(806) 689-2220
Dear Parents,
Patton Springs ISD will offer an ESL program for LEP (Limited English
Proficient) students during the summer of 2014. The eight week summer school
program will be offered to students that are eligible for admission to kindergarten
or first grade at the beginning of the next school year.
Disclaimer: Patton Springs School will offer this program only if ten (10) or more
students qualify.
For more information, contact Dancie Fulmer (ESL teacher), 689-2220 ext. 2242
or Bryan White (principal) at 689-2220 ext. 2228.
If your child qualifies for this program, please sign and return this form.
Child’s Name:______________________________________
( ) I have plans to enroll my child.
( ) My child qualifies, but will not attend.
Signature of Parent
Larry McClenny, Superintendent x2222
Email: larrymc@pattonsprings.net
Bryan White, Principal x2228
Email: whiteb@pattonsprings.net
Becky Hodges, Business Manager x2224
Email: hodgesb@pattonsprings.net
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