Assistant Professor
Department of Botany
Nirmalagiri College
Email: anpinraja@nirmalagiricollege.ac.in
Mob: +918547255780
Teaching Philosophy:
A teacher lives to serve. His responsibility is to be an effective diagnostician of students’
interests, abilities, and prior knowledge. He is dedicated to learning, to his students, and to making
the future the best possible place for all to live.
Research Interests:
Taxonomy and Ethnobotany: Studies of floral diversity with the emphasis on Bryophytes
and medicinal plants in various types of forests. A special interest in distribution patterns at all
scales, ecology and taxonomy of Liverworts, Hornworts and Mosses.
January 2015 to till Date
Designation : Asst. Professor
Institute : Nirmalagiri College, Kannur

December 2007 – November 2013
Designation : Research Scholar
Institute : Scott Christian College & Research Centre, Nagercoil.
Publications in International Journals:
 The Filicopsida and Lycopsida diversity of Neyyar River banks, Trivandrum, South Kerala.
J.Nat Con, 18(2) 2006, Pp.425-430
 Wild Edible Fruits in Scott Christian College Campus, Nagercoil, Cape Comorin, Peninsular
India. J.Nat Con, 18(2) 2006, Pp.349-356
Course Duration University
Ph.D. in Botany
Title: Studies on the Bryoflora of Silent
valley National park, Kerala
2007 - 2013 M.S. University, Thirunelveli,
M. Phil. in Botany
Title: Antibacterial Activity of Selected
Medicinal plants used by Kani tribe of
Aarukani Hills, Kanyakumari District
2006 - 2007 M.S. University, Thirunelveli,
MSc. Botany 2003 - 2005 University of Kerala,
BSc. Botany 2000 - 2003 University of Kerala,
Pre-degree (Science Group) 1998 - 2000 University of Kerala,
SSLC. 1998 Board of Education, Govt. of Kerala
 Study on some Traditional Anti-venomous Herbal Treatments of Kani Tribe in a Part of
Agasthya Forest, South Kerala, India, Plant Archives, 7(2),2007.Pp. 643 - 646
 Plants used as Antivenom by Kani tribes of Kilamalai Reserve forest, Kanyakumari district,
Journal of Basic and Applied Biology,1(1),2007,Pp.27-32
 The analytical estimation of ascorbic acid in some fruits and vegetables in different cooking
methods, Plant Archives, 8(1), 2008a, Pp 203-205.
 Indopottia zanderi (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta) gen. et sp. nov. from the Western Ghats of India.
J. Bryol., 32, 2010a., Pp.216-219.
 The overlooked and rare liverwort Frullania ramuligera (Nees) Mont. (Frullaniaceae)
rediscovered in the Western Ghats of India. Acta Bot. Hung., 52, 2010b, Pp.297 - 303.
 The New Guinean Thysananthus appendiculatus Steph. (Lejeuneaceae) discovered in the
Western Ghats of India. Lindbergia, 34, 2011a., Pp.40-43.
 Response to “The response to ‘the New Guinean Thysananthus appendiculatus Steph.
(Lejeuneaceae) discovered in the Western Ghats of India’ by A.E.D. Daniels and R.D.A.
Raja. Lindbergia, 34, 2011b, Pp.53-55.
 Antibacterial activity of selected ethnomedicinal plants from South India. Asian Pacific
Journal of Tropical Medicine, 2011c, Pp.412-420.
Publications in National Journals:
 Ethnomedicinal Plants Used by the Kani Tribe of Agasthyamala Biosphere Reserve,
Southern western Ghats. I.J.T.K., 7(3), 2008b, Pp. 414-416.
 The liverwort Radula multiflora Gottsche ex Schiffn. (Radulaceae) added to the bryoflora of
India. Indian J. Forest, 35, 2012, Pp.261-262.
Chapter in Books:
 Indigenous Medicinal plants. Chapter 1. Medicinal plants used by Kanis in Arukani Hills of
Southern Western Ghats., P.C. Trivedi, I Ed. Pointer Publishers, Jaipur., 2009., ISBN
 Ethnic Tribes and Medicinal Plants. Chapter 2. Antibacterial Activity of Some Medicinal
plants used by Kani tribe, Southern Western Ghats., Tamil Nadu, India. P.C. Trivedi, xii.
Pointer Publishers, Jaipur., 2009., ISBN 9788171326235.
Papers presented in International/National Symposia:
 Presented a paper in “National environment awareness campaign” organized on 20th
February 2008 by post graduate department of Botany, Christian college, Kattakada,
Invited lectures
 New members and new reports from Bryoflora of Silent Valley, National seminar on Lower
plants groups of South India (September 29,30, 2015) organized by Post graduate Dept. of
Botany, Govt. Brennan College, Thalassery, Kannur..
Research Projects:
 Studies on the Bryoflora of Madayipara, a midland laterite rock hill in Kannur district,
Kerala, Minor Research Project proposal for Teachers, University Grants Commission
(Proposal submitted)
 Establishment of medicinal plant demonstration centre in the campus of Nirmalagiri College,
Kannur, Kerala. Project of National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB) (Proposal submitted).
Technical Skills:
 Proficiency in identification of Plant species, especially Bryophytes.
 Project Coordination
 Excellent skill in Botanical drawing
 Photography
Personal details:
Sex : Male
Date of birth : 01.06.1983
Nationality : Indian
Father's name : P. Rajendran
Mother's name : D. Darling Sukrutham
Marital Status : Single
Hobbies : Reading, Writing,Wildlife Photography & Philately
Languages known : English, Malayalam & TamilRESMI P THOMAS
Assistant Professor
Dept of Botany
Nirmalagiri College
Email: resmipt@nirmalagiricollege.ac.in
Mob:+ 918281500535
Career Objective/Teaching Philosophy:
A good teacher can bring out the best in their students like irrigating the desert rather than cut down
the jungle. He can inspire the thoughts and ignite their minds through which they can get the
ultimate of education.
February 2015 to till Date
Designation : Asst. Professor
Institute : Nirmalagiri College, Kannur

August 2014 – January 2015
Designation : Asst. Professor on contract
Institute : Providence Womens College, Kozhikode
September 2013– December 2013
Designation : Asst. Professor on contract
Institute : St.Josephs College, Devagiri
July 2012– July 2013
Designation : Asst. Professor on contract(FIP substitute)
Institute : Govt.College, Kasargod
 Examination College/School
Year of
NET UGC 2012

 12th ( State) SVHSS Palemad 2005
 SSLC NHSS Erumamunda 2003
Publications in International Journals:
Resmi P Thomas, Alpha Maria Antony and Anu Annamma Mamen, 2013. Comparative
phytochemical analysis of Diospyros chloroxylon leaves in various extracts.IJSRP, 3 (9).
Papers presented in International/National Symposia:
A paper presented in’ tradition of Ayurveda in Kerala’ at Kerala History Conference at Providence
Womens College Calicut on October 2014.
Symposia/Conference/Workshop Organized:
 Conference of Biotechnology Biogen 2007 at St.Berchmans college,Changanacherry.
 Participation of the seminar on ‘ New facets of Evolutionary biology’ at Madras Christian
 Participation of the millennium talk on ‘Biodiversity and GM crops ‘by Peter Raven at
MSSRF, Chennai.
 Participation of the seminar on ‘ Salt tolerant transgenic rice cultivar’ at Queen Mary College
 Participation on work shop conducted by Cholayil Pharmacy.
 Training in molecular biology and Immunological techniques , at St.Berchmans College
 Work shop on remote sensing at Sathyabhama university.
Technical Skills:
Project coordination
Phytochemistry techniques
Botanical drawings
Personal details:
Sex: Female
Date of birth: 24/03/1988
Nationality: Indian
Father's name: P.P Thomas
Mother's name: Maria Thomas
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Jijo Chacko
Children: Kaene Mathew Chackolas
Hobbies: Reading,Sketching,Gardening
Languages known: Malyalam,English