Expanding the 
Twin Tunnels on 
I-70 at Idaho Springs
CCA Member 
and Their Team 
Proudly serving Colorado’s
construction industry with the
newest and most technologically
advanced cement plant in the
Rocky Mountain region.
Concrete Pavements
600 S. Cherry St., Suite 1000 
Glendale, CO 80246 
303-739-5900 Phone 
Website: www.gccusa.com 
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Our Mission:
Partner with our customers to provide
superior value through the lowest owning
and operating costs while representing
world-class products.
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Windsor, CO
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29  SBTRC: Building a 
Stronger Subcontractor
By Joseph Serna, Project Director, 
West Central SBTRC
30  BuildingBetter Colorado 
Transportation Projects through 
Private Partnerships
By Michael Cheroutes, 
Director, High Performance 
Transportation Enterprise
34  Colorado Contractors Trust 
Announces 2015 Rate Increase…
Experiences 3.7% Average 
Increase Over the Past 5 Years! 
By Bradley A. Herzog, Health Plan 
Director, Contractors Health Trust
39  YourAssociation Staff
By Kelly Lehto, Executive Assistant 
and Donna Murphy, 
Accounting Services
40  Business Card Exchange
41  Index to Advertisers/ 
06  Outgoing President and 
Incoming President
CCA Re-Branding: 
Learning to Talk the Walk
By Richard Ledezma, 
2014 CCA President 
Jeff Keller, 2015 CCA President
09  Executive Director’s Message
It’s Long Past Time for Congress to Act 
on a Long-Term Plan to Invest in Our 
Transportation System
By Tony Milo
10  2014Association Council Chairman
Where Do We Go From Here?
By Donald Appleby
11  Meet the 2015 Association 
Council Chairman
Stability and Growth in 2015 
By Brad Cofield
12  Message from Director 
of Communications 
Proud to Join the Team Representing 
Our State’s Unsung Heroes 
By Jordan Trainor
14  2014: A Dynamic 
Legislative Session
By David Foster, Mary Marchun 
and Jeannie Vanderburg
23  CCA: Working on YOUR Behalf 
By Jim Moody, CCA Director of 
Owner-Agency Relations
25  Why Is It so Difficult to Find and 
Keep Good Employees? 
By Terry Kish, CCA Director of Safety 
and Workforce Development
27  The Construction Workforce 
Foundation of Colorado: 
A Good Year 
By Don Hanneman, Chairman
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On the Cover
Project:CCA Member Kraemer and their team expanding the Twin Tunnels on I-70 at Idaho Springs. Photo courtesy of be Mike Keleman, CDOT.
CCA Re-Branding: Believing 
in the Power of Infrastructure
Richard Ledezma
2014 CCA President
or the last few years, CCA has spent much time working to expand its sphere of 
influence and broaden its services. This included very deliberate attention to non-highway segments of the infrastructure industry. CCA initiated and led the creation 
of the Water Infrastructure Network Colorado (WIN) and fought to restore millions of dollars 
from mineral severance tax revenue back to local governments for infrastructure repair and 
maintenance. CCA has active underground, utility and excavation committees working on 
specification issues, owner agency relations and advocating for the contractors at every level 
of our state. Along with that, CCA continued to be the undisputed, strong, unified voice of the 
highway construction industry.
Even with all of this, by last January it was clear to most of us that CCA had been unable 
to shake the perception that it was an organization focused on “front-range, large prime 
highway contractors”. So the CCA Board of Directors, with encouragement from the Past 
Presidents, set out to undergo a transformation of our brand.
While the age-old saying is that you need to “walk the talk” (referring to living up to 
what you say you will do), CCA actually needed to learn to “talk the walk”. We had to learn 
to talk about our organization in a new, fresh way that held true to our roots as the voice of 
the highway construction industry, but also conveyed the fact that we were doing much for 
the sub-contractors, smaller entrepreneurial enterprises, women and minority owned firms, 
utility contractors, water and waste water, excavation and specialty contractors across 
the state.
A Re-Branding Effort Begins
A year ago, CCA embarked on an exciting branding initiative to ensure that the 
organization remains healthy and relevant for the future and to clearly align it with our vision 
and strategic focus as Colorado’s premier construction association proactively driving change 
in public and private infrastructure. 
2014 President’s Message/2015 President’s Message
Jeff Keller
2015 CCA President
2014/15 ByRichaRdLedezma& JeffKeLLeR, 2014/15 ccaPResidents
We hired a top-notch consulting firm, Sector Brands, who helped us develop a process and 
strategy to perform internal and external research, gain insight from our stakeholders and 
develop a new brand platform and logo that we believe demonstrates and illustrates that CCA 
is the voice and advocate for the horizontal construction industry statewide.
We worked to ensure that we could develop a new brand platform, logo, tagline and 
messaging to enhance our value with current members while attracting new, broader 
member segments. We worked diligently to make this an inclusive process that engaged 
multiple stakeholders. 
Thinking Big. Thinking Bold.
In crafting our new brand, we pushed ourselves to think bigger. A major part of our 
rebranding process involved a shift in perception: moving CCA from being known simply as 
the “Front Range highway guys” to being the leading unified voice, advocate and champion 
for quality infrastructure construction serving all segments of the infrastructure construction 
industry statewide. For CCA to thrive into the next generation, we understood our brand must 
boldly reflect that we are innovative, responsive, evolving, relevant, and impactful.
As we began this effort, we strove to raise the profile and pride of the industry overall and 
increase the value of infrastructure in Colorado by:
•	 Making	a	more	clear	connection	between	Colorado’s	excellent	quality	of	life	and	strong
economy and the role infrastructure construction plays to ensure both of those things 
•	 Broadening	CCA’s	impact	in	advancing	the	overall	industry/quality	of	life/state	economy
•	 Positioning	CCA	and	members	as	key	‘drivers’	of	Colorado’s	infrastructure	and	Colorado’s
quality of life
Our New Brand Reflects Our Mission and Embodies Our Core Beliefs
In choosing our new position and tagline, we strategically selected one concept that best 
reflects our mission and embodies our core beliefs, attitudes, experiences and services. After 
careful review of a full range of options, we are excited to announce our new position and 
tagline that we believe captures the essence of our organization’s vision, honors our past and 
positions us for the future. 
Colorado Contractors Association – 
Bringing Infrastructure to Life 
We believe strongly that this new brand better fits the true essence of this organization. 
We should not be shy, nor understate all that the infrastructure construction industry, CCA, its 
members and potential-members do to enable the quality of life that all Coloradoans enjoy. 
This new platform gives us a bolder, more global way to talk about ourselves and what we 
do. It sends the strong message that we are a broad industry that provides an indispensable 
service to all who live, work and play here in our great state. It also says that no matter 
how big or small your company is; whether your focus is highways, bridges, utilities, water, 
wastewater or excavation; whether you are a small entrepreneurial business or a large multi-national corporation, you have a place here. We have an important mission, and we want you 
to be part of it.
Here are the highlights of our new brand platform and core beliefs:
Who we are:The leading association for infrastructure construction professionals across 
the state, bringing infrastructure to life for industry members, Colorado residents and 
Colorado’s economy through the power of advocacy, education and training, connections 
We believe 
strongly that 
this new brand 
better fits the 
true essence of 
this organization. 
We should not 
be shy, nor 
all that the 
industry, CCA, 
its members 
and potential-members do 
to enable the 
quality of 
life that all 
ByRichaRdLedezma& JeffKeLLeR, 2014/15 ccaPResidents
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716049_Power.indd 1 01/11/14 7:33 AM
and partnerships. At CCA, we believe in 
the power of infrastructure. From roads 
to railroads, pipelines to airports, without 
infrastructure, nothing happens. 
What we do:We secure infrastructure 
investment, strengthen and grow the 
industry and drive the future of infrastructure 
in Colorado. We believe infrastructure is 
the lifeline of Colorado’s vibrant economy 
and unsurpassed quality of life. It is the 
foundation for how we live, work and 
play here in Colorado each and every day. 
Furthermore, we believe infrastructure 
ensures the mobility, freedom and 
independence on which democracy depends.
How we do it: We leverage the power 
of advocacy to make infrastructure happen 
in Colorado, the power of education and 
training to make the industry more prepared 
and more innovative, and the power of 
connections and partnerships to keep 
Colorado’s infrastructure growing and 
thriving into the future. We believe building, 
maintaining and improving Colorado’s 
infrastructure depends on the collective 
will of public, private and government 
sectors and that together, we can create 
world-class infrastructure. Towards that 
end, we believe in the power of connections 
—bringing all facets of the industry 
together to advance infrastructure, identify 
opportunities, overcome obstacles, share 
knowledge and give voice to the value of 
world-class infrastructure. 
Why we matter: CCA and its members 
are ensuring that Colorado and its residents 
have the quality infrastructure needed to 
grow economically, live, work and play fully 
and enjoy the freedoms, confidence and 
security that comes well-maintained, world-class infrastructure. We believe in the talent, 
innovation, efficiency and commitment of 
our members to move Colorado forward 
through infrastructure. We believe world 
class infrastructure leads to a world class 
state and that infrastructure construction 
is the catalyst to Colorado’s world-class 
economy and quality of life. Together, we are 
enhancing lives, industries and economies 
through the power of infrastructure. 
Many thanks go to Stacy Lewis and 
Chuck Gross of Sector Brands for their 
help and guidance in making our vision 
of a re-branded CCA a reality. Also, thank 
you to our Re-Branding Task Force and the 
CCA Board and Past Presidents for their 
encouragement, support and hard work. 
This new platform gives us a bolder, more 
global way to talk about ourselves and what we 
do. It sends the strong message that we are a 
broad industry that provides an indispensable 
service to all who live, work and play here in 
our great state.
Executive Director’s Message
It’s Long Past Time for 
Congress to Act on a 
Long-Term Plan to Invest in 
Our Transportation System
Federal investment will strengthen the economy, 
improve commutes for millions and save lives
oads and highways are the backbone of the U.S. transportation system, allowing 
Americans to travel approximately 3 trillion miles annually. But conditions on 
the system are deteriorating, as the need for transportation improvements far 
outpaces the amount of state and federal funding available. As Colorado and the nation 
rebound from the recession, making needed improvements to roads, bridges and public 
transit could provide a significant boost to the state’s economy by creating jobs and 
stimulating long-term economic growth as a result of enhanced mobility and access.
Signed into law in July 2012, MAP-21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century 
Act), has improved several procedures that in the past had delayed projects, MAP-21 
does not address long-term funding challenges facing the federal surface transportation 
program. Congress recently approved the Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 
2014, an eight-month extension of the federal surface transportation program, on which 
states rely for road, highway, bridge and transit funding. The program, initially set to 
expire on September 30, 2014, will now run through May 31, 2015. In addition to extending 
the current authorization of the highway and public transportation programs, the 
legislation will transfer nearly $11 billion into the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) to preserve 
existing levels of highway and public transportation investment through the end of May 
2015. Congress will need to pass new legislation prior to the May 31 extension expiration 
to ensure prompt federal reimbursements to states for road, highway, bridge and transit 
repairs and improvements.
Federal Funding for Our Nation’s Surface Transportation System 
Generates Jobs; Making Needed Highway Improvements Assures 
Economic Recovery and Growth
Enhancing critical transportation assets will boost the economy in the short-term by 
creating jobs in construction and related fields. In the long-term these improvements will 
enhance economic competitiveness and improve the quality of life for the state’s residents 
and visitors by reducing travel delays and transportation costs, improving access and 
mobility, improving safety, and stimulating sustained job growth. A Federal Highway 
Administration study concludes that for each $1 billion of federal spending on highway 
By Tony Milo 
Executive Director
By tony miLo, cca executive diRectoR
It’s obvious to 
all of us in the 
industry that 
a significant 
increase and 
to a long-term 
solution to 
our nation’s 
crisis is the 
right thing to 
do. Now we 
must convince 
our elected 
in Washington 
of this fact! 
continued on page 37
ast year the construction rebound was under way. Could anyone have foreseen how 
high the bounce has been? And the floods happened too. We were, in fact, ready for 
the rebound as it turns out. Let’s check the pulse.
Labor update
As Brad Cofield mentions, the Associates matched our AGC counterparts and contributed 
$25,000 to jump start the BuildColorado marketing effort to potential construction 
employees. CCA continues to identify the need to hire, and encourage younger folks that 
construction is a career opportunity and impactful way to make a solid living. BuildColorado 
is now a priority and we support it.
CCA Contractors and Associates alike are always there for agencies, owners, customers 
and stakeholders of our infrastructure as was seen by the industry’s response to flood 
repairs and fire damage. We said last year we had perseverance. We stuck around despite the 
construction depression. Then life and Mother Nature threw our state some big curveballs. 
God Bless those who survived and needed CCA’s help to rebuild not only infrastructure and 
property, but lives. CCA stands proud.
The pulse has quickened, where do we go from here?
The face of CCA is changing
We are updating our message as infrastructure builders, “unsung heroes”, and 
encouragers of inclusive contracting around the state. It’s an “all hands on deck” moment. 
We are in this together and we will act like it.
Continue to take risks and remain involved. You will see a Future Leaders Group at 
CCA that will encourage the next set of motivated Contractors and Associates to grab the 
CCA re-branded message and keep moving our economy in the right direction fueled by 
construction and infrastructure projects. Our day jobs take up most hours, but let’s not lose 
momentum and involvement at CCA. Grab that 20-year-old and bring them to an event.
Don’t forget to continue studying what Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) 
funding sources for infrastructure can do for this state and the country. The 
drumbeat to our legislators about future funding mechanisms gets louder. 
Again, good luck, continue to be safe, and embrace our new message rolling out at our 
Convention on January 29 and 30, 2015. We are the leading, unified voice for infrastructure 
construction in Colorado and the network that supports it. We enhance lives. We are 
impactful. See you all out there on the infrastructure we built together.
“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast 
beating the slow.” Rupert Murdoch
Where Do We Go 
From Here?
By Don Appleby 
Vice President
Willis of Colorado
2014 Association Council Chairman
By don aPPLeBy, 2014 associate counciL chaiRman
We are the 
leading, unified 
voice for 
construction in 
Colorado and 
the network 
that supports 
it. We enhance 
lives. We are 
015 promises to be a memorable year for our members, our construction industry and 
CCA. Colorado’s construction markets are finally feeling more stable and experiencing 
good growth. Most indicators point to more growth in the next 12 months which makes 
many of us more encouraged about re investing in our businesses. Our political arenas show 
signs of tackling more pro-business issues than we have seen in the past several years. We 
have robust oil and gas markets in northeast-Colorado that continue to fuel our economy and 
Colorado’s population is growing at a healthy clip. All of these positives have brought back an 
issue that our industry has battled for many years – where do we find the workforce to get our 
jobs done today and build the leaders of tomorrow? We all need a strong CCA and your CCA 
Associates stand ready to support the efforts of this great organization.
Workforce Development
The CCA Associates are funding the marketing and advertising of the BuildColorado.com 
website and resource. This new website is targeted specifically at promoting our industry to 
potential employees (and their parents) at the same time that it provides our members with a 
professional job posting site. The goal for BuildColorado.com is to be the online entry point to 
careers in our Colorado construction industry. With over 500 postings we are off and running – 
I encourage all of our Construction members to use this resource and post your available job 
openings today at www.BuildColorado.com.
CCA’s new brand and mission provide the perfect opportunity to gain new members – 
specialty contractors and sub-contractors have a home at CCA. Retaining and recruiting new 
members to CCA is a primary function for the Associate Council. I challenge all of you to bring 
along a potential new member to a CCA event.
How do we give back? In the past three years, the CCA Associates have contributed to 
the Food Bank of the Rockies, supported Light the Night, and purchased a Track Chair for a 
wounded veteran. All of these contributions clearly exhibit the leadership of our great industry 
in our communities.
Let’s have some fun! Mark your calendars now –
CCA West Slope Golf Outing – Redlands Mesa, Grand Junction, CO, May 18, 2015
CCA Metro Denver Golf Outing – West Woods Golf Course, Arvada, CO, September 18, 2015
Stability and 
Growth in 2015
By Brad Cofield 
Wagner Equipment CO.
Meet the 2015 Associate Council Chairman
ByBRad cofieLd, 2015 associate counciL chaiRman
All of these positives have brought back an issue that our industry 
has battled for many years – where do we find the workforce to 
get our jobs done today and build the leaders of tomorrow? We 
all need a strong CCA and your CCA Associates stand ready to 
support the efforts of this great organization.
irst and foremost, let me say how incredibly thrilled I am to be on board with 
the Colorado Contractors Association. What makes Colorado such a great 
place to live and play is all the amazing things we have to offer from world 
class ski slopes to legendary entertainment venues like Red Rocks. None of these 
things would be possible without the infrastructure that allows us to safely get to 
and from our work and play. For that, I believe all the men and women who make it 
possible are the unsung heroes of this beautiful state. I could not be more proud to 
be part of an organization that supports and celebrates you. 
Through my 5 years working as a communications and political PR specialist 
within various governmental related organizations, I gained increasing knowledge of 
the importance of the issues surrounding construction and development in Colorado. 
Due to Colorado’s quickly growing population, I understand that our construction 
industry is a vital piece of our economy. It is my goal to be part of increasing 
awareness and branding for an industry that contributes so much to a state I am 
proud to call home. 
If you’re reading this article, I’m probably preaching to the choir when speaking 
about the importance of infrastructure. However, there are far too many people, 
particularly Millennials, who don’t understand this. They don’t understand that their 
fresh drinking water, their ski trips, and bike lanes wouldn’t be possible without the 
Colorado Contractors Association and its members. Beginning with our rebranding 
rollout in late January 2015, I will focus heavily on getting the message out around 
the value of our Colorado infrastructure. 
As you likely know, Millennials are a whole new breed and practically speak a 
different language – that language being technology. We cannot expect them to 
respond to the same messaging that has been effective with the boomer generation. 
I plan to focus heavily on the use of social media including, Facebook, Twitter, and 
LinkedIn, as well as continuing our e-mail and print marketing. Please take the time 
to like, follow and connect with CCA on these social media networks to stay abreast 
of what’s new and great in the infrastructure industry. I look forward to connecting 
you to all the exciting and new things happening at CCA. 
Proud to Join the Team 
Representing Our State’s 
Unsung Heroes
By Jordan Trainor 
Director of Communications 
Communications Director’s Message
ByJoRdan tRainoR, communications diRectoR
The difference between a good business and a great business
is Colorado Contractors Association. Bridge that gap by
promoting your business to members ofthe nearly$2 billion
heavyhighwayconstruction industry.
Publication Director
Naylor Association Solutions
Toll-free: (800)369-6220, ext. 3448
Bridgethe gap. h ga gap
CCA’s 2015 Membership Roster 
and Resource Guide, available in print 
and online, is a year-round tool members 
use to help them find products and 
services. Advertise to nearly 85%of 
heavy highway, utility and municipal 
contractors in Colorado. Contact your 
Naylor representative today.
fter a contentious 2013 legislative session and two recall 
elections that resulted in a narrow party split in the 
Senate, the stage was set for a dynamic 2014 legislative 
session. New leadership at the helm for the Senate Democrats and 
House Republicans and the upcoming election dictated a shift in 
focus for 2014. The 2014 legislative session put to rest (at least 
momentarily) the bitter battle over gun control, and new issues 
emerged to take center stage.
2014 Session Review
The 2014 Legislative Session was an active 120 days for 
the Colorado Contractors Association. CCA actively engaged in 
numerous bills, served in an educational capacity for legislators 
on key issues, and began laying the foundation for future priority 
initiatives. The biggest success for CCA this session was the veto 
of SB14-197. The legislation, introduced by Senator Matt Jones 
and Representative Mike Foote, mandated certain transparency 
requirements in public private partnership (P3) contracts. The 
legislation was a reaction to the public outcry surrounding the US 
36 P3 contract signing, but its far-reaching language threatened 
to undermine or make completely unworkable future P3s. CCA 
actively lobbied amendments to improve the legislation but 
A Dynamic 
Legislative Session
By David Foster, Mary Marchun 
and Jeannie Vanderburg
CCA conducted five days of 
interviews with State House and 
State Senate Candidates, House 
and Senate Leadership, and 
both candidates for Governor. 
CCA’s legislative committee, 
government relations team, 
and Executive Director Tony 
Milo weighed candidate 
questionnaires and in-person 
interviews to determine the best 
candidates for CCA to endorse.
2014: A Dynamic Legislative Session
6663 Colorado Blvd.
Commerce City, CO 80022
303.287.0511 fax
International, Inc.
Constructing Colorado’s 
Bridges and Roads 
Since 1985
302278_Jalisco.indd 1 12/17/07 8:41:36 AM
remained opposed to the version of the bill that passed the House 
and the Senate. The CCA government relations team lobbied the 
Governor to veto the bill, which he did – one of only 5 vetoes this 
session and 6 in his first 4 years.
The Joint Budget Committee introduced legislation to 
restructure how the Colorado Department of Public Health and 
Environment assesses permit fees under the Water Quality Control 
Division. SB14-134 would have placed the authority to raise and 
lower fees with the Water Quality Control Commission, rather 
than with the legislature, where the authority currently resides. 
CCA joined a coalition of business, energy, and local community 
organizations to oppose the legislation. The bill was killed, 
and CDPHE has gone back to the drawing board by convening 
interested parties in stakeholder meetings to develop a potential 
solution with broad support. Minority Leader DelGrosso tried to 
help Colorado’s underfunded roads with the introduction of HB 
1259. The bill would have increased the Highway User Tax Fund 
by $100 million for the coming year from the General Fund. The 
CCA Legislative Committee voted to support the legislation. The 
proposal made it through its first committee and then died in the 
Appropriations committee due to lack of available funds.
One of the key initiatives for CCA this session was reforming 
construction defects law with a change in state statute. The 
availability of for-sale multi-family housing has decreased 
significantly since the passage of legislation backed by 
the trial lawyers in 2005. CCA is a leading voice in a broad 
coalition of organizations formed to support legislation 
to make adjustments to construction defects law. Due to 
strong opposition from trial lawyers and Senate and House 
leadership, SB 200 by Senator Ulibarri did not pass in 2014. 
Since that time, the coalition of reform supporters has grown 
and local governments are even taking independent action 
to signal the importance of quick movement on this issue. 
Local government’s focus on transit-oriented development 
(TOD) with the build out of FasTracks has heightened pressure 
to accomplish a win on this immediately. Passage of this 
legislation will hopefully encourage the inclusion of affordable 
for-sale units in TOD sites.
By June 6
, the last day the Governor could sign or veto 
legislation, Governor Hickenlooper had vetoed five bills 
(including CCA’s priority veto of SB 197), allowed one bill 
to become law without his signature, and signed 381 bills. 
2014: A Dynamic Legislative Session
However, during what would generally be a quiet period, the heat 
picked up as the Governor proposed calling the legislature in to 
special session to address the issue of local control in oil and 
gas development in an attempt to ward off a handful of pending 
ballot measures. CCA joined “Vital for Colorado,” to show support 
for the oil and gas industry and oppose efforts to limit activity 
through local control ballot measures. A special session and ballot 
fight was avoided when the Governor announced the creation 
of the Oil and Gas Taskforce on August 4, 2014. The 19-member 
taskforce is comprised of representatives from local government, 
civic organizations, environmental interests, agriculture, affected 
industries, and co-chaired by La Plata County Commissioner 
Gwen Lachelt and President of XTO Energy Randy Cleveland. 
The taskforce is charged with crafting recommendations to 
help minimize land use conflicts that can occur when oil and 
gas facilities are located near homes, schools, businesses, and 
recreational areas. Recommendations are due to the Governor no 
later than February 27, 2015.
CCA Candidate Endorsements
Campaigning started as soon as the gavel dropped on May 8
this year, since the primary elections were pushed up by almost 
two months, from early August to the end of June. In 2011, the 
legislature passed a bill to move up the primary election in order 
for Colorado to comply with the 2009 Military and Overseas 
Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE). The MOVE Act is a federal law 
designed to help absentee voters in the military or living abroad 
participate in elections. This year, not only were all 65 State 
House seats and 18 State Senate seats up for election but also 
the Governor’s office, a US Senate seat, and all 7 Congressional 
seats. Republicans chose former Congressman Bob Beauprez to 
run against Governor John Hickenlooper, and Congressman Cory 
Gardner to challenge incumbent Senator Mark Udall. The most 
competitive Congressional race was between CD 6 incumbent Mike 
Coffman and former Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff. The 
changing demographics of the district gave Democrats hope they 
may be able to take the seat.
CCA is fortunate to have strong membership contributions to 
the Construction Industry Coalition 527, which allows our industry 
to endorse and financially support candidates that share our values 
and priorities at the capitol. CCA conducted five days of interviews 
with State House and State Senate Candidates, House and Senate 
Leadership, and both candidates for Governor. CCA’s legislative 
committee, government relations team, and Executive Director 
Tony Milo weighed candidate questionnaires and in-person 
interviews to determine the best candidates for CCA to endorse. 
The interviews presented an invaluable opportunity to speak with 
each candidate and educate them on issues important to CCA, 
CCA actively engaged in 
numerous bills, served 
in an educational 
capacity for 
legislators on key 
issues, and began 
laying the foundation 
for future priority 
initiatives. The biggest 
success for CCA this 
session was the veto 
of SB14-197.
We’ve Got Your Back...
We know the challenges you face and the environment
in which you work. Faris is here to support you with
leading manufacturers and after-sale service and 
parts. Get to know Faris.
714600_Faris.indd 1 05/11/14 8:08 PM
including alternative funding for roads and infrastructure (such as 
VMT and P3s), construction defects reform, smart deregulation, 
and a focus on workforce development for the skilled trades.
In the competitive State Senate races, CCA endorsed Democrat 
Candidate for SD 3 Representative Leroy Garcia, SD 11 Republican 
Senator Bernie Herpin, SD 19 Democrat Senator Rachel Zenzinger, 
SD 20 Democrat Senator Cheri Jahn, SD 22 Democrat Senator 
Andy Kerr, and Republican Candidate for HD 24 Beth Humenik. All 
incumbent candidates have a proven track record of working with 
the Contractor’s to protect FASTER funding. They have all shown 
their willingness to engage constructively with CCA when issues 
affecting our industry are at the forefront. In the State House 
races, CCA endorsed newcomers including, Democrat Candidate 
for HD 1 Susan Lontine, Democrat Candidate for HD 2 Alec 
Garnett, Republican Candidate for HD 20 Terri Carver, Republican 
Candidate for HD 25 Jon Keyser, Republican Candidate for HD 37 
Jack Tate, Republican Candidate for HD 44 Kim Ransom, Democrat 
Candidate for HD 53 Jeni Arndt, Republican Candidate for HD 54 
Yeulin Willett, Republican Candidate for HD 55 Dan Thurlow, and 
Republican Candidate for HD 65 Jon Becker.
CCA made the choice to dual endorse candidates in select 
races. CCA endorsed Republican Don Suppes and his Democrat 
opponent Kerry Donovan in the race for SD 5. Both candidates 
showed a keen understanding of issues that face the construction 
industry and a willingness to promote policies that are legislative 
priorities for CCA. In HD 3, one of the most competitive races in 
the state, CCA endorsed incumbent Democrat Representative 
Daniel Kagan and his opponent Republican Candice Benge. 
Candice has worked in the construction industry and has a deep 
understanding of what regulatory changes are necessary to make 
sure contracting continues to flourish. Representative Kagan has 
continuously supported legislation important to the contractors 
including the SUCCESS Act in 2012 and was helpful behind the 
scenes on SB 197 in the 2014 session. CCA also dual endorsed 
in HD 17, Democrat Representative Tony Exum vs. Republican 
Kit Roupe; HD 33, Democrat Representative Dianne Primavera 
vs. Republican Marijon Tinlin; HD 50, Democrat Representative 
Dave Young vs. Republican Isaia Aricayos; and HD 59, Democrat 
Representative Mike McLachlan vs. Republican J Paul Brown.
CCA spent more than an hour with Governor Hickenlooper 
and Former Congressman Bob Beauprez to hear their vision 
for Colorado and educate both individuals on issues that are 
important to CCA’s membership. After much deliberation and 
a review of both of their positions on issues important to CCA 
2014: A Dynamic Legislative Session
over the past decade, CCA decided to endorse both Governor 
Hickenlooper and former Congressman Bob Beauprez for 
2014 Election
As the elections heated up, polls warned that a tight election 
was ahead, failing to give either party reassurance of victory. 
Polls predicting that incumbent Governor John Hickenlooper and 
former Congressman Bob Beauprez were neck and neck and that 
Congressman Gardner was pulling ahead of Senator Udall in the 
US Senate race were proven right on election night. After a late 
night and early morning of counting ballots, the Governor’s race 
was called in favor of Governor Hickenlooper with 49% of the vote 
to Beauprez’s 46.2% of the vote. On election night, Congressman 
Cory Gardner was swiftly declared the victor. He won the seat 
with 48.5% of the vote to Udall’s 46% of the vote.
With the exception of the Governor’s race, Republicans had a 
big night in Colorado, reflecting results from around the country. 
Republicans won the US Senate seat, the Attorney General’s 
Office, the Secretary of State, a contested Congressional 
seat, and the Treasurer’s Office. The race for Congressional 
District 6, which was once considered a potential pick up seat 
for Democrats, was quickly called for incumbent Republican 
Congressman Mike Coffman. Mike Coffman received 51.9% of 
the vote to former Speaker Andrew Romanoff’s 42.9% of the 
vote. Congressional District 4, which was an open seat after 
Cory Gardner chose to run for Senate, was handedly won by 
Republican Ken Buck who received 64.9% of the vote. Incumbents 
Congresswomen Diana DeGette of CD 1, Congressman Jared Polis 
of CD 2, Congressman Scott Tipton of CD 3, Congressman Doug 
Lamborn CD 5, and Congressman Ed Perlmutter CD 7 all won their 
seats by comfortable margins.
The Senate Republicans won control of the State Senate for 
the first time in over a decade. They hold a one seat majority at 
18-17. The Senate Republicans picked up two seats in Jefferson 
County with Republican Tim Neville defeating Democrat Senator 
Jeannie Nicholson and Republican Laura Woods defeating 
Democrat Senator Rachel Zenzinger. The Republicans also had 
a big pick up in Adams County, with Republican Beth Humenik 
securing victory in the open SD 24 seat over former Democrat 
Representative Judy Solano.
House Democrats maintained control of the State House; 
however, they now hold a slimmer majority with a 34-31 split 
(Democrats had a 37-28 majority in the 2014 session). House 
Republicans picked up three seats in Colorado Springs, Durango, 
and Adams County. Republican Kit Roupe beat out Democrat 
Representative Tony Exum in HD 17, Representative Mike 
McLachlan lost to former Republican Representative J Paul 
Brown in HD 59, and much to everyone’s surprise, Democrat 
Representative Jenise May was defeated by Republican Joanne 
Windholz in a race that Democrats and Republicans alike believed 
was a safe Democrat seat. There were several close races in the 
State House and the State Senate but none were tight enough to 
trigger a recount.
CCA is fortunate to have 
strong membership 
contributions to the 
Construction Industry 
Coalition 527, which 
allows our industry to 
endorse and financially 
support candidates that 
share our values and 
priorities at the capitol. 
714116_Cesare.indd 1 18/11/14 7:37 PM
2014: A Dynamic Legislative Session
CCA endorsed 9 Senate Republican candidates and 5 
Senate Democrat Candidates. Out of all the Senate candidates 
endorsements only two of CCA’s endorsees did not win their race. 
In the House, CCA endorsed 42 candidates, 21 Republicans and 21 
Democrats. Out of the 42 CCA endorsements, only 6 endorsees did 
not win their elections. Overall, the CCA PAC process was a great 
success this year!
2015 Outlook
With the elections over, and the new understanding that 
the 2015 legislative session will have split party control of the 
chambers, policy work has begun in full force for the 2015 session. 
Split chambers are often seen as a benefit because any legislation 
deemed “extreme” by one party or the other typically is killed in 
the opposite chamber. CCA’s top three priorities are construction 
defects reform, workforce development, and protecting SB 228 
funding, which is slated to begin in FY 2015-2016.
Construction Defects Reform
As our construction industry is well aware, ongoing issues 
relating to Construction Defect Litigation continue to present real 
issues to the economic recovery of our state and our companies’ 
CCA endorsed 9 Senate 
Republican candidates 
and 5 Senate Democrat 
candidates. Out of all 
the Senate candidates 
endorsements only two of 
CCA’s endorsees did not 
win their race.
719876_Tire.indd 1 11/13/14 7:05 PM
ability to build some types of residential units in Colorado. While 
owner-occupied multi-family housing had historically accounted 
for as much as 26 percent of all new housing built in 2008, 
today it’s fallen to below 5 percent of new homes. To that end, 
CCA has partnered with a host of other organizations ranging 
from Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Associated 
General Contractors to Housing Colorado and The Trust for Public 
Lands, to find a legislative solution to the current crisis facing our 
construction community. The entity that we are participating with is 
known collectively as the Homeowner Opportunity Alliance (HOA). 
HOA has worked closely with members of the Colorado General 
Assembly, in particular with Senator Jessie Ullibari, to find a fix. 
Key elements of our proposed legislative fix include establishment 
of due process, notice, and an arbitration process. Thanks to the 
efforts of CCA and our partners, this issue received lots of attention 
during the election cycle and is expected to be a top issue at the 
Capitol in 2015.
Workforce Development
Although the construction industry is finally recovering from 
the great recession, there is now a lack of skilled workers to fill 
needs in many construction projects. CCA has been meeting with 
pertinent stakeholders and legislators in the interim to develop a 
solution to address the workforce shortage. Skilled trades need to 
start being promoted in high school for those who are unlikely to 
pursue a four year degree. Potential legislative proposals include: a 
partnership with the community colleges to advance and encourage 
technical trades, and a marketing campaign to educate students 
about a skilled trades’ career path. During the CCA PAC interview 
and endorsement process, almost every candidate from each party 
expressed interest in workforce development and working on 
solutions to eliminate the workforce need in this area.
Protecting SB 228 Funding
In 2009, the construction industry agreed to repeal SB 001 in 
favor of SB 228. The legislation stated that as soon as personal 
income growth reached 5% in Colorado, a certain percentage of 
General Fund money would transfer to the Highway Users Trust 
Fund (HUTF) and the Capital Construction Fund continuously for 
five years. The only stipulation was if TABOR refunds began, the 
amount of general fund transfer would be decreased at tiered levels 
until it was completely halted. In 2014, personal income in Colorado 
grew higher than 5% and the transfers are set to be in FY 2015-16. 
However, TABOR refunds are projected to begin in FY 2016, which 
means the amount of general fund to the HUTF will be decreased. 
CCA remains laser focused on protecting and increasing funding 
for road and bridge construction, and will be working closely with 
lawmakers to that end.
The CCA legislative committee meets every other Friday starting 
in January through the end of session in May. We encourage all CCA 
members to participate. Watch your inbox for meeting notices. Your 
involvement can help ensure a successful 2015!  
Perfecting Progress
Holcim, one of the leading manufacturers of cement worldwide, is perfecting progress through innovative manufacturing, 
greener products, and a dedication to teamwork. Our philosophy to do the right thing allows us to play an integral role in 
our community, understanding that true sustainability means supporting each other, supporting our neighbors, and 
offering products that every one of us is proud to stand behind. Being responsible today is the only way we know how to 
ensure prosperity tomorrow.
Thank you Colorado for 117 yearsof being on your team. 
For more information please contact the Holcim Mountain Region Sales Group at 303-716-5285 or 800-331-4233.
A proud Colorado resident since 1897 
693051_Holcim.indd 1 6/6/14 5:45 PM
614166_HUB.indd 1 12/11/12 4:42 PM
s CCA’s Director of Owner-Agency 
Relations, my position mixes 
policy advocacy with customer-relations in managing both major and minor 
issues of concern between CCA members 
and their public sector clients. I also work 
on a number of regulatory issues on behalf 
of CCA.
An example of CCA’s behind-the-scenes advocacy on behalf of our members 
occurred earlier in the year. CCA was able to 
help two members that had effectively been 
disqualified as bidders by an owner-agency 
for having filed a claim – despite the fact 
that the claim was ultimately resolved in 
favor of the contractors. As a result of CCA 
By Jim Moody 
CCA Director of 
Owner-Agency Relations
on YOUR Behalf
raising the issue forcefully yet discretely 
with the owner-agency, the CCA members 
were reinstated as prequalified contractors 
by the owner-agency without the owner-agency having to admit error. Equally 
importantly, CCA was able to secure the 
desired outcome for our members without 
damaging CCA’s relationship with the 
owner-agency in question.
Similarly, CCA played a key role in 
helping resolve a situation in which several 
of its members had not been paid for 
several months for flood-related work 
performed in 2013. By focusing efforts on 
solving the problem rather than pointing 
fingers, CCA succeeded in breaking 
through frustrating communication 
failures. CCA pushed the owner-agency 
and contractors to meet in person and 
work collaboratively towards resolving 
outstanding documentation issues. The 
effort was labor-intensive, but succeeded 
in closing out the vast majority of 
lingering projects.
With respect to environmental 
regulatory issues, CCA was actively 
engaged throughout much of 2014 in a 
CDPHE stakeholder process that followed 
up on 2012’s HB12-1119 workgroup 
that developed more responsive and 
streamlined erosion control inspection 
and enforcement processes. Through 
this year’s efforts, CDPHE is preparing 
to	shift	its	focus	to	‘upstream’
compliance assistance and away from 
‘downstream’	enforcement.
As always, CCA continued its work 
with CDOT, municipalities, counties, 
transit agencies, and special districts. 
CCA-organized roundtables continued 
to provide members an opportunity to 
meet with public works officials and 
learn about all types of upcoming civil 
projects – including road, bridge, transit, 
pipeline, treatment plant, stormwater 
drainage, airfield, and parks. CCA briefings 
covered the state, with meetings in 
Northern Colorado, Aurora, Denver/DIA, 
Metro area suburbs, Colorado Springs, 
Pueblo, Roaring Fork, San Luis Valley, and 
Southwestern Colorado.
CCA has also been able to leverage 
recurring Colorado Public Works 
Journal columns to communicate CCA’s 
position on bidding issues to public 
works personnel. Topics have included 
payment for contaminated groundwater, 
project delivery selection, and strategies 
for owners that are concerned about 
attracting bidders during a period of 
increased demand for civil infrastructure 
construction services.
As we look forward to 2015, I encourage 
all CCA members to bring emerging issues 
of concern to my attention, whether they 
be project-specific or industry-wide. I 
also urge you to consider attending CCA-coordinated meetings with those public 
entities that you work with on a regular 
basis. Most of all, I look forward to working 
with you on the issues that matter most to 
you and your business. 
CCA-organized roundtables continued to provide members an 
opportunity to meet with public works officials and learn about all types 
of upcoming civil projects – including road, bridge, transit, pipeline, 
treatment plant, stormwater drainage, airfield, and parks.
719082_Moody.indd 1 11/20/14 5:32 PM
627 Sheridan Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80214
ASR Tests
Superpave & Marshall
Mix Designs
ACI Criteria
CDOT Criteria
CCRL Accredited
Asphalt Binder
Superpave Rheology
Colorado Asphalt
Pavement Association
Materials & Geotechnical 
715111_WesTest.indd 1 11/5/14 3:13 PM
Why Is It so Difficult to 
Find and Keep Good
Terry Kish
CCA Director of Safety and 
Workforce Development
fter years of recession induced 
unemployment the construction 
industry is finally off to a strong 
start. Influenced by flood recovery money 
and the need for building and rebuilding 
our state’s infrastructure, construction 
unemployment has dropped sharply in 
our industry and is experiencing a strong 
upswing. Construction heavily depends 
on a skilled workforce for its profitability. 
Projects are finding it difficult to stay on 
schedule as a lack of skilled employees has 
becoming acute.
Companies are seeing their employees 
leave and go to the competition and 
complain that other companies are stealing 
their employees through increased wages. 
Many owners and construction supervisors 
assume that wages are the number one 
reason why employees leave but a recent 
AFLAC study “revealed that workers who 
are extremely or very satisfied with their 
662221_CoBiz.indd 1 15/10/13 3:55 PM
Because of the past recession business owners 
are likely to be focused on obtaining more work 
rather than engaging their employees.
companies are nine times more likely to 
stay with their employees than those who 
are dissatisfied”. The number one reason 
why employees leave their company is 
not money. AGC of America and other 
studies show that the number one reason 
why employees leave their company is 
because of their relationship with their 
first-line supervisor. The top reasons why 
construction employees leave are; lack of 
communication, double standards, lack of 
respect & appreciation and favoritism and 
inconsistency. Employees don’t leave the 
company, they “quit their boss”. Because 
of the past recession business owners 
are likely to be focused on obtaining more 
work rather than engaging their employees. 
Studies show that money is important 
when employees choose a new employer 
but not for them to remain with their 
current company.
Construction companies should have 
a plan to keep experienced employees. 
Reward employees for staying with 
your company and ask them what it will 
take for them to remain working. Ask 
those experienced employees to provide 
mentoring the company’s younger promising 
employees. With turnover in our industry 
about twice that of the national average, 
owners need to be aware of the risks of 
losing their most valuable asset, their 
employees, if they don’t take care of them.
Construction companies are investing 
in their employees by providing them 
with opportunities to learn new skills and 
rewarding them for learning new tasks. 
Companies and supervisors must plan 
for the cross training of employees in 
their daily schedules. Just like a project 
supervisor uses a short interval schedule to 
manage tasks and equipment they should 
also use a schedule to plan time for the 
upgrading and cross training of employees. 
A supervisor’s goal should be that everyone 
can do anyone else’s job on the crew.
BuildColorado.com is a one-stop 
website where potential employees 
can explore the many different types 
of careers in construction and apply 
for available jobs. This website is 
a member benefit and its use is 
restricted CCA and AGC/C members. 
Companies are encouraged to 
promote the website by posting 
a sign or banner on their project 
promoting BuildColorado.com.  
By Don Hanneman, Chairman
n 2015 the Construction Workforce 
Foundation of Colorado (CWFC) 
will be celebrating its 15th year 
serving Colorado’s Municipal Utility-Heavy Highway Construction Industry by 
promoting, educating and training our 
current and future workforce. Here’s a 
review of some the Foundation successes 
in 2014:
Workforce Development Challenges
The Trustees continued to address the 
industries need for skilled employees. 
As job opportunities increased this year 
contractors were challenged in finding 
skilled craftsmen. In 2014 the CWFC was 
committed to getting the message out 
on why we are experiencing a workforce 
shortage and promoted strategies to 
address this issue. Presentations were 
made to CCA, CAPA and other industry 
groups. The CWFC Trustees are staying 
on top of these trends and planning with 
its industry partner’s innovative solutions.
Colorado Construction Career Days
September 24, 2014 marked the 12
year for Colorado Construction Career 
Days. This year’s Career Day’s was only 
a 1 day event because of the strained 
The Construction Workforce 
Foundation of Colorado:
A Good Year
resources of the busy construction 
Industry. The time the students spent in 
each activity was increased to give them 
a more engaging experience. Feedback 
from the schools/students, volunteer 
activity staff, group leaders and companies 
confirmed that the changes made to 
this year’s event created a foundation 
for improving ongoing communications 
between the students and the Industry.
CWFC’s Fourth Scholarship Program
Over 100 CCA members and students 
attended the June 12th Construction 
Workforce Foundation fourth Annual 
Scholarship Program and “Cowboy Luau” 
Fund Raiser. The night was fun and 
uplifting and all who attended pledged 
their continued support for the CWFC. 
During the scholarship program we 
recognized those CCA members who have 
made a difference by sponsoring a Legacy 
Scholarship. Seven students were awarded 
scholarships and were recognized for their 
accomplishments. Since its beginning 
the CWFC has distributed over a hundred 
scholarships which have been worth over 
$200,000 dollars. A large thank you to 
Joe O’Dea and Mile High Station for their 
generous support of the Cowboy Luau!
Thank You CCA Associate Council
The CCA Associate Council continues 
to support the CWFC through membership 
donations from the Gold, Silver and Bronze 
Associate members, fundraising activities 
at golf tournaments and other events. The 
CWFC Trustees are grateful to the CCA 
Associates for their continued support of 
the Foundation and were proud to provide 
a substantial donation to the Associate’s 
Veteran Track Chair Initiative.
CWFC Trustees
The 2014 CWFC Trustees are; CWFC 
Chairman Don Hanneman, Lawrence 
Construction Co.; representing the CCA 
Associate members is Steve Bruskivage, 
Honnen Equipment Co.; Mark Honnen, 
Honnen Equipment Company; Mike Horn, 
Foothills Paving and Maintenance and 
the CAPA representative; Terry Kish, 
CCA’s Director of Safety and Workforce 
Development and the Foundation Secretary; 
Fred Marvel, Brannan Sand & Gravel; Joe 
O’Dea, CEI; Nancy Ramsour, Ramsour 
Trucking and Consulting; Mike Rooney, 
Worldwide Rental Services; CCA past 
president Ben Vagher, Vagher Investments; 
and the Foundation’s legal counsel Steve 
Weinstein, Berenbaum, Weinshienk, P.C. 
A&E Tire Inc.
Complete Truck Tire Centers
Locally Owned and Operated Since 1986
Proud Sponsors of the CCA
• Michelin Earthmover & Industrial Tires.
• 24-7 Emergency Tire Service.
• Independent & Locally Owned & Operated Full Service 
Tire Centers.
• Contact A&E Tire/Michelin for Tire Management 
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• Michelin Truck Tires.
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• Geotechnical Engineering
• Construction Materials Testing 
and Inspection
• Laboratory Services
• Retaining Wall Design
• Pavement Engineering/Management
• Steel Inspection and Weld Testing
• Environmental Assessment
• Building Inspection Services
• Specialty Services – geothermal, 
instrumentation, GPR-ground 
penetrating radar (rebar locating/
pavement thickness), cross-hole 
sonic logging, sonic echo, falling 
weight defl ection
Getting Dirty
(303) 289-1989
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Denver International
Steel & Pipe Supply Company
John Noland
P.O. Box 33147
Denver, CO. 80233
WEB www.disps.com
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Angle Of Shavano
715590_Denver.indd 1 11/18/14 10:10 PM
SBTRC:Building a 
Stronger Subcontractor
Joseph Serna
Project Director
West Central SBTRC
he U.S. Department of 
Transportation’s field office housed 
in CCA headquarters is the West 
Central Small Business Transportation 
Resource Center (SBTRC). Its job is to 
create a larger pool of more qualified 
“We work with the small business 
owners in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, 
Nebraska and South Dakota,” says Project 
Director Joseph Serna. “Many of these 
companies have some form of DBE/MBE/
WBE/8(a)/ HubZone/SDVOB certification 
and want to get more involved in the 
transportation construction industry. We 
provide them with coaching and show them 
the tools they need to become a stronger 
company, one ultimately more competitive 
in bidding for construction projects.”
The five state Planning Committee for 
SBTRC includes Colorado representatives 
from CDOT, DIA, the City of Denver and RTD.
One of SBTRC’s key activities is a 
Bonding Education Program (BEP) that is 
equally valued for its business information – 
and it’s free. Attendees receive instruction 
from professionals involved in different 
aspects of transportation construction.
The course subjects include 
construction accounting, with an overview 
of the kinds of reports and forms a 
subcontractor should be able to generate. 
There is an introduction to bonding, what 
it is and isn’t, and liability. Bid estimating 
and project management are covered, as 
well as how to work with primes. Special 
attention is given to understanding a 
contract, and items that may be negotiable. 
A construction attorney discusses how to 
pursue dispute resolution by avoiding the 
legal system. Class attendees also meet 
privately one-on-one with a surety agent to 
determine what they need for a successful 
bond application, and develop a plan to 
get there.
SBTRC also provides one-on-one 
coaching. Coaches have expertise 
in: marketing; estimating; project 
management; strategic planning and 
finance. Graduates of the Bonding Education 
Program have access to advanced coaching 
through Transportation 401.
Another SBTRC free event is Prime 
Connections, a speed dating format 
between prime contractors and small 
business owners. At Prime Connections, 
SBTRC preschedules 15 minute meetings 
between primes and subcontractors. For 
primes, it’s an excellent opportunity to 
meet a large number of subcontractors in 
one place.
“Prime Connections was a terrific 
event,” said Richard Thorn, CEO of AGC 
of Utah, which hosted Utah’s Prime 
Connections in October. “The Prime 
Connections clearly demonstrates the value 
when primes can meet face to face with 
small businesses. As Utah’s spokesperson 
for prime contractors, part of our mission 
should be working with partners like the 
USDOT West Central SBTRC to help small 
businesses and primes work together.”
“I know that the primes have an insider’s 
knowledge of who may benefit from what 
we do,” Serna says. “I encourage them to 
refer those companies to us. Our goal is to 
make this work for everyone – primes and 
small businesses. We want to be part of the 
solution for the challenges in the industry.”
To reach the SBTRC, contact 
Joseph Serna at 303-290-6611 x29, or 
One of SBTRC’s key activities is a Bonding 
Education Program (BEP) that is equally valued 
for its business information – and it’s free. 
he conversation about how Colorado 
should best invest in our statewide 
transportation system often focuses 
on money, and if we can afford to maintain 
the system we have and expand it into the 
system we need. 
In some key corridors, however, the 
proper conversation should focus not just on 
money but on the pressures that Colorado’s 
population growth puts on our transportation 
system. A look in the rearview mirror shows 
that our transportation system was built for a 
different time and place, in a Colorado that is 
unrecognizable today. 
For example: when I-70 East in the 
northeast Denver was built in the early 1960s, 
Colorado had 1.7 million residents. Aurora had 
Building Better
through Private 
less than 50,000 residents and Commerce 
City had less than 10,000. Interstate 225 
would not be completed for another 15 years. 
And the federal government paid for nearly 
every mile of our highway system. 
Since then, Colorado’s population has 
grown nearly 300 percent to about 5.2 
million residents. In just 50 years, the 
landscape in the corridor has transformed 
with Denver International Airport, the 
Stapleton redevelopment, the extraordinary 
growth of Aurora and Commerce City, plus 
significant astonishing growth and economic 
development in Downtown Denver. 
And in just 25 years, Colorado will have 
nearly 8 million residents – about 50 percent 
more than our current population. 
By Michael Cheroutes,
Director, High Performance 
Transportation Enterprise
This growth and our worn-out 
infrastructure both impose infrastructure 
demands that must be confronted, but 
our state and federal government coffers 
cannot meet the challenge. 
So that’s why, on a case-by-case 
basis, private investment offers a 
solution to accelerate projects and get 
them started sooner and finished faster 
while generating jobs and attracting 
transportation investment. 
What’s Old Is What’s New
Private investment in major 
transportation projects is not a new 
phenomenon in Colorado. The railroad line 
connecting Denver to Cheyenne and the 
transcontinental railroad in 1870 was a 
partnership spearheaded by Denver’s civic 
and business leadership.
Today, we all watch how public-private 
partnerships are advancing RTD’s FasTracks 
projects. Faced with budget shortfalls, 
RTD sought private investment to help 
accelerate these projects and finance them 
more efficiently. Denver Transit Partners, 
RTD’s private concessionaire partner, came 
up with a plan that saves taxpayers $300 
million and delivers three rail lines and a 
maintenance facility almost one year ahead 
of RTD’s projected timelines. RTD is using 
private investment in a total of six projects in 
its FasTracks program, including the mixed-use redevelopment of Union Station into 
a transportation facility, retail destination 
and hotel. 
The CDOT agreement with partner 
Plenary Roads Denver on the US 36 
expansion project is CDOT’s first project that 
uses a public-private partnership model. 
This unique multi-modal project includes 
expanding the highway with tolled Express 
Lanes that also accommodate carpooling and 
RTD’s Bus Rapid Transit system. 
Beyond Colorado, many other states 
and countries are using public-private 
partnerships in a broader range of 
applications: energy infrastructure, hotels 
and government office buildings, water 
delivery systems, affordable housing and 
even human services. 
Creative Partnerships, 
Public Ownership
Despite these successes, a common 
misperception is that private investment 
means “privatization” and selling public 
facilities to the private sector. That’s a 
myth. RTD owns the Eagle P3 rail lines, and 
CDOT owns the US 36 highway. 
Consider two of metro Denver’s two 
major sports facilities: Coors Field and 
Sports Authority Field, both of which are 
partnerships between the public and 
private sector. The construction of both 
facilities was financed by taxpayers with 
significant equity investments by the major 
tenants (Colorado Rockies and the Denver 
Broncos, respectively). 
Both stadiums have always been, and 
will always be, publicly owned through 
the Metropolitan Stadium District, which 
is governed under state law by publicly-appointed directors. And both stadiums are 
operated and managed by private entities 
under negotiated leases in which both sides 
receive mutual benefits and assurances on 
maintenance, repairs and operations. 
Here’s another key aspect: both teams 
are tenants, but they operate the facilities 
with the care and attention of owners. 
They have invested millions of dollars in 
facility upgrades, capital improvements, 
and enhancements to make the experience 
better for everyone who pays for a ticket to 
watch a game. 
The partnerships that CDOT 
explores through the High Performance 
Transportation Enterprise (HPTE), 
which was created to pursue innovative 
financing and delivery options, share 
many characteristics with these stadium 
partnerships. For starters, the public will 
always own the asset. The state – through 
CDOT and the HPTE – has the final say 
on toll prices, and the state has ongoing 
oversight on standards for maintenance 
and operations. Colorado taxpayers also 
benefit from accelerating the delivery of the 
project, potentially years ahead of schedule 
and at a lower cost, than if the public sector 
had to go it alone. This also speeds up the 
creation of construction jobs and stimulates 
our local economy.
A Forward-Thinking Approach
Private investment is a forward-thinking financial approach because the 
proper analysis of how to pay for major 
transportation projects must focus on more 
than the upfront construction costs – it 
must also focus on how much the facility 
costs to operate, repair and maintain 
over decades. 
On a case-by-case basis, these 
partnerships benefit taxpayers because 
when they balance out the high risks 
of design, construction and long-term 
maintenance. We know exactly what 
we’re going to get with the project and 
what the construction costs are going to 
be, while working with a partner who is 
uniquely incentivized to deliver on-time and 
on-budget. This helps us accelerate the 
improvements and get people moving years 
sooner than we could afford to otherwise.
It is time for Colorado to look forward 
and invest in the transportation system we 
need for the future and Colorado’s projected 
nearly 8 million residents by 2040. Private 
investment can accelerate those projects 
in key transportation corridors where it 
will have the most impact, creating jobs, 
improving mobility, strengthening our 
communities and positioning Colorado 
for growth that will continue to transform 
our state.   
What is $19,166? 
$19,166 is the amount you could possibly save as a Colorado Contractor
Association member. So take advantage of the discount programs CCA offers. 
Enterprise Fleet 
Purchase five new fleet vehicles $500 
rebate per vehicle
5 x $500  = $2,500
American Express
Spend $30,000 of hard goods on your card 
and you get a 1% return with 60 day 
$30,000 x 1% return  = $300
Write your Workers’ Comp Program at an 
annual premium of $10,000 and save 4%
$10,000 x 4% savings  = $400
Training Benefits
Train 12 people for TCS as a CCA 
member; savings of $130 per person
$130 x 12  = $1,560
Nationwide voice and email for business 
savings $28.80 per phone x 10 phones
$288 a month x 12 months  = $3,456
Orion 5000 EL
Save 6% on fuel costs of 50,000 gallons 
per month with the Orion 5000 EL engine 
and fuel lubricant, gas at $3.50/gal
6% savings x 50,000 x $3.50  = $10,500
DOT/Non DOT drug testing save $15 per 
person (onsite testing available) x 30 
$15 x 30  = $450
TOTAL SAVINGS  = $19,166
All numbers are sample examples. CCA Members may experience higher or lower
savings adjusting to individual companies usage and needs 
*As an additional benefit, check out CCA’s Contractor Heath Trust and Benefit pages.
ontractors Health Trust (CHT) 
Experiences a 3.7% average 
increase for its clients over 
the past 5 years. CHT has managed 
renewal rates for 2015 well below 
reported healthcare cost increase trends 
with the exception of fees attributable 
to Obamacare fees. The result is a 1% 
increase to CHT enrolled companies on 
the front range. Enrolled companies on 
the west slope will experience just a 5% 
increase due to increased healthcare 
spending trend in that region. This comes 
as welcome news to many companies that 
may continue to experience and struggle 
with double digit increases from other 
competing insurance carriers throughout 
our service area in Colorado, New Mexico 
and Arizona that may currently serve their 
employee benefit needs.
Colorado Contractors 
Experiences 3.7% Average 
Increase Over the Past 5 Years!
Trust Announces
2015 Rate Increase…
By Bradley A. Herzog 
Health Plan Director 
Contractors Health Trust
CHT enrolled employers appreciate 
CHT’s single digit rate increase since every 
point shaved off of the renewal can help 
their financial bottom line. Bradley Herzog, 
Health Plan Director for CHT states, “This 
is the fifth consecutive year that clients 
will have experienced single digit increases 
from CHT. The average increase for the 
past 5 years with CHT has been 3.7%.” He 
continued, “If you are not with the Trust, 
you are likely going to be hit with large 
renewal increases from other insurers in 
the market. I see this as a continuing trend. 
Over the past several years, other insurers’ 
rates have totally outpaced CHT. As a result, 
our plans have become very attractive and 
we are experiencing a substantial climb in 
enrollment in the Trust.”
The Colorado Contractors Trust was 
established as a non-profit entity in 1968 
At a time that companies are forced to spend more money for less 
health insurance coverage, companies have a broad array of choices 
with CHT. That allows for excellent value at a cost that is consistent 
with the budget requirements of our member companies.
666620_Colorado.indd 1 05/11/13 10:22 PM
559986_CTL.indd 1 11/4/11 1:24:19 AM
to provide health insurance coverage to 
members of the Colorado Contractors 
Association (CCA) and the Associated 
General Contractors of Colorado (AGC/C). 
What makes CHT unique to the health 
insurance industry is the ability to access 
and collect contributions based on an 
hourly rate. This provides a benefit to 
the member companies, particularly for 
those that have Davis-Bacon reporting 
challenges. This also provides the 
opportunity for employees to continue 
benefit coverage while they are furloughed 
through the hour bank system.
CHT offers two types of premium 
structures; an established hourly 
contribution for benefit coverage as well as 
the traditional monthly contribution method.
In order to qualify for the hourly 
contribution option, the employee must 
be an hourly worker or a superintendent 
involved in the construction portion of the 
business. Owners, sales personnel and office 
associates do not qualify for this option.
CHT offers 6 different plan options with 
single deductibles ranging from $750 to 
$5,000 and family deductibles ranging 
from $1,500 to $10,000. Two (2) deductible 
options qualify as a High Deductible. Health 
Plans (HDHPs) for companies that desire 
to use a Health Savings Account (HSA). All 
deductible plans are suitable for Health 
Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) 
when paired with the medical plan options.
In addition to comprehensive health 
coverage, CHT also includes coverage 
for Organ Transplants, Employee 
Assistance Program (EAP), Dental, 
Vision and Life and Accident Death and 
Dismemberment coverage.
Participation in CHT allows members 
access to the largest provider network in 
the state of Colorado, Anthem – Blue Cross 
and Blue Shield. Anthem also provides one 
of the largest nationwide PPO networks, 
allowing a broad choice of providers for 
employees that are vacationing and for 
employees that are out of state (Outside of 
Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona) working 
on project assignments of 2 years or less.
At a time that companies are forced 
to spend more money for less health 
insurance coverage, companies have a 
broad array of choices with CHT. That 
allows for excellent value at a cost that is 
consistent with the budget requirements of 
our member companies.
As a non-profit entity, the objective 
of the Trust is to provide value to 
our members. Our mandate is not to 
accumulate earnings through excess 
reserves, but to ensure a strong and stable 
health care plan for the members of the 
CCA and the AGC/C.
Contractors, Sub-Contractors 
and Affiliated employers that support 
the industry may be qualified to Join 
Colorado Contractors Association (CCA) or 
Associated General Contractors of Colorado 
(AGC/C) and be able to take advantage of 
having employee benefits through CHT.
If you would like to see if your company 
will qualify, or if you would like to set up 
a meeting to explore more detail on 2015 
CHT employee benefits and how CHT may 
improve your bottom line, contact 
Bradley A. Herzog, Health Plan Director 
for the Contractors Health Trust at 
720.235.1960 or email Mr. Herzog at: 
612973_Tezak.indd 1 20/11/12 11:52 AM
construction nationwide nearly 28,000 
jobs are generated annually, including 
approximately 9,500 in the construction 
sector, approximately 4,300 jobs in 
industries supporting the construction 
sector, and approximately 14,000 other 
jobs induced in non-construction related 
sectors of the economy.
The Federal Highway Administration 
estimates that each dollar spent on 
road, highway and bridge improvements 
results in an average benefit of $5.20 in 
the form of reduced vehicle maintenance 
costs, reduced delays, reduced fuel 
consumption, improved safety, reduced 
road and bridge maintenance costs and 
reduced emissions as a result of improved 
traffic flow.
Sixty-eight percent of the $125 
billion worth of commodities delivered 
annually from sites in Colorado is 
transported by trucks on the state’s 
highways. An additional 19 percent is 
delivered by parcel, U.S. Postal Service 
or courier, which use multiple modes, 
including trucks.
Current Conditions Require 
Immediate Attention
Seventeen percent of Colorado’s major 
roads are in poor condition. Driving on 
roads in need of repair costs Colorado 
motorists more than $2 billion a year in 
extra vehicle repairs and operating costs 
– $535 per motorist. Seventeen percent 
of Colorado’s bridges are structurally 
deficient or functionally obsolete. 
Thirty-one percent of Colorado’s major 
urban highways are congested. Traffic 
congestion costs American motorists 
$121 billion a year in wasted time and 
fuel costs.
Americans rely almost exclusively 
on motor vehicles for mobility. Travel in 
private vehicles accounts for 88 percent 
of all person miles of travel. Air travel 
accounts for eight percent of all person 
miles of travel, while transit (including 
buses and trains) accounts for one 
percent. Vehicle travel on Colorado’s 
highways increased by 72 percent from 
1990 to 2012. Colorado’s population grew 
by 57 percent between 1990 and 2012. 
Vehicle travel on America’s highways 
increased by 38 percent from 1990 to 
2012, while new road mileage increased 
by only four percent. The nation’s 
population grew by 26 percent from 1990 
to 2012.
Roadway Improvements Can Save 
Lives and Reduce Traffic Congestion
Roadway conditions are a significant 
factor in approximately one-third of 
traffic fatalities. There were 472 traffic 
fatalities in 2012 in Colorado. A total 
of 2,380 people died on Colorado’s 
highways from 2008 through 2012. 
Colorado’s traffic fatality rate of 1.01 
fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles 
of travel is lower than the national 
average of 1.13. The fatality rate on the 
state’s rural roads is disproportionately 
higher than that on all other roads in 
the state (1.75 fatalities per 100 million 
miles of travel vs. 0.79). Motor vehicle 
crashes cost Colorado $3 billion per 
year, $762 for each resident, in medical 
costs, lost productivity, travel delays, 
workplace costs, insurance costs and 
legal costs. Where appropriate, highway 
improvements such as removing or 
shielding obstacles, adding or improving 
medians, widening lanes and shoulders, 
upgrading roads from two lanes to four 
lanes, and improving road markings and 
traffic signals can reduce traffic fatalities 
and accidents and improve traffic flow to 
help relieve congestion. According to a 
study conducted by the Federal Highway 
Administration, $100 million spent on 
highway safety improvements will save 
145 lives over a 10-year period.
A Call To Action!
It’s obvious to all of us in the industry 
that a significant federal increase and 
commitment to a long-term solution to our 
nation’s transportation crisis is the right 
thing to do. Now we must convince our 
elected representatives in Washington of 
this fact! Over the course of 2015 CCA will 
be leading efforts to get the message to 
our elected officials. Make plans to attend 
CCA’s 82nd Annual Conference January 
29-30, 2015 at the Westin Westminster 
Hotel and go to coloradocontractors.org to 
learn how you can help. 
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we would like to 
thank the 
who make this 
Kelly Lehto
As executive assistant, I handle all the primary office 
administrative responsibilities as well as management of the building. 
My position includes supporting the four CCA Directors, database 
maintenance and management, updating and refreshing the CCA 
website, administering event and class registration, Traffic Control 
Supervisor certification, assisting with the apprenticeship program 
and publication and distribution of CCA’s Friday Facts, Daily Media 
Clips, and Membership Directory.
I’m excited to say that this upcoming year is my 26th year with CCA 
and I look forward to what the future endeavors may bring.
Donna Murphy
I have been a staff member of the Colorado Contractors Association 
for 28 years. In Accounting Services, I am responsible for providing 
the day-to-day financial services that keep CCA running at peak 
performance. I also handle accounts payable, accounts receivable, the 
processing of contractors’ annual volume reports and the preparation 
of financial reports for the Board of Directors, Associate Council and 
Workforce Foundation. This past year, we have had several welcomed 
accounting procedure changes that have kept me focused on the job 
at hand. 
1100 E. Cheyenne Rd
Colorado Springs, CO
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Builders of Municipal Treatment Plants, Pump stations, 
Water tanks, Reservoirs, Equipment installation,
All types of piping
Grant Dunkle 
Celebrating 13 years of business
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We supply the rental power equipment to meet your needs.
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and Telebelts
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Ranging from Trailer Pumps up to 63 meters
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