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1 	Sl # 	Company Name 	Short Name 	Website 	Business Description 	Source 	First Name 	Last Name 	Title 	Email 	Phone 	City 	State 	Country 	Stage 	Deal Source 2 	Priority 	Funding Note 	Notes 	Email Found Link
2 	1 	BrightWhistle 	BrightWhistle 	Established in 2010, BrightWhistle delivers the world’s first and only complete Social Patient Persuasion and Perception Management Platform (SP3 Platform). As the only healthcare focused, HIPAA compliant Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, the Company is focused on delivering high value patients to hospital service lines and providing payers with the ability to attract and convert the most profitable consumers. The company serves over 25 clients including Piedmont Healthcare, Duke Medicine, Henry Ford Health System, Wellstar, UPMC, and Cleveland Clinic. 	  	Greg 	Foster 	Chief Executive Office 	(877) 941-2454 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3 	$3M
3 	2 	NanoLumens 	NanoLumens 	NanoLumens® is revolutionizing the world of digital media with our elegant, simple, and energy efficient line of LED digital display solutions. Through a patented process, we engineer and design attractive, ultra-slim, lightweight and large-format digital displays in virtually any shape or size. Our displays are designed and assembled in the U.S.A with one goal: Create LED displays that break all the rules and enable creative professionals to forge new paths in digital media. 	  	RICHARD 	COPE 	CEO 	(678) 428-4090 	Norcross 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3 	$10M including debt
4 	3 	NextInput 	NextInput 	NextInput markets a set of proprietary touch technologies that solve key pains in the $4 billion market for touch technology. Our technology is useful for a variety of electronic device interface applications, including touchscreens for next generation smartphones and tablet PCs.  
NextInput was formed by a team of engineers and business professionals from Georgia Tech to commercialize a force sensitive touch technology developed by COO Ian Campbell. Following a seed funding round in mid-2010, the company has brought successful products to market incorporating the technology and has developed market ready touch surface demonstration kits. 	  	Don 	Metzger 	CEO 	  	(888) 950-6398 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3 	$1M seed 	 
5  	4 	Parkmobile USA Inc. 	Parkmobile 	Parkmobile is a leading global provider of seamlessly integrated end-to-end solutions for electronic parking. The firm’s product offerings include cashless mobile payments for on and off street parking, digital permits, electronic enforcement and congestion charging systems. 	  	Cherie 	Fuzzell 	CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER 	(770) 818-9036 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3 	$6M VC
6 	5 	Patientco 	Patientco 	Patient out-of-pocket medical expenses have grown to over $300 Billion per year and are predicted to continue growing rapidly. This puts a tremendous burden on patients and providers alike. Patients have more to pay, providers have more to collect, and the traditional billing process is not helping the problem. 	  	Joshua 	Silver 	VP, Product Development 	(888) 747-2455 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3 	$4M Series A
7 	6 	ShopVisible 	ShopVisible 	The 2012 recipient of the SIIA CODiE award for Best Electronic Commerce Solution, ShopVisible is an end-to-end SaaS commerce platform that powers the shopping experiences of today. Whether your customer is an individual consumer or a business, we power the commerce sites that enable them to buy from you. Reach your customers online, on their mobile devices or through popular channels like Amazon and eBay. ShopVisible also enables your back office management including orders, inventory, channel, content management and more. With our APIs, the ShopVisible commerce platform is extensible and easily integrates to 3rd party systems such as fulfillment, ERP, PIM, and other platforms that are core to your business. 	  	Sean 	Cook 	CEO ShopVisible 	(404) 496-6917 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3 	$1M
8 	7 	PGi 	PGi 	PGi has been a global leader in virtual meetings for over 20 years. Our cloud-based solutions deliver multi-point, real-time virtual collaboration using video, voice, mobile, web streaming and file sharing technologies. PGi solutions are available via desktops, tablets and mobile devices, helping businesses worldwide be more productive, mobile and environmentally responsible. 	  	Boland 	Jones 	CEO 	  	(404) 262-8400 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3 	  	  	 
9  	8 	Badgy 	Badgy 	Badgy delivers "SEO for Social", helping marketers of consumer brands use Facebook and Twitter to increase sales by optimizing their posting and promotion strategy.  
Founded in 2011, the company is now increasing revenue for several high-profile brands.  
Badgy is a graduate of Georgia Tech's Flashpoint Startup Accelerator. Investors include the Flashpoint Fund, Mark Cuban, and key Atlanta angel investors. 	  	Rob 	Kischuk 	Founder 	(404) 663-9945 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3
10 	9 	Catavolt-Enterprise Mobility Services 	Catavolt 	Catavolt is an enterprise mobility provider based in Alpharetta, GA.  
Catavolt provides flexible, scalable and secure enterprise mobility architecture for today’s most demanding enterprise challenges.  
Catavolt Extender combines a “no data at rest” secure platform, real time control in the cloud, and the ability to rapidly create engaging mobile user experiences without coding. 	  	George 	Mashini 	Chief Executive Officer 	(800) 939-6812 	Alpharetta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3
11 	10 	Clinigence 	Clinigence 	Clinigence™ designs, develops and provides physician practice clinical business intelligence software as a service (SaaS) – an add-on to electronic health records (EHRs) - to generate sustainable revenue from clinical quality.  
Our Vision: We help physicians deliver better patient care by providing them business intelligence to generate sustainable revenue from clinical quality and improve financial outcomes through better clinical outcomes. 	  	Mark 	Kozak 	VP 	(770) 402-6592 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3,d.bmk&cad=rja
12 	11 	Delta Data Software 	Delta 	Delta Data implements, supports and maintains sophisticated software systems designed specifically for financial services companies in the mutual fund and hedge fund industries. Our proven end-to-end solutions drive profitability by automating back-office processes, ensuring data accuracy, increasing enterprise efficiency, reducing exposure to risk, and improving customer service. 	  	Don 	Beck 	Chief Executive Officer 	(706) 324-0855 	Columbus 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3
13 	12 	Egos Ventures Inc. 	Egos 	Mobile Apps 	  	Bruno 	Francois 	CEO 	(404) 643-2220 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3
14 	13 	Emcien Corporation 	Emcien 	Emcien’s software automates data analysis, allowing users to work faster [smarter] by revealing valuable patterns from many forms of data. The software uses advanced algorithms to eliminates the burden of manual analysis and detect the connections your team needs to formulate insight. 	  	Radhika 	Subramanian 	CEO 	(404) 920-1992 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3
15 	14 	Kahua, Inc. 	Kahua 	Kahua is the first cloud-based platform to deliver on the full promise of business-to-business collaboration. Kahua enables each party to create, manage and control its own independent applications and data. This allows organizations to connect worldwide in a collaborative environment that enables easy consumption and dispersion of data from app to app, phase to phase and company to company. 	  	Scott 	Unger 	CEO 	  	(770) 641-9994 	Alpharetta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3 	  	  	 
16  	15 	M2SYS Technology 	M2SYS 	M2SYS provides enterprise multi-modal biometric solutions that enable our customers and partners to easily utilize or integrate the right form of biometric technology for their needs. Our core focus is identity management in workforce management, healthcare and large government projects together with a unique biometric software development kit (SDK) that allows developers to instantly add biometric recognition to any software application. Our technology accelerates the adoption of biometric identification leading to a faster and more widespread delivery of its many benefits. 	  	Mizan 	Rahman 	Founder, CEO and CTO 	(770) 393-0986 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3,d.bmk&cad=rja
17 	16 	Merlin Mobility, Inc. 	Merlin 	Merlin Mobility is a cutting-edge software development company founded in the heart of Atlanta’s technology community. At Merlin, we are developing a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that enables companies to easily create, deploy and update Augmented Reality (AR) content to iOS and Android mobile devices. Our platform aligns with the full lifecycle of our customer’s products, systems and services including marketing, training, manufacturing and supply chain. Our platform creates dedicated apps for specific business needs and white-labeled apps that can easily be embedded into our customer’s current mobile applications. 	  	Margaret 	Martin 	CEO 	(404) 246-5995 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3
18 	17 	MetroTech Net 	MetroTech 	MetroTech is a software-analytics company that is focused on the integration of new technologies for the Smarter City. We are deploying video and traffic analytics in major metro areas that provide a new level of traffic information that is broadcasted to the web and accessible by mobile devices. This break-through has significantly reduced the cost of signal timing systems (adaptive traffic controls) and provides the instant broadcast of conditions to travelers allowing them to avoid traffic congestion. 	  	Christian 	Kotscher 	CEO & Founder 	(877) 806-8728 	Alpharetta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3
19 	18 	MMJLabs, LLC 	MMJLabs 	MMJ Labs, LLC develops reusable needle pain relief devices for children. Its products include Buzzy, which relieves pain from minor sharp aches and pains, including needles, splinters, and stings; Plain Buzzy, a plain black Buzzy that allows children or teenagers to personalize Buzzy with BuzzDudes; BuzzDudes, removable stickers; My Buzzy Faces, removable inanimate stickers; Flippits Distraction Cards, colored cards with age-specific questions that make child life specialists to distract children from pain feeling; Cold-To-Go Bag, a handy insulated neoprene carrying case; and wing replacements. 	  	Amy 	Baxter 	CEO 	  	(877) 805-2899 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3 	  	  	 
20  	19 	NexTraq 	NexTraq 	Established in 2000, NexTraq provides the most easy-to-use, reliable and comprehensive GPS fleet tracking solution in the telematics industry. The NexTraq® solution is a cloud-based application that enables service and distribution businesses to optimize fleet operations while reducing operational costs and maximizing revenue. Based in Atlanta, NexTraq customers achieve ROI in as little as one month 	  	Mike 	Scarbrough 	President 	(678) 762-8800 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3
21 	20 	PMG-Business Process Automation 	PMG-Business 	More than 20 percent of the Global 100 relies on PMG for their enterprise service catalog and business process automation. The PMG Enterprise Service Catalog transcends traditional IT service management, giving businesses a smarter way to automate any process. Examples include identity management, employee onboarding or automated server cloud provisioning. 	  	  	Shuster 	CEO 	  	(770) 457-8787 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3 	  	  	 
22  	21 	PrimeRevenue, Inc. 	PrimeRevenue 	Description: For global 2000 companies who view their supply chain as a strategic asset and are seeking to increase working capital efficiency. PrimeRevenue has offices in Atlanta (USA), Paris, Frankfurt, Prague (Europe) and Melbourne (Australia). 	  	PJ 	Bain 	CEO 	(678) 904-7100 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3
23 	22 	Rigor 	Rigor 	Rigor provides testing and monitoring to increase the quality of your sites, protect your brand on the web, provide peace of mind, and enhance revenues. The Rigor Suite automates finding issues and areas of improvement in websites by copying the behavior of users, hunting for problems in the results and staying connected to administrators 24x7. 	  	Craig 	Hyde 	Co-founder & President 	(404) 574-4970 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3
24 	23 	Riskonnect 	Riskonnect 	Riskonnect, Inc. is the provider of a premier, enterprise-class technology platform for the risk management industry. As an independent innovator in risk management software, Riskonnect develops and markets a growing suite of software solutions on a world-class cloud computing model, helping clients elevate their risk management programs, safety solutions and programs for management of risks across the enterprise. Through its strategic, operational and insurable risk software applications, Riskonnect provides the risk management industry with the specific, configurable solutions needed to reduce losses, control risk and affect shareholder value. 	  	Bob 	Morrell 	Co-Founder and CEO 	(770) 555-6055 	Kennesaw 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3
25 	24 	Sports Challenge Network 	Sports 	Sports Challenge Network, LLC (SCN) is a privately held company based in Atlanta, Georgia. SCN creates new ways for people to connect and compete in recreational sports through social, mobile-based technology and the use of smart devices. SCN was established with the goal of incubating and bringing to market, social-gaming experiences that would redefine how fans and participants engage with their favorite sports. By developing industry-leading application platforms, Sports Challenge Network (SCN) is working to redefine traditional gameplay for some of the world’s oldest sports and games. 	  	Gene 	Chayevsky 	President 	(678) 541-2525 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3
26 	25 	The Network, Inc. 	The 	Throughout North America, TNI offers a first-class, results-oriented approach for non-profits interested in maximizing their fundraising results. Through our face-to-face channels, which include door-to-door canvassing, street fundraising, malls, and event marketing, TNI produces high yield results. Exceeding client expectations, while being cost-effective, has established us as a leader in the industry. Our full-service approach also means we handle all aspects of the program such as database management, marketing, design, printing, call centre services, feedback channels and much more. 	  	Steve 	Allison 	President 	(888) 843-4441 	Las Vegas 	NV 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3
27 	26 	ThruView 	ThruView 	ThruView makes apps for people to communicate directly with companies they buy products and services from. We use the video camera on the back of connected devices and stream conversations to customer support agents who help resolve issues and offer better products and services. 
Our technology allows people to learn from and help each other in many ways, but our focus is to provide relevant technical services from companies to their end users. We provide video of real time consumer needs to support agents for quicker resolution and improved response abilities using mobile smartphones. 	  	Antonio 	Guglielmo 	CEO 	  	(702) 900-8439 	Jasper 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3 	  	  	 
28  	27 	VoAPPs, Inc 	VoAPPs 	Founded in 2008, VoAPPs is an Atlanta-based company focused on developing innovative voice applications. VoAPPs mixes its proprietary Adaptive Signaling technology (called Adapti-Sig) with other off-the-shelf voice technologies like voicemail, IVR and Text-to-Speech, and web-centric data, to create gripping Voice Applications that enable Businesses and Consumers to Communicate efficiently, naturally and more cost effectively. 	  	David 	King 	Chairman & Founder 	(313) 473-7671 	Atlanta 	GA 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Georgia Top 40 	3
29 	28 	Air Force One Inc. 	Air Force 	Our approach puts you and your needs first. With specialized expertise and more than 25 years of experience, we deliver innovative tailored solutions that get and keep your building performing at its highest level. Through our Total Cost of Ownership approach, we partner with you and your team to identify current behaviors, define strategic goals, and achieve essential performance objectives. From our flexible maintenance agreements to on-site, full-time technical staffing, we optimize building performance through: Total Facility Automation, Mechanical Services, Proactive Maintenance, and Energy Conservation. 	  	GREG 	GUY 	CEO 	(614) 889-0121 	Dublin 	OH 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Columbus Fast 50 	3
30 	29 	Health Care Dataworks Inc. 	Dataworks 	Health Care DataWorks, Inc., a leading provider of business intelligence solutions, empowers healthcare organizations to improve their quality of care and reduce costs. Through its pioneering KnowledgeEdge™ product suite, including its enterprise data model, analytic dashboards, applications and reports, Health Care DataWorks delivers an Enterprise Data Warehouse necessary for hospitals and health systems to effectively and efficiently gain deeper insights into their operations. 	  	Jason 	Buskirk 	CEO 	(614) 255-5400 	Columbus 	OH 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Columbus Fast 50 	3
31 	30 	Irth Solutions LLC 	Irth 	irth Solutions®, Technologies For Earth™, provides innovative cloud-based asset management solutions to gas, oil, electric, telecommunications and other utility companies and to One Call Centers across the country to increase operational efficiency, improve workforce productivity, comply with regulatory requirements and ensure safety. For nearly two decades, irth Solutions has been meeting the unique needs of the energy & utility industries with unmatched service and groundbreaking solutions for delivery system protection, safety, and compliance. Investors include Columbus-based Crane Group and Main Street Capital, located in Houston. 	  	Brent 	Bishop 	President and Chief Executive Officer 	(614) 784-8000 	Columbus 	OH 	USA 	Trying to Reach 	Columbus Fast 50 	3