ProMinent Edition 1/2015
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X-tremely clever ProMinent presents the intelligent
gamma/ X solenoid metering pump
Service generates added value Interview with Markus Betzwieser
and Rainer Weick
Cooling water disinfection
for the harshest of applications An aluminium production facility
in Voerde relies on cooling
water disinfection by ProMinent
How process technology
from ProMinent secures
optimal flow for industry
Editorial CONTE Dear Readers,
“We want our customers to return, not our pumps,”
comment ProMinent Service experts Rainer Weick and
Markus Betzwieser in an interview on page 12 of the new
ProMinent Magazine. But what exactly do they mean by
this? ProMinent always aspires to provide customers with
innovative solutions and comprehensive service that offers
discernible added value – whether focusing on individual
products or entire plants, consulting and implementation
services or fast support for application-related questions.
This also applies to our new magazine, which you are
currently holding in your hands. Going beyond classic
product catalogues and brochures, we will use this
magazine to offer you interesting and exciting insights
into various activities and departments at ProMinent,
as well as to report on the challenging applications that
our customers across the globe are implementing with
innovative metering technology and solutions for water
treatment and disinfection. A couple of examples from this
current edition are the complex technical testing facility
that ProMinent uses to test drag reducers in pipelines for
the oil industry and the cooling water disinfection plant with
which ProMinent optimises both the costs and environmental
friendliness of water treatment at an aluminium foundry.
With the new magazine, we are keen to show you some of
the versatile deployments facilitated by the latest metering
technology, while also providing you with more information
regarding ProMinent‘s global activities. We hope you find
the articles interesting.
Have fun reading!
Your ProMinent Magazine editorial team
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ProMinent is keen to use innovation and expertise in plant
construction to reach the peak of the engineering sector 06
Markus Betzwieser and Rainer Weick on
ProMinent‘s service philosophy 12
X-tremely clever – ProMinent presents the new gamma/ X 16
An aluminium production facility in Voerde relies on cooling
water disinfection by ProMinent 22
Gateway to the East – ProMinent‘s office in Istanbul 26
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“Nothing has
ever grown out of
Prof. Dr. h. c. Viktor Dulger,
founder of ProMinent. More than
50 personal patents have since
been registered in Prof. Dulger‘s
name in Germany and the
industrial nations, forming the
basis for the company‘s
global operations.
Patent partners
ProMinent is a patent company. Indeed, as a leading innovator, the
company holds over 100 patents worldwide in the field of metering
technology, while a further 50 patents are registered in the name of
company founder Viktor Dulger. When developing new technologies,
ProMinent not only relies on its own innovative power, but also cooperates
with universities. The most recent success from academic collaborations
is the new gamma/ X solenoid-driven diaphragm-type metering pump. In
collaboration with the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, the metering
technology specialist has developed innovative processes for model-based
and adaptive control of the solenoid in the pump. This joint development
led to three new patents, which enable precise and predictive control of the
gamma/ X without failure-prone sensor technology. Read more about this
on page 16.
Finding the right
solution more quickly
With 80 sectors, 100,000
products and virtually endless
applications, it is easy
to get confused when trying
to find the right metering
pump. This is why ProMinent
decided to launch the Pump
Guide, which allows you to find
your way through the veritable
jungle of pumps with just a few
clicks. Simply enter your basic
requirements, such as delivery
rate, back pressure and frequency,
and the Pump Guide
will immediately present you
with an initial selection of suitable
models. Still not sure?
Then try it for yourself at
ProMinent‘s customer service
is, of course, also available if
you need help in selecting a
specific product, setting up individual
configurations or require
more comprehensive advice.
Technology to sink your teeth into
How does the filling find its way into the doughnut without it exploding?
A major bakery that uses liquid flavourings, which are dissolved in alcohol to
ensure that its sweet doughnuts always have the same great taste, recently
faced precisely this question. After all, metering the correct volume of flavouring
is not easy. Indeed, it requires great precision
– and there is a risk of explosion due to the
alcohol evaporating and creating a
highly flammable mixture with air.
The tailor-made solution came
from ProMinent: nine Sigma/ 1
motor-driven diaphragm metering
pumps, installed in forceventilated
containers, guarantee
explosion protection – with wellabove-
average reproducibility
for one delicious doughnut after
the other. The only risk then is of a
taste explosion.
Which cooling water disinfection solutions does ProMinent
offer? What are the specifications of the new gamma/ X
solenoid-driven metering pump? Which process metering
pump would be required for a metering volume of 1,000
litres per hour at 300 bar? Find the answers to these and
many other questions now in the new ProMinent app for
iPad and iPhone. With the practical catalogue app, you
can now get instant access to the latest documentation
and innovations from ProMinent while on the move.
The app can be found at, as
well as in the Apple iTunes Store.
panorama 05
16.09. – 18.09.2015
26.09. – 30.09.2015
09.11. – 12.11.2015
Abu Dhabi,
You can find further details
on the internet at
Helping young
people get started
ProMinent also assumes social responsibility,
for example supporting the “Aufstiegshelfer” initiative that helps
young people get their foot in the door of a career. The objective of
this initiative is to help young people active in sports find their way in
the world of work. Ralf Kiermaier, Vice President Sales & Marketing
ProMinent Germany, took the opportunity to personally show young
footballer and ProMinent intern Maximilian Kern the company.
Kiermaier also supports the youngster as a mentor and even
watches him play regularly.
Anpfiff ins Leben e.V. |
15.06. – 19.06.2015
Frankfurt am Main,
03.11. – 06.11.2015
Brau Beviale 2015
10.11. – 12.11.2015
25.11. – 28.11.2015
Lyon, France
You can find further details
on the internet at
Always appto-
Do you know about the flow? That warm and fuzzy
feeling when everything is running perfectly? Transferred
to the field of process technology, this ideal
condition has been reached when all components
within a processing plant interact perfectly with one
another, when processes are executed efficiently,
safely and economically and the system is capable
of delivering its maximum productivity. To help
system operators around the globe achieve this optimum
flow, ProMinent develops advanced metering
systems – ranging from innovative process pumps
such as the brand new Orlita® Evolution, right
through to highly complex processing plants.
Whether for refineries or chemical plants,
innovative process metering systems ensure
optimal flow in industry.
Kim Hvitfeldt Hansen has held the
position of Head of Process Metering
Technology at ProMinent since the end
of 2013. His objective is to establish
this business unit as one of the market
leaders in the field of process technology
over the next few years.
Whenever oil flows out from
below the surface of the
Earth at great pressure or
is pumped through pipelines
across entire continents,
whenever aggressive
chemicals need to be precisely metered
or millions of litres of water need to be prepared
– high-pressure process metering
pumps provide the necessary additives to
secure both frost and corrosion protection,
to optimise viscosity or to guarantee reliable
disinfection. The challenge here no longer
lies in finding reliable pumps with suitable
specifications and the correct metering profile:
operators of processing plants today
face enormous competitive and cost pressure.
As such, they are increasingly looking
for solutions which secure a high degree of
flexibility and cost-effectiveness for their
plant, alongside maximum process reliability
and efficiency.
Individual solution in the pipeline
Today, ProMinent therefore offers customers
in the field of process technology far
more than just modern pumps. “With all
our expertise and experience of our
customers‘ processes, we are increasingly
developing into a full-scope problem
solver,” explains Kim Hvitfeldt Hansen,
who has held the position of Head of Process
Metering Technology for around 18
months. Perhaps the best example of this
is the extensive testing centre, which
was established at the company‘s HQ in
Heidelberg for one of the world‘s largest
oil producers.
“Some time ago, we received an order to
deliver twelve process metering systems
for pipelines,” reports Hansen. “An oil
producer was looking for systems to feed
a drag reducer into its pipelines.” The
product in question was a polymer which
increases the oil‘s flowability in the pipeline.
This approach allows the flow rate,
and therefore also the capacity, of the
pipeline to be increased and removes the
need for an oil producer to install costly
additional pipes. In contrast to competitors‘
products, the Heidelberg-based
company‘s process pumps do not require
valves, which was why the oil company
in question decided to go with ProMinent.
When using conventional pumps, the
company often ran into issues with the
polymer-based additive clogging the
valves. This in turn led to high maintenance
and preventive service costs, which
were necessary to keep the pipeline up
and running and guarantee its safety.
Not simply dispatched into
the desert
However, rather than simply “dispatching
the requested systems into the desert”, as
Hansen puts it, “we consulted with the
client and ultimately decided to test the
system in a real-world production environment
in Heidelberg.” After all, the oil
company was also planning on using the
pipeline for various other chemicals in
the future based on process technology
requirements and the market situation.
Until that time, however, the actual chemicals
suppliers had been providing precise
specifications for the hardware environment
and only allowing their products to
be used in it.
ProMinent therefore invested a significant
sum in establishing a technical test centre
to develop a universal process metering
system for all chemicals – whether
high-viscosity or low-viscosity. The
company had four manufacturers deliver
chemicals to Heidelberg which it subsequently
tested under various process
Innovations in the pipeline: the valveless
process pumps from ProMinent guarantee
a high degree of process reliability when
metering additives in pipelines.
“With all our expertise and
experience of our customers’
processes, we are increasingly
developing into a full-scope
problem solver.”
conditions. The goal of the developers at
ProMinent was to validate the operability
and process reliability of the system with
various chemicals. The solution is now
almost ready for the final acceptance test
by the customer.
The new Orlita® Evolution –
the ultimate in reliability and
The process metering pump has been and
remains the heart of all such systems.
ProMinent is presenting a genuine innovation
here this year, as Hansen explains:
“With the Orlita® Evolution, we are offering
a new generation of process pumps in
the upper premium sector that has been
designed to offer the greatest process reliability
and flexibility. The new pumps comply
with the strict ATEX standard and are
therefore ideal for use in explosion-protected
areas. We have developed a fail-safe
design for the new Orlita® range, whose
features include a fully integrated temperature
monitoring system.”
Unlike conventional pumps, the new
Orlita® Evolution operates without peripheral
temperature monitoring sensors, which
are often susceptible to errors. To this end,
the ProMinent pump employs an intelligent
mechanism that automatically switches to
a suitable operating mode, meaning that the
temperature never increases beyond the
permissible range. This has once again
allowed ProMinent to get its nose ahead of
the competition. Orlita® Evolution also
offers many more highlights. For example,
it comes with a PTFE multi-layer dia -
phragm with rupture indicator, as well as a
completely new diaphragm position controller
(patent application submitted by
ProMinent), which protects the diaphragm
from damage, even in the case of extreme
malfunctions. The pump also possesses an
integrated hydraulic overflow valve to offer
protection from excessive pressure.
Early adopters
The first three Orlita® Evolution units had
already been sold prior to the official market
launch and, according to Hansen, have
been in use in the production operations
of one of the world’s largest chemical
companies for several months. Further
enquiries have also been received from
companies in the oil industry, the fine
chemicals industry, as well as manufacturers
of plastics and food producers.
ProMinent offers the new Orlita® Evolution
in four different versions, covering a
capacity range from three to 7,400 litres
per hour at pressures of 400 to 10 bar. The
pumps meter liquid media with extremely
high precision; deviations are lower than
1%. Moreover, the Orlita® Evolution
product range employs a modular structure,
which makes it extremely flexible
and versatile in terms of applicatio ns.
When working with individual pumps,
the motor can be used either horizontally
or vertically. When working with multiple
pumps, various motor sizes can be
combined with one another. Alongside
individual pumps, ProMinent can also
supply a complex, ready-to-use processing
plant created in line with customer
Major plant construction
“The Orlita® Evolution is an extremely
important product for us,” stresses
Hansen. “However, compiling a highgrade
package of solutions and services
with a clear focus on customer benefits in
and around our process pumps is equally
important.” In many cases, the market still
sees ProMinent as a pump manufacturer
or vendor of straightforward modular
solutions, explains Hansen. Yet the company
has been developing highly complex
From an individual process
metering pump, through
application-specific standard
solutions, all the way
up to highly complex,
customised metering
systems: ProMinent can
today offer solutions for
all installation sizes.
systems and plants of virtually all sizes for
some time – both for systems operators and
system builders. “We now have comprehensive
skills and a great deal of process engineering
expertise and application knowledge,
which allow us not only to support
our customers’ processes, but also make
them safer, more flexible, more affordable
and more energy-efficient.” Even if standard
solutions still represent the lion’s share of
ProMinent’s process business, Hansen is
increasingly focusing on customer-specific
innovations in the field of plant construction
to develop this added value for customers.
The Process Technology business unit has
now established competence centres in
all the important markets worldwide and
appointed highly trained sales, service and
engineering teams to look after the needs
of local customers. Due to the interna -
tional character of the process business,
ProMinent has created a network that will
allow it to handle international projects
smoothly. The realignment of the process
business also involves appointing so-called
sector managers, who come from the
engineering and project management
arena. These managers bring with them
their comprehensive knowledge of the
individual sectors, applications and processes,
while also providing customers
with eye-level consulting services and
both designing and estimating the costs
of associated plants.
Off-the-shelf turnkey systems
Hansen also believes that ProMinent is
well prepared to face the challenges
of the future from a technological
perspective – and not just thanks
to the new Orlita® Evolution. “Our
customers require process stability
and reliability. They are already
battling with ever increasing
complexity, as well as a need to
get plants up and running more
quickly and implement increasingly
flexible production procedures,
while at the same time
cutting costs.” The company
therefore took the decision to
standardise and modularise entire
plants in order to offer applicationspecific
solutions that combine
reliability and cost-effectiveness.
The intelligent solution
Another increasingly important
aspect is something that Hansen
refers to as the “intelligent pump concept”.
“ProMinent has a great deal of
expertise in combining mechanical systems
with the latest control technology.
Pumps, such as the Sigma Control, offer
versatile control options and can be connected
to the process control system very
effectively via Profibus.” Indeed, intelligent
control of process pumps ultimately
allows processes to be automated or made
more flexible and, by making targeted
changes to the metering profiles, the fluid
streams within the system to be optimised.
“This enables far more effective system
designs and therefore more effective operations,”
comments Hansen, summarising
the advantages. He is also already thinking
of future applications in the ‘smart
factory’ environment, in which ProMinent
process metering pumps could make a
key contribution not only to automating
the process technology, but also to making
it more flexible.
The top 3 in sight
Hansen has therefore set himself ambitious
goals for the next few years: “I am
keen to establish ProMinent as one of the
market leaders in the field of process technology.
We have innovative products,
comprehensive expertise and an excellent
infrastructure. Together with our will to
succeed and the willingness of our owner
family to make the necessary investments,
everything is in place for us to assume a
position among the top 3 in the market
over the next 3 to 5 years.
The new Orlita® Evolution generation of
process pumps offers a whole host of
PTFE multi-layer diaphragm with
integrated diaphragm rupture warning/
Integrated hydraulic overflow valve
The new diaphragm position controller
protects the system from unauthorised
operating states (e.g. no damage
when the suction and compression
sides are blocked)
Reproducibility of metering in defined
conditions and when installed correctly
better than ±1% in the stroke length
adjustment range from 10% to 100%
Continuous oil chamber venting
secures reliable function
The modular design, with individual
and multiple pump versions, allows a
broad range of applications to be
covered, whereby up to 5 metering
units can be combined (even with
different pump capacities) when using
multiple pump systems
Facts & Figures
Process security is becoming ever more important in
complex plants, where flexibility and cost-effectiveness
are also crucial.
Rainer Weick
initially completed an apprenticeship
as a mechanic and subsequently attended
further training to become a mechanical
engineer and later a technical management
specialist. Before joining ProMinent,
he worked in technical sales both in
Germany and abroad, where he focused
on metering technology designs. Rainer
Weick began his career at ProMinent in
a consulting role, but today works as a
technical customer advisor.
Dipl.-Ing. Markus Betzwieser
has been working at ProMinent since
1987. After completing a process
engineering degree at a university of
applied sciences, he began processing
plant construction projects before
moving to quotation preparation and
ultimately the Aftersales division. Having
spent many years as Deputy Head
of Service, Markus Betzwieser is today
responsible for ProMinent‘s worldwide
Complaint Management division.
Mr Betzwieser, Mr Weick, you are responsible
for different service areas. So
what exactly do your duties entail?
Weick: I work in Technical Customer
Support, where I provide second level
support for our customers in Germany,
as well as for our offices abroad. The
ProMinent Field Service is the first point
of contact for customers. Whenever our
customer advisors in Sales are unable to
help with complex issues, that is when my
colleagues and I get involved. We actually
provide both aftersales and presales support.
If customer enquiries go into too
much technical detail for our sales staff,
for example, we support our colleagues
in advising customers and selecting the
right pump, collaborate on the design
and selecting the right accessories or help
set up the plant following installation.
Betzwieser: My job starts whenever a
problem with one of our products occurs
after purchase and the customer is
convinced that the issue is the result of
a product defect. In the vast majority of
cases there is no product defect. Instead,
the issue generally relates to the application
being processed. However, determining
and then explaining this to the customer
does not really help the situation.
At ProMinent, we feel a sense of responsibility
for resolving the problem together
with the customer and getting the system
up and running reliably – if nothing else,
at least to show the customer that there is
actually nothing wrong with the product.
We want our customers to feel as though
ProMinent always looks after them properly,
regardless of the situation.
ProMinent promises an “added-value
service”. What exactly does this added
value involve?
Weick: We not only offer excellent products,
but also comprehensive support to
ensure that our solutions can deliver their
maximum possible benefit. This is an important
opportunity for us to make ourselves
stand out from the competition.
Betzwieser: For example, many of our
customers do not realise that our products
are capable of far more than just pumping.
They then start planning and budgeting for
comprehensive measuring and control systems,
despite the fact that we can actually
handle their task with our pump alone. Our
advisors help customers understand this and
find better solutions, also with regard to cost
efficiency. We offer consulting and support
services throughout the entire product lifecycle.
Even long after the warranty has expired,
we are happy to provide our customers
with individual support when needed.
We are known for our cooperative attitude,
which ultimately leads to a high degree of
customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Many pump manufacturers offer modern products. Yet only when comprehensive
expertise is combined with a service concept consistently aligned with customer
requirements can customers really enjoy all benefits in terms of productivity,
cost-effectiveness and reliability of the metering technology employed.
The ProMinent Group is firmly convinced of this. Engineers Markus Betzwieser
and Rainer Weick got together to discuss the added value that ProMinent
offers its customers.
“We are known for our
cooperative approach
with our customers.”
Dipl.-Ing. Markus Betzwieser
“Our customers are not
put on hold in a loop,
but rather receive sound
technical advice.”
Rainer Weick
Weick: Another example is the way we
handle enquiries. Our customers never
end up waiting for their call to be an -
swered at a call centre. All callers have
the opportunity to address their own specific
issue and receive expert advice.
To this end, ProMinent employs direct
contacts with excellent knowledge of our
product portfolio and various applications.
We not only offer this expert
support in Germany, but in all important
markets worldwide.
The keyword here is worldwide – so can
you give us an idea of what ProMinent’s
service organisation looks like?
Betzwieser: ProMinent has a network of
55 dedicated sales, production and service
companies with excellent expertise that
can be reached by our customers no matter
where they are located. This is particularly
important, since our systems are
often purchased in Germany but then
deployed abroad. Our offices provide first
level support to local customers, but can
also access second level support at our
HQ in Heidelberg at any time. If a particular
problem is proving highly complex, our
customer advisors can also get our developers
involved to provide assistance.
If necessary, our specialists based in
Germany can also fly out to any location
worldwide. The most important thing
is that customers get the support they
need locally.
How would you describe the working
atmosphere in ProMinent’s Service
Weick: You quickly get the sense that the
people working here are highly motivated
and also identify strongly with ProMinent.
We are proud of our excellent products
and being part of such a successful family
company. All of our operations are closely
linked, particularly here in Heidelberg,
and there are many interfaces between the
Development, Production and Sales divisions.
This leads to a strong feeling of
Betzwieser: Customer orientation is a
common thread that runs through our
entire company. All employees pull together,
from order entry, through work
preparation, all the way up to production
and dispatch. Everyone who works here
is aware of the responsibility they have in
terms of contributing to the success of
the entire chain.
How do you gain the qualifications
necessary for these duties?
Betzwieser: Our employees in Technical
Customer Support all have a technical
background and many years of experience.
These are jobs that require a great
deal of practice to reach expert status. Six
months of familiarisation is not enough
here. Our Technical Customer Support
team also has real specialists, including
experts in solenoid-driven pumps, motordriven
pumps, control engineering and disinfection
systems. And should a particular
question prove too tricky even for these
experts, they can fall back on the absolute
specialists in Development.
Weick: My colleagues and I have all
completed technical training and have a
great deal of practical experience, for example
as service engineers. In fact, many
are like me and have even gained higher
qualifications. Aside from this, excellent
English language skills are obviously important
and a second foreign language is
also very useful.
“My objective is for
the customer to be
satisfied before I put
down the phone.”
Alongside professional competence, what
soft skills are also needed to succeed in a
role like this?
Betzwieser: You need to be able to grasp
things quickly, have good communication
skills and sometimes also the ability to
just calm everyone down. We work with
people, so people skills and finding pleasure
in collaboration is indispensable –
as is a keen sense of ambition to solve
customer issues.
Weick: It is important to be able to put
yourself in your customer’s situation. If he
is wearing a helmet and boiler suit, standing
frustrated and sweating in front of a
system that is not working and the final
acceptance test is scheduled for the next
day, it is easy to imagine his stress level.
As an advisor, I must then avoid getting
lost in details and instead focus on action
that will help him achieve success.
Are there also specific further
training courses?
Weick: There has to be. Ultimately, we
are selling products that require explanation
and are subject to constant further
development to offer ever more advanced
functions. As such, we have a dedicated
ProMinent Academy with a systematic
training programme.
Betzwieser: Internal seminars allow our
employees to familiarise themselves with
new products at a very early stage, ensuring
that they are able to provide competent
and accurate advice immediately on market
launch. We also offer training courses
for our customers – on request including
on-site training on their premises, so that
they do not need to send multiple employees
to us for training and can therefore avoid the
time and costs associated with this.
What personal objectives have you set
yourselves in your own work?
Weick: In plain language: we want our
customers to return, not our products. I
am therefore keen to help customers find
the best possible solution for their specific
requirements and then provide them with
tangible added value through my service.
Betzwieser: My basic approach to work is
this: the customer must be satisfied before
I put down the phone. This also gives me
a great deal of satisfaction when I go
home in the evening, as I have helped a
customer and therefore also the company.
In terms of my personal duties, I try to
mix things up, so I am not doing the same
thing over and over again. The fact that
we often face new challenges on a daily
basis is also what makes this work so
Mr Betzwieser, Mr Weick, thank you for
the interesting discussion.
“I am keen to offer
customers tangible
added value with
my service.”
clever! X-tremely
Easy-to-use click wheel
makes operating manuals
and sub-menus a thing of
the past. In combination
with the LCD and four buttons,
the newly developed
click wheel provides for
intuitive operation and
programming of the new
gamma/ X.
The gamma/ L from ProMinent has
been the reliable workhorse among solenoid-
driven metering pumps for around
15 years. It has been proven a million times
over and is used worldwide in the most
diverse of fields. However, the latest electronics
have been increasingly opened up
new opportunities for precise control and
regulation that the engineers at ProMinent
were keen to use in a pioneering product.
After more than three years of intensive
development work, the metering technology
specialist is now ready to present the
official successor to the gamma/ L. “With
the new gamma/ X, we are keen to once
again position ourselves as a top innovator
and global market leader in the field of
solenoid-driven pumps,” explains Michael
Rummer, Product Manager at ProMinent.
Patented idea – adaptive
solenoid control
The company is particularly proud of its
pioneering solenoid control technology,
which operates without any additional
sensor technology – a key benefit, since
sensor systems can often be susceptible
to faults. This technology is also what
presented the greatest challenge for the
developers. To implement a process for
model-based and adaptive control of the
solenoid in the gamma/ X, ProMinent
therefore collaborated closely with the
Technical University of Kaiserslautern.
Working together, a solution was found
which allowed conclusions to be drawn
regarding the back pressure in the pipeline
based on the current power requirement
of the pump. The pump detects how
much force it requires for its forward
stroke and then uses this to determine the
pressure in the pipeline – which is also
shown in the display – and matches its
output to actual pressure conditions without
any time lag. ProMinent refers to this
feature, which no other company can currently
offer, as ‘predictive intelligence’.
The control technology is protected with
three patents, which were registered
specifically for the new pump. ProMinent
is already conducting
further research, so that
the gamma/ X can also
determine the viscosity
of the medium in future.
The click-wheel
Another important
and special feature that
Rummer is keen to
mention is the newly
developed user interface
for the gamma/ X.
“We considered it so
important to have a
According to evolutionary researchers, higher intelligence starts with
self-awareness. Based on this, the gamma/ X currently represents the
pinnacle of the metering pump species. The new solenoid-driven diaphragm-
type metering pump from ProMinent is capable of detecting
and then precisely adjusting its current effectiveness independently at
any time without the need for additional sensor technology.
Around two dozen mechanical, hardware and software engineers
were involved in development of the gamma/ X.
Solenoid-driven diaphragm
metering pump for 1 ml to 45 l/h at
back-pressure from 25 to 2 bar
Intelligent control electronics
Without failure-prone sensors
Integrated timer for
timer-controlled metering
Cavitation detection
Automatic venting system
Facts & Figures
The gamma/ X in action
The high-quality product animations serve to underline the importance
of the new gamma/ X for ProMinent. Film technology which, until a
few years ago, was reserved for Hollywood blockbusters was also
employed in their production. This not only allows the gamma/ X to
be viewed from various perspectives, but also be shown in operation
with interesting technical details that are otherwise hidden inside.
Click here to view the videos:
solution tailored perfectly to operator
requirements that we developed an entire
catalogue of questions for customers and
acted on their proposals and wishes.” The
status LEDs, which are now positioned
rather unusually towards the top of the
front panel, are one result of this Q&A
process. Their new location was chosen
as it makes it easy to see them from
above and behind. “This may well be
a relatively minor design change, but
it makes a big difference to monitoring
operations,” comments Rummer with
Also completely new are the large,
high-resolution display, the design and
layout of the operator menu and the
four central buttons that offer intuitive
operations and programming of the solenoid-
driven metering pump in connection
with the grippy click-wheel. Rummer
is also keen to stress that ProMinen t
received a vigorous round of applause for
its new operator concept when first presented
to employees at one of the world’s
largest chemical companies. “As it is
so eager to take advantage of the new
features, the company is even willing to
accept the slightly larger casing dimensions
over the gamma/ L.”
Wireless control for
maximum convenience
One particular feature that will also
be available in the gamma/ X is set to
offer even greater operator convenience:
wireless control of the pump via an
app, which can be used on smartphones
and tablet PCs. Near-field
communication makes
it significantly easier for
operators to control the
gamma/ X, particularly
when pumps are fitted in
difficult-to-reach areas.
However, this approach
also offers advantages when
pumps need to be changed.
It allows settings to be
exported before replacing
a pump and then transferred to the new
pump once it has been installed. This not
only speeds up the commissioning process
of a new gamma/ X, but also offers greater
process reliability, since all parameters (of
which there can easily be 20 or more) are
always copied over correctly.
For greater control and convenience:
the new gamma/ X can also
be controlled wirelessly via smartphone
or tablet PC. This greatly
simplifies control, particularly
when pumps are fitted in
difficult-to-reach areas.
X-tremely clever!
gamma/ X - the proven best-seller intelligently extended
Take a moment to discover a metering pump that sets
new standards in terms of productivity, reliability and
The new solenoid diaphragm metering pump
gamma/ X is user-friendly and has an outstandingly
long service life, just like its predecessor. An ingenious
solenoid control measures the back pressure and
protects the system from overload. This technology
makes a pressure sensor superfluous, meaning that
Printed in Germany, AL_PM1_50_03/15_EN
Your benefits
Virtually wear-free solenoid drive, overloadproof
and economical
Suitable for continuous micro-metering from
1 ml/h thanks to the regulated solenoid
Simple adjustment of the capacity directly
in l/h
Direct input of the desired final concentration
for volume-proportional metering tasks
Trouble-free processes by the detection of
hydraulic malfunctions or blocked discharge
Integrated pressure measurement and display
for greater safety during commissioning and
in the process
operating safety can be significantly increased: no
additional parts come into contact with the feed
chemical, there are no additional sealing surfaces and
no electronic components come into contact with the
feed chemical.
Whether the metering volume fluctuates or hydraulic
failures affect the metering process –
the gamma/ X keeps everything at your fingertips.
Adaptation to existing signal transducers by
external control via potential-free contacts
with pulse step-up and step-down
External control via 0/4-20 mA standard
signal with adjustable assignment of signal
value to stroke rate
Integrated 7-day timer for timed metering tasks
Guaranteed metering by means of automatic
Connection to process control systems via bus
interfaces, such as Profinet, CAN bus, from the
3rd quarter of 2015, others on request
Capacity range 1 ml - 45 l/h, 25 - 2 bar
X-tremely clever!
ProMinent GmbH · Im Schuhmachergewann 5-11 · 69123 Heidelberg
Field of application
Can be integrated into automated processes and used in all industries.
The pump can work as a control unit with the process timer, for example in cooling water
Dosing head Suction/pressure
Ball seat Balls
PPE Polypropylene Polypropylene EPDM Ceramic
PPB Polypropylene Polypropylene FKM Ceramic
PPT Polypropylene Polypropylene PVDF Ceramic
NPE Clear acrylic PVC EPDM Ceramic
NPB Clear acrylic PVC FKM Ceramic
NPT Clear acrylic PVC PVDF Ceramic
TTT PTFE with carbon PTFE with carbon Ceramic Ceramic
SST Stainless steel material
no. 1.4404
Stainless steel material
no. 1.4404
Ceramic Ceramic
Self-bleeding design only in material designs PP and NP with a valve spring made of Hastelloy C and a
PVDF valve insert. Diaphragm with a PTFE coating.
FKM = fluorine rubber
Metering reproducibility: ±2% when used according to the operating instructions
Permissible ambient temperature: -10 °C to +45 °C
Mean power consumption: 24/30 W
Degree of protection: IP 65, insulation class F
Type Back-pressure at max. Back pressure Connection size Suction lift
gamma/ X bar l/h ml/stroke aØ x iØ mm mWc
GMXa 1602 16 2.3 0.19 6 x 4 6.0**
GMXa 1604 16 3.6 0.30 6 x 4 6.0**
GMXa 0708 7 7.6 0.63 8 x 5 6.0**
GMXa 0414 4 14.0 1.17 8 x 5 3.0**
GMXa 0220 2 19.7 1.64 12 x 9 2.0**
GMXa 2504 25 3.8 0.32 8 x 4*** 6.0**
GMXa 1009 10 9.0 0.75 8 x 5 6.0**
GMXa 0715 7 14.5 1.21 8 x 5 4.0**
GMXa 0424 4 24.0 2.00 12 x 9 3.0**
GMXa 0245 2 45.0 3.70 12 x 9 2.0**
** Suction lift with a filled dosing head and filled suction line, with a
self-bleeding dosing head with air in the suction line
*** With stainless steel design 6 mm connector width
Output Pump displacement
a = External diameter
i = Internal diameter
Technical information gamma / X
Safety, reliability and convenience play
a key part in the new gamma/ X. Its
completely redeveloped solenoid drive
is both extremely precise and almost
wear-free. The pump automatically
detects whether the metered quantity
deviates from the setpoint and whether
hydraulic malfunctions are compromising
the metering process. Alongside an
automatic venting system, it is equipped
with a safety diaphragm with integrated
rupture indicator. Its optional modules
can be plugged in from the front, which
not only improves accessibility, but also
removes the interfaces from the area that
is most likely to come in contact with
chemicals in the event of any system
leakages. And if the gamma/ X ever
needs to be maintained or repaired, a
new foot bracket allows it to be clicked
in and out of place with ease.
One for all
So which applications has the new
gamma/ X been designed for? Rummer
is happy to list the many deployment
options, from waste water treatment,
through water disinfection at swimming
pools and water works, all the way up
to applications in the chemicals industry.
“Our new pump is at home in all
processes in which small volumes need
to be continuously metered with high
precision.” The controlled solenoid drive
guarantees a high degree of reproducibility
here, which in turn leads to accurat e
results, excellent product quality and
process reliability.
Ideal for filling processes
As its successor, the new gamma/ X can
obviously also handle all applications
previously mastered by the gamma/ L. Yet
Rummer also has his eyes on applications
that he believes hold a great deal of
further potential. “The new gamma/ X is
virtually predestined for the most diverse
of filling processes. In these applications,
the stroke must be timed absolutely
precisely, while the requisite volume
must be metered extremely accurately.
ProMinent is better than any other provider
in these areas.
”Indeed, he sees potential applications
in the filling of ink cartridges and text
markers, gel capsules in the pharmaceutical
sector and of course all applications for
disinfection of drinks filling equipment. As
such, Rummer is firmly convinced that the
new gamma/ X will seamlessly continue
the resounding success enjoyed by its
predecessor as the absolute top model
among metering pumps.
An abundance of opportunities: whether for filling
ink cartridges/gel capsules or disinfection at all locations
throughout drinks operations – the new gamma/ X is
virtually predestined for use in filling processes.
Easily accessible front connections
With its unusually slimline design and the
fact that all of its connections are on the
front panel, the new gamma/ X is virtually
predestined for use in series and all
applications where space is at a premium.
Easy-to-use click wheel
makes operating manuals and
sub-menus a thing of the past. In
combination with the LCD and four
buttons, the newly developed click
wheel provides for intuitive operation
and programming of the new gamma/ X.
Separate bracket
The separate bracket allows
quick and flexible installation of
the pump. Easy mounting with
standard tools is guaranteed,
even in the tightest spaces.
Predictive intelligence for maximum
The clever electronics in the new gamma/ X
guarantee more precise control – without
additional failure-prone components such as
pressure sensors. Gas cavities, overpressure
and negative pressure are all automatically
detected and immediately corrected.
High-resolution LCD display with
back-pressure display
The large, high-resolution LCD display
on the gamma/ X provides a clear
overview of important parameters such
as flow rate. The back-pressure is
measured without the use of a sensor
and is also included in the display at a
resolution of 0.5 bar.
Controlled solenoid drive for extremely
high precision and reliability
The new gamma/ X employs a high-precision
controlled solenoid drive for metering liquid
media at a rate of between 1 ml/h and
45 l/h and back-pressure of 25 to 2 bar. The
solenoid drive allows a slow advance stroke,
which in turn facilitates virtually continuous
metering of even the smallest volume flows.
Maintain a clear overview with easily
visible status LEDs
The new gamma/ X has a three-stage
LED status display on the curved upper
section of its front panel that allows
operators to see the current operating
status from all sides.
The Trimet aluminium facility in Voerde, Germany has been working with a
ProMinent cooling water disinfection plant since 2011. The facility‘s
summary? Perfect aluminium quality, secure compliance with water
infeed limit values and chemical costs halved. Even after four years, the
operators are still highly satisfied with the Bello Zon® chlorine dioxide
system, which is available as a complete turnkey solution.
Things get hot in an aluminium foundry. Many thousands
of cubic metres of water are required to cool the moulds,
semi-finished products and machines.
Whether foundry operations,
energy generators, food
producers or chemicals companies
– cooling systems are
required for many industrial
processes. However, cooling circuits also
offer ideal conditions for germs to grow
and deposits to form. These can then compromise
the functionality, efficiency and
service life of the systems and must also
not be allowed to escape. Effective cooling
water disinfection solutions are therefore
required, such as those employed by Trimet
Aluminium SE.
Quality through cooling
From its HQ in the Lower Rhenish town
of Voerde, the company produces raw
aluminium that is then processed in permanent
mould castings to offer a particularly
high-grade material which is easy to roll
and extrude with a zero-defect guarantee.
The outstanding material properties
displayed by the bars are due to their fast
heat dissipation during processing. Three
cooling circuits ensure that the optimum
temperature is maintained at all times.
One cooling circuit is responsible for
cooling the moulds, while the other two
spray out the semifinished products and
the machines respectively. A total of 1,600
cubic metres of cooling water per hour
are required for this.
Aluminium facility in Voerde
Thanks to the ProMinent solution, the cooling system in Voerde
has been securing full and reliable compliance with strict new
waste water limit values since 2011.
New AOX limit values require
Up to 2004, the facility used chlorine
tablets to disinfect its cooling water and
thereby protect the cooling system from
corrosion, soiling and biological growth.
In 2005, however, it then switched over to
a measured value-based disinfection strategy
with sodium hypochlorite and hypobromous
acid, which allowed it to significantly
reduce its chemical costs. In 2010, stricter
legislation with regard to AOX limit values
for water infeed then required a new, more
efficient solution to be found. Neither the
current plant nor chlorine tablets were capable
of reducing the adsorbable organically
combined halogens (AOX) in the waste
water to the prescribed level of below
0.15 mg/l per water treatment circuit.
Chlorine dioxide as the chemical
of choice
The management team at Trimet therefore
decided to test chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant
in a cooling circuit. ProMinent
supplied a Bello Zon® chlorine
dioxide system (CDVc), which passed
all test runs with flying colours. The
chlorine dioxide produced by the
system offers a good deposit effect
and can be used irrespective of the
pH value. The system guarantees
excellent disinfection performance –
without releasing unwanted adsorbable
organically combined halogens
and without compromising the high
aluminium quality in any way.
Since the system tested would not
offer sufficient capacity for all three
cooling circuits, specialists from
ProMinent ultimately recommended
installing the Bello Zon® chlorine
dioxide system (CDKc), which
has been in use at the facility in
Voerde since 2011. This is a turnkey
system for producing, metering
and monitoring up to 12,000 g/h of
chlorine dioxide from concentrated
source chemicals. Employing an
innovative reactor concept, the
Bello Zon® guarantees a high degree
of operational reliability and purity
of the chlorine dioxide produced.
The system was installed in a
separate container, since that time
it has been supplying the three
cooling circuits with the necessary
volume of chlorine dioxide via a
total of seven metering points.
Clean solution with cost
The ProMinent solution has been able
to fully meet the high expectations
of the plant operators. Since
switching over to chlorine dioxide,
the applicable limit values for AOX,
legionella and organic compounds in the
cooling water have not once been exceeded.
This is certified by an independent laboratory
each month. The Bello Zon® chlorine
dioxide system also offers one more key
advantage, as it has been possible to cut the
significant costs associated with chemical
consumption by around 60%.
In addition to this, chlorine dioxide-based
disinfection prevents deposits such as
biofilms in pipes and heat exchangers. This
improves the plant‘s operational reliability
and energy efficiency. As such, the cooling
water disinfection plant from ProMinent is
not only kind to the environment, but also
pays off economically.
Bello Zon® CDKc
High performance, low chemical costs: the Bello Zon® chlorine
dioxide system (CDKc) is specially designed for treating large
volumes of water
26 ProMinent Worldwide
In January 2013, ProMinent opened a dedicated subsidiary in Turkey. The new
branch is located in Istanbul, the metropolis on the Bosporus that is home to 14
million people. From this location, the company not only caters to the local market
in Turkey, but also neighbouring states. Although expectations in terms of
quality and price-performance ratio are fairly similar to those of other countries,
the market laws are markedly different.
27 The relationships of business partners
to one another are very important
in Turkey,” reveals Huseyin
Kahraman, manager of the
Istanbul subsidiary, adding: “If
the customer likes the company,
he is generally more open and potentially
even willing to pay a higher price for the
respective product.” Kahraman goes on
to say that this Mediterranean culture is
one of the challenges faced by all players
on the Turkish market. Further challenges
include the country‘s economic situation
and geographical location. But we will
address this in more detail later.
Kahraman and his team market the entire
ProMinent product portfolio, although the
primary focus in the first two years was
on chlorine dioxide and ozone systems for
the food and beverage industry. In 2015,
ProMinent is set to expand its business
and focus increasingly on swimming pool
operators and chemicals companies.
Important role model
The location in the Turkish metropolis not
only caters to customers in Turkey, but
increasingly also in Azerbaijan, Georgia
and Turkmenistan. “These countries saw
Turkey as a role model following the
dissolution of the Soviet Union, which is
why they are home to so many Turkish
companies,” explains Kahraman. This is
bolstered by the historic influence enjoyed
by Turkey on the so-called Turkic states,
which include Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan,
and Azerbaijan. “We are able to communicate
in Turkish without any issues in these
countries, particularly in Azerbaijan, since
90% of the words are the same as ours. All
I have to do is spend maybe two days in
one of the other countries and I can already
understand their language.”
The Turkish market offers massive potential,
but is not without risk. For example,
Turkey‘s budget deficit is high, while
economic growth weakened considerably
in 2014. As a result of this, the exchange
rate between the euro and the Turkish lira
can be fairly volatile. Perhaps the main
issue, however, is that Turkey borders the
crisis areas of Syria, Iraq and Iran to the
south. Both of these factors, i.e. the country‘
s geographical and economic situation,
can also have an effect on the economic
performance of ProMinent‘s customers. It
is therefore no simple task to achieve success
from this starting position. However,
it is a task that Kahraman has mastered
with aplomb. In April 2015, Prof. Dr. rer.
pol. Andreas Dulger, CEO at ProMinent,
therefore presented him with the CEO
Award 2014 for his excellent service. This
is certainly not the last success story we
will hear from the Istanbul branch.
ProMinent Dozaj Teknikleri, the official name of the subsidiary, is in the
Asian part of Istanbul, some 14 miles northwest of the Sabiha Gökçen Airport.
“The streets of Istanbul are permanently jammed with traffic, which is why we
chose the location just a stone‘s throw away from the highway. This allows
us to offer our customers an extremely fast service,” explains Kahraman, who
actually established the branch on his own at first. However, he now has six
employees to support him, and this number is likely to rise even further.
The successful ProMinent team led
by Huseyin Kahraman (3rd from the left)
Huseyin Kahraman, manager of the
Istanbul subsidiary
ProMinent Dozaj Teknikleri
Thinking of visiting Istanbul? Then make sure you check out the
Hagia Sophia, which was built in the 6th century and held the title of the
world’s largest church for 1,000 years. Less than 500 yards away from
this sits the impressive Blue Mosque. Huseyin Kahraman recommends
taking a stroll through the trendy Beyoğlu quarter, dining at Restaurant
Hamdi ( and enjoying the fantastic view over the
Golden Horn.
PT_PM_143_05/15_EN Technical changes reserved. Printed in Germany. 983940
Knows what’s happening …
before it even happens.
X-tremely clever: the new gamma/ X
Pressure too high or air in the pump head?
The new gamma/ X automatically detects
potential issues – and fixes them before they
can actually turn into problems.
x Solenoid-driven diaphragm metering pump
for 1 ml to 45 l/h at back-pressure from 25 to 2 bar
x Intelligent control electronics
x Without failure-prone sensors
x Integrated timer for timer-controlled metering
x Cavitation detection
x Automatic venting system