*As of September 8, 2014.
The goal of the PBASC Select Vendor Program is
to provide PBA member financial
institutions access to a variety of “Select Vendors” products and services which will address
member needs and exceed service expectations.
Dear Fellow Banker:
The PBA Services Corporation (PBASC) is a wholly-owned, for-profit subsidiary of
the Pennsylvania Bankers Association (PBA). PBASC, which was incorporated on
March 17, 1999, to house various taxable products and services for utilization by PBA
members, is dedicated to providing innovative products and services to benefit the
membership. These products and services are designed to reduce member operating
expenses, expand member resources, provide economies of scale, and serve employees
and customers. PBASC strives to be recognized by PBA members as the leading
products and services resource to meet their needs and service expectations.
PBASC has five divisions that have separate areas of focus:
1. Insurance Agency - Houses the Bank Health Care Consortium of PA for the benefit of employees of
PBA member financial institutions;
2. Title Insurance – Two (2) multi-bank agencies active in southwest and central Pennsylvania;
3. paBanker Magazine - The official magazine of the Pennsylvania Bankers Association;
4. Marketing Services Division – With more than 20 industry services to provide profit enhancement,
expense reduction and often purchasing discounts to PBA members; and
5. Compliance Alliance – Offering compliance services to assist PBA members in addressing the
ongoing challenges presented by the compliance and regulatory environments.
Under the Marketing Services Division, PBASC issues “Select Vendor” status to a small group of providers,
following thorough due diligence by staff and approval by the PBASC Board of Directors. This Select
Vendor Program is designed to provide PBA members with access to quality products and services with the
advantage of aggregate buying power, direct member discounts or benefits, and PBASC’s potential to serve
as an intermediary between financial institutions and vendors.
The PBASC Board of Directors, which is comprised of representatives from PBA member financial
institutions, also governs the corporation’s business activities. The 13-member Board meets quarterly
to oversee adherence to the corporation’s objectives, as well as to establish new partner relationships to
provide quality products and services to the PBA membership. These Board members are volunteers who
provide valuable insight to accomplish the Corporation’s work.
In this booklet, there is a listing of the Select Vendor companies offered and marketed through PBASC. The
PBASC Board of Directors encourages you to review the booklet and to contact a PBASC representative to
discuss how these vendors can strengthen your organization. For your convenience, please find enclosed a
request form to receive additional information about PBASC Select Vendors.
The PBASC team truly looks forward to assisting you and your staff in achieving greater success in the
times ahead.
Phillip E. Fague, CPA
President of PBA Services Corporation
Executive Vice President, Trust and Mortgage Officer
Orrstown Bank, Shippensburg
C o m p l i a n c e
Compliance 9
Compliance Services
E x p e n s e S a v i n g s
ABA Insurance 4
D&O, Bond and Related Insurance
Accume 5
Internal Auditors and Risk Advisors
Affiliated Power Purchasers
International, LLC (APPI Energy) 6
Energy and Utility Consultants
Approval Payment Solutions 7
Merchant Processing Program
Bank Health Care Consortium of 7
Health Care Funding Program for Banks
Dealertrack Collateral Management
Services, 9
Electronic Lien Title Program
Deluxe 10
Products and Services that Help Financial
Institutions Gain Insight, Create Loyalty,
Grow Revenue, Increase Security,
Leverage Checks and Build Brand
Equias 10
BOLI, Executive & Director Benefits and
Long-Term Care Insurance
Fortrex 12
Vendor Risk Management
Global Vision 13
L.R. Webber Associates, 15
Multiple Medical, Drug, Dental and
Vision Options and Additional Employee
Benefits Products and Services
Optimum System 16
Supplies Purchasing Programs
PBA Services Corporation Career 17
Online Job Board
PW 18
Design, Retail Branding, Merchandising,
Branch Profitability Analysis, Building
and Construction Management
UPS 20
Discounted Overnight and Shipping
Service 20
Office Equipment/Business Machines 22
Comprehensive Line of Property and
Casualty Products
F e e I n c om e
Affinion 6
Affinity Marketing Programs
Approval Payment 7
Merchant Processing Program
Deluxe 10
Products and Services that Help Financial
Institutions Gain Insight, Create Loyalty,
Grow Revenue, Increase Security,
Leverage Checks and Build Brand
Investors Title 14
Multi-Bank Owned Title Agency Program
UMB Bank, 19
Agent Credit Card
H u m a n R e s o u r c e s E m p l o y e e
B e n e f i t s
ABA Insurance 4
Bond, D&O, Internet Bank Liability
Insurance, and Employment Practice
Equias 10
BOLI, Executive & Director Benefits and
Long-Term Care Insurance
L.R. Webber Associates, 15
Multiple Medical, Drug, Dental and
Vision Options and Additional Employee
Benefits Products and Services 22
Comprehensive Line of Property and
Casualty Products
I n s u r a n c e P r o d u c t s
ABA Insurance 4
Bond, D&O, Internet Bank Liability
Insurance, and Employment Practice
Equias 10
BOLI, Executive & Director Benefits and
Long-Term Care Insurance 11
Financial Education
Technology Platform
L.R. Webber Associates, 15
Multiple Medical, Drug, Dental and
Vision Options and Additional Employee
Benefits Products and Services 22
Comprehensive Line of Property and
Casualty Products
S e c u r i t y
Global Vision 13
Profit 17
Security Fraud and BSA Training
Senior Housing Crime Prevention 18
High-Yielding CRA Credit and Marketing
Te c h n o l o g y 8
Voice and Data Communications
Deluxe 10
Products and Services that Help Financial
Institutions Gain Insight, Create Loyalty,
Grow Revenue, Increase Security,
Leverage Checks and Build Brand
Global Vision 13
Optimum System 16
Supplies Purchasing Programs 20
Office Equipment/Business Machines 21
Digital Signage Installation and Network
ABA Insurance Services
Patricia P. Williams
CPCU, Eastern Region Manager
5910 Landerbrook Drive
Suite 100
Mayfield Heights, OH 44124
Tel. (216) 220-1280; (410) 960-6878
ABA Insurance Services is a long-term, reliable and stable source of D&O, bond and P&C insurance for financial
institutions. This bank-owned, banker-directed program has been supporting the banking industry for almost 30
years, serving over 4,500 banks since its inception. One out of two Pennsylvania banks purchases their coverage from
this PBA Services Corporation Select Vendor program. The program’s reinsurer, American Bankers Mutual Insurance,
Ltd., has declared a distribution to participating banks for 24 consecutive years, totaling $79 million. In 2014, 56
Pennsylvania banks shared nearly $76,000.
Available Coverage includes Directors and Officers Liability, Financial Institution Bond, Property & Casualty,
Employment Practices Liability, Internet Bankers Liability, Trust Services Liability and Surety Bonds, including
ABA Insurance Services’ Advantages:
• We are recognized as insurance experts who understand the scope and operations of banking. Our tenured and
experienced team of underwriting and claims professionals, many with backgrounds in the financial industry,
are highly regarded for their in-depth knowledge and guidance;
• We understand the unique coverage needs of banks. Endorsed by the American Bankers Association the
program focuses exclusively on financial institutions;
• We help mitigate risks by providing free and valuable loss control resources such as SafeTalk® newsletters and
special bulletins; and
• We maintain exceptional customer service standards. Submissions are acknowledged within 24 hours with
proposals delivered on or before established and mutually agreed upon promise dates.
Accume Partners
Nicole Lloyd
Managing Director
275 Cumberland Parkway
Suite 307
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
Tel. (717) 903-3142
Fax: (717) 796-7655
Internal Auditors and Risk Advisors
Member Benefits
Accume Partners is a leading provider to the banking community of internal audit, IT audit, regulatory compliance,
technology risk management and enterprise risk management services.
Our full range of services includes:
Internal Audit
• Financial Audit
• Operational Audit
• Compliance Audit
• Information Technology Audit
Regulatory Compliance
• Compliance Administration Program (Outsource)
• Compliance Consulting
• Compliance Audit
• BSA/AML Consulting Services
• CRA/HMDA/Fair Lending Services
• Dodd-Frank Implementation and Readiness
• Compliance Training
Enterprise Risk Management
• Credit Risk
• Interest Rate Risk
• Liquidity Risk
• Operational Risk
• Compliance Risk
• Market Risk
• Strategic Risk
• Reputation Risk
Technology Risk Management
• IT Audit and IT Audit Risk Assessments
• Technology Migration Planning
• Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Review
• Technical Documentation Development and Review
• SSAE16 Readiness Assessments
• IT Governance, Policies and Procedures
• Internal and External Penetration Testing
• Social Engineering Security Testing
APPI Energy
Jane Seagraves
Business Development Director
224 Phillip Morris Drive
Suite 402
Salisbury, MD 21804
Tel. (800) 520-6685
Fax: (410) 749-8769
Reduce Energy Costs
Member Benefits
As part of the PBA’s member benefit program, APPI Energy’s team of unbiased energy consultants will review your electricity and
natural gas bill for accuracy and recommend cost-reducing solutions specific to each of your branches.
The PBA selected APPI Energy as the preferred consulting firm to help members reduce energy costs. Founded in 1996, the
independent team of experts can help you choose from many reliable electricity and natural gas suppliers. The potential for savings
is thousands of dollars. “APPI Energy evaluated each one of our accounts, recommending that some remain with the local utility
and others could reduce costs in contracts with different competitive suppliers,” said PBA member Thomas Rudy, Executive Vice
President of Citizens & Northern Bank. “Their thorough analysis assures us that they’re trustworthy and always represent our best
interests, saving us a tremendous amount of time and effort.”
Contact the PBA’s trusted energy consulting firm for a complimentary bill analysis at (800) 520-6685 or
Affinion Group
Misha Bleymaier-Farrish
Senior Manager, Sales Administration
400 Duke Drive
Franklin, TN 37067
Tel. (800) 251-2148, Ext. 2492
Fax: (615) 764-5492
Affinion Group Offers Innovative Products and Services
Member Benefits
As a global leader with nearly 35 years of experience, Affinion Group ( enhances the value of its partners’
customer relationships by developing and marketing valuable loyalty, membership, checking account, insurance and other
compelling products and services. Leveraging its expertise in product development and targeted marketing, Affinion provides
comprehensive customer engagement and loyalty solutions that enhance or extend the relationship of millions of customers with
many of the largest and most respected companies in the world, while helping to generate significant incremental revenue for more
than 5,500 affinity partners worldwide, including many of the largest and most respected companies in financial services, retail,
travel, and Internet commerce. Based in Stamford, Connecticut, the company has approximately 3,000 employees throughout the
United States and in 14 countries across Europe. Affinion holds the prestigious ISO 27001 certification for the highest information
security practices, is PCI compliant and Cybertrust certified.
Member Discount
Special PBA Member Pricing Available
Approval Payment Solutions, Inc.
Wayne Whipple
Vice President, Business Development
3897 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Tel. (717) 255-6925
Fax: (717) 230-1477
For over a decade, Approval Payment Solutions, Inc. (APS) has specialized in providing the “Right” merchant processing solution
through the establishment and development of Agent Bank Partnerships. APS offers a complete menu of electronic payment
solutions to businesses of every size and type. We are a full service provider, offering an all-inclusive solution for the payment
processing needs of any business.
APS enables merchants to accept credit and debit cards, EBT, gift cards, fuel cards, and checks safely and efficiently. APS also
provides stored value cards, and internet payment processing for all types financial transactions. Financial institutions and
merchants find APS to be the answer to their respective needs in the payment-processing arena.
Privately owned with no affiliation to any financial services organization, our goal is to be an industry leader in providing
merchant services. APS has made significant investments in time and resources to insure that we offer and provide our partners
the maximum income opportunity and the best products and services, all with the highest level of customer service; and integrity.
To remain an industry leader, APS continues to add and develop key personnel to their acquisition team. Today, APS is lead by
senior management and key leaders with experience in all facets of the credit card industry including merchant acquiring, software
solutions, hardware solutions, check recovery and conversion, web-based solutions, and merchant service and support. APS has
been recognized as the leading member of the largest privately held merchant acquirer for dollars processed and Agent Partner
Production, winning the “Top Producer in Agent Bank Development” for the last eight years!
Bank Health Care Consortium of PA
Wayne Whipple
Vice President, Business Development
3897 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Tel. (717) 255-6925
Fax: (717) 230-1477
Working with L.R. Webber Associates, Inc. and Benecon Group, Inc., PBA Services Corporation (PBASC) offers a unique health
care funding program for banks across Pennsylvania. This health care consortium model provides financial institutions with the
ability to more closely control their benefit costs, while providing flexibility, support and service to the bank and its employees. The
consortium model is used by more than 150 organizations and has operated since 1991.
Christian Ericson
Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Sales
24 Commerce Street
8th Floor
Newark, NJ 07102
Tel. (973) 474-1828
Fax: (973) 645-1870
Manager Service Provider for Voice and Data Communications
Member Benefits
Reduce your communication services costs, your second largest non-interest expense after salaries and benefits.
Why Community Banks Should Consider BITS:
• On average, save up to $500 or more per branch/per month;
• Access highly qualified IT resources without burdening your payroll;
• Control legal risk by combining contracts with the same service provider;
• Benefit from consistent pricing terms and conditions related to Service Level Agreements;
• Allocate resources more effectively;
• Increase focus on your core business: banking-related products and services; and
• Reduce regulatory burden with a proven communications provider who is reviewed by FFIEC.
Member Discount:
• All members receive up to 50 percent discount on Cisco equipment, telephones, routers, switches and other equipment necessary;
• A No Cost/No Obligation Communications Infrastructure Assessment for qualified members. This service is exclusively offered
for community banks. PBASC strongly recommends that the first step in evaluating this service should include the CEO, as
executive sponsorship is required.
The Initial BITS Executive Presentation (60 min) Provides:
• An overview of BITS’ unique background as a bankers’ bank co-op;
• An understanding of the strategic benefits BITS brings to community banks;
• How and why BITS has the ability to provide banks with savings and competitive advantages;
• Why the BITS solution is ideal for community banks’ FFIEC/FDIC regulatory requirements; and
• How to proceed with the BITS free audit-level assessment of your current communications infrastructure.
• Financial Evaluation
º Identifying projected savings, ROI, etc.
• Compliance Evaluation
º FFIEC/FDIC best practices and guidelines
• Technical Evaluation
º Identifying areas of technical and productivity improvements
Compliance Alliance
Wayne Whipple
Vice President, Business Development
3897 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Tel. (717) 255-6925
Fax: (717) 233-1477
In response to the plea from PBA members for help with the onerous task of regulatory compliance, Compliance Alliance services were
offered through PBA Services Corporation. The Compliance Alliance was developed to increase the effectiveness of banks’ compliance
programs and to facilitate broad industry initiatives directed at addressing a variety of compliance functions for member banks and
concerns of common interest. The primary goal of the Compliance Alliance is to economically and efficiently provide quality compliance
services and free up the bank’s compliance personnel to focus on bank compliance strategy, internal compliance communication,
compliance management and specific bank functions.
For an in-depth look at the tools and resources available, view the Compliance Alliance Webinar schedule online.
To learn more, contact Wayne Whipple, (717) 255-6925 or
Dealertrack Collateral Management Services, Inc.
Wayne Whipple
Vice President, Business Development
3897 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Tel. (717) 255-6925
Fax: (717) 230-1477
Electronic Lien and Title Program
As of July 2008, participation in the Pennsylvania’s Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) program has been mandatory (all lien holders
will receive an electronic title). All lien holders who are in the business of financing vehicles must be under contract with a service
provider in order to participate in the ELT Program. PBA Services Corporation added Dealertrack Collateral Management Services
(CMS) to the Select Vendor Program in order to provide a cost effective solution to comply with the required PennDOT regulation.
PBASC and CMS offer Financial Institutions in Pennsylvania the following:
• No monthly minimum transaction fees;
• Per record fees charged only when recording lien (call for quantity pricing for over 75); and
• Local training and customer service provided directly by PBA Services Corporation.
Equias Alliance, LLC
David Shoemaker, CPA/PFS, CFP®
8000 Centerview Parkway
Suite 525
Memphis, TN 38018
Tel. (901) 754-4924 Mobile. (404) 229-2941
Fax: (901) 754-3375
Member Benefits
Equias Alliance delivers nonqualified benefit and BOLI portfolio services to banks across the United States. Our BOLI consultants
have extensive experience and are located in 14 regional offices. Equias Alliance offers a near-seamless approach from design to
The Equias Alliance team has helped more than 800 banking organizations recruit, retain, and reward executives, directors and
employees critical to each bank’s success. The organization includes seven CPA’s, two attorneys, nine MBA’s, three CLU’s, one
CFP®, one ChFC®, a former bank regulator, several former bankers and bank directors and many other degrees and licenses.
Member Discount
All members receive a 50 percent discount on plan implementation fees. A no cost risk assessment review of your current BOLI and
non-qualified benefit plans is available to member banks.
David Shoemaker, a principal of Equias Alliance, was a pioneer of the bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) marketplace. He provides
in-depth knowledge of general account, separate account and hybrid separate account products from many of the nation’s top
carriers. In addition, he has helped hundreds of banks design executive and director benefit plans over the past 25 years. He is a
frequent speaker at state and national trade association meetings and has authored numerous articles on compensation, BOLI and
nonqualified benefit plans. David’s consultative approach has benefited numerous Pennsylvania financial institutions and their
David Shoemaker is a registered representative of and securities are offered through ProEquities, Inc., a Registered Broker/Dealer,
and member FINRA and SIPC. Equias Alliance LLC is independent of ProEquities, Inc.
Deluxe Corporation
Todd Wroblewski
Account Executive
124 Valleybrook Drive
Valencia, PA 16059
Tel. (724) 944-5512
Deluxe is strategically transforming to a marketing solutions provider that drives profitable growth for financial institutions and
small businesses through payments, marketing services, performance management, digital channels and small business marketing
services. We offer a broad set of best-in-class solutions that help customers acquire, onboard, engage, grow, retain and win back
profitable account relationships, generating net income and high return on investment. We pride ourselves on our market facing,
client-led innovation and dedicated partnerships, which combine to make Deluxe a trusted business partner to more than 5,700
financial institution clients across North America.
Ryan Swift
Vice President, Business Development
2715 M Street N
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20007
Tel. (202) 251-2400
Financial Education Technology Platform
EverFi is the leading education technology platform company to teach, assess, and certify students in critical skills, including
financial literacy, student loan management, and digital literacy. By working with over 3,000 schools in 50 states, the company is
powering a national movement that enables corporations and foundations to partner with schools and colleges in our network and
license the use of the EverFi platform to deliver a measurable and lifelong impact on students. Supported by top tier venture capital,
EverFi has also attained national recognition (Always On Global 250, CBS, Fox News, Fortune, CNN, Entrepreneur, etc.).
The EverFi Financial Literacy Platform is a 10-module, six-hour program is integrated into the school curriculum and covers over
600 topics including credit scores, insurance, credit cards, student loans, mortgages, taxes, stocks, savings, 401k’s and other critical
concepts. The system tracks the progress and score of every student uniquely and provides students who successfully complete the
course with a Certification in Financial Literacy that can be a powerful tool for job applications, college search and internships. It
also is a significant community development tool to graduate entire classes of students who are financially capable and literate.
Member Benefits
• Special PBA Member Pricing
Fortrex Technologies, Inc.
J. Michael Edison
5303 Spectrum Drive
Suite A
Frederick, MD 21703
Tel. (240) 575-7476
Website: and
Vendor Risk Management
Fortrex Technologies offers VendorPoint®, the industry’s only turn-key Vendor Risk Management solution designed for banks of any
size -- from community to multi-national banks. VendorPoint significantly enhances a bank’s ability to meet FFIEC requirements for
vendor risk management, making it easy for users to identify, measure, monitor and management all third-party risk.
VendorPoint® eliminates the stress, expense, and complexity financial institutions face when meeting regulatory requirements. It
combines worry-free automation, ready accessibility, and ease-of-use to speed users through even the most rigorous regulatory
Key VendorPoint® Features:
• Comprehensive due diligence assessment templates;
• Vendor Risk Management policy template;
• Automated policy enforcement;
• Fully automated, customizable workflows;
• Contract renewal and expiration date tracking and notifications;
• Scalable implementations to fit any institution; and
• Extensive reporting.
Fortrex is the industry leader in third-party risk management. Throughout its history, Fortrex has helped organizations around
the world manage operational risk and regulatory compliance issues by identifying, assessing, remediating and managing issues
through consulting, audit, vendor management and human capital services.
Market Profile
Fortrex VendorPoint® clients are financial institutions needing a reliable, comprehensive, yet easy-to-use solution for meeting FFIEC
requirements for third-party risk management.
Program Benefits
• Reduces the cost and complexity of meeting FFIEC vendor risk management requirements by automating, monitoring, and
reporting on the due diligence process;
• Facilitates board-level understanding of the banks’ vendor risk profile via executive-level dashboard summary and
management reports;
• Eliminate inadvertent contract renewals and expirations by notifying selected users as important contract dates approach;
• Allows institutions to customize workflows and due diligence requirements to meet their specific needs;
• Identifies and tracks status of specific risk items, enabling institutions to manage and mitigate risk over time; and
• Minimizes cost and burden of program implementation through Software as a Service model.
GlobalVision Systems, Inc.
Catherine Lew
9401 Oakdale Avenue
Suite 100
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Tel. (818) 998-7851, Ext. 128
Fax: (818) 998-1758
GlobalVision Systems, Inc. based in Los Angeles, CA, is the leading provider of enterprise-wide compliance and risk management
solutions for financial institutions of all assets sizes. With the best-in-class products and advisory services from experienced
banking and compliance professionals, GlobalVision’s comprehensive suite of products and services includes: Bank Secrecy Act;
Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Solutions; Risk Management Solution; Fraud Prevention Solution; Customer
Due Diligence (CDD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) Solutions; and Case Management Solution, etc. Thousands of compliance
professionals are counting on the PATRIOT OFFICER to help them comply with the escalating BSA/AML/ATF requirements with
peace of mind. In compliance with the “risk-based” guidelines issued by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
(FFIEC), PATRIOT OFFICER uses Dynamic Multidimensional Risk-Weighted Suspicious Activities DetectorTM to automate the
entire BSA/AML/ATF process for financial institutions. By integrating the “risk policy” of the financial institution with these
hundreds of dimensions, PATRIOT OFFICER automates the “procedure” of risk management across the entire client base. With
dynamically-adjusted, riskweighted algorithms, PATRIOT OFFICER proactively enforces the entire risk-based BSA/AML/ATF
“process” by monitoring, screening, detecting, alerting, investigating and analyzing suspicious activities of all transactions of all
product lines in a financial institution with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency. As a result, PATRIOT OFFICER eliminates
overhead and human mistakes, boosts productivity and profitability and increases the competitiveness of the financial institution.
PATRIOT OFFICER has the exclusive right to interface with the United Crimes Elimination Network (, the most
powerful global network ever established to prevent financial crimes. GlobalVision’s leading-edge technologies, comprehensive
scope of products, best-in-class reputation, strong Research and Development team, huge market share, and patent technologies in
the risk management software industry have constantly kept its customers ahead of their competitors. GlobalVision is committed to
maintaining its leadership position as the de facto standard in regulatory compliance for financial institutions across the nation.
Investors Title Insurance Company
Karen Brittain Barnett
Vice President of Multi-State Marketing
121 N. Columbia Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Tel. (888) 663-0437
Fax: (419) 663-0459
Multi-Bank Owned Title Agency Program
Investors Title Insurance Company has led more than 500 financial institutions in the business of selling title insurance through
lender-owned agencies in the last 41 years. This program designed to generate non-interest fee income for participating owners,
has generated over $365 million in commissions for lender-owned agencies and profits in excess of $150 million for their member
banks. Today, Investors Title Company is a publicly held title insurance underwriter, specializing in residential and commercial title
insurance, related online products, 1031 exchanges, reverse exchanges, settlement services, title agency management services, and
trust services.
Why should banks be involved in title insurance?
• Significant fee income opportunity;
• Natural extension of real estate lending;
• Ability to improve your bank’s services;
• Better coverage and claims resolution;
• A business model that capitalizes on economies of scale; and
• Impressive return on investment (ROI) with long-term growth potential.
Success in Pennsylvania
Investors Title Insurance Company is the underwriter for two multi-owner title insurance agencies operating in Pennsylvania
– Bankers Settlement Services Capital Region in Harrisburg and Bankers Settlement Services in Southwest PA. Since 1999 these
agencies have written approximately $37.2 million in title insurance premiums and have made cash distributions to owner banks
of more than 1040 percent ROI, representing millions of dollars. Investors Title would be pleased to give financial institutions of all
sizes the opportunity to learn more about maximizing fee income through the sale of title insurance. Up to a five percent discount
for PBA Members.
L.R. Webber Associates, Inc.
Brad Webber
Marketing/Sales Manager
P.O. Box 593
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648-0593
Tel. (814) 695-8066, Ext. 232
Fax: (814) 696-3244
Employee Benefit Retirement Plan Services, and Human Resources Services
Member Benefits
LRW provides PBA members with reliable, efficient and competitive employee benefits programs. They assist your bank with the
design, implementation, enrollment and servicing of your employee benefits program. LRW’s services are designed to provide
employee claims and coverage support while reducing the administration and cost burdens on your human resource department.
LRW offers significant discounts on their services, including:
Employee Benefit Services:
• Employee Benefits Reviews Advisory Services;
• Employee Education Services;
• Vendor Negotiations;
• Employee Benefits Plan Support Compliance; and
• Employee Benefits Plan Outsourcing.
Retirement Benefits Plan Services:
• Plan Administration and Recordkeeping;
• 401(k) Plans;
• Employee Education and Enrollment;
• Plan Documentation/Communication;
• Fiduciary Investment Reviews; and
• Vendor Analysis and Benchmarking.
The Health Care Consortium
PBASC and its Board of Directors are celebrating three years of success with an exciting health care funding program called The
Health Care Consortium. Working with LRW and Benecon Group, Inc., PBASC offers a unique funding arrangement for banks
across the state. This consortium model provides financial institutions the ability to more closely control their benefit costs, while
providing flexibility, support and service to the bank and its employees. The consortium model is being used by more than 150
organizations and has operated since 1991.
HR Outsourcing & Consulting:
• Strategic HR Management;
• HR Assessments;
• Onsite HR Assistance;
• Compensation Planning;
• Training & Development; and
• Customized Web-based HR Resources.
Salary/Benefits Survey:
• Largest Salary Survey for Financial Institutions in PA;
• Wages & Salaries for Over 200 Jobs;
• Directors’ fees and practices;
• Executive Benefits and Perquisites;
• Major Group Insurance Benefits; and
• PBA Member Discount.
Optimum System Plus
Meegan Possemato
Manager of Business Development
101 Poplar Street
Scranton, PA 18509-2725
Tel. (570) 207-5111
Fax: (570) 343-6361
Supplies Purchasing Programs
The Optimum Systems Plus suite of products and services are designed to enhance overall bank performance. Optimum Systems Plus
exclusively serves the community banking industry so we understand the complex issues of daily operations and annual strategic growth
and revenue initiatives. We provide peace-of-mind with the vendor selection process due to our Select Service Provider affiliation with
several state banking associations including the Pennsylvania Bankers Association.
Optimum Systems Plus provides dual entry points to their community banking programs:
Cost Control/Expense Management Services
Optimum will provide your financial institution with enhanced savings by leveraging the power of our aggregate purchasing volume.
We routinely save most financial institutions a minimum of 15 percent to as much as 45 percent on printed forms, office supplies, toner
cartridges and output device products. Optimum Systems Plus will give your bank greater control over the procurement and fulfillment
process as well as drive cost discipline and accountability across your internal departments and retail network. Optimum provides your
Financial Accounting Department with monthly usage data, inventory valuation, and chargeback reporting by individual cost center. Our
team of consultants provides valuable and on-going feedback regarding program management, which will significantly reduce your banks
pre-paid inventory expense and per-item pricing. Your bank will save time, money, labor and space.
Revenue-generating Products and Services
Optimum Systems Plus offers “patented” resources and solutions that will help drive traffic to your retail branches or other non-interest
revenue generating departments such as Wealth Management, Insurance or Trust. Some of these solutions have experienced response
rates in excess of 20 percent and we have the case studies to prove it. Whether you are looking to enhance qualified leads to your Wealth
Management Department or assist your Business Development Officers with getting through the tough doors of your banking prospects,
we have the resources to help you. Community banking institutions are also taking advantage of these creative programs to migrate their
depositors to e-Statements, mobile banking applications or on-line banking resources.
Most community banking institutions are challenged with that one community branch office that is just not growing or gaining in
market share. Optimum Systems Plus can help you bring this office to the anticipated level of growth and profitability through product
innovation, consulting and training.
Printed Products/Forms, Management/Office Supplies/Toners and Output Supplies/Promotional Products/Retail Sales & Commercial
Business Development Training/Furniture/Flooring.
Profit Protection, LLC
Charley Bitterman
Office Manager
4800 S.W. 51st Street
Suite 101
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314
Tel. (800) 390-6227
Fax: (954) 327-1226
Security Fraud and BSA Training Materials
Profit Protection, LLC, also very familiarly known as National Association for Bank Security (NABS), is a bank security educational
and consulting firm that has provided services to Pennsylvania Bankers Association members for more than 20 years.
Those services are offered in all areas of bank security governed by the mandates of the banking regulators, and in each facet of
Bank Secrecy Act regulation requirements. In performing these services, the NABS offers bankers Security Management and Bank
Secrecy Act seminars on an annual basis, including a telephone consulting service at no extra charge to the client; “The Advisor,” a
case history-driven bank security newsletter; comprehensive textbooks, manuals, and shorter printed information of topical interest
dealing with security and Bank Secrecy Act matters; and videotapes oriented towards training in a wide variety of areas related to
bank security and Bank Secrecy Act compliance functions.
PBA Services Corporation Career Center
Wayne Whipple
Vice President, Business Development
3897 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Tel. (717) 255-6925
Fax: (717) 233-1477
Many employers are discovering the advantages of searching online for qualified candidates to fill their specific industry jobs. But
when it comes to finding qualified banking professionals, the mass-market approach of the mega job boards may not be the best
way to find exactly what you’re looking for. The PBASC Career Center gives employers and job seeking professionals a better way
to find one another and make that perfect career fit.
Employer benefits:
• Targeted Advertising Exposure -- reach a focused audience of industry professionals;
• Easy Online Job Listing Management;
• Resume Search Included with Job Posting;
• Automatic E-mail: notification when job seekers match your criteria;
• Build Company Awareness -- list company information and link to your Website; and
• Competitive Pricing -- package and high-member discounts available.
Erin Campbell
Vice President of Marketing and Planning
109 Zeta Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Tel. (800) 253-7430
Fax: (412) 963-0200
Full Range of Market Demographic Research, Site Selection, Retail Branding, Merchandising, Digital Marketing, Furniture
Coordination, Design, Architectural and Construction Services.
Member Benefits
PWCampbell is a retail services and design/build firm that offers a full range of services including strategic facility planning,
market demographic research, site selection, retail branding, merchandising, digital marketing, space planning, green building
design, interior design, architecture, engineering and construction management. For over 100 years, PWCampbell has been serving
the banking industry in the Mid-Atlantic region with quality services, provided on time and in budget.
The benefits of working with PWCampbell extend well beyond facilities. We have increased our client’s profitability, market share
and enhanced their operational efficiency through our many services and banking experts employed by PWCampbell.
Normal Pricing PBA Member Pricing
Part I $9,250 $7,000
Market Demographics $5,000+ $1,000 contract discount
Branding and Merchandising Contract Based 5 percent contract discount but not to exceed $5,000
Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation
Sue Shaffer
Vice President of Relationships Management
5100 Poplar Avenue
Suite 711
Memphis, TN 38137
Tel. (901) 529-4787
Fax: (901) 523-3620
Crime against the elderly is a constant battle that can be reduced through the operation of the Senior Crimestoppers program, a
multi-faceted program that protects the elderly from theft, abuse and financial exploitation in our nation’s senior living facilities,
HUD communities and Veterans homes. Participating banks earn CRA credit by providing community development loans,
CRA-qualified investments, or grants to support the Senior Crimestoppers program in each bank’s CRA assessment area, enjoying
positive public relations exposure without taking risk or adding any administrative burden. The Foundation is endorsed by the
ICBA, the ABA, and bankers associations in 38 states.
For more information, visit or contact Sue Shaffer, (877) 232-0859, or e-mail her at
UMB Bank, N.A.
Richard J. Skopick
Northeast Regional Director
1010 Grand Boulevard
Kansas City, MO 64106
Tel. (815) 483-4294
Fax: (815) 469-4108
Ranked among the Top 10 Strongest Banks in the Nation by Forbes Magazine for the past two years, UMB Financial Corporation
(UMBF) is a financial services holding company headquartered in Kansas City, Mo, offering Investment & Correspondent Banking
Services to nearly 1,000 institutions across the United States. UMB Correspondent Banking offers a wide range of products and
services to include: Investments, Safekeeping, Asset-Liability Management, Health Savings Accounts, Image Cash Letter and
International Services.
As one of the leading credit card issuers with nearly 40 years of experience with correspondent credit cards, UMB can provide your
retail and institutional customers’ access to a wide range of card products. We currently provide bankcard services for more than
300 financial institutions.
Partner with UMB today to explore opportunities to reduce regulatory pressure, lower business costs, and increase your noninterest
Please contact us toll free at (800) 443-5962, e-mail or directly via our officers listed above.
Products offered through Investment Banking are: NOT FDIC INSURED – MAY LOSE VALUE – NOT BANK GUARANTEED.
359 East Park Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Tel. (717) 558-3012
Discounted Overnight and Shipping Service
As a member of the PBA, you can take advantage of special pricing discounts through UPS under the American Bankers Association
(ABA)/UPS Overnight Delivery Service Program.
Special rates to financial institutions are offered on overnight and international delivery services specified below. UPS provides
reliable overnight and international service to virtually anywhere in the world, serving delivery points within the United States and
over 200 countries and territories worldwide.
Program Benefits
• 20 - 30 percent off published rates for UPS Worldwide ExpressSM letters & packages (U.S. origin only);
• 10 - 20 percent off published rates for UPS Worldwide ExpeditedSM documents & packages (U.S. origin only);
• 5 percent off published rates for UPS Next Day Air® Early A.M.® letters & packages;
• 15 - 30 percent off published rates for UPS Next Day Air® and UPS Next Day Air Saver® letters & packages; and
• 10 - 25 percent off published rates for UPS 2nd Day Air® and UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.® letters & packages.
*Discounts based on shipping characteristics.
How to Participate
For more information or to enroll in this discount program, please contact UPS at (1) 325-7000, or enroll online at www.savewithups.
com/ababankers and click on “Sign Me Up Now.”
Please refer to the American Bankers Association when enrolling.
XEROX - Gold’N’Copy - Xerox Authorized Agent
John Gold
618 Market Street
Sunbury, PA 17801
Tel. (717) 761-8300
Office Equipment/Business Machines
Xerox Corporation offers PBA members the right document solution at the right price. Whether it is for a large or small bank, for
high volume jobs or everyday correspondence, Xerox makes it simple and affordable to get more work done.
Member Discount
Be sure to refer to this number to get your association member discount: 0706438
ZeroIn Media LLC
Mitchell Goss
Vice President, Sales and Operations
244 Madison Avenue
Suite 244
New York, NY 10016
Tel. (888) 260-7291
Fax: (888) 870-2737
Digital Signage Installation and Network Operator
Member Benefit
Zero-In is a leading provider of digital media marketing and communication solutions for the financial services industry. Banks can
quickly and effectively update information about their products, services, rates and branch & community announcements over a
central web application.
“In-Branch TV” – (Digital Signage / Video Merchandising)
• High-Definition Video Screens for Lobbies, Teller Lines, Drive-Thru Stations and Outdoor
• Update Promotions, Rates & Announcements in Real-Time Over the Web
Touch-Screen Kiosks
• Digital Catalogue of Products & Services
• Allows Customers to Open Accounts and Check Balances
On-Hold Tel. Messaging
• Script Writing & Background Music
• Schedule Audio Messages On-Line
In-Branch Radio
• Custom Music Playlists with Known Artists without 3rd Party Advertising
• Insert Custom Bank Audio Messaging
Mobile Marketing
• Send Rates & Announcement Updates to Mobile Devices
• Obtain Valuable Participant Data
Member Discount
PBA members are entitled to receive one free 42” LCD monitor for every 10 branches that use the Zero-In digital signage system
after the first installation.
Christopher A. Taylor
Head of Financial Institutions
600 Red Brook Boulevard
Suite 600
Owings Mills, MD 21117
Tel. (410) 559-8800
Fax: (410) 559-8802
Comprehensive Line of Property and Casualty Products
Member Benefits
Effective January 1, 2010, PBA Services Corporation and Select Vendor, Zurich North America Commercial, now offer a Zurich
Property and Casualty Safety Group Dividend Plan to help financial institutions reduce their property and casualty insurance costs.
The safety group dividend program is designed to:
• Help banks reduce P&C insurance costs by putting into practice effective loss control measures that lead to a better-thanaverage
loss ratio (the ratio of premium to losses);
• The dividend is calculated based upon the loss ratio, together with the Safety Group’s earned premium of the qualifying
policies during the experience period. A qualifying dividend payment is made, subject to approval by the PBA Service
Corporation’s board of directors;
• It’s easy to join and is open to all qualifying PBA member banks. Eligibility depends upon the combination of qualifying
insurance policies you have written through American Guarantee and Liability Insurance Company (a member company of
Zurich in North America); and
• Go through your current broker relationship or local Zurich Agent.
PBA member institutions that meet established criteria become part of the “Safety Group” and share in the dividend payments
Zurich disperses to the Group.
Member Discount
All PBA member participants have the potential to receive an annual dividend check.
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
First Columbia Bank & Trust Co.
Bloomsburg, Pa
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Juniata Valley Bank
Mifflintown, Pa
President & CEO
Pennsylvania Bankers Association
Harrisburg, Pa
Chief Executive Officer
First United National Bank
Fryburg, Pa
Executive Vice President, Trust and Mortgage Officer
Orrstown Bank
Shippensburg, Pa
President and Chief Executive Officer
Continental Bank
Plymouth Meeting, Pa
President and Chief Executive Officer
Marion Center Bank
Indiana, Pa
2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5 P E N N S Y LVA N I A B A N K E R S A S S O C I AT I O N
* Vendor selections and recommendations are made in accordance with PBASC’s stated mission. It is believed that the
promoted products and services merit strong consideration by PBA member banks. PBASC due diligence and selection
criteria should not be construed as a guarantee, as the ultimate appropriateness may vary from bank to bank. In addition,
PBA member banks are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence reviews of recommended vendors. Remuneration
received by PBASC is utilized in-part to support the Pennsylvania Bankers Association through contracted agreements,
corporatesponsorships and overhead coverage. This financial support expands resources and strengthens the services and
programs of the PBA.
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Integrity Bank
Camp Hill, Pa
President and Chief Executive Officer
First Resource Bank
Exton, Pa
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Clearfield Bank & Trust Company
Clearfield, Pa
Chief Operating Officer
S & T Bank
Indiana, Pa
President and Chief Executive Officer
Fidelity Deposit and Discount Bank
Dunmore, Pa
Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Fulton Financial Corporation
Lancaster, Pa
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Metro Bank
Harrisburg, Pa
PBA Services Corporation
3897 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Tel. (717) 255-6900 • Fax: (717) 233-1477
Web Site:
If you have questions about the PBA Services Corporation’s Select Vendor Program, please contact:
Julie A. Carr
Director, PBASC Administration
Tel. (717) 255-6914
Cynthia L. Wallett
Senior Vice President, Member
Relations & Professional Development
Tel. (717) 255-6913
Wayne Whipple
Vice President, Business Development
Tel. (717) 255-6925