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Thursday, May 26, 2011
HAVING secured a leading
position in the country in the
enterprise-level IT managed
services and IT skills outso-
urcing fields, ABATS, the te-
chnology subsidiary of Ali
Bin Ali group, has now set its
sight on doing the same as IT
services provider to the SME
sector, a senior official of the
company said on Wednesday.
Talking to
Qatar Tribune
on the sidelines of the QIT-
COM Conference and
Exhibition 2011 organised by
ictQatar, Ali Bin Ali Group
Chief Operating Officer ICT,
Mohamad AlEbrik, said the
group believes there is a “big
potential in the SME IT serv-
ices space and there is big
gap to be filled.”
His opinion finds an echo in
the latest International Data
Corporation (IDC) report wh-
ich puts Qatar’s ICT spending
in 2010 at $2.55 billion, up
9.9 percent year-on-year.
The IDC is the premier
global provider of market
intelligence, advisory servic-
es, and events for the infor-
mation technology, telecom-
munications and consumer
technology markets.
The report also points out
that the “SMEs constitute an
increasingly important share
of ICT spending in the coun-
try”. It is this market that Ali
Bin Ali Technology Solutions
seeks to diversify into and
focus on, AlEbrik said.
“With our own strong
team of expert IT professi-
onals and a stellar array
of global IT technology
majors like Apple,
ABATS targets SME sector to
provide IT services: AlEbrik
QATAR can learn from
Singapore in setting-up
an effective e-gover-
nance model, according
to a representative of
Microsoft Corporation.
Microsoft is among
the 100 top firms, par-
ticipating in the QIT-
COM 2011 Conference
and Exhibition which
was inaugurated at
the Doha Exhibitions
Center on Tuesday.
Talking to
on the sidelines
of the exhibition on
Wednesday, Microsoft’s
Director of Applied
Innovation Ruediger
Dorn said building and
strengthening the inter-
nal capacity of a country
before exporting its serv-
ices is also an important
pointer that the Qatari
government can look
into as it aspires to be a
digital hub in the region.
“Singapore, which is
already a regional hub, is
a relatively small country
and has a lot of similari-
ties with Qatar. It can act
as Qatar’s model in
terms of looking at how
they put effective gover-
nance and how they
started with exporting
their services to other
countries,” he said.
He emphasised the
importance of
Qatar can emulate
Singapore model
of e-governance:
Microsoft official
Ali Bin Ali Group stall at the QITCOM Conference and Exhibition 2011, in Doha, on Wednesday.
HUAWEI Technologies has signed
a strategic partnership with
ictQatar to nurture entrepreneur-
ship in the country. The signing of
the deal took place on the sidelines
of QITCOM Conference and
Exhibition in Doha on Wednesday.
The deal was inked by Executive
Director of ICT Industry Develo-
pment at ictQatar Marwan Maa-
rouf Mahmoud and Vice-President
of Middle East Enterprise Business
Group at Huawei Technologies
Dong Wu. China’s Ambassador to
Qatar HE Zhang Zhilian was pres-
ent on the occasion.
According to the MoU, Huwaei
will build a framework for start-up
enterprises to set up their network-
ing business at the ictQatar’s
Incubation Centre. The partner-
ship will enable Huawei to bring
the world’s best ICT practices to
Qatar. Huawei will also help in
developing a broadband connec-
tion in Arabic. Through the part-
nership, Huawei will share their
expertise and global experience in
the development of a digital con-
tent ecosystem and facilitate an
entrepreneur’s start-up kit in busi-
ness ICT solutions. The initiative
will create networking opportuni-
ties for entrepreneurs while engag-
ing them in innovation projects
and opportunities.
Speaking on the occasion, Dong
Wu said, “By focusing on the mar-
ket, we aim to create a customer-
friendly environment to help busi-
nesses across private and public
sector to align, plan and utilise the
right tools and create a platform
for greater flexibility and speed in
the business process.”
Mahmoud said that informa-
tion and communication technol-
ogy is shaping the business
world. “It is vital for us to create
an environment that nurtures the
spirit of entrepreneurship and we
are delighted to work closely with
an industry leader such as
Huawei,” he said.
As stated by the IDC 2010
report on the ICT market in
Qatar, investment in the ICT
market by the public and private
sectors over the past fi
ve years
has rapidly increased with more
ICT fi
rms seeking investments in
the country. As a result, the local
information, communication
and technology market grew in
excess of $2.5bn in 2010.
Huawei is a leading telecom
solution provider with almost
50,000 technology patents to its
credit. With over 35,000
employees, it has $2.7bn invest-
ment in the Middle East.
Huawei, ictQatar sign pact to
promote local entrepreneurs
THE Emir and Chairman of the
Supreme Council for Economic
Affairs and Investment
(SCEAI) His Highness Sheikh
Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani on
Wednesday presided over the
second Council meeting of
2011 at the Emiri Diwan.
The Heir Apparent and
Deputy Chairman of the
Council His Highness Sheikh
Tamim bin Hamad al Thani
attended the meeting. The
meeting was also attended by
Prime Minister and Minister of
Foreign Affairs HE Sheikh
Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al
Thani, who is also an Executive
Member of the Council.
The Minister of Economy
and Finance and Secretary-
General of the Council HE
Yousef Hussain Kamal said,
“The Council discussed the top-
ics tabled on the agenda of the
meeting and took the appropri-
ate decisions. The Council was
briefed on the strategy for the
development of petrochemical
and industrial projects in Qatar
during the 2011-2020 period
and a preliminary study for the
establishment of a secondary
market in Qatar Exchange.”
“HH the Emir passed his
instructions to begin these proj-
ects. The cost of the projects in
the first phase are amounted to
$30bn and scheduled to be dis-
bursed over the next five years,”
the minister added. “The
SCEAI also approved the estab-
lishment of Small and Med-
ium-Sized Enterprises in Qatar
Exchange,” the minister said.
Emir chairs
SCEAI meet
Microsoft’s Director of
Applied Innovation R Dorn.
Mahindra Satyam’s VP
Bobby Gupta.
Vice-President of Middle East Enterprise Business Group at Huawei
Technologies Dong Wu (left) and Executive Director of ICT Industry
Development at ictQatar Marwan Maarouf Mahmoud (right) after signing
a pact, in Doha, on Wednesday. Chinese Ambassador to Qatar HE Zhang
Zhilian (second left) was present on the occasion.


ABA Group’s Chief Operating
Officer ICT Mohamad AlEbrik.
‘70% OF
Thursday, May 26, 2011
sistive Technology Centre ha-
ve together formed ‘Imkaan’,
a programme that brings the
benefits of information tech-
nology to differently-abled
people in Qatar.
According to a press release
by Microsoft, the joint collab-
oration, named after the Ara-
bic word ‘possibility’, will fac-
ilitate digital inclusion to peo-
ple with disabilities through
provision, education and inn-
ovation. The initiative aims to
raise awareness about the
potential of technology in cre-
ating opportunities for people
with disabilities at work,
school and in social settings.
Country Manager of Micro-
soft Qatar Mohammad Ham-
oudi said, “Empowering peo-
ple through the use of technol-
ogy and providing the opp-
ortunity to do so is something
Microsoft is committed to. By
joining up with the MADA
Assistive Technology Centre
we are able to empower dis-
abled people in the country.
With the centre’s extensive
work in Qatar and the organi-
sation’s relationship with the
disabled community, we have
been able to place the technol-
ogy that will provide new
opportunities for maximum
accessibility. Training of IT
professionals on ensuring
access to ICT for all is core to
aiding the initiative to reach
the largest number of people.”
Deputy CEO of MADA
Assistive Technology Centre
David Banes said, “The
MADA Assistive Technology
Centre works to provide assis-
tive technology solutions for
people with disabilities, and
by working in collaboration
with Microsoft we can deliver
complete solutions. We have a
vision with ICT, and with sup-
port from Microsoft we can
help make this become more
of a reality in Qatar. Not only
will the initiative help at an
immediate level, but the inno
vation and development ele-
ments will also help to build a
solid core for ICT for people
with disabilities in the future.”
The project is set to com-
prise four essential pillars,
community support, capaci
ty building, empowerment
and innovation, to achieve
its goal.
CAFE Céramique hosted an
auction ‘Art of Giving project’
in the Mall recently. The event
was well attended and drew a
group of generous donors, who
whole-heartedly supported the
endeavour by participating in
the auction.
This year, Café Céramique
supported the Al Noor
Institute, holding The Art of
Giving annual event in full sup-
port of children who are visual-
ly impaired.
The auction was attended by
over 50 guests, including the
children and officials of Al Noor
Institute, representatives of the
Qatari Business Women’s
Association, individual busi-
nessmen and women, members
of the media and the staff of
Café Céramique.
The evening was enhanced by
a special address made by
Margaret Gigliotti, the Founder
and Programme Director of
Girls on the Go–Qatar.
Combining her 27 years of
teaching experience with her
passion for fitness, she launched
Girls on the Go-Qatar to edu-
cate, inspire and motivate
future generations of girls to live
a healthy life.
The auction brought out the
artwork created by the chil-
dren of Al Noor Institute and
raised a considerable sum of
money which made a notewor-
thy contribution to the insti-
tute working to eradicate visu-
al impediments.
Commenting on The Art of
Giving auction, Managing
Director of Café Céramique
Raida Abu Issa said, “It is a
pleasure for us at Café
Céramique to host such a suc-
cessful evening. Our sense of
achievement is boosted even
more by the fact that the pro-
ceeds of this auction will go
directly towards supporting
these special kids. Al Noor
Institute has 200 visually
impaired children and the
donations made in the auction
will be used to enrich their edu-
cation and experience. We are
so pleased that the children
themselves partnered with us
in this effort. We placed the
best of our resources at their
ervice and they partnered us
in the way they could. They cre-
ated some of the artwork that
drew out funds. To us at Café
Céramique this is what mean-
ingful giving is.”
Raida thanked the Qatari
Business Women’s Association,
individual businessmen and
women who attended the
evening, Al Noor Institute,
Margaret Gigliotti and the
guests for their support and
Japanese Club hosts
charity concert in QU
THE Japanese Club organ-
ised a second charity concert
recently. Ambassador of
Japan to Qatar HE Kenjiro
Monji attended the charity
concert in Qatar University.
The Japanese Club hosted a
music concert, and the money
collected from the ticket sales
will be donated to the victims
of the earthquake in Japan.
The voluntary musicians
who took part in the concert
included Japanese pianist Ai
Yabana, guitarist Yasmin
Halwani, rock band group
named Detonation Theory
and singer Tejas Kumar. They
played animation music in
Japanese or picked up songs
and prayed for the people of
Japan. In addition, there was
demonstration of Taekwondo
by the Doha Taekwondo
Centre, which was enjoyed by
the audience.
Before the concert, the
envoy delivered a speech to
express his appreciation for
the event and gave a presen-
tation on the current emer-
gency-like situation in Japan.
Showing some photographs,
the envoy highlighted the
scale and damage caused by
earthquake and tsunami as
well as the current recon-
struction process. He called
on people to act on correct
and accurate information
and emphasised the impor-
tance of free movement of
people and goods for Japan’s
reconstruction. In this
regard, he introduced the
opening of the Japanese
Government Scholarship for
2012 and showed that Japan
has not changed its position
of welcoming the aspiring
students from all over the
world. He wished many
Qatari students would apply
for this scholarship.
The envoy concluded his
speech by expressing his deep-
est gratitude to the kind sup-
port from the government of
Qatar and the people, along
with the Japanese Club in
Qatar. As an acknowledgement
of the Japanese Club’s initia-
tive, the envoy handed over 52
Japanese manga books to
Shaima Sherif, the Chairperson
of the Japanese Club. The en-
voy wished that the members of
the Japanese Club would enjoy
reading the books and increase
their knowledge of Japan.
The donated books were
originally sent from Japan
for display and were show-
cased by the Embassy of
Japan and the Japan Found-
ation during last year’s Doha
International Book Fair.
Microsoft, MADA launch project to
empower differently-abled people
Café holds auction for visually impaired
Members of Qatar Business Women’s Association Margaret Gigliotti (left), Aisha al Fardan (third left) and Managing Director of
Café Ceramique Raida Abu Issa (right) with other guests at an auction,
in Doha, on Tuesday.
An official displays the objects for auction, in Doha, on Tuesday.
The auction was
attended by over
50 guests, including
the children and
officials of Al Noor
Institute, and repre-
sentatives of the
Qatari Business
Women’s Association.
Minister of Business and Commerce HE Sheikh Jassim bin Abdul Aziz bin Jassim bin Hamad al Thani (second right) and Secretary-
General of ictQatar Dr Hessa al Jaber (second left) with Microsoft and MADA officials at the QITCOM, in Doha, on Tuesday.
Ambassador of Japan to Qatar HE Kenjiro Monji (right) donates
books to an official at a charity concert, in Doha, recently.
The Japanese Club
hosted a music
concert and the
money collected
will be donated to
earthquake victims.