Name Title Company E-mail Category Cert.
Attending Listing
Angie Abernathy Vice President-Treasury Management Manager Peoples Bank Speaker
Jamie Affeld ACH Coordinator Community Credit Union Attendee AAP
William Albert Senior Vice President First Century Bank Attendee
Sandy Alexander ACH Wire Manager Park Sterling Bank Attendee
Diane Anderson Assistant Vice President Bank of North Carolina Attendee AAP
Debbie Arai Director of Risk Management Services EastPay, Inc. EastPay Staff
Bernardo Argudin EVP/CFO Marquis Bank Attendee
Jorge Barrios C1 Bank Attendee
David Beck Senior Vice President Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Attendee
Bonnie Belcher EFT Manager Grow Financial Federal Credit Union Attendee AAP
Donna Bell AVP Operations Manager First Bank of the Palm Beaches Attendee
Nedelka Bell Sr. Account Executive Federal Reserve Bank Conference Committee
Shawn Bell ACH Customer Service Supervisor SunTrust Banks, Inc. Attendee
Jose Bernal Jr. Staff Accountant Dade County Federal Credit Union Attendee AAP
Anna Bliss AVP Deposit Services Insignia Bank Attendee
Brendon Boone EasyDraft Attendee CTP
Joann Bornemann ACH/Checking Senior Vystar Credit Union Attendee AAP
Arlene Bowles Accounting Professional III MidFlorida Federal Credit Union Attendee AAP
Melissa Brackett ACH Coordinator Drummond Community Bank Attendee
David Brock President/CEO Community Credit Union Attendee
Jim Brummer Director, Capture Solutions CFC Technology Exhibitor
Oscar Caglar System Business Analyst SunTrust Service Corp Attendee
Name Title Company E-mail Category Cert.
Attending Listing
John Caliolo Audit Manager Seaside National Bank and Trust Attendee AAP
Christine Caraway SVP, ECommerce Director GulfShore Bank Attendee
Gustavo Carnevali JPMorgan Chase Attendee
Paul Carrubba Attorney Adam and Reese,LLP Speaker
Gina Carter AVP, Risk Management EastPay, Inc. Conference Committee
Sean Carter Sr. Director of Education & Rules Development NEACH Speaker AAP
Vicki Chamberlain Cash Management Capital City Bank Attendee
Wanda Chambers SVP, Payment Services Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union Attendee
Raul Chigne Jr. Staff Accountant Dade County Federal Credit Union Attendee AAP
Carol Clark Attendee AAP
Lynne Clements Operations AVP Flagler Bank Attendee AAP
Becky Cole Liberty University Attendee
Steve Contino CEO EasyDraft Attendee
Cathy Corby Parker Chief Strategy Officer Transcard Speaker
Craig Cotter Sales Executive ProfitStars Exhibitor
Erica Cotto-Ramos AVP/Deposit Operations Manager Enterprise Bank of Florida Attendee AAP
Melissa Crawford Business Development Manager / AVP Chesapeake Bank Attendee
Candice Crews Compliance Assistant Columbia Bank Attendee
Jessie Crews ACH Coordinador JAX Federal Credit Union Attendee
Carla Da Silva Internal Audit Manager Capital Bank Attendee
Jasmine Dagostino Member Solutions Manager Velocity Community Federal Credit Union Attendee
Name Title Company E-mail Category Cert.
Attending Listing
Tony DaSilva Examiner Federal Reserve Bank Speaker
Peter Davey VP & Director, Enterprise Payments Capital One Speaker
Conference Committee
Cassandra Davis Accounting Supervisor SunState Federal Credit Union Attendee
Holly Davis Cash Management Implementation Specialist Community and Southern Bank Attendee
Kathleen Davis Financial Services Section Manager Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Attendee AAP
Paula Dean Treasury Account Manager Citizens and Farmers Bank Attendee
Laura DeCastro Director of Trade Shows & Events Computer Services Inc. (CSI) Exhibitor
Mark Deitz Controller First Bank of Clewiston Attendee
Beth DeMaria Accounting Supervisor CAMC Federal Credit Union Attendee
David Denton Senior Vice President Wells Fargo Speaker AAP
Frances Diaz ACH/DD Manager Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union Attendee AAP
Karolina Diokmedjian Electronic Processing Supervisor IBM Southeast Employees FCU Attendee
David Disque Vice President CSI Enterprises,Inc. Attendee
Rajiv Donde President Laru Technologies Speaker
Heather Duchon Director Implementations Transactis Attendee
Greg Ehrlich Senior Business Analyst Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Attendee AAP
Ann-Marie Erwin EverBank Attendee
Jan Estep President & CEO NACHA - The ElectronicPayments Association Speaker
Mike Ewart Auditor Edwin W. Ewart, Jr. CPA Attendee
Beth Ewing Regional Sales Manager, eBill Presentment & Payment Harland Financial Solutions Speaker CCM
Name Title Company E-mail Category Cert.
Attending Listing
Tim Fialkowski Operations Specialist Seaside National Bank and Trust Attendee
Joe Flannery Electronic Payments Risk Manager BB&T Speaker
Board of Directors
Erin Fonte, IAAP, Shareholder Cox Smith Speaker
Angela Foster ACH Coordinator SunTrust Service Corp Attendee AAP
Jennifer Frost AVP ACH/Wire Support Manager Bank of North Carolina Attendee
Maureen Gallagher EVP/Chief AdministrativeOfficer American Momentum Bank Attendee
Gina Galluzzo AVP/Electronic Banking Manager American Momentum Bank Attendee AAP
Joseangel Garcia Cash Management Officer Ocean Bank Attendee
Susan Getson EServices Supervisor Charlotte State Bank Attendee AAP
Lynn Giachetti CFO CSI Enterprises, Inc. Attendee
Mary Gilmeister President WACHA Speaker AAP
Sam Golbach SP Product Line Management - Integrated Receivables Wausau Financial Systems Speaker
Elizabeth Gottehrer Cash Management New Traditions National Bank Attendee
Kassie Greene VP, EBanking Community and Southern Bank Attendee
James Gurkin ACH Specialist Four Oaks Bank& Trust Attendee AAP
Steve Hagar Senior Director, RDC Fundtech Corporation Exhibitor
Rick Halloran Sabal Palm Bank Attendee
Nicole Handy Accounting Assistant Prime Meridian Bank Attendee
Brady Hanna Vice President of Financial Services BASYS Processing Inc. Exhibitor
Rick Hannon Vice President of Bank Services BASYS Processing Inc. Exhibitor
Steve Hansen Systems Analyst Centrix Solutions,Inc. Exhibitor
Linda Harkins Treasury Management Specialist Bank of Central Florida Attendee
Sherrie Harwell Senior ACH Accouting Rep Pen Air Federal Credit Union Attendee
Name Title Company E-mail Category Cert.
Attending Listing
Thomas Heinzmann Executive Vice President BenefitMall Attendee CCM
Glenn Helms, Ph.D., Arthur Young Fellow in IT Auditing University of Houston Speaker CPA
Michelle Hernandez Accounting Officer Campus USA Credit Union Attendee
Leon Hiatt EVP, Chief AdministrativeOfficer Four Oaks Bank & Trust Attendee
Arthur Hilgert ACH Product Manager Wells Fargo Bank Attendee AAP
David Hill Community Credit Union Attendee
Brenda Hoffman eCommerce Specialist The Fauquier Bank Attendee
Charles Hoffman Guest
Kathy Houghton Operations Manager 4, AVP SunTrust Banks, Inc. Attendee
John Hutcherson Deposit Operations Officer First Federal Bank of Florida Attendee
Brad Johnson Director of Business Development Centrix Solutions, Inc. Speaker
Jenny Johnson Director ECCHO Exhibitor
Steve Jones Director of Product Support & Training Corporate One Federal Credit Union Attendee
Jessica Joseph Attorney Foley & Lardner, LLP Speaker
Sharon Kalish Electronic Payments Oversight Analysis SunTrust Service Corp Attendee AAP
Tracy Keen Senior Bank OperationsProfessional AaSys Group, Inc. Attendee CTP
Denise Kennedy Electronic Banking Coordinator CNLBank Attendee
Wilma Knight Internal Auditor Pioneer Bank Attendee
Sherry Knitter Director, Business Development Affirmative Technologies Exhibitor
Ted Kurdes Federal Reserve Bank Exhibitor
Name Title Company E-mail Category Cert.
Attending Listing
Fred Laing II President UMACHA Speaker AAP
Judy Lawrence Guest
Mickey Lawrence Planning Committee - Co Chair Attendee CTP
Anne-Marie Leake Senior Director, Communications and Marketing EastPay, Inc. Conference Committee
Kimberly Lee Accredited EFT Generalist Grow Financial Federal Credit Union Attendee AAP
Michelle Lee Deposit Operations Specialist Gateway Bankof Southwest Florida Attendee
LuAnn Lester Deposit Operations/Svcs Mgr C1 Bank Attendee
BJ Lewis Financial Industry Risk & Compliance Laru Technologies Exhibitor CPA
Sylvia Long AVP, Deposit Operations Capital City Bank Service Company Attendee AAP
Yvette Lopez AVP Commercial Services Stonegate Bank Attendee
Adam Losey Associate Foley & Lardner, LLP, IT-Lex Speaker
Nadine Lowery Electronic Services Professional MidFlorida Federal Credit Union Attendee AAP
Stephen MacKinnon Account Executive Federal Reserve Bank Conference Committee
Alma Marin Sr. Accountant Jetstream Federal Credit Union Attendee
Lisardo Martinez Jr. Staff Accountant Dade County Federal Credit Union Attendee AAP
Helen May VP, EBanking Manager The Bank of Tampa Speaker
Polly McKinney SVP Deposit Operations Old Florida National Bank Attendee AAP
Ed McLaughlin Principal Riverstone Consulting Partners Speaker
Conference Committee
Dale McLeod Attendee
Name Title Company E-mail Category Cert.
Attending Listing
Geoffrey McNeil National Director of Sales Computer Services Inc. (CSI) Exhibitor
Dale Metoff AVP / Operations Officer Florida Bank of Commerce Attendee AAP
Christina Miller Deposit Operations Manager Columbia Bank Attendee
Dan Miller President & COO EasyDraft Attendee
Martha Mills Cash Mgmt Prod Dev Officer New Century Bank Attendee
Mary Moore SVP Treasury Management Sales Officer GulfShore Bank Attendee CCM
Diane Morgan VP Deposit Operations Manager Community Bank of Broward Attendee
Carl Morris Wire/ACH Supervisor 1st United Bank Attendee
Carol Mousseau Deposit Operations Manager Sabal Palm Bank Attendee AAP
Debbie Myers SVP Director of Electronic Banking Bank of North Carolina Attendee
Michele Naghoon VP, ACH Production Manager SunTrust Service Corp Attendee AAP
Regina Nascibenne Electronic Services Director IBM Southeast Employees FCU Attendee AAP
Rhonda Nault Operations Analyst SunTrust Banks, Inc. Attendee
Rebecca Nellis Manager SunTrust Banks, Inc. Attendee AAP
John Nicholson Sales Consultant Infosight Inc. Exhibitor
Jackie Niles Senior Manager, FI Partners Elavon Financial Institution Solutions Attendee
Jose Nolasco Client Services Transactis Sponsor
Sheryl Nordyke Service Delivery Analyst II FIS Global Attendee
Rich Oliver Retired, EVP Federal Reserve Bank Speaker
Kevin Olsen Director of Education EastPay, Inc. Speaker
Conference Committee
Cindy Orozco TITLE??? EastPay, Inc. Staff AAP
David Orshan Director of Business Development Infosight Inc. Exhibitor
Mike Packer Regional Sales Director Clear2Pay Attendee
Name Title Company E-mail Category Cert.
Attending Listing
Tracy Pastella Internal Auditor Chesapeake Bank Attendee
David Peace President ACH Alert, LLC Speaker
Debbie Peace CEO ACH Alert, LLC Speaker
David Peterson Executive Consultant Q2ebanking Speaker
Tammy Phelps Electronic Payments Delivery Manager Vystar Credit Union Attendee
Kristine Phillips Deposit Operations Manager Platinum Bank Attendee
Paul Phillips, CFA Associate Adams and Reese LLP Speaker
Vicki Poff Direct Deposit Coordinator Huntington Federal Savings Bank Attendee
Cary Polanco VP Operations Booking Manager MercantilCommerceBank, NA Attendee
Rhoda Poore Member Accounting Assistant Envision Credit Union Attendee
Kelly Purcell AVP North State Bank Attendee
Lily Ramos Education Services Coordinator EastPay, Inc. Staff
Nelson Ramos Electronic Banking Coordinator Terrabank, NA Attendee
Amanda Rasnick AVP Electronic Banking Manager Yadkin Bank Attendee AAP
Dawn Rawa Bottom Line Technologies Attendee AAP
Ann-Marie Rhoads Guest
Rick Rhoads Senior Vice President, E-Services State Employees' Credit Union Attendee
Cindy Richardson Assistant Vice President Capital City Bank Attendee
Robert Riley ECommerce Manager Community Credit Union Attendee
Nancy Rios Sr. Technical Analyst, AVP SunTrust Service Corp Attendee AAP
Karen Rivas ACH Operations Supervisor SunTrust Service Corp Attendee AAP
Name Title Company E-mail Category Cert.
Attending Listing
Joan Robinson Guest
Norman Robinson President & CEO EastPay, Inc. Board of Directors
Conference Committee
Herbert Rodriguez Guest
Pam Rodriguez EVP, Risk Management & Education EastPay, Inc. Speaker
Conference Committee
Maria Roman Deposit Operations Specialist First National Bank of Mount Dora Attendee AAP
Sandy Root AVP/EFT Manager Seacoast National Bank Attendee AAP
Mack Rudisill Compliance Manager FIS Attendee
Catherine Saad Midmarket Sales Trusteer Exhibitor
Alice Saez AVP Product Manager / Operations Independent Bankers' Bank of Florida Attendee AAP
Rosa Sandoval Accountant Ocala Community Credit Union Attendee AAP
Veronica Santana NSF & ACH Reports South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union Attendee AAP
Jen Saylor SVP, Specialized Services American Momentum Bank Attendee
Beverly Scalabrin Velocity Community Federal Credit Union Attendee AAP
James Scarboro Senior Vice President CapitalCity Bank Attendee
Stephanie Schrickel Director of EMarketing EastPay, Inc. Staff AAP
Tish Scott Senior Vice President/Retail Sales Mgr. Insignia Bank Attendee
Brent Siegel Vice President of Sales Argos Risk, LLC Speaker
Stephanie Simmons Director of Treasury Services The Bankof Tampa Conference Committee AAP,
Nanci Slattery Deposits Implementation Specialist Harland Financial Solutions Attendee AAP
Christopher Slavin AD Manager JPMorgan Chase Attendee AAP
Kristen Smart Accounting Clerk ACH Campus USA Credit Union Attendee
Name Title Company E-mail Category Cert.
Attending Listing
Jodi Smith Deposit Operations Manager, AVP Pilot Bank Attendee
Lisa Snelling Tampa Postal Federal Credit Union Attendee
Loretta Souder VP, Accounting Duval Federal Credit Union Attendee
Jeannie Spano Systems Administrator CommunityBank of Broward Attendee
Kelly Spica Operations Specialist USAmeriBank Attendee
Danielle Stallings Treasury Services Manager Yadkin Bank Attendee
Joanne Stange SVP/Treasury Cash Mgmt. Old Florida National Bank Attendee
Richard Stapleton Sales Executive ProfitStars Exhibitor
Jennifer Stewart Product Support Specialist Harland Financial Solutions Attendee AAP
Keith Stone CEO CSI Enterprises, Inc. Attendee
Garry Stutts First Community Bank Speaker
Angela Summers VP & Delivery Services Manager Yadkin Bank Attendee
Young Tan First VP, Treasury & Payment Solutions Risk Officer SunTrust Banks, Inc. Attendee
Daryl Tatum VP of Operations Patriot Bank Attendee AAP
Sherrie Teague Treasury Management Director USAmeriBank Attendee
Barbara Thompson E-Banking Specialist Capital City Bank Service Company Attendee AAP
Scott Thompson ACH Product Manager JPMorgan Chase Attendee AAP
Tim Thorson VP, Manager ACH Operations Regions Bank Speaker
Board of Directors
Conference Committee
Alicia Treadway First Vice President - ACH Product Managment SunTrust Banks, Inc. Conference Committee AAP
Cindy Twigg AVP, Electronic Banking Supervisor FourOaks Bank & Trust Attendee
Michele Twisdom Bookkeeper Oculina Bank Attendee
Name Title Company E-mail Category Cert.
Attending Listing
Diane Vaglio Treasury Services Manager Wells Fargo Bank Attendee
Steve Vaglio SVP, Member Services & Marketing EastPay, Inc. Speaker
Conference Committee
Orlando Vanin Sr. Regional Sales Director Clear2Pay Attendee
German Vargas Ocean Bank Attendee
Tammy Vega VP, Deposit Operations Manager GulfShore Bank Attendee
Cheryl Venable Senior Vice President Federal Reserve Bank Speaker
Sue Verkempinck Assistant Vice President SunTrust Service Corp Attendee
Debbie Viveiros Treasury Services Manager The Bank of Tampa Attendee AAP,
David Wall Vice President of E-Services State Employees' Credit Union Attendee
Robert Weatherton Senior Auditor Federal Reserve Bankof Atlanta Attendee AAP
Pat Weeks U.S. Equity Advantage, Inc. Attendee
Jon Welborn RISCS Consultant; Senior Penetration Tester Computer Services Inc. (CSI) Speaker
Lynne Weldon ACH Supervisor Corporate America Credit Union Attendee
Chris Wenning Senior Sales Executive, US Sales Fundtech Corporation Exhibitor
Julius Weyman Senior Vice President Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Attendee
Barbara Wholuba Accounting Manager Publix Employees Federal Credit Union Attendee
Robert Wolly Director of Sales Laru Technologies Exhibitor
Michelle Wood Treasury Services Support Specialist Yadkin Bank Attendee
Michelle Wood-Welch SunTrust Banks, Inc. Attendee
Name Title Company E-mail Category Cert.
Attending Listing
Lynn Woods Senior Vice President Platinum Bank Attendee
Lisa Yacks AVP Operations Supervisor BankFIRST Attendee AAP
Rick Yates Director of Strategic Accounts CFC Technology Exhibitor

ABC Companies
Brenda Borwege
Sr. Vice President, Strategic Accts.
1506 30
St, NW
Faribault, MN 55021
Phone: 507-334-1871
Fax:  507-334-0246
Description: A leader in sales/leasing of
new and pre-owned highway coaches,
midsize shuttle, and advance design
heavy-duty transit equipment. They offer
an extensive OEM and quality
aftermarket parts inventory from seven
strategic locations throughout the US and
Canada, supported by a comprehensive
after-sale service network for service and
collision repair.
Advantage Funding Commercial
Capital Corp.
Lee Steinberg
Regional Sales Manager
3916 N. Highland Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Phone: 847-253-8831
Fax: 847-454-9303
Description: Provides bus financing and
Colin McGregor
Managing Director
225 County Road
Tenafly, NJ 07670
Phone: 201-735-0288
Fax: 877-570-9445
Description: Specializes in the design
and engineering of construction &
installations of innovative visual
communications system based on LED
Alliance Bus Group/CAIO
Nick Corley
Director of Marketing
1926 Hyannis Court
College Park, GA 30337
Phone: 866-287-4768
Fax: 770-305-0061
Description: Distributor of CAIO
Motorcoaches in North America, which is
the largest commercial bus distributor in
the nation.
Allison Transmission, Inc.
Branden Harbin
OEM Account Manager
Mail Code PF10
One Allison Way
Indianapolis, IN 46222-3271
Phone: 317-242-6782
Fax: 317-242-2057
Description: Manufactures
Amaya Astron Seating
George Farrell
Sales Representative
820 Raven Road
Landrum, SC 29356
Phone: 864-895-4127
Fax: 864-895-4827
Description: Sells deluxe reclining
passenger seats for intercity coaches used
in charter, tour, and line haul service.
American Seating Company
Danielle Haskins
Marketing & Sales 
401 American Seating Center
Grand Rapids, MI 49504-4499
Phone: 800-748-0353, x6540
Fax: 616-732-6847
Description: Provides reclining seats,
lounge furniture, & ADA compliant
securement systems for motorcoaches.
Amerisearch Background Alliance
Michael K. Brown
VP of Compliance & Corp. Development
2529 South Ridge Road, East
Ashtabula, OH 44004
Phone: 440-992-2080
Fax: 440-992-8491
Description: Specializes in Domestic &
Foreign Criminal Checks, Previous
Employment & Education Checks, Sex
Offender Registry Search, Statewide
Criminal Scan, MVR, Social Media, Drug
Screening, including Random consortium
Management. Allow us to protect your
company, reputation and sensitive assets
by providing you with the intel to make
informed hiring decisions.
Ametek Rotron Technical 
& Industrial Products
Keith K. Hallenbeck
Global Transportation Manager
100 E. Erie Street
Kent, OH 44240
Phone: 330-677-3335
Fax: 330-677-3306
Description: Sells D.C. fans, blowers,
pumps and motor products with highest
reliability, longest life and most extensive
field proven experience in the industry.
ANA Laboratories, Inc.
Michael Olson
Vice President
P.O. Box 727
Bellmawr, NJ 08099-0727
Phone: 800-648-2625
Fax: 856-931-5205
Description: Specializes in the testing
and analysis of oil, fuel and other
petroleum products for predictive
maintenance and quality assurance
Page 1
Angel-Trax Mobile Video Surveillance
Mark Moore
V.P. of Sales
9540 West US 84
Newton, AL 36352
Phone: 800-673-1788
Fax: 334-692-4606
Description: Angel-Trax is a leading
provider of the–vehicle mobile
surveillance.They drive the market with
stae-of-the-art products, including
patented Hybrid Component [tm]
DVRand Virtual Synchronized Mapping
technologies with top of the line Highdefinition cameras. 
Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation, Inc.
Larry Bauer
Pier 50
San Francisco, CA 94158
Phone: 415-522-1212
Fax: 415-522-1600
Toll Free: 800-546-6688
Description: Bauer’s Services Include:
fixed route and charter transportation
throughout California; event logistics
management for major events; vehicle
sales of gently used, premium quality
motorcoaches, shuttles, vans & suvs.
Bergen Auto Upholstery Company, Inc.
Nancy P. Citti
375 North Street, Suite U
Teterboro, NJ 07608
Phone: 201-457-9100
Fax:  201-457-9103
Description: Provides complete seat
replacement and refurbishing, seat
covers, headrest caps, and one day
service with previous appointment.
Bridgestone Mileage Sales
Karl Webb
Division Manager
10 East Firestone Blvd.
Akron, OH 44317
Phone: 330-379-6075
Fax: 330-379-6637
Description: Offers quality tire products
throughout the America.
Branson Craft Mall
Mark Pearman
694 St. Hwy 165
Branson, MO 65616
Phone:  417-334-1223
Fax: 417-334-1224
Description: Branson Craft Mall is
“Home” to Hillbilly Nut & Fruit Co. and
one of Branson’s largest fudge shops with
plenty of free samples. Let’s not forget
about our “New” Pickin’ Porch Deli,
known for its great food. Watch our
working craftsmen display their skills,
while giving you the best shopping
experience around. Branson Craft Mail is
located ½ mile S. of the Titanic on Hwy.
Branson’s IMAX Entertainment
Tom Forster
Director of Marketing & Sales
3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expansion
Branson, MO 65616
Phone: 417-335-3533
Fax: 417-336-5348
Description:  Treat your groups to the
best Branson has to offer. Big screens, big
shopping, big food, big live shows and
Branson Online
Rebecca Lawson
3027 W. Hwy 76, Ste. B
Branson, MO 65616
Phone:  417-693-3337
Fax: 417-763-3166
Web Site:
Description: Specializing in group travel
to Branson, MO. As a full service tour
agency, we design and plan tour packages
for groups to Branson at great rates. We
are a local industry leader with over 80
combined years in travel, providing all
that Branson has to offer in lodging,
Branson shows & attractions, dining,
shopping, and sight-seeing, professional
and courtesy service.
Braun Corporation
Francois Caron
Canadian Area Sales Mgr.
631 West 11
Winamac, IN 46996
Phone: 450-441-0343
Fax: 574-946-2363
Description: World leader in automotive
accessibility manufacturer of accessible
mini-vans, ramps and wheelchair lifts.
Budget Truck & Auto Body Inc.
Mark Polzin
Vice President
2027 W. Avalon Road
Janesville, WI 53546
Phone: 608-756-0861
Fax: 608-756-0136
Description: Provides Collision repair,
painting, factory trained technicians,
certified welders, refurbishment, facelifts,
complete vinyl graphics, design and
installer, bus wraps. 37 years in business. 
Cantey Hanger LLP
Stephanie Harrison
600 W 6th Street, Suite 300
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Phone: 817-877-2838
Fax: 817-877-2807
Description: No matter where the road
takes you, Cantey Hanger is here to
handle your legal needs. Their
Transportation Law section represents a
broad cross-section of transportation
clients who face numerous legal
challenges in the course of their daily
operations. Because our attorneys have a
tremendous range of experience and such
diverse backgrounds, the firm is able to
assist transport clients with essentially all
of their legal matters, including personal
injury claims, employment and labor
disputes, corporate and business
transactions and safety and regulatory
Page 2
Captive Resources, LLC
Denis C. Wiener
Senior Vice President & Principal
201 E. Commerce Drive
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Phone: 847-879-2359
Fax: 847-781-1455
Description: Oversees a captive
insurance company providing work
compensation and automobile coverage to
motorcoach operators.
C.E. Niehoff
Terrance Perkins
Account Manager
C.E. Niehoff & CO
2021 Lee Street
Evanston, IL 60202
Phone: 847-866-5960
Fax:    847-492-1242
Description: A leader in the design and
manufacture of heavy duty brushless
alternators. Our brushless alternators are
designed with the most demanding
applications in mind. 
Century McMynn Leasing and Sales
Bob McMynn
General Manager
2309 W 41st Ave, Ste #303
Vancouver V6M 2A3
Phone: 877-708-3477
Fax: 604-266-3489
Description: Buys/sells new and used
motorcoaches. Rents coaches both short
and long term and provide lease financing
of motorcoaches to coach operators.
CH Bus Sales
(Dealer for TEMSA)
Duane Geiger
Executive Vice President, Sales & Service
1941 Cardinal Lane, Suite C
Faribault, MN 55021
Phone: 507-331-7911
Fax: 507-331-1338
Description: CH Bus Sales, Inc. is the
exclusive distributor of Temsa
motorcoaches in the United States. CH
Bus Sales is a privately owned
corporation with an industry experienced
ownership and management team. They
are focused on providing excellent after
sales, service, parts, & support. Temsa is
a fully owned subsidiary of Sabanci
Holding, the leading financial and
industrial group in Turkey. In partnership
with Trailways, CH Bus Sales offers a
special buyer’s discount for Trailways
Stockholders. Call the Trailways
Corporate Office for a complete copy of
their program, 703-691-3052.
Charabanc Financial Services
Jason Cash
102 Colony Park Dr., Ste 700
Cumming, GA 30040 
Phone: 770-888-9981
Fax: 770-888-9975
Description: Provides National Action
Financial Services, Financial Services
Clarksville Montgomery County CVB
Frances Manzitto
Sales Manager
25 Jefferson St., Ste. 300
Clarksville, TN 37040
Phone:  800-530-2487
Fax:  931-645-1574
Description: Montgomery County,
Tennessee, Convention and Visitors
Coach-Transit Components Inc.
Mike Hemby
103 South Nashville Avenue
Orlando, FL 32805
Phone:  877-500-6999
Fax: 407-298-2609
Description: Provider of aftermarket
parts such as body parts, fenders, doors,
light panels, belts and hoses, lights,
inverter kits, fan clutches [Linnig &
Coface Collections 
North America
Monique Alexander
Development Director
2400 Veterans Memorial Blvd.,
Ste. 300
Kenner, LA 70032
Phone: 800-318-6494
Fax: 360-906-8035
Description: Assists in managing and
protecting companies’ account
receivables. Also provides commercial
collection services.
Creative Bus Sales
Jeff Shank
General Manager
13501 Benson Avenue
Chino, CA 91710
Phone: 800-326-2877
Fax: 909-465-5529
Description: Creative Bus Sales is the
nation’s largest bus dealership, offering
products from 23 of the top commercial
and school bus manufacturers. With an
expansive inventory including CNG,
Propane & Hybrid buses. Creative can
solve any transportation need. We also
provide in-house financing, service, and
part sales. Visit our website.
Page 3
DDS eFleet Services, Inc.
Michael Dixon
Director, Business Development
11920 Forge Place
Richmond, BC V7A 4V9
Phone: 866-417-8004
Fax: 604-241-1440
Description: Complete solution of fleet
management capabilities.
Decker, Jones, McMackin, McClane,
Hill & Bates, P.C.
Elisa Fox
801 Cherry Street, Ste. 2000
Mail Unit #46
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Phone: 817-336-2400
Fax: 817- 336-2181
Description: Full service law firm,
providing a wide array of legal and
consulting services to businesses and
individuals, including business and
corporate matters, contract review and
negotiation, risk management, regulatory
and compliance employment law,
transportation law, estate planning,
intellectual property law, mergers and
Detroit Diesel Corporation
Douglas Weatherly
Senior Sales Manager
13400 Outer Drive West
Detroit, MI 48239
Phone: 313-592-0730
Fax: 313-592-7066
Description: Manufacturer of heavy duty
diesel engines to the motor coach market.
DIA Solutions, Inc.
Tony Orlando
1011 Upper Middle Rd.
Oakville, ON Canada L6H 5Z9
Phone: 866-518-5352
Description: DIA Solutions provides a
complete range of quality cleaning
products. They offer one stop shopping
that saves time. The synergistic attributes
of our chemicals work in combination to
give you superior results. 
Distinctive Systems, Inc.
Don Greenglass
131 ½ South Washington Street
Binghamton, NY 13903
Phone: 646-448-9981
Fax: Same as phone
Description: Specializes in the
development of software products for
coaches and bus companies.
Don Brown Bus Sales, Inc.
Eric Sebast
Vice President
703 County Highway 107
Johnstown, NY 12095
Phone:  855-546-6060
Fax: 518-752-5448
Description: Don Brown Bus Sales has
been supporting the ground
transportation community since 1973,
while maintain one of the largest bus
inventories in the US market. They stock a
vast variety of new and pre-owned buses
& vans from the top manufacturers. We
look forward to building a long term
relationship with Trailways.
DSI Medical Services Inc.
Roger Hornby
V.P. Business Development
300 Welsh Rd., Bldg. 4, Suite 160
Horsham, PA 19044
Phone:  800-770-0531 ext. 1729
Fax:  215-443-3037
Description: Provides nationwide drug
and alcohol screening services for preemployment, random, post-accident, posttreatment, reasonable suspicion and /or
breathe alcohol testing needs at wholesale
level prices. 
D&W Diesel, Inc.
Ralph Cartellone
Business Development Rep.
1503 Clark Street
Auburn, NY 13021
Phone: 315-253-2324
Description: D&W Diesel has 35 year of
experience distributing world leading
brands; they have industry-trained
technicians and state-of-the-art
equipment with an extensive inventor.
Easy Bus, Inc. 
Michael Hinckley
313 Ushers Road
Ballston Lake, NY 12019
Phone: 518-877-2502
Fax: 518-602-9262
Description: Leading innovator in for
charter management,
dispatch/scheduling, fleet maintenance
management, and personnel recordkeeping for both the school bus and
motorcoach industries.
Elreg Distributors Ltd.
Mark Macdonald
Sales Coordinator
2215 Kenmore Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14207
Phone: 800-387-4078
Fax: 888-858-9317
Description: Alternators, starters,
circulator pumps and related component
parts for the transit, coach and school bus
industries, authorized distributor for
Delco-Remy, Bosch, Prestolite,
LucasElektrik,,C.E. Niehoff, Letrika,
Denso, Mitsubishi, and MP Pumps. 
Espar, Inc.
John Bishop
V.P. Market Development
6099-A Vipond Drive
Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2B2
Phone: 800-387-4800
Fax: 905-670-0728
Description: Worldwide leader in truck,
school bus, automotive and marine heater
See Pigeon Forge Receptive
Cindy Stepson
Group Sales Manager
119 Music Road
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Phone: 866-492-6972
Fax: 865-286-6227
Description: Provides a variety of family
entertainment, including: comedy theater,
and dinner show. 
Page 4
Ferguson Financial Group
Wayne Rector
11102 Lindbergh Business Ct.
St. Louis, MO 63123
Phone: 314-821-0500
Fax: 314-835-9219
Description: Provides comprehensive
financial planning; and specializing in
Estate, Business Succession and Tax
Firetrace International
Stephanie Vogel
8435 North 90th Street, Suite 2
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Phone: 480-607-1218
Fax: 480-315-1316
Description The Firetrace Automatic Fire
Suppression System is the most reliable
vehicle suppression solution on the
market today: eliminating false
discharges, requiring no electricity. 24/7
protections, uncomplicated installation
and maintenance on new or existing
fleets. Firetrace currently protects more
than 15,000 school bus and transit
vehicles—resulting in frequent fire saves. 
Fleet Financing Resources, LLC
Dave Reynolds
President & CEO
10370 Hemet Street, Ste. 350
Riverside, CA 92503
Phone: 800-421-3660
Fax: 951-710-1016
Description: offers financing and leasing
for all new, used titled transportation
equipment, as well as maximum flexibility
with structuring, and terms for vehicles.
Jordan Van Dyke
5501 Seventy Seven Center Dr., #300
Charlotte, NC 28217
Phone: 704-295-8780
Fax: 704-716-7663
Description: Fleetmatics is a leading
global provider of fleet management
solutions. Fleetmatics’ intuitive, costeffective Web-based solutions provide
fleet owners and operator’s with visibility
into vehicle locations, fuel usage, speed
and mileage, and other insights into their
mobile workforce, enabling them to
reduce operating and capital costs and
increase revenue. They also serve more
than 17,000 customers, with over 300,000
actively subscribed vehicles worldwide.
G&K Services
Larry Lewis
National Account Executive
3820 Delp Street
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone:  901-827-7865
Fax: 952-912-5980
Description: A leader in uniform rental
and facility products for more than 100
Years, G&K Services is committed to
enhancing your business image and
ensuring your employees’ safety.
Companies like yours throughout the
North America put their trust in G&K
Services for their uniform rental, apparel
purchases, and facility services. 
GW Ad Group, Inc.
Jenny Leiker
12205 Wenonga Lane
Leawood, KS 66209
Phone: 913-529-0004
Fax: 913-529-0014
Description: Utilizing print, online and
mobile GW/BR creates market reach
solutions that deliver impactful and
relevant connections between you and
your customers when they are looking for
bus transportation. We work within your
budget to find the most effective strategy
and offer affordable packages tailored to
your specific business needs.
Hiltons of Branson
Cindy Thomas
Hilton Sales Manager
200 E. Main St.
Branson, MO 65616
Phone: 417-2433414
Fax: 417-243-3486
Description: Hilton of Branson offers an
AAA 4 Diamond hotel that provides
beautifully appointed, oversized guest
rooms, sophisticated dining options,
meeting space and accommodations for
gatherings of any size, recreation
facilities. All rooms are equipped with two
queen or one king bed, refrigerator, 32”
flat screen TV. The hotels are steps away
from Historic Downtown Branson and
Branson Landing with easy driving
distance to Branson Champion golf
courses, lakes, museums, and much more.
Holdsworth North America
John Booth
2840 Fortune Circle E, Suite F
Indianapolis, IN 46241
Phone: 317-484-0305
Fax: 317-484-0706
Description: Designers, Manufacturers
and suppliers of woll blend and polyester
upholstery fabrics, leather products and
interior fabrics for the motorcoach
industry worldwide. Holdsworth is also
the exclusive source for the “Defender”
stain guard, anti-microbial, anti-fungal
fabric protection.
Hotel Planner
Suzy Wills
Corporate Account Director
777 S Flagler Drive, 
Suite 800, West Tower
West Palm Beach, FL 33401 
Phone:  800-760-7718 ext. 737
Fax: 888-316-4857
Description: Provides online services to
the global group hotel sales market as
well as direct online quotes.
Page 5
Idrive, Inc.
Kelli O’Neil
Marketing Director
249 N. Turnpike Rd.
Santa Barbara, CA 93111
Phone: 805-308-6094
Fax: 805-569-3272
Description: Provides event triggered
and continuous recording devices to track
and protect fleet vehicles.
Jim’s Truck & Trailer Coachwerks
Tanya Dias
Sales & Marketing
1269 Breezy Lane
Winona, MN 55987
Phone: 507-452-1294
Fax: 507-452-2701
Description: Provides complete repair &
refinish, custom & OEM painting,
graphics, suspension, alignments,
electrical, fire damage & A/C. All other
related services on every make & model.
Key Equipment Finance
Scott Baer
Regional Sales Manager
8170 Old Carriage Court North,
Suite 200
Shakopee, MN 55379
Phone: 952-465-3954
Fax: 216-370-5866
Description: Provides the financing of
Kirk’s Automotive, Inc.
Robert Kirkman
Vice President
9330 Roselawn Street
Detroit, MI 48204
Phone: 800-321-5989
Fax: 313-933-7073
Description: Distributor of alternators,
starters, electric motors, pumps, and
steering gears. Factory authorized
remanufacturer of Ametek Transportation
La France Industries
Jeff Goldwasser
Danny Grant
290 Old Anderson Rd.
LaFrance, SC 29656
Phone: 551-482-1608
Description: LaFrance produces fabrics
for Transit and motor coaches.
Lancer Insurance Company
Randy O’Neill
Senior Vice President
370 West Park Avenue
P.O. Box 9004
Long Beach, NY 11561-3245
Phone: 516-431-4441
Fax: 516-889-1727
Description: Is considered the nation's
largest specialty insurer of passenger
transportation companies. 
Lantal Textiles, Inc.
Leonard Allard
N.A. National Sales Manager
1624 Howat Crescent
Mississauga, Ontario L5J 4G5, Canada
Phone: 905-823-9427
Fax: 905-823-8671
Description: Supplies well-designed,
quality fabrics to the ground
transportation industries in North
America and Europe.
Mansfield Oil Company
John Gillis
Commercial Sales Representative
1025 Airport Parkway SW
Gainesville, GA 30501
Phone: 866-542-1691
Fax: 770-718-3053
Description: Provides comprehensive
fuel supply, distribution, delivery and
dispensing solutions through an
integrated network of refiners, terminals,
carriers and retailers throughout the U.S.
and Canada.
Medical Decision Services
Bill Talero 
SMART Program Coordinator
2890 West State Road 84, Ste. #102
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Phone:  800-916-2004
Fax:  800-916-1982
Description: With or without health
insurance? The Sleep Management to
Avoid Risk in Transportation (SMART)
program is aimed at providing a real
affordable solution for bus and trucking
companies to manage drivers with sleep
apnea or fatigue. As industry leaders,
Medical Decision Services is providing
sleep apnea diagnosis, treatment and
compliance for companies and
independent operators who are without
insurance or have high deductibles. 
Michelin North America
Irene Estrada
Country Operational Marketing Mgr.
P. O. Box 19001, 
One Parkway South
Greenville, SC 29615
Phone: 864-458-4644
Fax: 864-458-5002
Description: Offers special discounted
tire programs for all Trailways members.
Motor Coach Industries (MCI)
Patricia Ziska
Vice President, Private Sector New 
Coach Sales
200 East Oakton Street
Des Plaines, IL 60018
Phone: 847-285-2172
Fax: 502-318-8288
Description: Builds high-quality, fuel
efficient, low-cost-of-ownership model
coaches; additionally distributor for Setra
coaches and parts in the USA and
Page 6
Motor Coach Movies
Terri Colyer
Account Executive
10795 Watson Road
St. Louis, MO 63127
Phone: 888-416-2572
Fax: 314-909-0879
Description: Serves as the legal
distributor of Hollywood movies for
commercial motorcoaches; offers
performance licenses, which allow
motorcoach companies.
National Bus Sales
Mike Curtis
Commercial Sales Manager
8649 S. Regency Drive
Tulsa, OK 74131
Phone: 918-224-1049
Fax: 918-224-1092
Description: Sells used school and
commercial buses for more than twenty
National Interstate Insurance Company
Michelle A. Wiltgen
Assistant Vice President
3250 Interstate Drive
Richfield, OH 44286
Phone: 800-595-2553
Fax: 330-659-8907
Description: Provides passenger
transportation long-term insurance
National Seating/CVG
Ray Miller
Vice President, Sales
200 National Drive 
Vonroe, TN 37885
Phone: 423-884-4835
Fax: 423-884-4859
Description: Provides premium
motorcoach seating including seats with 3
point seat belts to meet FMCSA - 210
NTIS Group, LLC 
(DBA; National Transportation Insurance
Jason Hradek
Director of Programs
24610 Detroit Road, Suite 250
Westlake, OH 44145
Phone: 888-973-0545
Fax: 440-471-8225
Description: Offers commercial
transportation insurance.
Ozark Country Vacations & Cruises
Carl Wade
Co-Owner, Groups
PO Box 865
Branson, MO 65615
Phone: 417-335-2332
Fax: 417-335-4125
Decription: Full service tour & travel
agency based in Branson, MO for 31
years, featuring tour packages for groups
to Branson and any place worldwide.
Over 150 combined years of tour planning
by the world’s friendliest staff.
Paradigm Technology Consulting 
Jason Pintinalli
Marketing Director
22 South Main Street
Allentown, NJ 08501
Phone: 609-890-4150 ext. 1527
Fax: 609-890-4154
Description: Publishes the Paradigm
Transportation Suite and resells
Enghouse Transportation’s CoachWorks
& Tour Manager; offers operational,
charter & fleet management, dispatch &
scheduling solutions for the school bus
and Motorcoach industries.
Perfect Body & Fender Company
Joseph Patella
7100 West Side Avenue
North Bergen, NJ 07047
Phone: 201-868-8994
Fax: 201-861-2205
Website:  No website
Description: Bus body repair and
painting; minor and major collision
repairs; and, refurbishing on all types of
Pillar Hotels & Resorts
Amanda Higgins-Thibeau
National Sales Manager
6031 Connection Drive, Suite 500
Irving, TX 75039
Phone: 972-757-9742
Fax: 407-654-9054
Description: Offers over 300 hotels in 37
states; all hotels are located in key
markets and along key routes.
P.A. Post Agency, LLC
Tom Post
One Internatonal Blvd., Ste. 405
Mahwah, NJ 07495
Phone: 201-252-3010
Fax: 201-252-3011
Description: Since our founding in 1915,
P.A. Post Agency, LLC has remained the
country’s premier transportation
insurance agency. In our fourth
generation of family-ownership, P.A. Post
Agency continues to provide our clients
with q blanket of financial security
through both traditional and alternative
insurance products and services. 
PEX German O.E. Parts LLC
Eric H. Stern
Sales Manager
200 Hart Street
Niceville, FL 32578
Phone:  850-729-0537
Fax:  850-729-0538
Description: PEX has long been known to
produce quality electronic brake wear
sensors for disc & drum brakes for heavy
duty trucks, buses, RV’s and trailers for
the US, Canada and Mexico. PEX also
offers ABS Sensors, ABS Sensor Extension
Cables, speed sensors and switches.
Page 7
Robert Goodnight
Vice President of New Coach Sales
7900 National Service Rd., Suite 500
Greensboro, NC 27409
Phone: 336-393-2089
Fax: 336-393-2955
Description: Manufactures deluxe
touring motor coaches (Le Mirage, H3-41, H3-45) providing excellent passenger
Protective Insurance Company
Stacy Renz
V.P. of Marketing
Julia Spangler
Baldwin & Lyons
111 Congressional Blvd., Ste. 500
Carmel, IN 46032
Phone: 317-429-2586-644-5501
Fax: 800-511-5087 
Description: A+ Rated Superior by A.M.
Best; licensed to provide transportation
insurance coverage in all states.
Radio Engineering Industries (REI)
Darwin Rubeck
National Sales Manager - Motorcoach
6534 L Street
Omaha, NE 68117
Phone: 402-339-2200 ext. 236
Fax: 402-339-1704
Description: Provides transportation
electronic solutions such as: audio/video
passenger entertainment, HD monitors,
Pas, radios, speakers, passenger safety
announcement messaging, microphones,
mobile video surveillance, fleet
management, and camera observation.
For 75 years, REI has been a leading bus
industry supporter and supplier. Sales:
800-228-9275, Tech Support: 877-726-4117.
Resorts Casino Hotel
Meg Lewis
Executive Director Marketing & Bus
1133 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Phone: 609-340-7715
Fax: 609-340-6305
Description: Offers a new level of
excitement, featuring a year round beach
bar in their new food court and Jimmy
Buffett’s Margaritaville complex.
Russell’s Guides
David Wagner
P.O. Box 11276
Cedar Rapids, IA 52410
Phone: 319-364-6138
Fax: 319-364-4853
Description: Provides timetable,
schedule printing, brochures and
Safety Vision
Phillip King
Account Executive
6100 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. N.
Houston, TX 77041-5113
Phone: 800-880-8855
Fax: 713-896-6640
Description: Supplier of mobile video
solutions that help enhances
transportation safety.
Sardo Bus & Coach Upholstery
Sandy Follis
Vice President, Sales
503 South Main Ave.
Minneola, FL 34715
Phone: 800-654-3824
Fax: 352-242-9290
Description: Sardo’s quality
craftmanship and unique customer service
have made us an industry leader in
motorcoach and transit refurbishment.
Our professional Mobile Road Crews
travel directly to your facility for all of
your interior needs. We offer the best
warranty in the industry and guarantee
our workmanship.
Saucon Technologies, Inc.
Michael Deeb
Senior Vice President of Sales
2455 Baglyos Circle
Bethlehem, PA 18020
Phone: 484-241-2500
Fax: 484-895-0341
Description: Provides fleet management
technology including GPS, WiFI,
Electronic Drive Logs, video surveillance,
mobile applications, idle
time/alerts/mileage/vehicle history
reports. Integration with Distinctive
Systems, remote vehicle shutdown, engine
telemetry, and much more.
Gary Mason
Vice President
23 Fontana Lane, Suite 110
Baltimore, MD 21237
Phone: 443-730-1023
Fax: 443-730-1026
Description: Provides sales, service and
reconditioned SEFAC heavy duty mobile
lifts, jack stands, transmission jacks, and
Shaner Hotel Group
Lisa Martinez
National Tour & Travel Sales Manager
1965 Waddle Road
State College, PA 16803
Phone: 404-210-1403
Fax: 678-264-5470
Description: Representing Marriott,
Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Clarion and
Hampton Inn & Suites.
Shore Funding, LTD
Joseph A. DeAngelis
1161 Broad Street, Suite 214
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
Phone: 800-542-7467
Fax: 732-389-7505
Description: Provides vehicle equipment
Page 8
Shriver Insurance Agency
Charles M. Shriver
340 West Butterfield Road, Suite 2B
Elmhurst, IL 60126
Phone: 630-833-0480
Fax: 630-833-0876
Description: Provider of public
transportation insurance since 1963.
Sight & Sound Theatre
Mike Pitman
1001 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway
Branson, MO 65616
Phone:  417-335-7900 
Fax: 417-335-7923
Description:Sight & Sound Theatres
continues its tradition of bringing the
Bible to life, get ready for JONAH, all
exhilarating fun-filled journey that carries
you over land and sea, across deserts, into
royal palaces—and deep within the belly
of a big fish! JONAH is premiering March
22, 2014 in Branson, Missouri.
Starlite Theatre
Susan Weimar
Director of Sales
3115 W. Hwy. 76
Branson, MO 65616
Phone: 417-337-9333
Fax: 417-335-6336
Description: The Starlite Theatre is
Branson’s premier entertainment
destination, featuring Branson’s best
selection of shows. The Texas Tenors, as
seen on America’s Got Talent, Larry
Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, Larry’s
Country Diner Live, and Kenny Rogers
presents his Broadway musical
production, “The Toy Shoppe.” The show
features Billy Dean, along with 11 year
old America’s Got Talent finalist Chloe
W. Todd Reynolds
Professional Consultant
4810 Heisman Drive
Wichita Falls, TX 76310
Phone: 940-631-6186
Fax: 940-687-5313
Description: Offers Sterile-Armor, a
guaranteed, once-a-year, spray-on
product that kills bacteria, viruses, mold,
and fungi. Sterile-Armor is EPA approved,
all-natural, green, hospital grade product.
Suntrust Equipment Finance
Greg Berg
Vice President
906 Westminister Way
Southlake, TX 76092
Phone: 817-488-7585
Description: Motorcoach financing.
Systems 2000
Traeanne Reynolds
Operations Manager
528 Northlake Blvd., Ste 1000
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Phone: 407-358-2000
Fax:  407-358-2020
Description: Provides comprehensive
Business Management software that
enables Bus Dealerships to integrate
sales prospecting, CRM (Customer
Relationship Management), F&I, Deal
Desking, Inventory, parts, service,
accounting, payroll and Rental.
TCF Equipment Finance, Inc.
Peter King
Vice President, Motorcoach
11100 Wayzata BLVD, Suite 801
Minnetonka, MN 55305
Phone: 952-656-3254
Fax: 952-656-5081
Description: Offers leasing and financing
for motorcoach and school bus
Team Coach Imaging
Ronald LeBlanc
Business Development
1328 1st Street Industrial Park
Sainte-Marie, Quebec G6E 1H4, Canada
Phone: 866-986-3039
Fax: 418-386-2420
Description: Designs and creates top-ofthe line visual graphics on all types of
motorcoaches to offer our clients superior
quality products and indispensable
partner to all owner-operators.
Teletrac Inc.
Lin Doan
Market Communications/Tradeshow &
Event Coordinator
7391 Lincoln Way
Garden Grove, CA 92841
Phone: 800-500-6009 ext. 7275
Fax: 714-379-6378
Description: Saves fleet owners time and
money while increasing productivity,
output, safety and compliance.
Terrapin Blue
Ryan Kelly
P.O. Box 1547
Athens, GA 30603
Phone: 877-860-2583
Fax: 888-912-3341
Description: Provides consulting services
for video production, web-design and
multimedia marketing, specializing in
transportation, travel and tourism
The Tenney Group
Charles Tenney
Senior Managing Partner
600 Six Flags Drive
Arlington, TX 76011
Phone: 615-224-8288
Fax: 970-763-7327
Description: Specializes in business sales
& acquisitions exclusively in the
transportation industry; and, provides
assistance in formulating proactive
business-exit strategies.
Page 9
Titanic Museum Attraction
Ruthann Crust
Sales Manager
714 Hwy 248, Suite 520
Branson, MO 65616
Phone: 417-334-9500
Fax: 417-334-5128
Description: World’s largest Titanic
Museum Attraction.
Toyo Motorcoach Tire Sales
Bill Kaiser
1133 4
Columbus, GA 31901
Phone: 678-463-4110
Fax: 706-321-8132
Description: Direct sales of TOYO Tires
to motorcoach fleets.
TRP Bus Parts
Lee Yarbrough
Special Markets Sales Mgr.
750 Houser Way N.
Renton, WA 98057
Phone:  206-898-5543
Description: Tools, parts and
maintenance for motorcoach companies.
Transit Sales International
Richard Sullivan
Vice President of Sales
1863 Service Court
Riverside, CA 92507
Phone: 951-682-2557
Fax:  951-682-2577
Description: Specializes in supplying
quality, used transit buses to customers.
Trans Lease Inc.
Mark Lindell
Business Development Mgr.
4475 East 740 Ave., Ste. 103
Commerce City, CO 80022
Phone: 612-916-5375
Fax: 303-289-6836
Description: Trans Lease provides lease
and loan financing on new and pre-owned
motorcoaches. Terms range from 36 to 84
Translite Enterprises
Michael Turner
107 Trumbull Street – K Bldg.
Elizabeth, NJ 07206
Phone: 908-355-3250
Fax: 903-355-4250
Description: Distributor of Bus glass for
coaches, transits and school buses.
Transportation Insurance Brokers
Bridgeport Health Insurance
Sackett Cook
Regional Vice President
425 West Broadway, # 400
Glendale, CA 91204-1269
Phone: 818-246-2800
Fax: 818-246-4690
Description: Provides insurance
programs specifically designed for bus
operators; i.e., auto liability, auto
physical damage, workers' compensation
and employee benefits.
Turbo Images
Esther Morissette
Vice President Marketing
1225 107e Rue, Saint-Georges
Quebec, Canada G5Y 8C3
Phone: 888-219-8872
Fax: 877-327-0799
Description: Provides fleet graphic
solutions, creative design services,
leading edge digital printing, bus wraps,
onsite installation across North America,
installation at the factory prior to
delivery, removal services, and after sales
exclusive online parts reordering system.
UniPro Uniform Company
Sari Frei
Director of Sales & Marketing
390 Nye Avenue 
Irvington, NJ 07111
Phone: 973-577-1300
Fax: 973-622-1446
Description: Manufactures uniforms for
transportation, police, ems, security &
Maintenance industries; supplier of any
type of uniform.
Unit Chemical Corporation
Mike Chaplar
Vice President – Marketing
7360 Commercial Way
Henderson, NV 89015
Phone: 800-879-8648
Fax: 702-564-6629
Description: Provides toilet deodorants
for motorcoach sanitation, as well as odor
control, bus wash & graffiti remover.
Vernonand Maz, Inc.
Brian A. Mazurek
President & CEO
24216 South Home Avenue
P. O. Box 58
Monee, IL 60449
Toll Free#: 800-800-8195
Phone: 708-534-9123
Fax: 708-534-9149
Description: Offers services for in-house
designing, state-of-the-art manufacturing
and nationwide installation as well as
removal services of top quality Fleet
Graphics and Wraps for motorcoaches. 
Volvo Financial Services
Michael Gay
Business Development Manager
7025 Albert Pick Road
Suite 105
Greensboro, NC 27409
Phone: 336-931-4000
Fax: 336-931-3732
Description: Provides finance & trac
lease options to support your purchase of
Prevost and Volvo Motor Coaches..
Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, Inc.
Matt Hotchkiss
Territory Manager
733 Marquette Avenue, Suite 700
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: 866-739-3173
Fax: 612-492-9541
Description: Offers competitive lease and
loan products tailored specifically for the
Motorcoach industry, including TRAC
leases, loans, equipment lines of credit,
and fleet refinancing options.
Page 10 
Worldwide Monochem
Tammy Moyer
1713 Hur Industrial Blvd.
Cedar Park, TX 78613
Phone: 512-267-5190
Fax:  512-339-1954
Description: Sells deodorizers, perfumes,
cleaners, and related products
specializing in industrial sanitation.
Yakov Smirnoff Theatre
Trey Pelz
General Manager
470 State Hwy 248
Branson, MO 65616
Phone: 417-336-3838
Fax: 417-336-4102
Description: The Yakov Smirnoff Theatre
is home to Branson, MO funniest
comrade, Yakov.
ZF Bus Driveline Technologies
Keith Rubenacker
Application Engineer Manager
777 Hickory Hill Drive
Vernon Hill, IL 60061
Phone:  847-478-6868 Ext. 6836
Fax:  847-478-6788
Description: ZF is the leading
manufacture of transmissions, axles,
steering and suspension components for
the Motor Coach Industry. The ZF
ASTronic automatic-manual transmission
provides increased fuel economy with
reduced maintenance costs.
Page 11