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Trans Saudi company Ltd. (Transad)
Economic Company of AB-Group

Transad is the economic engine of AB-Group. Our experience in land development is second to none. We employ a strong team that understands the ins and outs of land development process and is committed to delivering the best. We emphasize process, communication, accountability, and most importantly strategy.

AB-Group’s dedicated professionals are always in the lookout for prime locations and opportunities. Our most recent project the Dar’iyya Hills Residential Project stands as a testament to our continuous strategy of new acquisitions.

Transad is a company that delivers engineering, construction, maintenance, and project management to governments and clients in diverse industries around the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For nearly 30 years, clients have selected Transad as their company of choice to complete challenging projects in remote parts of KSA Transad quickly built a reputation for applying innovative methods and performing precise engineering and construction work within the emerging residential and commercial markets. Today, Transad continues to develop and implement innovative solutions for complex project issues in diverse industries, including Residential, commercial and institutional, government services, life sciences, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, power, renewable energy, telecommunications, and transportation infrastructure.


Engineering, Construction, Maintenance, and Project Management Services

With a workforce of over 3,000 employees deployed on projects in the KSA, and 24/7 project-execution capabilities, Transad has the expertise to deliver projects with the quality and safety its clients expect.

The company’s engineering expertise ranges from traditional disciplines such as buildings, palaces, villas, compounds, etc., to steel structures, administration buildings, hospitals, hotels, infrastructure works (water & sewerage, drainage, rain drainage), electro mechanical works, factories, operation and maintenance, and advance specialties including simulation, enterprise integration, integrated automation processes, and interactive 3D and 4D modeling.

Transad Contracting approaches projects with a tradition of excellence and a commitment to leadership in a continuously changing industry. We maintain a healthy balance of projects in both the public and private sectors, and in commercial, industrial, retail, residential and mixed-use facilities, as well. Our business model emphasizes strong relationships among clients, subcontractors, and other professionals that allow us to negotiate contracts that work for everyone. With an emphasis on optimal value for our bottom-line and that of our clients, Transad Contracting provides its clients with the finest in preconstruction and construction services, emphasizing teamwork, communication, and project-wide success, continuing a long tradition of building and development excellence.

Since it was established in 1975 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Transad has completed about 100 major projects all over the Kingdom, at times employing over 3,000 qualified workers.

Completed Projects

Al Imam University – ABHA
Riyadh Star Residential Compound – Riyadh
Al – Nakheel Residential Compound – Riyadh
Mirage Residential Compound – Riyadh
Al – Wadi Residential Compound – Riyadh
Al – Waha Residential Compound – Riyadh
Astr Residential Compound – Riyadh
Qordoba Residential Compound – Riyadh
Al – Hamra Residential Compound – Riyadh
Al – Kharj Residential Compound – Al Kharj
Private Palace – Riyadh
Solaimanya Power Plant # 8021 – Riyadh
Al – Mousa center Office
Al – Wadi ( 2 ) Residential Compound – Riyadh
Sewerage Project – Riyad
Water Project – Riyadh
Ongoing Project

Metro network of Komee
Saudi Fransi bank Building– Faisaliyah – Dammam
Mobily technical building – Obhur Jeddah
upgrading and maintenance of external network
Private Villa – Riyadh
(Duplex Villa) – Riyadh
Construction and finishing works for doctor’s offices
Hutten plaza – Riyadh
Al Ajami restaurant – Riyadh
Riyad bank Building – Jeddah

Contact Us

Transad Contracting
P.O. Box 66911 Riyadh 11492
Tel: +966 11 466 0755
Fax: +966 11 466 0799
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Email: info@transadco.com
Key company personnel:
Eng. Hasan Al Asaad
General Manager
Email: h.alasaad@ab-group.com
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