Nomination	of	an	Adult	ESL	Teacher	for	the	Norma	Shapiro	Award 2015
Qualifications:		the	nominee	must	be	a	CATESOL	member	and	Adult	Level	ESL	teacher	who	has	
demonstrated	exceptional	skill	in	at	least	three	of	the	following	four	areas:	classroom	teaching,	
teacher-training/professional	development,	materials	writing,	or	curriculum	development.	
The	nominee	must	also	be	willing	to	attend	the	Annual	CATESOL	conference	in	Anaheim	on	
November	12-15.
Nominations	must	be	submitted	by	September	4.
Email	to	Kristen	Pursley,	Adult	Level	Chair: or
Fax	to	213-241-8998,	attn:	Dave	Coleman,	Adult	Level	Assistant	Chair
Phone:		 Email:		
Relationship	to	the	nominee:											 supervisor				 				 colleague							 mentee		 				 other 										 __				
Length	of	association:		
Name	of	one	other	colleague	who	supports	this	nomination:		
Phone:	 Email:		
I	have	verified	that	my	nominee	will	be	attending	the	2015	CATESOL	conference	in	Anaheim	
and	will	be	willing	to	accept	the	award	on	November	14	at	the	Adult	Level	Rap	Session.
Signature	__________________________________________________________
Phone:		 Email:		
Title:		 		 instructor			 teacher-trainer		 				 coordinator		 			 other
Length	of	time	teaching:		
On	a	separate	sheet	of	paper,	use	specific	examples	that	demonstrate	the	special	qualities	that	
make	your	nominee	an	excellent	candidate	for	the	Norma	Shapiro	Award.	Please	substitute	
“the	nominee”	for	the	nominee’s	name	in	your	statement	(max.	250	words)