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Network is the strength of Finnish marine industry ......................................................... 2
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FinOffshore Directory 2014
Globally, the offshore industry is
expected to grow about 10 % per
annum in the coming years. In
recent years, the annual average
growth of the Finnish offshore
industry has exceeded 13 % and
the growth is likely to exceed the
overall economic growth of Finland
also in the future. The industry has
the potential to create a significant
number of new jobs in Finland.
In 2013, approximately 150
companies in Finland are active
in the offshore industry. Industry’s
value of exports is expected
to exceed 1.6 billion euros.
The offshore industry employs
approximately 4 900 persons in
Finland and the companies are
planning to recruit more than 200
new employees for the offshore
businesses during the next two
High technological expertise,
quality and reliability are seen as
the main strengths of the Finnish
offshore industry. Technology is the
most important industry segment
accounting for approximately
1.25 billion euros, or 65 %, of the
industry’s revenues. Shipyards,
engineering, subcontracting and
services contribute to the remaining
35% of the volume of the business.
Janne Vartia
Development Manager
Prizztech Oy
Maritime Cluster Programme
Finnish Offshore
Industry today
Overview of the Finnish oshore industry
Value of exports Number of employees Revenues by industry
2009 -2014e, M€ 2009 -2014e segment 2013
Source: information provided by the companies, VALOR analysis
65 %
15 %
11 %
9 %
Yards and
Sub -
1 000
2 000
3 000
4 000
5 000
09 10 11 12 13e 14e
1 000
1 500
2 000
2 500
09 10 11 12 13e 14e
Networking is
the strength of
Finnish Marine
Finnish offshore industry is an
integral and growing part of the
Finnish marine industry. Statistics
reveal that offshore industry
employs some five thousand
people, one in four of the whole
marine industry.
Offshore is one of the six major
marine industry sectors in Finland.
Shipyards build the most visible
products: many types of vessels
such as the biggest and most
luxurious cruise ships, most of
world’s icebreakers and many types
of special vessels. Repair yards
provide life-cycle services for ships.
Material and system
suppliers manufacture many famous
products such as environmentally
friendly LNG fueled engines aimed
at conserving environment, and the
most advanced propulsion systems
for energy efficiency. Finnish turnkey
companies are able to deliver
complete spaces for vessels, such
as fully equipped kitchens and
cabin modules. Design offices
offer concept design, research and
development services.
These six sectors are not separate
but interconnected. Sometimes it is
hard to draw a line between those
who work for offshore and those
who work for other marine industry
sectors. A raw estimate is that two
thirds of the offshore companies
provide also goods and services
outside the offshore sector.
This cooperation and networking
is essential in manufacturing
complicated projects such as oil
and gas platforms. The importance
of networking is increasing,
as customers have started to
demand larger entities. There are
around 400 marine companies in
Finland, and they can easily join
forces to provide bigger concepts
and larger entities. This type of
speed and flexibility cannot be
achieved otherwise.
However, skills and experience are
still not enough to keep up with
the competitive marine industry.
Research is needed in order
to construct better vessels and
solutions. The main focus of Finnish
marine industry research is offshore
and Arctic technologies together
with luxury cruisers. One particular
challenge is to develop offshore
solutions for extreme conditions
like those in the freezing cold Arctic
Ocean. Designing systems for
very low temperatures such as -
40 demands special expertise. We
have this expertise in Finland.
Finnish marine industry is also
known for innovation, timely
delivery and ability to solve complex
engineering problems.
Merja Salmi-Lindgren
Secretary General
Finnish Marine Industries
Company name Antti-Teollisuus Oy
Address Koskentie 89
FI-25340 Kanunki
Tel. +35827744700
Fax +35827744777
Founded 1952
Employees 110
Annual turnover 15 M EUR
Foreign subsidiaries Oy Benipo Ab, Germany
Contact Mr Toni Leino
Sales Manager
Mr Markko Takkinen
Commercial Director
Antti-Teollisuus Oy
Antti Marine specialises in doors for offshore and marine applications.
Our door range presents superb quality and meticulous design. Our
experience, expertise and advanced technologies have resulted
in products that can be found on all oceans and large variety of
Areas of core competence
Accommodation and interior doors. Our core business is doors with
high sound reduction qualities including state-of-the-art technical
solutions and details.
Doors for living quarters and accommodation modules: BP Norway
Valhall PH platform, Eni Norge Goliat FPSO, ConocoPhillips
Norge Ekofisk Ekofisk 2/4 L, Statoil Norge Åsgard B FPU.
Sound reduction doors for living module entrance doors and
bathroom doors. Sound reduction up to Rw=44dB.
Image: Technip Offshore Finland Oy
Company name Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Inc.
Address P.O.Box 132
FI-00151 Helsinki
Tel. +358 10 622 20
Fax +358 10 622 2229
Founded 2011
Employees 400
Contact Riikka Linna
Communications Manager
Arctech Helsinki
Shipyard Inc.
Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Inc. specializes in arctic shipbuilding
technology, e.g. building icebreakers and other arctic offshore and
special vessels. Arctech is a joint-venture, which is 50/50 owned by
STX Finland Oy and Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation. The
joint venture agreement was signed in December 2010. Arctech is
located in Helsinki and has approximately 400 empolyees.
Areas of core competence
Our mission is to develop and deliver the best solutions for arctic ship
operations. Our vision is to be the leading brand in arctic shipbuilding.
Helsinki Shipyard has an extensive experience: Almost 150 years
of shipbuilding, over 100 years experience in building icebreakers
including about 60 % of icebreakers operational today. Arctech is
also the forerunner in developing technological innovations. Visit out
homepage for more references:
Company name Arme Oy
Address Äyritie 8 E
FI-01510 Vantaa
Tel. +358 10 217 0000
Fax +358 10 217 0001
Founded 1974
Employees 180
Annual turnover 27 M EUR
Foreign subsidiaries Renetor Ou,Tallinn Estonia
OOO Renetor, StP Russia
Renetor S.A, Uruguay
Contact Timo Makkonen
Sales Director
Arme Oy
Arme Oy specializes in demanding insulation and scaffold projects,
maintenance work, and work safety training in the industrial, building
technology, and shipyard industries.
Arme Oy provides also comprehensive solutions for various liquid and
gaseous materials storage needs. We construct special products for
a wide range of industries, pulp towers, district heat accumulators and
other steel storage tank products which require on-site assembly.
The corporation operates widely in the European markets.
Areas of core competence
• Insulation and Scaffolding Works
• Site build Tanks and Towers as turn key deliveries
Company name Caverion Industria Ltd
Address P.O.Box 88
(Wärtsiläntie 4),
FI-84141 Ylivieska
Tel. +358 10 4071
Founded 1912
Employees 2400
Annual turnover 230 M EUR
Contact Tommi Pudas
Project Manager
Olavi Hautamäki
Sales Engineer
Caverion Industria Ltd
Caverion Industria is a leading industrial services company in Finland.
We offer production plant maintenance and investment services
for all industries. Employing more than 2400 professionals, we are
the leading industrial services company in the Nordic countries in
our product segments. In addition to Finland, our operations cover
international exports.
As part of the Caverion Group, we can even better concentrate on our
expertise: working for better buildings and industrial facilities.
Areas of core competence
Prefabrication of pipes: cold and induction bending, welding, hot
forming, heat treatment, hot-dip galvanizing and painting.
Pipe Modules, Hemispherical heads, Reducers.
Induction bending: Raisers, J-tubes, Pulltubes, P- lines,
Engineering, Installation, Inspection.
Technip Offshore Finland Oy, Kvaerner Verdal As, Aker Solutions
As, Aker Subsea As, STX Finland Oy, Arctech Helsinki Shiyard Oy,
GS-Hydro Oy, Wärtsilä Finland Oy, Valmet Power Oy, Fortum Oyj,
Rautaruukki Oyj, Andritz Oy, Foster Wheeler Energia Oy, CCI Valve
Technology Ab
Company name Citec Oy Ab
Address P.O.Box 109
FI-65101 Vaasa
Tel. +358 (0)6 3240 700
Fax +358 (0)6 3240 850
Founded 1984
Employees 1100
Annual turnover 70 M EUR
Foreign subsidiaries Norway, Singapore, India,
France, Sweden, UK,
Germany, Russia.
Contact Sakari Koivuniemi
Director, Business Development
Michael Smirnoff
Citec Oy Ab
Citec provides multi-discipline engineering and information
management services to the Energy and Power industry, and other
technology-dependent industries.
Areas of core competence
Citec has delivered multi-discipline engineering, consulting and
information management services to the energy & power industries
for almost 30 years. Oil & Gas is naturally a significant part of the
energy industry. We offer full-scope engineering and information
management services directly for the oil companies, as well as oil
and gas industry contractors/ship owners, engineering houses,
suppliers and operators. We provide everything from single discipline
engineering to turnkey designs including concept, basic and detailed
engineering, as well as documentation and final as-built drawings.
Our product development team has successfully developed different
power plant module concepts. Our skilled project managers
ensure that each delivery is according to the required national and
international standards.
Our strengths:
• Complete oil & gas service provider within engineering, information
and project management services
• Local presence and global resourcing
• Proof of concept – competence, experience and solid references
• Experience from global engineering industry since 1984
Company name Evac Oy
Address Sinimäentie 14
FI-02630 Espoo
Tel. +358 20 7630 200
Fax +358 20 7630 222
Founded 1989
Employees 60
Annual turnover 41.6 M EUR
Contact Mika Karjalainen
Chief Operating Officer
Evac Oy
Evac is a global company that designs, manufactures and markets
environmentally friendly fresh water, wastewater dry and wet waste
collection and treatment systems for the shipbuilding and construction
Skilled personnel, professional design and high-quality technical
solutions have facilitated continuous growth, both in turnover and
market share. Evac Oy is responsible for the worldwide Marine
operations supported by other Evac companies and representatives
in more than 40 countries.
Areas of core competence
Reverse osmosis and fresh water systems
• Vacuum toilet systems
• Sewage treatment plants
• Vacuum food waste systems
• Bio sludge treatment systems
• Recycling systems
• Waste incinerators.
Evac Marine is the market leader in the marine field, with more
than 30 years of experience in the business. We have over 12,000
references from sailing boats to large luxury cruise liners and offshore
platforms. Some examples of the latest offshore references: HSHI
Company name Foreship Ltd
Address Hitsaajankatu 4 A
FI-00810 Helsinki
Tel. +358 20 730 9090
Fax +358 20 730 9091
Founded 2002
Employees 50+
Annual turnover 5.3 M EUR
Contact Matthew Patey
Project Manager, Offshore
Marcus Höglund
Senior Vice President
Foreship Ltd
We are an advanced naval architecture and marine engineering
consultancy located in the cities of Helsinki and Kaarina in Finland.
We have completed more than 1200 projects for a wide range of
vessel types including offshore, cargo and passenger vessels.
Areas of core competence
• Conversion projects and feasibility studies
• Vessel performance optimization: hull form and appendage
design, propulsion improvement and energy efficiency, model test
• Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations
• Plan updates, loading manuals, stability documentation
• Structural design and analysis with FEM
• Accommodation Module Design: complete cabin design packages,
interior basic and detail design, HVAC and electrical design
More than 100 projects completed for the offshore industry,
references are available upon request. A few more notable projects:
• Complete detailed structural design of EEP drillships living quarters
for Almaco
• SCR installation for Arctia Offshore icebreaking OSVs
• Loadout analysis for MCR A jacket and topsides on installation
barge Dagbashy
Company name Helkama Bica Oy
Address Lakimiehenkatu 4
FI-20780 Kaarina
Tel. +358 2 4108700
Fax +358 2 4108750
Founded 1964
Employees 200
Annual turnover 40 M EUR
Foreign subsidiaries Helkama Bica (Shanghai) Co.,
Contact Mr. Krister Wideman
Sales Director
Helkama Bica Oy
Helkama has manufactured cables for fifty years. Helkama brand
stands for quality, flexibility and outstanding personal service.
During the fiscal year 2012 export accounted 80% of sales revenues.
Helkama exported to more than 60 countries.
The company has production facilities in Kaarina and Hanko in
Finland and in Shanghai in China.
Areas of core competence
Marine, Offshore, Optical fibre-, Instrumentation and Fire resistant
• Oil rig: Safe Regency, Safe Lancia, Safe Britannia, Yard: Porth
Arthur, Texas, USA
• Oil rig: Jupiter, Yard: Victor Lenac, Rijeka, Croatia
• Oil rig: Saturn, Yard: GSP, Constanta, Romania
• Service platform: Odin, Yard: Western Shipyard, Klaipeda, Lithuania
• Converter platform: Borwin, Helwin, Sylwin, Yard: Nordic Yard,
Wismar, Germany
• Oil rig: INAGIP, Yard: Victor Lenac, Rijeka
Company name HTT 5 High Tech Tubing Oy
Address Hyllilänkatu 4
FI-33730 Tampere
Tel. +358 3 3434 366
Fax +358 3 3434 365
Founded 1990
Employees 140
Annual turnover 11 M EUR
Contact Ari Revonniemi
Managing director
Hugo Taulasto
HTT 5 High Tech Tubing Oy
HTT 5 High Tech Tubing is an experienced service company in metal,
energy and machinery industry both in Finland and abroad. We are
specialized in offshore and energy development projects. HTT is
your Finnish reliable and professional partner in the metal industry
Areas of core competence
• Engineering management services
• Welding and installations of pressure equipment
• Installation work
• Service and maintenance work
• Plate and welding work
• Machinery and equipment installations
Demanding plate and welding work for the pulp, marine and offshore
industries at Holming Works.
Demanding assembly and installation work of gears and propellers
at Steerprop. As well as start-up, service and maintenance work in
Brazil, China, Portugal, Spain, Norway, United States of America and
Highly demanding plate and welding work at offshore industry of spar
platform foot components’ “pipes”. Production and installations of Pull
tubes at the Perdido-project. Welding and installations of pipe blocks
at Technip.
Company name Joptek Composites Oy
Address Kerantie 7-9
FI-87120 Lieksa
Tel. +358 20 7439150
Fax +358 13 523 710
Founded 1985
Employees 100
Annual turnover 10 M EUR
Contact Minna Hämäläinen
Sales Manager
Joptek Composites Oy
Joptek Oy Composites is a pioneer in composites and lightweight
construction technology. We design and manufacture tailor-made
lightweight construction and composite construction systems. The
systems are used by marine, rail and road transportation as well as
for the applications of technology and building industries in Finland
and abroad. Our customers include leading European shipyards,
rail and road transport equipment manufacturers and industrial
enterprises. We serve our customers efficiently both as a project
supplier and as a contract manufacturer.
Areas of core competence
Joptek Oy Composites is a strong participator in the modernisation
of marine technology. We design and manufacture lightweight
construction systems for cruise liners, ships, vessels and the offshore
STX Europe Finland, STX Europe France, Norac
Company name Kavika Oy
Address Tempo 4
FI-04430 Järvenpää
Tel. +358 983620055
Founded 1945
Employees 60
Annual turnover 8.5 M EUR
Contact Juha Kavonius
Project Manager
Kaarlo Virkki
Sales Director
Kavika Oy
Kavika manufactures high quality stainless steel fittings to the
demands of seafaring; custom table units, serving lines, kitchen
fittings and heated/refrigerated counters.
Kavika is also known for high quality stainless steel and acid-proof
fittings for hospital and laboratory environments e.g. operating rooms
and maintenance facilities.
Kavika has established itself as an experienced, reliable and
innovative partner. Our services, project management and the
superior technical and functional qualities of our steel fittings has
been tested in newbuilding as well as in renovation projects.
Areas of core competence
• Stainless Steel Marine Catering Equipment and Fittings
• Stainless Steel and Acid-Proof fittings for Hospital and Laboratories
Our services include: - design - manufacturing - world wide delivery -
spare parts
Kavika has been involved in over 200 luxury liner and special vessel
kitchen projects.
Kavika has manufactured fittings to all kinds of Hospitals (Public,
Private and University-based) and Health Care Centers in Finland.
Company name Kemppi Oy
Address P.O.Box 13 (Kempinkatu 1)
FI-15801 Lahti,
Tel. +358389911
Fax +3583899428
Founded 1949
Employees 630
Annual turnover 120 M EUR (2012)
Foreign subsidiaries Sweden, Norway, France, Denmark,
Germany, Benelux, Russia, China,
UK, Poland, India, Malaysia, Australia
Contact Aarno Laine
Sales Area Manager
Minna-Maija Jokisalo
Manager, Brand &
Kemppi Oy
Kemppi – Welding solutions for offshore industry
Kemppi is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial arc
welding equipment and a provider of solutions for highly productive
welding. In its over 60 years of operation, Kemppi has introduced
many new innovations to the market, pioneering the development of
both welding technology and productive welding solutions. Kemppi
will invest in continuous research and product development in the
future, too, placing the primary emphasis on usability and design, in
addition to the technical quality of the products.
Areas of core competence
Offshore industry involves high quality welding in all essential sectors.
Welding plays the key role in manufacturing and maintaining offshore,
onshore and subsea equipment.
Vard, Aibel, Aker Solution, ArcTech Helsinki, Technip Offshore, Sem
Corp Marine PPL and Sembawang yards, Huisman, Saipem,Drydock
World, Mc Dermot, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding
& Off Shore, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, STX Helsinki and Saint
Nazaire yards.
Company name KMJ-Engineering Oy
Address Tiedepuisto 4 A
FI-28600 Pori
Tel. +358 10 422 3390
Founded 1997
Employees 7
Contact Mr. Kalle Vuorio
Managing Director
KMJ-Engineering Oy
Specially skilled Electrical engineering office, established 1997. We
offer a wide range of services in area of electrical distribution systems
including marine and offshore sector.
Electrical and Automation Engineering:
Medium and Low voltage systems, System planning, Consultancy
Power System Analysis for industrial and Marine systems:
Short Circuit Calculations, Selectivity studies and Relay Settings,
Load Flow Calculations
Measurement Systems:
Energy and Power Quality measurement systems (sales, engineering,
commissioning and training), Power Quality Measuring service with
portable equipment
Thermal Imaging service for electrical systems
Areas of core competence
• Designing safe and reliable power systems
• Modelling of power systems
• Electrical and Automation Engineering
• Energy and Power Quality measuring systems
• Power system analysis in marine environment since 1998 and for
the biggest industrial plants in Finland including Nuclear Power
• Electrical and Automation Engineering for Spar hulls
Company name Koja Oy Marine
Address PO Box 351
FI-33101 Tampere
Lentokentänkatu 7
FI-33900 Tampere
Tel. +358 3 2825 111
Founded 1935
Employees 230
Annual turnover 42 M EUR
Contact Esko Nousiainen
Director, Koja Marine
Koja Oy Marine
KOJA MARINE is a part of Koja Group, a private owned Finnish
company, offering its customers high-quality products and services in
the field of air handling.
Areas of core competence
KOJA MARINE specializes in the design and supply of maritime air
conditioning systems. Turnkey supplies include equipment, electrical
and automation installations as well as training and service. Our
innovative, air conditioning systems are cutting edge technology.
• A34, Oasis 3, STX France
• Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas, Meyer Werft
• Offshore Patrol Vessel RP1385, STX Finland
• Multidisciplinary Icebreaking Supply Vessels (MIBSV) NB 506 and
507, Arctech Helsinki
• Multidisciplinary Fisheries Research Vessel, STX Finland
• Viking Grace Passenger Cruise Ferry, STX Finland
• Aida 7, Meyer Werft
• Polar Supply and Research Vessel S.A. Agulhas II, STX Finland
Company name Leinolat Group
Address Tapionkatu 7
FI-65230 Vaasa
Tel. +358102896800
Fax +358102896801
Founded 1962
Employees 220
Annual turnover 30 M EUR
Contact Jussi Ylinen
Sales manager
Leinolat Group
Leinolat Group is a corporation consisting of 7 companies, offering
clients a large variety of service systems in the field of Oil & Gas,
Marine & Power and Nuclear business. The corporation has extensive
experience in piping and insulations solutions, air handling, metal
products and related services.
Areas of core competence
• Pipes and bends and assembly
• Advanced insulation modules
• Air handling solutions
• Wärtsilä
• Caterpillar
• Siemens
• Wilhelmsen
• MAN Diesel & Turbo
Company name Metos Oy Ab
Address Ahjonkaarre
FI-04220 Kerava
Tel. +358 204 39 13
Fax +358 204 39 4432
Founded 1922
Employees 850 (in Finland 350)
Annual turnover 200 M EUR
Contact Taina Salonen
Director, Marine Sales
Metos Oy Ab
Metos Marine is one of the leading suppliers of galley and laundry
equipment to vessels worldwide. Our equipment and furnishings are
used in more than 5000 ships including ice breakers, naval ships,
cargo vessels, passenger ferries and offshore plants. In-house
production of most equipment guarantees consistent quality control,
efficient material handling and short delivery times. Lay-out design
and training are also part of our services. The Metos Marine agent
network covers all important shipbuilding countries.
Company name Oy Lautex Ab
Address P.O Box 58
FI-03101 Nummela
Tel. +358 9 2248 810
Fax +358 9 222 5447
Founded 1951
Employees 75
Annual turnover 8 M EUR
Contact Sami Leinonen
Sales Manager
Oy Lautex Ab
Ceilings for ship accommodation and public spaces, such as metal
panels, profiles, tiles and grating in aluminium or steel. Special
ceilings, domes and beams etc. Various finishes possible: real wood
finish, digital coating etc.
Areas of core competence
shipbuilding industry /offshore /interiors
• Norwegian Breakaway
• Viking Grace
• Aida Stella
• Allure of the Seas
• Oasis of the Seas etc.
Company name Oy NIT
Naval Interior Team Ltd.
Address Hadvalantie 10
FI-21500 Piikkiö
Tel. +358 40 779 8211
Fax +358 2 477 8210
Founded 2000
Employees 37
Annual turnover 7.8 M EUR
Contact Mr. Jari Suominen
Owner, Managing Director
Naval Interior Team Ltd.
Founded in 2000, Naval Interior Team specializes into Turnkey
deliveries for Cruise Liners and Passenger Ships, in new building and
refurbishment projects.
NIT values customer approach and innovativeness along with health,
safety, security, environment and quality matters.
We have provided more than 100 projects for worldwide operating
vessels, from Research and Icebreaker Vessels to Luxury Cruise
Areas of core competence
NIT offers a wide range of services:
• Complete solution from steel to final touch, including structural
works as well as piping, HVAC, insulation and electrical outfitting
• Interior Turn-Keys
• AC-rooms
• Modular solutions (interiors, stairs)
• Catering Interiors
• Public spaces: Spa, Fitness, Disco, Accommodation area, Show
Lounge, Youth area, Special Dining, Nigh Club, Stair halls and
Staircases, Public restrooms
• Technical areas: AC rooms, Deck Stores, Pool Equipment rooms
• Crew public areas
• Open areas and Sundecks
Company name Paroc Oy Ab
Address P.O. Box 240,
(Energiakuja 3)
FI-00181 Helsinki,
Tel. +358 46 876 8000
Founded 1952
Employees 2019 (all countries)
Annual turnover 430 M EUR (2012)
Contact Kimmo Vire
District Manager,
Shipbuilding & OEM
Juha Mielikäinen
Product Manager,
Shipbuilding & OEM
Paroc Oy Ab
Paroc is the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient insulation
solutions in the Baltic Sea region. The cornerstones of our operations
are customer and personnel orientation, constant innovation,
profitable growth and sustainable development.
Paroc products include building insulation, technical insulation,
marine and offshore insulation, sandwich panels and acoustic
products. The products are manufactured in Finland, Sweden,
Lithuania and Poland and, as of 2013, also in Russia. The company
has sales and representative offices in 14 European countries.
Areas of core competence
PAROC Marine and Offshore insulation is made of stone wool and
developed for the needs of the modern shipbuilding and offshore
industry. Our products have been tested in various A-class and
H-class deck and bulkhead constructions and in numerous fire door
and panel constructions.
PAROC Marine and Offshore offers economical and safe insulation
solutions for fire protection as well as for on-board thermal and sound
Company name Pemamek Oy
Address Lamminkatu 47
P.O.Box 50
FI-32201 Loimaa
Tel. +358 2 760 771
Fax +358 2 762 8660
Founded 1970
Employees 150
Annual turnover 50 M EUR
Foreign subsidiaries Pemamek OOO (St.
Petersburg), Germany,
Brazil, Poland
Contact Jukka Rantala
Sales & Marketing Director
Kristiina Pispala
Marketing Manager
Pemamek Oy
PEMA production and welding automation is designed and
manufactured by the world’s leading specialist in welding automation
systems and work-piece handling equipment – PEMAMEK. PEMA
welding solutions are designed to improve competitiveness and
productivity for better profits. Pemamek uses and produces hitech:
utilising the best available robot and automation technology.
Experienced supplier of over 40 years, a financially solid company
Pemamek has delivered comprehensive automated welding solutions
to over 50 countries and over 15 000 different tailor-made equipment
Pema welding solutions simply help you to make more: more value,
more productivity, better position at markets and solid quality, and –
what’s more important – better return on investment.
Areas of core competence
Automated welding and production solutions in Shipbuilding and
Offshore plus in Boiler Industry, Wind Energy, Heavy Fabrication
Industry, Mobile Machinery, Process and Nuclear Industry, and Civil
Steel Construction.
Keppel FELS, Technip, Fincantieri
Company name Pocadel Oy
Address Korpelantie 229
FI-21570 Sauvo
Tel. +358 2 477 2950
Fax +358 2 477 2971
Founded 1997
Employees 12
Annual turnover 2 M EUR
Contact Harri Laakkonen
Operative Director
Tommy Löytynoja
Design and Sales for Offshore
Pocadel Oy
We provide fire rated glass structures for Offshore platforms and
We produce safe and lightweight fire resistant glass doors and
wall partitions marine use. Products are for both new buildings and
• B-0 and B-15 glass doors, hinged,double and sliding
• A-60 glass doors, hinged
• B-0, B-15 and A-60 glass walls / partitions /panels
Areas of core competence
We are an expert in fire rated glass structures and we always provide
our customers with a professional solution for their individual needs.
Our products fulfill the NORSOK requirements.
Latest Offshore projects
• Ulstein CNN B-342 Spain
• Ulstein SX 121 Norway
• Harvey Energy USA
• DSME 3031/32/-/35 South Korea
• Edda Singapore
• Ulstein CNN B-341 Spain
• Heidrun LQ - refurb. Norway
• Ulstein NB 296-299 Norway
• NB-88 Norway
Company name Saajos Oy
Address Puistokatu 21
FI-08150 Lohja
Tel. +358 19 357 911
Founded 1949
Employees 60
Annual turnover 7 M EUR
Foreign subsidiaries Saajos AS
Contact Stefan Berg
Saajos Oy
We are specialised in fire and safety doors. We design, produce,
install and maintain doors even for the most demanding applications
such as luxury cruise ships, power plants, hospitals, hotels and
shopping malls all around the world. Our most important basic value
is the success of our customers.All our operations are based on a
long term product development, technological know-how and an
ability to listen to our customers.
Areas of core competence
Our core competence within the shipbuilding and offshore industry
is fire doors for cruise ships, passenger ferries, commersial vessels,
offshore support vessels and offshore accommodation modules. We
also supply spare parts and service for all types of doors delivered by
Recent offshore references: BP Norway Valhall PH platform, Eni
Norge Goliat FPSO, ConocoPhillips Norge Ekofisk 2/4 L, Statoil
Norge Asgard B FPU.
Company name Satmatic Oy
Address Sammontie 9
FI-28400 Ulvila
Tel. +358 2 5379 800
Fax +358 2 5379 810
Employees ca. 100
Contact Jarmo Salonen
Sales Manager
Rainer Nurkkala
Sales Director
Satmatic Oy
Satmatic Oy is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical
and automation technology in Finland. Satmatic employs 100
professionals in Ulvila and Kerava. Satmatic is owned by a stock
exchange company AS Harju Elekter. As a whole Harju Elekter Group
employs 500 professionals.
We support our customers success, keep our promises, and aim
for long-term relationship. We operate both with contract based
manufacturing and project customers. Our services are complete -
from planning to maintenance.
Areas of core competence
Power plants, Industry, Infra, Electric Distribution, Marine
Engineering, Offshore, Renewable Energy, Car heating and charging.
Latest offshore projects:
• Technip Offshore Finland Oy, Oil and gas manufacturing rig,
Heidelberg, Mexico Bay
• Technip Offshore Finland Oy, Oil and gas manufacturing rig, Lucius,
Mexico Bay
• Mitco SDN. Gas and oil manufacturing rig, Turkmenistan
• etc.
Company name SBA Interior Oy
Address Hållsnäsintie 99
FI-10360 Mustio
Tel. +3581932771
Fax +358193277277
Founded 1985
Employees 60
Annual turnover 11.4 M EUR
Contact Thomas Pökelmann
Project Manager
Johan Fagerlund
Technical Director
SBA Interior Oy
SBA Interior is a company founded in 1985 and employes today 60
persons. Our main industries are wall and ceiling panels and different
type of pullman beds and sofa beds etc.
Our expertise and experience of many years will grant our customers
full satisfaction
Areas of core competence
Classified non-combustible accommodation panelling and different
types of beds for use on board ships and subcontracting for the metal
industry, i.e. making different components in sheet metal with high
performance punching and laser cutting machines.
Mein Schiff 3, Norwegian Getaway, Quantum of the Seas,
Norwegian Breakaway, RV Mirablis (research vessel), Viking Grace,
Bergensfjord, Icebreaking Multipurpose Emergency and Rescue
Vessel (Nb 508) and many conversion projects
Company name Steerprop Ltd.
Address P.O. Box 217
Hakunintie 23,
FI-26101 Rauma
Tel. +358 2 8387 7900
Fax +358 2 8387 7910
Founded 2000
Contact Petri Tolonen
Vice President Sales &
Steerprop Ltd.
Steerprop Ltd. provides azimuth propulsors of exceptional quality and
efficiency for the global maritime market with a worldwide network of
partners. Through co-operation with this network of partners in both
sales and service, Steerprop Ltd. is able to provide world class quality
with a local presence.
Steerprop Azimuth Propulsors are built using proven technologies
combined with the latest innovative solutions that are optimized with
the latest design methods for unsurpassed propulsive efficiency
and lifetime economy. By specializing solely in azimuth propulsion,
Steerprop Ltd. has the expertise to create innovative propulsion
systems with the efficiency and reliability that vessels with the most
demanding applications and the harshest operating conditions
Areas of core competence
The design, production and service of mechanical azimuth propulsors
Over 650 azimuth propulsors delivered or contracted worldwide,
including the world’s most powerful and heavily ice-classed
mechanical azimuth propulsors.
Company name STX Finland Oy
Address P.O.Box 666
Telakkakatu 1
FI-20101 Turku
Tel. +358 400 647 126
Contact Tom Degerman
SVP, Sales & Marketing
STX Finland Oy
STX Finland is a shipbuilding company established 1737 and is
known for innovative designs, state of the art prototypes as well
as high quality in the products. Providing both standardized and
customized vessels, STX Finland works in close cooperation with the
world’s leading shipowners and operators.
Areas of core competence
STX Finland operates one modern shipyard and a cabin factory in
Finland and is an experienced builder of large and complex entities,
mainly in shipbuilding sector but also in offshore. The company has
strong capability to manage diverse engineering and manufacturing
STX Finland has a long and wide range reference book of delivering
special and complex vessels with competitive and utmost reliable
delivery times. Fabrication facilities are closely located to Norway and
Company name Taar Group Oy
Address Ihalantie 54
FI-21260 Raisio
Tel. +358406724305
Founded 2007
Employees 30
Annual turnover 4.4 M EUR
Contact Mr. Timo Untinen
Business Development Dir.
Mr. Pasi Penkkala
Chairman of the Board
Taar Group Oy
Crew & Accomodation areas -Turn-Key Contractor.
World-wide all-inclusive Turn-Key deliveries. Daughter Company in
Malaysia in order to serve Asia-Pacific -customers. European and
North American customers served by the Main Office in Finland.
"Flying teams" in service of international customers in new-buildings
as well as in refurbishments and in repairs.
Areas of core competence
• Turn-Key deliveries of crew and accomodation areas, cabin
installation, delivery of galleys and pentries. All technical
installations (HVAC etc.).
• Manufacturing and installation of the wet unit bathroom modules.
• Manufacturing and installation of cabin furnitures and interior
fixtures (according to the NORSOK standards).
• OFFSHORE RIG PLATFORMS AS: Statoil-Apply Leirvik (Gjoa LQ,
Troll LQ). Conoco-Phillips-SMOE (Ekofisk-LQ), ENI Norge-HHI
(Goliath LQ). Conoco-Phillips-SMOE (Ekofisk LQ).
• VESSELS AS: MV Agulhaes 2, MV Tallink Queen, MV Tallink
Princess, MV Tallink Galaxy, MV Viking Grace, MV Oasis of the
Seas, MV Sunborn 3 and many others.
Company name Technip Offshore Finland Oy
Address Mantyluoto
(Reposaaren maantie 170)
FI-28880 Pori
Tel. +358 10 232 2000
Fax +358 10 232 2010
Founded 1972
Employees 800
Contact Jarmo Eerola
Sales Director
Suvi Ruuska
Project Services Director
Technip Offshore Finland Oy
Technip Offshore Finland is a project management, engineering and
construction company focusing on offshore construction projects
installed all over the world.
Our products and EPC services include:
• Floater hulls
• Platform modules and structures
• Subsea structures
• Floating and fixed windmill foundations
• Special offshore vessels
• Repairs, upgrades and rig conversions
• Tailor-made offshore and onshore products
• Pressure vessels and heavy industrial products
In addition:
• Studies and engineering for newbuilds and modifications of mobile
offshore units
Areas of core competence
Technip has delivered 15 Spar platforms to date (out of 18 in total
worldwide). 13 of these Spar hulls were built at its Pori yard in Finland.
Sailaway of 14th Spar hull shall be in 2014.
• Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
• BP Exploration
• Shell Exploration & Production Company
• Chevron North America Exploration and Production Company.
Company name TEVO Oy
Address Hiientie 17
FI-92160 Saloinen
Tel. +358 8 2658 800
Fax +358 8 2658 805
Founded 1974
Employees 130
Annual turnover 22 M EUR
Contact Teuvo Joensuu
Managing Director
Jari Holappa
Export Manager
Finnish, globally operating machine building company, TEVO Oy
manufactures high quality ship propellers and other machinery and
equipment for shipbuilding, steel, offshore, pulp and paper industries.
Various types of cylindrical components, such as tanks and drums,
are also manufactured in the company’s machine shops. TEVO is
also concentrated on demanding industrial maintenance and its
specialties are complex sheet metal work, welding and heavy metal
Areas of core competence
Demanding welding of steel structures for arctic conditions.
Integrated foundry operations.
Quality propellers with S Class tolerance standard and ISO 484/2 and
Certified by main classification societies including ABS, Bureau
Veritas, DNV, Germanischer Lloyd, Korean Register, Lloyd's Register.
ISO Certifications: QMS 9001:2008, Welding ISO 3834-2:2005,
Environment ISO 14001:2004, Health and Safety OHSAS 18001:2007
• Rolls Royce (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Canada)
• ABB (Finland)
• Outokumpu (Finland)
• Würth GmbH (Luxembourg)
• AXTech / Technip (Norway)
• Ruukki (Finland)
Company name Trafotek Oy
Address Kaarinantie 700
FI-20540 Turku
Tel. +358 2 275 9200
Fax +358 2 275 9210
Founded 1983
Employees 400
Annual turnover 72 M EUR
Foreign subsidiaries Trafotek (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.,
Contact Zaki Chaabouni
Business Unit Director
Timo Heikkinen
Sales Manager
Trafotek Oy
Trafotek is an independent manufacturer of inductive product
solutions for enhanced power quality, improved energy efficiency and
exploitation of renewable energies. Our product range includes power
transformers, filters and reactors with various cooling solutions.
With 30 years of experience in the marine sector, Trafotek offers
proven solutions for self-sufficient energy production and distribution
on the open sea. Transformers for reliable propulsion systems
are one of the core areas of our expertise. Hundreds of vessels,
from luxury cruise liners to offshore rigs and platforms, rely on our
solutions for high-quality energy out at sea.
Areas of core competence
• Dry-type Power transformers up to 20MVA. Cast resin and VPI
• Inductors and electrical filters up to 6300 A.
• Both LV and MV solutions.
Image: Kvaerner Oy
Company name Finnish Marine Industries
Address P.O. Box 10
(Eteläranta 10)
Tel. +358 9 192 31
Founded 2001
Employees 4
Contact Ms. Merja Salmi-Lindgren
Secretary General
Finnish Marine Industries
Finnish Marine Industries consists of leading shipbuilding and ship
repair yards, marine equipment manufacturers, turn-key suppliers
in the field, ship designers and the Finnish off-shore industry
Areas of core competence
The association consists of around 60 member companies. Finnish
Marine Industries represents its members at the European Ships
and Maritime Equipment Association - SEA Europe. The turnover
of the entire Finnish marine industry sector is 5,4 billion euros and
the sector employs around 20,000 people. The growing Finnish
offshore sector has a turnover of around 1,2 billion euros and has five
thousand employees.
Finnish marine industry companies have delivered state-ofart
ice breaking multipurpose supply vessels. In addition, there
are particularly strong players in propulsion, power and engine
technologies in Finland. Our member companies also provide
advanced solutions for many other offshore fields such as cargo
handling and automation technologies.
Image: Kemppi Oy
Company name GS-Hydro
Address Upseerinkatu 3A
FI-02600 Espoo
Tel. +358 3 656 41
Founded 1974
Employees 650+
Annual turnover 155 M EUR
Contact GS-Hydro
GS-Hydro is the original provider of non-welded piping systems
with numerous benefits for a wide variety of demanding offshore
applications. The company operates globally in more than twenty-five
countries through own companies and partners.
GS-Hydro supplies complete piping systems with engineering,
products, prefabrication, services and documentation.
Contact us to find out how we can help you with your high or low
pressure piping needs.
Areas of core competence
GS-Hydro's non-welded piping technology is based on flange
connections to provide a durable leak-free piping system.
GS-Hydro’s innovative non-welded GS-Piping System consists of
three innovative flange systems: GS-37° Flare Flange System, GS-
90° Flare Flange System and the GS-Retain Ring System. They allow
piping systems with working pressures from 10 to 690 bar and pipe
diameters between 16 and 600 mm to be assembled without welding.
Company name OMP Konepaja Oy
Address Lumijoentie 2
FI-90400 Oulu
Tel. 020 7280130
Founded 1992
Employees 55
Annual turnover 4 M EUR
Contact Vesa Korkiakoski
Managing director
Kimmo Alatulkkila
R&D Manager
OMP Konepaja Oy
• Steel structures and welding
• Site management and installation supervision
• Process piping
• Hydraulic systems engineering and installations
• Hydraulic manifold engineering and manufacturing
• Electrical engineering and installations
• Automation engineering and installations
Areas of core competence
• Steel structures: Designing, manufacturing and installation.
• Hydraulic systems: Designing, manufacturing, installation
• Process Piping
• Welding and installation works On site(plates and pipes)
• Own production: Waterway gates, Boilers, Pressured tanks, Heated
• Technip Offshore Finland Oy
• Areva NP GmBh
• Vattenfall Generation Ab
• Eon Vattenkraft Ab
Company name Oy Operative Recovery
Solutions JMR Ltd
Address Taukotie 40
FI-28900 Pori
Tel. +358407515617
Founded 2011
Employees 3
Contact Jari Reinikka
Managing Director
Oy Operative Recovery
Solutions JMR Ltd
Oil spill recovery solutions for oil & gas industry.
Areas of core competence
Oil sorbent products and recovery solutions.
Company name RR Site Service Oy
Address Tohkantie 6
FI-27100 Eurajoki
Tel. +358400228417
Founded 2006
Employees 13
Annual turnover 1.1 M EUR
Contact Rajala Pekka
Chairman of the board
Rinne Juha
Managing Director
RR Site Service Oy
International contracting, inspections, industrial supervising services
and steel construction manufacturing
• Kvaerner
• Aker Solutions
• Technip Offshore Finland Oy
• Wellquip
Company name Wärtsilä Corporation
Address John Stenbergin ranta 2
P.O.Box 196
FI-00531 Helsinki
Tel. +358 10 709 0000
Founded 1834
Contact Wärtsilä
Wärtsilä Corporation
Wärtsilä is a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions
for the marine and energy markets. By emphasising technological
innovation and total efficiency, Wärtsilä maximises the environmental
and economic performance of the vessels and power plants of its
In 2012, Wärtsilä’s net sales totalled EUR 4.7 billion with
approximately 18,900 employees. The company has operations in
nearly 170 locations in 70 countries around the world. Wärtsilä is
listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, Finland.
Areas of core competence
Wärtsilä provides the oil & gas industry with a broad portfolio of
integrated solutions, products and global services, including complete
power generation, vessel positioning, electrical and automation
systems, emission control systems, oil & gas handling, pumping, inert
gas systems, water management and customized vessel design.
This offering is supported by our extensive experience and system
integration skills that enable us to successfully follow and support
offshore projects throughout their lifecycle.
Image:STX Finland Oy
Company name Ablemans Oy
Address Härjänkurkuntie 46
FI-21250 Masku
Tel. +35824396500
Fax +35824327441
Founded 1987
Employees 12
Annual turnover 11 M EUR
Contact Mr. Jorma Juntti
Managing Director
Mr. Timo Ylinen
Deputy General Manager
Ablemans Oy
• Assembly+welding steel constructions.
• Off Shore and Wind Power steel structures
• Shipbuilding
• Crane building
• Shipbuilding in Finland 26 years / STX; Aker etc.
• Off Shore / TOF
• Wind Power / STX; Ruukki Engineer
• Crane building / Levator; Kvaener (Norway)
Image: Technip Offshore Finland Oy
Company name Aslemetals Oy
Address P.O. Box 17
FI-26101 Rauma
(Nummitie 20
Tel. +358 2 838 011
Fax +358 2 838 0290
Founded 1961
Employees 100
Annual turnover 9 M EUR
Contact Pasi Lehtinen
Managing Director
Iiro Lehtinen
Busines Director
Aslemetals Oy
Aslemetals Oy is a medium-sized machine shop founded in 1961.
Over the 50 years, the small garage company has grown into
an internationally operating metal industry expert and a reliable
subcontracting company that employs over 100 professionals.
The company's primary products include piping, module, steel and
plate structures and concrete industry moulds.
Company name Leinovalu Oy
Address Leinonkatu 5
FI-24100 Salo
Tel. +358 2 775 00
Fax +358 2 775 0222
Founded 1898
Employees 150
Annual turnover 15 M EUR
Contact Liisa Leino
Managing Director
Jari Sistonen
Key Account Manager
Leinovalu Oy
Leinovalu Oy is a privately owned company founded in Finland in
1898. The company provides turnkey casting industry solutions,
thus offering the customer a complete castings delivery chain - from
design, classifications and castings all the way to machined and
finished components.
We have a broad range of materials, from grey cast iron and ductile
cast iron to carbon steel, tempering steel and acid-resistant steels,
which we manufacture regularly.
The modern production methods in the Salo iron and steel foundry
are best suited to small batches and demanding castings. Batch sizes
are usually between 1 and 50 pieces and casting weight varies from
100 to 5,500 kg.
CERTIFICATES: ISO 9001:2008, Pressure component licenses: PED
and AD2000-merkblatt W0
Approval of Manufacturer Certificate: DNV, RINA, ABS, Lloyd's
Register, RMRS, KR
Areas of core competence
Energy industry, Environmental technology, Recycling, Marine
industry and Forestry
Delivered on request
Company name Miilukangas Oy
Address Ruonankatu 1
FI-92100 Raahe
Tel. +358 8 2113 500
Fax +358 8 2113 501
Founded 1967
Employees 200
Annual turnover 30 M EUR
Contact Pekka Miilukangas
Managing Director
Jari Hautala
Factory Manager
Miilukangas Oy
Miilukangas Oy is a Group, where the subsdiary companies
Miilumachine Oy and Miiluweld Oy conducts engineering operations.
Our strongest field of know-how involves demanding machining
operations and steel construction work as well as large and heavy
structures. The maximum hoisting height of our overhead cranes is 10
meters and the elevating capacity is 100 tons.
Areas of core competence
• Off-shore industry equipment and components
• Steel industry investments and services
• Ship industry transmission parts
• Lifting and transfer equipment
• Paper and forest industry machinery, equipment and components
• Wind turbine industry
• Large welded and machined steel structures
• Wide variety of machining
ABB Oy, Konecranes Oyj, Kvaerner AS, Metso Automation Oy, Metso
Paper Oy, Moventas Gears Oy, Outokumpu Stainlsess Oy, Peiron
Oy, Presteel Oy, Rautaruukki Oyj, Rolls-Royce Oy Ab, Axtech AS,
Technip Offshore Finland Oy, Vexve Oy, Wärtsilä Finland Oy,
Telatek Oy
Company name Oy SteelDone Group Ltd.
Address Kiilakiventie 1
FI-90250 Oulu
Tel. +358405430345
Fax +358 8 8821014
Founded 2004
Employees 5
Annual turnover 5 M EUR
Contact Martti Saarela
Steinn Eiriksson
Sales Manager
Oy SteelDone Group Ltd.
Oy SteelDone Group Ltd is a supplier of structures and components
made out of steel specially for the needs of the oil and gas industry,
including offshore projects. The base of the capabilities and knowhow
of the company comes from its owners, four steel fabrication
companies and one engineering office operating in the Northern
Finland. These companies are to the large extent responsible for
the manufacturing of the structures and equipment supplied by
Areas of core competence
Description of the core competence of the company:
• Demanding welded and machined steel structures and equipment
• Mechanical engineering and consulting
• Assembly and maintenance services
• Complete deliveries of projects
• Rack bars and chords of Jack-Up drilling rig Arktisheskaya-100 in
• Tubular bracings and transition sections of several Moss
semisubmersible platforms in Russia
• Suction anchors for several projects in Norway
• Flare boom of Juri Korchagin –platform in Caspian Sea
• Special Handling System of subsea structures for Åsgard field in
Company name Tikoma Oy
Address Ahopellontie 5
FI-21290 Rusko
Tel. +358 2 434 8900
Fax +358 2 432 1020
Founded 1986
Contact Juha Haarala
Managing Director
Jarkko Rastas
Vice President
Tikoma Oy
Quality is guaranteed by Tikoma's long experience and DNV certified
quality system.
Areas of core competence
• Offshore
• Oil platforms and ship blocks
• Steel ship hulls
• Steel structures for construction
• All steel products
• Technip Offshore Finland Oy; Manufacturing of oil platform blocks
and frame assembly.
• STX Finland Oy; Manufacturing of ship blocks, grand blocks and
hull assembly
• Wasa Dredging Ltd; Dredger hulls
• Kaldnes Mek.Verkstad; Drilling barge structures
Image: Technip Offshore Finland Oy
Company name Arctia Shipping Oy
Address Laivastokatu 9
FI-00160 Helsinki
Tel. +358 30 620 7000
Founded 2010
Employees 270
Annual turnover 75.3 M EUR
Contact Tero Vauraste
President and CEO
Markku Tuhkanen
Director of Communications
Arctia Shipping Oy
Arctia carries over 100 years of icebreaking and ice management
know-how. We own and operate the Finnish icebreaker fleet.
Wintertime we make sure that maritime traffic to and from Finnish
ports run without delays. Summertime our multipurpose icebreakers
are working in the Arctic waters to ensure safe operations in the
offshore oil- and gas fields.
Areas of core competence
• Ice management
• Offshore services
• Ice breaking
• Oil recovery
• Towing services
Image: Arctia Shipping Oy
Company name Cadmatic Oy
Address Itäinen Rantakatu 72
FI-20810 Turku
Tel. +358 2 412 411
Fax +358 2 412 4444
Founded 1983
Foreign subsidiaries India, UAE, China, Italy
Contact Vesa-Matti Vaara
Sales Manager
Matti Juntunen
Vice President
Cadmatic Oy
Cadmatic Oy is solution provider for the plant, offshore and
shipbuilding industries.
Cadmatic´s innovative and dedicated personnel are constantly
working on the long-term development of our CADMATIC and
NUPAS-CADMATIC software solutions and we pride ourselves on
providing excellent service to our customers. Cadmatic’s software
solutions are used by 700 user organizations in over 50 countries
worldwide. There are certified sales and support centers in 20
Areas of core competence
NUPAS-CADMATIC 3D CAD/CAM systems and information
management solutions cover the entire life cycles of shipbuilding
and offshore projects, from concept, basic and detail design to
installations, commissioning and maintenance. It is a new generation
open software for hull, machinery, piping, electrical, HVAC and
outfitting design, engineering and to output the necessary production
Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI), the
most famous offshore and shipbuilding company in China.
STX Finland, Turku shipyard and wide design network
Company name Comatec Group
Address Kalevantie 7 C
FI-33100 Tampere
Tel. +358 29 000 2000
Fax +358 29 000 2001
Founded 1986
Employees 390
Foreign subsidiaries Comatec Estonia OÜ
Contact Miikka Riittinen
Marketing and Sales Manager
Pekka Jaakola
Business Unit Manager
Comatec Group
Comatec Group is the leading expert organisation in its field,
specialising in engineering design for machinery and industrial
equipment. Our lines of business include Mobile Machinery and
Special Vehicles, Material Handling Systems, Industrial Production
Systems, and Boilers and Power Plants.
Areas of core competence
In the shipbuilding industry we have specialised in electrical and
automation design, from the sales project stage to basic design and
manufacturing design. Our system skills cover the main areas of ship
electrical design such as: Electrical propulsion systems, Electricity
distribution systems, Layout design for electrical rooms, Lighting
design in machine rooms, Automation, Safety system, Low voltage
systems. In addition we provide mechanical engineering and FEM
Comatec provides power transmission design services, including the
mechanical, hydraulic (including the digital hydraulics) and electrical
power systems and drive trains for onshore and offshore applications.
Company name DG-diving Group
Address Helsinginkatu 27
FI-20100 Turku
Tel. +358 400 520220
Founded 1983
Employees 15
Contact Mauri Kalliomäki
Managing Director
Mika Rouhola
Area Manager
DG-Diving Group Oy
Company offers underwater service and repair works including
ship hull brushing/cleaning and propeller polishing with eco-friendly
cleaning system.
Company is also specialized in bow thruster repairs or replacements
and shaft seal replacements.
Areas of core competence
Underwater operations, diving works
• Viking Line
• Neste Shipping
• Finnlines
• Norwegian Cruise Line
• Tallink-Silja
• Wärtsilä
Company name Innopower Oy
Address Frilundintie 7,
FI-65170 Vaasa
Tel. + 358 (0)10 505 5000
Founded 1999
Contact Frans Liski
Innopower Oy
The biggest wind power company in Finland. Innopower is focused on
the production and building of wind power. Produce wind energy to its
Company name Kvaerner Finland Oy
Address P.O. Box 14
Friitalantie 11
FI-28401 Ulvila
Tel. +358 2 531 9200
Fax + 358 2 531 9210
Founded 2001
Employees 34
Annual turnover 5 M EUR
Contact Heidi Palmgren
Managing Director
Kvaerner Finland Oy
Kvaerner Finland Oy is a Finnish company, and a subsidiary of
Kvaerner. We are specialized in offshore and energy development
projects in Finland and abroad. We provide project and construction
management services, engineering services, and contracting
Our Quality Management System is certified by DNV according to
Areas of core competence
• Engineering and engineering management services: Structural
analysis, stress calculations, structural and piping design &
• Project and construction management services: Planning,
procurement and logistics, construction supervision, QA & HSSE
• Contracting and subcontracts management locally and abroad
• Engineering of Installation Barge for Magtymguly and Owez fields in
• Delivery (EPC) of utility module 10 for Kashagan oil field
development project
• Delivery (EPC) of main mechanical outfitting for Lun-A and PA-B
concrete gravity base structures for Sakhalin II oil and gas field
development project
• Participation to Kvaerner and Aker offshore EPC projects
Company name Onninen Oy
Address P.O.Box 109
FI-01301 Vantaa
(Mittalinja 1, 01260 Vantaa)
Tel. +358 204 85 111
Founded 1913
Employees 2800
Annual turnover 1500 M EUR
Foreign subsidiaries Sweden, Norway, Estonia,
Latvia, Lithuania, Russia,
Poland, China
Contact Tom Grönmark
Tarja Pursiainen
Manager, Business
Onninen Oy
Onninen offers comprehensive material services to contractors,
industry, public organizations and retailers. Our offering covers piping
components, valves, pumps, lubricants, special and structural steel,
bearings and power transmission components, HVAC products,
cables, electrical accessories and lighting components. Onninen has
over 40 000 products as stock items. Furthermore, we offer project
services, prefabrication of steel products, service warehouse and
e-commerce solutions to our customers.
Areas of core competence
Supply of materials and related services.
Materials and related services supplied to customers like Aker
Solutions, Kvaerner, Rolls-Royce, Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, STX
Finland, Wärtsilä.
Company name Prizztech Oy
Address B.O. Box 18
FI-28101 Pori
Tel. +358 62 62 62
Founded 1989
Employees 70
Annual turnover 10 M EUR
Contact Janne Vartia
Development Manager
Pekka Rouhiainen
Chief Adviser
Prizztech Oy
Prizztech has over 20 years been working to improve the business
performance and competitiveness of its customers. Prizztech helps
organizations to prosper by providing them with the knowledge and
support needed to realize their full potential. The company operates
as an impartial, non-profit organization.
Areas of core competence
The main tasks of Prizztech are to promote the research and
development activities of the companies, to collect and communicate
marine and offshore industry related information and to enhance
enterprise competitiveness and cooperation. Prizztech offers its
customers access to the Finnish innovation system and financing
Prizztech’s specific fields of expertise are offshore industry, marine
industry networks and business management and models. At present,
Prizztech is carrying out several projects with its partners in these
fields. Prizztech represented the Satakunta Centre of Expertise in the
Finnish Maritime Cluster Programme in years 2007-2013.
Company name Rajakiiri Oy
Address Frilundintie 7,
FI-65170 Vaasa
Tel. + 358 (0)10 505 5000
Founded 2007
Contact Frans Liski
Rajakiiri Oy
Rajakiiri Oy is a Finnish energy company, which is focused producing
wind power. The aim of the company is to add sea and wind power in
Company name RUUKKI (Rautaruukki OYJ)
Address Suolakivenkatu 1
P. O. Box 138
FI-00811 Helsinki
Tel. +358 20 5911
Fax +358 20 592 9088
Founded 1960
Employees 9034 (2012)
Annual turnover 2789 M EUR (2012)
Contact Mika Kinnunen
Product Manager
Jukka Haarala
Project Manager
RUUKKI (Rautaruukki OYJ)
Ruukki specialises in steel and steel construction. We provide
customers with energy-efficient steel solutions for better living,
working and moving. We have around 9000 employees and an
extensive distribution and dealer network across some 30 countries
including the Nordic countries, Russia and elsewhere in Europe and
the emerging markets such as India, China and South America.
Our vision is to be an innovative and acknowledged provider of
energy-efficient steel solutions to build a better living environment
together with our customers.
Areas of core competence
For the offshore and marine industry Ruukki offers structural steels
according to offshore material standards and project-specific
requirements. We tailor our products separately for each customer
with regard to tolerances, composition and product application.
Over the years Ruukki has delivered heavy steel plates for various
offshore platforms and topsides. Delivery of heavy steel plates for any
single project has amounted to up to 40,000 tonnes. More information
regarding references on request.
Company name Solar Simulator Finland Ltd
Address Keskiläntie 5
FI-20660 Littoinen
Tel. +358 2 474 1600
Founded 1996
Employees 5
Annual turnover 500 000 EUR
Contact Ari Kuusisto
Sales Manager
Hannu Suokivi
Managing Director
Solar Simulator Finland Ltd
Solar Simulator enhances sales, marketing and product development
of our customers using test results and environmental knowledge.
We produce new information on the durability of the materials and
design solutions against weather conditions. We are specialised
in accelerated weather testing especially solar and uv radation,
and corrosion in extreme marine conditions. The test combination
is selected purposefully according to end use of the product. The
sample can vary from thumbnail size up to vechile size. We have
performed ageing and functional tests of e.g. EPIRBs, light house
materials and release mechanisms.
Areas of core competence
Environment and agening analysis, Colour stability, Corrosion
resistance, Comparative and Functional tests, Utilization of test
Results Library
Company name Suomen Merituuli Oy
Address Frilundintie 7,
FI-65170 Vaasa
Tel. + 358 (0)10 505 5000
Founded 2008
Contact Sami Kuitunen
Suomen Merituuli Oy
A domestic company which prepares and implements sea power
projects. The aim is to add renewable energy.
Company name Teknos Oy
Address Takkatie 3
P.O. BOX 107
Tel. +3589506091
Fax +358950609503
Founded 1948
Employees 1000
Annual turnover 262 MEUR
Contact Kari Sandberg
Sales Director
Teknos Oy
Teknos is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of industrial coatings with
a strong position in retail and architectural coatings, too.
Teknos has its own production in seven countries: Finland, Sweden,
Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia and China. In addition,
Teknos has sales companies in 15 countries and exports to over 20
countries via a well-established network of dealers.
Teknos was established in 1948 and is one of Finland´s largest familyowned
Areas of core competence
Teknos offers Norsok M-501 approved protective coating systems for
off-shore installations and the associated facilities, e.g. exteriors of
equipment, vessels, piping and valves.

Primary area of competence
Other areas of competence
Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
Engineering Offices
Special solution suppliers
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Materials technology and supply
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3 Antti-Teollisuus Oy
4 Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Inc.
27 Arctia Shipping Oy
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5 Citec Oy Ab
28 Comatec Group
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6 Foreship Ltd
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24 Leinovalu Oy
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Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
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30 Onninen Oy
11 Oy Lautex Ab
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21 Oy Operative Recovery Solutions
25 Oy SteelDone Group Ltd.
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31 Rajakiiri Oy
21 RR Site Service Oy
32 RUUKKI (Rautaruukki OYJ)
14 Saajos Oy Fire doors and safety doors
14 Satmatic Oy
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32 Solar Simulator Finland Ltd
15 Steerprop Ltd.
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33 Teknos Oy
17 TEVO Oy
26 Tikoma Oy
18 Trafotek Oy
22 Wärtsilä Corporation
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