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Logistics Business Magazine - February 2013
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Published by Suvra Das
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Ecommerce Logistics, Forklifts & AGVs, Property, Port Profiles, Supply Chain Security

Pallets in Focus, Handling Automation Projects, Airfreight Report, Loading Bay, Floors 
The International Quarterly February 2013 
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Next Generation Intralogistics 
Innovation is technology that is made useful. This principle 
of “efciency” is a part of all of our products which has 
made us a leader in innovation – and which keeps our clients 
competitive. The other factor that separates us from our 
competition is the people that make up GEBHARDT. For this 
reason, in addition to our regular guarantee, we give you our 
word that all of the essential components and parts for our 
internal logistics systems are designed, manufactured and 
assembled in our plant in Sinsheim, Germany – because we 
believe that every part is important, and the condence our 
clients place in us proves us correct. 
e Visit Us at: 
Hall 3 Stand 271 
Stand 17Q150 
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In 2012, emerging markets felt the effects 
of the continuing global slowdown 
but generally performed better than 
developed countries that are their main 
markets. Emerging markets grew at 
an average of 4.4%. In contrast, the US 
economy grew at 2.2% while the EU 
contracted 0.2%. 
Heading into 2013, enthusiasm for 
emerging markets is strong among 
trade and logistics professionals, even 
as they indicate they are rethinking the 
importance of low-cost labour, facing 
tougher choices over how and where to 
source, and beginning to look beyond the 
so-called BRIC countries of China, Brazil, 
India and Russia. 
The deepening economic crisis in Europe 
weighed down emerging markets in 2012. 
The EU experienced sharp downturns 
in air and ocean freight volumes. China’s 
exports to the EU were particularly 
hard hit - ocean freight fell 9.8% and air 
freight dropped 11.7%. Likewise, ocean 
and air imports and exports flowing 
between India and the EU fell. The USA 
topped the EU as the leading destination 
for air freight from China. Industry 
sentiment echoed the trade data: 68% 
of trade and logistics professionals say 
Europe’s economy will stay flat or shrink 
in 2013. Only 2% see growth in European 
economies this year. 
Despite the gloom in western Europe, 
emerging markets at the periphery of the 
EU stood out in the Index, underscoring 
their resilience in the absence of a global 
upturn. The Index shows that Russia’s 
economy continued to grow - but oil, gas 
and minerals remain the overwhelming 
drivers of the economy. Russia needs to 
reduce reliance on energy and mining 
sectors if it is to sustain its growth. Of 
the BRIC countries, only 9% of industry 
professionals identified Russia as having 
the best growth outlook. However, the 
Index places Russia at the forefront for 
investors: the survey ranks Russia 4th after 
China, India and Brazil as a major logistics 
market of the future and 4th for potential 
future investment. 
Turkey appears as a market with high 
potential and comparatively few barriers 
to entry. As with Mexico, it benefits from 
renewed interest in ‘near-sourcing’ among 
manufacturers drawn by its relatively low 
labour costs and proximity to a major 
market, in this case Europe. Turkey and 
Mexico have emerged as alternatives 
to China, where labour costs are rising. 
Industry professionals saw Turkey as 
a major logistics market of the future 
and placed it among emerging markets 
targeted for future expansion. In 
ocean freight, Turkey’s role as a leading 
EU trading partner was clear. Volume 
moving from Turkey to the EU placed it 
among the top 10 emerging market-to- 
developed market lane. However, while 
this is an interesting trend, manufacturers 
increasingly have to balance this against 
the emergence of the large and fast- 
growing consumer markets of Asia, Latin 
America and the Middle East. 
Ukraine was another rising star in 
Europe which scored well for ‘market 
compatibility’ a sign of strong economic 
and social development. Ukraine’s exports 
to the EU grew in 2012, and the Ukraine- 
EU lane was No. 6 overall in volume 
moving from an emerging market to the 
EU or US. 
Kazakhstan shows high potential. Its 
economy is growing and the country 
recorded across-the-board improvements 
in each of the three Index criteria. 
Kazakhstan enjoyed large year-on-year 
increases in sea freight exports to and 
imports from the USA, ranking now 
amongst the fastest growing sea freight 
trade lanes. The country also features 
among the fastest growing air freight 
trade lanes both in terms of its imports 
from the USA and from Europe. 
This year’s Index - in terms of the 
hard data and industry sentiment - is 
encouraging when it comes to the promise 
of emerging markets. It shows that they 
remain resilient and will continue to offer 
some of the best opportunities for near- 
term and long-term business growth. 
L O G I S T I C S B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E 
Surveying the future 
Agility, a leading global logistics 
provider, launched its third 
edition of the Agility Emerging 
Markets Logistics Index. Rezso 
Divenyi, COO Agility Europe, 
shares some of the Index findings. 
• To air your views in this magazine please 
contact us. 
February 2013 | Logistics Business Magazine | 3 
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3 Foreword 
By Rezso Divenyi, COO of Logility Europe. 
6 E-commerce: a confusing 
Rob Coston examines the opportunities 
and perils of a growing sector. 
10 Success under one roof 
Logistics Business visits the new hub of a 
global aircargo operator. 
14 The magic of Odessa 
Port operations in the Ukraine. 
16 Sustainability first 
Environmental planning at the port of 
18 Paperless aeroplanes 
Reducing red tape at Schiphol. 
20 J oined up thinking 
Report from a major conference. 
22 Get your clothes on 
Logistics Business reviews industrial 
24 Leisurewear goes flat 
Concrete and resin floors. 
26 Building blocks for success 
DC and warehouse property. 
28 Rapid door innovation 
The latest from the loading bay, focusing 
on industrial doors. 
32 Changing gauge 
East-West logistics on the Russian railway 
36 Sweet sort of theft 
Challenges to security in the supply chain. 
38 Missing link in Saxony 
Saxon seaports are getting together. 
40 Back on the road 
Piggyback forklifts and haulage issues. 
42 Transport round-up 
The latest news from the transport sector. 
Material Handling and 
46 Twice in two months 
A preview of the upcoming IMHX and 
LogiMAT trade fairs. 
52 Automatic, not people 
AGVs are taking charge. 
56 Growing in recession 
Stephanie Liondiri reports on all the major 
forklift developments. 
64 The handling trinity 
The advantages of working as a group. 
68 The internal machine 
Intralogistics news and case studies. 
76 A push for sorters 
Helen Silvester interviews an integrated 
materials handling specialist. 
78 Logistics takes a yank 
A look back January’s ProMAT show in 
82 Sorting out your clothes 
Garment sortation case study. 
84 Taking to the aisles 
News on a large retail equipment supplier. 
86 Materials handling round-up 
News from the materials handling sector. 
88 Eruption of efficiency 
Automatic pallet wrapping case study. 
90 A pretty new pallet 
An interview with a leading plastic pallet 
92 Meeting the deadline 
Plastic pallet case study. 
94 Bringing it to book 
End of line packaging for dispatch. 
96 Packaging round-up 
News from the logistics packaging sector. 
98 Exhibitions guide 
Logistics Business previews upcoming 
international exhibitions. 
100 Products presented 
New technology news. 
104 Nigel Lloyd Parry’s Last Word 
Truck Watching and economic forecasts. 
Logistics Business Magazine 
Distribution and 
Follow us on Twitter: @LogBusMag 
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mobile app, released February. 
4 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Packaging and Logistics 
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L O G I S T I C S B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E 
frst in intralogistics 
Our next generation! 
Saving energy has never been easier − the RX 70 Hybrid. 
The RX 70 Hybrid is the most fuel eff cient lift truck of its class. It combines high turnover performance and 
low fuel consumption in a unique way. The f rst hybrid lift truck made in series uses means to recuperate 
electric energy and provides it back to the truck for propulsion. This way the RX 70 Hybrid cuts energy costs 
as well as CO 
emission and already makes a substantial contribution today for future generations to come. 
p5.indd 5 28/01/2013 16:28:30 
6 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Around the world, one particular 
sector stands out as a bastion of 
growth: e-commerce is on the rise 
and the trend towards internet 
purchasing looks set to accelerate. 
This has major ramifications 
which will ultimately effect every 
company in the logistics and 
transportation sectors. Rob Coston 
presents the views of industry 
experts, and takes a look at what 
OEMs are doing to help businesses 
with the demands of the sector. 
All in the numbers? 
E-commerce is a marketplace that can be 
difficult to pin down. It is easy to throw 
around figures - in fact, that is a good way 
to begin. The projected US growth in the 
sector, for example, is from $202 billion in 
2011 to $327 billion in 2016. So far actual 
growth is in line with this, including 
figures for Christmas 2012. 
In Europe growth has been similarly 
impressive. In 2012 online sales in Europe 
were forecast by CRR to grow by 16.1% 
(compared to 18.7% in 2011) to a new total 
of €232.76 billion, which amounts to 8.8% 
of all retail business. 
Meanwhile the UK is leading the way: 
according to figures published by the 
Office for National Statistics (ONS), 
retailers experienced an approximate 40% 
increase in turnover from e-commerce 
sales in 2011 compared to the previous 
year. A recent Ofcom survey suggests 
internet shopping is more popular in the 
UK than any other major market. 
The relevant issues 
With all of that said, it can be difficult to 
recognise that e-commerce is only a means 
of selling. The precise nature of the retail 
business in question has a major effect 
on the challenges involved. A company 
shipping selections of relatively compact 
SKUs such as books and DVDs, will not 
face the same supply chain challenges as 
a firm dealing with a variety of scales of 
product combined in the same customer 
order: a major home furnishing retailer 
might sell sofas online by promising free 
delivery over a certain price boundary - 
and be forced to ship a loss-making toilet 
brush as well when the consumer takes 
advantage of the offer. 
However, this is a means of selling which 
has certain predictable results and 
poses a few questions consistently for all 
companies. How much must I broaden 
my product range to compete with 
competitors, and keep up with the trend 
towards personalization of consumer 
products? How big a variety of SKUs can 
my supply chain handle? How quickly 
should I deliver to customers? How much 
should it cost them? These are decisions 
which are all too often left to marketing 
executives, leaving supply chain specialists 
to deal with the consequences. It is easy 
for product offerings and special offers of 
one kind or another to have unintended 
consequences that will put your supply 
chain under strain. 
There is, after all, an enormous difference 
between sending out a single large order 
to a retailer, then receiving returns in 
an organised fashion; and mailing 10,000 
packages containing a whole variety of 
mixed SKUs, then receiving returns on 
an ad-hoc basis and possibly through 
different flows (postal and via bricks and 
mortar outlets). 
Art Eldred, CEO at Vargo Solutions, 
explains: “It’s the difference between 
‘wave’ and ‘waveless’. Distributing for a 
bricks and mortar retailer, my order cycle 
is daily. I have a large window to plan and 
correct myself. I’m moving things in bulk 
and might have one trailer for every store 
I’m serving. E-commerce drops orders 
minute-by-minute and I have shorter 
a confusing picture? 
p6.indd 6 1/31/2013 2:44:38 PM 
periods to react. Plus I only 
have 3-5 days to prepare for 
peak sales periods rather than 
the 3-5 weeks.” 
It is easy to see that costs will 
be high if your supply chain 
is not flexible, up-to-date 
and equipped to deal with a 
whole variety of challenges. 
Fortunately, the OEMs are 
increasingly focusing their 
attention on ensuring that 
e-commerce companies 
operate with maximal 
The technological solution 
The expansion of this industry, and 
the aforementioned movement of roles 
and responsibilities further back into 
the supply chain, means that transport, 
materials handling and packaging 
companies have a great opportunity on 
their hands. 
Peter Schlüpmann, MD of SDI Group, 
Germany, illustrates this point: “I have 
read in a German newspaper that if shops 
have a loss of 6-7% in customers, they will 
need to close. As internet business keeps 
growing the high street will continue to 
suffer. For the logistics industry, in general, 
and for us at SDI, it is good for us to have 
a new product for this in place to provide 
Because warehouses are forced to pick 
continually rather than in batches, this 
challenges the whole picking strategy. 
The e-commerce warehouse is also a 
high-touch environment which has 
further encouraged the development 
and implementation of voice and image 
In fact, competing materials handling 
companies are releasing new solutions 
right now. Our preview of the LogiMAT 
Stuttgart and IMHX shows (page 46) and 
our review of ProMAT Chicago (page 78) 
show a number of products designed for 
the e-commerce sector. 
For transport companies, the loading 
dock is coming under scrutiny, with 
new technologies to reduce the need 
for manual labour. Delivery and courier 
companies have to deal with increasing 
demands for accuracy and speed. Research 
from global supply chain optimisation 
provider Manhattan Associates revealed 
that many of the UK’s leading retailers are 
planning to launch ‘same day’ and ‘2 hour’ 
delivery services in the next 18 months in 
response to growing customer demand 
for shorter order-to-delivery cycle times. 
But companies that can consistently 
deliver such services will be well placed to 
capture the market. 
The packaging sector too has had to 
react to increasing volumes of parcels 
being shipped from large DCs, either 
by innovation or promoting increased 
automation. Lester Barratt, International 
Key Account Manager at protective 
packaging manufacturer Sealed Air 
Europe, commented on how the success of 
e-commerce has affected their business. 
“The rise of internet retailing has had a 
major impact on the packaging industry, 
with demand for lightweight mailing 
products increasing 
significantly year-on-year. 
“As a business we are 
being approached more 
and more by internet 
retailers across Europe 
and have had to focus 
our attention more 
heavily on production of 
our protective mailers. 
This has led to a major 
increase in our manufacturing 
output, with more than 200 
million mailers being created in 
the UK in 2012 – an increase of 
20% compared with 2011. 
“Internet retailers and 
consumers, quite rightly, expect 
maximum protection for their 
valuable goods during transit. 
The pressure is therefore on 
packaging manufacturers to 
continually develop effective and 
innovative packaging solutions 
which minimise packaging, 
whilst maximising protection, 
and will grow in partnership with the 
e-commerce industry.” 
The need for a transparent, ‘joined- 
up’ supply chain is greater than ever. 
The philosophy which is set to become 
prevalent is ‘event driven capability’ - as 
soon as a customer clicks to order their 
products online, the warehouse must 
respond to sort it and package it before 
passing it on for rapid transportation. 
Meanwhile, stocks must be kept low in 
accordance with lean principles, which 
means that customer demand must 
be accurately predicted in advance. 
Fortunately, achieving this is within 
the grasp of the industry thanks to 
the innovations OEM and logistics IT 
A word of warning 
A growing sector that looks certain to 
expand, offering the potential to exploit 
international markets, plus industry 
experts already dedicated to providing 
solutions for the future. Why wouldn’t you 
dedicate your business to e-commerce? 
Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 | 7 
p7.indd 7 2/4/2013 1:52:50 PM 
8 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Paul Galpin, Managing Director of P2P 
Mailing who provide global logistics 
solutions to their clients, offers advice. 
“The current e-commerce boom that is 
defying the persistently volatile economic 
climate is encouraging internet retailers 
to look to international expansion 
which affords them access to a potential 
customer base of 37 million. However, 
this growth should not be rushed into. 
There are a multitude of factors to be 
contemplated before embarking on such 
growth - not least when considering the 
impact on the fulfilment and distribution 
processes. Failure to plan accordingly 
can have disastrous consequences; our 
research shows that experiencing delays 
or delivery problems just twice or more 
would convince 87% of people to switch 
to another supplier.” 
It is important to be prepared for your 
new market from the very start. The 
proliferation of e-commerce outlets means 
customers can always go somewhere else 
for their products if you disappoint them 
with poor delivery speed or accuracy. 
“Tracking deliveries is one key issue 
that online retailers should take into 
consideration. Bearing in mind that in the 
UK, 12% of deliveries fail first time costing 
the online retail industry an estimated 
£1bn in redeliveries – and that once 
delivery to other countries is added into 
the mix, the potential for mistakes is far 
greater – you can see why some consumers 
would like to check on their purchase. 
“Vendors also need to make their returns 
policy clear to customers from the 
outset and carefully ensure that they are 
compliant with the regulations, which 
will differ across countries. The Distance 
Selling Regulations, for example, state 
that if a customer informs the vendor that 
they wish to return an item within 7 days 
of purchase the initial delivery cost has 
to be refunded as well as the cost of the 
product, so businesses need to be ready 
to absorb this cost. These regulations 
apply across the EU, although countries 
have implemented them differently so 
it’s important to be familiar with the 
practices of each. 
“Clearly, while the opportunity to expand 
is an exciting one, retailers must ensure 
they are fully aware of the additional 
fulfilment and distribution 
requirements involved 
before they attempt to 
seize it.” 
Bill Leber, Director 
Business Development and 
Marketing at automated 
intralogistics OEM Swisslog 
expanded on the theme: 
“Even if you are partly 
a traditional bricks and 
mortar retailer your 
delivery is the only contact you have with 
the customer other than the website. For 
repeat business it is critical to impress.” 
Returns are another huge challenge, 
bus solutions are continuing to develop. 
“In a report last year, IMRG said that 
conservatively, up to 40% of clothing 
bought online gets returned and there is 
a high percentage on non-apparel that 
is returned to sender,” commented Nigel 
Parkes, Managing Director of Pallet-Track. 
“This would dent the profitability of most 
online retailers, many of whom bear the 
cost of the return not to mention the 
carbon footprint. 
“Agility in the supply chain is the critical 
component that has enabled the growth 
of online fulfilment and in their own way 
the pallet networks specialising in the 
overnight delivery of palletised products – 
many of which are destined for consumer 
market - have also revolutionised the 
logistics industry.” 
Furthermore, this is a fast changing sector 
that only a supple business will be able 
to exploit. Vanessa Barnett, technology 
and media lawyer at Charles Russell LLP: 
“Ofcom’s survey shows us that the UK 
is leading the way in Internet shopping 
- and that the way we interact with 
shopping is changing. Mobile allows us 
to be connected 24/7 and undertake 
much more ‘one the fly’ shopping. In 
fact this is also backed up by Google’s 
research in the summer showing a spike in 
spontaneous shopping happening mainly 
on mobile devices.” Already common in 
South Korea and Japan even for something 
as seemingly unlikely as purchasing 
groceries, mobile shopping is certainly the 
next step for e-commerce. 
In addition to these challenges there 
are financial difficulties. The growth of 
the sector hides the fact that some of 
the major players are still struggling to 
turn their success into serious profit. For 
example, in the United States Amazon’s 
net income was only 1.3% of their sales in 
2011. The cost of running their distribution 
centres was 3 times greater than that. 
The only option? 
This is possibly bad news for e-commerce 
companies, but very good news for OEMs 
who can capitalise on a drive to reduce 
costs which is already taking place. 
Reaching a final conclusion on 
e-commerce is difficult. One thing is 
certain - although there are dangers 
inherent in the sector, and difficulties 
from a supply chain perspective, there are 
also great opportunities. The list of big 
name high-street chains who have gone 
into administration during the last year 
tells us that in future it may be the only 
viable option for retailers in the future - 
and the entire logistics sector will have to 
deal with that. 
Tell us your thoughts on the rise of 
p8.indd 8 2/4/2013 4:17:42 PM 
©2012 FedEx. All rights reserved. 0009671PM 
Scan now to explore 
our freight forwarding 
Global reach. Local expertise. FedEx Trade Networks gives 
you the advantage of an international air and ocean freight 
forwarder that serves more than 220 locations around the 
world. Move your trade, and your business, forward. 
Get moving at 
FedEx. Solutions That Matter. 
Advancing the state 
of freight forwarding. 
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10 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
In early December, Katharina 
Tkatchenko visited the cargo centre 
of IAG Cargo, global cargo operator 
and part of IAG (International 
Airlines Group); one of the world’s 
leading airline groups, to witness 
IAG Cargo’s launch as a single and 
unified commercial entity at its 
London Heathrow Hub. 
As the umbrella to British Airways World 
Cargo, Iberia 
Cargo and bmi 
Cargo, IAG Cargo 
officially launched 
its operations 
as an integrated 
business, focused 
on further 
expansion (refer 
also to LBM’s 
November 2012 
issue). The combined networks provide 
the most extensive and geographically 
diverse cargo network, delivering to all 
continents, serving major freight lanes and 
linking destinations not served by other 
The launch event presented a great 
opportunity to show how the merger 
positively affected activity at the hub, 
as well as to discuss future strategy 
and business goals. Steve Gunning, IAG 
Cargo’s Managing Director (pictured), 
commented: “The launch of our brand 
is an important milestone in our aim of 
becoming the world’s leading air cargo 
network. For IAG Cargo, 
uniting our business under 
this single brand will 
help us to scale up as new 
carriers are brought under 
our banner, while creating 
a powerful identity that 
our customers will be able 
to relate to. In short, it will 
make it easier than ever to 
do business with us and 
help us become even more 
And indeed, the single-brand business 
concept has helped IAG Cargo (since its 
formation in April 2011) to become the 
seventh largest cargo carrier in the world. 
With its network of over 350 destinations, 
IAG Cargo is able to play a critical role in 
the global supply chain. In addition, the 
company has also invested in three new 
next-generation Boeing 747-8 freighters 
offering customers increased capacity on 
key trade routes. 
Juan Ignacio Díez Barturen, Deputy 
Managing Director of IAG Cargo, 
explained: “Since we merged a year ago, 
we have invested heavily in creating one 
of the most 
while also 
working to 
our product 
The launch 
of IAG Cargo 
as a single 
platform was the next logical step. From 
today customers across the world will 
benefit from a premium and unified 
service delivered through easy to access 
channels such as” Also 
offered is the IAG Cargo app, making it 
possible for customers to choose their 
preferred way of interaction. In this 
respect, and in accordance with IATA’s 
e-airway bill recommendation, IAG Cargo 
aims to create a 100% paper-free air cargo 
supply chain by the end of 2014. 
Regarding products, Gunning added: 
“We have been aligning our products into 
one single portfolio. By the end of 2012, 
we will have aligned all of them.” Next 
to general cargo, IAG Cargo handles a 
vast variety of premium products (from 
temperature-controlled to live cargo). 
Because such specialist products are in 
high demand, this is a vital market for 
the company, and crucial to its strategy. 
Dedicated solutions include services like 
‘Prioritise’ and ‘Constant Climate’, offered 
to customers around the globe. 
‘Prioritise’ is a premium product 
solution for all unitised and loose cargo. 
A dedicated facility at both London 
Heathrow and Madrid ensures that 
Prioritise freight is handled preferentially 
at all times. Respective shipments receive 
the fastest publicised cut-off and delivery 
times of any air carrier. 
‘Constant Climate’, on the other hand, 
are precision temperature-controlled 
air cargo containers that can cater for 
between -20°C and 
Additionally, IAG 
Cargo offers ‘Car 
Connector’, a 
service available to 
freight forwarders 
operating within 
the Heathrow 
catchment area that picks up and delivers 
their small consignments under 300 kg to 
the airport. 
“In terms of selling, we have been busy 
integrating our sales forces. We now have a 
single sales force in North America, Latin 
America, the UK and Spain. So we have 

Success under one roof 
“The launch of our brand 
is an important milestone 
in the aim of becoming the 
world’s leading air cargo 
Steve Gunning, Managing Director 
IAG Cargo 
p10.indd 10 29/01/2013 15:07:39 
R E G I O N A L P R O F I L E 
The only cross-docked warehouse facility of over half a 
million sq ft in the South of England available now. 
GE Capital Real Estate is ofering very attractive 
incentive packages tailored to meet your business needs 
– a team of experts is on hand to guide you through all 
aspects of the ft-out process, at no cost to you. 
For more information: 
Richard Evans 
Paul Baker 
020 7493 6040 
Richard Sullivan 
Robert Cleeves 
Charles Binks 
Russell Crofts 
Now with the ability to sub-divide 
from 211,090 sq ft 
A new cross-docked 
549,626 sq ft 
(51,062 sq m) 
warehouse/distribution facility 
Bristol International Airport 
is only 16 miles away 
Cabot Park is adjacent 
to Avonmouth and 
Royal Portbury Docks 
Cabot Park is less than 
fve miles from Junction 
18/18a of the M5/M49 
Adjacent to Cabot Park International 
Railfreight Terminal with direct 
access to Europe 








16737_CrossFlow_PropWk_Ad_AW.indd 1 31/01/2013 11:54 
p11.indd 11 31/01/2013 13:31:04 
12 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
made good progress in getting into 
single operations,” Gunning further 
A key contributing success factor 
is connectivity. The air cargo 
carrier’s network and freighter 
programme allow for same day 
connections between most continents and 
destinations. This also includes extensive 
road connections. 
Throughout the company’s merger, the 
freighter network has been enhanced 
and key capacity originating from the 
carrier’s London, Madrid and Frankfurt 
hubs has been introduced, including 40 
additional trucking routes in Europe. 
IAG Cargo’s infrastructure and network 
therefore enable customers to do business 
throughout the world. 
This aspect goes hand in hand with IAG 
Cargo’s aim to foster more effective 
business proceedings with customers. This 
also means investing into infrastructure, 
including technology, in order to continue 
improving the customer experience. 
With regards to British Airways World 
Cargo and Iberia Cargo, Gunning 
explained: “The two cargo brands have 
brought different strengths to the table. 
The Iberia Cargo business has better 
developed IT systems. The British Airways 
World Cargo side offers better developed 
relationships with some of the global 
forwarders. So it has been a nice balance 
of both bringing different strengths to the 
David Shepherd, Global Head of 
Sales, noted that it’s very important to 
communicate the strategy to customers: 
“You know, many people say: British 
Airways is a really good brand, and 
Iberia is a really good brand. So why are 
you creating a new brand that no one 
really knows? And it’s very important 
for customers to understand why we 
are doing this. The reason is our growth 
strategy, which is based on acquiring 
other airlines. As you have seen this year, 
we bought bmi from Lufthansa, and we 
will continue buying. So there is a desire 
to grow IAG, and whenever we get to a 
stage where it is not just British Airways 
and Iberia, but airline three and four, 
five, six and seven, it is going to be very 
difficult to say: this is all the people that 
we represent. It is important, 
because of strategy, to 
operate in a seamless way for 
the customer, with a single 
network, with a single set of 
products, with a single sales 
force, etc. What we’re trying 
to do is create a single identity.” 
When asked about further growth 
potential, Shepherd added: “I would like 
to see us grow in Asia. I am delighted to 
say that today, we have launched our first 
service to South Korea. I am hopeful for 
our network and more services. There 
are a couple of things that are currently 
happening, that are going to help us do 
2013 means first and foremost acquisition 
of new aircraft to help IAG Cargo 
continue to effectively serve its various 
destinations and increase their portfolio. 
The formation of IAG Cargo Ltd. as a 
subsidiary company happened not just 
with scalability in mind, but with the 
aim to easily accommodate new entrants 
alongside British Airways, Iberia and bmi. 
The launch event was an important step 
into the future. 
April ‘12 
IAG completes 
purchase of bmi 
from Lufthansa 
Sept ‘12 
IAG’s wholly owned subsidiary British 
Airways and Qantas agree to terminate 
their joint business from March 2013. 
Feb ‘12 
IAG and Japan Airlines take first 
step towards intended joint 
business between Japan and Europe 
p12.indd 12 29/01/2013 12:02:23 
D I S T R I B U T I O N & L O G I S T I C S 
we’re better connected... 
Arrow’s strategic location provides unparalleled 
road access to the major cities of the Midlands 
& the North and the air, sea and rail ports via the 
national motorway network. 
The centre point for distribution throughout the UK 
330,418 Sq ft 
New industrial / distribution scheme 
For Sale/To Let 
p13.indd 13 31/01/2013 14:48:48 
14 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
When speaking about Ukraine, it 
is vital to mention the country’s 
very diverse port operations. 
Katharina Tkatchenko spoke to 
Ruslan Sakhautdinov, Director 
Port Operation 
Service at Odessa 
Sea Commercial 
Port, about the 
port’s activities 
and the latest 
trends on the 
CIS transport 
Logistics Business: Ruslan, please tell us a 
little bit about your port and its activities. 
Ruslan Sakhautdinov: To date, the port of 
Odessa is a leading operator in Ukraine’s 
port sector. Our port’s main specialisation 
lies within container handling of all 
types. This includes the forwarding of 
general cargo, 
bulk cargo 
grain cargo 
and raw 
liquid cargo 
and petroleum 
products, vegetable and technical oils) as 
well as liquefied gas. An additional area 
in the port, which is actively developing, 
is the cruise business, especially as the 
port of Odessa has the largest modern 
passenger terminal on the Black Sea. 
The port’s production capacities can 
handle more than 45m tonnes per year. 
This makes for about 20m tonnes dry and 
25m tonnes liquid cargo. Before the crisis, 
in 2008, the port’s cargo transshipment 
totalled 34.5m tonnes. 
However, in recent years, volumes have 
been somewhat reduced: the negative 
impact of the financial crisis forces clients 
to establish tighter control over costs, 
especially savings in transport. 
Logistics Business: What further trends were 
you able observe on the CIS transport 
logistics market? 
Ruslan Sakhautdinov: In terms of export 
goods, including various kinds of steel 
products of Ukrainian origin: due to the 
need for savings on transportation costs, 
cargo owners are likewise required to 
reduce the cost on rail transportation. 
Over the past few years, the transportation 
costs for export goods by rail in Ukraine 
increased by 50-60%. 
As a result, freight traffic suddenly shifted 
to the ports that are in close proximity 
to the producers (ports of Mariupol, 
of Oktyabrsk and Nikolaev), as well as 
ports/private terminals located in areas 
that are influenced by large financial and 
industrial structures. With this in mind, 
we can conclude that savings on expenses 
have become a major priority, and, as 
a result, the need for the companies to 
increase their economical effectiveness. 
In terms of bulk cargo export and Russian 
exports transit: for the port of Odessa, this 
is mostly iron ore (iron ore concentrate 
and iron ore pellets). In the past few years, 
demand leaned more and more towards 
the need to use Capesize vessels. In the 
port of Odessa, we began handling such 
vessels in two phases: first, by loading 
cargoes of up to 100,000 tonnes at the 
port dock, followed by additional loading 
at the port roadstead out of specialised 
vessels, the loading of which would also 
be carried out at the port’s berths. To 
date, the port still uses this technology for 
handling large-capacity bulk carriers. 
Logistics Business: What else would you like 
to tell our readers? 
Ruslan Sakhautdinov: The most significant 
event for the Ukrainian port industry 
has become the adoption of the Law of 
Ukraine on the sea ports. To date, there 
are 18 public seaports managed by the 
Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. 
The aforementioned law envisaged the 
opportunity to implement various forms 
of cooperation between private capital 
and the state, including concessions, 
privatisation, rent, etc. 
It should be noted that the port of Odessa 
is lucky in the sense that it began moving 
into that direction about 20 years ago, 
leading to the 
organisation of 
13 stevedoring 
within the 
In fact, the 
port of Odessa has already implemented 
the European port-operating model, 
which, in turn, fosters the confidence of 
investors. This resulted in investments 
of more than $300m USD. Private 
investors will receive firmer guarantees 
on the security of their investments, a 
wider range of different tools enabling 
them to cooperate with the state and a 
whole new range of opportunities. For 
western investors, in my opinion, the port 
infrastructure market in this shape and 
form will be very interesting. 
The magic of Odessa 
p14.indd 14 29/01/2013 12:03:32 
A NEW 528,108 SQ FT 
Roger Haworth 
0114 273 8857 
Charles Binks 
020 7629 8171 
Steve Williams 
020 7198 2000 
Toby Vernon 
0114 273 8857 
Rebecca Schofield 
0114 272 9750 
Robert Whatmuff 
0113 245 9393 
Nick Waddington 
0121 609 7666 
David Willmer 
08449 02 03 04 
James Harrison 
01604 232555 
Richard Lord 
020 7182 2000 
Nick Collins 
08449 02 03 04 
John Burbage 
01604 232555 
16785_LPP_LogisticsBus_Ad_AW_HR.pdf 1 01/02/2013 10:41 
p15.indd 15 01/02/2013 11:40:25 
The environmental issues at stake 
are considerable for France’s 
third largest port. Dunkerque-Port 
owns a very large area: a shoreline 
of 17km and 7,000 hectares of 
land, including 3,000 hectares 
available for new development, 
and a further 38,000 hectares in its 
maritime district. This makes it a 
foremost manager of space in the 
Nord–Pas de Calais Region and, 
in the context of port planning 
and development, gives it a great 
At its January press conference 
Dunkerque-Port revealed its results for 
2012. They showed the total volume for all 
types of traffic was 47.22 MT at the end 
of December, a very small drop of 0.6% 
compared with 2011. Container traffic was 
slightly below the 2011 figure, with a total 
of 260,000 TEU, a drop of 5%. Key cargo 
includes the importation of containerised 
fruit, ore and coal. 
After an exceptional year in 2012, due to 
work on the LNG terminal, Dunkerque- 
Port’s investment programme returns to a 
more normal level in 2013, amounting to 
€51.3m. Defined in accordance with the 
projected guidelines of the port’s strategic 
plan, investment expenditure is broken 
down as follows: 
- Containers and logistics: €2m, mainly 
dedicated to studies for the terminals 
of the Baltic and Pacific docks, the 
enlargement of the swing circle providing 
access to the Atlantic dock, and the 
lengthening of the Flanders quay. 
- Energy and bulks: Works costing €20m 
are scheduled for 2013, that is, more 
than one-third of the total investment 
programme, including the continuation 
of work on the LNG terminal, which is 
budgeted at €16m, and the studies for an 
LNG provisioning unit for ships. 
- Rail links: Rail-related expenditure 
accounts for investments of €6.2m, 
including €4.3m for the Saint Georges 
Link (landscaping and electrification) and 
€1.1m to separate the operational 
perimeters of French Railways RFF and 
The remaining €23.1m will be devoted 
to equipment and works for assets, used 
particularly for the recycling of non- 
submersible dredging sediment, corrosion 
protection of metal structures in contact 
with seawater, locks, inland waterway 
structures and compliance with standards 
of buildings and rainwater drainage 
systems. The renovation of quayside 
storage yards will mobilise nearly €4m, 
and upgrading of access roads to the 
Ro-Ro terminal will require €3.3m. 
Finally, a study for a new border 
inspection post will be carried out in 2013 
with financial support from Dunkirk 
Urban Community. Depending on 
the credits awarded by the State, the 
investment budget could be increased 
by €1.8m for the second phase of 
reinforcement of the Alliés Dyke. The 
financial support of the State remains 
significant, with anticipated payments 
of the order of €4.5m, while the support 
expected from the EU is evaluated in 
payments of nearly €2.5m. 
Environmental responsibility 
The strategic plan of Dunkerque-Port 
forms part of a policy of sustainable 
action and development which takes into 
consideration the various areas of the 
port, and particularly 
those involving the 
protection of nature 
and biodiversity. The 
measures deployed by 
the port are designed 
not only to improve 
the quality of the 
environment in general, 
but also to control risks 
and reduce impacts on 
the natural environments 
and local residents. 
Yves Lalaut is the new Planning and 
Environment Director. He will lead a team 
of 40 people in 5 departments, and 
work with the Port’s other divisions on all 
aspects of planning and the environment, 
the Port’s rail network and major projects. 
As regards to multimodal transport, 
Dunkerque continues its development as 
the leading inland port in the Nord-Pas de 
Calais Region and the foremost national 
railfreight platform. It is investing in 
the growth of consolidated transport in 
partnership with the other stakeholders - 
French Waterways and the French Railway 
Network. Rail infrastructures have 
benefitted from major investments in 
recent years, and this is continuing 
with the electrification of the Saint 
Georges Link. In the inland waterway 
sector, incentives have been set up to 
improve the profitability of consolidated 
pre-routing and on-forwarding to the 
region’s inland ports. 
The challenges in social terms are 
also significant. Despite a large and 
well-qualified labour market, the 
Dunkerque area is severely affected 
by macroeconomic changes such as 
relocations and factory closures. By 
contrast, Dunkerque-Port and the City 
of Dunkerque, which is now a university 
city, have the means to create specialist 
jobs in the port-based, maritime and 
environmental sectors. 
Sustainability first 
16 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
p16.indd 16 29/01/2013 14:17:34 
Bereit für groSSe AufgABen. Je- 
derzeit. üBerAll. BLG 
net working? 
Mok wi Al JüMMerS!* 
*we‘ve been doing it for ages 
p17.indd 17 28/01/2013 13:47:20 
Cutting out unnecessary 
paperwork has been a trend 
across warehousing and logistics 
operations for years and the air 
cargo sector is no exception, as 
Logistics Business reports. 
e-Freight@NL - the Dutch Government- 
funded project to encourage the move 
towards paperless air cargo through its 
main airport, Schiphol - has completed 
its programme with a string of successes. 
Launched in July 2010 with funding of 
€1.2 million, the project has successfully 
achieved a 5-fold increase in e-Freight 
shipments through Schiphol. In 2010, only 
1,665 shipments were sent as paperless 
e-freight; by December 2012, the annual 
total had risen to 21,176. 
Schiphol’s top 10 e-Freight routes are now 
Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo 
(Narita), Vancouver, London Heathrow, 
Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Los Angeles 
and Atlanta. Other achievements of 
E-Freight@NL include the establishment 
of a help desk and the e-Freight@NL 
Online Academy, to give advice and 
provide online training to the industry 
and potential users. 
A business case for all supply chain parties 
has also been drawn up, and 5 master 
theses have been written covering topics 
such as the key steps towards global 
adoption of e-Freight, benefits of e-Freight 
for shippers and forwarders, and the role 
of e-Freight in revenue management. 
The e-freight@NL project included 6 
‘workpackages’ that involved assessing 
the requirements of the industry, 
identifying gaps in IT systems, setting 
up an open platform for data exchange 
and transmission, testing and validation 
of data, and reporting and making 
Several pilot projects were started 
between shippers and forwarders, using 
OCR equipment to transform paper 
documents into the required ‘e-Freight 
ready’ XML format. These pilots resulted 
in substantial time savings, and several 
companies have now adapted their 
processes to continue working in this way. 
Among the findings of the project were 
that innovation in logistics is difficult, 
that such fundamental change requires 
a longer timeframe than originally 
thought, and that international law creates 
resistance to change. Schiphol Cargo 
played a neutral liaison and facilitation 
role between the various parties in the 
supply chain throughout the project, 
establishing what would be required to 
improve the cargo process at Amsterdam 
Airport Schiphol. 
Schiphol Cargo Development Director 
Saskia van Pelt (pictured) was a founder 
member of e-freight@NL, and a member 
of its steering committee. She told us, “the 
e-Freight@NL project may be completed, 
but e-Freight will not stand still now, and 
the process of digitising supply chains will 
certainly carry on at Schiphol. Amsterdam 
Airport Schiphol considers paperless 
transport as one of the top priorities to 
improve efficiency in the supply chain. 
“IATA’s target for this year is to start 2 
pilot programmes in the BRIC countries, 
to increase global coverage from 33-45%, 
and to achieve 20% e-AWB use across the 
industry. By the end of 2015, it is hoped 
that e-Freight will be live in 80% of all 
world trade lanes, that the industry will 
achieve 100% paperless substitution of 
the 3 core transport documents (airway 
bill, house manifest and flight manifest), 
and that the document pouch will 
be eliminated for most general cargo 
“We will continue to drive the use 
of e-Freight at Schiphol. It reduces 
costs, improves efficiency and speed, is 
environmentally responsible and will 
help to differentiate air cargo from other 
transport modes. Schiphol supports any 
initiative that is good for our industry, 
and by continuing in the front line of 
innovation we further our aim to be 
Europe’s preferred air cargo gateway.” 
Schiphol Cargo at a glance: 
• 3rd largest cargo airport in Europe 
• 17th largest cargo airport in the world 
• Schiphol’s cargo area employs 26,000 
• 1.5 million tonnes of cargo in 2011 
• 313 destinations in 90+ countries 
• 106 scheduled airlines 
• 22 scheduled freighter operators 
• Highest EU share of maindeck capacity 
• 25 dedicated full freighter stands 
• 5 main runways 
• Can handle multiple A380s/B747-8Fs 
• Eight cargo handling companies 
• 400,000m 
of cargo warehouses, of which 
60% have direct air side access 
• 11,000m 
new cargo space being built 
• Over 150 logistic service providers 
Paperless aeroplanes 
18 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
p18.indd 18 01/02/2013 14:13:45 
R E G I O N A L P R O F I L E 
p19.indd 19 28/01/2013 16:31:14 
20 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
The first Integrated Supply Chain 
event, held at the Park Plaza 
Victoria hotel in London on the 
28th and 29th November, proved to 
be a major success. Logistics Business 
attended to catch up with the latest 
thinking from leading experts in 
the industry. 
Perhaps what impressed most at this 
event, a combination of networking 
opportunities, lectures and panel 
discussions by panels of experts, was 
the very high calibre of visitors present. 
United Kingdom logisticians from Fortune 
500 companies in the automotive, defence, 
cosmetics and consumer electronics 
sectors, among others, were drawn to hear 
the latest in supply chain management 
from thought leaders, academics, analysts, 
and supplier organisations. 
Major topics to be addressed were; ways 
of improving the agility within supply 
chains; understanding how to deliver cost 
reduction initiatives without damaging 
existing operations; mitigating risk; 
and preparing supply chain strategies 
for future growth. Thought leadership, 
strategies, best practices, masterclasses and 
case studies to help end-user organisations 
bench-mark their own operations against 
the industry standards were presented. 
The calibre of speakers was generally 
good. High points included a talk by 
Mack of ESAB 
holdings, who 
spoke on the 
of creating 
a low-cost, 
lean supply 
chain. He 
made the case 
that achieving 
the nirvana of reduced inventory with 
increased service levels is only possible by 
controlling demand and volatility. 
Cost and customer service are the 
current watchwords. To live by them 
means finding out exactly what the 
customer needs, improving the flow of 
information from supplier to end user 
and achieving true integration rather 
than mere interface between parts of your 
supply chain. “A total system approach 
is necessary, and the goal is to create 
competitive advantage,” stated Mack, 
“and advanced tools don’t take the place 
of basic knowledge and understanding of 
how to run a supply chain.” 
Nick Boland of Amber Road covered 
managing trade compliance risks in global 
supply chains. The interplay between 
conflicting national and EU regulations is 
further complicated by trade programs, 
import and export controls, denied party 
screening and a host of other factors. 
Boland warned 
that failure to 
comply can 
result in a fine 
- but worse, a 
bi-annual visit 
from Revenue 
and Customs. 
“Software can act 
as a guardian, but 
you also need the 
right people,” he 
Steve Gold and 
Nigel Issa of Opera Solutions explained 
how to transform ‘big data’ into useable 
information to improve supply chain 
Other speakers, such as Tom Davies of 
Llamasoft Europe, presented case studies. 
Working for British American Tobacco, 
the IT company were able to create true 
supply chain visibility, allowing the 
company to reduce stocks in the Malaysia 
part of the business by 40% and stabilising 
the patter of incoming orders. The 
software is being rolled out worldwide. 
In the afternoon, panel discussions 
brought together major industry 
figures with supply chain experts and 
academics to discuss major topics. The 
ability of logistics to attract talented 
graduates was covered, with the need for 
both good leaders and good managers 
being elucidated. Chris Badcock, Event 
Chairman of the event, gave his take: 
“Teaching people to work is a job for 
employers, not just a job for educators.” 
Other topics covered included the 
challenges of emerging markets, 
sustainability strategy and integrating risk 
The venue was impressive and visitors 
went away from the conference with fresh 
ideas as well as renewed faith in some 
of the old nostrums of the supply chain 
industry. All in all, an event well worth 
attending when it rolls around again in 
October 2013. 
J oined up thinking 
p20.indd 20 2/1/2013 1:34:06 PM 
R E G I O N A L P R O F I L E 
Taking global best practice as it’s 
benchmark RTL Group draws 
from leading edge technologies 
and combines it with knowledge 
and experience. Since 2005 we 
have developed close partnerships 
with most of the world’s leading car 
producers and importers. 
We are represented in all key areas of 
vehicle logistics and has developed 
processing in line with Russian govern- 
ment, customs and logistics policy. 
RTL Group creates 
logistics network: 
• North-West, Port of Saint 
Petersburg and port of Ust-Luga 
(Terminal Novaya Gavan) 
• South, Port Kavkaz (Bonded 
Logistics Terminal in Novoshakhtinsk, 
Rostov-On-Don Region) 
• Far East, Ports of Nakhodka, 
Vladivostok and Zarubino 
• Europe, Free Port of Ventspils/ 
Latvia, logistics terminal in Berlin/ 
• Kazhakhstan, terminals in 
Druzhba, Aktinkol, Khorgos and 
Inland Distribution 
Inland transportation of vehicles, spare 
parts and automotive components 
using RTL’s own fleet assets or 
carefully selected sub-contractors 
Why Choose RTL Group? 
• Port/inland operations 
• Customs clearance 
• Warehousing 
• Vehicles handling and storage 
• Distribution to dealer 
• Cross-docking/trans loading services 
• Cargo forwarding 
Advanced IT Systems 
· Unique internal IT solutions 
· Focus on own IT Management 
System developments to offer high 
level of services in accordance with 
ISO 9001:2008 
For more information visit 
RTL Group 
123000 MOSCOW, 12 Presnenskaya 
Naberezhnaya, Federation Tower West, 
Floor 46, International Business Center 
Moscow City 
Tel +7 495 653 8412/13 
198025, 1 Gapsalskaya Str, build 2, 
Floor 3, Business Center Gapsal 
Tel/Fax +7 812 6801992/93 
346910, Rostov Region, 31 Pryvolnaya Str 
Tel + 7 928 9015328 
690065, Prymosky Kray, 9 Strelnikova Str 
Tel + 7 4232 542838 
15 Eksport Str, LV-1045 RIGA 
Tel +371 67350520 
050060 ALMATY, 258 «B» Pr-t Gagarina 
Tel +7727 3274021 
100037, Eastern Third Ring Road, 
Chaoyang District, Beijing, 
Rm 2104, Full Tower # 9 Mid-road 
Tel: + 86 18301434367 
Tel: +86 13520933788 
percentage of business in automotive 
70% automotive business, 30% other cargo 
existing customers 
Nissan, Renault, Ford, Honda, Toyota, 
Yamaha, Mazda, Suzuki, Ducati, BMW, 
GM, Haima 
location of activities 
Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, 
Ukraine, China 
QUICK facts 
p21.indd 21 28/01/2013 16:34:34 
22 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Swedish supplies of workwear, 
Blåkläder, have been producing 
clothes for the industrial sector 
for over 50 years and have a large 
catalogue of products to their 
name. With the expertise of design 
and development, as well as full 
production control, this company 
is growing and intends to spread 
functional workwear around the 
When they sent us some samples of their 
products here at Logistics Business, we 
went out on a wintry day in sub-zero 
temperatures to test 
their quality. 
The winter overall 
(pictured) was well- 
received with its quilt 
lining and detachable 
hood. It is also equipped 
with kneepad pockets 
on the inside, adjustable 
wristlets and various 
pockets. We 
found that 
these would 
be great for 
a physical 
as they’re 
easy to 
move in and 
they’d be 
for working 
a full shift 
in them as 
they’re light 
and durable. 
The winter jacket (pictured) 
has elbow reinforcement, 
extended back and thumb 
grips and a drawstring waist. 
Despite the bitter wind chill 
the jacket provided excellent 
warmth and we would recommend this to 
anyone who has to work in an outdoor or 
chilled environment but doesn’t want to 
trade warmth for heavy clothing. 
We also received a pair of trousers 
(pictured). Like the overalls and jacket, 
these trousers were well equipped with 
pockets – both on the sides and legs - 
suitable for workers equipped with a 
mobile phone or computer device. 
Also light in weight they combated 
the cold and fitted well. 
The company produce is made 
with heavier fabrics, specifically designed 
for use in construction, and in places are 
double and triple seamed. 
Also in the catalogue are gloves, coats, 
underwear, protective footwear, T-shirts 
and waistcoats. 
Blåkläder produce around 1 million 
garments per year for the European 
market and strive to minimize 
the impact on the environment. 
They take control and restrict 
the use of chemicals, heat, 
electricity, transportation etc. 
wherever possible. 
Get your clothes on 
p22.indd 22 1/28/2013 2:11:58 PM - 
Ahlers ofers you almost 20 years of experience in the CIS and 
the Baltics region 
Ahlers, your one stop shop logistics service provider for Russia 
Transportation - Customs - Clearance - Warehousing - Distri- 
bution - Value Added Services 
Ofces/warehouses in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarussia, Uzbekis- 
tan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Kyrgystan 
Customs broker license in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan 
Noorderlaan 139 
B-2030 Antwerp - Belgium 
Tel. +32 3 543 77 25 
Contact: Didier Duponselle 
Ahlers Log tattoo 190_277mm.indd 1 13/07/12 13:51 
p17.indd 17 13/07/2012 14:23:35 
p23.indd 23 28/01/2013 16:39:04 
24 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
When it comes to warehouse 
operation, a key contributor to 
efficiency is the flooring. For those 
who make the investment, the 
results are clear. One company that 
decided to make such a decision 
is a leading distributor of branded 
leisure wear, Prestige Leisure Ltd. 
This company required superflat floor 
grinding work to make their new 
warehouse floor suitable for VNA (very 
narrow aisle) operation at their warehouse 
facility in Livingston, Scotland. For the 
project they commissioned specialists, 
Concrete Grinding. 
With the racking and wire guidance 
installed and new trucks delivered to 
site, it was a huge set back to Prestige to 
realise that the flatness of their newly 
constructed floor was not fit for the 
trucks to operate in a single aisle without 
potentially causing damage to the racking. 
To solve the issue they chose to proceed 
with the ‘Laser Grinder System’. 
Face Consultants Ltd carried out an initial 
floor flatness survey using the FACE Digital 
Profileograph, which indicated the floor 
needed substantial grinding in all 17 aisles 
of 78m (1,326m total) in order to comply 
with the required defined movement / 
VNA floor flatness specification - TR34 
(App C) DM2. 
A fast track Lasing Grinding solution was 
put forward in which Concrete Grinding 
operated 3 Laser Grinders in unison, 
round the clock and at weekends at 
different stages of the project in order to 
get the work completed in as short a time- 
frame as possible so as to avoid disruption. 
Jim Gilchrist, Stock and Purchasing 
Manager, Prestige Leisure, commented, 
“the teams have done a very good job 
of flattening our floor and I have been 
very satisfied with their work ethic 
and attitude during the duration of 
the job. They have been professional 
and approachable throughout and 
have coped admirably. I shall have 
no problems in recommending your 
company to others in this situation.” 
Birthday celebrations 
A Manufacturer of resin systems for floors 
and walls, RSL, will celebrate their 30th 
birthday this year. 
The founders originally owned a 
metallic coatings business and spotted an 
opportunity to diversify into a new and 
emerging market for resin coatings; Resin 
Surfaces Limited (RSL) was created in 
The first 2 products launched to the UK 
market were Resuseal WB and Resutop, 
both of which are still available today. 
Today there is a large range of resin floor 
and wall coatings available in the UK with 
their products used in major companies 
worldwide such as: Coca Cola, Schweppes, 
BMW and the NHS. 
Ivy Wroe, Managing Director of RSL, 
started at the company in a telesales role 
and moved up the ladder until replacing 
one of the original founders, Michael 
Waterhouse, as Managing Director. 
After establishing a strong base in the UK, 
Wroe and the team started to identify and 
build relationships with key agents and 
distributors overseas and now export- 
to over 15 countries with key markets 
in Australia, Russia & Norway. She said, 
“celebrating our 30 year anniversary is a 
huge achievement. The team at RSL have 
worked really hard especially over the 
last few years when the resin industry has 
become more and more competitive.” 
Leisurewear goes flat 
One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of resin 
systems for floor & walls for over 30 years. 
RSL_Montage.pdf 1 17/01/2013 15:49 
p24.indd 24 1/29/2013 1:58:29 PM 
RSL_Warehouse210x145_AW.pdf 1 23/01/2013 14:21 
S T E R T I L S U P E R I O R S O L U T I O N S B Y Q U A L I T Y P E O P L E 
S T E RT I L B . V. , P. O. B OX 2 3 , 9 2 8 8 Z G K OOT S T E RT I L L E , ( T HE NE T HE R L A NDS ) , WWW. S T E RT I L . NL , E - MA I L I NF O@S T E RT I L . NL 
• Improved safety 
Reduces the risk of accidents and litigation 
• Improved security 
Reduces unwanted tampering and theft 
• Improves Health & Safety 
Provides ‘reasonably practical’ precaution 
• Versatile 
Suitable for HGV’s incl. vehicles with ‘tail lifts’ 
• Positive Positioning 
Integrated into vehicle wheel guides 
• Integrated Control 
Can be interlocked with existing dock products 
• Easily Retro Fitted 
No civil works required 
• Engineered for Excellence 
automatically restrains the rear wheel of the HGV 
Stertil Combilok 
The Superior 
Vehicle Restraint system 
STERTIL D9601-210x148.indd 1 22-01-13 14:01 
p25.indd 23 28/01/2013 16:42:35 
26 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
The right DC or 
warehouse in the 
right location is all 
important to a smooth 
logistics operation. 
Siting yourself near to 
consumer markets and 
an appropriate skilled 
or unskilled workforce 
can save you money. A 
site designed with your 
logistics challenges 
in mind can save you 
serious headaches. 
Logistics Business presents 
some new investment 
Venture for your gain 
The Logistics Property Partnership (LPP), 
a joint venture between Segro and 
Moorfield Group, is committed to 
working with its customers to help them 
grow. Offering a flexible approach to 
property ownership and management, 
LPP can provide bespoke logistics business 
space solutions now and in the future as 
customer’s space requirements change. 
Despite market conditions remaining 
challenging, LPP is seeing positive trends 
that offer opportunities for growth. At 
the same time, a shortage of high-quality 
buildings, due to the lack of development 
of the past few years, reduces choice. 
There are a number of large requirements 
out in the market, especially from those 
companies operating in the retail space 
that are delivering successful multi- 
channel strategies. With demand from this 
group remaining resilient in 2012, LPP has 
stated that they expect retail to continue 
to drive take up in the big shed market 
where demand for large developments 
The rising popularity of online shopping 
has already translated into pure-play 
retailers such as Amazon and ASOS taking 
large spaces to aid their distribution 
The LPP portfolio has the ability to 
cater for these requirements, offering 
immediately available, new, well specified 
logistics business space in accessible 
locations. Retailers are reviewing their 
trading platforms from Christmas 2012 and 
with internet shopping clearly continuing 
to gain importance and market share, LPP 
is looking to develop strategies to help 
retailers flex their space requirements and 
plan for Christmas 2013. 
LPP:Sheffield offers 412,519 ft 
of grade 
A space with excellent transports links. 
Not only is the site located just half a 
mile from the M1 at Junction 34, it is 
also within the Sheffield City Region 
Enterprise Zone that enables funding and 
support from Government initiatives. 
Similarly LPP:Corby provides a new well 
specified cross-docked logistics facility of 
some 528,108 ft 
. Both locations provide a 
talented and skilled workforce location 
within a 45 minute drive time. 
Speaking about their proposition in 
the market, Gareth Osborn of Logistics 
Property Partnership, said: “We believe in 
working proactively with our customers 
to ensure that we understand their space 
requirements now and for the next 5, 10 
and 15 years to ensure that we 
provide the best possible flexible 
solution to suit their business 
needs. We have the capability to 
deliver bespoke products and 
work in partnership to aid future 
Launched last year, LPP consists 
of 14 warehouse units and a 
development site across 12 
locations on or near main arterial 
roads in established distribution 
areas across the UK. LPP counts 
some of the leading brands in 
logistics, retail and beyond, such 
as Eddie Stobart, Excel UK, Royal 
Mail, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and 
Wincanton among its customers. 
LPP does not just provide accommodation; 
it focuses on offering business support 
solutions. In today’s challenging 
market, the needs of customers change 
as they react to the demands and the 
opportunities of their sectors. And, with 
combined experience of over 100 years, 
Segro and Moorfield have long since 
learned how to partner with customers in 
developing and then providing what they 
need to support their businesses. 

LPP combines Segro, Europe’s leading 
owner-manager and developer of 
industrial property, and Moorfield, 
a leading real estate asset manager, 
developer and private equity fund 
manager. The partnership provides 
unrivalled flexibility, operational 
excellence and high levels of asset 
management, designed to provide its 
customers with a relationship that benefits 
them throughout their occupation and 
has customer collaboration at the heart of 
its values. 
Pointing the way 
Meanwhile, the new Arrow Worksop 
development funded by AXA and The 
Co-operative has recently been completed. 
Building blocks for success 
p26.indd 26 2/4/2013 5:11:18 PM 
This is a 330,000 ft 
built logistics/manufacturing 
unit, developed within the 
long established Claylands 
Industrial area of Worksop. 
The right location is 
paramount to reducing the 
impact of rising fuel costs in 
future. The great advantage 
of the Worksop site is its 
excelling location, which 
provides good access to both 
the M1 motorway and A1M 
A related benefit is the 
proximity of the site to a 
good quality labour force. 
A working age population 
of 50,000 are located within a 15 minute 
drive, with a pool of over 550,00 workers 
within a commutable 45 minute drive. 
The development has been put together 
to a high quality specification, bringing 
a number of advantages. The building has 
a 12 clear internal height and 50 KN/M2 
floor loading. 4 level access doors and 32 
dock level doors provide easy access for 
goods. Together with a 50m yard and 89 
HGV/trailer parking spaces this ensures 
that large distribution organisations will 
have maximal space to carry out their 
The site is fully secured and has gatehouse 
controlled security. The workforce are 
accommodated with 220 car parking 
spaces and a substantial amount of 
office space. In addition, power is partly 
provided by a wind turbine newly 
installed on-site. 

The developers are willing to consider 
flexible lease terms or a freehold sale. 
They are also willing to structure deals to 
include a high level building fit out, at the 
landlord’s cost. 
One of a kind 
For fast access to Bristol port and to the 
UK motorway network (less than 5 miles 
from J18/18a of the M5/M49), GE Capital 
have financed a 550,000 ft 
new build 
cross dock logistics unit. Crossflow550 is an 
impressive new warehouse/distribution 
facility located in the 
distribution hub of Cabot Park, 
and is the only cross-docked 
facility of over half a million ft 

in the south of England 
This is also built to a high 
quality specification with 50 
dock level doors and 8 level 
access doors. The building has 
a 12m clear internal height and 
50KN/M2 Floor loading. 

The site has 2 50m access yards, 
both secure and gatehouse 
controlled to ensure the safety 
of your fleet. 172 HGV spaces 
and 403 car parking spaces are 
provided for amply. 
GE Real Estate are willing to consider a 
flexible disposal strategy, both in terms of 
lease structure, building size and fit out. 
The final arrangement could be either 
leasehold or freehold. 
Due to the size of the developement they 
are also willing to divide it and put 
200,000 ft 
on offer to prospective buyers. 
GE are prepared to fund a full building fit 
out, including racking (although this is 
dependent upon exact lease terms ), so as 
to provide a low CAP EX solution for an 
Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 | 27 
p27.indd 27 2/4/2013 5:38:53 PM 
28 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
The loading bay area is a place 
where efficiencies can be made or 
lost. Choosing the right industrial 
doors is therefore an important 
purchase specification decision. 
Logistics Business reports. 
Alstom Power Systems is a global leader 
in the construction of power stations and 
their components. Precision is essential, 
particularly in terms of turbine assembly. 
To keep a consistent temperature in 
the halls without increased energy 
consumption, Alstom decided to use high- 
speed doors from Efaflex to modernise 
their production. 
“Cast parts very quickly change their size 
in differences of temperature,” explains 
Ewald Felbinger. He is responsible for 
the field of building technology in the 
Infrastructure division. “For this reason, 
a constant temperature of 21 
C must be 
maintained. We cannot afford to open 
2 doors at the same time, as we would 
immediately have a draught, which would 
cause too great a temperature difference. 
In addition, welding cannot be carried out 
in a draught.” 
For this reason, some of the total of 53 
Efaflex doors are already integrated into 
gating solutions. In those places where 
gates are impossible for structural and 
production reasons, the high-speed doors 
ensure that the halls are only subject to 
cold air, or too warm air in the summer, 
for very short periods of time. According 
to Rolf Linke, the rapidity of the doors is 
important. In the infrastructure division, 
he is responsible for the maintenance of 
all electrical systems. “In the production 
department, we have doors which have 
to complete about 250 opening cycles 
per day. With other doors, it would be 
constantly cold in the production areas 
during the winter.” 
System advantages 
The high-speed doors are no problem 
for forklift drivers. “There is no forklift 
that is faster than an Efaflex door.” After 
the planners at Alstom had researched 
with several door manufacturers, the 
decision was made for the Bruckberg- 
based specialists and their high-speed 
industrial doors. As well as the sales team 
and customer service, Alstom has a direct 
contact in the factory, which makes work 
noticeably easier. 
“We worked together on the special 
task, and Efaflex further developed 
certain door solutions for us,” reports 
Ewald Felbinger. One requirement of the 
Alstom technicians was frame covers, 
which can also be opened by the in-house 
technicians. “Efaflex implemented all 
specifications and became familiar with 
exactly what was important for our 
production department.” 
In the halls, where there is lots of cross 
traffic in front of the doors, contact loops 
are replaced by the Efa-Scan laser scanner. 
The scanners detect considerably faster 
when the door must be opened and leave 
the doors closed to cross traffic. 
Felbinger and Linke have a very good 
relationship with the Efaflex technicians. 
“With so many doors, problems can always 
arise,” says 
we have 
how to 
When we 
try out 
new, I am 
about what 
can be 
done with 
the door 
The technicians and planners at Alstom 
also know that they can rely on their door 
suppliers in the future. This is important 
for a global company that offers such 
specialised products. The company offers 
services, such as repairs, maintenance, 
replacement parts and on-site servicing 
as well as market-driven renovations and 
modernisations for all products. One more 
reason to expect uncompromising services 
from its partners and suppliers as well, 
like Efaflex. Felbinger summarises, “In 
terms of technology, the doors are already 
first-class. But the reliable service puts the 
icing on the cake for what we intend to be 
a relationship spanning many years.” 
Fast-acting doors 
Union Industries, the UK market leading 
manufacturer of industrial rapid roll 
doors, has completed a second installation 
at CDS Hackner GmbH in Germany. 
The Leeds-based company, which designs, 
manufactures, installs and maintains 
its own range of fast acting doors, has 
installed a further 2 heavy duty Eiger 
Doors as part of an extension and 
refurbishment project at the company’s 
site in Crailsheim. 
Rapid door innovation 
p28.indd 28 28/01/2013 16:42:34 
Jonas 1200 
up to 13,200 m 
Jonas 1500 
up to 16,200 m 
Jonas 1900 
up to 25,000 m 
Jonas 800 
up to 7,200 m²/h 
Jonas 900 
up to 7,200 m²/h 
Jonas 980 
up to 7,200 m²/h 
Hako-Jonas 800 
When the task at hand is dust-free cleaning of small and 
medium-size areas, you simply cannot sidestep the new Hako-Jonas 800. 
Its overlapping side-brooms access nearly every corner and don’t miss a spot 
even when cornering. The robust steel frame design in heavy-duty-quality makes 
the Hako-Jonas 800 the perfect machine for professional use! 
Find out more – at 
or send an email to 
The smal l est ri de-on vacuum sweeper 
i n “Made-by-Hako”-qual i ty 
Discover the Hako-Jonas series and find just 
the right model for your sweeping tasks: 
Hako GmbH · 23840 Bad Oldesloe · Germany · Phone +49 (0) 45 31- 806 0 
19. – 21. 2. 2013 
Hall 8, Stand 411 

We look forward 
to your visit! 
Cleaning technology · Municipal technology 
130211-120771-HAKO-AZ-GB-A5-12-Portfolio-Jonas800_LBM1.indd 1 24.01.13 13:36 
Cleaner means faster. 
Nowadays, cleanliness plays an important role for the logistics and transport business. 
And time is still money. Rapidly increasing handling rates and growing storage 
areas require reliable, fast and efficient cleaning solutions. Easy to use, robust and 
low maintenance. From high-pressure cleaners to scrubber driers and sweepers. 
From Kärcher. For clear aisles. Kärcher eco!efficiency – achieve more with less. 
130110_AD_LOGIMAT_2013_210x148_5_03.indd 1 11.01.13 15:30 
p29.indd 29 28/01/2013 17:09:37 
30 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Union Industries introduced its 
revolutionary Eiger Door to the German 
cold storage market in 2008. Union 
installed its first Eiger Door at CDS 
Hackner’s meat processing and sausage 
manufacturing facility. Due to the hygiene 
requirements of the site, the Eiger Door 
was finished to a full non-standard 
stainless steel specification. One of the 
new installations was fitted to replace an 
existing problematic sliding insulated 
door between a chilled loading dock and a 
cold store area. The other door, 3.0m wide 
x 5.0m high was installed on an opening to 
the new cold store extension. 
Both Eiger Doors, which were fitted 
by Union Industries’ UK engineers, are 
operated by radio control, which opens 
the doors independently to their full 
height. They also have pull cords for use 
by pedestrians with hand pallet trucks, 
which open each door to approximately 
3.0m high, rather than the full height in an 
effort to save energy. 
Union’s rapid roll Eiger Door provides 
a superior alternative to the traditional 
sliding insulated type doors and also 
various other types of fast-acting freezer 
doors that are appearing on the market 
to try and compete with the Eiger. After 
opening at approximately 1.6m/s, Eiger 
Door closes automatically after a short 
dwell time, which allows for continuous 
traffic flow without compromising the 
freezer temperature. Warm air ingress into 
the freezer is drastically reduced so the 
normal build-up of ice and frost around 
the doorway is prevented. 
Michael Hackner, Managing Director 
at CDS Hackner, 
said: “We have been 
extremely pleased 
with the quality 
and efficiency 
of the doors, 
hence our recent 
installations. We 
were also extremely 
impressed with the 
of the engineers 
that fitted our new 
Alan Hirst, Sales Director at Union 
Industries said, “the Eiger Door has 
completely changed the freezer door 
market and a growing number of 
companies across Europe are benefiting 
from its unique design and reliable 
operations. Our industrial rapid roll doors 
have gained outstanding reputation in a 
range of multi-purpose manufacturing 
and distribution environments. This recent 
installation shows yet another example of 
exceptional service by Union Industries, 
which explains why approximately 70% 
of our annual sales come from existing 
Vehicle restraint 
The Combilok vehicle restraint system 
from Stertil Stokvis supports the safe 
loading and unloading of vehicles 
within thousands of loading bays 
throughout Europe. Communication 
between drivers and distribution 
personnel in loading bays can be 
poor. The Combilok was developed 
exclusively to reduce the risk of 
unintentional vehicle movement 
on loading bays and offers a ‘safety 
net’ against poor communication by 
holding vehicles in one place until 
loading or unloading is completed. 
Not only does this improve safety, it also 
eliminates damage to expensive goods and 
equipment and helps guard against theft. 
During operation, the Combilok is fully 
interlocked: the loading bay door cannot 
be opened until the Combilok is in 
position and the Combilok cannot 
be released until the door is closed 
again and it is safe to drive away. 
Totally automatic in operation, 
the Combilok also overcomes any 
language difficulties that may arise 
with drivers delivering worldwide. 
Next Distribution chose Stertil 
Stokvis to provide vehicle 
restraint systems at each of its 
12 UK distribution centres. The 
company trialled a number of 
competitive units over the course of a year 
and the Combilok performed the most 
successfully. Stertil Stokvis has installed 
a total of 260 Combilok units at every 
loading bay serving Next’s sites which 
are responsible for almost a million dock 
movements annually. The company has 
also specified another 4 Combiloks for 
installation at a new recycling centre. 

Providing unrivalled efficiency and 
reliability, the Combilok helps companies 
to fulfil their health and safety obligations 
in loading bays. The system accommodates 
most types of commercial vehicles 
including those with tail lifts. Stertil 
Stokvis has also designed the Combilok 
system with a minimal number of moving 
parts thus making it safe, simple and 
inexpensive both to install and maintain. 
p30.indd 30 29/01/2013 09:34:31 
The Flexi AC range takes 
the art of storing more to a 
new level. Articulated action 
means it can work in very 
narrow aisles - increasing 
warehouse capacity by up 
to 50%. 
And with its ability to load 
and unload vehicles and 
deliver to racking in one 
operation, Flexi eliminates 
double handling, reducing 
costs by up to 50%! 
Add its industry-leading 
features, designed to increase 
safety and enhance 
performance, and it’s easy to 
see how Flexi’s productivity 
is able to ensure you achieve 
optimum proftability in your 
T: 0121 557 6242 E: 
Articulated effciency from F L E X I N A R R O W A I S L E 
Optimise warehouse proftability faster 
with Europe’s most popular articulated truck. 
Save Space - (and money) Fast. 
more space! 
less handling! 

• 1.6m aisle performance 
• 230° articulation 
• AC technology 
p31.indd 31 28/01/2013 17:46:50 
Following its acquisition of Gefco, 
Russian Railway Logistics are on 
the map of Europe-Asia logistics 
management, and not just for 
Since the failure of the Commonwealth 
of Independent States (CIS) as an 
integrating superpower in the post- 
Soviet era the former Soviet Republics 
were left in a confused state and spent 
almost two decades on economic and 
political recovery. For this reason 
the Eurasian Customs Union (ECU), 
initiated as the CIS replacement, has 
been perceived as an economic union 
with potential, no matter if it reaches the 
European level of political and monetary 
integration or not. 
It is expected that trading activity, 
between Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, 
which entered the ECU in January 2012, 
will strengthen. The main tasks ahead 
are to create a free trade zone, common 
customs and single market for goods, 
services and capital, to eliminate non- 
tariff barriers and to agree on laws at 
the national levels. Moreover, due to 
the acceleration of trading activity 
between Europe and China, the role of 
ECU becomes more important due to its 
geopolitical location as a transport bridge 
of 11,000km of railways, 20 days by road or 
45 days by sea. Recently railway transport 
has become more favourable as it reduces 
time spent on cargo delivery. 
Russian Railways Logistics (RZDL), 
which is a key player in the logistics 
market serving the Europe-Asia route, 
has announced data which demonstrated 
transportation volume growth (including 
local and international) to 3.3m tons of 
cargo in 2012, compared to 1.5m tons in 
The potential of Eurasian integration is 
expected to develop with the accession 
of other former Soviet countries in the 
region stretched up to the EU in the West, 
to Iran, Syria and Turkey, and Mongolia 
to the East, which will greatly expand the 
Eurasian logistics market with new transit 
routes and final 
While the 3 
current member 
countries work 
on ambitious 
projects and 
start joint- 
ventures, issues 
exist regarding 
customs and 
regulations as 
Kazakhstan and 
Russia are in the process of accession to 
the World Trade Organization and have to 
ratify its laws and later to harmonize them 
at the ECU level. 
A significant development in the Eurasian 
logistics market in 2012 was simplification 
of the procedure of shipment to far- 
away destinations. The new solution 
introduced by RZDL was delivery with 
CIM/SMGS Common Consignment 
note. The document is issued both in 
paper and electronic form and fulfils EU 
requirements for prior authorization 
through the Eurasian rail corridor 
to countries like China, Kazakhstan, 
Mongolia and Russia. 
This will save clients’ time and money as 
it eliminates the charges for re-issuing the 
CIM consignment note at each border 
crossing, as well as reduces potential 
delays and speeds up the certification 
process. In the upcoming years 
transportation via Russia may be reduced 
to 7 days, while travel time between the 2 
continents may be shortened from 21-22 
days (for the Duisburg-Chongqing route) 
to 15-17 days. 
Another important step is the creation of 
‘1520 space’ linking Europe and Asia as the 
1520mm gauge of the railways in Russia 
and the CIS differs from the European and 
Chinese ‘standard’ gauge of 1435mm. 
Changing gauges 
32 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
p32.indd 32 28/01/2013 14:24:41 
Discover the future of 
logistics. With the newest 
impetus for your success. 
As the world’s leading exhibition for logistics, mobility, IT and supply 
chain management, transport logistic is the industry’s most important 
gathering again in 2013. 
International, transaction-oriented business platform 
Innovations and trends along the entire value chain 
First-rate program of related events with forums, 
conferences and country specials 
A must-attend event for your future success! 
Order your ticket online now: 
Messe München, Germany 
June 4– 7, 2013 
TL13_Besucher_210x297_E.indd 1 10.01.13 15:04 
p33.indd 33 28/01/2013 17:49:02 
34 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Difference in the gauges slows the speed 
on the route between the EU-China and 
Trans-Siberian Railway and cargo has to 
be transferred to a different train at the 
national border. 
Increased traffic on Europe-Asia axis 
demands logistics services to be more 
competitive in regards to time, quality, 
transport infrastructure and capacity. 
The significance of railroad transport has 
increased vis-a-vis sea freight because the 
carrying capacity of sea vessels cannot 
increase at the same pace as transportation 
volumes. Based on market demands RZDL 
introduced intermodal transportation by 
integrating different modes and offered 
its customers (mainly manufactures 
from the East) container train service on 
the East-West route, and a full range of 
logistics services including terminal and 
warehouse handling, customs clearance 
and supply chain management. 
Diversification of the service portfolio 
and the possibility of undertaking more 
complex projects has become possible 
due to closer cooperation between 
governments and companies. A number 
of joint projects with RZDL participation 
have appeared on the Eurasian logistics 
• Russian Railways Holding (RZD), 
the parent company of RZDL, signed a 
memorandum to develop transport and 
logistics with Kazakhstan Temir Jholy 
and Belarusian Railways, which envisages 
the creation of a joint transport and 
logistics company with RZDL controlling 
rolling stock and terminal storage 
facilities and providing attractive transit 
solutions. Currently the southern routes 
destined to Iran and Turkey are services 
based on the cooperation of RZDL with 
customs brokerage center Zhibek Zholy 
in Kazakhstan, which offers customs 
clearance, terminal handling, transport 
and forwarding and transshipment 
• In 2012 RZDL introduced several 
joint ventures including a container 
train Europe-Asia, a joint project 
with international container transit 
transportation operator Far East 
Land Bridge (FELB). Since signing the 
agreement RZDL aims to develop transit 
potential and to organize integrated 
services for transportation of transit cargo 
on the China-Europe route via Zabaykalsk, 
• Last year RZDL initiated freight 
forwarding services from Saudi Arabia, 
Thailand, Malaysia, China and South 
Korea through Dostyk, 
the border crossing 
point in Kazakhstan. This 
option offers a full range 
of services including 
container provision at 
the port of departure, 
sea freight to Qingdao 
and Lianyungang ports in 
China, port forwarding, 
freight forwarding in Chinese Railways 
containers, customs clearance, providing 
hauling stock and reloading into broad- 
gauge railway carriage, plus freight 
forwarding in CIS countries. 
Closer cooperation within the ECU has 
led to the diversification of transport 
routes and in the future it will allow new 
transport corridors from Europe through 
the Baltic State, Belarus, Russia and 
Kazakhstan to far-away destinations in the 
Persian Gulf, Middle East and the rest of 
the world. This North-South international 
transport corridor is based on the direct 
rail link between Russia and Iran in 
the Caspian Sea region and is expected 
to reach 25-26m tons by 2015. Another 
corridor is the trans-continental East-West 
route to the Far East, Mongolia and China, 
the backbone of which is the Moscow- 
Vladivostok Trans-Siberian route. 

Due to the current trend of freight 
volume growth new industrial facilities 
and railway projects, partnerships 
between state-owned companies and 
private terminal owners and the opening 
of new transport corridors preferences 
have shifted from sea to railway traffic. 
In order to meet global standards and 
to raise competitiveness on the logistics 
market RZDL plans to upgrade its services 
to 3PL and the one-stop-shop principle 
and to offer its customers door-to-door 
services. Among other objectives of the 
company for 2013 is to reach operational 
excellence and to expand the portfolio 
of services by developing further the 
business of its subsidiaries and joint 
ventures, including YuXinOu in China, 
Euro Rail Trans company in Latvia and Far 
East Land Bridge (FELB) in Austria. 
p34.indd 34 28/01/2013 14:29:05 
R E G I O N A L P R O F I L E 
Dunkirk offers essential advantages for distribution. 
Ideally situated near the city of Lille, in the heart of the 
London-Paris-Brussels triangle and a market of more 
than 100 million consumers, DUNKIRK has made the 
most of its geographic location and its excellent road 
and rail links to develop logistics and distribution 
activities in the port. 
• The logistics warehouses are very close to the container 
terminal and the Ro-Ro services to Great Britain. 
• Its geographic location is ideal for serving London and 
south-east England, Benelux and north-eastern France. 
• DUNKIRK is a major centre for the distribution of fruit 
and other goods imported by sea and for distribution 
to Great Britain. 
• Throughout the DUNKIRK logistics area, all operations 
in private warehouses are carried out by the operator’s 
own staff. 
• More than 120,000 m² of warehouses are already 
installed in the Western Port. 
Transdek mezzanine Čoor 
lifts set the standard 
For the safe, ef6cient and reliable movement of 
products between Čoors in warehouses, self storage 
units, retail outlets and factories. 
Based on Transdek’s unique surface-mounted design, our mezzanine 
floor lifts avoid costly and time consuming pit installations and 
offer best-value access to mezzanine storage areas. 
1.5 days to install – free-standing, no pits 
Modern, compact design – no motor room 
Competitive pricing and low maintenance 
High quality – stress engineered, 
conforms to LOLER, PUWER and 
Machinery Directive 
Comprehensive safety features 
For more information visit 
or call Transdek +44 (0)1302 752276 
Mezz.indd 1 1/5/12 17:14:42 
Project1_Layout 1 1/3/13 12:54 PM Page 1 
p35.indd 35 31/01/2013 11:08:25 
36 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Whatever your line of business 
there is a need for security in the 
supply chain. Whether its round 
the warehouse or crossing cargo 
across an ocean, there are always 
challenges to security. In today’s 
globalized economy, the safe 
movement of goods across seas 
could never be more important. 
Logistics Business takes a deeper 
Thousands of hostages have suffered 
during the last years at the hands of 
criminal gangs of pirates. The freedom of 
movement on the high seas is one of the 
most long-lasting traditions and today’s 
economy relies on unhindered sea routes. 
Piracy is spreading rapidly from its 
Somalian roots across the Indian Ocean 
as far as the Gulf of Guinea, Bangladesh 
and Indonesia. Maritime criminals are 
becoming more audacious, more violent, 
better equipped and more adept. The 
wind-down of the EUNAFOR’s naval 
presence in the Gulf of Aden in 2014 is 
likely to coincide with a major escalation 
in piracy in the Indian Ocean. In this 
theatre of operations piracy still remains 
a serious threat to some of the world’s 
busiest shipping routes. 
Naval-grade private convoy protection 
firm, Typhon recently launched its marine 
convoy escort service. This service enables 
ship operators to transit the Gulf of 
Aden, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean in 
unprecedented safety while saving time 
and money. 
The Gulf of 
Guinea has no UK, 
Naval presence, 
maritime crime is 
escalating and is 
spiralling to such 
levels that the UN 
Security Council 
has recognised it as 
a specific threat to international security. 
The Integrated Protection Model starts 
by detecting any threats of piracy at long 
range – this is done onshore in Typhon’s 
Operations Centre in the UAE. It enables 
Typhon to conduct their transit safely 
through the network of pirate action 
groups – and advise clients of necessary 
course adjustments to avoid known 
trouble hot spots. 
With Typhon’s service, close protection 
vessels (CPVs) shadow client vessels using 
its ‘umbrella concept’, which consists of 
surveillance, detection and early warning 
capabilities to identify and assess any 
likely or suspected threats. Through early 
detection, Typhon will be able to deter a 
pirate threat before it becomes a danger. 
The convoys travel in a protected 
‘envelope’ which makes it extremely 
difficult for the pirates to enter the 
‘Protection Zone’ to launch an attack. 
Typhon’s policy is always to seek to 
de-fuse and de-escalate any violence. 
Anthony Sharp, CEO of Typhon, 
said, “Typhon was created in order 
to address the specific threat 
from pirates in a number of key 
geographies. The areas we will 
protect are too vast for current naval 
resources to monitor effectively and 
this will be an even bigger issue when 
Operation Atlanta comes to an end. 
With millions paid out in ransoms to 
pirates and much more money lost 
by businesses in fuel costs avoiding 
pirates, it is important that businesses 
are granted a safer passage with their 
cargo through dangerous waters. 
The benefits to business will be 
Keep good watch 
A leading developer of rapid 
deployment video security solutions, 
VDT Direct, has announced the 
immediate availability of a new, all-in-one 
rapid deployment video alarm solution. 
The VDT Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) 
(pictured) is compatible with most control 
room systems using multi-client software 
and is fully integrated with Sentinel Plus, a 
UK leading alarm monitoring solutions. 
According to Clive Mason, MD of VDT 
Direct, “This all-in-one video alarm has 
been developed in response to demands 
from installers for a solution that is quick 
and easy to deploy and just requires 
power. It uses best of breed components 
to deliver class leading performance and 
has the resilience to meet the surveillance 
requirements of organisations in any 
outdoor environment.”, 

A sweet sort of theft 
In the news 
The New York times recently reported that 
thieves, with access to a warehouse and a 
load of time on their hands, made off with 
$18m worth of maple syrup. 
Lt. Guy Lapointe of the Sûreté du Québec, 
the police force that led the investigation, 
said that the thieves rented another portion 
of the warehouse for an unrelated business, 
enabling them to drive large trucks into 
the building.“They were basically inside 
guys,” he said. “The leader wasn’t with 
the federation, but he had access to the 
warehouse that would not attract any 
suspicion.” When no one else was around, 
the thieves gradually began emptying 
syrup barrels. Some Quebec news reports 
indicated that they also filled some barrels 
with water to disguise the theft. 
Their work was discovered when inspectors 
found a few empty barrels. The full extent 
of the theft, he said, became clear once the 
police arrived. Like many thieves, the maple 
syrup gang was faced with how to unload 
a large quantity of a commodity that is not 
easily moved. 
p36.indd 36 1/30/2013 4:07:56 PM 
Hall 7, B525 
Beyond Logistics 
Australia • China • Czech Republic • France 
Hungary • India • Ireland • Japan • Korea 
Malaysia • Mexico • Netherlands 
Singapore • Taiwan • United States 
Returns, Repair, 
Customer Care 
The world’s leading companies rely on ModusLink for global supply chain 
management. From a single program to complete end-to-end solutions, we 
can seamlessly integrate with your existing manufacturing, transportation 
and business systems. Contact us to review your supply chain issues and 
learn how we can go beyond logistics to improve your operations. 
Spanning the world. RÖDER ZVS GmbH 
+49 6049 7000 
Temporary warehouses and insulated storage halls in several span 
widths and variable lengths. Halls and structures in any size, for 
all occasions, at any location. RÖDER structures are cost-effective 
solutions for your temporary space problem! 
01_04_02_08_ROEDER-halfpage.indd 1 16.10.2012 18:27:32 
p37.indd 37 28/01/2013 18:16:39 
The global desire of ports to attract 
container lines might be forcing 
break-bulk and ro/ro-shipping to 
the margins in many locations but 
the Seaports of Niedersachsen see this 
structural shift as an opportunity 
to be relished. 
According to Andreas Bullwinkel, a 
spokesman for the ports’ umbrella 
organization, these shifts are to be 
welcomed and can only profit the 9 ports 
operating under the brand ‘Seaports of 
“We are seeing positive changes in the 
break-bulk and ro/ro-market. Figures are 
increasing – and we are happy about it. 
The reasons for these increases are that 
more and more ports are concentrating on 
containerized cargoes only and simply, do 
not have the necessary space, equipment 
and staff for a proper break-bulk and 
ro/ro-handling. Our ports, however, are 
specialized in both of these segments and 
benefiting consequently from this trend,” 
says Bullwinkel. 
Break-bulk forms approximately 30-35% 
of overall traffic, though the figure varies 
from port to port. Whilst in ro/ro the port 
of Emden is no.3 in Europe and Cuxhaven, 
the second Niedersachsen player, in this 
field, is also developing strongly. The 
group of ports, which comprises Brake, 
Cuxhaven, Emden, Leer, Nordenham, 
Oldenburg, Papenburg, Stade and 
Wilhelmshaven, offer weekly scheduled 
sailings to worldwide destinations via 
regular liner services plus numerous 
sailings on charter basis. 
Managers at the port group are not 
passively waiting for break-bulk to 
come to them. New initiatives are being 
developed to boost break-bulk and ro/ 
ro-traffic. “A lot of things are currently 
going on in our ports. In the project- 
sector the current developments with 
regard to the on- and especially offshore- 
wind energy industry is breathtaking,” 
Bullwinkel adds. 

The federal state of Niedersachsen was 
one of the first along the North-Sea coast 
to develop port-infrastructures for these 
unbelievably huge and heavy pieces, 
which can reach weights of up to 1500 
tons, heights of 50m or length of up to 
100m. The growing regenerative energy 
market is one of the most promising 
business opportunities for the terminal 
operators of this port group. 
The same is true for the ro/ro and 
automotive business in the ports of 
Emden and Cuxhaven. Figures year after 
year go from one record to another. The 
port of Emden is already Europe’s no 3 in 
automotive shipping – with a clear trend 
to contiune, and Cuxhaven is 
following in the same direction. 
“We are very proud, that the 
really demanding German 
automotive industry has chosen 
our ports as partner for their 
first class products. And other 
producers are following,” says 
“Seaports represent currently the third 
biggest ports group in Germany, which 
handled in 2012 in total 50m tons, just 
behind Hamburg, and the ports of 
Bremen/Bremerhaven. “And we have 
excellent growth opportunities for the 
coming years,” Bullwinkel explains. Not 
only in the field of conventional cargo 
handling and ro/ro, but also in respect of 
deep-sea container shipping. “We closed 
the ‘missing link’ of container shipments, 
which we hadn’t substantially in the past. 
Last September, the Container-Terminal 
Wilhelmshaven opened the so called 
‘JadeWeserPort’. This container terminal, 
operated by Eurogate, has been built 
for ultra large container carriers of the 
latest generation, vessels with capacities 
for 14,000+ TEUS. Wilhelmshaven is the 
only port in Germany which can handle 
them fully-loaded and free of any tide 
restrictions. This new opportunity will 
give our port group a substantial boost 
and slingshot our total turnover up to 
100m tons within the forthcoming 6-8 
years, together with the expected growth 
on break-bulk and ro/ro-sectors. 
“The organization Seaports of 
Niedersachsen offers a neutral advantage 
to shippers and forwarders,” says 
Bullwinkel. “We act as a first, neutral, focal 
point on traffic and guarantee that all 
enquiries reach the relevant companies in 
our ports and that potential customers are 
receiving the valuable information they 
need for their decisions. “This gives our 
clients the benefit of receiving more than 
one offer and full information, so they can 
decide which is the best.” 
Missing link in Saxony 
38 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
p38.indd 38 28/01/2013 14:54:29 
Instant Storage Buildings 
Loading Canopies & Warehouses 
Contact HTS INDUSTRIAL today and learn more about our INSTANT BUILDINGS. 
German sales ofce: +49 (0) 60 49 95 100 
UK & Ireland sales ofce: +44 (0) 870 242 6056 
French sales ofce: +33 (0) 388 591 668 
Email enquiries: 
• HIRE or BUY for complete business flexibility. 
• Can be installed directly at your facility within 2 weeks. 
• Available in multiple sizes to suit all operational needs. 
• A cost effective solution with no need for expensive ground-works. 
• Manufactured in-house and available for installation throughout Europe. 
p39.indd 39 28/01/2013 18:19:01 
Although there are 4 main modes of 
transport, road-based distribution 
still predominates in Europe. 
Flexible operations are key, as 
Logistics Business reports. 
At IMHX Birmingham next month, 
specialist vehicle manufacturer Terberg 
DTS (UK) will, for the first time, be 
exhibiting details of its recently- 
introduced range of truck-mounted 
forklifts that are being marketed under 
the Terberg Kinglifter brand (see 
image). The model range fits all 
popular makes of trailer and rigid 
bodywork available in the UK and 
Ireland, and are renowned for 
their lightweight construction and 
proven versatility. 
Manufactured at the company’s 
Terberg Kinglifter plant in 
Holland, the new range of 
Kinglifter truck-mounted forklifts 
comprise 3 models: Kinglifter 
S, Kinglifter M and Kinglifter MC and 
coinciding with this launch, Terberg DTS 
now have demonstration units of all model 
types available for customer evaluation. 
The addition of the Kinglifter range is 
an ideal fit in the 2013 Terberg product 
and services portfolio. Kinglifter appeals 
not only to existing customers but also 
to potential new customers. Terberg DTS 
has a 24/7, 365-day aftersales support 
operation of engineers and high parts 
availability throughout the working life of 
all products supplied by the company. 
According to Alisdair Couper, Managing 
Director at Terberg DTS, “with many years 
of proven experience working in mixed 
applications across Europe, the Kinglifter 
product range is well regarded for its 
productivity and cost effectiveness. The 
defining feature of these forklifts is their 
outstanding power-to-weight ratio and we 
anticipate that the Kinglifter range will be 
very well received.” 
Terberg DTS are suppliers of shunting 
tractors, terminal tractors, aviation 
equipment and specialist vehicles and, 
as Couper adds, “the introduction 
of the Kinglifter range in the UK 
provides operators with a portable and 
independent loading and unloading 
system for vehicles, saving time and 
enabling customers to provide a versatile 
service when and where needed, with 
minimal rear overhang in transit.” 
Joint ventures 
“Make more vigorous steps towards 
the East.” Such was an appeal launched 
by Mr Vsevolod Arkhipov, Director of 
Transconsult BV office in Belarus, to the 
participants of the Dutch-Belarusian 
Business Forum 2012. 
His words are well grounded by the 
history of Transconsult Groningen, the 
Netherlands, an active player in the 
transport and forwarding market of 
Eastern Europe since 2003. Transconsult 
takes pride in 
analysing the 10 years 
of its experience 
and achievements. 
The company, that 
started as a freight 
forwarder for European 
manufacturers’ cargoes, 
placed the emphasis 
on transport towards 
the countries of the 
former Soviet Union, 
and on setting up an entire supply chain, 
including customs services, on the 
Poland–Belarus border. 
Within 10 years Transconsult has built 
a multinational structure, including 
transport and forwarding subsidiaries 
in Belarus: Brest, Miarcon, Minsk, and 
the Slavavto transport and forwarding 
company in Smolensk, Russia. The joint 
fleet of the Transconsult group is currently 
43 trucks, with 10 more new vehicles 
scheduled for purchase this year. These 
are DAF vehicles produced between 
2008 and 2012, EURO-5 compliant, 
CMR-insured. All the companies are 
listed in the national customs carrier 
registers, which enables them to 
deliver high-value goods convoy-free 
to Russian/Belarusian consignees. 
Freight forwarders’ risks are insured 
with TT Club, London. 
Transconsult Poland, advantageously 
located right at the border of Poland 
and Belarus, offers a wide range of 
customs services, including issue of CMR, 
packing lists, customs guarantee for 
truck transit via Europe and electronic 
preliminary informing. Transconsult’s 
latest challenge is DAF truck sales and 
service for Belarusian and Russian 
transport companies. It took time for 
DAF to weigh all ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ but 
in December the contract was signed 
granting official DAF Service Partner 
status to the company. 
Back on the road 
40 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
p40.indd 40 28/01/2013 14:58:48 
We now deliver 
to our retail outlets from 
4 a.m. with silent 
refrigerated containers. 
Peter Dorne 
Logistics Manager 
Portable insulated containers 
for transport of chilled or 
frozen products. 
Hold temperature for 
24 hours or more. 
30 different models 
to meet your needs. 
fuel saver, 
cost saver, 
rapid power 
Meet us from 12 – 14 March 2013: 
TOC Asia, Hong Kong, booth C26 
p41.indd 41 29/01/2013 12:03:11 
42 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Logistics Business brings you the 
latest news in the transport & 
distribution sector. Don’t forget to 
send us your stories to 
Certification approval 
A leading global logistics provider, 
Agility, recently acquired ISO 9001:2008 
certification for its Area East region, which 
includes Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan 
and Turkmenistan. The certification 
was presented by GlobalGROUP, an 
internationally accredited third-party 
certification and inspection body. The 
certification covers all Agility activities in 
its Area East region. 
“We are proud to have been awarded 
the ISO 9001:2008 certification,” said 
Alexandra Ogar, Chief Quality and 
Information Manager, Agility, Area East, 
Europe. “This certification solidifies 
the mission of each Agility employee to 
provide the highest standard of quality 
management to our customers.” 
This certification follows previous awards 
including ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 
18001:2007 in Italy as well as ISO 14001:2008 
in Slovakia. 
Going cold and colder 
Fresh pork and meat supplier, Pinkertons 
acquired sandwich maker and hot food 
specialist, Ashwood Agencies, last year. 
Whereas previously Pinkertons had 
only distributed products at chilled 
temperatures, it now needed to transport 
frozen foods as well. While Pinkertons 
delivers throughout Ireland, most of 
Ashwood Agencies’ customers were 
located in and around Belfast. To maximise 
efficiency, the company resolved to invest 
in its first, dual-temperature (chilled and 
frozen) vehicle to serve the city. 

Sales Manager David Gibson explained, 
this presented Pinkertons with a 
quandary: “We were taking on an entirely 
new type of business and uncertain as to 
how quickly it would take off, and how 
much fresh and how much frozen product 
we would have to carry. For this reason 
we were keen to make the load area in 
our new vehicle as flexible as possible, 
so we could deal with a range of volume 
The solution, as developed by Gray & 
Adams (Ireland), is a movable, 2-piece 
‘mattress’ bulkhead, complete with 
integral door, which can be positioned 
between shelving modules to create either 
50:50 or 75:25 splits in the cargo area. 
This allows Pinkertons to configure the 
vehicle to suit the load, while also offering 
excellent insulation properties so that 
temperature integrity is maintained. 
The bulkhead can be removed altogether 
for single-temperature operation, while its 
PVC finish also means it is easily cleaned, 
an important feature when transporting 
food. Gray & Adams’ insulated box body 
wears an eye-catching livery and is fitted 
with a ThermoKing T-800R Spectrum 
refrigeration unit. 
A successful 2012 
Norbert Dentressangle’s consolidated 
annual turnover for the 2012 financial year 
amounted to €3,880 million, equivalent to 
+8.5% growth compared to the turnover 
figures reported in 2011. For 2012 as a 
whole, organic growth remained stable. 
The last quarter saw a satisfactory level 
of business with +4.6% turnover growth 
compared to the fourth quarter of 2011. 
Norbert Dentressangle now conducts 59% 
of its business outside France, compared to 
55% in 2011. The UK, which is the group’s 
second most important country in terms 
of turnover, now accounts for almost 32% 
of its total sales. 
Hervé Montjotin, CEO, said: “Norbert 
Dentressangle maintained its growth 
dynamic throughout the 2012 financial 
year, despite a worsening and more 
volatile economic environment. The 
targeted acquisitions that we achieved this 
year have consolidated our international 
positions in terms of freight forwarding 
and logistics.” 
Special container for new centre 

LeanLogistics, a global solutions provider 
of transportation management system 
(TMS) applications and supply chain 
services, recently completed a successful 
implementation of On-Demand TMS for 
CHEP’s European operations to drive 
transportation savings that positively 
impacted CHEP’s profitability. 
CHEP uses On-Demand TMS for 
centralization of logistics management, 
seamless integration with SAP, 
procurement and fleet management, as 
well as appointment and dock scheduling. 
The overall scope of LeanLogistics’ 
implementation covered 22 countries, 
more than 700 freight carriers, 1000 
multilingual users as well as national and 
international freight flows for CHEP’s 
pallet and container operations serving 
the automotive, consumer goods and 
manufacturing industries. 
VP of Logistics for Europe, Enrique Garcia, 
said: “With On-Demand TMS, CHEP is 
benefitting from efficiency gains and 
transportation savings that are serving our 
entire organization.” 

News: in transport 
p42.indd 42 2/1/2013 10:04:01 AM 
D I S T R I B U T I O N & L O G I S T I C S 
Partner with a 
At Goodman we specialise in owning, developing 
and managing logistics property worldwide. 
With over 14 million m 
of space under 
management and an extensive development 
pipeline we have the global reach and expertise 
to support your business growth. 
Its not just our telescopic 
boom conveyor that is innovative. 
We offer a full 5 year ‘no worries‘ performance 
warranty – including maintenance, breakdowns, 
spare parts, in fact everything. 
Call 45 8738 7800 or scan the QR code below to 
see the conveyor in action. 

5 year 
‘no worries’ 
+44 (0)1908 648900 
+44 (0)1908 645564 
Logistics_Manager_½vertical_Performer.indd 1 14-06-2012 10:56:17 
19 L147 
p43.indd 43 04/02/2013 16:02:52 
44 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Automated loading bay 
The first automated Actiw LoadMatic 
pallet loading systems have been installed 
and commissioned in full operation. 
LoadMatic is a new loading concept 
for automated transfer of product 
pallets from palletizing lines directly to 
loading into standard sea containers. It is 
connected to production or warehouse 
by standard pallet conveyors. They receive 
the pallets, pack them side by side and 
feed them to the loading unit. When the 
load of pallets is ready and the container is 
docked, the loading itself takes only a few 
minutes and the vehicle is ready to go. 
The whole process is smooth and efficient, 
providing maximized throughput for 
loading docks. One LoadMatic can handle 
4 loadings per hour. The loading capacity 
is determined in each case by the pallet 
loading pattern, number of pallets per 
load and the frequency of incoming 
pallets. One operator can typically take 
care of the loading operations of 2 
LoadMatics. The system is reported to 
provide improvement for loading bays 
from a safety point of view as big forklifts 
running back and forth are not needed 
any more. It also minimizes product 
Jari Vartiainen, Sales Director of Actiw 
Oy, said, “The feedback received from the 
customer is very positive. The installation 
and commissioning was completed well 
within an originally challenging schedule 
without problems. LoadMatic gives a huge 
step to operational efficiency. The wheels 
are kept rolling because turnaround times 
are quick and extra container handling in 
the terminal area is unnecessary. ” 
Annual report proves positive 
European specialists of cold logistics, 
STEF, reported 2012 revenues up at 
+8.8%. During the 4th quarter, the Group 
maintained its 3rd quarter steady growth 
rate, thanks to the resilient consumption 
of festive products at the end of the year. 
In November, the Group acquired 
KLS, a specialist in logistics for out- 
of-home catering. The consolidation 
of this company increases revenue by 
€16.7m Euro during the last two months 
(including €14.8m Euro of sales on account 
of others). 
Despite a slowdown in the frozen 
sector, logistics operations in France 
grew at a 5.3% rate (excluding internal 
adjustments), thanks to new growth 
drivers in the logistics market for fresh 
food and for out-of-home restaurants and 

Gloom for small businesses 
Bad news for small transport businesses. 
The independent quarterly research 
conducted by leading supplier to small 
businesses, Viking, with 1,000 small 
business owners and Managing Directors 
in the UK revealed that only 23% of 
respondents in the transport sector 
believe their company’s profits will 
increase within the first 3 - 6 months of 
the year – slightly below the national 
average of 24%. 
And while some are conceding defeat 
others are looking to fight their way into 
the black in 2013. The report revealed that 
business owners still remain focused, with 
35% noting that securing new business 
will be the biggest spend in 2013 for their 
company. Start-up businesses are more 
optimistic with 78% saying that they are 
planning on expanding their business 
within the next 12 months, compared to 
only 39% of longer established businesses. 
Sean Bailey at Viking said: “The start 
of the New Year should be a time for 
optimism but for many businesses this 
is not necessarily the case this year. We 
already know from the latest GDP figures 
that the economy isn’t in growth and 
from our research we know that there are 
small businesses having to contemplate 
potentially giving up their business which 
is an extremely daunting prospect for 
“However from the report we can also see 
that SMEs are still very much determined 
to find a way out of these difficult 
circumstances, despite the poor economic 

p44.indd 44 2/1/2013 2:25:57 PM 
D I S T R I B U T I O N & L O G I S T I C S 
Contact us for a free assessment and payback calculation 
union Industries 
Angel’s Wing, Whitehouse Street, Hunslet, Leeds LS10 1AD, West yorkshire, uK 
Tel: +44 (0)1132 448393 Fax: +44 (0)1132 421307 
Eiger Doors Ad 210x145.indd 1 30/06/2011 14:53 
4-Way Handling 
Combilift Ltd Gallinagh Co. Monaghan Ireland Tel: +353 47 80500 UK: 07870 976 758 E-mail: 
• Space saving, safe and productive handling 
• Robust and versatile 
• Capacities from 2.5 – 25 tonnes 
• Diesel / LPG / AC Electric 
Contact us for: 
FREE warehouse 
design service 
Without Combilift With Combilift 
p45.indd 45 28/01/2013 18:24:58 
46 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
The first quarter of this year brings 
2 of the most important logistics 
fairs in Europe; LogiMAT, Stuttgart 
and IMHX, Birmingham. It’s no 
wonder, then, that many of their 
exhibitors have staged product 
releases and business development 
plans around these events. Logistics 
Business takes a look into what’s 
lined up. 
Our readers will know we exhibit and 
distribute at all major logistics shows. 
For us, LogiMAT has proved to be an 
outstanding show to do business. It 
expands in terms of visitors and exhibitors 
every year and we are delighted to be 
attending again. IMHX is on a 3 year cycle 
and also an absolute must. As THE UK 
show for materials handling and logistics 
you can expect nearly all major materials 
handling operators to be present. We are 
proud to be exhibiting once more. 
At IMHX, lifting equipment specialist, 
Transdek will be showcasing working 
examples of its 20-tonne double deck lift, 
6.5-tonne V2G (vehicle to ground) and its 
mezzanine floor lifts on stand 20D21 at 
IMHX. Each machine will be in operation 
throughout the show to allow visitors 
‘hands-on’ experience of each unit. 
Developed for rapid integration at sites 
where projects are time critical, Transdek’s 
unique surface mounted double deck lifts 
can be installed and removed within just 
1 day. For moving larger volumes, the 20T 
lift can handle up to 30 roll cages with a 
capacity of 650kg or up to 18 pallets with a 
one-tonne payload. 
Transdek’s 6.5T V2G loading solution is a 
practical surface mounted lift that enables 
the loading and unloading of all types 
of goods vehicles, including the tallest 
double deck trailers, to ground level. 
For flat-floor retail sites or distribution 
hubs the V2G solution represents a major 
development in design of loading systems. 
“For all types of businesses making the 
most effective use of available space, 
whether at distribution centres, retail 
outlets or self storage businesses, is vital 
in todays economic climate,” says Leon 
Butler, Transdek’s General Manager. “The 
ability to easily, safely and cost effectively 
load or transport goods can deliver a 
significant return on investment.” 
Latest innovation 
Cimcorp’s newest 
addition to 
its offering, 
the ‘Cimcorp 
3D Shuttle’ 
(pictured) is to 
be introduced at 
both LogiMAT 
(475) and 
IMHX (17Q127) 
the latest 
innovations in 
According to the manufacturer, the new 
full-scale robotic storage and retrieval 
solution for totes offers the ultimate in 
simplicity and efficiency, and is about 
to revolutionize goods-to-man order 
Designed especially for improving 
productivity in retail, foodservice and 
e-commerce distribution centres, the 
product is described as a simple, yet 
highly efficient and high-tech order 
picking automation solution. One of the 
major advantages of the system is that it 
enables the use of floor-based storage 
with no racking for the first time. 
“The benefits of the Cimcorp 3D Shuttle 
are twofold,” says Cimcorp’s Sales 
Manager, Jarno Honkanen. “Operating 
in a ‘rack-free’ storage envelope with 
no space-wasting aisles, it allows superb 
flexibility as well as lower investment 
costs. In addition, the novel high-speed 
goods-to-man solution offers extremely 
high throughput rates and 100% 
sequencing, minimizing idle time.” 
Instead of creating a complex retrieval 
system to answer the challenges 
of modern-day order 
picking, Cimcorp has aimed 
for simplicity. According to 
Honkanen, less equipment and 
simple-to-use solutions equal 
productivity, reliability and 
cost-efficiency. “The Cimcorp 
3D Shuttle disposes of the 
need for massive conveyor 
sequencers. Where others offer 
multiple machines to boost 
efficiency, Cimcorp can do 
it with just one automation 
solution,” Honkanen says. 
The shuttle solution uses proven gantry 
robot technology, combined with a shuttle 
device to store and retrieve totes required 
for order fulfilment. It can retrieve up to 
1,000 totes per hour from the storage area, 
and infeed capacities can exceed 5,000 
totes per hour. “The Cimcorp 3D Shuttle’ 
is fully scalable and can therefore be 
designed to meet the exact needs of each 
customer. It can take care of the entire 
operations of a distribution centre or, 
alternatively, it may operate as an ‘island 

Twice in two months 
p46.indd 46 2/1/2013 2:28:01 PM 
p47.indd 47 28/01/2013 18:26:46 
48 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
of automation’ within a manual facility,” 
explains Honkanen. 
Sorting garments 
Dürkopp Fördertechnik, a market leader in 
the provision of garment conveying and 
sortation equipment, will be 
demonstrating its new sorter bag system 
at IMHX. The technology enables both 
hanging garments and flat goods to be 
carried together for the first time on the 
same system. Annette Sommer, Dürkopp’s 
General Manager in the UK, said: “The 
sorter bag is ideal for companies involved 
in order fulfilment and e-commerce 
which present special challenges as orders 
are often large in number with a small 
quantity of items per order. Speed 
is another requirement and this 
system can process 10,000 items an 
The Dürkopp team will be on hand 
to talk about other products such 
as the 763 trolley system which 
has just been installed as part of a multi- 
million pound contract for Sainsbury’s 
at their National Distribution Centre for 
clothing in Bedfordshire. 

Something for everyone 
TVH, a company offering 
service in lift trucks, 
spare parts, accessories, 
rental, repairs and handling 
equipment, will be exhibiting at 
both LogiMAT (8, 425) and IMHX (20F35) 
The company pride themselves in having a 
solution for everyone with their database 
of 20 million article numbers, of which 
well over 500,000 references are in stock in 
the main warehouses in Belgium. 
They received the Outstanding After 
Sales Award at the International Powered 
Access Awards in Rome last year, as well 
as the product development Innovation 
Award 2012 for a test facility for hydraulic 
pumps and transmissions. 
All on display 
Present at IMHX (N154) will be APEX 
Linvar with every part of its business 
represented for the first time ever at 
an industry show. They’re experts in 
providing total storage solutions and will 
be demonstrating a display of products 
and storage know-how. 
There will be pallet racking with both 
pallet live and carton live storage, drive-in 
and shuttle storage to garment hanging 
and a mezzanine floor. The solutions on 
show are wide ranging. 
CEO Anthony Finlayson-Green said: 
“IMHX is a great opportunity for 
visitors to meet the people and 
products that have made APEX Linvar 
one of the leading companies in its field. 
We are more than a racking and storage 
products provider; we work with our 
customers to develop bespoke solutions 
that work for them and give them that 
all important return on their investment. 
From a small shelving installation to a 
large complex project, all our customers 
receive the same level of service.” 
A founder member of SEMA, (Storage 
Equipment Manufacturers’ Association), 
APEX Linvar is the only manufacturer 
of pallet racking in the UK represented 
at European level on all the major 
technical groups developing European 
standards and is also the first and 
currently the only UK manufacturer of 
pallet racking who can comply with the 
latest SEMA design code. 
A new device 
EXDS is to launch 2 new volumetric 
devices at IMHX; the CubiScan 125 
(pictured below) volumetric data capture 
device used for measuring components 
and boxed goods alongside the Apache 
portal pallet dimensioning system from 
AKL tec., and the Apache Portal. (Stand 
The CubiScan 125 is a small static cubing 
system that uses a combination of sensing 
technologies to measure and weigh 
irregular-shaped parts and components 
as well as boxed and case-pack items. 
Small parts and non-cuboidal 
items are measured with great 
precision using infrared sensing 
technology, while larger boxes and 
cases are measured with ultrasonic 
sensors. It automates the collection 
of dimensional data for slotting, 
storage-space selection, carton 
selection, repacking, check-weighing 
and shipment manifesting in medical, 
pharmaceutical, apparel, hardware, 
and most types of consumer goods 
The Apache Portal moveable system is a 
dimension-scanning device that can work 
in conjunction with a heavy capacity floor 
scale. Its construction means that it is 
possible to move 
the device from 
one area within 
a facility to 
another without 
any engineering 
work needing to 
be undertaken. 

“IMHX is a great opportunity for 
visitors to meet the people and 
CEO, APEX Linvar, Anthony Finlayson-Green 
Key products on show at LogiMAT 
• Thermovent Mixed-Air Distributor - 
• Auto-ID scanner - Panmobil 
• Kate - Goetting 
• Quick Pick - Crown 
• Electric-powered ground conveyors - 
Toyota Material Handling 
Key products on show at IMHX 
• the LogiMat and the Schaefer Auto 
Cruiser (SAC) - SSI Schaefer 
• SL86 heavy-duty plastic container 
• Logiflex - Logitrans 
• Cimcorp 3D shuttle - Cimcorp 
• 6.5t V2G - Transdek 
p48.indd 48 2/1/2013 2:29:24 PM 
Innovative Logistics Systems 
Retail / Distribution 
Industry / Manufacturing 
Food / Beverage 
Automotive / Electronics 
Health & Beauty / Pharma 
WITRON Engineering BV 
Keizersveld 47c 
5803 AM Venray 
The Netherlands 
Tel.: +31 478 551 855 
Fax: +31 478 551 850 
Economical, flexible and reliable are the key words in the design and implementation 
of our automated systems for order picking and storage. Thanks to state-of-the- 
art technology, WITRON offers its clients innovative and efficient logistic solutions 
that provide important competitive advantages. 
Obtain the maximum in logistics 
Logistics Planning & Design 
General Contractor 
Software & PLC Control Systems 
Service & Maintenance 
Plant Operation 
EnerSys EMEA 
EH Europe GmbH 
32 Löwenstrasse, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland 
Phone: +41 44 215 74 10, Fax: +41 44 215 74 11 
EnerSys EMEA 
EH Europe GmbH 
32 Löwenstrasse, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland 
Phone: +41 44 215 74 10, Fax: +41 44 215 74 11 
Enersys Ltd 
Oak Court, Clifton Business Park 
Wynne Avenue, Swinton, Manchester M27 8FF 
Phone: + 44 161 794 4611, Fax: +44 161 727 3809 
Enersys Ltd 
Oak Court, Clifton Business Park 
Wynne Avenue, Swinton, Manchester M27 8FF 
Phone: + 44 161 794 4611, Fax: +44 161 727 3809 
Please refer to our website to read more about sales and distributon network 
Hawker XFC & XFC-Li technologies – keep you moving and leave traditional solutions behind... 
All round power 
Optimised power solutions for pallet trucks. 
• Available in Advanced Lead and Lithium-Ion 
• Maintenance free 
• Designed for fast/opportunity charging 
• Power when you need it 
• Complete with on-board charger 
• Minimal gas emissions 
• Lower recharge costs 
• Lower carbon footprint 

PLAKAT HAWKER_A5 ANG 1 13-01-29 12:12 
p49.indd 49 01/02/2013 10:14:47 
50 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Powerful innovations 
EnerSys will highlight the advanced 
performance, efficiency and energy saving 
capabilities of the latest motive power 
innovations in its Hawker battery, charger 
and management systems. 
The new Hawker XFC-L battery is the first 
motive power design from EnerSys with 
advanced lithium-ion technology. This 24V, 
38Ah battery offers significant benefits 
compared with conventional units 
including greater power density, longer 
pack life and excellent performance at 
low temperatures. The unique properties 
of XFC technology mean the battery 
can be charged during inactive periods, 
irrespective of state of discharge, without 
degrading its long-term performance 
or reliability. It is ideal for pallet trucks 
with duty cycles lasting up to 45 minutes 
and where operators want to maintain 
equipment availability without the 
complexity and cost of additional 
Also designed for pallet trucks and with 
the same physical dimensions is a new 24V 
Hawker XFC battery with 82Ah capacity 
based on the same proven thin plate 
pure lead (TPPL) technology used in the 
existing Hawker XFC range of batteries. 
A united front 
Alongside its dealers at the German 
LogiMAT event in February and at IMHX 
in March in the UK, Yale will be exhibiting 
on stands 8, 361 and 20C110 respectively. 
Yale has seen significant market share 
growth over the last few years working 
with its truck dealers in 
Germany Pieckert Center 
GmbH and Ziegler GmbH 
forklift, and in the UK 
following the establishment 
of the distribution 
agreement with Briggs 
equipment in 2010. 
Its presence at both shows 
provides Yale with the opportunity to 
clearly focus on positioning its brand 
in the growth market segments where 
demand for cleaner, more energy efficient 
electric counterbalance and warehouse 
equipment solutions is consistently 
increasing throughout the UK and Europe. 
Visitors at either exhibition will be able 
to see how developments in ergonomics 
and technology at Yale have been 
introduced throughout the complete 
range of warehouse equipment, electric 
and ICE counterbalance products to 
improve operator comfort and increase 
productivity. They can also see how, in 
partnership with Briggs, Pieckert Center 
and Ziegler forklift, Yale is focused 
on ‘lowest cost of ownership’ as a key 
objective in delivering the best materials 
handling and aftercare solutions to 
Technology will be at forefront stand with 
a significant level of visitor interaction 
and the freedom to browse products 
and obtain information using tablet and 
web based applications. The warehouse 
simulator package for example 
shows a realistic picture of a 
company’s warehouse using images 
of the equipment being proposed 
and the customer’s current or 
planned assets in situ. 
Couzens is to display versatile, space- 
saving carousels and lifts for the 
toughest storage tasks at the IMHX 
(20F92). They will have on show 
working examples of machines illustrating 
the flexibility and wide range of items and 
materials its machines can store. 
TowerMat is a vertical lift designed for 
the heaviest and toughest storage tasks 
including sheet metal and bar, profiles, 
jigs, machine tools and other components 
up to 5,000kg and 10m long. Individual 
machines can be supplied up to 20m high 
with a capacity of a massive 1,000,000kg 
and available in bespoke sizes to meet the 
client’s individual criteria. 
Modula Lift is an advanced, computer- 
controlled storage, picking and retrieval 
system, ideal for handling a wide variety 
of goods and materials in a single, 
compact unit. Its compact design can 
save up to 90% of space compared with 
conventional systems 
First time 
Armoured joint manufacturer Permaban 
will be exhibiting at the IMHX show 
(17P30) for the first time, and also 
presenting as part of the event’s Case 
Study Conference. 
Focusing on its award-winning 
Permaban Signature joint, the company 
will be practically demonstrating how 
the product can prevent damage to 
construction joints in warehouse and 
distribution centre floors – saving owners 
and operators substantial repair costs over 
the building’s lifetime. 

LogiMAT: “We will again be offering 
exciting themes, perfectly in tune with 
the latest demands of the market...” 
Peter Kazander, LogiMAT Advisory Board 
p50.indd 50 2/1/2013 1:58:38 PM 
D I S T R I B U T I O N & L O G I S T I C S 
The industry`s platform 
for intralogistics / 
materials handling 
Leading International Trade Fairs for Materials Handling/Intralogistics 
and Logistics in ... 
HANNOVER 19 23 MAY 2014 
SÃO PAULO 19 22 MAR 2013 
ISTANBUL 21 24 MAR 2013 
MOSCOW 24 27 SEP 2013 
SHANGHAI 28 31 OCT 2013 
NEW DELHI 17 20 DEC 2013 
p51.indd 51 28/01/2013 18:28:27 
52 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Automatic Guide Vehicles (AGVs) 
have been around for a long time 
now, but they are becoming a 
more common sight in materials 
handling and warehousing. Issues 
such as safety, accuracy and 
efficiency are driving this trend, as 
Logistics Business reports. 
V-TAB is the largest newspaper printing 
group in Scandinavia and has built a 
new major printing plant in Landvetter, 
Sweden. It has not only automated much 
of the actual management process at the 
plant, but also automated how newsprint 
paper rolls are supplied to the printing 
presses. The new plant uses Rocla’s AGVs. 
The main reasons why the company has 
decided to replace the manual trucks used 
in the old plant are the high reliability of 
AGV technology - automated trucks do 
not call in sick or have bad days - and its 
precision, which eliminates the risk of 
damage to the 1.5t newsprint paper rolls. 
These rolls are prone to suffer damage 
to their edges if they land awkwardly on 
the concrete floor, ovality if the clamping 
force is too strong, or they can slide inside 
their packaging if it is too weak. 
When the rolls are ordered from 
the main warehouse, forklifts with 
clamp attachments transfer them to a 
preparation station, where the rolls are 
centrally prepared for printing. The rolls 
that are ready for printing are then read in 
the central WMS, also supplied by Rocla, 
for intermediate storage. The fetch order 
is then given to the automated trucks 
to transfer them to the intermediate 
warehouse for pre-prepared rolls. 
“It is during the day that most of the 
intermediate warehouse is filled up,” 
explains Hans-Åke Stjernman, System 
Engineer at V-TAB. “At night the 
automated trucks take the paper rolls to 
the printing presses - and this process 
needs to be quick. 
“The time-critical part of production is 
during the change-over between different 
newspaper titles. This is why we have set 
up a buffer warehouse close to the presses 
to shorten the time that the automated 
trucks take to discard rolls that have been 
used and to pick up the new ones,” adds 
Stjernman. “This saves us valuable time in 
production. Having a slight overcapacity 
in our intermediate warehouse saves us 
even more time.” 
“Other advantages of AGV technology 
include its precision and the careful way 
the rolls are handled. This 
enables us to prepare 
them into rolls that 
are ready for printing 
before they arrive at the 
printing press itself,” 
continues Stjernman. 
“It is easier to handle 
and take care of the 
transport packaging after 
it has been removed as 
we concentrate all of 
this work at one central 
preparation station 
rather than doing this 
right before we feed the 
rolls into each printing 
press. We also make 
better use of the paper 
content of the rolls as we avoid damage 
caused by manual truck handling.” 
There are enormous volumes of newsprint 
paper that passes through the printing 
plant, so AGV technology saves huge 
amounts of money as it will ensure that 
the rolls are handled carefully. Money 
is saved as optimum use is made of the 
rolls. Rocla’s WMS system also helps to 
rationalise the administration of paper 
rolls coming into the main warehouse. 

Automatic, not people 
p52.indd 52 29/01/2013 14:49:03 
PSE-C, 1015 Lausanne - Switzerland - 
Your vehicle, our navigation. 
Your AGV without 
magnets, inductive lines or reflectors? 
ANT navigation 
Localizes and controls the vehicle 
Manages the missions 
Uses safety laser scanners 
Localizes the vehicle 
Uses safety laser scanners 
ANT localization 
ANT lite 
World premiere, Hannover Messe, 
April 8-12, 2013 
p53.indd 53 28/01/2013 18:30:23 
54 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
New man on the lock 
Egemin Automation, supplier of AGV 
systems, in-floor chain conveyors and 
automated warehouses, has appointed 
Peter Holdcroft (pictured) as Sales 
Manager of the UK and Ireland branch in 
its Handling Automation division. With 
over 25 years experience, Holdcroft is 
a well-known figure in the automation 
world, most recently in his 10-year stint as 
the UK MD of E&K. 
Holdcroft told us, “I’m very happy to be 
joining Egemin at such an exciting point 
in the company’s development. I relish the 
opportunity to focus on the system sales 
work that I find so rewarding and I look 
forward to playing my part in the Egemin 
success story.” 
Guido Jansen, VP of Handling Automation, 
added, “I’ve known Peter for quite some 
time and we share a common view of 
the business that plays such a big part in 
both of our lives. We welcome Peter to 
our team. He will be a real asset, helping 
Egemin to build on its success in the UK 
& Ireland and to deliver our longer term 
strategic objectives.” 
Walking around a live warehouse can 
easily be a dangerous process. But with 
many laws and safety regulations in place, 
the number of accidents has dramatically 
decreased over the years. When it comes to 
forklifts, although they can have dedicated 
lanes and rules of where they can and 
cannot drive you ultimately expect, as 
you do with crossing the road, that while 
you wouldn’t step in front of one, you rely 
on the forklift driver noticing you and 
reacting accordingly. But when it comes to 
AGVs, unmanned vehicles, driving round 
the warehouse there isn’t that human 
contact we’re used to. Ultimately the 
primary source for your safety relies in its 
programming, not something you can see. 
From the outside, thus, AGVs may look 
scarier, but the reality of this is that 
they are in fact much safer. As Mark 
Stevenson, VP Business Operations, at 
Egemin Automation in the US, pointed 
out in a seminar at ProMAT Chicago, a 
lot of safety in automation lies in our 
perception. “Fixed automation elicits 
a response that we’re trained to. But a 
moving piece of automation can look 
a lot more dangerous.” According to 
Stevenson, there are 3 elements to AGV 
safety: the user (training, competency), 
the environment that the AGV is working 
in (signage, awareness) and the machine 
itself (maintenance). 
As forklifts become more and more 
like AGVs with built-in intelligence, 
automated features and so on, it is 
important to remember, explained 
Stevenson, that forklifts are not AGVs 
in terms of safety. “With a forklift, the 
primary element is the operator itself and 
with an AGV the primary element is the 
system or machine.” If the machine has an 
inherently safe system and by being able 
to eliminate human error, the result is a 
safe warehouse. 
Other advantages of AGVs are that they 
usually move more slowly than a forklift 
or warehouse vehicle, and that they travel 
through pre-mapped routes rather than 
relying on the driver to navigate. But, as 
Stevenson rightly points out, “just like any 
other tool, AGVs can be unsafe when used 
in the incorrect manner.” 
Laser guidance 
OCME will be showing one of their 
Auriga Laser Guided Vehicles (LGV) at 
the forthcoming IMHX Birmingham 
exhibition. Automatic LGVs can perform 
the routine tasks that are normally carried 
out by forklift and clamp trucks. The 
labour cost saving is usually significant. 
However, LGVs can also help to reduce 
operating costs in other ways; for example, 
no unexpected bills for repairing damage 
caused by forklift trucks to the building, 
machinery and product. Also, about 50% 
lower maintenance costs. 
Apart from helping to reduce operating 
costs, another big benefit in moving to 
LGVs is the improvement in safety. The 
vehicles travel at a maximum of 1.5m/ 
sec and follow predefined paths to an 
accuracy of +/- 5mm. Safety scanners 
on the front, back and both sides of the 
vehicle constantly check for the presence 
of obstacles and personnel. OCME 
manufactures a range of vehicles to suit 
different handling requirements. 
SNOX, manufacturer of AGVs for more 
than 15 years, has launched their Stellar 
range of vehicles. This standard forklift 
AGV is the result of a detailed analysis of 
several spec sheets of customer projects 
over the last 24 months. By doing so, the 
Stellar vehicles are capable of covering 
80% of the market’s needs regarding pallet 
handling and logistics. With a payload up 
to 1t, Stellar is suitable for open and/or 
closed pallets and pallet sizes of 800/1200 
or 1000/1200, picking from the floor, 
conveyor or rack, use in transpallet or 
forklift mode, with a lifting height up to 
3m it moves around in aisles of 3m with 
a speed up to 1.5m/s. Since the product 
launch 1 year ago, this forklift has already 
convinced companies such as Valeo. 
By their compact and flexible design 
using standard components, the Stellar 
range are reliable, easy to install, use and 
p54.indd 54 31/01/2013 10:12:37 
For over 70 years Rocla has been the way-maker in intelligent 
material handling solutions. First AGV installations took place in 
1983, and since then Rocla has delivered and installed over 7000 
automated guided vehicles in more than 1000 applications worldwide. 
∙ fast delivery and short payback time 
∙ very long life cycle, up to and over 20 years 
∙ modular and fexible solution to meet different 
customer needs 
∙ minimized injuries and no damaged goods 
art, H 
ll 8 

- 2 
ry, 2 
Roll Handling 
Custom Lift Tables 
Container Handling 
Drums Handling 
Stainless Steel 
Tow Tractors 
Albino (BG), Italy, +39 035752909, 
p55.indd 55 28/01/2013 18:37:42 
56| Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
When it comes to material handling 
and warehouse equipment, forklifts 
are undoubtedly among the most 
important components of the 
sector, Stephanie Liondiri reports. 
Logistics Business attended the press 
conference of Clark Europe in December. 
Despite the hostile economic climate, 
Clark Europe achieved double-digit 
growth in 2012. With a sharp increase 
in sales of 27% to €60m, the company 
continued its profitable course of growth, 
even after the excellent results achieved in 
2011 (€47.2m). The performance of Clark 
is in contrast to quite significant weak 
demand: the global market for industrial 
vehicles suffered a reduction of 2.5% 
in 2012. The sales area of Clark Europe - 
EMEA - also contracted by 3.9%. 
“The fact that we were able to continue 
to gain shares in a declining market can 
be put down, among other things, to our 
market offensive in the regions of Africa, 
especially South Africa, in the Middle East 
and Eastern Europe,” says Egon Strehl, 
Managing Director of Clark Europe. On 
the other hand, Clark noted “uncertainty 
and a certain aversion to investments” in 
the Southern European states primarily 
affected by the sovereign debt crisis. 
“Our immensely important spare parts 
business,” says Strehl, “was able to grow by 
20% – a trend which will continue since 
we will introduce extremely practicable 
and economical offers to the market in 
2013, especially in the parts area.” Clark 
Europe recorded an increase of 22% in the 
new machinery sector. 
“Being No1 in the price-performance ratio 
category and ranked 5th in the image 
ranking is only one 
side of the coin. Clark 
considers the factor 
of sustainability to be 
just as important a 
criterion. This includes 
a continuous innovative 
capacity for machines 
and features alongside 
the continuous 
optimisation and consolidation of our 
organisational structure including dealer 
development,” added Strehl, refering 
to both target group-oriented machine 
equipment and an ever more wide- 
ranging product line. In 2013, ‘the forklift’ 
will be launching new products in the 
forklifts, warehousing technology and 
commercial vehicles segments and will 
extend its parts range. 
Clark Europe is moving into a new 
company base at the turn of the year 
2013/2014 in Duisburg Rheinhausen. 
The Clark head office for the regions 
of Europe, Middle East and Africa will 
take over an existing property in the 
Niederrhein (Asterlagen) business 
park almost 15km west of the current site 
in Mülheim an der Ruhr. “The property 
meets our requirement profile perfectly,” 
states Strehl. The relocation of the Clark 
Europe head office is necessary for 
providing new infrastructural facilities 
for employees, workshop, assembly plant, 
training centre, new equipment and spare 
parts storage. 
The relocation of the Clark Europe 
company base is in keeping with the 
continuous growth experienced in 
previous years. Since the foundation of 
Clark Europe on 1st September 2004, the 
number of employees has now increased 
more than tenfold to 57. A further 
increase in staff numbers is foreseeable. 
Similarly to 2012 with 12 new employees, 
at least 7 more employees should also be 
recruited in 2013. Furthermore, the dealer 
network alone has grown threefold in 
the last 5 years and currently covers 178 
Clark dealers 
in around 50 
“At the new site 
in Duisburg, 
we will fulfil 
our increased 
order and 
service volume,” 
says Strehl,“especially given that we are 
opening up long-term growth prospects 
with this property.” The plant built in 
1998 in the Niederrhein business park 
is tailored exactly to the needs of an 
industrial vehicle manufacturer and keeps 
expansion options at the ready. 
Out of a total of 15,000m² of working area, 
only 5,000m² are built on, “in contrast 
to the current site in Mülheim, we will 
then have expansion options which could 
extend to neighbouring properties,” 
elaborated Strehl. Incidentally, Clark 
Europe bought the new property, not 
the South Korean parent company. 
Strehl continues “we see that as a 
clear commitment to the site and the 
sustainable Clark presence in Europe, the 
Middle East and Africa.” 
It has the potential to be a bestseller: Clark 
is entering a new load class dimension for 
its electric machines with the GEX 40-50 
with pneumatic or super-elastic tyres. The 
4 wheel forklift with 2 drive motors, 100% 
AC technology and low-maintenance wet 
disc brakes proved its worth right from 
the field test. Good sales figures on its 
market launch underline the impression 
that Ned-Deck Marine got, as one of the 
first users of the GEX 40-50: Industrially 
tested robustness and the practically- 
oriented conception of the new forklift 
push productivity whilst at the same time 
reducing the outlay for maintenance. 

Growing in recession 
p56.indd 56 06/02/2013 12:04:27 
Heavy-Duty Camera Solutions 
Safe and Efcient Material Handling 
Mobile Camera Systems for Forklifters and Trucks 
DAMBACH Lagersysteme GmbH & Co. KG, Hardrain 1, 76476 Bischweier, Germany 
Phone +49 (0)7222 9660-0, 
Compact Shuttles by DAMBACH 
Flexible, fast and reliable: 
• Energy stored in power caps 
• Recharged in just 12 seconds 
• Rated loads of up to 1500 kg 
• All eight running wheels driven 
• Powerful 400 V three-phase motors 
The new Compact Shuttle 
Made by DAMBACH 
Visit us at the 
Stuttgart, Germany 
19 - 21 February 2013 
Hall 1, Stand 405 
130118_CAP_LB_216x148_1.indd 1 23.01.13 07:34 
p57.indd 57 29/01/2013 11:08:50 
58 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Last autumn’s Manutention exhibition in 
Paris gave materials handling companies 
a great opportunity to present their 
various solutions to the French-speaking 
and international audience. Among these 
companies was Ireland-based Combilift, 
global leader in the long-load handling 
market. Logistics Business spoke to 
Managing Director Martin McVicar about 
the company’s signature product Aisle- 
Master, customer benefits and plans for the 
Logistics Business: 
Please tell us a 
little bit about the 
Martin McVicar: 
The Aisle-Master 
is designed for 
pallet handling 
in warehouses 
and distribution 
centres and is, at 
the same time, a space-saving tool. We can 
handle pallets in aisles of less than 2m, and 
because the unit is designed like a regular 
forklift truck with rubber tires, it is ideal 
for working both indoor and outdoor. 
So the Aisle-Master product can be used 
to bring the pallets straight from the 
rack to the transport trailer or from the 
transport trailer in the yard straight into 
the warehouse directly onto the shelving 
and to the racking. 
The way the product is designed, it’s more 
like a regular forklift that articulates in 
the front, so the visibility for the operator 
of the fork is very good. When the 
operator is entering the pallets, there is 
clear view of the two forks entering the 
pallets in all positions. With Combilift, we 
not only sell our products in mainland 
Europe, we also export to Russia, the 
Middle East and even North Africa. 
We not only design our product as a 
warehouse solution, we have also designed 
it so that it is more cost-effective to 
transport. So our products can be shipped 
in containers to anywhere in the world. 
We invest very heavily in presenting our 
product at trade fairs worldwide. 
Logistics Business: What differentiates you 
from your competitors? 
Martin McVicar: What is unique is the fact 
that we are an Irish company, and all of 
our manufacturing takes place in Ireland. 
Because we have a lot of experience of 
manufacturing forklift trucks, we believe 
that the most important part of a forklift 
is to be reliable. We offer 5 years parts 
warranty on our products and that is very 
unique. None of our closest competitors 
are offering 
this in the 
The other 
thing that is 
very unique in 
our business is 
that we offer a 
free warehouse 
layout. In our 
company, we have 5 engineers that solely 
work on preparing warehouse plans for 
customers. We see ourselves more like 
warehouse logistics consultants offering 
the best solutions. 
Logistics Business: What is the future for 
Martin McVicar: Our plan is to double our 
business in the next five years in growth 
terms. We will continue manufacturing 
in Ireland because we believe that by 
keeping the manufacturing in one 
location where we can manage the 
innovation, design and quality, we can 
deliver a much more superior product 
while our closest competitors get the 
product manufactured maybe in cheaper 
markets like in China or India. But the 
reality is: when a customer buys a forklift 
truck, it is a long-term investment. It is 
not just the cheapest product to start 
with. The important factors are investment 
and reliability. 
Logistics Business: What would you say are 
the main savings that the customers can 
make with your product? 
Martin McVicar: We can save them space 
by bringing the rack closer together; we 
can reduce the waste of storage space 
by narrowing down the aisle. Secondly, 
because the product can work in aisles 
and outside, many customers can be 
supplied with one of our trucks, to 
replace two existing forklift trucks, so, 
minimising the operational costs. The 
other thing of course is that it gives them 
flexibility by having one truck that can do 
it all, even if they need several trucks. 
Counterweight stackers 
Armanni has recently enlarged its Delta 
CP range of products with the new 
comprehensive line of counterweight 
stackers which have capacity between 600 
and 1500kg and lifting heights included 
between 1600 and 3500mm. Delta CP 
allows improving simplicity of use and of 
manoeuvring of steering-arm trucks with 
pedestrian control. 
Moreover, they have the additional 
advantages that are typical of traditional 
‘forklift trucks’ with driver on board: by 
operating without supporting legs and 
with projecting forks, they allow picking 
up or storing goods even in the presence 
of obstacles on the ground, which would 
prevent the execution of the aforesaid 
operations in case the machine was 
equipped with supporting legs. 
p58.indd 58 06/02/2013 12:06:48 
Ready for the 
at your service 
please visit 
Atlet Balance Range - for further information please call 01844 215501 or e-mail 
We Deliver. 
. Automated Guided 
vehicles delivered with 
Automated Guided vehicles 
Warehouse Systems 
in-foor Chain Conveyors 
Egemin’s AGV systems present the ideal solution 
for product handling, storage and transport 
in warehouses, production and distribution 
environments, eleminating manual forklift traffic. 
Egemin’s automated guided vehicles allow for: 
» direct reduction of operational costs 
» increased efficiency & performance 
» more safety / less damage to goods & pallets 
Visit us at IMHX stand N153 in hall 18 
Visit us at LogiMAT, stand 111 in hall 3 
Increase effciency and 
reduce costs with 24/7 
automatic transport 
p59.indd 59 29/01/2013 11:20:48 
60 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
In addition to a clear economic advantage 
with respect to a traditional front forklift 
truck, the strong points of the solution 
offered by Armanni with the Delta CP 
line can be easily found in the following 
- No driving ‘licence’ is necessary: every 
operator can use it without the need for 
a specific ‘licence’ which is required in 
order to drive traditional forklift trucks. 
- Power-assisted driving and AC 
technology: a feature which implies 
reduction of manoeuvring spaces and 
absolute simplicity of use, thanks to the 
standard equipping of a servo-assisted 
steering arm combined with alternating 
current (AC) driving motors. 
- Pick-up/storage of loaded goods in 
difficult conditions: the absence of 
supporting legs allows for approaching 
the load up to the fork shoulder 
regardless of the presence of obstacles on 
the ground. 
- Stability, traverse and residual capacities: 
the structure is equipped with a 
counterweight to ensure maximum 
stability, thanks to a mast that can be 
hydraulically tilted with respect to the 
vertical axis to assure keeping the load in 
the correct position. 
- Great range: the inclusion of a 24V, 270Ah 
battery assures maximum range in case of 
heavy-duty uses. 
The well-known Armanni skills in the 
field of customised products led to the 
introduction of interesting customised 
solutions in the counterweight stackers 
line, such as appliances equipped with 
mechanical and hydraulic devices to 
handle drums, reels and coils of different 
shapes and materials. In case of operations 
with counterweight stackers in high- 
oxidation areas, Armanni offers solutions 
that are entirely made with stainless steel: 
this includes appliances to handle the 
Achieving 2020 Vision 
Despite a rough economic climate marked 
by instability, Toyota has not only managed 
to keep its sales and profits consistent, but 
also to stay in pole position; a considerable 
effort, since production had additionally 
been affected by the Great East Japan 
Earthquake on March 11, 2011. These 
downturns and the current outcome 
prove that Toyota is a strong brand with a 
solid organisation behind it. 
Toyota Industries Corporation 
(TICO) has a clear goal ahead: 
to accelerate growth and put 
into practice its ‘Vision 2020’ 
initiatives. These include being 
of service in every aspect of 
customer relations and keeping 
its commitment to the highest 
level of safety, environmental 
sustainability, quality, cost and 
delivery standards. 
“The fact that Toyota is No.1 in 
the world speaks for our quality 
products and commitment 
to Kaizen (continuous 
improvement), which we make 
to best service our customers everywhere. 
We focus on keeping our position as 
a reliable partner by reinforcing the 
dialogue and collaboration with partners 
and colleagues,” says Matthias Fischer, 
President at Toyota Material Handling 
Europe (TMHE). 
TMHE manages the Group’s operations 
in Europe, the largest market for 
material handling. Active in more than 
30 countries, it offers a full range of 
Toyota counterbalanced forklifts and 
BT warehouse equipment, as well as 
comprehensive services and solutions. 
A dynamic organisation with a strong 
leadership, TMHE has a considerable 
impact on the realisation of Vision 2020. 
Minimising fuel consumption 
Still, a leading supplier for customised 
intralogistics solutions worldwide has 
now expanded its RX 70 family. With the 
RX 70-60/80 and the RX 70-40/50 the 
company presents the successor models 
for the popular R 70 series. The philosophy 
of these new trucks with load capacities 
of 4 to 8 tonnes is to combine power, 
precision, ergonomics and safety with 
a compact design for perfect turnover 
These new Still power packs with 
their unique combination of powerful 
industrial engines and proven diesel- 
electric drive technology allow high work 
speeds at low fuel consumption levels. The 
exact and sensitive control of the drive 
and the hydraulic system, in combination 
with 5 adjustable drive programmes makes 
efficient use of the available power. 
In each of the drive programmes, top 
speed, acceleration and deceleration 
grades can be individually set. This ‘glues’ 
the truck to the foot of the driver. The 
driver can handle the truck alone with the 
accelerator pedal while the service brake 
is almost not needed. When the driver 
takes the foot off the accelerator pedal 
the truck brakes electrically without any 
p60.indd 60 06/02/2013 12:09:43 
The first choice. 
Trelleborg, the world's leading 
producer of industrial tires, 
is proud to be the official 
supplier of the world's 
leading OE manufacturers. 
Together we are better. 
Trelleborg pag YALE.qxd 13-07-2012 15:43 Pagina 1 
p61.indd 61 29/01/2013 11:22:18 
62 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
The automatic stop also prevents the truck 
from rolling off accidentally on bumpy 
surfaces or when it stops on slopes. 
The new lift trucks are convincing 
through their ergonomic and functional 
design. There has never been so much 
power in so little space, especially 
with respect to the 6 to 8t models. The 
narrowness of the truck of only 1.6m 
(RX 70-60) allows movement of heavy 
goods in narrow aisles of less than 5m 
width. This makes the truck one of the 
most agile in its class. With this truck the 
available warehouse space can be utilised 
Low cylinders, large fields of vision in the 
overhead guard and the outer contour of 
the chassis provide excellent visibility in 
every direction. In difficult applications, 
such as in the paper, beverage or wood 
industry or simply when loading and 
unloading lorries this good visibility is a 
prerequisite for swift and safe work. The 
good visibility increases occupational 
safety and availability by reducing the risk 
of injuries and damages. 
Ecological responsibility is another aspect 
of optimum turnover performance. The 
new RX 70 models allow the environment 
space to breathe. The new trucks do not 
only fulfil the exhaust gas limit values in 
accordance to 97/68/EG level 3b - they are 
far below these values. In the RX 70-60/80 
an oxidation catalyst combined with a 
soot particle filter reduces the emission of 
nitric oxides by about 50% compared to 
the predecessor models. 
The emission of soot particle filters is 
reduced by as much as 97%. Thanks to 
the completely newly developed 2.9 l 
Deutz diesel engine, the RX 70-40/50 is 
the only truck in its class to achieve such 
levels. The deployed engine makes these 
values possible, even without use of a soot 
particle filter. The oxidation catalyst alone 
is enough to reduce emissions below the 
limit values. 
Besides the low emission values the new 
truck models have proven to be extremely 
fuel efficient. Apart from the known 
fuel efficiency programme Blue-Q and 
the proven diesel-electric drive system 
designed in wear free rotary current 
technology, the new RX 70 models have 
another unique benefit: the intelligent 
drive technology. After accelerating, the 
truck electronically shifts up another gear 
and the engine speed can be reduced by 
1/4 while keeping up the driving speed. 
This future oriented technology reduces 
fuel consumption and in combination 
with the optional cruise control ensures 
relaxed and fuel efficient travel, especially 
on long distances. 
The use of maintenance free and 
capsulated components, for example, 
the electric drive components with 
wear-free, 3 phase technology and a 
wear-free lamella type brake immersed 
in oil, extends the maintenance interval 
to 1000 hours of operation or 12 months. 
Easily accessible maintenance points 
and an integrated diagnostic system that 
allows warnings and fault messages to be 
displayed inside the truck, make finding 
faults quick and provide high availability 
at low maintenance costs. 
Turnover performance is much 
more than pure engine power. 
Power, precision, ergonomics, 
compact design and safety; only 
the optimum interaction of 
all 5 aspects ensure maximum 
turnover performance. The new 
RX 70-40/50 and RX 70-60/80 
forklift trucks ideally combine 
the performance of man and 
Efficient reachstackers 
To manage an increasing level of business, 
Potter Logistics has bought a high 
specification Linde reachstacker for its 
rail freight terminal at the company’s 
Selby rail freight terminal. The new Linde 
reachstacker, is equipped with a Euro 4I 
engine and the latest level of off-highway, 
emission compliant power units. 
Jim Thomson, Operations Director 
at Potter Logistics explains, “The 
reachstacker will be kept busy moving 
products for our current customers at 
Selby. In addition, it will take part in trials 
for new domestic rail services in 2013.” 
“We chose to purchase from Linde 
because, in our experience, they supply 
robust, well-engineered, reliable and cost 
effective machines. As a consequence, we 
have selected their materials handling 
equipment at all our distribution centres.” 
Nigel Richardson, Sales Manager of Linde 
UK Heavy Trucks adds, “This reachstacker 
features the most recent advancements in 
power units and fuel efficiency regulations 
to meet the newest EPA regulations. 
“In addition, we have fitted this line of 
reachstackers with a state of the art load 
management system which carefully 
monitors and protects the machine’s 
overall structure, operating limits and the 
operator interface. In summary, our new 
design ensures maximum productivity is 
achieved with minimal energy waste and 
environmental impact.” 
p62.indd 62 05/02/2013 09:38:21 
your business TVH, more than just forklift parts 
© 01/2013 - TVH® and TotalSource® are 
registered trademarks. All sales are subject to 
the general terms & conditions of sale on 
Equipment Division Parts & Accessories Division 
Parts for material 
handling equipment 
Accessories Parts for industrial 
Brabantstraat 15 • BE-8790 Waregem 
T +32 56 43 42 11 • F +32 56 43 44 88 • • 
Visit us @ IMHX 
stand 20F35 
p63.indd 63 29/01/2013 11:37:17 
64 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Logistics Business takes 
a look at the potential 
advantages for materials 
handling companies 
working as part of 
a larger structure, 
focusing on the 
constituent businesses 
which make up the 
international technology 
group Körber. All will 
be exhibiting at the 
upcoming LogiMAT 
trade fair in Stuttgart, 
Divided: a holistic 
Maintaining competitive ability in global 
markets requires the development 
of sustainable innovations which set 
standards worldwide. This is why the 
German companies Aberle, Aberle Software 
(a former subdivision of Aldata Software) 
and Langhammer work closely together 
to take the logistics industry in its 
entirety into account. Belonging to the 
international technology group Körber 
Process Solutions they benefit of financial 
stability, international presence and an 
extensive know-how pool. 
Green by design 
Supplying and reducing energy 
requirements is an important future- 
oriented topic for the intralogistics sector. 
Here, two of the sector’s most fundamental 
focuses for development meet in what is 
often called ‘green logistics’: innovations 
and resource efficiency. Both concepts 
offer companies the potential to play 
a continuing decisive role in global 
competition in the future. In this setting, 
the German intralogistics sector plays 
a leading role. More than almost all 
competitors, it can tap into an abundant 
pool of know-how and competence 
allowing it to create innovations, solutions 
and components which set standards 
worldwide. As a future development in 
the sector, it is foreseeable that Germany 
and Europe as a whole will take a position 
primarily as an inventor’s workshop for 
intralogistics solutions, while production, 
implementation, maintenance and 
support will in world terms be carried out 
Understanding this dynamic as well as 
the importance of energy efficiency at 
an early stage, the three intralogistics 
companies of the Körber Group have 
geared up their developments in this field. 
Understanding this dynamic as well as 
the importance of energy efficiency at 
an early stage, the three intralogistics 
companies of the Körber 
Group have geared up their 
developments in this field. 
PMS for the environment 
As a general contractor and 
system integrator for automatic 
intralogistics systems, Aberle 
has extended its Process 
Management System, Aberle 
PMS, to include an efficient 
energy management module. 
With the PMS-E, as reference 
projects prove, 25-40% of 
the energy consumption of 
intralogistics systems in use can 
be saved. 
Furthermore, the new PMS app, a unique 
tool for increased mobility and flexible 
management, extends the function range 
of the modular PMS for resource efficient 
process security. The new tool on iOS basis 
is initially conceived for applications with 
iPhone and iPad and offers cross-location 
access to current warehouse codes. 
Aberle PMS provides the following 
functions to users: 
• Visualization of SPS control data 
• Control panel function, including for 
status specification, fault messages and 
process codes 
• Dashboard as a control instrument for 
management with overviews, for 
example of warehouse capacity 
utilization, current orders and 
• Display of warehouse space information 
by scanning the barcodes of containers. 
The handling trinity 
p64.indd 64 1/30/2013 2:19:17 PM 
psb intralogistics GmbH • 66955 Pirmasens | Germany • 
We »speak« intralogistics – in every language 
Intralogistics starts right here. You are looking for a supplier of integrated system 
solutions, who knows your business and who speaks your language? Our employees, 
with international experience, are available to you at any time: at psb and on site 
– reliably, personally, competently. During the design phase, as well as during the 
project realisation and operation. As a medium-sized company with an established 
tradition and experience of more than 125 years, we are independent of large 
concerns, thus being able to respond flexibly and promptly. Use this »human« 
factor for your own benefit – everywhere and at any time. 
psb_Ad_IMHX13.indd 1 19.12.2012 16:26:35 
p65.indd 65 29/01/2013 11:39:01 
66 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Hard-driving software 
The SAP experts from Aberle 
Software provide solutions 
for individual questions 
relating to SAP EWM and 
their experience in the 
sector they have a lot to offer 
either in conjunction with 
other Körber companies or 
working separately. 
With its know-how as 
an SAP Service Partner 
and add-ons that were 
developed and implemented 
by the company itself to 
complement the SAP standards, Aberle 
Software offers products and services far 
above the market level. 
The IT specialists have come up with 
the optimization solution WAROS 
(Warehousing Resources Optimization 
System). This software makes it possible 
for users to identify gaps in the work 
process and to actively prevent them. 
WAROS improves the handling processes 
and increases throughput, transparency 
and delivery service. Concrete 
optimization potentials and increases 
throughput, transparency and delivery 
service. Concrete optimization potentials 
and economic success could already be 
achieved in a reference application. 
Specialists in pallets 
The palletizing solutions from 
Langhammer are among the most efficient 
and flexible systems on the market. In 
terms of technology their special strength 
is the modular design of systems and 
lines in the areas of palletization, pallet 
transportation and conveyor systems 
These automation solutions are tailored 
to individual customers for various 
industries, for example the paper and 
tissue converting industries or food, 
chemicals and cosmetics. Together with 
the other companies in the group they 
offer complete solutions for companies in 
these sectors. 
Langhammer offers automation solutions 
with two key aspects: Layer palletizers 
and robots to meet a wide variety of 
requirements. Systems such as the LR03 
linear robots palletize 
and transport almost 
every product and they 
are flexibly adjustable to 
suit particular production 
environments as necessary. 
The controls for the LR03 
are completely open and not 
a ‘black box,’ as is the case 
with many other systems 
on the market, allowing 
the customer to modify the 
programs to suit changing 
conditions within their DC 
operations. To allow for this 
Langhammer makes the 
source programming code 
available to the customer after installation 
for this purpose. 
Finding the right solution 
The opportunity to meet with 
representatives of the Körber companies 
will be open to all in the first quarter 
of this year. From February 19-21, 2013, 
Aberle, Aberle Software and Langhammer 
will be present at the LogiMAT trade 
show. They will showcase their latest 
developments at the Körber Process 
Solutions stand in Hall 1, Stand 242. 
In addition, Aberle Software will be 
exhibiting in Hall 5, Stand 446. 
p66.indd 66 2/4/2013 5:26:02 PM 
‘Give us just 
to show you benefits 
of warehouse automation – 
helping to make you fit 
for the future’ 
Visit us at IMHX 
on stand 19L180 
For all types of business 
ad_five_minutes_benefits_A4_3bleed.pdf 1 18.01.13 09:57 
p67.indd 67 29/01/2013 11:41:38 
68 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Logistics Business once again 
takes a look at the latest 
international news, case 
studies and product releases 
in warehouse automation, 
featuring some of the 
industry’s major players. 
Wärtsilä and all 
Wärtsilä, a leading provider 
of complete lifecycle power 
solutions for marine and energy 
industries, needed to improve 
the productivity of its spare 
parts supply chain. It operated 
eight separate spare parts 
warehouses but recognised 
that major efficiencies could be 
achieved through centralising the 
products into one single, global 
distribution centre. 
Wärtsilä identified Kampen in the 
Netherlands, with excellent road 
and water transport links and a 
good availability of reliable, experienced 
employees as the prime location for its 
new Central Distribution Centre (CDC). 
Due to the nature of Wärtsilä’s business, 
orders can be very complex and range 
from single-unit orders to orders of spare 
parts for entire overhauls. The new facility 
needed to handle both inbound and 
outbound logistics, order consolidation, 
technical quality control and heavy goods 
storage as well as provide automated 
miniload and pallet highbay storage. 
It would include automated picking 
systems and a state of the art warehouse 
management system to integrate 
seamlessly with Wärtsilä’s own SAP system. 
Most importantly, the CDC needed to 
improve efficiency, reliability and speed 
of delivery – and of course reduce costs. 
Automation specialists Swisslog started 
to work with Wärtsilä well before the 
project was even confirmed. Initially 
Swisslog’s focus was on the material 
handling equipment, but its expertise in 
total warehouse operations and in civil 
engineering soon led Wärtsilä to entrust 
Swisslog with overall construction and 
project management responsibilities. 
Construction work commenced in August 
2009. Wärtsilä entrusted Swisslog with 
a very broad scope, giving its team the 
primary role of project manager for 
the complete site. Swisslog completed 
the project successfully – on time and 
within budget - despite severe weather 
Spares from suppliers are delivered to 
the site by road, although the CDC is also 
equipped with facilities for inbound and 
outbound goods to be transported by 
ship. Manual forklifts offload palletised 
products from trucks to the goods-in area. 
A random selection of products are sent 
to Quality Inspection (QI) and placed into 
‘temporary quarantine’ so that quality 
and quantity can be checked. Remaining 
pallets are scanned and identified by 
Swisslog’s ‘WarehouseControl’ system 
which registers the product size, to 
determine whether items will be 
stored as a pallet load or within totes. 
Products to be stored by pallet load 
are transferred by conveyor to a pick 
station where the load is taken off 
the pallet used to deliver it. The load 
is then transferred onto Wärtsilä’s 
own pallets, before continuing on 
the pallet conveyor system and being 
stored in the highbay warehouse, 
served by eight Vectura pallet 
cranes. The CDC uses captive Euro 
pallets (pallets which don’t leave 
the warehouse) to reduce potential 
errors in the material handling 
system caused by damaged or faulty 
Smaller products are stored in totes. 
Pallet loads are transported from the 
goods-in area to replenishment desks 
where operators transfer the product 
into captive totes. Depending on the 
load fill of existing totes holding that 
product, an existing tote may be delivered 
to the operator for replenishment, or 
a new tote will be delivered. Totes are 
then stored in the miniload warehouse, 
serviced by ten Tornado miniload cranes. 
Seven variants of totes are used, all 
the same base size but with various 
combinations of compartments and 
heights. A ‘put-to-light’ system is used 
whereby a light shines into the particular 
compartment where the product should 
be stored. The tote then automatically 
returns to the miniload highbay for 
storage until a product is required for a 
particular order. 
New orders are generated from Wärtsilä’s 
own SAP system and passed on to the 
WarehouseControl system to manage the 
order consolidation process. The picking 
area consists of two types of picking 
stations, either equipped for picking from 
pallets or picking from totes. 
The internal machine 
p68.indd 68 1/31/2013 4:36:51 PM 
DistriSort Sortingsolutions 
Distrisort is specialized in turn-key sortingsolutions. We install complete turn-key solutions including software and electric 
components, in- and outgoing conveying, camera’s, scanners, printers etc. Visit our stand and we show you all the possibilities. 

On our stand you’ll find our split tray sortermodel with our user friendly client software interface. 

In 2013 we celebrate our 10th Anniversary! Look at 
DistriSort Projects BV 
The Netherlands 
+31 (0)294 457 999 
Visit Distrisort 
on the IMHX 2013 
stand 18N163 
p69.indd 69 29/01/2013 11:53:29 
Both single- and 
multiple-unit orders 
from totes are 
picked by operators 
at goods-to-person 
picking stations. 
Picked items are 
taken straight to 
packing benches 
for shipping or 
consolidation with 
other larger items 
within the same 
For orders which 
include items stored 
in pallets within the highbay, the operator 
executes the picking tasks, picking from a 
number of different pallets (one pallet per 
product) and placing them into an order 
pallet which will hold all products for one 
customer order. These order pallets are 
then transferred to the packing lanes by 
forklift for complete order consolidation 
before shipping. 
The goods-to-person pallet picking 
stations are ergonomically designed and 
equipped with lift functionality to lower 
pallets in order to reduce stretching. 
Operators have control of the lifts and can 
adjust them in line with their individual 
requirements. Each pick station is also 
equipped with a pillar crane which 
completely eliminates lifting of the 
heavier items. Orders are consolidated in 
the buffer area before being packed and 
The CDC also has a dedicated ground 
storage area for very large items (up to 50 
tonnes). These large items are offloaded 
from vehicles and placed into the ground 
storage area using overhead cranes, where 
they remain until they are required for a 
specific order. 
Swisslog designed the state-of-the-art 
CDC to meet Wärtsilä’s specific 
requirements. It enables Wärtsilä’s 24/7 
service strategy to improve efficiency 
and customer service whilst realising cost 
savings. The facility is future-proof, with 
scope for expanding the ground storage, 
pallet and miniload stores. 
Swisslog’s turnkey solution included 
the design, realisation and start-up of 
the new facility, including building 
construction and all material handling 
equipment. This also covered the 
implementation of their software 
products and warehouse control system 
along with general responsibility for the 
integration of systems and overall project 
Also included was a System Operation 
contract to ensure the highest levels of 
ongoing reliability. “Eight different flows 
of Wärtsilä spare parts have been merged 
into one unique stream; Swisslog’s newly 
designed and built CDC in Kampen has 
made it all possible. Centralised logistics 
management means we can offer our 
customers faster and more efficient spare 
parts delivery,” commented Uilke Bosma, 
CDC Warehouse Manager at Wärtsilä 
Global Logistics Services. 
Compact and ready for handling 
Dambach Lagersysteme will presents its DCS 
Compact Shuttle System plus its pallet- 
handling technology to link warehouse 
and apron at this year’s LogiMAT show in 
Stuttgart (see page 46 for further product 
The DCS (pictured above) was developed 
for pallet storage and loads up to 1500kg. 
Instead of conventional batteries, the 
Dambach shuttle draws 
its energy from high- 
performance capacitors 
(power caps), which 
means a short charging 
time of just 12 seconds. 
Charging takes place 
at the transfer stations 
or when moving the 
DCS from one aisle to 
another on its parent rail- 
guided stacker crane. The 
result is uninterrupted 
24-hour operation with 
no downtimes at all for 
recharging or replacing 
Each DCS is fitted with especially powerful 
400 V three-phrase drive units with a 
high power density and compact design. 
Used in conjunction with the rail-guided 
stacker cranes, the DCS therefore achieves 
a high throughput in multi-deep pallet 
The Dambach pallet-handling technology 
on show for the first time forms the 
foundation for continuing the shuttle 
technology onto the apron. Coordinated 
components from chain and roller 
conveyors as well as handling units make 
it easier to link high bay warehouses 
to materials-handling systems. Special 
attention has been given to modularity 
and functional reliability. Procuring all 
elements from one supplier simplifies the 
interfaces between materials-handling and 
warehouse technologies. 
Polish parcel package 
European parcel and express company 
DPD has opened one of Eastern Europe’s 
largest and most modern sorting facilities 
near Łódz, Poland. After the opening of 
the DPD Holland Hub at the end of last 
year, this is the second prestige project 
supplied by Vanderlande Industries. Next 
year a third one in Germany will also go 
DPD, whose international parcel and 
express network is owned by France’s 
La Poste, says the €32 million facility at 
70 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
p70.indd 70 2/1/2013 10:07:18 AM 
Stryków, near Łódz, represents the largest 
investment of its kind in Central and 
Eastern Europe. The new sorting centre 
stands on a 9 hectare site with a 13,500m 

warehouse and 2,500m 
of office space. 
The sorting centre is able to handle 300 
vehicles per night. The first parcels arrive 
at the centre at 21:00 hours, and the last 
ones will leave the site at 03.00 hours. 
The new facility in Łódz is at the centre 
of DPD’s diamond-shaped network in 
Poland, connecting the largest distribution 
centres across the country. 
DPD has made this investment in a new 
hub and a sorting solution to enable it 
to rethink its network and to support 
future growth. “This highly advanced and 
modern sorting facility will mean a big 
quality increase for the Polish express 
parcel industry,” says Rafał Nawłoka, 
President of DPD Poland. “This state-of- 
the-art investment is located at the heart 
of Poland, where all the major domestic 
communication routes meet. Together 
with our business partners we were 
looking for an optimum logistics solution, 
and the central location of Stryków also 
meets our requirement to optimise costs.” 
Vanderlande Industries supplied the 
turnkey sorting solution, with a value 
of €16 million. The combination of two 
‘Crossorter 1500’ and one ‘Crossorter 700’ 
systems makes it possible to sort items 
with a wide range of sizes, from 
loose-loaded small parcels right up to 
large parcels (up to 31.5 kg). A smart 
combination of spiral chutes enables each 
sorter to reach every destination, allowing 
high capacity with a minimum footprint. 
The total system consists of four 
communication routes: 
two main sorters, one 
small sorter for light 
parcels up to 5kg and 
a lower route for non- 
conveyables. The two 
main sorters together 
can handle up to 35,000 
parcels per hour. 
Vanderlande Industries 
implement material 
handling systems 
of all sizes, ranging 
from local sorting depots, airports and 
distribution centres to the world’s largest 
facilities. To achieve this, the company 
has a wide product range and industry 
knowledge, and possesses capabilities 
in disciplines including system design 
and engineering, through supply chain 
management, manufacturing, logistics 
software technology, system integration, 
and project management. 
Curves for e-commerce 
Exhibiting this year 
at ProMAT Chicago 
were automation 
specialists Beumer. 
As well as showing 
their current system, 
they were launching 
their new product: 
the E-con shipping 
sorter. Helen Silvester 
went along to take a 
This product is based 
on the LS-4000E-con, 
which is based on 
standard mechanical, 
control and 
software interface 
modules. These 
modules allow for 
significantly reduced 
engineering, project 
and testing costs 
compared to 
conventional systems. In addition, this 
modularity provides a 30% reduction in 
the lifecycle of the project, allowing a 
faster ROI. 
The LS-4000E-con provides ample space 
between the sorter supports and the 
possibility for up to 10 degree level 
changes, even in curves. This makes the 
LS-4000E-con easy to fit into existing 
premises and allows for easy site 
Katie Sisco, Marketing Manager, 
explained: “The main applications for this 
system are warehousing and distribution 
for retailers, ecommerce. It’s an order 
fulfilment solution.” 
With e-commerce starkly on the rise, 
Sisco noted that the last 2 years have been 
the strongest for this division of Beumer. 
“We have seen very rapid growth and as 
ecommerce grows there is an increasing 
demand for these products,” she said. 
p71.indd 71 1/31/2013 4:43:05 PM 
72 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Beumer have a long-standing history of 
providing effective solutions. Their sort 
accuracy, for example, is 99.5%. And 
as Sisco said: “Often what will not be 
recognised is down to human error or a 
product that accidently finds itself on the 
The items that failed to be sorted can 
be collected by a person, or also run on 
an automated solution. Ultimately that 
would be a customer decision. Beumer 
are partnered with the scanner specialists, 
Sick, for reading barcodes. 
Some of the benefits of using this product 
would be that it is low risk due to the 
incorporation of Beumer’s own high 
quality tilt tray technology. It is also 
based on standard modules which can be 
configured together quickly and easily. 
There are minimal controls and host 
interface requirements. Furthermore 
it is highly durable, robust and 
environmentally friendly. 
Nothing small about Klein 
Celebrating the 125th anniversary of the 
company, Werner Klein, great-grandson 
of the company founder Franz Klein, and 
Managing Director of psb intralogistics 
GmbH summarized his views on the 
present and future of the company. 
“In its anniversary year, 2012, we present 
ourselves with the slogan ‘innovations 
for generations – 125 years of psb’. This 
slogan expresses that our sight is set on 
the future with new ideas and innovative 
products – that is the foundation on 
which our company is based. This has 
been true for the last 125 years of our 
corporate development, and this will be 
true for the future. 
“In times when the financial 
community speculate about the 
value of bonds, corporations and 
national debt, the best investment 
has proven to be the one that 
can be calculated and influenced 
by ourselves. I am convinced 
that we are heading in the right 
direction. The growing number 
of international competitors and 
increasing customer demands are 
forcing enterprises to develop and 
implement new production and logistics 
strategies at ever greater speed. Each 
business in the market offers potential for 
rationalization, but this potential is never 
entirely exploited. 
At the same time, the flow of information 
and goods is gaining more and more 
importance. In-house logistics has become 
a key success factor in global competition. 
The economic processing of small order 
sizes, within the most different time 
frames, is the most challenging task for 
many enterprises. 
“We offer solutions for a large number of 
tasks and help our customers to achieve 
a higher degree of economic efficiency, 
plus enhanced competitiveness. We too 
keep this efficiency as our own focus, yet 
not at the expense of the flexibility of a 
medium-sized company which requires 
adaptability in the project business. 
The psb network of know-how and 
experience, across disciplines and 
generations, creates the foundation for 
present and future success.” 
At the IMHX show in Birmingham, 
visitors can have a closer look at psb’s new 
‘mtr Micro Trolley System’, which based 
on a common platform strategy of several 
types of overhead conveyors and ‘power 
& free’ systems. This is an integrated basic 
system for the transport and distribution 
of hanging and flat-packed goods. In 
addition, a newly developed pouch 
allows for the overhead handling of flat- 
packed items. The items are registered 
and assigned by means of a barcode or 
RFID-chip directly attached on the micro 
trolley. Data management is effected 
by the sophisticated psb warehouse 
management system selektron WMS 
in combination with the material flow 
control system selektron MFC. This is not 
all that is appearing at the show however. 
The enhanced shuttle system platform of 
the ‘vario.sprinter’ will also be presented: 
The chassis of the shuttle has been 
completely redesigned resulting in a 
significant reduction of the overall weight. 
The revised ‘optimizer’ load handling 
device (gripper technology and telescopic 
plates) allow for the optimised handling 
of tote boxes and cartons. Energy- 
efficient drives provide for an improved 
dynamic behaviour at reduced energy 
p72.indd 72 2/1/2013 10:31:11 AM 
Your Warehouse 
Floor Performance 
Floor quality has a signifcant impact on the effciency of warehouses and distribution 
centres. Whatever your warehouse fooring requirements, CoGri has the expertise and 
experience to provide a professional and practical solution every time. 
Established for over 20 years, we are able to provide complete foor solutions from 
design to construction and upgrading of warehouse and industrial concrete foors. 
Superfat High Tolerance 
Floor Technology 
including; abrasion resistance 
slip / skid resistance testing 
Specialists in Superfat 
Floor Grinding 
upgraded to any international 
fatness standards 
all VNA forklift trucks 
patented Laser Grinder 
Laser Grinder 
warehouse environment 
Specialists in 
Floor Refurbishments 
For All Your Flooring Needs contact the CoGri Group 
+44 (0) 1484 600080 
See us at 
Hall 6 Stand 414 
Hall 20 Stand D90 
p73.indd 73 29/01/2013 11:56:23 
74 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Keeping it in the family 
Gebhardt Group has acquired the 
traditional British company, European 
Conveyor Systems (ECS). 
Since 1st January 2013, 
the Gebhardt Group has 
integrated their long-time 
partner from the UK 
into the group 
its worldwide 
activities in 
intralogistics even 
For more than 60 years, Gebhardt 
Fördertechnik GmbH has stood 
for innovative internal material 
handling solutions both in 
Germany and around the world. 
“In order to maintain and even 
further expand this, it is important 
that we are able to rely on our 
worldwide partners,” said Marco 
Gebhardt, Director of Gebhardt 
Fördertechnik (pictured far right, 
with: James Kappele (Gebhardt 
USA), John Bower (Gebhardt 
European Conveyor Systems) and 
Jacques Adem (Gebhardt Middle 
East)). ECS, based in Nottingham, has been 
distributing the entire Gebhardt product 
range in the UK and Ireland since 1992. 
Within this successful collaboration 
of over 20 years, the 2 family owned 
businesses have developed a close 
partnership. Last year, the 2 companies 
even celebrated ‘80 years of intralogistics’ 
together - 60 years of Gebhardt 
Fördertechnik and 20 years of ECS. 
The entire ECS team will remain on 
board. In the future, ECS will be linked 
directly to the head office in Sinsheim 
and have direct access to all master data 
and technical information. Management 
of ECS will remain as is with John Bower, 
Managing Partner of the British company, 
supported by Terry Pullen as Managing 
Gebhardt has expanded internationally 
for more than 20 years 
in collaboration with 
various offices and 
partners. Worldwide 
sales activities have 
rapidly expanded. 
“The current 
revenue is about 
35% and should 
be expanded in the 
coming years to around 
50%. This is why we place 
emphasis on international 
cooperation,” said Fritz 
Gebhardt, Managing Partner 
of the Gebhardt Group. 
Rolling on the canal 
When international travelers want 
maximum savings on brand-name luxury 
goods and travel-related merchandise they 
turn to UETA Latin America, a division 
of Duty Free Americas. And when UETA’s 
strategic partner, intelligent warehouse 
experts Sobek logistica s.a., set out to 
support UETA in the reorganization 
of its product storage and distribution 
structure, the company turned to 
Interroll for the expertise and products to 
maximize UETA’s process flow. 
With 250 employees and an 11,440m 

warehouse in Colón, Panama UETA 
boasts 11,500 different stock-keeping 
units (SKUs) and moves 48,000 packages 
per day on 600 lines. In 2012, UETA 
launched a reorganization of its storage 
and redistribution structure. The project 
included redesigning its logistics layout 
and expanding the distribution center 
to optimize reception tasks, order 
preparation and storage, and product 
dispatch. The resulting warehouse 
management system includes bar codes 
and radio frequency identification (RFID) 
technology to ensure that UETA keeps 
pace with market demands. 
Interroll’s Carton Flow and Push-Back 
solutions were integrated at UETA by 
Sobek logistica. The company is now 
implementing dynamic storage systems 
at UETA in Central America and will soon 
integrate automation solutions there. 
On the Carton Flow side, Interroll’s 
solution boosted picking 
performance by 65% compared to 
conventional small parts shelving 
and optimized picking process 
ergonomics. Stock management is 
made easy by the first-in, first-out 
(FIFO) solution, and UETA realized 
space savings of up to 35% compared 
to conventional small parts shelving. 
“The productivity of our warehouse 
has increased in lines and packages 
moved per day, [and resulted in] 
greater efficiency in our process 
flow,” said Moises Breziner, UETA’s 
Chief Operating Officer. 
“During the picking process, employees 
work more efficiently with less effort due 
to the functionality of the roller systems.” 
The solution consumes no energy, and 
UETA is poised for a return on investment 
within 2 years. 
Sobek logistica also chose Interroll’s last- 
in, first-out (LIFO). Up to 6 pallets deep, 
the system has a multi-purpose push plate 
with full lane indicator, pallet guide and 
end stop, as well as wider-facing crossway 
pallet storage and a nested U cart. 
p74.indd 74 2/4/2013 4:41:24 PM 
75 Years of 
structural engineers 
industrial & workplace equipment 
ExpErts in storagE solutions 
Depend upon our 
to help you 
For over 75 years our customers have benefited from our 
EXpertise in providing bespoke storage solutions, from small 
to large complex projects. 
✔ improve efficiency 
✔ optimise space 
✔ demonstrate roi 
✔ create the ideal 
storage solution 
✔ add value to your business 
Visit us at iMHx 
19-22 March NEC, Birmingham 
Industriestraße 1 · 49824 · Ringe · Germany 
Tel. +49 5944 9333-0 · 
ProductS. Flow. 
In the world of logistics everything needs to 
keep moving. Whether automatically or manu- 
ally, the seamless transport of goods; receiving, 
storage, or retrieval, is the key to excellent lo- 
gistics. We’ve designed our containers exactly 
with this in mind. Our containers are versatile 
and can be used in a number of different sto- 
rage and handling systems. They are dimensio- 
nally stable and robust and on request also con- 
ductive. They work at every stage of the logistics 
chain so that everything runs like clockwork. 
p75.indd 75 29/01/2013 12:06:29 
76| Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
With internet 
and many high 
street retailers 
struggling to compete and survive, 
the world of logistics is changing 
to adapt to the new trend. But an 
efficient operation is key to any 
successful retailer, either online, on 
the high street, or a combination 
of the two. Helen Silvester spoke 
with integrated materials handling 
specialists, SDI Group, to learn more 
on their most recent projects with 
some big retailers to learn about 
their products and to ask their 
opinion on the market. 
2012 proved to be a busy and successful 
year for SDI Group. Their Pusher Sorter 
(PTU) was demonstrated at LogiMAT 
2012 and the product has proved popular, 
the sorter is available with different tray 
sizes, ideal for the retail and shoe industry. 
Winnie Ahrens (pictured), European Sales, 
says: “It is ideal for items such as books, 
envelopes, shoes, etc.” 
The product was recently sold to Polish 
retailer, No-Limit, whose business model 
is to buy products from other brands and 
sell them on. Peter Schlüpmann, MD of 
SDI Group Germany (pictured), explains: 
“They [No-Limit] are growing fast and 
they had a lot of operators working in 
their logistics facilities and thus had high 
labour costs.” By implementing a more 
automated solution, complimented with 
racking systems, mezzanine floors etc., 
labour costs were significantly reduced. 
Schlüpmann has seen many sites which 
incur high labour costs and often the 
case is that with an automated solution 
the savings will be high. “Throughput 
vs investment is really important for 
companies,” he says, “and it is becoming 
an increasing trend.” Depending on the 
commodity, around 3000 – 5000 items per 
hour can be sorted with the PTU. 
In other news, SDI, Group who will be 
exhibiting at LogiMAT again this year, 
have made some enhancements to their 
Bombay Sorter (now TTU- Tight Turn 
Unit). “The big difference,” confirms 
Schlüpmann, “is that the system is 
powered by a friction drive rather than a 
chain drive, which reduces noise levels. We 
also have different tray sizes available and 
the speed is improved.” 
The newest version has been sold to 
French retailer, Diagma, who purchased 
2 types of sorter from SDI Group in their 
project: a TTU and a PTU. 
SDI Group have also been recently 
successful in bidding for a large internet 
logistics provider and Logistics Business 
hopes to provide more details on the 
contract in due course. 
So what will 2013 bring to SDI Group? 
Ahrens speaks optimistically: “Despite 
the economic climate, we will see a very 
prosperous and challenging 2013. We are 
very positive about this year,” she says. 
Schlüpmann adds; “In Germany we have 
really developed the market and have a 
lot in the pipeline. I see an uplift in the 
economy for us. Internet business in 
Germany is increasing by 25% and this 
means logistics does need to provide 
solutions, and with the bag sorter, for 
example, we are jumping into this niche 
to provide solutions for our customers 
and increase our market share.” Ahrens 
concludes that, “also an important 
aspect to SDI Group is that we make 
all components in our own production 
facilities in Bielefeld.” 

A push for sorters 
p76.indd 76 2/4/2013 5:29:12 PM 
Your general contractor for 
automatic intralogistics systems 
Aberle Software 
Your expert for SAP solutions 
Your partner for palletizing 
Visit us at LogiMat: 
Hall 1, stand 242 
Hall 5, stand 446 
Or check out 
our video 
p77.indd 77 29/01/2013 14:56:41 
78| Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Just off the icy shores of Lake 
Michigan the doors opened 
to ProMAT Chicago 2013 in 
January, the most comprehensive 
materials handling, supply chain 
and logistics show held in North 
America. The show is designed to 
offer productivity solutions and 
information by showcasing various 
products and services. With around 
800 exhibits there was something 
for everyone, report Helen Silvester 
and Rob Coston. 
At the show, Helen Silvester found that 
whereas while many parts of Europe are 
fitting their DCs and warehouses around 
a limited amount of space, the US has 
got more than it knows what to do with. 
Europe’s DC’s get higher, the US’s get 
wider. Another fundamental difference 
is that, in the UK for example, a DC in 
the midlands can serve the entire UK 
for next day delivery. In the US one DC 
might be able to serve only it’s home 
state or neighbouring states. A US supply 
chain, therefore presents very different 
challenges, and the trade show provides 
solutions to meet them. 
Linde Material Handling North America 
(LMH-NA), for example, featured electric- 
and IC engine-powered counterbalanced 
lift trucks as well as a number of other 
electric powered low-lift warehouse 
stackers, pallet trucks and stackers on 
their stand, with some products, such as 
the T20 100% AC, 24V powered walkie- 
pallet trucks, being shown for the first 
time in North America. 
Also in the forklifts section, Jungheinrich 
presented visitors the opportunity to 
operate their EKX man-up-turret truck. 
The product is equipped with Warehouse 
Navigation and capable of improving 
productivity by 25%. The truck is capable 
of determining the optimum speed once 
the operator has applied the accelerator. 
Rob Coston went to visit battery 
charger specialists, Power Designers, who 
presented their new Revolution series to 
him, the first product on the market to 
be compatible with upcoming California 
Energy Commission regulations that all 
chargers must be at least 89% efficient 
across the charge cycle. “As California 
goes the rest of the US tends to follow with 
regulation,” Adrienne Nienow, Business 
Development & Marketing Coordinator 
told him. Existing chargers are often as 
inefficient as 56% during startup, and the 
energy loss in conversion from AC to DC 
power is a loss for your company.” 
Also launched at the show was the ‘Perfect 
Pick’, by OPEX Corporation into the 
material Handling and logistics industry. 
Perfect Pick is a unique, automated, high- 
speed, goods-to-person, picking solution 
based upon OPEX technology. 
An electric pneumatic lift truck 
ruggedized for hard outdoor use was 
showcased by Hyster (pictured below). The 
‘J70XN’ features wet brake axles and a fully 
protected undercarriage and electronics. 
The truck is also equipped to handle 
duties at the dock, in manufacturing and 
elsewhere at the facility. 
Perfect Pick is engineered to simplify the 
complexity often associated with shuttle 
technology. Perfect Pick’s ‘one-touch’ 
design is based on a single component - 
the iBOT. iBOTs are intelligent, wireless 
vehicles that have 100% access to the 
inventory in a single aisle. Unlike other 
shuttle systems that rely on lifts, 

Logistics takes a yank 
p78.indd 78 1/31/2013 11:59:16 AM 
The 7 
Edition of the International Exhibition for Logistics, 
Warehousing, Supply Chain, Freight, Cargo – Products & Services 



It’s more than just sales! 
This exhibition enables you to 
build relationships with key 
decision-makers and stakeholders, 
increase your distribution 
network, form business 
partnerships and showcase your 
new technologies, innovations 
and product developments. 
For further information, visit us at: 
September 10 – 12, 2013 
MH Ad-ITP - Aviation Business-05.indd 1 1/13/13 11:49 AM 
p79.indd 79 29/01/2013 14:59:52 
80| Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
conveyors or transfers, iBOTs travel 
around inside the storage rack at rates of 
up to 1,000 dual-cycles per hour picking 
and stocking inventory simultaneously 
and delivering totes or trays directly to 
the picking station located at one or both 
ends of the aisle. 
Eileen Sarro, Marketing Director at 
full systems integrators, Bell & Howell, 
presented their new top-apply labelling 
system ParcelMgr (pictured above) 
to Rob Coston. The product is now 
available in the US and Europe. It has 
been developed from proven technology 
already used for sorting letter returns 
by the US Postal Service. This labelling 
system is unique in that the entire 
carriage moves vertically to stamp the 
label, depending on the height of the 
parcel. This allows for a significant 
improvement in speed over traditional 
models - 70 packages per minute rather 
than 50. This has obvious advantages 
especially for e-commerce companies 
shipping orders of widely differing sizes. 
“We have created a game changer for the 
parcel industry,” added Mark Kilgore, 
Senior VP Sales Operations. 
Emerson Industrial Automation debuted 
their new heavy duty and extra heavy 
duty modular plastic belts to provide 
non-skid, energy-efficient conveyor 
surface for moving walkways, automotive 
assembly lines and general material 
handling of heavy loads. Director of 
Marketing, Material Handling, Matt 
Stoneburner said: “The smooth, flat top 
allows for an easy transfer of product 
with no rust or grime that will damage 
the product.” 
Sealed Air introduced Restore Mushroom 
Packaging, a 100% renewable protective 
packaging solution made from non-food 
agricultural byproducts and mycelium, 
or ‘mushroom roots.’ Restore cushions 
are custom-engineered and grown 
indoors without the need for light, 
watering or petrochemicals, and form 
into the customer’s desired shape in 
a mould: the mycelium is mixed with 
regionally sourced agricultural waste and 
the product is completely biodegradable. 
Restore cushions are suitable for 
fragile goods such as lighting fixtures, 
electronics or wine. 
Away from individual products and 
companies, there was plenty of news 
on the industry in general. One of the 
biggest logistics fairs in the world, 
CeMAT, Hannover, Germany announced 
the show will now operate on a 2 year 
cycle. Senior VP of Deutsche Messe, 
Wolfgang Pech said, “This change was 
made to accommodate the faster pace 
of change in the intralogistics market, as 
well as the industry’s shorter innovation 
Welcome to all our new readers that 
we met at our stand. There was a huge 
interest from our visitors in European 
logistics and the marketplace. Please send 
all your comments, stories and ideas for 
features to 

p80.indd 80 1/30/2013 2:53:09 PM 
26-28 MARCH 2013 
500 exhibitors 
27,000 professionals 
54 conferences 
Held simultaneously : 
In order to create value, the relationship between manufacturers and retailers and their 
suppliers and transport and logistics providers is essential. In an uncertain and global economic 
context, these synergies create a real competitive advantage enabling a faster-cheaper-more 
reliable service to clients, with optimal service levels and the lowest environmental impact. 
Featuring 500 exhibitors, with 27,000 professional participants and 54 conferences, SITL 
Logistics Solutions allows you to discover the complete range of innovative products and 
services which are dedicated to the physical distribution of goods and the supply chain and 
where you will also meet the experts who will help you move your projects forward. 
Working together 
to capture the markets of today 
Get your free badge by using the following 
code APG11 at 
& Logistics 
& Information 
AP_APG11_SITL2013_210x297-GB.indd 1 28/01/13 17:12 
p81.indd 71 29/01/2013 15:01:50 
One of the UK’s leading clothes 
retailers, River Island, were 
looking for a new sortation system 
for their internet fulfilment 
department within their brand new 
Distribution Centre. 
After a lengthy tender process, including 
full product testing, they chose Optimus 
Sorter Technology BV from the Netherlands, 
for the supply and installation of a new 
sorter system, incorporating bespoke 
software infrastructure to interface with 
their own WMS and dispatch conveyor 
Distribution Centre Project Manager 
Colin Bartlett said, “We selected Optimus 
for this project because of their level of 
service and attention to detail and their 
professionalism.” The installation of the 
new OptiSorter would be the first system 
to be installed within the UK but after 
site visits to installations within Europe 
and the in depth of the specification from 
Optimus there was no hesitation that it 
was the right system. 
Product picked in waves from different 
departments will be brought to the induct 
area where there will be 3 manual in-feed 
stations. Products are placed onto the 
trays prior to being scanned via a camera 
identification system (there is also an 
Omni directional scanner for scanning 
shoe boxes). The system comprises of 49 
exits with individual chutes servicing 
designated orders. 
Each chute will have been allocated a 
specific number of orders (information 
transferred from River Island’s own 
WMS), where a pick to light system 
counts down the number of items from 
a batch allocated to the relevant chute. 
Individual orders are located within 
a mobile trolley and when all orders 
have been fulfilled the mobile can be 
transferred to the packing benches. 
Once the individual orders have been 
packed a shipping label will be placed 
onto the package and transferred onto 
the dispatch conveyor system. This 
modular slat belt system merges from 
the two packing areas into one transport 
system to be sorted into different 
delivery runs. 
An overhead scanner reads the individual 
packages where the software interface 
sends the information directly to River 
Island’s WMS system which sends back the 
information of which delivery runs the 
package needs to be sorted to. 
There are a total of 5 delivery run lanes 
where individual ‘pushers’ transfer the 
package onto the designated lane. There 
are 5 additional overhead scanners (1 for 
each lane) to confirm that the package has 
been sorted to its relevant lane. 

Sorting out your clothes 
82| Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
p82.indd 82 1/29/2013 2:54:54 PM 
p83.indd 83 04/02/2013 15:51:31 
84 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Wanzl UK Group, the largest single 
supplier of retail equipment in 
the UK, returns to IMHX this 
year (stand 20B53) to launch its 
latest materials handling and 
order picking solutions for the 
warehousing, distribution and 
online retailing sectors. For the 
first time at IMHX, Wanzl will 
also feature its Reviva branded 
remanufactured equipment and 
heavy-duty impact protection 
In 2012, Wanzl L&I secured significant new 
business wins for one of the big 4 national 
supermarkets and one of the world’s 
largest online retailers, while continuing 
to supply KT3 picking trolleys in volume 
to Wilkinson and roll cages to Iceland. 
The company also achieved a Tesco Value 
Award in recognition of the support and 
service provided through the design, 
prototyping, volume 
production and 
on-time roll-out of a 
roll cage solution to a 
number of key Tesco 
depots in the UK. 
Managing Director 
of Wanzl UK Group, 
Dean Rolland, 
comments: “With 
austerity very much 
in the headlines, 
companies have 
been focused on 
driving out supply 
chain costs without 
compromising on 
quality. As a company 
we are committed to innovating to meet 
the rapidly evolving demands of our 
customers and this created lots of new 
opportunities for us to secure additional 
business with large national clients in 
Slimline roll cages for the convenience 
retail sector have also boosted sales, as 
Head of Logistics and Industry for Wanzl 
UK Group, Doug Jeffery, explained: 
“All major retailers continue to invest 
in smaller store formats, driving the 
requirement for more compact materials 
handling solutions which can deliver 
directly into the store. Working with our 
customers and the Wanzl R&D team, we 
have developed a variety of units which 
meet this need which we anticipate will 
grow over the next few years. Additionally, 
by introducing new materials which 
reduce noise, deliveries can be made late 
at night and early in the morning without 
disturbing store neighbours.” 
An important success for Wanzl in 2012 
was the award of a major contract for 
roll cages secured with fast-growing 
Liverpool-based retail group, TJ Morris, 
which trades as Home Bargains. 
Commenting on the quality of their 
experience with Wanzl, operations 
director of Home Bargains, Joe Morris, 
“We appreciate their personal interest 
and attention to detail throughout the 
solution development process, from 
prototyping to the volume delivery of 
a product which precisely meets our 
requirements. I have been so impressed 
with the service levels, the quality of 
the products and the long-term cost- 
savings that these will provide that we are 
currently changing the entire roll cage 
fleet to Wanzl products.” 
Another breakthrough project has been 
the development of 3 prototypes for a 
bespoke roll cage solution for automated 
guided vehicles (AGVs), in partnership 
with global logistics automation giants, 
Swisslog. “This will provide further 
opportunities for Wanzl into new sectors 
of the market in 2013,” explained Jeffery. 
“We will also continue to develop various 
multi-pick tote/cart solutions for online 
in-store shopping, featuring integrated 
on-board mobile computing with our 
technology partner, X2 Computing which 
has already produced some excellent 
contract results,” he added. 
In addition to Pick by Light technology 
in the mail order trade and electrical 
power for trolleys to ensure easy handling 
even with heavy loads, Wanzl L&I is also 
focusing on developments with RFID, 
Wi-Fi and the further use of light-weight 
materials. At IMHX 2013, Wanzl will 
demonstrate its latest solutions for the 
retail supply chain, including a wide 
range of materials handling innovations 
and bespoke order picking and transport 

Taking to the 
p84.indd 84 2/1/2013 5:07:26 PM 
warehouse application. 
Do more. 
From powered pallet, to very narrow aisle equipment and electric or engine powered 
counterbalance fork lift trucks there really is a Yale 
truck for every warehouse application. 
All Yale 
equipment is built incorporating the latest technology for maximum operator 
comfort, high productivity and the lowest lifetime costs of ownership. 
To fnd out how Yale 
people, products and productivity can help increase the return on 
your materials handling feet investment see us at IMHX on stand 20c110. 
Visit our website or call our exclusive UK dealer on 03301 23 98 14. 
p85.indd 85 04/02/2013 15:58:59 
86 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
As always with the materials 
handling sector, there is plenty 
of news around. Logistics Business 
rounds up a few the best stories to 
bring you up-to-date. 
Experienced and doing well 
2012 brought changes to the UK 
distribution channel for sideloaders 
specialists, Baumann, in presenting new 
and exciting opportunities as well as a 
new generation of customers. 
To further enhance customer service 
Baumann invested in direct personnel 
based in the UK: firstly Andrew Burton, 
who holds many years’ experience 
in sales and customer support in the 
side loader industry, was tasked with 
providing focused support in the UK. 
Very quickly followed John Gillan in a 
technical support role. Gillan holds a 
huge knowledge of the Baumann product 
and supports their dealers in all manner 
of technical enquiries. He also provides 
training on Baumann’s industry leading 
on-line parts system, oversees installation 
of new products on customers’ sites and 
trains dealer engineers to ensure Baumann 
customers receive the best possible 
support available. 
This more hands on approach is paying 
dividends as 2012 was a great success for 
the company. 
Baumann have demonstrated longevity 
and experience in side loaders and 
has been producing them since 1969 
in the same factory in Cavaion Italy. 
The company today is still owned by its 
founder, Wolfgang Baumann, and runs 
with the same customer focused attitudes 
over 40 years on. 
The past 4 decades have seen Baumann 
Cavaion grow into the largest side loader 
producer of 4 to 45 ton units in the 
world today - with over 90 dealers in 55 
Baumann’s entire focus is on sideloaders 
and produce a massive range, for example 
the diesel products which range from 3 to 
45 ton, electric from 3 to 8 ton and LPG 3 
to 7 ton – a hydrogen model is even being 
Continuous investment is very apparent, 
for example Baumann online is an 
industry leading online parts and support 
portal for dealers. Parts, technical 
information, historical information, 
manuals, certificates are available to the 
dealer at the click of a button. 
The factory has also seen huge investment 
– with a massive new paint facility added 
in 2013. This removed the previous 
potential bottleneck in the painting shop. 
Baumann is not a huge global corporation, 
it is a family business with a very long 
history and massive experience which 
sells worldwide. 
Racking provides solution 
Jungheinrich UK has supplied and installed 
a narrow aisle pallet racking system with 
over 7200 pallet locations for RDC – an IT 
disposal and recycling company. 
RDC had operated from 4 separate 
buildings in Witham, UK but consolidated 
the business in one purpose-built 
facility set on a 22 acre site in 
Braintree earlier this year. 
The move to the new site allowed the 
company to effectively double its pallet 
storage capacity. 
“We sought a racking supplier that could 
work around our initial design but 
could also work quickly and efficiently 
alongside other trades as we refurbished 
our new store,” explained Chris Garn, 
RDC’s Head of Customer Services. 
Although it’s best known for its forklift 
trucks and other materials handling 
equipment, Jungheinrich has offered a full 
range of racking and storage systems as a 
core part of its product portfolio for over 
20 years. 
From initial project design using the 
latest CAD technology to hand over, 
Jungheinrich supplies a complete range of 
racking systems and accessories, including 
adjustable pallet racking, drive-in and 
drive through systems, mobile, cantilever 
and high bay racking, pallet and carton 
live storage as well as long span and small 
parts shelving. 
The racking system is 6 levels high and 
the aisles are 2250mm wide which allows 
picking to be undertaken by lift truck 
from the upper beams at the same time 
as workers pick faster moving lines from 
the ground and first floor levels. The aisles 
are served by articulated forklift truck 
“The Jungheinrich installation team was 
very professional. They worked quickly 
and efficiently and the final project sign 
off process was very impressive. The 
project was completed on budget and 
ahead of schedule,” said Garn. 

Latest industry news 
p86.indd 86 2/4/2013 4:29:42 PM 
D I S T R I B U T I O N & L O G I S T I C S 
Fast loading of sea containers and vehicles 
Operational cost effectiveness 
Elimination of damages 
Safer working environment 
Reduced carbon footprint 

P A L 


Integrated with production and warehouse. 
Intra Mobility Solutions 
Your Partner for 
Automated Guided Vehicles 
Material Handling Systems 
Process Automation 
(Hall 6, Stand 241) (18M171) 
p87.indd 87 04/02/2013 16:08:07 
88 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Logistics Business presents a 
case study covering an Italian- 
originated stretch and shrink pallet 
wrapper provider, Aetna Group. 
Happy Potter and the wrapper of 
Potter Logistics is a multi-based 
logistics company that provides a high 
quality warehouse 
and nationwide 
distribution service 
to a diverse range of 
industries. With this 
diversity of logistics 
services comes the 
need for packaging 
solutions that ensure 
that the goods reach 
their destinations 
in good condition; 
specialist packaging 
company Aetna Group 
UK has provided an 
excellent solution 
for Potter’s York 
distribution centre 
(DC) in the form of its 
507 Robopac rotary wrapping machine. 
Aetna’s origins are in Italy, with its UK 
base in Bedford. Having been established 
in this country for over 20 years, the 
company has built a reputation as a 
market leader in the production of 
automatic stretch and shrink pallet 
wrappers. There is a variety of choice to 
fit a variety of products - vertical and 
horizontal stretch wrapping machines, 
manual, semi-automatic and automatic 
shrink wrapping machines and five taping 
and case erector machines. 
Potter Logistics has come a long way 
since its beginnings as Topcliffe Transport 
Company, a single 10ft truck operation 
carrying grain and fertilisers on local 
routes in the 1960s. In the intervening 
years it grew significantly, acquiring a 
network of sites and similar transport 
companies, most recently House of James 
Transport which has now become the 
company’s York DC. 
In February 2011, Potter Logistics bought 
2 507 Robopac wrapping machines for 
its Selby site to wrap jars of jam for 
Greencore Foods. 3 similar machines 
were purchased for the Ripon DC to 
wrap products ranging from hair care to 
industrial chemicals. There is also a further 
machine at its Droitwich site. 
These 6 machines were purchased on 
the back of a trial at Selby which showed 
a significant saving in employee time 
and packaging film. 3 months ago Potter 
Logistics made the decision to invest in a 
new wrapping machine for its York DC; 
Aetna’s 507 Robopac was selected as it had 
proved itself to be a real asset at the other 
Popular for packaging 
Operations Manager of Potter Logistics’ 
York DC, John Myers, is very pleased 
with its performance. “The machine was 
purchased with a particular client in 
mind and it has been a godsend,” he said. 
“We were previously wrapping up to 60 
pallets by hand each day, which was both 
awkward and time consuming. I’m pleased 
to say that the machine is fully utilised. 
“We opted for the Aetna 507 Robopac for 
two reasons. Firstly the machine and Aetna 
were known to Potter Logistics. Having 
already been installed in several of its 
other sites, everyone considers it a very 
useful tool. And secondly, the company 
has always received excellent service from 
“We introduced the wrapping 
machine to the York DC to 
increase product security 
and to save money, and it 
has fulfiled the first purpose 
extremely well. 
“We are planning to analyse 
the cost saving in a couple of 
months, by which time we 
shall have been using it for 
about 6 months. Based on 
experience of Potter’s other 
machines, however, it should 
be delivering a meaningful 
saving. Despite not yet 
being able to make a valid 
judgement in terms of financial benefit, 
staff members think it’s great and are very 
happy with it. I’m glad to say that all the 
people who used to wrap by hand have 
been redeployed into other areas of the 
business thanks to significant expansion.” 
Wrapping it up 
Myers finishes by saying: “All told, we 
have been very impressed with Aetna, 
both with the service we’ve received and 
the Robopac’s performance. It was fitted 
quickly and without fuss, and we’ve had 
no occasion to call on them for help as 
yet. Our other site managers assure me, 
however, that there is always someone 
on the end of the phone should the 
need arise. Hopefully we won’t need this 
support, but you can ask for no better 
service than that.” 
Eruption of efficiency 
p88.indd 88 1/30/2013 5:19:45 PM 
Electronic devices that drive 
safety, intelligence & reduced costs 
IMHX - 19 J115 
+44 (0) 116 260 4200 
Pedestrian Alerts | Zone Speed Control 
Reverse Alerts | Fleet Management & Access Control 
Aisle-Master Ltd 
Co Monaghan, Ireland 
T: +353 4780400 (int) 
T: 07870 976 758 (UK) 
Aisle-Masters are superbly designed, 
built and customised for 
unbeatable Quality, Durability 
& Reliability 
• LPG and AC electric models 
• Lift capacities up to 2,500kg 
• 5 year warranty 
50% savings on storage space 
Work in narrow aisles 
Improved efficiency 
Versatile indoor & outdoor operation 
Lower costs 
Replace counterbalance and reach trucks 
AM AD (1/2 pg Vert) UK 18/2/11 21:33 Page 1 
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90 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Among the innovative products 
and solutions that will be 
presented at the IMHX this year 
is a pallet solution, provided by a 
leading manufacturer of storage, 
transport containers and plastic 
pallets: Craemer UK. Logistics 
Business spoke with the company to 
find out more. 
The new pallet solution is the ‘Craemer 
D1 Euro pallet’, (pictured) presented as 
a reusable plastic pallet and a profitable 
alternative to the traditional wooden Euro 
Gordon Darbyshire, Sales Manager 
(pictured top right) said: “the launch 
of the new Craemer D1 Euro pallet in 
late 2012 followed a 2 year extensive 
development programme. This all new 
1200 x 800 pallet supersedes the Craemer 
C5C range and offers a range of new 
optional features, including anti slip 
feature on the top and bottom deck, 
variable height rims and central box 
“Suitable for a variety of applications 
within manufacturing, logistics and 
warehousing, the D1 is a welcome 
addition to the Craemer lightweight range 
of quality plastic pallets.” 
The D1 is light, high performance 
and durable. In practical terms, 
this pallet is highly cost effective, 
given its excellent quality and 
versatility which provides the 
flexibility required for operations. 
The DI has a further advantage 
of adaptability when it comes to 
their future logistics requirements 
because it can be modified at any 
time – even after having been in 
service for a long time. 
This UK division; Craemer UK, 
is part of the German based 
Craemer Group, and operate from 
their own UK facilities in Shropshire. They 
support the ‘made in Britain’ campaign, a 
scheme which aims to promote products 
produced in the UK for the domestic 
marketplace. Steve Poppit, Managing 
Director and Sales Manager for wheelie 
bins (pictured middle right) said: “The 
‘made in Britain’ campaign is endorsed 
by Craemer and increasing number of UK 
based manufacturing companies keen to 
promote British-made quality products 
and services.” 
Craemer saw significant growth in 
pallet sales during 2012 and have high 
expectations for this year. “The trend is 
expected to continue into 2013,” explains 
Darbyshire, “as Craemer begins to be 
recognized as a major player in the UK 
and European pallet market. Following 
this success we will be expanding our 
UK sales team in order to maintain 
our on-going commitment to product 
development and customer service.” 
So what differentiates Craemer from its 
competitors? Poppit believes it’s down to 
their in-house product design and tool 
manufacturing facilities which allow them 
to stay at the forefront of development. 
“With manufacturing capabilities and 
pallet stock warehouses in Telford and in 
Herzebrock, Germany, Craemer customers 
can be assured swift and efficient 
turnaround of orders,” he says. 
A pretty new pallet 
p90.indd 90 2/6/2013 12:07:14 PM 
Portfolio+PLUS is our online account management tool offering 
real time, multi-user access to your CHEP account in a secure 
environment 24/7, supported by bespoke one-to-one training 
and easy log-in facility. 
Portfolio+PLUS allows you to: 
Place, modify and track orders 
View invoices and reconcile transactions 
Enter and correct transactions 
Bulk upload multiple transactions 
Monitor balances and analyse activity 
Request and view collections 
Raise and track service requests 
Enter stock counts and create inventory audits 
Not surprisingly, more and more customers are enjoying the 
benefts of Portfolio+PLUS with over 80% of orders in the UK & 
Ireland now carried out online. To fnd out more visit, 
or email 
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92 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
In an industry where old news is 
no news at all, logistics and time 
management are vital to success., a leading UK 
independent supplier of plastic 
pallets and containers, is an integral 
part of operations at Associated 
Newspapers and distribution by 
Bedfords Transport. 
Associated Newspapers is one of the UK’s 
largest publishers of national newspapers 
and consumer websites. The company 
prints 24 million newspapers per week 
including the Daily Mail, the Metro, The 
Mail on Sunday and supplements You, 
Weekend, Travel Mail and Live. Chris 
Cadman, National Logistics Manager 
at Mail Publisher Solutions, part of 
Associated Newspapers, said tight 
deadlines mean packaging solutions have 
to fit with a demanding schedule. 
He said: “Our Print Centre prints the 
newspapers ready for distribution 
to start at 10.30pm and distributes 
throughout the night to 90 different 
wholesale points. Distribution must be 
finished by 8am the next morning. The 
wholesalers then supply 55,000 retailers.” 
The decision to switch to plastic pallets 
from wooden 12 years ago benefited 
loading logistics. Cadman continued: 
“As we use fully automated palletisers to 
load our pallets, using plastic made this 
process much easier. We have been using for 3 years and have 
found them very professional, we receive 
excellent customer service. They work 
with us to meet our strict lead times.” 
Using robust plastic pallets that are 
lighter than their wooden equivalent, 
Associated Newspapers reduced costs 
in transportation and fuel spending. 
A further saving was made when advised Associated 
Newspapers to switch to medium duty 
pallets from heavy duty pallets. In order 
for newspapers to reach their readers on 
time, the supply chain has to be flawless 
at every stage. Bedfords Transport is a 
specialist in logistics management with 
an outstanding track record for accuracy 
and reliability. It is the company’s 
responsibility to distribute for Associated 
Newspapers and their strapline ‘Aiming 
to be the best’ means they won’t accept 
second rate performance from a product. 
Philip Lockwood, Director of Bedfords 
Transport, said, “each night on average we 
will have 88 vehicles arrive at 12 locations 
throughout the UK from Weymouth on 
the South Coast to Cardiff in Wales to 
Newcastle on Tyneside to Horncastle on 
the East Coast and many other areas in 
“Main production of the Daily Mail 
will start around 10pm. Production 
finishes at around 3.30am each day with 
our last delivery at around 4.30am.” A 
dedicated resource of vehicles and a 
bank of regional partners help with cost 
effective distribution, all taking charge 
of the plastic pallets used by Associated 
Newspapers. Bedfords Transport uses 
double deck trailers which can carry up 
to 27 ¼ tonnes per vehicle. Plastic pallets 
ensure as much of this load as possible is 
taken up by newspapers and not heavy 
pallets, offering the best value for money 
on each trip. This can be 50,000 to 150,000 
magazines or newspapers dependent on 
the size and weight of each copy. 
Stamped with the message ‘This pallet 
remains the property of Associated 
Newspapers’ the pallets are easy to 
identify and help to avoid loss – a costly 
factor in the UK’s daily transportation 
of 12 million newspapers. The pallets are 
collected by the drivers and returned 
to the print centre ready for the entire 
process to start again the next day. 
Meeting the deadline 
p92.indd 92 1/28/2013 11:27:02 AM 
Unrivalled effciency 
Up to 6 times more effcient 
than a manual solution. 
Up to 1000 totes/hour. 
Low investment cost 
Excellent cost/storage 
capacity ratio. No racking 
means signifcant savings. 
Optimum utilization of space 
No space-wasting aisles. 
Exceptionally high 
storage density. 
PRODUCED in Finland by CIMCORP • Satakunnantie 5, FI-28400 Ulvila, Finland • • 
DISTRIBUTED WORLDWIDE by Cimcorp agents: North America RMT Robotics Ltd. Brazil 
China India Japan Russia Scandinavian countries South Korea Taiwan R.O.C. United Kingdom 
CIMCORP 3D SHUTTLE serving goods-to-man picking stations 
One solution. Unbeatable effciency. 
LIVE AT LogiMAT 19–21 February, Stuttgart, stand 475, hall 3 IMHX 2013 19–22 March, Birmingham, stand 17Q127 
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94 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Automatic packing for shipments 
is a critical part of any e-commerce 
or regular B2B warehouse. David 
Priestman spoke to leading book 
publishers Harper Collins about 
their packaging and despatch 
processes in Scotland. 
Harper Collins is one of the world’s largest 
book publishers, headquartered in New 
York. The company is in the process of 
closing warehouses in Pennsylvania and 
Tennessee, to concentrate US distribution 
from Indiana. In the UK, the Glasgow 
Distribution Centre, half an hour’s 
drive north of the city in Bishopbriggs, 
Dumbartonshire, is the biggest facility 
the company has in the UK. Around 7 
million books, in the English 
language, are handled here. 
In 2010 Harper Collins staff 
visited a German trade 
show looking for automated 
packing solutions. They 
commenced discussions with 
French-based manufacturer 
B+ Equipment. Harper 
Collins’ main concern was the 
operation costs of automated 
machinery. They had no 
problems with product 
protection and used to void 
fill boxes with brown paper. 
The new solution that was 
chosen and installed, based 
on B+’s Ultipack machines 
(pictured) matches the 
previous manual packing for 
product protection. 
Wedging & lidding 
The DC fulfils orders by 
using a sorter. This is an 
uncommon set-up with each 
order being automatically 
sorted rather than using 
picking staff - the box-to- 
man approach. For this 
method to be effective the WMS needs 
to know the cube sizes of orders before 
the books get to the shipping cases to be 
Products are sorted into 
plastic totes, then sent to 
packing benches where they 
are transported into the 
shipping cases. Previously the 
boxes used to be made, void 
filled, sealed and labelled 
manually. Now this is all 
B+ sold 1 tray erector, which 
puts the books into boxes, a 
wedging machine that locks 
the books in and 1 lidding 
machine for the lids. Excluding 
implementation the investment was about 
Harper Collins Glasgow 
Maintenance Manger 
Peter Boyle told us, “this 
was an enjoyable job. 
Delivery to go-live was 
just 7 weeks, without any 
problems. We installed the 
machines ourselves, while 
the warehouse was fully 
operational. Implementing 
it ourselves is unusual but it 
worked well.” 
Bernard Dominici, Sales 
Manager and Partner of 
B+, said, “this is the only 
time where a client has 
implemented the Ultipack themselves. 
They also modified the conveyors and 
other equipment. In France we have 
10 - 12 book wholesaler customers using 
Ultipack. It works fine for them. In the 
UK though it is harder to sell the system 
as customers don’t want books to move 
inside the box during transit as this can 
cause damage, particularly to the corners 
of the books. The wedge machine prevents 
this and so we are confident that the 
solution works.” 
Bringing it to book 
p94.indd 94 04/02/2013 17:02:18 | 
Strong and Hygienic 
A new fully closed pallet from CABKA_IPS: 
> fully closed runners 
> 1250 kg in racking 
> 100% hygienic 
Visit us at the 
Stuttgart, Feb. 19-21 
Hall 3, Booth 231 
C A B K A I P S 
better pal l ets 
Our products protect your products® Web: Contact: 
When you really 
need protection 
Minimum packaging 
Maximum protection 
SEALED AIR HP ADVERTS v6:Layout 1 25/01/2013 12:28 Page 1 
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96 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Packaging is a vital element to 
supply chain success. Here at 
Logistics Business, we bring you a 
few of the latest stories to keep you 
Help is at hand 
Following the announcement that the 
UK Government is to increase the targets 
for the Packaging Regulations from 2013 
– 2017, Kite Packaging, one of the UK’s 
leading packaging suppliers, is offering 
help to its customers who might be 
Under The UK Producer Responsibility 
(Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007, 
companies which exceed turnovers of 
£2m are required to assess the amount of 
packaging they handle, and contribute 
towards the cost of recycling in the UK - 
and this year that obligation is set to rise. 
A spokesperson from Kite Packaging 
said: “2013 will see some big changes to 
the Regulations, but here at Kite we are 
urging our customers not to panic. If 
you are unsure of how to calculate your 
obligation or have never complied before 
then Kite can provide free advice to avoid 
any penalties. 
“To make the issue of compliance a little 
easier to grasp, we have launched a live on 
site compliance calculator for our online 
customers. If you buy your packaging 
online from us the good news is you can 
find out exactly what you have used via 
the My Account section of the website - 
simply log in and click on the Packaging 
Regs tab.” 
The handy calculator will automatically 
produce a report showing the weights 
of all the packaging materials you have 
bought from Kite over a user-defined 
period, as well as a graph to see your 
packaging usage at a glance. 
Special container for new centre 
For the logistics centre of an 
internationally active sporting brand 
manufacturer, Bekuplast has 
developed a nesting- 
capable container. 
The conical container 
manufactured from PP 
(600 x 400 x 420mm) is 
employed for the storage 
and commissioning of 
sporting articles, textiles and 
shoes. For additional protection of 
the goods, the container can be optionally 
provided with an alligator-clip cover. 
The container appeals with its high level 
of stability with low dead weight, and has 
approximately 80 liters of capacity. On all 
4 sides it is provided with inmould labels, 
which are permanently connected with 
the plastic during the injection molding 
process. Both on the sides and in the base, 
the container is provided with water drain 
For a manual commissioning, these 
storage containers additionally offer 
fully-integrated lower drum grips. A 
further advantage is its very good stacking 
capability. Here it was ensured that no 
disturbing vacuum arises between the 
stacked containers during handling. 
J oining forces 
Pallet manufacturers Cabka, Germany, 
and IPS - Innova Packaging Systems NV, 
Belgium, have merged under the umbrella 
of the newly founded Cabka Group. 
The merge was announced at the end of 
last year by the CEOs of both companies, 
Gat Ramon, Jacques Vanmoortel and 
Richard Metzler. Until a joint brand is 
announced, the Cabka and IPS labels will 
remain intact. 
Thanks to their product portfolios, 
Cabka and IPS complement one another 
optimally to form a broad-based provider 
of plastic pallets, boxes and 
pallet boxes. 
Both companies have 
successfully found 
niches in terms of their 
market positions – Cabka 
with its particular focus 
on inexpensive one-way 
pallets for export; IPS with its 
concentration on higher-priced 
multi-way pallets. 
The merger enables two well-established 
companies to improve their market 
positions, and become more effective in 
developing further innovations. 
“We want to organically grow together 
by way of a strong range and continuous 
innovation-based expansion,” Gat 
Ramon said, Director and Management 
Spokesperson of the new Cabka Group. 
“For example, we are going to set up a 
production line complete with recycling 
plant for mixed plastics in the vicinity of 
Ypres (Belgium).” 
The companies not only complement 
one another well in terms of their 
product portfolios, but are also a good 
geographical fit. While Cabka has a strong 
presence in Germany (Weira, Berlin), 
North America (St. Louis) and Spain 
(Valencia), Belgium-based IPS (Ypres) 
serves the Benelux countries – with their 
strong focus on logistics – as well as the 
UK, Ireland, France and Spain (Zaragoza). 
The new company group will employ a 
total of 390 staff; two thirds of which will 
come from Cabka and one third from IPS. 
No changes to the overall employee count 
are planned. 

News: in packaging 
96.indd 96 1/31/2013 1:39:35 PM 
R E G I O N A L P R O F I L E 
Reference Annual 2012 
Given Voice has been used from inception, 
comparisons with paper based operations are not 
possible, however BWG Foods is delighted with how 
Voice is performing and the benefits it is bringing to 
the business. “It’s exceeded everyone’s expectations, 
from our finance team to our trading team,” reports 
Veronica Sullivan “and feedback from customers 
has also been very positive, particularly around the 
accuracy of deliveries.” Picking is virtually error free 
with order fulfilment running at 99%. 
Real time information from the system is giving the 
business full visibility and an accurate audit trail across 
all aspects of the warehouse operation. Tracking live 
stock levels greatly improves the replenishment and 
ordering processes and, says Sullivan “the net result 
is that it’s allowing us to reduce the amount of money 
we have tied up in stock.” In addition, substitutions 
in order assembly are now system-managed, helping 
BWG Foods to drive sales as well as further improving 
customer satisfaction. “It allows us to put in extra fills 
and particular promotional product lines to drive our 
products and range and ultimately deliver better value 
and satisfaction to the customer,” explains Sullivan. 
“Warehouse utilisation is excellent,” reports Adrienne 
McDonnell, BWG Foods IT Project Manager for the 
implementation. “The Accord® Voice system helps 
us utilise the warehouse space in the most efficient 
and effective manner. We know immediately when a 
picking slot needs replenishment and exactly where 
that replenishment should come from so we can make 
the best use of operations.” 
Since implementation of voice at the North Road site 
BWG Foods has fully utilised the voice stock taking 
functionality with its speed, efficiency and ability to 
produce stock variances and other key information in 
real time being a significant plus. With the Accord® 
Voice WMS proving so successful at the North Road 
site, BWG Foods has rolled out the same Voice solution 
at its retail distribution centre in Walkinstown and is 
now looking to take advantage of other functionality 
available with the system at both facilities. 
Veronica Sullivan sums it all up: “The paper based 
systems were unable to offer the same level of 
flexibility and functionality as the Accord® Voice 
WMS which we require to meet the company’s 
requirements for growth and expansion. The 
technology is proving itself as we extend its use and 
the BWG Foods management team is delighted with 
its speed, efficiency and the real time visibility of key 
information it’s delivering.” 
p22-23.indd 23 19/12/2011 16:32:56 
Hall 17, 
Fix packing issues with I-PACK 
When packaging 
saves and sells... 
p97.indd 97 06/02/2013 12:07:16 
IMXH, NEC, Birmingham, 
March 19th-22nd 
This is the UK’s premier event 
for intralogistics. IMHX 2013 
will host exhibitors from 
various fields such as automated 
systems, consulting, warehouse 
and logistics, racking & storage 
solutions and logistics IT. See full 
preview of the show on page 46. 
Logistics Business will be exhibiting in 
Hall 18, N75. 
CeMAT Brazil, São Paulo, March 
This is the South American version of 
Deutsche Messe’s CeMAT show, which is 
also staged in Shanghai, Delhi, Moscow 
and of course in Hannover (next in 
2014). The booming Brazilian economy 
provides a major logistics marketplace. 
TransRussia, Moscow, April 
The TransRussia exhibition is a major 
marketplace for transport services, each 
year attracting leading professionals 
from Russia, the CIS and Baltic 
countries. Being focused primarily 
on cargo transportation services, 
TransRussia demonstrates the full range 
of industry solutions. Logistics Business 
will be exhibiting for the first time. 
Multimodal, NEC, Birmingham, 
April 23rd-25th 
Multimodal is the UK and Ireland’s 
leading freight transport and logistics 
exhibition. Now entering its sixth 
year, the event has evolved into an 
annual one-stop-shop for shippers who 
need to find ways of optimising their 
supply chain and transportation flows. 
Attending Multimodal will provide the 
opportunity to compare your suppliers, 
strategies and modes & network with 
cargo owners. 
Logistics Business will be present in Hall 
4, stand 930. 
Transport Logistic, Munich, J une 
Over the last 3 decades Transport Logistic 
has developed a reputation as the world’s 
leading trade fair for logistics and Supply 
Chain Management. At the last show 
51,310 visitors (a high proportion of them 
decision-makers) from 137 countries came 
to meet nearly 1900 exhibitors, including 
all the market leaders, in an atmosphere 
ideally suited for effective networking and 
successful business. 

With 9 halls of exhibitors, each hall 
representing a specific branch of logistics, 
ranging from air cargo, packaging and IT, 
railfreight, ports, shipping, etc., it is the 
largest show of its kind. 
Guangzhou Forklift & 
Logistics, China, J une 
This show is a primarily forklift- 
focused platform for logistics 
equipment technology and new 
materials handling products 
in Asia. Covering 40,000m 
, this 
exhibition boasts 600 brand 
exhibitors and 50,000 professional 
buyers to provide a total solution 
for the logistics industry. Logistics 
Business will be exhibiting. 
SIL, Barcelona, J une 18th-20th 
In 2013 SIL celebrates its 15th 
anniversary at the Fira de Barcelona 
Gran Via. It is aimed at professionals 
of transport and logistics sectors from 
Southern Europe, the Mediterranean 
and beyond. Conferences, round 
tables and a special events take place 
throughout the show. 
Materials Handling Middle East, 
Dubai, September 10th-12th 
The region’s only exhibition for the 
materials handling industry, this 
biannual show has been organised for 
over a decade. An ideal place to share 
and discuss the latest upcoming projects 
within the region, it also attracts OEMs, 
wholesalers, distributors, retailers and 
trade agencies from over 55 countries 
Movimat São Paulo, September 
An excellent place to reach this growing 
market, Movimat Sao Paulo gathers 
major providers products and services 
for Storage, elevation, automation, 
packing, handling and forklifts. Logistics 
Business will be exhibiting. 
Logistics Business previews 
a broad range of major 
international material 
handling and logistics shows. 
Why not take your pick, and 
visit us at one of our stands? 
98 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Diary dates 
Know your show 
p98.indd 98 1/30/2013 12:02:50 PM 
R E G I O N A L P R O F I L E 
for your FREE Priority Pass 
Then visit IMHX 2013. 
• IMHX is the premier event for logistics professionals showcasing all equipment and services used in the supply chain network – 
from automation through to forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment, racking through to software. And a whole lot more 
• Over 400 exhibitors showing all the latest products, services and state of the art technology 
• Your opportunity to see 1000’s of new products and meet with new suppliers 
• Free to attend informative and topical conference programme 
• Live demonstrations of new equipment and intralogistics solutions 
• Discover how to reduce your costs in the supply chain network through efficiency savings and latest technology 
With over 20,000 logistics professionals together in one place – can you afford to miss out? 
Register now for your free Priority Pass at 
Follow us on your favourite social media platform – for all the latest IMHX 2013 news and developments. 
IMHX2013_VisitorAds_LogBusiness_Jan_Layout 1 12/12/2012 11:43 Page 1 
p99.indd 99 29/01/2013 16:29:12 
The latest annual figures from the Health 
and Safety Executive (HSE) show that 
industrial injuries related to manual 
handling remain the biggest cause of 
time off work in the UK. Not only were 
handling injuries 
the most commonly 
reported during the 
year ending 04/2012 
but handling was also 
the most frequent 
cause of over-3-day 
and the fourth most 
reported reason for 
major injury. 
Looking further 
into the statistics, 
the highest injury 
rates are found 
in agriculture, 
construction and the postal and delivery 
sectors. In other words, the industries 
where one would expect handling, lifting 
and carrying to be an everyday part of the 
job. Many of the those employed in these 
sectors work in small businesses where 
the impact of time off work can be doubly 
difficult to cope with from an employer’s 
perspective because there are fewer 
people with suitable skills and expertise 
to provide cover. 
But these are also the industries where 
simple but effective mechanical lifting 
equipment can be introduced to eliminate 
the need for manual handling and 
therefore reduce the risk of injuries and 
time off work. 
Vehicle mounted cranes and platform 
lifts and goods lifts for warehouses 
and factories from Penny Hydraulics are 
designed and manufactured to support 
simpler and safer work. These are ideal for 
a variety of loads and enable businesses to 
comply with the current manual handling 
regulations which stipulate that no items 
weighing over 25kg should be lifted by a 
person on their own. In fact, when lifting 
or handling is regular or frequent the 
recommended limits are even lower. 
Businesses who 
understand their duty 
of care obligations and 
who want to ensure 
compliance often deploy 
2 or more employees to 
handle items heavier than 
the recommend limits so 
that each person’s ‘share’ 
of the lift is below 25kg. 
This is seldom a good use 
of resources and can be 
extremely unproductive. 
By installing a load 
handling device on their 
commercial vehicles or a goods lift in 
their premises, employers can meet their 
duty of care obligations and provide 
employees with a simple and effective 
way to handle all sorts of loads efficiently 
and economically without any need for 
manual lifting or carrying. 
In addition to reducing the risk 
of industrial injuries and enabling 
compliance with regulations this type of 
equipment allows a single person to work 
on their own. This provides an instant 
improvement to productivity, efficiency 
and resource flexibility. Moreover, with 
no need to lift and carry items, employees 
will be less fatigued during the day 
which means they can remain alert and 
productive for longer. 
A virtual lock 
International anti- 
terrorism measures 
are placing 
increased demands on logistics operators 
to demonstrate to the customers they have 
secure shipping arrangements in place 
that can guarantee the avoidance of any 
costly hold-ups by customs authorities. 
The new Sick LAC (Logistics Access 
Control) system, provides operators with 
a unique solution of a ‘virtual lock’ to 
ensure secure access of people and goods 
into designated secure areas. 
Sick LAC combines non-contact laser 
measurement sensing with long-range 
RFID technology and integrated software 
in one complete, ready-to-use system. As a 
unique customs-compliant access control 
system, it helps transport firms meet 
the C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership 
Against Terrorism) requirements of the US 
Customs Authority, as well as European 
Authorised Economic Operator status. 
It is also effective for all secure 
warehouses and storage and can be used 
for air freight, road, rail or marine goods 
handling areas, in a way that it detects 
and identifies moving people, vehicles 
and goods while maintaining the flow of 
traffic. This can be achieved through the 
combination of a LMS 123 laser sensor 
with a RFU630 RFID interrogation system 
using UHF coded transponder cards. Sick 
LAC is operated via integrated evaluation 
and monitoring software to help 
supervisors monitor secure access areas. 
As no external control or separate PC/ 
PLC unit is required, Sick LAC is less 
vulnerable to external interference than 
other, externally operated systems. The 
LAC’s technology 
provides maximum 
protection against 
tampering and 
100| Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Safety goes first 
Products presented 
p100.indd 100 06/02/2013 12:11:07 
R E G I O N A L P R O F I L E 
Learn from the experts – 
Free to attend practical 
case studies and seminars 
Reduce your costs and 
improve your transport and 
supply chain effciencies 
Advanced Supply Chain Management 
and Logistics for Cargo Owners 
Multimodal welcomed more than 265 exhibitors and over 5500 visitors to the NEC in May 2012. Multimodal 2012 delivered 
more exhibitors, more visitors and signifcantly higher quality decision makers than ever before. This further established the 
event as the UK and Ireland’s leading transport, logistics and supply chain management exhibition. 
Multimodal 2013 takes place at the NEC Birmingham on 23 to 25 April. Entering its 6th year, Multimodal is the premier 
meeting place where shippers gather annually to compare suppliers, SCM solutions and to network with their peers. 
Leading names such as DSV, Canute Group, DB Schenker, Malcolm Group, MSC, CEVA, Mann Lines, Associated British Ports, 
Dachser, Howard Tenens, Woodland Group, Samskip, P&O Ferrymasters and Freightliner all exhibit at Multimodal. 
Multimodal is designed to beneft all size of shipper. Whether you’re exporting or importing large quantities or simply 
moving small quantities around the UK on an infrequent basis, Multimodal will deliver results tailored to your specifc 
transportation and logistical needs. 
Lead sponsors include 
Take your frst step to reducing your transport costs 
and optimising your supply chain network 
Free to Attend 
Register Today 
quote MMLB 
Register for Multimodal today and ensure you beneft from the 
most reliable and cost effective transportation options available. 
Quote Priority Code MMLB. 
NEC Birmingham • 23-25 April 2013 
Visit Logistics business 
on stand 930 
MM13_ad A4_LB.indd 1 19/01/2013 13:28 
p101.indd 101 29/01/2013 16:32:31 
Compact solution 
Recognised for high quality, 
intelligent machinery, 
Strautmann Group is a 
company that is not afraid 
to change the norm. Their 
waste processing machinery 
is constantly evolving and 
developing to revolutionise 
materials re-processing. 
Strautmann Group and its 
appointed agent, Compact 
& Bale Ltd, launched a new line of 
products, ‘Strautmann’s Automate to Save’ 
range of machinery, which promises to 
offer something new and exciting to the 
logistics market. 
BaleTainer is a fully automatic baling 
press for the compaction of cardboard, 
polythene film and PET-bottles. With its 
massive infeed system, swing plate and 
rotor, the BaleTainer easily compacts 
cardboard pallets, furniture boxes and 
octabins into 500kg mill size bales that 
are automatically tied and ejected from 
the machine. 
The benefits of Bale Trainer can be reaped 
from its unique features, which include: 
• Afullyautomatictiebalerthatcanbe 
installed inside or out without additional 
• Bales1.5tonneperhour. 
• Smallfootprint. 
• Largeinfeedaperture1100x2000mm 
even takes cardboard pallets and opti- 
• Autofeedviashredderrotorfrom 
hopper to press chamber. 
• Easilyloadedbyhand,off-dock, 
conveyor, chute or bin tipper. 
• 60tonnecompactionforcegenerates 
500kg wire tied bales. 
• Uniformmillsizebalesdelivering24 
tonne payloads for maximum returns. 
• Typicallyhalfthespaceandthepriceof 
alternate large fully automatics. 
• Simpleoperationandmaintenance. 
AutoLoadBaler, is the world’s only self- 
loading vertical baler. Cardboard boxes 
are collected in the salesroom, storeroom, 
production area and other relevant 
with the machine. When it is full, each 
bin is pushed into the side of the baler 
which automatically raises the bin floor, 
forcing the material within up into a set 
of rotors that feed the material into the 
bale chamber where it is compacted into 
500kg mill size bales. 
The strong points of AutoLoadBaler can 
be found in its features: 
• Averticalmillsizebalerthatloads 
itself from the wheeled cart used to 
collect the cardboard from the shop 
floor, warehouse, etc (evidence of 
baled have been recorded). 
• Laboursavingfeaturesincludingauto 
start, auto cycle, auto full, easy wire tie 
and error diagnostics. 
• Integratedpre-crushmeansboxesdo 
not have to be broken down. 
• Autofeedviashredderrotorfrom 
hopper to press chamber. 
• Itcanbeloadedconventionally. 
• Lowercostandsmallerfootprintthan 
horizontal semi-automatic balers. 
• 53tonnecompactionforcegenerating 
500kg wire tied bales. 
• Uniformmillsizebalesdelivering24 
tonne payloads for maximum returns. 
Concerning packed liquid waste 
products, Strautmann has a new 
solution to offer. The LiquiDrainer, 
which is also a part of the Strautmann 
Automate to Save range of machinery, 
has revolutionised manufacturing, 
bottling and distribution centres’ 
waste and recycling operations. 
presses for dewatering processes is 
LiquiDrainer has transformed the way 
bottling plants, beverage producers and 
food plants handle rejected or out of 
date products. The LiquiDrainer empties 
filled PET bottles, TetraPak cartons and 
beverage cans. As entire multi-packs of 
product can be automatically loaded 
hour, high-cost manual opening of waste 
product packs is no longer necessary. 
LiquiDrainer has the following features: 
• Safe,simpleandeasytouse. 
• Smallfootprint,lightweightand 
• Robust,corrosiveproof,StainlessSteel 
• Upto21,500x250mlor7,200x1.5l 
bottles emptied per hour. 
• Largehopperacceptsshrink-wrapped 
• Fullyautomaticintegrationintoplants 
• Indoororoutdoorsitingpossiblewith 
integrated tanks and pumps available. 
• Destructionofproducts. 
• Integrationintoabalingpressfor 
profitable marketing of the packaging 
102| Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Products presented 
p102.indd 102 06/02/2013 12:11:34 
R E G I O N A L P R O F I L E 
TR2013_en_A4_press.pdf 17/4/12 14:29:42 
p33.indd 33 10/10/2012 17:07:51 
p103.indd 103 29/01/2013 16:33:51 
I am old enough 
to have seen a 
few downturns 
(and recoveries). 
OK, so I’m not 
old enough to be 
put out to grass 
just yet, but have 
seen the odd recession and even a global 
financial crisis / banking melt down 
/ sovereign debt crisis / (insert your 
favourite phrase here). 
Actually, you don’t need to pour over 
government data and dry (and out of date 
by the time they are published) statistics. 
If you want to gaze into the tea leaves 
for future economic portents, there is 
something that works, and you can do it 
The drive-to-work truck-o-meter. It is 
more reliable than politicians and self 
interested business groups proclaiming 
green shoots of recovery, or mass media- 
induced doom and gloom. 
You probably played it as a child on 
long family journeys without realising 
what global industrial insights you were 
revealing when you yelled ‘a red one, 
another red one!’ 
You can even do it while listening to 
your favourite CD and sitting in air 
conditioned or climate controlled 
Just get a feel for the number of trucks on 
your way into work. Count them if you 
want to, but your inner voice, and the 
time on the clock when you arrive, will 
probably tell you the answer. How much 
traffic is there? 
Years ago I travelled the same motorway 
every day long enough to take the 
journey through ups and downs in the 
And it was quite spooky just how much 
the amount of traffic seemed to set the 
tone for where the economy was headed. 
Months before the papers and TV news 
proclaimed a slow down in the economy, 
the journey to work was quicker. Well 
ahead of the time when a recovery was 
officially certain, the daily commute took 
Economists would call this a leading 
indicator. Less trucks on the road = less 
trade. And eventually, fiscal misery for the 
I am not the only one to have twigged to 
this important link, but I like to think I 
made the connection before people like 
Warren Buffet jumped on the bandwagon 
(or rail wagon). ANZ only tried to claim 
the thought leadership mantle last year. 
There are plenty of other economy- 
watchers and commentators doing 
the same thing. It is more immediate 
and seems more real that the quarterly 
figures. You get a feel for how things are 
doing today, not a couple of months ago. 
It reveals what people want tomorrow, or 
in a laggy but more realistic supply chain, 
next thursday. 
As far as I can recall, the only thing that 
spoils this otherwise perfect theory is 
also a misery for logistics operations 
everywhere; roadworks. 
You may be having an easier time of it 
on the roads than you were in 2007, but 
my guess is that you have seen a gradual 
return of the trudge through congested 
roads rather than the speedy run along an 
empty black-top. Just as well. If the road 
to work is too easy for too long, there 
may not be any reason to commute. 
Some commentators have tried to slice 
and dice, claiming that the amount of 
rubbish (garbage) being hauled around 
gives an even more accurate pointer; 
it has to be produced and be going 
somewhere after all. Perhaps, but not easy 
unless you pass near a landfill. 
Just get a feel for the traffic on the road 
and you will know when to buy or sell 
your share portfolio. Whether you should 
be taking out a loan for that new car 
or special vacation. I hope it takes you 
longer to get to work tomorrow... 
Nigel Lloyd Parry 
L O G I S T I C S B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E 
Nigel Lloyd Parry’s Last Word 
104 | Logistics Business Magazine | February 2013 
Truck watching 
p104.indd 104 29/01/2013 11:01:38 
Over 80 Speakers from the World 
p105.indd 105 29/01/2013 16:35:47 
FAX TO: +44 (0)1480 455661 
or scan & email to 
Please complete your details in block capitals: I ALSO WISH TO SUBSCRIBE TO LOGISTICS BUSINESS IT 
Free Information on Advertisers and Contributors: (please tick the relevant boxes) 
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Cleaning Machines - Hako (page 29) Kaercher (page 29) 
Conveyors - Distrisort (page 69) Durkopp (page 71) Gebhardt (page 2) SDI Group (page 47) 
Flooring for Warehouses - Cogri Group (page 73) Permaban Resin (page 25) 
Forklifts & Warehouse Trucks - AisleMaster (p89) Armanni (p55) Atlet (p59) Baumann (p83) Combilift (p45) 
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Loading Bay Equipment - Actiw (p87) Caljan (p43) Efaflex (p28) Stertil (p25) Transdek (p35) Union Ind. (p45) 
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Property & Warehousing - AXA (p13) GE Capital (p11) Goodman (p43) Roder (p39) Roeder (p37) LPP (p15) 
Refrigerated Transport Equipment - Olivo Logistics (page 41) 
Transport Logistics Services - Ahlers (page 23) BLG (page 17 ) Concorde FedEx (page 9) 
- Jost (p19) Moduslink (p37) Precision (p39) RTL Group (p21) Transconsult (p19) 
Warehouse Equipment - Nord Drivesystems (Back Cover) Vahle (page 41) 
Weighing Systems - EXDS (page 97) Mettler Toledo 
Exhibitions - CeMAT (p51) Guangzhou (p63) IMHX (p99) LogiMAT Stuttgart (Insert) Materials Handling Dubai (p79) 
- Movimat (p81) Multimodal (p101) Munich TL (p33) Shenzhen (p105) TransRussia (p103) 
Unit D, Spitfire Close, Huntingdon Publisher & Chief Editor: David Priestman +44 (0)1480 455660 / 
Cambridgeshire, PE29 6XY. UK 
Tel: +44 (0)1480 455660 Fax: +44 (0)1480 455661 Advertising Director: Jim Gosney +44 (0)1480 455660 / 
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No liability is accepted for any action arising from the contents of 
this publication. Readers are advised to check any manufacturer's Circulation & Accounts Manager: Paul Dixon +44 (0)1480 455660 / 
or supplier's claim for products and services. The publishers do not 
endorse opinions expressed in any article by an outside contributor. Publishing Assistant: Katharina Tkatchenko +44 (0)1480 455660/ 

ISSN: 1367-0212 IT Manager: Pav Guberov - 
Editorial Advisors: Nigel Coe, Serve Costongs & Nigel Lloyd-Parry 
In association with: Marketing Manager: Mel Brill +44 (0)1480 455660 / 
Logistics Business IT - 
Transport Distribution Europe - Associate Editor: Chris Price-White - 
ADC Channel - 
p106.indd 90 04/02/2013 15:37:32 
Moving you further 
The Hyundai 18BT-7 forklift truck 
Size apart, there’s nothing small about the dependable, fully 
customisable 18BT-7. Its maintenance-free wet brake system 
is exemplary; all servicing and diagnostics are run from its 
own display. If you’re doing big business in small working 
spaces, this compact machine is perfect for you. For more 
information, please find your nearest Hyundai dealer at 
“ Even in small spaces, 
we go higher” 
Contact: T +32 1456 2200 | | 
p107.indd 107 30/01/2013 10:43:26 
Frequency inverter 
• Energy saving management 
• Up to IP 66 
• High quality frequency inverter 
Gear unit 
• Unique aluminium housing 
• Smooth surfaces 
• Cool surfaces 
• IE1 
• IE2 
• IE3 
• IE4 
Logistics specialist: Unique new 
NORD gear unit with decentralised 
drive technology 
NORD DRIVESYSTEMS | Intelligent Drivesystems, Worldwide Services 
As a pioneer of energy-optimised drive solutions we have always devoted a great 
deal of energy to help our customers to save energy and protect the environment. 
As early as the 1990s, we made sustainability a firm part of our company policy. 
Because of this, we have consistently orientated both our range of products and 
our production facilities to finding and implementing potential energy savings. You 
can find out all about NORD energy efficiency under 
Getriebebau NORD, 22941 Bargteheide, Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 1 
Fon: +49 (0) 45 32 / 289 - 0, Fax: +49 (0) 45 32 / 289 -22 53, 
Halle 3, Stand 315 
19.–21.2.2013, Stuttgart 
Besuchen Sie uns! 
Hall 3, Stand 315 
19–21 February 2013, Stuttgart 
p108.indd 108 29/01/2013 16:10:06

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