Knitted fabrics for protection, Knitted sacks  for produce & protection, Plastic Tapes &   Monofilaments, Plastic yarns, Ropes, Plastic films,  Protection Netting, Bale Wrap Netting, Pallet Wrap Netting, Monofilament Yarn, Date  Protection Sleeve.
Metal Buildings & Metal Works
Road Blockers & Gates, Green houses, Dairy Headlocks, Fencing, Aluminum doors & windows, Other metal works.                            
Dates and Dates Products.
Export of Saudi Products.
Medical Supplies and accessories, Medical Solutions and Chemicals, Medical machines, Instruments and spare parts.
IT Systems and Products, Communication Systems and Products.
Security systems and products, CCTV systems and products, Military supplies and accessories.
Marine Products and accessories, Radar  Systems and accessories.
Aviation supplies, parts, and technical services. 
Spare Parts
Agricultural chemicals, Pesticides, herbicides and insecticides,  Seeds, Public health products.
Government Contracts
Facilities Operation and maintenance, Technical  maintenance, Biomedical contracts and maintenance
Installation, commissioning, training, warrantee service, and after sales service support.
Logistics support services.
Administrative services, Personnel support services, Logistics services.
Business consulting services, Business center services.
Electronic Security, guards, bodyguards and patrol cars.
Travel arrangement  services.                              
Prime contracting