E-Mail Address
1	Chief Minister	chiefminister@karnataka.gov.in
2	Minister for Agriculture	min-agriculture@karnataka.gov.in
3	Minister for Agriculture & Marketing	min-agm@karnataka.gov.in
4	Minister for Animal Husbandy	min-ah@karnataka.gov.in
5	Minister for BWSSB	min-bwssb@karnataka.gov.in
6	Minister for Co-operation	min-cooperation@karnataka.gov.in
7	Minister for Department of Public Enterprises	min-dpe@karnataka.gov.in
8	Minister for Ecology and Environment Department	min-ecology@karnataka.gov.in
9	Minister for Energy	min-energy@karnataka.gov.in
10	Minister for Excise 	min-excise@karnataka.gov.in 
11	Minister for Fisheries 	min-fisheries@karnataka.gov.in
12	Minister for Food & Civil Supplies	min-fcs@karnataka.gov.in
13	Minister for Forest	min-forest@karnataka.gov.in
14	Minister for Haj and Wakf	min-hajwakf@karnataka.gov.in
15	Minister for Health	min-health@karnataka.gov.in
16	Minister for Higer Education	min-higheredu@karnataka.gov.in
17	Minister for Home	min-home@karnataka.gov.in
18	Minister for Horticulture	min-horticulture@karnataka.gov.in
19	Minister for Housing	min-housing@karnataka.gov.in
20	Minister for Information	min-info@karnataka.gov.in
21	Minister for Infrastructure Development 	min-infra@karnataka.gov.in
22	Minister for Intelligence Wing	min-intelwing@karnataka.gov.in
23	Minister for IT & BT Department 	min-itbt@karnataka.gov.in
24	Minister for Kannada and Culture	min-kancul@karnataka.gov.in
25	Minister for Labour	min-labour@karnataka.gov.in
26	Minister for Large&MediumScale Industries	min-lmindustries@karnataka.gov.in
27	Minister for Law. Justice and Human Rights	min-lawjushr@karnataka.gov.in
28	Minister for Legislature	min-legis@karnataka.gov.in
29	Minister for Major And Medium Irrigation	min-majmedirrg@karnataka.gov.in
30	Minister for Mass Education	min-massedu@karnataka.gov.in
31	Minister for Medical Education	min-mededu@karnataka.gov.in
32	Minister for Mines&Geology	min-minesgeology@karnataka.gov.in
33	Minister for Minor Irrigation	min-mi@karnataka.gov.in
34	Minister for Minority Welfare 	min-minortywelf@karnataka.gov.in
35	Minister for Municipalities and Local Bodies	min-munandlocal@karnataka.gov.in
36	Minister for Parliamentary Affairs	min-palaff@karnataka.gov.in
37	Minister for Planning Department 	min-planning@karnataka.gov.in
38	Minister for Ports and Inland Water Transport	min-portinlandwt@karnataka.gov.in
39	Minister for Primary Education	min-primedu@karnataka.gov.in
40	Minister for Prisons 	min-prisons@karnataka.gov.in
41	Minister for Public Libraries	min-library@karnataka.gov.in
42	Minister for Public Works	min-publicworks@karnataka.gov.in
43	Minister for Revenue	min-revenue@karnataka.gov.in
44	Minister for Rural Development & Panchayat	min-rdpr@karnataka.gov.in
45	Minister for Science and Technology	min-sciandtech@karnataka.gov.in
46	Minister for Secondary Education	min-secndedu@karnataka.gov.in
47	Minister for Sericulture	min-sericulture@karnataka.gov.in
48	Minister for Small Savings and Lotteries 	min-ssandlot@karnataka.gov.in
49	Minister for Small Scale Industries	min-ssi@karnataka.gov.in
50	Minister for Social Welfare	min-socialwelfare@karnataka.gov.in
51	Minister for Statistics Department 	min-statistics@karnataka.gov.in
52	Minister for sugar	min-sugar@karnataka.gov.in
53	Minister for Textiles	min-textiles@karnataka.gov.in
54	Minister for Tourism	min-tourism@karnataka.gov.in
55	Minister for Transport	min-transport@karnataka.gov.in
56	Minister for Urban Development	min-ud@karnataka.gov.in
57	Minister for Women & Child Welfare	min-wcd@karnataka.gov.in
58	Minister for Youth Services Department	min-youth@karnataka.gov.in
59	Minister for Muzrai 	min-muzarai@karnataka.gov.in