last_Name	first_Name	Company	RegTypeDescription	Booth Staff	Additional Booth Staff	Name of Booth Staff	10 x 10 Booth Space and C	10 x 10 Government Booth	Non-Profit Org. 10 x 10	Platinum Sponsor	Diamond Sponsor	Gold Sponsor	Silver Sponsor	Lunch Sponsor	Reception Sponsor	Small Business Sponsor	Premier Exhibit Space
Payton	Trena	ABN Technologies	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Gallegos	Rosa	Advertising Edge Inc.														Small Business Sponsor	
McNall	Pete	Aerial Productions Intl'- SMART-1 JETS	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Bishop	Robert	Aerial Productions Intl'- SMART-1 JETS	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Rippie	Tammie	Amec Foster Wheeler	Industry				Exhibitor										
Wainwright	Nigel	American Plaque Company	Industry	Checked		Victor Yoder	Exhibitor										
Perry	Mary	American Systems	Industry										Silver Sponsor				
Laranjeira	David	AQS-Inc.	Industry		Checked	John Park	Exhibitor										
Dunn	Chris	Artemis Electronics, LLC														Small Business Sponsor	
St.Julien	Monica	BAE Systems	Industry									Gold Sponsor					
Couch	Susan	Bank of America Merrill Lynch	Industry										Silver Sponsor				
Smith	Lynnise	Battelle	Industry				Exhibitor										
Sutton	Rebecca	BecTech	Industry				Exhibitor										
Wray	Mike	Bidspeed														Small Business Sponsor	
Dyster	Justin	Black Diamond Advanced Technology	Industry	Checked		To Be Determined	Exhibitor										
Lopez	Carlos	Caduceus	Industry		Checked		Exhibitor										
Pignotti	Steve	CASE Forensics	Industry				Exhibitor										
Andrews	Mark	CDM Smith Inc	Industry		Checked		Exhibitor										
Cober	Christina	Chugach Government Solutions, LLC	Industry				Exhibitor										
Clauss	Patrick	Clauss Construction	Industry	Checked	Checked	Patrick Clauss	Exhibitor										
McCoy	Shawn	Coastal Component Industries	Industry	Checked		SHAWN MCCOY	Exhibitor										
Flores	Carlos	Coronado Distribution Co.	Industry				Exhibitor										
Rosenblatt	Rebecca	Deltek	Industry									Gold Sponsor					
Burley	Nikki	Department of State	Government					Exhibitor									
Jacobsen	Carmen	DHS/HSI	Government					Exhibitor									
DeSmet	Renee	DOI/Bureau of Reclamation	Government					Exhibitor									
Sartori	Mindy	Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp	Industry									Gold Sponsor					
Frazao	Cliff	Eaglelift	Industry				Exhibitor										
Weaver	Michael	Executive Business Services	Industry	Checked	Checked	Michael Weaver	Exhibitor										
Sillay	Joe	Federal National Commercial Credit														Small Business Sponsor	
Flatter	Alexandria	Flatter & Associates, Inc.	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Parnell	Ludmilla	General Dynamics IT	Industry												Reception Sponsor		
Grundies	Dave	GET Engineering	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Building Company	Gilbane	Gilbane Building Company	Industry	Checked		TBD	Exhibitor										
Solomon	Christopher	Global Industrial	Industry				Exhibitor										
Zeller	Chris	GMRE	Industry	Checked		To Be Determined	Exhibitor										
Gorken	Gary	GMS Industrial Supply														Small Business Sponsor	
Daise	Stanley	Headquarters Marine Corps, I&L	Government					Exhibitor									
Steedman-Lyde	Jaime	Health Science Associates	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Dickson	Sheila	INDUS Technology, Inc.														Small Business Sponsor	
Vandergeest	Megan	Innovative Employee Solutions	Industry	Checked	Checked	Sean Ring	Exhibitor										
Moraga	Jamie	intelliSolutions, inc.														Small Business Sponsor	
Broschak	Amy	IXI Technology	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Pippins	Janet	IXI Technology	Industry		Checked		Exhibitor										
Rusert	Dan	JAMIS Software	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Ramsauer	Victor	LevitZacks, Certified Public Accountants	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Peoples Gadson	Marquita	Lockheed Martin	Industry								Diamond Sponsor						
Rainer	Lee	LRA-ISI & LRAssociates, LLC	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Martirosian	Melinda	Manson Construction Co.	Industry	Checked		Melinda Martirosian	Exhibitor										
Johnson	Austin (AJ)	Marine Corps Systems Command	Government					Exhibitor									
Moseley	Shae	Martin Brothers Construction	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Minter	Jason	McLaughlin Research Corporation	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Pfizenmaier	Jeff	MFM Services, LLC	Industry		Checked		Exhibitor										
Rogers	Chad	Missile Defense Agency	Government					Exhibitor									
Edwards	Jeff	MNS Engineers, Inc.	Industry				Exhibitor										
Garnett	Paul	Mountain State Information Systems	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Hu	Derrick	NAVAIR Weapons Division	Government					Exhibitor									
Decker	Carol	Naval Supply Systems Command	Government					Exhibitor									
Zaccaria	Robert	NAVFAC Southwest	Government					Exhibitor									
Travierso	Tina	New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Southern California	Industry	Checked		Kristen Solis	Exhibitor										
Taylor	Andrea	NIH-NITAAC	Government					Exhibitor									
Aziz	Mikal	Northrop Grumman	Industry								Diamond Sponsor						
Bionda	Carole	Nova Group, Inc. (Nova RMF AJV)	Industry	Checked		Al Anderson	Exhibitor										
Worden	Kurt	NOVA Power Solutions														Small Business Sponsor	
Samhat	Sara	Oceanside Center of Neurology	Industry				Exhibitor										
Foti	Jim	ORBIT Instrument Div. of ORBIT International Corp.	Industry		Checked		Exhibitor										
Johnson	Gwen	Parsons	Industry										Silver Sponsor				
Trites	Tisha	Power Analytics	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Woods	Charles	QPL-EMS	Industry				Exhibitor										
Beltran	Dora	R A Burch Construction Co Inc.	Industry		Checked		Exhibitor										
Baldwin	Rodger	Rack Solutions, Inc.	Industry	Checked		Carlos Valles	Exhibitor										
Fortner	Benita	Raytheon Company										Gold Sponsor					
Roller	Amy	Reyes Construction, Inc.	Industry				Exhibitor										
Richardson	Elaine	SANDAG	Government					Exhibitor									
Richardson	Elaine	SANDAG	Government					Exhibitor									
Eskelson	Dave	Sciaky, Inc,	Industry		Checked		Exhibitor										
Nagle	Jeff	SDSU	Industry				Exhibitor										
Valenzuela-Banker	Elizabeth	Shore Solutions Inc	Industry				Exhibitor										
Patel	Disha	Siemens Industry, Inc.	Industry											Lunch Sponsor			
Schmidt	Jay	Silicon Forest Electronics	Industry				Exhibitor										
Mazbanian	Paul	Small Business Community Consultants, Inc.	Industry				Exhibitor										
Aispuro-Rebelin	Ana	Soltek Pacific Construction Company	Industry		Checked		Exhibitor										
Watson	Alice	Southwest Regional Maintenance Center	Government					Exhibitor									
Smith	Rashonda	Southwest Regional Maintenance Center	Government					Exhibitor									
Aguillio	Michael	State of California - DGS	Government					Exhibitor									
Bailey	Alyssa	Stronghold Engineering, Inc.	Industry	Checked	Checked	Luis Merida	Exhibitor										
Del Rio	Annie	Sullivan International Group, Inc.	Industry				Exhibitor										
Gray	Douglas	Supplier Insurance Verifcation &anagement					Exhibitor										
Schwarz	Elizabeth	T3W Business Solutions, Inc.														Small Business Sponsor	
Contreras	Roberto	Tech Electronic Systems Inc.	Industry	Checked		Maria Contreras										Small Business Sponsor	
Gardner	Karyn	Teehee Engineering, Inc.	Industry		Checked		Exhibitor										
Nizolak	Joseph	Teksouth Corporation	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Wengronowitz	Lee	TestEquity LLC	Industry	Checked		Lee Wengronowitz	Exhibitor										
Cryderman	Michael	The Aerospace Corporation	Industry				Exhibitor										
Attenborough	Teka	Toshiba America Medical Systems	Industry		Checked		Exhibitor										
Williams Smith	Teri	Tremco Incorporated	Industry	Checked		Dave Terzian	Exhibitor										
Stratton	Michelle	U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Sacramento	Government					Exhibitor									
Rodarte	Rosa	U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)	Government					Exhibitor									
Craig	Chris	Unanet	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Curado	Daniel	US Army Corps of Engineers	Government					Exhibitor									
Oakley	Cigi	Virtual Computing Technology	Industry													Small Business Sponsor	
Caballero	Abel	western metal supply co. inc.	Industry		Checked		Exhibitor										
Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event - August 25-26, 2015																	
Registration list as of 05-18-15																	
**Official housing reservation is handled by Hotel Site Pros (a division of San Diego Site Pros). Please exercise caution of any parties claiming to be housing representatives of Gold Coast 2015.																	
For lodging needs, please contact (619) 584-4738 or email