-Mail
Anderson Chris Tennessee Roofing Consultants 901-466-0003 901-466-0004
Aryan Hooman Hnedak Bobo Group 303-907-5856
Bell David Siplast, Inc. 731-609-2005 731-376-1477
Bell Ryan ADCO Product 901-825-0959 517-764-6697
Bensey Kiernan Student @ In Tech 865-765-0511
Bigham John Bigham Roof Consulting 901-606-8254 901-205-1963
Bird Chris Dillard Door & Security, Inc. 901-775-2143 901-948-7434
Bonner Ronnie Retired - Emeritus 901-"682-9859
Booker April Allworld Project Management 901-881-2985
Bostelmann Wally W. B. & Associates 901-877 -3681 901-877-3769 WJBOST@BELLSOUTH.NET
Bowles III James University of Memphis-Student 901-219-7557
Brewer Dan The Brewe.!: Firm-Ar,ehitects, Inc. 901-752-9082 901-752-9083 .
Brillard Barbara Jo Horrell Group Architects 901-521-1440 901-276-2723 hga
Burns George University of Memphis 901-246-0091
Cahoon Raymond Brandon Company 256-412-5384 256-381-4802
Campbell Corey C & M Builder's Inc. 662-342-7182
Campbell Greg John J. Campbell Co., Inc. 901-312-8400 901-372-8404
Cardone Michael Precision Construction Consultants 731-460-0327
Carney Bernard Retired - Emeritus 901-363-2450
Cavallo Joseph 901-409-4503
Chattu Sreeram University of Memphis-Student 901-833-7690
Christie Bond Christie Cut Stone Company 901-274-0883 901-725-5458
Clark Danny The Markham Company, Inc 731.664.0068 731-668.1718
Clark Shirley Retired - Emeritus 901-525-2557 901-525-7578
Cofer Gary Diversify Construction Services 901-388-8687
Collins Dustin University of Memphis 901 849-3290 901849-3290
Colvin Donald Federal Express Corporation 901-434-8952 901-434-9497
Cooper Benjamin University of Memphis-Student
Cooper Charles Smith-Doyle Contractors 901-213-3993 901-213-3994
Cooper David Zellner Construction Services 901-794-1100 901-794-9141
Copeland Gary Gary M Copeland 901-517-6406
Cousins AI Allen & Hoshall
Crewey Lisa Karndean Design F'looring 901-833-5184
Daniels Nikole Self Tucker Architects, Inc. 901-261-1505 901-261-1515,
Davidson Pamela Allen & Hoshall, Inc., 901-261-4671 901-683-1001
Day Seth University of Memph~-Student 9135~22075
Dollar Jeremy University of Memphis-Student
Drennan Jr. Carl John J. Campbell Co., Inc. 901-372-8400 901-372-8404
Durham Jerry Retired - Emeritus jdurham330@att,net
Eckles Walter Fire Door Assembly Inspections-S. 901-210-1899 901-854-5769
Elrod Dennis Hnedak Bobo Group, Inc 901-577-0524 901-529-0889
Escue Meredith M. W. Escue Company 901-861-5502 901-861-5510
Evans Benjamin Benjamin Moore & Co. 901-826-6805 662-893-1931 Benjamin.Evans
Faulhaber Hans Hans Dietrich Faulhaber, Architect 901-326-9937
Flowers Joshua HNEDAK BOBO Group, Jne 901-577-0523 901-529-0889 jflowers@hbgine.eom
Know construction materials, systems, & methods
Verbal & written communication skills
Understand construction graphic info
Ability to negotiate, coordinate, & arbitrate
Management techniques to meet schedules
Good research methods
Computer skills
Understand construction law
Understand codes & ordinances
Know insurance & bonds
Understand QA & QC
March Issue 2013 PAGE 13
CSI Memphis Chapter 2013 Membership List Cont.
For Membership, Fellowship and Leadership.
Call a CSI Leader Today and Volunteer
Last Name,First Firm Phone Fax Email
Folk Michael Parasol Awnings, LLC 901-368-4477 901-368-1798
Foster Jr. Ronnie Allworld Project Management 901-881-2985
Frasca Jim Chicago Metallic Corporation 800-323-7164 636-928-0951
Futch Jason ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corp 901-377-1993 866-226-4198
Gaines Zachary University of Memphis-Student
Graves Byron Retired - Emeritus 901-386-6779
Hall Richard University of Memphis-Student 731-225-9096
Hawkins Sarah University of Memphis-Student 731-780-9321
Haynes Randall Baldwin & Shell Construction Co. 870-910-5400
Healey William Ludowici Roof Tile 225-266-3988 225-924-1585 hea
Hennings Venessa Student @ ITT Tech
Hill Charity ITT-Tech Institute 901-381-0242 901-381-0299
Hook Phil Mid-Western Commercial Roofers, Inc. 270-443-6295 270-442-5302
Hooks Jr. Michael Allworld Project Management
Hudson Kenneth Architecture, Incorporated 901-526-5080 901-526-5081
Hughes Alex Commercial Painting Company 901-327-2601 901-452-5663 alexhughes
Jones Brian Hilti 615-268-3211
Kile Kent PPG Industries 615-347-4572 615-773-2986
Killgore Jr. Edgar Delta Roofing & Sheet Metal Corp 870-735-4391 870-735-4404
LaMountain Michael Division 26 Electrical Engineering 901-522-9325 901-339-3315
LeClair Dwight Sherwin Williams Paint Company 678-261-6865 678-261-6769
Luke Judiath Titan CPA 901-432-7777 901-432-9999
Malone Kenneth KTM Associates, Inc. 901-853-8400 901-853-1792 kma
Mangin Stephen FedEx Express 901-434-9344
Marchbanks Randy Mid South Specialties, Inc. 901-345-5170 901-345-5174
Martin Montgomery Montgomery Martin Contractors 901-374-9400 901-374-9402
Martin Susan South East Associates 423-336-9612 423-336-9622
Martinovski Darko Homeland Government Services
Mason Thomas Retired - Emeritus 901-678-3297 901-737-5317
McCord Randy Material Handling Group 901-372-3700 901-547-9341
McDaniel Michael Burr + Cole Consulting Engineers 901-452-9676 901-458-9640
McFarland Jr. Jasper McFarland and Associates 901-759-4981 901-759-9461 -
McKellar Sonny Carlisle SynTec Systems 615-927-3028
McNicholas John Johns Manville Roofing Systems 615-848-0094 615-848-0094 j
Meade Curtis Southern Architectural Sales 901-758-0982'. 901-758-0983
Meyers Terri Townsend Door & Hardware 731-935-8643 731-935-8633
Moran Jack Retired - Emeritus 901-566-1070 901-566-1074
Murray James Self + tucker Architects, Inc. 901-261-1505 901-261-1515
Namie Lisa Fleming/ Associates/Architects 901-767-3924 901-767-7136
Neison James Retired - Emeritus 901-754-6571
Newman Norman Retired - Emeritus
Nichols Tom Townsend Door & Hardware 800-935-7290 731-935-8633
Norman Michael Michael J. Norman Co., Inc. 901-458-7310
Norman Patrick John D. Norman Co., Inc. 901-458-7104 901-458-7110
Oyler Billy Natural Stone Distributors 901-213-3422 901-867-9851 boyler@ nstone .co
P AGE 14
CSI Memphis Chapter 2013 Membership List Cont.
The Memphis PerSPECtive
Last Name, First Firm Phone Fax Email
Perkins Ronn Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies 615-591-6430 615-599-6854 ronn
Pruett John John Pruett Architects 901-721-9062
Randall Jarvis Student @ ITT Tech 901-654-7169
Rivers Isaiah Student @ ITT Tech 901-451-7473
Roberts Ronald Retired - Emeritus 901-497-5506 901-850-1367
Roland Janya Student @ ITT Tech 479-899-7165
Sabella Jim Ceco Door Products 731-686-4361 731-721-1282
Schrack Jon Millwork Specialties 901-382-1580 901-339-9313
Sealock William Student @ ITITech 901-626-4921
Self Juan Self Tucker Architects, Inc. 901-261-1505 901-261-1515
Setterlund Mark HNEDAK BOBO Group 901-577-0566 901-577-0418
Shirley Ron Euclid Chemical Company 901-355-8306
Smith Bob Sherwin Williams 901-508-6479
Smith Carl Freedom Sales 901-606-3358
Smith Jr. Charles National Guard Products, Inc. 901-795-6900 901-546-8120
Smith Thomas Architectural Consulting Services 901-387-1006 901-372-3777
Spurlin Ronald Acme Brick 901-755-9400 901-755-6502
Sweeney Sansbury brg3s architects 901-260-9600 901-531-8042
Szymanek Daniel Viktorhall Construction llC 901-323-0333 901-323-0310
Szymanek Thomas Viktorhall Construction, llC 901-323-0333 901-323-0310
Tenison Mark Johns Manville Denver, CO 731-614-4915 866-345-4305 -
Thoss Mark Montgomery Martin Contractors 901-374-9400 901-374-9402 mthoss@
Varnado Julie Farrell Calhoun 901-526-2211 901-525-8574 julievarnado
Varnell Dexter Dexter Varnell P.E. 901-753-7677 901-284-0130 varne"@dextervarne".com
Vreeland Rodney Retired - Emeritus 601-563-8521 901-324-7154
Wade James Waggoner Engineering 901-216-6792
Wagoner Gary Construction Management Plus 901-278-4260 901-725-1325
Walker Mario Self + tucker Architects, Inc. 901-261-1505
Ward Carey Zellner Construction Services 901-794-1100 901-794-9141
Warford Edmund City of Memphis/Housing & Community 901-576-7384 901-576-7361 edmund.warford
Warner William Retired - Emeritus 901-734-3404 901-734-3069
Warren Peter Peter Warren, Architect 907-364-1526 907-790-3901
Washington Edith The Stubblefield Group, Inc. 901-692-2474
White Barry Pella Windows and Doors 901-316-0166 901-316-0717
Wilmoth Harvey Pickering Firm, Inc 901-726-0810 9017272-6912
Young Kay Sealant & Waterproofing 501-912-8534 501-821-9314
Zawada Bernard Burr & Cole Consulting Engineers 901-452-9676 901-458-9640
Zielinski Michael looney Ricks Kiss 901-652-5612
Dempsie B. Morrison Scholarship Fund
Please mail this form with your IRS-deductible contribution to: Julie Varnado
 221 E. Carolina Ave
LEVEL OF PARTICIPATION: ___ $500+ DIAMOND Farrell-Calhoun Paint
 ___ $400 PLATINUM Memphis, TN 38126
 ___ $200 GOLD
 ___ $100 SILVER
 ___ <$100 OTHER
Memphis Chapter Leadership ’12 -’13
March Issue 2013 P AGE 15
President Michael P. Cardone 731/460-0327
President-Elect Michael A. Zielinski 901/652-5612
Vice President Hans Faulhaber 901/326-9937
Secretary Jay Sweeney 901/260-9600 901/521-1337
Ass’t. Secretary Open
Treasurer John T. Bigham 901/606-8254 901/465-8039
Ass’t. Treasurer Wally Bostelmann 901/877-3733
Past President Charles F. Cooper 901/213-3993 901/213-3994
Student President, U of M Richard E. Hall 731/225-9096
Student President, ITT Tech Janya B. Roland 479/899-7165
2010-2013 Board Ronald M. Roberts 901/850-1367 901/850-1367
2010-2013 Board Mark D. Setterlund 901/577-0566 901/529-0889
2011-2014 Board Ronald W. Spurlin 901/755-9400 901/755-6502
2011-2014 Board Mark C. Thoss 901/374-9400 901/374-9402
2012-2015 Board Dennis C. Elrod 901/577-0524 901/529-0889
2012-2015 Board Randall L. Haynes 901/462-4145
Academic Affairs Scott G. Guidry 901/507-4412 901/527-5018
 Co-chair Dustin A. Collins 901/849-3290
Awards Dennis C. Elrod 901/577-0524 901/529-0889
 Co-chair Lisa Namie 901/767-3924 901/767-7136
Banquet/Christmas Susan A. Evans 901/826-2391 901/745-6360
 Co-chair Lisa M. Crewey 901/833-5184
Chapter Operations James A. Neison 901/754-6571
 Co-chair Carl E. Drennan, Jr. 901/372-8400 901/372-8404
Conferences/Conventions Michael A. Zielinski 901/652-5612
 Co-chair Michael J. McDaniel 901/452-9676 901/458-9640
Database/Meeting Notify Pamela G. Davidson 901/261-4671 901/683-1001
 Co-chair Thomas W. Smith 901/387-1006 901/372-3777
Fellowship Wally Bostelmann 901/877-3681
Finance James A. Neison 901/754-6571
 Co-chair Carl E. Drennan, Jr. 901/372-8400 901/372-8404
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 Co-chair Chris Bird 901/775-2143 901/948-7434
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The Memphis PerSPECtive
PO Box 172349
Memphis, TN 38187-2349
Memphis, TN
PERMIT No. 991
The Memphis PerSPECtive March Issue 2013
CSI – Memphis Chapter Mission Statement
In order to enhance the process of creating and sustaining the built environment,
Memphis Chapter CSI:
Provides opportunities for persons in the design and construction industry to receive cutting edge
information regarding construction documents and practices; promotes members career advancement
and enhancement of leadership and communication skills; and supports students aspiring to
design and construction careers.
CSI members may renew their membership up to 3 months before their renewal date. To renew: login to your My CSI
Page and click "Renew." Renew today!
Why Renew?
Reach Outside Your Network: Meet commercial-level owners, facility managers, architects, specifiers, engineers,
manufacturers and product reps at local chapter meetings, CONSTRUCT & The CSI Annual Convention and other special
Do Your Job Better & Faster with clear, concise documentation using CSI’s standards and formats:
"Due to the cost factor, The Memphis PerSPECtive will be only issued in electronic
fashion beginning with the August, 2013 issue. Hard copy issues will be
mailed to those who do not have access to a computer or if specifically requested
for an individual issue."
This action was taken by the officers & Board members at the January Board