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Killam Business Directory

All Killam businesses require an annual $20 business license that are available at the Town Office, renewable prior to February 28 of the current year.

    Agriculture Services
    Automotive - Dealers & Repair
    Contractors & Consultants
    Health & Beauty Services
    Professional Services
    Services & Supplies

Agricultural Services

Battle River Implements

    Description: John Deere Agricultural Equipment Dealer, Ag & Turg products, full line of STIJL products
    Manager: Terry Hamilton
    Location: 5807 - 51 Street (Along Highway 13)
    Telephone: (780) 385-3993 or Toll Free: 1-877-913-3373
    Fax: (780) 385 - 2423
    Mailing Address: Box 360 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: general@briltd.com
    Website: http://www.briltd.com/

Crop Production Services Inc.

    Description:  For All Your Agricultural Needs
    Manager:  Clayton Docksteader
    Location:  Junction of Highways 13 & 36
    Telephone:  780-385-2188  Cell:  780-385-1317
    Fax:  780-385-3023
    Mailing Address:  Box 102 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: clayton.docksteader@cpsagu.ca

Forster Feeder Manufacturing Ltd.

    Description: Manufacture Agriculture Specialties
    Owner: Bob Forster
    Telephone: (780) 385-2283
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 724, Killam AB T0B 2L0

Great Northern Grain Terminal Ltd.

    Description: Grain Handling
    Manager: Stefan Cloutier
    Location: Elevator Road
    Telephone: (780) 385-3622
    Fax: (780) 385-2247
    Mailing Address: Suite 1920, 10104 - 103 Ave., Edmonton AB T5H 0J8
    E-mail: scloutier@syban.net
    Website: http://www.gngt.com/

Killam Co-op Bulk Cardlock

    Description: Bulk Fuels, Gas Station, Cardlock & Agriculture
    Manager: Kel Tetz
    Location: North of Junctions Highway 13 & 36
    Telephone: (780) 385-3805
    Fax: (780) 385-3804
    Mailing Address: Box 36, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Email: cardlock@telus.net

Killam Feed & Farm Supply

    Description: Feed Mill and Agriculture Retail Store
    Owner: Brent Gaume
    Location: 5106 - 57 Street
    Telephone: (780) 385 - 3846 Fax: (780) 385 - 3846

Rocky Mountain Farm Equipment

    Description: Case Dealer, New and Used farm equipment
    Owner: Doug Macdonald
    Location: 4707 - 51 Avenue (along Highway 13)
    Telephone: (780) 385-3652
    Fax: (780) 385-2417
    Mailing Address: Box 326, Killam, AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: cfek1@telus.net

UFA Petroleum Products (Killam)

    Description: Convenience Store, Bulk Fuels, Retail Sales, 24 Hr. Cardlock
    Manager: Wayne & Jane Heck
    Location: On junction of Highway 36 & 13
    Telephone: (780) 385-3567
    Fax: (780) 385-2105
    Mailing Address: Box 509, Killam AB T0B 2L0


    Description: Grain Sales & Handling
    Location: Junction of Highways 13 & 36 - entry access off of Highway 36
    Manager:  Kathryn Stewart
    Telephone: (780) 385 - 2188 Fax:  780-385-3023 Grain Fax:  780-385-3518
    Mailing Address: Box 720 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Website:  www.viterra.com
    Other Information:  Office Hours Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 PM  Elevator Hours Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 7:00 pm  Harvest hours may vary

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Automotive - Dealers & Repair

Campbell - McLennan Chrysler

    Description: Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep Dealership
    Owner: Wes Campbell
    Location: 4519 - 51A Avenue - along Highway 13
    Telephone: (780) 385 - 2121 Toll Free: (877) 385-2331
    Fax: (780) 385 - 3803
    Mailing Address: Box 510 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: mc_admin@telus.net
    Website: http://www.campbellmclennan.com/

Canadian Four Wash Bays & Mechanical Repair

    Description: Wash Bays and Mechanic Shop
    Owner: Tom Lavendar
    Location: 5203 - 43 Street (Junction of Highways 13 & 36)
    Telephone: (780) 385-7801
    Fax: (780) 385-7844
    Mailing Address: Box 271 Killam, AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: c4wb4@telus.net

Fountain Tire (Killam)

    Description: Tires, Mechanical & Mufflers Repair
    Owner: Rick Link
    Location: 4915 - 51 Avenue (Highway 13)
    Telephone: (780) 385-3791
    Fax: (780) 385-3571
    Mailing Address: Box 247, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-Mail: f023@fountaintire.com
    Website: Tires Canada

Flagstaff Collision Ltd.

    Description: Auto Collision Repairs, Excellence in Painting
    Owner: David Borgel / Kevin Nelson
    Location: 4403 - 51A Avenue Highway 13 East (4403 - 51A Avenue)
    Telephone: (780) 385-3766
    Fax: (780) 385-3769
    Mailing Address: Box 308, Killam AB T0B 2L0

Maxim Automotive Ltd.

    Description: Complete Automotive Care
    Owners:  Brad Borgel
    Location: 5409 - 51 Avenue (Highway 13)
    Telephone: (780) 385-3644 cell:  (780) 385-5776
    Fax: (780) 385-3815
    Mailing Address: Box 68, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-Mail: maximaut@telus.net

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Contractors & Consultants

Banjo Electric LTD.

    Description: Electrical Contracting, Maintenance & Trenching
    Owner: Jim & Bill Clark
    Location: 4914- 46th Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-3563
    Fax:(780) 385-3154
    Mailing Address: Box 600 Killam AB T0B 2L0

BeDevil Enterprises Ltd.

    Description:  24 Hour Red Hot Oilfield Services
    Owner:  Dan McRae
    Telephone:  (780) 385-5640
    Fax (780) 385-3835
    Mailing Address:  Box 328 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Email:  BeDevil@Syban.net
    Website:  www.BeDevil.ca
    Additional Information:  Backhoes, Vac Trucks, Picker Trucks, Gravel Trucks, Winch Tractors, Oil Field Rentals, Pump Jack Repair,  45 ton Picker, 2 Texas Bed Winch Trucks

Big Knife Flooring

    Description:  Retail Flooring & Installation, Furniture & Appliances
    Owner:  Darren Caffyn
    5019 - 50th Street
    Telephone:  (780) 385-3550
    Cell:  (780) 385-5827
    Fax:  (780) 385-3550
    Mailing Address:  Box 603 Killam AB T0B 2L0

Bill the Carpenter

    Description: Carpenter Services
    Owner: Bill Lawson
    Location: 4724 - 49th Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-3944
    Cell Phone: (780)385-4882
    Fax: (780) 385-3944
    Mailing Address: Box 133 Killam, AB T0B 2L0
    Email: bill.lawson@eastlink.ca
    Additional Information: Small carpenter jobs and repairs. Doors, screen doors, trim work, drywall repair, woodwork, furniture repairs, interesting projects and 'custom built dog houses'.

Brodie's Trucking Ltd.

    Description: Oilfield and Heavy Hauling, winch trucks, low boys, jeep
    Owner: Stan & Lee Brodie
    Telephone: (780) 385-3018 Stan (780) 385-4382 Lee
    Fax: (780) 385-3098
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 206 Killam, AB T0B 2L0


    Description: Road Maintanance and Contractor
    Mailing Address: Box 40 Vegreville AB T91 1R1

Chris's Waterwell Service Ltd.

    Description: Well and Drilling Servicing
    Contact: Chris Culshaw
    Location: 5604 - 45 Avenue
    Telephone: (780) 385-3165 Fax: (780) 385-3166
    Mailing Address: Box 67, Killam AB T0B 2L0


    Description:  Renovations
    Owner:  Dan Albrecht
    Telephone: (403) 642-7769

Flagstaff Taping & Texturing

    Description: Drywall Taping, Mudding & Texturing. Doing business in Flagstaff for 15 years.
    Owner: Murray Cholowsky
    Location: 4838 - 59Street Killam
    Telephone: (780) 385-2106
    Mailing Address: Box 657, Killam AB T0B 2L0

Forster Hydrovac Service

    Description: Hydrovac Services and Sewer Flushing
    Owner: Bob Forster
    Telephone: (780) 385-2283
    Mailing Address: Box 724, Killam AB T0B 2L0

JJDK Adventures Ltd.

    Description: Semi trucks, crude oil hauling
    Owner: Dave & Karen Waldner
    Telephone: (780) 385-3054
    Cell: (780) 385-0241
    Fax: (780) 385-3084
    Mailing Address: Box 434 Killam, AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: jjdk@xplornet.com

Joe Knievel Contracting Ltd.

    Description: Building Construction and Carpentry
    Contact: Joe Knievel
    Telephone: (780) 385-2190
    Cell: (780) 385-1014
    Fax: (780) 385 - 2394
    Mailing Address: Box 273, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: jkevel@xplornet.com

Killam Plumbing and Heating

    Description: Plumbing and Heating Sales and Service, Hot Water Heating Systems, Gas Fittings
    Bottled water sales and refills
    Owner: Vaughn Prichard
    Location: Highway 13 West (5517-51 Ave.)
    Telephone: (780) 385-3562 Fax: (780) 385-3562
    Mailing Address: Box 155, Killam AB T0B 2L0

McGowan Welding Ltd.

    Description: Welding Shop, Repairs and Manufacturing, Livestock equipment, Bobcat Service
    Owner: Bernard McGowan
    Location: 5017 - 50th Avenue
    Telephone: (780) 385 - 3808
    Fax: (780) 385 - 2118 - Please notify prior to sending!
    Mailing Address: Box 628 Killam, AB T0B 2L0

Nick's Oilfield Welding

    Description: Welding Services
    Owner: Nick Gara
    Location: 5607 - 51 Street (Highway 13)
    Telephone: (780) 385-2342
    Mailing Address: Box 396 Killam AB T0B 2L0

Nick's Plumbing & Heating

    Description:  Plumbing & Heating Contractor
    Owner:  Nick Wideman
    Location:  4914 - 59th Street
    Telephone:  (780) 385-1768
    Mailing Address:  Box 513 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail:  nickwideman@hotmail.com
    Description:  Plumbing & Heating Repair

Oddec J Consulting

    Description: Oilfield equipment design and drafting
    Owner: Christine Prichard
    Telephone: (780) 385-3799 Cell: (780) 385-0329
    Fax: (780) 385-3799
    Mailing: Box 479 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: prichardcjv@telus.net

Pedersen Cabinet Works

    Description: Cabinet Shop
    Owner: Bill & Traci Pedersen
    Location: 5615 52 Ave
    Telephone: 780-385-3385
    Website: http://www.pedersencabinetworks.ca/
    Mailing Address: Box 25, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-Mail: pedersencabinetworks@gmail.com

Shelcraft Woodwork (1997) Ltd.

    Description: Custom Cabinets
    Owner: Perry and Leanna Gordon
    Location: 4205 - 51A Aveue (Along Highway 13)
    Telephone: (780) 385-2344 Cell: (780) 281 - 0624
    Fax: (780) 385-2384
    Mailing Address: Box 6, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-Mail: shelcraf@telusplanet.net

Stayura Well Services Ltd.

    Description:  Hot Shot Trucking
    Owner:  Gerald Stayura
    Location:4301 - 51 A Ave, Killam, AB (Along Highway 13)
    Telephone:  (780) 781-3250
    Mailing Address:  Box 237, Daysland, AB  T0B 1A0

Taralson Construction Ltd.

    Description: Residential, Commercial and Farm Construction
    Contact: Dale Taralson
    Telephone: (780) 385-2349 Fax: (780) 385-2377
    Mailing Address: Box 126, Killam AB T0B 2L0

Xtreme Holdings 

    Description:  Portable Toilets, Steam & Vac Trucks 
    Owner:  Dan Bonnett & Dale Heck
    Telephone:  (780) 781-6622
    Cell - Dan (780) 608 6797
    Cell - Dale (780) 385-5310
    Mailing Address:  4816B - 41Street, Camrose, AB T4V 2N9
    Email:  xtremeholdings13@gmail.com
    Website:  www.xtremeholdings.ca

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ATB Financial

    Description: Financial Institution
    Manager: Michelle Hougestol
    Location: 4940 - 50 Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-3751 Fax: (780) 385-2413
    Mailing Address: Box 10, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Website: http://www.atb.com/

Vision Credit Union

    Description: Financial Institution
    Manager: Rick Tullikopf
    Location: 5004-50 St.
    Telephone: (780) 385-3731 Fax: (780) 385-2406
    Mailing Address: Box 39, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Website: http://www.battlerivercreditunion.com/

Edward Jones

    Description:  Stockbroker/Financial Advisor
    Manager:  Brandi Sakaluk
    Location:  5011 - 50th St.
    Telephone:  (780) 385-3384 Fax:  (780) 385-7857
    Mailing Address: Box 767, Killam, AB T0B 2L0
    Email:  brandi.sakaluk@edwardjones.com
    Website:  www.edwardjones.com

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Professional Services

Andreassen Borth

    Description: Law Firm
    Contact: Michael Borth
    Location: 5014-50th Street
    Telephone: Killam (780) 385-3670
    Fax: (780) 385-3104
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 727 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-Mail: aobkillm@telusplanet.net

Killam Chiropractic Clinic

    Description: Dr. Shanon Mochid (Chiropractic Medicine)
    Location: 5009-50th Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-3734 Fax: (780) 385-3755
    Mailing Address: Box 400 Killam AB T0B 2L0

Killam Denture Clinic

    Description: Tom Borelli (Denturist)
    Location: 5009 -50th Street (Killam Chiropractic Building)
    Telephone: (780) 385-3738 or Camrose Collect (780) 672-0128
    Mailing Address: Killam AB T0B 2L0

S. James Agencies (Killam) Ltd. / Remax

    Description: General Insurance Broker, Alberta Registries Agent, Real Estate
    Owner: Bob & Bud James
    Location: 5012-50 Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-3654 toll free: 888-385-3654 Fax: (780) 385-3905
    Remax: (780) 385-3100
    Mailing Address: Box 100, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-Mail: jamesags@telusplanet.net
    Website: http://www.sjamesagencies.com/

Sunrise Medical Clinic

    Description:  Medical Practice
    Doctor:  Dr. Samuel Ogbeide
    Location:  5203 49 Ave. Killam
    Telephone:  (780) 385-3296
    Fax:  (780) 385-3297
    Mailing Address:  Box 70, Killam AB T0B 2L0

Thompson & Zettel Accountants

    Description: accounting, bookkeeping, personal & corporate tax services
    Manager: Mabel Thompson
    Location: 5026-55th St.
    Telephone: (780) 385-3949 Fax: (780) 385-2129
    Mailing Address: Box 55, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-Mail: thomzett@telus.net
    Website: http://www.thompsonzettel.com

Wheatlands Medical Clinic

    Description:  Medical Practice
    Owner:  Dr. Mat Weighman
    Location:  5203 - 49th Ave, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Telephone:  780-385-3294
    Fax:  780-385-3295
    Mailing Address:  Box 480, Killam AB T0B 2L0

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Clan Malcolm Manor

    Description: Guest House
    Owner: Karen Robinson/Ian Malcolm
    Location: 5006 - 53rd street
    Telephone: 780-390-2010
    Mailing Address: Box 644, Killam, AB ToB 2L0
    E-Mails: karens_ianm@hotmail.com
    Additional Information: Self catering, 5 bedrooms available as well as whole house, daily, weekly or monthly rates

Killam Krossing Hotel

    Description: 2011 Housekeeping Award Recipient. Modern Hotel 40 Air Conditioned Rooms, Restaurant, Lounge & Liquor Store, Convenience Store
    Owner: Seb Stang
    Location: Junction of Highways 13 & 36
    Hotel Telephone: (780) 385- 2290 Fax: (780) 385-3124
    Restaurant Telephone: (780) 385-2275
    Mailing Address: Box 240 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Email: krossing@telus.net
    Website: http://www.killamkrossinghotel.com/

Wagon Wheel Motel (1991)

    Description: Motel accomodation. 2011 Housekeeping Award Reicipent. Clean Quiet and Comfortable. Kitchenette suites avaliable.
    Owners: Adele & Jim Clark
    Location: 4914 - 46 Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-3838 Fax: (780) 385-3154
    Mailing Address: Box 600 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Website: http://www.wagonwheelkillam.com/

Centennial Park Campground - Town of Killam

    Description: Campsite with power, water & sewer  hook-ups, Washrooms & Showerhouse (First come first
    serve with Self Registration)
    Contact: Town of Killam Office
    Location: 4616 - 57 Street (Centennial Park)
    Telephone: (780) 385-3977 Fax: (780) 385-2120
    Mailing Address: Box 189 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Camping RV Rates: Serviced Sites - $35 / night or $750 /month 
                               Non-Service Sites - $20 / night or $400 /month
    Free fire wood - when available
    Power hook-ups, 2 water taps available
    Dumping Station at Lagoona Beach located 1/4 mi South on Highway #36

Lagoona Beach RV Campgrounds

    Description: Campsites with full hook-ups, Dumping station on site
    Contact: Tom Lavendar
    Location: 3915-49th Ave 1/4 mi South on Highway #36 ( Beside Killam Krossing Hotel)
    Telephone: (780) 385-2280
    Fax: (780) 385-7844
    Mailing Address: Box 271 Killam, AB T0B 2L0

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Catering To You

    Description:  Catering
    Owner:  Betty Gordon & Chelsey Gordon
    Cell Phone:  780-888-7532
    Mailing Address:  Box 363, Killam, AB  T0B 2L0
    Email:  bettygordon25@gmail.com
    Website address: cateringtoyou2010.com
    Additional Information:  We would be happy to help you plan your event whether it is Big or Small!

Schezchuan A-1 Restaurant

    Description: Chinese & Western Style Cuisine
    Owner: Quyuh Hoang, Tran
    Location: 5017 - 50 Street
    Telephone/Fax: (780) 385-3777
    Mailing Address: Box 749, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    See our Menu

Jam Tarts

    Description: Fully Licensed Cafe
    Hours: Monday to Friday: 7am- 7pm,
    Owners: Trudy and Steve Haughland
    Location: 5006-50th Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-2222
    See Our Menu

Kong Pizza

    Description: Pizza and Pasta Take-out
    Owner: Maureen Mindrum
    Location: 5515- 51 ave (on highway 13 beside Killam Plumbing and Heating)
    Telephone: (780) 385-2227
    See our Menu

Mizane Steak & Pizza

    Description: Family Restaurant and Catering
    Owner: George Rahmoun
    Location: Sedgewick Main Street
    Telephone: (780) 384-3600 or Cell: (780) 385-5096

Smitty's Restaurant & Killam Krossing Hotel

    Description: Smitty's Restaurant, Lounge, Convenience Store, Liquor Store, & Trucker's Lounge
    Owner: Seb Stang
    Location: Junctions of Highway 13 & 36
    Hotel Telephone: (780) 385- 2290 Fax: (780) 385-3124
    Restaurant Telephone (780) 385-2275
    Mailing Address: Box 240 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Email: krossing@telus.net
    Website: http://www.killamkrossinghotel.com/
    Online Menu!

Stop Spot Drive-In Restaurant

    Description: Eat-in or Take-out, Hamburgers, Pizza, Ice Cream, etc.
    Location: Highway 13 at 48th Street (4805 - 51 Ave.)
    Telephone/Fax: (780) 385-3050
    Mailing Address: Box 578, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    See our Menu


    Description: Fresh Sandwiches, soup
    Owner: Carolyn Schmidt
    Location: 4207 - 51 A Avenue
    Telephone: 780- 385- SUBS (7827)
    Fax: 780-385-3027
    Mailing Address: Box 118 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Online Menu!

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Services & Supplies


    Description:  Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
    Owner:  Michael Smith
    Location:  SW 13-47-12 W 4th
    Mailing Address:  Box 666, Killam, AB  T0B 2L0

Big S Storage

    Description: Self-Storage Bays and RV Stalls
    Owner: Clayton and Jessica Docsteader
    Location: 5309-44 Street - First left turn north of the Highway 13 & 36 intersection. North of the Killam Co-op Carlock Station.
    Telephone: (780) 385-STOR(7867)
    E-Mail: bigsstorage@telus.net

Body Bling

    Decription:  Temporary Body Art
    Owner:  Deanna Maertz
    Location:  Mobile
    Telephone:  780-385-4326
    Mailing Address:  Box 502 Sedgewick, AB T0B 4C0
    E-Mail:  bodyblingalberta@hotmail.ca
    Other Information:  We are a mobile service providing airbrush face painting, airbrush tatoos and glitter tatoos.  We do both private and public events

Brodie's Lounge

    Description: Lounge / Pub
    Location: 5319 - 51 Avenue (along Highway 13)
    Telephone: (780) 385-3000
    Fax: (780) 385-3098
    Mailing Address: Box 206 Killam, AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: stan_lis@telus.net

Budding Ideas / Paw Prints Artwork & Framing

    Description: Full Service Flowers, Gifts, Custom Picture framing
    Owners: Dan & Kathryn Fee are 4th generation business owners in the Town of Killam, providing quality product and service since 1992. Awarded " 2007 Small Business of the Year", Kathryn has training in 6 levels of floral design & Dan is a certified picture framer.
    Location: 5008 - 50 Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-3014 or (780) 385 - 3034
    Fax: (780) 385 - 3034
    Mailing Address: Box 609 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Website: www.shopab.ca/flowershopnetwork.com

Caevon Awards

    Description: Plaques, medals, signage and awards. Full color sublimation graphics on a variety of types of awards and signs.
    Owner: Liz Gabruck
    Location: 4802 - 56 Street
    Telephone: (780) 385 - 3071
    Mailing Address: Box 457 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: lizzy_g38@hotmail.com

The Community Press - Killam Branch

    Description: Weekly Newspaper, commercial printing & brand identity, graphic design, office/business supplies, stationery, invitations, announcements , on-line photo sales
    Location: 4719-50 Street, Killam AB
    Telephone: (780) 385-6693 Fax: (780) 385-3107
    Mailing Address: Box 99, Sedgewick AB T0B 4C0
    E-Mail: ads@thecommunitypress.com
    Website: http://www.thecommunitypress.com/

Crafty Creations

    Description:  a quilt gallery and store. We carry quilting and craft supplies. Also available are quilting and knitting classes. Home to Material girls Longarm Quilting services.  Check out our Facebook Page
    Owner: Sharleen Chevraux
    Location: 5007 - 50 Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-2153 Fax: (780) 385-2156
    Mailing Address: Box 688, Killam, AB T0B 2L0
    E-Mail: schevraux@gmail.com

Country Girl Greenhouses

    Description: Bedding Plants and Proven Winners, Christmas Trees
    Owner: Joleen Blaeser
    Location: 4914-54 Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-0083 Cell (780) 385-0083
    Mailing Address: Box 532, Killam AB T0B 2L0

Country Side K-9 Boarding

    Description:  Dog Boarding
    Owner:  Russ & Lori Caton
    Location:  10 miles North of Killam on HWY 36 to Twshp 460 then 4.5 miles west
    Telephone:  (780) 385-3155
    heated indoor runs/out door runs fenced play yard, non-breed specific/medications given at no additional cost, offering 20 yrs veterinary experience as a registered Animal Health Tech

Da Doghouse Pet Centre

    Description: Pet Grooming, Boarding, Training and Supplies
    Including: Dogs, cats, birds and other small animals
    Owners: Blair and Terri Gordon
    Location: RR 140 and Twp 442
    Telephone: (780) 385-3588 Cell: (780) 385-0898
    Mailing Address: Box 614 Killam, AB T0B 2L0
    Email: btgordon@xplornet.com

Fee and Sons (1978) Ltd.

    Description: Funeral Home
    Directors:  Les Fee and Joe Spiller
    Location: 4810-53 St.
    Telephone: (780) 385-3642
    Fax: (780) 385-2437
    Mailing Address: Box 129, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: fee&sons@telus.net
    Website: http://www.feeandsonsfuneralhome.com/

Gold Canyon by Jessica

    Description:  Gold Canyon Individual Consultant
    Owner:  Jessica Brodie
    Location:  5014 - 49 Street, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Cell #: 780-385-0599
    Mailing Address:  Box 626, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Email:  jessicaabrodie@gmail.com
    Website:  http:/jessicabrodie.mygc.com
    Other Information:  Candles, home decor & warmers

Healing Heart Energy by Kimberley

    Description:  Medium & Reiki
    Owner:  Kimberley Bonnett
    Location:  5023 - 50 Street, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Telephone:  780-385-8861
    Mailing Address:  Box 562, Killam AB T0b 2L0
    Email:  kimmyenergy@gmail.com

Horizon Electronics

    Decription: Electronic Sales & Service
    Owner: Garth Johnson
    Location: North of Killam
    Telephone: (780) 336-1999
    Mailing Address: Box 638 Killam AB T0B 2L0

Holbie's Glass Ltd.

    Description: Residential and Commercial Windows & Doors, Auto Accessories, Windshields, Quads
    Owner: Darren & Cheryl Holben
    Location: 5532 - 51 Avenue (Highway 13 and 55th Street)
    Telephone: (780) 385-3664 Fax: (780) 385-3553
    Mailing Address: Box 8, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: holglass@telusplanet.net

Homestead Photo

    Description: Photography
    Owner: Irene McDermott
    Telephone: (780) 385-8575
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 183 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Email: homesteadphoto83@yahoo.ca
    Website: www.homesteadphoto.ca
    Additional Informaion: Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter

Jenine's Creations

    Owner:  Jenine Ruzicka
    Telephone: - 780-385-3767 Cell:  780-385-4092
    Mailing Address:  Box 188, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Email:  redandshort@yahoo.com
    Other Information:  Phrazes Plus - custom vinyl and applications. Jenine's Baby Creation - custom baby items & sewing.  Boutique Girls - little girls hair bows and hats

Kozee Kidz Sox, Clothing & Apparel

    Owner:  Station Stop Enterprises Ltd. - Josh Guerney
    Location:  5023 - 50th Street, Killam, AB T0B 2L0
    Phone:  587-335-7651
    Mailing Address:  Box 172, Lougheed, AB T0B 2V0
    Email:  stationstopenterprises@gmail.com
    Other Information:  children's clothing, socks, apparel, buy/sell used skates & hockey equipment

Morgan Cox Photography

    Deccription: Photography
    Owner: Morgan Cox
    Telephone: (780) 385-5922
    Email: morgancoxphoto@gmail.com
    Website: www.facebook.com/morgancox.photography
    Additional Information: Lifestyle, engagement & newborn pictures


    Description:  Web Design
    Owner:  Kristin Kueber
    Telephone/Cell:  (780) 385-4555
    Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 412 Killam, AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail:  kristin@kcreative.me
    Website:  www.kcreative.me
    Additional Information:  Creating completely customized websites to suit your needs

Kelly's Computer Service

    Description: Computer Sales & Supplies, Computer Maintenance
    Owner: Dean & Colleen Kelndorfer
    Location: 4902 53rd street
    Telephone: (780)385-0001
    Fax: (780)-385-3956
    Mailing Address: Box 265 Killam, AB ToB 2L0

Killam Bottle Depot

    Description: Bottle Recycling
    Owner: Sam
    Location: 4926 - 50th Street
    Hours: Tues, Thurs, Fri., & Sat. - 10:00am - 5:00pm, Wed., - 9:00am - 2:00pm
    Telephone:  (780) 385-3047
    Email: sjit75@gmail.com
    Mailing Address: Box 211 Killam AB T0B 2L0

Killam Co-op (Wild Rose)

    Description: Grocery Sales
    Manager: Eric Heistad
    Location: 5026 - 50 Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-3666
    Mailing Address: Killam AB T0B 2L0

Killam Co-op Bulk Cardlock

    Description: Bulk Fuels, Gas Station, Cardlock & Agriculture
    Manager: Kel Tetz
    Location: North of Junctions Highway 13 & 36
    Telephone: (780) 385-3805
    Fax: (780) 385-3804
    Mailing Address: Box 36, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Email: cardlock@telus.net

K2S Enterprise Inc. O/A Killam Esso

    Description: Fuel Pumps, Carwash &  Convenience Store
    Owner: Sayy & Steve Song.
    Location: Highway 13 East, 4603-51Ave
    Telephone: (780) 385-3060 Cell: (780) 385-0353
    Fax: (780) 385-3088
    Mailing Address: BOX 92, Killam, AB  T0B 2L0
    Email: woossong@gmail.com

Killam Home Hardware & Building Centre

    Description: Building Centre, Hardware supplies
    Location: 5025 - 57 Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-2364
    Fax: (780) 385-7887
    Mailing Address: Box 540 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Website: http://www.killamhomehardware.com/

Killam Liquor Store

    Description: Liquor Sales
    Owner: Sadie Heistad
    Location: Southeast Corner of Co-op Shopping Mall - 4930 - 50 Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-3771 Cell: (780) 385 - 0985
    Fax: (780) 385 - 3771
    Mailing Address: Box 696 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: sadieh@telus.net

Killam With Nails

    Description:  Nail Studio (Specilizing in N.I. Gel Nails)
    Owner:  Christie Willis
    Location:  5603 - 50 Ave
    Telephone - 780-385-4676
    Mailing Address:  Box 667 Killam AB T0B 2L0

Killam Recycling

    Contact: Town of Killam
    Location: Bins have been placed outside of the Town Shop, west along Highway 13
    Telephone: (780) 385-3783 or (780) 385 - 3977
    Mailing Address: Town Office, Box 189, Killam TOB 2L0

Killam Transit Mix (1977) Ltd.

    Description: Ready Mix Concrete; Sand, Gravel, and Black Dirt Sales and Trucking, Backhoe & Bobcat Service
    Contact: Grant Cole
    Location: 5707 - 51 Ave, Highway 13 West
    Telephone: (780) 385-3821 Fax: (780) 385-2271
    Mailing Address: Box 327, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: k-transit-m@hotmail.com

Norazz Dance Studio (NDS)

    Description: NDS is a licensed business that offers classes for all ability levels in tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip-hop, contemporary and technique. Ages 3 - Adult are welcome. Qualified Instructor, Noreen Thompson, has been teaching since 1992 and offers dance training in a safe and friendly environment. Family discounts and receipts for fitness tax credits are available.
    Owner: Noreen Thompson
    Location: 4710-55 Street
    Cell: (780) 679-9000
    Mailing Address: Box 692, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: norazzdancestudio@gmail.com

Patchwork Sewing

    Description:  Sewing, Mending & Creations
    Owner:  Cathy Kelly
    Location:  45545 - Range Road 133
    Telephone:  780-385-3185 cell:  780-385-5089
    Mailing Address:  Box 248, Killam, AB T0B 2L0

Road Runner Taxi

    Description:  Taxi Service
    Owner:  Bruce Carrigan
    Location:  14055 Township 450
    Telephone:  780-385-4566  Cell:  780-608-5521
    Mailing Address:  Box 701, Killam AM T0B 2L0
    Other Information:  Anywhere, anytime, Designated Drivers available for parties, etc.

Town and Country Guardian Drugs

    Description: Pharmacy, Home and Gift shopping
    Owner: Robert and Janet Borth
    Location: 4906-50 Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-3598 Fax: (780) 385 - 3908
    Mailing Address: Box 159, Killam AB T0B 2L0

Twice Nice

    Description: Second Hand Store
    Hours of Operation: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 10:00am - 4:30pm
    Location: 50 Street and 50 Avenue (Main Street)
    Telephone: (780) 385-2393

Urban Mod

    Description:  Ladies & Children Clothing & Accesories
    Business Owner:  Caryn Clark
    Location:  4831 - 58 Street
    Cell:  780-385-0847
    Mailing Address:  Box 465, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    Email:  carynclark5@gmail.com
    Other Information:  Distributor for Killam's Unique Pop Up Boutique.  Find us on facebook.  Book an appointment to shop or host a home fashion party.

 Waldner Sewing

    Description: Zipper Replacing - Patching - Mending - Alterations
    Owner - Wilma Waldner
    Location: 4926 - 49th Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-8418
    Mailing Address: Box 769 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: wilwaldner@gmail.com

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Health & Beauty

Accent Fitness

    Description: Zumba*, Boot Camp, Cardio fitness, Muscular strength/endurance training, Body composition
    Owner/Instructor: Jodi Huculak
    Location: St. Joseph Catholic Church basement - Killam
    Telephone: (780) 800-3479 or cell: (780) 781-3479
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 295, Daysland AB T0B 1A0
    E-Mail: accentfitness@yahoo.ca

Myo-Kinetic Therapy

    Description: Registered Massage Therapist
    Owner: Bobbi Lyn Gartner
    Location: 5009 - 50th Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-1252
    Mailing Address: Box 264 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-Mail: myo-kinetictherapy@hotmail.com

Sole II Soul Wellness & Yoga

    Description: Reflexology & Yoga
    Owner: Sharon Moser
    Location: 5009-50 Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-5566 Fax: (780) 385-5566
    Mailing Address: Box 421, Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-Mail: moserj@xplornet.com

Status Hair

    Description: Hair Salon
    Owner: Shila Peacock
    Location: 5016 - 50th Street
    Telephone: (780) 385 - 3123
    Mailing Address: Box 593 Killam, AB T0B 2L0
    E-Mail: Shila_333@hotmail.com

Tan 4 U

    Description: Tanning
    Owner: Tracy Peterman and Kimberley Bonnett
    Location: 5025-50th Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-5439
    Fax: (780) 385 - 2156
    Mailing Address: Box 562 Killam AB T0B 2L0

Underground Hair Company

    Description: Hair Salon
    Owner: Tanya Piche
    Location: 4913 - 50 Street
    Telephone: (780) 385-3006
    Mailing Address: Box 625 Killam AB T0B 2L0
    E-mail: ktpiche@telus.net

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East Nashville Merchants Association Members Directory
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007 Stress Therapy

814 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
every day except Sunday

Facebook: 007StressTherapy

Email: melissa@007stresstherapy.com

Contact Name: Melissa Bond
Category: Health & Medical


    Specializing in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, deep tissue massage, yoga, and mindfulness 

5 Points Animal Hospital

1103 Woodland St.
Nashville , TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
M-F 7:30-5:30 Sat 8:00-1:00

Facebook: 5pointsanimalhospital

Email: info@5pointsanimalhospital.com

Contact Name: Robert Grace
Category: Pet Services


    5 Points Animal Hospital is a full service small animal clinic that provides comprehensive care for almost all your pets needs. Digital x-rays, ultra sound capability, emergency services, surgical capabilities and referral services are included all in a modern, centrally located facility. 

ADE Consulting

Website: http://www.adeconsulting.biz
Phone: 615-210-6963
Email: adeconsulting@comcast.net
Category: Accounting & Financial
Address / Description:

    Contact: Kysa Smith

    ADE Consulting provides professional accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, business services, non-profit management and event consulting services to an array of businesses and individuals. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our clients. 

Advanced Payment Solutions

625 Hart Lane
Nashville, TN 37216


Email: jbrinkman@advancedpaymentsolutions.net

Contact Name: Jennifer Brinkman
Category: Accounting & Financial


    Hours: M-F 8:30 - 5:30, available 24 hours on call.

    APS sets up businesses to accept all forms of payments from credit, debit & gift cards. We sell and service ATM's and provide check processing and guarantees. We enable your website for e-commerce. APS is locally owned and operated. 

Allan W. Redash, MD, PC

953 Main Street Suite 111
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, by appointment

Email: drredash-office@yahoo.com

Contact Name: Teri Redash
Category: Health & Medical


    I am a board certified MD and my wife Teri is a nurse. We have opened a practice in order to partner with our patients in a natural holistic way, whether you are ill or want to maximize wellness/prevent becoming ill. Bio-identical hormones is my primary focus while also balancing all other body systems for both women and men. We are originally from New York and have had a medical practice in Gallatin for the past 8 years. We are so excited to join the community here in East Nashville! 

AlphaGraphics Music City

921 Main St
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
M-F 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Facebook: pages/Alphagraphics-Music-City/377327185696061

Email: brehley@alphagraphics.com

Contact Name: Bob Rehley
Category: printing


    We understand that printing is only one piece of the pie. That's why we can help you through all phases of creation, design, printing, shipping and marketing. We'll work with you every step of the way, from helping you come up with initial design concepts to choosing the right words, from printing your project to sending it out in the most timely and cost-efficient manner. No matter what you dream up, we can make it happen. 

Andrew Bodsford Photography and Digital Imaging

1203 Chapel Ave
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:

Twitter: @abodsford Facebook: AndrewBodsfordPhotography

Email: abodsford@gmail.com

Contact Name: Andrew Bodsford
Category: photography


    Photography - Architectural, interiors, commercial, fine art. Digital Imaging - Photo processing, photo restoration, graphic design. IT - desktop support, networking, hardware and software. 


507 Main St
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
Dinner M-S 4-12am Lunch M-F 11-2pm

Facebook: pages/Antica/1399353456968618

Email: ashqjohnson@gmail.com

Contact Name: Ash Johnson
Category: Food & Beverage


    Casual restaurant and lounge focused on modern plate cuisine and craft cocktails. 

Art Dude Creative

P.O. Box 60964
Nashville, TN 37206


Twitter: @artdudejoe Facebook: artdudecreative

Email: joe@artdudegraphics.com

Contact Name: Joe Smith
Category: Graphic Design & Web Development


    Art Dude Creative Marketing is a design studio in Nashville, TN. Our services include graphic design for advertising and desktop publishing, creating web sites with dynamic content management tools, and crafting marketing plans beginning with corporate identity and a solid advertising message. 

Asphalt Beach

961 Woodland St
Nashville, TN 37206


Email: asphaltbeach@comcast.net

Contact Name: Steve Larios
Category: Retail


    M T Th F 10 - 6, Wednesday 10 - 4, Saturday 10 - 5


    Retail skateshop offering inline skates, roller skates, roller hockey, accessories, repair, instruction, performance clothing, longboards, baby joggers, and more. One of the top skate shops in the US! 

Beck & Beck Attorneys

4205 Gallatin Road
Nashville, TN 37216


Hours of Operation:
M-F 8:30 til 5PM

Facebook: pages/Beck-Beck-Attorneys-at-Law/176832495695196

Email: bill@becklaw.org

Contact Name: Bill Beck
Category: Attorneys & Legal Services


    Legal Service including business, personal injury, bankruptcy, will /probate work, real estate law 

Belinda Leslie A Registered Investment Adviser, Inc.

1603 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Email: belinda@belindaleslie.com

Contact Name: Belinda Leslie
Category: Accounting & Financial


    Fee only means you pay by the hour for analysis and advice OR a monthly fee for any assets put under ongoing management. 25+ years experience. Portfolio Analysis, Retirement Rollover Facilitation, Investments, Financial Plans and Financial Planning, Estate Planning Solutions 

Cage Free Visual

PO Box 60714
Nashville, TN 37206


Twitter: @cagefreevisual Facebook: CageFreeVisual 117978441040137281064/posts

Email: nancy@cagefreevisual.com

Contact Name: Nancy Heathman
Category: Graphic Design & Web Development


    Michael Trebing and Nancy Heathman are an award-winning husband and wife creative team who specialize in print design, photography and videography. 

Calypso Cafe East Nashville

1101 Garland Ave.
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
Mon-Sat 11 am to 9 pm Sunday 11 am to 9 pm

Facebook: pages/Calypso-Cafe/115737031819809

Email: calpysoeast@bellsouth.net

Contact Name: Rebecca Burney
Category: Food & Beverage


    Calypso Cafe offers fast, affordable meals that are good for you! For over 24 years our restaurants have been serving up our Cuban black beans, bountiful salads, rotisserie chicken, island burgers and vegetarian side items in the Nashville area. Our mission is simple, high quality, hearty, healthy dishes at a reasonable price in a fun, relaxed and efficient setting.

    In addition to table service, Calypso has been consistently voted Best Take Out by The Nashville Scene readers. 

Classic Auto Works

914 Main Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Email: bacuff@msn.com

Contact Name: Bob Acuff
Category: Automotive


    Auto Service and repair for Jaguar & MiniCooper. 

Cole Family Practice

1406 B McGavock Pike
Nashville, TN 37216


Email: east@colefamilypractice.com

Contact Name: Amy Cole
Category: Health & Medical


    Cole Family Practice is family centered primary care clinic located in Riverside Village. We practice traditional medicine with a holistic approach while promoting health and wellness to men, women, children and newborns. 

Community Mortgage Advisors

615 Main St, Ste 205
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
8AM-6PM, Mon-Fri

Facebook: CommunityMortgageAdvisors

Email: kenneth@communitymortgagetn.com

Contact Name: Kenneth Troope
Category: Accounting & Financial


    Community Mortgage Advisors is a highly competitive, residential mortgage lender, located in East Nashville. Keeping it local, our processing and underwriting departments are 'in house', which speeds up and smooths out the loan process. As the only non-bank mortgage lender on the East Side, our focus is primarily on the 37206 & 37216 housing market, though we loan in all TN counties and welcome all borrowers.

    Operated by Kenneth Troope & Forrest Hewes, both long-time loan officers & East Nashville residents, you can expect very personalized attention from professionals who know East Nashville! What you won't get are canned responses from robot-banker types...

    *Running Promotion* For any East Nashville-based business owner or employee, we will pay the cost of your appraisal, if one is required for the loan (Purchase or Refinance). Contact us for details about this offer. 

Concrete Curio

1107 Glenview Dr
Nashville, TN 37206


Facebook: concretecurio

Email: contact@concretecurio.com

Contact Name: Kristen Bakevich
Category: Home & Garden


    We design and create sleek, modern furniture and home decor from concrete. We have a few designs readily available on our website (www.concretecurio.com) but are also happy to work with clients to design pieces specifically for their space (coffee tables, fire pits, etc). 

Creative Crumbs

707 Porter Road
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
By Appointment

Twitter: @creativecrumbs Facebook: CreativeCrumbsNashville

Email: creativecrumbsnashville@gmail.com

Contact Name: Abby Head
Category: Food & Beverage


    Creative Crumbs is a boutique custom cake bakery located in Historic East Nashville. Owner and designer, Abby Head, creates exquisite wedding cakes, groom's cakes, and cakes for any special occasion. All cakes are hand crated and baked from scratch. Call or email to place an order or make an appointment for a wedding cake consultation. 


805 Woodland Street, Suite 314
Nashville, TN 37206


Email: info@danceast.org

Contact Name: Emily Masters
Category: Dance


    Join us at our new location on Woodland Street!

    Emily Masters and Lauren Melancon, Co-owners
    Offering classes for ages 3-adult in Creative Movement, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-hop, Modern, Tumbling, Musical Theatre. Summer Camps also available. 

Design House 1411, LLC

1411 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Email: info@dh1411.com

Contact Name: David Hunter
Category: Architecture


    Full Service Architecture, Interior Design & Planning - Commercial & Residential 

Dr. Leslie Shew - Your Herbal Doc

1515 Long Ave
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
By appointment

Facebook: pages/Your-Herbal-Doc/145606785538126

Email: yourherbaldoc@gmail.com

Contact Name: Dr Leslie Shew, PhD, CTN
Category: Health & Medical


    Natural solutions for adrenal fatigue, anxiety/stress, intestinal inflammation, and education in healthy eating and cleansing. Offering HOPE through better eating, living and thinking. 


909 E Trinity Lane
Nashville, TN 37207


Twitter: @e3innovate Facebook: e3innovate

Email: kajsa@e3innovate.com

Contact Name: Kajsa Daugherty
Category: Home & Garden


    E3 Innovate is a comprehensive Home Performance and Insulation company. We provide energy audit services and consulting to provide the home or business owner solutions to their home energy, comfort, health, and safety needs. 

East C.A.N. Community Action Network

P.O. Box 68069
East Nashville, TN 37206


Twitter: @eastcan Facebook: eastcan

Email: info@eastcan.org

Contact Name: Elizabeth Chauncey
Category: Pet Services


    We are a volunteer organization encouraging positive and timely differences in East Nashville by facilitating neighbors helping neighbors. While we don't have a physical facility, we DO have a wonderful network of caring foster families and volunteers. Our foster families (including furry siblings) are our greatest tool since they have the capacity to nourish, love and train homeless and abandoned dogs into wonderful companions.

    As part of our mission, we seek to educate the public on issues of animal welfare and responsible pet ownership while also helping to reunite lost pets with their families.

    Learn more on our website. Contact us today and find out the number of ways you can give back to your neighborhood, your neighbors, and the stray, abandoned, and homeless animals on our streets. 

East End Chiropractic, PLLC

Website: http://www.eastendchiro.com
Phone: 615.650.6533
Email: info@eastendchiro.com
Category: Health & Medical
Address / Description:

    Hours: M W F 8 am - 1 pm and 3 - 6 pm, Tuesday & Thursday 9:30 am - 1 pm and 4 - 6 pm.

    We reduce pain and restore function to your back and neck using chiropractic adjustments, customized exercises programs, postural rehabilitation, and aquatic exercise therapy. 

East Nashville Family Medicine

801 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday 8-5 with after hours and weekend urgent care. Starting in approximately mid-January 2014.

Email: rozmond_lewis@yahoo.com

Contact Name: Rozmond Lewis
Category: Health & Medical


    We will be a primary care office with urgent care availability. All ages care from newborns on up will be available, for physicals, basic gynecology needs, care of chronic health conditions, mental health care concerns all with an emphasis on preventative care and healthy balance. 

East Nashville Legal

Website: http://www.eastnashvillelegal.com
Phone: 615-800-2348
Email: sam.trenchi@eastnashvillelegal.com
Category: Attorneys & Legal Services
Address / Description:

    Trenchi Law
    Immigration - Civil Litigation - Small Business

    The Law Offices of Andrew Caple-Shaw
    Criminal Defense - Landlord/Tenant - Juvenile

    The Law Offices of Robbie H. Bell
    Healthcare Licensing - LGBT - Family Law

    The Law Offices of Clayton Thomas Wraith
    Entertainment Law - Contracts - Mediation

    East Nashville Legal is not a law firm, it is a place. Located two doors down from Sweet 16th Bakery in Historic Lockland Springs, East Nashville Legal is a shared office space where small, community-based independent attorneys with different practice areas serve the unique needs of East Nashvillians. Every one of our offices welcome walk-ins. 

East Nashville PC Repair

1317 Harwood Dr.
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
M-F 9am-9pm S-S 10am-10pm

Facebook: ENPCRepair

Email: jayson.loope@eastnashvillepcrepair.com

Contact Name: Jayson Loope
Category: Computer Repair


    Serving East Nashville and the surrounding metropolitan area since 2009. East Nashville PC Repair is locally owned and operated to bring low cost computer repairs & malicious software removal to the residents of East Nashville. Services included computer repairs, malicious software removal, general clean up, computer upgrades, performance upgrades, setting up and securing home networks, and technical consulting all from the convenience of your home. 

Eastside Legal: Augusta, Eaton & Kelly, LLP

731 Porter Rd.
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
M-Th 8:30-5:30 F 8:30-12:30 and by appointment

Email: Sunny@eastsidelegaltn.com

Contact Name: Sunny Eaton
Category: Attorneys & Legal Services


    Criminal, Bankruptcy, DUI, Small Business and Family Law 

Elizabeth Gatlin - Architecture and Commercial Real Estate Consultant

1102 Forrest Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206


Twitter: @lizgatlin Facebook: NashvilleCommercialRealEstate

Email: egatlin@gatlinglobal.com

Contact Name: Elizabeth Gatlin
Category: Real Estate


    Elizabeth Gatlin is an architecture and property investment consultant focused on successful real estate development strategies in the metro Nashville area. She offers her clients a range of services including brokerage representation, investment strategy, portfolio management, location planning, budgeting and design implementation. She also offers free new business seminars for companies looking to learn more about local commercial real estate. She is an experienced project manager in property analysis and acquisition, design and business development.

    Elizabeth is a born and raised Nashvillian who lives with her husband in East Nashville's Lockeland Springs neighborhood. You can read more about her experience and expertise at ElizabethGatlin.com or call her today for a free market report on Nashville development trends. 

Epoch Salon Studios

Website: http://www.epochsalonstudios.com
Phone: 615.720.4973
Email: epochsalon@gmail.com
Category: Salon & Beauty
Address / Description:

    Alexis & Stephen Schorner

    Hair Salon / Hair Retail Products & Services 

First Wesleyan Church - Nashville

611 Shelby Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
Sun. programs 10a - 12:30p Various midweek programs available

Email: info@fwc-nashville.org

Contact Name: Veronne Carter
Category: Nonprofit


    We are a Christian church with a heart to love our community and to make a difference in it. We seek to meet the needs of the families and individuals in our area by providing various programs for all ages, and opportunities for worship. 

Frank Ballard, Financial Advisor for Edward Jones Investments

2103 Yeaman Place
Nashville, TN 37206

615-868-5704 office, 248-318-6588 cell

Email: frank.ballard@edwardjones.com

Contact Name: Frank Ballard
Category: Accounting & Financial


    1574-North Gallatin Road, Madison, TN 37115

    Hours: M-F 8:00 am � 5:00 pm, Saturday by appointment

    Frank and his team serve the Madison, Inglewood and East Nashville areas. He and his team provide their clients true wealth management direction, guidance and service. Our efforts are focused on trustworthy, competent and confidential consultation and performance. A TSU graduate and former automotive purchasing executive, Frank has returned to Tennessee from Michigan where he began his financial advisor career at Merrill Lynch. Frank looks forward to meeting you. Consultations are always free.

Gaelic Capital Group LLC

819 Powers Ave
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
M-F 9am-6pm, Sat and Sun as available

Twitter: @GaelicCG

Email: Susan@GaelicCapitalGroup.com

Contact Name: M. Susan Pryor
Category: Real Estate


    Gaelic Capital Group buys and sells all types of notes secured by real estate: performing notes, seller-financed notes and non-performing notes: residential notes, including mobile homes with land, and commercial notes. We also buy structured settlements, promissory notes and other cash flows. We work with individuals wanting to cash out and investors wanting to buy notes secured by real estate or other cash flows for their self-directed retirement account or investment portfolio. 

Glow Skincare

1013 Fatherland Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
Tuesday through Friday 10am -7pm Saturday 10am-2pm

Twitter: @@glowskincaretn Facebook: GlowSkincareTN +Myglowskincare1

Email: info@myglowskincare.com

Contact Name: Melissa Rhodes
Category: Salon & Beauty


    A relaxing results oriented medical spa offering relaxing facials, waxing, laser treatments and injectables. 

Good Wood Nashville

1015 W Kirkland Avenue, Suite 406
Nashville, TN 37216


Hours of Operation:
M-S, 8-5PM

Email: mail@goodwoodnashville.com

Contact Name: Dave Puncochar
Category: Home & Garden


    Good Wood Nashville is a reclaimed lumber company that specializes in reclaimed hardwood floors, custom furniture, barnwood walls, and more. 

Graffiti Indoor Advertising

48 Lindsley Ave
Nashville, TN 37210


Hours of Operation:
8 AM to 5 PM

Facebook: GraffitiIndoorAd

Email: Vicki@graffitiindoorad.com

Contact Name: Vicki Jones
Category: Advertising


    Advertising located in restrooms in restaurants and fitness clubs in East Nashville and other areas of Nashville (Davidson County). Graffiti also has ads in Williamson County, Rutherford Co and Sumner Co. 

High Stick Media

Website: http//:www.highstickmedia.com
Phone: 615.426.3401
Email: brian@highstickmedia.com
Category: Graphic Design & Web Development
Address / Description:

    Brian Adair
    Brian Greenfield

    Social Media Marketing, Website Design, Business Web Strategy, Facebook Ads, Google Ads 

Holly Street Daycare

1401 Holly Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
6:30 - 6:30

Facebook: hollystreetdaycare

Email: office@hollystreet.org

Contact Name: Karen Stump
Category: Childcare & Diaper Services


    We are a licensed, 3-Star certified daycare center celebrating 30 years of top-notch childcare in the heart of East Nashville. Voted "Best Daycare" in the Best of Nashville poll four years in a row, we serve the families of children ages 6 weeks - 12 years with quality childcare, preschool, summer, and after school programming. Our staff works hard to create a loving and safe environment for children to grow emotionally, intellectually, and socially. 

Holt Brothers Flooring

1003 Gallatin Ave
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
Monday Thru Friday 7:00-4:00

Email: holtbrothersinc@bellsouth.net

Contact Name: Melissa House
Category: Home & Garden


    Your neighborhood retail flooring experts since 1943. Meeting all of your flooring needs in hardwood, ceramic tile, carpet, laminate and vinyl floors. 

Hosse & Hosse Safe & Lock Co.

918 Woodland St.
Nashville, TN 37206


Facebook: HosseHosseSafeLockCo

Email: info@hosseandhosse.com

Contact Name: Eric Roberts
Category: Home & Garden


    Hosse & Hosse Safe and Lock Company has been providing both commercial and residential locksmith service in Nashville and Middle Tennessee for the past 145 years. Whether you need a replacement key copy made, a car transponder key programmed, lock for your home or business, need a security safe repair, or a want a master key plan for your office, we can meet all your locksmith needs. We're licensed, bonded and insured and our locksmiths have professional training and certifications. 

Hot Yoga of East Nashville

900 Main Street Suite B
Nashville, TN 37206


Twitter: @HotYogaEastNash Facebook: HotYogaOfEastNashville

Email: hotyoga.eastnashville@gmail.com

Contact Name: Brooke Asbury
Category: Fitness & Sports


    Offering Hot-26, Power Flow, and Prenatal Yoga Classes! Something for everyone! From meditative to fun, you will experience the life-changing benefits of hot yoga! Stretch more deeply, improve your mental focus and sense of calm in any circumstance, exercise and strengthen your cardiovascular system, see a difference in your body and your whole life in about a month. 

iDesign Inc.

2621 Gallatin Pike
Nashville, TN 37216

615-377-1481 Ext: 112

Hours of Operation:
M-F, 8am-5pm

Twitter: @idesigninc Facebook: meetidesign

Email: anthony@meetidesign.com

Contact Name: Scott Thorsen
Category: Graphic Design & Web Development


    We inspire interaction.

    Our goal is to grow and increase your business online through strong interactive marketing efforts. We do this through highly custom interactive web site design, development, hosting, content management, as well as branding and logo/identity packages for companies.

    Visit our work online (www.meetidesign.com/work), you can see some results for our clients. 

Jack Roe USA

501 Metroplex Drive Ste 315
Nashville, TN 37211


Email: alan@jackroeusa.com

Contact Name: Alan Roe
Category: Television & Film


    Jack Roe is the movie theatre industry's premium source for wholesale cinema booth supplies, movie theatre computer systems and consolidated cinema product shipments.

    Jack Roe USA Inc proudly supports American and International cinema dealers by manufacturing and distributing a unique line of high quality cinema products, helping to ensure that the nation's movie theatres are able to run reliably with the support of experienced local cinema engineers.

    Please contact Alan Roe, CEO & VP Special Projects. 

Jay Farrell Photography

4307 Burrus St
Nashville, TN 37216


Hours of Operation:

Twitter: @jayfarrellphoto Facebook: jayfarrellphotography

Email: jay@jayfarrellphotography.com

Contact Name: Jay Farrell
Category: photography


    East Nashville based photographer specializing in journalistic / documentary style wedding photography, family portraits and headshots for business / entertainment. Photoshop services and print work / albums also offered. 

JD Events and Festivals

2817 West End Ave 126-438
Nashville, TN 37203


Email: jdeventsandfestivals@gmail.com

Contact Name: Jack Davis
Category: Event Production & Event Venues


    Special event marketing, promotion, logistics, production, and sponsorship. 

Joyner and Hogan Printers and Stationers

600 Main Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Facebook: pages/Joyner-Hogan-Printers-and-Stationers/664403860294090

Email: susan@joynerhogan.net

Contact Name: Susan Joyner-Moore
Category: printing


    Joyner and Hogan Printing Company is located in East Nashville and has been serving the community since 1937. Specializing in Commercial, Digital, Letterpress, Offset, Social and Business Stationary, we pride ourselves in custom work with a personal touch. From small to large jobs, we work with you from start to finish producing beautiful and sophisticated work. We provide an in-house mail service and delivery. Joyner and Hogan Printing firmly believes in supporting local business and helping East Nashville business and residents continue to grow and flourish. We are located at 600 Main Street so please stop by and see us! 

Kustom Thrills Tattoo Studio

1000 Main Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Email: kustomthrills@gmail.com

Contact Name: Chris Saint Clark
Category: tattoo


    Hours: Monday through Saturday 12:00pm - 10:00pm, Sunday 12:00pm - 8:00pm

    Specializes in custom work, but also offers thousands of flash designs to choose from all in a safe, sterile environment. 

Law Office of Charles W. Faquin, PLC

625 Main Street, Suite B-1
Nashville , TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
M-F 8am-6pm

Twitter: @BankruptcyLawTN Facebook: Faquin.Legal +LawOfficeofCharlesWFaquinPLCNashville

Email: charles@faquin-law.com

Contact Name: Charles Faquin
Category: Attorneys & Legal Services


    Bankruptcy, Consumer Litigation, Social Security Disability, Wills 

Legal Shield, Barbara Brown, Independent Associate



Email: babrow@comcast.net

Contact Name: Barbara Brown
Category: Attorneys & Legal Services


    Contact: Barbara Brown
    Business Description: Legal Service Plans

    Legal Shield offers Family Legal Service Plans, the Identity Theft Shield, Employee Benefit Plans, and Business Legal Service Plans. Protect the legal rights of yourself, your family, your business and your employees. Get the legal help you need when you need it without worrying about the cost! Pre-Paid Legal has been creating Peace of Mind for 39 Years. Find out how a plan can help you. An excellent independent business opportunity is also available. 

Lejsek Insurance Service: An Independent Agency

Website: http://www.insurancefortennessee.com
Phone: 615.822.5007
Email: insuranceman@bellsouth.net
Category: insurance
Address / Description:

    Contact: Thomas Lejsek

    Representing a full line of companies providing Auto, Home, Life, Health, medicare suppliments, Bonds and SR-22s We also do Business insurance & workman's compensation. 

Maples & Bloom

622 McFerrin Ave
Nashville, TN 37206


Email: grow@maplesandbloom.com

Contact Name: Micah Puncochar
Category: Home & Garden


    Custom landscape design and installation business focusing on beautification through good and thoughtful design. Stone patios also add a timeless element to any home, and is something we enjoy creating and installing. 

Marshall & Bruce Co.

Website: http://www.marbruco.com
Phone: 615-256-3661
Email: jack@marbruco.com
Category: printing
Address / Description:

    Printing Facility: 689 Davidson Street | Nashville, TN 37213

    Quality Printing Since 1865

    Attn: Jack Lunn
    615-256-3661 Ext 105 


933 Woodland Street Suite C
Nashville, TN 37206


Facebook: MEDLINK

Email: yourmedlink@gmail.com

Contact Name: Shelly Deason
Category: Health & Medical


    MedLink can help you save up to 75% on prescription medications. Our pharmacy partners offer significant savings on things like allergy and asthma medications, cholesterol, birth control, Viagra, Cialis, heart, diabetes and more. With more than 5,000 medications available to you, you're able to save money and care for your health. We are locally owned and have been serving the area since 2007.

    We can also save clients money through Patient Assistance Programs for those who qualify financially. We can help when:

    When you are in the Medicare D "Donut Hole"
    When you have a high co-pay
    When your medication is not covered
    When you don't have prescription coverage

    Mention the East Nashville Merchants Association and receive $10.00 off your first order - not to be combined with other offers. 

Melissa Lundgren - Realtor, CRS, ABR, GRI, e-PRO, Village Real Estate Services



Email: melissa@melissalundgren.com

Contact Name: Melissa Lundgren
Category: Real Estate


    Contact: Melissa Lundgren

    Hours: Monday - Sunday by appointment

    Specializing in East Nashville, Inglewood, Brush Hill. Have been part of over 250 successfully closed transactions since 2002. I work for you. Call me today. Let's talk about your options. Free homes search on the MLS. Visit my website. 


618 Grassmere Park Dr. Ste. 1
Nashville, TN 37211


Email: kbanks@micros.com

Contact Name: Kevin Banks
Category: Business Resources


    Micros offers point of sale systems for restaurants and bars. From touch screen terminals to kitchen displays to back office management, we provide complete restaurant and bar management. 

Nashville Home Energy Solutions

3109 Ambrose Ave
Nashville, TN 37207


Twitter: @@NHESolutions Facebook: nashvillehomeenergy 115991535918354634397/about

Email: adrianna@nashvillehomeenergy.com

Contact Name: Adrianna Silver
Category: Home & Garden


    Nashville Home Energy Solutions is a turn-key home performance company that can take your home from diagnosis to installation. As Nashville's most experienced home performance company, we are passionate about making Nashville's built environment more energy efficient, healthy and comfortable. 

Nashville Scene

1611 Sumner Ave
Nashville, TN 37206


Twitter: @Nashvillescene Facebook: pages/Nashville-Scene/34536716194

Email: msmith@nashvillescene.com

Contact Name: Michael Smith
Category: Advertising


Nashville Storm Minor League Football Team

6021 Post Road
Nashville, TN 37205


Hours of Operation:
Home games are always on Saturday nights with a 7 PM Kickoff.

Email: pking34@comcast.net

Contact Name: Bill Caldwell
Category: Fitness & Sports


    The Nashville Storm are a Minor League football team consisting mostly of ex-college football players in their 12th year of operation with a lifetime W-L record of 136-21 that includes National Championships in 2010 and 2011 

Northwestern Mutual

1600 Division Street Ste 400
Nashville, TN 37203


Hours of Operation:
M-F 8am - 5pm

Email: misty.petak@nm.com

Contact Name: Misty Petak
Category: Accounting & Financial


    I live in East Nashville and my mission is to build enduring relationships and earn the privilege and honor of being a long-lasting trusted advisor for the people, families and businesses along my life's path. I work hard to understand my clients' dreams, goals, needs and concerns and partner with them to develop a workable comprehensive strategy and action steps to achieve their goals, provide for their needs, and protect their financial security. 


625 Main Street Suite 202
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
M-F 9am - 5pm

Twitter: @nosleepforsheep Facebook: nosleepforsheep

Email: liz@nosleepforsheep.com

Contact Name: Liz Fulghum
Category: Graphic Design & Web Development


    NoSleepForSheep is a Nashville web design and digital marketing agency that's passionate about communicating our clients' stories through creative and strategic branding, web sites, and marketing campaigns. 


1006 Fatherland St, Ste 204
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
Sunday-Monday: Closed Tuesday-Friday: 12pm-6pm Saturday: 11am-6pm

Twitter: @nutmegtalk Facebook: nutmeg37206?ref=hl

Email: sharesomenutmeg@gmail.com

Contact Name: Meg Anderson
Category: Retail


    A fabric, yarn and notions store right here in East Nashville! Lovely fabrics, local fibers for knitting, crochet and more. Plus all the little things you need to make your projects, such as zippers, thread, needles, etc. We are small but mighty, and our stock is constantly growing. We also offer workshops and classes so you can learn a new skill, or further your craftiness. 

Once Blind Studios

Nashville, TN 37216


Hours of Operation:
by appt. only

Twitter: @onceblind Facebook: onceblindstudios

Email: leisa@onceblindstudios.com

Contact Name: Leisa Wilcox
Category: Graphic Design & Web Development


    Once Blind Studios is a boutique graphic design studio specializing in brand design, heritage-themed products, tools for designers, and fine art. 

Paro South LLC

625 Main St.
Nashville, TN 37206

615.517.1589 (cell) 615.313.7233 (fax)

Email: christian@parosouth.com

Contact Name: Christian Paro
Category: Real Estate


    Paro South LLC is a Real Estate investment and proprty managemant company focused on commercial and residential property in East Nashville.
    Recently we have shifted concentration to commercial real estate, completing a 15 unit office suite project @ 625 Main Street. Paro South LLC currently manages 10 residential and 21 commercial units.
    For leasing information, Please call Christian @ 615.517.1589

Phoenix Vintage Base Ball Club of East Nashville

3423 33rd Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212


Hours of Operation:

Twitter: @@PhoenixVBBC Facebook: PhoenixVBBC

Email: chris.hoff2@gmail.com

Contact Name: Chris Hoff
Category: Fitness & Sports


    We are a Civil War era vintage base ball club representing the culture and history of East Nashville. As a member of the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball, we promote living history by bringing the 19th century to life through bare-handed base ball matches that use the rules, equipment, costumes and culture of the 1860s.

    Our season lasts from April-September with matches played twice monthly at historic sites in/around Nashville and Tennessee. All matches are family-friendly and free to the public. Our organization's goal is to exemplify sportsmanship values evident before the professional game was established. Our league and club welcomes participation from all regardless of race, gender, religious conviction or physical ability. 

Plan Left, LLC

604 Gallatin Avenue, Suite 209
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
M-F 8:30 - 6

Email: info@planleft.com

Contact Name: Matthew Smith
Category: Advertising


    Plan Left is a new type of ad firm. Our focus is to grow your business through coordinated efforts from all advertising specialties. We don't just do websites, designs, or facebook posts. We're not a collective or a traditional advertising giant, nor are we a webshop or software firm. We are all of them combined. We keep everything in-house, because it saves you money and produces better results. Each of our departments is like its own firm, run by its own processes and priorities and specialized for its purpose. We coordinate software engineers with SEO nerds, designers with account managers, and work towards a common goal. 

Powell Design Studio

904 Main Street, Suite A1
Nashville, TN 37206


Email: steve@powell-design-studio.com

Contact Name: Steve Powell
Category: Architecture


    Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm

    Commercial architecture firm specializing in healthcare, retail, office, condos, and urban in-fill projects. 

Re/max Choice Properties

220 S. 11th Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Twitter: @twinnington Facebook: pages/Therese-Winnington-Coldwell-Banker/293873367308457

Email: twinnington@yahoo.com

Contact Name: Therese Winnington
Category: Real Estate


    Professional real estate services for buying or selling your home. I have over 20 years of experience in the market. 

Regions Bank of East Nashville

599 Gallatin Rd
Nasvhille, TN 37206


Email: shay.martin@regions.com

Contact Name: Shay Martin
Category: Accounting & Financial


    Hours: M-Th 8:30 - 4, Friday 8:30 - 6

    Regions Bank is a full service banking center. We provide traditional banking services as well as commercial banking, trust services, securities brokerage, mortgage loans, and insurance products. 

Rejoice School of Ballet

700 Russell St.
Nashville, TN 37206


Facebook: pages/Rejoice-Ballet/823979960963061

Email: patriciacross64@hotmail.com

Contact Name: Patricia Cross
Category: Nonprofit


    Rejoice Ministries empowers youth through the study of classical ballet that unleashes their potential for success. Our goals are: to give children from low income families opportunities that will help them move out of the cycle of generational poverty, lack of education and lack of success. Share the love of Christ and teach the Christian lifestyle through dance. Through dance, teach children life skills such as discipline, teamwork, and hard work to achieve success, poise, self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle. Create a community of diversity through their mutual love of dance. Teach students a healthy lifestyle through exercise and good nutrition choices. 

Rhizome Productions

505 N 17th St.
Nashville, TN 37206


Twitter: @rhizomepro Facebook: rhizomeproductions

Email: johnny@rhizomeproductions.com

Contact Name: Johnny Shields
Category: Event Production & Event Venues


    Rhizome Productions Inc. started its mission of promoting and supporting craft beer in January 2010. The main goal, to promote, educate, and support local communities though craft beer. Rhizome has created several festivals and events, such as the East Nashville Beer Festival, the 12th South Winter Warmer, Taste of Tennessee Craft Brewers Festival, Tennessee Volksfest, and the Nashville Brew Bus. As well as consulting on such events at Yum East and Brew at the Zoo. 

Riverwood Mansion

1833 Welcome Lane
Nashville, TN 37216


Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday, 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM Friday, 9 AM to 2 PM

Twitter: @RvrwoodMansion Facebook: RiverwoodWeddings 109950617161262471560/about

Email: debbie@riverwoodmansion.com

Contact Name: Debbie Sutton
Category: Event Production & Event Venues


    Continuing a legacy of entertaining in the south

    Having created magnificent wedding experiences for almost 20 years, Riverwood Mansion is regarded as one of the top event venues in Nashville. The mansion itself is stunning, while its manicured gardens and grounds work in unison to complete the southern wedding style you are looking for. Its location is secluded enough to transport you to another time, but is also just minutes from the heart of Nashville. Our professional staff is warm, helpful and knowledgeable about all things wedding related, from trends to vendors. Our detailed process focuses on making your wedding experience as enjoyable and worry-free as possible. 

Serenite' Fitness East

2038-A Greenwood Ave
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
Please visit our website to view our schedule of classes.

Email: karen@serenitefitness.com

Contact Name: Karen Boynton
Category: Fitness & Sports


    Our new location, adjacent to the Family Wash, is a boutique fitness studio featuring concentric and core fusion methods promoting good health and balanced living. Certified instructors are trained to provide amazing mind, body and spirit results in a fun environment. 

Smile, Mommy! Diaper Service

Website: http://www.smilemommy.com
Phone: 615.810.9113 (o) 615.525.8871 (c)
Email: info@smilemommy.com
Category: Childcare & Diaper Services
Address / Description:

    Smile, Mommy!

    We are Nashville's premier diaper service. Cloth diapering is better for your baby and better for the environment. We provide all accessories necessary to cloth diaper your baby, delivering 100% cotton diapers to your door each week, eliminating the laundry work for you. Sit back, relax, and Smile, Mommy! 

Smokers Abbey

604 Gallatin Ave. Ste 102
Nashville, TN 37206


Email: info@smokersabbey.com

Contact Name: Joshua Stump
Category: Retail


    Nashvilles Only Fine Tobacconist. 

Social Link Co.

3709 Moss Rose Dr.
Nashville, TN 37206


Twitter: @sociallinkco Facebook: sociallinkco

Email: info@sociallink.co

Contact Name: Brady O'Rourke
Category: Graphic Design & Web Development


    Social Link specializes in critical areas including web design, pay-per-click management, social media management, content creation, SEO, audits and blog management to name a few. 

Specs Optical

224 S. 11th Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
T-Sat 10-6 Sunday 12-5

Twitter: @specsnashville Facebook: specsnashville

Email: info@specsnashville.com

Contact Name: Susan Kistler
Category: Retail


    Specs Optical is a locally owned and family operated optical shop providing eyeglasses, prescription lenses and sunglasses. 

Spot's Pet Supply & Dog Wash

1013 Gallatin Ave
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
Mon - Sat 9:00-7:00 Sunday 10:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Facebook: spotspetsupplyandwash

Email: Bakertwinchad@gmail.com

Contact Name: Chad Baker
Category: Pet Services


    East Nashville's largest pet supply store and DIY dog wash. We stock over a dozen brands of dog & cat food and cater to every budget. You will also find a huge selection of toys, treats, beds, crates, leads, collars, and everything else you could ever want for your best fried. 

Sprocket Therapy Solutions

604 Gallatin Avenue Suite 205
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
M-F 9-7

Facebook: sprockettherapy

Email: nat@sprockettherapy.com

Contact Name: Natalie Udwin
Category: Health & Medical


    Sprocket Therapy Solutions is a community-based occupational therapy clinic that treats people of all ages. 

Stephen Fotopulos

Porter Road
Nashville, TN 37206


Twitter: @fotofor51 Facebook: FotopulosFor51

Email: stephen@fotopulosfor51.com

Contact Name: Stephen Fotopulos
Category: Nonprofit


    Steven has dedicated his career to public service:
    Veteran of the United States Navy, Executive Director of TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition, and State Representative at the TN legislature 

Strategic Marketing Solutions

302 Hancock St
Nashville, TN 37207


Hours of Operation:
9 am to 5 pm

Twitter: @tellmisty Facebook: tellmisty tellmisty

Email: misty@mystrategicmarketer.com

Contact Name: Misty Willaims
Category: Business Resources


    Since 2004. Works with independent professionals to develop their sweet spot in the marketplace and to grow their businesses - Business strategy, marketing and publicity, online marketing, etc 

Sturdivant Insurance

Website: http://www.sturdi.net/
Phone: 615-943-4962
Email: peter@sturdi.net
Category: insurance
Address / Description:

    Contact: Peter Sturdivant and Kevin Hollowell

    Auto, Home, Personal, Business, and Life Insurance

    Low Rates, Local Agents, and Complete Peace of Mind

    Sturdivant Insurance represents a carefully selected group of financially strong, reputable insurance companies. Therefore, we are able to offer you the best coverage at the most competitive price. 

The 615 Pet Posse

1511 Cahal Ave.
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:

Facebook: 615petposse/info

Email: 615petposse@gmail.com

Contact Name: Jessica Caldwell
Category: Pet Services


    615 Pet Posse is here to provide you with piece of mind while you are away. What makes this experience fantastic, is the passion and love we have for all animals. You and your pet are not just clients. 615 Pet Posse wants to get to know you and your pet personally so that they receive the best care possible, like they are our own. Our sitters are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

The Artful Lodger On The Park

1912 Shelby Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206


Facebook: pages/Artful-Lodger-On-The-Park/356023151103625?ref=hl

Email: dianesesler@gmail.com

Contact Name: Diane & David Sesler
Category: Lodging


    The Artful Lodger On the Park is a 3 bedroom vacation rental overlooking Shelby Park. A peaceful home yet to many activities and downtown. The Artful Lodger has a small art gallery featuring local artists. 

The Building (BLDG Nashville LLC)

1008C Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:

Facebook: pages/The-Building/198465110201735

Email: bldgnashville@gmail.com

Contact Name: Debbie Ewald
Category: Event Production & Event Venues


    A 2000 sq ft. all-purpose art gallery, located in East Nashville's historic Five Points, down the alley from Batter'd and Fried, Drifters, and Beyond the Edge. BLDG is home to regular events such as Open Road Mondays, Music City Improv, and The Musicians Swap Meet. 

The Dog Spot

Website: www.thedogspot.com
Phone: 615.385.1800
Email: thedogspotllc@gmail.com
Category: Pet Services
Address / Description:

    Contact: Chad Baker
    Hours: M-F 7am - 7pm, Saturday 10am - 5pm, Sunday 4pm - 6pm (pick up and drop off only)
    Description: The Dog Spot is East Nashville's premiere provider of doggy daycare, boarding and grooming. Our newly renovated facility includes climate controlled indoor play areas, outdoor play areas and web-cams. 

The East Nashvillian

Website: http://www.theeastnashvillian.com
Phone: 615.582.4187
Email: lisa@theeastnashvillian.com
Category: Advertising
Address / Description:

    Description: Created specifically for the neighbors, patrons and visitors of East Nashville, our free, full-color magazine is designed to bring you stories about the events, people, businesses and places that make East Nashville so unique. 

The Local Taco

1100 Fatherland St
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
Sun - Thurs 11 - 10, Fri & Sat 11 - midnight

Twitter: @@thelocaltaco Facebook: pages/The-Local-Taco/81097247804?ref=hl

Email: brian@thelocaltaco.com

Contact Name: Brian von Allmen
Category: Food & Beverage


    The Local Taco stands as an eclectic and unique restaurant that
    embraces the simple pleasures of Tex-Mex cuisine, the traditions and character of Southern food culture, and distinct flavors of the communities in which it resides. 

The Main Attraction East

937 Woodland
Nashville, TN 37206


Facebook: Mainattractioneast

Email: maina88@bellsouth.net

Contact Name: Barbara Fleishhocker
Category: Retail


    A mixture of new and vintage clothing, accessories, gifts and fun stuff. Very eclectic. 

The New Hope Foundation

629 Woodland St.
Nashville, TN 37206


Facebook: pages/The-New-Hope-Foundation/228997860449656

Email: info@newhope-foundation.org

Contact Name: Carol Jenkins
Category: Nonprofit


    The New Hope Foundation will always be the leader in quality support care in each community it serves.
    The New Hope Foundation Program Services provides superior quality supportive care to clients and their circle of support during life limiting illness.

    Company Overview
    The New Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization (501C3). The New Hope Foundation provides humane and supportive services to terminally ill persons of Nashville and its surrounding counties.
    The New Hope Foundation conducts community outreach and education of hospice and terminal diseases. The education and outreach components are to inform community based organizations, church communities, physicians and other health care entities of the benefits of hospice care of patients and family members facing the end stages of a terminal illness.

    General Information
    Broad ranges of needs are met through The New Hope Foundation which ensures that clients receive a special kind of care designed to support each individual.

    Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program
    Annual Music City Gospel Festival
    Annual Music City Blues Spring Festival

The Vision Machine - Business Services

1007 Iverson Ave.
Nashville, TN 37216


Hours of Operation:

Twitter: @SmartBizOwners

Email: daniel@the-vision-machine.com

Contact Name: Daniel Craven
Category: Business Resources


    The Vision Machine is a complete business services company, providing credit and debit card payment processing, payroll services, electronic gift and loyalty marketing, social networking, POS hardware, and additional services which empower business owners to reach their goals and live their visions. 

Top O'Woodland Historic Inn & Venue

1603 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
Tours are by appointment

Email: TopOfWoodlandInn@gmail.com

Contact Name: Belinda Leslie
Category: Lodging


    Guest Cottage Lodging, Decorated Wedding & Reception Venue up to 100 guests, Event location, Legally Operated, Licensed and Insured. In our 12th year of operation. 

Turnip Truck Natural Market

970 Woodland St
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
Mon - Sat: 8:00am - 8:00 pm & Sun: 9:00am - 7:00pm

Email: nicole@theturniptruck.com

Contact Name: Nicole
Category: Food & Beverage


    The Turnip Truck Natural Market is Nashville's premier locally-owned, full-service Natural Foods Market. 

Two Ten Jack

1900 Eastland Avenue, Suite 105
Nashville, TN 37206


Twitter: @twotenjack Facebook: TwoTenJack

Email: patrick@seedhospitality.com

Contact Name: Patrick Burke
Category: Food & Beverage


Valerie Knust, LMT

953 Main Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
Tues - Fri 9-6; Sat 9 - 3

Email: vknust@comcast.net

Contact Name: Valerie Knust
Category: Health & Medical


    Val Knust, LMT - Therapeutic Massage
    TN License #: #MT4654
    East End Body in Balance Building

    Trained in Swedish, myofascial, neuromuscular, deep tissue, muscle release techniques and pre-natal, Val is adept at light, moderate or deep tissue massage. Some of the benefits of massage include relaxation, stress release, muscle spasm relief, an increase of circulation to the areas massaged and an aid in pain relief caused by repetitive or over-use.

    House calls for your pets: Certified in horse & dog massage, your pets can enjoy the same benefits as you. Massage can also ease arthritic discomfort and aid in breaking up scar tissue after orthopedic surgery.

    Therapeutic Massage, 30 to 90 minute sessions available available by appointment Tuesdays - Saturdays

    Therapeutic Massage Services	

Wagon Wheel Title and Escrow, LLC

202 South 11th Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Facebook: wagonwheeltitle

Email: info@wagonwheeltitle.com

Contact Name: Angie Lawless
Category: Real Estate


    Wagon Wheel Title & Escrow, LLC was founded in 2006 in the 5 Points area of East Nashville. In the short time since its inception, Wagon Wheel has become one of the leading title and escrow firms in Middle Tennessee. The company is owned and operated by attorneys Angie L. Lawless, Steven T. Morris and J. Brandon Miller. Wagon Wheel offers the full spectrum of residential, investment, land, and commercial real estate related services. The company has particular expertise working on urban infill development, condos, and new construction/renovated properties. If you're buying, selling or refinancing a property, give Wagon Wheel a call. 

Wags and Whiskers

Website: http://www.wagsandwhiskersnashville.com
Phone: 615-228-9249
Email: amanda@wagsandwhiskersnashville.com
Category: Pet Services
Address / Description:

    We're in the back of the building.

    615.228.9249 (WAGZ)

    Hours: weekdays 9am-8pm, saturday 10am-6pm and sunday 12noon-5pm

    Contact: Amanda Beaty

    Wags and Whiskers offers a self-serve dog wash, holistic food & treats, and an assortment of toys and accessories for dogs and cats. The self-serve dog wash features one of a kind waist high (easy on the back) tubs, natural shampoos, herbal conditioning sprays, a drying table, and groomer's dryer. Of course, towels, aprons, and grooming tools are provided. No appointment necessary. 

Walk Eat Nashville

P. O. Box 60772
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Hours of Operation:
Tours run Thursdays 1:30-4:30pm and Fridays 11am-2pm

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Contact Name: Karen-Lee Ryan
Category: Food & Beverage


    Walk Eat Nashville food tour provides a taste of the people, places and dishes making Nashville the new culinary capital of the South. Enjoy six tasting stops over three hours and the chance to interact with chefs and specialty food shop owners. Between bites, burn a few calories on a 1.5-mile leisurely walk and learn about unexpected landmarks and lore in historic East Nashville. 


Nashville, TN 37206


Hours of Operation:
24 hours seven days a week.

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Zenith Sign Studio

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    We offer custom signs of all types, styles and materials for interior and exterior business and promotional signage, including neon signs.

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The Historic East Nashville Merchants Association is a business collective formed in 2003 to foster a cooperative spirit between businesses located in Historic Nashville’s East Bank Business District. Its member businesses work in concert with government and neighborhood associations to improve the welfare, commerce and quality of life in East Nashville, Tennessee.
Historic East Nashville Merchants Association

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