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4 Meet your new Board Members
9 Meet your new Design Community
4 President’s Column/Board Members
5 New Members
11 Industry Partners Directory
12 Membership Points Program
12 RealWorld DesignWeek - A Success!
12 Hot Las Vegas Summer filled with
Furniture and Fun!
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Interior Designer:
Shelley Gorman, Allied Member ASID
The dining room draws its color inspiration from the
scenic desert environment and lights of the Las
Vegas strip found just outside its glass doors. The
layering of textures and materials enhanced by
accent lighting create a varied mood from day to
night. The project is a 6,000 SF Custom Home in The
Ridges Community in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Studio 49 | 3
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4 | Studio 49
President’s Column
Welcome to the start of your ASID California
Central/Nevada Chapter for 2010-2011. Your
new Board is seated and off to a running start.
When I agreed to take on this leadership position,
I jotted down a few goals…..One was to increase
our membership and their involvement. We join a
Society, but unless a member sees value in membership that member soon
becomes disenchanted. The DCCs under Jen Hilgardner’s able direction have informational
and fun meetings planned through the end of this year and working on
next year starting with a STEP class in Las Vegas. We encourage our wonderful
Industry Partners to host a meeting – IPs get first choice of a meeting date. Besides
resources, I find great ideas in solving business and financial problems through
attending these meetings. Read those evites and attend – they are there for your
During the design of our Chapter Strategic Plan, it was suggested that we call this
“The Year of Survival”. Rather than that, I would name this “The Year of Success”. A
goal is to improve our members’ businesses – start those phone requests coming in.
No, I’m not getting you jobs – the goal of the Chapter is to help you to get your own
clients. I successfully negotiated with the Las Vegas Design Center to ensure our
designers in the Salon would be paid if their Sweepstakes Winner used the services
of a Design Salon Designer. It’s just a start. The Central Valley of California and all of
Nevada needs to become aware of the value in hiring an ASID Interior Designer.
Do you have a wish list or idea? Send it to me: jwblackstone@sbcglobal.net – I will
listen and try to make it happen!
Joyce W. Blackstone, ASID
ASID California Central/Nevada
2010-2011 Board of Directors
Joyce W. Blackstone, ASID
Gail L. Diehl, ASID
Allison M. Moren,
Allied Member ASID
Communications Director
Jennifer Christou-Wood, ASID
Financial Director
Jennifer Hilgardner,
Allied Member ASID
Professional Development Director
Susan R. Leibold, ASID
Director at Large
Susan Rowland, Industry Partner
for Ferguson
Membership Director
Shannon Schaeffer, Student
Member ASID
Student Representative
to the Board
Studio 49 | 5
Chapter News
New Members
Professional Members:
Heather Kathleen Gunn, ASID
Joseph R. Sacco, ASID
Len Cotsovolos, ASID
Allied Members:
Camellia Milanova, Allied Member ASID
Esther Wartell-Sacks, Allied Member ASID
Karen Huette, Allied Member ASID
Nicole Moreno, Allied Member ASID
Olga Valerievna Smith, Allied Member ASID
Student Members:
Alexis Snyder, Student Member ASID
Alison Hummer, Student Member ASID
Allison Johnson, Student Member ASID
Alycia Anne Olson, Student Member ASID
Amanda Child, Student Member ASID
Andrea Marie Brown, Student Member ASID
Breanna Crisman, Student Member ASID
Carnie Armenian, Student Member ASID
Cindy Chapman, Student Member ASID
Crystal LaVerne McFarling-Churchville,
Student Member ASID
Dora Higareda, Student Member ASID
Ella D Calhoun, Student Member ASID
Farrah C. Miller, Student Member ASID
Garrett Jennings, Student Member ASID
Heidi Gaeddert, Student Member ASID
Jennifer Marie Goforth, Student Member ASID
Jenny Brooks, Student Member ASID
Juli Anna Hernandez, Student Member ASID
Kaitlin Welton, Student Member ASID
Katrina Stumbos, Student Member ASID
Karen Licea, Student Member ASID
Karol Z. Widemon, Student Member ASID
Keila Kathleen Gushwa, Student Member ASID
Kelly Villatoro, Student Member ASID
Kristin Erin Newman, Student Member ASID
Lesley Allison Bosch, Student Member ASID
Lydia Valle, Student Member ASID
Lucille Gamalong, Student Member ASID
Mase Carole Ross, Student Member ASID
Megan Caroline Richardson, Student Member ASID
Melissa Ann Lutjens, Student Member ASID
Melissa Ortiz, Student Member ASID
Michelle Diodati, Student Member ASID
Michelle Lorraine Cedano, Student Member ASID
Michelle Ruano, Student Member ASID
Nazila Karimi, Student Member ASID
Nichole Krebbs Lopez, Student Member ASID
Paw Shao Mee Vue, Student Member ASID
Paul Leynes, Student Member ASID
Phaengsy Keokongmy, Student Member ASID
Rachel Andersen, Student Member ASID
Rachelle Gallegos, Student Member ASID
Rebecca Marie Zajac, Student Member ASID
Rhonda K McCreadie, Student Member ASID
Sam Reep, Student Member ASID
Sharon Delores Thompson, Student Member ASID
Shannon Heather Scacco, Student Member ASID
Stacey Lorine Taylor, Student Member ASID
Stacy Tompsett, Student Member ASID
Stephanie Michelle Ellison, Student Member ASID
Terra Lynn gross, Student Member ASID
Vicki Renee Lopes, Student Member ASID
Yunaisy Rodriguez, Student Member ASID
Industry Partners:
Andrew Bacik, Industry Partner Representative for Bernhardt Furniture Company
Augusta Gohil , Industry Partner Representative for Smith + Noble Pro
Bob Eustice, Industry Partner Representative for BSH Home Appliances - Thermador, Bosch,
Gaggenau Cezar Espinos, Industry Partner Representative for a Christofle
Clifford Tubbs, Industry Partner Representative for Microseal International
D Robert Beal, Industry Partner Representative for Fabric Protection Solutions, LLC
Emitt Isaacks, Industry Partner Representative for Arizona Tile, LLC
Janice Campbell, Industry Partner Representative for Global Views
Jim & Vicki Solada, Industry Partner Representative for Habersham
Linda Steinbaugh, Industry Partner Representative for Lorts Manufacturing
Lisa Naccarato, Industry Partner Representative for Moen, Inc.
Lori Stearns, Industry Partner Representative for PTM Images
Lynn Bentley, Industry Partner Representative for Currey & Company
Michael Gouel, Industry Partner Representative for LAMPS PLUS Professionals
Mimi Yacobucci, Industry Partner Representative for Stylmark, Inc.
Monica Vaughn, Industry Partner Representative for The Tuscany Collection
Myles Devera, Industry Partner Representative for Lorts Manufacturing
Rich Rhodas, Industry Partner Representative for Emser Tile
Sandy Pilon, Industry Partner Representative for Restoration Hardware-Trade
Whitney Williams, Industry Partner Representative for Sub-Zero Wolf Southwest
6 | Studio 49
New Board Members
Meet your new Board
Members for 2011-2012
Joyce W. Blackstone, ASID
J o y c e
att e nded
t h e
C h i c a g o
School of
Fine Art
a n d
C h i c a g o
School of
Art and
D e s i g n
where she
won the aid Illinois Scholarship Award
for freshman students. She was a
designer for Warren G. Arnett, FASID
in Orlando, Florida.
In 1968 Joyce and her husband
moved to Los Angeles, where she
opened her own interior design business.
Moving to South Lake Tahoe,
in 1978, she worked for a local carpet
company until 1983. That is when
she reestablished J.W. Blackstone,
ASID, designing commercial and
residential space in California and
Nevada. Joyce joined NSID in 1966
and passed the original NCIDQ exam
in 1974. Joyce became a professional
member of ASID in 1975 when
NSID and AID united.
As a professional designer and
member of ASID, she has been
active in the ASID CA
Central /Nevada Chapter as a
founding member. She has served
as director, treasurer, president and
most recently she has served as
representative for the Chapter as
Legislative Liaison.
Gail L. Diehl, ASID
Gail has
always had
an interest
in art and
d e s i g n .
S t a r t i n g
early, she
drew house
plans and
wanted to
be an architect.
studying art and drafting, she began
by pursuing a degree in Fine Arts, but
instead obtained a BA in Social
Science from Western Connecticut
State College, while always taking
art, sculpture, art history, and design
After 15 years as a programmeranalyst
for Fortune 500 companies in
Connecticut, Texas, Silicon Valley and
Los Angeles, Gail finally went back to
her true love, design. She graduated
from UCLA Extension in 1993 with a
Professional Designation in Interior
Design. Since then she has worked in
the residential areas of retail, model
home design, custom cabinetry,
design/build, and kitchen and bath
design, along with a short stint as a
web designer.
Her design firm, Gail Lesley Diehl
Interiors, was established in 1991 while
in design school and has since streamlined
the name to Diehl Interiors. She
passed the NCIDQ in 2000, followed
by the CCRE in 2001, and the CKD
exam in 2004. While specializing in
kitchen and bath design and custom
cabinetry, Gail still enjoys designing
window treatments, selecting colors
and materials, specifying custom
furnishings, and is always up for a challenge,
as evidenced by now teaching
Interior Design at International
Academy of Design & Technology.
Active in ASID Orange Country from
1993-1999, she moved to El Dorado
Hills in 1999, and joined the California
Central/Nevada chapter, where she
has served as Legislative Rep,
Sacramento Design Community
Coordinator, Financial Director, and
now President Elect. Gail looks forward
to enhancing public awareness of the
value of using ASID designers, and
advancing the profession through
Interior Design Registration. She is
currently a member of NKBA as a
Certified Kitchen Designer, and is a
Certified Designer in California.
Allison M. Moren, Allied Member ASID
Communications Director
Allison is a
f r o m
Cal ifornia
S t a t e
Fresno with
a BA in
I n t e r i o r
Design. She
is currently
a design
assistant at J. Haidlen Design
Associates, an award winning interior
design firm, in Oakdale, California.
Her design passion started as a young
girl, constantly rearranging bedroom
furniture and building houses with
Legos. That space planning enthusiasm
became a focus of study. Since
graduating from college, Allison has
spent time in the window coverings
Studio 49 | 7
New Board Members
industry and most recently joined J.
Haidlen Design Associates in the spring
of 2009.
Allison’s true passion is space planning.
She enjoys the problem solving
aspect of design. Designing a functional
space in which people can
enjoy their day to day lives, provides
a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.
As the Communications Director for
the past year on the Board of Directors,
Allison has taken the Chapter to new
levels of communication. She has
worked to develop the new Chapter
website, bring social media to
members, and keep Studio 49 as a
viable resource. The second part of
her term, will be focused on producing
Studio 49 an educational source and
assisting members in making ASID a
key element in their professional
Jennifer Christou-Wood, ASID
Financial Director
Jen n i fer
C h r i s t o u -
W o o d ’ s
quest to
become an
i n t e r i o r
d e s i g n e r
began as a
senior in
Aspen High
S c h o o l ,
1987. She graduated in 1993 with a
BFA in Interior Design, from the
American College for the Applied Arts
(FIDER accredited) at the Buckhead
campus, Atlanta, Georgia. Jennifer’s
first project after graduation was a
dive shop in the Cayman Islands. Her
career took off and created designs
for restaurants, store fronts, offices,
clubhouses and residential. She
continues to have a successful career
in the interior design field with her firm,
JW.ID, established in 1997.
In 2009, Jennifer pursued and
received her NCIDQ certificate. She
became a Registered Interior Designer
in the State of Nevada in 2010. She
gives back to the community with
teaching interior design classes at a
local college in the greater
Sacramento area. She looks forward
to an exciting second term sitting on
the ASID California Central/ Nevada
board as the Financial Director.
Jennifer Hilgardner,
Allied Member ASID
Professional Development Director
was born
and raised
i n W e s t
Virginia. As
a child, she
e n j o y e d
her room
a n y t i m e
she had the
c h a n c e .
This might have been her first clue that
she loved design. She attended
Concord University where she received
a BS in Business Administration. After
completing her degree, she worked
in the automotive industry for almost
eight years, during which time she
was transferred to the West Coast due
to her husband’s job.
She was fortunate to be able to
have homes in which she could design
and create her own space. These
moves actually guided her to get out
of the automotive industry and pursue
her passion. Jennifer went back to
college and received a degree in
Interior Design. She started her own
design company in 2007, Timeless
Design and Accents and was published
as part of a design panel in the design
book – Home Décor: A Sunset Design
Guide. In addition to being an Allied
Member of ASID, she is also a member
of Art Institute of Sacramento Interior
Design Advisory Committee.
As the Professional Development
Director for the past year, Jennifer has
had the opportunity to work with the
design community and bring more
events to the area. She has worked
with the Design Community
Coordinators and Industry Partner
Members to provide several different
events each month that have
increased attendance and awareness
of the chapter for the members.
Jennifer will continue her second year
working on more exciting events that
are both creative and beneficial to
the members.
Susan R. Leibold, ASID
Director at Large
S u s a n
Leibold has
worked in
the field of
i n t e r i o r
design for
o v e r 2 0
years. After
f r o m
Cal ifornia
S t a t e
University, Fresno with a BA in Interior
Design she worked as an architectural
illustrator. She then moved into
the commercial design arena, focusing
on interiors for medical facilities and
office spaces while still using her illustration
skills on various independent
projects. After relocating to the
Sacramento area she continued to
work on small commercial projects
while moving into model home
merchandising, where she enjoyed
the challenge of being creative on a
limited budget. In the early 1990’s
Susan was asked to be a guest speaker
at a local community college and
from there began her 15+ year
teaching career. She enjoys sharing
her experiences in the design field
with her students, and is pleased to
see them move successfully into the
field of design. Susan is currently
program chair for interior design at
International Academy of Design and
Technology, in Sacramento, where
she continues to encourage and
motive her students toward their
successful entry into the design
New Board Members
Susan Rowland, Industry Partner Representative for Ferguson
Membership Director
Susan started her career with
Familiam Pipe & Supply in 1976, a
wholesale plumbing business. After
a few years of pricing pipe and
fittings for the plumbing and hotel
industry, she realized she wanted
to move into the designer side of
the plumbing business. Susan soon
found herself working with custom
home builders, their plumbers and
designers, assisting in selections of
faucets, fixtures, and appliances.
When Ferguson Enterprises, Inc bought Familian in the
1990’s, they added lighting cabinets and counter tops to
over 300 of the showrooms across the country. Since 2007,
she has brought her vendors on as ASID Industry Partners
and has them present their CEU classes once a month to
the design community. Susan also works with design students,
by having them come into the showroom during the kitchen
and bath section of school and educate them a little on
plumbing and appliances.
As Membership Director, Susan will continue to bring in
Industry Partners to ASID in order to help educate member
and students. Her passion is the design community and
doing what she can to help the designers with their business
Shannon Schaeffer, Student Member ASID
Student Representative to the Board
Shannon is currently a student
at the Art Institute at Las Vegas
and will earn her Bachelor’s Degree
in Interior Design, this coming
October. She previously attended
the University of Missouri-Columbia
were she graduated with a
Bachelors of Science in Business
Administration with an emphasis
in Marketing. After graduating she
moved to California and worked
as an event planner and personal assistant. Shannon realized
she wanted to change her focus and pursue interior
design, so she enrolled at Cañada College, in the San
Francisco Bay Area. When her husbands’ new job brought
them to Las Vegas, she decided to finish her degree at
the Art Institute. As the Student Representative to the
Board, Shannon will work hard to be the communication
link between the chapter and the student membership at
By Jennifer Hilgardner, Allied Member ASID
Professional Development Director
I would like to start off by thanking our Chapter Design Community Coordinators for all the events they
organized in 2009-2010. We tried to organize more events that gave a variety of locations and products
which lead to better attendance. We also decided to offer luncheons and socials, so members
could choose which event worked with their schedule better. This will be continued in the upcoming
year since the variety seemed to work well.
I am excited about the upcoming year for our chapter and events that we are planning. Each area
will have a new Design Community Coordinator that will bring eagerness and excitement to the chapter
events. The Design Community Coordinators will be working closely with our Industry Partners to help
showcase their products to the designers. We are scheduling events now, so please look at our web
site to see the list of events for each area. There is also a section that introduces the Design Community
Coordinators and provides their contact information. Please contact them if you have suggestions on
events or comments that can help us plan events in the future.
We look forward to seeing you at our events!
More Events!
8 | Studio 49
...continued from page 7
Studio 49 | 9
New Design Community Coordinators
Meet Your New DCCs
Morgan Shifrer, ASID
Las Vegas Design Community
Morgan Shifrer is
a graduate from
California State
University, Fresno.
She received her
Bachelor’s of Art in
Interior Design, in
May 2007. After
graduation Morgan
decided to relocate
to Las Vegas, and joined the team
at Machabee Office Environments, in
Las Vegas, as an Interior Designer. She
has recently passed the NCIDQ exam
and is happy to be done with studying!
Since passing the NCIDQ, Morgan has
also become a Registered Interior
Designer with the state of Nevada.
Morgan has excitement to share for
the design community in Las Vegas. She
has been working alongside the Las
Vegas Design Center to orchestrate
CEU’s and STEP workshops for designers.
She is looking to bring more events to
members, while encouraging a positive
vibe during these tough times.
Rebecca Ward, ASID
Sacramento Design Community
Interior Design is
a passion that
Rebecca Ward
has enthusiastically
p u r s u e d a n d
turned into a
successful career.
After receiving her
BA in Interior
D e s i g n f r o m
California State University, Sacramento,
Rebecca gained a diverse experience
from working on model homes, restaurants,
offices and high-end custom homes
under many top Sacramento designers
and architects. In January 2009, Rebecca
decided it was time to fulfill a dream
and started her own company, Rebecca
Ward Design. Rebecca has since
successfully passed the NCIDQ and is a
Certified Interior Designer in the State
of California. Rebecca enjoys sharing
her passion with others by authoring a
design blog titled Design R. Rebecca
designs a variety of residential and
commercial projects in the Sacramento
Rebecca has found the importance
of a great team and network of industry
partners valuable in starting her own
business. As Sacramento DCC, Rebecca
hopes to use her connections to bring
on more Industry Partners who can offer
additional services to local designers
and connect current ASID members with
useful partners in the community.
DeAnna Mackensen,
Allied Member ASID
Sacramento Assistant Design
Community Coordinator
Since she was a
little girl, DeAnna
had a vast interest
in fabrics and
could create and
sew her own fashions
and crafts.
With years of practice
projects around
her own home, she can paint, wallpaper,
sew, and craft just about anything!
Pursuing her dreams later in life led to
her getting a BA of Fine Arts in Interior
Design from CSU Chico, California.
Active in ASID as a student she was able
to participate in Chico Decorator’s
Dream Home 2007 and Frugal House
2009, a fundraiser for the North State
Symphony. In the fall of 2009 she built
the Coley Chair and it was selected for
the first ever Furniture Design Exhibition
at CSU Chico. Located in Northern
California and embarking on a new
chapter in her life, DeAnna has opened
REDesign Interiors. She is excited and
anxious to share her innovative ideas
for your space. DeAnna has been
married for 25 years and has four children.
Two of her children have special
needs and she is an active board
member of Family SOUP, an agency for
special needs kids.
Her goals for the Design Community
include creating a “buzz” between
Industry Partners and Interior Designers
regarding innovative products.
Networking with designers is an excellent
avenue for ideas and creativity to
flow! Let’s get together and “create
a buzz” about design!
Jamie Bishop, Allied Member ASID
Fresno Design Community Coordinator
Jamie grew up
around the design
world from a very
early age. With
her family being in
the wall covering
business, she spent
m a n y y e a r s
assisting clients
select the perfect
wallpaper or paint for their homes. When
it came time to choose a career path
in high school, this background helped
inspire her to pursue a career in interior
design. Jamie is a 2007 graduate of the
interior design program at California
State University, Fresno and since then
has been working for De Young Properties
in Fresno as their Design Consultant.
In addition to creating comfortable and
beautiful environments for homeowners,
she is also responsible for designing and
staging the builder’s model homes.
Jamie joined ASID as a student
member in college and jumped at the
chance to get involved with the ASID
California Central | Nevada Chapter
this year as the Design Community
Coordinator. Aside from interior design,
Jamie also has a love of event planning
and invitation design which allows her
to channel another facet of her creative
personality, which blends perfectly with
her new ASID position.
As Design Community Coordinator,
Jamie hopes to inspire fellow design
professionals with exciting and informative
events and create an environment
for networking and camaraderie
throughout the chapter.
The ASID California Central |
Nevada Chapter is still looking for
an enthusiastic, design community
loving member to volunteer
as the Reno/Tahoe Design
Community Coordinator. If you are
interested in this position and are
a member in good-standing, please
contact Jennifer Hilgardner at:
.com or by phone 916.873.5751.
10 | Studio 49
Industry Partner Directory
Allsteel Inc (602) 290-0157
Stephen Patrick KennedyS@allsteeloffice.com
Arizona Tile, LLC (702) 364-2199
Sandy Diamond sdiamond@arizonatile.com
Arizona Tile, LLC (916) 853-0100
Emitt Isaacks eisaacks@arizoantile.com
Art O (310) 403-5837
Dale Walker dale@artobrick.com
Baldwin Door Hardware/BDHHI (702) 860-2406
Gregory H. Compton, CSI, CCPR gregory.compton@bdhhi.com
Bellacor.com (651) 294-2563
Josephine Lowry josephine@bellacor.com
Benjamin Moore & Company (925) 640-8101
Gus Maseba gus.maseba@benjaminmoore.com
Bernhardt Furniture Company (480) 314-5043
Andrew Bacik abacik11@q.com
Best Solar Control Co (916) 939-7733
Vicky Best info@bestsolarcontrol.net
Big Oak Arts (530) 344-0959
Sheri Hoeger sheri@bigoakarts.com
Big Oak Arts (530) 344-0939
Sheri Hoeger sheri@bigoakarts.com
Broan NuTone (770) 427-3070
Craig La Fontaine clafontaine@broan.com
BSH Home Appliances(702) 321-2908
Bob Eustice bob.eustice@bshg.com
California Closets (702) 891-0000
Megan Huegel mhuegel@calclosets.com
Century Furniture/Heirloom Furniture (707) 935-7630
Jeff Weiss
Christofle (415) 399-1931
Cezar Espinosa c.espinosa@christofle.com
Cosentino USA (281) 207-4402
Patty Dominguez pattyd@cosentinousa.com
Crestron Electronics (201) 767-3400
William T. Schafer
Currey & Company (925) 372-0940
Lynn Bentley lynn@artandfunction.net
Dacor (916) 508-2098
Marvin Berry mberry@dacor.com
Dacor (916) 599-1497
Stacie Berry
Dacor (559) 905-2152
Terry Breece tbreece@dacor.com
Dal-Tile Corporation (702) 591-2324
David Payne david.payne@daltile.com
Danmer Custom Shutters Inc. (775) 762-8164
Sharon Muller sharon.muller@danmer.com
Decorated Porcelain Company (702) 897-8131
Lynne Sands lynnesands@aol.com
Delta Faucet Company (310) 323-7900
Tammy Adams tadams@megawestern.com
DSA Publishing & Design (888) 747-7865
Duff Tussing dtussing@dsapubs.com
Dunn-Edwards Paint Corp. (707) 322-1012
Scott Lindsay scott.lindsay@dunnedwards.com
Edelman Leather (415) 200-8009
Naz Sadeghi nazs@edelmanleather.com
Elkay Manufacturing Company (480) 813-1313
Meagan Farney meagan@swmech.com
Elkay Manufacturing Company (702) 368-2561
Jeff McBride jeffm@swmech.com
Emser Tile (916) 361-1900
Rich Rhodas richrhodas@emser.com
Emser Tile (661) 837-4400
Darin Tripp darintripp@emser.com
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california cental/nevada chapter industry partners
Studio 49 | 11
Chapter News
Membership Points Program
Who is eligible? Allied and Professional ASID California
Central | Nevada Chapter members in good standing.
When is the time frame for accumulating points? November
1, 2010 to August 31, 2011.
When is my free membership valid if I win? For the year
of 2012.
How do I keep track of the points? There will be a sign
in sheet at every meeting and event listed below.
How do I earn points for free membership consideration?
You will need to attend ASID California Central |
Nevada Chapter events, meetings, and participate in
committees as shown below. Each is assigned a specific
number of points.
If I earn 100 or more points, does this mean I automatically
win a free membership? No, a random drawing will
take place in September 2011. The free membership will
be awarded at the Annual Meeting. You can only enter
the drawing once per year.
• Volunteering as a Board Member 80 points
• Volunteering as a Design
Community Coordinator 60 points
• Volunteering as a Committee Chair 60 points
• Volunteering as a Committee Member 50 points
• Hosting a student during Real World
Design Week (per student) 50 points
• Attending a Chapter event 20 points
• Attending a monthly Board Meeting 20 points
• Attending a Strategic Planning Meeting
(per day) 20 points
• Joining IDCC 15 points
• Bring a guest to a Chapter event 15 points
RealWorld DesignWeek
- A Success!
By Allison M. Moren, Allied Member ASID
I am excited to announce that we had great success
in our Chapter for Real World Design Week. We had 13
design professionals volunteer to mentor a student for a
day. And a big thanks for those of you who took on more
than one student. Students ranging from schools in
Sacramento, Fresno, and Las Vegas signed up.
Shadowing for the day ranged from meeting with sales
reps, specifying fabric for a project, touring completed
projects or sitting down for coffee to discuss what happens
after college. Each designer met with a student and shared
what they knew best in the design industry. All students
were very appreciative and left with more excitement
about their future career.
I sure hope that next year we can double this! Students
are the future of design, and as professionals we need to
help them along the way. We have all been there, now
remember to give back.
Hot Las Vegas Summer filled
with Furniture and Fun!
By Morgan Shifrer, ASID
Did you attend Las Vegas Market at the World Market
Center this August? What a fantastic turnout it was!
Kicking it off was our ASID Annual Social on Sunday,
August 1st. This was a chance to say goodbye to old
board members as well as welcome in the new! With
a great view from Club One Six, everyone enjoyed
some appetizers and catching up with their fellow
Monday kicked off the fun and excitement (and
exhaustion) of wandering the many floors of furniture,
art, decor, boutiques and more. There was lots of
excitement in the air as designers dreamed, planned
and shopped. Many CEU's were available to Market
attendees to enhance their experience with some
current design education. Food was also a fun part
of Market with the on-site Mundo restaurant, as well
as many other restaurants that came in for the Monday
Night Mixer. Sampling food from famous chefs of the
Vegas Valley is definitely an added bonus. Hope those
that got to attend enjoyed their time!
For more details visit www.asidcanv.org/members/pointsprogram
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58 years in business.
At Ferguson, it’s true that our inventory is huge with thousands of your top items in stock every day. And we fi ll your orders
accurately and right away. But there is one thing we supply that professionals have come to rely on again and again
for over 58 years - our people. Our associates make certain you can count on Ferguson - where friendly service, expertise,
and a willingness to go the extra mile are never in short supply.
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