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Organization	Henry Ford Health System	Name	Margot C. LaPointe, PhD		Lois Lamerato, PhD		Nancy J. Hay		Nancy J. Hay
Center	Department of Public Health Sciences	Title	Director, Research		Division Head, Department of Public Health Sciences		Research Administrator		Research Administrator
Street	One Ford Place	Street	2799 West Grand Blvd. 						
Other	Suite 5C								
City	Detroit	City	Detroit						
State	MI	State	MI						
Zip + 4	48202	Zip + 4	48202						
Phone 	(313) 874-6367	Phone 	313-916-2024		313-874-6367		313-916-2024		313-916-2024
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	Express/Courier Address		Executive Director Assistant		GVBD Assistant		Administrative Assistant		Administrative Assistant
Name	"Henry Ford Healtth System Research
Attn. Lois  Lamerato"	Name	Susan Wheeland		Lorraine Mayberry		Susan Wheeland		Susan Wheeland
Street	One Ford Place - 5C	Street							
City	Detroit	City							
State	MI	State							
Zip + 4	48202	Zip + 4							
	PHS 398 Face Page Elements	Phone 	313-916-2024		313-874-5454		313-916-2024		313-916-2024
Legal Name	Henry Ford Health System	Fax	313-916-2018		313-874-7137		313-916-2018		313-916-2018
DUNS No.	DUNS No. 07-313-4603	Email 	jsergent@hfhs.org		LMAYBER1@hfhs.org				
Org Type	Non-profit with 501c3 IRB Status.								
Dist/Cty	MI-013		IRB Administrator		IRB Chair		Research Center Business Ops Qs		Biographical Sketches & Other Support
FWA No.	FWA 0000 5846		Kelly Jones		Timothy Roehrs, Ph.D.		Nancy Hay		(maintained by dept, center, or investigator)
			IRB Coordinator		Chair, Institutional Review Board		Research Administrator		
	Institutional Official 1		2799 West Grand Blvd.						
Name	Nancy Hay 		Detroit						
Title	Research Administrator		MI						
Street	2799 West Grand Blvd.		48202						
City	Detroit		313-916-2024		313-916-5177		313-916-2024		
State	MI		313-916-2018		313-916-2018		313-916-2018		
Zip + 4	48202		kjones1@hfhs.org		troehrs1@hfhs.org		nhay@hfhs.org		
Phone 	313-916-2024		IRB Assistant		IRB Chair Assistant		Collaborative Relationships		Responsible Conduct of Research Training
Fax	313-916-2018		Linda Murray 		Linda Murray		David R. Nerenz, Ph.D.		Kelly Brown
Email 	nhay@hfhs.org		Secretary, Research Admin		Secretary, Research Admin		Director, Center for Health Services Research		IRB Coordinator
	Institutional Official 2								
City			313-916-1173		313-916-1173		313-874-5454		313-916-7878
State			313-916-2018		313-916-2018		313-874-7137		313-916-2018
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Fax			"Rick Krajenta,
Karen Wells"		Kelly Jones, RN, BSN, MSA		Nancy Hay		Nancy Hay
Email 			Senior Programmer Analyst		IRB Coordinator		Research Administrator		Research Administrator
	Institutional Official 3								
City			313-874-6657		313-916-2024		313-916-2024		313-916-2024
State			313-874-6656		313-916-2018		313-916-2018		313-916-2018
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kwells1@hfhs.org"		kjones1@hfhs.org		nhay@hfhs.org		nhay@hfhs.org
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Email 			Mark J. Ernatt		Mark J. Ernatt		"Dwight Angell
David Olejarz"		refer to subcontract
			Sr Financial Analyst		Sr Financial Analyst				
	DUA Signatory		Research Administration CFP046		Research Administration CFP046				
Name	Mark J. Ernatt		Henry Ford Health System		Henry Ford Health System				
Title	Sr Financial Analyst		2799 West Grand Blvd		2799 West Grand Blvd				
Office	Research Administration CFP046		Detroit		Detroit				
Other	Henry Ford Health System		MI		MI				
Street	2799 West Grand Blvd		48202		48202				
City	Detroit		313-916-8221		313-916-8221		"313-876-8709
State	MI		313-916-5283		313-916-5283				
Zip + 4	48202		mernatt1@hfhs.org		mernatt1@hfhs.org		"Dwight.Angell@hfhs.org
Phone 	313-916-8221						Twitter: @HenryFordNews		
Fax	313-916-5283								
Email 	mernatt1@hfhs.org