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The Fremont Festival of the Arts:
World Class Fun Close to Home
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Message from the Editor
Guest editor George Duarte, p. 2
Music Schedule
Music and Entertainment, p. 10
Kid City
Kid City is back again, p. 12
Non-profits and the Chamber:
A Beautiful Friendship
by Elise Balgley
Bernard, Balgley & Bonaccorsi
The Fremont Chamber of Commerce
has many wonderful programs
to benefit its members, including nonprofit
organizations. But, I’m not here
to talk about that today. It's time for
the Fremont Festival of the Arts!
Since the very beginning, Fremont
community non-profit organizations
have played an important role in the
Festival’s success. From running food
booths to creating tie-ins that add both
money and visibility for their organizations,
participation by non-profits
has been at the very heart of the community
partnership that makes the Festival
an exceptional event.
For a number of the non-profit organizations
that operate food booths,
the Fremont Festival of the Arts is their
single largest fundraiser of the year.
Only non-profit organizations are allowed
to sell food at the event. It is
estimated that over the first 26 years
of the Festival, the non-profit community
raised over $8,000,000 at the Festival.
That money returns to our community
through a variety of significant
services, improving the quality of life
for area residents. In this time of financial
hardship, these services are
more critical than ever and must be
The financial motivation is great,
but there is more. For example, the
Kiwanis Club of Fremont has had a
food booth at the Festival since the
beginning, starting with garlic bread
and then moving on to pizza. The Club
members together with high school
Key Clubbers have a wonderful time
working as a team to organize and run
the booth. This is a great opportunity
for all concerned to work together and
have some fun in the sun in addition
to raising funds.
Besides the food booths, non-profits
can take on other volunteer responsibilities
at the Festival. Over the
years, the Boy Scouts, high school service
clubs, and high school sports
by Angela Tsui
City of Fremont
The Annual Fremont Festival of
the Arts is around the corner and promises
another year of food, fun, and
shopping! The City of Fremont is
proud to be home to the largest free
street festival west of the Mississippi.
The Festival, produced by the Fremont
Chamber of Commerce, draws close
to 400,000 festival-goers over the twoday
event and is the premier showplace
for music, arts, crafts and exhibition
space for local businesses.
Where else can you go where there
is something for everyone in the family
to enjoy? This annual two-day
event is a wonderful opportunity for
local residents and visitors from
throughout the region to enjoy free
family entertainment in Fremont, experience
the vitality of our community,
and invest in Fremont through their
purchases. Four walking miles of
closed-off city streets will be dedicated
to over 600 booths exhibiting quality
arts and crafts; over 30 food booths
serving tasty cuisine from around the
world; booths serving chilled wine,
beer, and margaritas; a fun, interactive
children’s area; and professional sound
stages featuring fabulous musicians
and entertainment.
The Festival is a great opportunity
for finding special handcrafted gifts
and one-of-a kind treasures for yourself
or to share with others. In addition
to the artisan booths, Business
Alley plays a key role in showcasing a
variety of local merchants and service
providers located within our community.
Supporting these local businesses
generates employment and economic
vitality in Fremont. Purchasing from
artisans at the Festival contributes to
local revenues through the sales taxes
generated. The City receives over
$150,000 in revenues from sales taxes
Shopping in Fremont - A
Great Time Out!
Go BIG with
Business Alley!
by KK Kaneshiro
Fremont Chamber of
One of the most common requests
we receive from our Chamber members
is the ability to have a greater level
of exposure for their businesses at little
or no cost. We have many marketing
venues for our members to use every
day at little or no cost, including Open
for Business, Business Building Forums,
and New Business Lists. But,
why stop there: how about going BIG?
And, we mean REALLY BIG!
Business Alley provides that BIG,
REALLY BIG opportunity by leveraging
the Fremont Festival of the Arts
attendance of 350,000-400,000 people
every year. Business Alley is a
tradeshow and marketing venue unlike
any other in the area, offering
Chamber members a level of exposure
this is simply not found at
other venues. Business Alley is anchored
by a musical stage at one
end and Kid City at the other end.
Both are big draws for Festival attendees,
giving Business Alley a
captive audience - which gives
members the opportunity to showcase
their products, services, pass
out samples, take appointments
and reach that super-sized audience
they’ve always wanted.
The 10'x10' booth, table and
chairs are included in the price of
$575. All you have to do is decorate
your booth, bring your com-
—Shop Fremont
page 2
—Food Booths
page 5
—Go BIG!
page 6
2 Fremont Business Review July 2010
Cindy Bonior, President & CEO,
510-795-2244, ext. 106,
Nina Moore, Dir. Gov’t & Comm Affairs,
510-795-2244, ext. 107,
KK Kaneshiro, Dir. Member Services,
510-795-2244, ext. 103,
Napoleon Batalao, Webmaster, Layout Editor,
510-795-2244, ext. 102,
Alex Ho, Intern,
510-795-2244, ext. 104
Fremont Business Review
Published monthly by the Fremont Chamber of
Commerce. Available by subscription, $135 per
year. Free subscription with annual membership
dues. For more information and our online directory: email:
Board of Directors
2010 – 2011
Chairperson of the Board
Joseph Joly.....................Joly Chiropractic
Immediate Past Chairperson
George Duarte.......Horizon Financial
Tina Nunez................Washington Hospital
Vice Chairs
Elise Balgley.......Bernard, Balgley & Bonaccorsi
Dirk Lorenz......................Fremont Flowers
Douglas Rich....................................Amgen
Brendon Whateley.................Dark Indigo, Inc.
Sister Karen Elizabeth
Zavitz.................................Dominican Sisters of
 Mission San Jose
Bobbie Armor.........Armor & Associates
Walt Birkedahl.................Ohlone College
Matt Dickstein..........................Attorney at Law
Andrew Draeseke...............DCNS Computer
Pamela Fong.....................................NUMMI
Art Guzman......................La Piñata Restaurant
Tom Handley...................Union Sanitary District
Brian Hughes..................Fremont Bank
Saki Kavouniaris..............Spin a Yarn
Terri Landon..................BJ Travel Center
Richard Li........................East West Bank
Cyndy Mozzetti.................Mozzetti Trucking, Inc.
Eric Ng.............Sunbelt Business Brokers
Mark Robson.............Santa Clara Development
Raj Salwan........American Animal Care Center
Jan Vincent............JVA Business Services
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June 18 to July 23
Chamber Food Drive
Drop non-perishables at
the Chamber office.
All donated food helps
those in our community.
during this event,
which helps fund local
But don’t let the
shopping and dining
end at the Festival!
Support your community
and stay local for
your shopping and
dining needs. Retail
and specialty stores
are conveniently located throughout Fremont, where home items, books,
fine foods and gifts, and apparel for the entire family can easily be found.
In addition, there are hundreds of local restaurants to choose from that
feature cuisines from around the globe. From Afghan cuisine to southern
barbeque – Fremont has a broad variety of dining options. Shopping locally
can also save you time and money. Over 100 local retailers and restaurants
offer discounts and specials available online at
During the Festival, be sure to visit the City’s booth for information on
City programs and services. While you are there, pick up one of our soonto-be
released Community & Dining Guides. We look forward to seeing
you at the Festival and having you shop and dine in Fremont!
Angela Tsui is the Economic Development Coordinator with the City
of Fremont. She can be reached at or at 510-284-4023.
The Economic Development Department works to help existing businesses
succeed by providing tools and services, such as the free “Shop Fremont!”
program, as well as providing site selection and permitting assistance.
Shop Fremont—
from page 1
Break out your walking shoes; it’s time
for the Fremont Festival of the Arts! As the
Chairperson of this time-honored event,
please allow me to officially welcome you
to our 27th year. May you shop till you
drop, sample sumptuous wines and food
and enjoy two fun and sun filled days of
terrific entertainment.
I am once again honored to lead the
Fremont Chamber of Commerce Festival
Team – a dedicated and enthusiastic group of individuals comprised of
Chamber members that generously give of their time and talent. I could
take the next few pages to brag about the many non-profit groups and businesses
involved in this successful event. To date, the Fremont Festival of
the Arts has helped raise over $8,000,000 for our local non-profit organizations.
According to the City of Fremont Economic Development Department,
the Festival generates over $150,000 in sales tax every year!
In 2010, you can expect an expanded list of artist participation. Also
back are perennial favorites – the Wine Garden, our lineup of entertainment
on our main stage, Kid City – along with added convenience items
such as ATM machines located throughout the festival site. Back by popular
demand is our Gourmet Marketplace, where you can sample gourmet
items and purchase those that are favorites!
I want to extend a special thanks to Cindy Bonior, President and CEO
of the Fremont Chamber of Commerce. Her passion for this event is remarkable.
I am sincere when I say that all credit for a successful event
goes to her, her staff (KK Kaneshiro, Nina Moore, and Napoleon Batalao)
and the other volunteer Festival Committee members: Dave Lowman, Len
Gasiorek, Harriet Whitney, Shirley Wein, Jim Douglas, Tom Mikkelsen,
Barbara Jenkins, Tammi Souza, Dave Hembree, Paul Dhillon, Kathy Fouts,
and Gerry Fogel. These individuals dedicate hundreds of volunteer hours
every year because they, too, realize what this event does for our community!
Please allow me to officially welcome you to the 27th Annual Fremont
Festival of the Arts. It bears repeating….may you shop till you drop; sample
sumptuous wines and food, and leave this event with a heightened anticipation
for our 28th year!
Dirk Lorenz is the owner of Fremont Flowers and the Depot Café, and is
a member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors. He has been involved with
the Festival for the past 26 years, and is in his fourth year as Festival Chair.
Message from the Festival Chair
The Fremont Chamber of Commerce is celebrating the 27th year of
the Annual Festival of the Arts, and I have the honor of being the Guest
Editor of the Business Review for the Festival edition.
Wikipedia defines a festival as an “event, usually staged by a local
community that showcases or celebrates some unique aspect of that community.”
The terms “festival” and “feast” were historically interchangeable,
and the words are derived from the Latin word “festivus.” For many
of you, this is too much information, but it bears mentioning because it
brings us to the “feast” part of the Festival of the Arts – a very important
and popular component that grows every year (like my waistline – hmmm,
a connection, maybe?) All the food I consume at the Festival every year is
strictly in the interests of Quality Control sampling, I promise.
This year, the very popular Gourmet Marketplace is expanded with
new vendors and yummy offerings to tempt your palate and purse - and
surprise! - yummy treats for your pets too! Also, we are welcoming a new
major sponsor this year with Mission Foods, which promises to have an
impressive exhibit that I, for one, am looking forward to, and I'm sure will
be a major hit with festival-goers!
Also remember that many local non-profit organizations will again have
their very popular food booths strategically placed throughout the Festival,
to tempt you with a wide variety of favorites like hot dogs, grilled
sausages, funnel cakes, BBQ beef, pulled pork, sushi, kettle corn, all kinds
of other treats, and don’t forget ICE CREAM.
Message from the Guest Editor: George Duarte
For those over 21, there are the ever
popular varieties of wines and beers that
are available with commemorative glasses
and steins, to help you wash down all the
culinary delights you will be consuming.
The popular Wine Garden will be returning
for those who would like to have some
good food and wine in a cool, more secluded
area (preferred parking, too).
Lastly, but most importantly, remember
this is an Arts Festival, and there are
hundreds of artists and artisans from all
over California and the West who are here
to showcase and tempt us with their skills and wares. Be sure to carefully
and leisurely stroll all the artist exhibit booths, lest you miss that one “must
have” item. For many artists, the Festival is their only appearance in the
Bay Area for the year, so “you snooze - you lose.” This is always a great
place to do holiday and unique gift shopping!
Welcome and enjoy!
George Duarte is the owner of Horizon Financial Associates and the
immediate past Chairman of the Board of the Fremont Chamber of Commerce.
He can be reached at (510) 377-9059 or via email at
The City receives over
$150,000 in revenues from
sales taxes during this
event, which helps fund
local services.
July 2010 Fremont Business Review 3
Chamber Calendar of Events
6 Fremont City Council Meeting
7 p.m., City Council Chambers
7 Ambassador Meeting
8 a.m., Chamber Conference Room
8 Business Building Forums
Chamber Conference Room
Check Schedule at
9 Chamber Board of Directors Meeting
7:30 a.m., Chamber Conference Room
13 Fremont City Council Meeting
7 p.m., City Council Chambers
14 Finance Committee Meeting
8:30 a.m., Washington West Strategic Development
Conference Room
Emeritus at Atherton Court Mixer
5 - 7 p.m.
38035 Martha Avenue, Fremont
Phone: (510) 797-4011
15 Festival of the Arts Committee Meeting
5 p.m., Chamber Conference Room
20 Fremont City Council Work Session
Time TBA., City Council Chambers
21 Connection Club Leaders Meeting
8 a.m., Chamber Conference Room
22 Membership Committee Meeting
Noon, Chamber Conference Room
23 Chamber Food Drive Ends
27 Fremont City Council Meeting
7 p.m., City Council Chambers
28 Government Affairs Committee Meeting
7:45 a.m., Chamber Conference Room
Newpark Mall Dental Group Mixer
5 - 7 p.m.
1131 Newpark Mall, Newark
Phone: (510) 796-8888
Newpark Mall Dental Group aims to be your onestop
resource for all dental services from pediatric
care through orthodontics, adult care, veneers,
whitening, implants and anything else you may
need, all using state-of-the-art equipment. They look
forward to making you smile!
7/31- Fremont Festival of the Arts
8/01 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
2-6 Chamber Offices Closed
11 Ambassador Meeting
8 a.m., Chamber Conference Room
Mixer (check Chamber website)
5-7 p.m.
12 Business Building Forums
Chamber Conference Room
Check Schedule at
13 Chamber Board of Directors Meeting
7:30 a.m., Chamber Conference Room
18 Finance Committee Meeting
8:30 a.m., Washington West Strategic Development
Conference Room
Connection Club Leaders Meeting
8 a.m., Chamber Conference Room
25 Government Affairs Committee Meeting
7:45 a.m., Chamber Conference Room
Mixer (check Chamber website)
5 - 7 p.m.
26 Membership Committee Meeting
Noon, Chamber Conference Room
1 Ambassador Meeting
8 a.m., Chamber Conference Room
2 Business Building Forums
Chamber Conference Room
Check Schedule at
7 Fremont City Council Meeting
7 p.m., City Council Chambers
8 Mixer (check Chamber website)
5 - 7 p.m.
10 Chamber Board of Directors Meeting
7:30 a.m., Chamber Conference Room
14 Fremont City Council Meeting
7 p.m., City Council Chambers
15 Finance Committee Meeting
8:30 a.m., Washington West Strategic Development
Conference Room
Connection Club Leaders Meeting
8 a.m., Chamber Conference Room
Member Briefing
11:30 a.m., Chamber Conference Room
21 Fremont City Council Work Session
Time TBA., City Council Chambers
22 Green Forum with Mixer & Green Trade Show
Forum 3-5 p.m.
Mixer and Green Trade Show 5-7 p.m.
Location TBD (check Chamber website)
23 Membership Committee Meeting
Noon, Chamber Conference Room
28 Fremont City Council Meeting
7 p.m., City Council Chambers
29 Government Affairs Committee Meeting
7:45 a.m., Chamber Conference Room
Save the Date!
September 22
Green Forum
& Expo
3 - 5 pm Forum
5 - 7 pm Mixer and Exhibits
Green and Clean Exhibitors Wanted.
Sponsorship Opportunities Available.
Contact Nina Moore for details
(510) 795-2244, ext. 107
The Chamber also lists community
events! Visit
commCalendar.htm for the latest
community oriented events in
Fremont and the Tri-Cities area.
Got an event? email Nina Moore at
Look at our RSS feed:
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network. Free business building forums
and networking events
Visit our online events calendar at
Up to date business and community news for Fremont
email Napoleon Batalao at
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Read the latest issue online at
Congratulations to all our Chamber members who have
reached these milestones
July Anniversaries
4 Fremont Business Review July 2010
New Members
20+ Years
BJ Travel
Bernard, Balgley & Bonaccorsi
Catellus, A ProLogis Company
The Lipman Company, Inc.
Tri-City Rock, Inc.
U.S. Bank
YMCA Fremont-Newark
15+ Years
Comcast Spotlight
Good-Nite Inn
ROSS Organic Specialty Sales,
Saf Keep Storage
10+ Years
Fremont Marriott Hotel
Lori’s Income Tax Service
Robert Half International
5+ Years
ABWA-Pathfinder Chapter
Classic Party Rentals
DCNS Computer & Networking
Electro Imaging Systems
Dr. Joseph Joly Chiropractor
Niles Main Street Association
Sharks Ice at Fremont
2+ Years
Bob’s Foam Factory, Inc.
Budget Truck & Car Rental
Clayton Insurance
Fremont Elks Lodge
Friend and Champion-Laurence
Mozzetti Trucking
New Life Coaching & Counseling
Newark Pet Clinic
Pacific Dental Spa - Dr. Guy
Nazareno, DDS
Randhawa Dental
1 Year
AAA Furnace & Air
AFLAC- Razi/Harrleson
Autos Wholesale
Bath Fitter
Central Payment Corp-Ely
CFOToday Ledger Plus
Dutra Cerro Graden
Fremont Chiropractic
Fremont Community Church
Kitchen Experts of California
Mrs. Arli’s Precious Lambs
Nor Cal Events
Prestige Dental Group
T&J Remodeling
Western Roofing Systems
Boxwood Enterprise
Hoesada, Ronny
39899 Balentine Dr., Ste. 200
Newark, CA 94560
(877) 331-9899
Automobile Repair &
Precision Tune Autocare
Bob Dean
4299 Peralta Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94536
(510) 713-8863
Precision Tune Autocare is a full service
automobile service facility. We
can do all the way from basic oil
changes and smog checks, and diagnosis
and repair up to and including
engine or transmission replacement.
Our warranty is honored at 250 Precision
Tunes across the nation - although
with our skilled, experienced high integrity
techs, we think you will not
need that!!
Automobile Towing
Jack James Tow, Inc.
Dale Johnson
42800 Boyce Rd.
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 581-1950
Contractors - Home
Platinum Builders
Gary Wilson
5685 Carberry Ave.
Oakland, CA 94609
(925) 305-1234
Floor Coverings
Floor Coverings
Todd Lafrentz
43106 Christy St.
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 493-2555
Floor Coverings International is a boutique
flooring company providing all
types of materials you might consider
for designing your home. From carpet
and hardwood, to tile and other
specialty products. Our ultimate goal
is to provide you with the perfect floors
for your home while delivering a delightful
customer experience.
Marketing &
Send Out Cards
Bobette Grasty
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 745-0732
When using Send Out Cards you create
a greeting card from your computer
with a personal message for less than
a dollar a card. Choose a card from
our extensive card catalog, type your
custom message and click to send.
Remember birthdays and keep in touch
with family, friends and customers.
Nonprofit Organizations
Islamic Circle of North
America-SF Bay Area
Obaid Siddiqui
2086-A Walsh AVe.
Santa Clara, CA 95050
(408) 313-8792
Kilohana Outrigger Canoe
Lisa Bie
6486 Jasmine Ave.
Newark, CA 94560
(510) 790-2788
Mission Valley Elite
Mike Tostado
37950 Vallejo St.
Fremont, CA 94536
(510) 910-3941
Save Our Young – SOY
Darryl Major
27781 S. Leeanna Ln.
Tracy, CA 95304
(510) 593-3811
Pet Services
Sit Means Sit-Dog Training
Brian Uyeno
14591 Big Basin Wy.
Saratoga, CA 95070
(408) 316-7989
Jack’s Brewing Company
Kurt Steedman
39176 Argonaut Wy.
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 796-2036
Security Guard & Patrol
Falcons Bay Area Security
Ismail Shaban
4642 Balboa Wy.
Fremont, CA 94536
(510) 453-2312
Senior Apartment
Acacia Creek Senior
Living Community
Lydia Hertzler
34400 Mission Blvd., Bldg A
Union City, CA 94587
(510) 429-6429
by Barbara Jenkins
JOCKEY Person to Person
There has been a hidden treasure
within the Festival of the Arts for many
years–The WINE GARDEN!!
What?? have never been to it or
didn’t even know it was there??
The Wine Garden is a private, secluded,
restful shaded area that has
grown and evolved over the past 9
years. It started initially as the
Chamber’s ‘corporate or sponsored’
area where Festival corporate sponsors
could come to eat, drink, ‘catch their
breath’, seek some shade, and revive
during a lunch or shift break. It
changed, however, when more festival
attendees wanted to join in the fun! It
is now a special experience that any
attendee can enjoy.
Premium wines poured by our local
wineries, catered food and special
entertainment are an integral part of the
Wine Garden experience. This also
provides our attendees the experience
to sample and learn more about wines
from these experts. New this year,
guests can enjoy refreshing Mojito
Sangria and Red Sangria compliments
of Fremont’s Vida y Vino Wine Bistro.
In-and-out privileges are encouraged
so you don’t miss all
of the other Festival and
artisan opportunities.
provides your company
the opportunity for recognition
or to say “thank
you” to those special employees
or customers. As
a Connoisseurs’ Circle
member, you will receive
10 tickets, special signage
recognition within the
Wine Garden, and recognition
in Wine Garden ads
and publications, including
the Fremont Business Review.
Additionally, the Wine Garden offers
preferred parking, a Festival wine
glass, and Festival drink ticket to be
used outside the Wine Garden.
Take advantage of this special retreat
and experience by purchasing
your Wine Garden ticket for only $50
now! Seating is limited and you will
be sorry if you miss out on this delightful
opportunity! You can purchase
your tickets online at
or by calling Nina Moore at (510) 795-
We hope to see you there!
Barbara Jenkins is an Independent
Fashion Consultant with Jockey
Person2Person, and has been a Chamber
member for 10 years. Barbara was
a former Chamber board member for
eight years, including serving as Chair
of the Board in 2005. She has been a
volunteer helping with the Festival of
the Arts, and the Wine Garden, for nine
years. She can be reached at 510-657-
0573 or via email: Her
website is
An Oasis within the
Festival of the Arts
Become a member
Call the Fremont Chamber at
(510) 795-2244, ext. 103, to
speak to KK, our Director of
Membership Services
Wine Garden guests enjoy delicious food in
a relaxing setting
Organization Food Item
Bridges Intervention Services Teriyaki Chicken
Centerville National Little League Garlic Fries
Christian Community School Meatball Sandwich
Dawn Breakers Lions Club Burritos
Dollars for Scholars Ball Tip Sandwiches/Ribs
Elks Lodge Pulled Pork Sandwich
Emergency Response America Chicken Wings
Fremont American Little League Hot Dogs
Fremont Rotary Club Iced Coffee
Greek Orthodox Church Gyro
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Nachos
Kilohana Outrigger Canoe Club Hawaiian BBQ Plate Lunch
Kiwanis Club of Fremont Pizza
Knights of Columbus - Council 2692 Linguica Sandwich
Milpitas Host Lions Club BBQ Ribs
Mission San Jose High School PUPS Chicken/Beef Rice Bowl
Mission Valley Elite Cougars Carne Asada Tacos
Ohlone College Men’s Basketball Hamburgers
Ohlone College Women's Basketball Hot Dogs, Polish Dogs
Ohlone College Women's Softball Strawberry Shortcake
Our Lady of Guadalupe School Funnel Cake
Prince of Peace Cub Scouts, Pack 132 Pizza
Rotary Club of Fremont Sunrise Tri-Tip Sandwich
Rotary Club of Mission San Jose Linguica Sandwich
S.O.Y., Inc. (Saving Our Youth) Philly Cheese Steak
St. Joseph's BSA Troop 199 Root Beer Floats
Stage 1 Theatre Kettlecorn
Tri-City Ecology Center Lemonade
Ice Cream Cart Vendors
American High School (Band Parents Organization)
Irvington High School - Conservatory Theatre
Fremont Chamber of Commerce
July 2010 Fremont Business Review 5
“It is estimated that
over the first 26 years
of the Festival, the
non-profit community
raised over
$8,000,000 at the
teams have taken on responsibilities
from staffing parking lots to ice
distribution to clean up, in return
for a donation to their organization.
The festival has generated
some imaginative partnerships between
non-profits and sponsors as
well. If you have an idea along that
line, let us know.
The point is that the Fremont
Festival of the Arts is not just an
opportunity to enjoy the largest
free street festival on the West
Coast. For local non-profits, it is
an opportunity to raise funds to
continue their work and to publicize
their activities. For all attending,
it is an opportunity to give
back to our community. I’ll be
there on July 31 and August 1.
How about you?
Elise Balgley is a parner in the
law firm of Bernard, Balgley &
Bonaccorsi and a member of the
Fremont Chamber Board of Directors.
This year’s Festival will be
the 16th Festival in which Elise has
participated as a volunteer for a
non-profit. She can be reached at
(510) 791-1888 or by email at
Food Booths—
from page 1
Food Booths for 2010
Top: Fremont Sunrise Rotary cooks tri-tips for their booth.
Above: The line for linguica sandwiches provided by the Knights of Columbus
starts as soon as the Festival opens.
HOT 92.3
Old School and R&B
Radio Station Sponsors
Above: American High School band members raise funds for their
music program by selling ice cream at the Fremont Festival
6 Fremont Business Review July 2010
pany banner, posters, product samples, brochures, giveaways, and
display items. You may give demonstrations and invite attendees
to participate in hands on activities, raffle prizes, or have a contest.
Here are some suggestions for your success:
• Wear comfortable clothing, but make sure everyone working in
your booth wears the same shirt. This will make it easier for attendees
to identify those who can answer their questions.
• Raffle a prize or produce an activity that attendees need to sign
up for. This is your opportunity to collect your leads. Remember,
the point of participating in any tradeshow is to collect leads.
• Use your company colors or theme for your booth to unify your
booth’s appearance.
• On average most businesses distribute 3,000 giveaways. This
means you will need 3,000 business cards, 3,000 brochures, 3,000
of each item you pass out.
• Pass out product samples.
• Design demonstrations to showcase how beneficial your services
are to attendees.
• Make appointments for your services.
• Make a discount/special promotion for Festival attendees only.
If you have always wanted to reach a large audience, here is
your opportunity to go BIG, REALLY BIG. Now you may be
asking, “What’s the catch?” Well, there is only room for 84
businesses…sign up now!
If you would like to sign up or would like more information
about Business Alley, please contact Cindy Bonior at or KK Kaneshiro at You may also register online
KK Kaneshiro is the Director of Member Services at the Fremont
Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Festival Management
Team. This is her tenth year with the Chamber and her
eleventh Festival of the Arts.
Go BIG!—
from page 1
Many Business Alley vendors are returning for 2010. Clockwise from top left: Club
Sport, Dr. Joe Joly, Ohlone College, Half Price Books.
Premier Independent and Assisted Living
Retirement Communities Nationwide
Emeritus at Atherton Court
38035 Martha Avenue
Fremont, CA 94536
Voice: 510-797-4011
Contact Us:
Danmer Custom Shutters
Visit our booth in Business Alley
July 2010 Fremont Business Review 7
2010 Business
Alley Vendors
Alameda County Express Lanes
Alameda County Vector Control
Alameda County Library
All Ways Towing & Transport
ATP Acupuncture & Chinese
Aussie Pet Mobile - Fremont
Bath Fitter
Beck’s Shoes, Inc.
Choi’s Martial Arts
Club Sport of Fremont
Danmer Custom Shutters
Ellis Eye and Laser Medical
Emeritus at Atherton Court
Farmers Insurance
Faultline Harley-Davidson
Fibrenew Amazing Leather
Floor Coverings International
Forest Chiropractic
Fremont Chiropractic
Half Price Books
Intero Real Estate Services
Interpreters Net
Investco Management &
Development, LLC
Islamic Circle of No. America-SF
Bay Area
JA Plumbing Services, Inc.
Joseph Joly, D.C.
Kitchen Experts of California
New England Financial
NewPark Mall Dental Group
Ohlone College
Perfect Creations Preschool
Prince of Peace School
Pro-Star Auto Service & Towing
Randhawa Dental Corp.
Re-Bath of Alameda County
Relax the Back
Sit Means Sit Dog Training
Sleep Diagnostics of Fremont
Solar Universe, Inc.
Steele Model and Talent
T & J Remodeling
Total Business Care
U.S. Postal Service
Washington Hospital
Washington Township Medical
Group, Inc.
The Wine Garden offers a tranquil respite from
the heat and crowds of the Fremont Festival of
the Arts. Guests of the Wine Garden will take
pleasure in tasting premium wines and learning
more about their favorite selections. Gourmet
food will be served while you relax and enjoy
exclusive entertainment and wine presentations.
To complete the package, a preferred parking
space near the Wine Garden will be available for
your convenience.
Find out more at
No one under 21 will be admitted into the Wine
Order Wine Garden tickets online at
Tickets are $50 per person each day.
The Wine Garden is open from noon to 5 p.m.
each day of the festival. Each ticket is good for
admission on either Saturday or Sunday. Wine
Garden tickets include:
• A preferred parking space near the Wine
• A 2010 Festival wine glass
• A 2010 Festival drink ticket that can be used
outside the Wine Garden
• Gourmet buffet served by some of Fremont’s
leading restaurants
• Premium wines poured by wine experts and
representatives from wineries.
• Entertainment presented for the exclusive
pleasure of Wine Garden attendees.
is one of the many benefits
that Fremont Chamber
members enjoy
Become a member today!
Call the Fremont Chamber at (510)
795-2244, ext. 103, to speak to KK,
our Director of Membership Services
8 Fremont Business Review July 2010
Tri-City Health Center awarded $30,000
Tri-City Health Center (TCHC) has been
awarded a $30,000 grant by The Boston
Scientific Foundation for the Homeless Outreach
for People Empowerment (HOPE)
project. The HOPE project operates a stateof-the-art
mobile health clinic in collaboration
with TCHC as the medical service provider
to bring “one-stop” health care and
social services to homeless individuals and
families residing in shelters, transitional and
impermanent housing situations.
Between May 1, 2010 and April 30, 2011,
TCHC will use the grant funds to provide
medical services to 500 individuals, refer 100
homeless patients for health insurance assessment
& review, provide winter relief to
25 patients, provide 298 transportation
vouchers, and refer all patients without lab
tests to TCHC’s lab.
“The Foundation’s contribution to the
HOPE project will ensure that we can best
meet the needs of the homeless population
despite the inflation of the cost of services
and financial insecurities” said Kathy Lievre,
The HOPE Project, now in its 10th year
of service, is supported by multiple partners
and includes: Tri-City Health Center (medical
care), Abode Services (homeless housing
and social services), the Cities of Fremont
and Livermore, California (fiscal
agents) and local churches and community
groups (site locations, meals, supplies). In
collaboration with these partners, TCHC is
committed to providing critical services to the
homeless population.
Tri-City Health Center (TCHC), located
in at 39500 Liberty Street in Fremont, is a
nonprofit, federally qualified health center
that serves nearly 20,000 low-income, uninsured
and homeless residents living in
Alameda County, California. For more information,
ACTIA to merge with Alameda County
Congestion Management Agency
At a joint board meeting on June 24th,
the Alameda County Transportation Improvement
Authority (ACTIA) and the Alameda
County Congestion Management Agency
(ACCMA) gave final approval to a Joint Powers
Agreement (JPA) that creates a new
countywide transportation agency: the
Alameda County Transportation Commission
(Alameda CTC).
The actions taken on June 24th by ACTIA
and ACCMA completed the first step in merging
the two agencies into a single entity. The
goal of the merger is to eliminate redundancies
and create efficiencies in planning and
project delivery and to streamline legislative,
policy and funding strategies. The JPA had
previously been approved by all 14 cities in
the County, the County Board of Supervisors,
AC Transit and BART. The merger will
take place based upon a specific schedule,
with joint meetings starting in July of this
year, full integration of accounting and operations
in 2011-2012, and office consolidation
in 2014. Until all merger actions are complete,
a 22-member Board with representation
from all Alameda County cities, the
County, AC Transit and BART, will act on
behalf of ACTIA, ACCMA, and the new
Alameda County Transportation Commission.
Union City Mayor Mark Green, who
serves as Chair of both ACTIA and ACCMA
commented, “This action today brings a unified
voice for Alameda County transportation
by streamlining administration, planning,
funding and delivery of projects and programs,
providing a positive economic benefit
for the residents, businesses and other
governmental agencies in Alameda County.”
ACTIA hosts Southern Alameda County
Transportation Forum
ACTIA and its Community Advisory Committee
(CAC) will host a South County Transportation
Forum on July 15 at the Ruggieri
Senior Center (33997 Alvarado-Niles Road)
in Union City. The evening will begin with an
open house at 6:30 p.m., followed by formal
presentations at 7 p.m. Meet project sponsors
and find out how your Measure B halfcent
sales tax dollars are improving mobility
in South Alameda County (Fremont, Newark,
Union City). For more information, visit
Fremont Police Department launches
NIXLE Community Notification Service
The Fremont Police Department has
launched a Community Notification Service
called NIXLE, designed to improve communication
with people who live, work, and visit
our area. NIXLE will be in addition to the
City's Code Red notification system with the
ability to have attachments. NIXLE is a secure
communications service available to
municipal, county, and state government
agencies. There is NO spam or advertising
associated with NIXLE Municipal Wire messages.
The system is free (standard text
message rates apply for subscribers who do
not have text plans with their cell phone providers)
and provides a quick, efficient, and
secure way to get neighborhood-level information
out to community members and subscribers.
By accessing, the
department is able to send text messages
(SMS) and e-mail alerts to subscribers in
areas as small as ¼ of a mile.
Notifications can be used in a number of
circumstances including missing children,
neighborhood emergencies, incidents causing
road closures, and large-scale public
works projects.
NIXLE allows the Police Department to
deliver messages to citizens via e-mail and
cell phones, effectively expanding their community
outreach efforts. This system is most
effective when there are large numbers of
subscribers. Sign up at to see
how the system works and receive alerts for
both work and home.
Initially the Police Department will be
posting “Police Blotter” and Community Service
Announcements, and will expand to
other types of announcements later in the
City of Fremont partners with PG&E and
ACWD to Provide Free ‘Green House
Calls’ to Fremont Residents
Want to save money on your utility bills
while helping the environment? Then sign
up for a free ‘green house call’ this summer
from California Youth Energy Services
Funded by the City of Fremont (using federal
stimulus funds), PG&E, and Alameda
County Water District, the program hires and
trains local youth ages 15-22 to conduct
energy audits and install FREE conservation
measures like compact fluorescent light
bulbs, low-flow shower heads, and more.
CYES may also make recommendations for
more extensive work such as new insulation
or appliances.
This free-and very popular-program is
open to all Fremont residents, but capacity
is limited, so reserve your spot today by calling
510-665-1501. For more information
about CYES, go to
Smith Center partners with San Francisco
Opera to present HD Opera Screenings
This summer the Smith Center at Ohlone
College is partnering with the San Francisco
Opera to present high-definition (HD)
screenings of the Company’s acclaimed productions
of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly (7/
9, 8/29), Mozart’s Don Giovanni (7/16),
Puccini’s La Rondine (8/7), and SaintSaëns’s
Samson and Delilah (8/21) at the
Smith Center in Fremont. This inaugural series
of popular grand operas provides an
exceptional high quality experience that will
have you feeling like you are watching this
performance from your favorite seat in the
Opera House. Tickets for San Francisco
Opera’s Grand Opera Cinema Series at the
Smith Center are priced at $10 and up and
are available via
smithcenter/ and at the Smith Center Box
Office (510) 659-6031. A Wine & Cheese
Service will be available for an additional
charge thirty minutes prior to each screening.
Washington Hospital Healthcare System
presents Fremont’s Summer Concert
Fremont’s Central Park will come alive
with the sound of music when the 2010 Central
Park Summer Concert Series, presented
by its new title sponsor Washington Hospital
Healthcare System, kicks off on July 8. Zoo
Station, the highly acclaimed U2 cover band,
is set to headline the first concert. All concerts
will be held on Thursdays at Central
Park's Performance Pavilion over a 6-week
period, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
This year’s series promises something
fun for everyone. It will feature family-friendly
music and the popular Kids’ Corral zone,
sponsored by the Newpark Mall Dental
Group, complete with interactive games and
crafts. Thanks to Washington Hospital
Healthcare System, Dale Hardware,
Newpark Mall Dental Group, Niles Rotary,
and Bay Area Jump, each concert is free and
open to the public. This year the concert series
will feature Chaka’s MMM specialty barbecue
to purchase. Concert-goers may also
bring their own food.
Concerts are scheduled for the following
Thursday evenings, from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
July 8 Zoo Station
U2 Cover Band
July 15 Mersey Beach
‘60s Party Band
July 22 Juke Box Heroes
Decades of Billboard Hits
July 29 East Bay Mudd
Big Horn Band - R&B Hits
Aug. 5 Lava
Latin Jazz, Rock, Salsa, & Funk
Aug. 12 Too Smooth
Soul, R&B, Top 40
The Performance Pavilion is located in
Central Park (Lake Elizabeth) near the Fremont
Community Center, 40204 Paseo Padre
Parkway. For more information about the
Summer Concert Series, please contact the
City’s Parks and Recreation Department at
(510) 494-4300 or go to
Get On-the-Job Training Funding
when you Hire a former NUMMI
Employee (up to 520 hours or $5,000)
NUMMI employees are skilled in many
different areas, and one is sure to be
right for your business!
For more information, contact:
Bill Templeton at (510) 257-1072 or
Employers: Get Funding When You Hire ex-NUMMI Workers
JJ and J Landscape Management Inc.
CA License No. 943165
• We specialize in landscape management for commercial, residential, and Home
Owner Associations properties
• Landscape design
• Tree Management
• Pest Control Management
• Irrigation and water management
• Reasonable, responsive and honest
• 25+ Years experience in landscape management
Special prices for new customers
Contact: Steven Chau
July 2010 Fremont Business Review 9
Connection Clubs:
Meeting Dates, Times, Places
11:45a.m. @ Hilton Hotel
Chair: Elise Balgley
(510) 791-1888
Vice-Chair: Jean Ingraffia
(510) 279-7710
7:30a.m. @ The Depot Diner
Chair: Madeline Holmes
(510) 599-1215
Vice-Chair: Matt Dickstein
(510) 796-9144
Connect 2 Succeed
11:45a.m. @ Jack’s Brewing
(held on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays
of each month)
Chair: Ray Chui
(510) 744-0744
Vice-Chair: Steve Smith
(510) 475-9743
Referrals Plus
12noon @ Vida Y Vino (held on
1st & 3rd Thursdays each month)
Chair: Tim Garcia
(510) 943-9069
Vice-Chair: Francisco Acosta
(510) 656-9307
7:15a.m. @ The Depot Diner
Chair: Daniel Kisner
(510) 791-5790
Vice-Chair: Melissa Fields
(510) 796-8300
Friday Women In Business
Noon @ The Depot Diner (held
on the 2nd & 4th Fridays)
Chair: Anna Cornelio
(510) 791-1100
Vice-Chair: Harriet Whitney
(510) 793-7405
Open only to Fremont Chamber
members. Six groups meet at
a variety of days and times of the
week to exchange leads and assist
members in growing their businesses.
Fremont Chamber's Connection
Clubs are so successful
that they now serve as the model
for similar “Leads-Generating”
groups in Chambers all over the
Purpose: The Chamber’s Connection
Club is a “business to business”
referral program, designed to
give maximum support and opportunity
to Chamber members who
understand the value of networking
and doing business with people
they know and trust. No duplications
of business types are allowed.
Each club may have only one representative
of any given profession
or specialty to prevent competition.
by Lori Marra
City of Fremont
The Chamber of Commerce continually
strives to make the Festival of
the Arts more environmentally
friendly. Greening the largest free
street festival in the West is no easy
task. In the past, the Chamber has recycled
cardboard, bottles and cans at
over 50 recycling stations, promoted
alternate transportation to the Festival
and recruited ‘green and clean’ companies
to showcase their products and
services to the roughly 400,000 attendees.
At the 2010 Festival of Arts, the
Chamber is expanding their green efforts.
One way to have a great impact
on waste is to consider purchases up
front. Vendors were encouraged to
serve their food in recyclable or
compostable containers, instead of
styrofoam™. This proactive position
was taken early in response to a new
The Greening of the The Greening of the
Festival of Ar al of Ar al of Arts
regulation that will prohibit
styrofoam™ food take-out packaging
in Fremont starting next year.
For the first time, food scrap
composting is available
for the public
throughout the Festival.
All leftover food,
napkins and the
compostable containers
can be
composted. Here are
some examples of
containers that can
be composted or recycled.
Festival goers
will be able to recycle
more than
bottles and cans: all
paper and plastics #1-7 (except #6
styrofoam™) will be collected at the
recycling stations. To reduce waste as
much as possible, extra efforts will go
into upgrading recycling bins and posting
clear signage at each recycling station.
Recycling stations will be staffed
by friendly volunteers who can coach
the public on how to recycle and compost
food scraps. Staff
from the City of Fremont
Services Division will
be on hand at a booth
to answer questions
about Festival recycling
efforts and other
environmental programs.
Look for the new
recycling stations,
check out the green
businesses and sponsors
at the Festival, and
have fun in the sun!
Lori Marra is an Environmental
Specialist with the City of Fremont.
She can be reached at (510) 494-4581
or at
by Nina Moore
Fremont Chamber of Commerce
The Festival’s Gourmet Marketplace
is now in its seventh year, featuring
a tantalizing assortment of gourmet
foods and cooking ingredients,
packaged to take home, with something
to please every palate. And for
the first time this year, we are also including
gourmet items for the most
popular member of the family - your
family pet!
Whether for you or your pet, these
are not your everyday products that
you can buy in the supermarket. Each
vendor participating in Gourmet Marketplace
produces their own product;
no mass-produced or imported items
are accepted.
If you are looking for that perfect
party appetizer, unique flavoring, gourmet
gift package, or treat to bring the
next time you’re visiting friends –
come sample the taste sensations in
Gourmet Marketplace. We guarantee
you won’t leave empty handed! No
sampling of pet items though - pets are
not allowed at the Festival of the Arts
but we know our pets love when we
bring them treats too!
While applications are still being
accepted, we are pleased to highlight
the delectable treats from our returning
and first-time Gourmet Marketplace
participants who have registered
to date:
Beef and Buffalo Jerky Store
Gourmet beef, buffalo and game jerky:
USDA approved and preservativefree!
Biscotti di Bianchi
Hand-made biscotti in assorted flavors
Bistro Blends
Gourmet balsamic vinegar and olive
oil blends
Crazy Charley *NEW!
Cajun barbecue sauce, Cajun and Creole
Dazzles *NEW!
Pre-packaged oven-baked corn in a
variety of flavors: no kernals, no hulls.
MSG- and gluten-free. Non-GMO
De Cio Pasta
Hand-made gourmet pasta
Dominique Honeybees *NEW!
Honey Stix, varietal honeys, creamed
honey with cinnamon
Fairfax Food Company
NO BULL steak grilling sauce: all
natural, soy-based, no sugar or sweeteners
Farm Fresh to You
Organic produce delivered fresh from
the farm straight to your door
Gourmet Marketplace:
Not just for people
The Fudge Guy
Gourmet fudge in a variety of flavors
and styles, caramel and fudge apples
Gourmet Temptations
Mustard blends, marinades & finishing
sauces, exotic jams & jellies, honey
& honey products, butters & chutneys,
vinaigrettes & dressings, fruit curds &
baking mixes
Kiki’s Confections
Candies, cookies, fudge, candy apples
The Killer Baking Company
Gourmet brownies and brownie bites
- “Brownies to Die For”®
Live-For-More-Fudge *NEW
Fudge, caramel apples, marshmallow
Miracle Muffins
Sugar-free muffin, brownie and cookie
mixes; baked muffins, brownies, and
cookies for diabetics
Mokulele Farms
100% Kona coffee, macadamia nuts,
Nan's Gourmet Foods *NEW!
Blended olive oils, barrel-aged balsamic
vinegars, handmade pastas,
grilling sauces, marinades
The Nutty Gourmet by Mel
Candy almonds, pistachios, cashews,
and walnuts
Oliver's Almonds
Cinnamon roasted almonds and pecans
Primo's Gourmet Food Co.
Hand-blended gourmet spices, dips,
mustards, pickled garlic, olives,
sauces, fruit butters
The Salsa Connection *NEW!
Salsa seasoning mix
Spice Hound
Spices, herbs, blends, salts, and spice
Tres Classique
Custom infused, hand-made balsamic
vinegars and oils
Wholesome Classics *NEW!
Bake mixes - delicious, nutritious, lowfat
and all-natural - packaged in beer
and wine bottles
Lucky Dogs Bakery *NEW!
Hand-made certified organic dog biscuits
M&M Brittany Homemade Gourmet
Dog Biscuits *NEW!
Handmade organic gourmet dog bone
biscuits and nuggets; smoked & dehydrated
pork, beef and vegetable chips
Find delicious food to take
home at the Gourmet Marketplace
left: Primo’s Gourmet Food Co. is one of
the vendors at the Gourmet Marketplace.
Find out more about the Gourmet
Marketplace vendors on the Fremont
Festival website:
10 Fremont Business Review July 2010
10-11am Grain Rock/Pop
11:30-12:30pm Blues Kitchen Blues
1-2pm Jukebox Heroes Rock/Pop
2:30-3:30pm The Rangers Country
4-5:30pm The Rising Springsteen Tribute
10-11:30am Georgie and the Rough Week Blues
12-1:30pm Dirty Dub Band Reggae
2-3:30pm Luv Planet Rock/Pop
4-5:30pm Zoo Station U2 Tribute
10-11am Hula Halau O Nalua & Otea Api Polynesian Dance
11:30am-1pm Groovy Judy Pop
1:30-2:30pm Chain of Blues Blues
3-4pm Chain of Blues Blues
4:30-5:30pm Silent Chaos Rock
10-11am Wild Motion Classic Rock
11:30am-12:30pm Bsides Classic Rock
1-2pm Bsides Classic Rock
3-4pm Crosstown 5 Classic Rock
4:30-5:30pm Crosstown 5 Classic Rock
Visit the festival website for links to band pages and more:
by Leslie Douglas
Prime Time Entertainment
It’s time once again for everyone's
favorite event of the summer, the Fremont
Festival of the Arts. The Festival
always has a variety of art, food
and fun that pleases people of all ages.
One of the highlights of the festival is
the music. This year’s variety surely
won’t let you down!
Main Stage
On Saturday July 31, the Main
Stage on Paseo Padre Parkway will
open up at 10:00 a.m. with some great
music from Grain. This is an up and
coming band from San Jose playing
rock, Americana and Indie music. At
11:30 a.m., we kick off the afternoon
with Blues Kitchen. Grab some lunch
and head on over to dance to a really
great blues band. Performing at 1:00
will be hometown favorites Jukebox
Heroes putting their own brand on your
favorite danceable radio tunes. Following
Jukebox Heroes at 2:30, we
will put on our cowboy boots and hats
for The Rangers. It will be your chance
to line dance to some of the best local
country musicians in the area. Finally,
wrapping up day one of the festival
will be The Rising. If you are a fan of
the Boss, then you will know that they
are one of the finest Bruce Springsteen
tribute bands you will ever hear.
Sunday morning will start off with
rock and fun! Georgi and the
Rough Week is performing on the
Main Stage at 10:00 a.m. with a
blues influence and rock flair. At
12:00 p.m., they are followed by
The Dirty Dub Band. This is one
of the hottest reggae bands to come
out of Northern California! Next,
at 2:30 get ready for Luv Planet.
This is fresh, original music with vocal
harmonies that will knock you out!
Winding up an exciting weekend will
be an act you won't want to miss! Zoo
Station is a spot-on tribute to one of
the most legendary bands in the
world…U2! This band performs a
complete U2 experience you will never
State Street Stage
As you are wandering down State
Street enjoying the vendors you will
find another music stage! This is a
wonderful, shady spot to enjoy more
fantastic music. Starting Saturday
morning at 10:00, we welcome Hula
Halau ‘O Nalua & Otea Api
Polynesian dance and music. What a
wonderful way to welcome the morning!
Following at 11:30, we will live
Music at the Festival - A
Crowd-Pleaser Year after Year!
in the spirit of the late 60’s and early
70’s with the music of Groovy Judy.
From 1:30-2:30 and again from 3:00-
4:00, Chain of Blues will have you
moving and grooving to the blues!
From 4:30-5:30, we move into the now
as we rock with the music of Silent
Chaos, a contemporary rock band.
On Sunday, the State Street Stage
jumps right off at 10:00 a.m. with Wild
Motion and some classic rock. At
11:30 and again at 1:00 p.m. keep rocking
with Bsides. This energetic band
will provide you with two hours of
dancing! Wrapping up the festival at
3:00 and 4:30 p.m., we have Crosstown
5. This band has a comprehensive mix
of music with exciting, professional
musicians. You definitely will need to
bring your dancing shoes for this
Zoo Station plays Sunday at the Paseo Padre Stage
The Rising plays Saturday at the Paseo Padre Stage
Clockwise from top left: Georgi and the
Rough Week, Jukebox Heroes, Luv
Planet. Find out more about the bands at
the Fremont Festival website:
Connect to the Fremont Chamber
Follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook!
July 2010 Fremont Business Review 11
Fremont Festival Sponsors
12 Fremont Business Review July 2010
by Harriet Whitney,
Harriet’s Hands
The Fremont Festival of the Arts
is quickly approaching, and once
again, it will be successful thanks to
the efforts of our volunteers. Visitors
Volunteers…the Hearts
of the Festival!
come from miles around, each year,
because our Festival is the biggest and
best in California. It has also been
called the largest street fair this side
of the Mississippi.
There are three things that we believe
account for this: One, the festival
has 600-750 craft artists where
other street fairs only have half that
amount. Two, the festival attracts
350,000 to 400,000 attendees; doubling
Fremont's population in just two
days. And three, our greatest source
of pride is the 2,000 wonderful volunteers
who help to produce this premier
event for our community. The Festival
would never be as successful as it
is without the help of our volunteers.
Volunteers help in every facet of
the Festival, from identifying potential
sponsors and vendors to planning
street layout and Festival logistics. In
addition, volunteers help staff the food
booths, Kid City, the Wine Garden,
Beer and Wine booths, and they help
set up the Festival Friday night, restage
the festival on Saturday night, run Festival
headquarters, and clean up and
tear down on Sunday night.
“Year after year, it is truly amazing
how a mini-city like the Festival
can be set up in one night…and there
is no way this could be done if it
weren’t for our volunteers.” Cindy
Bonior, President/CEO of the Fremont
Chamber of Commerce.
The Festival reflects the heart of
its volunteers. Every year, we hear
how each volunteer takes great pride
in acting as host/hostess to all Festival
attendees. The Festival provides a fantastic
opportunity for everyone to contribute
to improving our great city.
Teenagers, who are 16 years or older
are able to fulfill community hours for
graduation by participating in needed
by David Hembree
Fremont/Newark YMCA
Family Fun at the Fremont Festival
of the Arts is just down the street
from the many artisans and performers
at the Festival. Stroll through the
Festival to State Street and your kids
will be rewarded with a place where
they can enjoy activities just for them.
This family-centered area is filled
with activities that are engaging and
entertaining. Performers on the Kid
City stage, hands on activities provided
by the Fremont/Newark YMCA and
the traditional amusements and rides
provide a unique activity space that
goes beyond the typical fair offering
of carnival rides.
YMCA Kid City will feature designated
stations for attendees to visit
to experience various fun and interactive
learning activities. At the Health
Center sponsored by Palo Alto Medical
Foundation, you’ll find plenty of
free sun screen and activities about
how to make healthy choices. A visit
to the Kid City library offers an opportunity
to read and participate in
scheduled story time. And City Hall
visitors can contribute their ideas as to
how to make Fremont a GREENER
city. By completing the route through
these and the many other Kid City attractions,
visitors will receive their citizenship
in Kid City and be entered into
a prize drawing.
This year, we will again feature
playhouses for silent auction and have
added a raffle of custom doghouses.
Donated by local organizations, the
proceeds from the raffle and silent auction
go to benefit the “campership”
program of the Fremont/Newark
YMCA. Tickets for the raffle may be
purchased by contacting the Fremont/
Newark YMCA, or you can buy a
ticket at the Festival in Kid City or
where the houses are displayed along
the avenue.
“At Kid City we bring the YMCA
to the community by providing program
areas that reflect our values and
our commitment to children and families
in the area,” says David Hembree,
Executive Director for the Fremont/
Newark YMCA. “Activities that support
healthy lifestyles, literacy, caring
stewardship of the natural environment
and civic responsibility are all
part of how we put our mission into
play and practice” said Hembree. “We
love being a part of this event; the folks
at the Fremont Chamber are awesome
to work with!”
The Mayor of YMCA Kid City
will preside at opening ceremonies on
Saturday at 11:30am. The mayor is
chosen from contest entries written by
local fifth grade students who answer
the question “If I was mayor of Fremont,
I would make my city GREENER
There is fun for the entire family
at the Fremont Festival of the Arts!
Come to YMCA Kid City and create
an arts and crafts project, play music
in one of the interactive areas, and
watch performances on the Kid City
stage. Make sure you visit all of the
activities to enter your name in the
prize drawing. YMCA Kid City is open
both days and admission is free to
families with children 12 and under.
Rides and attractions require purchasing
a ticket. See you there!
David Hembree is the Executive
Director of the Fremont/Newark
YMCA. He can be reached at (510)
279-2909 or
YMCA Kid City: Back again at
the Fremont Festival of the Arts!
tasks. Each member of the
community can contribute
hours to help make the
Festival successful and
help our Great City shine.
Volunteers are the reason why the Festival
is so successful. Call the Fremont
Chamber at (510) 795-2244 and offer
to become a part of Fremont’s premier
event, bringing people to our City year
after year, and introducing them to all
that Fremont has to offer.
Harriet Whitney is the owner of
Harriet’s Hands and a massage therapist.
She is a longtime member of the
Fremont Chamber of Commerce, a
longtime Chamber Ambassador, and
a longtime Festival volunteer. For the
past three years, Harriet has served as
Festival Headquarters Captain for the
duration of the Festival, and is an integral
member of our team.
Left: Playhouses return to Kid City; Right: Fun carnival rides
Top: Volunteers at the Wine
Above: Cowboy Bob volunteers
for Keller Williams
The Fremont Chamber of Commerce
and SCORE are working together
to provide you with assistance
to make your business successful.
One is through the advice offered by
SCORE to both current businesses
and startups regarding marketing,
sales, finance, management, and human
resource issues. SCORE can help
you achieve the business success you
are seeking by avoiding the daily pitAsk
Business questions
answered via email
falls you may encounter. SCORE
counselors are now accepting your
questions via email and will publish
the answer to one question in
each issue of the Fremont Business
Review. Please send your question
to score@fremont Please be sure to
include your name, address and
phone number. Anonymous emails
will not be published.
email your business related questions to:
Host a Mixer
Mixers are a great way to showcase
your business and network with
potential clients.
Do you want to host a mixer? Call
KK at 510-795-2244, ext. 103 to reserve
a date in 2010-2011. Mixers are
held on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of
each month (exception Feb., Nov., &
Dec.); Call now to see what dates are
still available in 2010 or plan ahead
and reserve a date in 2011.
Check out our online calendar for
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