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Welcome Message 3
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- Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands 4
- Deputy Chief Executive Spring 5
- Deputy Managing Director EDB 6-7
Strategy 10-12
Event Highlights 13-28
Dutch Areas of Excellence 29-35
- Water & Maritime 29-31
- Turning Sustainability into Profitability 33
- Innovation through Collaboration 34-35
Economic Overview and Opportunities 36-43
- Singapore - The Netherlands Comparison 36-37
- Singapore Exports and Imports by Region 38
- Foreign Direct Investments 39
- AEC: ASEAN Economic Community 40-43
Committees and Interest groups 44-48
Strategic Partners 49-51
Board & Advisory Council 52-55
Directory 56-83
- Orange Members 57-62
- Corporate Members 63-81
- Professional Members 82-83
Useful Contacts 84
The DutchCham
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Nele Cornelis
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2 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 3
Welcome Message
would like to thank its
Orange members
for their continuous support
Dear Members and Friends of DutchCham,
Dear Readers,
It is with great pleasure that I present to you the
2015 edition of the Annual Directory of the Dutch
Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.
Since our start in 2007 DutchCham has remained
loyal to our mission of stimulating business for
our members, Dutch companies and professionals
based in Singapore and Singaporean companies
interested to work with Dutch companies, and representing
their interests to local stakeholders. Our
membership has been growing with 35% compared
to last year. I would like to take the opportunity to
express our appreciation for the support from both
professionals and companies in the past year. I also
want to extend a heart-felt welcome to all our new
members. We look forward to working together.
The DutchCham is a member-driven organization
and without our expanding league of Orange
members, corporate members and professional
members the Chamber would not be able to offer
our current range of services and activities and be
the key platform to promote Dutch-Singapore business.
Over the past months the DutchCham Board set
out and updated our strategy. The result is a directive
built upon four objectives: Promotion, Advocacy,
Business Support and Sharing of Knowledge.
By promoting the Dutch Businesses in Singapore
DutchCham supports its members to improve
branding and generate business opportunities.
Events and marketing communication materials
empower us to succeed in this mission. One of our
prominent events for 2015 will be the Dutch Business
Advocacy drives us to connect and mobilize Dutch
companies across industries and sectors . Creating
a greater critical mass allows our voice to be heard
in relevant debates in Singapore on HR issues,
FreeTrade discussions, and so on.
We will also expand our business support services
for new business entrants in Singapore and be a
full-fledged second in line point of contact, after
the Embassy.
Our final focus is on the side of business knowledge
and expertise sharing by experts and between our
members We will continue to build learning platforms
like the gathering of our committees in Water,
Maritime and High Tech, the breakfast lecture
series, as well as seizing the opportunity to present
to you expert speakers and panel discussions which
tie in with current events, visitors and tradeshows.
We will focus on the themes of Collaborative Innovation,
Sustainability and Water Management as
these are areas of excellence for the Dutch business
community in Singapore. We will also focus on certain
‘hot topics’, which change from year to year.
This year we are looking specifically at the ASEAN
Economic Community, about which you will find
more information in this Directory and which will be
included in our Sharing of Knowledge events in the
coming year.
The DutchCham plays a pivotal role in the Dutch
Business community in Singapore, with close collaboration
with the Dutch Embassy, all other Dutch
organizations as well as the EuroCham and Singapore
business partners such as the Singapore International
Chamber of Commerce (SICC) and the
Economic Development Board.
I look forward to another year of fruitful collaboration
with our DutchCham members, our partners
and the business and government community in
Mieke De Schepper
President DutchCham
“We will focus
on the themes
of Collaborative
Sustainability and
Water Management
as these are areas
of excellence for
the Dutch business
community in
President of the board
Mieke De Schepper
4 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 5
Dear readers,
With a new business year ahead of us, it is good to
have a new Directory of DutchCham in our hands.
It makes life so much easier because DutchCham is
manifesting itself as a strong player in the economic
relationship between Singapore and the Netherlands.
We can be pleased about the way that relationship
is developing.
And DutchCham itself is developing as well. Last
year, important steps were taken to refocus and reorganize.
I believe it will be for the better. With clear
choices in its renewed remit and strong pillars to
support these clear objectives, DutchCham is setting
itself high, but realistic standards. I detect a
clear will with the members to make it happen. The
Embassy is happy to support making DutchCham
even stronger, through advice and cooperation. I
believe we have been successful in creating more
synergy between us in the past year and I promise
we shall continue to do so in the future.
The coming year, a special year as Singapore turns
50, will provide fresh opportunities to work closely
together. Be it in supporting Dutch start-ups and
SMEs in accessing the Singaporean market, or contributing
to introducing more sustainability in business
practices, here in Singapore and beyond. As
the Embassy will take on a more regional orientation
in the coming year, no doubt possibilities for
cooperation with DutchCham will only increase. We
shall make ourselves ready for it.
And for all these and other activities, the Directory
comes in handy. I always keep one in my office and
another one in my car. It provides useful names,
contact data and background information of individual
member companies. Congratulations for yet
another useful tool in our connectivity.
Jacques Werner
Netherlands Ambassador
“DutchCham is
manifesting itself as
a strong player in the
economic relationship
between Singapore
and the Netherlands.”
Ambassador to
the Kingdom of the Netherlands
in Singapore
Jacques Werner
Singapore and the Netherlands share much in
common. We have been economic partners for
decades - the Netherlands was Singapore’s 3rd
largest trading partner in the European Union in
2012 and was Singapore’s top European investor
in end-20111 - and most importantly, we share a
passion for Dutch football. Players like Robin van
Persie are familiar household names in Singapore.
SPRING Singapore in particular has strong relations
with the Dutch Chamber and the Netherlands Embassy
in Singapore, having collaborated in facilitating
partnerships between Dutch and Singaporean
SMEs over the years, as well as organising events.
One of the highlights was the Dutch-Singapore
SME seminar on 24 January last year, attended by
about 150 Dutch and Singaporean SMEs.
According to the Regional Economic Outlook (Asia
and Pacific) report released by the International
Monetary Fund in (IMF) in April 2014, Asia is set
to remain the most dynamic region of the global
economy. Dutch companies looking to expand into
the region should consider Singapore a regional
hub by leveraging our political stability, strong legal
system and comprehensive IP protection framework.
Furthermore, more than 1,000 Dutch companies
are involved in different industries such as
petrochemicals and electronics in Singapore. The
Dutch and Singaporean companies have also been
actively collaborating in commercially relevant R&D
areas like electronics, medical technology, metrology,
clean energy and advanced materials.
Singapore is the first country in South-East Asia to
clinch a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European
Union (EU)2. The EU-Singapore Free Trade
Agreement (EUSFTA) will further strengthen the
ability of EU companies to use Singapore as a regional
hub and take full advantage of the growing
commercial opportunities in Asia.
Recent developments further attest to the growing
strength and longevity of this partnership. In 2013,
SPRING signed an Memorandum of Understanding
(MOU) with Maastricht University Medical Centre
Holding (MUMCH) to promote co-innovation and
business tie-ups between Dutch and Singaporean
SMEs in healthcare, life sciences and medical technology.
The Dutch Electronics MNC, NXP, one of
the first partners of SPRING’s Partnership for Capability
Transformation (PACT) programme, has committed
to working with more than 40 local SMEs in
co-innovation and capability-building projects over
this year. SPRING has also led a number of delegations
to the Netherlands: including an Internet of
Things (IoT) trip to Eindhoven and Amsterdam in
June this year, and a trip in 2013 to foster collaborations
in water technology. These trips have led to
business partnerships between Dutch and Singaporean
SPRING welcomes the efforts of the Dutch Chamber
of Commerce (Singapore) to build on or strengthen
the existing partnership, and to represent Dutch
business interests in Singapore. We look forward to
supporting the Chamber’s new strategy to create
further opportunities for local SMEs and to enhance
their collaboration with Dutch companies.
Mr Ted Tan
Deputy Chief Executive SPRING Singapore
“SPRING welcomes the
efforts of the Dutch
Chamber of Commerce
(Singapore) to build
on or strengthen the
existing partnership,
and to represent Dutch
business interests in
Deputy Chief Executive
SPRING Singapore
Mr Ted Tan
1 Sources:
Ministry of Trade and Industry’s press release (Singapore Minister for Trade and Industry Lim Hng Kiang and the Netherlands Minister for
Foreign Trade Lilianne Ploumen Discuss Economic Opportunities with Dutch and Singapore Business Leaders, 24 Jan 2013)
Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) Singapore’s press release (Netherlands: Launchpad to the EU-Singapore Free Trade
Agreement - Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and Singapore Business Federation hold open dialogue on EUSFTA, 14 May 2013)
2 Source:
Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) Singapore’s press release (Netherlands: Launchpad to the EU-Singapore Free Trade
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6 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 7
Messages Messages
Asia has moved past its traditional role as a supplier
of components and the region is fast becoming a
driving force for global economic demand. Apart
from China and India, there has been a growing
recognition of Southeast Asia (SEA) as the third
driver of economic growth in Asia. The region offers
a market for technologies and products that
satisfy the needs of more than 600 million people.
The growing middle-class in Asia is also increasingly
demanding higher-end and better quality products.
Many global leaders, including Dutch companies,
have hence anchored manufacturing and research
& development (R&D) activities in Asia.
To successfully find one’s way within the different
regional regulations, cultural habits and business
conditions, a reliable, secure and well-connected
location is crucial to conducting business in Asia.
Singapore: Strategic Partner for Dutch
Situated at the heart of SEA, Singapore stands out
as a trusted and sophisticated business hub for
Dutch companies to expand into high growth markets
like China, India and the rest of Southeast Asia.
Dutch companies across various industry sectors
have benefitted from Singapore’s stable political
environment, highly skilled workforce and sophisticated
infrastructure. I am heartened to see the
strong growth in Dutch companies’ presence in Singapore
over time; today, there are approximately
1,100 Dutch companies in Singapore. In addition,
total stock of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from
the Netherlands stood at S$63.57 billion in 2012,
making the Netherlands the second largest investor
in Singapore.
Many Dutch companies have leveraged Singapore
as their strategic base to expand in Asia, including
renowned companies such as Royal Dutch Shell
plc (“Shell”), Royal Vopak (“Vopak”), Royal DSM
(“DSM”) and Royal Philips (“Philips”). In addition
to regional headquarter functions, these companies
have also anchored R&D centres and regional
competence centers in Singapore to drive business
growth and innovations for the Asian market.
• Shell has been one of Singapore’s long term economic
partners since it pioneered Singapore’s
first oil storage installation back in 1891. Recent
investments from Shell include the relocation of
its Integrated Gas global headquarters to Singapore
in 2013, as part of its quest to be nearer
to the growing Asian demand for fuel. Over the
years, Shell has not only played a significant role
in making Singapore a leading gas hub, the company
has also invested in developing good job
opportunities for thousands of Singaporeans.
Shell was recently conferred the inaugural Honorary
Partner in Progress (HPIP) Award by Prime
Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 9 October 2014 in
recognition of its long term commitment to Singapore.
• Vopak opened Singapore’s first independent oil
storage facility in Pulau Sebarok in 1983. Today,
Vopak continues to be Singapore’s largest independent
bulk liquid storage provider, with four
terminals for oil and chemical products, supporting
traders and manufacturers on Jurong Island
– Singapore’s dedicated refining and petrochemicals
park. Recent investments include a Liquefied
Petroleum Gas (LPG) import facility, with an initial
capacity of 80,000 cubic metres. Singapore’s
excellent logistics connectivity to the region and
the world, its favourable business environment
and its support for world class logistics companies
have enabled Vopak to leverage Singapore
to better serve the growing markets in Asia.
• DSM has established the Global Headquarters
for its Engineering Plastics Business Unit and
Regional Headquarters for DSM Dyneema in
Singapore. In its efforts to grow its presence in
nutritional products, the company recently established
a Regional Nutrition Innovation Centre
(NIC) in Singapore – the first in Asia Pacific and
5th globally. The company has leveraged Singapore’s
stability, infrastructure and research expertise
to grow its various businesses in Asia.
• Philips has forged a strong partnership with Singapore
since 1951, with key investments in R&D,
manufacturing and regional headquarter activities
to drive the growth of its Lighting, Consumer
Lifestyle and Healthcare businesses in Asia Pacific.
The company recently invested in a new
regional headquarters in Singapore, which will
accommodate an expansion in capabilities and
talent, and host activities integral to the Philips’
new strategic focus on digital service models
and consumer health and wellness. In addition,
Philips Healthcare has partnered the Eastern
Health Alliance to pilot Singapore’s first telehealth
programme for heart failure patients.
“Dutch companies
across various
industry sectors
have benefitted
from Singapore’s
stable political
environment, highly
skilled workforce
and sophisticated
infrastructure. I am
heartened to see the
strong growth in Dutch
companies’ presence
in Singapore over
Partnering Singapore for
success in Asia
Mr Quek Swee Kuan, Deputy Managing Director,
Singapore Economic Development Board
Beyond partnerships with Dutch multinational corporations,
Singapore has also partnered Dutch
small and medium-sized enterprises, such as PWN
Technologies, Fokker Services and Damen Shipywards,
to access market opportunities in the Asia
As Singapore grows, we believe that the contributions
of Dutch companies will continue to play
an important role in our economic development.
Hence, the government is committed to attracting
more Dutch companies to establish high value
manufacturing and R&D activities in Singapore to
capture growth opportunities in Asia. In addition
to a business-friendly environment, Singapore provides
excellent solutions to support the growth of
Dutch companies in Asia through our diverse pool
of local and international talent, renowned research
institutes and universities and strong IP protection.
Tapping Asia’s growth through Singapore
As the global transportation hub with the most extensive
and comprehensive network of trade agreements
in Asia, Singapore’s unparalleled connectivity
and infrastructure paves the way for better market
access and trade flows. Dutch companies can benefit
from the 20 regional and bilateral free trade
agreements (FTA) that Singapore has signed with
31 trading partners.
As a founding member of ASEAN, Singapore is
also engaged in pushing forward the development
of the entire region. The ten member states are in
the process of establishing the ASEAN Economic
Community (AEC). A key principle of AEC 2015 is
the free flow of goods, services and investments in
ASEAN to establish a single market and production
base, which will create new growth opportunities
for companies in SEA.
Singapore and the European Union (EU) have also
recently concluded a free trade agreement that is
set to strengthen EU trade and investment with Singapore,
and serve as a springboard to an eventual
As Dutch companies grow their leadership positions
globally, and capitalise on the opportunities in
Southeast Asia, it is our hope that Dutch companies
will find Singapore to be an ideal partner to support
their long-term success in the region.
About the EDB
The Singapore Economic Development Board
(EDB) is the lead government agency for planning
and executing strategies to enhance Singapore’s
position as a global business centre. EDB dreams,
designs and delivers solutions that create value for
investors and companies in Singapore. Our mission
is to create for Singapore, sustainable economic
growth with vibrant business and good job opportunities.
EDB’s Home strategy articulates how
we are positioning Singapore for the future. It is
about extending Singapore’s value proposition to
businesses not just to help them improve their bottom
line, but also to help them grow their top line
through establishing and deepening strategic activities
in Singapore to drive their business, innovation
and talent objectives in Asia and globally.
For more information on EDB,
please visit
Mr Quek Swee Kuan
Deputy Managing Director,
Singapore Economic Development Board

10 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 11
Strategy Strategy
Our Strategy
Our Mission
To stimulate business
for our members and to
represent their interests
to local stakeholders.
Our Members
Dutch companies and
professionals based
in Singapore and
Singaporean companies
interested to work with
Dutch companies.
Our strategy is based on four clear objectives
Promotion of Dutch business in Singapore
The promotion of Dutch business towards Singapore
business partners and government stakeholders
is the first pillar of our strategy. Our promotional
activities act as a catalyst to facilitate business prosperity
in areas of economic development for Dutch
business in Singapore.
What do we do?
• Seminars and Conferences: sharing of best practices
and areas of excellence from Dutch business
to promote the brand “Holland” and to create
future business opportunities
• Dutch Business Awards: honouring and recognizing
excellence in doing business by (Dutch) companies
based in Singapore and their partners
• Dutch VIP event: events hosting prominent visitors
and corporate leaders
Various channels of communication
• Monthly e-Newsletter
• Website & LinkedIn group
• Directory: sharing the profiles of all members
• Public Relations (such as The Business Times and
Advocacy for Dutch business in Singapore
We aim to coordinate the commercial and economic
interests of our members for specific, relevant
advocacy topics. Connecting and mobilizing across
industries and sectors, and coordinating resources
and expertise creates a greater critical mass that is
more powerful than a single voice. It enables us to
represent the interests of Dutch business in debates
on topics like HR and Free Trade regulations.
What do we do?
• Spot common issues/topics amongst members
• Participate in EuroCham committees and build
on the advocacy practices of other business organizations
(among others the FTA EU and the
EU-ASEAN chamber)
• Encourage members to participate as a joint
voice in debates with the government on shared
Business Support
We facilitate matchmaking between professionals
in similar industries or facing comparable challenges.
Experiences and best practices can be shared
and smaller businesses are supported on their path
of starting and maintaining a business. We collaborate
closely with the Dutch embassy, often the first
point of contact for new entrants into the Singapore
What do we do?
Communication materials
• Provide new entrants with an information kit:
How to start your business in Singapore
• Continuously provide relevant and updated information
• Link and refer new entrants to existing members
and specialized consultants
• Link and refer new entrants to third parties
• Organize cross-promotion
• Newcomers’ event in coordination with all Dutch
organizations in Singapore
• Symposia on relevant topics for small & medium
sized companies
• Lunch and Learn sessions for new entrants to
share experiences and knowledge
Business-to-Business sharing
We create platforms for Business-to-Business expertise
sharing to support DutchCham members.
The gathering of our Water, Maritime and High
Tech committees are a great example of these
learning opportunities. Our breakfast lecture series,
expert speakers and panel discussions on current
trends and markets provide helpful information and
insight on the ever-changing economic and political
landscape in South East Asia.
What do we do?
• Breakfast and Cocktail events
• Entrepreneurs Panel events
• Events with peer chambers and relevant seminars
and conference
Committee events
• Company visits
• Common interest/topics meetings
Activities Promotion Advocacy Business
support B2B sharing
Committees and Interest groups
Communications and Marketing
Others, eg. participation in
high medium low very
Regional Corporates
SG focus SME
Engage as
Engage as
business opportunity
for Dutch companies
Primary Focus Secondary Focus
12 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 13
Stakeholder management
DutchCham plays a pivotal role in the Dutch Business
community in Singapore. We have a strong
brand recognition and representation in economic
and public circles and so excel in our influence.
Our close collaboration with the Dutch Embassy
and other Dutch organizations as well as with EuroCham,
Singapore International Chamber of Commerce
(SICC) and Economic Development Board
strengthens our capacity for a broad outreach and
Members management
A Chamber finds its origin in its members; therefore
the members are its reason for existence. We are
highly appreciative of the generous efforts of our
distinguished orange, corporate and professional
members who have helped us grow into a professional
organization. We continuously engage with
our members to ensure we are relevant and support
them in the right areas. We seek active participation
of the employees of our members in committees,
events and discussions. DutchCham is an organization
by members for members.
Who are our members?
We embrace a diverse membership, and actively
grow our membership to the mutual benefit of new
and current members.
• Maintain a strong corporate related component
(MNCs and SMEs) .
• Welcome non-Dutch, though we mainly target
Dutch businesses.
• Welcome professionals, entrepreneurs, and other
categories of individual members.
• Identify changes in member priorities, identify
how they value the DutchCham and uncover our
weaknesses to correct
• Monitor membership satisfaction and examples
of concrete benefits arising from networking.
• Further develop the membership to ensure that
each addition to the membership strengthens the
Dutch business community and the mission of
Orange Corporate Professional
Membership fee* on annual base $5,800/year $599/year $299/year
Nominated members 10 3 1
DutchCham event invitations and discounts   
DutchCham breakfast discounts   
Partner conferences and summit discounts   
Regular e-newsletter updates   
Annual General Meeting voting rights   
Annual DutchCham directory and online directory
- Company logo  
- Company’s outline  
- Name and designation of member 
Listing in EuroCham’s members annual directory  
1/2 page advertisement in the
annual DutchCham directory 
* fees are subject to change
prices are in Singapore dollars and exclude any taxes
the year
a variety of
The purpose of these events
• facilitate Business-to-
Business learning
• network with fellow
members, associate
partners, public sector and
academic community
• promote the “Dutch”
brand and highlight the
successes of the Dutch
areas of excellence industries
• celebrate and stimulate
fruitful collaborations between
the Dutch and local
business community
Event Highlights 2014
14 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 15
Event Highlights Event Highlights
Entrepreneurship panel
13 February
NEw Year’s reception 2014
9 January
The reception was attended by Minister of Finance, Jeroen Dijsselbloem.
DutchCham and Association
of the Dutch Business people
(ADB) in cooperation with the
Embassy of the Kingdom of the
Netherlands kick-started the year
with an elegant reception at the
Ambassador’s residence. The
guests raised their glasses on the
prosperity for the year 2014.
The annual DutchCham/ADB entrepreneurship panel was meaningful
for insights and tips on how to successfully develop and sustain a business
in Singapore. The panel members ranged from new to experienced
local and Dutch entrepreneurs representing different industries.
They shared their most pressing challenges and most valuable tips with
the audience.
DutchCham Directory 2015 17
Event Highlights
Seminar and Information Fair
“Doing Business in the
Asia-Pacific region”
6 March
In the building of Philips Dutch-
Cham together with the Embassy
of the Netherlands in Singapore
welcomed close to 200 guests
to this seminar and information
fair. A delegation of the heads of
the economic departments of the
Dutch Embassies in Malaysia, Indonesia,
Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar,
Australia, New Zealand,
Japan and South Korea flew into
Singapore. Each gave a presentation
on doing business in their
respective countries.
At home
in the
At home
across the
More than 700 foreign offices in 40 countries. Also in Singapore.
International business? With more than 700 foreign offices and twenty
International Desks Rabobank is at home across the world – also in Singapore.
We know the market, the right networks and laws & regulations. Therefore we
know where you come from, but also understand where you are going.; email:
18 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 19
Event Highlights Event Highlights
Creative solutions
for sustainable cities
1 April
Attended by: H.E. Jet Bussemaker, Minister of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands
A mbassador Chan Heng Chee, LKY Centre for Innovative Cities
In cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,
the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and SUTD organized an afternoon
of inspiring talks and a panel discussion on how to create the city of
the future at TEDxBinnenhof@Singapore. The venue at Four Acres,
Unilever training Facility was equally fascinating.
This event combined talks, a panel discussion, networking
opportunities and the showing of the recorded TEDx Binnenhof talks.
H.E. Jet Bussemaker, Minister of Education, Culture and Science of the
Netherlands, Ambassador Chan Heng Chee, LKY Centre for Innovative
Cities and H.E. Jacques Werner, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the
Netherlands were the guests of honour.
20 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 21
Event Highlights Event Highlights
Breakfast Event Myanmar’s
and Thailand’s Transformative
Political Developments
15 April
Key-note speaker: Hans Vriens, Vriens & Partners
Annual General meeting
29 April
Hans W. Vriens, Managing Partner
of Vriens & Partners as a key-note
speaker for this event revealed
the gains and pitfalls of investing
in Myanmar and its neighboring
country, Thailand. With a clear
and lucid presentation Hans gave
his interpretation of Myanmar’s
rapid pace of reform.
Hans continued his presentation
focusing on Thailand’s political
crisis that could destabilize the
business environment. By then
Bangkok was gripped by massive
street protests.
During the AGM 2014 Mieke De Schepper has been welcomed as new
president of DutchCham and took over from Jeroen Reiniers, who has
led the DutchCham successfully in the previous two years.
Mieke accepted the role of president with the ambition to lift the
DutchCham to higher levels. With the elected and re-elected board
members we benefit from a team that has the capacity and drive to
achieve these goals.
Pauline Eizema together with Prof. Vladan Babovic, Rob Mars and Alice
Beurze have been honoured for their years of drive, commitment and
passion while supporting voluntarily for the DutchCham. Their contribution
has led to the success of DutchCham today.
22 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 23
Event Highlights Event Highlights
Breakfast event: Outlook 2015
26 September
Key-note speaker: Mr Michael Every, Rabobank
Key-note speaker at this event was Mr Michael Every, Head of Financial
Markets Research, Asia Pacific, Rabobank. As a strategist Michael
gave his unique perspective on the key issues confronting the global
economy and financial markets in 2015.
Breakfast Round Table Discussion:
Water Adaptive Cities
6 May
Panel members: Mr Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam Mr Ridzuan Ismail, Deputy Director PUB
E r. Simon T.J. Wong, SVP Surbana Ms Hanne van der Berg, Deltares
Mr Marten Hillen, Royal Haskoning DHV
Moderator: P rof. Vladan Babovic, NUS
This early morning event
was officiated by honoured
guests and panel members,
Mr Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor
of Rotterdam, Mr Ridzuan Ismail,
Deputy Director PUB,
Er. Simon T.J. Wong, SVP
Surbana, Ms Hanne van der
Berg, Deltares and Mr Marten
Hillen, Royal Haskoning
DHV. In the role of moderator
Prof. Vladan Babovic,
NUS launched the question
to compare the urban water
management plans as a key
role in sustainable city planning
for both cities, Rotterdam
and Singapore. A vibrant
debate followed.
24 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 25
Event Highlights Event Highlights
Treat healthcare
to a new way
of thinking
See what counts.
Mr Eddy Bruyninckx, CEO of
the Port of Antwerp together
with Capt. M. Segar, Assistant
Chief Executive at MPA were
in the composition of the
panel for this breakfast event.
Mr Maarten Jongen, Managing
Director at Damen Shipyards
Singapore moderated
the debate. The format of the
discussion was the Memorandum
of Understanding signed
in 2013 between the Maritime
and Port Authority of Singapore
(MPA), the Antwerp Port
Authority and the Port of Zeebrugge
on LNG bunkering.
The invited guests, mainly
from the maritime industry
were wondering how such
international development of
relationships can support local
development both in Singapore
and overseas.
Maritime Breakfast event:
What can evolve from a strategic
alliance between two world ports?
16 October
Key-note speakers: Mr Eddy Bruyninckx , CEO of the Port of Antwerp
Capt. M. Segar, Assistant Chief Executive at MPA
Moderator: Mr Maarten Jongen, Damen Shipyards Singapore
26 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 27
Event Highlights Event Highlights
DutchCham was honoured to welcome
Ms Maria van der Hoeven,
Executive Director of IEA (International
Energy Agency) and
Mr Ton ten Have, Vice President
Commercial & New Business, Upstream
International Asia at Shell
for a panel discussion on sustainable
energy and the increasing
tension in the energy trilemma,
notably the need to decouple
economic growth from negative
environmental impact. The debate
pointed to a ‘new energy
architecture’. Mr Ynse de Boer,
Managing Director Strategy &
Sustainability ASEAN at Accenture
moderated the discussion
into an excellent robust debate.
This cocktail event was hosted in the building of ABN Amro. Ms
Femke Hellemons, Country Manager at Adecco fuelled this event
with her presentation and practical tips on staff retention. The
invited guests were engaged in a dialogue on employee turnover
and the impact of training and development. Mr Olivier
van Hardenbroek, Commercial Director Corporate Banking ABN
Amro brought clarity on the banking landscape. Olivier dug into
the banking services and products that are offered by local and
international banks.
Cocktail Talk: Renewable energy and
the transition to the new energy
27 October
Ms Maria van der Hoeven, ED International Energy Agency
Mr Ton ten Have, SVP Shell.
Moderator: Mr Ynse de Boer, Accenture
Cocktail Talk:
Launching and Managing your
SME in Singapore
28 October
Key-note speakers: Ms Femke Hellemons, Adecco
Mr Olivier van Hardenbroek, ABN Amro
28 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 29
Event Highlights Dutch Areas of Excellence
The DutchCham Advisory Council held its first meeting on the 31st of
October 2014.
Beginning of 2014, we reached out to C-level representatives of our
Orange members (Dutch MNCs). We listed their ideas and interpretations
on the DutchCham’s prospective and have translated this into a
well-considered strategy.
To help us further achieve our goals, we have reached out to C-level
individuals of the Dutch and local business community, relevant government
agencies and academic institutions to ask their involvement in
an advisory capacity to improve our program and services.
Members of this Advisory Council will help us to shape the future of
our organization and will help us to decide about new projects, new
grounds to build on. The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,
a CEO at ING Bank N.V, a CEO at Rabobank International and
a director at APB (Heineken) are among the members of this Advisory
The Advisory Council will meet twice a year.
Advisory Council Meeting
31 October
Dutch Areas of Excellence
Water & Maritime in Singapore
Dutch companies dominate the rankings when it comes to water and
maritime industries. Singapore, Asia’s Hydrohub and home to the
region’s largest transfer port, is the place to be. There are strong
ties between Dutch and Singaporean companies and knowledge
institutions, government agencies.
It is a well-known fact that the economic heartland
of the Netherlands is located below sealevel, protected
from flooding by carefully maintained natural
resources such as the dunes and sturdy manmade
structures like dikes and storm surge barriers.
This does not faze the Dutch population who flock
to this prosperous part of the country, purchasing
homes and building lives in areas under constant
threat of flooding.
The Dutch trust the centuries of experience in water
management, learned through harsh lessons as
recent as 1953 and 1993, but put equal faith in the
ability of companies, researchers and policy makers
to come up with new and innovative answers to
water challenges. This combination of experience
and innovation has taught the Dutch not to survive,
but to thrive in a water-logged country. The country
is home to Europe’s largest port and Dutch companies
have developed many maritime industries
from scratch, leading to a prominent position in the
global industry.
Currently, the Dutch maritime sector has a value of
26.3 bn euros, and employs over 185,000 people.
Boskalis and Van Oord, two dominant companies
in the worldwide dredging, land reclamation and
coastal defense business, are Dutch, just like the
entire global top ten of engineering firms in water
Singapore and the Netherlands
Singapore and the Netherlands are similar in many
respects. Both countries are small, surrounded by
much larger neighbours. Both countries have challenging
geographical positions in the face of the
changing climate; Singapore is an island, whose
landmass is under threat from a rising ocean and an
overflow of heavy rains, whereas 60 percent of the
Netherlands is already in danger of flooding from
sea and rivers, only kept dry through the tireless efforts
of the local water management councils. Both
countries also face both economic challenges and
30 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 31
Dutch Areas of Excellence Dutch Areas of Excellence
opportunities through the connection with water.
Finally, both countries have a great domestic demand
for clean drinking water and must find sustainable
ways to fulfill this need.
Singapore and the Netherlands have developed
ways of turning these circumstances to their advantage.
Both countries are home to large ports
and have long held a position as regional transport
hubs. Singapore is positioning itself as a Hydrohub,
through extensive research programs, supportive
business policies and the bi-annual Singapore International
Water Week. The Netherlands already
is a recognized water partner for many countries,
including the city of New Orleans in the wake of
hurricane Katrina and the city of New York in the
wake of hurricane Sandy.
Dutch companies feature strongly during the Singapore
International Water Week. The Lee Kuan Yew
Water Prize has been awarded to Dutch researchers
on two separate occasions. In 2012 the prize was
awarded to professor Mark van Loosdrecht for his
research on energy efficiency in used water treatment,
and in 2009 to professor Gatze Lettinga for
his environmentally sustainable solution using anaerobic
treatment for used water.
It is no coincidence that Singapore is the home of
choice for Dutch companies in the water and maritime
sector looking to expand into Asia. And the
Singapore business community has extended a
warm welcome, including numerous collaborations
and profitable working relationships, to the Dutch
The Dutch water sector is diverse, ranging from
overall integrated water management to specific
smart sensor technology to track the internal flow
within the system. The Netherlands Water House,
part of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce aims to
be the entry point for Dutch water expertise. Here,
Singaporean business partners encounter relevant
connections, knowledge institutions and government
agencies find business partners, Singaporean
and regional policymakers discuss solutions to their
water-based challenges and Dutch companies looking
to expand eastwards benefit of the guidance
and market information of the strong water community
already established in Singapore.
Integrated water management and flooding
Dutch strong suits are in integrated water management,
connecting all the different parts of the water
system in a country or region to optimize the flow
and cleanliness of the water. A successful example
is the ‘Room for the River programme’ in the Netherlands.
Instead of channeling and building ever
higher dikes, the land surrounding the river has
been designated with different usage, providing
space for overflowing instead of fighting the rising
water levels.
Integrated water management and nature inspired
solutions are crucial to create liveable cities in harmony
with its surroundings. Rotterdam for instance
sea posed. But every challenge is an opportunity,
and the Dutch maritime sector has more than risen
to the occasion. Nowadays, Dutch companies like
Boskalis and Van Oord dominate the global industry
when it comes to dredging and land reclamation,
and Dutch shipyards are reknowned throughout
the world for their complex and specialized
shipbuilding craft. The offshore industry is strong
too, lending crucial support to the oil&gas industry
worldwide and, increasingly, the offshore renewable
industry. Dutch companies such as Heerema, Allseas
and Dockwise are all global leaders in offshore
transportation, pipelay and platform installation.
These companies continue to push the industry to
new standards.
Ports and shipping
Dutch companies have managed to retain their
claim to fame over the centuries by continuously
reinventing themselves and their technologies. Like
Singapore, the Netherlands is a centre of excellence
when it comes to maritime innovation and
Both countries are home to large ports which have a
key logistical function in the region with large shipyards,
an extensive supply ecology and high-tech
know-how. Even the developments mirror each other;
over the last decade the port of Rotterdam has
undergone major redevelopment with the Maasvlakte
II and now Singapore is developing the Tuas
Mega Port. Companies like Boskalis and engineering
firm Royal Haskoning DHV have been involved
in tenders for this major development, bringing to
the table an enormous amount of experience and
cutting edge technology.
Already, the ties between the two maritime sectors
is strong. Maritime contractor Smit, now part of
Boskalis, joined with Keppel in two successful joint
ventures long ago. These ventures grew naturally
out of a former pooling arrangement, after which
fleets were merged and an asset-owning joint venture
was born. This is common in the maritime industry;
as many companies are large and diverse,
one company might buy a ship from the other, but
at the same time be a supplier for parts of the building
process. This same way, the Dutch and Singapore
maritime sectors are intertwined with each
other, and the Dutch and Singapore port are strong
allies in the global shipping and trading industry.
Ben Franklin said: “Out
of adversity comes
opportunity.” This is
possibly the greatest
similarity between
Singapore and the
Netherlands, countries
forged in the face
of great challenges.
Those challenges
have become the
foundation for our
prosperity: water,
maritime, offshore,
ports and logistics.
And together we look
towards the future.
is using underground parking garages and playgrounds
as overflow areas. Singapore has its ‘ABC
programme’ (Active, Clean, Beautiful) around the
Singapore waterways.
There are strong and long-lasting ties between
Dutch and Singaporean companies and institutions.
For instance, NUSDeltares advised on the environmental
issues during the building of the Marina Barrage.
Following the flash flooding in 2011 and 2012
Dr Adri Verwey of Deltares/Singapore Delft Water
Alliance was asked to join the expert panel on the
prevention of flooding. National University of Singapore
has a joint degree program with the Delft
University of Technology on water management and
water engineering. PWN Technologies signed an
MOU with PUB, Singapore’s water agency, last year
detailing further areas of collaboration in advanced
water treatment. Looking further away, Dutch engineering
firms are involved in many coastal design
and land reclamation projects. For instance, the national
integrated coastal development in Indonesia
as well as in Bangladesh’s Deltaplan 2010.
Innovative water technologies
Water will always find a way to flow. So the Dutch
engineers and researchers have learned to always
adapt to the new reality, to keep coming up with
new ideas and to embrace change and innovation.
This is why the entire top ten of global water engineering
firms hails from the Netherlands. Scratch
beneath the surface of almost any water project in
the world, and you will find an orange influence, either
because of a knowledge partner, a technology
used, or a consultant hired.
For instance, the Public Utilities Board of Singapore
(PUB) uses filtration techniques developed in
the Netherlands. And the Van Kleef Centre, where
ground-breaking research into harnessing the powers
of the environment to combat natural challenges
is done, was originally set up by the SDWA. The
ties between the Singapore and the Dutch water
community are too numerous to list, and are still
growing stronger every day.
Nowadays, attention has shifted from simple
cleansing of water, to smart technology, water recycling,
industrial water solutions and the energywater-
waste nexus. Already in the Netherlands,
metropolitan areas such as Amsterdam and Twente
have integrated facilities for waste, water and energy.
Organic waste is composted, the gas is used to
produce energy and the heat is used in the process
of purifying the water. It is coming close to being a
fully closed system, without harmful environmental
effects. This has only been possible through close
collaboration between the companies, government
agencies, policy makers and knowledge institutions.
Maritime and Offshore
It is said that after the world was made, the Dutch
made the Netherlands and there is more than a
grain of truth in the statement. The Netherlands
is a small country, without much of a hinterland to
retreat to – so they had to face the challenges the
We must learn to use energy more effi ciently. For 25 years, the
Shell Eco-marathon has supported teams worldwide who explore
ways to maximise fuel economy. Last year’s winner was capable
of travelling 3,771km on the equivalent of one litre of fuel. This spirit
epitomises our relationship with car manufacturers, fi nding ways
to make cars more effi cient. And is typical of our ambition to help
build a better energy future. Let’s go.
R05577-EcoCar 190x130_AWv1.indd 1 26/11/2014 16:37
DutchCham Directory 2015 33
Dutch Areas of Excellence
Sustainability is a buzzword these days, but in combining social and
environmental responsibility with a profitable business case,
Dutch companies lead the way.
Dutch Areas of Excellence
How to turn sustainability
into profitability
Dutch businesses are letting their
profits speak for themselves: sustainability
as a strategy is a strong
business case. It is of course no
coincidence that these companies
have local Singapore business
ties that span decades. For
the business to be sustainable,
the relationship must be durable.
Business leaders expect sustainability will change
the industry in five years’ time, consultancy firm
Accenture discovered when it talked to 1,000 CEO
worldwide. 63 percent expected the industry to
change, while 76 percent believed that embedding
sustainability into the core of their business would
drive revenue and growth. 84 percent maintained
that business should lead on defining and delivering
new goals on priority issues.
But how? That was the question the CEOs struggled
with. 67 percent noted that business was not
yet doing enough to meet the global sustainability
challenge, while two thirds thought their company
had reached its maximum potential in sustainable
initiatives. 37 percent of CEOs found it difficult to
clearly articulate the link between business value
and sustainability.
Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition
Eight Dutch multinational companies, all of which
have a large presence in Singapore, formed the
Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition in 2012 at the
World Economic Forum in Davos. The CEO’s of Unilever,
DSM, KLM, Heineken, FrieslandCampina, AkzoNobel,
Shell and Philips, saw the same trends and
recognized the same challenges. Their response sets
an example for successfully driving high business
performance through sustainability. Instead of adding
sustainability to the roster of activities and initiatives,
these CEO’s and their boards decided to overhaul
their companies, and build the business around
sustainability. This has led to increase profitability in a
myriad of ways, such as by developing new markets,
new business models and securing a stable supply.
Dutch companies aim to share these best practices
with CEO’s and companies worldwide.
More information on the individual companies can
be found in their yearly sustainability report, which
closely tracks progress. In this article highlights two
examples, how a focus on sustainability opened a
new market, and how a focus on sustainability influenced
a new business model.
Developing new markets: Unilever
Consumer goods producer Unilever has a long
and successful history when it comes to profiting
from sustainable business. From sourcing sustainable
palm oil for its many products to taking note
of salt and sugar content in its culinary products,
the focus is on providing both good quality and a
healthy planet. Its leadership development centre
Four Acres in Singapore is a sustainable building,
including green, plant covered walls and roof.
But Unilever goes beyond reducing impact into actively
impacting the world for the better. The company
is leading a worldwide campaign to “help a
child reach five” through ‘WASH’: water, sanitation
and the provision of affordable and safe drinking
water. Three brands drive different aspects of the
campaign. Its soap brand Lifebuoy promotes better
hygiene through the washing of hands. Similarly,
Unilever toilet cleaner brand Domestos is working
closely with Unicef to make hygienic sanitation
widely available in developing countries through
Unicef’s Community Approaches to Total Sanitation
programme. Finally, Pureit water purifiers have
been shown to reduce the incidence of diarrheal
diseases by 50 percent, while having a carbon footprint
that is 80 percent smaller than that of boiled
or bottled water.
All of these initiatives reduce child mortality, while at
the same time promote the use of soap (Lifebuoy),
toilet cleaner (Domestos) and water purifiers (Pureit)
in an emerging market and tap new revenue pools.
New business model: Philips
The potential for energy savings if lighting in offices
and in outdoor areas were to be switched from
convential lighting to LED (light-emitting diode)
lighting is significant. The catch is in the upfront investment
required for a ‘retrofit’. Generally, budget
constraints lead to a maintenance frame of mind,
replacing a bulb at a time, instead of a complete
To overcome this barrier, Philips has introduced new
business models for governments and companies
looking to save costs and preserve energy. One example
is the zero capital expenditure contract with
office developer Keppel Land in Singapore. Philips
will provide new lighting infrastructure, and Keppel
Land shares the cost savings (estimated to be up to
60 percent) with Philips over a period of three years.
An example is the ‘pay-per-lux’
scheme, where the buyer pays
for the service of having light,
but not the fittings.
Such new business models are a
powerful way to accelerate the
adoption of new environmentally
friendly technologies, while
they at the same time build the
long-term relationship between
Philips and its customer.
For more on how ABN AMRO Energy, Commodities & Transportation can
help your business visit
ABN AMRO is proud to have been awarded for the third time in a row
as ‘Best Commodity Trade Finance Bank in Asia Pacific’ by Trade Finance
magazine and thanks its clients for their vote of confidence.
ABN Trade Finance Ad.indd 1 11/5/14 3:26 PM
Get the full story at
The proof is in the polymer.
Introducing the first biocide free fouling control coating
featuring unique patented Slime Release technology
that combats micro fouling on ships’ hulls, maintaining
performance throughout the docking cycle.
DutchCham Directory 2015 35
Dutch Areas of Excellence
In one area, residents will be testing a new ‘Vehicle2Grid’
system, using electric cars for transport
but also to store excess renewable energy. In another
area, the transport data collected by the
municipality and by private companies is pooled,
to give the residents specific travel advice on their
morning commute. A whole different project invites
citizens to come up with innovative ideas for their
neighbourhoods and links these ideas to relevant
Innovation advisors at the Embassy
Singapore is similar to the Netherlands. Both are
geographically small, densely populate, have wellreputed
knowledge institutions and a government
with a strong economic interest.
The innovation advisors at the Embassy of the
Netherlands in Singapore work with all parties in
the triple helix to find opportunities and actively
matchmake between Dutch and Singapore organizations
and companies for collaborations in R&D
and innovation. The priority sectors are Water, Life
Sciences&Health, High Tech Systems&Materials,
Already there are many institutional ties between
universities (a joint degree in Food Science between
Wageningen University and Nanyang Technological
University, and in Water Management between NUS
and Delft University). Companies like NXP, Philips
and NUSDeltares are working closely with local
institutions, companies and agencies. But there
is still room for growth and Singapore is ideally
suited to foster innovation through collaboration.
“My experience”, concludes NXP’s Dr Bolt, “is that
if the company can dream the vision and has a good
idea on what they want to achieve, then Singapore
has the infrastructure, equipment and willingness to
34 DutchCham Directory 2015
Dutch Areas of Excellence
Innovation is often thought of as the result of lonely genius.
In the Dutch model, innovation has become the playground
where companies, knowledge institutions and policy makers go
together to have fun.
Dutch Areas of Excellence
Innovation through collaboration
”Nanyang Polytechnic and NXP have teamed up to
support local SMEs to understand and realize their
Near Field Communications dreams”, says Dr Michael
Bolt, Director NXP Research Asia Lab. Near
Field Communication allows two-way communication
between endpoints. This abstract concept enables
tap-and-pay convenience, and in future could
make things possible like simply tapping your frozen
dinner to your microwave to have technology
do the rest.
NXP works with students from Nanyang Polytechnic
to develop hands-on application work, and to train
future engineers in this technology for next generation
application development. Together, they offer
support to Singapore-based small and medium
sized companies to hone the applications to the
needs in the market.
This collaboration between NXP, Nanyang Polytechnic
and Spring is an example in ‘collaborative innovation’;
two or more organizations like companies,
knowledge institutions and government agencies
working together to develop new technology and
innovate business models.
Spirit of collaboration
It is no surprise that Netherlands-based electronics
company NXP is bringing this approach to Singapore.
The Dutch have long been known for their
spirit of collaboration, dating back to the time when
communities had to work together to build and
maintain dikes to safeguard livelihoods from the
threat of flooding. NUSDeltares is an example of
collaborative innovation, as it combines the water
engineering expertise of Deltares with the cutting
edge research of National University of Singapore.
Similarly, Dutch research institution TNO has spearheaded
an initiative to build a cyber resilience competence
center in Singapore. The project involves
both research institutions (Leiden University, Delft
University of Technology, Erasmus University Rotterdam
and Twente University) as well as industry partners
(Fox-IT, Infosecure, Palantir and Co-Blue) and is
supported by Singapore’s Economic Development
Board. The center will be located in Interpol Global
Centre for Innovation in Singapore.
Triple Helix
The collaborative mindset turned innovative in Eindhoven,
the so-called “smartest square kilometer
of Europe”. Here a huge R&D community in the
electronics field (with strong ties to automotive and
healthcare) has built up around the High Tech Campus,
the former Philips R&D lab.
The opportunity came in the 1990s, when the region
was badly hit by an economic downturn. Seeing
disaster loom, the municipal council sat down
with Philips, the Technological University Eindhoven
and other local stakeholders. Together they came
up with the High Tech Campus, where start-ups,
R&D labs of MNCs and knowledge institutions use
the same research facilities, enabling collaborations
and cross-pollination.
This is the ‘triple helix’, wherein companies, knowledge
institutions and policy makers work together
to create the optimal environment for innovation,
economic growth and thriving city life. The reinvention
of Eindhoven is a success. Nowadays, the city
tops lists like Forbes’s ‘most inventive cities in the
Amsterdam Smart City
The city of Amsterdam has become an ‘urban lab’
through collaborative innovation. The policy makers
of the metropolitan region, companies, knowledge
institutions, the local electricity grid operator and
the residents of Amsterdam are working together to
make their city ‘smart’. All collaborations are open
source, meaning that all parties involved are free to
use the innovative technology and models.
“My experience is
that if the company
can dream the vision
and has a good
idea on what they
want to achieve,
then Singapore has
the infrastructure,
equipment and
willingness to
36 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 37
Economic overview and opportunities
The Netherlands
Land Area (sq km) 41.543
Government Unitary parliamentary
democracy under
Monarch Willem Alexander
Prime Minister Mark Rutte
Land Area (sq km) 716,1
Government Unitary parliamentary
President Tony Tan Keng Yam
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
Average °C
Labour Force
Economical Population
16 805 037
total population
density per km²
median age
population growth rate
722,3 Billion
gross domestic product
43 300
per capita gross national income
295,7 Billion
gross domestic product
62 400
per capita gross national income
7 939 000
Average °C
Labour Force
Economical Population
5 460 302
total population
7 669
density per km²
median age
population growth rate
3 444 000 $
Economic and trade figures
singapore - the netherlands
Singapore - The Netherlands comparison
Source: CIA World Factbook
The Netherlands is the sixth-largest
economy in the euro-zone
and is noted for its stable industrial
relations. It has an important
role as a European transportation
hub. Industrial activity is
pre- dominantly in food processing,
chemicals, petroleum refining,
and electrical machinery. A
highly mechanized agricultural
sector employs only 2% of the
labor force but provides large
surpluses for the food-processing
industry and for exports. The
Dutch financial sector suffered
as a result of the global financial
crisis. In 2008, the government
nationalized two banks
and injected billions of dollars of
capital into other financial institutions,
to prevent further deterioration
of a crucial sector. After 26
years of uninterrupted economic
growth, the Dutch economy
- highly de- pendent on the international
financial sector and
international trade - contracted
by 3.5% in 2009.
Singapore has a highly developed
and successful free market
economy. It enjoys a remarkably
open and corruption-free environment,
stable prices, and a per
capita GDP higher than that of
most developed countries. The
economy depends heavily on
exports, particularly in consumer
electronics, information technology
products, pharmaceuticals,
and on a growing financial services
sector. The economy contracted
0.6% in 2009 as a result
of the global financial crisis, but
rebounded 15.1% in 2010, on
the strength of renewed exports,
before slowing down in 2011-13,
largely a result of soft demand
for exports during the second
European recession. Over the
longer term, the government
hopes to establish a new growth
path that focuses on raising productivity.
Singapore will continue
efforts to establish Singapore as
Southeast Asia's financial and
high-tech hub.
singapore netherlands
38 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 39
Economic overview and opportunities
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Netherlands 61.001,4 61.395,4 60.407,3 66.315,8 72.723,0
France 9.507,2 8.103,7 8.090,1 10.241,6 12.340,8
Germany 11.227,0 11.136,4 13.962,4 12.966,7 14.918,0
Switzerland 23.504,9 26.851,5 27.570,0 28.754,3 31.134,0
British Virgin Islands 50.072,0 49.499,4 50.071,9 55.884,5 59.391,0
ASEAN1 18.886,4 23.286,6 22.930,1 25.611,4 35.115,5
European Union (EU-28) 2 155.913,9 166.985,2 176.669,1 193.792,6 199.447,8
US 52.758,0 58.969,0 67.162,0 74.666,0 106.513,0
The stock of foreign direct investment
(FDI) in Singapore amounted
to $746.7 billion at end 2012.
The United States ($106.5 billion),
Netherlands ($72.7 billion),
British Virgin Islands ($59.3 billion)
and Japan ($59.1 billion)
were major sources of FDI. Dutch
investments were concentrated in
manufacturing ($27.5 billion) and
wholesale/retail ($26.6 billion)
Almost half of Singapore's FDI
were in the financial/insurance
services sector (48.2% or $359.6
billion). Manufacturing and
wholesale/retail were also major
sectors of foreign investment,
with shares of 17.2% and 17.0%
Foreign direct investment in Singapore
by country/region millions of S$
Singapore's direct investment abroad
by country/region million of $S
The stock of direct investment
abroad by the Singapore’s corporate
sector stood at $462.7
billion as at end 2012. China
($90.5 billion), United Kingdom
($43.2 billion), Hong Kong ($39.2
billion) and Australia ($38.3 billion)
were the major destinations
of Singapore’s investment overseas.
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Netherlands 4.317,4 4.972,4 7.501,9 6.867,5 6.305,9
Germany 593,3 998,1 1.715,6 1.898,7 1.699,5
Switzerland 4.752,6 4.738,3 4.433,3 3.356,9 3.684,8
United Kingdom 19.825,3 32.351,7 39.502,4 37.119,5 43.158,9
ASEAN1 74.942,5 84.979,5 94.771,0 100.138,1 100.705,8
European Union2 30.086,0 43.611,5 54.975,5 53.818,6 59.892,0
US 11.735,7 13.134,5 14.151,3 7.373,9 8.794,5
1 ASEAN includes Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.
2 European Union (EU) includes Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands,
Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and
Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania.
Economic overview and opportunities
Apr-Sept 2014
7 814,80
11 343,60
singapore exports and imports
Exports and imports by region/country in S$
europe europe
51 988,10
43 786,60 19 135,80
49 668,80
8 416,60
7 310,40 3 423,30
7 441,80
8 328,07
4 318,30 2 461,00
7 715,80
7 690,00
5 298,10 2 099,90
9 487,40
8 031,90 4 804,40
8 878,10
70 040,80
72 092,30 36 612,40
73 149,00
13 080,90
10 116,00 4 994,60
13 203,90
7 597,40
9 958,00 3 866,20
8 744,00
10 662,50
10 116,00 4 994,60
8 761,70
7 156,20 3,409,00
9 799,80
netherlands netherlands
germany germany
united kingdom
united kingdom united kingdom
united kingdom
france france
40 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 41
Economic overview and opportunities Economic overview and opportunities
The end of 2015 is the beginning of the Asean
Economic Community. The goal is to have regional
economic integration. But what does that mean for
DutchCham members?
ASEAN Economic Community
in 2015
Recap: ASEAN Economic Community
The ASEAN Economic Community or AEC, is a single
market and production base consisting of the
ASEAN member states: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,
Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Daressalam,
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. In 2003
ASEAN decided to form the AEC by 2020, later
revised to 2015. Within the AEC it is anticipated
that goods, services, investment and skilled labour
move freely between countries, and capital flows
freer between countries.
In forming a single market and production base,
ASEAN hopes to achieve several goals. It aims to
develop ASEAN into a highly competitive economic
region and to integrate this region into the global
economy. The economic growth would be shared
among all ASEAN members, especially strengthening
the economy and internal stability of the less
developed states, in the same way that the EU has
brought stability and economic growth to the European
This presents great opportunities for companies.
ASEAN counts a predominantly young population
of over 600 million people, which means both an
increasingly affluent consumer base and a large
workforce. The region is geographically and culturally
close to China. Finally, the transaction cost
for investing, sourcing, trading and producing in
ASEAN is low compared to other geographic areas.
Progress so far
As of December 2014, the measures to enable a
free flow of goods have been the most successful.
Tariffs have been mostly abolished between member
states, and the remaining tariffs are 5 percent or
lower. A ‘single window’, meaning a single point of
submission for data and a single decision for customs
clearance for entry into the AEC, has been
established in six member states: Brunei, Indonesia,
Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.
However, non-tariff barriers still remain.
The efforts to establish a free flow of services have
focused on lifting restrictions for priority sectors (air
transport, e-ASEAN, healthcare, tourism and logistics
services) and are aimed at abolishing restrictions
for all sectors in 2015. This is regulated through the
AFAS, the ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services.
However, each member state has the right to
opt out of any agreements. For instance, the Open
Sky agreement, allowing carriers access to all airports
in the region without inter-governmental approval,
has not been ratified by Indonesia.
The Asian Development Bank said the investment
practices between the ‘ASEAN-6’ (Brunei, Indonesia,
Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand)
“approximate best practices in investment liberalization”.
There is enhanced investor protection
and an investor state dispute settlement mechanism.
The other countries are significantly behind.
The freer flow of capital (note the “-r” at the end
of “free”) means that the ASEAN countries are in
talks about rules and regulations for debt securities,
disclosure requirements, distribution rules and tax
structures. Progress is slow.
Finally, ASEAN aims to have a free flow of skilled
labour not of people, for which the member states
are discussing recognition of professional qualifications
via the MRA (Mutual Recognition Agreement).
Only the MRA’s for engineers and architects have
seen progress, of the eight priority sectors (doctors,
dentists, nurses, engineers, architects, accountants,
surveyors and the tourism industry). No date has
been set for harmonization of visa and employment
passes across the AEC.
Opportunities by sector
In general, progress has been faster paced in ‘goods
sectors’ such as high tech and food&nutrition than
in ‘services’, such as water&maritime and finance.
However, the finance and logistics sector will profit
from the progress made in sectors affecting their
McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), the economic
research arm of McKinsey & Company, has three
broad recommendations for companies moving
Firstly, for multinationals and regional companies
alike to work more closely with governments to
help accelerate progress within their sectors. In
particular, the removal of non-tariff barriers and
harmonization of standards and regulations require
technical and commercial expertise.
Secondly, extract the maximum benefit from existing
frameworks. MGI encountered a lack of awareness
across sectors about the existing frameworks
and the benefits. For example, the average usage
rate for the ASEAN free trade area is still only 50
Thirdly, act decisively to enter new markets as integration
progresses. MGI discovered that many
companies have not fully incorporated integration
or emerging trade deals into their strategies. Staking
out a position early as markets start to open
can confer a competitive advantage that lasts for
years to come. Companies need to recognize and
respond to changing competitive dynamics, identify
new markets and consumer demographics, and
seize opportunities for cost savings.
• High tech
High tech, a ‘goods sector’, has much to gain
from the ASEAN integration. MGI has calculated
that through economy of scale and efficient inventory
management, up to 20 percent of the
cost base could be saved. ASEAN is already turning
itself into the next ‘factory of the world’, especially
given rising labour cost in China.
Electronics and automotive in particular are in a
strong position to take advantage of the single
market and production base by restructuring
their ecosystem in the region. Manufacturing
moves to countries with low labour cost, while
R&D finds a home in more advanced economies.
The consumer base of the AEC provides easy access
to new markets, both in terms of customers
(emerging markets) as well as products, for
instance the priority sector of eASEAN. Governments,
healthcare institutions, commercial and
logistical companies in particular are looking to
mobile internet and the Internet of Things to
build new applications and further economic
• Food&Nutrition
The food&nutrition sector, similar to high tech,
has the opportunity to make huge cost savings.
Harmonizing testing requirements means products
availability across ASEAN at a fraction of
the current cost. Additionally, efficient inventory
management and fast-moving logistics could
lead to less spoilage. Together these measures
might save up to 20 percent of the cost base.
The domestic ASEAN market is potentially large,
with a rising middle class and growing affluence.
Companies, which react and adapt rapidly stand
to gain the first movers’ advantage. To fully take
advantage, companies have to present innovative
products that are adapted to the regional
However, there are still strong non-tariff barriers,
such as the regulations for halal certification.
ASEAN for example encompasses four different
halal standards, none of which overlaps with the
Saudi Arabian requirements. There are therefore
still challenges that l need to be overcome particularly
in terms of harmonization.
• Water&Maritime
The economic growth spurred on by the AEC will
lead to the need for resources. This offers opportunities
in the sectors of offshore development,
logistics and shipping. A growing urban population
in a world with a changing climate means
an urgent need for water engineering and water
treatment technology.
For the maritime industry, much of their ecosystem
is already in place. It is the ensuing growth
of trade and offshore capacity that will affect their
Water engineering firms, as well as coastal defense
experts and water purification companies
can expect high demand as the ASEAN countries
are getting ready for the next leap of economic
growth and urbanization. Singapore is positioning
itself as a Hydrohub in the region, and acts as
a spring board to ASEAN.
• Finance
Progress is limited in this sector, as many issues
remain very sensitive. So far, the stock exchanges
of Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines,
Thailand and Singapore have combined under
the name of ‘ASEAN Stock Exchanges’, the ASEAN
Finance Corporation has been established
and the ASEAN Disclosure Standard Scheme
has been designed to harmonize the regulations
in the member states. It is unlikely that even in
2020 this sector will be part of a fully integrated
Challenges for AEC
As of 2014, 79.7 percent of the measures in the
Blueprint had been implemented. However, the
remaining 20 percent is also the most challenging.
MGI marks as the greatest challenges low levels
of productivity, especially labour productivity, and
fragile infrastructure, in terms of transport, housing
and education. Several large projects connected
to the AEC are currently in standstill, such as road
works in Cambodia and engineering projects in the
The consultancy firm also flags a practical bottleneck:
the fact that the ASEAN secretariat is severely
understaffed and lacks technical expertise in many
areas. This could be solved by companies offering
assistance and lending support in the shape of
technical capacity to move the ASEAN integration
forward. The collaboration of L’Oreal and ASEAN in
the cosmetics sector has shown how successful this
approach can be.
Other commentators name the greatest challenge
for the AEC, ASEAN itself. Although the
AEC seems similar to the European Union, ASEAN
is much more loosely organized. This means that
42 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 43
Economic overview and opportunities Economic overview and opportunities
each ASEAN member keeps its own sovereignty.
This is especially clear in the case of harmonizing
competition law and regulations, such as concerning
competition policy, consumer protection, intellectual
property rights, taxation and e-commerce
have to be harmonized.
Several models to harmonize competition laws and
regulations have been proposed. The Competition
Commission of Singapore names the “network
model”, based on agreements of mutual assistance
and cooperation by the ASEAN members,
as the most feasible option. The ASEAN Expert
Group on Competition would guide these discussions
and negotiations, possibly growing into a Regional
Competition Committee. Another possibility
is that any regional competitive law agreement
will be superseded by the Regional Comprehensive
Economic Partnership (a potential megatrading
bloc involving 3 billion people and 30 percent
of all world trade) currently under discussion.
Randstad is one of the world’s largest recruitment and HR
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We specialise in temporary, contract and permanent staffing across
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sophistical recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), managed service
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Randstad is passionate about matching people with organisations
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Our specialist consultants work across:
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talent matching specialists
• Human Resources
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• Life Science
• Sales & Marketing
DutchCham advert Nov 2014.indd 1 26/11/2014 9:37:35 AM
(at current prices)
US$ million
GDP per
(at current prices)
Foreign Direct
Investment inflow (3) (4)
US$ million
US$ million
Country 2013
Singapore 5.399,20 297.945,80 55.183,30 6,3 59.811,50 60.644,90
Brunei Darussalam 406,2 16.117,50 39.678,70 1,1 864,8 908,4
Cambodia 14.962,60 15.659,00 1.046,50 7,8 1.557,10 1.274,90
Indonesia 248.818,10 862.567,90 3.466,70 5,8 19.137,90 18.443,80
Lao PDR 6.644,00 10.002,00 1.505,40 7,8 294,4 426,7
Malaysia 29.948,00 312.071,60 10.420,50 5,0 9.400,00 12.297,40
Myanmar 61.573,80 56.408,00 916,1 8,6 1.354,20 2.620,90
Philippines 99.384,50 269.024,60 2.706,90 5,4 2.797,00 3.859,80
Thailand 68.251,00 387.534,10 5.678,10 3,8 10.699,20 12.999,80
Viet Nam 89.708,90 171.219,30 1.908,60 6,4 8.368,00 8.900,00
ASEAN 625.096,30 2.398.549,60 3.837,10 114.284,00 122.376,50
Source:ASEAN Finance and Macro-economic Surveillance Unit Database, ASEAN Merchandise Trade Statistics Database, ASEAN Foreign Direct Investment
Statistics Database
(1)Refers to/based on mid-year total population based on country projections
(2)Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar 2013 country figures are not yet available; these figures taken from IMF WEO April 2014
(3)Unless otherwise indicated, figures include equity, reinvested earnings and inter-company loans
(4)FDI, 2013 figures are preliminary as of 30 July 2014
2,4 trillion US$
gross domestic product
5,1 %
real economic growth $
Population Land Mass
4,46 KM2
land mass
3 %
of total mass on earth
+600 million
total population
8,8 %
of world population
The potential for economic
growth through the establishment
of the AEC is vast. Although
there are many challenges
yet to be resolved,
the intent and the political
will are strong. Most likely,
the AEC will not be a working
reality in 2015. But there is
tangible progress, and there
is no doubt that the AEC will
be up and running in the near
DutchCham will keep its
members informed of further
progress and opportunities
through workshops and lectures
during this milestone
year for the AEC.
Top ten ASEAN trade partner/regions, 2013 value in US$ million
Trade partner
country/region (1) Exports Imports Total trade
EU-28 124.434,30 121.780,70 246.215,00
ASEAN 330.379,30 278.253,10 608.632,40
China 152.521,10 197.962,50 350.483,60
Japan 123.040,80 117.903,90 240.944,70
USA 114.509,80 92.439,40 206.949,20
Korea, Republic of 52.801,90 82.172,60 134.974,60
Taiwan 35.236,90 66.220,00 101.456,90
Hong Kong 82.085,00 13.135,90 95.221,00
Australia 45.505,60 22.531,30 68.037,00
India 41.936,70 25.937,30 67.874,10
Source: ASEAN Merchandise Trade Statistics Database
(1) identified/ranked based on share of total trade
Barriers to trading in ASEAN according to
survey McKinsey Global Institute (MGI):
26% restrictions on investment and foreign ownership
20% non-harmonized standards/regulations
20% in-efficient customs procedures
18% mobility of skilled labour
17% non-tariff barriers
15% political risk
15% lack of information on market opportunities
11% unattractive market
11% tariffs
6,7 US$
daily wage cost
per labourer
2,4 US$
daily output
divided by wage
12,5 US$
daily wage cost
per labourer
5,5 US$
daily output
divided by wage
26,7 US$
daily wage cost
per labourer
5,2 US$
daily output
divided by wage
27,5 US$
daily wage cost
per labourer
8,7 US$
daily output
divided by wage
8,6 US$
daily wage cost
per labourer
6,9 US$
daily output
divided by wage
16,3 US$
daily wage cost
per labourer
5,4 US$
daily output
divided by wage
87,4 US$
daily wage cost
per labourer
8,9 US$
daily output
divided by wage
Sectoral information
Resource extraction
171 billion GDP | 2 million JOBS
258 billion GDP | 94 million jobs
Knowledge-intensive manufacturing
(high tech, chemicals)
176 billion GDP
All manufacturing
397 billion GDP | 33 million jobs
Wholesale, transport and logistics
255 billion GDP
All retail and media
463 billion GDP | 34 million jobs
Finance, legal and real estate
266 billion GDP | 8 million jobs
113 billion GDP | 41 million jobs
Education, healthcare and government
238 billion GDP | 31 million jobs
Construction and utilities
190 billion GDP | 17 million jobs
44 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 45
Committees and Interest Groups Committees and Interest Groups
Cooperative tradition: continuity and
sustainable growth
From grass to glass: guaranteed quality
throughout the chain
Milk: nutritious by nature
FrieslandCampina provides people all over the world with all the goodness
of milk. Infant & toddler nutrition, dairy-based beverages, cheese, milk,
yoghurts, desserts, butter, cream, milk powder, dairy-based ingredients
and fruit juices are all products that play a crucial role in people’s nutrition
and wellbeing. We and our member dairy farmers are experts in milk,
and are constantly extending our knowledge on its applications - from
the quality of the pastures on which our cows graze to the marketing of
delicious and healthy products: all in a sustainable way.
...for a billion people worldwide
We provide healthy nutrition each day...
DutchCham committees &
INterest groups
The innovative Dutch high-tech sector is vital to
meeting the global challenges of today! The Netherlands’
centuries-old tradition of creativity, pragmatism,
entrepreneurship, openness and collaboration
forms a perfect fit for the high-tech systems
and materials (HTSM) sector. This multi-disciplinary
approach by Dutch companies and researchers results
in solutions to the challenges society is facing
today in the areas of health and wellness, security,
renewable energy, mobility and the climate. Solutions
that, due to the complexity of the challenge,
are primarily found by crossovers in technology and
The members of the High-Tech Committee of
DutchCham have a shared expertise from design
and R&D to manufacturing on topics of energy, mobility
and health. The committee is inclusive for all,
Dutch, Singaporean or other, even if not a member
of DutchCham (yet).
Join one of our meetings, which are organized once
every 2-3 months and are centered around a ‘quest’
from one of the members and a visit to one of the
member’s companies. Furthermore the High-Tech
Committee organizes topical events throughout the
year with presentations and sharing from experts,
please keep a look out on the DutchCham events
calendar or let us know if you would like to be notified
for specific high-tech related events.
Key objectives
• Provides a platform for various companies active
in this sector in Singapore (and SEA) for info sharing
and networking;
• Facilitates interaction between public and private
Singapore and Dutch entities (government, education,
research, businesses);
• Promotes commercial interests and trade between
the Netherlands and Singapore;
• Is a source of information for Dutch companies
who are not yet represented here.
• Michael Bolt – NXP, Chairman
• Mieke De Schepper – Philips
• Ard Romers – VDL
• Petra Pronk – TNO
• Bart Beune – NTS
• Susan van Boxtel
Embassy of the Netherlands
Resources and links
• International website of the Dutch High Tech Sector
• “One in five listed Dutch firms is high-tech”
Michael Bolt
E: or
In Singapore the Dutch water sector unites in the
Netherlands Water House (NWH).
It’s a platform for Dutch water expertise in ASEAN,
to share our best practices, cooperate closely with
Singaporean partners and strengthen the local water
sector. It is one of the key initiatives of the Dutch
Chamber of Commerce (DutchCham), and is supported
by the Dutch Embassy in Singapore.
The Netherlands Water House connects you to
Dutch water expertise, provides awareness, and
gives access to a network of partners for your waterrelated
Key objectives
• Brings together the Dutch Water sector in Singapore
and exchanges lessons learned from showcases
in ASEAN region.
• Builds relevant partnerships with strategic Singaporean
water players.
• Doing hands-on introductions, exchanging information
and organizing network events.
• Develop a comprehensive roadmap to Singapore
International Water Week 2016, by facilitating
involvement of Dutch water sector in key strategic
events and coordinating interesting network
events to share relevant outcomes.
• Jeroen Overbeek, Aurecon, Chairman
• Frodo van Oostveen, Akvo, Interim Chairman
• Hatenboer Water
• Delta Marine Consultants
• Deltares
• PWN Technologies
• Royal HaskoningDHV
• Witteveen+Bos
Resources and links
• Dutch Water Sector
• Singapore water association
• Holland Trade
• Singapore International Water Week
• Holland Water Challenge
• IA netwerk Singapore
Frodo van Oostveen
Water Committee
Netherlands Water House
Frodo van Oostveen
• Background in Economics and
Marketing (MBA)
• ABN AMRO International - ICT, Volvo
Ocean Race, Public Affairs, Incubator
• Netherlands Water Partnership -
Finance/PPP for Water,
Sanitation & Hygiene
• - Partnership Football for
Water (KNVB/UNICEF) (Africa)
• Akvo Asia (Singapore) - Partnerships
in Myanmar, Lao PDR, Cambodia,
Vietnam, Philippines
In addition to the Management Board, there are several
committees that meet on a regular basis to discuss new
developments, keep members up to date and inform them about
the latest trends and innovation in their industries.
Working styles of these committees vary, some sub-committees
may work on an internal basis, which includes the exchange
of ideas and short presentations on specific topics by group
members. Others may offer a number of seminars and workshops.
Each committee operates independently from the board with an
assigned chairman to summarize and inform the DutchCham Board
about its findings and plans.
High-Tech Committee
46 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 47
Committees and Interest Groups
Both Singapore and Netherlands have a strong
maritime history and aim to be the leaders in their
region. To become a global maritime hub Singapore
has been encouraging Dutch maritime companies
to relocate their fleet and offices using various
tax incentives. Over the years this has resulted
in fruitful partnerships between Singaporean and
Dutch companies in a fast growing maritime cluster
with an ambition for innovation.
The Maritime Port Authority (MPA) and Singapore
Maritime Fund (SMF) Singapore are investing in research
and education to promote advanced technology
and processes in sustainable transportation.
Dutch companies have the opportunity to play an
important role in this field.
Key Objectives
• Provide a networking and information platform
for companies active in this sector in Singapore
(and SEA) and be a source of information for newcomers
• Facilitate interaction between Singaporean and
Dutch entities (government, education institutes,
research entities and businesses)
• Promote commercial interests and trade between
the Netherlands and Singapore
• Jan Wolter Oosterhuis
Chairman Maritime & Offshore Committee
Regional Manager Boskalis Offshore / Dockwise
• Reinder Peek
General Manager Salvage (Asia)
Smit Singapore Pte Ltd
• Maarten Jongen
Managing Director Damen Shipyards
Singapore Pte Ltd
• Jaap Zwikker
VP Commercial Asia Pacific,
Heerema Marine Contractors
• Rik Zwinkels
Managing Director, DISA Singapore
• Piet Sinke
Maasmond Maritime, Maritime Club De Ruyter
Resources and links
• Maritieme club “De Ruyter”
• PSA Singapore Terminals
• Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)
• Singapore Maritime Institute
Jan Wolter Oosterhuis
Committees and Interest Groups
HR Interest Group
The HR committee has been newly initiated
in 2014. More and more our members have
expressed questions around HR related topics,
concerning Singapore specifically or more generic
questions about talent mobility and talent planning.
Consistent with the overall objective of DutchCham
the HR committee aims to create a platform for
discussion and sharing of best practices on these
topics. The Committee is open to HR professionals
working at our member companies. We have a
combination of members with a more regional focus
as well as a Singapore only focus. In our meetings
so far we have exchanged on specific issues such
as TAFEP and the jobs bank. In Q1 2015 we will
organize meetings around the WDA initiatives and
content oriented topics on labour mobility in Asia.
Founding members:
• Sandra van Campen
CFO Asia Pacific Randstad,
Chairperson HR interest group
• Femke Hellemons
Country Manager Adecco Singapore
• Renee van der Burg
VP HR Operations NXP
• Cynthia Tan
Regional Head of Human Resources ING
• Evelien Dittrich
Regional HR Manager Asia FrieslandCampina
• Caroline Sirieix
Regional HR Manager Air France-KLM
• Lynette Chuah
HR Manager Intertrust
Among our members we have HR representatives
from AkzoNobel, ABN Amro, Unilever, Philips,
Thales, Danone
Sandra van Campen
Maritime & Offshore Committee
48 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 49
Committees and Interest Groups Strategic Partners
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
The main focus of the Netherlands Embassy in Singapore is to build
and maintain strong economic diplomatic relations within Singapore
and to promote the Netherlands for Singaporean investors.
The Embassy supports and promotes Dutch economic interests in
mainly the sectors Water& Maritime, High Tech, Life Sciences &
Health and Food & Nutrition.
Dutch companies and Dutch business people truly make a difference
in Singapore with their innovative spirit, knowledgeable
expertise and adventurous yet pragmatic mindset. Many Dutch
multinational companies, such as Unilever, Heineken, Shell, FrieslandCampina
and Philips have a strong presence in Singapore, as
do many innovative SMEs. By working together with likeminded
Singaporeans we enhance the value of both our networks.
The Netherlands Embassy builds and maintains strong economic
diplomatic relations within Singapore and promotes the Netherlands
for Singaporean investors by
• encouraging cooperation between business community, research
institutions and the Singaporean and Dutch government
• actively searching and providing information on business opportunities
• matchmaking and organizing networking events
• promoting investments in the Netherlands
• economic diplomacy
The economic department of the Dutch Embassy, consisting of the
Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, the Science and Technology
advisors, Trade Officers and Customs Attaché, work closely
together with DutchCham to enhance the economic ties between
the two nations.
Contact information
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
541 Orchard Road
Liat Towers #13-00
Singapore 238881
T: +65 6737 1155
The European Chamber of Commerce, Singapore
The European Chamber of Commerce, Singapore (EuroCham) has
the mission to represent the common interests of the European
business community in promoting bilateral trade, services and
investments between Europe, Singapore and Asia-Pacific. It was
established in 1991 as the European Business Association and has
been active since 2001 when it became a Chamber of Commerce.
EuroCham is a non-profit membership fee-based organization
with a membership composed of the European National Business
Groups (NBGs) in Singapore as well direct corporate members.
Contact information
1 Philip Street,
Royal One Philip #12-01
Singapore 048692,
T: +65 6836 6681
Association of Dutch Businesspeople
The ADB is an association that provides an easy and friendly entrance
to the Dutch professional community. Through our engaging
events, our online platform, and our bi-monthly magazine we
enable each professional to engage with like-minded people. With
a combination of Business and Social elements, we ensure that we
inspire not only those professionals that just arrived, but also those
that have been around for many years.
For more information please visit or send an email
Contact information
our strategic partners
SMEs continue to be the backbone of the economy
and DutchCham strives to provide a relevant platform
for SMEs to share experiences & knowledge
and expand their network, with the overarching
objective of facilitating business. More specifically,
DutchCham aims to enhance knowledge and
spread relevant content for SMEs by organising
events with interesting speakers and expert professionals
in areas that SMEs would benefit from such
as HR, tax, legal, accounting, banking and of course
more in general, doing business in Singapore,
South East Asia and ASEAN.
The success of the recent SME DutchCham Cocktail
Talk, ‘Launching and Managing your SME business
in Singapore’ on 28 October showcases the need
for SMEs to come together and share experiences
and knowledge. Adecco shared some interesting
insights in the employment landscape of Singapore
and the challenges in hiring talent which was perceived
as very recognisable by many participants,
while ABN Amro shared some interesting insights in
the banking landscape of Singapore. The first Lunch
& Learn Roundtable for SMEs has also been held on
26 November 2014 and if this concept proves to be
useful for our member SMEs we will host a series of
Lunch & Learn events throughout 2015.
We look forward to hosting many more exciting
events in 2015 to facilitate business for SMEs.
Saloua Hoeve-Ouchan
The sustainability and corporate social responsibility
(CSR) interest group will be a new platform to
be established in 2015 under guidance of Ynse de
Boer. An initiative aimed to network amongst professionals
and to share knowledge and information
on how to drive business performance in synch with
making a positive impact on the environmental and
on society in ASEAN.
With a growing world population nearing 9 billion
people the global challenges are of vital importance
and need to be addressed now. Not only the
scarcity of resources like raw materials, energy and
water but also social inequality, health, well-being,
ageing population and climate change are some of
the challenges we are facing.
Companies as well as governmental organisations
have a crucial role to play in this process of transformation.
Innovative products and services with
respect for people, planet and profit are the way
to a more sustainable society. The corporates have
come to the realization that growth purely measured
in financial terms is a too limited concept. Doing
business with a broader social and environmental
perspective is needed for our future generations.
Dutch multinational companies are leading the way
in corporate sustainability and very active in further
expanding as well as sharing their experience in
platforms such as the World Business Council for
Sustainable Development (WBCSD, or BCSD), the
Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition (DSGC) and
the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).
Resources and links:
Ynse de Boer
Business Support - SME Sustainability Interest Group
50 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 51
Strategic Partners
The Hollandse Club
The Hollandse Club is a private members’ Club in Singapore since
1908. With its healthy Dutch heritage still intact, it has also grown
to become Singapore’s truly international family Club with more
than 45 different nationalities calling the Club home. The social
Club boasts a wide array of sports facilities and professionally
taught classes for both adults and children. Besides emphasis on
being a top level recreational facility for its adult members, the Hollandse
Club upholds a very child-friendly environment to cater for
the many families who reside as members of the Club. It is the only
Club in Singapore that provides child-minding service. The Club
also has its very own catering department which has provided unparalleled
service for its members and offsite clients for more than
40 years. In recent times, the Club has also expanded its facilities
with the launch of 13 boutique style hotel rooms within the Club’s
premises. ‘The ROOMS’ provide an excellent accommodation
choice for its returning Lifetime members and business travelers
who are looking to stay at a green oasis close to town.
Contact Information:
22 Camden Park
Singapore 299814
The Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion
The Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion (NCH) is a handson
non- profit, non-governmental organization with a private network,
providing ample possibilities for Dutch and foreign companies
to strengthen their trade and investment relations. The NCH
consists of 35 “business councils”, all driven by entrepreneurs. We
aim to support Dutch entrepreneurs in all aspects with their efforts
to expand their business internationally. Our services include
matchmaking activities, organizing Holland Pavilions during international
trade shows and organizing in- and outbound trade missions,
providing strategic location comparisons, assisting in the
search for agents, distributors and partners, plus offering support
with any other specific issues concerning international trade and
Contact information:
Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion
Prinses Beatrixlaan 712
2595 BN Den Haag,
The Netherlands
Postbus 10 2501
CA Den Haag,
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)70 344 1544
Strategic Partners
Maritieme Club de Ruyter
The “Maritieme Club de Ruyter” started in 2009 with its first lunch
at the Singapore Polo Club. With horses looking over the shoulders
of the first members, and the maritime connotation, “De Ruyter”
seemed the only appropriate name.
The purpose of the Maritieme Club de Ruyter is to bring Dutch speaking
people with an interest in the maritime industry together. This
happens in a practical and informal way. The Club meets every first
Friday of the month, between 12:00 and 14:00, for a nasi goreng
lunch, nowadays at the Tradewinds bar at the Hollandse Club. Recently
the second “de Ruyter herring party” took place, which is now
an annual tradition.
Attending are not only people who are based in Singapore but also
visitors from the Netherlands or Belgium and crew-members or project
management teams who have the time to join. For visitors the
lunch offers quick access to the Dutch/Singaporean Maritime community.
For the Singapore based people it offers an efficient meeting
place. For all it offers an outstanding lunch in the good tradition of
the Hollandse Club. The lunch is generally sponsored by one of the
companies attending.
Every Dutch speaking person with an interest in the marine industry
is welcome. An email to to confirm attendance
helps in getting the catering right. You can also become a member
of the group at LinkedIn and receive an update or request support
from fellow members. Despite the horses, the Club de Ruyter
has been a success from the start, the Dutch speaking maritime community
in Singapore looks forward to welcoming you.
Contact Information
LinkedIn Group: Maritime Club “De Ruyter”- Singapore
The Singapore Compact
The Singapore Compact aims to be a dynamic network of stakeholders
committed to advancing sustainable business practices.
As the national society to promote CSR, Singapore Compact shall
work to promote greater awareness, best practices, sustainable
development and excellence in CSR through a multi-stakeholder
approach that takes into account environmental and social factors
in addition to profitability.
It will do this by working with businesses and stakeholders to develop
coordinated and effective strategies to promote CSR and
enhance good practices as well as corporate governance through
dialogue, training and collaboration and practical projects.
In addition to networking and case-sharing sessions, Singapore
Compact organises an annual CSR summit, publish research and
studies of CSR practices, conduct regular outreach initiatives and
programmes and organise training workshops on various CSR issues.
Contact Information:
Please visit for more information
on Singapore Compact for Corporate Social Responsibility.
Business Council for Sustainable Development Singapore
The Business Council for Sustainable Development Singapore is a
CEO-led business association of forward-thinking companies that
aims at galvanizing the business community in Singapore to create
a sustainable future for business, society and the environment. A
registered non-profit organisation in Singapore, the Council helps
drive debate and policy change in favour of sustainable development
solutions in Singapore and in South East Asia.
The objectives of the BCSD Singapore is to:
• be a leading business advocate on sustainable development
• participate in policy development to create the right framework
conditions for business to make an effective contribution
towards sustainable development
• develop and promote the business case for sustainable
• demonstrate the business contribution to sustainable
development and share leading edge practices among
Contact Information:
10 Collyer Quay, Ocean Financial Centre #10-01
Singapore 049315
T: +65 6611 7796
HP: +65 8228 4310
Partnering across boundaries
Your business sees no limits.
So you need a banker who can help you
expand across borders. Local in more
than 40 countries, ING is the bank that
connects Asia and Europe.
You and ING – the perfect pairing at any
table you choose to do business.
Good Things Come In Pairs
52 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 53
Board & Advisory Council Board & Advisory Council
our management board
Mieke De Schepper
President of the Board,
Board Member EuroCham
General Manager at
Philips Lighting,
Singapore & Emerging Asia
• Held positions in global
consumer marketing at
Philips Video & Multimedia
Applications business
group & Senior Director
of Consumer Lighting
Marketing and Sales in
• Prior consultant in McKinsey
& Company, Amsterdam
• MBA from INSEAD and an
MSc in Industrial Design
Engineering from the Delft
University of Technology
• Working in Singapore for
more than 9 years
Sandra van Campen
Honorary Secretary,
HR Advocacy, Member
HR Committee EuroCham
CFO Asia Pacific
at Randstad
• Prior Investor Relations and
Director Group Control
at the Business planning
and M&A department at
Randstad Holding
• Held positions as Macroeconomist
at Rabobank, NL
and Rabobank International
• Degree in Monetary
Economics at Tilburg
University, NL
• Working in Singapore for
3 years
Bas Winkel
Honorary Treasurer,
ICT Advocacy
Managing Director at
LeaseWeb Asia Pacific
• Prior held various senior IT
and Operations positions
at ING in Singapore, the
Netherlands and Belgium.
Last position: Director
Operations Business
Lending, Asia at ING
• Masters degree in
Economics from the
University of Groningen
• Working in Singapore for
more than 10 years
When we work together
as Dutch companies we
can achieve more,
even in Singapore!
DutchCham gives a
platform for sharing
among HR professionals
Due to the growing
number and rich diversity
of its members and
partners, DutchCham
is able to organize top
quality events and, in
doing so, attract the
attention of the local
and regional business
community in a very
positive way.
“ “
Edith Kraaijeveld
Board Member
CRM & Public Relations
manager Air France KLM
Singapore, Malaysia and
• Started working with KLM
in Singapore in 1996 and
has held several positions in
ground handling, customer
care, direct sales and
• First came to Singapore in
• Prior to moving back to
Singapore in 1993, Studied
Journalism at Curtin
University, Perth Australia
A strong platform to
link and provide support
for Dutch business’ in
Ynse de Boer
Board Member,
Chairman CSR
Partner & Managing
Director - Strategy &
• Leads Accenture’s Strategy
& Sustainability practice for
the region.
• Works and advises
on issues of strategy
at the intersection of
business, technology and
• Co-authored twice the
world’s largest study on CEO
attitudes to sustainability for
the United Nations.
• He serves as a knowledge
partner to the authorities
of Singapore and serves on
various boards and advisory
• Was prior an internet
entrepreneur and is still
involved in entrepreneurship
and early stage investments
in Asia.
• Holds a MSc in Mechanical
Engineering from Delft
University of Technology
Saloua Hoeve-Ouchan
Board Member,
Chairman SME
Partner at VoskampLawyers
• Called to the bar in
Amsterdam and England &
• Prior Judge Trainee and
member of the board of
directors of the Dutch
section of the International
Commission of Jurists;
• Prior associate at Loyens &
Loeff Amsterdam;
• Earned a law degree at the
University of Amsterdam.
Gene Kwee
Board Member
Head of Tax, Mazars LLP
• Tax Advisory Specialist
with more than 18 years of
experience, including
12 years of experience as an
international tax lawyer for
one of the big four firms in
Amsterdam and Singapore
• Co-founder of Tax Advisory /
legal businesses
• Master’s degree holder in
Dutch Civil Law (University
of Utrecht)
• Master’s degree holder
in Tax Law (University of
• Member of International
Fiscal Association
• Working in Singapore for
over 10 years, no frills...
Facilitating Dutch
companies and
entrepreneurs to start
and grow their business
in Singapore and
Finding your feet
and building solid
foundations of your
business in Asia.
“ “ “ DutchCham ties together
Dutch - Singaporean
business interests. “
Olivier van Hardenbroek
Board Member, Financial
Services Advocacy
Commercial Director
Corporate Banking at
ABN Amro Bank N.V.
Singapore branch
• Olivier joined ABN AMRO
Singapore in 2011, prior to
which he was relationship
manager for Commercial
Banking in Rotterdam.
• Olivier holds a Masters
degree in International
Business Administration and
Finance from the Maastricht
University. He has lived and
studied throughout Asia
including Brunei, China,
India and Singapore.
54 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 55
Board & Advisory Council Board & Advisory Council
Michael Bolt
Board Member, Chairman
High-Tech Committee
Director and R&D Asia
Lab manager at NXP
• Has set up many beneficial
R&D collaboration projects
in Singapore with local
Research Institutes and
Educational Institutes, in the
areas of process technology
and also system application
field trials.
• Has worked for NXP
Semiconductors and
Philips, in various process
technology R&D roles in
the Netherlands, France,
Switzerland and for the last
six years in Singapore.
Facilitates effective
networking and open
discussions between
members coming from
similar Dutch industries. The DutchCham
Maritime & Offshore
Committee enhances
the ties between two
world players in these
industries, Singapore
and the Netherlands,
by stimulating and
facilitating lasting
“ “
Jeroen Reiniers
Board Member, Chairman
Life Science & Nutrition
Global Commercial
Director at Eclipse Business
• Held various senior
Asia Pacific roles at the
Intellectual Property
& Science business of
Thomson Reuters and the
Scientific & Medical business
of Reed Elsevier
• Postgraduate Diploma in
Information Science from
the University of Strathclyde,
UK and Bachelor's Degree in
Business Information, Saxion
University, the Netherlands
• Working in Singapore for
more than 18 years
Connecting Nederland
BV with Singapore Inc. “
Jan Wolter Oosterhuis
Board Member,
Chairman Maritime &
Offshore Committee
Regional Manager Asia
Pacific - Boskalis Offshore /
• Previously 12 years
with Dockwise in the
Netherlands, Houston and
• Set up offices for Dockwise
in Singapore and Kuala
• Worked with IHC Gusto
Engineering for just over a
year in 2002
• Currently responsible for
Boskalis Offshore business in
Asia Pacific
• Holds Naval Architecture
MSc. Degree from Delft
• Holds MBA Degree from
University of Texas, Austin
• Has been in the Maritime &
Offshore business for nearly
15 years
Jeroen Overbeek
Board Member, Chairman Netherlands Water House -
Water Committee
Observer Executive team
Nele Cornelis
Executive Director
• Masters degree in Business
Administration (EHSAL
Management School,
Brussels), Post Master
degree (University of
Brussels) and Bachelor in
Mass Communications
(Artevelde University
college, Ghent)
• Lived and worked in Europe
and in the US, Washington
DC area for 7 years.
• Has held several senior
marketing/sales and
communications positions
at major Media concerns
like Chicago Tribune Media,
Corelio (VUM) and De Tijd.
• Has a permanent resident
status and has been working
in Singapore for more than
7 years.
Ruth Viëtor
Business Manager
• Studied Public Relations
and Media at the University
of Professional Education
Utrecht, the Netherlands
• Has held several event
organising and project
co-ordinating roles at the
Protocol Agency and Design
Bridge Asia
• Lived in Singapore for
8 years
Hans Akerboom
Embassy of the Kingdom of
the Netherlands
• Hans has been working as
the Deputy Head of Mission
of the Embassy of the
Kingdom of the Netherlands
in Singapore since August
• He is also the Head of
the economic section in
the Embassy, which deals
with trade, innovation,
investment and agriculture.
• Hans is a career diplomat
and has also worked
in Angola, Yemen and
Ethiopia. In his previous
job Hans worked as the
spokesperson for Lilianne
Ploumen, the Dutch Minister
of Foreign Trade.
DutchCham and the
Netherlands Embassy
are working together
to create a better
business environment for
Dutch entrepreneurs in
DutchCham also
supports Dutch SME in
“ A Dutch-Singapore
platform: Building
networks, connecting
businesses and creating
The Dutch Chamber
of Commerce is like a
gateway to Singapore.
“ “
Advisory Council
Members of this Advisory Council will help
us to shape the future of our organization
and will help us to decide about new
projects, new grounds to build on.
H.E. Jacques Werner
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Singapore
Mr Marcel van Doremaele
CEO at Rabobank Singapore Branch
Mr Mark Newman
CEO, Commercial Banking, Asia at ING Bank N.V., Singapore
Ms Conny Braams
SVP Foodsolutions Africa, Asia, Middle East at Unilever
Mr Michiel Egeler
Regional Director, S.E.A. and Oceania at Heineken Asia Pacific
Mr Jack van der Velde
Managing Director at UNIT4 Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Mr Ton ten Have
Vice President Commercial & New Business, Upstream International
Asia at Shell
Mr Pieter Nuboer
VP Asia Pacific, Human Nutrition & Health at DSM
Mr Oscar Wezenbeek
Director Marine Coatings at Akzo Nobel
Mr Maarten Kelder
Managing Director at Monitor Deloitte (Asia)
56 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 57
Directory - Orange members
Directory 2014
Members directory
Orange Members
ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is one of the largest banks in the Netherlands
with roots reaching back as far as 1720. In Asia, the history
of the bank dates back to 1826 with our first branches opened in
Indonesia and Singapore in 1858, making ABN AMRO the oldest
foreign bank in Singapore.
ABN AMRO today is a new entity created from the legal merger of
ABN AMRO’s former Dutch business and Fortis Bank Nederland in
2010. We are a leading retail and commercial bank in the Netherlands
with a dual international strategy of supporting the activities
of our Dutch clients around the world, while also building the global
positions of our Energy, Commodities & Transportation (ECT),
Private Banking and Clearing businesses. Today, we have 23,000
employees across 23 countries and territories, serving some 6.8
million clients.
With our expanding international network, we have been providing
a range of global banking and financing services in specialist
areas of ECT, International Commercial Banking, International
Private Banking, Global Securities Clearing, and International Diamonds
& Jewellery Clients across the region.
One Raffles Quay
South Tower, Level 25
Singapore 048583
T: +65 6597 8866 (ABN AMRO Private Banking)
T: +65 6597 7888 (ABN AMRO Commercial and Merchant Banking)
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was founded in 1919, making it the
world’s oldest airline still operating under its original name. In
2004, Air France and KLM merged to form the AIR FRANCE KLM
group. The merger produced the strongest European airline group
based on two powerful brands and hubs – Amsterdam Airport
Schiphol and Paris Charles de Gaulle. Retaining its own identity,
the group focuses on three core businesses: passenger transport,
cargo and aircraft maintenance.
In the Netherlands, KLM comprises the core of the KLM Group,
which further includes KLM Cityhopper, and Martinair
KLM serves all its destinations using a modern fleet and employs
over 33,000 people around the world. KLM is a leader in the
airline industry, offering reliable operations and customer-oriented
products resulting from its policy of enthusiasm and sustainable
KLM is a member of the global SkyTeam airline alliance, offering
customers an extensive worldwide network. The KLM network connects
the Netherlands to every important economic region in the
world and, as such, serves as a powerful driver for the economy.
From Singapore KLM offers daily flights to Amsterdam and Den
Pasar, Bali with a combination of Boeing B777-300 and B777-200
aircraft. Air France offers daily flights between Singapore and Paris-
Charles de Gaulle and Singapore-Jakarta operating with a Boeing
B777-300 aircraft.
Air France KLM
79 Anson Road, #06-01/03
Singapore 079906
T: +65 6823 2220
58 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 59
Directory - Orange members
Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is a leading global services provider
operating in the dredging, maritime infrastructure and maritime
services sectors. The company provides creative and innovative
all-round solutions to infrastructural challenges in the maritime,
coastal and delta regions of the world with the construction and
maintenance of ports and waterways, land reclamation, coastal defense
and riverbank protection. In addition, Boskalis offers a wide
variety of marine services and contracting for the offshore energy
sector including subsea, heavy transport, lifting and installation
(through Boskalis Offshore and Dockwise) and towage and salvage
(through SMIT). It also has a strategic partnership in terminal services
(Smit Lamnalco). With a versatile fleet of 1,100 units Boskalis
operates in around 75 countries across six continents. Including its
share in partnerships, Boskalis has 11,000 employees.
Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V.
23 Gul Road
Singapore 629356
T: +65 6884 5950
DLL is a global financial solutions partner working in Agriculture,
Food, Healthcare, Clean Technology, Automotive, Transportation,
Construction, Industrial Equipment and Office Technology.
We collaborate with equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors
to enable businesses to obtain and use the assets they
need to contribute meaningfully to the world.
DLL delivers original, integrated financial solutions to support the
asset life cycle from leasing, vendor and commercial finance to remarketing.
In addition, we offer mobility solutions, factoring and
consumer finance.
DLL’s 5,500 members support its partners in 36 countries. (Within
Asia Pacific region, this includes Singapore, Hong Kong, China,
Korea, India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand).
The company is a fully owned subsidiary of Rabobank Group.
De Lage Landen
38 Beach Road
South Beach Tower, #26-11
Singapore 189767
AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and
a major producer of specialty chemicals, with leading market positions
and brands in countries around the world. We operate in a
number of important market segments ranging from buildings and
infrastructure to transport, industrial and consumer goods. We’re
also the sector leader in sustainability and are number one in the
renowned Dow Jones Sustainability Index. In practical terms, that
means our sustainable solutions are in your lives, and those of your
friends and family, every day. We’re the people that make it possible
for you to do what you need to do.
Akzo Nobel Paints (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
3 Changi Business Park Vista
AkzoNobel House
Singapore 486051
T: +65 6635 5100
Directory - Orange Members
As one of the world’s largest dairy companies, Royal Friesland-
Campina every day provides around 1 billion consumers all over
the world with food that is rich in valuable nutrients. Friesland-
Campina supplies consumer products such as dairy-based beverages,
infant & toddler nutrition, cheese and desserts in Europe,
Asia and in Africa. Products are also sold to professional customers,
including cream and butter products to bakeries and catering
companies. FrieslandCampina also supplies ingredients and halffinished
products to manufacturers of infant & toddler nutrition,
the food industry and the pharmaceutical sector around the world.
In South East Asia, FrieslandCampina’s well-known brands include
Dutch Lady in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, Frisian Flag in
Indonesia and Foremost in Thailand. In 2012, FrieslandCampina
acquired Alaska Milk Corporation in the Philippines.
The Company is fully owned by Zuivelcoöperatie FrieslandCampina
U.A, with 19,487 member dairy farmers in the Netherlands,
Germany and Belgium, making it one of the world’s largest dairy
Friesland Campina
3 Temasek Avenue
Centennial Tower #11-01
Singapore 39190
“HEINEKEN Asia Pacific” is the regional hub for HEINEKEN in Asia
Pacific and one of the leading brewers in the region. Headquartered
in Singapore, HEINEKEN Asia Pacific has operations in over
20 countries and approximately 8,000 employees in the region.
HEINEKEN Asia Pacific is committed to the sustainable use of
resources, investment in communities and responsible consumption
of its winning portfolio of over 50 brands, including Heineken,
Sol, Tiger, Anchor, Bintang, ABC Extra Stout and Baron’s Strong
Brew. More information on HEINEKEN in the Asia Pacific region, its
brands and commitment towards the societies in which it operates
can be found at
HEINEKEN Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd
9 North Buona Vista Drive #12-01
The Metropolis Tower 1
Singapore 138588
Royal DSM is a global science-based company active in health,
nutrition and materials. By connecting its unique competences
in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences DSM is driving economic
prosperity, environmental progress and social advances to create
sustainable value for all stakeholders simultaneously. DSM delivers
innovative solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance
in global markets such as food and dietary supplements,
personal care, feed, medical devices, automotive, paints, electrical
and electronics, life protection, alternative energy and bio-based
materials. DSM’s 24,500 employees deliver annual net sales of
around €10 billion. The company is listed on NYSE Euronext. More
information can be found at
DSM Singapore Industrial Pte Ltd
30 Pasir Panjang Road, Mapletree Business City #13-31
Singapore 117440
T: +65 6632 6500
Established on 1 January 1984, as one of China’s Big Four commercial
banks, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
(“ICBC”) ranks top both domestically and internationally as the
biggest bank in the world by assets.
Among the Global 2000 selected by Forbes in 2013 in terms of
sales, profit, assets and market value, ICBC is ranked as the largest
enterprise in the world. In the Top 1000 World Banks selected by
The Banker in 2013, in terms of tier-one capital, ICBC was ranked
first with tier-one capital of USD160.6 billion, the first Chinese bank
to achieve the top ranking in almost 50 years since the rankings
were published.
ICBC provides their clients with a wide range of financial products
and services and have formed an internationalized and integrated
business model with a focus on commercial banking. With over
4.73 million corporate customers and over 432 million retail customers
across the globe, ICBC has a solid client base established
through continuous and focused efforts to expand its business
globally. With a network of over 330 overseas institutions in 41
countries and regions around the world and 17,245 branches in
China, ICBC maintains a leading position in the PRC and global
market in commercial and investment banking.
6 Raffles Quay #12-01
Singapore 048580
T: +65 6439 7828
F:+65 6538 1370
ING is a global financial institution of Dutch origin, offering banking,
investments, life insurance and retirement services to meet
the needs of a broad customer base. Going forward, we will concentrate
on our position as an international retail, direct and commercial
bank, while creating an optimal base for an independent
future for our insurance and investment management operations.
Globally, ING Commercial Banking has an international network in
40 countries with key positions in Structured Finance and Financial
ING BANK N.V. Singapore Branch
Republic Plaza Singapore
9 Raffles Place #19-02
Singapore 048619
T: +65 6535 3688
60 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 61
Directory - Orange members
Pan Pacific Hotels Group is a wholly-owned hotel subsidiary of Singapore-
listed UOL Group Limited, one of Asia’s most established
hotel and property companies with an outstanding portfolio of investment
and development properties. Based in Singapore, Pan
Pacific Hotels Group owns and/or manages over 30 hotels, resorts
and serviced suites with over 10,000 rooms including those under
development in Asia, Oceania and North America. The Group
comprises two acclaimed brands: Pan Pacific and PARKROYAL. Pan
Pacific is a leading brand in Asia and the Pacific Rim with hotels
offering premium accommodations and services. PARKROYAL is a
collection of comfortable leisure and business hotels and resorts
located in the heart of cities and interesting locales across Asia
Pacific. For more information, visit
Pan Pacific Hotels Group
7500A Beach Road
The Plaza #03-301
Singapore 199591
T: +65 6808 1239
Directory - Orange Members
Philips Electronics Singapore is a subsidiary of Royal Philips headquartered
in Netherlands. Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) is
a diversified health and well-being company, focused on improving
people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of
Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lighting. Headquartered in
the Netherlands, Philips posted 2013 sales of EUR 23.3 billion and
employs approximately 113,000 employees with sales and services
in more than 100 countries.
The company is a leader in cardiac care, acute care and home
healthcare, energy efficient lighting solutions and new lighting applications,
as well as male shaving and grooming and oral healthcare.
News from Philips is located at
620A Lorong 1 Toa Payoh
TP4 Building Level 1
Singapore, 319762
T: +65 6882 3000
F: +65 6882 5003
Pointlogic is the global market leader in strategic marketing planning
solutions. The company provides decision support systems
backed by powerful analytics, research and data to improve client’s
marketing effectiveness. These are used in over 80 countries by
most of the large media agencies and some of the world’s most
successful media owners and brands.
Pointlogic solutions span the key stages of marketing from strategic
planning through to evaluation. Each stage is substantiated
with software to provide client with decision support using available
data. The software contains the necessary marketing know-how
and analytical methods, imparting knowledge that would allow the
client to make and substantiate better decisions.
Pointlogic headquarters are in Rotterdam, the Netherlands with
additional offices in New York, Sao Paulo, London, Singapore and
Collective Works
100 Cecil Street
The Globe #10-01/02
Singapore 069532
T: +65 9856 4971
Randstad is one of the world's largest recruitment & HR services
providers globally. In Asia Pacific our operations cover Singapore,
Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, India, Australia and New
Zealand. Specialising in temporary, contract and permanent staffing
across the widest range of specialist industry sectors and professions
through to sophistical recruitment process outsourcing
(RPO), managed service programs (MSP) and total talent solutions.
Randstad is passionate about matching people with organisations
that will develop their potential and matching organisations with
people that will take their business to the next level.
50 Raffles Place
Singapore Land Tower #17-02/05
Singapore 048623
T: +65 6510 1350
Rabobank Singapore has a long-term presence in Asia, with its
first office set up in Singapore in 1986. Rabobank Singapore is the
Southeast Asia Hub for the Group serving customers in Malaysia,
Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.
We offer products and services in:
• Acquisition Finance
• Corporate Lending
• Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Advisory
• Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory
• Trade & Commodity Finance (Agri, Metals and Energy)
• Financial Markets (Treasury and Capital Markets)
As the world’s leading Food & Agri bank, our clients are primarily
involved in the Food & Agribusiness and Commodity Trade. In addition,
we service Dutch and Rabobank network clients active in
Food & Agribusiness as well as a number of other industries.
Rabobank Singapore
Until 6 March 2015
77 Robinson Road, # 08-00
Singapore 068896
T: +65 6536 3363
F: +65 6536 3236
From 6 March 2015 onwards:
38 Beach Road,
South Beach Tower, #31-11
Singapore 189767
T: +65 6536 3363
F: +65 6536 3236
62 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 63
Directory - Corporate Members
Members directory
Corporate Members
AccelerAsia provides rapidly growing companies with Business
Development activities in Asia.
With offices in Singapore, Manila and Jakarta, a team of highly
experienced international business builders and a well established
network in the region we have over the years helped dozens of
companies take the first steps in this part of the world.
55b Amoy Street
Singapore 069881
T: +65 6223 7221
Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services
and outsourcing company, with more than 305,000 people
serving clients in more than 120 countries. Combining unparalleled
experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries
and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most
successful companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to help
them become high-performance businesses and governments.
The company generated net revenues of US$30.0 billion for the
fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2014.
250 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Tower #33-00
Singapore 179101
T: +65 6410 8000
Directory - Orange Members
As one of the world’s leading energy companies, Shell plays a key
role in helping to meet the world’s growing energy demand in economically,
environmentally and socially responsible ways. In Singapore,
Shell employs about 3,200 people in Singapore and is one
of the country’s largest foreign investors.
Shell has been in Singapore since 1891, when it acquired land
and set up an oil storage installation on Pulau Bukom. Today, Shell
continues to be a major player in the energy and petrochemicals
sector, in areas such as manufacturing, trading, chemicals, retail,
aviation, marine, bitumen and lubricants.
In May 2010, Shell celebrated the completion of the Shell Eastern
Petrochemicals Complex Project in Singapore, its single largest
investment in Asia, underscoring the Group’s continued commitment
and confidence in the country.
In October 2014, the Singapore government honoured Royal
Dutch Shell’s long term contribution to the economy and the people
of this city-stake with the Honorary Partner in Progress Award,
created in 2013 and is the highest accolade of its kind that the
Singapore government has given to a company. Shell is the first
and only recipient.
For more than 120 years, Shell has contributed to Singapore’s social
and economic growth, and helped to build its talent and intellectual
capital. Its success in Singapore is a result of its good working
relationships and long-term partnerships with staff, the union,
customers, community and the government. Ms Goh Swee Chen,
Chairperson of Shell Companies in Singapore, stepped into the
role in October 2014 and since then has been looking at ways to
contribute even more to Singapore and the region.
From its world-class manufacturing plants on Pulau Bukom and
Jurong Island to its international trading and treasury operations,
Singapore has expanded into an important hub for Shell in the Asia
Pacific Region. Two of Shell’s global businesses namely Integrated
Gas and the Global Commercial businesses are headquartered in
9 North Buona Vista Drive
The Metropolis Tower 1, #07-01
Singapore 138588
T: +65 6235 3261
Unilever believes that the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Singapore
offers its members strong advisory support and expertise
via its strong corporate network, its deep understanding of the local
and ASEAN socio-economic and business environment, and its
excellent relations with the Singapore government and other key
local stakeholders.
Unilever Asia Pte. Ltd
83 Clemenceau Avenue
UE Square #16-08
Singapore 239920
T: +65 6494 7000
UNIT4 is a leading provider of people-centered enterprise software
for services organizations. We bring to market cloud ERP and
business applications designed to meet specific vertical market
requirements helping customers embrace change simply, quickly
and cost effectively. Through our solutions, our customers change
and innovate at higher speed and lower cost.
The Group incorporates a number of the world’s leading software
brands including UNIT4 Agresso, our flagship ERP suite for midsized
and large services intensive organizations; UNIT4 Coda Financials,
our best-of-class financial management software; and
UNIT4 Prosoft HRMS, our award-winning human resource management
UNIT4 is headquartered in the Netherlands, with operations in 26
countries worldwide and more than 4,000 employees. For more
information, please visit the website at, follow
us on LinkedIn or visit our Facebook page.
1 HarbourFront Place Singapore
HarbourFront Tower One #09-05/06
Singapore 098633
T: +65 6333 6133
Together with our partners, we can fly you to
just about any destination without any hassle.
So instead of piecing your journey together
on your own, choose KLM and we’ll take
you straight there. Visit for more
Every corner of the planet
is within your reach
64 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 65
Directory - Corporate Members
AQ Services International is
a first-class performance, research
and consultancy firm
with a strong focus on the
frontline. Founded in June
2001, AQ’s principal objective
is to partner companies
that consider great customer
experiences to be of major
importance in their frontline
service improvement efforts.
What drives us? Our passion
and vision: To let people experience
great service.
AQ Services International
4b Craig Road
Singapore 089664
T: +65 6223 0335
Brunel is an international service
provider specialising in
the flexible deployment of
knowledge and capacity in the
fields of Engineering, Oil &
Gas, Aerospace, Automotive,
ICT, Finance, Legal and Insurance
& Banking. Services are
provided in the form of Project
Management, Secondment
and Consultancy. Incorporated
in 1975, Brunel has since
become a global company
with some 14,000 employees
and an annual revenue of EUR
1,283 million (2013).
77 Robinson Road #10-03
Singapore 068896
T: +65 6532 2480
Canneman / Cormont Consultancy
is a team of experience
design technologists,
which delivers big change
through long-term strategy
on the future of large buildings
and spaces incl. business
models and leveraging
on new technologies.
Canneman / Cormont
T: +65 8209 7709
Cargo-partner is a dynamically
growing specialist for
transportation and integrated
logistics with particular
strength in overseas solutions.
Being a family owned
company, our business
model is based on personalized
and global partnership
with and for our clients. Local
operational excellence,
delivered by best logistics
professionals and innovative
solutions, create competitive
advantages for our customers.
cargo-partner Logistics Pte. Ltd.
300 Tampines Avenue 5
Income Tampines Junction #07-04
Singapore 529653
T: +65 6578 5150
Directory - Corporate Members
Akvo builds open source internet
and mobile software
which is designed to support
international development
partnership networks and
make cooperation and aid
activity more effective and
transparent. We provide our
software as a service, backed
by a global partner-support
and training team. Akvo
is a non-profit foundation
headquartered in the Netherlands
with staff in 13 countries
across five continents.
Akvo’s tools are open source
and used by over 2,000 organisations
throughout the
world for better programming
and reporting in areas
such as water, sanitation,
health, education, food security
and economic development.
Akvo FLOW is an affordable
and reliable service
that organisations can use
to collect, manage, analyse,
monitor and display
monitoring and evaluation
data. It offers fast data collection,
survey flexibility
and analytical tools, so decisions
can be made based
on good data and visual
evidence. Multiple organisations
around the globe are
using it to strengthen their
data accuracy and reach better
problem solving oriented
Akvo is now in the process
of growing through regional
hubs where local staff can
build capacity in reporting
and monitoring through
training and support. Akvo is
finalising the proces to register
in Singapore.
Partnerships Asia
T: +65 818 69264
Industry: IT, computer services &
Alliance experts brings your
company to new markets.
Our internationally experienced
specialists are nearby
in your home country and
well acquainted in the country
where you want to go. We
are currently working from 16
locations spread over 5 continents
and our worldwide
presence will grow further in
We give export advice and
find you the right agents,
distributors and joint venture
partners internationally.
We support you in your negotiations
and structure the
partnership. We can also
represent your company as a
first step into a new country.
All based on a sound export
strategy and thorough market
research. Contact us to
see what we can do for your
company or join one of the
trade missions we organise.
Alliance experts
6001 Beach Road
Golden Mile Tower #09-04
Singapore 199598
T: +65 9467 5823
Alphatron Marine BV was
founded in 1989 with offices
in the Netherlands, Germany,
Belgium, Poland and Singapore.
Alphatron Marine Systems
Pte Ltd was founded in
2008 and employs 41 people.
Alphatron Marine Systems
was already certified
with ISO9001:2008 in 2011,
OHSAS18001 in 2013 and
Bizsafe Star in 2014.
Alphatron Marine Systems
Pte Ltd imports, supplies,
integrates and installs highquality
navigation and control
equipment for the shipping
industry. In addition,
we offer communication and
entertainment equipment for
maritime and off shore purposes.
Our sphere of interest covers
deep sea, inland shipping,
yachting and fisheries,
wherever navigation and
communication equipment
is required. In addition to the
Navigation and Communication
equipment Alphatron
Marine Systems also supplies
Bulk Handling Systems and
Entertainment systems for
the offshore. Fully auto-cad
supported engineering team
takes care of all new building
projects and the day-to-day
installation in the field of navigation
and communication
Alphatron Marine BV
59S Tuas South Avenue 1
Ho Lee Industrial Development
Singapore 637418
T: +65 6863 0335
Established in Singapore in
1985, Adecco is well positioned
to assist organisations
in building successful
teams and to help individuals
progress in their careers.
Adecco is the leading human
resource solutions company
in Singapore. Our comprehensive
range of services includes
temporary & contract
staffing, permanent recruitment,
outsourcing, executive
search, leadership development,
career management &
outplacement services. The
Adecco Group is based in Zurich-
Glattbrugg, Switzerland
and we are a Fortune Global
500 company listed on the
SIX Swiss Exchange. EA licence
number: 91C2918
Adecco Personnel Pte Ltd
1 Scotts Road
Shaw Centre #18-01
Singapore 228208
T: +65 6835 3400
Boskalis Offshore, the global leading expert in
offshore contracting and services, supports the
activities of the international energy sector,
including oil and gas companies and providers
of renewable energy such as wind power.
We are involved in the development,
construction, maintenance and decommissioning
of oil and LNG-import/export facilities, offshore
platforms, pipelines and cables and offshore
wind farms. Our expertise covers offshore
pipeline, cable and rock installation, heavy
marine transport and installation work, as well
as diving and ROV services.
DutchCham Directory 2015 67
Directory - Corporate Members
Delta Marine Consultants is a
civil engineering consultancy
with a focus on infrastructure
and a particular specialization
in marine infrastructure
and has been present in Singapore
since 1989.DMC is
active in both the industrial
sector as in urban development.
DMC’s coastal, marine,
geo-technical and structural
engineers offer a range of
services from concept development
of complete Greenfield
ports to the detailed
engineering of marine structures
such as jetties, quays
and promenades or other
DMC is the developer of the
xbloc® single layer armour
unit which offers an effective,
efficient and economical
shore protection or breakwater
alternative and of the
BoxBarrierTM, an effective
temporary flood defense solution.
Delta Marine Consultants
51 Changi Business Park Central 2
The Signature #07-12
Singapore 486066
Deltares is an independent
institute for applied research
in the field of water, subsurface
and infrastructure.
Throughout the world we
work on smart solutions, innovations
and applications
for people, environment and
society. Our main focus is on
deltas, coastal regions and
river basins. Managing these
densely populated and vulnerable
areas is a complex
task. This is why we work
closely with governments,
businesses, other research
institutes and universities at
home and abroad. Our motto
is Enabling Delta Life. As
an applied research institute,
the success of Deltares can
be measured by the extent
to which our expert knowledge
can be used in and
for the society. For Deltares,
the quality of our expertise
and advice is the foremost.
Knowledge is our core business.
All contracts and projects,
whether financed privately
or from strategic research
budgets, contribute to the
consolidation of our knowledge
base. Furthermore,
we believe in openness and
transparency, as it is evident
from the free availability of
our software and models.
200 Jalan Sultan
Textile Centre #08-02
Singapore 199018
T: +65 6776 3471
With a remarkable 35-year
story in Singapore, designphase
dba has established
itself as one of Asia’s leading
interior design firms, having
had the privilege to work on
some of the most prestigious
and fascinating design
and development projects in
South & East Asia.
Wizened and tailored
through Asian experience,
the Australian-Dutch (coowned)
firm, provides its
Clients with unparalleled
creative and technical support
from its Singapore head
office, the strategic centre
of designphase dba’s operations.
This robust boutique firm
operates with a team of 35,
modelled on “International
Best Practice” but having a
clearly creative disposition.
Showcased in their work are
feasibility studies, corporate,
retail, F&B and entertainment
planning, design &
build packages and brand
designphase dba operates
in three separate but equal
worlds of professional focus:
retail – hospitality – corporate
designphase dba pte ltd
133 Cecil Street
Keck Seng Tower #18-01
Singapore 069535
T: +65 6339 3677
F: +65 6334 7280
66 DutchCham Directory 2015
Directory - Corporate Members
DAMEN Shipyards Singapore
pte ltd is a member
of the DAMEN Shipyards
Group with head office in the
Netherlands. The Singapore
Shipyard located in Tuas is
specialized in fabrication of
high speed aluminium vessels.
Typical products are:
Fast Ferries, Offshore Support
Vessels, Patrol craft,
interceptors and windfarm
maintenance vessels. Some
20 vessels are delivered annually,
mainly for export. On
the Yard there are also facilities
for repair, conversion
and maintenance jobs serving
the majority of the local
ferry operators. The Yard is
well known for its advanced
production processes, building
large series of standardized
designs while maintaining
high standards in quality
of products and sustainability
of operations.
Damen Shipyards Singapore
29 Tuas Crescent
Singapore 638720
T: +65 6861 4180
In line with its international
strategy, De Brauw Blackstone
Westbroek’s Singapore
office provides further support
to its Dutch and other
European clients in their
activities in the South-East
Asia-Pacific region. The particular
focus is M&A (including
joint ventures), arbitration
and compliance work.
Dieter Wolff is the resident
partner of De Brauw Blackstone
Westbroek Singapore
and Henk van Ravenhorst is
the resident senior associate.
Dieter and Henk work closely
together with De Brauw’s
main office in Amsterdam
and its other offices in New
York, London, Brussels and
De Brauw Blackstone
12 Marina Boulevard
MBFC Tower 3, 17/F
Singapore 018982
T: +65 6809 5017
CPI is a consultancy firm
specializing in risk management,
finance and governance.
Over the last decade
CPI has become a trusted
advisor and partner for its
clients and has developed
a thought-leadership position
perceived to be a critical
challenger to the larger
service organisations, such
as the Big Four. CPI consultants
are carefully selected
and highly experienced professionals
with over 10-15
years of relevant work experience
in both consulting and
line management. They all
hold university degrees, with
many also having pursued
post-graduate education.
This high level of expertise,
combined with charge-out
rates 30 per cent below the
Big Four, makes CPI a very
compelling partner.
CPI currently consists of 10
partners, 375 professionals
of which 75 are based in Asia.
The company has served,
and continues to serve, a
very large number of bluechip
companies in the corporate
and financial sector. CPI
partner Mona Zoet is based
in Singapore. Mona is a dynamic
high performing legal
and compliance professional
with more than 12 years
of legal and compliance
achievements in top-tier
global financial institutions
around the globe, including
Singapore, Hong Kong and
the US.
CPI Risk Finance Governance
19 Cecil Street, # 05-13
Singapore 049704
T: +65 6637 8868
Coleads Business Consultants
Pte Ltd which was established
in 1996 is specialized in
resolving all kind of tax issues
with the local tax authorities.
In addition, we also assist our
clients in accounting, compilation
of unaudited accounts,
incorporation of companies,
corporate secretarial work,
liquidation and striking off,
tax compliance and advisory
(local and international) and
business consultancy. As part
of our one stop services, we
also assist in application of
employment passes and
government licenses.
Coleads Business
Consultants Pte Ltd
10 Anson Road
International Plaza #12-14
Singapore 079903
T: +65 6225 9885
F: +65 6225 9890
HP: +65 9673 9885
Clifford Chance is one of the
world’s pre-eminent law firms
with significant depth and
range of resources across five
As a single, fully integrated,
global partnership, we pride
ourselves on our approachable,
collegiate and team
based way of working.
We always strive to exceed
the expectations of our clients,
which include corporates
from all the commercial
and industrial sectors, governments,
regulators, trade
bodies and not for profit
organisations. We provide
them with the highest quality
advice and legal insight,
which combines the Firm’s
global standards with indepth
local expertise.
Clifford Chance operates
across Asia Pacific, with offices
in Bangkok, Beijing, Hong
Kong, Perth, Seoul, Shanghai,
Singapore, Sydney and
Tokyo. The firm also operates
an association with Linda
Widyati & Partners in Indonesia.
With over 400 lawyers in
Asia Pacific alone, it is one of
the largest international firms
in the region, enjoying a market
leading reputation across
practices. Clifford Chance
was ranked ‘tier one’ in more
cross-border tables than any
other firm in the Chambers
Global 2014 Directory.
This independent analysis
focuses on firms’ legal ability,
professional conduct, client
service, and commercial
awareness, and these rankings
provide outstanding
recognition for the Firm’s
breadth of expertise and
consistency of quality across
global markets.
Clifford Chance Pte Ltd
12 Marina Boulevard
Tower 3 Marina Bay Financial
Centre, 25th Floor
Singapore 018982
DutchCham Directory 2015 69
Directory - Corporate Members
Expereo is the global leader in managed internet access services
for enterprise customers, with services in over 180 countries and
over 9,000 end customers under management. With more companies
adopting cloud-based applications and an ongoing need
to control global IT spend, Expereo’s managed Internet services
offer companies reliable performance and management control on
a global basis. Expereo was founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands
in 2004 and our office in Singapore now employs over 35 staff supporting
customers and channel partners in the Asia Pacific region.
Expereo continues to expand its service offering to serve our multinational
371 Beach Road
Keypoint #10-08/10
Singapore 199597
T: +65 6653 1880
68 DutchCham Directory 2015
Directory - Corporate Members
Executive Homes is your one-stop shop for expat real estate in
Singapore, with expertise and experience in commercial and residential
property. Our experts will help map your business or personal
needs to identify the best fit in terms of space and location,
taking care of lease negotiations and any additional administration
to allow you to focus on your business and family. We can find the
ideal office space or new home and help you get up and running
as quickly as possible with confidence and ease. With many years
of experience in expat real estate, we can negotiate lease terms
and set you up, ensuring that Singapore quickly feels like home.
Executive Homes – We understand your needs.
Executive Homes Pte. Ltd.
T: +65 9011 8055
The Dockwise Group of Companies
is the world market
leader in heavy marine transport,
installation, and logistical
management solutions
for extreme transports that
would otherwise be totally
inconceivable. Dockwise operates
the largest and most
versatile fleet of 19 semisubmersible
heavy transport
vessels in the world.
We provide comprehensive
transportation, logistics,
project management, procurement,
and engineering
solutions for heavy marine
transports and installation
to some of the most challenging
environments in the
world. Our global network of
offices and agents are ready
to provide you with the professional
expertise and care
for your transport, installation
and logistical management
needs demand.
23 Gul Road
Singapore 629356
T: +65 67335622
F: +65 67327530
Double Effect is a business
consultancy firm specialised
in the financial services industry.
We offer strategic
advisory and project management
to global and international
financial institutions.
We help our clients effectively
deal with the complexity
of change in today’s industry.
Double Effect is the consultancy
of choice based on our
extensive track record and
outstanding expertise in the
industry. Double Effect has
offices in Singapore, Frankfurt
and Amsterdam.
Unlike any other consultancy
firm, Double Effect can
guide financial institutions
through their transformation
processes based on our extensive
experience, in-depth
knowledge and sound understanding
of strategy, operations
and technology. We
translate strategic issues and
concepts into a practical implementation
approach ensuring
results are being firmly
embedded during delivery.
Together with our parent
company Synechron we are
ideally positioned to help our
clients throughout the life cycle
of any project. Double Effect
has offices in Singapore,
Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London
& New York.
Double Effect
20 Collyer Quay #23-01
Singapore 049319
T: +65 6323 9266
Dragon Wealth is the first
company to connect wealth
managers and investors
through an easy-to-use, instantly
installed mobile app
that combines a client’s internal
portfolio with relevant, external
investment information
tailored to their portfolio and
The Dragon Wealth app is
used by global banks and independent
wealth managers,
and is the world’s only integration-
free technology that
accelerates sales and customer
acquisition as well offering
investors a complete view of
their investments across managers
and portfolios, and likeminded
Dragon Wealth was founded
in 2013 by former Credit
Suisse CIO Asia, and Head of
Online Banking - Asia, Bert-
Jan van Essen and Dana Ritter.
Dragon Wealth
137 Market Street #06-00
Singapore 048943
T: +65 8188 6930
Since its beginnings in 2003
as an underwater solutions
provider, DISA rapidly expanded
and now has, aside
from its head office in Belgium,
offices in the Netherlands
and Singapore. With its
origin in marine salvage and
following diversification as
well as international expansion,
the DISA brand meanwhile
operates globally with
three core activities: Marine
projects, Offshore Oil and
Gas, and Civil Construction.
DISA provides diving and
ROV Services, as well as
survey & positioning, subsea
drilling and underwater
grouting and concreting including
the development and
construction of custom made
subsea tools and ballasting
/ suction modules. Furthermore
DISA has developed
an expertise in underwater
maintenance of wind farms.
DISA also owns a selection
of very large chain pullers
and winches which can be
used for marine projects
such as FPSO installation. In
Singapore DISA is one of the
few companies approved by
MPA for hydrographic survey.
With DISA’s innovative concepts
being introduced, this
ensures international client
base a more efficient and
economical yet reliable approach
of projects. The
services offered by DISA are
based on extensive practical
experience and in-house
research and development,
whereas the company is
committed to the highest
standards of safety and quality.
23 Shipyard road
Singapore 628129
T: +65 6592 0395
HP: +65 81252302 23
70 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 71
Directory - Corporate Members
Hatenboer-Water Asia Pte Ltd is active in the world of water treatment.
The company provides engineered to order water treatment
solutions for the Marine and Offshore market. The equipment
finds its way to companies ranging from shipyards to ship owners
and ship suppliers. The company also supplies consumables
and services to maintain and upgrade the water treatment systems
on board. The warehouse in Singapore reduces lead times for the
broad range of products Hatenboer-Water Asia offers to clients in
Singapore and the rest of South East Asia.
Hatenboer-Water Asia Pte Ltd
22 Boon Lay Way
Tradehub 21, #01-57
Singapore 609968
T: +65 6515 8021
F: +65 6515 8470
Directory - Corporate Members
GelissenComputers was
founded in 2003 by Robbert
Gelissen. Robbert has been
working in customer relations
and technical functions for fifteen
years before he started
his own business in the Netherlands
in 2003, which he
moved to Singapore in 2008.
His heart and strength lies
with solving computer issues,
no matter how big or small.
That is why the services offered
by GelissenComputers
are so diverse.
As an experienced IT manager,
Robbert will be able
to help you with a successful
office start-up, manage the
relocation of a complete (office)
IT network and provide
preventive maintenance.
Offered services include
(but not limited to):
• Design and optimize IT
infrastructure in the office
and at home ;
• Liaise with global IT
departments and office
• Advice on hardware and
• Connect with local
contractors and relocation
• Arrange internet
• Install and configure all
computer equipment,
from smart phone to
• Deliver (preventive)
maintenance and troubleshooting.
Gelissen Computers
T: +65 8189 5747
The German European
School Singapore (GESS)
is a multi-lingual, not-forprofit,
international school
in Singapore with a distinct
European flavour. At our
two green campus locations
GESS provides international
education to 1,500 students
of more than 50 nationalities
from Pre-School to Grade 12.
As an authorised IB World
School our European Section
offers tuition in English for
students from 3 years old to
high school across all three
IB programmes. The German
Section of GESS offers all
major German school leaving
certificates. Currently, more
than 300 full and part-time
staff are employed at the CIS
accredited school. We are
excited about being a member
of the DutchCham now.
Please let us know if you require
any further information.
German European School
72 Bukit Tinggi Road
Singapore 289760
T: +65 6469 1131
The Hann-Ocean Group delivers highly efficient, cost-effective and
reliable solutions through innovations for offshore, port, marine renewable
energy and defence industries. It was founded in 2005 in
Singapore by managing director and inventor Mr Henry Han. Today
the consultancy and R&D group comprises of three entities:
• Hann-Ocean Technology is concerned with marine design, R&D
and related consultancy services. It licenses its developed IPs to
parties within and outside the Hann-Ocean Group.
• Hann-Ocean Platforms is the supplier of floating platforms and
sells related equipment like pontoon securing devices. This includes
the patented fender connector and frictional locking connector.
• Hann-Ocean Energy develops the patented Drakoo Wave Energy
Converter technology and targets the renewable energy market.
HOE deployed its first commercial pilot project, comprising of
four Drakoo-B0004 wave energy converters in August 2013.
Hann-Ocean Technology Pte Ltd
7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, Northstar @ AMK #09-61
Singapore 569880
T: +65-6778 7980
Fokker Services is an independent
aerospace services
provider. Integrated support
for out-of-production aircraft
is its core competence. Fokker
Services supports aircraft
owners, operators and manufacturers
with a comprehensive
range of products and
Fokker Services has locations
in the Netherlands,
USA and Singapore. Being
the Type Certificate Holder
of all Fokker type aircraft,
Fokker Services has the skills,
knowledge, facilities, equipment
and systems in place
to deliver full support to aircraft
operators and owners.
The combination of OEM
(design) knowledge and independent
after-sales support
services make Fokker
Services a unique and valuable
partner for the global
aerospace industry.
Fokker Services is part of
Fokker Technologies, which
develops and produces advanced
components and
systems for the aerospace industry,
and supplies integrated
maintenance services and
products to aircraft owners
and operators. In 2012 the
group achieved a turnover of
€ 769 million with 4,950 employees.
1800 West Camp Road
Seletar Aerospace Park
Singapore 797521
T: +65 6481 1080
Flow Traders is a proprietary
trading firm that specializes
in Exchange Traded Funds
(ETFs). We continuously provide
liquidity to all the major
financial markets by sending
competitive bid and ask
prices. Our sophisticated
infrastructure enables us to
quote prices on multiple exchanges
simultaneously. Our
firm does not speculate in
any asset. Our trading entities
are fully regulated by the
relevant competent authorities
and exchanges across
the world. We take compliance
very seriously and
maintain good relations with
our supervisors. As a founding
member of FIA EPTA, we
actively contribute to improving
regulations for the market
to benefit as a whole. We
strongly support fair, transparent
and orderly markets.
We strongly believe that our
industry-leading compliance
and risk management guards
the integrity of our business
and the financial markets.
Flow Traders
8 Marina View
Asia Square Tower 1, #39-03
Singapore 018960
T: +65 6417 1050
72 DutchCham Directory 2015 DutchCham Directory 2015 73
Directory - Corporate Members
Lam Heng Group of Companies
has been in the marine
and off- shore engineering
business for almost 45 years.
Our business has been growing
steadily since incorporation.
We had established a
track record in engineering
services focused on offering
fair and competitive prices,
with high quality service and
packaged with pragmatic solution.
With the experience and
knowledge accumulated
from serving a diverse range
of engineering industries
which include marine and
offshore, petro-chemical,
process plant construction,
quarry and mining, semi-conductor
and pharmaceutical,
we are now position our collective
strengths and facilities
to serve those industries with
prerequisite condition for
heavy, time-demanding and
stringent specification as in
the Marine, Offshore, Dredging,
and Plant Engineering
The business focus of Lam
Heng Group is on the niche
of the engineering services
markets that requires competent
project management
knowledge, special skills and
hands-on experience with
positive attitude to handle
sophisticated machinery and
equipment fabrication and
assemble, on- site installation
and commissioning project
Lam Heng Marine Pte Ltd
34 Kian Teck Drive
Singapore 628857
T: +65 6746 6860
LeaseWeb is one of the
world’s largest hosting
brands, offering customers
on-demand Infrastructure
as a Service (IaaS) solutions,
world-class hosting solutions
to boost their business, cut
IT costs and help them reach
new goals. LeaseWeb services
a worldwide portfolio
of over 17,500 customers
ranging from SMBs to enterprises.
Services include
Public Cloud, Private Cloud,
Bare Metal Servers, CDN
(Content Delivery Network),
Colocation, Managed Hosting,
and Hybrid Solutions,
with 24/7 support. With
more than 60,000 servers under
management, LeaseWeb
provides infrastructure for
mission-critical websites, Internet
applications, e-mail
servers, security, and storage
services since 1997. We operate
9 data centers worldwide,
which are backed by
a global network with a total
capacity of more than 4.5
Tbps. LeaseWeb is a group
of independent companies
that operate under the
brand name LeaseWeb and
consists of LeaseWeb USA,
Inc., LeaseWeb Netherlands
B.V., LeaseWeb Deutschland,
LeaseWeb Asia Pacific Pte.
Ltd. and LeaseWeb CDN B.V.
LeaseWeb Asia Pacific
81 Ubi Avenue 4, #05-03
Singapore 408830
T: +65 3158 7350
Loyens & Loeff is an independent
full service law firm,
providing integrated tax, legal
and notarial services. Loyens
& Loeff practices Dutch,
Luxemburg and Belgium law
with offices in the Netherlands,
Luxembourg and Belgium
as well as Zurich, Paris,
London, New York, Curacao,
Aruba, Dubai, Tokyo, Hong
Kong and Singapore. The
firm has been present in Asia
since 1921. The Loyens &
Loeff Singapore and Hong
Kong offices work closely
together and have extensive
experience in advising
multinationals, PE funds and
institutionals on tax efficient
solutions for their investment,
holding and finance
structures into or from Asia.
We also frequently advise
on reorganizations, banking
and finance matters, RE/PE
fund formation, distribution
structures, shipping related
matters and wealth planning
for HNWI and family offices.
80 Raffles Place
UOB Plaza 1, #14-06
Singapore 048624
T: +65 6532 3070
F: +65 6532 3071
Directory - Corporate Members
International SOS (www.internationalsos.
com) is the
world’s leading medical and
travel security risk services
company. We care for clients
across the globe, from
more than 700 locations in
89 countries. Our expertise
is unique: More than 11,000
employees are led by 1,200
doctors and 200 security
specialists. Teams work night
and day to protect our members.
We have pioneered a
range of preventative programmes
and offer an unparalleled
response to emergencies.
We are passionate
about helping clients put
‘Duty of Care’ into practice.
With us multinational corporate
clients, governments
and NGOs can mitigate risks
for their people working remotely
or overseas.
International SOS
331 North Bridge Road
Odeon Towers #17-00
Singapore 188720
T: +65 6338 2311
Intertrust has been setting
the standard in trust, corporate
and fund services since
1952. Thanks to our focus
on quality, we have not only
survived, but thrived. And
we help our clients whether
they-re wealthy individuals,
families or large companies
do the same. With over 1,450
experts in over 24 countries
worldwide, we have the local
knowledge and on-theground
presence you need
to succeed.
Our service is always built
around each client's personal
needs and priorities. Whatever
we do for you, you can
trust us always to act with
uncompromising integrity.
Quality, personal service and
attention to detail. That's
what the Intertrust mark
stands for.
3 Anson Road
Springleaf Tower #27-01
Singapore 079909
T: +65 6500 6400
Isolectra Far East Pte Ltd is
a solution provider for telecom,
building and industrial
solutions. Established
in Singapore since 1978,
Isolectra offers services such
as design, project management,
systems engineering,
installation, integration and
maintenance. Our versatility
is proven with our success
in handling turnkey projects
as well as our co-operation
with local and international
consultancy partners to provide
innovative solutions for
industries such as transportation,
heavy industries, banking,
commercial, retail, etc.
Next to that, we also represent
several international
brands in managing their
sales and distribution activities
in Asia. Apart from our
core business in Singapore,
we are also active in regional
markets such as Thailand,
Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam,
Middle-East and Brunei.
Isolectra Far East Pte Ltd
8 Commonwealth Lane #02-04,
Singapore 149555
T: +65 6272 2371
KONE Pte Ltd, a leading
provider of elevators and escalators,
has been present in
the Singapore market since
1978. KONE has been developing
quickly and is becoming
the preferred elevator
and escalator brand selected
by many developers, consultants,
architects and facility
managers. (optional: Since
2012 KONE has established
its regional head quarter for
the Asia Pacific and Middle
East region in Singapore)
KONE has been committed
to understanding the needs
of its customers for more
than 100 years, providing
industry-leading elevators
and escalators, as well as innovative
solutions for modernization
and maintenance.
The company’s objective is to
offer the best People Flow®
experience by developing
and delivering solutions
that enable people to move
smoothly, safely, comfortably
and without waiting in buildings
in an increasingly urbanizing
KONE solutions can be
found in many prominent
buildings around Singapore:
Marina Bay Sand®, Reflections
at Keppel Bay, Circle
Line, Jem™, Floridian, International
Cruise Terminal, and
W Residences.
Today KONE has more than
200 employees serving customers
in Singapore.
Kone Pte Ltd
151 Lorong Chuan
New Tech Park (Lobby F) #05-06
Singapore 556741
T: +65 6424 6246
Heerema Marine Contractors
(HMC) is a world leading
marine contractor in the
international offshore oil and
gas industry.
HMC excels at transporting,
installing and removing offshore
facilities. These include
fixed and floating structures,
subsea pipelines and infrastructures
in shallow waters,
deep and ultra deep waters.
HMC manages the entire
supply chain of offshore
construction, from design
through to completion.
Heerema Marine Contractors
83 Clemenceau Avenue
UE Square #10-02
Singapore 239920
T: +65 6876 4500
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Directory - Corporate Members
NXP Semiconductors Singapore
Pte. Lte. is NXP’s Global
Headquarters for Standard
Products, Global Headquarters
for Operations, and ASEAN
Headquarters for Sales
& Marketing. NXP Semiconductors
NXPI) creates solutions that
enable secure connections
for a smarter world. Building
on its expertise in High
Performance Mixed Signal
electronics, NXP is driving innovation
in the automotive,
identification and mobile industries,
and in application
areas including wireless infrastructure,
lighting, healthcare,
industrial, consumer
tech and computing. NXP
has operations in more than
25 countries, and posted revenue
of $4.8 billion in 2013.
1 Fusionopolis Walk
Solaris South Tower #12-01/02
Singapore 138628
T: +65 6434 8688
Orangefield is an independent
global corporate service
provider and fund administrator
delivering tailored
solutions to funds, trusts,
investment managers, multinationals,
retailers, corporate
and private clients. We
demand of ourselves the
excellence you expect from
an international leader in
outsourced business services
with more than 40 years of
When outsourcing your accounting,
fund administration
or management, choose
a qualified partner who fully
understands your needs and
never fails to act in your best
1 Raffles Place #29-02
One Raffles Place
Singapore 048616
Tel : +65 6593 3700
Fax : + 65 6593 3711
ORTEC is one of the largest
providers of advanced planning
and optimization solutions.
ORTEC has over 1,750
customers worldwide, 750
employees and offices in Europe,
North America, South
America and the Asia-Pacific
Our software products and
consulting services in logistics
and supply chain cover
areas such as vehicle routing,
load optimization, network
design and workforce
scheduling, and enable our
clients to enjoy significant
and measureable cost savings,
inventory reductions,
productivity improvements
and increased revenues.
ORTEC’s people bring together
a vast experience in
Operations Research, IT and
Business knowledge, which
are key components to our
success. ORTEC is committed
to make a success of
every project.
ORTEC Singapore Pte Ltd
16 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049318
T: +65 6818 9866
PWN Technologies, a subsidiary
of PWN, was established
to make the water supply
company’s innovations in
drinking water treatment
globally available to water
companies. The revenues of
PWN Technologies are invested
in R&D programmes
to strengthen PWN’s position
as an innovative water supply
PWN Technologies has developed
advanced, efficient
and sustainable solutions in
water treatment, based on
suspended ion exchange,
ceramic membrane applications
and advanced oxidation.
PWN Technologies is
located in the Netherlands
(Velserbroek and Andijk) and
in Singapore.
PWN Technologies is located
in the Netherlands and Singapore.
1 Kim Seng Promenade
Great World City West Tower
Singapore 237994
T: +65 6735 6890
Directory - Corporate Members
Singapore based MariFlex
Asia has grown to become
one of Asia’s leading companies
for the provision of
liquid offloading services
and equipment. From Singapore,
and through our
partners in Malaysia, Korea
and Indonesia, we can help
you with advice, assistance
and solutions to challenges
before, during and after the
transfer/transhipment of any
liquid bulk cargo. Whether
assistance is needed for handling
cargo on board ships
including Bunkering, de-
Bunkering and Emergency
Ship to Ship Transfer Services
or liquid cargo handling services
to the industrial and/or
petrochemical installations
ashore: our trouble-shooters’
will solve your problem
right there and then. We will
analyse the situation, quickly
apply the correct technical
solution and tackle any complications.
While we prefer to
supply / lease the Equipment
and the Operators and provide
a full service end to end
we can also offer a partial
service if required.
Mariflex Asia
29 Tuas Avenue 4
Singapore 639379
T: +65 6637 8148
Mammoet helps clients improve
construction efficiency
and optimize the uptime of
plants and installations. For
that purpose, we provide solutions
for lifting, transporting,
installing and decommissioning
large and heavy
structures. Our services are
focused on the petrochemical
and mining industries,
civil engineering, power generation
and offshore projects.
The logistic challenges in
these industries are growing
daily. Factors such as remote
locations, harsh climates and
strong emphasis on the environment
are constantly driving
us towards smarter and
after solutions.
7 Clementi Loop
Singapore 129811
T: +65 6861 1638
The NTS-Group develops,
manufactures and optimises
opto-mechatronic systems,
modules and components
for international machine
builders (OEMs). Our added
value enables leading players
in the high-tech industry
to focus more on the marketing,
sales and service of their
products. The NTS-Group
comprises different, complementary
operating companies
based in the Netherlands,
the Czech Republic,
Singapore and China, which
form together the most important
links for manufacturing
machines. Our professional
skill, expertise and
know-how give us optimal
control over manufacturability,
costs and logistics performance.
We closely monitor
new developments and
respond flexibly to market
NTS Group Asia
11 Woodlands Walk
Singapore 738265
T: +65 6753 7135
Mazars is an international,
integrated and independent
organization. Our integrated
partnership spans five continents
and enables us to offer
local expertise, coordinated
on a local or a global basis.
We are also a founding member
of the Praxity alliance,
which extends our service
coverage to 33,400 professionals
in 97 countries.
Mazars in Singapore specialises
in Audit and Assurance,
Tax, Governance Risk and
Internal Control, Transaction
Services, Valuation, Consulting,
Accounting Outsourcing,
Payroll Outsourcing and
Company Secretarial. Our
clients benefit from the combined
expertise of 160 Singapore-
based professionals
and our international team
of 13,800 professionals in 72
To support our International
Clients we offer Chinese,
French and US Desks. Our
language capabilities include
English, French, Japanese,
Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesian,
Bahasa Malay, Cantonese,
Dutch, Filipino, Italian,
Spanish and Tamil.
Mazars’ unique integrated
model is dedicated to guaranteeing
responsiveness and
consistent quality of service
to our clients. We are one
global partnership, sharing
cohesive values that bind different
MAZARS LLP Professional
133 Cecil Street
Keck Seng Tower #15-02
Singapore 069535
T: +65 6224 4022
F: +65 6225 3974
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Directory - Corporate Members
Royal HaskoningDHV is a
multidisciplinary, international
engineering consultancy with
7000 employees worldwide
in over 35 countries. Royal
HaskoningDHV is a global
leader in the fields of ports,
shipyards, coastal, airports,
industrial buildings, tunnels
and water technology. We
work with our clients through
every stage of the project
lifecycle, from conception
and construction to completion,
and from feasibility
study to financial close.
Royal HaskoningDHV is committed
to delivering added
value whilst creating meaningful
solutions for a more
sustainable society.
Royal HaskoningDHV
20 Harbour Drive
PSA Vista #02-01A
Singapore 117612
T: +65 677 915-02
SMIT Towage & Salvage is
an established international
marine services group headquarted
in the Netherlands.
Smit’s services are underpinned
by a unique combination
of human skills, experience
& hardware. Since May
2010, SMIT is a member of
Royal Boskalis Westminster
SMIT Towage services provide
the vital link between
ship and berth. Experienced
crews on our state-of-the-art
tugs assist thousands of ships
in the world’s most prominent
ports. SMIT Salvage is
involved in emergency response,
wreck removal operations
and environmental
care services. SMIT Salvage
is one of world’s largest salvage
companies offering
worldwide marine emergency
response coverage.
23 Gul Road
Singapore 629356
T: +65 6668 4222
C. Steinweg is one of the
world’s leading warehousing
and logistics services providers,
with a long heritage in
the commodity trade. From
its origins in Rotterdam,
Steinweg has grown a global
network of more than 100 offices
in 168 years.
The Steinweg brand is a mark
of excellence, widely recognized
for high quality and
standard by traders as well as
international exchanges, financial
institutions, insurance
companies, regulators and
government agencies.
Whether your business
needs are in Asia Pacific, Europe,
Middle East & Africa or
North & South America, rest
assured we are the SOUL of
Natural Resource Logistics.
28 Jurong Port
Singapore 619113
Turnover at the Rhenus Group
tops € 4.1 billion, making it
one of the logistics service
companies with global operations.
Rhenus has business
locations at more than
390 locations worldwide and
employs 24,000 people. The
Rhenus business areas - Contract
Logistics, Freight Logistics,
Port Logistics and Public
Transport - manage complex
supply chains and provide a
wealth of innovative valueadded
Rhenus Group
17 Changi Business Park Central 1
Honeywell Building #05-01
Singapore 486073
T: +65-6709-0500
Bish De
Bish & De Groot combines Dutch creativity
and over two decades of programming
skills to deliver custom built sites.
DutchCham Directory 2015 79
Directory - Corporate Members
Translin is an online platform
connecting the demand
and supply of interpreting
services on a global scale.
We strive to provide highly
professional and accurate
interpreting services to governments,
organisations and
businesses worldwide.
Our database of qualified interpreters
represents 69 languages
in all major fields of
Benefits at a glance:
• Our service saves costs,
because interpreting is
provided by video. There
is no need to pay travel expenses
or overtime. In addition,
Translin uses a payper-
use system – only used
minutes will be charged.
• Our service brings together
professional interpreters
and makes them available
where and whenever they
are needed.
• Our service saves time, because
we offer a complete
and hassle-free service:
booking and finding the
right interpreter, facilitating
the video call and handling
the financial and administrative
T: +65 9739 6123
The Netherlands / Singapore
Trustube designs, manufactures,
assembles, installs and
commissions automatic lubrication
systems and monitoring
systems for the Dredging,
Offshore, Oil & Gas and
Offshore Wind Industry. We
execute the whole process
from design to completion,
With our high-tech solutions
your equipment is guaranteed
to receive the exact
dosage, using the optimal
product, at the correct location,
at the desired time and
enables the reduction of lubricant
consumption up to
70%. You will be able to work
in a cleaner and safer environment
by eliminating the
human factor in lubricating.
The result of a TrustLube system
is a short return on investment,
as your equipment
will have a higher uptime and
a longer lifetime. The lubrication
process is optimized and
customized for your equipment
only. You can find our
systems and lubricants on
Rack & Pinion systems such
as Jack-Ups and open gears.
We lubricate large slew bearings,
plain and roller bearings
from small systems up
to the largest winch in the
world. Our products keep
seals and bearings clear from
water, salt and dirt. TrustLube
is the proud supplier of an
impressive range of large,
renowned companies in the
TrustLube Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
22 Boon lay way
Tradehub 21, #01-57
Singapore 609968
T: +65 8673 9629
F: +31 88 87 87 700
Trustmoore is a specialist corporate
service provider, with
offices in Europe, Asia and
the Caribbean. Trustmoore
actively supports its clients
with optimizing their international
corporate group
structure, asset protection,
estate planning, wealth compliance
and asset control.
We are strong believers in
personal and tailored services,
which exceed our clients’
expectations. We aim
to remain a flexible, agile and
future-proof organisation
that smoothly adapts to the
changing world and the demands
of our clients. As we
are management-owned and
not related to a financial institution,
audit firm, law firm or
any other party, we can truly
operate independent and
with only the interests of our
clients at the heart of what
we do.
Our services in Singapore include
incorporation, the provision
of a director, corporate
secretary and registered office.
We also provide all ancillary
services such a corporate/
legal, bookkeeping and
Trustmoore Singapore Pte Ltd
76A Tras Street
Singapore 079015
T: +65 6222 77 39
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Directory - Corporate Members
TNT Express established its
footprint in Asia in 1964 with
the setting up of its Asia Regional
Office, here in Singapore,
followed by the opening
of its operations base
in Singapore in 1974. Since
then we have enlarged our
footprint in the region, investing
significantly in and
expanding our network and
infrastructure. Now TNT
covers all countries in Asia.
We transfer your goods and
documents around the world
tailored to your requirement
with a focus on time-definite
and day- definite pick up and
1 Raffles Place
One Raffles Place #46-00
Singapore 048616
T: +65 6344 0488
Always focused on providing
safety and support at
sea, SVITZER has been in the
forefront of specialized marine
services for more than
180 years. 4,000 colleagues
in some 40 countries are
dedicated to being the best
craftsmen in the industry
and share a daily commitment
to putting their expertise
and experience to good
use everywhere we operate.
A fleet of more than 500
vessels make us the global
market leader within towage,
salvage and emergency response.
SVITZER Salvage Asia Pte Ltd
5 Tanjong Penjuru Crescent
Singapore 608970
T: +65 6224 9644
Tebodin Consultant & Engineers
is a multinational
corporation with over 5,000
employees in 50 offices all
over the world. Our extensive
network combined with
local knowledge allows us to
offer the best of integrated
engineering and consultancy
We have both the means and
skills needed to undertake
various projects over a wide
range of sectors: Industrial,
Chemicals, Health & Nutrition,
Infrastructure, Property,
Energy & Environment, Oil &
Gas. Our range of independent
services covers consultancy,
project management,
design and engineering, procurement
and construction
management, which we offer
either separately or as an integrated
In Asia we have over 1000
employees with 13 offices located
in China, Vietnam, Myanmar,
Indonesia, Thailand,
Malaysia, India & Singapore.
Tebodin is part of the international
engineering and services
company Bilfinger SE.
Tebodin Singapore Pte. Ltd
51 Bukit Batok Cresent
Unity Centre #08-25
Singapore 658 007
T: +65 6316 2281
TEHO International is a supplier
of rigging, mooring,
engineering and water treatment
systems to the Marine
and Oil & Gas industries.
Established in 1986, there
has been a growth from the
headquarters in Singapore
to encompass overseas sales
and marketing offices with a
distribution network covering
the ports of Singapore, Rotterdam,
Dubai, Houston and
The expansion in both geographical
coverage and
product portfolio enables
TEHO to better provide its
customers with complete
solutions efficiently and competitively.
A growing loyal
customer base, valuable
long-term partners and unwavering
commitment have
propelled TEHO Group to
maintain a leading position
amidst the challenges in the
market. Today, TEHO is a
public listed company in the
Singapore Stock Exchange.
TEHO International
1 Commonwealth Lane
One Commonwealth #09-23
Singapore 149544
T: +65 6744 8777
F: +65 6744 8788
TenCate is a multinational
company which combines
textile technology with
chemical process technology
in the development and
production of functional materials,
modules and systems
which are an optimum match
for specific market requirements.
It is also increasingly
important to reduce the ancillary
costs of the chosen
solution, since materials and
modules form part of a total
system. The technological
base determines the highgrade
applications (productmarket-
technology combinations)
which TenCate supplies
in selected niche markets.
TenCate focuses on the
growing demand for protection
of people and their
living and working environments.
The worldwide trends
towards ‘safety and protection’
and ‘sustainability
and the environment’ serve
as the focal points of the
protective solutions which
TenCate provides. The four
market themes are In transit,
In habitats, At work and During
leisure. The end-markets
in which TenCate operates
are mobility, infrastructure,
water management, defence,
personal protection, sport
and leisure TENCATE GRASS
77 Robinson Road, Level 34
Singapore, 068896
T: +65 6809 2130
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Directory - Corporate Members
Vriens & Partners is a Singapore-based corporate advisory firm
specializing in government affairs, public policy, and political risk
analysis in Southeast Asia. We provide expert analysis of pressing
public policy issues, strategies for engaging key stakeholders, independent
appraisals of the political risk associated with existing
and potential investments, strategic communications services and
risk communications counsel, and risk assessment and management.
Our team is composed of Asia experts with extensive experience
providing counsel to companies and organizations. Beyond Singapore,
we have offices in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hanoi,
Manila, and Yangon. We also have teams and partnerships in Cambodia,
Laos, Brunei, Hong Kong and Timor Leste.
Vriens & Partners
29B Teo Hong Road
Singapore 088335
T: +65 6471 5269
Witteveen+Bos South-East Asia Pte. Ltd. established our presence
in Singapore in June 2014. Witteveen+Bos provides consulting
and engineering services in the fields of water, infrastructure, the
environment and construction. With some 950 employees, the
firm focuses primarily on complex projects requiring advanced
knowledge and an integrated approach. The multi-disciplinary
approach, which involves intensive co-operation between specialists
in different disciplines, is a key element of the way we work.
Witteveen+Bos is characterised by its expertise, reliability and
commitment. Witteveen+Bos has a unique ownership structure,
with the shares wholly owned by its staff. Our clients are government
agencies, private companies and alliances. They are served
from the head office in Deventer, seven Dutch offices, and foreign
offices in Belgium, Dubai, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia,
Singapore and Vietnam.
In 2013 the firm’s turnover totalled 111 million euro.
Witteveen+Bos South-East Asia Pte. Ltd.
2 International Business Park, The Strategy Tower 1 # 02-01
Singapore 609930
T: +65 3158 7317
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Directory - Corporate Members
Since the founding of its
first brewery in 1538, United
Dutch Breweries (UDB) has
been serving beers to consumers
all over the world.
Through the centuries UDB
has developed from a classical
brewery into a worldwide
supplier of all major European
beer styles. UDB has created
and uses a high quality
brewery network throughout
Europe, which has resulted
into a unique position as being
the most flexible supplier
within the international beer
industry. From Dutch style
lager beers to authentic Belgian
abbey beers, English
stout beers, and German lager,
wheat and black beers,
from 0.0% up to 16% alcohol
by volume, in various types
of packaging, UDB has it
all on offer, under one of its
own Dutch heritage brands
as well as a selection of top
premium brands owned by
brewing partners. To further
strengthen its position
throughout the region, UDB
Asia-Pacific was established
in 2012, functioning as a
commercial hub for UDB’s
customers (distributors and
retailers) in Asia and Oceania.
31 Rochester Drive
Hotel Penthouse Level 24
Singapore 138637
T: +65 8268 8197
Van Oord is a world-class
marine contractor. Day in,
day out, we work on dredging,
offshore and marine
engineering projects around
the world. For more than
a century now, this is how
Van Oord has helped build
tomorrow’s infrastructure.
Worldwide we offer solutions
that contribute to a safe and
prosperous world by reclaiming
and protecting the land.
Van Oord
20 Harbour Drive
PSA Vista #07-02
Singapore 117612
T: +65 6773 6643
VDL Enabling Technologies
Group is a tier-one contract
manufacturing partner, operating
Our customers are leading
high-tech Original Equipment
Manufacturing companies
and users of advanced
production lines.
Our goal is to outperform
customer expectations in
delivering mechatronic solutions.
We have built our track record
in the following markets:
semiconductor capital
equipment, thin film deposition
equipment for photovolaic
solar systems, analytical
instruments, medical systems,
aerospace & defense
parts and systems and mechanisation
Our services include prototyping,
the prime activity
for VDL ETG Research, customer
specific factory automation
projects, the focus
of VDL ETG Projects and series
manufacturing of ‘highmix
low-volume’ products,
daily business in all other VDL
ETG locations. We are committed
to supporting our customers
wherever they have
manufacturing facilities. Our
sites in Eindhoven and Almelo
(the Netherlands), Singapore
and Suzhou (China) are
testimony to this.
VDL Enabling Technologies
259 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim
Singapore 629148
T: +65 6265 7466
VoskampLawyers is a boutique
law firm that specialises
in integrated tax and
legal advice on cross border
transactions. The firm was
founded in 2009 with a dual
focus: providing legal and
tax advice in respect of cross
border transactions as well
as comprehensive international
tax support. With its
headquarters in Singapore
and offices in Amsterdam
(the Netherlands), Sydney
(Australia) and Kuala Lumpur
(Malaysia), VoskampLawyers
acts as a strategic partner
to international and regional
clients doing business across
borders. Since August 2010,
VoskampLawyers is the largest
Dutch law firm in the
Southeast Asia region.
VoskampLawyers’ main area
of practice are taxation, cross
border corporate and commercial
law, cross border
employment law and international
arbitration. With Dutch
and regional qualified attorneys
and tax lawyers who
work closely together,
VoskampLawyers renders
straight forward and handson
advice to its clients.
Voskamp Lawyers
137 Market Street
Grace Global Raffles #03-01
Singapore 048943
T: +65 64630535
F: +65 6664 0799
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Directory - Professional Members
Mr Luc Dings,QE
Lumiche International BV
Ms Lonneke Kroes
IPREM Consulting
Inventory Specialist
Mr Marcel Krol
Georg Duncker Insurance Brokers Asia
Chief Executive Officer
Ms Marie-Hélène van Houten
The Past Perfect Collection
Director & Co-Owner
Mr Marius de Beer
Britvic PLC
VP& Director Asia
Mr Mike van der Wal
TMD Security GmbH
Managing Director APAC
Mr Olaf Kwakman
Managing Director
Mr Patrick Nelissen
Business Developer
Go to market strategist
Mr Paul de Bruijn
Mr Peter Korsuize
Infosigma Pte Ltd
Mr Peter-Paul Nijsten
Raffles International Executive Search Pte Ltd
Founder & CEO
Mr Peter Smit
Expert in FMCG,
Executive and General Management,
Marketing, Sales and HR
Ms Petra Pronk
Footprint Consultancy
Advisor/Sr. Business Developer Defence,
Safety & Security at TNO
Mr Richard Soemita
DR Consultancy Services Pte Ltd
Managing Director
Mr Walter van der Boor
IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd
Senior Financial Consultant
Mr Benny Ang Kwan Yung
Hiap Shing Shipping
Mr Otbert de Jong
Metis Consultancy Pte Ltd
Mr Jelle de Jong
Lexia Analytics
Mr Liaw Wee Tong
Red Element Health International Pte. Ltd.
Executive Director
Directory - Professional Members
Members directory
Professional Members
Mr Adriaan Smits
Director Centre of Excellence for
Radar and Integrated Sensors
Thales Netherlands / Thales Solutions Asia
Mr Alex Lambeek
Fox International Channels
EVP Digital and Mobile Partnerships,
Asia Pacific
Ms Alice Beurze
Standard Chartered Bank
Business Manager
Retail Clients
Mr Charles Stephan
Wine BOS Trading
Managing Director
Mr Christiaan van Es
RGP (Resources Global Professionals)
Managing Director Strategic Accounts APAC &
Managing Director RGP Philippines
Ms Cynthia Zhai
Connecting2Success International
Executive Voice Coach, Speaker & Trainer
Mr Dennis van Noord
Regional Director Strategic Partnerships - APAC
Mr Dirk de Korne
Singapore National Eye Centre
Deputy Director, Assistant Professor
Ms Elizabeth van Ipenburg
IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd
Personal Assistant
Ms Francis Bosker – Breeveld
Santa Fe
Customer Relations Manager
Mr Hans van Mameren
Hace Engineering
Mr Jan Timmer
We Are Perspective Pte Ltd
Managing Director
Mr Jan-Willem Koutstaal
Managing Director
Mr Jeroen Overbeek
Aurecon Singapore (Pte.) Ltd.
Ports and Marine Leader Asia
Mr Jeroen Reiniers
Eclipse Business Media
Global Commercial Director
Ms Jolanda Hakvoort
Business Development Manager
Mr Harm-Jan Meester
H.J. Meester Consulting
Owner/Principal Consultant
Mr Kees-Jan Boonen
FTI Consulting Strategic Communications
84 DutchCham Directory 2015
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Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA).................................................................................................................................................................................
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FME Association for the technological industry in the
Useful contacts in Singapore
European Chamber of Commerce (EuroCham)
Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC)............................................................................................................................................................
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Singapore Manufacturer’s
Singapore Key Government Agencies
Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board of Singapore (Spring) ....................................................................................................................................
A*Star Agency For Science, Technology And
Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)..........................................................................................................................................................
Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA)
Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA)
Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)
Energy Market Authority of Singapore (EMA)............................................................................................................................................................................
Land Transport Authority (LTA ).....................................................................................................................................................................................................
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).......................................................................................................................................................................
National Environment Agency (NEA)
Professionals Engineers Board (PEB)
Singapore’s National Water Agency (PUB)
The ASEAN Dutch Chamber Network
Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC)
Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce (NTCC)
Indonesian Netherlands Association (INA)
Dutch Business Association Vietnam (DBAV)
Philippines-Netherlands Business Council (PNBC Phillipines).................................................................................................................................
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