The table on the reverse ranks seafood as Best Choice, Some
Concerns or Avoid. Depending on where the fi sh was caught or
what gear was used, some species may show up in more than one
column. Additional information is included to assist you in making a
better choice. Canadians want their seafood to be properly labelled
to help make these smart choices. If your seafood supplier doesn’t
know the answers, keep asking so they know that this information is
important to customers.
A few important questions to ask:
• What species is this?
• Is this seafood wild or farmed?
How To Use This Card
Your Seafood Choices are Part of the Solution.
Choosing green-listed “Best Choice” and avoiding red-listed
seafood helps support responsible fi shing and farming practices.
Vote with your wallet and reward seafood providers who are doing
the right thing. This helps ensure enough fi sh remain in the ocean
for years to come.
Chilean SeaBass/Monkfi sh Sablefi sh
Yellowfi n Tuna Pacifi c Albacore (BC/US)
Atlantic Salmon Land Farmed Coho or
 Arctic Char
Your choice for healthy oceans
Avoid these red-listed: Try these alternatives:
• Where was it caught or farmed?
• How was it caught or farmed?
Ranking Codes
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Avoid seafood items from
this list for now. They come
from farmed or wild sources
with a combination of
critical problems—habitat
damage, lethal impacts
on other species, critically
low populations, or poor
Some Concerns seafood
should be consumed
infrequently, or when a
green choice is not available.
There are concerns with
abundance, management,
or impacts on habitat or
other marine life.
Best Choice seafood is
well managed, abundant,
and caught or farmed in
environmentally sustainable
Green =
Best Choice
Yellow = Some
Red =
SeaChoice Member Organizations:
Make smart seafood
decisions for today
and tomorrow
Best Choice Some
Concerns Avoid
Fish Best Choice Some Concerns Avoid
Arctic Char Farmed
Barramundi Farmed, Closed System
Farmed, Closed System
Farmed, Open System
Basa/Pangasius (Vietnam/Cambodia)
Catfi sh Farmed (US)
Chilean Seabass (All)
Clams /Mussels Farmed (All) Wild Arctic Surf (Canada)
Cod* Pacifi c Longline (Alaska) Pacifi c Bottom Trawl
Atlantic (Canada),
Pacifi c (Russia/Japan)
Crab Dungeness (BC/Washington),
Stone (Florida/US
King (US), Snow (US/
Canada), Jonah (US/
King (Russia)
Flounder/Sole* (Pacifi c) (Atlantic)
Haddock Handline (US Atlantic) Bottom Longline
(Canada), Bottom Trawl
Halibut (Alaska) (BC) (Atlantic)
Lingcod (Canada/US)
Lobster Spiny (US/Baja Mexico) American (Canada/US),
Spiny (Bahamas)
Spiny (Brazil)
Mackerel King (US), Spanish (US),
Atlantic (Canada)
Atlantic Mid-water
Trawl (US)
Mahi Mahi Troll/Pole (US Atlantic) Longline and other (US) Longline (Imported)
Oysters Farmed Wild (Canada/US)
Pollock Atlantic, Pacifi c (Alaska)
Rockfi sh/Pacifi c
Bottom Trawl (Pacifi c)
Sablefi sh (Alaska/Canada) (US West coast)
Salmon* Wild (Alaska),
Coho Land Farmed (US)
Wild (BC, Washington,
Atlantic Open net pen
Farmed (All Regions)
Sardines Pacifi c (Canada/US) . Atlantic (Mediterranean)
Scallops Farmed Off Bottom Farmed Dredge, Wild
(US/Canada Atlantic)
Shark/Skate Dogfi sh, Spiny (Canada
Pacifi c)
Shrimp/Prawns Pink (Oregon), Spot (BC),
Farmed Closed System
(US), Northern (Canada
Atlantic – trap)
All Other (Canada/US) All OtherFarmed
Squid Longfi n (US) (All Other)
Swordfi sh Harpoon (Canada/
Longline (US) (International),
Longline (Canada)
Tilapia Farmed (US) Farmed (South America) Farmed (Asia)
Trout, Rainbow Farmed (US), Land Based
Farmed (Canada)
Farmed Open Net
Tuna, Albacore (Canada/US Pacifi c) Longline (Hawaii) Longline
Bigeye (Ahi)
Pole/Troll (US Atlantic) Pole/Troll (International),
Longline (US Atlantic)
Tuna, Bluefi n (All)
Tuna, Canned Albacore Chunk White
(Canada/US Pacifi c)
Albacore Chunk White
Pole/Troll (International)
Chunk light/white (All
exc. Pole/Troll)
Tuna, Skipjack Pole/Troll (Atlantic) Longline (US Atlantic/
Purse Seine/Longline
Tuna, Yellowfi n
Pole/Troll (US) Pole/Troll (International),
Longline (US Atlantic/
Purse Seine/Longline
Version: 03/2012
* Visit seachoice.org for more details. Can’t fi nd something? Go to SeaChoice.org for a full list!