/alert, Booth 1213Phone: 201-623-0990 
alertadmin@alertmarketing.comwww.alertmarketing.com/alert Marketing has dedicated its resources to providing 
the most efficient, cost-effective mail and e-mail delivery 
systems for reaching pharmacists and other health care 
professionals. The /alert programs are a unique form of 
branded mail. Pharm/alert, the original pharmacy mail 
program, is the best-read program targeting pharmacy. 
Pharm/alert carries Power-Pak CE.
AbbVie Patient Advocate Program, 
Booth 1105/1204Phone: 480-521-3057alvaro.canez@abbvie.comwww.abbvie.comAccreditation Council for Pharmacy 
Education, Booth 501Phone: 312-664-3575 
cavery@acpe-accredit.orgwww.acpe-accredit.orgACPE is the national agency for the accreditation of 
professional degree programs in pharmacy and providers 
of continuing pharmacy education. In collaboration with 
the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, ACPE 
accredits pharmacy technician education and training 
programs. ACPE also offers evaluation and certification of 
professional degree programs internationally.
Albertsons Safeway Pharmacies, 
Booth 921Phone: 847-916-4654 
kristie.bruneman@albertsons.comwww.albertsons.comAlbertsons Safeway Pharmacies is a nationwide food 
and drug retailer. Our vision is outstanding patient 
care delivered by professional, caring pharmacists and 
technicians. Albertsons has developed a strong clinical 
services operation with pharmacists trained and skilled in 
health screenings, immunizations, disease management, 
and MTM, leading to quality outcomes and ultimately 
better health for our patients.
Allergy and Asthma Network, 
Booth 1205Phone: 703-641-9595 
bgannett@aanma.orgwww.aanma.orgAllergy and Asthma Network is a patient-centered, multi-
disciplinary organization dedicated to ending the needless 
death and suffering due to allergies, asthma, and related 
conditions through outreach, education, advocacy, and 
research. Stop by our booth to learn more about our 
medically accurate patient-friendly information on asthma 
and allergies. 
Amarin Pharma, Inc., Booth 417Phone: 908-442-6703 
joseph.gilhooly@amarincorp.comwww.amarincorp.comAmarin Corporation plc is a biopharmaceutical company 
focused on the commercialization and development of 
therapeutics to improve cardiovascular health. Amarin’s 
product development program leverages its extensive 
experience in lipid science and the potential therapeutic 
benefits of polyunsaturated fatty acids. For more 
information, visit amarin.com. 
American Association of Colleges of 
Pharmacy (AACP), Booth 727Phone: 703-739-2330 
mail@aacp.orgwww.aacp.orgFounded in 1900, AACP is the national organization 
representing the interests of pharmacy education. AACP 
is comprised of all accredited colleges and schools with 
pharmacy degree programs, including more than 6,600 
faculty and 63,800 students enrolled in professional 
programs and 4,800 individuals pursuing graduate study. 
To learn more about AACP, visit aacp.org.
American College of Clinical 
Pharmacy (ACCP), Booth 815Phone: 913-492-3311 
accp@accp.comwww.accp.comVisit ACCP’s booth and enter to win an iPad mini! We’ll 
hold one drawing for students and another for other 
registrants. The winner of each drawing wins an iPad 
mini. First-time student members receive a free six-
month membership. Pick up ACCP’s 2015 Directory of 
Residencies, Fellowships and Graduate Programs, free 
while supplies last.
American Regent, Booth 1201Phone: 631-924-4000, ext. 146 
nrodney@americanregent.comwww.americanregent.comAmerican Regent, Inc., a subsidiary of Luitpold 
Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is the leading manufacturer and 
distributor of IV iron in the U.S. In addition to Venofer(iron 
sucrose injection, USP), American Regent now offers 
Injectafer (ferric carboxymaltose injection), available in 
750 mg/15 mL single-use vials.
American Society of Health-System 
Pharmacists (ASHP), Booth 505Phone: 301-657-3000, ext. 1324 
dmanke@ashp.orgwww.ashp.orgASHP represents pharmacists who serve as patient 
care providers in acute and ambulatory settings. The 
organization’s 40,000 members include pharmacists, 
student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians. For over 
70 years, ASHP has been on the forefront of efforts to 
improve medication use and enhance patient safety. 
Amgen Inc., Booth 425Phone: 807-447-1000 
www.amgen.comAmgen is committed to unlocking the potential of biology 
for patients suffering from serious illnesses by discovering, 
developing, manufacturing, and delivering innovative 
human therapeutics. A biotechnology pioneer since 
1980, Amgen has reached millions of patients around 
the world and is developing a pipeline of medicines with 
breakaway potential.
Apexus/340B Prime Vendor 
Program, Booth 600Phone: 888-340-2787 
apexusanswers@340bpvp.comwww.340bpvp.comApexus has the distinction of serving as the exclusive 
contractor for the Health Resources and Services 
Administration’s (HRSA) 340B Prime Vendor Program. 
Apexus works closely with HRSA’s Office of Pharmacy 
Affairs (OPA) to enable eligible entities to optimize the 
value of the 340B Program.
APPAIS (Div. of Pure Air Systems), 
Booth 427Phone: 215-630-2026 
nabrusoj13@aol.comwww.appaisair.comAPPAIS stands for Added Particulate Protection At Injection 
Site. If air quality is important then the APPAIS system 
should be used whenever an injection is given. This Class 
II device decreases particulates at the site of injection, 
thereby protecting the injection and protecting the patient. 
Visit appaisair.com today. 
Army Medical Recruiting, Booth 509Phone: 502-626-1981 
ina.j.tyler@usaac.army.milwww.goarmy.comThe U.S. Army Medical Service Corps has a variety of 
dynamic opportunities available for talented health care 
professionals to serve their country. Visit the Army Medical 
Service Corps booth to meet an Army health care 
professional and learn more about full-time positions in the 
Army or part-time positions in the Army Reserve. 
AstraZeneca, Booth 701Phone: 800-456-3669 
katina.ikpotokin@astrazeneca.comwww.astrazeneca-us.comAstraZeneca is a major international pharmaceutical 
health care business engaged in the research, 
development, manufacture, and marketing of prescription 
pharmaceuticals and the supply of health care services. It 
is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies 
with leading positions in sales of gastrointestinal, 
cardiovascular, respiratory, oncology, and neuroscience 
AstraZeneca Diabetes, Booth 209Phone: 909-717-5553 
raheel.kadri@astrazeneca.comwww.astrazeneca.comAstraZeneca Diabetes is represented by our new pharmacy 
account team. These individuals are focused on the role 
of the pharmacist in the care continuum for patients with 
diabetes. They can speak to many of our products and 
educational items available for you and your patients. 
Beiersdorf Inc., Booth 320Phone: 203-563-5800 
ellen.marucci@beiersdorf.comwww.eucerinus.comBeiersdorf is a global leader in therapeutic skin care 
products. Visit our booth to learn about our exciting 
Eucerin skin care products and Aquaphor healing 

bioCSL, Booth 1208Phone: 610-290-7400 
www.biocsl-us.comBioCSL Inc. markets and distributes Afluria influenza 
vaccine in the U.S. BioCSL understands the flu vaccine 
business and focuses on customers’ needs for reliable, 
timely, and safe flu vaccine supplies. Our long-established 
parent company, CSL Limited, has a global heritage and 
has been producing flu vaccine without disruption for 
nearly five decades.
Bionix Health at Home, Booth 510Phone: 844-592-6985 
paulc@bionix.comwww.bionixathome.comBionix Health at Home is committed to introducing the 
consumer to innovative products that are found in medical 
offices and hospitals. These items are used every day on 
patient treatments ranging from simple ear wax removal 
to the alleviation of pain and anxiety of needle injections. 
Because of this, we claim that our products are not just 
“doctor recommended,” but actually “physician utilized.”
Board of Pharmacy Specialties, 
Booth 1223Phone: 202-429-7542 
jmarshall@aphanet.orgwww.bpsweb.orgThe Board of Pharmacy Specialties, established by 
APhA in 1976, serves the entire pharmacy profession 
by administering a system of board certification for 
pharmacist specialist practitioners. Recognized specialties 
include nuclear pharmacy, nutrition, support pharmacy, 
oncology pharmacy, pharmacotherapy, and psychiatric 
Boehringer Ingelheim 
Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Booth 715Phone: 203-798-5547 
http://us.boehringer-ingelheim.comBoehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the U.S. 
subsidiary of Boehringer Ingelheim, headquartered in 
Germany, operates globally with 44,000 employees. 
The company is committed to researching, developing, 
manufacturing, and marketing novel products of high 
therapeutic value for human and veterinary medicine. 
Visit http://us.boehringer-ingelheim.com and follow us on 
Twitter at @boehringerus. 
Boiron USA, Booth 603Phone: 610-325-7464 
judy.kapinus@boiron.comwww.boiron.comBoiron, a world leader in homeopathic medicines, is a 
$730 million public company with 4,000 employees 
and distribution in 80 countries. It is best known for 
Oscillococcinum flu medicine, Chestal cough syrup, and 
its Arnicare line of pain relievers. As a pharmaceutical 
company, Boiron maintains the highest standards in 
manufacturing, complying with U.S. Food and Drug 
Administration regulations. 
Calmoseptine, Inc., Booth 516Phone: 714-840-3405 
shows@calmoseptine.comwww.calmoseptine.comCalmoseptine, Inc. promotes Calmoseptine Ointment 
for the prevention and treatment of skin irritations from 
moisture, such as urinary and fecal incontinence. It is also 
effective for irritations from perspiration, wound drainage, 
fistulas, and feeding tube site leakage. Calmoseptine 
Ointment temporarily relieves discomfort and itching. Free 
samples at our booth!
Cardio Partner Resources, 
Booth 1227Phone: 319-210-1527 
brian@cardiopartners.comwww.cardiopartners.comCardio Partners trains 45,000 immunizing pharmacists 
each year in CPR for leading pharmacy chains and 
conducts instructor training in all 50 states. We offer AEDs, 
first aid supplies, and an online program management 
system. We guarantee cost savings to your training 
budget and will assist with compliance with any new 
AED legislation. Be sure to stop by our booth for more 
CDC – Immunizations, Booth 1124Phone: 404-639-8606wfh6@cdc.govwww.cdc.gov/vaccinesCDC – National Center for Immunization and Respiratory 
Diseases (NCIRD) is committed to the prevention of 
disease, disability, and death through immunization and 
by control of respiratory and related diseases.
CDC Office on Smoking and Health, 
Booth 623Phone: 770-488-5256 
www.cdc.gov/tobaccoThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, through 
its Office on Smoking and Health (OSH), is the lead 
federal agency for comprehensive tobacco prevention 
and control. OSHA’s mission is to develop, conduct, and 
support strategic efforts to protect the public’s health from 
the harmful effects of tobacco use. 
The Center for Pharmacy Practice 
Accreditation, Booth 422Phone: 608-290-0723 
eengsberg@pharmacypracticecredit.orgwww.pharmacypracticecredit.orgThe Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA) 
is a partnership established by the American Pharmacists 
Association, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, 
and American Society of Health-System Pharmacists to 
oversee accreditation of pharmacy practice sites. CPPA 
develops and implements pharmacy practice accreditation 
principles, policies, and standards. 
Chapman University School of 
Pharmacy (CUSP), Booth 1117Phone: 714-516-5486 
rpjordan@chapman.educhapman.edu/pharmacyChapman University School of Pharmacy (CUSP) is 
Orange County’s first school of pharmacy. CUSP 
empowers students with broad and deep scientific 
foundations on future therapeutics and flawless 
personalized patient care, where pharmacy practice, 
industry, biomedical/clinical sciences, and global health 
system informatics intersect.
Chattem – A Sanofi Company, 
Booth 811Phone: 800-981-2491 
isa.us@sanofi-aventis.comwww.sanofi.usChattem, Inc. is part of the sanofi-aventis Group. Sanofi 
U.S. is an affiliate of sanofi-aventis, a leading global 
pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and 
distributes therapeutic solutions to improve lives. Sanofi 
aventis is listed in Paris (EURONEXT: SAN) and in New 
York (NYSE: SNY).
Commission for Certification in 
Geriatric Pharmacy, Booth 616Phone: 703-535-3036 
tclark@ccgp.orgwww.ccgp.orgCCGP provides a national voluntary certification program 
for pharmacists in geriatric pharmacy practice. The 
Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (CGP) credential is ideal for 
pharmacists who provide medication therapy management 
services to older adults. Certification demonstrates 
knowledge of principles of geriatric pharmacotherapy. 
CutisPharma, Inc., Booth 410Phone: 781-935-8141 
lswartz@cutispharma.comwww.cutispharma.comCutisPharma is the industry leader in bringing innovation 
to the pharmaceutical compounding market. We aim to 
achieve the transformation of prescription compounding 
with high-quality products manufactured under strict 
compliance standards that increase the accuracy, quality, 
and efficiency of compounded prescriptions dispensed to 
CVS Health, Booth 709amy.holland@cvscaremark.comwww.cvshealth.com/careers 
At CVS Health, we’re reinventing pharmacy to have a 
more active, supportive role in each person’s unique health 
experience and in the greater health care environment—
from advising on prescriptions and helping manage 
chronic and specialty conditions to providing quality 
walk-in medical care and pharmacy benefits management. 
CVS Health is a pharmacy innovation company and every 
day we’re helping people on their path to better health.
Ddrops Company, Booth 515Phone: 905-851-8898 
angie.duz@ddrops.cawww.ddropscompany.comAward-winning Ddrops products were created as a great 
way for parents to give their families pure vitamin D—in 
just one drop! All Ddrops products are tasteless, odorless, 
and contain no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and 
no added colors. Ddrops are wheat-free, gluten-free, 
soy-free, corn-free, sugar-free, milk-free and peanut-free, so 
everyone in the entire family can enjoy them.
Department of Veterans Affairs 
(HRMO), Booth 222Phone: 504-565-4900crystal.waite@va.govwww.vacareers.va.govThe Department of Veterans Affairs focuses on recruiting 
pharmacy professionals and students throughout the 
U.S. to provide the best care for our veterans. Promoting 
a diverse workforce and offering a wide array of 
employment benefits, scholarships, and retention initiatives, 
the VA is a leader in our nation’s health care industry.
Disposal Technologies, Booth 1100Phone: 855-562-2711 
rkellar@disposaltechnologies.comwww.disposaltechnologies.comDrug Dispose All—the missing link in your pharma waste 
system. Use Drug Dispose All to dispose of all controlled 
substances. Drug Dispose All is portable, economical, and 
environmentally safe.
Drug Topics, Booth 322Phone: 732-346-3055 
jfrommer@advanstar.comwww.drugtopics.comFor 150 years, Drug Topics has reported on all phases of 
pharmacy to all practice categories. Its editorial emphasis 
designed to empower today’s busy pharmacist, Drug 
Topics focuses on the analysis of clinical, business, legal, 
and governmental issues, offering practice management 
solutions in a concise, easy-to-read format. 
Eisai, Inc., Booth 901Phone: 732-403-7266 
saira_kianes@eisai.comwww.eisai.comEisai Inc. is the U.S. pharmaceutical operation of Eisai 
Co. Ltd., a research-based human health care (hhc) 
company that discovers, develops, and markets products 
throughout the world. Eisai’s areas of commercial 
focus include neurology, gastrointestinal disorders, and 
oncology/critical care.
Enovative Technologies, Booth 305Phone: 443-291-7651 
eric.klein@enovativetech.comwww.enovativetech.comMagic Massage Ultra is the most versatile portable TENS 
massager in the market today. With 16 different massage 
modes and the ability to power four pads simultaneously, 
Magic Massage Ultra offers amazing functionality in a 
very small form factor. 
Express Scripts, Booth 627Phone: 314-684-6042 
aldietz@express-scripts.comwww.express-scripts.comIf you value work that offers meaning and want your career 
to make a difference in peoples’ lives, you belong at 
Express Scripts. We have the talent, resources, and ability 
to lower health care-related costs and improve patient 
health in ways no other company can. This commitment to 
excellence and pride in a job well done has made us one 
of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.
Fagron, Booth 1000Phone: 651-681-9517 
info@fagron.uswww.fagron.usFagron’s strategy is focused on the optimization and 
innovation of pharmaceutical compounding. As an R&D 
scientific pharmaceutical compounding supplier, Fagron 
wants to widen the therapeutic scope of the prescriber 
to enable tailor-made pharmaceutical care. Through its 
activities, Fagron supports the unique selling point of the 
pharmacist and provides pharmacists with high quality 
compounding products and solutions.
FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and 
Research, Booth 220Phone: 301-796-3107 
michael.ledley@fda.hhs.govwww.fda.govThe FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) 
makes sure that safe and effective drugs are available to 
improve the health of the American people. CDER ensures 
that prescription and over-the-counter drugs, both brand 
name and generic, work correctly and that the health 
benefits outweigh known risks. 
Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), 
Booth 223Phone: 800-800-2676 
Join the leader in correctional health care. We value your 
unique contribution to our collaborative team medicine 
approach of providing health care. Experience a level 
of clinical diversity and continuity of care not commonly 
available in the private sector. 
Fleet Laboratories, Booth 1004Phone: 434-528-4000 
moorea@cbfleet.comwww.cbfleet.comFleet Laboratories ranks among the top non-prescription 
drug companies in the U.S. Its range of gastrointestinal 
brands—Fleet, Pedia-Lax, and Phazyme—are synonymous 
with safe, effective results for relief of constipation and gas 
symptoms. Stop by the booth to see Fleet’s comprehensive 
product lines.
Freedom Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 
Booth 326Phone: 877-839-8547 
info@freedomrxinc.comwww.freedomrxinc.comFreedom Pharmaceuticals specializes in the wholesale 
distribution of premium compounding chemicals—APIs, 
excipients, and pre-made bases—to independent 
compounding pharmacies. Freedom is committed to 
advancing the science of pharmaceutical compounding 
through research, innovation, and education.
GEICO, Booth 500Phone: 800-368-2734 
kburns@geico.comwww.geico.com/med/aphaGEICO has partnered with APhA to offer eligible 
members an additional discount off their auto insurance. 
GEICO offers money saving discounts and a choice of 
convenient payment plans, as well as 24-hour access to 
sales, service, and claims. GEICO also supports APhA’s 
programs and services. Stop by the booth, pick up your 
collectible APhA lapel pin, and get a quote on your auto 
insurance. You may also enter to win a $100 gas card. 
Gilead Sciences, Inc., Booth 303Phone: 650-522-5123bruce.pfaff@gilead.comwww.gilead.comGilead Sciences is a biopharmaceutical company that 
discovers, develops and commercializes medicines 
in areas of unmet need. The company’s mission is to 
transform and simplify care for people with life-threatening 
illnesses around the word. Headquartered in Foster City, 
California, Gilead has operations in North and South 
America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.
H-E-B, Booth 602Phone: 210-938-3841 
lopez.jennifer@heb.comwww.heb.comIn an H-E-B pharmacy, the opportunity is yours for 
personal and professional growth through exciting 
challenges with endless possibilities. H-E-B Rx Partners 
provides a professional and caring experience for 
our customers while maintaining the integrity of our Rx 
practice. H-E-B currently operates 240 pharmacies with 
state-of-the art systems, cutting edge technology, central-fill 
warehouse, and Rx solutions call center.
Healthcare Providers Service 
Organization, Booth 504Phone: 800-982-9491 
service@hpso.comwww.hpso.comFor more than 20 years, HPSO has been protecting 
pharmacists from medical malpractice lawsuits and licensing 
board complaints with professional liability insurance. The 
program includes extensions of coverage, such as license 
protection, deposition representation and defendant expense 
reimbursement. HPSO is sponsored by the American 
Pharmacists Association (APhA), as well as 45 additional 
state and national professional health care associations.
iMedicare, Booth 324Phone: 704-769-0540, ext. 100 
flaviu@imedicare.comwww.imedicare.comiMedicare identifies the patients where you can increase 
your star ratings, increase your reimbursements from PBMs, 
save the patients thousands of dollars on their Medicare 
plan, and more. All within seconds. Seeing is believing, so 
come by the booth.
Indian Health Service, Booth 221michael.berryhill@ihs.govwww.ihs.govThe mission of the Indian Health Service is to raise the 
physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of American 
Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest possible level. 
The goal of the Indian Health Service is to ensure that 
comprehensive, culturally acceptable personal and public 
health services are available and accessible to American 
and Alaskan Native People.
IndiviorReckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals 
Inc. is a subsidiary of Indivior PLC, 
Booth 304Phone: 732-919-1234rose.ford@dsuccess.comwww.indivior.comThe Indivior Group is a global speciality pharmaceutical 
company providing educational resources and potential 
treatment options for opioid dependence. Visit our exhibit 
and meet with an Indivior clinical liaison to discuss our 
approved indication.
Infinite Trading Inc., Booth 1224Phone: 888-415-9964 
lourdesinfinite@gmail.comInnovation, Booth 508Phone: 607-729-7060 
sales@innovat.comwww.innovat.comInnovation’s PharmASSIST family of pharmacy automation 
and process optimization solutions enable pharmacies to 
increase operational efficiency, enhance patient safety, 
and provide a higher quality of patient care. Leveraging 
our unparalleled pharmacy Intelligence, pharmacies can 
“right-size” their automation, prove out their technology 
growth path, and validate their decision before investing.
International Journal of 
Pharmaceutical Compounding, 
Booth 323Phone: 405-330-0094 
dmehlhaff@ijpc.comwww.ijpc.comThe only professional, scientific, and peer-reviewed 
publication dedicated solely to providing the resources 
and information needed to individualize patient care 
through the compounding of sterile and non-sterile 
medications. This unique print and online publication 
provides documented formulations and covers clinical, 
physicochemical, stability, quality, regulatory, and other 
issues necessary to compound quality medications. 
International Pharmaceutical 
Federation (FIP), Booth 1225Phone: 31703021970 
oliver@fip.orgwww.fip.orgThe International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the 
global federation of national organizations of pharmacists 
and pharmaceutical scientists active in advancing 
practice, science, education and global health. It’s the 
most extensive network of colleagues in the world. FIP 
organizes a World Congress, this year in Düsseldorf, 
Germany, September 29 – October 3. A global Deans 
Forum is included. Visit booth 1225 to learn about the full 
Johnson & Johnson Health Care 
Systems, Inc., Booth 409Phone: 732-562-3000 
mgengo@its.jnj.comwww.jihcs.comJohnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc. (JJHCS) 
provides contracting, supply chain, and business services 
to customers of Johnson & Johnson companies, including 
hospital systems and group purchasing organizations, 
health plans, physicians, specialty pharmacy providers, 
distributors and wholesalers, pharmacy benefits managers, 
long-term care providers, employers, government payor 
programs, and government health care institutions. 
Journal of the American 
Pharmacists Association, 
Booth 1221Phone: 202-223-7198 
infocenter@aphanet.orgwww.japha.orgThe Journal of the American Pharmacists Association is 
APhA’s respected peer-reviewed pharmacy practice 
journal. Published bi-monthly by the association, JAPhA 
provides its readers with the credible information they 
need to succeed in today’s evolving pharmacy market. 
Kaiser Permanente, Booth 905Phone: 951-353-6949 
julio.c.zepeda@kp.orghttp://jobs.kp.orgKaiser Permanente is committed to helping shape the future 
of health care. We are recognized as one of America’s 
leading health care providers and not-for-profit health 
plans. Founded in 1945, our mission is to provide high-
quality, affordable health care services and to improve the 
health of our members and the communities we serve.
Kaléo, Booth 1121Phone: 804-545-6360brooke.gilbert@kaleopharma.comwww.kaleopharma.com 
Kaléo is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to putting 
a new generation of life-saving personal medical products 
into your patient’s hands. Each Kaléo product combines an 
established drug with an innovative delivery platform with 
the goal of achieving superiority, cost effectiveness and 
patient preference. Visit us at booth 1121.
Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Inc., 
Booth 523Phone: 913-262-2749 
director@kappaepsilon.orgwww.kappaepsilon.orgSince 1921, the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity has united 
and promoted women in pharmacy and provided both 
collegiate and alumni members with a bond of loyalty, 
interest, and friendship, while emphasizing scholarship, 
accountability, and integrity. The Kappa Epsilon 
Foundation, established in 1992, provides scholarships, 
awards, and grants to its members and chapters 
throughout the U.S. Members and friends are invited to 
visit the KE booth.
Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical 
Fraternity, Inc., Booth 521Phone: 972-479-1879 
centraloffice@kappapsi.orgwww.kappapsi.orgKappa Psi is a co-educational, professional fraternity 
whose goals include the advancement of pharmacy 
professionally, educationally, fraternally, and socially. 
Kappa Psi was founded in 1879 and is the oldest and 
largest professional pharmaceutical fraternal organization 
in the world, with 101 collegiate and 68 graduate 
chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada. Currently 
there are 6,000 members of Kappa Psi on College of 
Pharmacy campuses.
Kmart Pharmacy, Booth 720Phone: 732-254-0274 
tracee.hill@searshc.comwww.kmart.com/careersWe are seeking pharmacists who can incorporate clinical 
pharmacy in a retail setting. We believe that pharmacists 
can impact patient health in several facets, including MTM 
programs, flu clinics, health fairs, and partnerships with 
other health care professionals. Your ability to get involved 
is only as limited as your ambition. 
Kroger, Booth 1009Phone: 513-782-3384 
ron.huening@kroger.comwww.kroger.comAs one of our community pharmacists, you’re on the 
frontline of personal health care, providing valuable 
service, award-winning clinical care programs, and 
counsel to patients. With 1,900 pharmacies in 31 states, 
opportunities exist to accommodate every lifestyle. In 
addition to staff and management positions, we have 
community residency programs that support PGY1 
residents in many states. Visit kroger.com.
Lambda Kappa Sigma Pharmacy 
Fraternity, Booth 527Phone: 800-LKS-1913 
lks@lks.orgwww.lks.orgLambda Kappa Sigma was founded in 1913 and is 
an international, professional fraternity for women in 
pharmacy. Its mission is to provide lifelong opportunities 
for women in pharmacy through professional achievements 
and personal growth. Our 25,000 members include 
students, pharmacists, educators, and retirees throughout 
North America.
Lilly USA, LLC, Booth 1021Phone: 317-276-2000 
www.lilly.comLilly is a global health care leader that unites caring 
with discovery to make life better for people around the 
world. We were founded in 1876 by a man committed to 
creating high-quality medicines that meet real needs, and 
today we remain true to that mission. To learn more, visit 
Live Oak Bank, Booth 1210Phone: 910-212-4951 
jimmy.neil@liveoakbank.comwww.liveoakbank.com/pharmacyLive Oak Bank supports unique business opportunities for 
pharmacists. We have a truly personalized and efficient 
lending approach. When you’re ready to acquire a 
pharmacy, refinance, or expand a practice, let us be your 
lending solution. Visit us at liveoakbank.com/pharmacy.
Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, 
Booth 626Phone: 314-654-2000 
Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals is an industry leader in 
providing products used in diagnostic procedures and 
in the treatment of pain and related conditions. The 
company is the largest U.S. supplier of the medical 
isotope technetium-99m and an industry leader in 
radiopharmaceuticals and contrast media and delivery 
Maniilaq Health Center, Booth 929Phone: 206-304-4552 
tiffany.dealmeida@maniilaq.orgwww.maniilaq.orgJoin our compassionate and adventurous team, utilizing 
advanced technology and tele-pharmacy in Alaska. 
Maniilaq Health Center is a tribal, non-profit, critical 
access hospital, delivering health and social services to 
underserved communities above the Arctic Circle from a 
modern hospital in Kotzebue, Alaska and clinics in 11 
surrounding villages. 
Marathon Products, Booth 1214Phone: 510-562-6450 
sbanh@marathonproducts.comwww.marathonproducts.comMarathon Products, Inc. is a leader in providing cloud-
based analytical devices that measure temperature, 
humidity, CO2, and vibration. Our intelligent sensors, 
used for shipping, storage or stationary applications, can 
provide precise real-time data, globally, for all of life’s 
Mayo Clinic, Booth 722Phone: 507-284-4422 
miller.heather2@mayo.eduwww.mayoclinic.orgMayo Clinic is the world’s largest integrated group 
practice, staffed by dedicated health care professionals 
working together in patient care, medical/clinical 
research, and medical education. Founded in the 1800s, 
Mayo maintains its heritage of medical expertise and 
careful attention to each patient. The pharmacies at 
Mayo provide growth opportunities for pharmacists and 
an excellent practice environment. Come join a world-
renowned team!
MedActive Oral Pharmaceuticals, 
LLC, Booth 517Phone: 813-792-5335 
info@medactive.comwww.medactive.comOver 80% of the medications prescribed to treat chronic 
illnesses are indicated to cause adverse oral side effects. 
MedActive offers an efficacious line of OTC lozenges, 
sprays, and gels for the immediate and long-lasting relief 
of oral discomfort associated with dry mouth, oral thrush, 
sensitivity, and oral sores. 
Medical Staffing Network – 
Pharmacy, Booth 823Phone: 800-223-9230 
pharmacy@msnhealth.comwww.msnhealth.comMedical Staffing Network is dedicated to providing top-
quality service and personnel for all pharmacy practice and 
clinical needs. With a team of professionals specializing 
in pharmacy staffing, Medical Staffing Network can meet 
pharmacy staffing needs from coast to coast. 
Medicare’s Limited Income Net 
Program, Booth 310Phone: 502-476-6404 
kdixon6@humana.comwww.humana.com/linetTemporary prescription drug coverage for Medicare 
beneficiaries who receive Medicaid or Medicare’s 
Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) and have no prescription drug 
coverage. Point-of-sale and/or retroactive coverage 
MedImmune, Booth 1120Phone: 301-398-2929 
cameron.mirochnick@medimmune.comwww.medimmune.comAstraZeneca is a global, innovation-driven 
biopharmaceutical business that focuses on the discovery, 
development and commercialisation of prescription 
medicines, primarily for the treatment of cardiovascular, 
metabolic, respiratory, inflammation, autoimmune, 
oncology, infection and neuroscience diseases. 
AstraZeneca operates in 100 countries and its innovative 
medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide.
MEDISCA, Booth 1209Phone: 514-333-7811 
sales_us@medisca.comwww.medisca.comMEDISCA is a leading FDA-registered supplier of quality 
pharmacy compounding products and offers excellent 
service to the North American, Australian, and international 
markets. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality 
compounding products, such as active pharmaceutical 
ingredients (APIs), bases, equipment, devices, oils, colors, 
and flavors, coupled with competitive pricing.
Merck & Co., Inc., Booth 1025Phone: 908-423-6322 
erica.stagg@merck.comwww.merck.comMerck is a global, research-driven, pharmaceutical company 
dedicated to putting patients first. Established in 1891, 
Merck discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets 
vaccines and medicines to address unmet medical needs. 
Mission Pharmacal Company, 
Booth 914Phone: 800-531-3333 
dora@missionpharmacal.comwww.missionpharmacal.comMission Pharmacal Company is a privately-held 
pharmaceutical company based in San Antonio, Texas. 
For 65 years, the company has been dedicated to 
identifying unmet health needs in the marketplace and 
developing innovative prescription and over-the-counter 
products to meet them.
MotherToBaby Pregnancy Studies 
conducted by the Organization of 
Teratology Information Specialists, 
Booth 503Phone: 877-311-8972 
otisresearch@ucsd.eduhttp://pregnancystudies.orgMotherToBaby, a non-profit service of the Organization of 
Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS), is dedicated to 
providing evidence-based information to mothers, health 
care professionals, and the public about medications 
and other exposures during pregnancy and while 
breastfeeding. MotherToBaby’s research division is 
conducting observational studies on the effects to the 
fetus of various medications and vaccines used during 
National Association of Boards of 
Pharmacy, Booth 420Phone: 847-391-4406 
custserv@nabp.netwww.nabp.netAre you AWARxE that almost 10,500 websites selling 
prescription drugs are operating illegally? To provide a 
safe place for patients around the world, the National 
Association of Boards of Pharmacy is managing the new 
.pharmacy domain. Stop by to learn how NABP will 
protect consumers who purchase medications online. 
Information on the AWARxE Prescription Drug Safety 
Program will also be available.
National Certification Board for 
Diabetes Educators, Booth 114Phone: 847-228-9795 
info@ncbde.orgwww.ncbde.orgEstablished in 1986, NCBDE grants recognition through 
board certification in the field of diabetes education 
to individuals who have satisfactorily met all eligibility 
requirements and successfully completed the certification 
examination for diabetes educators.
Nature Made Nutritional Products, 
Booth 609Phone: 818-221-6200 
dalcala@pharmavite.netwww.pharmavite.comFor over 40 years, Pharmavite has earned the trust of 
health care professionals, consumers, and retailers by 
manufacturing high-quality products that are safe and 
effective. Nature Made is the #1 selling broad-line 
vitamin, mineral, and supplement brand in the U.S. For 
more information, visit our websites: pharmavite.com and 
NeilMed Pharmaceuticals, 
Booth 608Phone: 707-525-3784 
tradeshows@neilmed.comwww.neilmed.comThe mission of the company is to create and maintain safe, 
affordable, and effective products to sustain long-term 
growth and create drug free and effective nasal/sinus 
care devices for millions of consumers worldwide. Visit 
neilmed.com for more details. 
Novartis Vaccines, Booth 601Phone: 855-358-8669 
anthony.diorio@novartis.comhttp://flucelvax.comNovartis Vaccines is the world’s second largest producer 
of influenza vaccine. For the U.S., we produce FLUCELVAX 
and Fluvirin. FLUCELVAX influenza virus vaccine was 
developed with a new approach to influenza vaccine 
manufacturing, using cell culture production technology 
rather than eggs in the creation process.
Novo Nordisk, Booth 315Phone: 609-987-5800 
http://novonordisk-us.comNovo Nordisk is a global health care company with 
nearly a century of innovation and achievement in 
diabetes care. Our portfolio of diabetes treatments 
and delivery systems is one of the most comprehensive 
available. In everything we do, we are committed to 
driving change for people affected by diabetes.
Opioids with Abuse-Deterrent 
Properties sponsored by Purdue 
Pharma L.P., Booth 1126Phone: 203-588-7405 
aimee.devonport@pharma.comhttp://responsibleopioidrx.comLearn about evolving technologies that are being 
investigated or used to add abuse-deterrent properties to 
formulations of opioid medications at the Opioids with 
Abuse-Deterrent Properties booth. Information presented 
will include a review of the rationale for developing 
products that deter particular methods of abuse, highlights 
of the federal strategy to reduce the prevalence and 
consequences of abuse, and assistance in locating FDA-
approved abuse-deterrence claims within a drug product’s 
Otto Trading Inc, Booth 1216Phone: 714-540-5595 
ademkutlug@gmail.comwww.irestmassager.comManufacturer and distributor of hand-held portable digital 
massager, TENS unit.
Pass NAPLEX Now, Booth 404Phone: 714-642-8074 
www.passnaplexnow.comOur mission is to prepare pharmacy students to achieve 
their goals by providing the best NAPLEX and CPJE review 
course taught by the highest quality instructors in the 
industry. School group rates for live and online courses 
Paws for Veterans, Booth 206Phone: 800-573-0150pawsforveterans@gmail.comwww.pawsforveterans.comPaws for Veterans provides our nation’s combat injured 
heroes that suffer with post-traumatic stress disorder, 
traumatic brain injury, and affiliated physical disabilities 
with task trained medical service dogs as well as 
supplies, therapeutic group sessions, and natural treatment 
PCCA – Professional Compounding 
Centers of America, Booth 1001Phone: 800-331-2498 
nqader@pccarx.comwww.pccarx.comPCCA helps pharmacists and prescribers create 
personalized medicine that makes a difference in patients’ 
lives. We are the complete resource for the independent 
compounding pharmacist, providing the highest quality-
products, education and support. Our success comes from 
the success of each member pharmacy.
PDQ Communications, Booth 1005Phone: 516-677-0002 
jandre@pdqcom.comwww.pdqcom.comPDQ Communications, Inc. is a premier, full-service, health 
care communications company. Our core businesses 
are custom direct mail, pharmacy cooperative mail, and 
dimensional mail. Independent research has repeatedly 
proven that PDQ mail programs are open and read. PDQ 
delivers cost-effective customer oriented programs. We are 
a WBENC-certified, woman-owned company.
Pet Poison Helpline, Booth 403Phone: 952-852-9503 
info@petpoisonhelpline.comwww.petpoisonhelpline.comPet Poison Helpline is a 24-hour service available 
throughout North America for pet owners and veterinary 
professionals who require assistance with treating a 
potentially poisoned pet. PPH is staffed with trained 
veterinary health experts along with clinical toxicologists 
and pharmacologists. A $49 fee per incident applies.
PETNET Solutions, Inc., Booth 621Phone: 813-731-5586 
michael.mosley@siemens.comPETNET Solutions is an innovative, technology-
based company that is the market leader in research, 
development, and commercialization of molecular imaging 
tracers used in positron emission tomography. Connect 
to the next generation of bio-markers and drug discovery 
processes by joining our network of cyclotron-equipped, 
FDA-licensed radiopharmacies.
Pfizer, Booth 400Phone: 484-865-2323 
laine.r.mann@pfizer.comwww.pfizer.comAt Pfizer, we apply science and our global resources 
to improve health and well-being at every stage of life. 
Every day, Pfizer colleagues work across developed 
and emerging markets to advance wellness, prevention, 
treatments, and cures that challenge the most feared 
diseases of our time. 
Pharmacist’s Letter, Booth 1125Phone: 209-472-2240 
mail@pletter.comwww.therapeuticresearch.comPharmacist’s Letter is the most trusted digital advisory 
service for the latest developments in drug therapy. Stop 
by booth 1125 to learn more about new services including 
Pharmacy Technician’s University—the only online, 
interactive technician training solution suited to establish an 
accredited program in time for PTCB’s 2020 requirement. 
Pharmacists Mutual Companies, 
Booth 408Phone: 800-247-5930 
info@phmic.comwww.phmic.comPharmacists Mutual Companies is a nationally recognized 
leader and provider of insurance products and risk 
management solutions for pharmacists and pharmacies, 
associated businesses, and professionals. For more than 
a century, Pharmacists Mutual has provided peace of 
mind to its policyholders through comprehensive, quality 
products and services. 
Pharmacy Technician Certification 
Board (PTCB), Booth 502Phone: 800-363-8012 
contact@ptcb.orgwww.ptcb.orgThe Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) 
develops, maintains, promotes, and administers a 
nationally-accredited certification and recertification 
program for pharmacy technicians. Since 1995, PTCB 
has certified 525,000 pharmacy technicians nationwide 
and is the only pharmacy technician certification program 
endorsed by APhA, ASHP, NABP, and other professional 
pharmacy organizations. 
Pharmacy Times, Booth 524Phone: 609-716-7777 
grhee@pharmacytimes.comwww.pharmacytimes.comPharmacy Times is a monthly publication dedicated to 
serving the educational needs of retail, independent, 
health systems, and specialty pharmacists with practical, 
authoritative clinical information, with the ultimate goal of 
improving patient care. Pharmacy Times is an accredited 
provider of continuing pharmacy education and focuses 
on essential topics including disease state management, 
patient counseling, product news, and pharmacy law.
Pharmacy Today, Booth 1221Phone: 202-223-7198 
infocenter@aphanet.orgwww.pharmacytoday.orgPharmacy Today, an official publication of APhA, reports 
the latest practice trends and provides vital information 
about clinical news and medications. Stories include 
profiles of innovative pharmacy practices and tools that 
readers can use to develop new practices of their own. As 
the largest and most influential professional association of 
pharmacists, we make the news—who better to report it?
PharmaJet, Inc., Booth 1109Phone: 585-752-0759 
greg.miller@pharmajet.comwww.pharmajet.comThe PharmaJet Needle-Free Injector delivers vaccines by 
means of a narrow, precise fluid stream that penetrates 
the skin in about 1/10 of a second. In August 2014, 
PharmaJet was FDA approved for use with an influenza 
vaccine. It is safe for patients and pharmacists, fast, and 
most patients would choose it again. Visit pharmajet.com. 
Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity, 
Booth 520Phone: 800-732-1883 
execdir@phideltachi.orgwww.phideltachi.orgPhi Delta Chi is America’s first professional pharmacy 
fraternity, founded on November 2, 1883 at the University 
of Michigan. The association was formed to advance the 
science of pharmacy and allied interests and foster and 
promote a fraternal spirit among brothers. The fraternity 
has chartered 96 collegiate chapters and dozens of 
alumni chapters. More than 58,000 men and women 
have proudly called themselves brothers of Phi Delta Chi.
PioneerRx, Booth 312Phone: 800-850-5111 
sales@pionerrx.comwww.pioneerrx.comPioneerRx was built from the ground up to provide the 
pharmacy community a solution that can grow as the 
industry changes. Our features are designed to provide 
speed, simplicity, consistency and flexibility. However, our 
ultimate goal is to help pharmacies make more money and 
have more fun. 
Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs, 
Booth 426Phone: 918-749-0118 
info@briefmedia.comhttp://plumbsveterinarydrugs.comFrom the most trusted name in veterinary pharmacology 
comes Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs, the new digital resource 
that keeps you informed with continually updated drug 
and dosage information. We provide instant access to 
this indispensable formulary via your smartphone, tablet, 
or computer.
Precision Toxicology, Booth 302Phone: 800-635-6901 
brittani@precisiontox.comwww.precisiontoxicology.comPrecision Toxicology is an innovative specialty medication 
adherence and substance abuse monitoring company, 
employing industry leading clinical laboratory technology 
and robotic automation to ensure accuracy. Our mission is 
to improve patient outcomes, lower costs, and provide all 
stakeholders visibility into the clinical drug testing benefit 
for actionable and meaningful data application. 
Procter & Gamble Health Care, 
Booth 1015Phone: 513-983-3636 
sullivan.a.4@pg.comwww.pg.comP&G brands touch the lives of people around the world 
over three billion times each day. Visit our booth to 
learn more about P&G’s portfolio of trusted and highly 
recommended OTC brands: Prilosec OTC, Metamucil, 
and Align. 
Protein Sciences Corporation, 
Booth 1102Phone: 203-686-0800 
mnasshan@proteinsciences.comwww.proteinsciences.comProtein Sciences Corporation, a Meriden, CT company, 
is a leading developer of recombinant vaccines and 
protein production. Our mission is our inspiration: to save 
lives and improve health by effectively responding to 
the changing world through the creation of innovative 
vaccines and biopharmaceuticals.
Protocol for Life Balance, 
Booth 1104Phone: 877-776-8610 
laura.danaher@protocolforlife.comwww.protocolforlife.comWith Protocol for Life Balance you get superior quality, 
potency, and purity at a cost that you and your patients 
can feel good about. Get your patients started on 
the road to good health by visiting our website at 
protocolforlife.com or by calling 877-776-8610.
Purdue Pharma L.P., Booth 1200Phone: 203-588-7311 
aimee.devonport@pharma.comwww.purduepharma.comAs a privately-held pharmaceutical company founded by 
physicians, Purdue is focused on the needs of patients. 
We are dedicated to finding, developing, and bringing to 
market new medicines and related products that promote 
health and healing. 
Purdue University College of 
Pharmacy Continuing Education, 
Booth 308Phone: 765-494-1471 
reynoldk@purdue.eduPurdue University College of Pharmacy’s Office of 
Continuing Education promotes the enrichment of a 
collaborative approach to continuing pharmacy and 
medical education and professional development. Through 
an understanding of the importance of connecting talents, 
learning styles, and lifelong learning opportunities, 
Purdue’s benchmark is to attain the ultimate goal of 
enhancing health care systems and patient outcomes.
QS/1, Booth 1101Phone: 800-231-7776 
sales@qs1.comwww.qs1.comQS/1’s Nrx Pharmacy Management Software enhances 
your pharmacy’s productivity with tools to simplify 
workflow, process claims, manage inventory, increase 
compliance, synchronize patient medications, and more. 
NRx provides a comprehensive pharmacy system with 
its easy navigation and integration with point-of-sale, 
SystemOne for HME, multi-site management, IVR, and web 
refill services. Service is provided by 500 employees from 
21 offices across the U.S.
Retractable Technologies, Inc., 
Booth 300Phone: 888-703-1010 
www.vanishpoint.comVanishPoint syringes, IV catheters, blood collection tube 
holders, and blood collection sets feature automated 
pre-removal activation, thus reducing exposure to the 
contaminated needle. Patient Safe syringes are uniquely 
designed to reduce risk of bloodstream infections resulting 
from catheter hub contamination. All of these products 
protect patients and health care workers.
Return Solutions, Booth 1203Phone: 800-579-4804 
avandergriff@drugreturns.comwww.drugreturns.comReturn Solutions is a full service pharmaceutical reverse 
distributor providing industry-leading ease of credit 
reconciliation. Receive outdated product credit due from 
Return Solutions in a single check, issued directly to your 
pharmacy, within your choice of 30, 60, or 90 days after 
your return is completed. 
Rho Pi Phi Pharmacy Fraternity, 
Booth 525Phone: 847-635-0277 
rmheyman@gmail.comwww.rhopiphi.orgRho Pi Phi Fraternity is a co-ed, non-sectarian fraternity 
open to all pharmacy students and alumni, with a focus 
on leadership and education. We encourage scholarship, 
friendship, service, and strong alumni support. “As the 
ropes lengthen the bonds strengthen.” We invite all 
members to renew their ties with Rho Pi Phi.
Rite Aid Corporation, Booth 909Phone: 717-731-3849 
jermainesmith@riteaid.comwww.riteaid.com/careersRite Aid Corporation is proud to be one of the nation’s 
leading drugstore chains. With 4,600 stores in 31 states 
and the District of Columbia, we have a strong presence 
on both the East and West Coasts.
Rx Prep, Inc., Booth 512Phone: 714-206-949 
drsherrybrown@yahoo.comwww.rxprep.comRxPrep offers comprehensive, up-to-date Board Review 
programs designed to help students maximize their 
preparation for the NAPLEX and CPJE exams. Since 2001, 
top pharmacy schools, leading pharmacy chains, and 
conscientious students have relied on RxPrep’s experienced 
instructors, quality material, and convenient programs for 
their licensure exam preparation needs.
Rx relief, Booth 821Phone: 559-432-9800 
msingh@rxrelief.comwww.rxrelief.comRx relief is a professional staffing company specializing 
in placing supplemental pharmacy professionals in all 
pharmacy practice settings. At Rx relief, we’ve established 
the critical link between pharmacists and employers by 
studying the needs of each to develop strategies targeted 
at solving today’s need for skilled pharmacy professionals. 
Consider Rx relief as your resource for career opportunities 
or skilled pharmacy professionals. 
Rx Systems, Inc., Booth 401Phone: 800-922-9142 
dmjensen@rxsystems.comwww.rxsystems.comRx Systems, Inc. is a family owned full-service provider of 
pharmacy packaging and supplies, including Rx labels, 
bags, vials, counter supplies and LTC packaging, plus the 
Eyecon pill counter. Build your brand by customizing these 
products. We offer the latest thermal and laser Rx label 
formats. If you want to try a pill counter that surpasses 
the competition, try the Eyecon pill counter using the free 
two-week trial.
RXinsider, Booth 614Phone: 401-398-2717 
chris.kolkhorst@rxinsider.comwww.rxinsider.comRXinsider is a multi-media and software development 
firm providing innovative solutions to multiple health care 
and higher education disciplines. Our areas of focus 
are career solutions, B2B solutions, academic software, 
continuing education solutions, credential ePortfolios, and 
B2C solutions.
Safety Net Hospitals for 
Pharmaceutical Access, Booth 1123Phone: 202-552-5857 
fred.moxley@snhpa.orgwww.snhpa.orgSafety Net Hospitals for Pharmaceutical Access (SNHPA) 
is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization of 1,000 hospitals 
and health systems throughout the U.S. that participate 
in the 340B drug discount program. SNHPA was 
formed to increase the affordability and accessibility of 
pharmaceutical care for the nation’s poor and underserved 
Sanofi Pasteur, Booth 615Phone: 1-800-VACCINE 
www.sanofipasteur.usSanofi Pasteur Inc. provides pediatric, adult, and travel 
vaccines for diseases such as diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, 
polio, Haemophilus influenzae type b, influenza, rabies, 
typhoid fever, yellow fever, and meningococcal disease. 
To learn more about our products, visit our exhibit.
Sanofi US, Booth 212Phone: 800-981-2491 
www.sanofi-aventis.usSanofi, a global and diversified health care leader, 
discovers, develops, and distributes therapeutic solutions 
focused on patients’ needs. Sanofi has core strengths 
in the field of health care with seven growth platforms: 
diabetes solutions, human vaccines, innovative drugs, 
consumer health care, emerging markets, animal health, 
and the new Genzyme.
Scientific Technologies Corporation, 
Booth 1023Phone: 480-745-8500 
lara_popovich@stchome.comwww.stchome.comSTC has been leading the charge in Immunization 
Intelligence for 26 years with the development of state 
immunization registry software, disease surveillance 
projects and now, with ImmsLink, helping customers 
connect to immunization registries at the provider level. 
ImmsLink allows providers to give more shots per encounter 
by accessing immunization histories and forecasts at the 
point of care, then quickly report new immunizations given.
Scimera Bioscience, Booth 526Phone: 305-662-4065 
joe@scimera.comwww.scimera.comScimera BioScience develops cutting-edge bioceuticals 
to ensure maximal customer benefit, uphold the highest 
benchmark of quality, and to continually set the standard 
within the bioceutical industry. Our team is comprised 
of physicians, pharmacists, chemists, microbiologists, 
and consumer advocates to provide a comprehensive 
approach to product development. We deliver the highest 
quality bioceuticals to support overall health and wellness. 
ScriptPro, Booth 801Phone: 913-403-5209 
sbirkhead@scriptpro.comwww.scriptpro.comScriptPro develops, provides, and supports state-of-the-art, 
robotics-based pharmacy management, workflow, and 
telepharmacy systems. ScriptPro is dedicated to helping 
pharmacies lower operating costs, reduce dispensing 
errors, and maximize customer satisfaction. ScriptPro 
technology helps pharmacies operate efficiently, safely, 
and profitably so they can make the maximum contribution 
to the health care system. 
SUPERVALU Pharmacies, Booth 920kristie.bruneman@albertsons.comwww.supervalupharmacies.comSUPERVALU Pharmacies comprises 185 grocery 
pharmacies in six states. With cutting-edge software and 
a clinical focus, pharmacists use their expertise to foster 
healthy patients and lasting relationships. Our leadership 
consists of pharmacists dedicated to building the 
company’s future around patient health care and a quality 
work environment for our pharmacists.
Tabula Rasa HealthCare, Booth 314Phone: 866-648-2767 
info@tabularasahealthcare.comwww.tabularasahealthcare.comTabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC) is a family of synergistic 
companies devoted to leveraging technology to improve 
health care. TRHC aims to decrease medication-related 
risk, reduce adverse drug events, enhance quality of care, 
and improve pharmacotherapy outcomes. Our proprietary 
systems help providers avoid preventable medication-
related hospital admissions/readmissions, optimize length-
of-stay, and enhance outcomes. 
Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc., 
Booth 1217Phone: 224-554-6500 
rodney.brent@takeda.comwww.takeda.usAs a wholly owned subsidiary of Takeda Pharmaceutical 
Company Limited, Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. 
(TPUSA) is among the top 15 pharmaceutical companies 
in the U.S., with a robust pipeline of compounds in multiple 
therapeutic areas, including metabolic and cardiovascular 
diseases, central nervous system, respiratory and 
immunology, oncology, and general medicine. 
Target, Booth 827www.target.comWith 1,650 Target pharmacy locations nationwide, it’s 
easier than ever for our guests to get and stay healthy. 
Improving health care for our guests is a priority for 
Target. Each Target pharmacy provides convenient, 
affordable access to prescriptions, over-the-counter 
medications, nutritional supplements, professional care 
from pharmacists, and services to help improve the health 
of our guests. 
Teva Women’s Health, Booth 421Phone: 201-930-3481 
www.tevapharma.comTeva’s Women’s Health group produces a wide 
range of women’s health care products including oral 
contraceptives, intrauterine contraception, and hormone 
therapy treatments for menopause/perimenopause and 
continues to invest in research to satisfy needs in women’s 
health. Teva Women’s Health—Her Life...Our Passion.
U.S. Army Medicine Civilian Corps, 
Booth 424www.civilianmedicaljobs.comVast Opportunities. Exceptional Benefits. Rewarding 
Careers. The U.S. Army Medicine Civilian Corps provides 
health care at 70 facilities worldwide. Come meet our 
career consultants and explore your opportunities.
U.S. Pharmacist, Booth 1215Phone: 201-623-0990 
hcohen@uspharmacist.comwww.uspharmacist.comU.S. Pharmacist is committed to providing pharmacists 
with the highest quality clinical information. Our journal 
and programs, in both print and electronic formats, 
deliver ‘”need to know” information, relevant to the clinical 
aspects of today’s pharmacy practice, with the goal of 
improving patient care.
University of California – 
San Francisco, Booth 1115Phone: 561-305-8894klefaivre@colloquy360.comhttp://healthleadership.ucsf.edu/showThe prestigious University of California San Francisco’s 
online master’s degree is designed for professionals 
who are committed to shaping healthcare systems that 
improve access, affordability, quality and safety. Make a 
difference in health care. 
University of Colorado Denver, 
Booth 624Phone: 303-623-1888 
roger.japp@ucdenver.eduhttp://business.ucdenver.edu/executivehealthExecutive MBA in health administration program, with an 
option in pharmaceutical management. Earn an MBA 
degree in two years without interrupting your career. 
Online and on-campus format. The ACPE-accredited, 
online nontraditional PharmD program is for licensed 
pharmacists in the U.S. and Canada. Credit for qualified 
University of the Sciences, 
Booth 316Phone: 215-596-7616 
p.notarf@usciences.eduwww.usciences.eduUniversity of the Sciences is known for educating future 
leaders in the sciences, health professions, and emerging 
related fields, from anywhere in the world on campus and 
Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc., 
Booth 620Phone: 763-315-2190 
becky.bouley@upsher-smith.comwww.upsher-smith.comUpsher-Smith is pursuing drug therapies to improve 
people’s lives. Our company is driven by the ever-
changing needs of patients, physicians, pharmacists, and 
health care organizations. Focused on market expansion 
in women’s health, dermatology, cardiology, and 
developing products for neurology, our perspective is not 
‘more products’ but the “right products” to improve lives.
Vamousse, Booth 301Phone: 919-415-4284 
cnaue@tyratech.comwww.vamousselice.comVamousse is a line of head lice management products 
providing safe, non-toxic, and effective solutions to treat, 
prevent, and protect children and their families from lice 
and their eggs, including lice resistant to other treatments.
VaxServe, Inc., Booth 1220Phone: 570-496-6719 
kkeiper@vaxserve.comwww.vaxserve.comVaxServe Inc. is an immunization solutions provider 
dedicated to making the world of vaccines less 
complicated. Because of our expertise in vaccines and 
strong manufacturer relationships, VaxServe is the one 
source to address all immunization needs. VaxServe fulfills 
many contracts, offers additional cost-savings, and assists 
in vaccine management.
Walgreens, Booth 721Phone: 847-315-5853 
cassie.wright@walgreens.comwww.walgreens.jobWalgreens provides six million customers the most 
convenient, multichannel access to consumer goods, 
in addition to trusted, cost-effective pharmacy, health, 
and wellness services and advice in communities across 
America. Walgreens’ scope of pharmacy services 
includes retail, specialty, infusion, medical facility, mail 
service, and respiratory services.
Walmart and Sam’s Club Pharmacy, 
Booth 915Phone: 479-277-0844 
rxrecruit@wal-mart.comwww.walmartstores.com/pharmacyCareers with a purpose. We believe that quality health 
care is the foundation to a better life. To do this we 
provide the tools and resources to deliver quality health 
care every day. Between our locations, offers of training, 
and prospects for advancement, we provide opportunity 
for pharmacists like no one else. 
Wolters Kluwer, Booth 311Phone: 330-650-6506 
darcy.bailey@wolterskluwer.comwww.wolterskluwerhealth.comWolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information offers a 
complete medication decision support solution, including 
both drug reference information and drug data that 
integrates seamlessly into health care applications. Our 
trusted applications Lexicomp, Medi-Span, and Facts & 
Comparisons connect health care professionals to dosing, 
interactions, off-label uses, patient education, formulary 
management solutions, and more.
Wolters Kluwer Health, Booth 309Phone: 612-259-8114 
joey-rose.jester@wolterskluwer.comLippincott Williams & Wilkins, a Wolters Kluwer Health 
company, is a global provider of information, business 
intelligence, and point-of-care solutions for the health care 
industry and a leading international publisher of medical 
books, journals, and electronic media. We proudly offer 
specialized publications and software for physicians, 
nurses, students, and clinicians. 


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The Career Connection is the premier career exposition for pharmacists, student pharmacists,
pharmacy employers, and other pharmacy career representatives. Visit with companiesto discover pharmacy recruitment opportunities and details about advanced educationprograms. Be sure to also visit the Careers in Federal Pharmacy section of the Exposition inAisle 200.
Visit the Cyber Café to view the complete list of Career Connection participants and currentjob postings. You can also post your resume. Go to www.pharmacist.com and click onCareers. Simply follow the online instructions to create a profile and upload your resume.
Career Center staff will be available to assist with resume entry, candidate profiles, and jobsearches at the Career Center booth located on Main Street. Utilize this online service,
which hosts an expansive pool of pharmacy jobs and qualified candidates. The Career Center is open:
Friday, March 27 6:30 pm-9:45pmSaturday, March 28 10:30 am-3:30pmSunday, March 29 10:30 am-3:30pmParticipating companies are listed below with booth numbers. Company details are in the Exhibitor Listing beginning on 
page 82.
Albertsons Safeway Pharmacies 921

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) 727

Army Medical Recruiting 509

CVS Health 709

Department of Veterans Affairs (HRMO) 222

Express Scripts 627

FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research 220

Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) 223

H-E-B 602

Indian Health Service 221

Kaiser Permanente 905

Kmart Pharmacy 720

Kroger 1009

Maniilaq Health Center 929

Mayo Clinic 722

Medical Staffing Network-Pharmacy 823

PETNET Solutions 621

Rite Aid 909

Rx relief 821

RXinsider 614

SUPERVALU Pharmacies 920

Target 827

Walgreens 721

Walmart and Sam’s Club Pharmacy 915