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Updated Feb 04, 2010 by sm.khasim  

Free Training for Students in India.
Open “Embedded Linux” Software Development with¶
We are receiving more invites/requests from students across India for similar trainings. We are happy to know the interest but due to limited bandwidth we are finding it difficult to host similar trainings in other cities. 
To address growing requests from students in India, we have formed a volunteer team that is willing to travel to few cities (to start with South India) and do similar trainings. 
Few Perquisites / Requirements are: 
1. We would like students to do the following necessary arrangements 
a) Consolidate the (min 100) student list (from multiple colleges preferable) 
b) Mail the list to b) Students from 2nd year are most preferable c) Arrange for a seminar hall, projector system and basic infrastructure for attendees. d) Get necessary permissions from College. 2. No Compulsion from College/Professors - attendance should be based on interest. 
3. Topics to be covered are 
What, why, who, and how of open source 
Quick overview of the Beagle Board 
OMAP 3530 internals. 
How does help students & startups in India 
Q &A and Discuss lab setup to boot Linux on beagleboard 
Lab #1 (Build and Boot Linux) 
Validation Procedure for Peripherals on Beagle Board 
Participating and Contributing to Open Community 
Open Discussion 
4. Agenda: 
Enable Students in India to develop s/w on embedded devices with Open Community. 
Training students in using the embedded platform for s/w development 
Give a big picture of what’s going on in the industry with Open Platforms. 
Benefits of working with Open Community and in particular. 
5. Audience & expertise: 
Students (2nd / 3rd year preferable) with very minimal knowledge of Linux 
Students who are passionate about Open Source Linux kernel and s/w development for embedded platforms. 
This training covers only basic and fundamentals of embedded systems and Open Source Software development with BEAGLE BOARD 
7. Video's from previous events 
Embedded Linux basics @ IISc CEDT on Sept 20 2008 

Comment by garimella.kashyap, Oct 20, 2008 
Dear Sir, I am Kashyap from IIT Madras doing my 2nd yr in the department of computer science.In our IIT, we have a LUG and there are many enthusiasts willing to attend your workshop. We can account to more than 100 students easily, all interested in knowing about Beagle Board. We will be very happy to arrange you all the requirements. So, can you please arrange a training camp. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, G.J.KASHYAP 

Comment by sm.khasim, Oct 20, 2008 
Hi Kashyap, We have many events coming up in November like TIDC tutorials at Cranes on Nov 3rd and 4th TI DC on November 5th and 6th. IEEE Video summit at New Horizon College of Engg on November 8th and so on 

Will it be possible to schedule this event on November 22nd. 

Thanks Khasim 

Comment by garimella.kashyap, Oct 21, 2008 
Sir , we are having exams in that week. Is it possible to schedule it on November 29. 

Comment by sm.khasim, Oct 21, 2008 
November 29 should be good, but please ensure that you will invite students from other colleges as well. 

Prepare a list of students who would want to attend with their current course/semester and college 

Block an auditorium for this event on November 29 

Lets take this forward. 

Comment by sandy.rvce, Oct 21, 2008 
Hello Sir, 

I am Sandeep, a final year student at RVCE, Bangalore pursuing Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering. We are holding a fest at our college in February 2009. A lot of 2nd and 3rd year students are expected to turn up for the event. We are thinking of including a Workshop on Beagleboard and Embedded Linux as a part of the fest. We would be glad if you can come to our college and train the students. 
Please let us know of your opinion on this, so that we can go ahead and make the necessary preparations for the same. We can also give you a tentative listing of the candidates who will be attending the workshop if you may request so. 
Thanking You, 



Comment by sm.khasim, Oct 21, 2008 
Hi Sandeep, 

I don't know my schedule for February yet, on what day is this fest? 

Regards, Khasim 

Comment by sandy.rvce, Oct 24, 2008 
Dear Sir, 

The exact dates of the fest are February 20 and 21. 
Regards, SANDEEP 

Comment by sm.khasim, Oct 26, 2008 

We can participate on 21st. Make sure you register only technically interested audience. 

Give us the list of students/college and cource who will be joining. 

Regards, Khasim 

Comment by sandy.rvce, Oct 26, 2008 

Thanks a lot for your interest, we are working on it right away. 
Regards, SANDEEP 

Comment by garimella.kashyap, Oct 29, 2008 
Dear Sir, I am kashyap from IIT madras . As you agreed , we are taking it forward , we are booking a room and i am finding a professor for help. I just wanted to know who will be the speakers and what will be the schedule so that we can advertise it with posters. Thanking you, kashyap. 

Comment by mohix.singh, Nov 25, 2008 
Hi everybody out there using BeagleBoard, 

We are a nascent GLUG @ Meerut - NCR. We are glad to see this nice initiative? What should we do to bring you to our place ASAP? 

Warm Regards, 

Mohit Singh, GLUG-Meerut 

Comment by mohix.singh, Nov 25, 2008 
Kindly make open the total expenses and the entire needful be done from the hosting organisation. AND COME SOON TO MEERUT. 

Warm Regards, 

Mohit Singh, GLUG-Meerut 

Comment by mohix.singh, Nov 25, 2008 
OPEN SOURCE MEERUT - 2009 (to be held in March 2009), The GIGA event of UP,Uttarakhand and adjoining region may be blessed with your presence. Meanwhile, We are ready even for APPETIZER sessions! 

Padharo Mhare Des. 

Warm Regards, MS 

Comment by mohix.singh, Nov 25, 2008 
GLUG-Meerut is organising 'FOSSTIVAL' - GNU/Linux Open Source Developer Workshop during 9-11 January @ IIMT Engineering College, Meerut. 

WE strongly believe that your presence will be a historical event forever. Kindly consider our request. 

Warm Welcome, 

Mohit Singh GLUG-Meerut 

Comment by shekbhi, Nov 29, 2008 
hi sir,i am abhishek,the one who has discussed with u in,i have informed abt ur visit to hyderabad to our student communtiy at our college...i shall update you...on dec1st most probably abt the session ..thanks for have accepted the invitation as soon as i asked you... 

thanking you, abhishek 
Comment by shekbhi, Nov 29, 2008 
visit our website on 

Comment by mitintertechfest, Dec 02, 2008 
I am Harish Kumar, a final year student at Madras Institute of Technology,Anna University,Chennai pursuing Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering. On the eve of Diamond Jubilee for our college,We are organising a mega inter college technical fest on 09,10 & 11th of January 2009. This fest is expected to draw numerous students from various colleges from all over Tamil Nadu. We are thinking of including a Workshop on Beagleboard and open source development as a part of the fest. We would be glad if you can come to our college and grace this occasion by mentoring the students on open source development. 
We would like to hear from you in this regard,so that we can go ahead and make the necessary preparations for the same. 
Thanking You, 


Harish Kumar, MIT Tech Forum 

visit us at : Mail us at : 

Comment by tomkonikkara, Dec 03, 2008 

I am interested in beagle board and want to attend the training class. I am sure more than 100 students from our collage will attend this class. How can we register for this program. Is it possible on December or January? .Our college residing at Kerala 

Comment by sm.khasim, Dec 03, 2008 
Hi all, 

I will not be able to make any travel in Jan. We have lot of work to complete in getting more software and applications on board. 

I will start traveling again from Feb. Kindly Note, the travels and trainings are personal so kindly schedule this over weekend so that it doesn't affect the regular work. 

I am looking for an open calendar where you can request your sessions. Let me check if Google calendar can be made open. 

Thanks for your interest. 

Regards, Khasim 

Comment by sm.khasim, Jan 20, 2009 
Hi Folks, 

I have completed a one day training at IIT Madras on 17th Jan 2009. Will be giving another on 21st Jan at JSS engineering college Bangalore. 

I will be visiting IIT Kanpur on 13th Feb 2009. 

Kindly add your requests below. 

Regards, Khasim 

Comment by aggarwal.sanyam, Jan 29, 2009 
Hi Mr.Khasim, 

I am Sanyam Agarwal from Pune. I came to know about your community from "Linux for u" magazine. I joined this community at the end of December. I had seen, you provide free training on embedded Linux with your ARM cortex core board. I had gone through the syllabus of your training, and eager to learn. Therefore we build our community of around 30 persons (i.e. students plus some job professional having less than 1 year of experience) in order to take training from you plus we want to buy that board “USB-powered beagle board”. For the training you had mentioned about arranging the hall, projector etc. For that there is one company “Comptrix solution private Limited” they are funding our community in order to purchase the board as well as arranging the hall, projector etc. So we welcome you at our place for the training and I hope we will make out a fruitful result out of that. 

I am waiting for your reply and hope to see the positive feedback from your side. 

My gmail id is 

Thanks & Regards 

Sanyam Agarwal 

Comment by aggarwal.sanyam, Feb 04, 2009 
Hi Mr. Khasim 

Thanks a lot for your reply 

It will be fine for us, if you would visit our centre in March (around 15th). But if possible, can you do it as early as possible and, as I mentioned in my previous mail that we want to buy the board too (i.e. USB-powered beagle board), so could you bring the board with you so that we can buy it instantly. 

It will be very helpful for us if you can provide the price quotes of that board, so when you will visit our place at that time will not be any problem regarding price because Comptrix solutions private Limited company is helping us in order to purchase that board. Therefore we need to inform them also regarding the same. 

My gmail id is 

Thanks & Regards Sanyam Agarwal 

Comment by mahendrakariya, Feb 08, 2009 
I am willing to attend the workshop at IITK. Kindly tell me the procedure. 

Comment by kumarhp13, Feb 16, 2009 
Good Morning Sir, I have attend Beagle Board workshop at IIT Kanpur. It was really great experience for me. I have suggest to our director to arrange workshop on Beagle Board at our college. 

Regards, Hemant Kumar 

Comment by sandy.rvce, Feb 19, 2009 
Hello Sir, 

Due to some official reasons, we are unable to host the workshop that we had scheduled. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. I will be in touch with you for rescheduling the workshop. Please consider our plea. 
Regards, SANDEEP 

Comment by sandy.sandeep07, Mar 26, 2009 
Sir I am sandeep from srm university chennai doing 3rd year department of ECE We can account to more than 100 students easily, all interested in knowing about Beagle Board. We will be very happy to arrange you all the requirements. So, can you please arrange a training camp as soon as possible. sandeep srm univ chennai 

Comment by dintis, Apr 18, 2009 
Is there any special forum working on beagle board at Bangalore? We would like to contact them for a new project we are working on. Please call on +91-9845845374. Thanks, D. Thomas 

Comment by sm.khasim, Apr 20, 2009 
Yes, there is community for beagle in India. You can contact us through worldwide discussion list for beagle 

Comment by vidhyacharanhr, May 27, 2009 
Hello sir.I'm from Bangalore Institute Of Technology,Bangalore.I'm interested in organising your workshop during last week of august or first week of September.Can it be possible? please let me know.Vidhyacharan here 

Comment by sunnykrgupta, May 31, 2009 
Hello, I am Sunny K Gupta from D Y Patil College, PUNE. We are interested in hosting a seminar by you. We have all your requirements available and the minimum students criteria will be surely met with. Please tell if you are free after 22nd July '09. 

Regards, Sunny Kumar Gupta 

Comment by sunnykrgupta, May 31, 2009 
forgot to add my e-mail address: 

My Mobile Number: +919970436175 (feel free to drop by a message) 

Comment by realising.dreams, Jun 01, 2009 
Would love to attend. Please let me know more. 9811960490 

Comment by ajthind, Jun 03, 2009 
Damn TI are you ignoring US and Canadian Beagle board users? Why all the love for india? When and where can Canadian students get beagle board free linux training? At least Microsoft and Adobe provide this in Canada. 

Comment by ajthind, Jun 03, 2009 
How is beagle board diferent from Davinci? please explain? you may email me at my gmail if you like. 

Thank you 

Comment by ravikumar.nie, Jun 24, 2009 
It would be very kind of you, if you can just have a coverage video of what is being thought and put up in youtube or anywhere (the video of whole morning to evening session since sessions cannot be done everywhere), everyone would be benefited. -regards ravi kumar 

Comment by ravikumar.nie, Jun 24, 2009 
At ajthind. Opensource doesnt have to ignore anyone. It is all about the resource available . 

Comment by ramesh130, Jul 10, 2009 
Where can I buy Beagle Boards in India? 

Comment by, Jul 15, 2009 
Hello sir i'm praveen from SSIT Tumkur,i'm willing to attend your workshop anywhere at bangalore please let me know the procedure for this. Please mail me the further details .my id: .My mobile no:+919611311405 

Comment by rohit.manglik, Aug 11, 2009 
hello sir, i am Rohit Manglik from National Institute Of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal . I am willing to know are you planning to conduct any short duration course in NITK. I want to assure you that you will not get any problem any topics 1 and 2. Please post me your plans at rohit, , 9743083301, 

Comment by kaushal9345, Aug 17, 2009 
Hello sir i'm kaushal i want to attend your workshop on beagle board anywhere in bangalore please let me know the procedure for this. Please mail me the further details. my id: 

Comment by tuxmanic, Aug 21, 2009 
Hello sir I am Jomon from kerala,I really like to attend in the training... so am requesting for schedule of coming training sessions in India.. My mail id is 

Comment by suhail.ism, Aug 26, 2009 
sir i am suhail ansari from Indian school of mines dhanbad , sir i would like to know if you were soon to visit any place near dhanbad , maybe calcutta or maybe some where near ??? plz can u email me ur schedule at thanx... 

Comment by rammeets, Aug 29, 2009 
hi sir i'm prabhu from Tamilnadu college of engineering- coimbatore, we had started a user group in our college & we have members already from 3 more institution. the total strength of our group is more than 100. could you arrange a training session on our college ? pls mail me at 

Comment by orangemail, Sep 02, 2009 
Hello sir I'm Sathish.S. I want to attend your workshop on beagle board anywhere in Chennai please let me know the procedure for this. Please mail me the further details. my Id : 

Comment by rubenb88, Sep 09, 2009 
Please let me know the details of the program in Bangalore. 

Comment by vik1124, Sep 16, 2009 
Dear Sir, 

My name is Vikram.D from SJCE ,Mysore. I am also a member of The IEEE. IEEE-SJCE conducts an annual inter collegiate Linux and open source fest called "TUXEDO". Being in IEEE and because to the overwhelming number of students showing interest in embedded systems,DSP processors many of us have agreed that your workshop would be the ideal workshop for the budding minds of our college.I am sure we satisfy all the criterion specified. The event will be held in the first week of october. On behalf of IEEE-SJCE i request you to oblige us by conducting the event.Thank you for your time. You can reach us at or 

Comment by chandan.choudhury, Sep 18, 2009 
Hi Mr. Khasim I am an embedded professional and doing lots of hard work to bring a revolution in the Embedded & Electronics Industry of Kolkata and in/around West Bengal. Could you please mail me some contact details of yours so that we may discuss some stages and ask some valuable suggestions to an expert like your goodself. Awaiting your kind reply in this regard. Thanking you and ur team for such a great approach. Regards chandqan choudhury Mob:(0)9830550520 

Comment by amitnehraji, Sep 21, 2009 
Hi Mr. Khasim, 

i am Amit Nehra from delhi. i want to know if any training program will be there in near future nearby delhi. 

can you please mail me the next coming 4-5 seminars across india, i am planning to use the board for my own projects. 

Comment by sagar.medikeri, Sep 22, 2009 
Hello Sir, 

I'm Sagar from BVBCET, Hubli, Karnataka. I and my project team are willing to attend seminar/workshop on BB in Bangalore. Please organize one at your earliest and convenience. 

Thank you. 

Comment by b.karthikarthi, Oct 01, 2009 
Dear Sir, 

This is Karthikeyan.B, Assistant Professor, Embedded System Division, School of Electronics Engineering, VIT University, Vellore, Tamilnadu. 

myself and my Students are very much interested in knowing more about beagleboards. so please let me know when you are able present a seminar for us in VIT University. 

Contact details: mail- mobile- 919865521366 

Comment by dirtydevil2789, Oct 02, 2009 
hello sir, This is Kunal Gupta, student of 3rd year Electronics and communication branch from Govt. Engineering College Bikaner, Bikaner, Rajasthan. We are organizing our annual techno-management festival "SAKSHAMA GN'09" from 28-31st October,2009. We have heard about Beagle Board Development, We want to organize a workshop on "open embedded Linux - software development" under our one of the most exciting events category FOSS(free and open source software). We are very much interested in your Training and your requirements fit well into our schema. So, we would like you to please conduct a training at our college. Waiting in Anticipation. Thank you Contact : mail - mobile - +919950445570 Govt. Engineering College Bikaner Bikaner, Rajasthan, India 

Comment by krish.ritik, Oct 30, 2009 

Any planned training in NCR (in and around delhi)? I would like to attend the same. 


Comment by vish.sid73, Dec 11, 2009 

We are organizing a FOSS meet in our college during our annual technical-cultural fest at RGEC, Meerut (around 14 March 2010). 

We would like to organize a hands on workshop on beagle board. Please Reply. 

Regards Siddharth Srivastava +919235556759 

Comment by mehtadushy, Dec 24, 2009 

We at NSIT, Delhi are organizing our annual technical festival INNOVISION from 29th to 31st of January 2010. Would a workshop at our college be feasible at that time. You can be assured of 100+ true enthusiasts turning up for the event. 

Dushyant Mehta 

Comment by 007coolboyster, Dec 27, 2009 
hi we are organising our nation level fest MANTHAN 10, want to organise bboard workshop. please help me out. shubham, 09983332229, , 

Comment by mohanty.arnav, Dec 27, 2009 
Hello Sir, 

This is Arnav Mohanty,3rd year Computer Science Student from SRM University.Sir , I would like to know if you are organizing a bboard workshop in the Chennai Region anytime soon.There are many students with me who would want to take part.Whenever you are doing this in Chennai ,Please do let me know.We are looking forward to this. 

Comment by CHUNNUKR...@REDIFFMAIL.COM, Feb 16, 2010 
sir, I'm chunnu kumar B-Tech 6th sem student in electronics and communication I want to do six month industrial training plz information about training my E-mail id my mobil no 9023685397 Thanks 

Comment by shgajjar, Feb 18, 2010 
We want to arrange training program at Nirma University, Ahmedabad. I have send you a mail regarding this. Please reply the same. 

Comment by pankaj.hhh, Feb 23, 2010 
we want to request you for a workshop for the SHRISTI 2010, the techno-management fest of NERIST.we look forward for your positive reply... yours thankfully pankaj mukherjee (09856126576) techno secratary SHRISTI 2010 NERIST nirjuli ARUNACHAL PRADESH 

Comment by sureshee, Feb 24, 2010 
Hello Sir,Iam suresh doing my PG from ANNA UNIV,COIMBATORE in ME(EMBEDDED SYSTEMS),I would like to know about ur upcoming workshops in and around South india, please intimate me so that i would develop my strong knowledge on Embedded Linux MY mail id is :, Regards P.suresh 

Comment by jagrutee.panchal1, Mar 04, 2010 
Hello Sir,we want to request you for a workshop on Embedded Linux up to 12th of SPANDAN2010, the technofest of scoe.s.we look forward for your positive rply...your thankfully panchal j.u. my mail id, 

Comment by kthehacker, Mar 09, 2010 
Dear Sir, I am Kapil Sharma from MAIIT college of Engg.Rajasthan.According to our university (Rajasthan Technical University) we have a training period of 45 days in summer. So, for this training I want to apply.Can you please tell me how can I apply For this!! I'll be very thankful to you!!!! My emil id is AND contact no: +919024499788...... 

Comment by raj849pnd, Mar 11, 2010 
hi i am boss 

Comment by vinayvs1991, Apr 06, 2010 

i'm VINAY.V.S.i'm a student of electronics and communication engineering at The National Institute of Engineering,Mysore. We'ld like to have the Beagle Board training event at our college too. our college is ready to provide all the facilities you need, to organize the event. a lot more than 100 students are willing to participate in the event. our HOD has requested you to send all the information regarding the expenses,date of conducting the event,etc.. to her email ID. Her ID is as follows:- Hope you'll help us organise the event at our college too. 

Comment by nitishkatal, Apr 18, 2010 
Hello Sir, 

I'm Nitish ,student of ECE at MIMIT, Malout(Prestigious Inst. Estb by Govt. of Punjab). 
We will like to conduct a workshop offered by you in this Month of April. From our side we people are ready with your minimum requirements. We request you to kindly mail us your information regarding the expenses,date of conducting the event,etc. as soon as possible to the mail ID given as 

Hoping for a favourable response from you. 


Nitish Katal ECE/MIMIT 

Comment by sarfarazthebizarre, Apr 20, 2010 
HEllo sir,,, i m a student of Btech(Computers) 3rd year ,jamia millia islamia,new delhi...I really like your BEagleboard training and would like you to conduct a seminar at our college ..i want to know if there is some "monetary issue" involved with your coming up and conducting the workshop at my college i can easily meet your above requirements ..Plz reply quickly because out exams are on our heads... 

Please give me the information regarding the expenses,date of conducting the event,etc. as soon as possible to the mail ID given as 


Comment by tusharlaroiya338, Apr 24, 2010 
i am a 2nd year computer science student . i want to do my industrial tranning in BIKANER so i wish to join the course pls mail me at 

Comment by grishab118, May 23, 2010 
Hello sir this is Rishab from IIIT -allahabad , a student of Electronics and Communications (2nd Year), is keenly interested to know about the Beagle Board and embedded linux development .There would be many students at IIIT-A that would be interested in the same .So I would be grateful enough if u would be able to arrange a seminar at our college during our college feast at beginning of October,2010 or early if possible. 
I also want to know about how to buy beagle board and the horizons it could explore. I hope u would reply soon to my request and kindly mail me the details to .It would be really generous of u to do so. 

Rishab(Btech ECE IIIT-A) 

Comment by ravishankarrc, May 28, 2010 
I'm Ravishankar,working as a software engineer. I am very much interested in Embedded linux and beagle board. I just need to get a start in this domain... I have worked in 89c52 chips and PIC micro controllers. Kindly send me the information regarding your training program and also , from where i can buy a beagle board in banglore. Kindly mail me with the details at I really need your help... please help me. please give me ur mobile number so that i can contact you. 
Regards, Ravishankar. 

Comment by, Jun 10, 2010 
Could you put your presentation materials online? I'm not in India, but I'd still like to learn about the BeagleBoard. 


Comment by ddeeps2610, Jul 05, 2010 
This is Deepak Awari, Chairperson, BVB-IEEE student chapter. We would like to have a workshop on open Embedded Linux software development on beagle board. I'd sent a mail in this regard to Mr. Khasim but didn't receive any reply. We'll make the necessary arrangements. you can contact me at I'm looking forward for a good interaction with 

Thanking you 

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