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Ward’s Business Directory of U. S. Private and Public 
Companies on Gale Directory Library 
Since 1960, Ward’s Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies has been the 
leading source for hard-to-find information on private companies. Librarians, business 
executives, students, professional planners, job hunters, and others have come to rely on 
Ward’s for reliable and accessible information on private and public companies. 
Ward’s assists market researchers in identifying market participants and analyzing market 
share. It also helps sales managers identify potential clients, create targeted mailings, and 
determine parent/subsidiary relationships. All of this is now made easier with the availability 
of Ward’s on the Gale Directory Library. 
In print format Ward’s is eight volumes with approximately 112,000 companies covered 
(90% of which are private). On the Gale Directory Library Ward’s still has the same 112,000 
companies, but also includes additional information that wouldn’t “fit” in print and is not 
separated by volumes. 
This document will illustrate how to get the same results that you’re used to 
seeing in print as well as all of the additional, dynamic features that are now 
available online. 
Important Tips will be noted along the way with this symbol: 
How to Locate Alphabetical Listings 
There are two options available to locate data alphabetically using Ward’s on the Gale 
Directory Library: 
1. Via Basic Search a user can enter an entity name to jump directly to a particular 
company, as illustrated below: 
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2. Or, you can go to Advanced Search and choose Ward’s from the dropdown menu (if 
you have more than one title) and then click Search to get all of the Ward’s results in 
alphabetical order, as illustrated below: 
Volume 4 of the Ward’s directory in print contains a geographic listing of all of the 
companies arranged by zip code within state. It also offers at-a-glance evaluations of 
industry activity through a series of ranked lists, including: 
ƒ 1000 Largest Privately Held Companies 
ƒ 1000 Largest Publicly Held Companies 
ƒ 1000 Largest Employers 
ƒ Analysis of Private & Public Companies by State 
ƒ Analysis of Revenue per Employee of the Top 1000 Companies by SIC and NAICS 
ƒ Analysis of Private & Public Companies by SIC and NAICS 
How to Rank All Entries in a Zip Code 
To find and rank all entries with a particular zip code first go to Advanced Search. Next, 
choose Ward’s, and then enter a zip code as illustrated below: 
Once you have your results you can then choose to sort by name (alpha order), publication 
date, employees, financial data, or geography. 
JM_ST_11_2008 3 
You can also enter a zip code range: 
How to Find the Top 1,000 Privately or Publicly Held Companies 
In Advanced Search choose Ward’s and then in the drop down choose Type as your first 
index choice and enter “private” or “public.” 
Sort by financial data to get the top 1,000 (or whatever number suits your needs) private or 
public companies: 
JM_ST_11_2008 4 
How to Find the Top 1,000 Largest Employers 
In Advanced Search choose Ward’s and then click Search. Then sort by employees – the 
largest number of employees will be at the top of your results set as illustrated below. 
How to Perform Analysis of Private & Public Companies by State 
Go to Advanced Search and search by Company Type (private or public) and State. Once 
you export your results you can total up employees, financials, etc. 
How to Locate Industry Information by SIC or NAICS 
Most users are only interested in a few industries and the Gale Directory Library 
platform makes it very easy to drill down into specific industries via SIC or 
NAICS to access this information quickly. 
For instance, if I was interested in Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing (NAICS 
334516) and Irradiation Apparatus Manufacturing (NAICS 334517) I could enter these 
codes in Advanced Search and find results based on private or public company - or break it 
down much more granularly than I could in print. Let’s say I am only interested in NAICS 
334516 and 334517 in the states of Michigan and Florida and then I want to rank my lists 
by number of employees and then by sales, etc. Instead of taking several minutes/hours to 
do this in print I can now perform all of these tasks within seconds as illustrated below. 
A Note about the Remaining Sections of Volume 4 in Print – SIC and NAICS 
In the remaining sections of Volume 4 of the Ward’s title in print, there are counts and 
analyses done of revenue per employee of the top 1,000 companies by SIC and NAICS and 
of private and public companies by 4-digit SIC and by 6-digit NAICS. This becomes a bit 
more complicated to extract from the online version - it would take multiple downloads and 
some extra steps in Excel, but can be done. Gale is working on a programmatic way to  
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generate these reports for Ward’s users on Gale Directory Library – this will be a future 
enhancement for the platform. 
How to Find Rankings by Sales within 4-DIGIT SIC 
In Advanced Search enter the SIC you are interested in and perform your search. From 
there you can sort by financial data, as illustrated below. You may also choose to sort your 
results by employee count, location, etc. 
These volumes, in print, organize companies by state, then by the 4-digit SIC (or 6-Digit 
NAICS) code that most closely resembles their principal industry and ranks them according 
to revenues. Each state has an overview of the 100 largest privately held companies in that 
particular state, the 100 largest publicly held companies, and the 100 largest employers. 
Previously we’ve already learned how to easily perform these rankings within the Gale 
Directory Library. These volumes continue on to breakdown each SIC or NAICs code within 
a particular state. 
How to Find Rankings by Sales within SIC or NAICS by State 
To do this, go to Advanced Search and choose the SIC or NAICs code you are interested in 
and enter in the particular state that you are interested in. Below we chose to illustrate 
Electrical Work (SIC 1731) in Alabama. 
JM_ST_11_2008 6 
Once you get your results, as seen below, you can then choose to sort by financial data to 
get the results of the top companies in Alabama for SIC 1731. If necessary, you can export 
your results to Excel to perform further analysis of the information. 
Unleash Ward’s from its paper prison and bring power to your users with the 
ability to perform custom searches and sorts. Export results and open the door 
to untold possibilities. Build up your collection (remember you own this data) 
over time to perform analyses of these companies from year-to-year. Combine it with the 
Graham & Whiteside Major Companies titles now available on the Gale Directory Library to 
get a complete world view! 
Generally speaking, you can export entries from your search results list or from 
your Marked Items list. You can export unlimited items, up to 200 records at a 
time from your search results list or 50 records at a time from your Marked Items list. 
Export Delivery Form 
Clicking the Export List icon on 
the toolbar (found in the banner 
area at the top of the page) will 
cause the Export Delivery form 
to appear. Type in your email 
address in the Mail to box. Then 
for the Export format, choose 
whether you want a single list 
that includes only common 
fields, or multiple lists that 
include all the fields in the 
results list (multiple lists are 
necessary for expanded field 
lists because each directory’s 
contents are different.) If you  
JM_ST_11_2008 7 
are only exporting results from one directory you will want to choose the multiple lists 
option. Make any change to the Subject line that you want and, if desired, type a Message. 
Click the Send button to send your data export to yourself. The list(s) will be attached in 
CSV (comma-separated value) format. 
Note: If you do not see the email within a few minutes, please check your spam filter. 
The Help file located within the database at the top right-hand side of the toolbar, below the 
Gale Directory Library banner, will provide you with more detailed information about the 
Gale Directory Library and the Ward’s Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies title. 
For more information about Gale Directory Library, please visit: or the product’s Help file.