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NEWSLEAK 1SEPTEMBER 2004 Volume 3 No. 5September 2004Record AttendanceExpected at DPHAConferencee-- page 12004 DPHA Board ofDirectors -- page 2DPHA Sponsors --page 2President’s Message-- page 3DPHA Second AnnualProduct Showcase --page 4New ProductsFeatured at ProductShowcase -- page 5Angela’s Auction --page 6Why we Don’tDelegate -- page 7Jim Babbitt Heads 2005DPHA Slate -- page 8DPHA AcceptingSpotlight Julien , Inc.--page 10New Members -- page12 DPHA Third Annual Conference Shatters AttendanceRecords: More than 300 Professionals Head to Boca The October 1-3 DPHA Third Annual Conference, at the Boca Raton Resort in BocaRaton, FL will be attended by more than 300 decorative plumbing and hardware pro-fessionals. We’ve come a long way from the 110 people who gathered at the first annu-al conference in Washington, DC in 2002. More remarkable than the 25% increase inattendance from 2003 to 2004 is the fact that nearly 50% of the membership will gatherin Boca. The percentage is remarkably high for any trade organization. It speaks vol-umes about the quality of the program and the strides that DPHA has made in lessthan three years. The Board of Directors is confident that those who attend will receivea substantial return on their investment.The formal educational programming begins on Friday, October 1 at 8:30am with theopening keynote address presented by Frank Bucaro entitled, “Taking the High Road:How to Succeed Ethically When Others Bend the Rules.” The issue of corporate governancehas become front-page news. Enron, Adelphia, Tyco and Halliburton to name a fewhave place a black cloud over the image of big business and pointed the spotlight at theconduct of all businesses regardless of their size. The decorative plumbing and hard-ware industry also is affected by corporate hypocrisy, dishonestly, favoritism and busi-ness practices that dishonor employees, suppliers and customers. There are ethical and business practices challenges confronting DPHA members thataffect their image, reputation and ability to perform. If you are not forthright in yourdealings with manufacturers, what is the likelihood of becoming an important player intheir distribution channel. If you consistently miss shipping deadlines, how often willshowroom personnel direct their customers toyour products. If you can’t live up to promises,what are the chances that you can build a loyaland dedicated staff? Frank Bucaro offers easy-to-understand definitions of ethics and guidelines fortackling difficult decisions that affect the internaland external images of your company. He alsowill describe the bottom-line benefits your organi-zation will enjoy when taking the high road iswoven into the fabric of your company. How important is image to your showroom or theproducts that you manufacturer or represent? Doyour displays invite customers to introduce them-selves to the products in your showroom? Doproducts compliment one another to make it seam-less to make complete sales? What impact does thedress, demeanor and posture of employees haveon your showroom? Where does the image thatcontinued on page 9
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DPHA Board of Directors President: Jamie Gregg, Colonial Bronze,(Torrington, CT)President-Elect: Bill Fiddler, Fiddler’s, Inc.(Honolulu, HI)Secretary: Jim Babbitt, Howell Babbitt Sales(Glenview, IL)Treasurer: Barry Goldberg, Union Hardware(Bethesda, MD)Immediate Past President: Jeff Burton The Bathand BeyondDirector at Large: Jeff Robboy, Baci by Remcraft(Opa-Locka, FL) Directors Jerry Abel, THG (Coconut Creek, FL)Gordon Bertrand (Natphil America, Inc.,Toronto, Canada)Jeff Bierman, Phylrich International (Burbank,CA)Sam Byrd, Steamist (Rutherford, NJ)Tony Carter, Carter Hardware (Beverly Hills,CA)Rod Denhart, Legacy Brass, Inc. (San Pedro, CA)Jack Fase, Alno (Chatsworth, CA)Marilyn Hermance, Westheimer Plumbing &Hardware (Houston, TX)Dick Issacs, Harrington Brass Works (AllenDale, NJ)Larry Kaluzna, Waterware (Chicago, IL)Debbie Miller, Miller’s Fine DecorativeHardware (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)Faye Norton, Designer Hardware by Faye(Oklahoma City, OK)Doug Parchment, Luxury Marketing, Inc. (E.Northport, NY)Jonathan Paul, Paul Decorative Products (NewYork, NY)Ron Raffel, Raffel Sales, Inc. (Highland Park, IL)Mark Rohl, Rohl, LLC (Costa Mesa, CA)Al Rykus, Aquabrass International (PompanoBeach, FL)Steve Shedden, Shedden Sales (Libertyville, IL)Debby Stehr, Stehr Enterprises (Gambrills, MD)Jim Tomafsky, Mountain Plumbing Products(West Depford, NJ)Ari Warshawsky, Concinnity & Barand(Melville, NY)Jonathan Wood, Brasstech International (SantaAna, CA) NEWSLEAK 2SEPTEMBER 2004 A Quarterly Publication of the DecorativePlumbing & Hardware Association Volume 3 No. 5 DPHA’s mission is to increase the professionalism and assist in thedevelopment of stronger partnerships between the DPH IndependentDealer, Manufacturers’ Representatives, and Manufacturers/Importers aswell as other allied organizations. 2004 Gold Circle Sponsors Allied BrassAlnoAquaware AmericaBaci by RemcraftBainUltraBrasstechColonial BronzeConcinnity & BarandFrankeGinger CompanyJulien, Inc.Mountain PlumbingNeptuneInternationalRohl, LLCToto, USA AmericanFaucets &Coatings-SigmaDornbracht,USAJacloIndustriesKimball & AquabrassInternational Corp.Blanco AmericaCalifornia FaucetsR. ChristensenHardwareCifial Brass WorksDesigner Hardwareby FayeEverpureHarrington BrassWorksHowell /BabbittSalesKWC Faucets, Inc.Legacy Brass, Inc.Omnia Industries,Inc.OpellaPinnacle SalesGroupSteamistStover SalesCompany, Inc.Union HardwareValli & Valli USAWatermark Designs Arizona Glass SalesBC Euro DesignsInternational Corp.Barber Wilsons &Co./Black CountryHeritageDan Beaudet CompanyBristol & BathElite BathEurostyleJadoLB BrassMr. Steam, SussmanLifestyle GroupPaul DecorativeProductsPorcherStabeck Sales & PartnersSponsorsPatrons
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NEWSLEAK 3SEPTEMBER 2004 Presi Normally, I approach statistics cautiously, mind-ful of the aphorism “there are lies, damn lies andstatistics.” However, DPHA's numbers are quitetelling. Our membership growth continues at apace far exceeding our most optimistic expecta-tions. DPHA's membership has increased bynearly 50% with more than a quarter remainingin the 2004 fiscal year. Our growth serves as evi-dence that we are striking a chord within theindustry and delivering products and servicesthat our membership wants and needs. Annual Convention attendance is 25% ahead oflast year's record setting pace. While impressive,the growth in Conference participation shouldnot come as a surprise. DPHA was created toprovide the industry with business practice toolsthat improve operations, increase efficiency andadvance the professionalism of all three majorchannels in the supply chain: Manufacturers,Representatives and Showrooms. Nearly 50% ofour members plan to attend the Third AnnualConference, October 1-3, in Boca Raton, FL. Weare confident that those who participate will notbe disappointed. Our programs are innovative.They feature subjects and speakers that are notpart of the industry speaker circuit. More signifi-cantly, they provide perspectives that make usthink and, in many cases, think differently. Ouropening keynote presenter fits that bill. I am onthe hook for Frank Bucaro's presentation. I recog-nize that the topic of ethics is a hard sell.Nonetheless, I have had the privilege of hearingFrank speak on several occasions. I can assureyou that his message will resonate with you andyour organization. Nyda Bittman Nevel comes with a similarunqualified endorsement for her presentationabilities and message. She offers guidance tohelp improve the image of our displays andshowrooms. Numbers don't deceive. At leastone DPHA manufacturer has found that salesincrease 68% when products are displayed prop-erly at the correct venue. That venue is the deco-rative plumbing and hard-ware showroom. TheTown Meeting is anotherprogram that illustrates thepositive difference DPHAoffers. We've assembledleading minds in ourindustry to discuss theirbusiness, industry trendsand strategic initiatives. The insight and informa-tion they will offer at the DPHA Convention posi-tively differential the program and provide addi-tional reasons to attend.The DPHA Product Showcase is another out-of-the box approach that enables showrooms, manu-facturers and representatives to create more effec-tive partnerships based on trust, mutual under-standing of expectations and effective and consis-tent communication channels. Last year, weexperimented with the concept and found it to bean ideal format. The exhibit space sold out earlyproviding further testimony to the effectivenessof the format. In Boca Raton, DPHA will recognize extraordi-nary industry accomplishments at the SecondAnnual DPHA Awards Program. Award nomina-tions more than tripled from year one to yeartwo, serving as yet another indicator of the effectthat DPHA is having on our industry. At theAwards luncheon DPHA confer the designationof DPHA Fellow on five industry leaders. Our Fellowship Program is unique. While it is anhonor that recognizes career contributions andachievement in the industry, it also is a call tocontinue to serve. We will look to our Council ofFellows as a strategic body that undertakes pro-jects the Council believes important to the indus-try and the Association. This is an exciting time for DPHA and our indus-try. Consumer awareness and demand for ourproducts continues Conventional Wisdom DPHA President Jamie Gregg continued on page 7
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NEWSLEAK 4SEPTEMBER 2004 The DPHA Third Annual Conference features a prod-uct showcase with more than 60 companies display-ing new product and product lines. DPHA createdthe Product Showcase to fill a need within the indus-try. The displays featured at the Boca RatonConference October 1-2 are not intended to mimicother trade shows and simply offer fleeting opportu-nities to meet and greet and show the same inventorythat DPHA members can see at other venues. Thefocus of the DPHA Product Showcase is to providequality face time for the three principal partiesinvolved in the production, distribution and sale ofdecorative plumbing and hardware products. Tomaximize the benefit of this approach manufacturers,representatives and showroom owners are encour-aged to meet one-on-one to discuss how they canimprove or create more meaningful partnerships. The DPHA Product Showcase offers a forum to createand expand upon more effective partnerships. It is avenue for understanding expectations and creatingeffective communication channels. Exhibitors havebeen advised against displaying every product in aline. Doing so will be counterproductive because anexhibit filled with the entire spectrum of a manufac-turer’s product line will not generate the type ofmeaningful conversation needed to create effective-ness partnerships based no trust, mutual understand-ing of expectations and frequent and meaningfulcommunication. The Showcase also is a time to dis-cuss problems and work together toward solutions.It is a time where the foundation can be laid to takebusiness partnerships to a higher and more produc-tive level. It is a time for showrooms, manufacturersand reps to be open and candid. It is a time to listencarefully to what customers have to say and deter-mine the reasons that underlie the success or disap-pointment of a product or line of products. It is atime for showrooms to carefully listen to manufactur-ers’ concepts for bringing products to market. It is atime for representatives and showrooms to identifyvoids in the market and offer ideas for manufactur-ing partners to fill them. It is a time to graduatefrom the common practice of putting a display in ashowroom without being committed to those prod-ucts or line of products simply because of friendship. DPHA recognizes that not every showroom will beable to meet with every manufacturer that is a mean-ingful or important partner. On every side of thetable, choices must be made. That is the reason whychoices must be made and that DPHA encouragesmanufactures, reps and showrooms to set appoint-ments in advance. Doing so will position everyoneto maximize the value of their time and improve thequality of return they receive from their Showcaseinvestment.Exhibitors are: The Second Annual DPHA Product Showcase Allied Brass, Inc.Allied International Group, Inc. -KuecoAlnoAmerican Faucets & CoatingsCorporationAnne At HomeAquabrass International Corp.Aviana Bath & Glass DesignsBaci by RemcraftBaldwin Hardware CorporationBarber Wilsons & Co./BlackCountry HeritageBates & BatesBC Euro Designs InternationalBerenson / R. ChristensenHardwareBlanco AmericaBrasstechBristol & BathBroan-NuTone, LLCCalifornia Faucets, Inc.Classic BrassClub Baltica UABColonial BronzeConcinnity & BarandDamisu Collection, Inc.DanzeDMB Sales & Marketing, Inc.Elite BathEurostyleEverpure, Inc.FERSAFusion Hardware Group, Inc.GeminiGinger CompanyH.P. AustinHansgrohe, Inc.Harrington Brass WorksIntuit EclipseJaclo IndustriesJadoJulien, Inc.KWC Faucets Inc.Lacava DesignLB BrassLegacy Brass, Inc.Living ElementsMountain Plumbing ProductsNatphil America, Inc.Neptune InternationalOmnia Industries, Inc.Paul Decorative ProductsPorcherRegatta Water Co.Rohl, LLCSamuel Heath & SonsStone Forest, Inc.Tempress Ltd.The Chicago Faucet CompanyThe Furniture Guild/Vanity FlairTHGTrajet Products, Inc.Villeroy & Boch USAVon Morris CorporationWatermark Designs
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NEWSLEAK 5SEPTEMBER 2004 What’s New at The ProductShowcase? DPHA asked the companies that are participating inthe Product Showcase at the Boca Raton Conferenceto limit their displays to new and newer products.They have responded favorably to this request.Here’s a preview of several of the new items that willbe featured. Allied International–Keuco will introduce its Edition 200 bathroom suite. The suite is characterized by itsstraight lines, glass shelves and unique mirror cabi-net that opens upwards similar to a garage door. Barber Wilsons/Black Country Heritage offers a new contemporary bridge faucet with side spray and anew line of air heated electric towel warmers. Baci by Remcraft introduces new models and styles of lighted make up and shaving mirrors, line voltagehalogen lighting and energy-efficient super safe wallmounted hair dryers. Mountain Plumbing Products will feature new tradi- tional style instant hot and instant hot and cold linesof drinking water dispensers that are safe for chil-dren. Bates & Bates introduces its new copper mountain sink line offering a weathered look in value pricing.Three new finishes will be displayed: old brass, oldcopper and old nickel. BC EURO Designs International Corp. showcases an array of traditional, transitional and contemporaryfaucets incorporating the stylish use of Murano glassand Swarovski crystal. The company also offers anexposed shower system with a contemporary showerhead and unique thermostatic plate, trend drivenglass bowls and granite vessels, free standing andwall mounted accessories designed using Swarovskicrystal. California Faucets introduces three new faucet series; The Tiburon (Contemporary), Montara(Contemporary) and Humboldt (Traditional). Alsothe company will offer new grid drains featuringextra large diameter holes for quick draining ofnonoverflow sinks, a new deluxe air gap kit thatcompletely covers plastic components and a line ofdeluxe toilet tank levers. Also on display will be anew line of PVD finishes that include mocha bronze,satin rose bronze and black nickel. Furniture Guild/Vanity Flair offers contemporary pyramid vanity, classic Louis XVI in walnut burl andstackable cube pieces. The company also will show-case a new vanity in Zebrawood. The furniture isavailable in 40 styles and 40 finishes and customsizes and configurations. Samuel Heath & Son showcases its new line of Xenon faucets and its intro 700 line of competitivelypriced bathroom accessories. Anne At Home unveils new bath hardware and new cabinet hardware. Everpure, Inc. offers two new drinking water sys- tems. Watermark Designs introduces a new series of coor- dinated console legs with coordinated lighting,faucets, plumbing trim and accessories. Tempress, Ltd. will introduce their “e-series” elec- tronic pressure balanced valves for customizing high-tech shower environments. The electronic functionsall for automated temperature selection with “pre-programmed” timed showers plus “spa” functionsfor customizing multiple shower outlets. Natphil America, Inc. offers a new line of square and octagon shaped faucets, shower systems and acces-sories and a new series of mid-range vanities. Julien, Inc. will be featuring its new Aquacentre all in one food preparation and cleaning zone and col-lection of 16 gauge stainless steel grow. So do the competitive challenges. DPHAis providing the tools to meet those challenges andcreate new opportunities for our businesses and ourindustry. See you in Boca.Jamie GreggPresidentPresident’s Message continued from page 3
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NEWSLEAK 6SEPTEMBER 2004 Angela’s Auction The DPHA Annual Conference features an auction whose proceeds are earmarked to help Angela Neumanncontinue her treatment for multiple myeloma. Through her friends and the industry and the assistance of theNational Foundation for Transplants, nearly 70% of the $100,000 Angela needs to continue her treatment hasbeen raised. The Auction will be held in the Product Showcase exhibit area, Friday, October 1 and SaturdayOctober 2. Next to each item donated will be a bid sheet that features a brief description of the item donatedand minimum bid required if any. The auction concludes at Noon Saturday. Successful bidders are requiredto pay for their items prior to departure. If shipping is required, the donator is responsible for its cost.The following is a partial list of items that will be featured at the auction:A full-page ad in a forthcoming issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News, donated by Eliot Sefrin and Kitchen &Bath Design News (cannot be used as part of an existing advertising contract). Minimum bid: $1,000.Registration for a member and a spouse, or significant other, at the 2005 DPHA Annual Conference at LaQuinta Resort, Palm Springs, CA. Includes hotel room for three nights. Minimum bid: $500Two lots of five suites of a new oil rubbed bronze bathware. Each lot features 5 24 inch towel bars, 5 doublerobe hooks, 5 two port tissue holders and 5 towel rings. Donated by R. Christenson Hardware (BerensonCorporation). The SL 120 shelf designed by Rodolfo Dordoni from the Interiors by Dornbracht Product Line.The shelf is 4 ? wide, 12 inches high and six inches deep. Donated by Dornbracht. Minimumbid is $200.Beveled rectangular mirror 60 by 80. Donated by Valli & Valli USA, Inc.$100 Gift Certificate to Morton’s, donated by Taymor Industries, Inc.Everpure H300 system with mountain brushed nickel faucet. Donated by Pinnacle Sales Group. Minimumbid $100.Rohl’s A3608WS single level kitchen faucet. Donated by Rohl, LLCOne week at Quinta Vida “Paradise Found.” The “Quinta Vida” beachhouse in Little Exuma offers beachfront panoramic view from the 1500square foot terrace that overlooks the Bahamian Sound. This fully-equipped house has been lavished with conveniences seldom found inthe Caribbean and is conveniently located on a remote, private island inthe Bahamas. Donated by Designers Plumbing & Hardware. Minimumbid is $700.Stainless Steel Basin/Bar Faucet donated by Cool Lines USA. 289.870.625 Thunderstorm showerhead featuring solid brass construction, 44 spray orifices 6” diameter andadjustable ball joint. Donated by Cifial USASwarovski gift set donated by Cobblestone CourtSilk bath matt with Miki & Alley Bath Accessories that include tissue holder, soap bottle and trash can.Donated by Elegant Additions.
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NEWSLEAK 7SEPTEMBER 2004 Two shell drop in bowls and 2 K341 faucets in a choice of finish. Donated byPhylrich International. Minimum bid is $400. A bottle of 1997 Joseph Phelps Insignia Meritage, donated by Ken Goren.Minimum bid: is $200. $1000 merchandise credit donated by Classic Brass. $500 minimum bidVictorian Lav faucet for master bath. Donated by Harrington Brass Works.Miniumum bid is $100.A magnum of 1994 Dunn Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon (Rated 96 by RobertParker). Donated by DPHA staff. Minimum bid: $100Gift box with 2 Burnished Silver, Pearl, and Crystal “Devonshire” 5 inch diameter base x 3 inchStemware and 2 removable Champagne Flutes for Silver Stem and a removable burgundy redwine bowl for silver stem. The glass screws into the silver stem so you never have to put the stemin the water. If you break the flute or glass, you can simply replace the glass. Donated by EdgarBerebi$250 gift certificate to Morton’s. Donated by Union Hardware. Minimum bid: $100$250 gift certificate to Smith & Wollensky. Donated by UnionHardware. Minimum bid: $100A personal chef for a night. A chef will come to your home and cook and serve a gourmet dinner for two.You set the menu (within reason). Availability limited to major US metropolitan areas. Includes prep, cook-ing, serving and clean up. Donated by Union Hardware. Minimum bid $100One of a kind snake skin patterned custom make up mirror. Donated by Baci by Remcraft. Minimum bid:$100 Why We Won't and Don't Delegate Most DPHA members are entrepreneurs. Many of us have started our businesses and are forced to wear sev-eral hats in a day ranging from CEO to head of human resources. And a number of us find that there are notenough hours in the day or days in the week to do everything we have to do. So what's the answer? If youasked most business gurus - also known as consultants - it's easy. You have to delegate more. That's theproblem. Most entrepreneurs have a hard time delegating because if you peel away the onion you'll find thatmost entrepreneurs believe that they can do the job better than anyone else in the organization. Most entre-preneurs have a difficult time delegating because others in the organization don't have the same urgency thatthey do. Taking a step back, the entrepreneurial spirit, special talent and drive to be better than most if notall others are reasons why we started our own businesses to begin with. That's also the reason that we have ahard time delegating and tend to micromanage.According to Alison Wellner, writing in Inc. magazine, the issue of delegation boils down to a matter of trust.Wellner explains that there are two types of trust. One is the trust associated with being honest. The other isbased on trusting someone's competence to do the job right. That's the rub. Most of us don't trust others inour organizations to do the job the way we could get it done with the same result. That does not mean thatour employees are not trustworthy. The problem is that most employers have a hard time evaluating theskills and competencies of their staff members. However, if you don't build a certain degree of trust in yourstaff, your growth potential is extremely limited. There is only so much of you to go around. Additionally,continued on page 8
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NEWSLEAK 8SEPTEMBER 2004 Babbitt Heads Slate The Nominating Committee’s proposed slate of Directors and Officers to serve on the 2004 Board ofDirectors is as follows:Officers:President-Elect: Jim Babbitt (Howell/Babbitt Sales, Inc.)Secretary: Ron Raffel (Raffel Sales, Inc.)Treasurer: Jeff Robboy (Baci by Remcraft)Directors:Bill Fiddler (Fiddler’s) automatically accedes to the Presidency. Jamie Gregg (Colonial Bronze)assumes the position of Immediate Past President. Members are encouraged to return their proxyeven if they plan to attend the October 1-3 Annual Conference. If you need your proxy returned,DPHA staff will provide a copy. Jerry Abel (THG)Gordon Bertrand (Natphil America, Inc.)Jeff Burton (The Bath and Beyond)Sam Byrd (Steamist)Tony Carter (Carter Hardware, Inc.)Rod Denhart (Legacy Brass, Inc.)Jack Fase (Alno)Barry Goldberg (Union Hardware)Marilyn Hermance (Westheimer Plumbing &Hardware)Dick Issacs (Harrington Brass Works)Sarah Jenkinson (Barber Wilsons & Co./BlackCountry Heritage)Larry Kaluzna (Waterware)Mary Labowitz (Primier Marketing)Faye Norton (Designer Hardware by Faye)Johanthan Paul (Paul Decorative Products)Mark Rohl (Rohl, LLC)Al Rykus (Aquabrass International)Steve Shedden (Shedden Sales Company)Debby Stehr (Stehr Enterprises)Jim Tomafsky (Mountain Plumbing Produts)Debbie Miller (Miller’s Fine DecorativeHardware)Ari Warshawsky (Concinnity & Barand)Jonathan Wood (Brasstech) Why we don’t delegate continued from page 7when you fail to delegate, you get stuck performing a number of duties by default that you may not be par-ticularly inclined to do or have the proper training and experience to do well. Building Trust Hiring the right people who not only have the competency to do the job well but who fit into your organiza-tion is the first step to building trust and letting go. DPHA can help. Through DPHA's discounted EmployeeAssessment Program members can evaluate if a prospective hire will fit into their organization prior to offer-ing a position. For more information about the employee assessment program, call the DPHA office at 1-888-411-8477.
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NEWSLEAK 9SEPTEMBER 2004 your showroom offers rank on the “wow” scale?DPHA offers answers to these questions with a fasci-nating and informative program entitled, “ImagineThat: Creating an Image the Reflects Corporate Goals,”presented by Nyda BIttmann-Neville. She offersguidance that showroom owners, manufacturers andrepresentatives can use to bring the image of theirshowroom and their products to the next level.Topics addressed include:How to use image-enhancing techniques to increaseprofitability # Internal and external factors that influence acompany’s image, # The effect of signage and how to make it workmore effectively and # How to tie image to corporate goalsNyda has visited showrooms and interviewed DPHAmembers to customize her program to the DHPindustry. She has developed the image strategy forWachovia Bank and the bank’s branch offices andregularly conducts seminars and training programsthat help entrepreneurs use image to create competi-tive advantages.This is the heart of the political season where candi-dates across the nation will air their views and posi-tions on a broad range of topics. In the spirit of thisseason, the DPHA Annual Conference offers a uniqueforum to express opinions and to hear from some ofthe leading minds in our industry. The First AnnualDPHA town meeting features John Wills, GroupPresident Plumbing Products for Masco Corporation,Laurie Breininger, Vice President and GeneralManager Kitchen & Bath Products-Americas,American Standard Companies and Ken Rohl, CEOand Chairman Rohl, LLC. Bill Fiddler (Fiddler’sHonolulu, HI) will lead and moderate the programand ask questions ranging from what is a reasonableexpectation of return on investment when new prod-uct lines are brought to market to the future of theindependent rep. Attendees also will have theopportunity to query the panel. On Saturday, October 2, DPHA will present its thirdbusiness practice roundtable, addressing manage-ment and business practices issues that showrooms,manufacturers and representatives address daily.Topics that will be addressed include the importanceof brand to a showroom, actions showroom owners,manufacturers and reps can take to improve theircorporate image in light of Nyda Bittmann Neville’spresentation and ideas to improve loyalty amongthose in the supply chain.The opening reception will be held Friday, October 1from 6:30-9:00pm as part of the Product Showcase.Additional networking opportunities are featured atthe group luncheons and at our beach party,Saturday, October 2 from 7pm-10pm. There is still time to reserve. The Boca Resort reportsthat a few rooms are available at DPHA’s groupblock rates of $150 go $235 per night. To reserve call561-447-3000 and tell the reservations agent you areattending the DPHA Conference. The fee to attend the Conference is $525. ContactDPHA to reserve, if you have questions or need moreinformation at 888-411-8477. Conference Agenda Thursday, September 30, 20048:00am-4:00pm Board of Directors Meeting2:00pm-6:00pm Exhibitor Move InFriday, October 1, 20048:30am-Noon Taking the High Road: Frank BucaroNoon-1:45pm Awards Luncheon/Election2:00pm-4:00pm DPHA Town Meeting6:30pm-9:00pm Reception and Product ShowcaseSaturday, October 2, 20048:30am-11:30am One on One Meetings withExhibitors11:30am-12:30pm Lunch in Exhibit Hall12:45pm-2:45pm Imagine That: Nyda Bittmann-Neville3:00pm-4:30pm, Business Practice Roundtable7:00pm-10:00pm Group Dinner Boca Beach ClubSunday, October 3, 20048:00am-9:30am Education Committee andMembership Committee Meetings9:30am-11:00am Awards Committee and ProgramCommittee Meetings11:00am-Noon Technology Committee Meeting1:00pm-5:00pm Optional Golf or Fishing Outing
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NEWSLEAK 10SEPTEMBER 2004 Julien, Inc. Some 20 years ago, Fred Carl, Jr. was building ahome for his family and wanted to install a restau-rant quality stove in their kitchen. None could befound so Carl began working on designs and proto-types to bring commercial quality to residentialapplications. The rest is history. Viking stovesexploded onto the American market to become oneof the pioneers of luxury kitchen appliances.Julien, Inc. believes that there is a similar opportunityto bring commercial applications to the residentialkitchen. The 60-year-old company headquartered inQuebec City, Canada is recognized for its high-quali-ty professional grade commercial kitchen equipment.The company built its reputation by outfitting thekitchens of five-star resorts, universities, casinos,restaurants and sports stadiums around the world.Julien designed, fabricated and installed its commer-cial line of products at Olympic Stadium Montreal,Tennessee Titan's Stadium and the Air CanadaCentre, to name a few. To capitalize on the compa-ny's design and fabrication expertise, several yearsago Julien expanded by creating an industrial divi-sion. Today, Julien supplies doors and control panelsfor GE Monogram, Frigidaire, Amana, U-line,Heartland and Weber among many other major luxu-ry appliance manufacturers.Opportunity again came knocking on Julien's doorapproximately 18 months ago when company execu-tives saw niche that has yet to be tapped in the resi-dential sink market. “We approach the residentialsink industry in much the same manner as does ahigh-end appliance manufacturer,” states LloydLeBlanc, Director of the Residential Division forJulien. “We design and fabricate products with func-tionality in mind and produce the highest end stain-less steel sink on the market today.” With pricepoints ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, Julien believesthat its products offer superior appeal to the luxurybuyer by providing features that only Julien can pro-vide. The differentiation starts with the manufactur-ing process. All Julien sinks are hand-made fromsheet metal that is laser cut, formed and then handJulien’s Aquacentre GoldCircleSponsor Close Up Name: Lloyd LeBlancCompany: Julien, Inc.Position: Director,Residential DivisionLocation: Quebec City, CanadaHobbies: His two daughters, Skiing and Golf Favoriite Place to Ski: Mount Ste AnneQuebecChange He Would Like to See in theDPH Industry: Change the preceptionof arcthiects, designers and consumersto view sinks in the same vein as highend appliancesLast Books Read: PositioningPersons He Would Most Like to HaveDinner With: Michael J. Fox
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NEWSLEAK 11SEPTEMBER 2004 welded and polished. “Our manufacturing process does not restrict ourdesign capabilities,” LeBlanc explained. “Most Julien sinks are 10 inchesdeep. However, we can manufacturer to 12, 14 or any custom specifica-tions.”The fact that Julien does not stamp its products also serves to differentiateits sinks from the competition's. “Most companies start from a coil ofstainless steel that they unroll and then stamp with huge press operationsand very expensive molds,” said LeBlanc. “Julien starts with a design andsheet metal. Our goal is to change the perceptions architects, designersand super premium luxury buyers have of kitchen sinks. Instead of view-ing the sink as an afterthought, our goal is to make it an integral part of theoverall kitchen design.”Julien’s ability to leverage its experience in the commercial market todevelop high grade commercial applications for the single-family home isevidenced by the fact that all of the company's sinks are manufacturedfrom 16 gauge steel. The competition relies on 18 or 20 gauge for their prod-ucts. That means Julien sinks are .16 millimeter thick compared to .08 formost other manufacturers. Another differentiator of product quality is that the company's manufacturingprocess does not cause the steel to stretch. Their sinks are uniformly thick, providing uncompromising quali-ty that gives Julien the confidence to offer a lifetime guarantee for all of its products. Julien views itself as being in the design business as opposed to a manu-facturer of sinks. “We cover every line,” says LeBlanc, “under mount,drop in, apron front in every category of sink.” Even though Julien sinksare hand made, quick delivery is not usually a problem for sinks fromtheir various lines. “We have a standard line of products that is readilyavailable,” LeBlanc stated.Julien's residential product line was introduced in January 2003. Sincethen, LeBlanc and his team have opened nearly 100 showrooms in theUnited States. The company relies on experienced independent reps tosell its products and is ardent believer in selective distribution. “Becausewe are high-end and have limited distribution, we offer extremely attrac-tive margins for showroom owners,” LeBlanc said. “Julien dealers findthat they don't have to compete with other manufacturers because no oneelse has similar products that can match our quality or our design innova-tions.” One innovation is the Julien Aquacentre. Offered in 4 different configurations, the Aquacentre is aworkstation that features an all-in-one food preparation and cleaning center, a 16 gauge stainless steel sink,smooth drain board and cutting board that slides across the sink, a uniquely styled colander, optional tilt-outdrawers for storing pots and pans and a built in dishwasher mounted under a stainless steel countertop.Julien sinks feature built in drawers that provide extra storage space in the kitchen and serve to further differ-entiate its products from others on the market. “Our sinks are an easy sell to architects and designers,” claims LeBlanc because of the distinctive styling.“We have 100% wow factor.” The challenge LeBlanc and showrooms that feature Julien products face is to beconsidered in the beginning of the design process. Typically, when homeowners and their consultants designkitchens, they focus initially on appliances and cabinetry. Julien has created products that deserve up-frontconsideration for their quality and distinctiveness. Taking a page out of the Viking experience, Julien is creat-ing awareness of its product through advertising efforts in upscale publications and partnering with the mostdistinctive showrooms in the nation. That is one reason that Julien serves as a Gold Circle sponsor of DPHA.The company counts many DPHA members as its partners to offer the consumer professional grade and per-forming sinks that once were the exclusive domain of the finest restaurants and resorts. Julien will be dis-playing at the DPHA Product Showcase, October 1-2, 2004 in Boca Raton, FL. Pull-out drawers are a distincitvefeature of Julien SinksJulien’s new undermount
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