Newly Enrolled Students:
A. Maria will create a record for the new student in Ellevation and she may request that you to enter specific information
via a Google document.
B. Gloria/Maria will determine if the student needs to be assessed with the placement test W-APT, and will notify you via
Google document if the student needs to be tested or not. If the student needs to be assessed with W-APT, do the
o Send a parent notification of testing home (ESL Form H-1 and H-2) a few days before testing.
o Upon assessing the student, enter the W-APT scores in the ELLevation testing tab, and notify Mirta/Gloria via
o Send the answer sheet to Gloria, via courier or via email if scanned.
C. After testing or obtaining test results:
o Enter the LEP Designation (LEP, Not LEP)
o Enter the LEP Status (LEP Direct, Exited, Never, NOM)
o Just for students who scored Not LEP: Notify the parents with the Ellevation letter Notification of Not Qualifying
for LEP Status – For Initial Testing
All Students Including Newly Enrolled:
D. Enter/revise the Monitoring Status (Not monitored, LEP student monitoring, MFLEP 1, MFLEP 2)
E. Enter the LEP Services Description (Co-teaching, Intensive, Moderate, Supportive) and schedule of services.
F. ATTENTION: At this point, notify Mirta/Gloria that you have entered the services description, so Mirta can complete the
enrollment history on the History tab.
G. Just for LEP students: Print out the ELLevation Parent Letter: Qualifying for ELL/LEP Status, and send out. On the
signature area choose the option “Hide.” If any parents refuse ESL services check activity flag in demographics tab and
notify Mirta/Gloria
H. Enter the instructional modifications on the modifications tab as follows:
o Check EC/IEP if the student has an IEP Plan.
o If the student does not receive instructional modifications, check the option “Student does not need
instructional modifications.”
o If the student receives instructional modifications, check the modifications that apply.
I. Enter the statewide testing accommodations on the accommodations tab as follows:
o Add a set of accommodations for each statewide test the students will take, with or without accommodations.
o If the student is receiving accommodations in the particular test, check accommodations that apply.
o For “Test conducted in a separate room” specify “Small Group” or “One-on-One”
o For “Extended Time” specify minutes.
o For “Multiple Sessions” specify.
o If the student is not receiving accommodations in the particular test, check “Regular Testing without
o If the student is LEP/EC or LEP/504/transitory impairment, check “EC/IEP” or “504” respectively.
ESL Teacher Record Management and Documentation Procedures
School Year 2013-14
J. Only for LEP/EC or LEP/504/transitory impairment students:
ESL teachers create a set of ACCESS for ELLs accommodations in ELLevation for each LEP/EC and LEP/504/transitory
impairment student.
o If the student is receiving accommodations in the ACCESS test, the ESL teacher checks the accommodations that
apply, and may need to write additional information on the comments box.
o If the student is not receiving accommodations in the ACCESS test, the ESL teacher checks “Regular Testing
without Accommodations.”
K. Create at least one instructional goal per LEP student and enter in Ellevations in the student goal area. (new)
L. Print out the “LEP Student Plan” from Ellevation Reports, using the Predefined signature areas. Obtain signatures from
content area teachers and administrator and hand a copy of the plan to the content area teacher-s. File LEP Student
Plans in a secure place until the end of the year. ATTENTION: Before printing the plans, request Gloria via email to do
an accommodations and modifications verification.
M. Print out from Ellevation Listings one ROA for each and every statewide test the student will take with accommodations.
Complete the left column of the form, plus the school and grade on the right side. Send the data manager a copy of the
ROAs to be entered in PowerSchool, another copy to the school testing coordinator, and keep one for your records.
ROAs are kept in a secure place until testing occurs. It is a local school decision who and where the ROAs are kept (case
manager, school testing coordinator, guidance secretary, etc.).
Cumulative Folder Documentation
Current LEP Students: File hard copies of the following documentation in a clear view folder labeled “LEP Student” as follows:
 An up-to-date ESL Cumulative Folder Report (printed out from Ellevation) in the students’ cumulative folder, inside the
clear “LEP Student” folder. The ESL teacher replaces the previous year’s report at the beginning of the school year with
an updated one or at any time there are changes in the status of ESL students. For high schools students, the update
must occur twice a year, at the beginning of first and second semester. This may be also applicable for some middle
school students, and for mid-year grade promotion.
 ACCESS for ELLs Teacher Reports: Reports from every annual test administration are filed in the “LEP Student” folder
Monitored Former (Exited) LEP Students – MFLEP Year 1 and 2: ESL teachers stick a new label on the clear view plastic
folder, “FEP Student Monitoring Year 1 2,” and circle the year of monitoring. The following documentation is kept in the
 An updated Cumulative Folder report printed from Ellevation
 ACCESS for ELLs Teacher Report with exiting scores