Laura Keenan, ESL Teacher
Joseph A. Edgar School
Rocky Point Union Free School District
PowerPoint Book Reports for English Language Learners
Subject and Grade Levels: ESL Grades 3-5
Topic: Creating Book Reports Using Inspiration and Microsoft PowerPoint
Purpose: ELLs identify elements of a story.
 ELLs use a graphic organizer and technology to write a book report.
NYS Standards:
ESL Standard 2: Students will listen, speak, read, and write in English for literary
response, enjoyment, and expression.
ESL Standard 3: Students will listen, speak, read, and write in English for critical
analysis and evaluation.
MST Standard 5: Technology
Description: In this lesson, ELLs will read a book of their choice independently
and then create a story map using Inspiration software. They will use the graphic
organizer to create a book report with Microsoft PowerPoint. Then they will
present their reports to the class.
Materials: Inspiration software; Microsoft PowerPoint software; computers;
SmartBoard; digital projector; hard copies of story map graphic organizer; a
variety of books for students to choose from
Time Required: Four weeks – may vary depending upon English proficiency
levels of ELLs
Week One
1.) The teacher and students brainstorm different elements of a story.
2.) The teacher conducts a read aloud of any book that is at the appropriate
level of the students.
3.) The teacher and students complete a story map graphic organizer
together after the read aloud. The teacher projects an Inspiration story
map template on the SmartBoard and completes it as students write on
hard copies.
4.) The teacher explains that students will read a book independently outside
of ESL class and then they will create a story map just like yesterday,
except they will complete the story map using Inspiration on the computer. 
5.) The teacher projects the Inspiration story map template on the
SmartBoard and shows students that it is the same graphic organizer that
they wrote on yesterday.
6.) Next the teacher explains that students will use the story map to create a
PowerPoint book report. The teacher projects a model of a PowerPoint
book report, using the read aloud from yesterday. The teacher and
students examine each slide to see what they must include and how to
use PowerPoint.
7.) The teacher and students read the project rubric so that students
understand exactly what is expected of them.
8.) Students have time to choose their book at the end of the period.
Week Two
9.) Students will have one week to read their books outside of ESL class.
This time frame is flexible depending on the English proficiency levels of
 10.) During this week, students will participate in various mini-lessons using
Inspiration, PowerPoint, and story elements.
Week Three
 11.) After reading, students complete story maps on Inspiration software
during ESL class.
 12.) Then students begin to create their PowerPoint book reports in ESL class
with support from the teacher.
Week Four
 13.) After completion, students will present PowerPoint book reports to the
Explorations and Extensions: After gaining this experience with Inspiration and
PowerPoint, ELLs can use the programs for a variety of other learning
experiences. Graphic organizers, visuals, and outlines help ELLs comprehend
information and concepts.
Assessment: Project rubric; informal observation; questioning techniques; class
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