ESL Websites
Aardvark's English Forum (from the BBC)
This is an online, interactive site with self-study activities and quizzes covering
grammar, vocabulary, idioms, business English, daily quotations and much more. It
includes resources for teachers, students and parents as well as BBC news service
links. Note: This is a British site, so some usages and spelling may be different
from ours. It does include a section on American slang, however, with 280 common
expressions. It also has an interactive card trick in the "And just for fun. . ."
section, which is a kick to do.
Can Teach
A basic website, that offers sound advice and information for teachers. Provides
links to hundreds of additional ESL websites.
Dave's ESL Cafe
A global community classroom for ELL teachers and students. Many resources
for all aspects of second language acquisition. Includes an extensive listing of
idioms and slang expressions, forums for students and teachers, quizzes and an
online pronunciation program. Note: Some links are to advertisements for ESL
Educational Voyage
Links to dozens of other sites with lesson plans, downloadable activities,
interactive lessons & quizzes, CNN, BBC . . .and on and on. Very useful. Note:
Some of the links are to membership only sites. Also, some of the "hot" links take
you to unexpected and inexplicable places. For example, the "Thumbs Up!" link
connected to an AT & T/All Stream site. Go figure.
Enchanted Learning
Excellent site for elementary students and teachers. Has student, teacher and
parent information. Downloadable activity sheets. Dozens of subjects, articles,
crafts ideas and links to online activities. There's a picture dictionary for English
and about a dozen other languages. You can explore the site for free. In order to
get printable lessons, though, you have to join ($20.00/year). This site is very
colorful, friendly and easy to navigate.
English Baby
This one's great for teenagers interested in learning about the American
community, and for advanced English learners. The site offers several services:
Student Community, People Zone, Global Services and Domestic Services. The
Student Community has a Lesson Zone and a Study Zone. They are free, but
require registration. The Study Zone is for people wishing to study English
abroad. The Lesson Zone offers daily interactive lessons, topical conversations
and music and movie reviews. You can also sign up to receive an email "Slang of the
Week". Global and Domestic Services are marketing and advertisement sites for
"English, baby!" products and programs (international and domestic, respectively).
There is also a Message Board, which is a chat room for online English practice.
The People Zone is a member gallery with pictures. You can pick a map location,
click and link to a picture, brief bio and email address for an "English, baby!"
member who is seeking English-speaking "key pals". Be careful with anonymous
chat rooms.
The English Club
aka TEFL.NET (
This is a well designed, practical, useful and easy to navigate site. It features
activities, lesson plans, forums, other resources and products for U.S. and
international learners, teachers and schools. Printable lessons and worksheets are
labeled by ELD level and cover grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening,
speaking, reading and writing. Interactive links include "authentic" activities such
as news sites, games, cooking, a chat room, business English and pens pals. Links
directly to "ESL Lesson Plans" at There are also sections with interactive
quizzes. One terrific feature is a link ("ESL Links") described as a "mini-Yahoo!"
search engine designed to locate other ESL sites. The link itself is organized
topically. It's great.
English Firsthand Cafe
A sponsored site, but it contains many online and printable activities. Features
three sections for students, On Your Own, Student Chat Center and Suggested
Links. There are two sections for teacher, Resources and the Discussion Center.
Be careful if using the global chat room and "key pals" in the chat center.
ESL Kids' Stuff
Printable flashcards, games, songs and worksheets for parents and teachers of
primary level students. There are also lots of links to specific instructional
categories. For example, the "Thanksgiving Link" offered 14 different sites.
ESL Lesson Plans and Resources
An ESL Professor Emeritus at CSUN created this wonderful site. It features
links to lesson plans and activities for al levels of ELL's, but seems to emphasize
intermediate to advanced students. It's also useful for secondary students, ELL
and EO, who are reading below grade level. Some activities/links, (e.g., "CNN
Student News & World view for ESL") although free, require registration, Most
worksheets and lesson plans can be printed. There are also online, interactive
grammar and vocabulary activities and quizzes.
ESL Lounge
Provides a variety of printable lessons in grammar, reading comprehension and
other resource materials for each ELD level, including games and song lyrics.
Everything ESL
Provides seasonal, thematic, cultural, science and language lessons for beginning
through intermediate level ESL students. Includes downloadable activities, a
forum for asking questions ("Ask Judie"), and a list of recommended resources.
A well organized, concise and informative website targeting pre-K to 5th grade.
It is a valuable resource for students, teachers and parents alike. Some of the
many resources include games, a quiz lab, a teacher's curriculum guide and a state
standards finder. The flexibility of the website allows the instructor to
customize each lesson plan to a student's individual needs and goals.
Global Chalkboard Resources
This website is easy to explore, and the information is well presented. Click on
"Lesson Plans" and reveal many vocabulary building activities including Word
Wizards and a fluency practice called One Minute Dash. Links directly to state
Education Departments.
The Graphic Organizer
Looks like a sales site for "Kidspiration" software, but it connects to detailed
examples of many types of graphic organizers and techniques for their use.
Offers tips on using graphic organizers in essay writing. It also contains rubric
and California Content Standards for writing application, grades 1 - 12.
International Reading Association
pre-k - 12. Includes organizations, many education links for parents and teachers,
and current research.
Lesson Planz
Hundreds of K - 12 lesson plans are organized by subject, grade level, and themes.
Includes resources, printable material and links to other sites.
Pearson Longman Publishing
This sponsored site links to student and teacher activities, companion websites
organized by age level (young, teen, adult). Most, but not all, companion websites
do not ask for money or require the purchase of materials. It provides a variety
of online activities, lessons and quizzes.
Macmillan Publisher's website
The site presents methodologies and activities for teaching students K - 12.
Offers frequently updated materials for use in the classroom, free resources,
professional support, vocabulary lessons with themes and speaking practice
lessons inspired by provocative topics. Includes tips for exams, news lessons and a
program called WebQuest. WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which
most or all of the information is gathered from the Web. WebQuest lessons
cover vocabulary, listening and grammar. The Culture section integrates music, art
and writing into the standard curriculum and includes music and art articles and
worksheets that are downloadable. Another great feature is the Teaching with
Minimal Resources section, which offers ideas whose implementation doesn't
require a photocopier or a printer.
Ohio ESL
Teaching material, lesson plans and listening resources for teachers and students.
Links to many other sites that offer online interactive grammar and
comprehension activities.
This site provides creative writing activities and downloadable handouts for all age
ESL students. It includes poetry and fiction writing prompts, writing contests and
publishing opportunities. It also has cross-cultural resources available.
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Wide selection of listening exercises and quizzes. Good for students' self-study
and homework.
Rosetta Stone Software
This site offers language learners of any age effective experience and practice in
English. The site has a wide selection of activities, exercises and lesson plans.
Story Arts
Focuses on storytelling in the classroom, lesson plans and activities, story arts
theater and a story library. Provides storytelling activities to support Language
Arts standards. Includes extensive links to authors, books and storytelling
resources and a monthly newsletter, Musings.
What You Need to Know About English as a Second Language
The site has links to both online activities for beginning to advanced ESL students
downloadable lesson plans. It also has articles, information, a dictionary and much,
much more. Note: annoying pop-ups kept appearing.