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Return Address:1119 Colorado AvenueSuite 15Santa Monica, CA 90401 PRESORTED STD.U.S. POSTAGEPAIDONTARIO, CAPERMIT#1 The Newspaper for Profit-Conscious Entrepreneurs Vol.2, Number 10 • • October 2005 The Newspaper for Profit-Conscious Entrepreneurs DaleDauten recalls how Lillianand Frank savedthe Hall. Pg. 25 TerrySavage shows howgrads can grow$40/wk into$1 million. Pg. 17 TimCarter tells whycontractors canjustify bids. Pg. 11 AndyRooney says nobodywins and thevoters are thebig losers. Pg. 17 To use a fine Southern word, it is tacky to start playing theblame game before the dead areeven counted. It is not too soon,however, to make a point thatneeds to be hammered homeagain and again, and that is thatgovernment policies have realconsequences in people’s lives.This is not “just politics” orblaming for political advantage.This is about the real conse-quences of what governmentsdo and do not do about theirresponsibilities. And about whowinds up paying the price forthose policies.I suppose the NRA wouldargue, “Government policiesdon’t kill people, hurricanes killpeople.” Actually, hurricanesplus government policies killpeople.One of the main reasonsNew Orleans is so vulnerable tohurricanes is the gradual disap-pearance of the wetlands on theGulf Coast that once stood as anatural buffer between the cityand storms coming in from thewater. Many environmentalistswill tell you more than a centu-ry’s interference with the natural Building ContractorsWill Suffer Due toMistakes Made byAn Unprepared U.S.Federal Bureaucracy Special to California Contractor By Molly Ivins Award-Winning Commentator Sleeping Politicians Contractors Aid Disaster Victims Continued on page 26 Design And Remodeling Featured At National Three-Day Event Historic Valley Forge HostsMajor Kitchen-Bath Show From only $790 per persondouble occupancy MEXICANRIVIERALUXURYPOKERCRUISE All-inclusive priceincludes all portcharges and taxes,all shipboard meals,etc. $250 depositguarantees yourreservation untilMarch 13th See page 8 Industry EventOctober 18-20 AmericanRed Cross “Three years ago, New Orleans’ leadinglocal newspaper, the Times-Picayune,National Public Radio’s ‘All ThingsConsidered’ and the New York Timeseach methodically and compellinglyreported that the very existence ofSouthern Louisiana’s leading city wasat risk and hundreds of thousands oflives imperiled by exactly the sequenceof events that occurred this week.”Tim RuttenLos Angeles TimesSeptember 2, 2005 Quote California Contractor will recognize and honor readers who aid victims of the Gulf disaster fordonating cash to the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army. See page four for a preview ofthe “California Contractor Honor Roll.” Next month it will be filled with the names of our read-ers who e-mail ( or fax us (310-393-0606) to tell us they have con-tributed to aid the disaster victims. Page4 Contractors, builders, kitchen and bath remodelers and designers fromCalifornia will be flocking to the annualKitchen and Bath Show at the King ofPrussia Convention Center near ValleyForge, Pennsylvania, sponsored by Kitchenand Bath Design News. Their family mem-bers, however, will be absorbing an impor-tant part of the history of the United Statesas they visit major Revolutionary War sitesin and around Valley Forge (re-enactmentspictured here). Revolutionary War re-enactment at his-toric Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Actors recreate George Washington’scrossing of the Delaware. SalvationArmy Credit: Valley Forge Convention and Visitors BureauCredit: Valley Forge Convention and Visitors Bureau Editor’s Note: The Katrina dis-aster will have a profoundaffect on every California con-tractor, builder and engineer.They and others will facegrowing shortages of materi-als and labor because of thediversions to the Gulf Coast.
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Tell us you have donated to aid the Gulf Coast dis-aster victims and we will proudly add your name to theCalifornia Contractor Honor Roll. All donors of cash willbe listed and archived. Send your donation to theAmerican Red Cross (800-435-7669 or or to the Salvation Army (800-725-2769 You may e-mail us to inform us you donatedcash. We will post your name on the Honor Roll to bepublished indefinitely in California Contractor andposted on our Web site at Recognition for Donors Who Help Katrina Victims The Newspaper for Profit-Conscious Entrepreneurs STAFF Terry Cassel President & Advertising Director Bethany Muhl Executive Vice President Suzanne Black Administration Mark Heinsoo Art Director/Production Carolyn Leigh Circulation Manager Herb Chase Jr. Editor & Publisher Marsha Graham Associate Publisher Ed Boitano Travel Editor Rob Matar Internet Webmaster Deb Roskamp Photography Jeffrey Asher, Robert Baron, MalcolmBerko, Julian Bloch, Tim Carter, SarahChips, Suzanne Choney, Dale Dauten, Paul& Sarah Edwards, Cliff Ennico, Molly Ivins,David Kalb, Edith Lank, Jay ConradLevinson, Tom Margenau, Bill O’Reilly, LynnO’Shaughnessy, Raoul Pascual, EugenePeterson, Archie Richards, Andy Rooney,Paul Samuelson, Terry Savage, HarleySchwadron, Jonathan Sidener, Ron Sokol,Herb Stansbury, Michael Stone, DebbieTravis and George Will. Contributing Editors & Writers California Contractor California Contractor is a monthly newspaper serving contractors work-ing in plumbing, kitchen and bath, heating, cooling, air conditioningand refrigeration as well as general contractors, engineers, whole-salers, builders and distributors in these and related fields throughoutthe state of California. The publisher is not responsible for any productor service claims or representations appearing in advertisements orarticles, or opinions expressed by contributing editors and writers.Copyright ©2005 United Contractors of America, Inc. All rights reserved.No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part with-out prior permission from the publisher. Printed in the U.S.A. CaliforniaContractor (ISSN#1553-0019) is published monthly by UnitedContractors of America, Inc. 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The storm, already recognized asthe worst natural disaster in American history, hit land just east of New Orleanson August 29. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced, hungry andhomeless, and many perished. Reconstruction will cost billions of dollars andtake many months. But it will take years for the residents of the flooded anddestroyed towns and neighborhoods to recover their lives.The staff of California Contractor, along with the rest of the nation and theworld, are eager to do anything we can to help the recovery and restorationeffort. We pledge our financial support and we urge all our readers to contact thecharity of your choice and give generously. Two of the most effective organiza-tions are the American Red Cross, 800-HELP NOW (435-7669), and theSalvation Army, 800-SAL-ARMY (725-2769).Next month, California Contractor will post the names of all our readers who become disasterrelief donors. Please notify us by e-mail ( or fax (310-393-0606) thatyou have made a contribution. There is no need to list the size or nature of your donation. We willpublish your name in our California Contractor Honor Roll (see sample below) and also post theHonor Roll on our popular Web site, is no more important cause right now than this one, and I urge you to join us in makingas generous a contribution as you can afford. If each of our readers were to give just $10, we couldraise over $300,000 for the survivors. We know our readers have big hearts because of the way youresponded with donations to the Asian tsunami victims earlier this year. Now the crisis is at home.Please act now. Thank you.Terry Cassel We All Join Hands To Help Hurricane Victims ‘California Contractor’ Honor Roll WillRecognize Readers Who Aid Victims By Terry Cassel President - CEO Disaster Relief Donors Jim BellowsRobbie MatarTerry CasselSue CaseyYoka YohanaRichard PrudenMark HeinsooGary AvrechHerb ChasePaige ChaseOliver OstrowLory BierschenkMarsha GrahamBethany MuhlEd Boitano
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October 2005 • Page 5 Pulitzer Prize Winner Focuses on Sacramento Special to California Contractor By George F. Will Pulitzer Prize Winning Columnist His political strength hemorrhaging from multiple wounds — some self-inflicted, others theresult of a barrage ofnegative advertising —the governor, his jobapproval below 40 per-cent, is neverthelessebullient. He cannot bepretending. He is notthat good an actor.Arnold Schwarzenegger — tanned,tan suit, open-collared shirt, runningshoes — will run for re-election in 2006,but first, he says cheerfully, these nextseven weeks will be“the rebuttal’’ to thead assault from gov-ernment employeeunions. He wantsvoters to pass ballotmeasures to maketeachers wait fiverather than two yearsbefore achieving tenure, a lifetime jobentitlement; to restrict the growth of gov-ernment spending by giving governorsgreater latitude for cutting it; and to givea panel of retired judges power to drawlegislative districts.But he is a prisoner of the populism— government by gusts of manufacturedpublic opinion — that propelled him tothis city. None of his three proposals cur-rently has the support of a majority of anelectorate that is weary of elections. Injust 34 months they have re-elected GrayDavis governor, recalled him andreplaced him with Schwarzenegger, thenselected 53 members of Congress and100 state legislators in districts so metic-ulously gerrymandered to preventchange that party control remainedunchanged in all 153 contests.Schwarzenegger remains confidentof his ability to mesmerize an audience,but this audience — the vast, distractedelectorate — did not buy a ticket for thisNovember’s movie. It is being thrust atthem, and he is not the antipolitical nov-elty he was when he was elected.But if he imperfectly understands hisproblems, he does understand a large partof the state’s. Asked what has most sur-prised him in the 23 months since he waselected, he instantly replies: “The extentto which public employees unions arerunning the state’’ and how “blatant’’their control is. He disgustedly says thatmeetings with the teachers union arenever about children, they are entirelyabout adults — about costing the state$300 million by ensuring that unionworkers will mow schools’ lawns and fixschools’ plumbing.Government employees unions —government organized as an interestgroup — are a national problem. TheManhattan Institute’s Steven Malangawrites in his book, “The New New Left:How American Politics Works Today,’’that although New York City has essen-tially the same size population it had 40years ago, it has 30 percent more —100,000 more — government employ-ees. Recently, the seven Democratic can-didates for a city council seat includedtwo members of the teachers union, aformer school principal, two professorsat a unionized city-run college, anemployee of the city parks commissionand an employee of a city-funded drugclinic. Whereas the Democratic Party’sTammany Hall “machine’’ in its saladdays dispensed only a few thousandpatronage jobs, today’s governmentemployees unions have much more orga-nizational and financial muscle.Schwarzenegger’s autumn argumentis: Many of life’s defects that vexCalifornians and that government canameliorate exist because “we’re notbuilding.’’ Reform will mean fewerhours spent stalled on freeways in con-gealed traffic, fewer classrooms stuffedwith 35 pupils and one bad teacher, etc.Unfortunately, his argument has twosteps, which is one more than the public— inattentive until angry, and then oftenunreasonable — can usually assimilate.The steps are:First, California cannot rebuild untilit reforms. Second, this is because gov-ernment spending will be profligate inpursuit of unwise priorities as long as theLegislature, secure in electoral districts ithas drawn for itself, is insulated from allpressures other than those of publicemployees unions which can defeatuncooperative incumbents in the onlyelections that matter — nominating pri-maries.Still, California’s political system isdysfunctional, Schwarzenegger’s oppo-nents have no program other than to stalluntil he wearies of disturbing their peace,and his proposals, however artlessly pur-sued, are a start on creative disturbance. © 2005 George F. Will Correctly Insists State Is Controlled By Unions Self-Inflicted, PoliticallyHemorrhaging GovernatorIs Disturbing the Peace George Will Commentary
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Letters to the Editor Page 6 • October 2005 Design ConsultantLoves Debbie Travis I love Debbie Travis. I watchher all the time on HGTV. Whatan interesting idea to run a homedesign feature in your newspa-per! As a design consultant togeneral contracting firms, I planto follow your new section andsee how it develops.-Corrine McManusPaso Robles Postal Error LeadsTo a Media Discovery I saw your paper for the firsttime the other day when themailman accidentally deliveredmy neighbor’s copy to myoffice. From what I can tell thereis some useful informationinside. Since I have clients inyour industry, I would like torequest a subscription.-Richard LopezSacramento Politics Have NoPlace in a Trade You have a fine trade paper.It contains columns and newsthat pertain to the problems andconcerns of those of us in thecontracting business. Frankly,you should have a lot moreinformation that would specifi-cally help people working in thetrades. May I offer a suggestion?Get rid of the politics. It has noplace in a trade paper. We canget our entertainment and poli-tics anywhere else. I turn to mytrade papers for one thing only -to find useful information aboutmy industry and my business.That is what a trade paper is for.-Alexander MottSherman Oaks (Editor's Note: Without neces-sarily disagreeing with Mr.Mott, we believe in our mis-sion statement which re-volves around the “Pathwaysto Profits.” To operate a suc-cessful, profitable business,small businessmen are badlyin need of expert advice ontaxes, legal matters, insur-ance opportunities, invest-ments, Social Security, work-men’s compensation, realestate, state and federal infor-mation, retirement strategies,state licensing matters and ahost of other information,some of it political. Webelieve keeping contractors,builders, designers and relat-ed tradespeople aware ofthese problems and opportu-nities is our mission.) Bush Bashers ScrapeBottom of the Barrel I don’t recall Bush ever hav-ing suggested that unbelieverscould not be good citizens. TheBush bashers are scraping thebottom of the barrel. So are you.-Walter E. Wallis, P.E.La Jolla Terry Savage LooksLike Shania Twain Terry Savage recently wrotesome very helpful advice about401K plans and taxes. My busi-ness just incorporated and we’reconsidering health and pensionplans for our employees. But asI studied her column my eyesshifted to her picture. It’s uncan-ny how much she resembles(popular country singer) ShaniaTwain. She could be her oldersister.-Jake WhalenAlhambra A Trade Involved WithA Baja Poker Cruise? I can’t keep up with youguys at California Contractor.It’s a great idea, but how did youever come up with yourCalifornia Contractor PokerCruise to the Mexican Riviera?I understand you have onlybeen allocated 30 cabins on theCarnival Pride. How aboutreserving one for me. I enclosemy $250 refundable deposit toguarantee it until March 13.-Lynn StallworthWest Covina I Enjoy Watching YourHall of Fame Grow I noticed you now have over15 builders, contractors, design-ers and even the head of Costcoin your California ContractorHall of Fame. I have beenwatching it grow with greatenthusiasm. Maybe I can be acandidate someday. I makebathroom fixtures and I hope tosome day develop my own com-pany. Would I be eligible?-Fred SlocumParadise (Editor's Note: Absolutely.) California Has 90%Of the U.S.’s MostExpensive Homes Nine of the top 10 mostexpensive housing markets inthe U.S. are located inCalifornia, according to a sur-vey compiled last month byColdwell Banker. The averagesale price of housing in 319 sur-veyed markets was $401,767.The top 10 (listed in mil-lions) are: 1. La Jolla, $1.88; 2.Santa Monica, $1.76; 3. BeverlyHills, $1.66; 4. Santa Barbara,$1.60; 5. Palo Alto, $1.55; 6.Newport Beach, $1.50; 7. SanMateo, $1.33; 8. San Francisco,$1.30; 9. San Jose, $1.27; 10.Greenwich, Connecticut, $1.2. CONTRACTOR ALERT ))))))))
Page 7 Commentary from a Pulitzer Prize Winner October 2005 • Page 7 DDAAAMMMPPPEEERRRSS We now havefire and smokedampers.Call for details. Made from Galvanized Steel or Aluminum ALAN Manufacturing, Inc. Ph: 1-800-435-ALAN (2526) Fax: 1-877-333-ALAN (2526)E-mail: alansteel@alanmfg.comWebsite: •Single Blade•Round•Rectangular•4” - 24”•Single Bearing•Double Bearing•Solid Bearing•Spring Bearing Alan Manufacturing now makes it easier to servethe needs of customers in areas where distributorsare not available by providing a lower minimumorder of $125 and the acceptance of credit cards:American Express, Master Card & VISA. Our unique, spring attachment system keeps thespring in place – no slipping out of position andbecoming useless, as in others’ parts. There is aslot for a screw driver on the end of the threadedshaft allowing the damper to be turned if thehandle is not available. The spring loaded damperclip is now available with an aluminum body witha brass spring. The threaded stud is made of zinc.Handles, wing nuts and washers are available inboth steel and zinc. Patent No. D409,073.5/16 - 18 threads fit hammer on hardware made by: ALAN Mfg., Cain Mfg., Elginand Duro Dyne. 1/4 - 20 threads fit Econo dampers made by ALAN Mfg., severalmembers of the Air Distribution Institute and others. Patent No. 6,035,849. Special to California Contractor By Paul Samuelson Pulitzer Prize Winning Economist Editor’s Note: Paul Samuelsonsays President George W. Bushmust have been absent at Yalewhen they taught that a chainis only as strong as its weakestlink. Achain is only as strong as its weakest link. PresidentBush musthave beenabsent the daythey taughtthat at Yale.This helpsexplain a cur-rent paradox.Usuallyapresident orprime minister stays popularwith voters if the economyholds up OK on his or herwatch.On that score, the U.S. eco-nomic locomotive has beenpurring along quasi-satisfactori-ly, helped a bit by a mild hous-ing bubble. That kind of luckdid not happen to RepublicanPresident Herbert Hoover afterthe 1929 October stock marketcrash.Of course, some criticalpedants do have a point whenthey complain that America’ssuperior 2004-2005 GDP per-formance compared with theEuropean Union cannot betraced to Bush-Cheney macrostrategy in comparison with thetactics pursued by the Europeancurrency union.Among academic and busi-ness economists, it is AlanGreenspan’s Federal Reservethat is awarded an A grade forhis eclectic and measured anti-cyclical variations in the interestrate: 13 cuts in interest rateswhile the U.S. economy wassputtering; followed by gradualboosts in interest rates now thatmore normal stability seems tohave returned to employmentand price pressures.There is one other reason forthe American growth rateexceeding that of Germany,France, Italy and Japan.Famously and accurately, Gen.Sherman, a great general inAmerica’s 1861-1865 CivilWar, said, “War is hell.”Hell, war may well be. Butstill, all the economic historybooks report that most wars dobegin as good for business.Post-9/11 spending, and spend-ing for Afghanistan and Iraq,provided U.S. fiscal policy rein-forcement for Greenspan’smonetary policy.As my opening line sug-gested, in politics you areonly as good as your weakestmove. Everything touchedabroad by the Bush-Cheney-Rice-Rumsfeld team hasturned out badly. Three monthsof good behavior on WallStreet cannot atone for 100days of new American deathsin Iraq.Even among Republicanvoters, few people now believethat there will be a good andearly exit strategy from Iraq.Presidential adviser Karl Roveshould re-study how, in succes-sion, Presidents Eisenhower,Kennedy, Johnson and Nixongot mired down in the Vietnamguerrilla war.Yogi Berra is rumored tohave said, “When you come to afork in the road, take it.” In Iraq,there is no fork to offer choices.Either you go back — as we didin Vietnam — or you slog for-ward not endlessly but until youdo end up turning back.George Bush and Tony Blaircried “wolf” when there was nowolf. In North Korea alreadythere is definitely a wolf; and inIran, following the same paththat India and Pakistan did,there soon will be new wolves.America is mighty, but nowduring the terminal Bush sec-ond term, her military powersare already overstretched. © 2005 Paul Samuelson Fool Me Once, Shame On You; Twice, Shame On Me Bush and Blair Cried Wolf When There Was No Wolf Paul Samuelson Financial Advisory
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Page 8 • October 2005 Poker Craze Rages Across U.S. We have been allocated only 30 cabins, so those who call earlywill be able to enjoy our EXCLUSIVE BAJA POKER CRUISE,APRIL 30 - MAY 7, aboard the luxurious Carnival Pride. Includes all shipboard meals, all port taxes andfees, two pools, sauna, fitness center, family enter-tainment, 12 lounges and bars, music, dancing,romancing and full days ashore at popular Mexicandestinations. Poker for beginners and experiencedplayers, world class professional dealers and staff. Poker Cruise Schedule, April 30-May 7 Day PortArrivalDepartureSun Los Angeles (Long Beach), CA4:00pmMon Day at SeaTueDay at SeaWed Puerto Vallarta, Mexico8:00am10:00pmThu Mazatlan, Mexico9:00am6:00pmFri Cabo San Lucas, Mexico7:00am4:00pmSatDay at SeaSun Los Angeles (Long Beach), CA9:00am From only $790 per persondouble occupancy Toll-Free 866-393-0601 $250 REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT guarantees yourreservation untilMarch 13, 2006. Limited Invitation Reservations and Information: MM “California ContractorInvites You to Join UsOn an Exclusive Fun-Filled POKER CRUISEto the SunnyMexican Riviera” $250 Refundable Deposit GuaranteesYour Reservation UntilMarch 13, 2006 Special to California Contractor By Sarah Chips Poker Research Associate Editor’s Note: Sarah has been assigned to help CaliforniaContractor readers learn more about ourfamily-fun Baja Poker Cruise which leavesLong Beach April 30, 2006 for a seven-daytrip to the Mexican Riviera. Readers havecontacted us with a number of questions.Here are the best answers Sarah can offer: What is a Poker Cruise? A hassle-free vacation. An affordable seven-dayexotic cruise, including poker tournamentsfeaturing a world-class staff, a smoke-free poker room withtables for beginners, intermediates or experts.Do I need a Passport? No, but it is perhaps easier andsafer to get a current passport than to send for a birth certifi-cate with a required raised seal. You need one or the other.How do I book my Poker Cruise? Simply call toll-free866-393-0601 and make a refundable $250 deposit which willguarantee your cabin reservation until March 13. Final pay-ment is due April 15th.How many will be aboard the California ContractorCruise? We have been allocated 30 cabins, which means amaximum of 60 contractors and friends aboard the luxuryliner, Carnival Pride. I will answer more of your questions next month. Poker Tables And Dealers To Help Everyone All Welcome to Join Our Baja Poker Cruise Sarah Chips Special to California Contractor By Steve Rosenbloom Poker Expert Two words for you when you’re sitting at the table:Pay attention.Pay attention to the way theother players look and sit andact, but more important, payattention to the way the otherplayers bet. Because that is thebiggest tell in poker.The best players “tell” younothing with their body lan-guage. But even the best play-ers give away something withtheir betting patterns.Gavin Griffin relied on thatin a monster pot against RamVaswani.With theblindsat$6,000-$12,000,Griffin drewA-Q offsuitunder thegun in five-handed play.Griffin, the chip leader, raisedthe pot $36,000. Action foldedaroundtoVaswani, whomade a pot-sized re-raiseof $72,000from the bigblind.“If he hadaces, kings orsomethingthat big, hewould’ve justcalled and then tried to getmore chips out of me after theflop. But he makes this big pot-sized re-raise,” Griffin said.Griffin couldn’t get a readoff Vaswani physically becauseVaswani was just sitting there.But Vaswani’s bet told Griffinthat something funny wasgoing on.Turned out, Vaswani had J-10 of spades, making Griffin a3-2 favorite, even better thanthe race he anticipated ifVaswani had an underpair.And Griffin, then 22, nevergave it back, becoming theyoungest bracelet winner inWorld Series of Poker history. © 2005 Steve Rosenbloom Best Players’ Body Language Will Tell You Nothing Steve Rosenbloom Paying Attention Pays Off in Poker
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330-B LINCOLN AVE.SAN JOSE, CA 95126 3D DESIGN & LAYOUT 65-70% OFF LIST + TAX + CA. DELIVERY WELLBORN CABINETSKRAFTMAID CABINETRY (ph) 408-924-0102(fax) 408-924-0205 POSSIBILITY KITCHENS October 2005 • Page 9 Important Kitchen & Bath Information Special to California Contractor By The Editors ofConsumer Reports If you’ve been putting off replacing that failing appli-anceuntilprices comedown, this Fallmay be thetime to jump.Big-ticketitems such asw a s h i n gmachines andranges typical-ly hit the stores in Septemberand October, prompting sales oflast year’s models to make wayfor the new. Early Fall is also agood time to gobble up gasgrills. These summertime sta-ples typically sell like hotcakesin May and June, then cool offafter August. Shop then for bar-gain-priced leftovers.Following are a few find-ings from our survey, in whichmore than 6,000 online readersreportedonsome 9,000 pur-chases of largeand small appli-ances at inde-pendent storesand seven of thenation’s largestretailers. (Of theseven — BestBuy, Costco,Home Depot,Lowe’s, Sears,Target and Wal-Mart — we hadenough data torateCostco,Target and Wal-Mart only forsmall appliances. The others,plus the independents, wererated for small and large appli-ances.)•None of the major retailerscovered in the survey out-pricedthe independents for ranges,refrigerators and other largeappliances. Only two big-boxes(Costco and Target) were clearprice winners for small appli-ances such as grills and vacu-ums.•Independent stores bestedall but one national retailer(Sears) for small-applianceselection, and beat selection attwo (Best Buy and HomeDepot) of the four dealers wecould rate on big-ticket items.•Readers cited independentappliance stores for their stellarsalespeople. Nearly 90 percentof small-appliance buyersfound service very good orexcellent for the independents,while fewer than 30 percentsaid the same for large retailers.Of readers who bought largeappliances at independentstores, more than 80 percentsaid they were very satisfiedwith the service they received.Of large-appliance buyers atnationwide chains, fewer than60 percent were as satisfiedwith service.•Wal-Mart, the survey’sclear loser among small-appli-ance dealers in overall satisfac-tion, is no cheaper than otherstores, despite its “Always lowprices. Always.” tag line.Compared with other small-appliance buyers, more thantwice as many who bought atWal-Mart told us they overpaid.Readers who shopped there alsoranked small appliances lowerin quality than products readersbought elsewhere. © 2005 Consumers Union, Inc. Independents Beat the Big BoxChain Stores on Price + Quality Only Sears Is Competitive; Wal-Mart Is Worst In Survey Jeffrey Asher Technical Director Special to California Contractor By Judy Riley V.P. of Design, Moen Editor’s Note: It is critical fordesigners, builders and con-tractors to keep up with the lat-est kitchen design appliances.Judy Riley introduces some21st Century innovations. “We are seeing more and more women in ourshowroomssearching forthat certainsomething - asink, faucet orappliance thatis beautifuland function-al. They wantto get dinneron the table and get out of thekitchen faster so they can getback to the job of being a fami-ly,” said Lin Parnell, a show-room consultant at Welker-McKee Supply Company (adivision of Hajoca), a plumbingand heating wholesale supplier. Sink Innovations “The sink is really theheart of the kitchen and wehave seen steady changes hap-pening in this area for the pastfew years,” said Parnell. Shenoted that more and morewomen are selecting under-mounted sinks like theMoenStone Granite line.“These sinks no longer havethe ‘lip’ at the counter thatcatches dirt and crumbs. Now,with the swipe of a sponge,debris is swept into the sink sothat the counter can be cleanedfaster,” she said. Quick Hot & Cold Instant hot and cold waterdispensers are also savingtime for busy women. Cookpasta, hot dogs and the peren-nial kids-favorite macaroniand cheese in less time. Theinstant hot faucet emits waterat near boiling temperatures,eliminating the time it takes tocome to a rolling boil on thestove. Puddings and Jell-O canalso be made in less time withthe instant chill water feature,cutting down the time it takesto make, jell and refrigeratethe desserts. It can be ready inthe time it takes to finish din-ner. Speed Cooking New cooktops and rangeshave been developed that canuse halogen light to cook foodup to four times faster than atraditional oven. Electronicsurfaces can reach full powerin three seconds. Some stovesno longer require preheatingtime, while others can cooktwo different foods at differenttemperatures. Smart Microwaves Innovations in microwavetechnology allow many to bepre-programmed with foodcooking times. Many peopleare accustomed to pushing the“popcorn” button for a per-fectly popped bag of popcorn.Now, a swipe of the bar codefrom a frozen entree is all thatis needed for some ovens andthe time and temperature areautomatically set for that spe-cific product. Or, envision aradio and voice-recorder as New Trends In Kitchen Design Working Women DemandTime-Saving Kitchen Aids Judy Riley Continued on page 10 K&B SPECIALSECTION1 OF 4
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Continued from page 9part of a microwave oven,allowing you to listen tomusic, cook dinner and leave“to-do” messages for mem-bers of the family. The New Fast Food Grocers have seen the shifttoward meal solutions,prepackaged and self-con-tained kits that have the fix-ings to makecompletemeals. Thisincludes potroast withpotatoes andgravy, tacokits, chickenstir frys andready-to-heatmeatloaf. Many of these prod-ucts can go from refrigeratorto microwave to the table in30 minutes or less. A Need for Speed Refrigerators have steppedup the pace and can do morethings...quicker. Many oftoday’s refrigerators havebeen built with several newtime saving features, includ-ing thawing bins, quick chillfeatures and quicker ice-mak-ing freezers. The new bin cansafely thaw frozen meat dur-ing the time that you are atwork. Single-Cup Coffee A quick cup of coffeebefore running out the door –that is the appeal of today’snew one-cup coffee brewingsystems. Using coffee-pods,similar to tea bags, individualscan brew a fresh cup of coffeein less than a minute. There isno measuring, no filters, nostale coffee, no grounds toclean up and no waste. ©2005 Judy Riley Page 10 • October 2005 Professionally Approved Kitchen & Bath Products FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY BUILDERS, DESIGNERS & CONTRACTORS Medicine CabinetsSaunas/Steam BathsSkylights/WindowsTools & EquipmentHardwareHot TubsBath SinksVanitiesCabinetryFlooring Medicine CabinetsSaunas/Steam BathsSkylights/WindowsTools & EquipmentHardwareHot TubsBath SinksVanitiesCabinetryFlooring Bath FaucetsKitchen FaucetsShower FaucetsCounter InsertsFood Mixing CentersRefrigerator FreezersIce MakersCloset SystemsKitchen LightingBath Lighting Bath FaucetsKitchen FaucetsShower FaucetsCounter InsertsFood Mixing CentersRefrigerator FreezersIce MakersCloset SystemsKitchen LightingBath Lighting Elegant Faucet Line FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Matco-Norca proudly introduces their CRESCENDO line of elegantfaucets. Developed to provide a classicdesign with the highest quality workman-ship, the line boasts a number of features.Matco-Norca has designed theCRESCENDO line to enhance any kitchenand bathroom decor with a distinctive look,providing the highest quality faucet withtrouble-free operation at affordable prices. PO Box 27 Route 22Brewster, New York 10509 Toll-Free: 800-431-2082 •Solid Brass Construction•Polished Chrome Finish•Ceramic Disc Cartridges•Solid Brass Lever Handles•Water Saving Aerator•2.0 GPM (ANSI A112.18.1M) Builders Fireplaces FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Marble Builders, the direct manufacturer from China into the U.S. since 1995, isnow offering a new promotional series ofBuilders Fireplaces, available in three differentmarble colors, along with their standard line oflarger marble fireplaces, vanity tops (carvedfrom marble block), columns, cabinets, and ironbases, as well as custom capabilities.Marble Builders is also offering a new lineof Vessel Sinks. The Vessel Sinks are made ofhand-painted glass, porcelain and marble. TheSink Pedestals and Stands include granite andglass tops as well as a line of beautiful faucetsand hardware, which are all available at extreme-ly competitive prices. Marble Builders, Inc. (800) 910-1088 Tempering Valves FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Designed to provide safe water to lavatory faucets, the e480 is listed to the Type T/Pperformance requirements of ASSE 1016 - thestandard’s most demanding level. Even more sig-nificant is the e480 holds temperature down toflows as low as 0.5 gpm, and meets the require-ments of ASSE 1070 as well.The e480 allows facilities to distribute waterat higher temperatures, dramatically reducing thepotential for dangerous bacteria growth whileprotecting users from unsafe temperatures.Features Include:•3/8” compression and 1/2” NPT connections•Integral checks with filters•Adjustable temperature selection from 80 –120˚F (27 – 49˚C) with locking feature. 800-669-5430 Plumbing and Heating FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Whatever your project need might be, at the Plumbers Warehouse, we strive to help our contractors and their customers create the kitchen and bath of their dreams. OurKohler Premier Showroom* displays the latest products from quality manufacturers andstrives to provide the best customer service in the industry. Our professional staff andshowroom consultants will work with you and your clients to ensure you receive the rightproduct at the right time.We are committed to having the most current styles and colors on display in a settingthat will inspire. We invite you to visit our website at and clickon our showroom icon. There you will find helpful hints to help you create kitchens andbaths of dreams. The Source for your wholesale plumbing supplyand decorative faucets and fixtures. Call Now - You’ll Be Glad You Did! For Commercial Projects, Call Ray Graham @ 323-589-5251. LOS ANGELES1010 E. Manchester Ave.323-589-5252CARLSBAD*2785 Loker Ave. West760-438-8644CARSON*1161 E. Artesia Blvd.310-635-6500VAN NUYS*16130 Stagg Street818-997-8500SAN GABRIEL1635 So. Del Mar Ave.626-288-5230VENTURA*1700 Morse Ave.805-339-9800SANTA ANA*1651 S. RitcheySanta Ana, CA 92705714-566-1220 Judy Riley New Kitchen Trends TO ADVERTISE HERE California Contractor TOLL FREE 866-393-0601 K&B SPECIALSECTION2 OF 4
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October 2005 • Page 11 Professionally Approved Kitchen & Bath Products FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY BUILDERS, DESIGNERS & CONTRACTORS Bath FaucetsKitchen FaucetsShower FaucetsFlooringCabinetsCounter InsertsFood Mixing CentersHardwareHot TubsIce Makers Bath FaucetsKitchen FaucetsShower FaucetsFlooringCabinetsCounter InsertsFood Mixing CentersHardwareHot TubsIce Makers Closet SystemsKitchen LightingBath LightingMedicine CabinetsSaunas/Steam BathsSkylights/WindowsTools & EquipmentVanitiesWall CoveringsWindows/Doors Closet SystemsKitchen LightingBath LightingMedicine CabinetsSaunas/Steam BathsSkylights/WindowsTools & EquipmentVanitiesWall CoveringsWindows/Doors Question: I need a new flow-through humidifierinstalled onmy furnace. Ireceived sev-eral bids, andthey were allwithin $30,withtheaverage$580. I wentonline anddiscoveredthe humidifier can be purchasedfor $165. It seems outrageous tome that the contractor is goingto make over $400 for installingthis piece of machinery.Answer: For starters, forgetabout getting into the heating,cooling and air-conditioning(HVAC) business unless youhave 15 to 20 years of your lifeyou want to invest. HVAC is byfar the most complex aspect ofresidential home construction.Small-business owners haveto pay all sorts of bills eachmonth. Accountants often sortthese by hard and soft costs, butat the end of the month theseexpenses need to be shared byall of the jobs the contractordoes. These pass-throughexpenses are often allocated toeach job as a percentage of theprojected total sales for themonth. By doing it this way,each customer pays her or hisfair share.Finally, there is the ugly Pword. Yes, the contractordeserves a profit. It should not beexcessive, but it should be there. ©2005 Tim Carter Evaluating A High Bid Contractor Bid MayWell be JustifiableIf You Count Costs Special to California Contractor By Tim Carter Building Expert Builder Advice Tim Carter Personal Cleansing Spa FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Bemis Manufacturing Company is introducing the new PuritéTM Personal Cleansing Spa, a toilet seat that pairs theBemis reputation for high quality with the cleansing and comfortadvantages of a luxurious European bidet. Purité is outfitted withtwo automatic cleansing wands that cleanse a person’s underside -one wand extends forward for feminine cleansing, the other forperirectal wash. Cleansing is activated by a touchpad control panelthat is located on the side of the seat. With the push of a button, thedual nozzles dispense warm water at one of three selected tempera-tures and five pressure settings for maximum cleansing and comfort. To learn more about Purité, or call 800-558-7651 Bemis Manufacturing Company P.O. Box 901Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin 53085-0901 Luxurious bathing units for people of all abilities. This five-piece 6034 replacesan existing tub/shower. This unit helps whena person can no longer lift their leg to enterthe tub. It is 2" to 4" deeper than most tubs orwe have the five-piece 6030 available. Thewood backing on all showers gives the userthe option of installing safety bars or seats atthe time of the installation of the shower or ata later date. We offer over 300 bathing andshower unit choices, 40 of them multi-pieceunits. Our bathtubs, bath showers, ADA com-plaint units, barrier free shower units, jet tubs,remodel showers and bath tubs are madeusing only the highest quality materials. 866-433-6646 Best Bath Systems4545 EnterpriseBoise, Idaho FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Luxurious Bathing Units K&B SPECIALSECTION3 OF 4 FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS What’s On Your Water Heater? Don’t be kinky! Go for the flow! Solve most installation issues with Falcon’s superior Stainless Steel Corrugated water connectors. Satisfy customers, war-rantees and plumbing inspectors with Falcon’s “Mega-flow SUPER Water-flex”™.Increased flow, flexibility and strength resist kinking, crimping and cracking, cor-roding, pin holing while meeting code requirements. Nothing like traditional cop-per or braided stainless, these are full-flow, high GPM (flows 134% more thanbraided and are much more flexible than copper). Falcon Stainless manufactureswater flex in various sizes (from 3/8” to 2”) for all your water flowing needs andis capable of manufacturing custom products to your specifications. FalconStainless is the recognized brand leader for flexible water connectors. Falcon Stainless, Inc. All you need to remember iswww.waterconnectors.come-mail: 800-814-8444 ORDER SOME NOW!100% satisfaction guaranteed SEE BACK PAGE OF THIS ISSUE FOR MORE INFORMATION. Flexible Water Connectors
Page 12 Page 12 • October 2005 FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Acrylic One-PieceRemodeler Tub/Shower Aqua Bath now introduces the Acrylic One-piece Remodeler Tub/Showerthat fits in and through a standard doorframe. There is no need to remove doorjambs and doorway header. It is dimen-sioned to fit the existing tub location andits one piece construction allows for easeof installation complete with flat flange forwall finish-out. Additional featuresinclude: •Commercial grade .187” sanitary cast acrylic•Color goes all the way through•Durable: will not crack or chip•Non-porous: resists mold and mildew•Easy to clean; stain resistant Aqua Bath Company, Inc. 921 Cherokee Ave. Nashville, TN 37207 1-800-232-2284 Available Options:•24" or 36" Slide Bar•Shower Valve•Stainless Steel Grab Bars•Phenolic Lift Out Seat•Dimensions...(27-1/2'" D x 60" W x 76" H) Eemax is proud to offer the greatest selec- tion of any Instantaneous Electric HotWater Heater Manufacturer. Ideal for use inindustrial, residential and commercial applica-tions. Capacities ranging from 0.5 GPM forhand washing to 24 GPM for drench showers.Compact and easy to install, Eemax waterheaters cut installation costs and save space,and they ensure residential, commercial andmarine users that they will never run out of hotwater. With sophisticated microprocessor tem-perature controls, Eemax water heaters are 99%energy efficient.353 Christian Street, Oxford, CT 06478 Toll Free: 1-800-543-6163 e-mail: Info@eemax.comWeb: FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Instantaneous, Tankless,Electric Water Heaters Water Shut-Off Valve FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Stop flood damage before it really starts with FloodStop, OnSite Pro,Inc.'s unique automatic water shut-off valveproduct. FloodStop is a safety device thatcan be used for washing machines, waterheaters, dishwashers, icemakers and toilets.This is a great multi-revenue product thatcan be installed in 5-10 minutes. FloodStopis a point of use, leak detection and auto-matic water shut-off system designed forresidential, condo and apartment dwellings.It uses automatic solenoid valves to shut offthe water supply to any appliance or fixturewhenever a leak is detected. For complete details, please call: 800-667-4833 or visit Kitchen Faucets FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Bring a Touch of Class to Your Kitchen with Symmons Industriesnew S-2610 kitchen faucet! Designed to bea contemporary classic, the new Symmetrixkitchen faucet with pull-out spray spoutfeatures the quality, safety and performanceyou expect from Symmons. With a pull-outspray spout that easily accommodates thelargest kitchen sinks, Symmons keeps con-venience in mind. Built to withstand theabuse of time and guaranteed to provideflawless performance under the broadestrange of water conditions, the new S-2610series kitchen faucet features our state-of-the-art Symmetrix ceramic control cartridge. 800-SYMMONS Editor’s Note: More often than not,the householder will research theplans, but a clever contractor, deco-rator or designer will be called uponto do the work. Question: Some of the rooms in my home havevaulted ceil-ings. Thisreally makesit difficult toinstall crownmolding. Doyou have anyother sugges-tions abouttrimming theceiling?Answer: Vaulted ceilingsare a beautiful architectural fea-ture and one that you want tonotice and enjoy. For that rea-son, I suggest you don’t addany trim along the line betweenthe end of the wall and the ceil-ing, which would stop the eyefrom moving upward. You areright not to pursue the crownmolding. Paint the ceiling alighter version of the color youhave chosen for the walls. Uselow-tack painter’s tape toensure a nice clean edge. If youwant to add detail to the archedceilings, you can install ceilingbeams. These can be aged tolook like old wood or paintedthe same color as the ceiling,depending on your home’s ageand style.You may e-mail your ques-tions to ©2005 Debbie Travis Remodeling Help Vaulted Ceilings AreArchitectural BonusFeatures to Treasure Special to California Contractor By Debbie Travis Home Decorating Expert Debbie Travis House to Home Professionally Approved Kitchen & Bath Products FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY BUILDERS, DESIGNERS & CONTRACTORS K&B SPECIALSECTION4 OF 4 FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS New water pressure regulating valves for domestic service. Cash Acme now offers the same great EB-25 pressure regulator with a Type 304stainless steel body!The EB-25 Stainless Steel features a solid, 100% lead-free body. This newfeature complies with NSF-61 standards for potable water distribution, pro-viding a safer channel for water distribution! All with the same great featuresof the original EB-25. The biggest breakthrough is the simple numerical indi-cator that allows the desired pressure to be set even before the valve isinstalled.A job that previously required two men and a tedious, impreciseadjustment screw process can now be achieved quickly and efficiently byonly one worker. And once installed, patented design features mean SoloSet®offers improved reliability and easier access for maintenance. 2400 7th Avenue S.W.Cullman, Alabama 35055Toll Free: 1-877-700-4242Toll Free Fax: 1-877-700-4280Sales - Water PressureRegulating Valve Green BuildingAwards March 12-14 The National Association ofHome Builders invite Californiabuilders, remodelers, contractorsand others to submit entries for the2006 Green Building Awards tobe presented March 12-14 inAlbuquerque, NM. CONTRACTOR ALERT ))))))))
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October 2005 • Page 13 FRITTS FLEET CENTER The Largest CommercialInventory in California Ask forContractors SpecialDiscounts Ask forContractors SpecialDiscounts 7990 Auto Drive • Riverside, CA 92504 951 353-8800 N OPEN 7 DAYS N Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-7:30pm • Sat. & Sun. 10am-6pm Customized Contractor Trucks & Vans Showroom Special to California Contractor Tim Spell Automotive Writer Ram SRT-10 Quad Cab: Dodge’s hot-rod pickup isalso practi-cal.S i n c eDodge isthinking bigthese daysby expand-ingRampower with aViper V-10engine, man-agement thought they might aswell stretch the SRT-10 pick-up’s cab to create a longerQuad Cab version for 2006.This four-door addition tothe SRT high-performancelineup has the credentials toplease performance enthusi-asts, and also has the rightstuff to lure those with slightlymore practical applications inmind. That same monstroustorque that sends the RamSRT-10 screaming – ultimate-ly to the 150-mph range –translates to big towing num-bers. Adding a cab with fourfull-sized doors and a roomyrear compartment results in arecipe that satisfies moremainstream tastes.The Ram SRT-10, base-priced at $50,000, is poweredby an 8.3-liter aluminum V-10engine that delivers 500 horse-power at 5,600 rpm and 525lbs.-ft. of torque at 4,200 rpm.Its transmission mate is a“super duty” four-speed auto-matic that’s enhanced to han-dle the V-10’s hefty torqueoutput. It takes away the rawperformance feel created bythe regular cab version’ssix-speed manual, butadds a bit of civili-ty to a truckwith more ofa focus onhauling pas-sengers andt o w i n gloads.Towingcapacity is8,150 pounds.This sportypickup’s towing capacity com-pares to the 9,000-poundcapacity of a dedicated Ram2500 workhorse powered bythe Cummins diesel engine.Power is sent to big PirelliScorpion Zero 305/40YR-22high-performance tires. Cen-tered in the low-profile tiresare “Viper-style” forged-alu-minum wheels. Polishedwheels are optional.Visible red brake caliperspair with heavy-duty rotors –15-inch,front,and 14-inch, rear – that bringthe Ram to an efficient halt.These tires couple with a per-formance-tuned suspension tocreate a firm ride. Surprising-ly, for a truck capable of per-forming well on a racetrack,the ride isn’t buckboard harsh.Fitting for a pickup loadedwith tuned-for-performanceunderpinnings and a potent V-10 engine is an exterior thatshouts power. The hood istopped with a prominentbody-coloredscoop thathelps coolthe engineand heat up emotions. Leavingno doubt about what’s churn-ing below, “Viper Powered” isemblazoned on each side ofthe raised scoop.Lots of crafting is done onthe lower bumper fascia toboost aerodynamics and cool-ing airflow. A center “splitter”directs air around the sides ofthe truck to create downforce.It also sends cooling air intoNASCAR-inspired ductingthat funnels it to the heftyfront brake rotors.In a modern application ofthe old-school trend of clamp-ing a gauge to the steering col-umn, designers artfully plugan oil-pressure gauge intothe driver-side A-pillar.Dodge’s SRT-10 QuadCab is equipped just right– with a five-passengercab, automatic transmis-sion and towing power –for those who have beenlonging for a Viper-pow-ered pickup but needingpractical features to justifybuying one. © 2005 Tim Spell Tim Spell Dodge Stretches SRT-10 Pick-Up Length and Power Powered By A Viper V-10 8.3 Liter Aluminum Engine 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 V8, auto, ac, 10’ stake bedGMS Price: $25,561*APR/Rebate: -$2,500*Comm Rebate: -$1,000Net Price: $22,4614 AT THIS PRICE 2005 Chevrolet Colorado 5cyl, auto, ac, 6-1/2’stake bed. #252708GMS Price: $19,537*APR/Rebate: -$1,000*Comm Rebate: -$1,000Net Price: $17,537 CallPAUL KUSUNOKI (800) 552-2646 EXT 109(626) 825-6515 CELL *Rebates expire 9/30/05 CallJAMES PARK (800) 552-2646 EXT 137(714) 675-1004 CELL MANY MOREAVAILABLE
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Page 14 • October 2005 For Your Fleet & Commercial NeedsCall Us First 800-609-4238 Bob MayesExt 185Cell 714-803-4079•Gordon SchockExt 255Cell 951-961-5481•Robert GonzalezExt 256Cell 951-237-6222•Chad HensleyExt 254Cell 951-377-2423 26895 Ynez Rd. • Temecula, CA 92591 FordCredit CommercialLeasingServices Truck Center “Your Commercial Truck Headquarters” Sierra Chevrolet’s Truck Center OffersRock-Bottom Fleet Prices to the Public. We Stock Pick-ups, Vans, Service Trucks, Kodiak 4500’s,Contractor Bodies, Flatbeds, Stakebeds, Dumps, & More! Before You Buy... See How Much You’ll Save. # Statewide Delivery Available # For a No-Hassle Quote on YourNext Commercial Truck, Call: Sierra Chevrolet Truck Center 877-278-0333 • 626-932-5649 Customized Contractor Trucks & Vans Showroom
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October 2005 • Page 15 Customize YourService Vehicles Call forCompleteCatalog Van BulkheadsItemizer Drawer UnitsTruck Saddle BoxesVan ShelvingVan Shelving 2517 Tyler Avenue, El Monte, CA 91733 626-443-9211 Fax. 626-579-9355 CLEARLY, THERE’S NO BETTER TIME TO LOOK AT SPRINTER DODGE SPRINTER MERCEDES BENZTURBO DIESEL # 5-SPEED AUTO. TRANS.# 10,000 MILES UNTIL OIL CHANGE # UP TO 473 CUBIC FT. OF CARGO SPACE # PASSENGER WAGON & CHASSIS CAB# 2 ROOF HEIGHTS # 3 WHEELBASES# 7-YEAR OR 100,000 MILE WARRANTY 9898 Trask Ave. • Garden Grove, CA 92844 888 251.5799714 539.8500 For Special Fleet PricingAsk for Bernie or Bryan Customized Contractor Trucks & Vans Showroom
Page 16 Page 16 • October 2005 ²Cargo Vans²Contractor²Utility²Stakebeds²Landscaper Dumps²Dump Trucks²Van Bodies²And More We Build to Suit! Thorson Motor Center (626) 795-8851 Ask for Commercial Fleet Dept. Thorson Motor Center Thorson Motor Center VAN EQUIPMENT For all Full Size and Mini Vans • Complete interior systems• Modules• Shelving• Shelf accessories• Cabinets• Bulkheads• Storage units• Drawer units• Floor mats• Hitch accessories• Spool racks• Tank holders• All-purpose racks THE MOST COMPLETE PACKAGE OFVAN EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE 8454 Sepulveda Blvd. • North Hills, CA • (818) 892-432725897 San Fernando Rd. • Santa Clarita, CA • (661) 259-2511 INCREDIBLE LEASE DEALS! GOING FAST! Call Now (866) 999-TOMS 909 N. Grand Ave. • Santa Ana Visit us online at: Customized Contractor Trucks & Vans Showroom
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October 2005 • Page 17 The Latest C.C. Hall of Fame Special to California Contractor By Terry Savage Personal Finance Expert This month is the end of a long, lazy summer for manycollege grads.You need tofind healthinsurancecoverage,deal withyour studentloans andstart thinkingabout retire-ment!Retirement? Yep. Themonth before you start work isthe best time to think about themonths after you finish yourcareer!Health insurance: Once astudent has reached age 21 orgraduated, he or she is removedfrom most parental health insur-ance policies.Many college grads willstart their own business or go onto graduate school. That meansan even longer period withoutcompany-providedhealthinsurance. According to theU.S. Census Bureau, 25- to 34-year-olds are the largest seg-ment of the uninsured, totaling10 million people, or about 23percent of the uninsured popu-lation.Temporary health insur-ance: It’s easier — and moreaffordable — to find personalhealth insurance than thoseyoung people may believe. Theeasiest resource is online,where you can click on “short-term health insurance” if yourneeds are temporary. The costof a typical policy could be aslow as $55 a month.Student loans. I hope youdidn’t miss that once-in-a-life-time opportunity recently toconsolidate your student loansat the lowest historic rate. Evenif you didn’t, you have to startmaking arrangements to repayyour loan. Don’t bury your headin the sand about these loans. Ifyou’ve graduated with a lot ofdebt — you’re not alone: Thenational average is over $18,900for college grads — this burdenwill hang over your head.Retirement planning: Ifyou and other younger workersare exposed to danger becauseof the lack of health insurance,your situation with retirementsavings is even more dire.According to the EmployeeBenefit Research Institute,young workers are more likelyto have employment-basedhealth insurance than to partici-pate in 401(k) retirement plans.Signing up for the companyretirement plan is a must — assoon as you are eligible. Andcontribute the maximumallowed.Giving up lattes and an occa-sional dinner out could allowyou to save the $40 a week itwould take to invest $2,000 ayear in your retirement plan.And if stocks perform as well inthe future as they have “on aver-age” over the past 75 years, thatregular investment would beworth $3 million when you’reready to retire! © 2005 Terry Savage Planning For Future Requires Early Start Grads Can Grow $40/WeekTo a $3 Million Retirement Terry Savage Personal Finance Special to California Contractor By Andy Rooney 60 Minutes CBS Commentator Congress and the President have been playing a gamerecently,and so farthe score isnothing tonothing.T h eexecutivebranch ofour govern-ment, thePresident,and the legislative branch,Congress, have been at war.This has happened before in ourhistory but seldom have theirdifferences been so numerousand pronounced as they aretoday. Even though members ofCongress and the President areseparately elected and inde-pendent, they are dependent oneach other for getting some-thing done. Right now, becauseneither side is winning, the restof us are losing.The battle for power thatalways exists between thePresident and Congress may bethe major shortcoming of ademocracy – but it’s also itsstrength. The division of powerkeeps us from becoming a dic-tatorship. Over the years,we’ve had weak Presidents andstrong Presidents. The weakones caved in to Congress. Thestrong ones dominated it, butopposing Congress is not, byitself, a test of a President’sgreatness.Weak LeadershipWe’ve had a lot of weakPresidents, like WilliamHoward Taft, Warren Hardingand Calvin Coolidge. HerbertHoover allowed Congress todominate the course the coun-try took. Some of our best yearshave come when we had adominant President. GeorgeWashington and AbrahamLincoln were strong Presidents.In modern times, we’ve hadtwo strong Roosevelts,Theodore and Franklin. ManyAmericans would put RonaldReagan on the list. John F.Kennedy was domineering.No one is calling George W.Bush a weak President, but hisopponents are calling him stub-born and dumb. Being disre-spected by half the Americanpublic and much loved by theother half doesn’t make GeorgeW. Bush special.Democracy is a magic wordfor us. We never question itsvirtues, but democracy is notalways held in such high regardby other people. We should bemaking it look good as a way ofshowing the whole world that itis the best system of govern-ment. Having Congress at warwith the President is not theway to do that. © 2005 Andy Rooney The Score Is Nothing To Nothing Neither Congress Nor BushAre Winners, So Voters Lose Editor’s Note: Contractors, builders, designers and almost all small busi-ness persons lose when Congress and the President are deadlocked, asAndy perceives them at this moment in history. Andy Rooney Commentary Help Us Recruit Our readers are our best resource for identifying andnominating qualified contractors, engineers, architects or othercraftspeople to the California Contractor Hall of Fame. Stephen L. Carter MARCH 2005 Lyle Sarver MARCH 2005 Steven L. Wong MARCH 2005 Rick Branscombe APRIL 2005 Steve Geney APRIL 2005 Les DenHerder APRIL 2005 Brent Boyd MAY 2005 Barbara Egger MAY 2005 William J. Cawley JUNE 2005 Larry Markgraf JUNE 2005 Paul Irwin JULY 2005 José Abel Fontiveros JULY 2005 Doug Dahlin AUGUST 2005 Douglas Barnard AUGUST 2005 Russell Barnard AUGUST 2005 Chris Barrett SEPTEMBER 2005 Jim Sinegal SEPTEMBER 2005Who will be thenext Hall-Of-Famer? Please send your nominations to: California Contractor 1119 Colorado Ave., Suite 15, Santa Monica, CA 90401Fax: 310-393-0606 • E-mail: Dave Whelden Dave Whelden, who has been nominated as CaliforniaContractor of the Month, works12 hours a day and is so busywith his HVACR contractingbusiness and building his newhome in Bakersfield that hehardly has time to breathe.McKenney Air Condition-ing, founded in 1935 by Dave’sgrandfather, William M.McKenney, serves all of KernCounty from its headquarters inBakersfield. Dave earned anengineering degree at Cal Polyin San Luis Obispo beforebecoming the owner ofMcKenney Air Conditioning.How’s business? Dave andhis crew of nine technicians areso busy he hardly has time topursue his hobbies whichinclude scuba diving and fish-ing in the Channel islands. Defines Housing as‘Dead Man Walking’ A senior economist at theUCLA Anderson Forecast hasdescribed the current housingstatus as a dead man walking.Christopher Thornburg says ahousing bubble is sure to burstbut he knows not when. CONTRACTOR ALERT ))))))))
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Page 18 • October 2005 News & Information for Contractors Only Gulf Tragedy Causes Shortage of Building Materials and Labor Hurricane Katrina Creates California Logistical Problems The impact of the devastating hurricane which hit NewOrleans and adjacent Gulf Coastcities will be felt across thenation and especially inCalifornia where building mate-rials and labor forces have beenworking full-time to satisfy thehousing boom.Shortages of plywood andother building materials such asroofing, wood paneling, win-dows and sheet rock havealready started to show up inCalifornia.While reconstruction in theGulf oceanfront cities will notstart for a month or so afterinsurance claims are settled, thepressure on suppliers will con-tinue for five years. Demand isexpected to raise prices and cre-ate new shortages.Concrete structures androads will have to be abandonedin some California sites becauseso much concrete will eventual-ly be diverted to the GulfCoast’s basic rebuilding require-ments, according to the NationalAssociation of Home Builders.The hurricane damage alsothreatens to drain the Californiaskilled labor pool because manyare being recruited at highersalaries on an emergency basisto help in the rebuilding ofwhole city areas. New President/CEO At Rheem Rheem Manufacturing Com-pany has announced that ScottD. Martin (pic-tured) has suc-ceeded Gary L.Tapella as thePresident andChief Exec-utive Officer ofthe company. In making theannouncement, Tapella said hewould remain as Chairman foran interim period. Takagi ImprovesTankless System Takagi unveiled the newestaddition to their famous line oftankless water heaters, the T-H1. The T-H1 packs greaterefficiency, delivering more hotwater in less time, and alsoemploys a pre-heating systemand a built-in neutralizer sys-tem. For more information, call949-770-7171, ext.140, or youmay visit U.S. Air Force WinsHVAC Accreditation The U.S. Department ofEducation has accredited theUnited States AirForce with an“HVAC Excel-lence” award.The service trains service tech-nicians to do a superior jobwhile in the armed force andprepares them for a high-payingcareer after they are discharged. Arzel Introduces‘Comfort College’ Arzel Zoning Technology,Inc. has opened Arzel “ComfortCollege,” a state-of-the-art zon-ing training program forheating, air condition-ing and ventilationcontractors, distribu-tors and their cus-tomers. The ComfortCollege curriculum is centeredaround the Arzel ZoningDynamics Laboratory whichhas been developed to illustratethe airflow characteristics of azoned forced air HVAC system.Courses demonstrate the powerof zoning to create custom com-fort environments in homes andoffices. Arzel President DennisLaughlin explains, “As a pio-neer in the manufacturing ofretrofit zoning technology, werecognize the need for ongoingtraining, and the need to create avenue for getting regular inputfrom our customers.” For infor-mation about attending an ArzelComfort College program, con-tact Tom Delp, V.P. Sales Arzel,at or call800-611-8312 or you may Proposal MakerReleases Software Elite Software is proud toannounce the release ofProposal Maker, a fast and sim-ple program for creating profes-sional sales proposals and othersales-related documents. Pro-posal Maker creates proposalsautomatically from equipmentselection and cost comparisonresults obtained from Elite’sAudit and Rhvac programs. Formore information, you may or call 800-648-9523. Sloan RedefinesFlushometer Standards A new brochure fromSloan Valve Companydescribes how the Royal®DiaphragmFlushometer,which has become the stan-dard in Flushometer technolo-gy, continues to meet facili-ties’ high performance stan-dards while raising the barwith new product additions.Sloan Valve Company, found-ed in 1906 and headquarteredin Franklin Park, IL, is theworld’s leading manufacturerof water-conserving plumb-ing systems, productsand accessories forcommercial, industrialand institutional mar-kets. For more SloanValve product information,call 800-982-5839, ext. 5609,or you may visit Golden State OffersSafety Training Web The Golden State BuildersExchange has announced a newonline safety training programvia GSBE Online University.In addition to comprehensivetraining and tracking solutions,Golden State concentrates oncutting jobsite injuries, reducingstate workman’s compensationclaims and helping reach regula-tory compliance.Golden State BuildersExchange is a network of 29Building Exchanges throughoutCalifornia, representing 24,000companies in the constructionindustry and 223,000 employ-ees. Call 888-472-3492 for addi-tional information. Air Cold PurchasesArizona’s Webb On July 27, Ferguson/AirCold Supply finalized its pur-chase of Webb Distributors.Ferguson, with over 1,000North America locations, hasbeen looking to expand its newconstruction and commercialbusiness in Arizona. Air Coldhas 43 locations in California,Arizona and Nevada. Webboperates seven stores inArizona. According to AirCold’s Mike Camarena, inselecting Webb, “a major com-ponent is the people...having amanagement and sales team andleadership in the organization isimportant, and we feel Webbhad all the right components forus.” The complimentary natureof Webb’s Coleman line to AirCold’s York relationship wasalso a benefit. ‘ICORUMBA,’ ICOR’sNew Newsletter Featuring “Refrigerant Sol-utions for the 21st Century,” anew electronic newsletter ofICOR International, Inc.includes technical support tips,major EPA legislation informa-tion, answers to safety concernsand refrigeration success sto-ries. Entitled “ICORUMBA,”the new communication linkwith HVACR contractors andtechnicians focuses specificallyon news of importance to therefrigeration industry. It will beupdated continuously and canbe accessed through ICOR’sWeb site at Wintac Pro™ 2006Advanced Software Intac International, Inc.,maker of the popular WintacPro business management soft-ware for contractors, announcesthe release of Wintac Pro 2006 -an enhanced version of theirbest-selling all-in-one programthat integrates scheduling, dis-patching, equipment tracking,job costing, estimating, invoic-ing, purchasing, inventory, pay-roll, accounting, marketing andmobile computing. For moreinformation and a free demo ofWintac Pro 2006, visit their Website at orcall 800-724-7899. Flush Cut AdapterFor All Trades The Flush Cut Adapter byPaws Off Tools fits any brand ofreciprocatingsaw and allowsa flush cut tobe made with-out bending orbreaking ablade. Recip-rocating sawsare widely used in the buildingtrades and the Flush CutAdapter fits all saws that usestandard blades. You may con-tact Atlanta Special ProductsDivision at 800-327-3552 formore information. Insider Information For Contractors Only
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Post Office Box 56983 • Phoenix, Arizona 85079 4022 W. Turney Avenue • Suite A5 & A6 • Phoenix, Arizona 85019 (602) 843-0004phone (602) 278-1605 fax Western BC Sales, Inc. dba BC Sales Flame BlanketEasy BendHot Dam!RatcheteerPACE ToolsHydra-SwageInfrared ThermometerUV Leak DetectionRecovery MateOxy/Acetylene KitsAir/Acetylene KitsPropane Kits Hand TorchesFor over 60 years Goss has beena family owned USA manufacturer All products are available through your local HVAC wholesale distributor only. Call for a distributor near you 1-800-234-0004 BC Sales and their associates cover Arizona, California, Guam, Hawaii & Nevada – Although BC Sales does not represent all products in all markets. Durable, flexible,reusable heat andflame protection,no toxic smoke.Quickly expands softcopper to form femalecoupling – kits rangingfrom 3/8” OD – 2-5/8” ODLarge selection of soldering& brazing tips, brazing alloys,soldering irons, cylinderstands and more.Copper Tube –Refrigeration CoilsACR – K,L,M, DWVLevel Wound.Flexible PVC CouplingsFlexible TrapsCompact handtool for bendingsoft copper tube.3/8” OD — 7/8” OD.Stops heat transferon pipes. Easily moldsto any shape. ReusableNon Toxic.Patented ratchetaction. 3/8” – 1-5/16”capacity. 9” long.With laser targetingaccuracy – LCD displayrange 4 – 932 degrees F.Complete electronic & UVdetection kits – Several kitsto choose from.Turn any recoverymachine into aRecycler. Oil separator4 way manifold.Torches / Tips availablein snap-in & screw-instyle. Also available withbuilt-in ignitors.Same kits as the Air / Acetyleneare available for Propane. Gosscolor codes all components toreduce confusion and errors.360 degree swivel tipavailable without theignitor. Use with MAPPPropane, or FG2 gases.Attic VentilationBathroom VentilationKitchen Exhaust HoodsFans – Barrel, Industrial.Tote TraysNipple CaddiesAccess Panel Covers.Any Size – Any OptionCustom & ProductionAny Length – Any InsulationMalleable Fittings & NipplesBrass, Black Iron &GalvanizedInsulation – Aluminum Flex DuctSafe Hanger Attic Installation KitsCopper Fittings & ToolsSelf Nailers – FHA PlatesHanger Strap – Plumbers TapePipe Straps – 1 7 2 Hole Come See UsNov. 16, 2005At IHACIIn PasadenaBOOTH #8 Come See UsNov. 16, 2005At IHACIIn PasadenaBOOTH #8
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Contractor Approved Products and Services FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY BUILDERS, DESIGNERS & CONTRACTORS Armafix™ Clamp FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS The Armafix clamp from Cooper B- Line is a solution for a continuousinsulated piping system. The clamp elim-inates the gap at the point of support, and inturn provides labor savings. Made fromclosed-cell foam insulation that is sized bytube size and insulation thickness, it isdesigned with “non-crush” urethane insertsand an aluminum shield.Simply place Armafix aroundtubing/piping and then either use strutclamps to clamp to support or place in ahanger. Once supported, insulation is gluedto the insert on either side of support andinsulation is complete. Visit our website at for more information. Perfect Draft /Combustion Air Second generation patented controller regulates fan speed, for perfect draft and/or combustion air for optimum equipmentefficiencies. Eliminate large combustion air louvers, multiplevents, unsightly stacks and reduce vent diameters by up to 50%.Common vent atmospheric, forced draft and fan-assisted heaters.Controls up to 16 heaters. Literature details operation bene-fits, sequence, highlights, accessories and tech supportofferings. Tjernlund offers many residential and commer-cial Side Wall Vent Systems, In-Line Draft Inducers,Combustion Air and Fresh Air In-Forcer™ Intakes and DuctBooster® Fans. Tjernlund Products, Inc. 800-255-4208 FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Detroit Radiant Products celebrates their 50th year exclusively manufacturinggas-fired infra-red products. The company’sHL2 Series is the most advanced offering intheir popular line of low intensity infra-red tubeheaters. Key features include innovative two-stage technology, highly emissive black-coatedaluminized steel radiant tubes, mirror-finishedaluminum reflectors, self-diagnostic circuitry,24-volt controls and more. Upgrades include astainless steel option for harsh environments.From energy saving two-stage technology tounique construction and operational features,Detroit Radiant has established a reputation fordelivering a quality, cost-effective product forcommercial, industrial, agricultural and resi-dential applications. Contact us today at 1-800-222-1100 Or visit Infra-Red Heaters FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS For over 23 years, Spot Coolers has provided temporary and emer- gency air conditioning for people, equipment and processes.We are the largest portable air conditioning supplier in the country,with 27 locations nationwide. Our portable systems provide permanentor temporary solutions for short-term and long-term needs.Our rental fleet includes air and water-cooled portables up to fivetons and trailer-mounted units up to 50-ton capacities. Our reverse-cycle heat pump provides temporary or spot heat for problem areas thatoccur in office spaces, hospitals and other locations. We Provide 24-hour Emergency Service 7 Days a Week All Year Round Spot Coolers Call: 800-367-8675 Spot Coolers FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Just as with first impressions, you get only one chance tointroduce anew productor service,and that im-portant intro-duction willinfluence theopinions ofmany peoplefor a longtime.So you’ve got to do every-thing possible with that intro-duction to make the rightimpression on the right people.In your mind, underline rightimpression and right people.Guerrillas give these mattersdeep thought.There are many impressionsthat you will make with yourintroductory marketing. Abouthalf are the wrong impressionand half are the right impression.If you use the mindset of yourtarget audience when you con-sider the impression, you’ll prob-ably avoid making the wrongimpression. That’s half the battleand it’s not the easy half.Your product or serviceneed not be the best, the cheap-est or the most modern. But itmust be exactly what yourhottest prospects want. Andyou’ve got to communicate thatfact in an unmistakable manner.Out there in your target mar-ket, there are people whobecome bewitched and capti-vated by anything that is new.They purchase products andservices simply because theyare new. These are the Yes-to-New People: turned on by inno-vation. Some markets are likethat, too. In the women’s sham-poo market, 90 percent of thecustomers will try at least onenew shampoo a year. New ismore powerful than lather inshampoo language. Brand loy-alty is hard to come by. ©2005 Jay Conrad Levinson Guerrilla Golden Rule #10 You Have Only OneChance to Deliver, SoTake Your Best Shot Special to California Contractor Jay Conrad Levinson Chief Guerrilla Marketer Jay Levinson Business Advice Editor’s Note: The Guerrillasays it is critical to make a goodimpression on the right people. Page 20 • October 2005
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Contractor Approved Products and Services FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY BUILDERS, DESIGNERS & CONTRACTORS October 2005 • Page 21 Carbon Monoxide: A Clear and Present Danger is the collaborative effort of several of the brightest in thefield of carbon monoxide detection, combustion analysis andremediation. This book is intended to address carbon monoxideissues encountered by: First Responders (Fire Department EMTpersonnel and other Paramedics), Inspectors (local governmentand independent home inspectors) and Technicians (HVAC,Plumbers and utility company workers). The ESCO Institute Post Office Box 521Mount Prospect, IL. 60056-0521 Toll Free: (800) 726-9696Fax: (800) 546-3726 FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS ESCO What will a FLEET TRACKING SYSTEMfrom GPS North America do for your business? • Increase productivity 10-40%• Eliminate after-hours and weekend usage of company vehicles• Reduce & eliminate overtime• Immediately locate and dispatch vehicles• Increase number of service/delivery calls per day• Create detailed, accurate reports of deliveries/service calls• Lower insurance costs 5-20%• Eliminate excessive speeding, reducing wear and tear onvehicles and lowering risk of accidents• Improve customer service• Control fuel costs• Equipment tracking GPS North America 888-760-4477 Dynatech has everything that you need for drilling holes in brick, block,concrete and other masonry materials.Drilling holes is now fast and easy with anyof our four different types of core bits: theyare Dynatech Premium R-dry diamond corebit, Dynatech Premium dry vacuum diamondcore bit, Dynatech Premium hand held dia-mond core bit, and Dynatech Premium drillrig type diamond core bit.All of our drill bits are Premium grade,meaning they are the highest quality that wecan make - and all at the best cost. Also checkout our very popular “How To” drillingvideo; it demonstrated all of these core bits inaction while showing tips, tricks and shortcuts that even a pro driller would enjoy. DYNATECH 161 Reaser Ct., Elyria, Ohio 44035 Toll-free: 1.800.446.9001 Tel. 440.365.1774 • Fax 440.365.1717 www.dynatech-diamond Diamond Drill Bits FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Anytime the United States House of Representativesapproveslegislationby a marginof 424 to 1,that’s a clearindicationthat the law-makersbelievesome aspectof Americanlaw should be changed. Such astrong, resounding declarationoccurred in May when lawmak-ers heeded small-business own-ers’ pleas to remove a 70-year-old ban on allowing interestpayments for business checkingaccounts.It will probably come as asurprise to many Americansthat a law dating back to theGreat Depression bars banksfrom making interest paymentsto business checking accounts.Under current law, small-business owners are forced tochoose between non-interest-bearing accounts and morecostly “sweep” accounts, whichrequire a much higher balancethan ordinary checkingaccounts.Big banks have consistentlyopposed repealing the ban oninterest checking for businessaccounts, but in their efforts toinsulate themselves from free-market competition, they’rehurting small businesses.Hurting small business issomething CongresswomanSue Kelly (Dist. 19th - N.Y.)says she won’t abide, which iswhy she reintroduced H.R.1224 in March 2005.The act would not requirebanks to provide interest pay-ments. ©2005 Jack Faris Ban Dates To The Depression Small Businesses CanLook Toward InterestOn Checking Account Special to California Contractor By Jack Faris Small Business Advocate Jack Faris Editor’s Note: Most business-men of this generation havetaken for granted that their busi-ness checking accounts cannotbear interest; Jack Faris thinksthat all may change, despiteopposition from the big banks. Small Business Advocate At Camino Real Chevrolet you will find a full selection of commercialvehicles to suit any of your contractingbusiness needs. We will help build yourtruck or van to your exact specifications.We will find precisely the model yourequire - stake beds, cargo vans, extendedcabs, hi-cubes, crew cabs, utility vans andmuch more. Call Camino Real Chevrolet’sCommercial Fleet Department now andask for Paul Kusunoki or James Park.Years of experience and dedication toservice sets Camino Real above the rest. 800-552-2646 ext. 109 or ext. 137 2401 S. Atlantic Blvd., Monterey Park FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Camino Real Chevrolet
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Contractor Approved Products and Services FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY BUILDERS, DESIGNERS & CONTRACTORS Panel Radiators FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Design Manual ForDiaNorm Panel Radiators HeatLines Inc. has released a new 57-page Design Manual for DiaNorm Panel Radiators.The manual is intended for heating contractors and engineers whodesign and specify hydronic heating systems. It discusses the benefitsof detailed performance data and piping schematics for a variety ofdesign options. DiaNorm panel radiators provide a high degree ofdesign versatility. For More Information, Contact: 603/437-1667 Email: Visit us on the web at: ASHLAND PolyTraps FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Ashland is Number One toWholesalers & Contractors PolyTrap grease traps can be installed above ground sitting on the floor, or flush to the floor in concrete. The units are producedin a variety of sizes to satisfy virtually all requirements. Customunits are available up to 300 gpm. Our poly grease traps and greaseinterceptors are designed and engineered with a specially com-pounded material that out performs other plastic materials and steelunits in most severe applications.PDI Certified/Approved,UPC and IAPMO listed and certified. Ashland Trap Dist. Co. Tel: 800-541-8004Fax: 800-326-5531 Email: PolyTraps@amplex.netfor a PDF brochure. When good laws go bad, what does the Legislaturedo? They dowhat theyu s u a l l ydo…passanother law tofix the firstone. In themeantime,contractorsand others areleft in limbo.Another contractor wants toknow why he can’t operate as acorporation with his sole propri-etor license. We all learn howmuch that mistake can cost:Question: A client of ourshas asked about the new lawprescribing changes in the con-tent and process of licensedcontractors’ “home improve-ment contracts” – as detailed inSB 30 effective July 1. Now,with the passage of SB 1113,it’s effective date is January 1,2006. Both the client and I haveseen some speculation that SB30 may still be the subject offurther amendment.The client sensibly doesn’twant to amend its contractforms and practices until itknows if the further amend-ments will likely be major or ifthe law might be deferred onceagain. Do you hear anything inyour Sacramento circles aboutwhat is still being complainedabout and what might be likelyto change?Answer: Most of what I’veheard from people both insideand outside of the CSLB wasthat the old SB 30 was, to put itpolitely, not well thought out.This is why SB 1113 was nec-essary. Now that the implemen-tation of SB 30 has beendelayed, some in my“Sacramento circle” hope it willbe fixed (i.e. amended). © 2005 David Kalb How The Mistakes Cost When Laws Don’t Fit,Politicians Write NewOnes to Fix the Need By David Kalb Licensing & Government Expert David Kalb Editor’s Note: Nobody knows theintricate state contractor laws bet-ter than David Kalb. It pays to keepup with the politicians’ whims andtake David’s advice. State Licensing Page 22 • October 2005 FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Two-part adhesive gun eliminates wrist strain. The EZ- mix®HI Dispenser from DTIC Dispensing Technologiesis a portable motorized hand gun with a light-touch trigger thateliminates hard, repetitive squeezing and shaking of the tool topermit precisely positioned dispensing. Featuring an instantretraction button for rapid cartridge changes, this cordless handtool accepts most standard 50 ml dual cartridges and can dispenseup to 30 cartridges on a single battery charge, depending upon thematerial and viscosity. DTIC Dispensing Technologies PO Box 1204 S. Lancaster, MA 01561 Toll free: 877-367-3842 E-mail: Two-Part Adhesive Gun
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Contractor Approved Products and Services FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY BUILDERS, DESIGNERS & CONTRACTORS October 2005 • Page 23 Solar Collectors FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS SUNDA evacuated tube solar collec- tors are used to heat water for var-ious applications including DHW, spaceheating, pools & spas, industrial processheat and absorption based air-condition-ing systems. The specially coatedabsorber converts 92% of incoming radi-ation to heat energy. The absorber andheat pipe form an assembly in the vacu-um of the sealed borosilicate glass tube,which cuts heat losses and increases effi-ciency. The round tubes are impact resist-ant and offer very low wind resistance. U.S. Sales Agent is Sun Spot Solar & Heating 570-422-1292 Email: info@sssolar.comInternet: www.sssolar.comDealer inquires welcome. Refrigeration Analyzer FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS REFRIGERATION ANALYZERHAS AUTOMATIC SUPERHEAT Powerful refrigeration gauges for service manifolds, the Digital Refrigeration System Analyzer (DRSA) is a revolutionary diagnostictool for AC/R technicians.The new DRSA-1100 helps you save time and improve accuracy in serv-ice and diagnosis. The analyzer performs superheat and subcooling calcula-tions automatically for 22 refrigerants and tracks Max/Min pressures, whilemaintaining its ease of use. A large, patented graphing display shows earlysymptoms of faults hidden by manifold needle gauges. It withstandsimpacts, typical oils, acids, and is water resistant. Being upgraded and two-year warranty ensure a long life. Digi-Cool Industries Call Toll-free: 1-866-511-COOL For animated demonstrations, visit: At Sierra we have a special program set up by the Chevrolet Motor Divisioncalled our Commercial Specialty VehiclesDepartment. It is designed to meet many ofthe specific needs of the commercial fleetindustry. Light and medium duty trucks avail-able. Models include flat beds & stake sidetrucks, cargo vans, cab & chassis and manypickups with utility toolboxes, complete withlumber or pipe racks. Special service pro-grams for the business truck owners empha-size rapid service turnaround. We know howimportant your work truck is to you. Our fac-tory trained and certified truck techniciansmake the service experience quick and easy.Sean Kerr heads up our team of commercialsales specialists. Call Sean for an appointment, or formore information at: 877-278-0333 Or, visit us at: Sierra Truck Center 1450 S. Shamrock Ave., Monrovia Sierra Truck Center FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Many people are motivated by bargains, but I trulybelieve that inevery market,there are alsothose cus-tomers whoare willing topay a premi-um for trulyexceptionalservices.In my local grocery storebakery, I can buy a very nicecookie for thirty-five cents. Incontrast, the Mrs. Fields® storeat the mall sells a similar cook-ie for a premium. What is thedifference? The Mrs. Fields®cookie has the image of special,hot, fresh and inviting. Whenyou buy that cookie, you arebuying the best.Many people are looking tobuy “The Best” contractor too.But first, they need to be con-vinced of your worth—and toearn that, you must present animage of being the best. It startswith your “first impression”image, such as your logo, busi-ness cards, presentation andmarketing materials, Web site,company vehicles and your per-sonal appearance. It also appliesto your business appearance,including your work experi-ence, technical skills, concernfor the client, your ability todeliver sooner than estimatedand, of course, your talent forgiving value by doing morethan is expected.Mrs. Fields believed in thequality and value her cookiesoffer and that faith, executed viaher business image, convincesmillions of cookie eaters to paytop dollar for her sweets.More info: 801-641-9271. ©2005 Eugene Peterson How To Make More Profit Boosting An ImageCan Sweeten YourProfit Opportunities Special to California Contractor By Eugene Peterson Internationally RecognizedConstruction ConsultantEugene Peterson Business Advice Editor’s Note: The Coachinsists that contractors andother small businesses mustbe very cautious before consid-ering price cuts. Here it is; VCR & DVD recording in one compact video inspection system! TheElite-duo is among the latest additions to thecompact series of video inspection systemsdesigned by Ratech Electronics. Eliminateyour choice of either VCR tape or DVD andhave both in one complete unit. Housed in alightweight control unit with a 15” Flat LCDcolor monitor, the Elite-duo comes ready touse with a new smaller size (1.375” D x 1.85”L) color camera and choice of 100 to 400 ft.of premium gel rod cable. Ratech’s new cablereels are balanced-optimized and environmen-tally friendly without a catch basin (whichmay collect bacteria). Standard also is an on-screen overlay display of electronic counter,time, date and eight pages of memory for list-ing problems and displaying company info. Ratech Electronics Ltd. 260 Spinnaker Way, #7, Concord, Ontario L4K 4P9 Toll-Free: 1-800-461-9200 E-mail: sales@ratech-electronics.comWeb site: Ratech Electronics FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Dynatech diamond saw blades are special- ly made for the highest level of perform-ance and will make even the toughest sawingjob easier and more profitable. Our blades areavailable in Economy, Heavy Duty, Premiumand Pro Series. Laser welding of the diamondsegments assures superior strength and pro-vides fast, smooth cutting with long service life.Dynatech Diamond Saw Blades are madein all styles and some can be used wet or dryand can be used on hand-held grinders, circularsaws, high-speed and masonry saws, tile sawsand walk behind concrete saws. DynatechDiamond Blades are excellent for cutting awide variety of materials such as concrete,brick or block, asphalt, green concrete, granite,stone, tile, expansion joints, pre-cast, pre-stressed materials and much more. DYNATECH 161 Reaser Ct., Elyria, Ohio 44035 Toll-free: 1.800.446.9001 Tel. 440.365.1774 • Fax 440.365.1717 www.dynatech-diamond Diamond Saw Blades FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS
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Contractor Approved Products and Services FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY BUILDERS, DESIGNERS & CONTRACTORS Page 24 • October 2005 Fritts Fleet Center FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Fritts Fleet Center has the largest commercial inventoryof Ford trucks and vans in thestate of California. We know your contracting businessputs tough demands on your commercialfleet. Fritts Fleet Center has the vehiclesto handle the load. Call or stop by anyday of the week and ask for one of ourcommercial fleet specialists. Ask for ContractorsSpecial Discounts Call Now! 951-353-8800 Or Visit Fritts Fleet Center 7990 Auto Drive, Riverside, CA 92504 Thorson Motor Center FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Thorson Motor Center is your best source for quality GMC and Isuzucommercial vehicles. Thorson offerscargo vans, contractor, utility,stakebeds, landscaper dumps, dumptrucks, van bodies and much more.We can take care of everything youneed for new and pre-owned vehiclesales, service, parts and financing.Call or visit THORSONtoday and ask for theCommercial Fleet Department. 626-795-8851 3456 E. Colorado Blvd,PASADENA Why Rancho Ford Truck Center for your Fleet/Commercial needs?Total service and product availability. Mostof your business needs, product availabili-ty, product quote and credit approval canbe done via phone and fax. You never leaveyour place of business, we deliver and con-tract your vehicle at your office free ofcharge. We currently stock over 100Commercially Up-Fitted Chassis, Trucksand Vans. We would appreciate the oppor-tunity to earn your current business, andwould work even harder to maintain it inthe future.Call us today! 800-609-4238 Rancho Ford Truck Center FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS 26895 Ynez Rd.Temecula, CA 92591 ALAN Manufacturing is the #1 suppli- er for heating, ventilating and air con-ditioning accessories and supplies. AndALAN now makes it easier to serve theneeds of customers in areas where distribu-tors are not available by providing a lowerminimum order of $125.00and acceptingcredit cards. ALAN offers an array of galva-nized steel or aluminum dampers, springloaded damper clips, the Dryerbox (a metalreceptacle to help collect and house the flexdryer exhaust hose), fire and smoke dampersand much more. For a catalogue of productsand more information, call: ALAN Manufacturing 800-435-ALAN (2526) e-mail: alansteel@alanmfg.comWeb site at FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Dampers Heating, Ventilating &Air Conditioning As the need for trucks and commercial vans grows, so has the selection oftruck accessories and van equipment.DACO has been offering the right equipmentand installing it at the best price since 1970.We have a well-earned reputation for qual-ity products at extremely competitive prices.Our customers are customers for life; theykeep coming back for our great prices andexcellent service.We carry only the best brand names in theindustry, including Weather Guard, Innovation,Snug-Top, SnugLid, A.R.E., Westin, Knaack,Penda, Duraliner, BedSlide, Bedrug, Rack-it,Stull, EGR, Wade and many more.We have two locations to serve you: DACO Shells &Truck Accessories 8454 Sepulveda Blvd., North Hills 818-892-4327 25897 San Fernando Rd., Santa Clarita 661-259-2511 FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS DACO Shells & TruckAccessories Question: I am a contractor and have underbid a houseby $14,000. I amalmost done andjust figured thatout. I cannotafford this loss.What can I dobesides bank-ruptcy? I havecopied all the bills and gavethem to the homeowner to try toget him to help me out.Answer: Sorry, I don’tbelieve in bankruptcy. That, atleast to me, shows the individ-ual refusing to accept responsi-bility for their own action orlack of action.I would suggest you get ourFast Track Estimating programand that will eliminate thesekind of errors. It would take abit of work to adjust the data-base to suit your company, butbased on your note it would betime well spent.As to what you should donow: I would get back with theowner and tell them what billsyou can’t pay.Most owner’s faced withthis problem, pay the bills.They yell and scream aboutcontracts and price quotes, buterrors in estimating by contrac-tors do happen. The other sideof this is if they don’t pay thebills, they will have liensplaced against their homeimmediately by the subs andsuppliers. If they come back atyou claiming a default on thecontract, they may or may notbe right depending on how thecontract is worded. However,being right and then pursuing itthrough the court will end upcosting them a lot more than ifthey just paid the bills andwere done with the wholething.Michael Stone is a con-struction consultant andcoach. You may reach him at360-835-1100. © 2005 Michael Stone Influence Owner To Pay There is No ExcuseFor UnderbiddingA Construction Job Special to California Contractor By Michael Stone Contracting Expert Michael Stone Business Advice
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Contractor Approved Products and Services FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY BUILDERS, DESIGNERS & CONTRACTORS October 2005 • Page 25 There’s no better time than now to see Sprinter at Union Dodge inGarden Grove.The Dodge Sprinter van gets over 25miles per gallon powered by a MercedesBenz Turbo Diesel engine with a five-speedautomatic transmission. Up to 473 cubicfeet of cargo space, passenger wagon andchassis cab, two roof heights, three wheel-bases, and a seven-year or 100,000 milewarranty. Catch the Sprinter plus a widearray of other commercial trucks and vansat the Union Dodge Giant Truck Center. For Special Fleet PricingAsk for Bernie or Bryan Union Dodge Giant Truck Center 9898 Trask Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92844 888-251-5799 • 714-539-8500 Dodge Sprinter Van FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Sunrise Ford is one of the top 100 Ford dealerships in the country.Our huge inventory allows great incen-tives that will save you time and money.We have over 100 commercial vehiclesin stock, ready for immediate delivery.Call the Sunrise Ford North HollywoodSuperstore and ask for fleet pros MikeHerman or Peter Wild. They’ll answerall your questions and find the perfecttruck or van for you. 888-421-5280 5500 Lankershim Blvd.North Hollywood Sunrise Ford FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Coilmen Plus supplies coils and heat transfer products to contractors inboth the service replacement and newconstruction market within California.Whether it is condensing coils for a pack-age rooftop unit, water coils for a built upsystem, steam coils used in industrialprocess equipment or a tube bundle in aheat exchanger, Coilmen Plus’s sales engi-neers can solve your problem. Ask our stafffor a quick quote or a field visit to assist inyour problem. Water and steam heatingcoils are in stock at the factory for imme-diate shipment. Standard delivery for cus-tom coils is 2-3 weeks. Coilmen Plus, Inc. Toll Free: 888-5-COILMEN (888-526-4563) Los Angeles • San Diego • San Jose Coils & Heat Transfer FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS If your business uses medium duty trucks, either new or pre-owned,Tom’s Truck Center can help. Tom’sTruck Center is one of the largest exclusivemedium duty truck dealerships in America,selling over 1,000 work trucks every year.And we have one of the largest partsdepartments in the country.We can handle everything for you,from locating, specifying and building theright truck for the job, getting you financedor leased, and meeting your parts and serv-ice needs. Tom’s Truck Center FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Call Now (866) 999-TOMS 909 N. Grand Ave. • Santa Ana Visit us online at: Scotsman, a leader in Ice Machine innovation has a full line of IceMachines and Ice Machine products thatwill revolutionize the way you thinkabout ice, ice machines, maintenanceand service. With such well-respectedbrands as CM3, IceValet, Aqua DefenseSystem, AutoSentry, TouchFree andNugget Ice, Scotsman serves a widerange of industries. Scotsman has a pow-erful presence in the professional areasof food service, lodging, supermarkets,convenience stores, health care, special-ty markets and residential building.For more information please contact: Scotsman of Los Angeles Toll Free 800-453-4049 Or, visit us on the web at: FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Scotsman IceMachines Industrial Van & Truck Interiors Inc. supplies Knaack and Weather Guardequipment to fit any contractor’s vanor truck needs. Available van and truck equipment andaccessories include shelving, bulkheads,ladder racks, drawer units, sliding plat-forms, boxes, chests, racks and completemodule packages. Industrial also offers afull line of jobsite equipment includingchests, cabinets, rolling work benches, handtool boxes, casters, drawers, trays andaccessories. Call now for a complete cata-log containing Industrial’s product lines. 2517 Tyler Ave., El Monte, CA 91733 Tel. (626) 443-9211 Fax (626) 579-9355 Truck/Van Interiors FIELD TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY EXPERIENCED CONTRACTORS Call for Complete Catalog The Corporate Curmudgeon There’s a good story going around here in L.A. Shamethey got itwrong.I’ve heardseveral timesabout theworld’s new-est architec-tural master-piece, theWalt DisneyConcert Hall, home to the LosAngeles Philharmonic anddesigned by Frank Gehry (whodid the Guggenheim in Spain).The building takes up most of acity block and is more than fivestories high, with an exterior ofsoaring, curving, metal-cladwalls that are meant to suggest aship’s sails (photos It’scalled Disney Hall becauseWalt Disney’s widow, Lillian,gave the first $50 million to theproject, intending the buildingto be a tribute to her husband’screativity and his love of classi-cal music.The story of The Old Ladyand The Architect is told smug-ly, with the clear implicationthat the widow was hood-winked by the lizard-boys ofthe city.Because the building is a tri-umph, the sly smile that accom-panies the story suggests thatthe old lady was duped andrightly so; otherwise it would bea concert hall that looked likesome giant New Hampshirepost office.I am pleased to report thatthe story is half-told and theconclusion is fully wrong. Yes,Mrs. Disney gave Gehry pic-tures. However, he didn’tignore them; he understoodthem. His response was to fig-ure out what it was about brickcottages that was appealing toher. His reaction was, “I under-stand — you want it to be warmand welcoming.”Gehry was so charmed byLillian Disney that he created afountain in her honor. © 2005 Dale Dauten Dale Dauten Commentary Lillian and FrankSaved the Hall...And Each Other Special to California Contractor By Dale Dauten The Corporate Curmudgeon
Page 26 October 4 & 6 TWO-NIGHT GAS HEATING CLASS Tony Albers-U.S. Air Conditioning DistributorsThe Gas Company, Chatsworth, CAInformation: October 5-7 GUERRILLA MARKETING BUSINESS UNIVERSITY San Francisco, CAInformation: October 5-9 SOLAR ELECTRIC POWER 2005 Solar Electric Power AssociationWashington, D.C.Information: October 6-9 IAQA ANNUAL MEETING AND EXPOSITION Indoor Air Quality AssociationOrlando, FLInformation: 301-231-8388 or www.iaqa.orgDPHA DECORATIVE PLUMBING-HARDWARE CONVENTIONPalm Springs, CAInformation: 888-939-8477 October 11 & 13 GAS HEATING CLASS Tony Albers, InstructorSponsored by IHACIInformation: October 11-12 RADFEST EAST Radiant Panel AssociationDulles Expo Center-Chantilly, VAInformation: 800-660-7187 October 12-14 CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS’ ALLIANCE MEETING Ritz-Carlton Buckhead, Atlanta, GAInformation: October 13-15 2005 NADCA TECHNICAL SEMINAR National Air Duct Cleaning AssociationSheraton City Centre, Salt Lake City, UTInformation: 800-401-2000 October 15-19 2005 FALL MEETING Plastic Pipe and Fittings AssociationAmelia Island Plantation Resort, FLInformation: October 16-19 PLUMBING MANUFACTURERS INSTITUTE2005 FALL MEETING Capitol Hilton, Washington, D.C.Information: 847-884-9764 or October 16-20 ANNUAL SMACNA CONVENTION AND PRODUCT SHOW Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning ContractorsPalm Desert, CAInformation: 703-803-2980 or October 17-21 SOCIETY OF FIRE PROTECTION ENGINEERS 2005ANNUAL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE Hyatt Regency, La Jolla, CAInformation: 301-718-2901 or October 18-19 TWO-NIGHT GAS HEATING CLASS Tony Albers-U.S. Air-Conditioning DistributorsFour Points Sheraton, San Diego, CAInformation: October 18-20 KITCHEN AND BATH DESIGN, REMODELING SHOW Valley Forge Convention Center, King of Prussia, PAInformation: 800-827-8009 or GENERAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT TRAINING Easy Street Total Office Manager TrainingKansas City Airport Marriott, MOInformation: FAX: 913-492-9930 October 26 PLUMBING, HEATING AND COOLINGCONTRACTORS TRADE SHOW Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino CountiesOrange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, CAInformation: 714-896-0153 or October 26-29 PHCC-NA BUSINESS OWNERSMANAGEMENT WORKSHOP Chaparral Suites Resort, Scottsdale, AZInformation: 800-533-7694 or October 28 DESIGNING FOR PROFIT SEMINAR Sheraton Gateway, Chicago, ILInformation: 201-487-7800 October 29-November 1 THIRD ANNUAL HARDI FALL CONFERENCE Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Int.J. W. Marriott Desert Ridge Resort, Phoenix, AZInformation: 888-253-2128 or WASHINGTON, D.C. Page 26 • October 2005 Continued from page 1flow of the Mississippi is the root cause of the problem,cutting off the movement of alluvial soil to the river’sgreat delta.But in addition to long-range consequences of long-term policies like letting the Corps of Engineers try tobuild a better river than God, there are real short-termconsequences, as well. It is a fact that the Clintonadministration set some tough policies on wetlands,and it is a fact that the current administration repealedthose policies — ordering federal agencies to stop pro-tecting as many as 20 million acres of wetlands.Last year, fourenvironmentalgroups cooperatedon a joint reportshowing the admin-istration’s policieshad allowed devel-opers to drain thou-sands of acres ofwetlands.Does this meanwe should blameBush for the fact that New Orleans is underwater? No,but it means we can blame Bush when a Class 3 orClass 2 hurricane puts New Orleans under. At thispoint, it is a matter of making a bad situation worse, offailing to observe the First Rule of Holes (when you’rein one, stop digging).Just plain political bad luck that, in June, Bush tookhis little ax and chopped $71.2 million from the budg-et of the New Orleans Corps of Engineers, a 44 percentreduction.Unfortunately, the war in Iraq is directly related tothe devastation left by the hurricane. About 35 percentof Louisiana’s National Guard is now serving in Iraq,where four out of every 10 soldiers are guardsmen. The levees of New Orleans, two of which brokeand flooded the city, were also victims of Iraq warspending. Walter Maestri, emergency managementchief for Jefferson Parish, said on June 8, 2004, “Itappears that the money has been moved in the presi-dent’s budget to handle homeland security and thewar in Iraq.”This, friends, is why we need to pay attention togovernment policies, not political personalities, andto know whereon we vote. It is about our lives. © 2005 Molly Ivins Contractors Will Suffer “Mr. Bush’s performance last week willrank as one of the worst ever by a pres-ident during a dire national emergency.What we witnessed, as clearly as theoverwhelming agony of the city of NewOrleans, was the dangerous incompe-tence and the staggering indifference tohuman suffering of the president and hisadministration.”Bob HerbertNew York TimesSeptember 5, 2005 Quote Calendar for October 2005 & Beyond
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YELLOW PAGE CLASSIFIED YELLOW PAGE CLASSIFIED Commercial Vehicles DODGE SPRINTER Mercedes Benz Turbo Diesel,5-Speed, Auto Trans., Up to 473cu. ft. Cargo Space, PassengerWagon and Chassis Cab, 2 RoofHeights, 3 Wheel Bases, 7 Yearor 100,000 mile Warranty. NOW at UNION DODGEin Garden Grove. Call 714-539-8500 FRITTS FLEET CENTER The largest commercialFord inventory in CA.Call or stop by anytime: 7990 Auto DriveRiverside, CA. 951-353-8800 DACO CAMPER SHELLS Van & Truck AccessoriesQuality ProductsCompetitive Prices Two Locations: NORTH HILLS 818-892-4327 SANTA CLARITA 661-259-2511 SIERRA TRUCK CENTER Chevy Pick-ups • VansService Trucks • Kodiak 4500sContractor Bodies • FlatbedsStakebeds • DumpsAnd More! STATEWIDE DELIVERY AVAILABLE For a No-Hassle QuoteCall Now! 888-278-0388 This Month’s Advertisers Alan Manufacturing................................7, 24Aqua Bath...................................................12Ashland Trap...............................................22AT Engineering Services.............................27B.C. Sales....................................................19Bemis..........................................................11Best Bath....................................................11Camino Real Chevrolet.........................13, 21Cash Acme..................................................12Coilmen Plus...............................................25Cooper B-Line.............................................20DACO Camper Shells............................16, 24Detroit Radiant...........................................20Digi-Cool.....................................................23Dodge Trucks........................................14, 15DTIC............................................................22Dynatech...........................................5, 21, 23Eemax.........................................................12ESCO Institute............................................21Falcon Stainless....................................11, 28Fritts Fleet Center.................................13, 24General Filters............................................24GPS North America....................................21HeatLines....................................................22Industrial Van & Truck Interiors............15, 25Intac...........................................................27Marble Builders...........................................10Matco Norca...............................................10O'Brien Global............................................27OnSite Pro..............................................9, 12Plumbers Warehouse..............................2, 10Possibility Kitchens......................................9Powers Controls.........................................10Rancho Ford Truck Center.....................14, 24Ratech.....................................................6, 23Scotsman of Los Angeles.......................6, 25Sierra Truck Center...............................14, 23Spot Coolers...........................................3, 20Sunrise Ford..........................................16, 25Sunspot Solar & Heating............................23Symmons....................................................12Thorson Motor Center...........................16, 24Tjernlund Products.....................................20Tom's Truck Center...............................16, 25Union Dodge.........................................15, 25 HVACRS BUSINESS 4 SALE Step into business withestablished customer base.Low monthly overhead.Established in 1943& serving 4 counties.Primarily commercial.Includes: inventory, tools,equipment & original phonenumber. Also includesAppliance Business (sales& repair, separate phone,same location). 530-396-2484 Software SUNRISE FORDNORTH HOLLYWOODSUPERSTORE Over 100 commercialvehicles in stock forimmediate delivery.Call Mike or Peter, 888-421-5282 Or visit us online at: For Classifieds, call 866-393-0601. TOM’S TRUCK CENTER One of the West’slargest exclusive medi-um duty truck dealers.Ask about our ISUZURed Rider Special! Call 866-999-TOMS RANCHO FORDTRUCK CENTER Purchase your vehicle viaphone and fax! We’ll guideyou through the entire process,including free delivery. 800-609-4238 October 2005 • Page 27 The #1 best-selling all-in-onesoftware for contractors Dispatching, Job Costing, Estimating, Equipment Tracking, Invoicing,Inventory, Accounting, Payroll, Marketing, Mobile Computing, more! Download a free demoof the softwarecontractors everywhereare talking about! www.wintacpro.com1-800-724-7899 Commercial VehiclesBusiness for SaleHVAC ToolsEngineering: Mechanical / Plumbing / Electrical / Title-24 AT Engineering Services Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Structural, Chemical andProcess Consulting Engineers --- AT Engineering Services engineering the world, where the world turns to for help! * HVAC Systems Design: Heating & Cooling Load Calculationsand Duct Sizing per Manual J&D of ACCA using latest software.* Title-24 Energy Compliance using EnergyPro 4.0 Software.* Plumbing Systems Design* Electrical Systems Design and Installation (C-10 License)* CAD Drafting Services * Residential * Commercial * Industrial Contact: Dr. A. Towfik, P.E., Engineering Manager Tel: (562) 439-9000, (661) 326-0000, (510) 704-8000 Fax: (562) 987-0500, E-mail: 5855 E. Naples Plaza, Suite 305, Long Beach, CA 90803 INDUSTRIAL VAN &TRUCK INTERIORS Full line of Knaackand Weather Guardequipment and acces-sories. CALL NOW fora complete catalogue ofIndustrial’s products. 626-443-9211 THORSONMOTOR CENTER Tremendous selectionof GMC and Isuzucommercial vehicles.Ask for CommercialFleet Dept. 626-795-8851 FOR SALE HVAC SERVICE& RETROFITComm’l & residentialaccts in Inland Empire& Orange County.Est. 14 yrs! Includes2 trucks/tools. PLUMBING BUSINESS Est. 38 yrs! Comm’laccts in OrangeCounty. Profitable!Owner retiring. 877-SoCalBiz (Bkr.) QuickLoads Pro Load Calc Software O’Brien Quickloads Pro for Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT &XP is easy to use and includes load calcs, ducts, heating andcooling operating costs, payback and bid. On CD for only$249.95.Try the new “CoolCost” software on CD. Cooling opera-tions costs for A/C systems 1/2 to 2,000 tons. Displays 99 on-screen cooling costs at much more!” FREE trial ver-sions are available online.Also available “The Refrigerant Management Book III,” new 3rd edition with updat-ed versions of all the forms you need to satisfy your refrigerant record keeping require-ments. Why design your own forms when all of the work has already been done for you? O’Brien Global Products 877-877-9350 SERIOUS HVAC TOOLS FOR PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTORS CAMINO REALCHEVROLET Full selection of Chevyvans and trucks. TheAmerican Revolutioncontinues. Call PaulKusunoki, CommercialFleet Dept.: 800-552-2646 x109 Vehicle Accessories YELLOW PAGE CLASSIFIED AD RATES LINER ADS ... $4 per word DISPLAYCLASSIFIED ADS (per column inch, based on frequency)Four-Color Ads...From $69Black & White Ads...From $59 TERMS: All sales cash or credit cardpaid in advance of publication. (866) 393-0601
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• NSF 61 Tested and Certified• IAPMO/UPC Tested and Certified• Conforms To ASME A112.18.6• State of Wisconsin• L.A. City• Satisfy Inspector & Code Requirements (UPC, IPC,IMC, IRC, State of Wisconsin, L.A. City, South Texas)• Codes require flexible connectors or unions soappliance remains serviceable at all times. Stainless Steel CorrugatedFlexible Water Connectors for:• Residential & Commercial• Water Heaters, Sinks, Toilets,Water Purification & Boilers Falcon Stainless, Inc. CERTIFICATIONS & LISTINGSAPPLICATIONSCODE REQUIREMENTS FALCON STAINLESS, INC.Sun Valley, CA 91352Toll Free. 800.814.8444 Tel. 818.767.FLOW Fax. Email. • In areas of SEISMIC movement using Falcon Stainless connectors willdecrease the chances of damage caused by hard-piped copperinstallations and/or copper connectors cracking and breaking.• Ensure Appliance Installation, Performance & Warranty• Many appliance manufacturers require that flexible connectors beused when installing their products or the warranty is void.• Appliances last longer and operate at optimum performance whenmaximum flow is obtained.• Settling of heavy water appliances, that are hard-piped with copperor CPVC, can damage the installation causing leaks. Using FalconStainless connectors will eliminate damage to the connectionensuring a secure installation.• 304 Series Corrugated Stainless Steel• Manufactured to US Military / Aerospace Specs• Highest Quality Construction & Materials• Ease of Installation Saves Time & Money• No Rubber or Plastic Hose to Reduce Flow• Stronger & More Flexible Than Copper• Will Not Crimp or Kink• No Deformity in Curvature! Will Hold Bend• Falcon 3/4" Mega-Flow Flows 134% More Than Braided, 17%More Than Copper & 30% More Than Other CSS Connectors• Will Not Discolor, Corrode Or Rust• No Galvanic Effect! No Dielectric Union Needed• Superb Water Hygiene• Lifetime Warranty• Available In Sizes From 3/8" To 2" I.D. & In Various Lengths For MostWater Flowing Applications and Appliances• All Fittings Chrome Plated Brass• Resists Work Hardening• Burst Pressure Rated Up To 2200 psi• High Temp EPDM Washer (40˚ to 300˚F)• 100% Leak Tested• Used For Potable Water - Residential & Commercial• Water Heaters Tankless & Storage - ALL BRANDS• Water Treatment/Purification/Softening- ALL BRANDS Including but notlimited to GE Osmonics, Culligan, CUNO, Hague, EcoWater Get well connected... PRODUCT BENEFITS & FEATURESSEISMIC MOVEMENT & SETTLING