The Asian Register                                                                                                                                        1
                    Company Listings Of Products & Services
                                                                                                                                    AEP Industries, Inc.
                                            A A Feather Co.                          A Sheftel and Sons Inc
290 Sign Systems, Inc
                                                                                                                                    125 Phillips Ave.
                                            16 W. 36th St.                           2121 31st St. SW
P.O. Box 888289                                                                                                                     South Hackensack , NJ 07606
                                            New York , NY 10018                      Allentown , PA 18103-7006
Grand Rapids , MI 49588-8289                                                                                                        Contact:Zuni Sosa, Marketing
                                            Contact:Daniel Gettinger, Pres.          Contact:Milton S. Sheftel, Chairman of the
Contact:Al Perry, V-P Opers                                                                                                         Tel:201-641-6600
                                            Tel:212-695-9470                         Tel:610-797-9420
Tel:616-656-4310                                                                                                                    Fax:201-807-2567
                                            Fax:212-695-9471                         Fax:610-797-7272
                                                                                                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                            Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                                                                       Polyethylene containers &
                                            Feathers, natural & dyed                 Textile Waste
Interior & Exterior Modular Signs                                                                                                   packaging materials
                                                                                     Textile Recycling Managment
Signs & advertising specialties                                                                                                     Plastic Products
                                                                                     Textile Piece Goods & Remnants
System 2/90 Signage                                                                                                                 Paper coated & laminated packaging
                                                                                     Industrial Wiping Cloths
                                            A B C Window Co.
Plaques Plus Signage                                                                 Home Furnishings
                                            621 S Bon View Ave
ARC Signage                                                                          Fibers
                                            Ontario , CA 91761-1912
                                                                                                                                    AG Alumni Seed Improvement
                                            Contact:Ellen Hegwer, CEO / Pres.
                                                                                                                                    PO Box 158
                                                                                                                                    Romney , IN 47981-0158
                                                                                                                                    Contact:Ms Faith Brewer, President
A & D Metal Inc                                                                      A.C.C.I. Inc.                                  Tel:765-538-3145
                                            Product / Service Description
555 Southampton Rd                                                                   3 Hillside Road                                Fax:765-538-3600
                                            Vinyl & aluminum windows
Westfield , MA 01085                                                                 Manalapan , NJ 07726                 
                                            Plastic products
Contact:Alexander Lewinski, President                                                Contact:Makram Abdou, President                Product / Service Description
                                            Doors, sash & trim_metal
Tel:413- 562-3902                                                                    Tel:732-780-4134                               Hybrid Popcorn Seed
Fax:413-562-2176                                                                     Fax:732-308-4406                               Foundation Seed of Wheat,                                                                                       Oats and Soybeans                                                                              Contract Production of Seeds and Crops
Product / Service Description                                                        Product / Service Description
                                            A B T, Inc.
Aircraft Work
                                                                                     Aluminum Fins, Strips & Foil
                                            P.O. Box 111329
Sheet Metal Work
                                                                                     Copper Tubes, Strips, Foil & Capillaries       API Heat Transfer
                                            Pittsburgh , PA 15238-0729
Fabricated Metal Products
                                                                                     Air Conditioning Parts & Accessories
                                            Contact:John Baver, Pres.
Military Work                                                                                                                       2777 Walden Ave
                                            Tel:412-826-8002                                                                        Buffalo , NY 14225-4748
                                            Fax:412-826-1227                                                                        Contact:Mike Sanders, VP Marketing
                                            Product / Service Description            ABC WordEXpress Translation & Fax:716-684-2155
                                            Power & industrial boiler components &
A & S Mold & Die Corp                                                                                                     
                                                                                     Interpretation Services
                                            pressure vessels & heat exchangers                                            
9705 Eton Ave.                                                                       8306 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 2000
                                            Steel pipe & tubes                                                                      Product / Service Description
Chatsworth , CA 91311-4306                                                           Beverly Hills , CA 90211-2382
                                            Plate work_fabricated (boiler shops)                                                    Mfg. Heat Exchangers
Contact:Janice Hodges,                                                               Contact:Sales & Marketing,
                                                                                                                                    Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Tel:818-341-5393 xt 319                                                              Tel:310-260-7700 or 800-570-0700
                                                                                                                                    Plate Heat Exchangers
Fax:818-341-3824                                                                     Fax:310-260-7705 or 800-570-5950
                                                                                                                                    Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers                                                        
                                                                                                                                    Thermal Process Systems -                                                   
                                            ACCUTOOL                                                                                Evaporations, Pasterization
Product / Service Description                                                        Product / Service Description
                                            5301 Iroquois Ave
Plastic injection molding mfg., in-house                                             Translators and Interpreters / Translations in
                                            Erie , PA 16511-2529
tooling, 22-1000 ton presses, ISO / QS                                               more than 100 languages
                                            Contact:John Murosky, Pres.
Injection molding mfg., in-house tooling,                                            Website translations & localization            AQC Group
22-1000 ton presses, ISO / QS                                                        Multilinqual Desktop Publishing                200 Park Central Blvd. S. Ste. 5
Tooling for injection molding in-house, ISO                                          Translations of personnal documents            Pompano Beach , FL 33064-2197
/ QS, 22-1000 ton presses.                                                           Certifications and notorizations available     Contact:Alan L. Kronstat, Director of Sales
                                          Court & regular interpreters                   Tel:954-970-8989
                                            Product / Service Description            Any lanquage, all industries                   Fax:954-973-1454
                                            CNC turning, milling & fastener job shop
                                            Industrial machinery
                                            Bolts, nuts, rivets & washers
A 1 Auto Electric Co                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
6700 E. 50th Ave.                                                                                                                   Toner Manufacturer Exporter
                                            Dies, tools, jigs & fixtures_special     ACforSale Inc
Commerce City , CO 80022-4617
                                            Power Generation Hardware
Contact:Ester Wolff,                                                                 4610 SW 75th Ave.
Tel:303-287-3347                                                                     Miami , FL 33155-4433
Fax:303-287-3506                                                                     Contact:Gerry Bourke,                                                       Tel:786-275-0266                               Aacer Flooring
Product / Service Description                                                        Fax:305-265-7511                               970 N. Ogden Rd.
Automobile Electric Service                                                                             Peshtigo , WI 54157-1727
                                            A S E Industries, Inc.         
Trucks-Industrial (Wholesale)                                                                                                       Contact:Hal Koller,
                                            1920 S. Griffith Ave.                    Product / Service Description
Alternators & Generators-Automotive                                                                                                 Tel:715-582-1181
                                            Los Angeles , CA 90011-1219
Automobile Air Conditioning Equipment                                                Wholesale Residential and Commercial Air       Fax:715-582-1182
                                            Contact:Sam Makhanian, Pres., CFO
Automobile Repairing & Service                                                       Conditioning                         
Starters, Engine                                                                                                          
Regulator                                                                                                                           Product / Service Description
Inverters                                                                                                                           Floor Materials-Manufacturers
                                            Product / Service Description
                                            Automotive Water Pump Component Parts
                                                                        The Asian Register
2                                                                                                                               Global Contact's
Aavolyn Corp                                Accountmate                               Accutemp Products Inc                      Acme Scale Systems Inc.
P.O. Box 1097                               88 Rowland Way # 350                      8415 North Clinton Park                    1100 N. Villa Ave.
Millville , NJ 08332-8097                   Novato , CA 94945                         Ft. Wayne , IN 46825                       Villa Park , IL 60181-1054
Contact:Lynn Farrell, Pres.                 Contact:Omar Sary, Director International Contact:Scott Swogger, President & CEO     Contact:Kathleen Kienzle, Pres., Mis Mgr.
Tel:856-327-8040                            Business Development                      Tel:260-493-0415                           Tel:630-833-3800
Fax:856-327-9595                            Tel:415-883-8873                          Fax:260-493-0318                           Fax:630-833-0044                    Fax:415-883-5863                                                                
Product / Service Description                     Product / Service Description              Product / Service Description
                                            Product / Service Description
Compressor Replacement Parts;                                                         AccuTemp Manufacturers the dependable      Industrial scale sales, leasing & service
Reciprocating                               Accounting Software Manufacturer          Steam ‘N’ Hold vacuum-capable convection   Front End Loaders
Compressors, Natural Gas, Oxygen            Distribution, Manufacturing & ERP         steamer, the first and best no-hassle
Piston Rings, Rider Ring                    Solutions                                 “connectionless” steamer. The Accu-steam
Rod Packing, Wipers, PBU                                                              Griddle, the “World’s Best Griddle,”       Acousti Engineering Inc
Pump Packing, V-Packing, Brushing                                                     with uniform surface temperatures and
                                                                                                                                 4656 SW 34th St.
White Superior, Joy, Ariel                                                            instant heat recovery.
                                                                                                                                 Orlando , FL 32811-6450
Knoxwestern, Dresser, Packing Case
                                                                                                                                 Contact:Jim Verner, V.P. , G.M.
                                            Accu-Form Plastics, Inc.
Worthington, RDS, HOS
                                            460 N. 2460 W.                            Ace Boiler Inc                             Fax:407-422-6502
                                            Hurricane , UT 84737                      2701 S Harbor Blvd               
                                            Contact:Don Olson, Pres., Mgr.
Abilene Machine Inc.                                                                  Santa Ana , CA 92704-5803        
P.O. Box 129                                                                          Contact:Ed Cancilla,                       Product / Service Description
Abilene , KS 67410-0129                                                               Tel:714-437-9050                           Construction & Engineering
Contact:Randy Roelofsen, Pres.                                                        Fax:714-437-9060                           Exterior applications
                                            Product / Service Description
Tel:785-655-9455                                                                                     Interior finishes
                                            Molded Plastic Covers for deteriorated
Fax:785-655-3838                                                                      Product / Service Description              Access flooring
                                            interiors after-market cars & trucks.                                                                                                    Modular homes
                                            1300 models, 30 colors, low cost to look
Product / Service Description                                                                                                    Low income housing
                                                                                      Water Heaters-Manufacturers
                                            good as new.                                                                         General contractor
Agricultural machinery replacement parts
                                                                                                                                 Material sales export
                                                                                                                                 (Construction Materials )
                                                                                      Ace Mfg. & Parts Co., Inc.
Acadiana Oilfield Instr Rps
                                                                                      300 Ramsey Dr
DBA: AOI Instrumentation                                                              Sullivan , MO 63080-1475
                                            Accu-Line Products, Inc.
105 Bonin Rd.                                                                         Contact:Dale Mocabee, Sales Manager
                                            P.O. Box 875
Lafayette , LA 70508-4405                                                             Tel:573-468-4181
                                            Hyannis , MA 02601-0875                                                              Action Awards, Inc.
Contact:Travis Lasseigne, President                                                   Fax:573-468-4497
                                            Contact:Karleen Laviana, Pres.
Tel:337-837-1676                                                                                                                 7200 Cherry Tripp Dr
                                            Tel:508-771-8022 / 800-363-7740
Fax:337-837-6599                                                                                                                 Charlotte , NC 28212
                                            Fax:508-771-8022                                                                                                    Contact:Burt Skinner, Pres., Fin., MIS,
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                  Opers. & R & D Mgr.
                                                                                      Power transmission equipment
Product / Service Description                                                                                                    Tel:704-567-7979
                                                                                      Truck & agricultural clutch parts &
                                            Product / Service Description
Mgf Sales And Service Of Oil Field Data                                                                                          Fax:704-567-1542
                                            Surgical Surgical / Skin Markers
Acquistion Systems                                                                                                               Product / Service Description
Sales & Service of Drilling Instrumentation                                                                                      Metal products_fabricated
                                                                                                                                 Trophies & plaques
Accel Inc                                                                             Acker Drill Co., Inc.
                                            Accu-Time Systems
8133 Highfield Dr                                                                     P.O. Box 830
                                            420 Somers Rd
Lewis Center , OH 43035-9673                                                          Scranton , PA 18501-0830
                                            Ellington , CT 06029-2629                                                            Active Concepts, Llc
Contact:Mrs. Felicia Oswalt,                                                          Tel:570-586-2061
                                            Contact:Peter DiMaria, Founder                                                       12 Ethel Road West Suite 3
Tel:740-549-0606                                                                      Fax:570-586-2659
                                            Tel:860-870-5000                                                                     Piscataway , NJ 08854
                                            Fax:860-872-1511                                                                     Contact:Catherine Zorzopian, Regional                                                          
                                                                                                     Marketing Mgr. Asia                                                                     Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                         Drilling & Boring Equip & Supls for
                                            Product / Service Description                                                        Fax:732-867-5041
Special Warehousing & Storage, NEC                                                    Geotechnical Coring-& Sampling Tools
                                            Data collection systems                                                    
(Primary)                                                                             Environmental & Minerals
                                            Time and Attendance Terminals                                              
Assembling Svc
                                            Physical Security Terminals                                                          Product / Service Description
Business Svcs, NEC
                                            Biometric Devices                                                                    Toilet preparations
All Other Miscellaneous Mfg
                                            Automatic Identification Systems                                                     Cosmetic ingredients
All Other Business Support Services
                                                                                      Acme Scale Systems & Advanced
                                                                                      Integrated Solutions
                                                                                      1100 N. Villa Ave.
Access Marketing
                                                                                      Villa Park , IL 60181-1054
800 Farroll Rd.                             Accurate Wire, Inc.                                                                  Adolfos House
                                                                                      Contact:Kathleen Kienzle,
Grover Beach , CA 93433-2748                8 Baldwin Dr                              Tel:630-833-3800                           3655 NW 71st St.
Contact:Michael Scott,                      Branford , CT 06405-6501                  Fax:630-833-0044                           Miami , FL 33147-6519
Tel:805-489-0490                            Contact:Matthew B. Smith, Vice President                 Contact:Adolfo Perez,
Fax:805-489-1920                            Tel:203-488-5956                            Tel:305-836-8180                              Fax:203-483-8309                          Product / Service Description              Fax:305-836-8179                             Industrial scale sales, leasing & service
Product / Service Description               Product / Service Description             Construction Grading & Sloping   
Bicycles-Wholesale                          Shaped & Flat Wire                        Equipment                                  Product / Service Description
Motorcycle-Wholesale                        Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper Alloys,                                            Afro-Cosmetics, Salon Equipment, HBA,
Automotive-Wholesale                        and others.                                                                          IMP. / Exp., also PVT Labeling
Lawn & Garden- Wholesale
                                                                          The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                        3
Adonis Furniture                        Advanced Food Systems Inc.                     Africa Travel Association                   Air+ mak Industries Inc
6201 Coliseum Way                       21 Roosevelt Ave                               347 5th Ave.Rm. 610                         11154 Wildwood Dr
Oakland , CA 94621-3717                 Somerset , NJ 08873-5030                       New York , NY 10016-5010                    Olive Branch , MS 38654-3838
Contact:Matt Sansoe,                    Contact:Yongkeun Joh, Pres.                    Contact:Mira Berman, Executive Director     Contact:Mr Maickam Adhapa, President
Tel:510-638-6422                        Tel:732-873-6776 Fax:732-873-4177              Tel:212-447-1926                            Tel:662-893-3444
Fax:510-638-6485                                            Fax:212-725-8253                            Fax:662-893-3476               Product / Service Description                                                                                    Product / Service Description
                                        Food seasonings, Stabilizer Systems
Product / Service Description                                                          Product / Service Description
                                        Food Ingredient                                                                            Indl Trucks, Tractors,
Furniture-Manufacturers                                                                Professional Travel Trade Assoc. For Africa Trailers & Stackers (Primary)
Furniture-Dealers-Wholesale                                                                                                        Aircraft Ground Support Eqpt
                                                                                                                                   Industrial Truck, Tractor, Trailer & Stacker
                                        Advanced Test Equipment Corp
                                                                                       Aggrene Corp.
                                        10401 Roselle St
Adroit Medical Systems                  San Diego , CA 92121-1526                      915 Tower Ave.
1146 Carding Machine Rd.                Contact:Jim Berg,                              Superior , WI 54880
Loudon , TN 37774-5650                  Tel:858-558-6500 Fax:858-558-6570              Contact:Greg Sawyer, Manager
Contact:Clifford Gammons,                                     Tel:715-392-3011
                                                                                                                                   Air-Flite Containers, Inc.
Tel:865-458-8600                        Product / Service Description                  Fax:715-392-8277
                                                                                                                                   2699 N. Forsyth Rd.
                                        Electronic Testing, Measuring,
                                                                                                                                   Orlando , FL 32807-6433                                                     
                                        Inspecting and Environmental Equipment
                                                                                                                                   Contact:Kevin McDonald, Pres.
Product / Service Description                                                          Product / Service Description
                                        for Rental Lease or Sale
Plstic-Fabricating / Finish                                                            Organic fertilizer
Die Cutting ( Manufacturers )
                                                                                                                                   Product / Service Description
                                        Advanced Thermal Systems Inc.
                                                                                                                                   Nailed Wood Boxes & Shook
                                                                                       Agrosistemas De America
                                        15 Enterprise Dr                                                                           Wooden & Corrugated Boxes & Containers
Advance Signs, Inc.                                                                    6415 SW 127th Pl.
                                        Lancaster , NY 14086-9773                                                                  Human Remains Shipping Containers
3316 Hwy. BN                                                                           Miami , FL 33183-1318
                                        Contact:Edward Patnode, P.E., V.P. & Gen.                                                  Air-Trays
Deerfield , WI 53531                                                                   Contact:Vladimir Cruz, President
                                        Tel:716-681-1800                                                                           Combinations
Contact:Dennis Rahn, Pres.                                                             Tel:305-382-6122
                                        Fax:716-681-0228                                                                           Air-Flite Containers
Tel:608-764-5084                                                                       Fax:305-382-6122
                                                                                                  Cremation Containers
Product / Service Description                                                          Product / Service Description
                                        Product / Service Description
Signs & advertising specialties         Pipe & ball expansion joints & pipe guides,    Dairy Cattle & Beef Cattle, Export
Interior & exterior signs               pipe supports-low friction                     Cattle Semen, Export
                                                                                       Agricultural Consulting, Animal Genetics    AirCharter World
                                                                                       Ind. Water Pumps, Export                    395 Taylor Blvd. Ste. 100
Advanced Alloys Inc                     Aero Adventure Aviation, Inc.                                                              Pleasant Hill , CA 94523-2276
                                                                                                                                   Contact:Richard Lee, Larry Soletti
1014 Grand Blvd. Ste. 1                 3795 Flypark Dr.
                                                                                       Ahern International Seeds                   Tel:925-602-5330
Deer Park , NY 11729-5782               Rockledge , FL 32955-4739
Contact:Donald Glassman,                Contact:Bob Boswell, Pres., R & D Mgr.         9465 Customhouse Plz., Ste. G
Tel:631-595-7000                        Tel:321-635-8005                               San Diego , CA 92154-7632
                                                                                                                                   Product / Service Description
Fax:631-595-7030                        Fax:321-639-8557                               Contact:Kevin Ahern, Guillermo Velez,                              Tel:619-661-9450                            Aircraft Brokers
Product / Service Description                        Fax:619-661-9453
                                        Product / Service Description        
Alloys (Wholesale)
Exporters                               Aircraft Mfr. Ultralight, Light Sport, Float &
                                                                                       Product / Service Description
High Temperature Alloys                 Amphibian Kits
                                                                                                                                   Airlette Manufacturing Corp
Stainless Steel                                                                        Seeds & Bulbs-Wholesale / Retail
Aluminum                                                                                                                           P.O. Box 3494
                                                                                                                                   Lantana , FL 33465-3494
                                        Aeroglide       Corporation
                                                                                       Air Handlers Clean Air                      Contact:Frank R. Jarnot, President
                                        P.O. Box 29505
                                                                                       Concepts, Inc.                              Tel:561-585-8885
Advanced Cable Ties, Inc.               Raleigh , NC 27626-0505
                                                                                       1109 Old Okeechobee Rd., Ste. 6             Fax:561-585-0632
245 Suffolk Ln                          Contact:Tom Mix, V.P., Worldwide Sales
                                                                                       West Palm Beach , FL 33401        
Gardner , MA 01440-1761                 Tel:919-851-2000 Fax:919-851-6029
                                                                                       Contact:William Scroggins, Pres., CFO
Contact:Ken Tomasetti, Pres.  
                                                                                       Tel:561-832-1051                            Product / Service Description
Tel:978-630-3900 Fax:978-630-3999
                                                                                       Fax:561-832-2822                            Manufactures Plastic Ventilators For            Product / Service Description
                                                                                                       Recreational & Industrial Use.                         Dryers & Coolers Food Products
                                                                              Dryers & Coolers Industrial Products
                                                                                       Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description           Driers & Coolers Pet / Fish Feed
                                                                                       Air purification systems
Plastic cable ties
Cable tie removal tools
Usmil-Spec                              Aetna Felt Corp.
                                                                                                                                   2095 Garden Ave, Suite 102
                                        2401 W. Emmaus Ave.
                                                                                                                                   Eugene , OR 97403
                                        Allentown , PA 18103-7234                      Air Technical Industries
Advanced Conservation                                                                                                              Contact:Trinidad Cardenas, Sales
                                        Contact:Kim Snyder,                            7501 Clover Ave                             Tel:541-683-5420
Technologies                            Tel:610-791-0900 Fax:610-791-5791              Mentor , OH 44060-5213                      Fax:541-683-1047
3176 Pullman St. Ste. 119
                                                           Contact:Pero Novak, Pres.         
Costa Mesa , CA 92626-3317
Contact:Larry K. Acker, President       Product / Service Description                  Fax:440-953-9237                            Product / Service Description
Tel:714- 668-1200 Fax:714-668-1927      Fabricated Felt, Rubber, Cork                                Ambient Air Sampler-particulates, Gases                   Podiatry Products                                     Highly Efficient, Portable Particulate also
                                        Orthopedic Products                            Product / Service Description               Samplers
                                        Stripping                                      Materials handling equipment
Product / Service Description           Gaskets                                        Trucks & tractors_industrial
Mfg Hot Water Demand Recirculation
                                        Yard goods
                                                                    The Asian Register
4                                                                                                                                 Global Contact's
Airseal Products Company                                                                                                           Allied Dynamics Corp.
                                             Alcona Tool & Machine, Inc.                 All American Containers Inc.
P.O. Box 38700                                                                                                                     195L Central Ave.
                                             P.O. Box 340                                9330 NW 110th Ave.
Los Angeles , CA 90038-0700                                                                                                        Farmingdale , NY 11735-6904
                                             Lincoln , MI 48742-0340                     Miami , FL 33178-2519
Contact:Frank Emley, Export Manager                                                                                                Contact:Sales & Marketing,
                                             Contact:Monty L. Kurttlin, President        Contact:Remedios Diaz, President
Tel:818-508-4446                                                                                                                   Tel:631-293-6188
                                             Tel:989-736-8151                            Tel:305-887-0797
Fax:818-508-4436                                                                                                                   Fax:631-293-9419
                                             Fax:989-736-6717                            Fax:305-887-4853                                                                                                      
                                             Product / Service Description     
Product / Service Description                                                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                             Tool & Die Shop & Machine Shop
Tire Sealant for automatically and           Special Carbide & Steel Dies & Punches,     Glass Containers                          Gas Turbine Spare Parts (Mechanical
permanently sealing tread punctures up to 1/ Tools, Jigs & Fixtures                      Plastic Bottles & Closures                Electrical)
2 inch, including bullet holes from 22 & 38                                              Metal Cans
caliber rounds for tire’s legal tread life.                                              Metal Barrels, Drums & Pails
Demo                                                                                     Stoppers, Cap, Lids & other closures      Allor Mfg., Inc.
CD Rom available.
                                                                                                                                   PO Box 1540
                                                                                                                                   Brighton , MI 48116-5340
                                             1502 Quarry Dr                                                                        Contact:Maureen Locke,
                                             Edgewood , MD 21040-1063
Airtek, Inc.                                                                                                                       Tel:248-486-4500
                                                                                         All Erection & Crane Rental
                                             Contact:Alan Baldwin, President
PO Box 428                                                                                                                         Fax:248-486-4040
                                             Tel:410 676-7100 Ext. 20
Hobart , IN 46342-0428                                                                                                   
                                                                                         7809 Old Rockside Rd.
Contact:Matt Bapple, Fin. Mgr.                                                                                           
                                                                                         Cleveland , OH 44131-2315
Tel:219-947-1664                                                                                                                   Product / Service Description
                                                                                         Contact:David Tobon,
                                             Product / Service Description
Fax:219-942-6522                                                                                                                   Conveyor chains
                                             Mfg Aluminum Honeycomb Cores & Special                                                                                                           Custom bearings
Product / Service Description                                                                                                      Tension leveling equipment
                                                                                                                                   Rollers & Work Rolls
Motor vehicle parts & accessories                                              
Catalytic converters                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                                                                         Mobile Cranes AT, RT, TM
                                             Alderman Acres Mfg., Inc
Akers National Roll
                                             623 Union St.                                                                         Alloy Fasteners, Inc.
400 Railroad Ave                             Coffeyville , KS 67337-6019                                                           15 Amflex Dr.
Avonmore , PA 15618-9700                     Contact:Jo Alderman,                                                                  Cranston , RI 02921 2028
                                                                                         AllCoat Technology Inc.
Contact:Thomas P. Adams, Pres.               Tel:620-251-4095                                                                      Contact:Robert Rotondo,
Tel:724-697-4533                                                                         100 Eames St
                                             Fax:620-251-4096                                                                      Tel:401-943-0639
Fax:724-697-4319                                                                         Wilmington , MA 01887-3389
                                                                                                  Fax:401-942-7810                                                                       Contact:Cliff Tishler,
Product / Service Description                                                            Tel:978-988-0880
                                             Product / Service Description                                               
Foundries_gray & ductile iron
                                             Cubicle Curtain & Draperies-Manufacturer                                              Product / Service Description
Iron & steel-base rolls
                                             Bed Linens, Terrycloth Products-Wholesale                                             Non-corrosive commercial fasteners
                                             Uniforms, Scrubs, Labcoats, Healthcare                                                specializing in stainless steel
                                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                             Shoes                                                                                 Stainless steel screws, nuts, washers, bolts,
                                                                                         Adhesives & sealants
                                                                                         Paints, Coatings
Akrochem         Corporation                                                             Urethane, Acrylic Polymers
255 Fountain St
Akron , OH 44304-1991                        Aldrich Co.
Contact:William H. Silver, V-P. & Export M
                                             P.O. Box 97                                                                           Alloy Metal & Tubes, Inc.
                                             Wyoming , IL 61491-0097                                                               5725 Cunningham Rd
                                                                                         Allfresh Food Products, Inc.
                                             Contact:Fred O. Howard,                                                               Houston , TX 77041-4720                                                                        2156 Green Bay Rd
                                             Pres., Pur., Sales & Mktg. Mgr.                                                       Contact:Curtis Kates, President                                                                  Evanston , IL 60201-3046
                                             Tel:309-695-2311                                                                      Tel:713-935-0100
Product / Service Description                                                            Contact:Anil K. Wadhwa, V-P Ops & Fin.
                                             Fax:309-695-5779                                                                      Fax:713-464-9194
Rubber, Plastic, Adhesive Raw Materials                                                       
Rubber Colorants, Dispersions                                                                    Product / Service Description
Rubber Chemical Dispensions                  Product / Service Description                                                         Nickel Alloy Tubes
                                                                                         Product / Service Description
Thermoplastic Colorants, Dispersions,
                                             Heating equipment, except electric                                                    Instrumentation Tubing
Concentrates                                                                             Fats & oils_edible
                                             Steam & hot water boilers, gas & oil-fired
Batch Inclusion Rubber Compounding Bags                                                  Vegetable shortenings & margarine
                                             water & swimming pool heaters
                                                                                         Flakemore * Puff Flake * Deluxe Butter
                                                                                                                                   Alloy Metal Products
Albany Port District                                                                                                               PO Box 2
                                             Alfa Color, Inc.
Commission                                                                                                                         Central Square , NY 13036-0002
                                                                                         Alliance Winding Equipment
                                             535 W 135th St
Port of Albany                                                                                                                     Contact:James Thayer, Ptnr.
                                             Gardena , CA 90248-1505                     Inc
Albany , NY 12202                                                                                                                  Tel:315-676-2405
                                             Contact:Michael Treotola, Pres.
Contact:Robert F. Cross,                                                                 3939 Vanguard Dr.                         Fax:315-676-3820
Chairman of the Board                                                                    Fort Wayne , IN 46809-3305                Product / Service Description
Tel:(518) 463-8763                                                                       Contact:Keith Moser,                      Electronic components
Fax:(518) 463-8767                                                                       Tel:219-478-2200                          Wire harnesses, insert moldings, hot
                                                                                               Fax:219-478-1846                          stampings, screw machine products
                                             Product / Service Description                                                                      Plastic products
                                             Film processing & painting to mural size on
Product / Service Description                                                            Product / Service Description             Metal stampings
                                             Kodak photo paper
Port Authorities                                                                         Machinery-Specially Designed & Built for  Screw machine products
                                             Digital printing on Kodak photo paper to    Electric Motor Production
                                             50" wide-any length                         Coil Winding Machines for High Volume
                                                                                         Production of Electrical Motors.
                                                                         The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                   5
                                                                                                                                American Cast Iron Pipe
                                         Aluminum Body Corp.                         American & Efird, Inc.
Allstates World Cargo
                                         7820 Lincoln Ave                            PO Box 507
P.O. Box 959
                                                                                                                                P.O.Box 2727
                                         Riverside , CA 92504-4443                   Mount Holly , NC 28120-0507
Forked River , NJ 08731-0959
                                                                                                                                Birmingham , AL 35202-2727
                                         Contact:Robert L. Watson Sr.,               Contact:John L. Miller, Sr. V-P., Sales
Contact:Joseph M. Guido, Chairman
                                                                                                                                Contact:Marcus Lyons,
                                         V.P. Marketing                              Tel:704-827-4311
Tel:609-693-5950 / 800-575-5575
                                                                                                                                Int’l Sales Mgr.
                                         Tel:909-689-3900                            Fax:704-827-0267
Product / Service Description
Freight Forwarder
                                                        Product / Service Description
Customs Broker
                                         Product / Service Description
Freight & Cargo Transportation                                                       Industrial Sewing Thread
                                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
                                         Custom Shelters, Trailers & Truck Bodies    Embroidery Thread & Technical Yarn
                                                                                                                                Gate Valves
                                                                                                                                Tapping Sleeves
Almetek Industries,Inc.                                                                                                         Check Valves
2 Joy Dr                                                                                                                        Fire Hydrant
Hackettstown , NJ 07840                  Aluminum Welding & Machine                                                             Ductile Iron Pipe
                                                                                     American Alloy Steel
Contact:Glenn Staada, Mktg. Mgr.                                                                                                Steel Pipe, API ERW
                                         Works, Inc.                                 PO Box 40469
Tel:908-850-9700                                                                                                                Steel Pipe, Spiralweld
                                         225 E US Highway 12
                                                                                     Houston , TX 77240-0469
Fax:908-850-9618                         Chesterton , IN 46304-9529
                                                                                     Contact:Art Moore, President                          Contact:Ted Boothe, Sales Mgr.
                                                                                     Tel:713-744-4238                   Tel:219-787-8066
Product / Service Description            Fax:219-787-8859
                                                                                                                                American Cleaning Systems,
Signs & ID Marking Systems               Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Product / Service Description              Inc.
                                         Industrial machinery                        Steel-distributors & Warehouses            P.O. Box 7252
                                         Aluminum fabrication,                       Carbon + alloy plate distributor           Odessa , TX 79760-7252
Alpha Wire Co.                           welding and machine work                    Plate products-all PVQ grades-CR/MO        Contact:Dean Ayers, Pres.
                                         Blast furnaces & steel mills
711 Lidgerwood Ave                                                                   alloy-API-2H-50                            Tel:432-381-3740
                                         Metal work_miscellaneous
Elizabeth , NJ 07202-3115                                                                                                       Fax:432-381-2186
                                         Welding apparatus
Contact:Allan Marconi, V-P., Sales & M                                                                                
Fax:908-925-2238                                                                                                                Product / Service Description                                                                   American Automotive Parts                  Hot High Pressure Washers &
                                                                                     7007 N. Austin Ave.                        Biodegradable Soaps & Degreasers
                                         Amalgamated Sugar Co
Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Niles , IL 60714-4601
                                         138 W Karcher Rd
Wire products_misc. fabricated                                                       Contact:Sales & Marketing,
                                         Nampa , ID 83687-8254                       Tel:847-647-7090
                                         Contact:Mark W. Summers,                    Fax:847-647-7581
                                                                                                                                American Cord & Webbing Co.,
Alps Corp                                                                  
                                         Fax:208-466-0295                                                                       Inc.
2895 42nd Ave. N.
                                                                                                88 Century Dr
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
Saint Petersburg , FL 33714-4547
                                         Product / Service Description                                                          Woonsocket , RI 02895-6172
Contact:Aldo A. Laghi,                                                               Starter & Alternator Cores
                                         Feed-Manufacturers                                                                     Contact:Raymond Velino,
Tel:727-528-8566                                                                     New Starters & Alternators
                                                                                                                                GM & MIS Mgr.
Fax:727-528-8862                                                                     Automatic Transmission Cores
                                                                                                                                Tel:401-762-5500                                                          Front Wheel Drive Cores
Product / Service Description                                                        Rack & Pinion Cores
                                                                                     Power Steering Cores
Orthopedic Prosthetic/Srgcl Appl (Mfrs)
                                         Amerex Corp                                                                  
                                                                                     Brake Caliper Cores
Physicians & Surgeons Equip & Supls-Mfrs
                                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
                                         7595 Gadsden Hwy                            Used Machinery For The Rebuilding
Artificial Limbs
                                         Trussville , AL 35173-1629                                                             Cordage & twine
                                         Contact:Mayra Diaz, VP Int’l Sales/Director                                            Synthetic & cotton webbing & cordage
                                         Tel:205-655-3271ext 217                                                                Hardware
Altivity Packaging LLC
                                         Fax:205-655-0854                                                                       Polypro & nylon webbing
1500 Nicholas Blvd                                                                               Metal hardware
Elk Grove Village , IL 60007-5516                                                                    Plastic hardware
Contact:M. Nussbaum, V. P.               Product / Service Description                                                          Elastic cord
                                                                                     American Automotive Parts, Inc
Tel:847-437-1700                                                                                                                Non-elastic cord
                                         Fire extinguishers                          7007 N. Austin
Fax:847-956-9250                                                                                                                Polyester webbing
                                         Fire suppression systems/kitchens/vehicles/ Niles , IL 60714-4601                                                                                                       Coating webbing
                                         industrial                                  Contact:Louis Wolf,
Product / Service Description            Clean agent systems                         Tel:847-647-7090
Boxes_folding paperboard                 Exporters                                   Fax:847-647-7581
Company headquarters &                   Manufacturers                     
folding boxes & cartons
                                                                                                 American Cosmetic Mfg. Lab,
Multiwall bags
                                                                                     Product / Service Description              Inc.
Lasers, Flexible packaging
                                                                                     Starter cores for remanufacturing          432 W. Alondra Blvd
Printing inks, Packaging equipment
                                                                                     Alternator cores for remanufacturing
                                         American        Welding Products,                                                      Gardena , CA 90248-2425
CD packing
                                                                                     Mechanical cores for remanufacturing
                                         Inc                                                                                    Contact:Geoffrey Ward,
                                                                                     New Alternators for G.M. & Ford, Chrysler, President
                                         4 Lindley Ave.
                                                                                     Toyota, Honda, Ni                          Tel:323-770-3666
                                         Tenafly , NJ 07670-2817
Alton Builders
                                                                                     New Starters for G.M. & Ford, Chrysler,
                                         Contact:Avi Mazori,
2385 Morse Ave.                                                                      Toyota, Honda, Nissa                       Product / Service Description
                                         Tel:201-871-8508 / 800-468-0855
Irvine , CA 92614-6233                                                               New Heavy duty starters                    Cosmetics, Soaps, Hair Care,
Contact:John Bridle,                                                                 New heavy duty alternators
                                                                                                Skin Care, Res. & Mfg. Private Label
                                         Product / Service Description
                                         Welding Electrodes and Wire, (Wholesale)
Product / Service Description
                                         Welding Equipment & Supplies
Building Contractors
Office Furniture & Equip-Dealers (Whol)
Remanufactured Oil Field Pumps
                                                                      The Asian Register
6                                                                                                                            Global Contact's
                                                                                   American Standard Bldg.
American Dehydrated Foods, Inc            American Key Food Products                                                          Ammars Intl.
3801 E. Sunshine                          1 Reuten Dr.                                                                        710 S. College Ave
                                                                                   P.O. Box 4908
Springfield , MO 65809                    Closter , NJ 07624-2115                                                             Bluefield , VA 24605-1600
                                                                                   Martinsville , VA 24115-4908
Contact:Gregg Griffin, Sales & Mktg. Mgr. Contact:Murray Feinblatt,                                                           Contact:K A Ammar Jr,
                                                                                   Contact:Michael B. Eanes, International
Tel:417-881-7755 Fax:417-881-4963         Tel:201-767-8022                                                                    Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                   Sales Manager                              Fax:201-767-9124                                                                    Tel:276-322-4686
                                                                                   Tel:276-638-3991                                                                                         Fax:276-326-1060
Product / Service Description                                               
                                          Product / Service Description                                             
Animal feed ingredients
                                                                                   Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
Pet food ingredients                      Wholesales Potato Starch Starch Products
                                                                                   Prefab. Wood Bldgs., Panelized Houses
Granulated egg                            Groceries and Related Products, Nec                                                 Department Stores
Chicken powders                                                                                                               Furniture nesoi and parts thereof
Powdered chicken broth                                                                                                        Toys
                                                                                   American Standard Building
Powdered chicken liver                    American Kitchen Delights, Inc.          Systems
                                          15320 Cooper Ave                         P.O. Box 4908
                                          Harvey , IL 60426-2922                   Martinsville , VA 24115-4908
American Distilling &
                                          Contact:S. Hasan, Pres.                  Contact:Michael Beanes,                    Amsco School Publications Inc
Manufacturing Co., Inc.                   Tel:708-210-3200                         International Sales Mgr.
P.O. Box 319                                                                                                                  315 Hudson St Fl 5
                                          Fax:708-210-3233                         Tel:276-638-3991
East Hampton , CT 06424-0319                                                                                                  New York , NY 10013-1009
Contact:Edward C. Jackowitz, President                                                                                        Contact:Mr Henry Brun, President
Tel:203-267-4444 Fax:203-267-1111                                                                                             Tel:212-886-6500
                                          Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description                                                                                                 Fax:212-675-7010
                                          Bread, cake & related products           Prefabricated panel buildings                                                                                               
                                          Frozen foods                             Prefabricated wood buildings
Product / Service Description                                                                                                 Product / Service Description
                                          Frozen specialties
Distilled witch hazel extracts                                                                                                Books: Publishing & Printing (Primary)
Distilled spirits flavors                                                                                                     Publishers:Book
Vanilla extracts                                                                                                              Book Publishers (Primary)
                                          American Laboratories, Inc. (M
                                                                                   American Veterinary Supply
                                          4410 South 102nd Street
                                                                                   3555 NW 33rd St
                                          Omaha , NE 68127-1003
American Excelsior Co.
                                                                                   Miami , FL 33142-5735
                                          Contact:Rod Schake, VP of Sales
P.O. Box 391                                                                       Contact:Allen Ruiz,
                                          Tel:402/339-2494                                                                    Amtec Precision Products, Inc.
Rice Lake , WI 54868-0391                                                          Tel:305-637-8616
                                                                                                                              1875 Holmes Rd
Contact:Mike Singer,                                                               Fax:305-637-9398
                                                                                                                              Elgin , IL 60123-1298
Manager, International Sales                                             
                                                                                                                              Contact:George L. Dressel, CEO
Tel:866-934-2377 Fax:715-236-5649                                        
                                          Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                              Tel:847-695-8030                                                                 Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                              Fax:847-695-8295                                                   Veterinary Equipment And Supplies
Product / Service Description                                                      Animal Health Products (Wholesale)
                                          American Metric Corp.                                                     
Evaporative Cooler Pads                                                            Horse Supplies
                                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
                                          52 Metric Rd
Erosion Control Blankets                                                           Equine Supplements
                                          Laurens , SC 29360-4312                                                             Precision machined components
Animal Bedding                                                                     Camel Supplies
                                          Contact:John Bettger, Pres.                                                         (.25" to 6" Diameter )
                                          Tel:864-876-2011                                                                    CNC turned and screw machined products
                                          Fax:864-876-2630                                                                    ISO 9002-QS 9000-TS 16949-ISO 14001
American Fibertek Inc.
120 Belmont Dr                            Product / Service Description            American Wood Fibers
Somerset , NJ 08873-1204
                                          Mechanical Power Transmission Equip.
                                                                                   9841 Brokenland Pkwy # 302
Contact:Greg Stempkoski, Dir. Intl Sales
                                                                                   Columbia , MD 21046-3073
Tel:732-302-0660 Fax:732-302-0667                                                                                             Amtrend Corp.
                                                                                   Contact:Mark Faehner,
                                                                                                                              1458 Manhattan Ave
                                          American Rags                            Tel:410-290-8700
                                                                                                                              Fullerton , CA 92831-5222
                                          1360 Boyles St., Ste. B                  Fax:410-290-6660
Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                              Contact:Merle McCormick, G.M.
                                          Houston , TX 77020-7537        
Fiber Optic Transmission Systems
                                          Contact:Aquil Khandwala, President       Product / Service Description
Video, Audio, and Data Signal
Transmittors and Receivers                                                         Sawdust & Shavings (Wholesale)
Hardware & Software IP Video System                                                Wood Flour
                                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
                                          Product / Service Description
Monitoring & Transmission System                                                   Small Animal Litter
                                                                                                                              Upholstered Furniture for Hotel Guestroom,
                                          Durable Goods, NEC
                                                                                                                              Lobby, Restaurants
                                          Women’s or girls’ garments, of textile
                                          materials, not knitted or crocheted
American Hose & Industrial                Worn clothing and other worn textile
                                          articles. Used or new rags, scrap twine, Amerimex Motor & Controls
Rubber Inc.
                                          cordage, rope and cables, and worn-out
2537 - 45 N. Broad Street                                                                                                     Analytical Systems Intl /
                                                                                   707 N. Drennan St
                                          articles of twine
Philadelphia , PA 19132                                                            Houston , TX 77003-1320
Contact:Harold Burgis,                                                             Contact:Wayne Stockstill, Pres.
                                                                                                                              1400 B Graham Dr.
Tel:215-225-3700 / 800-523-3804 /                                                  Tel:713-225-4300
                                                                                                                              Tomball , TX 77375
Fax:800-533-1134 Fax; 215-223-7713        American Screw Products, Inc.            Fax:713-225-5707
                                                                                                                              Contact:Tom Kimbell,                                                   
                                          1219 Tracy Ave
                                          Kansas City , MO 64106-3126
Product / Service Description                                                      Product / Service Description
                                          Contact:R. Westervelt, Off. Mgr.
Rubber hose & ducting * Sheet rubber all                                           Cooling blowers & rebuilt electric motors
polymers * sponge * foam * gaskets                                                 Electric Motors & Generators
                                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
Mil-specs * rubber goods molded &                                                  Dust Removing Filterless Blowers
                                          Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                              Analyzers: H2S, CO2, Total Sulfur,
extruded * plastic fabricators * belting                                           Electric Drilling Motors &
                                          Valves & pipe fittings
                                                                                                                              Hydrocarbon (VOC) in water, oil in water &
Seals * tubing and cord                                                            Controls Sales / Repairs
                                          Brass fittings
                                                                                                                              H2S in liquids
Complete Line of Hose Marine, Fire                                                 Electric Dredge Repair & Supply
Protection, Hydraulic.                                                             Evaporative Cooling Blower Supply
Matting, Fuel Hose, Grommets, O-Rings,
Silicone, Bellows, Viton.
                                                                        The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                         7
Analytical Systems Intl / Keco                                                                                                       AquaTec, Inc.
                                             Anker Industries                           Applied      Interconnect
R&D                                                                                                                                  1235 Shappert Dr
                                             P.O. Box 17130                             1262 Lawrence Station Rd.
1400 Graham Dr.                                                                                                                      Machesney Park , IL 61115-1417
                                             Pittsburgh , PA 15235-0130                 Sunnyvale , CA 94089-2218
Tomball , TX 77375-4546                                                                                                              Contact:Richard J. Ryan, P.E., President
                                             Contact:Richard E. Antonelli, Pres.        Contact:John Claras,
Contact:International Sales,                                                                                                         Tel:815-654-1500
                                             Tel:412-823-3695                           Tel:408-734-1244
Tel:281-516-3950                                                                                                                     Fax:815-654-0038
                                             Fax:412-823-3640                           Fax:408-734-9770
                                                                                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                             Product / Service Description              Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description
                                             Carbon & metallurgical powders for tundish Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs         Water & wastewater treatment systems &
Gas Analyzers: H2S, CO2, Total Sulfur
                                             & ladle conditioning                       Cable Assemblies and Harnesses               equipment
Liquid Analyzers: H2S in Liquids,
                                             Aluminum-Consumers,                        Military
Hydrocarbon VOC in Water
                                             Processors, Buyers of, & Britqueeters
H2S sensing tape for analyzers p/n 000098
                                                                                                                                     Arasmith Mfg. Co.
1/2" wide
                                                                                        Aqua Blast Corp Mfg                          PO Box 2458
                                             Annie’s Naturals                           1025 W. Commerce Dr.                         Rome , GA 30164-2458
                                             792 Foster Hill Rd                         Decatur , IN 46733-7541                      Contact:Margie Oxford,
                                             East Calais , VT 05650-8070                Contact:David Tumbleson,                     Tel:706-235-8576
                                             Contact:Ann Christopher, Ptnr.             Tel:260-728-4433                             Fax:706-291-1894
Anchor Autoclave Systems
                                             Tel:802-456-8866                           Fax:260-728-4517                             Product / Service Description
9219 Katy Fwy. Ste. 197
                                             Fax:802-456-8865                                          Woodworking machinery
Houston , TX 77024-1597
                                                                  Wood hogs, chippers & recycling equipment
Contact:Al Allen,
                                                 Product / Service Description
                                             Product / Service Description              Cleaning Systems-Pressure Chemical-Mfrs
                                             Salad dressings, vinaigrettes, barbecue &  High Pressure Cleaning Systems               Arbor Metals L. P.
                                             organic worcestershire sauces & marinades  Pressure Washers
Product / Service Description                                                                                                        811 Regal Row
                                             sauces & salad dressings & mustards        Steam Cleaners
Autoclave Systems, Controls                                                                                                          Dallas , TX 75247-4406
Sterilizers, Medical Waste                                                                                                           Contact:Bill Sultzbaugh, Pres.
                                             Ansam Metals Corporation                   Aqua Perfect Of Sacramento Vly Fax:214-357-6590
                                             P.O. Box 3408                              5045 College Oak Dr. Ste. J
                                             Baltimore , MD 21225 0408                  Sacramento , CA 95841-4629
Anchor Bolt & Screw Co.                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
                                             Contact:Samuel S. Kahan, President,        Contact:Ricky Bixler,
                                             Tel:410-355-8220                           Tel:916-331-2782
1560 Frontenac Rd.                                                                                                                   Metal Exporter Stainless Steel, Nickel
                                             Fax:410-355-0513                           Fax:916-331-4559
Naperville , IL 60160-1002                                                                                                           Alloys Coil / Strip
Contact:Pat Henriksen, Pres.
                                                    Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                     Archer Diamond & Abrasives,
                                             Product / Service Description
Fax:630-355-0342                                                                        Water Treatment Equip Svc & Supls
                                                                                                                                     Inc.                                                                 Distillers
                                             Primary Nonferrous Metals, NEC                                                                     Water Companies-Bottled Bulk Etc
                                             Nickel & alloy scrap                                                                    8710 E. 33rd St.
Product / Service Description                Copper & alloy scrap                                                                    Indianapolis , IN 46226-6516
                                                                                                                                     Contact:Perry A. Benson, President
Bolts, nuts, rivets & washers
Screws, nuts, bolts, rivets, washers & cold-                                            Aqua Power Co.
headed products                              Apothecure Inc                             9419 E. San Salvador Dr. Ste 105
                                                                                        Scottsdale , AZ 85258-5510
                                             4001 McEwen Rd,, Ste.100
                                                                                        Contact:Gaylen Brotherson, President
                                             Dallas , TX 75244-4313
                                                                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                                                                        Tel:480-391-9959 Fax:480-391-2402
                                             Contact:Gary Osborn, President
                                                                                                                                     Diamond & Abrasive Blades - Mfg.
                                                                                        Product / Service Description
                                             Tel:972- 960-6601
Andersen 2000 Inc.
                                             Fax:972-490-7438                           Countertop Water Filters
306 Dividend Dr                    
Peachtree City , GA 30269-1908                                                                                                       Archer Tool Co., Inc.
Contact:Tom Van Remmen, Vice President,      Product / Service Description                                                           PO Box 209
                                                                                        Aqua Smart Inc
Sales & Mktg                                                                                                                         Keytesville , MO 65261-0209
                                             Drugs and Pharmacy                         4445 Commerce Dr. SW Ste. A4
Tel:770-486-2000                             Drugs, Drug Proprietaries & Druggists                                                   Contact:Kay Archer,
                                                                                        Atlanta , GA 30336-1962
Fax:770-487-5066                             Sundrie                                                                                 Fin., MIS & Opers. Mgr.
                                                                                        Contact:Jerry Grossblatt,                        Wholesale Trade non Durable Goods                                                       Tel:660-288-3257
                                                                                        Pres., Engeg & R & D Mgr.                                                                                                         Fax:660-288-3356
                                             All Injectables
                                                                                        Tel:404-696-4406 Fax:404-696-3712
Product / Service Description                                                                                              
                                             All Hormones                     
Air pollution control equipment              All Nutrients; All Chelation Products                                                   Product / Service Description
Incineration Equipment                                                                                                               Power-driven handtools
                                                                                        Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                     Industrial hand tools
                                                                                        Water treating chemicals
                                                                                                                                     Tools_hand & edge
                                             Appalachian Log Structures, Inc.
Anderson        Manufacturing
                                             PO Box 614                                                                              Archer’s Meat Packing, Inc.
3125 N. Yellowstone Hwy.                     Ripley , WV 25271-0614                                                                  8655 E 116th St
                                                                                        AquaTec Inc.
Idaho Falls , ID 83401-1709                  Contact:Donald Parsons,                                                                 Fishers , IN 46038-2816
Contact:Ray Phillips, Sales & Marketing                                                 1235 Shappert Dr
                                             Tel:800-390-2574                                                                        Contact:Ron Archer, Pres.
Tel:208-523-6460                                                                        Machesney Park , IL 61115-1417
                                             Fax:304-372-3154                                                                        Tel:317-849-1790
Fax:208-523-6562                                                                        Contact:Richard J. Ryan, Pres., Engrg., Hum.
                                                                                                       Fax:317-849-1685                                                                        Res. & Opers. Mgr.
                                                                                                      Product / Service Description                                                              Tel:815-654-1500
                                             Product / Service Description                                                           Meat processing & packing
Product / Service Description                                                           Fax:815-654-0038
                                             Precut Log Home Packages                                                                Meat packing plants
Manufacture of Satellite Antennas and                                         
Mount Structures from 4' (1.2M) to 14'                                                  Product / Service Description
(4.2M)                                                                                  Aeration & waste water
                                                                                        treatment systems & equipment
                                                                                        Service industry machinery
                                                                         The Asian Register
8                                                                                                                                Global Contact's
Archivisions Inc                                                                                                                  Atacs Products, Inc.
                                           Arizona Booth & Seating Co Inc             Arrow Truck Sales Inc.
267 Vandervoort Ave.                                                                                                              P.O. Box 88237
                                           1540 W Hatcher Rd                          3200 Manchester Trfwy
Brooklyn , NY 11211-1718                                                                                                          Seattle , WA 98138-2237
                                           Phoenix , AZ 85021-2168                    Kansas City , MO 64129
Contact:Carol Fung,                                                                                                               Contact:Rich Imus, Pres.
                                           Contact:Mr Richard Ball, President         Contact:Jose A. Somoza,
Tel:718-599-9891                                                                                                                  Tel:206-433-9000
                                           Tel:602-696-2255                           Director International
Fax:718-599-1202                                                                                                                  Fax:206-433-6200
                                           Fax:602-331-7090                           Tel:816-923-5000                                                                                            
Product / Service Description                                                                                           
                                           Product / Service Description    
                                                                                                                                  Product / Service Description
Metals-Stainless Steel-Architectural Woven Furniture: Restaurant
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
Fabric & Wire Mesh                         Furniture: Tables & Table Tops, Wood                                                   Composite Repair, NDI Probes, De-Painting
                                                                                      Used Trucks & Trailers, Wholesale           & Adhesive Systems
                                           Arlon Silicone Technology
                                                                                                                                  Atf Fitness Products Inc
Area Communications Co
                                                                                                                                  140 Pennsylvania Ave. # 1
                                           1100 Govenor Lea Rd.                       Art Research Institute Ltd
8604 Old Orange Park Rd                                                                                                           Oakmont , PA 15139-1923
                                           Bear , DE 19701-1927
Orange Park , FL 32073-2166                                                           325 Kelson Dr. NW                           Contact:James Vercellotti, President
                                           Contact:Ron Studd, Sales & Marketing Mgr.
Contact:Lew Chancey,                                                                  Atlanta , GA 30327-4255                     Tel:412-828-0771
                                           Tel:800-635-9333 / 302-834-2100
Tel:904-688-2222                                                                      Contact:Joey Fischer,                       Fax:412-828-9825
Fax:904-269-4215                                                                      Tel:770-933-1733                  
                                                                                                        Fax:770-980-1344                            Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                                    Mgf Nutritional Supplements
                                           Product / Service Description
Fiber Optics-Equipment & Systems (Mfrs)                                                                                           Protein Powders, herbs, vitamins
                                           Calendered silicone & silicone coated
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
Telephone Equipment & Supplies
Computer Wiring                                                                       Ceiling / Wall Transparencies to surround
                                           Self-fusing silicone tapes & silicone
                                                                                      patients undergoing stressful treatment in  Atlanta Customs Brokers &
                                                                                      hospitals & clinics                         International Freight
                                                                                                                                  650 Atlanta South Pkwy.
Area Rule Engineering Inc
                                                                                                                                  Atlanta , GA 30349-5996
931 Calle Negocio Ste E                    Armet Armored Vehicles Inc.                                                            Contact:Harold Hagans, President
                                                                                      Asko, Inc.
San Clemente , CA 92673-6224                                                                                                      Tel:(404) 762-0953
                                           12600 Belcher Rd Unit B
Contact:Brooks Morris, President                                                      PO Box 355                                  Fax:(404) 763-9628
                                           Largo , FL 33773-1656
Tel:949 366-1333                                                                      Homestead , PA 15120-0355         
                                           Contact:Jan F. Mikkelsen, CEO
Fax:949-366-3223                                                                      Contact:Mark G. Nicholas,         
                                           Tel:727-535-3359                                                                Tel:412-461-4110                            Product / Service Description
                                           Fax:727-530-9519                                                               Fax:412-461-5400                            Bonded Warehouse
Product / Service Description                                                                           Customs Attorney
Mfg Fishing Tackle, Lures, Flys,                                                                                                  Custom House Brokers
                                           Product / Service Description
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
Hooks & Accessories
                                           Armored vehicles
                                                                                      Knives and parts for the metals industry
                                                                                      Shear knives and crop knives
                                                                                      Slitter knives and spacers
Argen Corp., The
                                                                                      Side trimmer knives                         Atlantic Designworks Inc
5855 Oberlin Dr
                                                                                      Mill liners and wear plates
                                           Armet Armored Vehicles Inc.
San Diego , CA 92121-3702                                                                                                         44 Merrimac St
                                                                                      Hot and friction saw blades
Contact:Selwyn Moss, Snr.VP                                                                                                       Newburyport , MA 1950-2574
                                           12600 Belcher Road S. Unit B
Tel:858-455-7900                                                                                                                  Contact:Larry Love,
                                           Largo , FL 33773-1656
Fax:858-626-8686                                                                                                                  Tel:978-462-7502
                                           Contact:Jan F. Mikkelsen, CEO                                                                                                              Fax:978-465-2618
Product / Service Description                                                                                           
                                           Fax:727-530-9519                           Aspen Group, Inc., The
                                                                                                                                  Product / Service Description
Precious & Non Precious Dental Alloys
                                                                                      P.O. Box 99                                 Stair Builders
                                                                                      Hebron , IL 60034-0099                      Millwork (Manufacturers)
                                           Product / Service Description
                                                                                      Contact:Roberta Sommers, Pres.
                                           Armored vehicles
Ariel Premium Supply Inc
8530 Page Ave.                                                                        Fax:815-648-2095
Saint Louis , MO 63114-6016                                                 
Contact:Tai Lin, President                                                         Atlas Roofing Corporation
Tel:314-890-0330 xt. 250                                                              Product / Service Description
                                           Armstrong Mold Corp.                                                                   2000 Riveredge Parkway Suite 800
Fax:314-429-2632                                                                      Nutritional supplements
                                                                                                                                  Atlanta , GA 30328
                                           6910 Manlius Center Rd                                                                  Medicinals & botanicals
                                                                                                                                  Contact:Ian E. Barrow, Director, Market
                                           East Syracuse , NY 13057-8512
                                           Contact:John A. Armstrong, CEO
Product / Service Description
Wholesales Promotional Products
Nondurable Goods, Nec
                                                Assumption Abbey Bakery
                                           Product / Service Description
                                                                                      RR 5 Box 1056                               Product / Service Description
                                           Prototype & short run
Aris Export Co Inc                                                                    Ava , MO 65608-9142                         Asphalt Felts & Coatings (Primary)
                                           castings & plastic parts
1453 Doolittle Dr                                                                     Contact:Anthony D. Sloan, Manager           Asphalt Shingle &
                                           Dies, tools, jigs & fixtures_special
San Leandro , CA 94577-2225                                                           Tel:417-683-2258                            Coating Materials Mfg (Primary)
                                           Foundries_nonferrous Aluminum & Zinc
Contact:Isaac Kotev,                                                                  Fax:417-683-5658                            Insulation & Cushioning Foam:
                                           Precision Machining-Complex Parts
Tel:510-636-4646                                                                                      Polystyrene
Fax:510-636-4640                                                                          Insulation: Felt
                                           Reaction Injection Molding-Plastics-R.I.M.                                                               Product / Service Description               Polyisocyanurate Insulation (Primary)
                                           Bridgets Production- Metal Castings-
Product / Service Description                                                         Fruitcakes
                                           Machining &
Moving household Goods and Selling 220
                                           Injection Molding
Volt / 50-60 Hertz Appliances
                                                                         The Asian Register
         The Asian Register                                                                                                                                      9
                                                                                     Axic, Inc.
Atomizing Systems, Inc.                    Auton       Company                                                                   B Perrone & Sons
                                                                                     493 Gianni St
1 Hollywood Ave Ste 1                      P.O. Box 801960                                                                       4512 Zenith St
                                                                                     Santa Clara , CA 95054-2414
Ho Ho Kus , NJ 07423-1438                  Valencia , CA 91380-1960                                                              Metairie , LA 70001-1209
                                                                                     Contact:Frank Bazzarre, GM
Contact:Michael V. Elkas, Pres.            Contact:Sales & Marketing,                                                            Contact:John Perrone Jr, Owner
Tel:201-447-1222                           Tel:661-257-9282                                                                      Tel:504-455-3663
Fax:201-447-6932                           Fax:661-295-5638                                                                      Fax:504-455-3663
                                                                                                                                                        Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description              Product / Service Description                                                         Cheese
Hi-pressure water fog nozzles & pump       Television Lifts                          Industrial machinery                        Pasta, Prepared Or Not;
systems for humidification, evaporative                                              Semi Conductor Process Equipment            Couscous, Prepared Or Not
cooling, dust-control                                                                Plasma Etch Equipment                       Spices
& special effects in theme park                                                      Plasma Cleaning Equipment                   Canned Foods
                                           Autotronics, Inc.
enivironments.                                                                       Plasma Deposition Equipment
                                           2700 Davis Blvd
                                                                                     Thin Film Measurement Equipment
                                           Joplin , MO 64804-3313
                                                                                     Rapid Thermal Process Equipment             B V A Inc
                                           Contact:Charles Womack, GM
Audience Response Systems Inc              Tel:417-781-1812                                                                      P.O. Box 166007
2148 N. Cullen Ave.                        Fax:417-781-6809                                                                      Miami , FL 33116-6007
                                                                                     B & B Granite Block Sales, LLC
Evansville , IN 47715-2111                                                                  Contact:Bjarne Vexlund, President
Contact:Debbie Minor, V.P. Of Sales 1700 Bloomsbury Ave                         Tel:305-271-6067
Tel:812-479-7507                           Product / Service Description             Ocean , NJ 07712                            Fax:305-271-2350
Fax:812-479-1057                                                                     Contact:Mario Rocha, Manager      
                                           Electromagnetic clutches & brakes                                                         Tel:732-922-1810                  
                                           Solenoids                                                      Fax:732-922-2803                            Product / Service Description
                                           Industrial Istruments for Measurement,
Product / Service Description                                              
                                           Display & Control                                                                     Wholesales Imports and Exports of
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
Mfg & Whol Electronic Hand-Held                                                                                                  Horticultural(Landscape supply) products
Keypads                                                                              Whol Granite Block - Belgian Block /        Yucca and Massangeana cane
                                           Avanti Electronics Inc
                                                                                     Brick, Stone, and Related Material
                                           2424 Morris Ave.
                                                                                     Polished Marble, Granite & Travertine / All
Audiovox Corp                                                                                                                    BB Kirkbride Bible Co
                                           Union , NJ 07083-5731
                                                                                     Sizes & Colors
                                           Contact:Lenore Brusca,
150 Marcus Blvd.                                                                                                                 335 W. 9th St.
Hauppauge , NY 11788-3723                                                                                                        Indianapolis , IN 46202-3003
Contact:John J. Shalam,                                                                                                          Contact:David Gage, Michael Gage,
                                                                                     B & E Precision Aircraft
Tel:631-231-7750                                                                                                                 Tel:317-633-1900 Fax:317-633-1444
                                           Product / Service Description                                                                                                   
                                                                                     10 Hudson Rd.                                                                                                          Product / Service Description
                                           Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Whol      Southwick , MA 01077-9546
Product / Service Description                                                                                                    Publishers-Book
                                                                                     Contact:John Wilander,
Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Whol                                                 Tel:413-569-5585
Household Audio/Video Equipment (Mfrs)                                               Fax:413-569-6543
                                           Avery Lab Inc
Telephone & Telegraph Apparatus (Mfrs)                                                            BHS Marketing LLC
                                           61 Mall Dr.
Radio/Tv Broadcasting/Comm Equip (Mfrs)                                              Product / Service Description
                                           Commack , NY 11725-5703                                                               P.O. Box 27955
Automobile Parts & Supplies-Mfrs                                                     Aircraft Components-Manufacturers
                                           Contact:William Dobelle,                                                              Salt Lake City , UT 84127-0955
                                                                                     Machine Shops
                                           Tel:631-864-1600                                                                      Contact:Bruce Schechinger, President
                                                                                     Complex Machining & Assembly
                                           Fax:631-864-1610                                                                      Tel:801-973-8232 Fax:801-973-8838
Aurora Bearing Co                                                                      
                                           Product / Service Description                                                         Product / Service Description
970 W. Lake St.
Aurora , IL 60506-5901                     Physicians & Surgeons Equip & Supls-Mfrs                                              Soda Ash Briquettes
Contact:Harvey Sterkel, V-P Sales          Laboratories
                                                                                     B & N Tool Co
                                                                                     44 Rockwell Rd.
Fax:630-859-0971                                                                                                                 BIC Graphic USA
                                                                                     Newington , CT 06111-5526           Awards Trophy Co.                                                                     14421 Myerlake Cir
                                                                                     Contact:Walter Blaszko,
                                           611 US Highway 22                                                                     Clearwater , FL 33760-2840
Product / Service Description
                                           Hillside , NJ 07205-1916                                                              Contact:Wayne Harman,
Manufactures & Markets Industrial and Mil.
                                           Contact:Jamie Austin, GM                                                              Tel:727-536-7895 Fax:727-535-2944
Spec. Rods End & Spherical                 Tel:908-687-5775                                                            
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
Bearings and TFE Lined Bushings.           Fax:908-687-3451                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Aircraft Components-Manufacturers
                                           Product / Service Description                                                         Pens-Mechanical Pencils & Parts (Mfrs)
                                                                                     Machine Shops
                                           Signs & advertising specialties                                                       Manufacturers
                                                                                     Indstrl/Coml Machinery/Equip Nec (Mfrs)
Auto Meter Products, Inc.                  Trophies, plaques, pins,                                                              Advertising-Specialties (Wholesale)
413 W Elm St                               medals & advertising specialties                                                      Direct Mailers & Related-Nec
Sycamore , IL 60178-1796                   Metal coating & allied services
Contact:J. Worthan, V-P., Sales & Mktg     Metal products_fabricated
Tel:815-895-8141                                                                                                                 BLR Aerospace
                                                                                     B J Alan Fireworks Co
Fax:815-895-3859                                                                                                                 9730 29th Ave. W # C106
                                                                                     555 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.                        Awards Unlimited Inc                                                                  Everett , WA 98204-1350
                                                                                     Youngstown , OH 44502-1102                          1935 O St.                                                                            Contact:David Marone, Dir. of Sales
                                                                                     Contact:Bruce Zoldan,
Product / Service Description
                                           Lincoln , NE 68510-1036                                                               Tel:425-353-6591 Fax:425-355-3046
Process control instruments
                                           Contact:Larry King,                                                         
Tachometers, automotive gauges & testing
equipment, electrical speedometers, engine
                                           Fax:402-474-3782                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                                                                         Aircraft parts & equipment Modifications
                                                                                     Fireworks (Wholesale)
Auto Meter
                                           Product / Service Description                                                         Manufactures & develops modification for
                                           Awards-plaques, medallions, trophies,                                                 helicopters & fixed wing aircraft
                                                                                     Mail Order & Catalog Shopping
                                           crystal, acrylic & marble                                                             Fixed-wing vortex generators (V/G’s) -
                                                                                     Sparkler Manufacturer
                                           Custom designs are our specialty.                                                     Winglets
                                           Logos & photos reproduced.                                                            Helicopter tailboom strakes & fastfinT
                                                                      The Asian Register
1 0                                                                                                                          Global Contact's
BOI Chicago Inc                                                                                                               Bays English Muffin Corp
                                         Baltimore Aircoil Co Inc                 Bartel Printing Co., Inc.
3708 N Halsted Street                                                                                                         PO Box 1455
                                         P.O. Box 7322                            310 Cedar St
Chicago , IL 60613-3601                                                                                                       Chicago , IL 60690-1455
                                         Baltimore , MD 21227-0322                Warsaw , IN 46580-3026
Contact:Michael Pleasants,                                                                                                    Contact:David Whisner, Vice President
                                         Contact:Gary Rugel, Director of GTS &    Contact:Murray Bartel,
Tel:773-975-0264                                                                                                              Tel:312-346-5757
                                         Export Sales                             Tel:574-267-7421
Fax:773-975-2276                                                                                                              Fax:312-226-3435
                                         Tel:410-799-6331                         Fax:574-267-2021                                                                                                
                                         Fax:410-799-6346                         Product / Service Description                                                                                                 
Product / Service Description                                                                                                 Product / Service Description
                                         Commercial printing & typesetting
                                         Product / Service Description
Periodicals: Publishing & Printing                                                Typesetting                                 Bread, Bakery Prdts Exc
(Primary)                                Evaporative cooling &                                                                Cookies & Crackers (Primary)
Publishers: Periodicals, Magazines       ice thermal storage systems                                                          Bakeries, Commercial:
Periodical Publishers (Primary)          Refrigeration                                                                        On Premises Baking Only
                                         Cooling Towers & Heat Exchangers                                                     Commercial Bakeries (Primary)
                                                                                  Baski, Inc.
                                         Industrial process cooling & condensing
                                                                                  1586 South Robb Way
                                                                                  Denver , CO 80232 USA                       Bayshore Industrial, Inc.
Bactolac Pharmaceutical, Inc.                                                     Contact:Hank Baski,
                                         Barker Products Co., The                                                             1300 McCabe Rd
7 Oser Ave                                                                        Tel:303-789-1200
                                         P.O. Box 10845                                                                       La Porte , TX 77571-6137
Hauppauge , NY 11788-3808                                                         Fax:303-789-0900
                                         Cleveland , OH 44110-0845                                                            Contact:Jon Cain, Fin. Mgr.
Contact:Alix Villedrouin,                                               
                                         Contact:Hal Myers, Pres., Pur. Agt.                                                  Tel:281-867-3000
                                         Tel:216-249-0900                                                                     Fax:281-471-1741
Fax:631-951-4749                                                                  Product / Service Description
                                         Fax:216-249-3009                                                                                                                            OEM for inflatable rubber packers, flow
                                                                                                  Product / Service Description                                                           control values & other down hole
                                         Product / Service Description                                                        Plastic Compounds and Concentrates
Product / Service Description                                                     equipment
                                         Copper, zinc & cadmium electro plating                                               Material Blendinga Dying and Packaging
Health Food Products-manufacturers       Plating & polishing
Pharmaceuticals, Food Supplements,       Zinc- Iron- Tri-Valent
Vitamins, etc.
                                                                                                                              Bealka Casting Inc
Private Label Contract Manufacturer,
                                                                                                                              102 Prospect Ave.
                                                                                  Battelle Press
Dietary Supplements
                                         Barlean’s Organic Oils                                                               Osceola , WI 54020-8176
Sports Nutrition                                                                  505 King Ave.
                                         4936 Lake Terrell Rd                                                                 Contact:Robert Bealka, Ronda Artz,
                                                                                  Columbus , OH 43201-2696
                                         Ferndale , WA 98248-9014                                                             President, HR Manager
                                                                                  Contact:Joe Sheldrick, Publisher
                                         Contact:Bruce Barlean, Pres.                                                         Tel:715-294-4622
                                         Tel:360-384-0485                                                                     Fax:715-294-4626
Badger Metal Finishers, Inc.                                            
4021 S Kinnickinnic Ave
                                                                                             Product / Service Description
                                                                                  Product / Service Description
Milwaukee , WI 53235-4904
                                         Product / Service Description                                                        Steel & Aluminum Investment Foundry
Contact:Stanley Fronczak, Pres.                                                   Book Publisher
                                         Fats & oils_edible                                                                   Steel Investment Foundries
Tel:414-482-4820                                                                  Environmental Science Books
                                         Manufactures vegetable oils                                                          Aluminum Foundries
Fax:414-482-4822                                                                  Project Management Books
Product / Service Description
Plating & polishing
                                         Barnstead Thermolyne Corp                                                            Bearings & Ind Supply
Metal polishing, plating,
buffing & powder coatings                2555 Kerper Blvd.                                                                    431 S Irmen Dr
                                                                                  Battery USA Inc
Metal coating & allied services          Dubuque , IA 52001-1461                                                              Addison , IL 60101-4313
                                         Contact:Joan Knapp,                                                                  Contact:Nick Shah,
                                                                                  1840 S. Combee Rd
                                         Tel:563-556-2241                                                                     Tel:630-628-1966
                                                                                  Lakeland , FL 33801-6852
                                         Fax:319-556-0695                                                                     Fax:630-628-0116
                                                                                  Contact:Robert Standifer, President
                                                                                  Tel:863- 665-6317
Baldwin Filters, Inc.                                                             Product / Service Description
                                         Product / Service Description                                                        Bearings (Wholesale)
4400 East Highway 30
                                         Laboratory Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs                                                 Importers
Kearney , NE 68847
                                         Instrs-Measuring/Testing Elec (Mfrs)     Product / Service Description
Contact:Jean Seitz, Mktg Comm. Asst
                                         Laboratory Analytical Instruments (Mfrs)
Tel:800-822-5394                                                                  Automobile Batteries and Mfg Motor
                                         Measuring/Controlling Devices Nec (Mfrs)
Fax:800-828-4453                                                                  Vehicle Parts and Accessories ( AC Delco )  Bearings Plus Inc.                                                            Telecommunications Batteries; High-Rate     8525 West Monroe                                                      UPS Batteries ( Dynasty )                   Houston , TX 77061
Product / Service Description            Barroncast Inc                                                                       Contact:Fouad Zeidan,
Automotive air, hydraulic & oil filters, P.O. Box 138, 215 Plexus Drive                                                       Tel:713-944-1005
heavy duty oil, fuel & air coolant       Oxford , MI 48371-0138                                                               Fax:713-944-3950
                                         Contact:Paul E. Barron, CEO                                                
                                                                                  Bay Corp.
                                         Tel:248-628-4300                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                                                                  867 Canterbury Rd
                                         Fax:248-628-3810                                                                     Babbitted Bearings Manufacture & Repair
                                                                                  Westlake , OH 44145-1486
                                                                                                Babbitted Bearings Redesign & Upgrades
Ballantine Inc                                                                    Contact:Frank Berg, Int’l Acct. Mgr
                                                                                            Indstrl/Coml Machinery/Equip Nec (Mfrs)
840 McKinley St.                                                                  Tel:440-835-2212
                                         Product / Service Description                                                        Geared, Disc Pack & Diaphragm
Anoka , MN 55303-1162                                                             Fax:440-835-1377
                                         Mfg Steel Investment Castings,                                                       Couplings Mfg. & Repair
Contact:Myron Timmer,                                                   
                                         S.S., Cobalt, Aluminum                                                               Babbitted Thrust Bearing Replacement,
                                         CNC machining &                                                                      Mfg., & Repair
Fax:763-427-2277                                                                  Product / Service Description
                                         assembly prototypes, QS 9000                                                         Labyrinth Seals                                                           Surgical appliances & supplies
                                         Serving, Military,                                                                   Segmented Steam Seals Mfg. & Replacement
                                                                                  Medical gas equipment fittings &             Automotive, Marine, Aerospace                                                        Abradable Seals Mfg. & Replacement
Product / Service Description                                                     connections
                                         Power Generation and other industrial                                                Babbitted Seals- Floating & Non-Floating
Contractors-Equip/Supls-Dlrs/S (Whol)    industries                                                                           Rotor Dynamics Analysis
                                                                     The Asian Register
           The Asian Register                                                                                                                                   11
Beattie Carpet Industries R W                   Beisler America Inc                    Bergen Cable Technology LLC              Besser Co.
P.O. Box 4                                      1841 E. Elizabeth Ave.                 343 Kaplan Dr                            801 Johnson St
Dalton , GA 30722-0004                          Linden , NJ 07036-1409                 Fairfield , NJ 07004-2510                Alpena , MI 49707-1870
Contact:R. W. Beattie, President                Contact:Karl Marhoefer,                Contact:Mr Peter Bartholomew,            Contact:Heidi Francis-Rodriguez,
Tel:706-278-3637                                Tel:908-925-4040                       General Manager                          Tel:989-354-4111
Fax:706-694-8416                                Fax:908-925-3052                       Tel:973-276-9596                         Fax:989-354-3120
Product / Service Description                                 Fax:973-276-9566               
Carpets and Rugs Residential & Commercial
                                                Product / Service Description               Product / Service Description
Nylon, Pollypropolene Pollester
                                                                                       Product / Service Description
Carpets and other textile floor coverings       Sewing Machines-Industrial/Coml (Whol)                                          Concrete Equipment & Machinery
Nonwovens of textile materials, whether or      Bedding Machines                       Wire Rope Assembly
not impregnated, coated, covered or             Circular knitting machines             Wire: Rope
laminated. Carpets and other textile floor      Warp knitting machines                 Mechanical Cable Assemblies              Best Provisions Co., Inc.
coverings, of felt, not tufted or flocked other                                        Cable Assemblies & Fittings
                                                                                                                                144 Avon Ave
than tile. Area Rugs, Roomsize Rugs, Small                                             Safety Cable
                                                                                                                                Newark , NJ 07108-1936
Mats, Indoor & outdoor Mats                                                            Lockclad Flight Control Assemblies
                                                Bell’s Plating, Inc.                                                            Contact:Lawrence Weinstein,
Grass Turf, Carpet Roll Goods, & Small Mats                                            Lanyard Assembly
                                                1115 Industrial Dr                                                              Qual. Control Mgr.
                                                                                       Mechanical Cable Assembly
                                                Royse City , TX 75189-5404                                                      Tel:973-242-5000
                                                                                       Fastener Retention System
                                                Contact:President                                                               Fax:973-648-0041
Beaumont Products, Inc.                                                                Push - Pull Controls
(Citrus II)                                     Fax:972-635-9506                                                                Product / Service Description
1560 Big Shanty Drive
                                                Product / Service Description                                                   Meat processing & packing
Kennesaw , GA 30144-7040                                                               Bergen Cable Technology, LLC
                                                Plating & polishing                                                             Meat packing plants
Contact:John Bonham,
                                                                                       343 Kaplan Dr
                                                Nickel & chrome electroplating
VP of Healthcare Sales
                                                                                       Fairfield , NJ 07004-2510
Tel:770 514-9000 Fax:770-514-7400
                                                                                       Contact:Peter Bartholomew, Pres., GM     Better Bee
                                                                                                                                8 Meader Rd.
                                                                                                                                Greenwich , NY 12834-2734
Product / Service Description                   Bell-View, Inc.              
                                                                                                                                Contact:Robert Stevens,
Citrus Air Fragrance, Germicidal Cleaner,                                    
                                                PO Box 208                                                                      Tel:518-692-9669
Hand Sanitizer                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                                Wrightsville , GA 31096-0208                                                    Fax:518-692-9802
Antibacterial Hand Soap, Incontinence
                                                                                       Wire rope assembly
                                                Contact:Thomas W. Bell, Pres, Owner/                                  
Barrier Cream
                                                                                       Wire products_misc. fabricated
                                                Retired, Adrianne Bell-Jordan,                                        
Stain Remover, Solid Air Freshner,
                                                VP/General Manager                                                              Product / Service Description
Protective Skin Cream
                                                Tel:478-864-2227                                                                Honey (Wholesale)
CPAP Mask Cleaner
                                                Fax:478-864-2492                       Bergeron Pecan Shelling, H. J.           Beekeeping Supplies
                                                           10003 False River Rd
                                                            New Roads , LA 70760-4110
Beauty Beauty USA, Inc.                         Product / Service Description          Contact:Lester Bergeron Jr., CFO, GM     Beu Math Engineering, Inc.
442 Broadway 2nd. Floor                         Doors, sash & trim_metal               Tel:225-638-7667
                                                                                                                                3201 W. Harrison Str.
New York , NY 10013-3530                        Aluminum & vinyl windows & glass       Fax:225-638-4721
                                                                                                                                Phoenix , AZ 85009
Contact:Xiao Wang, President                    sliding doors                
                                                                                                                                Contact:Lendee Beugelink, Fin. Mgr.
Tel:212-343-1983 Fax:212-343-1984               Glass products from purchased glass    Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                Tel:602-323-0436 Fax:602-265-5431
                                                                                       Pecan processing                or
                                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                Blowers & fans
Whol & Ret Beauty Equipment Supplies            Bellman-Melcor, Inc.
                                                                                       Berkebile Oil                            Air polution control equipment & systems
Farah Cosmetics                                 P.O. Box 188
                                                                                       PO Box 715
                                                Tinley Park , IL 60477-0188
                                                                                       Somerset , PA 15501-0715
                                                Contact:Steven Campbell, Pres.
                                                                                       Contact:Catherine K Poorbaugh, Owner     Beutlich L P Pharmaceuticals
Bebco Hardwoods, Inc.                           Tel:708-532-5000
                                                Fax:708-532-2284                                                                1541 S Shields Dr
PO Box 633                                                                             Fax:814-443-2873
                                                                                          Waukegan , IL 60085-8304
Tell City , IN 47586-0633                                                    
                                                Product / Service Description                                                   Contact:Erin E. Loeher, Export Manager
Contact:Freddy Bartlett,                                                     
                                                Brazing & Soldering Alloys                                                      Tel:847-473-1100 Fax:847-473-1122
Tel:812-547-2453 Fax:812-547-7200                                                      Product / Service Description
                                                Brazing & Soldering Preforms
                                                                                       Manufacturers of Automotive Chemicals
                                                Brazing Rod-BCUP Alloys
Product / Service Description
                                                                                       Silicone Gasket Makers
                                                PHOS Copper Rings                                                               Product / Service Description
Sawmills & planing mills, general
                                                                                       Contract Packaging
                                                Paste & Powders                                                                 Pharmaceutical & dental products
Lumber processing
                                                                                                                                Topical Anesthetics
                                                High Temp. Nickel Foil
                                                ISO / TS 16949 Registered
                                                                                       Berks Western Telecom Inc
Becker Brothers Carbon Co
                                                                                       723 Brownsville Rd.                      Bianco Tool & Die, Inc.
39 East Legion St.
                                                                                       Sinking Spring , PA 19608-9799
                                                                                                                                177 Sherburne St
Maywood , IL 60153
                                                                                       Contact:Ran Reedy,
                                                                                                                                Providence , RI 02905-4818
                                                Bendix Commercial Vehicle
Contact:Cheryl Ivanovich,                                                              Tel:610-678-3210
                                                                                                                                Contact:Robert Bianco, Pres.
Tel:708-410-0700 Fax:708-410-0701               Systems LLC                            Fax:610-678-5995                         Tel:401-781-6777                          901 Cleveland St             
                                                                                                                                Fax:401-781-6999                     Elyria , OH 44035-4109                 Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                   Contact:Joe McAleese, President & CEO  Telephone Equipment & Systems-Svc/Repair
Graphite (Manufacturers) carbon graphite        Tel:440-329-9000                       Telecommunication Equip/Syst-Whol/Mfrs
                                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
bearings, bushings, seals                       Fax:440-329-9203                       Cabling / Cabling Contractor             Welding tool & die job shop
Graphite (Manufacturers) carbon graphite
                                                                                                                                Dies, tools, jigs & fixtures_special
anodes, plates, rod                   
                                                                                                                                Flatware, Jewelry, Badges, Insignia
Graphite Extrusion Consumables                  Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                Computer Designing
Assemblys                                       Brakes-Manufacturers
                                                                                                                                EDM, CNC, Laser Scanning
Carbon / Graphite Pump Vanes
                                                                                                                                Short Run Production Available
Foundry Supplies
                                                                           The Asian Register
1 2                                                                                                                                  Global Contact's
Big Beam Emergency Systems                                                                  Biological Controls, Inc.
                                            Bio Essence Corp                                                                          Birmingham Times
Inc.                                                                                        749 Hope Rd Ste A
                                            5221 Central Ave. Ste. 105                                                                115 3rd Ave W
P.O. Box 518
                                                                                            Eatontown , NJ 07724-1414
                                            Richmond , CA 94804-5829                                                                  Birmingham , AL 35204-4114
Crystal Lake , IL 60039-0518
                                                                                            Contact:Gary Messina, Pres.
                                            Contact:Kris Yang, Eric Ting,                                                             Contact:Cheryl Eldridge, Editor
Contact:Paul Markee, Sales Mgr.
                                            Tel:510-558-2000                                                                          Tel:205-251-5158
                                            Fax:510-558-2006                                                                          Fax:205-323-2294
                                                                                                   Product / Service Description
                                                                                            Product / Service Description
                                            Product / Service Description                                                             Commercial & newspaper printing
Product / Service Description
                                            Chinese Herbs & Nutritional Supplements         Hospital infection control equipment      Printing_commercial
Battery operated emergency lighting, exit
                                            Manufacturers-Agents & Representatives          Surgical & medical instruments            Newspapers
signs, inverter systems, utility lanterns,
                                            Health Food Products-Wholesale
Lighting equipment
                                                                                            Biomedtrix Inc.                           Bisco Dental Products
Big Beam Emergency Systems,                                                                 50 Intervale Rd. Ste. 5                   1100 W. Irving Park Rd.
                                                                                            Boonton , NJ 07005-1060                   Schaumburg , IL 60193-3569
Inc.                                        Bio-Genesis Tech Inc
                                                                                            Contact:Greggory Pych, Vice President     Contact:Debra Seagrist,
P.O. Box 518
                                            P.O. Box 8866                                   Tel:973-331-7800                          Tel:847-534-6000
Crystal Lake , IL 60039-0518
                                            Scottsdale , AZ 85252-8866                      Fax:973-331-7809                          Fax:847-534-6111
Contact:Paul Markee, Sales Mgr.
                                            Contact:Victor Coukoulis, Pres.              
                                            Tel:480-990-0709                                Product / Service Description             Product / Service Description
                                            Fax:480-990-7745                                Canine Orthopedic Implants                Dental Materials
                                                                   Veterinary Surgical Instruments
Product / Service Description
                                            Product / Service Description
Battery operated emergency lighting, exit                                                                                             Blair Rubber Company
                                            Bioremediation services; manufactures
signs, inverter systems, utility lanterns,                                                  Biomedtrix, Inc.                          5020 Panther Parkway
                                            microbe and Organic Fertilizers and
search lights, hand lamps                                                                   50 Intervale Rd Ste 5                     Seville , OH 44273
Lighting equipment                                                                          Boonton , NJ 07005-1060                   Contact:Michael Burkholder,
                                                                                            Contact:Chris Sidebotham, Pres.           Commercial Manager
                                                                                            Tel:973-331-7800                          Tel:800-321-5583
Big Boy Headgear                                                                            Fax:973-331-7809                          Fax:330-769-9334
2014 W 139th St                             Bio-Med Devices
                                                                                            Product / Service Description   
Gardena , CA 90249-2410                     1445 Boston Post Rd
                                                                                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                                                                            Canine prosthetic implants
Contact:James Kim, Owner                    Guilford , CT 06437-4338
                                                                                            Surgical & medical instruments            Rubber Tank Linings
Tel:310-715-1200                            Contact:Dean Bennett, Pres.
                                                                                                                                      Rubber Products Fabricated
Fax:310-768-3086                            Tel:203-458-0202
                                                                                                                                      Conveyor Splicing Material                          Fax:203-458-0440
Product / Service Description                                                               Bios International
Caps (wholesale)                                      10 Park Pl
Men’s or boys’ shirts of other textile                                                                                                Bleeker Venetian Blind Co
                                            Product / Service Description                   Butler , NJ 07405-1371
material nesoi, not knitted                                                                 Contact:Lauren Padden,                    916 Green St
                                            Surgical & medical instruments
Men’s or boys’ shirts of                                                                    Tel:973-492-8400                          Philadelphia , PA 19123-2620
                                            ( Ventilators )
textile material nesoi, knitted                                                             Fax:973-492-8270                          Contact:Fred Herring,
Hats and headgear, knitted etc.,                                                                           Tel:215-763-1331
lace, felt etc. in the piec                                                                           Fax:215-235-0188
                                                                                            Product / Service Description             Product / Service Description
                                            Biofix Holding Inc                              Calibration Devices                       Drapery Hdwr-Window Blinds/Shades &
Big John Tree Transplanter Mfg.                                                             Measuring & controlling devices           Vertical Blinds (Mfrs)
                                            212 S Elm St
Inc.                                                                                        Air Sampling Equipment
                                            Denton , TX 76201-6004
P.O. Box 960
                                            Contact:Martin Blair,
Heber Springs , AR 72543-0960
                                            Tel:940-382-2594                                                                          Bloom Engineering Co., Inc.
Contact:William H. Humphreys, Vice
                                            Fax:940-387-2294                                Biotech Assocs. Ltd., Inc.                5460 Horning Road
                                                                PO Box 3726                               Pittsburgh , PA 15236-2822
                                                                    Pinedale , CA 93650                       Contact:Robert F. Green, President-USA
                                            Product / Service Description                   Contact:Franklin Parks, Pres.             Business Unit
                                            Animal Feed Ingredients                         Tel:559-486-1569                          Tel:412-653-3500
                                            Organic Agricultural Products                   Fax:559-486-3844                          Fax:412-653-2253
Product / Service Description
Tree Transplanters
                                                                                                     Product / Service Description
Tree Moving Equipment
                                                                                            Product / Service Description             Process control instruments
                                                                                            Microbial blends, dry whole plant yucca,  Industrial combustion equipment
                                            Biofix Holdings          Inc.                   Comp. TM                                  Metal products_fabricated
Bio Compression Systems                Inc. P.O. Box 2820                                                                             Valves_industrial
120 W. Commercial Ave                       Denton , TX 76202-2820                                                                    Baffle * Ka-Weld * Heater Helper * Low
Moonachie , NJ 07074-1703                   Contact:Martin Blair,                                                                     Nox * Regenerative Bu
                                                                                            Birdman Distribution Corp
Contact:Robert G. Freidenrich, CEO          Tel:940-382-2594
                                                                                            4268 E Los Angeles Ave
Tel:201-939-0716                            Fax:940-387-2294
                                                                                            Simi Valley , CA 93063-3366
Fax:201-939-4503                                                                                                                      Blue Bird Orthotics &
                                                                                            Contact:Mr Didier J De Nier, President                          Product / Service Description                                                             Prosthetics, Inc.
                                                                                            Tel:805-527-2288               Exporting Firms                                                                           4373 Viewridge Ave
Product / Service Description               Flour, meal and pellets, of meat or meat offal,                                           San Diego , CA 92123-1619
Medical equipment                           Animal feed preparations , other than dog or                                              Contact:Snella Smith, OM
                                                                                            Product / Service Description
Therapeutic Support Surfaces                cat food. Biological agricultural & waste                                                 Tel:858-874-6750
                                                                                            Storage Batteries (Primary)
Pneumatic Compression Therapy Equipment     managment                                                                                 Fax:858-874-6736
                                                                                            Batteries: Special Purpose
DVT Pumps & Garments                                                                                                        
                                                                                            Storage Battery Mfg (Primary)
                                                                                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                                                                            Batteries: Special Composition
                                                                                                                                      Surgical appliances & supplies
                                                                                                                                      Prosthetics & orthotics
                                                                          The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                   13
                                          Borries Marking Systems, Inc.               Braided Products Co.
Blue Ridge Tool & Machine Co.                                                                                                   Brilex Industries, Inc.
                                          3744 Plaza Dr                               9 Industrial Way
P.O. Box 1507                                                                                                                   P.O. Box 749
                                          Ann Arbor , MI 48108-1665                   Riverside , RI 02915-5205
Easley , SC 29641-1507                                                                                                          Youngstown , OH 44501-0749
                                          Tel:734-761-9549                            Contact:Ted Hale, Pres.
Contact:Chris Tollison,                                                                                                         Contact:Brian Benyo,
                                          Fax:734-761-1171                            Tel:401-434-0300
Pres., Fin. & MIS Mgr.                                                                                                          Pres., Opers. & R & D Mgr.
Tel:864-859-4758                                                                                                                Tel:330-744-1114
Fax:864-859-4632                                                                                                                Fax:330-744-1125
                                          Product / Service Description               Product / Service Description                                                                                                                                                                                         
                                          Marking devices                             Leather braids
Product / Service Description                                                                                                   Product / Service Description
                                          Marking machinery                           Imitation Leather Braids
CNC machining job shop                                                                Specialty Braids                          Metal fabrication, assembly & general
                                                                                                                                machining job shop
                                                                                                                                Metal work_miscellaneous
                                          Boskind Development, Inc.
Bobrick Washroom Equipment,                                                                                                     Machinery_special industry
                                                                                      Bralco Metals
                                          P.O. Box 1251
Inc.                                                                                                                            Equipment Design & Build
                                          Melbourne , FL 32902-1251                   15090 Northam St
11611 Hart St.
                                          Contact:Dick Boskind, Dir.                  La Mirada , CA 90638-5757
North Hollywood , CA 91605-5882
                                          Tel:321-636-8089                            Contact:Brian Foy, Export Manager
Contact:Beth White, Projects Coordinator                                                                                        Broadcast Design Intl, Inc.
Tel:1-818-764-1000 Fax:1-818-503-9941
                                                 Fax:714-736-4850                          785 Grand Ave. Ste. 212
                                          Product / Service Description                                Carlsbad , CA 92008-2371
                                                                                                        Contact:Tim Saunders, President
                                          Vision blocks, bullet resistant windows,
Product / Service Description
                                                                                      Product / Service Description             Tel:760-729-9229
                                          View blocks
Stainless Steel Washroom Accessories;                                                                                           Fax:760-729-2154
Soap Dispensers                                                                                                       
                                                                                      Steel-Distributors & Warehouses
Paper Towel Dispensers,                                                                                               
                                                                                      Aluminum (Wholesale)
                                          Bott Equipment Co
Toilet Tissue Dispensers                                                                                                        Product / Service Description
                                          P.O. Box 14235
Hand Dryers, Waste Receptacles, Grab Bars
                                                                                                                                Studio Design, Facility,
                                          Houston , TX 77221-4235
Toilet Partitions / Cubicles
                                                                                                                                Newsroom and Set Design.
                                                                                      Bratt Decor, Inc.
                                          Contact:Mark Trumble, President
Koala Kare Baby Changing Stations
                                          Tel:713-644-5391                            P.O. Box 20808
Gamco - Specialty Washroom Accessories
                                          Fax:713-644-5859                            Baltimore , MD 21209-0808
                                                Contact:Stephen Bauer, MIS Mgr.
                                          Product / Service Description               Tel:410-323-2393
Bodysense                                                                                                                       Brodys Welding & Machanical
                                          Whol Petroleum Handling Equipment To
834 Industry Dr.                                                                                                                4011 G St.
                                          Include Pumps Meters & Valves
Seattle , WA 98188                                                                                                              Philadelphia , PA 19124-5115
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                          Industrial Machinery and Equipment
Contact:Connie Colbert,                                                                                                         Contact:Kerry Brody,
                                          Transportation Equipment and Supplies       Baby furniture assembly
Tel:206-988-1719                                                                                                                Tel:215-427-1214
                                          Helicopter / Aviation Refueling Systems     Furniture_household
Fax:206-988-1730                                                                                                                Fax:215-427-9411
                                                                                      Children furniture, beds, accessories                                                                                                  
Product / Service Description                                                                                                   Product / Service Description
                                          Bracalentes Manufacturing Co
Physicians & Surgeons Equip & Supls-Mfrs                                                                                        Welding-Household/Misc Items-Repairing
                                          20 W. Creamery Rd.                                                                    Steel-Structural (Manufacturers)
                                                                                      Briarpatch Inc
                                          Trumbauersville , PA 18970                                                            Heating Contractors
Boland Marine & Industrial,               Contact:Ronald Bracalente,                  150 Essex St Suite 301                    Welding
                                          Tel:215-536-3077                            Millburn , NJ 07041-1631
                                          Fax:215-536-4844                            Contact:Marc Shinderman, General Manager
PO Box 53287                                       Tel:973-376-7002
New Orleans , LA 70153-3287               Product / Service Description               Fax:973-376-7003
Contact:Paul Simmons, General Manager                                       
                                          Rotary transfer & Multi-faceted                                                       Brookfield Engineering Labs, I
Tel:504-581-5800 Fax:504-581-5814                                           
                                          screw machine                                                                         11 Commerce Blvd.                                                                 Product / Service Description
                                          CNC milling, turning & rotary transfer                                                Middleboro , MA 02346-1031                      Heat treating, plating, assembly & testing  Games, Toys & Children’s Vehicles         Contact:Mr. David DiCorpo,
Product / Service Description             ISO9002 Manufacturers                       (Primary)                                 Export Sales Manager
Industrial machinery                                                                  Toys                                      Tel:508-946-6200
General machining & pipe fabrication job                                              Game, Toy & Children’s Vehicle Mfg        Fax:508-946-6262
shop                                                                                  (Primary)
                                          Brackett Aircraft Co                                                        
                                          7045 Flightline Dr.
                                                                                      Puzzle Globes                             Product / Service Description
                                          Kingman , AZ 86401-6756
Bonny Mt Enterprises Co. Ltd.
                                          Contact:Robert R. Brackett,                                                           Viscosimeters, Laboratory
2669 Saturn St                            Tel:928-757-4005                                                                      Ind. Viscosimeters, On-line Process
Brea , CA 92821-6703                                                                  Bridge Linguatec, Inc.
                                          Fax:928-757-1948                                                                      Water Baths
Contact:Jerry Lu, Owner                      915 S. Colorado Blvd.                     Texture Analyzers
Tel:714-961-8884 Fax:714-961-8892         Product / Service Description               Denver , CO 80246-2401                                                                         Contact:Bill Arnold,
                                          Aircraft Ground Support Equipment
Product / Service Description                                                         Tel:303-777-7783
Bridal gowns/wedding dresses                                                
Special occasions, pageants and proms                                                                                           Brookhaven Instruments Corp
                                                                                      Product / Service Description             750 Blue Point Rd.
                                          Bradford White Corporation
                                                                                      Intensive English as a Second Language    Holtsville , NY 11742-1832
                                          725 Talamore Dr
Booth Enterprises                                                                     instruction for executives and students.  Contact:Irene Mueller,
                                          Ambler , PA 19002-1873
                                                                                      Specialization in personally designed ESL
225 Pegasus Ct.                                                                                                                 Tel:631-758-3200
                                          Contact:Tony Maglione, Int’l Sales Director
                                                                                      programs for adults. Host family program,
Gambrills , MD 21054-1145                                                                                                       Fax:631-758-3255
                                          Tel:215 641-9400
                                                                                      planne activities, excursions provided.
Contact:George Booth,                                                                                                 
Fax:410-923-7070                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                                Scientific Apparatus & Instruments-Mfrs
                                          Product / Service Description                     Mfg Water Heaters Storage Type for Gas,
Product / Service Description             Electric & Oil
Tanks-Metal (Wholesale)
                                                                      The Asian Register
1 4                                                                                                                              Global Contact's
Brooklyn Thermometer Co                     Brushes by Karen Inc                        Buffkins Ceramic Tile                     Burt-Sher, Inc.
90 Verdi St.                                P.O. Box 1547                               3350 N. Courtenay Pkwy.                   P.O. Box 1869
Farmingdale , NY 11735-6318                 Mineola , NY 11501-0903                     Merritt Island , FL 32953-8312            Hillsboro , OR 97123-1869
Contact:Todd Teichert,                      Contact:Karen Bock, President               Contact:Chris Buffkin,                    Contact:Jerry Sherrill, Secy-Treas.
Tel:631-694-7610                            Tel:516-739-7788                            Tel:321-452-2267                          Tel:503-681-8446
Fax:631-694-6329                            Fax:516-739-7711                            Fax:321-459-2482                          Fax:503-648-4803                                 Product / Service Description             Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description               Product / Service Description               Floor Materials                           Kitchen cabinets_wood,
Thermometers (Wholesale)                    Cosmetics and Cosmetic Supplies             Tile-Non-Ceramic-Distributors             high pressure laminate
Temperature Measuring Materials (Mfrs)      Cosmetic brushes                            Bathroom Remodeling                       Wooden cabinets & countertops
Measuring/Controlling Devices Nec (Mfrs)    ( Whoelsale, private label )                Tile-Ceramic-Contractors & Dealers        Partitions & fixtures_wood & displays
Physicians & Surgeons Equip & Supls-Mfrs    Cosmetics ( Wholesale, Private Label )      Linoleum Layers Equipment & Supplies
                                                                                                                                  Business Journal Publications
                                            Buckley Vision Institute                                                              PO Box 24185
Brookville Equipment Corp.                  3155 N Union Blvd                                                                     Tampa , FL 33623-4185
                                                                                        Buhler Quality Yarns Corp.
175 Evans St.                               Colorado Springs , CO 80907-8703                                                      Contact:Mr Arthur Porter, Publisher,
                                                                                        P.O. Box 506
Brookville , PA 15825-0130                  Contact:Dr. Matthew Chang, President                                                  Bridgette Mill
                                                                                        Jefferson , GA 30549-0506
Contact:Dalph Mc Neil, President            Tel:719-630-3937                                                                      Tel:813-873-8225
                                                                                        Contact:Werner Bieri, Pres., CEO, CFO
Tel:814-849-2000                            Fax:719-635-3578                                                                      Fax:813-876-1827
                                                                                        Fax:706-367-9837             Product / Service Description                                                         Product / Service Description
                                                                                                       Offices & Clinics Of Doctors Of Medicine                                              Periodicals: Publishing & Printing
Product / Service Description               (Primary)                                                                             (Primary)
                                                                                        Product / Service Description
Mfg Diesel & Battery Powered Locomotives    Physicians’ Offices & Clinics: Medical                                                Publishers: Periodicals, Magazines
                                                                                        Combed & spun cotton & yarn
Railroad Equipment                          Offices Of Physicians (Except Mental Health                                           Periodical Publishers (Primary)
                                                                                        Yarn spinning mills
Tunneling Diesel & Battery                  Specialis
Locomotives & Personal Carriers             Lenses, Ophthalmic: Grinding
Diesel & Battery Push Back Tractors                                                                                               C & A Scientific
(Airport Use)
                                                                                                                                  7241 Cabe Ct
Industrial Switcher Remanufacture           Budget Buddy Co., Inc.                                                                Manassas , VA 20109
                                                                                        Bunge North America Corp.
Diesel Hydraulic & Diesel Electric Switcher
                                            P.O. Box 590                                                                          Contact:Ming Xiang, Owner
                                                                                        PO Box 308
                                            Belton , MO 64012-0590                                                                Tel:703-330-1413
                                                                                        Crete , NE 68333-0308
                                            Contact:Kenneth Tompkins,                                                             Fax:703-330-7510
                                                                                        Contact:Paula Wisdom-Sims, Fin. Mgr.
                                            President, Fin., MIS & Opers.                                               
Brothers Research Corporation               Tel:816-322-2290                                                            
P.O. Box 317                                Fax:816-322-6332                                                                      Product / Service Description
Burlington , NC 27216-0317                                                                        Physicians & Surgeons Equip & Supls-mfrs
                                                                                        Product / Service Description
Contact:Dr. William D. Bailey, President                                                            Compound optical microscopes, nesoi
                                                                                        Corn dry milling
Tel:336-229-6480                            Product / Service Description                                                         Laboratory, hygienic or
                                                                                        Corn meal & bulgur wheat processing
Fax:336-229-1303                                                                                                                  pharmaceutical glassware nesoi
                                            Metal fold-up wall desks                    Food preparations                                                                                                              Parts and accessories for compound optical
                                            Workstations                                Flour & other grain mill products                                                                                                         microscopes
Product / Service Description
Duragloss car care products                 Budji Collections Inc
Track Claw Racing Products                  P.O. Box 1029
Automotive Cleaning & Polishing Products Rising Sun , MD 21911-4029                     Burch Mfg. Co., Inc.
                                                                                                                                  C H A Industries
                                            Contact:Robert Wright, Jr., President       618 1st Ave No.
                                                                                                                                  1720 Wallace Ave. Unit B
                                            Tel:410-658-3126                            Fort Dodge , IA 50501-0876
                                                                                                                                  St. Charles , IL 60174
Bruce Foods Corp                            Fax:410-658-3758                            Contact:Kayleen Ramthun, Fin. & Pers. Mg
                                                                                                                                  Contact:Eunn Kim, Pres., Pur., Sa
PO Box 2067                                                                             Tel:515-573-4136
Wilson , NC 27894-2067                                                                  Fax:515-573-4138
                                            Product / Service Description
Contact:Mr Norman Brown, Vice President                                       
Tel:252-237-5476                            Whol Furniture                              Product / Service Description
Fax:252-237-3223                            Furniture                                   Heat-Houser * Kab-King * Kolaps-A-Tank-
                                                                                                                                  Product / Service Description                                                                      Canvas products-Tractorcabs
                                                                                                                                  Transmission gears warehouse distributor
Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                  Differential Gears for Light & Heavy Duty
Canned Fruits, Vegetables & Preserves
                                                                                                                                  Trucks Importers & Distributor
                                                                                                                                  O.E.M. & aftermarket supplier
                                            Buffalo Precision Products, In
Food Prdts, Canned: Vegetables
Fruit & Vegetable Canning (Primary)                                                     Burke Handling Systems
                                            236 Sawyer Ave
                                            Tonawanda , NY 14150-7794                   P.O. Box 97089
                                            Contact:Richard Leed, V-P.                  Jackson , MS 39288-7089
Bruin Plastics Co., Inc.                                                                Contact:Ted Gray, V-P.                    C O N I-Seal, Inc.
                                            Fax:716-875-5935                            Tel:601-939-6600
P.O. Box 700, 61 Joslin Road
                                                                                                                                  1980 Swarthmore Ave
Glendale , RI 02826-0700                                                                                                          Lakewood , NJ 08701-4531
                                            Product / Service Description     
Contact:Fred J. Paolantonio,
                                                                                                                                  Contact:Frank M. Pagano, CEO
                                            Cold finishing of steel shapes              Product / Service Description
Export Manager
                                            Centerless precision ground steel           Trucks & tractors_industrial
Tel:401-568-3081                                                                                                                  Fax:732-363-7877
                                            rounds & flats                              Rebuilt forklifts
                                            Tool steel bar and plate                    Industrial batteries & chargers
                                            High speed bars                             Dock equipment
                                                                                                                                  Product / Service Description
                                            Stainless steel bars                        Racking
Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                  Automotive brake parts
Vinyl reinforced fabrics
                                                                                                                                  Motor vehicle parts & accessories
Coated fabrics, not rubberized
                                                                                                                                  Suspension Pants
                                                                                        Forklift parts, Att. & Acess.
                                                                         The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                        15
C R Laurence Co Inc                           C U Stoltzfus Mfg Inc.                       CAM2 Oil Products Co.                    Cactus Recycling Inc.
P.O. Box 58923                                PO Box 527                                   380 W. Butler Ave.                       8710 Avenida de la Fuente
Los Angeles , CA 90058-0923                   Morgantown , PA 19543-0527                   New Britain , PA 18901-5112              San Diego , CA 92154-8104
Contact:Bernard P Harris, Chrm.               Contact:Gary Lake,                           Contact:Jack Baker,                      Contact:Edward Fitch,
Tel:323-588-1281                              Tel:610-286-5146                             Tel:215-340-2262                         Tel:619-661-1283
Fax:323-581-6522                              Fax:610-286-6600                             Fax:215-340-2265                         Fax:619-661-1703                                                                                    Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                 Product / Service Description                Product / Service Description            Recycling Centers (Wholesale)
Motor vehicle windows for trucks              Soil Stabilization Spreaders                 Oils-Lubricating-Wholesale
Distributes sealants & all glazier’s supplies Lime Speaders
Transaction Hardware ( for security )                                                                                               Cain Signs
                                                                                           CAT Pumps-High Pressure
Door closers - exposed & concealed
                                                                                                                                    6363 E State Road 44
                                                                                           Pumps & Systems
Shower enclosures - hinges                    C V I P, Inc.                                                                         Glenwood , IN 46133-9742
Door Rail System                                                                           1681 94th Ln NE
                                              801 Broad St                                                                          Contact:Benda Cain, Owner
                                                                                           Minneapolis , MN 55449-4324
                                              Emmaus , PA 18049-3600                                                                Tel:765-679-5448
                                                                                           Contact:Darla Jean Thompson, Customer
                                              Contact:Dave Nguyen, Pres.                                                            Fax:765-679-5445
C R S Remanufacturing, Inc.                   Tel:610-967-1525                                                            
94-34 158th St.                               Fax:610-967-0303                                                                      Product / Service Description
Jamaica , NY 11433-1017                                                                                   Signs & Advertising Displays (Primary)
Contact:Pat Angira, G.M.                                                                            Signs: Electrical
Tel:718-739-1720                              Product / Service Description                                                         Sign Mfg (Primary)
                                                                                           Product / Service Description
Fax:718-739-1723                              Custom Design and Fabrication of :                                                    Signs: Vinyl Lettered
                                                                                           Pumps & Pumping Eqpt (Primary)                              Cryogenic Vessel, Cryogenic Transfer Line,                                            Signs: Sandblasted
                                                                                           Commercial & Indl Machinery Repair
Product / Service Description                 Supper Conducting                                                                     Signs: Painted
                                              Magnet, Cryostat, Design and Fabricate                                                Signs: Neon
Remanufactured Auto Parts
                                              Equipment for Specialty Gas, Industrial Gas,                                          Signs: Metal
Power Steering Pumps, Gears, Rack and
                                                                                           CHI Centers Inc
                                              Chemical, Environmental,                                                              Signs: Magnetic
Pinions and Front Wheel Drive Axles
                                              Pharmaceutical, Research, Oil and Gas                                                 Flags & Banners
                                                                                           10501 New Hampshire Ave
                                              Industries.                                  Silver Spring , MD 20903-1122
                                                                                           Contact:Mr Alan Lovell, CEO
C S C Force Measurement Inc
                                                                                           Tel:301-445-3350                         Cal Pac Graphics
P.O. Box 887
                                              C&H Die Casting, Inc.                                                                 14074 Irishtown Rd.
Agawam , MA 01001-0887
                                              PO Box 1170                                                                           Pine Grove , CA 95665-9656
Contact:John Glynn, President
                                                                                           Product / Service Description
                                              Temple , TX 76503-1170                                                                Contact:George Littrell, Partner
                                                                                           Job Training & Vocational Rehabilitation
                                              Contact:Chris W. Hynes, Sales & Mktg.                                                 Tel:209-296-1540
                                                                                           Svcs (Primary)
                                              Tel:254-938-2541 Fax:254-938-7117                                                     Fax:209-296-1652
                                                                                           Job Training & Vocational
                                                                                            Rehabilitation Svcs
Product / Service Description
                                                                                           Vocational Rehabilitation Services
                                              Product / Service Description                                                         Product / Service Description
Force measurement products
(stocking distributor)                        Aluminum die castings & CNC machining                                                 Whol Industrial Equipment
                                                                                           Residential Care Facilities, Nec
Calibration of force,                         ISO9001:2000 Certified                                                                Industrial Machinery and Equipment
                                                                                           Printing: Specialty
torque gauges, material testers               Vacuum Casting, Pressure Testing,                                                     Dealers in used printing equipment
                                                                                           Private Mail Centers
Dynamometers, tensiometers,                   Impregnation and Assembly
                                                                                           Child Daycare Svcs
spring, torsion testers                       C&H’s 2nd Facility is Located In
                                                                                           Business Svcs & Copy Centers
ISO/IEC 17025 calibration facility            Monterrey, MX                                                                         Cal West Seeds
                                                                                           Residential Mentally Handicapped
accredited by L.A.B.
                                                                                                                                    P.O. Box 1428
CDI, Chatillon, Dillon, MSI, Larson, Lloyd
                                                                                                                                    Woodland , CA 95776-1428
                                                                                           Assembling Svc
Material Testers                              C. L. C. Lubricants Co.                                                               Contact:Paul Frey, Chief Executive Officer
                                              P.O. Box 764                                                                          Tel:530-666-3331
                                              Geneva , IL 60134-0764                                                                Fax:530-666-5317
                                                                                           CLAAS of America, Inc.
C S I Chemical Corporation                    Contact:Patrick O’Brien, V-P., Opers.                                       
                                                                                           8401 S 132nd St
P.O. Box 39                                   Tel:630-232-7900 Fax:630-232-7915                                           
                                                                                           Omaha , NE 68138
Bondurant , IA 50035-0039                                                                   Product / Service Description
Contact:L.L. Carpenter, President                                                             Farm Supplies
Tel:515-967-4297                              Product / Service Description                                                         Alfalfa seed for sowing
Fax:515-967-4842                              Petroleum-based industrial lubricants &                                               Seeds of forage plants for sowing,
                                                                                                          synthetic & semi-synthetic cutting &                                                  including grass seeds
                                                                                           Product / Service Description                      grinding fluids                                                                       Clover seed for sowing
                                                                                           Farm machinery & equipment
Product / Service Description                 Lubricating oils & greases
                                                                                           Harvest combines
Chelated liquid calcium for fruit-vegetables-
flowers                                                                                                                             Caldon Inc.
                                              C.H. Guenther & Son dba
                                                                                                                                    1070 Banksville Ave.
                                                                                           CMC Recycling
                                              Pioneer Flour Mills                                                                   Pittsburgh , PA 15216-3006
                                                                                           PO Box 1046
                                              P.O. Box 118
C T M Racing Products Inc.                                                                                                          Contact:Calvin R. Hastings, Pres.
                                              San Antonio , TX 78291-0118                  Dallas , TX 75221-1046
32991 Calle Aviador Ste. E                                                                                                          Tel:412-341-9920
                                              Contact:Dale W. Tremblay, President / CEO    Contact:Brian Halloran,
San Juan Capistrano , CA 92675-4731                                                                                                 Fax:412-341-9951
                                              Tel:210-227-1401 Fax:210-227-1409            Tel:214-689-5819
Contact:Jack Graef, President                                                                                             
Tel:949-487-0770                                                                                                                    Product / Service Description
Fax:949-487-0772                                                                                                                    Industrial flow meters
                                              Product / Service Description                Product / Service Description                                                                                                            Process control instruments
                                              Flour milling & food processing              Steel, scrap metal
Product / Service Description                                                                                                       Ultrasonic flow meters
                                              Flour & other grain mill products            Aluminum, scrap metal
Heavy Duty Universal Joints                                                                                                         Pipeline leak detection systems
                                              Flour mixes & doughs_prepared                Brass, scrap metal
Heavy Duty Axles                                                                                                                    Pipeline interface detectors
                                              Frozen specialties                           Copper, scrap metal
Heavy Duty Driveline Universal Joints                                                                                               Pipeline viscometers
                                              Bakery products_frozen, dough & baked        Nickel alloys, scrap metal
                                                                                                                                    Pipeline densitometers
                                              Gravies & sauces                             Stainless steel, scrap metal
                                                                                                                                    Custody Transfer Flowmeters
                                              Spice blends & seasonings
                                                                         The Asian Register
1 6                                                                                                                          Global Contact's
Calhoun-Liberty           Journal          Capacity of Texas                         Capital       Equipment                  Carolina Time Equipment, Inc.
PO Box 536                                 401 Capacity Dr.                          125 Tubeway Dr.                          P.O. Box 18158
Bristol , FL 32321-0536                    Longview , TX 75604-5341                  Carol Stream , IL 60188-2249             Charlotte , NC 28218-0158
Contact:Mr John Eubanks,                   Contact:Sales & Marketing,                Contact:Mike Gordon,                     Contact:Henry Allen, Pres.
Tel:850-643-3333                           Tel:903-759-0610                          Tel:630-690-7200                         Tel:704-536-2700
Fax:850-643-3334                           Fax:903-759-3209                          Fax:630-690-7929                         Fax:704-536-9455
Product / Service Description              Product / Service Description   
                                                                                     Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description
Newspapers (Manufacturers)                 Industrial Trucks and Tractors
                                           Tractors, parts and accessories thereof   Macinery - New & Used                    Time clocks
                                           Road tractors for semi-trailers           Importers                                Office machines
California Cedar Products, Inc.            Terminal Tractors / Port Tractors & Spare Exporters
(H Q)                                      Parts                                     Plastic Molding
                                                                                     Metal Forming
400 S. Fresno Ave.                                                                                                            Caroline Rose Inc
                                                                                     CNC Machining
Stockton , CA 95203-3007
                                                                                                                              741 Madison St
                                                                                     Bottle Making
Contact:Charles Berolzheimer, Pres.
                                                                                                                              Oak Park , IL 60302-4419
                                                                                     Manufacturing Equipment
                                                                                                                              Contact:Ms Rose Becker, CEO
                                           Capel Inc.
                                                                                                                              Tel:708-386-1011                         P.O. Box 826                                                                       Fax:708-386-7293                    Troy , NC 27371-0826                      Carlon                         
Product / Service Description              Contact:Norm Sweeters,                    25701 Science Park Dr.                   Product / Service Description
Corporate Headquarters; Pencil Slats,      Tel:910-572-7000                          Cleveland , OH 44122-7302                2337 Women’s & Misses’ Suits, Coats &
Compounts, Pencils                         Fax:910-572-7040                          Contact:David Kendall,                   Skirts (Primary)
                                           Product / Service Description
California Exotic Novelties                                                                                                   Carpenter Electric 3 Phase
                                           Area rugs - machine; handmade; hand woven                                          Converters
14235 Ramona Ave
                                           & braided                                 Product / Service Description
Chino , CA 91710-5751                                                                                                         P.O.Box 307
Contact:Susan Colvin, Pres.                                                                                                   Annandale , MN 55302-0307
                                                                                     Carlon is an industry leader in
Tel:909-606-1950                                                                                                              Contact:John L. Carpenter, Pres.
                                                                                     the areas of electrical &
Fax:909-606-1951                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Telecommunications Products                                                                                                          Converts single to 3-phase mfg. in U.S.A. for
                                           Capel, Inc.                                                                                                     over 26 years. We also sell electric motors
                                           P.O. Box 826
Product / Service Description                                                                                                 mfg. in America, write for your free brochure,
                                                                                     Carlon Meter Co Inc
                                           Troy , NC 27371-0826                                                               all correspondence in Engklish, please.
Adult novelties, Manufactures                                                        1710 Eaton Dr
                                           Contact:A. Leon Capel, Ex. Dir.
                                                                                     Grand Haven , MI 49417-2820
                                                                                     Contact:Shelly Kline,
                                           Fax:910-572-7040                                                                   Carryhot U. S. A., Inc.
Calorique Ltd.                                                                       Tel:616-842-0420
                                                                                     Fax:616-842-1265                         511 W 33rd St
2380 Cranberry Hwy               
                                                                                             New York , NY 10001-1320
West Wareham , MA 02576-1206               Product / Service Description
                                                                                          Contact:Sabita Prashad, MIS Mgr.
Contact:Irena Paliwoda, General Mgr.
                                           Area Rugs-Machine ;Handmade; Hand
                                                                                     Product / Service Description            Tel:212-279-7535
                                           Woven & Braided
Fax:508-291-2299                                                                     Residential & industrial water meters &
                                                                                                                                                                                 water treatment controls
                                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description
                                           Capital Connection Corp
Radiant heating for residential,                                                                                              Urethane foam products
                                                                                     Carolina Narrow Fabrics
industrial & custom print                                                                                                     Insulated food delivery bags & accessories
                                           Supply                                    1100 Patterson Ave
Ceiling, floor, mirror, snow melting, tank                                                                                    Triple laminate material
                                           417 E. Virginia St. Ste. 1                Winston Salem , NC 27101-1530
heater & drum warmers                                                                                                         Polypropyline webing
                                           Tallahassee , FL 32301-1279               Contact:Horace L. Freeman,
                                           Contact:Barbara Neeley,                   Tel:336-631-3000
                                           Tel:850-224-8870                          Fax:336-631-3060
Caltest Diesel Smoke Opacity               Fax:850-222-1222                                                                   Carter Diamond Tool Corp
Meters                                                   Product / Service Description            4475 Hamann Pkwy.
126 N Marine Ave                                 Narrow Fabric & Other Smallwares-Mills   Willoughby , OH 44094-5627
Wilmington , CA 90744-5723                 Product / Service Description             Wovens-Yarn Dyed Fabric-Manufacturers    Contact:Marillyn Sullivan,
Contact:Richard Skaggs, Pres.              Courier Services                          Adhesives & Sealants (Manufacturers)     Sales & Mktg Mgr.
Tel:310-835-5377                           Corporation Supplies (Wholesale)                                                   Tel:440-946-7800
                                                                                     Orthopedic Cast Tapes & Splints-
Fax:310-835-0723                           Delivery Service                                                                   Fax:440-946-5671
                                                                                     Manufacturers                         Attorneys Service Bureaus                                                                     Attorneys                                                                
Product / Service Description              Set up Corps in all 50 States                                                      Product / Service Description
Diesel smoke Opacity Meters SAEJ1667       Corporate Books                                                                    Natural and Synthetic Diamond Tipped
Specification                              Expedited Corp. Services                  Carolina Skiff                           Machine Tools
                                           Registered Agent Services                 3231 Fulford Rd
                                                                                     Waycross , GA 31503-8705
Can Am Machinery Inc.                                                                Contact:Mark Joyner, Operations Mgr      Carter Diamond Tool Corp.
644 River St.                                                                        Tel:912-287-0547                         4475 Hamann Pkwy
Fitchburg , MA 01420-2957                                                            Fax:912-287-0533                         Willoughby , OH 44094-5627
                                           Capital Engineering & Mfg Co
Contact:Daniel Nigrosh, President                                                       Contact:Marillyn Sullivan, Sales Admin.
                                           14600 Lincoln Ave
Tel:978-343-4400                                                                               Tel:440-946-7800
                                           Harvey , IL 60426-1616
Fax:978-343-3809                                                                     Product / Service Description            Fax:440-946-5671
                                           Contact:Mr. John J. Walsh,                                                             Boats-manufacturer fiberglass outboard
                                           Tel:708-333-3761                                                        boats                          
Product / Service Description                                                                                                 Product / Service Description
                                           Product / Service Description
Machinery for making paper or paperboard
                                                                                                                              Natural & Synthetic Diamond Tipped Tools
                                           Steel Processing
Paper Industries Machinery
                                                                         The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                    17
                                                                                                                                Certified Insulated Products
Carus Publishing Co.                       Casters Of Fort Worth Inc.               Centech Plastics Inc
30 Grove St., Suite C                      5046 Airport Fwy                         835 Touhy Ave.
                                                                                                                                12102 Conway Rd
Peterborough , NH 03458                    Fort Worth , TX 76117                    Elk Grove Vlg , IL 60007
                                                                                                                                Beltsville , MD 20705-1302
Contact:Christina Hsieh, Marketing         Contact:Kenneth Orr, Owner               Contact:Peter Varhegyi, President
                                                                                                                                Contact:Carolyn H. Bird, Pres., CFO
Director                                   Tel:817-831-4317                         Tel:847-364-4433
Tel:603-924-7209 Ext 228                   Fax:817-831-1629                         Fax:847-364-1144 or 847-364-6699
                                                                                                                                                           Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                        Product / Service Description            Mfg Injection Molding of Plastics &
                                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description              Casters Wholesale, Manufacturing, Import Precision Grinding
                                                                                                                                Insulated hand tools
Children’s magazines, books,and videos /   Retail, Over 1 Million Dollar Inventory, Plastic Products
                                                                                                                                Arc Flash Protective Clothing
DVDs publishing                            Celebrating 30 Years Of Business         Tooling, Injection Mold
                                                                                                                                Challenger Process Systems
Casablanca Fan Co                          Cat Wire & Cable Corp                    CenterPoint        Exhibits
                                                                                                                                8820 NW Loop 338
761 Corporate Center Dr.                   1139 NW 72nd St                          375 Rivertown Dr
                                                                                                                                Odessa , TX 79764-3005
Pomona , CA 91768-2633                     Miami , FL 33150-3645                    Saint Paul , MN 55125-7725
Contact:John Pearson,                      Contact:Mr George Tokatli,               Contact:Mark Hager, Vice President
Tel:909-629-1477                           Tel:305-836-3600                         Tel:651-578-3600
Fax:909-629-0958                           Fax:305-835-0974                         Fax:651-578-3663
                                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                   
                                                                                                                                Pressure vessels & steel tanks
                                           Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                Plate work_fabricated (boiler shops)
Interior Decorators/Dsgnrs Supls (Whol)    3315 Steel Wire Drawing &                Exhibits & displays
                                                                                                                                Heater Treater
                                           Nails & Spikes (Primary)                 As one of America’s largest exhibit
                                                                                                                                Any Oil Field Equipment of Seperation
                                           Wire                                     marketing companies,
                                           Steel Wire Drawing (Primary)             CenterPoint provides strategic planning,
Cascades-Sonoco, Inc.
                                           Cable: Electronic                        concept development, design, fabricaition,
P.O. Box 98330
                                           Nonferrous Wire Drawing                  live presentation rental exhibit solutions,
Lakewood , WA 98498-0330
                                           Other Communication & Energy Wire Mfg    turnkey field service & storage
Contact:Emmanuel Boullay, Plt. Mgr.                                                                                             Champagne Import & Export
                                                                                    through five U.S. facilities and selected
Tel:253-584-4295                                                                                                                12262 SW 131 Avenue
                                                                                    global partners.
Fax:253-584-8473                                                                                                                Miami , FL 33186
                                           Catheter & Disposables Technol                                                                                                         Contact:Hal Mermel, Owner
Product / Service Description              13845 Industrial Pk. Blvd.                                                           Tel:305-233-1312
                                                                                    Centerline Inc.
                                           Plymouth , MN 55441
Manufactures roll headers                                                                                                       Fax:305-238-7050
                                           Contact:Phil Beck, V-P., GM              2110 N. Ash St.
for the paper industry                                                                                                          Product / Service Description
                                           Tel:763-557-1024                         Ponca City , OK 74601-1105
Manufactures Roll Wrap                                                                                                          Commercial Equipment, NEC
                                           Fax:763-557-0920                         Contact:Mike Engster, Pres.
for the paper industry                                                                                                          Miscellaneous articles of base metal
Rewinding capacity                                                                                                              Structures and parts of structures, of iron or
                                           Product / Service Description            Fax:580-762-4722
Paper lamination capacity                                                                                                       steel. Electric ovens, cooking stoves,
Printing capacity (2 colors)-Flexoprinting Surgical & medical instruments                                                       ranges, cooking plates, boiling rings,
Poly coating capacity                      Disposable medical products                                                          grillers and roaste
                                                                                    Product / Service Description
Foil lamination capacity
                                                                                    Industrial Machinery
                                                                                    General machining job shop
                                           Cellusuede Products Inc
Casino Publishing Group                    P O Box 716
                                                                                                                                Champion Equipment Co
5240 S Eastern Ave                         Rockford , IL 61105-0716
                                                                                    Central Ink Corporation
Las Vegas , NV 89119-2306                                                                                                       8140 Rosecrans Ave.
                                           Contact:Dave Honkamp, President
Contact:Glenn Fine, Pres., Publisher                                                                                            Paramount , CA 90723-2754
                                           Tel:815 964-8619                         1100 Harvester Rd.
Tel:702-736-8886                                                                                                                Contact:George Jue,
                                           Fax:815-964-7949                         West Chicago , IL 60185-1608
Fax:702-736-8889                                                                                                                Tel:562-634-8181
                                                   Contact:Richard E. Breen, President                                                                                                     Fax:562-634-1350
Product / Service Description                                                                                         
                                           Product / Service Description            Fax:630-231-6520
                                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
Gambling Magazine Casino Player &          Mfg Synthetic Flock
Stuctly Slots                              Textiles                                                                             Foundation Tools & Equipment
                                                                                    Product / Service Description
Gaming cruises worldwide                   Textile Mill Products                                                                Construction Machinery & Equip (Mfrs)
Charity poker nights                       Floor Applicators                        Mfg Web Offset Printing, Sheetfed &         Drilling & Boring Equip & Supls (Whol)
Slot tournament producer                                                            Energy-Curable Inks                         Machinery-New (Wholesale)
                                           Censea Inc.
Casso-Solar Corp                                                                    Central Wire
                                           1845 Oak St Ste 1
PO Box 163                                 Northfield , IL 60093-3033               PO Box 423
Pomona , NY 10970-0163                     Contact:Jeff Stern,                      Union , IL 60180-0423
                                                                                                                                Chancellor Oil Tools Inc
Contact:Frank Lu, VP Sales & Mktg.         Tel:847-446-3720                         Contact:Philip Byrnes,
                                                                                                                                3521 Gulf St
Tel:845-354-2500 Fax:845-362-1856          Fax:847-446-9410                         Director of Sales & Marketing
                                                                                                                                Bakersfield , CA 93308-5210                                       Tel:815-923-2131
                                                                                                                                Contact:Tom Townsend, V.P.                                          Fax:815-923-2126
Product / Service Description              Product / Service Description  
Heating Eqpt (Primary)                     Importers                                Product / Service Description
Heating Eqpt & Splys                       Fish fillets                             Steel wire & related products
                                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
Heating Eqpt (Except Electric & Warm Air   Shrimps and prawns,                      Stainless steel & nickel alloy,
                                                                                                                                Oil & gas feild machinery & equipment
Furnaces) Mfr                              including in shell, frozen               spring, bright & cold heading wires
                                                                                                                                Liner hangers
Instruments: Infrared, Indl Process        Molluscs etc. frozen                     Nonferrous wiredrawing & insulating
                                                                                                                                Downhole tools
Glass: Tempered                            Squid, Octopus
Glass Specialties
Glass: Laminated
Furnaces: Indl
Dryers: Infrared
                                                                      The Asian Register
1 8                                                                                                                                Global Contact's
Chandler Mfg Inc                          Chemco Manufacturing Co Inc                 Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc.                      Christy Catalytics, LLC
P.O. Box 4684                             515 Huehl Road                              P.O. Box 781                                   4641 McRee Ave
Wichita Falls , TX 76308-0684             Northbrook , IL 60062-2336                  Latrobe , PA 15650-0781                        Saint Louis , MO 63110-2239
Contact:Ronald Chandler, President        Contact:Mr Rand Schweizer, President        Contact:Carl Ogburn, Exec. V.P.                Contact:James Chwirut, V.P.
Tel:940-763-1528                          Tel:847-480-7700                            Tel:724-537-9000                               Tel:314-773-7500
Fax:940-763-0402                          Fax:800-336-7706                            Fax:724-537-9003                               Fax:314-773-8371                                                           Product / Service Description          
Product / Service Description                                                         Product / Service Description                  Product / Service Description
                                          Spray Booth Filters
Mfg Oil & Gas Equipment / Hot Oil         Arresters: Paint                            Mattresses, Flame Resistant, Healthcare /      Inert Catalyst Bed Support Balls
Circulating Units For Melting Paraffin Of Filters, Paint Arresters                    Military / University                          (Prox-svers (R) )
Well Bores & Flowlines                                                                                                               Refractory Materials
Oil and Gas Field Machinery & Equipment,                                                                                             Clay Minerals
Custom Built                              Chemetron Fire Systems                      Chi-Mo, Inc.
Transportation Equipment:
                                          4801 Southwick Dr. Fl. 3                    PO Box 1407
Pump Trucks, Tank Trucks                                                                                                             Chroma         Corporation
                                          Matteson , IL 60443-2254                    Nixa , MO 65714-1407
                                          Contact:Steve Dmitrovich,                   Contact:Kathy Chao, Cont., Fin. Mgr            3900 Dayton Street
                                          Tel:708-748-1503 Fax:708-748-2847           Tel:417-724-8899                               McHenry , IL 60050
Charles Boggini Co                                        Fax:417-724-1688                               Contact:John A. Ward, President
733 Bread And Milk St                                                    Tel:815-385-8100
Coventry , CT 06238-1014                  Product / Service Description                                      Fax:815-385-1518
Contact:Mr Glen Boggini, Partner                                                      Product / Service Description        
                                          Sales & Engineering of Fire Protection
Tel:860-742-2652                                                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                          Equipment                                   Polyurethane boat tables & marine hardware
Fax:860-742-7903                                                                      Slide swivels                                  Masterbath, color & additive concentrates in                                                                   Seat and table pedestals                       pelletized resin & liquid carrier systems for
Product / Service Description                                                         Upholster seats                                Rotational molding precolored resins &
                                          Chemex, Inc.
Flavoring Extracts & Syrups (Primary)                                                                                                specialty products.
                                          107 Balboa Dr # B
Beverages Bases & Syrups                                                                                                             Colorants for thermoplastic resins in
                                          Broussard , LA 70518-3517
Flavoring Syrup & Concentrate Mfg                                                                                                    unitized & bulk dry pi
                                          Contact:Gale J. Campbell,
(Primary)                                                                                                                            Black masterbatch for thermoplastic resins.
                                          Pres., R & D Mgr.
                                                                                      Chicago Boiler                                 Lazer marking masterbatch in pelletized
                                                                                                                                     resin & liquid carrier
                                                                                      1300 Northwestern Ave
                                                                                                                                     Dispersions of pigments &
                                                                                      Gurnee , IL 60031-2348
                                                                                                                                     additives for thermoplas
                                                                                      Contact:Bruce A. Krumholz, Pres.
Charles Signs Inc                                                                     Tel:847-662-4000
                                          Product / Service Description
7856 Goguen Dr                            Oil field chemicals & polymers for enhanced                                                Church & Church Lumber Co.,
Liverpool , NY 13090-2515                 oil production
Contact:Mr Jim Hickey, President
                                                                                                                                     P.O. Box 619
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                     Millers Creek , NC 28651-0169
Fax:315-652-3197                                                                      Storage tanks, pressure reactor vessels, metal
                                          Chemgrout Inc.                                                                             Contact:Wilma Shell, Admn. Asst.                                                                  welding clamps
                                          805 E. 31st St                                                                             Tel:336-838-1256
Product / Service Description                                                         Red Head media mills
                                          La Grange Park , IL 60526-1282                                                             Fax:336-838-0814
                                                                                      Color right dispensing
3993 Signs & Advertising Displays
                                          Contact:Joe Schatz, General Manager                                              
                                                                                      equipment ink and paint
                                                                                      Tank, tote and drum washers
Signs: Metal
                                          Fax:708-354-3881                                                                           Product / Service Description
                                                                                      Solvent recovery distillation stills
Sign Mfg (Primary)
                                                                                                         Sawmills & planing mills, general
Signs: Wooden
                                                                                                   Kiln-dried lumber
Signs: Plastic
                                          Product / Service Description
Signs: Painted
                                          Pressure grouting equipment
                                                                                      Chicago Power & Process Inc                    Cincinnati Industrial Actnrs
                                                                                      625 W. University Dr. Ste. D                   2020 Dunlap St
                                          Chemgrout, Inc.                             Arlington Hts , IL 60004-1826                  Cincinnati , OH 45214-2310
Charleston Marine Surveyors
                                                                                      Contact:Mike Cahill, President
                                          805 E. 31st St.                                                                            Contact:Jeffrey Luggen,
Inc.                                                                                  Tel:847-870-7900
                                          La Grange Park , IL 60526-1282                                                             Tel:513-241-9701
60 Shadowmoss Pkwy.,                                                                  Fax:847-870-7905
                                          Contact:Joseph Schatz, General Manager                                                     Fax:513-241-6760
Charleston , SC 29414-6914                                                  
Contact:Mavis R. Greenwood, President                                       
Tel:843-571-7950                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                                    Supplier of Liquified Natural Gas Vaporizers   Auctioneers
Product / Service Description
                                          Product / Service Description               for shipboard or land based load-out           Machinery-Used (Wholesale)
Logistics & Transportation                Grout Pumps / Colloidal Mixers              facilities.                                    Appraisers
Transporation, Freight & Cargo Svcs
                                          Chemical Specialties Mfg                                                                   Cine Partners II, Inc.
                                          901 N Newkirk St                                                                           1901 Blue Clay Rd # H
                                                                                      Christian Garelli Associates
                                          Baltimore , MD 21205-3013
Chemax Mfg. Corp.                                                                                                                    Wilmington , NC 28405-8059
                                                                                      666 Lake Ave.
                                          Contact:Mr Chuck Pauli, President                                                          Contact:John Ferguson,
1025 River Rd.                                                                        Greenwich , CT 06830-3854
                                          Tel:410-675-4800                                                                           Tel:910-763-0340
New Castle , DE 19720-5103
                                                                                      Contact:Christian Garelli, President
                                          Fax:410-675-0038                                                                           Fax:910-762-0680
Contact:Charles J. Rappa, V-P.
                                          Product / Service Description                                                              Product / Service Description
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                          Spec Cleaning, Polishing & Sanitation                                                      Theatrical/stage lighting equip (whol)                                                                     International Sales and Marketing
                                          Preparations (Primary)                                                                     Theatrical/stage lighting-manufacturers
                                                                                      International Distributor Network
                                          Chemicals: Cleaning                                                                        Motion picture equip & supplies (whol)
Product / Service Description
                                          Polish & Other Sanitation Good Mfg
Heat transfer cement
Mastics, Heat Transfer
                                                                      The Asian Register
         The Asian Register                                                                                                                              19
                                        Clarke Mosquito Control
Cirtran Corp                                                                      Clement Industries, Inc.                 Coating Systems, Inc.
                                        Products Inc.
4125 S. 6000 W.                                                                   PO Box 914                               55 Crown St
                                        P.O. Box 72197
West Valley , UT 84128-6508                                                       Minden , LA 71058-0914                   Nashua , NH 03060-6349
                                        Roselle , IL 60172-0197
Contact:Iehab Hawatmeh,                                                           Contact:Paul Pickeet, Mgr. Int’l         Contact:Aram Jeknavorian, Pres.
                                        Contact:Joseph Naro, Director, Intl Sales
Tel:801-963-5112                                                                  Tel:318-377-2776                         Tel:603-883-0553
Fax:801-963-5180                                                                  Fax:318-377-8426                         Fax:603-883-0535
                                                                                                       Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                     Product / Service Description            Lacquers, coatings, adhesives & inks
                                        Product / Service Description
Circuit Boards-Manufacturers                                                      Dump trailers
                                        Chemical formulators &
Contract Mfg.SMT, Pin through hole
                                         mosquito control chemicals
Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs
                                        Agricultural chemicals
Cables, Harnesses, Plastic Injection
                                        Spray Equipment for Mosquito Control                                               Coats Aloe Intl Inc
                                                                                  Cleveland City Forge                     2146 Merritt Dr.
                                                                                  46950 State Route 18                     Garland , TX 75041-6135
                                        Clarkfield Enterprises Inc                Wellington , OH 44090-9791               Contact:Bill Coats,
                                        PO Box 457                                Contact:Eric J. Velliquette, G.M.        Tel:972-278-9651
Claridge Products & Equipment,          Clarkfield , MN 56223-0457                Tel:440-647-5400                         Fax:972-278-5634
Inc.                                    Contact:Mr Berdette Schoep, President     Fax:440-647-4185               
P.O. Box 910                            Tel:320-669-7140                                         Product / Service Description
Harrison , AR 72602-0910                Fax:320-669-4923                        Health Care Products
Contact:Helen Clavey, President                Product / Service Description            Drug Millers
Tel:870-743-2200                        Product / Service Description             Forged & machined clevises,              Exporters
Fax:870-743-1908                        Men’s & Boys’ Clothing, NEC (Primary)     turnbuckles & eye nuts           Clothing: Athletic & Sportswear,          Forgings-Stainless Steel         Men’s & Boys’                             Forged & Machined Eye Bolts, Adjustable
Product / Service Description           Men’s & Boys’ Cut &                       Yokes & Pad Eyes
Markerboards, chalkboards, tackboards,  Sew Other Outerwear Mfg (Primary)                                                  Cobb-Vantress, Inc.
                                                                                  Machined straight and headed pins
display cases                           Clothing: Athletic & Sportswear,          Machined turnbuckle assemblies           P.O. Box 1030
                                        Women’s & Girls’                          and clevis assemblies                    Siloam Springs , AR 72761-1030
                                        Clothing: Jackets,                        Threaded Rod all grades of material      Contact:James Bell, Pres.
                                        Not Tailored Men’s & Boys’                                                         Tel:479-524-3166
                                        Women’s & Misses’ Outerwear, NEC                                                   Fax:479-524-3043
Clark Boats Inc.                        Women’s & Girls’ Cut & Sew Other                                         
1600 State St                           Outerwear Mfg                                                            
Bellevue , IA 52031-9766                                                          Cleveland Vibrator Co The                Product / Service Description
Contact:Karl Clark, Fin. Mgr.                                                     2828 Clinton Ave.                        Broiler Breeders
Tel:563-872-3304                        Classic Flavors & Fragrances              Cleveland , OH 44113-2939
Fax:563-872-5785                                                                  Contact:Susan Kobylski,
                                        125 E. 23rd St. Ste. 400                                                                  Tel:216-241-7157
                                        New York , NY 10010-4582                                           Fax:216-241-3480
                                        Contact:George Ivolin, President                                                                                                         Coca-Cola Bottling Co
                                        Tel:212-777-0004 Fax:212-353-0404
Product / Service Description                                           
                                                                                                  200 Milens Rd
Aluminum boats, marine equipment,                                                 Product / Service Description
                                        Product / Service Description                                                      Tonawanda , NY 14150-6707
automotive, utility & boat trailers
                                                                                  Vibrators: Air Powered, Electric And     Contact:Ms Flora Torina,
Boat building & repairing
                                                                                  Electromagnetic                          Finance Director
                                                                                  Vibratory Equipment: Tables, Feeders,    Tel:716-874-4610
                                                                                  Screeners                                Fax:716-874-7739
                                        Essential Oils
                                                                                  Vibration: Ultrasonic          
                                                                                                                           Product / Service Description
Clark Wood Products, Inc.
                                                                                                                           Soft Drinks (Primary)
                                        Clay Forever
727 Cheniere Drew Rd
                                                                                                                           Beverages, nonalcoholic: Cabonated
                                        6645 NW 77th Ave
West Monroe , LA 71291-8543
                                                                                                                           Soft Drink Mfg (Primary)
                                        Miami , FL 33166-2832
Contact:Raymond Clark Sr., CEO                                                    Coastal Maritime Stevedoring,            Water: Bottled & Bulk
                                        Contact:Stephane Gressier,
                                                                                  P.O. Box 28639                           Manufacturing Industries, NEC
                                        General Manager
Product / Service Description
                                                                                  Jacksonville , FL 32226                  Bottled Water Mfg
                                        Tel:305-471-5830 Fax:305-471-5833
Manufacture wooden pallets                                                        Contact:Capt. Magnus Lindeback, CEO
                                        Product / Service Description
                                                                                  Tel:(904) 757-1170
                                        Roofing Materials-manufacturers
                                                                                  Fax:(904) 757-6326
Clarke Fire Protection Products,        Clay roofing tiles
Inc.                                                                                                                       Coffee Beanery Ltd
                                                                                  Product / Service Description
3133 E Kemper Rd                                                                  Terminal Operators                       3429 Pierson Pl
Cincinnati , OH 45241-1516              Clayton Metals, Inc.
                                                                                                                           Flushing , MI 48433-2413
Contact:Mark Evans,                     16022 Carmenita Rd                                                                 Contact:Joanne Shaw,
Global Marketing Mgr.                   Cerritos , CA 90703-2209                                                           Tel:810-733-1020
Tel:513-771-2200                        Contact:Joe Belsito, General Manager                                               Fax:810-733-1536
                                                                                  Coastal Oyster Creek Chemical
Fax:513-771-0726                        Tel:562-921-7070                                                                                                                    El Paso Oyster Creek Chemical
                                        Fax:562-921-5611                                                                   Product / Service Description                                                          P.O. Box 2032
                                                                                            Coffee & Tea Products - Manufacturers
Product / Service Description                                                     Freeport , TX 77542-2032
                                        Product / Service Description                                                      Coffee & Tea-Wholesale
Diesel engines, fire pump applications,                                           Contact:Michael R. Walker, Plant Manager
                                        Metal products                                                                     Coffee & Tea
NPPA, UL / FM, LPCB                                                               Tel:979-233-6717
                                        Metal cutting                                                                      Housewares - Retail
Pressure Limiting Driver                                                          Fax:979-233-6792
                                                                                  Product / Service Description
                                                                                  Chemicals_industrial inorganic
                                                                  The Asian Register
2 0                                                                                                                          Global Contact's
                                           Colonial Diversified Polymer
Coffee Holding Co., Inc.                                                             Columbia Northwest, Inc.                 Comm Plus Wireless
                                           Products, LLC
PO Box 320208                                                                        P.O. Box 131                             311 N.E. Killingsworth St.
                                           P.O. Box 930
Brooklyn , NY 11232-0208                                                             Mammoth , PA 15664-0131                  Portland , OR 97211
                                           Dyersburg , TN 38025-0930
Contact:Andrew Gordon, Pres.                                                         Contact:Mark Tait, Pres.,                Contact:Export Sales Manager,
                                           Contact:Wendell West, R. Stephan (Steve )
Tel:718-832-0800                                                                     Secy-Treas., Pur. Agt.                   Tel:(503) 735-1422
                                           Forsythe, Pres., CEO, V.P.-COO
Fax:718-832-0892                                                                     Tel:724-423-7440                         Fax:(503) 735-0482
                                           Tel:901-287-3636                                                                   Fax:724-423-8485               
                                           Fax:901-287-3619                                                                          Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                                  Marine Engineers
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
Coffee_roasted                                                                                                                S)(MR)
                                           Product / Service Description
Coffee roasting                                                                      Folding travel trailers
                                           Gaskets, packing & sealing devices
Green coffee merchant                                                                Travel trailers & campers
                                           Molded rubber gaskets &                                                            CommScope, Inc. of North
Green coffee wholesale
                                           automotive components
                                           Motor vehicle parts & accessories
                                                                                                                              P.O. Box 1729
                                                                                     Columbia Rubber & Gasket Co.
                                                                                                                              Hickory , NC 28603-1729
                                                                                     847 N. Campbell Blvd.
                                                                                                                              Contact:Michael J. Jones,
                                                                                     Columbia , TN 38401
Coil Winding Specialists Inc. /            Color Printing Specialists Inc.                                                    SVP International Sales
CWS International                                                                                                             Tel:828-324-2200
                                           7326 OHMS Ln.                             Fax:931-381-7029
1510 E. Edinger Ave.Ste. B                                                                                                    Fax:828-323-4989
                                           Minneapolis , MN 55439-2330     
Santa Ana , CA 92705-4938                                                                                           
                                           Contact:Karen Walhof, President 
Contact:Inez Barrios, General Mgr.                                                                                            Product / Service Description
                                           Tel:952-835-4441                          Product / Service Description
Tel:714-547-4446                           Fax:952-835-2613                                                                   Coaxial & Fiber Optic Cables for
                                                                                     Fluid power valves & hose fittings
Fax:714-547-4433                                                                                  CATV, LAN, and Cellular Applications
                                                                                     Hydraulic hoses & gaskets                            Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Gaskets, packing & sealing devices                      Printing_commercial                       Rubber products_fabricated
Product / Service Description                                                                                                 Commercial & Custom
                                           Commercial printing                       Suction/discharge hoses
Transformers, coils, chokes & inductors                                                                                       Cabinets I
                                                                                     Air/water hose
Electronic components                                                                                                         2275 Tucker Ind. Rd
Military Grade Products                                                                                                       Tucker , GA 30084-5208
Medical Grade Transformers                                                                                                    Contact:Mr. Lee Mai, President
                                                                                     Combined Fluid Products Co
                                           Colorado Chinese News Inc                                                          Tel:770-414-0900
                                                                                     805 Oakwood Rd.                          Fax:770-414-5024
                                           1548 W Alameda Ave Ste C
                                                                                     Lake Zurich , IL 60047-1551    
                                           Denver , CO 80223-1973
                                                                                     Contact:Gregory J. Kist,                 Product / Service Description
                                           Contact:Ms Wendy Chao, Owner
Cole     Hardwood                                                                    Tel:847-540-0054                         Wood Kitchen Cabinets (Primary)
P.O. Box 568                                                                                                                  Cabinets: Custom Made
Logansport , IN 46947-0568                                                                                                    Wood Kitchen Cabinet &
Contact:Milton Cole, President                                                                                                Countertop Mfg (Primary)
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
Tel:574-753-3151                                                                                                              Vanities & Vanity Tops: Wood & Laminated
                                           Product / Service Description
Fax:574-753-2525                                                                     Vacuum pumps, air compressors,           Counters & Countertops:
                                           Newspapers: Publishing & Printing                                                              blowers, airknife & filters              Wood & Laminated
                                           (Primary)                                                          Vacuum Priming Systems, Automatic        Cabinets: Kitchen, Wood
                                           Publishers: Newspaper
Product / Service Description                                                        Priming Systems                          Wood TV, Radio, Phono & Sewing Cabinets
                                           Newspaper Publishers (Primary)
Lumber, Plywood, and Millwork                                                                                                 Wood Television, Radio, Sewing Machine
                                           Chinese Yellow Pages Publishing
                                                                                                                              Cabinet Mfg
                                                                                     Comfort Sock Factory
                                                                                     705 Linton Ave
                                                                                                                              Common Sensing Inc
                                                                                     Croydon , PA 19021-6850
Colemans        Surplus                    Columbia Equipment Co., Inc.              Contact:Harold F. Bernhardt, Pres.       P.O. Box 130
360 Klinger Rd.                                                                      Tel:215-781-0300
                                           18010 93rd Ave                                                                     Clark Fork , ID 83811-0130
Millersburg , PA 17061-8718                                                          Fax:215-785-5737
                                           Jamaica , NY 11433-1408                                                            Contact:Brian G D’Aoust, Pres.
Contact:Shawn Coleman,                                                     
                                           Contact:Arthur Cohen, Pres.                                                        Tel:208-266-1541
                                           Tel:718-658-5900                                                                   Fax:208-266-1428                                                                    Product / Service Description
                                           Fax:718-526-4110                                                                                            Men’s & women’s socks & knit hats
Product / Service Description              Hosiery                                  Product / Service Description
Online store featuring, hardware, military Product / Service Description             Seamless socks                           Water quality dissolved gas sensor,
surplus, & outdoor gear all at liquidation Prefabricated aluminum bus shelters /     Diabetic / circulation socks             Manufacturer
prices. Wholesale prices on everthing from smoking shelters                          Amputee socks - prosthetic socks         Process control instruments
tents to Military vehicles, camping &      Prefabricated metal buildings             Stockinette
hunting gear. Mickey Mouse boots, exteme                                             PVA Vacuum Bags
cold weather gear, & much more!
                                                                                                                              Compu-Aire Inc
                                                                                                                              8167 Byron Rd.
                                                                                     Comfort         Telecommunications,
                                                                                                                              Whittier , CA 90606-2615
                                           Columbia Logistics, Inc.                  Inc.
                                                                                                                              Contact:Ms. Meena Aurora,
                                                                                     1407 SE 47th Ter
                                           17511 148th Rd. Ste. 202
                                                                                                                              Int’l Dir Of Sales
Colon Brothers Inc.                                                                  Cape Coral , FL 33904-9638
                                           Jamaica , NY 11434-5500
P.O. Box 363013                                                                      Contact:Jackie Minto, Director of Sales
                                           Contact:Simon Tung, Owner
San Juan , PR 00936-3013                                                             Tel:239-945-3224
Contact:Jose R. Colon, President                                           
                                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
Tel:787-792-4330                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                                                                         Computer Rooms A/C
Fax:787-792-4519                                                                     Headsets
                                                                                    A/C for Telecommunication Facilities                                                                 Electronic components
                                           Product / Service Description                                                      Ceiling & Roof Mounted A/C Units
Product / Service Description              International Freight Forwarding,
                                                                                                                              Wall Hung A/C Systems
Canned food products including juices,     Worldwide Service
                                                                                                                              Portable A/C Systems
seafood under COLOSO brand
                                                                       The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                              21
                                                                                                                           Converted Images, Inc.
Computerized Screening Inc              Consolidated Blenders Inc. H Q           Construction Specialties, Inc.
                                                                                                                           900 Morse Ave
1395 Greg St. Ste. 102                  3303 W. 12th St                          3 Werner Way
                                                                                                                           Elk Grove Village , IL 60007-5108
Sparks , NV 89431-6063                  Hastings , NE 68901-3446                 Lebanon , NJ 08833-2223
                                                                                                                           Contact:Brian Weinstein, President
Contact:Charles R. Sullivan, EVP        Contact:Earl E. Christy, Sales Manager   Contact:Ron Dadd, Pres.
Tel:775 359-1191                        Tel:402-463-3191                         Tel:908-236-0800
Fax:775-359-7879                        Fax:402-462-8542                         Fax:908-236-0801
                                                                                                                           Product / Service Description  Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description           Corporate headquarters; alfalfa pellets  Aluminum building materials               Boxes_folding paperboard
Mfg Blood Pressure Machines; automated  Feeds_prepared                           Aluminum extruded products                Folding cartons
BP, weight, HRA, BMI                    Sacked Alfalfa Pellet or Meal                                                      Die cutting
Records, tracks and prints results                                                                                         Gluing
                                                                                 Consulate General of the
Primary telemedicine networking                                                                                            Bindery
                                                                                 Federal Republic of Germany
Internet enabled health stations: fully                                                                                    Tipping
                                        Consolidated Stills & Sterilizers
customizable                                                                     1330 Post Oak Blvd.
                                        P.O. Box 297
                                                                                 Houston , TX 77056-3057
                                        Allston , MA 02134-0003
                                                                                 Contact:Rainer Munzel, Consul General     Copeland Coating Co. Inc.
                                        Contact:W. Barnstead, Pres.
ConAgra Foods, Inc. Sanck                                                        Tel:(713) 627-7770
                                        Tel:617-782-6072                                                                   P.O. Box 595
Foods Group, Popcorn Bus. Unit                                                   Fax:(713) 627-0506
                                        Fax:617-787-5865                                                                   Nassau , NY 12123-0595
7700 France Avenue South                                                         Product / Service Description
                                                                                               Contact:Steven W. Hinding, V.P.
Edina , MN 55435                                                                 Consulates
Contact:Brian Biehn, VP, Sales & Mktg.
                                        Product / Service Description                                                      Fax:518-766-3603
Tel:952-835-6900 / 800-3
                                        Steam Sterilizers ( Autoclaves )
                                                                                 Contemporary Carbide
                                        Water Stills
                                                                                 Technologies, Inc.
                                                                                                                           Product / Service Description                                                      1683 Beardall Ave.
                                                                                                                           Tennis court & recreational coating products
Product / Service Description                                                    Sanford , FL 32771
                                        Consolidated Terminals &
                                                                                 Contact:Alan Evan, David Gee, Pres., V.P.
Popcorn products                        Logistics Co.
                                        P.O. Box 249
                                        Mandeville , LA 70470-0249
Coni-Seal Inc                                                                                                              Copper Kettle Candy, Inc.
                                        Contact:Brent Mahana, Director of Sales
                                                                                 Product / Service Description
                                        Tel:(985) 871-4403
1980 Swarthmore Ave.                                                                                                       P.O. Box 915
                                                                                 Tungsten Carbide Grinding & Tooling
                                        Fax:(985) 871-4404
Lakewood , NJ 08701-4531                                                                                                   Rialto , CA 92377-0915
                                                                                 Dies, Tools, Jigs & Fixtures_Special,
Contact:Frank M. Pagano, CEO                                                                                               Contact:Roy Fargo, Pres.
                                                                                 Wear Parts
Tel:732-363-2550                                                                                                           Tel:909-877-6856
                                                                                 Aluminum Extrusion Tooling
                                        Product / Service Description
Fax:732-363-7877                                                                                                           Fax:909-877-5203
                                                                                 Cold Heading Tooling Inserts                      Bulk Handlers                                                                            Barge Lines                                                              
Product / Service Description           Barge Terminal                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                                                                 Continental Coatings, Llc
Automotive brake parts                                                                                                     Candy & Confectionery-Manufacturer-
                                        Barging                                  4662 Puttygut Rd
Motor vehicle parts & accessories                                                                                          Wholesale-Bulk
                                        Rail                                     East China , MI 48054-2109
Automotive Chassis
                                        Logistics                                Contact:Russell Thomas, GM
                                        Trucking                                 Tel:810-326-2500
                                        Containers                               Fax:810-329-6160
Conklin’s Authentic Barnwood
                                                                                 Product / Service Description             Coppersmith        Inc.
RR 1 Box 70
                                                                                 Metal coating & allied services           525 S. Douglas
Susquehanna , PA 18847-9751
                                                                                 Plastic parts coating
                                        Construction Materials Intl                                                        El Segundo , CA 90245
Contact:Sandy Conklin, Owner
                                                                                                                           Contact:Export Sales Manager,
                                        P O Box 76057
                                                                                                                           Tel:(310) 607-8000
                                        Tampa , FL 33675-1057
                                                                                 Continental Electronics (TM)              Fax:(310) 607-8001
                                        Contact:Michael Battista, President
                                                                                 Quality Products of DRS         
                                        Tel:813 287-8265
                                                                                 Technologies, Inc.                        Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description
                                                                                 4212 S. Buckner Blvd.                     Air/Ocean Freight Forwarder
Antique Barnwood products for Interior
                                                                                 Dallas , TX 75227-4238                     Consolidators
and exterior construction and design in
                                                                                 Contact:Adil H. Mina, V.P.                Cargo Consultants
                                        Product / Service Description
Homes, stores and movie sets.
                                                                                 Tel:214-381-7161                          Custom House Broker
Hand Hewn Beams                         Export-Import Construction
                                                                                 Fax:214-381-3250                          Logistics Provider
Antique Flooring                        Materials & Intl. Consultant
                                                                                               Marine Insurance
Reclaimed Lumber                        Concrete Chemicals,
                                        Joint Sealants & Expansion Joints
                                                                                 Product / Service Description
                                        Inland-Ocean Transportation Freight &
                                                                                 Radio Frequency Transmitting Equipment
Connections For Business, Inc.
                                        Insulation, OSB, Lumber,
2843 Pembroke Rd.                                                                                                          Copy Edge
                                        Plywood, Millwork & Panels
Hollywood , FL 33020-5649
                                                                                 Continuum International Publ
                                        Roofing Asphalt                                                                    1508 Ocean Ave
Contact:William E. Bennett, Pres.
                                        Shingles_Felts_Coatings_Water Proofing                                             San Francisco , CA 94112-1716
                                                                                 80 Marden Lane
                                                                                                                           Contact:Jenny Kwong-Gin, GM
                                        Fiber Composite Roofing Materials &      New York , NY 10038
                                        Marine Decking                                                                     Tel:415-587-5345
                                                                                 Contact:Thomas Willshire,
                                        Metal Roofing, Vinyl Siding,                                                       Fax:415-587-5409
                                                                                 VP Sales & Marketing
                                        Fiberglass Insulation Prod                                               
Product / Service Description
                                        Acoustical Mineral-Fiberglass-Metal-Wood Fax:212-953-5944
Citrix and computer associates
                                        Ceiling Tiles                                                                      Product / Service Description
Goldmine and Accpac crn
                                                                                                                           Lithographic printing_commercial
                                        Metal Ceiling Grid, Wall Stud/Track,     Product / Service Description
Symantec and sonic wall
                                        Accessory Products                                                                 Color & spot-color printing
                                                                                 Books: Publishing
                                        Metal-Wood-Marble-Granite Removal        Publishers: Book
                                        Access Floors                            Book Publishers (Primary)
                                                                   The Asian Register
2 2                                                                                                                               Global Contact's
Cora International LLC                     Cosense Inc                               Counselor Engineering, Inc.                   Cr8tive Victory, Inc.
580 5th Avenue 17th Floor                  155 Ricefield Ln                          P.O. Box 428                                  1206 S. Alvarado St.
New York , NY 10036                        Hauppauge , NY 11788-2007                 Hudson , OH 44236-0428                        Los Angeles , CA 90006
Contact:Margaret May,                      Contact:Naim Dam, President               Contact:Albert C. Schulz, Pres., CEO, CFO     Contact:Chang Kuen Lee, Pres.
Tel:212-575-1433                           Tel:631- 231-0735 Fax:631-231-0838        Tel:330-656-1200                              Tel:213-385-1520
Fax:212-302-5595                                           Fax:330-656-1787                              Fax:213-385-3458                                                         Product / Service Description             Product / Service Description       
Product / Service Description                                                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                           Manufactures Precision Level Measurement  Recycling machinery-All Kinds
Diamond jewelry                            Instrumentation for chemical,             Furnaces to melt Aluminum                     Printing_commercial
                                           process control                           Baler’s for Metal - Paper - Plastic           Plastic & glass screen printing & silk
                                           Level measuring devices                   Shredders - Metal - Paper - Plastic           screening
                                           Measuring, Controlling Equipment          Shear Hydraulic Metal Cleaning                Trophy products
Coral Steel Company
                                                                                     Guillotine Shear
759 Benoist Farms Rd.
                                                                                     Metal Chip Briquetting Presses
West Palm Beach , FL 33411
                                           Cosmo Optics Inc
Contact:Lee Disbury, President
Tel:561-798-8822                           238 Watkins Ave
                                                                                                                                   Craft Designs
Fax:561-798-5640                           Middletown , NY 10940-4498
                                                                                                                                   2842 S 7th St                    Contact:Hans Peters,
                                                                                     Country Pure Foods Inc                        Abilene , TX 79605-3046                  Tel:845-343-2105 Fax:845-343-9831
                                                                                     681 W Waterloo Rd                             Contact:Don Johnson, Owner
Product / Service Description    
                                                                                     Akron , OH 44314-1587                         Tel:915-692-0241
Concrete Reinforcing Steel & Fabrication
                                                                                     Contact:Mr Ray Lee, CEO                       Fax:915-692-0241
                                           Product / Service Description
Rebar Cages, Building Materials
                                                                                     Tel:330-753-2293                              Product / Service Description
                                           Optical Goods-Manufacturers
                                                                                     Fax:330-745-7838                              Signs & advertising specialties
                                                                                                 Signs, stamps, plaques, hats & mugs
Corcoran International Corp.
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                           Cosmo-Pharm,          Inc.
149-04 Guy R. Brewer Blvd. 2nd                                                       Food Prdts, Canned or Fresh Pack:
Jamaica , NY 11434                         11753 Vose St                             Fruit Juices
Contact:Ernesto Zapata, Pres.              North Hollywood , CA 91605-5736           Canned Fruits, Vegetables & Preserves
Tel:718-244-6063                           Contact:Rajen Patel, Ex. V-P.                                                           Crandall Filling Machinery
Fax:718-244-6203                           Tel:818-764-0246                          Beverages, Nonalcoholic: Noncarbonated        80 Gruner Rd                         Fax:818-764-2867
                                                                                                                                   Buffalo , NY 14227-1007      
                                                                                                                                   Contact:David Reed, President
Product / Service Description              Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                   Tel:716 897-3486
Customs Brokers & Int’l Freight Forwarders Medicinals & botanicals                                                                 Fax:716-897-3488
                                           Vitamins & supplements                    Covenant Mfr. & Co., Inc.           
                                                                                     1620 W Skyline Ave                  
Cordova Bolt                                                                         Ozark , MO 65721-7423                         Product / Service Description
                                           Cosmoprogroup                             Contact:Karen Dodd, Secy.
5601 Dolly Ave                                                                                                                     Mfg Liquid Filling Equipment
Buena Park , CA 90621-1831                 280 Fentress Blvd                                                                       General Industrial Machinery & Equipment
Contact:Moses E Cordova, President         Daytona Beach , FL 32114-1228                                                           Industrial & Commercial Machinery
Tel:714-739-7500                           Contact:Philippe Hennessy,
Fax:714-994-2661                           President & CEO
                                                                                     Product / Service Description                        Tel:386-239-8980 Fax:386-239-8269
Product / Service Description                         Office furniture_wood
                                                                                                                                   Creative Film Corp.
Bolts & Nuts (wholesale)                                                             Wooden furniture
                                           Product / Service Description                                                           700 Vassar Ave
                                           Skin care products, skin care equipment &                                               Lakewood , NJ 08701-6907
Core-Cell Skimmer Div.                     spa equipment                                                                           Contact:Joe Coburn, CEO
Bondline Products                                                                                                                  Tel:732-367-2166
                                                                                     Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman,
13441 Pumice St.                                                                                                                   Fax:732-367-6203
                                           Cosmos Electronic Machine
Norwalk , CA 90650-5248                                                                                                  
                                                                                     1133 Avenue Of The Americas Fl. 35
Contact:Cosby M. Newsom,                                                                                                 
                                                                                     New York , NY 10036-6710
Tel:562-921-1972                           140 Schmitt Boulevard                                                                   Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Contact:William M. Borchard,
Fax:562-921-1869                           Farmingdale , NY 11735-1424                                                             Holographic & Metalized Films for Signs
                                                                                     Tel:212-790-9200             Contact:Kenneth Arutt, President                                                        and Displays
                                                                                     Fax:212-575-0671            Tel:631-249-2535 Fax:631—694-6846                                                       Self Adhesive Decorative Films & Label
Product / Service Description                                                                 Stock
Marine Oil Spill Recovery Systems For Sale Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                           Welding Machines, High Frequency
                                           Tooling, High Frequency Welding Equip.
Coronado Machine, Inc.
                                                                                                                                   Creative Laboratories Inc
1308 1st St NW
                                           Cote-L Industries Inc                                                                   1325 Eagandale Ct., Ste. 110
Albuquerque , NM 87102-1532
                                                                                                                                   Saint Paul , MN 55121-1356
Contact:Dietmar Prussmann,                 1542 Jefferson St.                        Coxreels
                                                                                                                                   Contact:Greg Jordan,
Pres., R & D Mgr.                          Teaneck , NJ 07666-2953
                                                                                     6720 S. Clementine Ct.
                                                                                                                                   International Sales Manager
Tel:505-243-1944                           Contact:Abraham Aviner,                   Tempe , AZ 85283-4323
Fax:505-243-1314                           Dr. Cy Fine, CEO, President
                                                                                     Contact:Steven Cropper,
                                                                                                                                   Fax:218-326-0281             Tel:201-836-0733
                                                                                     Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Product / Service Description              Fax:201-836-5220                          Tel:480-820-6396
                                                                                                                                   Product / Service Description
Precision machining job shop     
                                                                                     Fax:480-820-5132                              Cosmetics
                                                                                                        Mfg Lotions / Indoor tanning lotions
                                           Product / Service Description
                                                                                                  Chemicals & Allied Products
                                           Mfg Of Polyurethane Coatings For Slip
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                           Resistant. Flame Preventative, Fire
                                                                                     Industrial hose, cord, cable, & safety reels
                                           Retardant Coatings
                                           ADA-Compliant Detectable Warning
                                                                        The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                           23
                                                                                                                                      Crystals International / Master
Crest Foam Industries Inc                    Crosby Group                                Crown Relocations
                                                                                                                                      Taste, Inc.
100 Carol Pl                                 2801 Dawson Rd.                             2721 Teagarden St.
                                                                                                                                      600 W. Martin L King Blvd
Moonachie , NJ 07074-1387                    Tulsa , OK 74110-5040                       San Leandro , CA 94577
                                                                                                                                      Plant City , FL 33563-5117
Contact:Philip Laut,                         Contact:Mike Wheeler,                       Contact:William M. Whaley,
                                                                                                                                      Contact:Francisco Vega, General Manager
Tel:201-8070809                              Tel:918-834-4611                            Tel:(510) 895-1550
Fax:201-8071113                              Fax:918-832-8833                            Fax:(510) 895-1806
Product / Service Description           
                                             Product / Service Description               Product / Service Description
Polyurethane Products-Manufacturers
                                                                                                                                      Product / Service Description
Plastics-Foam (Manufacturers)                Hardware-manufacturers                      International Freight Forwarders
                                                                                                                                      Freeze-dried fruit, vegetable & dairy
Physicians & Surgeons Equip & Supls-Mfrs     Fabricated Wire Products - Misc., (Mfrs )   Ocean Freight Forwarders
                                                                                                                                      powders & flavors & dry
Importers                                    Wire Rope ( Wholesale )
                                                                                                                                      beverage & dessert mixes
                                             Oil Field Supplies ( Wholesale )
                                                                                                                                      Dehydrated fruits, vegetables & soups
                                                                                                                                      Dry, condensed, evaporated products
Crestline Plastics, Inc.                                                                 Cruvinet Wine Bar (tm) Co.,
                                             Cross Industries, Inc.
113 Alvarado Dr NE                                                                       LLC
Albuquerque , NM 87108-1635                  6685 Jimmy Carter Blvd                      P.O. Box 10304                               Culver Duck Farms
Contact:Steve Hermann, Pres.                 Norcross , GA 30071-1712                    Reno , NV 89510-0304                         PO Box 910
Tel:505-255-7738                             Contact:Joan Woodman, Secy-Treas., CF       Contact:John Kidder,                         Middlebury , IN 46540-0910
Fax:505-255-9820                             Tel:770-300-0002                            Tel:775-827-4044                             Contact:Donna Miller or Dayton Frey,                     Fax:770-300-9701                            Fax:775-827-0432                             Tel:574-825-9537
Product / Service Description                                      Fax:574-825-2613
Plastic shipping trays & acrylic fabrication                                             or
                                             Product / Service Description
Plastic products                                                                         Product / Service Description      
                                             Plastic products                            Cruvinet is the original wine preserving and
                                             Vinyl lattice & custom                      dispensing system, used by international     Product / Service Description
                                             architectural products
Crider Bros. Lime Co.                                                                    wine experts for effectively preserving,     Poultry Processing Plants
                                             Cross Vinylattice * Cross Vinylrail * Cross dispensing and selling fine wines by the
PO Box 35                                                                                                                             Miscellaneous cargo
                                             Garden Accents                              glass. We sell wine cellars and wine
Eminence , MO 65466-0035                                                                                                              Skins and other parts of birds
                                                                                         dispensing systems. Custom machines are
Contact:Sam Crider, Ptnr., Fin. & MIS Mgr.                                                                                            with feathers; waste etc.
                                                                                         our specialty and we accept trade ins.
Tel:573-226-3663                                                                                                                      Down for stuffing cleaned/disinfected
                                             Crossfield Products Corp                    Wine cellars, wine racks, wine displays,
Fax:573-226-5332                                                                                                                      treated for preservati
                                                                                         wine dispensers of the highest quality any
Product / Service Description                140 Valley Rd.
                                                                                         where. Cruvinet now sells personal sized
                                             Roselle Park , NJ 07204
Cut stone & stone products
                                                                                         nitrogen generators installed or stand alone
                                             Contact:John Nutt, Export Sales
Limestone & road paving materials                                                                                                     Cumar Inc
                                                                                         The new Cruvinet WineBar (tm) reduces cost
                                                                                                                                      69 Norman St. Ste. 4
                                                                                         per faucet thereby increasing profits.
                                                                                                                                      Everett , MA 02149-1946
                                                                                         Cruvinet WineBar is available, sizes
                                                                                                                                      Contact:Angelo Cubi,
                                                                                         ranging from 36-80 faucets & larger.
                                             Product / Service Description
Crislu Corp                                                                                                                           Tel:617-389-7818
                                                                                         Cruvinet WineBar permits use of bottles
                                             Industrial floor coverings and protective
1121 E. El Segundo Blvd.                                                                                                    
                                                                                         larger than Jereboams further
                                             coatings; promenade roof decks,
El Segundo , CA 90245-4202                                                                                                            Product / Service Description
                                                                                         Increasing Profit Potentials.
Contact:Lloyd Crisfield,                                                                                                              Marble-Natural (Wholesale)
                                             Decorative Finishes,
                                             Sealants & Concrete Repair
Fax:310-322-4515                                                                                                                      Curran Pfeiff Corp.                                                                    Cryostar USA                                 PO Box 527
                                             Crow Marketing & Distributing,
Product / Service Description
                                                                                         9211 Greenleaf Ave                           Metuchen , NJ 08840-0527
                                             PO Box 1425
                                                                                         Santa Fe Springs , CA 90670-3028             Contact:George Pfeiff Jr.,
                                             Kemp , TX 75147
Cubic Zirconia set in 14K/Sterling Silver
                                                                                         Contact:Mark Sutton, GM                      Opers. & Pers. Mgr.
                                             Contact:Warren Crow, V-P.
                                                                                         Tel:562-903-1290                             Tel:732-225-0555
                                                                                         Fax:562-903-4511                             Fax:732-225-5012
Crispin Company Inc                                                                                         Product / Service Description
2009 Lubbock St.                                                                                  Pottery products (manufacturers)
Houston , TX 77007-7621                                                                  Product / Service Description                Kiln posts, porcelain wire connectors
                                             Product / Service Description
Contact:Andre A. Crispin, Chairman                                                       Cryogenic pumps, turbo machinery             Dam for fire glass panels, Insulation firebrick
                                             Chemicals_industrial inorganic
Tel:713-224-8000                                                                         including CVI, CCI, (OEM)                    Abrasive Stone (stilt stone/grind stone)
                                             Air conditioning chemical blending
Fax:713-224-1120                                                                                                                      Bead tree, Rod, Tile Holder, Tile Setter
                                             Coil cleaner, air conditioning                                                                                                               Ceramic Spacer Tube, Peephole, Sagger,                                                                                                              Shelf, Heating Element Holder for Electric
Product / Service Description                                                                                                         Kilns & Oven
                                                                                         Crystal Window & Door
                                             Crowley Marine Services, Inc.
Valves                                                                                                                                Bisque Ware, Achitectural Tile
                                                                                         Systems Ltd.
                                             P.O. Box 2287
                                                                                         3110 Whitestone Expy
                                             Seattle , WA 98111
                                                                                         Flushing , NY 11354-2531
                                             Contact:Scott Hoggarth, General Manager
Cromaglass Corp.                                                                                                                      Curtis-Toledo Inc
                                                                                         Contact:Thomas Chen, Pres.
                                             Tel:(206) 332-8000
P.O. Box 3215                                                                                                                         1905 Kienlen Ave
                                             Fax:(206) 332-8300
Williamsport , PA 17701-0215                                                                                                          Saint Louis , MO 63133-2517
Contact:Allan N. Young, Jr.,                                                                                                          Contact:K. .M Carpenter, President
Tel:570-362-3396                                                                                                                      Tel:314- 383-1300
                                             Product / Service Description
Fax:570-326-6426                                                                                                                      Fax:314-381-1439
                                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                             Barge Lines                                                                                                     
                                                                                         Windows & doors
                                             Common Carrier                                                                                                   
                                                                                         Glass products from purchased glass
                                             Contract Carrier
Product / Service Description                                                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                                                                         Curtain Wall Product
Wastewater Treatment & Recycling                                                                                                      Mfg Air & Gas Compressors
                                                                                         Aluminum Extrusion Building Product
                                             Marine Transportation
Equipment                                                                                                                             Air & Gas Compressors
                                                                                                                                      Hydraulic Hose Cut-Off Machines
                                                                         The Asian Register
2 4                                                                                                                      Global Contact's
Custom Alloy Corporation                 Cutting Tool Technologies Inc            D B T America Inc                       DDH Enterprise Inc
3 Washington Ave.                        PO Box 720                               2045 W. Pike St.                        2220 Oak Ridge Way
High Bridge , NJ 08829                   Wilton , NH 03086-0720                   Houston , PA 15342-1000                 Vista , CA 92083-8341
Contact:Don Burns,                       Contact:Mr Harold F Armstrong, President Contact:Harry Martin,                   Contact:Mr David Du, CEO
Vice President Sales & Marketing         Tel:603-654-2550                         Tel:724-743-1200                        Tel:760-599-0171 Fax:760-599-9397
Tel:908-638-6200                         Fax:603-654-2945                         Fax:724-743-1493              
Fax:908-638-4499                                         Product / Service Description                       Product / Service Description                 Electronic Components, NEC (Primary)
Product / Service Description                                                     Product / Service Description
                                         Machine Tool Access (Primary)                                                    Cable Assemblies: Cable & Wire
Butt Weld Pipe Fittings in 140 Material  Tools: Cutting, Metal                    Underground Mining Equipment            Electronic Connector Mfg (Primary)
Grades to 48"                            Cutting Tool & Machine Tool Accessory    Conveying & Transportation              Harness Assemblies: Cable & Wire
Custom Forgings, Any Grade, Up To        Mfg (Primary)                            Coal Preparation                        Box Build and System Integration
16,000lbs                                Tools: Precision                                                                 Other Electronic Component Mfg
                                                                                  D L Instruments
Custom Pack, Inc.                        Cybertouch                                                                       DHL Danzas Air & Ocean
                                                                                  233 Cecil A. Malone Dr.
443 Creamery Way                         853 Lawrence Dr                          Ithaca , NY 14850                       JFK Int’l Airport Bldg.75
Exton , PA 19341-2508                    Newbury Park , CA 91320-2232             Contact:Sandy Schnittker,               Jamaica , NY 11430-1814
Contact:Frank Menichini, Pres.           Contact:Sima Walker, Fin. Mgr.           Tel:607-277-8498                        Contact:Manager, Sales & Marketing
Tel:610-524-4222                         Tel:805-499-5000                         Fax:607-277-8499                        Tel:718-244-3000 Fax:718-244-3038
Fax:610-524-4777                         Fax:805-499-5888                                                   Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description           Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description            Computer touch screens                   Preamplifiers                           Logistics & Transportation
Plastic thermoforming & hazardous        Computer peripheral equipment            Electronic filters                      Transportation, Freight & Cargo Svcs
shipping systems
Plastic products
Plastic foam products                    Cybex International, Inc                 D X L Enterprises Inc                   DM Systems Incorporated
                                         10 Trotter Dr                            14 Leighton Pl                          1316 Sherman Ave
                                         Medway , MA 02053-2275                   Mahwah , NJ 07430-3119                  Evanston , IL 60201-4361
Custom Power Systems, Inc.               Contact:John Young, Sr.                  Contact:Mr Ulrich Gernhardt, President  Contact:Denis Drennan Md, President
33 Comac Loop                            VP-International Sales                   Tel:201-891-8719                        Tel:847-328-9540 Fax:847-328-9561
Ronkonkoma , NY 11779-6858               Tel:508-533-4300                         Fax:201-891-9629              
Contact:John Santini, Pres.              Fax:508-533-5500                                 
Tel:631-467-5328                                                Product / Service Description
Fax:631-467-5066                                       Product / Service Description           Medical, Dental and Hospital Equipment
Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description            Electronic Components, NEC (Primary)    Heelift Suspension Boot - Treat & Prevent
Electronic components                    Sporting & athletic goods                Electronic Eqpt & Splys                 Heel Pressure Ulce, Ankletough. Rehab.
Power supplies                           Fitness equipment                        Computer Integrated Systems             Strength Training & Resistive Exercise
                                                                                  High Purity Materials,                  Cast Wedge - Wedge Correction of Fractures
                                                                                  Sputtering Targets, PVD                 or for Bivalve Ca, Cast Walker - to Improve
                                                                                  Strategic Procurement                   Gait & Protect Walking Cast
Custom Tabs, Inc.                        D & F Controls Corp.
                                                                                                                          Cadlow Shoulder Stabilizer - Treat Unstable
8203 N Lamar Blvd Ste I                  12843 Foothill Blvd Ste D
                                                                                                                          Shoulders, Elbow Lift - Treat & Prevent
Austin , TX 78753-5900                   Sylmar , CA 91342-8701
                                                                                                                          Elbow Injuries / Ulcers
                                                                                  D.A. Fehr, Inc.
Contact:Roger Sturgill, Pres.            Contact:John T. Duggin Sr., Pres.
Tel:512-476-2833                         Tel:818-898-3380                         1327 Long Run Road, PO BOX 189
Fax:512-476-3046                         Fax:818-898-3360                         Friedensburg , PA 17933-0189            DRESSER-RAND Steam Turbine                              Contact:Dennis A. Fehr, President
                                                                                                                          Business Unit                            Tel:800-325-8999 / 570-7
                                                                                                                          299 Lincoln Street
Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description            Fax:570-739-4424
                                                                                                                          Worcester , MA 01605
Index tabs                               Relays & industrial controls
Custom Index Tabs                        Slow motion & video server controllers
                                                                                  Product / Service Description
Banding                                                                           Mfr. Rep & distributor of
Laminating                                                                        Plumbing & Industrial Supplies
                                         D & K Machine                                                                    Product / Service Description
Coil Binding                                                                      Master distributor of Copper & Brass
                                         6405 Brittmoore Rd                                                               Steam, Gas & Hydraulic Turbines & Engines
Spiral Binding                                                                    Fittings, & Coils
                                         Houston , TX 77041-5112                                                          (Primary)
Wire-O Binding                                                                    Lines include plastic &
                                         Contact:Dale Dhanani, Owner                                                      Turbines & Parts
Shrink Wrapping                                                                   metal pipe, fittings, valves
                                         Tel:713-849-6804                                                                 Turbine & Turbine Generator Set Units Mfg
                                                                                  Fixtures, Pumps & Tanks; also toilets,
                                         Fax:713-849-6804                                                                 (Primary)
                                                                                  urinals & lavs
                                         Product / Service Description
Cutters Edge Division of Edge
                                         Industrial machinery
Industries Inc.                          General machining job shop                                                       Dabico, Inc.
                                                                                  DCL Inc. dba Honolulu Ship
P.O. Box 1179
Julian , CA 92036-1179                                                                                                    2995 Airway Ave
                                                                                  Supply Co.
Contact:Christian Ruzich, Export Manager                                                                                  Costa Mesa , CA 92626-6003
                                                                                  628 Laumaka St.
                                         D & S Machine
Tel:760- 765-0597                                                                                                         Contact:Dan Foster, V-P., Sales & Mktg.
                                                                                  Honolulu , HI 96819
                                         190 State Road Bb
Fax:760-765-0594                                                                                                          Tel:714-545-7900
                                                                                  Contact:Export Sales Manager,
                                         Montreal , MO 65591-7629                                                                                                         Fax:714-545-7676
                                                                                  Tel:(808) 845-4600
                                         Contact:Sandy Scott, V-P., Prod.                                                                                     
                                                                                  Fax:(808) 845-5425
Product / Service Description                                                                                   
Fire Rescue Saws Used in Fire                                                                                             Product / Service Description
                                                                                  Product / Service Description
Fighting and Rescue                                                                                                       Airport equipment
                                                                                  Ship Chandlers
                                         Product / Service Description
Fire rescue chain saws                                                                                                    Aircraft parts & equipment
                                                                                  Seafood Import, Export
                                         Industrial machinery
Bullet Chain - Carbide-tipped chain saw                                                                                   Inground Utility Pits
                                         Precision machining job shop
chain. Diamond Chain - Concrete Cutting                                                                                   ( Fuel, Electrical, & Mechanical )
Chain Saw Chain                                                                                                           Water Proof & Non Water Proof Aircraft
Concrete cutting chain saws                                                                                               Rated Covers
                                                                     The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                     25
Daburn Electronics & Cable                   Daquino Italian Importing Co                                                        Dels Lemonade & Refreshments
                                                                                    Deacon & Sons Timber, Inc., W.
Corp.                                        Inc                                                                                 1260 Oaklawn Ave.
                                                                                    209 Sawmill Ln
224 Pegasus Ave                              1850 Business Center Drive                                                          Cranston , RI 02920-2628
                                                                                    Lexington , VA 24450-6817
Northvale , NJ 07647-1904                    Duarte , CA 91010-2901                                                              Contact:Demetri Kazantzis,
                                                                                    Contact:Stuart Deacon, V-P.
Contact:Howard Danziger, President           Contact:Patricia D’Aquino,                                                          Tel:401-463-6190
Tel:201-768-5400                             Tel:626-359-1988                                                                    Fax:401-463-7931
Fax:201-768-9642                             Fax:628-358-6387                                                          
                                                                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Product / Service Description              
                                                                                    Sawmills & planing mills, general            Dry Mixes for Slush Juices
Product / Service Description                Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Lumber processing
Flexible Non-Metallic Tubing & Sleeving,     Imported wines & foods
Cold Shrinking Tape
                                                                                                                                 Delta Sports Products, LLC
Electronic Wire - From 36AWG to #0000;
                                                                                    Debra Inc.                                   117 E Kenwood St
Hi-Temp; Hi-Voltage; Miniature               Dart Controls, Inc.
                                                                                    125 E. 87th St. Apt.3C                       Reinbeck , IA 50669-1500
Electronic Cable - Shielded & Unshielded;
                                             PO Box 10
                                                                                    New York , NY 10128-1125                     Contact:Laverne E. Woock, Pres.
Miniature; Flexible.
                                             Zionsville , IN 46077-0010
                                                                                    Contact:Ilisa Nash Daly, President           Tel:319-345-6476
                                             Contact:Mike Zollar, V-P., Mktg.
                                                                                    Tel:212-534-6654                             Fax:319-345-2125
Danhard Inc.                                 Fax:317-873-1105
3839 Dilido Rd                     
                                                                                    Product / Service Description                Product / Service Description
Dallas , TX 75228-5527             
                                                                                    Glitter-Polyester, Hologram,                 Sporting & athletic goods
Contact:Gerhard Dankowski, CEO               Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Iridescent & all Metallics                   Archery & tactical targets & accessories
Tel:214-328-8541                             Relays & industrial controls           Cosmetic Packaging for Lipsticks,
Fax:214-320-0965                             Electronic speed controls              Mascaras, Eyeliners, Etc.                            Micro-Drive * Commutrol * Accu-Set     Cosmetic Raw Materials, Colorants &          Delta Star, Inc.
                                                                                                                                 P.O. Box 10429
Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                 Lynchburg , VA 24506-0429
Engineering, Design, Manufacturing &         Dataforth Corp.
                                                                                                                                 Contact:Ivan H. Tepper, V-P.
Exporter of mobile air conditioning &
                                             3331 E Hemisphere Loop                 Decatur Electronics Inc                      Tel:434-845-0921
heating systems units, components, etc. for
                                             Tucson , AZ 85706-5011                 715 N Bright St                              Fax:434-846-2432
ambulances, fire trucks, rescue trucks, etc.
                                             Contact:Bob Smith, V-P., Sales & Mktg. Decatur , IL 62522-1601            
115 Volt/60Hz and 220 Volt/50Hz Climate
                                             Tel:520-741-1404                       Contact:Kris Pearson, William Mosher         Product / Service Description
Systems- Cool Only, Heat/Cool, or Heat/
                                             Fax:520-741-0762                       Tel:217 428-4315                             Mobile Transformers, Mobile SubStations,
Cool & Automotive Heat/Cool
                                                        Fax:217-428-5302                             Portable Transformers, & Power
                                                                       Distribution Transforners.
                                             Product / Service Description                  Electrified Transit Catenary Systems, Crane
                                             Electronic components                  Product / Service Description                Conductor System
Danielian Associates                         Signal conditioning modules & limited                                               Bus Systems, & Electrical Products
                                                                                    Radar Speed Meters
60 Corporate Park                            distance modems
                                                                                    Speed Measurement Trailers
Irvine , CA 92606-5105                       Process control instruments
                                                                                    Message Sign Speed Trailers
Contact:John Danielian, Director
                                                                                    In- Car Digital Video                        Delta-Q LTD.
                                                                                    Speed Data Collection Devices                639 S Old Belair Rd
Fax:949-474-1422                             Datex-Ohmeda,         Inc.
                                                                                                                                 Grovetown , GA 30813-5302
                                             PO Box 7550                                                                         Contact:Richard Otwell,
                                             Madison , WI 53707-7550                Decorah Tool & Die, Inc.                     Tel:706-860-6211
Product / Service Description
                                             Contact:Kerry Gahm, CFO                                                             Fax:706-860-6133
                                                                                    2488 171st Ave
Architectural Services & Land Planning       Tel:608-221-1551                                                          
                                                                                    Decorah , IA 52101-7305
                                                                                    Contact:Thomas J. Tuchek, Plt. Mgr.
                                                                                                             Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Tel:563-382-8421 Fax:563-382-8520
Danilee Co.                                  Product / Service Description
                                                                                                           Fluid power pumps & motors
27223 Starry Mountain St                     Surgical & medical instruments         Product / Service Description                Hydraulic pumps/manufacturer
San Antonio , TX 78260-1830                  Anesthesia monitors & devices                                                       Direct to the manufacturer
                                                                                    Dies, tools, jigs & fixtures_special
Contact:Debra Faster, Owner
                                                                                    Molds, dies, fixtures & gages
Fax:830-438-7738                             De Francesco & Sons, Inc.                                                           Deltatrak, Inc.
                                             P.O. Box 605                           Deep Valley Farm Inc                         P.O. Box 398
Product / Service Description
                                             Firebaugh , CA 93622-0605                                                           Pleasanton , CA 94566-0039
                                                                                    P.O.Box 285
Printing ink rub testing equipment
                                             Contact:Mario DeFrancesco lll,
                                                                                    Brooklyn , CT 06234-0285                     Contact:Fred Wu,
Process control instruments
                                                                                    Contact:Geoffrey J. Westfall, President      Tel:925-249-2250
                                                                                    Tel:860-774-2216 Fax:860-779-7444            Fax:925-249-2251
Danline, Inc.                      
PO Box 207                                   Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Product / Service Description                Product / Service Description
Springfield , NJ 07081-0207                  Dehydrated garlic & onions
                                                                                    Dairy Supplies, teat disinfectant, Fight Bac Thermometers
Contact:Ramon Matti,                         Dehydrated fruits, vegetables & soups
Tel:973-376-1000                                                                                                                 Infrared Thermometers
                                                                                                                                 Temperature and Humidity Recorders
                                                                                    Delaware Furs Corp                   De Vuae, Inc., Charles                                                              Wireless Systems
                                                                                    150 W. 28th St. Ste. 201                       6100 Richmond Ave Ste 216                                                           Web Hosting
                                                                                    New York , NY 10001-6103
Product / Service Description                Houston , TX 77057-6219                                                             Cold Chain Solutions
                                                                                    Contact:Jimmy Pagounadis,
Brooms & brushes                             Contact:Chas De Vuae, Pres.                                                         Temperature Recorders
Industrial brushes
                                             Tel:713-789-8485 Fax:713-789-6110                                                   GPS
                                                                                                         RF System
                                             Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Product / Service Description
                                             Suits & coats_women’s & misses’
                                                                                    Fur Business-Wholesale
                                             Women’s business clothing
                                                                                    Fur Goods (Manufacturers)
                                             Blouses & shirts_women’s & misses’     Fur Business-Retail
                                             Mens wear
                                                                        The Asian Register
2 6                                                                                                                          Global Contact's
Denham-Blythe           Co              Dero Enterprises Inc                    Detroit Coil Co.                              Dickson Co., The
100 Trade St                            3422 35th St                            2435 Hilton Rd                                930 S Westwood Ave
Lexington , KY 40511-2610               Long Island City , NY 11106-1219        Ferndale , MI 48220-1570                      Addison , IL 60101-4917
Contact:Denis G. Steiner,               Contact:Rocco D’Amelio,                 Tel:248-398-5600                              Contact:Kelly Temple, Int’l Sales Mgr.
Tel:859-255-7405                        Tel:718-937-0202                        Fax:248-398-0481                              Tel:630-543-3747
Fax:859-233-4073                        Fax:718-937-6270                                       Fax:630-543-0498                    Product / Service Description           
Product / Service Description                                                   Product / Service Description                 Product / Service Description
                                        Leather Goods-Manufacturers
General contractors                     Shearling                               Solenoid switches                             Temperature, humidity, pressure & carbon
Buildings-metal                         Minks                                                                                 dioxide data loggers & recording &
Concrete contractors                    Furs                                                                                  monitoring instruments
Engineers-consulting                                                                                                          Measuring & controlling devices
                                                                                Di Mucci Construction Co.
                                                                                285 W. Dunder Rd.
                                        Desert Energy Equipment Inc             Palatine , IL 60078-0097
Dent Mfg., Inc.                         3341 NW Loop 338                        Contact:Joseph “Chief” DiMucci, V.P.
P.O. Box 470                            Odessa , TX 79764-3114                  Tel:847-991-4400
                                                                                                                              Diesel America West Inc
Northampton , PA 18067-0470             Contact:Sherrill L. Easley,             Fax:847-991-9728
                                                                                                                              PO Box 968
Contact:Douglas Dodge, Pres.,GM         Tel:432-381-3321              
                                                                                                                              Friday Harbor , WA 98250-0968
Tel:610-262-6701                        Fax:432-381-9012                        Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                              Contact:Mr Steve Raichlen, President
Fax:610-262-1308                           Commercial, residential & industrial
                                                                                                                              Tel:360-378-4181                       Product / Service Description           building contractors
                                                                                                                              Fax:360-378-3315                 Oil Field Supplies (Wholesale)          Heavy construction
Product / Service Description           X Cube H2S Filter
                                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
                                        Wire Rope Testing & Fabrication
Commercial refrigeration & nonferrous
                                                                                                                              Motors & Generators (Primary)
hardware, castings & marine fittings
                                                                                                                              Motor & Generator Mfg (Primary)
                                                                                Dial-A-Fax Directories
CAD / CAM Product Design Assistance     Desert King
CNC Equipped Machine Shop                                                       Fox Pavillion Suite 930
                                        7024 Manya Cir
Polishing, Finishing, Assembly                                                  Jenkintown , PA 19046
                                        San Diego , CA 92154-4711
Prototyping from CAD Drawing to Metal                                           Contact:Beryl Wolk, Managing Director
                                        Contact:Paul Hiley, President
Casting in 48 hrs                                                               Tel:215-887-5700
                                        Fax:619-429-5001                                                                      Diesel Source Inc.
                                                                                                                              P.O. Box 8014
Denton Plastics, Inc.         
                                                                                                                              Houma , LA 70361-8014
                                                                                Product / Service Description
                                        Product / Service Description
18811 N.E. San Rafael, E
                                                                                                                              Contact:David Erickson, Pres.
                                                                                Facsimile Directory, Wholesale
Portland , OR 97230                     Wholesalers                                                                           Tel:985-879-1221
Contact:Dennis Denton/Nicole Janssen,   Plants and parts etc. for                                                             Fax:985-868-1731
Pres./Vice Pres                         medicaments etc. nesoi                                                      
Tel:503-257-9945                        Concentrates etc. of essential oils                                                   Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                              Engines_internal combustion
                                                                                Diamond V Mills Inc
                                                                                                                              Industrial diesel engines
                                                                                P.O.Box 74570
Product / Service Description           Design Concepts Aluminum
                                                                                Cedar Rapids , IA 52407-4570
Plastic materials & resins              265 Boeing Ave                          Contact:Jean Rogers,
Plastic recycling                       Chico , CA 95973-9003                   Director Mktg.& Sales Services
Plastic scrap                           Contact:David Neff, Pres., MIS Mgr.     Tel:319-366-0745 Fax:319-366-6333
                                                                                                                              Digger Specialties Inc.
                                        Fax:530-343-7415                                                                      P.O.Box 241
                                                                                    Bremen , IN 46506-0241
                                                                                Product / Service Description
                                        Product / Service Description                                                         Contact:Lawrence G.Boyts, Sales Mgr.
                                                                                Diamond V(tm) XP Yeast Culture: enhances
Department of Agriculture
                                        Aluminum fishing boats & patrols                                                      Tel:574-546-5999
                                                                                the digestibility & palatability of rations.
PO Box 42560                            Boat building & repairing                                                             Fax:574-546-5099
                                                                                SelenoSource AF(tm):a highly available
Olympia , WA 98504-2560                                                                                             
                                                                                source of organic selenium enriched yeast
Contact:Janet Leister, Int’l Marketing                                                                              
                                                                                XP(tm)DFM:Diamond V Yeast Culture
                                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
                                        Design Interiors Inc.                   combined with direct fed microbials &
                                                                                                                              Vinyl Fencing
                                        311 S Frontage Rd
                                                                                                                              Vinyl Decking
                                        Willowbrook , IL 60527-5804             NutroCAL(tm): a gluconeogenic energy
                                                                                                                              Vinyl Railing
                                                                                source for cows in transition
                                        Contact:Mina Sadi, V-P.
Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                              Aluminum Fencing
Governement Agency
                                                                                                                              Porch Support Posts (Structural)
                                                                                                                              Vinyl Arbors
                                                                                Dickinson Brands, Inc.
                                        Product / Service Description
                                        Furniture & fixtures                    PO Box 149
Derbyshire Machine & Tool Co
                                        Laminated furniture                     East Hampton , CT 06424-0149
5100 Belfield Ave
                                                                                Contact:Edward Jackowitz,
Philadelphia , PA 19144-1788                                                                                                  Digital Projection Asia Pte Ltd
                                                                                International Sales
Contact:William Derbyshire,
                                                                                                                              16 New Industrial Road #02-10 Hudson
                                        Detector Electronics Corp
Fax:215-849-8680                        6901 W. 110th St.
                                                                                                                              Singapore , 536204
                                                                                     Minneapolis , MN 55438-2356
                                                                                                                              Tel:6284 1138
                                                                                Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description           Contact:Cliff Anderson,
                                                                                                                              Fax:6284 1238
                                                                                Witch Hazel Skin Care Products
Fluid Power Valves/Hose Fittings (Mfrs) Tel:952-941-5665
Valves & Pipe Fittings Nec (Mfrs)       Product / Service Description
CNC Machine Shop                        Fire & Gas Detection Systems
                                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
Marine Fittings/Valves
                                                                                                                              Projection Apparatus (Wholesale)
ISO 9001:2000 Certified
                                                                     The Asian Register
         The Asian Register                                                                                                                                   27
                                          Dispensa-Matic Label                        Diving Technologies                      Dover Chemical Corp. Sub. of
Digital Transitions, Inc.
                                          Dispensers                                  International, Inc.                      ICC Industries, Inc.
2836 Bartells Dr
                                          725 N 23rd St                               4574 N. Hiatus Rd.                       460 Park Ave.
Beloit , WI 53511-1785
                                          Saint Louis , MO 63103-1533                 Ft. Lauderdale , FL 33351                New York , NY 10022-1906
Contact:Sherri O’Brien, Fin. Mgr.
                                          Contact:Allen Oglander, GM                  Contact:Rudy Mole,                       Contact:John J. Farber,
                                          Tel:314-231-6006 Fax:314-621-1602           Tel:954-748-4772                         Chairman of the Board
                                                     Fax:954-748-0637                         Tel:212-521-1700
Product / Service Description
Platemaking services
                                          Product / Service Description     
Color separations, electronic pre-press &
                                                                                      Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description
                                          Label dispensers
graphic design
                                          Machinery_special industry                  Diving equipment service, repair, tech   Flame Retardants
                                                                                      training-certification                   Chlorinated Paraffins
                                                                                                                               Organo Phosphites
                                          Display Shop, Inc., The
Digitrax Corp                                                                         Domino Die Cutting &
                                          W. 6357 Design Dr.                                                                   Dover Chemical Corp., Sub. of
650 Heathrow Drive                                                                    Finishing
                                          Greenville , WI 54942
Lincolnshire , IL 60069                                                                                                        ICC Industries, Inc.
                                                                                      4 Gill St # D
                                          Contact:Tom Spalding, Pres.
Contact:Richard Kriozere,                                                             Woburn , MA 01801-1721                   460 Park Ave.
Tel:847-613-2100                                                                      Contact:Bill Wilson, Pres.               New York , NY 10022-1906
Fax:847-465-9055                                                                      Tel:781-938-7445                         Contact:John J. Farber, Chairman of the
                                                                                                    Fax:781-938-5393                         Board
                                          Product / Service Description                                                                     Product / Service Description            Tel:212-521-1700
                                          Kitchen cabinets_wood
Product / Service Description                                                                                                  Fax:212-521-1794
                                                                                      Die-cut paper & board
                                          Wooden cabinets & trade show displays
Bar Code Scanning Equip & Supls (Whol)                                                                               
                                                                                      Paper die-cutting
                                          Partitions & fixtures_wood
Medical & Surgical SVC Organizations                                                                                           Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                               Flame Retardants
                                                                                                                               Chlorinated Paraffins
                                                                                      Doortech Industries Inc
Dimensional Merchandising, Inc Display Specialties Inc                                                                         Organo Phosphites
                                                                                      990 Joshua Way
                                          9 Beacon Dr
86 N Main St                                                                          Vista , CA 92081
                                          Wilder , KY 41076-9773
Wharton , NJ 07885-1607                                                               Contact:Mike Truman, President
                                          Contact:Mr Doug Bray, President                                                      Doxon Manufacturing Inc
Contact:Robert Riker, Ex. V-P.                                                        Tel:760-721-1313
Tel:973-328-1600                                                                      Fax:760-721-1557                         245 Newtown Rd. Suite 400
Fax:973-328-4598                                                                              Plainview , NY 11803
                                                                                                             Contact:Mike London, Director of Sales
                                          Product / Service Description                                                                         Product / Service Description            Tel:516-941-4100
                                          Signs & Advertising Displays (Primary)
Product / Service Description                                                                                                  Fax:516-941-4111
                                                                                      Mfg Garage Doors
                                          Displays: Point Of Purchase
Thermo-formed plastics                                                                                               
                                          Sign Mfg (Primary)
Contract packaging, blister & stretch                                                                                
                                          Cabinets & Cases: Show,
carding, cartoning                                                                                                             Product / Service Description
                                                                                      Double-Wrap Cup and Cont Co
                                          Display & Storage, Exc Wood
Contract manufacturing-cosmetics,                                                                                              Commercial & Domestic Laundry Parts,
                                          Partitions & Fixtures, Except Wood          P.O. Box 8459
health & beauty aids                                                                                                           Largest Parts Supplier in Industry.
                                          Showcase, Partition, Shelving & Locker      Chicago , IL 60680-8459
                                                                                                                               Gemline Drain Valves, Gemline Ignitors,
                                          Mfg                                         Contact:Ted Alpert, Vice President
                                                                                                                               Laundry Bags
Dimensional Plastics Corp.                                                            Fax:312-337-0104
1065 E. 26th St.                                                            
                                          Distributor Metals Corporation
                                                                                                                               Drew Shoe Corp
Hialeah , FL 33013-3717                                                               Product / Service Description
                                          9838 Geary Avenue
Contact:Sir S. Ronald Barnette,                                                                                                252 Quarry Rd SE
                                                                                      Mfg Insulated Sleeves For Paper Cups
                                          Santa Fe Springs , CA 90670-3238
Tel:305-691-5961                                                                                                               Lancaster , OH 43130-9300
                                                                                      Insulated Glass Bottle Wrap
                                          Contact:Susan Collier, Exec. Vice President
Fax:305-691-0455                                                                                                               Contact:Marc Tishkoff,
                                          Tel:562-946-1591                                                                                                           Tel:740-6534271
                                                                                      Douglas Industries, Inc.
                                          Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                                                                  WWW.DREWSHOE.COM
                                                                                      PO Box 701
                                          Stainless Steel Bar Distributor
Reinforced fiberglass co-polymer paneling                                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                                                                      Egg Harbor City , NJ 08215-0701
Plastic products                                                                                                               Footwear Except Rubber Nec (Mfrs)
                                                                                      Contact:F. Naomi Taylor, CEO
Stained Reinforced Panels & Sheets                                                                                             Men’s Footwear (Mfrs)
                                          Dit-MCO International Corp.                                                          Women’s Footwear (Mfrs)
                                          5612 Brighton Ter                                                                    Shoes-Wholesale
                                          Kansas City , MO 64130-4530                                                          Shoes-Orthopedic
Discount Trohpy & Co., Inc.                                                           Product / Service Description
                                          Contact:Francisco Carpio, Director of SPG
400 Governors Highway                                                                 Fabricated Textile Products, NEC Customs
                                          Tel:816-444-9700 Fax:816-333-1226
South WIndsor , CT 06074                                                              Performed
                                                                                                  Drillmaster        International
Contact:Elissa Bailey-Fisher, Int’l Cust.                                             Woven Fab of Syn Fil Yn, Incl Monofil 67
                                          Product / Service Description
Serv. Coordinator                                                                     Dec, Polyolefin                          1300 Heritage Pkwy
                                          High & Low Voltage Testers
Tel:860-289-4689                                                                                                               Mansfield , TX 76063-2796
                                          Electronic wire harness assemblies & cables
Fax:860-291-8503                                                                                                               Contact:David R. Griffin, Brand Manager
                                          & special adaptations                                                                                                   Tel:817-453-2600
                                                                                      Douglass Industries Inc.
http;//                                                                                                 Fax:817-277-0068
                                                                                      P.O. Box 701
Product / Service Description                                                                                        
                                                                                      Egg Harbor City , NJ 08215-0701
                                          Diversified Transfer & Storage
Engraving Metal & Supplies                                                                                           
                                                                                      Contact:F. Naomi Taylor,
Plaques & Accessories                     1640 Monad Rd                                                                        Product / Service Description
                                                                                      Chief Executive Officer
Giftware Including Desk Sets, Clocks      Billings , MT 59101-3200                                                             Manufacturing since 1986 Down-The-Hole
Crystal & Acrylics                        Contact:Mike O’Dore, Treas., Comp.                                                   Drilling Tools for the
Sports Medals, Ribbons, Pins & Mylars     Tel:406-896-3455 Fax:406-245-3300                                                    Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction and Water
Wood, Plastic & Marble Bases                                                                            Well Drilling
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
Extrusions & Cut Trophy Columns                                                                          Industries
                                                                                      Fabricated Textile Products, NEC Customs
Metal & Plastic Trophy Cups               Product / Service Description
                                          Pallets & skids_wood
Plastic Trophy Figures
                                                                                      Woven fab of syn fil yn,
Resin Sculptures                          Build, recycle, repair, build pallets &
                                                                                      incl monofil 67 dec, Polyolefin
                                          equipment shipping candles
                                                                                      Woven Fab Crypton & Nano Pel Finishe
                                          Custom crates
                                                                       The Asian Register
2 8                                                                                                                             Global Contact's
                                                                                      Dynamic Racing Transmissions,
Driscoll Strawberry Assoc Inc                                                                                                    E J Pallets
                                           Dyets Inc.
345 Westridge Dr.                                                                                                                61 Hale St
                                           2508 Easton Ave
                                                                                      104-5 Enterprise Dr Unit 1
Watsonville , CA 95076-4169                                                                                                      Haverhill , MA 01830-4805
                                           Bethlehem , PA 18017-5014
                                                                                      North Branford , CT 06471-1355
Contact:Kenny Kusumoto,                                                                                                          Contact:Ernest Duset, Owner
                                           Contact:Lisa Wagner, Fin. & Hum. Res. Mgr.
                                                                                      Contact:Harold Miller, Pres.
Tel:831-763-3219                                                                                                                 Tel:978-521-0502
Fax:831-763-5788                                                                                                                 Fax:978-521-5610
                                                                                      Fax:203-315-0352                                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                                       Pallets & skids_wood
Product / Service Description              Product / Service Description                                                         Wooden pallets
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
Fruits & Vegetables-Growers & Shippers     Laboratory animal food & supplies
                                                                                      New & rebuilt transmissions, torque
Importers / Exporters
                                                                                      converters & accessories
Berries - Strawberries, Raspberries,                                                                                             E M C Corp.
                                                                                      Motor vehicle parts & accessories
Blueberries, Blackberri                    Dyna Gro Nutrition Solutions                                                          171 South St
                                                                                      Custom Automatics & Converters for hi-
                                           1065 Broadway Ave.                                                                    Hopkinton , MA 01748-2208
                                                                                      performance useage.
                                           San Pablo , CA 94806-2260                                                             Contact:Dick Lehane, Sr. V-P., Mfg.
Drummond American Corp                     Contact:David Neal,                                                                   Tel:508-435-1000
                                                                                      Dynamic Towing Equipment &
600 Corporate Woods Pkwy                   Tel:800-396-2476                                                                      Fax:508-497-8071
Vernon Hills , IL 60061-3165               Fax:510-233-0198                                                            
Contact:Daniel J Jozwiak,                                                                             Product / Service Description
                                                                                      1120 E Brambleton Ave
Tel:847-913-9313                                                                                Hardware & software data storage &
                                                                                      Norfolk , VA 23504-3415
Fax:847-913-9362                           Product / Service Description                                                         retrieval systems
                                                                                      Contact:Mr Anthony Gentile/Bob DelSole,                           Fertilizers - Manufacturer - Liquids                                                  Computer storage devices
Product / Service Description              Plant Nutrient Solutions                                                              Computer peripheral equipment
                                           Plant Growth Stimulants
Chemicals (Wholesale)                                                                 Fax:757-622-0028
Industry Leaders-Advertising                                                
                                                                                      Product / Service Description              E P Intl Co
                                                                                      Truck & Bus Bodies (Primary)
                                           Dyna Mfg. Co.                                                                         18 Technology Dr. Suite 156
                                                                                      Trucks: Custom Built
Dual Electronics Inc                       4045 Hwy. 70 E.                                                                       Irvine , CA 92618-2308
                                                                                      Motor Vehicle Body Mfg (Primary)
                                           Eagle River , WI 54521                                                                Contact:William Kim,
5674 Hillcroft St.
                                                                                      Towing Eqpt
                                           Contact:Richard G. Maurice,                                                           Tel:949-450-1245
Houston , TX 77036-2214
                                                                                      Rotating Roll Back Car Carriers
                                           Owner & R & D Mgr.                                                                    Fax:949-450-1275
Contact:Prakash Parikh,
                                                                                      Tow Trucks Self Loading Wheel Lift
                                                                                      Transportation Eqpt, NEC
                                                                                      All Other Transportation Equipment Mfg
                                           Product / Service Description                                                         Product / Service Description             Industrial machinery                                                                  Importers Dried Bean, Pea, Lentil, Seed,
Product / Service Description              General & automotive machining job shop                                               fresh fruit, vegetable, frozen vegetable.
                                                                                      Dynatek Manierre
                                           Motor vehicle parts & accessories
Exporters of Transformers &
Medical Equipment                                                                     P.O. Box 215
Exporters of Kitchen Appliances,                                                      North Prairie , WI 53153-0215              E P R Industries, Inc.
Household Equipment                                                                   Contact:David Dauffenbach,
                                           Dynalock Corp.                                                                        4576 Crescent Blvd.
Television & Radio-Dealers, Major                                                     Tel:262-392-2162
                                           P.O. Box 2728                                                                         Pennsauken , NJ 08109
Appliances                                                                            Fax:262-392-2984
                                           Bristol , CT 06011-2728                                                               Contact:Robert Cherkas, Pres.
                                           Contact:Mark Gibson, Pres., CFO                                                       Tel:856-488-1120
                                           Tel:860-582-4761                                                                      Fax:856-488-0328
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
Duralite School of Ophthalmics             Fax:860-585-0338                                                            
                                                                                      Conveyors for Loading Railcars
                                                                                                      Product / Service Description
400 NW Barry Rd, Ste. 114
                                                                                      Conveyors for Loading Trucks
Kansas City , MO 64155-2730                                                                                                      Dental equipment & supplies
                                                                                      Conveyors for Loading Ships
                                           Product / Service Description
Contact:Dewey Lowery, Pres.                                                                                                      Dental pharmaceuticals &
                                                                                      Custom Metal Fabricators
Tel:816-436-7610                           Electromagnetic locks                                                                 cleaning compounds
Fax:816-452-3605                           Security Hardware                                                                     Pharmaceutical preparations
                                                                                      E & R Mfg., Inc.
Product / Service Description
Ophthalmic personel training                                                          PO Box 68
                                           Dynamic Data Svc                                                                      E S C O Corp.
Ophthalmic goods Mfg.                                                                 Kirklin , IN 46050-0068
                                           5647 Conway Dr.                                                                       2141 NW 25th Ave
Setting up Laboratories and Dispensaries                                              Contact:Joe Tharp, Gen. Mgr., Mktg., Pur.
                                           Marietta , GA 30068-4509                                                              Portland , OR 97210-2597
and Training                                                                          Tel:765-279-8826
                                           Contact:Frankie Van Cleave,                                                           Contact:Robert Kenneth, Mktg.
                                           Tel:770-518-4680                                                                      Communications Manager
Durkan Hospitality Carpet                  Product / Service Description                                                         Fax:503-499-6040
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
P.O. Box 1006                              Writing & Editing Services: Documents,                                      
                                                                                      Machinery_special industry
Dalton , GA 30722-1006                                                                                                 
                                           Brochures, Websites
                                                                                      Brick block splitting equipment
Contact:Lee Blair,                                                                                                               Product / Service Description
                                                                                      Rockfacing equipment
Tel:706-278-7037ext88121                                                                                                         Blast furnaces & steel mills
                                                                                      Elmer’s Little Helper
Fax:706-428-8270                                                                                                                 Corporate headquarters & steel fabrication
                                           Dynamic Instruments Inc
                                           3860 Calle Fortunada
                                           San Diego , CA 92123-1825
                                                                                      E A Langenfeld Assoc Ltd
Product / Service Description                                                                                                    E S P T’s Screen Printing & Em
                                           Contact:Paul Whitten, Vice President
Carpets and Rugs                                                                      1645 Des Plaines Ave. Ste. 15
                                           Tel:858-278-4900 x 1214                                                               1620 Broad River Rd
Carpets and other textile floor coverings                                             Des Plaines , IL 60018-2206
                                           Fax:858-278-9700                                                                      Columbia , SC 29210-7392
Prepared glues and adhesives                                                          Contact:Dallas Dodson,
                                                                                               Contact:Kathy Tanner, Sales & Mktg. M
Carpets and other textile floor coverings,                                            Tel:773-694-1200 Fax:847-299-0891          Tel:803-798-1899
tufted , of texti                                                           
                                           Product / Service Description                                                         Fax:803-798-4689
                                           Vibration Tracking/balancing Devices                                                  Product / Service Description
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                           Vibration Analysis Instruments                                                        Screen printing & embroidery
                                                                                      Manufacturers-Agents & Representatives
                                                                                      International Business Consultants for
                                           Audio Digital Recorders
                                                                                      Retail Consumer Products,Manufactes
                                                                                      Import & Export
                                                                         The Asian Register
         The Asian Register                                                                                                                                    29
                                                                                                                               El Paso Communication
E T & F Fastening Systems, Inc.            Eastern / Tri-d Industries               Ebel Inc
                                                                                                                               Systems Dba Epcom
29019 Solon Rd                             2151 Cabot Blvd. West                    8270 Arlington Expy
                                                                                                                               7262 NW 54th St.
Cleveland , OH 44139-3440                  Langhorne , PA 19047                     Jacksonville , FL 32211-7425
                                                                                                                               Miami , FL 33166-4808
Contact:John Tillman, Pres.                Contact:Kenneth T. Schafer, V.P.         Contact:Kristy Bickings, N.S.M.
                                                                                                                               Contact:Fred E. Crespo, VP-GM
Tel:440-248-8655                           Tel:215-702-3600 Ext.105                 Tel:904-399-2777
Fax:440-248-0423                           Fax:215-702-3606                         Fax:800-298-8885
Product / Service Description              Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description
Pneumatic tools & hardened steel fasteners Catalytic converters                     Weather Wicker Wholes
                                                                                                                               Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                               Whol Radio Communication Equipment,
                                                                                                                               Security Equipment & Accessories
E-Z Tools, Inc.                            Eastern Color & Chemical Co.
5 Poplar St                                P.O. Box 6161
                                                                                    Edwing Boat, Inc.
Norwalk , CT 06855-2108                    Providence , RI 02940-6161                                                          El Vocero Hispano
                                                                                    P.O. Box 273
Contact:Carol Castellano, Operations Mgr.  Contact:George Dubois, Technical Manager
                                                                                                                               1438 Eastern Ave SE
                                                                                    Chinook , WA 98614-0273
Tel:203-838-2102                           Tel:401-331-9000
                                                                                                                               Grand Rapids , MI 49507-2054
                                                                                    Contact:Edwin Erola, Pres.
Fax:203-855-9965                           Fax:401-331-2155
                                                                                                                               Contact:Martin Felizardo, Asst. Editor
Product / Service Description    
                                           Product / Service Description
Hand cutting tools
                                                                                    Product / Service Description
                                           Flame Retardants
                                                                                    Aluminum boats
                                           Textile Chemicals
                                                                                                                               Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Boat building & repairing
                                           Pigment Dispersions
East Coast Olive Oil                                                                                                           Publishing
                                                                                    Self Bailing Boat
                                           Soil Release Agents
75 Wurz Ave.                                                                        Aluminum Barges
                                           Fiber Finishes
Utica , NY 13502-2533                                                               Powered Work Barges
                                           Yarn Lubricants, Antistats & Cohesive
Contact:Stephen Mandia,                                                             Trailer Able Barges
Tel:315-797-6981                                                                    Portable Dock Systems
                                           Stain Repellants
Fax:315-797-6981                                                                                                               Electric Eel Mfg Co
                                                                                    Oyster Dredges
                                           Water Repellents                                                                  Pilot Boats                                501 W. Leffel Ln.
                                           Leather Treating Chemicals                                                             Patrol Boats                               Springfield , OH 45506-3529
                                           Textile Coatings
Product / Service Description                                                                                                  Contact:Mark A. Speranza, V.P.Sales
Oils-Vegetable (Wholesale)                                                                                                     Tel:937-323-4644
Shortening Tbl Oils Corn Oil (Mfr)                                                                                             Fax:937-323-3767
                                           Eastern Europe, LLC
                                           1111 Hypoluxo Road Suite 203             Egyptian Cosmetic Group          
                                           Lantana , FL 33462                                                                  Product / Service Description
                                                                                    2236 Anderson St.
                                           Contact:Robert Ross, President,                                                     Sewer & Drain Cleaning Machines-
                                                                                    Dallas , TX 75215-5117
East Coast Olive Oil Corp.                 Tel:561-547-1327                                                                    complete line to clean 1"-24"dia.
                                                                                    Contact:Earl B. Lattimer, Pres.
75 Wurz Ave                                                                                                                    lines up to 650 ft.
Utica , NY 13502-2533                                                                                                          Models include manual,
                                                                                    Product / Service Description
Contact:Stephen Mandia, Pres.                                                                                                  electric & gasoline powered.
                                                                                    Name Morphosis-It Stimulate New Hair
                                           Product / Service Description
Tel:315-797-3151                                                                                                               Electric & gas powered high pressure
                                           Fertilizers, Phosphatic, Export
Fax:315-797-6981                                                                                                               Water Jetters
                                           Grain Mill Products, Export
                                           Coal, Bituminous, Export
                                           Building Materials, Concrete, Export
Product / Service Description
Olive oil                                                                           Ekco Metals
Corn Oil & Edible Oils                                                                                                         Electric Motors & Drives Inc.
                                                                                    2777 E Washington Blvd
                                           Eastern Metal Industries, Inc.                                                      P.O. Box 2565
                                                                                    Los Angeles , CA 90023-2643
                                                                                                                               Anderson , SC 29622-2565
                                           910 Broadway # R                         Contact:Lyle Monconduit, Owner
                                                                                                                               Contact:David Cothran,
                                           Saugus , MA 01906-3204                   Tel:323-264-1615
                                                                                                                               Pres., Sales & Mktg. Mgr.
                                           Contact:Gabriel Pasquale, Pres.          Fax:323-264-6910
East Continental Gems Inc                                                                                                      Tel:864-224-6623
580 5th Ave. Ste. 1115                                                                                                         Fax:864-225-5936
New York , NY 10036-4726                                                                                             
                                                    Product / Service Description
Contact:Eli Mirzoeff,                                                                                                
                                           Product / Service Description            Exporters
Tel:212-575-0944                                                                                                               Product / Service Description
                                           Metal products_fabricated                Metals, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, St. Steel         Metal fabrication                                                                   Motors & generators
                                                                                    Scrap Iron
Product / Service Description
Precioussemi-Prcssynthetic Stns (Whl)
                                           Eastern Screw Co./Fastener
                                                                                                                               Electrochemical Products, Inc.
                                           15 Amflex Dr                             El Manana, Inc.
                                           Cranston , RI 02921-2028                                                            17000 W Lincoln Ave
                                                                                    6010 Mcpherson Building C
East West Martial Art Supply               Contact:Robert Rotondo, Pres.                                                       New Berlin , WI 53151-2734
                                                                                    Laredo , TX 78041
2024 W. Balmoral Ave.                      Tel:401-943-0680                                                                    Contact:Eric Olander, Pres.
                                                                                    Contact:Cesar Reyes, Pur. Agt.
Chicago , IL 60625                         Fax:401-942-7810                                                                    Tel:262-786-9330
Contact:Kyung Sun Suin,                                                                   Fax:262-786-9403
Tel:773-878-7711                           Product / Service Description                                             
Fax:773-878-6847                           Screws & fasteners                                                        
                                                                                                 Bolts, nuts, rivets & washers                                                       Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description              Screw machine products                                                              Electroplating solution chemical additives
Martial Arts Supplies & Equipment                                                                                              & brighteners, black oxide, phosphates,
                                                                                    Newspaper printing
Sporting Goods-Manufacturers                                                                                                   cleaning compounds & rust preventives
Sporting Goods-Wholesale                                                                                                       Chemical preparations
                                                                      The Asian Register
3 0                                                                                                                               Global Contact's
Electronic Controls Co                                                               Empress Food Products Co Inc.                 Enterprise Coated Products, In
                                             Eljer Industries Inc.
833 W. Diamond St.                                                                   10592 Taconic Ter                             1750 W Sycamore Rd
                                             14801 Quorum Dr.
Boise , ID 83705-5291                                                                Cincinnati , OH 45215-1125                    Manteno , IL 60950-9300
                                             Dallas , TX 75254-7589
Contact:Ed Zimmer,                                                                   Contact:Joe Kiradjieff, President             Contact:Keith Bachmann,
                                             Contact:Sales & Mktg.,
Tel:208-395-8000                                                                     Tel:513-771-1441                              Sales Manager
Fax:208-395-8190                                                                     Fax:513-771-1442 / 419-730-2047               Tel:815-468-1601
                                             Fax:972-560-2247                                                                                   Fax:815-468-1606
Product / Service Description                                                        Product / Service Description                 Product / Service Description
                                             Product / Service Description
Vehicular Lighting Equipment (Mfrs)                                                  Canned & frozen specialties                   Paper coated & laminated
Computers-Electronic-Manufactu               Plumbing fixture fittings & trim        Chili Pints, Qts, 1/2 Gals., and 3 Gal. Bulk  Silicone-coated release paper
Relays & Industrial Controls (Mfrs)          Ceramic Sanitary fixtures,of other than
Electric Equipment-Manufacturers             porcelain or china
Automobile Parts & Supplies-Mfrs             Aritcles of Copper                      Emsig Manufacturing Corp.
                                                                                     253 W. 35th St.
                                                                                                                                   Environmental Filter Inc
                                                                                     New York , NY 10001-1907
                                                                                                                                   101 Industrial St.
Electronic Machine Parts, LLC                Elkay Manufacturing                     Contact:Lawrence Jacobs, President
                                                                                                                                   Marked Tree , AR 72365-2403
400 Oser Avenue, Suite 2000                  2222 Camden Ct # 300                    Tel:212-563-5460
                                                                                                                                   Contact:Jennifer Beckon,
Hauppauge , NY 11788                         Oak Brook , IL 60523-1248               Fax:212-564-0011
Contact:Maureen McAdam,                      Contact:Ronald C Katz,        
Tel:631-434-3700                             Tel:630-574-8486                        Product / Service Description
Fax:631-434-3718                             Fax:630-574-5012                        Fasteners, Buttons, closures
                                                                                                                                                   Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                   Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                Plumbing Fixture Fittings & Trim (Mfrs) Encompass Group, Llc
                                                                                                                                   Mfg Air Filters
Servo Registration Controls                  Stainless Steel (Manufacturers)
                                                                                     615 Macon Rd
Servo Retro-Fit Kits                         Plumbing Fixtures & Supplies-New-Retail
                                                                                     Mcdonough , GA 30253-3531
Phase-Shifters                               Kitchen Cabinets & Equipment-Household
                                                                                     Contact:, Sales & Marketing
Power Transmissions                          Industry Leaders-Advertising
                                                                                     Fax:770-957-8728                              Environmental Structures, Inc.
                                                                                                                                   7100 B Krick Road
Elform Inc                                   Emag LLC                      
                                                                                                                                   Cleveland , OH 44146
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
1025 Ridgeview Dr. Ste. 200                  38800 Grand River Ave
                                                                                                                                   Contact:Robert S. Ross, PH. D.
Reno , NV 89509-6326                         Farmington Hills , MI 48335-1526        Fabricated Textile Products, NEC              Tel:440-359-0164
Contact:Roger Reinke,                        Contact:Gary Hulihan, President         Woven cotton fabrics                          Fax:440-359-0166
Tel:775-829-1905                             Tel:248-477-7440                        Parts of garments and clothing accessories    Product / Service Description
Fax:775-829-1693                             Fax:248-477-7784                        Women’s or girls’ garments, of textile
                                                                                                                                   Air supported cable structures                                          materials, not knitte
Product / Service Description                Product / Service Description
Electronic-Mfrs Representatives (Whol)       Industrial machinery & equipment        Enercon Industries Corporation
Bio Passport Software and pressure                                                   W140N9572 Fountain Blvd.
sensitive fingerprint sensors                                                                                                      Environmental Tectonics Corp.
                                                                                     Menomonee Falls , WI 53051-1650
Replaces passwords on computers and          Emerald Windows, Inc.                   Contact:Walter Morgan,                        125 James Way
computer networks with biometriz                                                     Tel:262-255-6070
                                             2301 N 9th St                                                                         Southampton , PA 18966
fingerprint recognition. May be installed on                                         Fax:262-255-7784
                                             Philadelphia , PA 19133-1506                                                          Contact:William F Mitchell,
stand alone PLs or as a plug in to Active                                  
                                             Contact:James Cho, President                                                          Chief Executive Officer
Directory. Access Control and Time &                                       
                                             Tel:215-236-6767                                                                      Tel:215-355-9100
Attendance Modules are available                                                     Product / Service Description
                                             Fax:215-236-8320                                                                      Fax:215-357-4000
                                                Surface Treat Systems Grona, flame and
                                                  Atmospheric Plasma                  
Elite Fashion Accessories, Inc.              Product / Service Description           Surface Treating Systems narrow, wide and     Product / Service Description
352 W. Bedford Ave #118                                                              ultra-wide web. Cap Sealing Systems for
                                             Plastic products                                                                      Disaster Management Simulation
Fresno , CA 93711-6858                                                               freshness and safety, prevents leaks
                                             Vinyl windows                                                                         Sterilizers
Contact:Diane Dadian, Pres.                                                                                                        Hyperbaric Systems
Tel:559-435-0225                                                                                                                   Aircrew Training Systems
Fax:559-431-1615                                                                     Energy / Intelligence
                                             Empire Irrigation
                                                                                     1401 New York Ave. NW Ste. 500
                                             2303 2nd Ave
Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Washington , DC 20005-2150
                                             Greeley , CO 80631-7204
Apparel & accessories                                                                Contact:Kimberley Music,
                                             Contact:D. Harvey, GM                                                                 Epamin G Vastardis Inc. Dba
Women’s clothing accessories                                                         Tel:202-662-0700
                                             Tel:970-352-4000 Fax:970-351-7148
                                                                                                                                   Nero Systems
Belts_apparel                                                                        Fax:202-347-0851
                                                                                                                                   20530 Valley Forge Cir
                                                                                          King of Prussia , PA 19406-1136
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                             Product / Service Description                                                         Contact:Epamin Vastardis,
Elixir International Of NM Inc.              Siphon Tubes-Aluminum 3/4" - 6"         Periodicals-Publishing & Printing             President
3109 Oak St.                                                                         Reports on Global Energy Industry
                                                                                                                                   Tel:610- 783-5724
Las Cruces , NM 88005-3788
Contact:Richard I. Warren, President         Empire State Container Inc                                                  
Tel:505-523-0664                                                                     Engineered Coating Technology
                                             151 Midler Park Dr.                                                                   Product / Service Description
                                             Syracuse , NY 13206-1817                P.O. Box 2546                                 Water for life UV & Carbon Filtering with                          Contact:James F. Trombino,              Huntington Park , CA 90255-1846               Pre & Post Sterilization.                      Tel:315-437-1181                        Contact:Roberto Navarro, President
Product / Service Description                Fax:315-437-1351                        Tel:323-588-0260
Groceries and Related Products, Nec-Snack
Bars, Capsules, Powder
                                             Product / Service Description 
                                             Boxes-Corrugated & Fiber (Wholesale)    Product / Service Description
                                             Corrugated & Solid Fiber Boxes (Mfrs)   Mfg Paints
                                             Shipping Room Supplies (Wholesale)      Paints and Allied Products
                                                                          The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                   31
Epcon Industrial Systems, Inc.              Erico International                      Esico-Triton International                Eveready Embroidery, Inc.
P.O. Box 7060                               34600 Solon Rd                           112 W. Elm St.                            235 Orient Ave
The Woodlands , TX 77387-7060               Solon , OH 44139-2631                    Deep River , CT 06417-1687                Jersey City , NJ 07305-1608
Contact:Aziz A. Jamaluddin, Pres., GM       Contact:Ryan Werden, MIS Mgr.            Contact:Dennis Kosky, Customer Service    Contact:Richard Muentener,
Tel:936-273-3300                            Tel:440-248-0100                         Tel:860-526-9524                          GM, MIS & R & D Mgr.
Fax:936-273-4600                            Fax:330-544-5403                         Fax:860-526-9524                          Tel:201-432-1900                                                      Fax:201-433-9588                            
Product / Service Description               Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description   
                                                                                                                               Product / Service Description
Air pollution control systems, Thermal      Electrical connectors & fasteners, rebar Welding apparatus
Catalytic, Recuperative and                 splicing & rail signal equipment         Soldering equipment                       Machine made embroidered shoulder sleeve
Regenerative Oxidizers                      Electronic connectors                    Tools, hand & edge                        insignias. Custom made epaulets & shoulder
Complete metal finishing systems-Wash       Bolts, nuts, rivets & washers                                                      boards for dress uniforms
Lines, Dryers, Conveyors and Ovens. Heat    Communications equipment, nec
Exchangers, fired heaters, waste            Grounding Protection                     Estee Bedding Co Inc
heat boilers & specialty equip. for         Lightening Protection                                                              Excel Sign, Inc.
                                                                                     945 E. 93rd St.
petrochemical industry. Industrial ovens &  Surge Protection
                                                                                     Chicago , IL 60619-7813                   109 S Weiler Rd
furnaces, electric & gas fired. Custom      Bonding Earthing
                                                                                     Contact:Tim Enright, Pres., CFO           Arlington Heights , IL 60005-4825
engineering & fabrication for petrochemical Cadweld
                                                                                     Tel:773-374-4714                          Contact:David Ryoo, GM
industry.                                   Ground Rods
                                                                                     Fax:773-374-4034                          Tel:847-709-2000
                                                                                          Product / Service Description
                                            Erie Foods International Inc.            Product / Service Description             Signs & Advertising Specialties
                                            P.O. Box 648                                                                       Interior & Exterior Signs
                                                                                     Institutional & Contract Mattresses
                                            Erie , IL 61250-0648                                                               P.O.P. Manufacture
                                                                                     Mattresses & bedsprings
9165 W Chinden Blvd # 105                   Contact:Sylvia Reisenbigler, Marketing                                             Banner (Color)
Boise , ID 83714-1903                       Tel:309-659-2233                                                                   High Quality Painting System
Contact:Ms Janet Lombardo, President        Fax:309-659-7270                         Estes Co., Inc., Clifford W.
                                                                                     1289 W Marquette St
Fax:208-323-1213                                                                             Exedy Globalparts Corporation
                                                                                     Ottawa , IL 61350-1755                       Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                               8601 Haggerty Road.South
                                                                                     Contact:Peter Osborne, R & D Mgr.
Product / Service Description               Milk Replacer Blends                                                               Belleville , MI 48111-1607
Embroidery (Primary)                        Whey Protein Isolate                                                               Contact:Noboru Uno,
Luggage & Briefcases                        Dairy Products, Sodium Caseinates                                                  Tel:734-397-3333
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
Luggage Mfg (Primary)
                                                                                     Mineral products_nonmetallic
Embroidering Svc
                                                                                     Colored silica sand
Printing: Screen, Commercial
                                            Erin American Bloodstock Inc                                                       Product / Service Description
Pleating & Stitching For The Trade
                                            226 Brixton Rd. S.                                                                 Clutches & other transmission parts
Commercial Screen Printing
                                            Garden City , NY 11530-5627                                                        Exporters
                                                                                     Ethox      International
All Other Miscellaneous Textile Product
                                            Contact:Joseph Brocklebank,                                                        Importers
Mills                                                                                251 Seneca St
                                                                                     Buffalo , NY 14204-2013
                                                                                     Contact:Mr John DeLuca, President
                                                                                                Exeter Machine Co Inc
                                                                                     Fax:716-842-2546                          309 S. Water St.
Equipment & Systems                         Product / Service Description
                                                                                             Lomira , WI 53048-9549
Engineering                                 Horse Dealers (Wholesale)                                Contact:Ed Sadler, Pres., Mis Mgr.
14260 SW 136th St. Ste 4
                                                                                     Product / Service Description             Tel:920-269-4376
Miami , FL 33186-6775
                                                                                     Hospital Equipment & Supplies (Mfr)
Contact:Jose Masis, President               Ermoian        Investigations                                            
                                                                                     Medical & Hospital Supplies and
                                            P.O.Box 5052
                                                                                                                               Product / Service Description
                                            Modesto , CA 95352-5052
                                            Contact:Ermoian Gary,                                                              Machinery_Special Industry
                                            Tel:209-521-9327 / 1 800-575-4779                                                  Tannery & packing house
                                                                                     Evangers Dog & Cat Food Co
Product / Service Description
                                            Fax:209-572-3059                                                                   machinery & parts
                                                                                     221 Wheeling Rd.
Sodium Hypochlorite on-site Generators                                                                   Wood Tanks, Paddle Wheels, Vats & Drums
                                                                                     Wheeling , IL 60090-4809
Marine Waste Water Treatment Plants                                                             Fleshing machines manufactured for whole
                                                                                     Contact:Holly Sher, President
Packaging Machinery                         Product / Service Description                                                      hides 3.2M and side
Gaseous Fuels Carburetion Equipment
                                            Investigative services         
Water Treatment Plants
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Mfg Dog And Cat Foods
                                            Esco Products, Inc.                      Dog and Cat Food
                                                                                                                               Exhibit Masters
                                            171 Oak Ridge Rd
                                                                                                                               9667 Owensmouth Ave.
                                            Oak Ridge , NJ 07438-8911
Equitech-Bio, Inc.
                                                                                                                               Chatsworth , CA 91311
                                            Contact:Lee Steneken,                    Evaporative Control Systems
512 Cotton Gin Lane
                                                                                                                               Contact:Emilio Basile, Sales
Kerrville , TX 78028-9377                                                            5475 Louie Ln Ste C                       Tel:818-534-1380
Contact:Fred Wright, Vice President                                                  Reno , NV 89511-1861                      Fax:818-534-1381
Tel:830-257-0005                                                                     Contact:Jonas Sipaila, Pres     
Fax:830-257-0006                                                                     Tel:775-852-2973                
                                            Product / Service Description                                                               Fax:775-852-1340                          Product / Service Description
                                            Quartz (Manufacturers)                                                                                Partitions & fixtures_wood
                                            Optics, Precision
Product / Service Description                                                                 Trade show & convention exhibits &
Biological products, except diagnostic                                               Product / Service Description             displays
                                            Physicians & Surgeons Equip & Supls-Mfrs
Animal sera, antisera, purified proteins &                                           Subsurface, irrigation & Drainage Systems Partitions & fixtures, except wood
bovine serum
                                                                        The Asian Register
3 2                                                                                                                           Global Contact's
Expansion Joint Systems, Inc.                F & B Enterprises, Inc.                 FPE                                       Farmers Rice Cooperative
P.O. Box 711288                              37 Washburn St                          1855 State Route 121 N                    P.O. Box 15223
Santee , CA 92072-1288                       New Bedford , MA 02740-7340             New Madison , OH 45346-8704               Sacramento , CA 95851-1223
Contact:Neville Barber, President            Contact:Tom Ferrera, Pres.              Contact:Ernie Green,                      Contact:Kirk Messick, V.P. - Marketing
Tel:619-562-6083 Fax:619-562-0636            Tel:508-999-4124                        Tel:937-996-4361                          Tel:916-923-5100                              Fax:508-997-0649                        Fax:937-996-4714                          Fax:916-920-3321                         Product / Service Description                   
Product / Service Description                                                        Product / Service Description             Product / Service Description
                                             Rubber products_fabricated
Expansion joints & metal bellows             Rubber commercial fishing gear          Automobile Parts & Supplies-Mfrs          Milled Rice, Export
Field services & piping analysis                                                                                               Rice Byproducts, Export
                                                                                                                               Coarse Rice Flour
                                             F A Mac Cluer Inc                       FR Chemical
Expeditors International of
                                             502 Oneal ST                            300 E. Sandford Blvd.
Washington Inc.                                                                                                                Fashions, Inc.
                                             Belton , SC 29627-1224                  Mt. Vernon , NY 10550
245 Roger Ave.,
                                             Contact:Robert Ruffolo,                 Contact:Robin Ebert,                      P.O. Box 604
Inwood , NY 11096-1623
                                             Tel:864-338-7755                        Tel:603-648-2124                          Jackson , MS 39205-0604
Contact:Joe Coogan,
                                             Fax:864-338-7707                        Fax:603-648-2197                          Contact:Les Kershner,
Regional Vice President
                                                                        Engrg. & R & D Mgr.
                                             Product / Service Description           Product / Service Description             Fax:601-352-2010
                                             Shirts-Wholesale                        Non-hazardous 2 part x-ray processing
                                             Shirts-Manufacturers                    chemicals
Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                               Product / Service Description
Logistics & Transportation
                                                                                                                               Automotive & apparel trimmings
Transporation, Freight & Cargo Svcs
                                                                                                                               Textile screen printing
                                                                                     Fab-Tec, Inc.
                                                                                     620 W. Franklin Blvd.
                                             F F F and F Inc
                                                                                     Gastonia , NC 28052
Express Systems Prts Ntwrk Inc               445 NW 1st Ave.                                                                   Fasti USA
                                                                                     Contact:Dana Bolding, Pres.
11415 Chamberlain Rd                         Fort Lauderdale , FL 33301-3201         Tel:704-864-6872                          927 N. State St.
Aurora , OH 44202-9306                       Contact:Steven Fine, President          Fax:704-865-2353                          Elgin , IL 60123-2146
Contact:Akram Abdelaal, President            Tel:954-763-9991                                      Contact:Rainer Farrag,
Tel:330-995-4350                             Fax:954-763-9995                                         Tel:847-695-9502
Fax:330-995-4314                                      Product / Service Description                                                               Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Textile machinery
Product / Service Description                Product / Service Description           Rebuilt textile machinery                 Plastics-Manufacturers
Medical Imaging Equipment and Parts          Rebuilds Power Window Motors            Contract manufacturing                    Resin Dryer Manufacturers
                                             Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories                                               Mold Sweat Protection Manufacturer
                                             Convertible Top Motors                                                            Internal Air Cooling Manufacturer
                                             Headlight Motors
Expro, Power Chokes Products a                                                       Fabrication Specialties Inc.
10815 Huffmeister Rd                                                                 108 E. Jackson St
Cypress , TX 77429-2383                                                                                                        Feather Farm, Inc., The
                                                                                     Joliet , IL 60432-1723
Contact:Tod Fenn, Product Sales Mgr.                                                 Contact:Bob Okroi, Sales Manager          1183 4th Ave
Tel:281-977-2600 Fax:281-977-0045                                                    Tel:815-726-2322                          Napa , CA 94559-3617
                                             FH Machinery Inc.                                                                  Fax:815-726-7070                          Contact:Shirley Main, Off. Mgr.
                                             P.O. Box 2961
Product / Service Description                                                          Tel:707-255-8833
                                             Ivyland , PA 18974-0097
Chokes and control systems                                                      Fax:707-255-5446
                                             Contact:Harry Glaeser,
Oil field equipment                                                                  Product / Service Description   
                                                                                     Thermal & acoustical insulation
                                                                                                                               Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Fiber Glass, Mineral Wool, Ceramic Fiber
Eyesaver International Inc.                                                          Die Cutting, Laminating & More            Wire products_misc. fabricated
348 Circuit St                                                                                                                 Wire bird cages
                                             Product / Service Description
Hanover , MA 02339-2129                                                                                                        Parrot toys & related products
                                             Industrial Machinery                    Falls Creek Powdered Metal,
Contact:Matthew Smillie, Pres.                                                                                                 Wrought iron bird cages
                                             Cold Heading Machinery
Tel:781-829-0808 Fax:781-829-9963                                                                                              Stainless steel parrot cages
                                             Fastener Machinery                                                 P.O. Box 239                              All products for resale in U.S.
                                             Wire Machinery
Product / Service Description                                                        Brockway , PA 15824-9001
                                             Screw Machinery
Anti-reflective glass display filters                                                Contact:Hamid Al-Attas, President
                                             Nail Machinery
Privacy filters, view control substrates                                             Tel:814-265-8771                          Fedex Kinko’s Office & Print
                                             Cold Forming Machinery
Vandal shields, glass and plastic                                                    Fax:814-265-0396                          27661 Southfield Rd
Anti-Reflective Acrylic, Polycarbonate                                                                                         Lathrup Village , MI 48076-7902
Anti-Reflective Films, PET and TAC                                                   Product / Service Description             Contact:Mr Ephraim Banks,
High volume optical lamination service                                               Electrical automobile & motorcycle parts  General Manager
Anti-glare filters                                                                   Motor vehicle parts & accessories
                                             FOMO Products Inc                                                                 Tel:248-443-2679
ITO coatings, shielded products                                                                                                Fax:248-443-4979
                                             2775 Barber Road
Sunlight readable display filters                                                                                    
                                             Norton , OH 44203-1001
Contract manufacturing, sub assembly                                                 Farallon Electronics Full Svc             Product / Service Description
                                             Contact:Kristen Lewis, Mktg. Specialist
                                                                                     2346 Marinship Way # 101                  Photocopying & Duplicating Svcs
                                                                                     Sausalito , CA 94965-1463                 (Primary)
F & A Dairy Products, Inc.                                                           Contact:Eric Steinberg,                   Business Svcs & Copy Centers
                                                                                     Tel:415-331-1924                          Other Business Service Centers
PO Box 278                         
Dresser , WI 54009-0278                                                                      (Including Copy Shops) (Primary)
                                             Product / Service Description
Contact:Jeffrey B. Terranova, Pres., Mktg. &                                         Product / Service Description             Printing: Digital
                                             MFg. One & Two Component Polyurethane
Opers. Mgr.                                                                          Marine Electronic Equip & Supls (Whol)    Advertising Svcs: Direct Mail
                                             Foams & Sealants
                                                                                                                               Binding Svc: Spiral Wire Or Plastic
Tel:715-755-3485                             Adhesives and Sealants
Fax:715-755-3480                                                                                                               Bookbinding
                                             Insulation Foam
Product / Service Description                                                                                                  Commercial Printing
Cheese, natural & processed                                                                                                    Tradebinding & Related Work
Mozzarella & provolone cheeses                                                                                                 Direct Mail Advertising
                                                                         The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                33
                                                                                                                            Fit Centric Technologies Inc
Felbro Food Products Inc                 Filtration Solutions, Inc.                  Finish Thompson, Inc.
                                                                                                                            9635 Monte Vista Ave. Ste. 201
5700 W Adams Blvd                        432 Sand Shore Rd Unit 8                    921 Greengarden Rd
                                                                                                                            Montclair , CA 91763-2235
Los Angeles , CA 90016-2402              Hackettstown , NJ 07840-5527                Erie , PA 16501-1525
                                                                                                                            Contact:K. Burres, CEO
Contact:Bart Feldmar,                    Contact:Chang Jen, President                Contact:H. David Bowes, Pres., CEO
                                                                                                                            Tel:909- 625-0463
Tel:323-936-5266                         Tel:908-684-4000                            Tel:814-455-4478 Fax:814-455-8518
Fax:323-936-5946                         Fax:908-684-4100                  
Product / Service Description                        Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                            Product / Service Description
                                         Product / Service Description
Flavoring Extracts & Syrups Nec (Mfrs)                                               Solvent & engine coolant distillation
Chocolate & Cocoa-Manufacturers          Fuel Filtration, Oily Wastewater Treatment, equipment, drum & centrifugal pumps    Exercise and Physical Fitness Software
Food Products (Wholesale)                Coolant Recycling                           Machinery_special industry             Fitness Machine Software
Syrups-Wholesale                                                                     Food products machinery                Network Software
Flavoring Extracts (Wholesale)                                                                                              Fitness Testing
Beverage Powders                                                                                                            Virtual Training Software
                                         Findett Corp.
Sauces                                                                               Finley & Bologna International
                                         8 Governor Dr.
Ice Cream Toppings
                                         Saint Charles , MO 63301-7311               1645 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. Ste. 460
                                         Contact:Manuel E. Joaquim, Chrm., Pres., R  West Palm Beach , FL 33401-2217
                                         & D, Sales & Mktg. Mgr.                     Contact:Chandler R. Finley,
                                                                                                                            Fitts Industries, Inc.
Fiberoptic Systems, Inc.                 Tel:636-723-0240                            Tel:561-478-9930
                                                                                                                            PO Box 1368
60 Moreland Rd Ste A                     Fax:636-723-4210                            Fax:561-478-9945
                                                                                                                            Tuscaloosa , AL 35403-1368
Simi Valley , CA 93065-1643                      
                                                                                                                            Contact:Frank Fitts III, President
Contact:Kathy Hanau, Cont.                 
Tel:805-583-2088                         Product / Service Description               Product / Service Description
Fax:805-583-4018                         Industrial chemicals                        Legal Services International Business,
                                                                                                                                  Chemicals_industrial inorganic              Immigration Law
                                                                                                                           Chemicals_industrial organic
                                                                                                                            Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description            Agricultural chemicals
                                                                                                                            Wooden stair parts
                                         Chemical preparations
Optical fiber and assemblies                                                         First & Main Inc
                                         Lubrication oils & greases
                                                                                     7N185 Whispering Trail                 Turning, treads, risers
                                                                                     Saint Charles , IL 60175
Fike Corporation                                                                     Contact:Mr Brad Holes, President
                                         Fine Design                                 Tel:630-282-5204
P.O. Box 610
                                         2123 23rd St                                Fax:630-214-6294
Blue Springs , MO 64013-0610
                                         Rice Lake , WI 54868-9080         
Contact:Nancy Graham,                                                                                                       Fitzgerald Industries Intl
                                         Contact:Randy Schwingle,                    Product / Service Description
Marketing Specialist                                                                                                        34 Junction Square Dr
                                         Ptnr. & MIS Mgr.
Tel:816-229-3405                                                                     Dolls & Stuffed Toys (Primary)         Concord , MA 01742-3049
Fax:816-228-9277                                                                     Toys: Dolls, Stuffed Animals & Parts   Contact:Edward Fitzgerald, Treasurer
                                         Fax:715-234-1051                                                                   Doll & Stuffed Toy Mfg (Primary)       Tel:978-371-6446
                                         Product / Service Description                                                                                                         Fax:978-371-2266
Product / Service Description            Signs & advertising specialties                                          
                                         Interior & exterior signs
Pressure relief devices                                                              First Choice Armor and Eqp   
Fire Suppression                                                                                                            Product / Service Description
                                                                                     764 N.Main St.
Fire protection                                                                      Brockton , MA 02301-2443               5000 Antibodies ( monoclonal &
                                         Fineline Industries, Inc./
Fire Alarm Systems                                                                   Contact:Karen D Herman, President      polyclonal) & Antigens for
                                         Centurion Boats
Explosion Protection                                                                 Tel:508- 559-0777                      Diagnostic kit development and research
                                         2047 Grogan Avenue                          Fax:508-941-6841
                                         Merced , CA 95341                 
                                         Contact:Kayce Brewer, Marketing Director
Fil-Tech Inc                                                               
                                         Tel:209-384-0255                            Product / Service Description
6 Pinckney St
                                         Fax:209-384-0267                                                                   Flange Skillets International
Boston , MA 2114-4800                                                                Mfg Bulletproof Vests; Helmets; Riot
Contact:Paul Becker,                                                                 Shields, Ballistic Shields, Plates     P.O. Box 701
Tel:617-227-1133                                                                                                            Washington , LA 70589-0701
                                         Product / Service Description
Fax:617-742-0686                                                                                                            Contact:S. Joseph Vidrine, President
                                         High performance towboats for waterskiing,                                                                                                             Tel:337-236-8229
                                                                                     First Technology Inc
                                         wakeboarding, wakesurfing
Product / Service Description                                                                                               Fax:337-942-4639
                                                                                     3990 Sheridan St. Ste. 208
                                         and pleasure cruising
Quartz Crystals                                                                                                   
                                                                                     Hollywood , FL 33021-3656
Rate/Thickness Monitors                                                                                           
                                                                                     Contact:Harry Braun, President
Sensor Heads & Feedthroughs                                                                                                 Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Tel:954- 989-3530 Fax:954-989-3532
                                         Finest Food Dist.
Ion Source Parts                                                                                                            Mfg R.T.J. Flange Gasket holders “O Ring” a
                                         8721 75th St
Electron Beam Gun Parts                                                                                                     consumable safety device
Ionization Gauges                        Woodhaven , NY 11421-1830                   Product / Service Description
Theromocouple Gauges                     Contact:Sidney Adelstein, Owner
                                                                                     Industrial Equipment & Supplies
                                                                                     Mining Eqipment & Supplies
                                                                                     Oilfield Equipment & Supplies
                                                                                                  Flexo-Craft Prints Inc
Filmquest Group Inc.                                                                 Power Generation - Gas Turbines
                                         Product / Service Description                                                      1000 1st St.
320 Remington Blvd
                                         Importers                                                                          Harrison , NJ 07029-2332
Bolingbrook , IL 60440-4919
                                         Sugar, nesoi, including                                                            Contact:Mendel Klein,
Contact:John Felinski, Pres.                                                         Firstar Fiber Recycling
                                         invert sugar and syrup                                                             Tel:973-482-7200
                                                                                     10330 I Street
                                         Food preparations nesoi                                                            Fax:973-482-9574
Fax:630-226-9400                                                                     Omaha , NE 68127
                                         Sauces etc. mixed condiments and                                                                                                               Tel:402-894-0003
                                         seasonings nesoi                                                                   Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                        Fax:402-894-0018
                                         Beverages                                                                          Printers Heat Transfer For Textile Ind.
Unsupported plastics film & sheet
                                         Corn Meal                                                                          Printers Gift Package Bag, Bows, Ribbon,
Polyester film processing, metallizing &
                                         Cookies-Biscuits-Crackers                                                          Gift Wrap, Etc.
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Paper Brokers & Mill Representatives
                                                                                     Recycling Centers (Wholesale)
                                                                    The Asian Register
3 4                                                                                                                          Global Contact's
Flightcraft Inc                           Food For Thought Inc                       Foreign Trade Zone 236                   Fortuna Seafood
7777 NE Airport Way                       10610 Oviatt Rd.                           3200 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way              P.O. Box 61538
Portland , OR 97218                       Honor , MI 49640-9546                      Palm Springs , CA 92262                  Palm Bay , FL 32906-1538
Contact:John Frevola,                     Contact:Tim Young, President               Contact:Cathy Van Horn, Contact          Contact:Antoine Behlok, Owner
Tel:503-331-4200                          Tel:231-326-5444                           Tel:(760) 323-8175                       Tel:321-722-9696 Fax:321-722-9696
Fax:503-331-4261                          Fax:231-326-2649                           Fax:(760) 322-8325                                 
Product / Service Description                                 Product / Service Description
                                          Product / Service Description              Product / Service Description
Aircraft Engines & Engine Parts-Mfrs                                                                                          Fish/Seafood / Shellfish / Scallops / Clams /
Component and Accessory Overhaul          Mfg Canned Fruit Preserves                 Foreign Trade Zone                       Oysters
Propeller Overhaul                        Organically Certified
Air Charter                               Pasta Sauces
Aircraft Management                       Cherry Concentrate Bottling                Foreign Trade Zone 243                   Foster Corp.
                                          Pie Fillings & Fruit Toppings,
                                                                                     18374 Phantom St.                        P.O. Box 997
                                          Bottled and Bulk
                                                                                     Victorville , CA 92394                   Dayville , CT 06241-0997
                                          Salad Dressings
Floric Polytech, Inc.                                                                Contact:Richard Cole, Contact            Contact:Larry Acquarulo, Pres.
9233 Archibald Ave                                                                   Tel:(760) 243-1900                       Tel:860-774-3964
Rancho Cucamonga , CA 91730-5207                                                     Fax:(760) 243-1929                       Fax:860-779-0805
                                          Foreign Tax Law Inc.
Contact:Brent Strait, Co-Pres.                                                  
Tel:909-483-1870                          P.O. Box 2189                                              Ormond Beach , FL 32175-2189               Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description             Contact:Sandra Wolff,                      Foreign Trade Zone                       Thermoplastic resin compounding
Protective coatings                                                                                                           Custom compound purchased resins
Metal coating & allied services                                                                                               Medical Compounds
Waterproofing and Traffic Surfaces                                                   Foreign Trade Zone 75
                                          Product / Service Description
                                                                                     200 W. Washington St.
                                          Translations of foreign laws & regualtions                                          Four Flags Over Aspen
                                                                                     Phoenix , AZ 85003
Florida International Terminal,
                                                                                     Contact:Don Maxwell, Director Econom     PO Box 190
LLC                                                                                  Tel:(602) 262-5040                       Saint Clair , MN 56080-0190
                                          Foreign Trade Zone 147                     Fax:(602) 495-5097                       Contact:Holly Walechka, Asst. Mgr.
3800 McIntosh Rd.
                                                                                                Tel:507-245-3344 Fax:952-487-2119
                                          19 North Sixth St. Suite 201
Ft. Lauderdale , FL 33316
                                          Reading , PA 19601
Contact:Jose A. Diaz, Vice President
                                                                                     Product / Service Description  
                                          Contact:Pamela Shupp, Contact
Tel:(954) 761-3880 Fax:(954) 524-3859
                                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
                                          Tel:(610) 376-4237                         Export Management
                                          Fax:(610) 376-4238                         Foreign Trade Zone                       Surgical & medical instruments
                                                                                                       Medical pet supplies
Product / Service Description
                                          Product / Service Description
Stevedores Terminal Operators
                                           Foreign Trade Zone                        Foreign Trade Zone 88
                                                                                                                              Foust Co., E. L.
                                                                                     2800 Terminal Dr.
Fonar Corp.                                                                          Great Falls , MT 59404-5593              PO Box 105
                                          Foreign Trade Zone 158                     Contact:Cynthia Schultz, Contact         Elmhurst , IL 60126-0105
110 Marcus Dr
                                                                                     Tel:406-727-3404                         Contact:Joseph Muchow,
                                          PO Box 98109
Melville , NY 11747-4228
                                                                                     Fax:406-727-6929                         Pres., Fin., MIS & R & D Mgr.
                                          Jackson , MS 39298-8109
Contact:Sol Ginzburg, V.P. Sales
                                          Contact:Dirk Vanderleest,
                                                                                     Product / Service Description            Fax:630-834-5341
                                          Fax:601-664-3501                           Logistics & Transportation
                                                               Transporation, Freight & Cargo Svcs
                                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description
                                          Product / Service Description                                                       Air purification equipment
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Scanners
                                          Foreign Trade Zone                         Former Tech
                                                                                     9367 Winkler Dr.
                                                                                                                              Foxx Equipment Co.
Fontarome Chemical, Inc.                                                             Houston , TX 77017-5915
                                          Foreign Trade Zone 196 Alliance
                                                                                     Contact:Ronald A. Hokanson,              421 Southwest Blvd
4170 S. Nevada Avenue
                                          Operating Services                         Pres., CEO, CFO                          Kansas City , MO 64108-2184
Saint Francis , WI 53235-4515             400 Intermodal Parkway, Ste. 150           Tel:713-944-5336                         Contact:Len Dihel,
Contact:Bonnie Hare, Purchasing /
                                          Fort Worth , TX 76177-3905                 Fax:713-944-2194                         Tel:816-421-3600
Customer Service Manager
                                          Contact:Sales & Marketing,                              Fax:816-421-5671
Tel:414-744-3993 Fax:414-744-7111
                                          Fax:817-430-0898                           Product / Service Description  
                                                Bag former assemblies for all brands of  Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description
                                   vertical                                 Beverage Dispensing Equip/supls (mfrs)
Flavor / Fragrance Chemicals
                                          Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Form / fill / seal packaging machines    Machinery etc. for making hot drinks,
Pharmaceutical Intermediates
                                          Logistics & Transportation
                                                                                                                              cooking, heating
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
                                          Transporation, Freight & Cargo Svcs
                                                                                                                              Beer Dispensing & Cooling Equipment
Custom Manufacturing
                                                                                     Forsbergs, Inc.
                                                                                     P.O. Box 510
                                          Foreign Trade Zone 200                                                              Fred V Fowler Co
Food Concept & Developers Inc.                                                       Thief River Falls , MN 56701-0510
                                          640 S. Broad St.,
                                                                                     Contact:Dennis Bakke, Sales Mgr.         66 Rowe St.
1925 Holmes Road
                                          Trenton , NJ 08611-1822
                                                                                     Tel:218-681-1927                         Auburndale , MA 02466-1530
Elgin , IL 60123-1204
                                          Contact:Robert D. Prunetti, Contact
                                                                                     Fax:218-681-2037                         Contact:Fred V. Fowler, Jr.,
Contact:Bryan Real, Pres., G.M.           Tel:856-541-8500
                                                                                               Tel:617-332-7004 Fax:617-332-4137
                                          Product / Service Description
                                          Logistics & Transportation
                                                                                     Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description             Transporation, Freight & Cargo Svcs
                                                                                     Dry granular separation machinery        Measuring/Controlling Devices Nec Whol
Powdered Soups
                                                                                     Machinery_general industrial             Instrs-Measuring/Testing Elec Whol
Powdered cappuccino & hot chocolate
                                                                                                                              Electronic Measuring Equipment &
Powdered Breakfast Cereals
Powdered Cold Beverages
                                                                       The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                  35
                                          Fry Technology                                                                       GPS Networking, Inc.
Fremont Industries, Inc.                                                            Fusion-Crete, Inc.
                                          1661 Old Dixie Hwy.                                                                  710 W. 4th St. Ste. A
4400 Valley Indl. Blvd. N.                                                          1925 W Riverside Dr
                                          Riviera Beach , FL 33404-5449                                                        Pueblo , CO 81003-2383
Shakopee , MN 55379                                                                 Burbank , CA 91506-2924
                                          Contact:Jay Ackberry, Bus. Dev. Mgr.                                                 Contact:Steve Waite, Pres.
Contact:,                                                                           Contact:Eddie Javor, Principal
                                          Tel:561-844-0241                                                                     Tel:719-595-9880
Tel:952-445-4121                                                                    Tel:818-842-1116
                                          Fax:561-848-8958                                                                     Fax:719-595-9890
Fax:952-496-3027                                                                    Fax:818-846-0970
                                          Product / Service Description                                                                                                      
                                                                                                                               Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                       Product / Service Description
                                          PVC, CPVC Cement & Pipe Cleaner
Industrial & water treatment chemicals &                                            Concrete Restoration Products              GPS Parts & Accessories
equipment                                                                           Concrete patching & resurfacing products
                                                                                    Magnesium Phosphate 5 - minute - setting
                                          Fuel Managers Inc
                                                                                    concrete (sets up                          GTM International Machinery
                                          10711 E. 11th St.
                                                                                    under water )
Frencharoma Imports Co., Inc.             Tulsa , OK 74128-3203                                                                8235 N.W. 64th St. Bay #1
339 14th St.                              Contact:Sales & Marketing,                                                           Miami , FL 33166
Carlstadt , NJ 07072                      Tel:918-877-5000                                                                     Contact:Maria Raffo,
Contact:Ricky Martinez,                   Fax:918-877-5067                                                                     Tel:305-594-9977
Tel:201-460-3636                                                                                  Fax:305-594-6699
                                                                                    G & L Sheet Metal Co.
                                                                                    9902 Sunnywood Dr      Product / Service Description                                              
                                                                                    Houston , TX 77038-3116                                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                          Gasoline & Oil-Wholesale
                                                                                    Contact:Mary Johnson, Pres.
Product / Service Description                                                                                                  Exporters
Flavoring extracts
Fine Fragrances & Fragrances              Fullam Inc., Ernest F
                                                                                    Product / Service Description
                                          750 Pierce Road, Suite 2                  Sheet metal work
                                          Clifton Park , NY 12065                   Precision sheet metal fabrication          GYE Medical Associates, Inc.
Fresca Mexican Foods Inc.                 Contact:Donna Wiley, Business Manager
                                                                                                                               8990 Garfield St .Ste. 6
11193 W.Emerald St.                       Tel:518-877-0820
                                                                                                                               Riverside , CA 92503-3922
Boise , ID 83713-8932                     Fax:518-877-3885
                                                                                                                               Contact:Sales & Marketing,
Contact:Richard A. Kay, Vice President
                                                                                                                               Tel:909- 354-2577
Tel:208-376-6922                                     G B Industry Co., Inc.
Fax:208-375-2330                          Product / Service Description
                                                                                    P.O. Box 1622                                      Analytical Instruments                    Friendswood , TX 77549-1622      
Product / Service Description             Electron Microscope Accessories           Contact:Gert Bahlo, Pres.                  Product / Service Description
Corn Tortillas & Corn Tortilla Chips,                                               Tel:281-996-0020                           Physicians and Surgeons DO and MD
Colored & Flavored Corn                                                             Fax:281-996-0368
Flour Tortillas, Homestyle, Die Cut, Hand Fuller & Son Co., George H.     
Stretched, Flavored Wraps                                                           Product / Service Description
                                          P.O. Box 620
                                          Pawtucket , RI 02862-0620                 Oil & gas field machinery
                                          Contact:F. Paul Mooney, Pres.             Casing & tubing hangers, lubricators, back Gage Assembly Co.
Fresh Brew Group USA                      Tel:401-722-6530                          pressure valves
                                                                                                                               3771 W. Morse Ave.
11600 Big John St
                                                                                                                               Lincolnwood , IL 60712
Houston , TX 77038-3302
                                                                                                                               Contact:Dan Plodzeen, Pres.
Contact:Dari Ansari, CEO
                                          Product / Service Description
                                                                                    G K R Industries, Inc.
Fax:281-847-4444                          Jewelry findings & coin jewelry, precious                                                    metal                                     13653 Kenton Ave.                                                                              Crestwood , IL 60445-1938                  Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                       Contact:Richard Fleury, Pres.              Precision gages, thread plugs & rings
Coffee (Primary)                                                                    Tel:708-389-2003
                                          Furfresh / Vaughn’s Furfresh
Food Prdts: Coffee                                                                  Fax:708-389-3267
                                          P.O.Box 2401
Coffee & Tea Mfg (Primary)                                                
                                          Santa Barbara , CA 93120-2401
Groceries Wholesalers, Nec                                                
                                          Contact:Sales & Marketing,
                                                                                    Product / Service Description              Gahn Meat Co.
                                                                                    Disposable medical emesis bags. Product
                                          Fax:805-969-4555                                                                     3329 N 35th St
                                                                                    Name: Convenience Bag
Frham Safety Products Inc                                                                         Milwaukee , WI 53216-3785
                                                                                    Disposable Urine Collection Bags for urine
P.O. Box 36098                                                                                Contact:Anthony Gahn Sr., V-P.
                                                                                    tests. Product Name Void Ease
Rock Hill , SC 29732-0500                 Product / Service Description                                                        Tel:414-442-9898
Contact:John H. Mc Garity Jr, President   Mfg. Pet Grooming Supplies - Shampoos-                                               Fax:414-442-9872
Tel:803- 366-5131 Fax:803-366-2005        Conditioners-Hot Spot Itch Relief                                                    Product / Service Description                                                                                                        Meat packing plants                                                                                                    Meat products
                                                                                    GE Ion Track
Product / Service Description             Furniture Design Studios Inc
                                                                                    205 Lowell St
Safety Equipment & Supplies
                                          P.O. Box 90
                                                                                    Wilmington , MA 01887-2941
Industrial Safety Supplies & Clothing
                                          Woodbury , NY 11797-0090
                                                                                    Contact:Oscar Lazaro, VP Sales &
Nuclear Safety Supplies & Clothing
                                          Contact:Ninon Trudel, President
                                                                                    Marketing                                  Galapagos Studios Inc
                                          Tel:631 351-0640
                                                                                    Tel:978-909-1315                           1791 S. Murray Blvd.
Frontier Tooling & Design Corp.                                                                                                Colorado Springs , CO 80916-4513
                                                                                               Contact:John Will,
4220 Terrace Ave                          Http://
Huntington , WV 25705-1749                Product / Service Description             Product / Service Description
Contact:David Harshberger, V-P.           Design Services And Custom Furniture
                                                                                    Drug & explosives detectors
                                                                                                                               Product / Service Description
Tel:304-529-3778                          Sales                                     Measuring & controlling devices
                                                                                                                               Screen Printing
Product / Service Description
Dies, tools, jigs & fixtures_special
Tool & die job shop
                                                                     The Asian Register
3 6                                                                                                                         Global Contact's
Galaxy Control Systems                       Gardner Pumps Inc.                                                              Gem Paver
                                                                                    Gaston Systems Inc.
P.O. Box 158                                 P.O. Box 64744                                                                  9845 Nw 118th Way
                                                                                    200 S. Main St
Walkersville , MD 21793-0158                 Lubbock , TX 79464-4744                                                         Medley , FL 33178-1043
                                                                                    Stanley , NC 28164-2011
Contact:Rick Fournier, GM                    Contact:Charles Choate, President                                               Contact:Jurek Kocik,
                                                                                    Contact:Christoph Aurich,
Tel:301-845-6600                             Tel:806-791-5242                                                                Tel:305 805-0000
                                                                                    Managing Director
Fax:301-898-3331                             Fax:806-795-1784                                                                Fax:305-805-0004
                                                                                    Fax:704-263-0954                                                                Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                Product / Service Description             Manufacturers of Interlocking Brick Pavers
Integrated access control                    Well Pumps-Oil & Water                 Product / Service Description
                                             Centrifugal-All Types                  Chemical foam systems
                                                                                    Machinery_special industry               Gem-Tex Sales Corp.
                                                                                    Laminating Equipment
Gale Delivery Inc.                                                                                                           PO Box 627
                                             Gardner Systems Corp
45 Sweeneydale Ave.                                                                                                          Lagrange , GA 30241-0011
Bay Shore , NY 11706                         P.O. Box 278                                                                    Contact:Don Bangs, Pres., Fin. & R
Contact:Export Sales Manager,                Neenah , WI 54957-0278                                                          Tel:706-882-9211
Tel:(631) 231-4444                           Contact:Thomas A. Gardner, President                                            Fax:706-882-9229
                                                                                    Gateway International
Fax:(631) 231-0925                           Tel:920-735-0220                                                      
                                                                                    Transport, Inc.
Product / Service Description                                                         Product / Service Description
                                                                                    18201 Viscount Rd.
                                             Product / Service Description
Trucking                                                                                                                     Shoulder Pads & Sleeve Heads
                                                                                    Houston , TX 77032
                                             Wholesales And Designs Steam Control                                            Undercollar Felt
                                                                                    Contact:George J. Smith, Chairman/Chief
                                             Systems                                Executive Officer
                                             Paper Machine Equipment
Galvotec Alloys, Inc.                                                               Tel:(281) 443-7447
                                                                                                                             General Electrodynamics Corp.,
                                             Business Services, Nec                 Fax:(281) 443-3051
6712 S. 36th St.
Mcallen , TX 78503-8817
                                                                                                                             P.O. Box 150089
                                                                                    Product / Service Description
Contact:Rogelio Garza Sr., Pres., CEO
                                                                                                                             Arlington , TX 76015-6089
                                             Garland Beauty Products Inc            Air Freight Forwarder
                                                                                                                             Contact:Vincent Smart, Sales Director
                                                                                    Container Service
                                             1908 Beverly Blvd
                                                                                    Chartering Brokers
                                             Los Angeles , CA 90057-2402
                                                                                    Cargo Consultants
                                             Contact:Joseph Lew,
                                                                                    Custom House Broker
Product / Service Description
Aluminum, magnesium & zinc anodes
                                                                                                                             Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                             Portable Truck Scales, Wheel-load
                                             Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                             weighers, Axle Load Portable Aircraft
Game Mart Inc                                                                                                                Scales, Platform and Top-Of-Jack
10850 NW 21st Ste 220                                                               Gay & Robinson, Inc.
Miami , FL 33172
                                                                                    P.O. Box 156
Contact:Raymond Lo,                                                                                                          General Espresso Eqp Corp
                                                                                    Kaumakani , HI 96747-0156
                                             Eyelashes & Eyelash Extensions
                                                                                    Contact:Alan Kennett, Pres.
                                             Hair Sprays/Shampoo                                                             7912 Industrial Village Rd.
                                             Moustache/Beards                                                                Greensboro , NC 27409-9691
                                                                                    Fax:808-335-6424                         Contact:Roberto Daltio, President
Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Product / Service Description            Fax:336-393-0295
                                             Garreton, Inc., Isabel
Exporter-Video Games,
                                                                                    Sugar processing
                                             790 W Basin St
Consoles and Accessories
                                                                                    Raw cane sugar
                                             San Pedro , CA 90731-1300
Exporter - Consumers Electronics,
                                                                                                                             Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Cattle Ranch (Beef)
                                             Contact:Sara Dokter, Gen. Mgr.
Mp3 and MP4
                                                                                                                             Espresso Machine Importer
Gamma Products Inc.
                                                                                                                             General Robotics Corporation
P.O. Box 190                                                                        Gear Tec, Inc.
                                             Product / Service Description                                                   760 S. Youngfield Ct.# B
Palos Park , IL 60464-0190                                                          4245 Hamann Pkwy                         Lakewood , CO 80228-2813
                                             Children Apparel
Contact:Walter Meier,                                                               Willoughby , OH 44094-5623
                                             Girl & Baby Dresses                                                             Contact:Constant Brown, Pres.
Pres., Mktg., Pur. Mgr.                                                             Contact:James H. Weaver, Pres.
                                             Girl & Baby Coats                                                               Tel:303-988-5636 Fax:303-988-5303
Tel:708-974-4100                                                                    Tel:440-953-3900
                                             Girl & Baby Sweaters                                                  
Fax:708-974-0071                                                                    Fax:440-953-3906               ,
                                             Girl & Baby Special Occasion                                                                 
                                             Baby Christening                                                                        Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                       Product / Service Description            Educational personal computer robots for all
Scientific instruments, radiation shielding,                                        Speed changers, drives & gears           grade levels, Manufacturer
                                             Gasser-Olds Bronze Co Inc
sample changers, low-level alpha-beta                                               Gears
                                             PO Box 58286
                                             Los Angeles , CA 90058-0286
                                                                                                                             General Tools & Instruments
                                             Contact:Mr John Efurd III, Owner
                                             Tel:323-583-9031                                                                28161 Single Leaf
Gannett Graphics Inc
                                             Fax:323-583-9035                                                                Mission Viejo , CA 92692-4034
                                                                                    Gellner & Co.
PO Box 610987
                                                                                                 Contact:George Nothhelfer,
Birmingham , AL 35261-0987                                                          PO Box 208
                                             Product / Service Description                                                   International Sales Mgr.
Contact:Mr Steven Gannett, President                                                Tamaqua , PA 18252-0208
                                             Nonferrous Foundries: Castings, NEC                                             Tel:949-859-3203
Tel:205-836-9376                                                                    Contact:Robert Gellner, GM
                                             (Primary)                                                                       Fax:949-855-3103
Fax:205-836-1551                                                                    Tel:570-668-8800
                                             Castings                                                                                                                              Fax:570-668-5671
                                             Other Nonferrous Foundries                                            
Product / Service Description                                             
                                             (Except Die-Casting) (Prim                                                      Product / Service Description
Domed Decals                                                              
                                             Castings: Brass, Bronze & Copper                                                Specialty Hand Tools, Screwdrivers,
Domed Trailer Hitch Covers                                                          Product / Service Description
                                             Castings: Aluminum                     Water-based industrial polymers
                                                                                                                             Precision Measuring,
                                                                                    Plastic materials & resins
                                                                                                                             Machinists & Plumbing Tools
                                                                                                                             Test Instruments
                                                                         The Asian Register
         The Asian Register                                                                                                                                     37
                                         Geotech Environmental
Generon I G S-Tech Center                                                           Glas-Master/Wehr           Engineering      Glenro Inc.
11985 FM 529 Rd                                                                     8192 W. 700 N.                              39 McBride Ave
                                         8035 E 40th Ave
Houston , TX 77041-3011                                                             Fairland , IN 46126-9507                    Paterson , NJ 07501-1799
                                         Denver , CO 80207-1710
Contact:Tony Troiano, Plt. Mgr.                                                     Contact:Kyle Wehr, Operations Mgr.          Contact:Mr. Jim Karrett, Vice President
                                         Contact:Candice B. Popiel,
Tel:713-937-5200                                                                    Tel:317-835-7824                            Tel:973-279-5900
                                         International Sales
Fax:713-937-5250                                                                    Fax:317-835-2992                            Fax:973-279-9103
Product / Service Description                                                                Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Product / Service Description
Nitrogen gas processing                                                                                                         Printed Circuit Boards
Gases_industrial                                                                    Rescue & fire fighting equipment & tools &  Printed Circuit Boards
                                         Product / Service Description
                                                                                    knives                                      Bare Printed Circuit Board Mfg.
                                         Groundwater Sampling, Filtration,                                                      Ovens: Infrared
                                         Analytical & Remediation Equipment,                                                    Ovens: Drying
                                         Manufacturer                                                                           Industrial Process Furnces & Ovens
Genesis Disposables                                                                                                             Industrial Process Furnace & Oven Mfg.
                                                                                    Glasgow Products Inc
P.O. Box 324
Herkimer , NY 13350-0324                                                            150 E. Hawthorne Ave.
Contact:Alfredo Zennamo, Owner                                                      Valley Stream , NY 11580-6331
                                         Gerard Roofing Technologies
Tel:315-866-8752                                                                    Contact:Paul J. Glasgow, President
                                         955 Columbia St                                                                        Global Capital Associates Inc.
Fax:315-866-8743                                                                    Tel:516-561-8890
                                         Brea , CA 92821-2923                                                                     Fax:516-561-8891                            P.O. Box 665
                                         Contact:Tim Brown,                                                        Pass Christian , MS 39571-0665
Product / Service Description                                                       Product / Service Description               Contact:Ms. Anne Young,
                                         Fax:714-529-6643                                                                       Tel:Provided By E Mail
Medical Hospital Supplies                                                           Air tables; air conveyors
Nonwoven materials for medical                                                      Consulting design engineering services
                                         Product / Service Description                                                
                                         Roofing Materials                                                            
                                         Roof Curbs - Manufacturers                                                             Product / Service Description
                                         Services Nec
                                                                                                                                Exclusive Commercial Representative Agent
                                         Industry Leaders - Advertising
Genesis Lamp Corp                                                                   Glass Haus                                  of a Consortium of Worldwide Private
375 N. Saint Clair St.                                                              633 E Walnut St
Painesville , OH 44077-4053                                                         Green Bay , WI 54301-4001
Contact:Edward C. Zukowski,                                                         Contact:Tom Pecor, Mktg. Mgr.
Tel:440-354-0095                                                                    Tel:920-432-2000
                                         Geronimo Mfg., Inc. (H. Q.)
Fax:440-354-0624                                                                    Fax:920-432-7709
                                         3717 NW 63rd St                                                                        Global Marketing Corp.                                                
                                         Oklahoma City , OK 73116-1905
Product / Service Description                                                                  2648 Heron Ln. N.
                                         Contact:Jerald Baldwin, Pres.              Product / Service Description               Clearwater , FL 33762-2222
Light Bulbs & Tubes (Wholesale)
                                                                                                                                Contact:Sales & Marketing,
Photographic Equip & Supplies-Mfrs                                                  Glass products from purchased glass
Airport Runway Lamps                                                                Stained glass
                                         Product / Service Description
                                         Corporate Headquarters; oil derrick safety                                   
Airport (Par) Lamps
                                         slide escape devices                                                                   Product / Service Description
                                         Oil & gas field machinery
                                                                                                                                Pool and patio furniture
                                                                                    Gleem(R) Industries, Inc.                   Deck Furniture
                                                                                                                                New & Used Tires
                                                                                    233 Kent Ave
Geochem International            Corp.                                              Brooklyn , NY 11211-4112
137 Rowayton Ave.Ste. 330                                                           Contact:Galena Krivoi, Pres.
                                         Gill Studios, Inc.
Norwalk , CT 06853-1413                                                             Tel:718-963-0447
                                         10800 Lackman Rd
Contact:David Castagna, President                                                   Fax:718-963-2474
                                         Lenexa , KS 66219-1200                                                                 Globe Specialty Co
                                         Contact:Larry Timberlake, V-P., Sales
Fax:203-855-0570                                                                                      2700 W. 50th St.
                                         Tel:913-888-4422                                                              Product / Service Description               Chicago , IL 60632-2004
Product / Service Description                                                                                                   Contact:Paul Katz,
                                                                                    Chemical preparations
Thermoplastic Resins                                                                Cleaning chemicals & soaps, exterior drying
Plastic Extrusion Equipment & Printers                                              agents, polish waxes & tire shining product
                                         Product / Service Description
Packaging film                                                                      Soap & other detergents
                                         Automotive & apparel trimmings                                                         Product / Service Description
                                         Screen printing
                                                                                                                                Vehicle Lighting
George’s Woodcrafts, Inc.
                                                                                    Glenmac Inc.
9 Reichs Church Rd
                                                                                                                                Globe Technology Corp.
Marietta , PA 17547-9315                                                            P.O. Box 2135
                                         Gim Technology, Inc.
                                                                                    Jamestown , ND 58402-2135                   4592 Green Tree Ln.
Contact:George B. Martin, Pres., Engrg.,
                                         45979 Warm Springs Blvd.                   Contact:Mac McPherson, President
Fin. & Opers. Mgr.                                                                                                              Irvine , CA 92612-2205
                                         Fremont , CA 94539-6765
Tel:717-426-1004                                                                    Tel:701-252-9300                            Contact:Roger D. Noebel, Pres., Fin. & M
                                         Contact:Connie Zhou, Secretary
Fax:717-426-1204                                                                    Fax:701-252-1978                            Tel:949-733-0223
                                         Fax:510-657-8899                           Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                                                         
Solid wood furniture, Handcrafted                                                   Rock Removal Equipment            
Signed & Dated by Craftmen                                                          Beach & Track Sanitizing Mach.              Product / Service Description
                                         Product / Service Description
Furniture_wood household Walnut, Oak,                                               Landscape Power Rakes                       “Grrrip” grip and itold enhancer
                                         Machine Shop
Cherry Tables, Chairs,                                                              Cherrington Bleach Cleaners
                                         Industrial Machinery, Nec
Office furniture_wood Executive Desks
Computer Cabinets Etc.
                                                                   The Asian Register
3 8                                                                                                                     Global Contact's
Gold Cast Products                     Golden Ratio Woodworks                   Goodyear International Corp.             Graco Inc
130 Welsco Rd                          P.O. Box 297                             1144 East Market Street                  88 11th Ave NE
Smackover , AR 71762-9431              Emigrant , MT 59027-0297                 Akron , OH 44316                         Minneapolis , MN 55413
Contact:Wayne Love, Owner              Contact:Jodie Jensen,                    Contact:Keith Collett, Mgr./Export Sal   Contact:Chris Koch,
Tel:870-546-2598                       Tel:406-333-4578                         Tel:330-796-3400                         Tel:612-623-6000                       Fax:406-333-4769                         Fax:330-796-7178                         Fax:612-623-6703                    usgtr682@ibmmail               
Product / Service Description      Product / Service Description  
                                       Product / Service Description                                                     Product / Service Description
Artificial stone products                                                       Rubber & Plastics Belts, Flat
Mineral products_nonmetallic           Massage tables, spa equipment & salon    Rubber & Plastics Belts, Transmission    Switchgear & Switchboard Apparatus
Setting up artificial stone businesses equipment                                Rubber Hose & Hydraulic Hose             (Primary)
worldwide                                                                       Industrial Hose, Long Length             Meters
                                                                                                                         Switchgear & Switchboard Apparatus Mfg
                                                                                                                         Spraying Eqpt
                                                                                Gore Design Completions, Ltd.
                                       Golden Trust Shipping Corp.                                                       Pumps: Metering
                                                                                10100 Reunion Pl. Ste. 850
                                       D/B/A United Shipping Line
Gold Medal Products Co.                                                                                                  Painting Eqpt: Spray
                                                                                San Antonio , TX 78216-4171
                                       2460 Lemoine Ave.                                                                 Electronic Components, NEC
10700 Medallion Dr                                                              Contact:Jerry Gore,
                                       Fort Lee , NJ 07024-6231                                                          Indl Machinery & Eqpt, NEC
Cincinnati , OH 45241-4807                                                      Tel:210-496-5614
                                       Contact:Dina Karabachi, Owner                                                     Other Electronic Component Mfg
Contact:Dan Kroeger,                                                  
                                       Tel:201-944-9393                                                                  Measuring & Dispensing Pump Mfg
Tel:513-769-7676                                                                Product / Service Description
Fax:513-769-8500                                                                Aircraft Interior Completions (Mfrs)
                                                                                           Aircraft Interior Redesigning (Mfrs)
                                                                                            Aircraft Interior Design
                                       Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                   Aircraft Interior Engineering            Graham’s Concrete Supply
                                       Int. Freight Forwarder
Restaurant Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs                                            A/C Cabinetry & Upholstery               Corp.
                                       NVOCC Shipping Line
Popcorn Machines (Manufacturers)
                                                                                                                         PO Box 530
Vending Machines-Manufacturers
                                                                                                                         Culloden , WV 25510-0530
Service Industry Machinery Nec (Mfrs)
                                                                                Gorman-Rupp Co., The                     Contact:Pauline Graham, Admn. & GM
                                                                                P.O. Box 1217
                                       Goldman Products, Inc.                                                            Fax:304-743-0173
                                                                                Mansfield , OH 44901-1217
                                                                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                                                                Contact:Stephen P. North,
                                       379 Hollow Hill Rd
                                                                                Regional Manager
                                       Wauconda , IL 60084-9794
Gold Tech Industries
                                                                                                                         Ready-mix concrete
                                       Contact:Edward K. Rim, Pres., Pur. Agt.
1022 N Stadem Dr
Tempe , AZ 85281-1866
Contact:Gil Montanez, GM
                                                                                Product / Service Description
                                       Product / Service Description
Fax:480-921-2072                                                                                                         Graphic Chemical & Ink Co
                                       Dental equipment & supplies              Company headquarters & construction,
                                                                                                                         728 N. Yale Ave.
                                       Dental & surgical instruments            sewage, agricultural,
                                                                                                                         Villa Park , IL 60181-1606
                                                                                petroleum & industrial pumps
Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                         Contact:Dean Clark,
                                                                                Pumps & pumping equipment
Gold replacement parts for ASM & AMT
Epitaxial reactors
Precision plating for aerospace,
                                       Goldstar Transport, Inc.                                                
                                                                                Gothic Press
semiconductor & telecommunications
                                                                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                       P.O. Box 1857
industries                                                                      1317 Ave. Z
                                                                                                                         Mail Order & Catalog Shopping
                                       Carolina , PR 00984                      Brooklyn , NY 11235
                                                                                                                         Art Materials & Equipment for etching,
                                       Contact:Jennifer Maldonado, President    Contact:George Pompillio, V-P.
                                                                                                                         Litho,Woodcut & silkscreen
                                       Tel:(787) 769-9880                       Tel:718-332-4203
                                       Fax:(787) 750-0580                       Fax:718-646-4577
Golden Bag Co.                                                                  Product / Service Description
290 Illinois St
                                       Product / Service Description            Commercial printing
Dundee , IL 60118-1112                                                                                                   Graphic Images Co.
                                       Air Freight Forwarder
Contact:John Chi, Pres.
                                       Air Carrier Agents                                                                75 Washington St
                                       Warehousing                                                                       Plainville , MA 02762-2127
Fax:847-836-9988                                                                Gourmet Specialty Imports, Llc
                                                                                                                         Contact:Joel Linehan, Pres.
                                       Ocean Services                                                  P.O. Box 483                             Tel:508-695-5600                                                      Avondale , PA 19311-0483                 Fax:508-695-3915
Product / Service Description                                                   Contact:Cary Rosenthal, Pres.  
Plastic bags                                                                    Tel:610-268-5000               
Plastic products                                                                Fax:610-268-5552
                                       Good Hope Enterprises, Inc.                                                       Product / Service Description
                                                                                Product / Service Description            Automotive & apparel trimmings
                                       P.O. Box 132394
                                                                                Shallot processing                       Textile screen printing
                                       Dallas , TX 75313-2394
                                                                                Fish_fresh or frozen prepared
                                       Contact:Dr. Richard Nwachukwu, President
Golden Harvest, Inc.
                                       Fax:214-823-7373                                                                  Graphic Resource Group Inc
11944 Westar Ln                                                                 Grace Note Chimes
                                                                                          1050 Wheaton Dr.
Burlington , WA 98233-3620
                                       Product / Service Description            PO Box 1168                              Troy , MI 48083-1927
Contact:Kevin Buchanan, Pres.
                                       Newspapers: Publishing & Printing        Mariposa , CA 95338-1168                 Contact:Allen Pyc, President
                                       (Primary)                                Contact:Laura Skelton, Office Manager    Tel:248-528-3000
                                       Publishers: Newspaper (African Herald)   Tel:209-966-4194                         Fax:248-528-3003
                                       Newspaper Publishers (Primary)           Fax:209-966-4101               
                                       Publishers: Book                         
Product / Service Description
                                                                                        Product / Service Description
Water control gates
                                                                                Product / Service Description            Printed Material
                                                                                Manufacturing Industries, NEC (Primary)  Pop Displays, Banners, Decals, Signage
                                                                   The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                            39
Graycer Fabrication                          Griffin Inc.                                 Gruber Systems Inc                            Gundie’s Inc
PO Box 377                                   6562 U.S. Hwy. 178 W.                        25636 Avenue Stanford                         1283 Mt Baker Hwy
Bellingham , MA 02019-0377                   Byhalia , MS 38611-9442                      Valencia , CA 91355-1117                      Bellingham , WA 98226-8724
Contact:Jim Cerutti, Pres.                   Contact:Greg McKay,                          Contact:J.M. Elizalde, Export Manager         Contact:Mr Peter Gunderson, President
Tel:508-966-2033                             Tel:662-838-2128                             Tel:661-257-4060                              Tel:360-733-5036
Fax:508-966-0706                             Fax:662-838-2120                             Fax:661-257-4466                              Fax:360-734-6523                                                                     Product / Service Description                       Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                             Product / Service Description
                                             Armored Car-Manufacturers                                                                  Motor Vehicle Parts,
Sheet metal work                             Armored Truck Body Manufacture               Mfg Molds for Cultured Marble & Solid         Used Wholesale (Primary)
Sheet metal work                             Security doors, security windows             Surface. Machines to produce Cultured         Motor Vehicle Splys &
                                             Turrets, currency handling carts             Marble & Solid Surface. Technology to         Parts Wholesalers: Used
                                             Police Swat Vehicle,                         produce Cultured Marble & Solid Surface       Motor Vehicle Parts (Used) Merchant
                                             Armored Personnel Carriers                   building products.                            Wholesalers (Prim
Great Lakes Equipment Co.
                                             Riot Control Water Cannon Vehicle                                                          Recycling: Metal, Ferrous
592 Mayers Ave.
Oglesby , IL 61348-1459                                                                   Guardian Pool Fence Systems,
Contact:Bob Grivetti,                                                                                                                   H & M Pipe Beveling Machine
                                                                                                                                        Co., Inc.
                                                                                          14715 Aetna St
                                             Griffin, Inc.                                Van Nuys , CA 91411-2702                      311 E. 3rd St.
                                                                                          Contact:Steven E. Sadinsky,                   Tulsa , OK 74120-2401
                                             6562 Highway 178 W
                                                                                          Pres., Fin. & MIS Mgr.                        Contact:Patrick Dougal, V-P., Sales & Mktg.
                                             Byhalia , MS 38611-9442
Product / Service Description
                                                                                          Tel:800-767-7233 / 818-767-7233               Tel:918-582-9984
                                             Contact:Gregory McKay, Pres.
Used & Rebuilt Cat Parts and New Parts for
                                                                                          Fax:818-908-9088                              Fax:918-582-9989
Non-Cat Machines
                                                                                          Product / Service Description                 Product / Service Description
                                                                                          Safety equipment                              Pipe cutting & end prep equipment
                                             Product / Service Description
                                                                                          Removable mesh pool fencing
                                             Motor vehicles & car bodies
Great Lakes Filters
                                                                                          Do it yourself removable pool fencing
                                             Armored trucks, cars & security equipment
301 Arch Ave
                                             Swat vehicles, Police
Hillsdale , MI 49242
Contact:Brian K. Balliet, President                                                                                                     H B H Enterprises
                                                                                          Gulbrandsen Co., Inc.
                                                                                                                                        PO Box 967
                                                                                          1 Riverside Way
                                                                                                                                        Springville , UT 84663-0967
                                                                                          Phillipsburg , NJ 08865-2340
                                             Gro Power                                                                                  Contact:Aaron F. Ballard,
                                                                                          Contact:Donald Gulbrandsen, Pres.
                                                                                                                                        International Sales Manager
                                             15065 Telephone Ave.                         Tel:908-454-1569
Product / Service Description
                                             Chino , CA 91710-9614                        Fax:908-454-4133
Filtration Equipment & Supplies
                                             Contact:Brent Holden,              
                                             Tel:909-393-3744                             Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                        Product / Service Description
                                             Fax:909-393-2773                             Chemical preparations
                                                                                                                                        Pet & Aquatic
                                                                Water treatment chemicals
Great West Equipment Inc
                                                                                                                                        Tropical Fish Food
                                             Product / Service Description
354 Umbarger Rd. Ste. 1                                                                                                                 Dog & Cat Treats
                                             Fertilizers-Manufacturers                    Gulf Port Industries, Inc.
San Jose , CA 95111-2000                                                                                                                Private Label Manufacturer for Pet Products
                                             Fertilizers (Organic Base)
Contact:Connie Smith, President                                                           6308 Benjamin Rd Ste 712
Tel:408-578-0885                                                                          Tampa , FL 33634-5174                                                                 Contact:Kristina Martin,
Product / Service Description                                                             Tel:800-263-0808
Whol Paving & Concrete Processing                                                         Fax:800-663-3800                              H C P Recycling
                                             Grosfillex, Inc.
                                                                                                                                        PO Box 5118
                                             230 Old West Penn Ave
Construction and Mining Machinery                                               
                                                                                                                                        Kendallville , IN 46755-5118
                                             Robesonia , PA 19551-8904                    Product / Service Description                 Contact:Michael Friskney, General Manager
                                             Contact:Carel Harmsen, Ex. V-P., CEO
                                                                                          Doors, hollow metal parts & components        Tel:260-347-4739
                                                                                          Locks, exit devices, door closers, hinge door Fax:260-347-4150
                                                                                          savers                                        Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                        Converted paper products
P.O. Box 410
                                                                                                                                        Paper recycling
                                             Product / Service Description
Schofield , WI 54476-0410
                                             Furniture_public building & related
Contact:Cheryl Aderhold,
                                             Outdoor furniture, planters, folding doors & Gulfex, Inc.
                                             wall coverings
Fax:715-355-2399                                                                          401 State St
                                             Furniture_household                                                                        South Houston , TX 77587-3025                 H C Price Co                                                                  Contact:W. B. Sheehy, Pres.
                                                                                                                                        15660 Dallas Pkwy. Ste. 300
Product / Service Description                                                             Tel:713-946-6614
                                                                                                                                        Dallas , TX 75248-3354
Serving worldwide commercial and                                                          Fax:713-946-1877
                                                                                                                                        Contact:J. T. White, President
industrial markets, Greenheck is the leading                                    
                                             Gross Co., Roll Div., F. R.                                                                Tel:972-858-8800
manufacturer of air moving and control                                                    Product / Service Description
                                             1397 Commerce Dr
equipment in the United States. We offer a                                                Pressure vessels & metal fabrication
                                             Stow , OH 44224-1736
comprehensive line of ventilation products                                                Plate work_fabricated (boiler shops)
                                                                                                                                        Product / Service Description
                                             Contact:Ron Peterson, Sales & Mktg. Mgr.
that includes Fans and Ventilators,                                                       Metal products_fabricated
                                                                                                                                        General costruction contractor; oil, gas, &
Centrifugal & Vane Axial, Dampers, Louvers,                                               Skid Mounted Process Systems - Design &       petrochemical related infrastructure such as
Energy Recovery ventilators, make-up air                                                  Fabrication
                                                                                                                                        pipelines, compressor stations,
units and Kitchen Ventilation systems                                                     Piping Fabrication
                                                                                                                                        meter & mainline valve stations.
                                             Product / Service Description
                                             Heat transfer rolls
                                                                        The Asian Register
4 0                                                                                                                            Global Contact's
H.J. Merrihue                                Hamburger Woolen Co Inc                  Hamilton Materials Inc                    Hardwood Products Co LLC
P.O. Box 23123                               P.O. Box 796                             345 W Meats Ave                           PO Box 149
New Orleans , LA 70183                       New Hyde Park , NY 11040-0607            Orange , CA 92865-2623                    Guilford , ME 04443-0149
Contact:Chad Byard, Operations Manager       Contact:Ilene H. Rosen, Vice President   Contact:Mr Willis Hamilton, President     Contact:Terry Young,
Tel:(504) 466-2800                           Tel:516-352-7400                         Tel:714-637-2770                          Tel:207-876-3311
Fax:(504) 466-9850                           Fax:516-352-7704                         Fax:714-637-2670                          Fax:207-876-3130                                          
Product / Service Description                           Product / Service Description   
                                             Product / Service Description                                                      Product / Service Description
Divers                                                                                Gypsum Prdts (Primary)
                                             Fabrics-Uniform and                      Plaster                                   Disposable Food Service Wooderware
                                             career apparel, Wholesale                Gypsum Product Mfg (Primary)              Ice Cream Spoons, Ice Cream Sticks
                                             Police & Security Equipment-Wholesale    Gypsum Prdts                              Skewers and Utensils
HAB Intl Inc
8601 NW 68th St
Miami , FL 33166-2667                        Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex             Handbooks in Healthcare, A                Harings Pride Catfish
Contact:Harold Beharry,
                                             Inc                                      Division of Associates in Medical 681 Pete Haring Rd.
Tel:305-470-0054 Fax:305-470-9781
                                             4421 Waterfront Dr.                      Marketing                                                                                                                  Wisner , LA 71378-4653
                                             Glen Allen , VA 23060-3375               3 Terry Dr. Ste. 201
Product / Service Description                                                                                                   Contact:W. C. Haring,
                                             Contact:Erin Fleming,                    Newtown , PA 18940-1871                   Tel:318-724-6654
                                             Tel:804-346-1421                         Contact:Marvin Anzel,                     Fax:318-724-6140
Air Cargo Service
                                             Fax:804-527-7196                         Tel:215-860-9600                
Air Courier Services
                                             Product / Service Description            Fax:215-860-9558                
                                             Irons                                               Product / Service Description
                                             Blenders                                          Prepared Fish & Seafood Products (Mfr)
                                             Toasters                                 Product / Service Description
Hail & Cotton Inc.                           Toaster Ovens                            Publishers of Medical Handbooks
2500 South Main Street, / PO Box 638         Food Processors
Springfield , TN 37172-0638                  Mixers
Contact:Warren Corbin, President             Drink Mixers                             Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics            Harkness Enterprises Inc
Tel:615-384-9576 Fax:615-384-6461            Juicers / Extractors
                                                                                      2804 West Mall Drive                      2840 Research Park Dr                    Coffeemakers
                                                                                      Florence , AL 35630-2203                  Soquel , CA 95073-2076
Product / Service Description                Electric Knives
                                                                                      Contact:Rita White, Off. Mgr.             Contact:Ms Stephanie Harkness, CEO
Leaf Tobacco, inlcuding flue-cured, burley,
                                                                                      Tel:256-766-0810                          Tel:831-462-1141
dark types and Oriental. Processing of cigar
                                                                                      Fax:256-766-1218                          Fax:831-462-9813
                                             Hamilton Beach/Proctor Silex,
wrapper, bundles, tangled lvs
                                                                                      Product / Service Description   
Butt lvs, strip, stem, scrap, ferment cigar  Inc.
                                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
                                                                                      Surgical appliances & supplies
filler, blackfat                             4421 Waterfront Dr.
                                                                                      Artificial limbs & braces                 Plastic Prdts (Primary)
                                             Glen Allen , VA 23060-3375
                                                                                                                                Plastics: Injection Molded
                                             Contact:Erin Fleming,
                                                                                                                                All Other Plastics Product Mfg (Primary)
Halas & Associates
                                                                                                                                Plastics: Molds
                                                                                      Hankins & Johann Inc
425 Roselawn Pl.                                                                                                                Medical Devices
                                              7609 Compton Rd
Charlotte , NC 28211-4162                                                                                                       Plastics: Medical Molding
                                                 Richmond , VA 23228-3617
Contact:Paul Halas,                                                                                                             ISO 13485 Engineering Services
Tel:704-364-4440                                                                                                                Plastics: Engineering Design
                                             Product / Service Description            Fax:804-262-9898
Fax:704-364-1494                                                                                                                Plastics: Product Design
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                             Toasters                                 Architectural/Ornamental Mtl Work (Mfrs)
Product / Service Description
                                             Toaster Ovens                            Anodizing (Manufacturers)
Halas Business Valuation System
                                             Food Processors
Determines the Fair Market Value                                                                                                Harris Instrument Corporation
for Any Business, U.S. or Offshore. 15-30                                                                                       155 Johnson Dr
                                             Drink Mixers                             Hanmer & Noyer Inc.
Day Turn Around. References.                                                                                                    Delaware , OH 43015-8500
                                             Juicers / Extractors
                                                                                      25870 Detroit Rd                          Contact:Heather Stockdale, Int’l Sales Mgr
                                                                                      Westlake , OH 44145-2423                  Tel:740-369-3580
                                             Electric Knives
                                                                                      Contact:Dan Noyer, Pres., Sales Mg
Hall Seafood, Inc., Russell                                                                                                     Fax:740-369-2653
PO Box 156
Fishing Creek , MD 21634-0156
                                                                                                    Product / Service Description
Contact:Harry Phillips, Pres.
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
                                             Hamilton Kettles Division
Tel:410-397-3490 Fax:410-397-3807                                                                                               Non-Contact Measurement, Guiding & Hole
                                                                                      Measuring & controlling devices
                                             Allegheny Hancock Holding                                                                                                      Detection Systems
                                                                                      Level & motion sensors
Product / Service Description                                                                                                   Measuring & controlling devices
Fish_fresh or frozen prepared                2898 Birch Dr.
Crabmeat & fish processing                   Weirton , WV 26062-5142
                                                                                      Hardwood Market Report
                                             Contact:Charles R. Friend, President
                                             Tel:304-794-9400                         P O Box 2633
                                                                                                                                Hart Dynamics Inc
                                             Fax:304-794-9430                         Cordova , TN 38088-2633
Hallgren Co
                                                 Contact:Judd Johnson,                     500 Industrial Park Rd.
5909 63rd St.
                                              Tel:901 767-9126                          Destin , FL 32541-2705
Lubbock , TX 79424-2711
                                             Product / Service Description            Fax:901-767-7534                          Contact:Peter Hart,
Contact:Mark Hallgren,
                                             Steam Jacketed S/S Mix Kettles, Cookers,                              Tel:850-654-1455
                                             Agitation Sys.                                        Fax:850-654-8505
                                             Pressure Kettles, Vacuum Cookers,        Product / Service Description   
                                             Agitation Systems                        Hardwood - Lumber Pricing       
Product / Service Description
                                                                                      Hardwood - Market Commentary              Product / Service Description
Building Specialties
                                                                                      Hardwood - Lumber Newsletter              Musical Instruments-Manufacturers
Millwork (Manufacturers)
                                                                                      Lumber - Hardwood Pricing
                                                                                      Lumber - Hardwood Markets Commentary
Builders Hardware (Wholesale)
                                                                         The Asian Register
         The Asian Register                                                                                                                                      41
Hartzell Propeller Service                 Haynes Manuals Inc                          Heartland Mill, Inc.                       Henniker Saw Shop, Llc
Center                                     PO Box 978                                  RR 1 Box 2                                 PO Box 438
1 Propeller Pl.
                                           Newbury Park , CA 91320                     Marienthal , KS 67863-9557                 Henniker , NH 03242-0438
Piqua , OH 45356-2655
                                           Contact:Mr Eric Oakley, President           Contact:Mark Nightingale, GM               Contact:Joseph Morette, Pres., MIS Mgr.
Contact:Gordon Hay, Director
                                           Tel:805-498-6703                            Tel:316-379-4472                           Tel:603-428-3751
Tel:937-778-4201 (Option
                                           Fax:805-498-2867                            Fax:316-379-4459                           Fax:603-428-6533
                                                                    Product / Service Description
                                           Product / Service Description               Product / Service Description              Industrial machinery
Product / Service Description
                                           Books: Publishing & Printing (Primary)      Organic grain & flour processing           Tools, knives & saws sharpening
Hartzell Propeller Repair Station
                                           Publishers: Book                            Flour & other grain mill products          Cutlery
Overhaul / repair of Hartzell propellers /
                                           Book Publishers (Primary)                   Organic Oat Product Line                   Turkey farm
                                                                                       Organic Millet Processing
FAA / JAA Approved
                                           Hcl Machine Works                                                                      Henry Engineering
                                                                                       Heat Exchanger Design Inc
                                           15142 Merrill Ave.                                                                     503 Key Vista Dr.
                                           Dos Palos , CA 93620-9458                   PO Box 524                                 Sierra Madre , CA 91024-1041
                                           Contact:Casey Campbell,                     Indianapolis , IN 46206-0524               Contact:Hank Lansberg,
Harvest Of Barnstable
                                           Tel:209-392-6103                            Contact:Mr Hesham Derazi, President        Tel:626-355-3656
89 Willow St
                                           Fax:209-392-3000                            Tel:317-686-9000                 
Yarmouth Port , MA 02675-1742
                                                             Fax:317-686-9100                           Product / Service Description
Contact:Wendi C. Smith, Owner
                                                          Radio Station Equipment-Manufacturers
                                           Product / Service Description               Product / Service Description
                                           Compost turners, agricultural, industrial & Fabricated Plate Work (Primary)
                                           city recycling                              Heat Exchangers                            Heritage Custom Arms, Llc
Product / Service Description
                                                                                       Power Boiler & Heat Exchanger Mfg
Manufacturing industries                                                                                                          250 Keller Rd
Dried flowers & shell gift items                                                                                                  Rossville , GA 30741-6426
                                           Health Care Medical Supply,                 Pressure Valves                            Contact:Norman Myers, Pres.
                                           Inc.                                        Heat Recovery Equipment & Systems          Tel:706-861-3909
                                                                                       Condensers: Vapor
                                           22108 N. 77th Way                                                                      Fax:706-866-4430
                                                                                       Sheet Metal Work
                                           Scottsdale , AZ 85255-4018                                                   
                                                                                       Sheet Metal Work Mfg
                                           Contact:Yadi Rezvani, Pres.
Haskel International Inc.                                                                                               
                                                                                       Metal Tank (Heavy Gauge) Mfg
                                           Tel:480-998-5300                                                                       Product / Service Description
100 E. Graham Pl
Burbank , CA 91502-2027                                                                                                           Rifles
Contact:Irma Aguilar, Asst. Mktg. Mgr.                                                                                            Small arms
                                                     Helander Products, Inc.
                                           Product / Service Description
Fax:818-841-4291                                                                       PO Box 247
                                           Gauze sponges,                                                                       Clinton , CT 06413-0247                    Heritage Packaging, Inc.
                                           bandages & hospital supplies                                                                  Contact:Gordon E. Helander, President
                                                                                                                                  441 Market St
                                           Surgical appliances & supplies
Product / Service Description                                                          Tel:860-669-7953
                                                                                                                                  Lawrence , MA 01843-1431
                                           New, refurbished, & “as is” medical         Fax:860-669-6756
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Pumps, Gas & Air                                                                                            Contact:Philip Defusco, Pres.
                                           instruments & equipment           
Boosters                                                                                                                          Tel:978-686-6127
                                                                                       Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                  Product / Service Description
                                           Healthy N’ Fit Nutritionals, Inc            Clutches Miniature
                                                                                                                                  Nailed wood boxes & shook
                                           435 Yorktown Rd                             One Way, Spring, Indexing, Electromagnetic
                                                                                                                                  Wooden containers
Hassell Free Exports Inc.                  Croton On Hudson , NY 10520-3703
                                           Contact:Irene Sepe, V-P.
4407 S.W. Martin Highway
Palm City , FL 34990-5586                                                              Hemagen Diagnostics, Inc.                  Hermann Oak Leather Co.
Contact:Vernon Hassell,                                                                9033 Red Branch Rd
                                                                                                                                  4050 N. 1st St.
Tel:772-219-4521                                                                       Columbia , MD 21045-2110
                                                                                                                                  Saint Louis , MO 63147-3427
                                           Product / Service Description
Fax:772-219-4522                                                                       Contact:William P. Hales,
                                                                                                                                  Contact:Lee E. Rottmann, Sales Manager
                                           Sports nutrition products                                                                   Tel:443-367-5501
                                           Vitamins, minerals &                                                             Fax:410-997-7812
                                           nutritional sports products
Product / Service Description                                                
                                           Protein powders & amino acid supplements
Exporters - of hardware &                                                    
                                           Fat burners, GH formulations,
other building products                                                                Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                  Product / Service Description
                                           anabolic formulas
Warehousing Services Offered                                                           Corporate headquarters & diagnostic
                                                                                                                                  Vegetable Leather Tanning & Finishing
                                           Custom formulations
Purchasing & Consolidation                                                             reagents & test kits
                                           Herbs & herbal formulations
                                                                                       Diagnostic substances
                                           Raw minerals
                                           Whey & egg protein                                                                     Hermetic Switch         Inc.
                                                                                                                                  P.O. Box 2220
                                                                                       Hemco Corp
Hawkeye Industries, Inc.                                                                                                          Chickasha , OK 73023-2220
                                                                                       111 S. Powell Rd
                                           Healthy Weight Network
PO Box 1277                                                                                                                       Contact:Sandy Sanders,
                                                                                       Independence , MO 64056-2678
Tupelo , MS 38802-1277                                                                                                            Tel:405-224-4046 Fax:405-224-9423
                                           402 14th St S
                                                                                       Contact:Ronald E. Hill, President
Contact:Bryan Hawkins, Pres.               Hettinger , ND 58639-7529
Tel:662-842-3333                                                                                                                  Product / Service Description
                                           Contact:Frances Berg, Owner, Fin. & R
Fax:662-842-3664                                                                                                                  Reed switches
                                                                                                                                                                                               Proximity sensors
                                                                                                Surface Mount Switches                   
                                                                                       Product / Service Description              Medical Sensors
Product / Service Description    
                                                                                       Laboratory Fume Hoods and Furniture
Sheet metal work                                                                                                                  Magnetic Switch
                                           Product / Service Description
Sheet metal fabrication                                                                                                           Magnetic Sensor
                                           Providing weight and eating research &
                                                                                                                                  Custom Reed Switch
                                                                                                                                  Custom Proximity Sensor
                                           Educational materials and books
                                                                                                                                  Aircraft Sensors
                                                                                                                                  Medical Switch
                                                                      The Asian Register
4 2                                                                                                                            Global Contact's
                                                                                                                                Hormel Foods Corp
Herr Industrial, Inc.                         High Speed Production Inc                Hitech Corp
                                                                                                                                International Corporation
610 E Oregon Rd                               1303 Underwood Ave                       1041 Andrew Dr.
                                                                                                                                1 Hormel Pl
Lititz , PA 17543-9202                        San Francisco , CA 94124-3308            West Chester , PA 19380-4293
                                                                                                                                Austin , MN 55912-3673
Contact:Tim Herr,                             Contact:Ed Riggins,                      Contact:Sales & Marketing,
                                                                                                                                Contact:Mr. Richard A. Bross, President
Tel:717-569-6619                              Tel:415-822-3083                         Tel:610-719-0900
Fax:717-569-3540                              Fax:415-822-8359               
                                                                                                                                       Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                 Publishers-Periodical                    Telecommunication Equip/Syst-Whol/Mfrs
                                                                                                                                Sausages & Meat Prdts (Primary)
Metal fabrication                                                                      Removals / Installations
                                                                                                                                Meat Processed From Purchased Carcasses
Metal products_fabricated                                                              Engineering
                                                                                                                                Meat Processed From Carcasses (Primary)
Herr Industrial is a company that specializes Highland Community News                                                           Meat Prdts: Smoked
in industrial & military paint finishing
                                              27268 Base Line                                                                   Meat Prdts: Sausage
systems for both large & small                                                         Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.
                                              Highland , CA 92346-3163                                                          Meat Prdts: Frozen
parts. We produce turnkey systems using
                                              Contact:Charles Roberts, Editor          P.O. Box 2145                            Meat Prdts: Canned
liquid paint, powder paint, & “E” coat
                                              Tel:909-862-1771                         Elizabeth City , NC 27906-2145           Meat Cutting & Packing
                                              Fax:909-862-1787                         Contact:Janna Critcher, Mktg. Manager
                                              Product / Service Description            Fax:252-331-2886                         Hose Of South Texas, Inc.
Hi-Pro Industries Inc.                                                       
                                              Newspaper typesetting
                                                                                                                                P.O. Box 9576
11D Empire Blvd.                                                             
                                                                                                                                Corpus Christi , TX 78469-9576
South Hackensack , NJ 07606-1805                                                       Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                Contact:Kermit Batey, Pres.
Contact:Pratul Gandhi, Owner                                                           Manufactures of turbine
Tel:201-440-2838                                                                       flowmeters and electronics
Fax:201-440-2753                                                                       Industrial instruments for measurements
                                              Hillcraft Ltd.                                                                                                                        Measuring, controlling & analyzing
                                              2202 Advance Rd                                                         
Product / Service Description                                                          equipment
                                              Madison , WI 53718-6760                                                           Product / Service Description
                                                                                       Flow Computers
AC Delco, GM, Chrysler, Motorcraft, Ford      Contact:Forrest Lipke, Pres.                                                      Hoses, rubber, plastic, metal, oilfield, BOP,
Auto Parts                                    Tel:608-221-3220                                                                  water
                                                                                       Holland Co. L. P.
                                              Product / Service Description
Hickey-Freeman Co. Inc.                                                                1000 Holland Dr
                                              Kitchen cabinets_wood                                                             Hot Topic Inc.
                                                                                       Crete , IL 60417-2120
1155 Clinton Ave. N                           Plastic laminated cabinets
                                                                                                                                18305 San Jose Ave
                                                                                       Contact:Kevin Flaherty, G.M. Sales
Rochester , NY 14621-4445                     Laminated plastic plate & sheet
                                                                                                                                City of Industry , CA 91748-1237
Contact:Paulette Garafalo,
                                                                                                                                Contact:Elizabeth M Mclaughlin,
                                                                                                                                Chief Executive Officer
Fax:716-467-1236                              Hillsboro Cement Products, Inc.                                                   Tel:626-839-4681
                                                                                       Product / Service Description
                                              PO Box 585                                                                        Fax:626-839-4686
Product / Service Description                                                          Railroad equipment
                                              Hillsboro , WI 54634-0585                                               
Mens Clothing & Furnishings-Retail                                                     Railway equipment & supplies
                                              Contact:Wes Hansbery Jr., Pres.                                                   Product / Service Description
Mens & Boys Suits Coats/Overcoats                                                      Rail welding
                                              Tel:608-489-3331                                                                  Apparel & Garments-retail
(MFRS)                                                                                 Track testing
                                              Fax:608-489-4000                                                                  Toys and parts and accessories, nesoi
Men’s Clothing-Manufacturers                  Product / Service Description                                                     Dolls, whether or not dressed.
                                              Concrete_ready-mixed                                                              Stuffed toys and parts and accessories
                                              Ready-mix concrete & concrete block                                               thereof
Higgins Supply Co Inc.                        Concrete block & brick
                                                                                       Hollowick Inc
18-23 South St.
                                                                                       100 Fairgrounds Drive
Mc Graw , NY 13101-9475                                                                                                         Hot-Hed Inc
                                                                                       Manlius , NY 13104-1609
Contact:Heather Scollins, Sales               Hillside Candy Co                                                                 5322 Addicks Satsuma Rd.
                                                                                       Contact:Mike Cleveland,
                                              35 Hillside Ave.                                                                  Houston , TX 77084-3039
                                              Hillside , NJ 07205-1833                                                          Contact:Louis Wardlaw,
                                              Contact:Susan R. Jay,                                                             Tel:281-550-2100
                                              Tel:973-926-2300                                                                  Fax:281-859-7396
Product / Service Description
                                                                                       Product / Service Description
Manufacturer of orthopedic stays &                                                              Product / Service Description
                                                                                       Decorative candle & oil lamps
hardware. Manufacturer of garment boning &                                                      Oil Field Equipment-Manufacturers
                                                                                       Chafing fuel
underwires                                    Product / Service Description                                                     Molded Extruded/Lathe Cut Rbbr Gds (Mfr)
                                              Candy & Confectionery-Manufacturers                                               Oil Well Equipment & Supplies-Whol
                                              Sugar Free Brand, Hard & Chewy Candies                                            Importers
High Energy Corp
PO Box 308                                                                             Honeywell Sensing & Control
Parkesburg , PA 19365-0308                    Hirsch Pipe & Supply Co.                                                          Houston Mfg. Specialty Co., Inc.
                                                                                       11 W. Spring St.
Contact:Dr George Georgopoulos,
                                              14949 Oxnard St.                         Freeport , IL 61032-4316                 P.O. Box 24339
                                              Van Nuys , CA 91411-2611                 Contact:Leslie Mantua, Admn. Asst.       Houston , TX 77229-4339
Tel:610-593-2800                              Contact:Greg Mariscal, Director,         Tel:815-235-5500                         Contact:Meg G. Mallay, Pres.
Fax:610-593-2985                              International Sales                      Fax:815-235-6545                         Tel:713-675-7400                        Tel:818-756-0900                                     Fax:713-672-6613
Product / Service Description
Electronic Capacitors (Primary)
                                                            Product / Service Description  
Capacitors: Ceramic
                                                        Electrical & electronic switches,        Product / Service Description
Electronic Capacitor Mfg (Primary)
                                                                                       indicators & sensors
                                              Product / Service Description                                                     Oil field gaskets, API ring joint
Capacitors: Oil Filled                        Plumbing & Heating Supplies, Wholesale   Electronic components                    Gaskets, packing & sealing devices
                                              Construction Materials, N.E.C. Wholesale Electrical industrial apparatus          Insulation Products, Flange Sets
                                              Industrial Supplies, Wholesale           Measuring & controlling devices          Rubber products_fabricated
                                                                           The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                   43
                                                                                                                                Hydratecs Injection Equipment
                                                                                   Hurd WIndows & Doors Inc.
Houston Ship Repair Inc                      Hufcor, Inc.
                                                                                   575 South Whelen Ave.
16201 Wood Dr.                               PO Box 591
                                                                                                                                430 Morgan Ave.
                                                                                   Medford , WI 54451-1738
Channelview , TX 77530-2729                  Janesville , WI 53547-0591
                                                                                                                                Akron , OH 44311-2432
                                                                                   Contact:Darrell Diedrich,
Contact:N.V.R. Sarma,                        Contact:Steven Meyer,
                                                                                                                                Contact:Carl A. Chiofolo, President
                                                                                   Dir. of Natl & Int’l Accts
Tel:281-452-5841                             Tel:608-756-1241
                                                                                   Tel:715-748-2011 Fax:715-748-6043
Fax:281-452-1087                             Fax:608-756-1246
Product / Service Description      
                                                                                   Product / Service Description
                                             Product / Service Description
Ship & Rig Repairs
                                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
Rig Power Upgrades                           Partitions & Fixtures, Except Wood    Windows & Patio Doors
                                                                                                                                New Rubber Injection Equipment
Power Plantwork                              Interior Partitions                   Aluminum Clad & Wood
                                                                                                                                Used Rubber Injection Equipment
Diesel Engine Component Reconditioning       Airwall                               Windows & Patio Drs.
                                                                                   PVC Windows & Patio Doors
                                                                                                                                Hydro-Chem, A Division of
                                             Hull Forest Products Inc.                                                          Linde BOC Process Plants
                                                                                   Husco International, Inc.
                                             101 Hampton Rd
Howe Press of Perkins School                                                                                                    PO Box 869
                                             Pomfret Center , CT 06259-1712        P.O. Box 257                                 Holly Springs , GA 30142-0015
For The Blind
                                             Contact:Jeff Durst,                   Waukesha , WI 53187-0257                     Contact:Raju Natarajan, President
172 N. Beacon St.
                                             Tel:860-974-0127                      Contact:Agustin A. Ramirez, Pres.            Tel:770-345-2222
Watertown , MA 02472-2748
                                             Fax:860-974-2963                      Tel:262-513-4200 Fax:262-513-4514            Fax:770-345-2778
                                             Product / Service Description         Product / Service Description                Product / Service Description
                                             Hardwood Sawmills                     Valves, Hydraulic Control                    Hydrogen plant design and equipment
                                                                                   Controls, Electro-hydraulics,                Synthesis gas plant
Product / Service Description
                                                                                   including INCOVA
Braillers, Specialty Braillers, Brailler
                                                                                   Valves, Controls, off-highway & auto
                                             Hume Leathergoods            Inc. Don
repairs, Slates and Appliances for the blind
                                                                                   Controls, engine                             Hydrolec Inc.
                                             500 26th Street
                                                                                   Suspension, Controls, offhighway & auto
                                             Miami , OK 74354                                                                   5050 Stepp Ave.
                                                                                   Valves, Fluidpower
                                             Contact:Shniece Zinn, Sales Mgr.                                                   Jacksonville , FL 32216-6054
                                             Tel:918-542-6604                                                                   Contact:Kim Kawasaki,
Howell Electric Motors                       Fax:918-542-4340                                                                   Tel:904-730-3766
                                                                                   Husker Power Products, Inc.
900 North Ave.                                                                                        Fax:904-730-3775
Plainfield , NJ 07062-1621                         PO Box 2006                        
Contact:Bob Hyatt, Manager                   Product / Service Description         Hastings , NE 68902-2006                     Product / Service Description
Tel:908-756-8800                                                                   Contact:John Vandeventer, Owner
                                             Leather holsters & police equipment                                                Hydraulic Pumps & Motors 1-500HP
Fax:908-561-4683                                                                   Tel:402-463-1531 Fax:402-463-1313
                                             Nylon holsters & police equipment                                                  Powerpak for Lifts, Compactor, Presses                                                                                 
Product / Service Description                                                      Product / Service Description
                                             Hunt Country Furniture Inc                                                         Hytorc Corp
Motors and Generators                                                              Engines_internal combustion
                                             PO Box 208                                                                         333 State Rt. 17
                                                                                   Rebuilt engines
                                             Wingdale , NY 12594-0208                                                           Mahwah , NJ 07430-2129
                                                                                   ISUZU diesel engines and service parts
                                             Contact:Mr Tom Coons, President                                                    Contact:Joe Paul,
                                                                                   Hitachi service replacement engines and
                                             Tel:845-832-6601                                                                   Tel:201-512-9500
Hoyt Electrical Instrument                                                                                                      Fax:201-512-0530
Works, Inc.
P.O. Box 8798
                                                                                   Hy International Corporation
                                             Product / Service Description                                                      Product / Service Description
Penacook , NH 03303-8798
                                                                                   639 River Bend Rd
                                             Wood Household Furniture (Primary)                                                 Bolting Tools
Contact:Joe Legerster, Sales Manager
                                                                                   Great Falls , VA 22066-2712
                                             Furniture: Household, Wood                                                         Hydraulic Equipment-Manufacturers
                                                                                   Contact:Hawk Y Yazgan, President
                                             Nonupholstered Wood Household                                                      Hydraulic Equipment & Supplies (Whol)
                                             Furniture Mfg (Primary)
                                             Furniture: Tables & Table Tops, Wood
                                             Furniture: Chairs, Household Wood
Product / Service Description                                                                                                   I A International Inc
                                             Furniture: Beds & Cots      
Electrical indicating instruments & analog                                                                                      9200 S. Dadeland Blvd. Ste.510
                                                                                   Product / Service Description
panel meters                                                                                                                    Miami , FL 33156-2713
                                                                                   Wholesale Trade
Electricity measuring instruments, Digital                                                                                      Contact:Art Goessel,
                                                                                   Lumber & Construction Materials
                                             Hunt Lumber Co.                                                                    Tel:305-670-0580
                                                                                   Lumber, Plywood, Millwork & Wood
                                             172 Gabe Rd                                                                        Fax:305-670-3818
                                             Clendenin , WV 25045-9010                                                
                                                                                   Hardwood & Softwood Veneer & Saw Logs
                                             Contact:Jo Ann Hunt, Secy.                                               
Hps Engineering Inc.                         Tel:304-548-5869 Fax:304-548-5348                                                  Product / Service Description
                                             Product / Service Description
311 Evergreen Drive                                                                                                             Global Association of Independent
Kentfield , CA 94904-2709                    Pallets & skids_wood                                                               Accounting, Tax & Business Consulting
Contact:H. Peter Solle, President            Wooden pallets & crib blocks          401 Jones Rd                                 Firms
Tel:415-925-0125                                                                   Oceanside , CA 92054-1216
Fax:415-925-9308                                                                   Contact:Serenity Gardner,                                                         Tel:760-901-2529
                                             Huntington Electric Inc                                                            I D M Technologies, Inc.                                                             Fax:760-901-2578
                                             P.O.Box 366                                                                        674 Main St
Product / Service Description                                            
                                             Huntington , IN 46750-0366                                                         Holden , MA 01520-1805
Automotive Battery & Diagnostic                                          
                                             Contact:Michael Khorshid, President                                                Contact:Richard Lewis, Pres.
Equipment                                                                          Product / Service Description
                                             Tel:260-356-0778 Fax:260-356-7891                                                  Tel:508-829-2112
Automotive Disc Brake Pads                                                         Hydranautics manufactures reverse osmosis,
Brake Hydraulic Components                                                         ultrafiltration & microfiltration membranes
                                                                                           Product / Service Description
                                                                                   for an array of water treatment applications
Battery Chargers
                                             Product / Service Description                                                      Signs & advertising specialties
                                                                                   which iclude: water, ultrapure water, waste
                                             Mfg. Power Wire Wound Resistors                                                    Interior & exterior signs & vinyl lettering
                                                                                   treatment, & seawater desalination.
                                             Relays & Industrial Controls
                                                                        The Asian Register
4 4                                                                                                                        Global Contact's
I M S Connector Systems, Inc.                                                      Identatronics Inc.
                                           ITT Industries Systems Div                                                       Ims Inc
1400 Waters Ridge Dr                                                               425 Lively Blvd
                                           4410 E. Fountain Blvd.                                                           2604 Andalusia Blvd.
Lewisville , TX 75057-6005                                                         Elk Grove Village , IL 60007-2011
                                           Colorado Springs , CO 80916-2153                                                 Cape Coral , FL 33909-2903
Contact:Bill Morrow, Reg. Mgr.                                                     Contact:Gerardo Talavera,
                                           Contact:James Cameron,                                                           Contact:Rolf Nilsen,
Tel:972-219-1240                                                                   International Sales
                                           Tel:719-591-3600                                                                 Tel:239-772-9299
Fax:972-436-7141                                                                   Tel:847-437-2654
                                           Fax:719-591-3698                                                                 Fax:239-772-9517                                                                    Fax:847-437-2660
Product / Service Description                                            
                                           Product / Service Description                                                    Product / Service Description
Current-carrying wiring devices
                                                                                   Product / Service Description
Connectors & RF cable assemblies           Satellite Comms Services-Common Carrier                                          Watertight sliding doors
                                           Satellite Equipment & Systems-Mfrs      ID Badges & Tags
                                           Equipment Engineering & Sustainment     Video Imaging Systems & Supplies
                                           Computers-Networking, Software
I R Electronics Inc                                                                                                         In Time
8004 NW 68th St                                                                                                             6303 Calumet Rd
                                                                                   Illinois Valley Area Chamber of
                                           Defense Contractors
Miami , FL 33166-2781                                                                                                       South Haven , MN 55382-9228
                                                                                   Commerce & Economic
                                           Equipment & Facilities Maintenance
Contact:Sales & Marketing,                                                                                                  Contact:John Klammer, Partner
Tel:305-592-0511                                                                                                            Tel:320- 236-6202
                                                                                   P.O. Box 446,
Fax:305-592-9937                                                                                                            Fax:320-236-6204
                                                                                   La Salle , IL 61301-0446                                                                                                 
                                                                                   Contact:Barb Koch,                                                                                      
                                           ITW Evercoat                            Tel:815-223-0227
Product / Service Description                                                                                               Product / Service Description
                                           6600 Cornell Rd.                        Fax:815-223-4827
Radio, Television, and Electronics                                                                                          Sells Data Processing Office Machine
                                           Cincinnati , OH 45242-2033    
Electrical parts of machinery or apparatus                                                                                  Supplies
                                           Contact:Frank Derrick, Dir. Int’l Sales
                                           Tel:513-489-7600                        Product / Service Description
                                           Fax:513-489-9229                        Site, Building & Location Data
I-Deal Optics                                                                                                               Incare Medical Equipment
840 E. Lewiston Ave.                                                                                                        4711 Highway 17 Byp S
Ferndale , MI 48220-1416                                                                                                    Myrtle Beach , SC 29577
                                           Product / Service Description           Imagine Lumber Company
Contact:Morton Feldman,                                                                                                     Tel:843-293-2122
                                           Body Filters
                                                                                   P.O. Box 380
Tel:248-548-7289                                                                                                            Fax:843-293-4009
                                                                                   Redmond , WA 98073-0380
Fax:248-548-2176                                                                                                            Product / Service Description
                                                                                   Contact:Thomas Spencer, President                                                                                                  Hospital Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs
Product / Service Description
Optical frames & sunglasses                                                                                                 Indco Incorporated
                                           ITW Ransburg                                                                     P.O. Box 589
                                                                                   Product / Service Description
                                           320 Phillips Ave                                                                 New Albany , IN 47151-0589
                                                                                   North American KD Hardwood &
IFC                                        Toledo , OH 43612-1476                                                           Contact:J T Sims, President
                                                                                   Softwood Lumber
                                           Contact:Sales & Marketing,                                                       Tel:812-945-4383
77 Evergreen Ave.                                                                  Mouldings & Millworks Dimension & Parts
                                           Tel:419-470-2000                                                                 Fax:812-944-9742
Brooklyn , NY 11206-4626
Contact:Ilja Foss, Owner
                                                                                   Immco Diagnostics Inc
                                           Product / Service Description                                                    Product / Service Description
                                                                                   60 Pineview Dr.                           Indstrl/Coml Machinery/Equip Nec (Mfrs)                                          Mfg. Mixing Equipment
                                                                                   Buffalo , NY 14228-2120
Product / Service Description              Paint-Manufacturing Equipment (Whol)
                                                                                   Contact:Vijay Kumar,
                                           Spraying Equipment-Wholesale
Exporting Firms
Household goods & cars                                                                                                      Indeck Power Equipment Co.
                                                                                                                            1111 Willis Ave # I
                                                                                                                            Wheeling , IL 60090-5816
IHS Environmental Services, Inc                                                                                             Contact:Marsha Forsythe-Fournier,
                                                                                   Product / Service Description
                                           Icc Chemical Corp
                                                                                                                            President, COO
175 Hickory Springs Industrial Drive                                               Laboratories-Medical, Autoimmunity,
                                           460 Park Ave. Fl. 7                                                              Tel:847-541-8300
Canton , GA 30115                                                                  Autoimmune Disorders
                                           New York , NY 10022-1841
Contact:Mike Marby, Owner                                                                                                   Fax:847-541-9984
                                           Contact:John J Farber,
                                           Chairman of the Board
                                                                                   Imperial Fez Inc & Ameerah
                                           Tel:212- 521-1700                                                                Product / Service Description                                                                  Imports Inc.
Product / Service Description                                                                                               Boilers, generators, chillers,
                                                                                   2285 Peachtree Rd. NE Ste. 102
                                           Product / Service Description
Machinery_special industry                                                                                                  water treatment equipment, economizers,
                                                                                   Atlanta , GA 30309-1121
                                           International Chemical Trading Company
Solvent distillation & recycling machinery                                                                                  auxiliary equipment
                                                                                   Contact:Rafih Benjelloun,
                                           Chemicals & Allied Products                                                      Boiler parts
                                           Wholesale Trade non Durable Goods
INNCOM International, Inc.                                               
                                                                                                                            Indelac Controls, Inc.
                                                                                   Product / Service Description
277 W Main St
                                                                                   Imperial Fez Restaurant home page
Niantic , CT 06357-1018                                                                                                     P.O. Box 6182
                                                                                   Moroccan Restaurant,
Contact:John Tavares, V-P., Sales                                                                                           Florence , KY 41022-6182
                                           Ideal Engineering Co.
                                                                                   Authentic Cuisine By Chef Rafih
Tel:860-739-4468                                                                                                            Contact:James L. Robinson, Pres., Opers.
                                           PO Box 402
                                                                                   Ammerah-Imports all
Fax:860-739-4460                                                                                                            Tel:859-727-7897
                                           Bellingham , MA 02019-0402
                                                                                   Exotic Deccor & Furnitures                                                                                                            Fax:859-727-7898
                                           Contact:Neal McElwee, Pres.
                                                                                   Art and Crafts from the Middle East and                                                                                                    
Product / Service Description                                                                                               Product / Service Description
Communications equipment, nec                                                                                               Relays & industrial controls
                                           Product / Service Description
Hotel room wireless infrared and wired                                                                                      Electric & spring return actuators &
                                           Industrial machinery
control systems                                                                                                             controls
                                           Machine parts
                                                                                                                            Fluid power cylinders & actuators
                                                                       The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                     45
                                           Industrial Specialty Chemicals,
Indiana Polymers Inc                                                                   Inn Foods                                 Intech Corporation
P.O. Box 710                                                                           310 Walker St.                            250 Herbert Ave
                                           16880 Lathrop Ave
Portage , IN 46368-0710                                                                Watsonville , CA 95076                    Closter , NJ 7624-1333
                                           Harvey , IL 60426-6031
Contact:Richard Pyle, President                                                        Contact:Michael Montero, Director         Contact:George Bartosch,
                                           Contact:Jose Jacob, Pres.
Tel:219-762-9550                                                                       Tel:831-724-2026                          Tel:201-767-8066
Fax:219-762-7991                                                                       Fax:831-728-5708                          Fax:201-767-7797
Product / Service Description                                                          Product / Service Description             Product / Service Description
                                           Product / Service Description
Whol Plastic Material                                                                  Frozen Vegetables & Fruits                Intech Power Core, high load, machined,
                                           Chemical preparations
                                                                                       Frozen Potatoes, Including Fries          plastic gears w. metal hub
                                           Water treatment compounds, corrosion
                                                                                       USDA Meat & Poultry Meal Kits             Cam followers, guide rollers, quiet, do not
                                           inhibitors & pollution prevention chemicals
                                                                                       Frozen Flavored Rice & Vegetables         wear rail, no lubrication
                                           Defoamers, cleaners
Indiana Veneers Corp.
1121 E. 24th St.                                                                       Innotech Systems Inc
                                           Industrial Tape Specialists Llc
Indianapolis , IN 46205-4425                                                           320 Main St
                                                                                                                                 Integrity Coal Sales, Inc.
                                           700 Inverness Ave. Ste. 201
Contact:Peter Lorenz, V-P., Opers.                                                     Port Jefferson , NY 11777-1645
                                           Nashville , TN 37204-2700
Tel:317-926-2458                                                                                                                 905 Marconi Avenue
                                                                                       Contact:Mr Leonard Novara, President
                                           Contact:John Hooton, President
Fax:317-926-8569                                                                                                                 Ronkonkoma , NY 11779
                                           Tel:615-292-7703                                                                                                         Contact:Gregory Licata, President
                                           Fax:615-292-7703                                                                                                    Tel:631-467-6969
Product / Service Description                                                                                                    Fax:631-467-7776
                                                                                       Product / Service Description
                                                                                                 Product / Service Description
Wooden veneers                                                                         Consumer Electronic Product
                                           Product / Service Description
Hardwood veneer                                                                                                                  Coal, Coke & Petroleum Coke & Other
                                                                                       Developers & Suppliers
                                           Whol Distributor & Converter Of Pressure                                              Minerals
                                                                                       Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic
                                           Sensitive Tape
                                                                                       Assembly) Mfg (Primary)
                                           Adhesive Tape
                                                                                       Semiconductors & Related Devices
                                                                                       Infarred Devices & Code Libraries
Industrial Crystal Corp.                                                               Engineering Services
                                                                                                                                 Interad Limited
2 Park Ave. Rm. 1522                                                                   Voice Recognitions Technology & Products
                                           Information Unlimited Inc
New York , NY 10016 5701                                                                                                         18321 Parkway Rd
Contact:Ellen Evans, Export, Mgr                                                                                                 Melfa , VA 23410-3017
                                           PO Box 716
Tel:212-481-1890                                                                                                                 Contact:Steve Walton,
                                           Amherst , NH 03031-0716                     Innovative Headwear, Inc.
Fax:212-689-5947                                                                                                                 Tel:757-787-7610
                                           Contact:Mr Robert Iannini, President
                                                                                       507 S. G St.                                                                                                         Fax:757-787-7740
                                           Tel:603-673-6493 Fax:603-672-5406
                                                                                       Lake Worth , FL 33460-4370                                                                                           
                                                                                       Contact:Kiran Patel, Pres.
Product / Service Description                                                                                                    Product / Service Description
                                           Product / Service Description
Electrical Parts / Crystal Quartz / Export                                                                                       Communications Eqpt, NEC (Primary)
                                           Manufacturing Industries, NEC (Primary)     Fax:561-588-9806
Aircraft Parts, Export                                                                                                           Communication Eqpt & Systems, Nec
                                           Educational Materials & Kits      
General Merchandise                                                                                                              Other Communications Equipment Mfg
                                           All Other Miscellaneous Mfg (Primary)       Product / Service Description
IC’s Semiconductor, Connectors Etc.                                                                                              (Primary)
                                                                                       Manufacturer of sun helmets
Electronic Parts                                                                                                                 Communication Eqpt:
Lumber                                                                                                                           Integrated Receiver Decoders
                                           Inland Diamond Products
                                                                                                                                 Receivers: Radio Communications
                                           32051 Howard Ave                            Innovative Marble & Tile
                                           Madison Heights , MI 48071-1473
                                                                                       130 Motor Pkwy.
                                           Contact:Dennis Raffaelli,
                                                                                       Hauppauge , NY 11788-5107
Industrial Engine, Inc.                                                                Contact:Ciska Kruger,
                                           Fax:248-589-0499                                                                      Intercomp Inc
                                                                                       Vice President Mktg & Bus. Dev.
6401 E. Hwy. 20                  
Abilene , TX 79601                                                                                                               275 Commercial Blvd. Ste. 3
                                           Product / Service Description
Contact:Andy White, Pres.                                                                                                        Oakland Park , FL 33308-4429
                                           Ophthalmic Goods-Manufacturers    
Tel:915-672-4206                                                                                                                 Contact:Perry Keese,
                                           Diamond Wheel Manufacturers       
Fax:915-672-4831                                                                                                                 Tel:954-493-6461
                                                                                       Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                                                                    Fax:954-493-6573
                                                                                       Durable Goods, NEC              
Engines_internal combustion
                                           Inland Surveyors Inc.                       Stone tiles, similar articles,            Product / Service Description
Rebuilt engines & pumping jacks
                                           P.O. Box 8289                               marble, granite, travertine
Tools_hand & edge                                                                                                                Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Whol
                                           Northfield , IL 60093-8289                  Other stone products - tile & cut to size
                                           Contact:Daniel H. Boltz, John D. Boltz,
                                           Marine Surveyors
                                           Tel:312-329-9881                            Inotech Biosystems Intl
Industrial Fluoro Plastics Inc                                                                                                   Interface Solutions Inc
                                                                                       15713 Crabbs Branch Way
9328 Hawley Park Rd.                                                                                                             216 Wohlsen Way
                                                                                       Rockville , MD 20855-2607
                                           Product / Service Description
West Jordan , UT 84088-5641                                                                                                      Lancaster , PA 17603-4043
                                                                                       Contact:David Mines, Sales Manager
                                           Logistics & Transportation
Contact:Bob Chavez,                                                                                                              Contact:Vic K. Burriss, Mgr.
                                                                                       Tel:301- 670-2850
                                           Transporation, Freight & Cargo Svcs
Tel:801-282-6722                                                                                                                 Tel:717-207-6006
Fax:801-282-6720                                                                                                                 Fax:717-207-6080
                                           Inmark       Corporation                                                                                                
                                                                                       Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                                                                    Product / Service Description
                                           4 Byington Pl. Ste. 1                       Research Laboratory Equipment NAIC #
Teflon Coatings                                                                                                                  Gaskets Packing & Sealing Devices
                                           Norwalk , CT 06850-3309                     339111, SAIC # 2836
Fluoropolymer Coatings                                                                                                           Manufacturing
                                           Contact:Lars Giers,                         Heparin Absorbant NAIC # 42145, #
Teflon Rods, Tubes, Sheets                                                                                                       Automotive Gasket Materials
                                           Tel:203-866-8474                            325413 SAIC# 2835
                                           Product / Service Description
                                           X-ray Apparatus and Tubes and related
                                           radiation apparatus
                                                                      The Asian Register
4 6                                                                                                                             Global Contact's
Interface Solutions, Inc.                   International Liner Co.                 International Tractor Co                     Irridelco International Corp.
216 Wohlsen Way                             714 Braddock View Dr.                   547 Saw Mill River Rd. Ste. 1D               440 Sylvan Ave.
Lancaster , PA 17603-4043                   Mount Braddock , PA 15465-0230          Ardsley , NY 10502-2154                      Englewood Cliffs , NJ 07632-2727
Contact:Vic K. Burriss,                     Contact:Sales & Marketing,              Contact:Eilat Lev,                           Contact:Ronald Gilbert,
Mgr. Marketing and Communications           Tel:724-430-2065                        Tel:914-693-0300                             Chairman of the Board
Tel:717-207-6006                            Fax:724-430-2078                        Fax:914-693-5151                             Tel:201-569-3030
Fax:717-207-6080                                                Fax:201-569-9237                      Product / Service Description                                                              Product / Service Description      
                                            Motor vehicle parts and accessories
Product / Service Description                                                                                                    Product / Service Description
                                            Bed Liners for Pick Up Trucks           Contractors-Equip/Supls-Dlrs/S (Whol)
Gaskets, packing & sealing devices                                                  Contractors-Equipment-Manufact               Pumps and Pumping Equipment
manufacturing                                                                       Importers                                    Tubes, pipes and hoses, rigid, of polymers of
Automotive gasket materials                                                                                                      vinyl chloride, aluminum & galvanized
                                            International Marble & Granite
Engine Gaskets and Seals                                                                                                         steel. Sprinkler and drip irrigation with all
                                            2950 W Grand Ave
O-Rings                                                                                                                          accessories
                                                                                    International Truck Ctr Of Bn
                                            Chicago , IL 60622-4308
                                            Contact:Manthy Hlepas,                  340 Mystic Ave.
                                            Tel:773-252-2550                        Medford , MA 02155-6317
                                                                                                                                 Irtronics Instruments, Inc.
                                            Fax:773-252-3873                        Contact:Gary Fenn,
                                               Tel:781-396-2707                             132 Forest Blvd
International Aero Inc
                                            Product / Service Description           Fax:781-395-8592                             Ardsley , NY 10502-1031
11817 Westar Ln                                                                            Contact:John Jenkofsky, Pres.
                                            Cut Stone & Stone Products (Mfrs)
Burlington , WA 98233-3623                                                            Tel:914-693-6291
                                            Marble Contractors
Contact:Jim Sylvester, Mktg.                                                        Product / Service Description                Fax:914-693-6291
Tel:360-757-2376                                                                                                                 Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Truck Equipment & Parts-Wholesale
Fax:360-757-4841                                                                                                                 Infrared temperature measuring instruments                                                                                                      & control systems
                                            International Packaging Co.
                                                                                    Interpharm Inc
                                            11 Faneuil St
Product / Service Description
                                            Brighton , MA 02135-1901                75 Adams Ave.
Manufactures & repairs aircraft interiors,
                                                                                                                                 Island Auto Parts Warehouse
                                            Contact:Steven Simon, Pres.             Happauge , NY 11788-3605
manu. & repair a/c interior reconfiguration
                                            Tel:617-254-3400                        Contact:Bob Sutaria, Pres.                   484 E. Redlands Blvd.
FAA / JAA repair station engineering
                                            Fax:617-254-1111                        Tel:516-952-0214                             San Bernardino , CA 92408-3742
                                            Product / Service Description           Fax:516-952-9587                             Contact:Abdul Zadeh, President
                                            Bags: plastics, laminated & coated
                                                                                    Product / Service Description                Fax:909-888-5381
                                            Plastic & paper shopping bags
                                            Bags: uncoated paper & multiwall        Pharmaceuticals
                                                                                    Pharmaceutical preparations
International         Chimney
                                                                                                                                 Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Manufacturer of Generic Drugs OTC & Rx.
55 S. Long St.
                                            International Plant Nutrition                                                        Whol & Ret Auto Engines & Parts
Williamsville , NY 14221-6622
                                            Institute (IPNI)                                                                     Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts
Contact:Richard T. Lohr,
                                            655 Engineering Dr # 110                                                             Auto and Home Supply Stores
                                                                                    Interpharm Inc.
                                            Norcross , GA 30092-2843
Fax:716-634-3983                                                                    75 Adams Ave
                                            Contact:Dr. Terry L. Roberts, President                                                 Hauppauge , NY 11788-3605
                                            Tel:770-447-0335                                                                     Isolair Inc
Product / Service Description                                                       Contact:Bob Sutaria, Pres.
                                                                                    Tel:516-952-0214                             1620 NW Perimeter Way
                                                                                    Fax:516-952-9587                             Troutdale , OR 97060-9548
                                                                                           Contact:Michael Powell, President
                                            Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Product / Service Description                Tel:503-492-2105 Fax:503-492-2756
                                            Periodicals: Publishing & Printing                                         
International Fire Protection                                                                                          
                                                                                    Pharmaceutical preparations
                                            Publishers: Periodicals, Magazines                                                   Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Manufacturer of Generic Drugs OTC & Rx.
243 Royal Dr.                               Periodical Publishers (Primary)
                                                                                                                                 Mfg Aircraft Auxiliary Equipment &
Madison , AL 35758-1788
                                                                                                                                 Logging Equipment
Contact:Kamran Malek,
                                                                                                                                 Aircraft Parts and Equipment, Nec
Tel:256-461-9988                                                                    Interstate Diesel-Mc Bee Supl
                                            International Steel & Revolving
                                                                                                                                 Helicopter fire & fighting equipment
Fax:256-461-7839                                                                    4901 Lakeside Ave. E.
                                            Doors                                                             Cleveland , OH 44114-3931
                                            2124 N. 6th Ave.
Product / Service Description                                                       Contact:Amir Hummadi,
                                            Evansville , IN 47710-2814
Sprinklers-Automatic-Fire (Wholesale)                                                                                            J & J Amusements Inc
Sprinklers-Automatic-Fire-Manu                                                                                                   4897 Indian School Rd NE # 150
Fire Protection Equipment & Supls (Whol)                                                                                         Salem , OR 97305-1126
                                                                                    Product / Service Description                Contact:Leon Wilbanks, G.M.
                                                                                                                                 Tel:503-304-8899 Fax:503-304-1899
                                                                                    Cummins, Cat, Detroit Diesel Navistar
                                            Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Engine Parts
                                            Revolving doors
                                                                                    Fuel Injectors & Fuel Injector Repair Parts
                                            Security revolving doors
International Freezing Systems
                                                                                                                                 Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                 Manufactures amusement rides and
                                            Security Turnstiles
P.O.Box 7009
                                                                                                                                 devices— go-carts and bumper boats
                                                                                    Ion Physics Coporation
Corpus Christi , TX 78467-7009
Contact:Tom Swierc,                                                                 P.O. Box 165
                                            International Tool Boxes
Tel:361-883-0992                                                                    Fremont , NH 03044-0165
                                                                                                                                 J & J Pallet & Trucking, Inc.
Fax:361-884-1234                                                                    Contact:Helmut Milde, President
                                            1280 Frontenac Raod
                                                                                    Tel:603-895-5100                             11 Quebec St                       Naperville , IL 60563-0712                                                         Fax:603-895-5101                             Lowell , MA 01852-4511
                                            Contact:Peter Guerette,
Product / Service Description                                                                   Contact:Brian Harrington, Pres.
Mfg Refrigeration Equip                                                                       Tel:978-970-0133
I.Q.F. & Blast Freezers                                                             Product / Service Description                Fax:978-970-0133
                                            Product / Service Description
                                                                                    Current Transformers                         Product / Service Description
                                            Plastic, Metal Tool Boxes,
                                                                                    High Voltage Pulse Generators                Pallets & skids_wood
                                                                                                                                 Wooden pallets
                                                                        The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                     47
                                                                                JP Sercel Associates                           James Consolidated Inc.
J & L Wire Cloth Co., Inc.            J P T, Inc.
                                                                                220 Hackett Hill Rd.                           P.O. Box 3483
268 Water St W                        320 Hamman Dr
                                                                                Manchester , NH 03102                          Walnut Creek , CA 94598-0483
Saint Paul , MN 55107-2015            Eaton Rapids , MI 48827-9596
                                                                                Contact:Randy Hill, V-P., Engrg.               Contact:Brian James,
Contact:James Peltier, Pres.          Contact:Sally Hartenburg,
                                                                                Tel:603-518-3221                               Tel:925-691-5117
Tel:651-227-3099                      MIS & Opers. Mgr.
                                                                                Fax:603-518-3298                               Fax:925-691-4200
Fax:651-227-1565                      Tel:517-663-0578
Product / Service Description         Product / Service Description
                                                                                Product / Service Description                  Product / Service Description
Galvanized Wire Pallet Rack Decking   Motor vehicle parts & accessories
                                      Rebuilt automotive transmissions          Laser micro machining systems & job shop       Patented, Turning Mattress for
                                                                                                                               Preventing and Treating Pressure
                                                                                                                               Sores, and Mobilizing Pulmonary
J & M Industries, Inc.
                                      J S Fiber Co.                             JSAM
300 Ponchatoula Pkwy
Ponchatoula , LA 70454-8311           290 Marble Rd                             640 N Old Woodward Ave
Contact:Maurice Gaudet, GM            Statesville , NC 28625-2351               Birmingham , MI 48009-3881
                                                                                                                               James Consolidated, Inc.
Tel:985-386-6000                      Contact:Robert Ward, Fin. Mgr.            Contact:Thomas C White Iii, Owner
Fax:985-386-9066                      Tel:704-871-1582                          Tel:248-723-5154                               P.O. Box 3483                 Fax:704-871-1543                          Fax:248-723-5457                               Walnut Creek , CA 94598-0483
Product / Service Description                                            Contact:Brian James,
                                                       Product / Service Description                  Tel:925-939-5785
Bags, boxes & tarps protective covers
                                      Product / Service Description                                                            Fax:925-935-2552
                                      Mattress pads, blankets, shower curtains, Woven cotton fabrics nesoi
                                      pillows & bedspreads                      Parts of garments and clothing accessories,
J & S Machine, Inc.
                                                                                                                               Product / Service Description
23 Willow St # C
                                                                                                                               Manufacturer of support surfaces for
Natick , MA 01760-3428
                                                                                                                               prevention and treatment of pressure sores,
                                      J V I, Inc.
Contact:John Leblanc, Pres.
                                                                                                                               namely the patented
                                                                                Jack Gray Transport, Inc.
                                      7131 N Ridgeway Ave
                                                                                                                               Volkner(R) Turning System, Alternating
                                      Lincolnwood , IL 60712-2621               4600 E 15th Ave.
                                                                                                                               James Air (TM) Alternating
                                      Contact:James R. Voss, Pres.              Gary , IN 46403-3699
Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                               Pressure plus low air loss Systems plus
                                      Tel:847-675-1560                          Contact:J.S. Gray, President
Industrial machinery
                                                                                                                               Bariatric. Mattresses in five (5) sizes.
                                      Fax:847-675-0083                          Tel:219-938-7020 Fax:219-938-0127
Precision machining job shop
                                                     Product / Service Description
                                                Bulk Handlers
                                      Product / Service Description             Barge Terminal
J J Haines & Co
                                                                                                                               James M Howard Interiors
                                                                                Common Carrier
                                      Bearing Pads / Slide Bearings
6950 Aviation Blvd.
                                                                                                                               4128 Herschel St
                                                                                Ship-Bulk Terminal
                                      Shear / Alignment Connectors
Glen Burnie , MD 21061-2531
                                                                                                                               Jacksonville , FL 32210-2206
                                      Slotted Insert Systems
Contact:Bob Thompson,
                                                                                                                               Contact:James M Howard, Owner
                                      Hidden Framing & Stair Connections
                                      Plastic Shims                             Jacobson Holman Pllc
                                                                                                                               Fax:904-388-0300                                                          400 7th St. NW
                                                                                                                               Product / Service Description                                                         Washington , DC 20004-2237
                                      J. M. Precision
Product / Service Description                                                   Contact:John Clarke Holman,
                                                                                                                               Statuettes and other ornamental ceramic
                                      6842 Piccadilly Dr
Floor Materials
                                                                                                                               articles, not porcelain or china
                                      Houston , TX 77061-2847
                                      Contact:John Manning, Owner
                                      Tel:713-643-1157 Fax:713-643-1157
                                                                                Product / Service Description
                                      Product / Service Description
J K Tool & Die, Inc.
                                      Screw machine products                    Intellectual property law - patent, trademark,
321 N Washington Rd                                                                                                            James Spring & Wire Co.
                                      Prototype machine products                unfair competition.
Apollo , PA 15613-9639                                                                                                         P.O. Box 878
Contact:James A. Miller, V-P., Opers.                                                                                          Malvern , PA 19355-0918
Tel:724-727-2490                                                                                                               Contact:Timothy M. Morris, Pres.
                                      J.D.C. International Inc.                 Jacquelin Bridals
Fax:724-727-2419                                                                                                               Tel:610-644-3450                    P.O. Box 66050                            14975 Technology Ct                            Fax:610-640-4262
Product / Service Description         Chicago , IL 60666 0050                   Fort Myers , FL 33912-4422           
Dies, tools, jigs & fixtures_special  Contact:James D. Crook, President         Contact:Wen Wu, Owner                
                                      Tel:847-228-7770 Fax:847-228-7750         Tel:239-277-7099
Carbide progressive dies                                                                                                       Product / Service Description
                                                      Fax:239-277-9836                               Springs, wire forms, stampings & tool & die
                                                          job shop
                                      Product / Service Description   
J P Austin Associates Inc
                                      Customs Broker                            Product / Service Description
PO Box 808
                                      Freight Forwarder                         Bridal dresses & accessories
Beaver Falls , PA 15010-0808
                                      Freight & Cargo Transportation            Dresses_women’s, juniors’ & misses’
Contact:P J Austin, President
                                                                                                                               Jamestown Iron Works Inc
Fax:724-846-3797                                                                                                               2022 Allen Street Ext
                                      JCM Industries Inc                        James Consolidated             Inc.                                                                                                               Falconer , NY 14733-1793
                                      200 Old Boston Rd                         P.O. Box 3483                                  Contact:Richard Maher,
Product / Service Description         Nash , TX 75569-2626                      Walnut Creek , CA 94598-0483                   Tel:716-665-2818
Construction Sand & Gravel (Primary)  Contact:Ron Collins,                      Contact:Brian James,                           Fax:716-665-2851
Concrete Aggregates                   Tel:903-832-2581                          Tel:925-939-5785 / 800-884-3317      
Construction Sand & Gravel Mining     Fax:903-838-6260                          Fax:925-935-2552                               Product / Service Description
(Primary)                                                                                                                      Gray & Ductile Iron Foundries
Insulation: Mica                                                Machine Shops
Minerals & Earths: Ground Or Treated  Product / Service Description             Product / Service Description                  Welding
All Other Miscellaneous Nonmetallic   Valves & Pipe Fittings NEC (Mfrs)         Patented, Turning Mattress for Preventing
Mineral Prdt Mfg                      Water Works Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs     and Treating Pressure
                                      Pipe Repair Fittings                      Sores, Mobilizing Pulmonary Secretions &
                                      Pipe Tapping Sleeves                      Reducing Sleep Deprivation
                                                                 The Asian Register
4 8                                                                                                                       Global Contact's
                                                                                  Joe Anne Co. International, Inc.
Janine Dray                                                                                                                Jones Truck & Implement
                                        Jefferson Mills Inc.
                                                                                  H Q
1021 Madison Ave.                                                                                                          425 W. Walla Walla Hwy
                                        P.O. Box 698
                                                                                  147 W Cherry St Fl 2
New York , NY 10021-0201                                                                                                   Colifax , WA 99111-8672
                                        Pulaski , VA 24301-0698
                                                                                  Hicksville , NY 11801-3853
Contact:Natasha Friedman,                                                                                                  Contact:Larry Jones,
                                        Contact:David B. Spangler,
                                                                                  Contact:Neil Morgenstern, Pres.
Tel:212-717-8239                                                                                                           Tel:509-397-4371
                                        President & CEO
Fax:212-717-8329                                                                                                           Fax:509-397-3629
                                                                                                                                                                          Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                       Farm Equipment ( Wholesale )
                                                                                  Product / Service Description
                                        Product / Service Description
Womens Apparel - Retail
                                                                                  Apparel- Cut-Sew
Womens Apparel - Wholesale              Textured & Twisted Nylon & Polyester
                                                                                  Belts- Material-Leather-Bonded
                                        Yarns                                                                              Junk Lumber, R. J.
                                                                                  Suspenders- Braces
                                                                                                                           RR 1 Box 444
                                                                                  Bags- Soft Sided-Nylon-Canvas
Jason     Internatonal                                                                                                     Honey Grove , PA 17035-9744
                                                                                  Woven Narrow Fabrics- Poly-Cotton-Nylon
8328 Mac Arthur Dr.                                                                                                        Contact:Richard J. Junk, Owner
North Little Rock , AR 72118-2029                                                                                          Tel:717-734-3838
                                        Jefferson Orthopedics Inc
Contact:Remo Jacuzzi, Pres.                                                                                                Fax:717-734-3806
                                                                                  Joey Bed, Inc.
                                        4413 Clearview Pkwy
                                                                                  2627 S.E. Holgate Blvd.
                                        Metairie , LA 70006-2305
Fax:501-771-2333                                                                                                           Product / Service Description
                                                                                  Portland , OR 97202-4749
                                        Contact:Mr Joseph B Sunseri Jr, President                                                                                                         Veneer logs and export saw logs
                                                                                  Contact:Walter Olson, Pres.
Product / Service Description
Baths, Whirlpool, Air & Airwhirlpool,                                                                                      Jutta Neumann New York Inc.
                                        Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                           158 Allen St.
                                                                                  Product / Service Description
                                        Orthopedic, Prosthetic & Surgical
                                                                                                                           New York , NY 10002-2119
                                                                                  Vehicle Storage Rollout Drawers
                                        Appliances/Splys (Primary)
                                                                                                                           Contact:Jutta Neumann,
                                        Orthopedic & Surgical Appliances,
Jay-Tec Intl                                                                                                               Tel:212-982-7048
                                        Splys & Eqpt
435 Hawthorne Ave.                                                                                                         Fax:212-353-8606
                                        Surgical Appliance &                      John Henrys Food Products
Los Altos , CA 94024-3854                                                                                        
                                        Supplies Mfg (Primary)                    7676 North Fwy. Ste. 807
Contact:James Young,                                                                                                       Product / Service Description
                                        Prosthetic Devices & Eqpt & Splys         Houston , TX 77037-4216
Tel:650-947-9188                                                                                                           Leather Accessories-Handmade
                                        Health Aids: Physical Therapy Eqpt        Contact:John Abercrombie,
Fax:650-947-0995                                                                                                           Sandals, Bags, Belts & Leather Jewelry
Product / Service Description
Machine Tools (Wholesale)                                                                                                  K & F Electronics, Inc.
                                        Jenssen Scales Inc.                                                                33041 Groesbeck Hwy.
                                                                                  Product / Service Description
                                        635 Hulet St.                                                                      Fraser , MI 48026-1514
                                                                                  Food Products & Manufacturers
Jaybird Mfg., Inc.                      San Jose , CA 95125-2244                                                           Contact:Richard Kincaid, Pres., GM
                                                                                  Food Brokers
                                        Contact:Finn C. Jenssen, Presiddent                                                Tel:586-294-8720
2595 Clyde Ave # B                                                                Private Label
                                        Tel:408-288-8730                                                                   Fax:586-294-5999
State College , PA 16801-7554
Contact:Darren Figart, Pres.
Tel:814-235-1807                                                                  John N Hansen Co Inc
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                                                                  369 Adrian Rd
                                        Product / Service Description                                                                                                       Printed circuit boards
                                                                                  Millbrae , CA 94030-3104              Sell Industrial Scales, Balances & Reel
                                                                                  Contact:Mary J. Hansen,
Product / Service Description           Counters
Humidifiers                                                                                                                K & K Precision Tool & Die Llc
Fogging System                                                                                                             29895 Little Mack Ave
                                                                                  Product / Service Description
Cooling System                                                                                                             Roseville , MI 48066-2240
                                                                                  Manufactures and imports games and toys
                                                                                                                           Contact:Jim Kelly, Pres., GM
                                        Jerr-Dan Corp.
                                        1080 Hykes Rd
Jbs Assoc                                                                                                                  Fax:586-294-3035
                                        Greencastle , PA 17225-9647                                                        Product / Service Description
101 Henry Adams St. Ste. 444
                                        Contact:International Sales Manager,
San Francisco , CA 94103-5225                                                                                              Dies, tools, jigs & fixtures_special
                                                                                  Johnson Printing Co.
Contact:William Button,                                                                                                    Carbide dies
                                                                                  4136 Green Valley Rd
Tel:415-490-5617                                                                                                           Cold heading dies
                                                                                  Huntington , WV 25701-9661
                                                                                  Contact:Linda Bias, Fin. & Off. Mgr.
                                        Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                                                              K A N E Mfg. Co., Inc.
                                        Tow Truck Bodies
Interior Decorators/Dsgnrs Supls (Whol)
                                                                                                                           PO Box 57163
                                                                                  Product / Service Description
                                        Car Carrier Bodies
                                                                                                                           Pleasant Hill , PA 50317
Furniture Manufacturing                                                                                                    Contact:Dave Siefkin, Shpg & Whse Mgr.
                                                                                  Commercial printing
Jeb Advertising Inc                                                                                              
                                        Jewelry Club House                        Johnston Seed Co.
618 E Market St                                                                                                  
                                        611 W. 6th St. Suite 2268                 PO Box 2668
Louisville , KY 40202-1117                                                                                                 Product / Service Description
                                        Los Angeles , CA 90017                    Ashburn , GA 31714-2668
Contact:Mr Jim Geer, President                                                                                             Plastic Products
                                        Contact:Lo Yeh Huang, President           Contact:Tatum Johnston, Pres.
Tel:502-625-1800                                                                                                           Polyethylene feeders, waters, heat mats &
                                        Tel:213-362-2773                          Tel:229-567-9615
Fax:502-625-1810                                                                                                           livestock odor control products & pet
                                        Fax:213-612-4404                          Fax:229-567-9616
                                                                                                                           storage. Farm Machinery & Equipment               
Product / Service Description                                                                                              Big Bin * Lil Bin * MPC * Kane
                                         Product / Service Description
Signs & Advertising Displays (Primary)
                                        Product / Service Description             Ag & Turf Seeds
Advertising Specialties
                                        Manufacturer & Wholesaler of fine jewelry Repellants
Commercial Screen Printing (Primary)
                                                                                  Pet Foods (Dog & Cat)
Logo Design
Custom Jewelry
                                                                      The Asian Register
         The Asian Register                                                                                                                                      49
K-10 Enterprizes Inc                      Kang, Donald Bum Sik                           Kelley Manufacturing Co.                Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.
P O Box 1170                              500 Alakawa St Rm 102C                         P.O. Drawer 1467                        140 E. 22nd St.
Mission , TX 78573-0019                   Honolulu , HI 96817-4576                       Tifton , GA 31793-1467                  Bayonne , NJ 07002
Contact:Robert T Kolenda, President       Contact:Mr Donald Kang, President              Contact:Ashley Williams, Export Manager Contact:Charles A. Lucania, V-P., Fin. & Op
Tel:956-584-0114                          Tel:808-847-3663                               Tel:229-382-9393                        Tel:201-823-9000
Fax:956-584-0120                          Fax:808-842-0516                               Fax:229-382-5259                        Fax:201-823-0691                                                                            Product / Service Description              
Product / Service Description                                                            Product / Service Description
                                          Men’s & Boys’ Shirts (Primary)                                                         Product / Service Description
Mirrors, Safety & Security                Clothing: Shirts                               Farm Machinery and Equipment            Plastic materials & resins
                                          Men’s & Boys’ Cut & Sew Shirt                  Peanut harvesting equipment             Plastic resins & dispersions
                                          (Except Work Shirt) Mfg (Primary)              Poultry house cleaning equipment
                                          Clothing: Dresses & Formal Gowns
K-Line Industry Inc.
                                          Women’s & Misses’ Dresses                                                              Kensington
315 Garden Ave
                                          Women’s & Girls’ Cut & Sew Dress Mfg           Kellogg Co.
Holland , MI 49424-9602                                                                                                          593 Rugh St.
Contact:Lance Frame, Sales Mgr.                                                          PO Box 3423                             Greensburg , PA 15601
Tel:616-396-3564                                                                         Battle Creek , MI 49016-3423            Contact:Gary Whitenight,
                                          Kaste Industrial Machine Sales
Fax:616-396-8974                                                                         Contact:Jeff Boromisu,                  Tel:724-850-2433                   1654 King Street, Suite 7                      Tel:269-961-9199                        Fax:724-837-8087
Product / Service Description             Enfield , CT 06082                             Fax:269-961-3969                        Product / Service Description
                                          Contact:Mark Katz, President         
Automotive, industrial &                                                                                                         Lighting fixtures_commercial
                                          Tel:860-623-5700                               Product / Service Description
marine tools & equipment                                                                                                         Metal fluorescent fixtures
Machine tool accessories                                                                 Cereal breakfast foods
Shop supplies for automotive after market                                                Company headquarters & cereals
                                                           Rice Krispies * Frosted Flakes          Kent Feeds, Inc
                                          Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                 1600 Oregon
                                          Used Metalworking Machinery (Wholesale)
K-Med Svc                                                                                                                        Muscatine , IA 52761
                                                                                         Kelly Sheet Metal, Inc.
13 Main St. Fl. 2                                                                                                                Contact:Steve Merriam, V-P Intl. Sales
Robbinsville , NJ 08691-1401                                                             367 Kosciusko St.                       Tel:563-264-4522
                                          Kb Electronics Inc.
Contact:Kenneth Viafora,                                                                 Brooklyn , NY 11221                     Fax:563-264-4770
Tel:609-259-9700                                                                         Contact:Collins Kelly, Pres.  
                                          12095 NW 39th St.                                                              Tel:718-774-4750                        Product / Service Description
                                          Coral Springs , FL 33065-2516
Product / Service Description                                                            Fax:718-735-6953
                                          Contact:Alan Bueller,                                                                  Feeds_prepared
                                          Tel:954-346-4900                                                                       Livestock feed & supplements, pet food,
Chiropractors Equipment & Supply (Whol)
                                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                          Fax:954-346-3377                                                                       minerals & blocks
                                                         Sheet metal work
                                                   Sheet metal duct work
Kalamar Seafood Inc
                                          Product / Service Description                  HVAR                                    Kernco Instruments Co., Inc.
2490 W. 78th St.
                                          Variable Frequency Drives,                                                             420 Kenazo Dr
Hialeah , FL 33016-2762
                                          Brushless DC Drives                                                                    El Paso , TX 79928-7338
Contact:Roberto R. Vazquez,
                                          DC Motor Speed Controls,                       Kelly Wright Hardwoods Inc              Contact:John P. Kelly, Pres., Engrg., Fin.,
                                          Chassis, IP20 Nema 1                                                                   MIS & R & D Mgr.
Fax:305-557-4418                                                                         4890 E. La Palma Ave.
                                          IP65, Nema4X, 12-48vcd                                                                 Tel:915-852-3375                                                              Anaheim , CA 92807-1911
                                          Battery Controls, HVAC                                                                 Fax:915-852-4084                                                            Contact:Harold J Wright, CEO
                                          Drive, Triac Controls                                                        
Product / Service Description                                                            Tel:714-632-9930
                                                                                                                                 Product / Service Description
                                          Keco Engineered Controls             
Exporters                                                                                                                        Electric tachometers
                                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                          1200 River Ave. Bldg.. 3A                                                              Electricity measuring instruments
                                          Lakewood , NJ 08701-5657                                                               Fluid meters & counting devices
                                                                                         Hardwood Plywood-Domestic
                                          Contact:Joseph Mitchell, President             Hardwood Plywood-Import
Kalispel Case Line
                                          Tel:732-901-5900                               Hardwood Lumber-Domestic
P.O. Box 267
                                          Fax:732-901-5904                               Hardwood Lumber-Import                  Kessler Machine Works, Inc.
Cusick , WA 99119-0267
                                                             Hardwood Mouldings
Contact:Al Hague, G.M.                                                                                                           283 Neponset St
Tel:509-445-1121                                                                                                                 Canton , MA 02021-2970
                                          Product / Service Description
Fax:509-445-1082                                                                                                                 Contact:Joseph Kessler, Pres.
                                          Valves: Ball, Butterfly, Globe, with electric, Kelty Pack                                                                                                       Tel:781-828-0134
                                          pneumatic actuators                                                          6235 Lookout Rd Ste G                   Fax:781-821-1204
                                          Flow meters: Gas, Oil, Steam, Water,
Product / Service Description                                                            Boulder , CO 80301-3335                 Product / Service Description
                                          Magnetic, Mass, Turbine, Vortex
Aluminum protective cases,                                                               Contact:Kenny Ballard, President        Industrial machinery
                                          Analyzers: PH, Conductivity; Transmitters:     Tel:303-262-3333
gun cases, camera cases                                                                                                          General machining job shop
                                          pressure, DP, Seal Pots                        Fax:303-262-3342
OEM Manufacturer, Private label cases
Supplier to U.S. Military
                                                                                         Product / Service Description           Ketch-All Co
                                          Keene Engineering Co., Inc.                    Fabricated Textile Prdts, NEC (Primary)
                                                                                                                                 4149 Santa Fe Rd # 2
                                          20201 Bahama St                                Backpacks
Kamran & Co                                                                                                                      San Luis Obispo , CA 93401-8100
                                          Chatsworth , CA 91311-6204                     Luggage Mfg (Primary)
402 E Gutierrez St                                                                                                               Contact:Andy Gordon,
                                          Contact:Wayne Jerry Keene, Pres.               Tents: All Materials
Santa Barbara , CA 93101-1709                                                                                                    Tel:805-543-7223
                                          Tel:818-993-0411                               Sporting Goods:Sleeping Bags
Contact:Kamran Amiri,                                                                                                            Fax:805-543-7154
                                          Fax:818-993-0447                               Luggage: Bags & Totes
Tel:805-963-3016 Fax:805-962-5915                                                                                      
                                                        Canvas Prdts
Product / Service Description                                                                                                    Product / Service Description
                                          Product / Service Description                  Canvas & Related Product Mills
Restaurant Equipment & Supplies-Retail                                                                                           Trapping Equipment & Supplies
                                          Dredging & Mining Equipment Portable           All Other Miscellaneous Textile Product
Ice Making Equipment & Machines (Whol)                                                                                           Metal Goods-Manufacturers
Restaurant Supplies (Wholesale)
Bar Supplies (Wholesale)
Bakers Equipment (Wholesale)
                                                                      The Asian Register
5 0                                                                                                                Global Contact's
Key Bellevilles Inc                                                          Kirkwood Co.
                                      Kinematic Automation Inc                                                      Ktav Publishing House Inc
100 Key Ln.                                                                  P.O.Box 8446
                                      PO Box 69                                                                     930 Newark Ave
Leechburg , PA 15656-9500                                                    Metairie , LA 70011-8446
                                      Twain Harte , CA 95383                                                        Jersey City , NJ 07306-6316
Contact:Robert Key,                                                          Contact:Jerry Kirkwood, Owner
                                      Contact:Mr David Carlberg, President                                          Contact:Mr Bernard Scharfstein, Partner
Tel:724-295-5111                                                             Tel:504-456-6890
                                      Tel:209-532-3200                                                              Tel:201-963-9524
Fax:724-295-2570                                                             Fax:504-455-8240
                                      Fax:209-532-0248                                                              Fax:201-963-0102                                      
Product / Service Description                                      
                                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                                                             Product / Service Description
                                      Product / Service Description
Springs-Manufacturers                                                                                               Books: Publishing & Printing (Primary)
Springs-Coil Flat Etc.-Distributors   Special Ind Machinery, NEC (Primary)   Industrial pumps                       Publishers: Book
                                      Assembly Systems                       Slurry & Solids handling pumps         Book Publishers (Primary)
                                      All Other Industrial Machinery Mfg     API Pumps
                                      (Primary)                              Chemical Pumps
Keystone Precision, Inc.
                                      Machinery: Assembly                    Centrifugal Pumps                      Kuster Co.
16 Lomar Park
                                      (See Also Assembly Systems)            Positive displacement pumps
Pepperell , MA 01463-1449                                                                                           2900 E. 29th St.
Contact:Ronald Long, Pres.                                                                                          Long Beach , CA 90806-2315
Tel:978-433-8484                                                                                                    Contact:John Jacobson, GM
                                      King David Lift Trucks, Inc.           Kiswire Inc
Fax:978-433-0286                                                                                                    Tel:562-595-0661
Product / Service Description         1566 Havana St.                        257 Mawsons Way                        Fax:562-426-7897
                                      Memphis , TN 38106                     Newberry , SC 29108-6362     
Industrial machinery
                                      Contact:Angela Walker, Off. Mgr.       Contact:Mr David Minnick, President    Product / Service Description
Precision machining job shop
                                      Tel:901-942-3771                       Tel:803-321-0940                       Downhole Pressure / Temperature
                                      Fax:901-942-9556                       Fax:803-405-0307                       Instruments
Kibblewhite       Precision           Product / Service Description
                                      Motors & generators
                                                                             Product / Service Description
P.O. Box 388                          Rebuilt motors & fork lifts                                                   L L Richards Machinery Co
Pacifica , CA 94044-0388                                                     Steel Wire Drawing & Nails & Spikes    4987 N. 124th St.
Contact:William F. Kibblewhite, Pres.                                        (Primary)                              Butler , WI 53007-1528
Tel:650-359-4704                                                             Wire: Steel                            Contact:Chandra Patel,
Fax:650-359-8574                                                             Iron & Steel Mills (Primary)           Tel:262-783-7788
                                      King Technologies Inc                                                                                        Fax:262-783-7799            P.O. Box 408                                                        
Product / Service Description         Trenton , TN 38382-0408                Kness Mfg Co Inc                       Product / Service Description
Motorcycle components                 Contact:George King Sr, Chairman       P.O. Box 70                            Machine Tools (Wholesale)
Motorcycles, bicycles & parts         Tel:901-855-3590                       Albia , IA 52531-0070                  Machinery-Used (Wholesale)
                                      Fax:901-855-1460                       Contact:Millie Eastlick, Fin & G.M.    Machinery Parts
Kichler Lighting                                                             Fax:515-932-2456
                                      Product / Service Description                                                 L S I Steel Processing, Division
7711 E. Pleasant Valley Rd.
                                      Repairs, Manufactures and Refurbishes                                         Of Lamination Specialties Corp.
                                                                             Product / Service Description
Cleveland , OH 44131-5532
                                      Telephony Equipment
Contact:Tony Davidson,                                                                                              4444 S. Kildare Ave.
                                                                             Mouse traps & attachments,
                                      Key systems, PBX & Voicemail
Tel:216-573-1000                                                                                                    Chicago , IL 60632-4345
                                                                             live animal traps & metal fabrication
                                      Telephone Repair & Sales
Fax:216-573-1003                                                                                                    Contact:Kenneth H. Rober,
                                                                             Wire products, misc. fabrication                                                                                             G.M. & Mktg. Mgr.
                                                                             Sheet metal work
Product / Service Description                                                                                       Tel:773-254-7500
                                                                             Metal stamping
Lighting Fixtures-Manufacturers
                                      Kingston Mfg. Co., Inc.                                                       Product / Service Description
                                                                             Kord Industrial Inc
                                      3 Pleasant St                                                                 Electrical steel
Kid Stuff                                                                    47906 West Rd
                                      Kingston , MA 02364-2108                                                      Steel slitting & stamping
                                                                             Wixom , MI 48393-3669
P.O. Box 19235                        Contact:Joseph Adamcewicz, Pres.
                                                                             Contact:Mr Edward J Bowler, President
Topeka , KS 66619-0235                Tel:781-585-4476
Contact:Susie Stacy,                  Fax:781-585-8085                                                              L T X Corp.
Tel:785-862-3707                      Product / Service Description
Fax:785-862-1424                                                                                                    145 University Ave
                                      Industrial machinery
                                                                             Product / Service Description                                                                                             Westwood , MA 02090-2399
                                      Precision machining job shop
Product / Service Description                                                                                       Contact:Roger Blethen, Pres.
                                                                             Hose: Indl
Meal Packaging - Cartons & Sacks                                             Fluid Power Valve & Hose Fitting Mfg   Tel:781-461-1000
Promotional Toys - Retailer                                                  (Primary)                              Fax:781-461-0185
                                                                             Hose: Plastic                          Product / Service Description
                                                                             Hose: Plastic Coated                   Electricity measuring instruments
                                      Kirkhill-Ta Co.
                                                                             Hose: Rubber                           Semiconductor test equipment
Kieu’s Direct Source, Inc.            300 E Cypress St
                                                                             Rubber & Plastics Hoses & Belting Mfg
8824 Shirley Ave. Ste. 10             Brea , CA 92821-4097
                                                                             Teflon SS Braided
Northridge , CA 91324-3400            Contact:Steve Barton, Chief Executive
                                                                                                                    L V Petro, Inc.
Contact:Ken Ngo, President            Officer
Tel:818-700-9510                                                                                                    P.O. Box 388
                                                                             Kroeger Herb Products
Fax:818-700-8895                                                                                                    Alford , FL 32420-0388
                                      Fax:714-529-6775                                                            805 Walnut St.                         Contact:Lavonna Little, Pres.
                                                                                 Boulder , CO 80302-5034                Tel:850-579-2111
Product / Service Description                                                Contact:Thomas Brown,                  Fax:850-579-2600
                                      Product / Service Description
Wholesaler of Hard Disk Drives & Tape                                        Tel:303-443-0261             
                                      Rubber products_fabricated
Drives                                                                       Fax:303-443-0108             
                                      Rubber & plastic parts
Repair Hard Disk Drives & Tape Drives                                           Product / Service Description
                                      Plastic products
                                                                             Product / Service Description          Diesel Fuel and Gasoline Conditioners
                                      Aircraft parts & equipment
                                                                             Health Food Products-Wholesale
                                                                             Medicinal Chem/Botanical Prods (Mfrs)
                                                                  The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                         51
                                                                                     Lanair Waste Oil Heaters                     Landmann-USA             Inc.
L. S. K. Smoked Turkey Products           La Machine Shop Inc.
                                                                                     Lenan Corporation                            101 Old Mill Rd Bldg 300
1575 Bronx River Ave                      15740 Lincoln St. NE
                                                                                     4109 Capital Circle Dr.
                                                                                                                                  Cartersville , GA 30120-4101
Bronx , NY 10460-3101                     Ham Lake , MN 55304-5535
                                                                                     Janesville , WI 53546-8300
                                                                                                                                  Contact:Dennis M. Dickey, VP Mktg.
Contact:Dan Salmon, Pres.                 Contact:Joe LaBonne, Pres.
                                                                                     Contact:James L. Philipp, Marketing &
Tel:718-792-1300                          Tel:763-434-6108 Fax:763-434-6188
                                                                                     Sales Manager
                                                                                     Tel:608- 752-1601
Product / Service Description             Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                  Product / Service Description
Fresh & frozen smoked turkey products     Precision Machining Job Shop
                                          CNC Swiss Turning                                                                       Blast furnaces & steel mills
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                          Milling                                                                                 Steel fireplace grates & accessories
                                                                                     Waste Oil Heaters                            Charcoal grills
LECO Corp.                                                                           Heating Equipment, Except Electric
3000 Lakeview Ave                                                                    Waste Oil Boilers
                                          La Tapatia Tortilleria
Saint Joseph , MI 49085-2396
                                                                                                                                  Lane Furniture Industries
Contact:John Hawkins,                     104 E. Belmont Ave
Tel:269-983-5531                          Fresno , CA 93701-1403                                                                  P.O. Box 1627
Fax:269-983-3850                          Contact:John Hansen, GM                                                                 Tupelo , MS 38802-1627
                                                                                     Lancaster International Trading                             Tel:559-441-1030 Fax:559-441-1712                                                       Contact:Bert Jan Oosting, Director of
                                                                                     Co., Inc                                                                                  International Sales
                                                                                     555A Sandy Hill Rd.
Product / Service Description                                                                 Tel:662-566-3125
                                                                                     Denver , PA 17517-9452
                                          Product / Service Description                                                           Fax:662-566-3374
Metallographic Sample Preparation
                                                                                     Contact:Myron Stoltzfus,           
Coal and Petrochemical Analyzers          Tortillas (Wheat Flour and Corn)
Optical Emission Spectrometers            Food preparations (Frozen Burritos)
                                                                                     Fax:717-336-0539                             Product / Service Description
C, H, N. S & O Determinators              Tortilla Chips
GCxGC Comprehensive GC                                                                                                            Lane Furniture Industries is the worlds
Protein and Fat Analyzers                                                                                                         leading manufacturer of reclining
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
GC Mass Spectrometers                                                                                                             furniture. Our product categories include a
                                          LaMonica Fine Foods
                                                                                     Food Products (Wholesale)
LC Mass Spectrometers                                                                                                             wide variety of reclining chairs, reclining
                                          48 Gorton Rd
Mercury Analyzers                                                                                                                 sofa sets, sleep sofas and a full line of
                                          Millville , NJ 08332-6202
Hardness Testers / Image Analyzers                                                                                                stationary upholstery available in a large
                                          Contact:Mr Daniel P LaVecchia, President
                                                                                                                                  selection of leather and fabrics. To
                                                                                                                                  compliment our upholstery categories we
                                                                                     Lance Valves Division of
                                                                                                                                  manufacture a complete assortment of dining
LFI Inc.                                      Advanced Thermal Systems, Inc.               room and bedroom suites as well as
271 US Hwy 46 Ste C101                            15 Enterprise Dr                             occasional tables.
Fairfield , NJ 07004-2431                 Product / Service Description              Lancaster , NY 14086-9773
Contact:Export Sales Manager,             Fish & Seafoods, Fresh & Frozen (Primary)  Contact:Jeffrey Schrott, Sales Manager
Tel:973-882-0550                          Fish & Seafood Processors: Fresh or Frozen Tel:716-681-5825
                                                                                                                                  Langhorne Carpet Co., Inc.
Fax:973-882-0554                          Fresh & Frozen Seafood Processing          Fax:716-681-0228                                                                                                                    201 W. Lincoln Hwy
Product / Service Description                                                                                                     Penndel , PA 19047-5136
                                                                                                                                  Contact:William H. Morrow, President
Food Brokers                                                                         Product / Service Description
Tomatoes                                                                             Ball Valves-Two Piece, Threaded, Stainless,
                                          Lady Burd Exclusive Cosmetics
Mushrooms                                                                            Carbon Steel & Bronze
                                          44 Executive Blvd
Artchokes                                 Farmingdale , NY 11735-4710
                                                                                                                                  Product / Service Description
Cheese                                    Contact:Roberta Burd, President
Anchovies                                                                                                                         Woven carpets & rugs, Wilton, Custom, 27"
Peppers                                                                                                                           36" 9' 12'
Pasta                                                                                Lanco York, Inc.
Virger                                                                               864 E 25th St
                                                                                                                                  Langston Co’s Inc
                                                                                     Paterson , NJ 07513-1202
                                          Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Contact:Mitchell J. Leibowitz, Pres., CEO
                                          Wholesale / Cosmetics,                                                                  1100 N 7th St
LXD, Inc.                                                                            Tel:973-278-7400
                                          Manufacturer of Cosmetics& Skin Care                                                    West Memphis , AR 72301-2003
7630 First Place                                                                                                                  Contact:Mr George Parkey, Controller
Cleveland , OH 44146                                                                                                              Tel:870-735-0180
Contact:Todd Bolanz, Cont., Pur. Agt.                                                                                             Fax:870-735-4542
                                          Lamco Chemical Co., Inc.
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                          212 Arlington St
                                                                                     Pharmaceutical bottles & closures, tamper
Fax:440-786-8711                                                                                                                  Product / Service Description
                                          Chelsea , MA 02150-2305
                                                                                     evident & child resistant                                                                                                                  Bags: Uncoated Paper & Multiwall
                                          Contact:James Lamm, Pres., Treas.                                                                                                                    (Primary)
Product / Service Description                                                                                                     Bags: Multiwall
Electronic components                                                                                                             Uncoated Paper & Multiwall Bag Mfg
                                          Product / Service Description
Twisted pneumatic liquid crystal displays                                                                                         (Primary)
                                          Polishes & sanitation goods                Landesman Bros Inc.                          Bags: Paper
                                          Floor waxes, removers,
                                                                                     16 McCarthy Rd.
                                          finishes & rug cleaners
                                                                                     Island Park , NY 11558-1111
La Belle Fashions Inc
                                                                                     Contact:Roberta Diamond,                     Lape Industrial Fiberglass, Inc.
555 E Jefferson Blvd
Los Angeles , CA 90011-2430                                                                                                       12050 Interchange Dr
                                          Lanair Waste Oil Heaters                   Fax:516-889-1253
Contact:Ben Kashanian, President                                                                                                  Grand Bay , AL 36541-4241
                                          4109 Capital Circle Dr.          
Tel:323 235-2001                                                                                                                  Contact:Jim Lape, Pres.
                                          Janesville , WI 53546-8300       
Fax:323-235-1018                                                                                                                  Tel:251-865-5273
                                          Contact:Jay Goethal, General Manager       Product / Service Description                                                                                                                Fax:251-865-1070
                                          Tel:608-752-1601                           Shoe & Boot Repairing
                                          Fax:608-757-7878                           Footwear parts nesoi; heel cushions etc.,
Product / Service Description                                                                                           
                                                           gaiters etc. Footwear outer soles and heels,
Manufactures women’s,                                                                                                             Product / Service Description
                                                      of rubber or plastic
misses’ & juniors’ dresses                                                                                                        Fiberglass fabrication
                                          Product / Service Description
Dresses, women’s, juniors’ & misses’                                                                                              Plastic products
                                          Waste Oil Heaters
Junior’s sportswear                                                                                                               Fiberglass Tanks
                                          Waste Oil Fired Boilers
Kids 4-6x; 7-14 x, dresses & sportswear
                                                                     The Asian Register
5 2                                                                                                                                Global Contact's
Larcom & Mitchell Co                       Laurel Mountain Whirlpools Inc Leonard Valve Co.                                         Lighting Design & Application
1320 State Route 37 W. Ste. 2              PO Box 190                                   1360 Elmwood Ave                            120 Wall St, 17th Floor
Delaware , OH 43015-4401                   Turtle Creek , PA 15145-0190                 Cranston , RI 02910-3817                    New York , NY 10005-3904
Contact:Charles Mitchell,                  Contact:Mr David C Baker, President          Contact:Gregory Wilcox, Pres.               Contact:William Hanley,
Tel:740-363-6691                           Tel:412-829-2540                             Tel:401-461-1200                            Tel:212-248-5000
Fax:740-363-0205                           Fax:412-829-1670                             Fax:401-941-5310                            Fax:212-248-5017                             Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description              Product / Service Description                       Publishers-Periodical
                                                                                        Product / Service Description
Racetrack surface equipment                Acrylic whirlpool bath tubs
                                           Acrylic bath tubs                            Water temperature control valves & systems
                                           Acrylic shower floors                        Valves & pipe fittings                      Lighting Paradise
Larsen Mfg. Corp.                                                                                                                   5455 SW 8th St
4095 W. Cottonwood Commercial Dr.                                                                                                   Coral Gables , FL 33134-2284
                                                                                        Lester Electrical Of Nebraska,
                                           Lawley Publications
Morgan , UT 84050                                                                                                                   Contact:Andres Cabo, Owner
                                                                                        625 W A St
Contact:Dick Larsen, Pres.                 PO Box 12300                                                                             Tel:305-444-0902 Fax:305-445-0609
                                                                                        Lincoln , NE 68522-1794
Tel:801-876-2111                           Burke , VA 22009-2300                                                          
                                                                                        Contact:Ken R. Jeffcoat,
Fax:801-876-2115                           Contact:Daniel Rathbone, Pres., Pur. Agt.                                                Product / Service Description
                                                                                        Director of Mktg. & Sales                     Tel:703-764-0512                                                                         Lighting Fixtures-retail
                                                                                        Tel:402-477-8988                 Fax:703-764-0516                                                                         Electric lamps and lighting fittings, nesoi
Product / Service Description              Product / Service Description      
Metal outdoor & indoor                     Newspapers                         
                                                                                                                                    Lindsay International Sales
electronic rotating units                  Urban transportation & traffic newsletter    Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                    Corp. (Mfr)
Relays & industrial controls               Urban Transportation Monitor
                                                                                        Electrical equipment & supplies
                                                                                                                                    2707 N. 108th St. Suite 102
                                                                                        Battery chargers
                                                                                                                                    Omaha , NE 68164
                                                                                        Lestronic II
                                                                                                                                    Contact:Frank Wolfe,
Larson’s Custom Cabinets                   Lawrence C Schreiber Inc
P.O. Box 731                               1700 NW 65th Ave.
Cornell , WI 54732-0731                    Plantation , FL 33313-4575
Contact:Albert Larson, Ptnr.               Contact:Lawrence C. Schreiber, President
                                                                                        Leven Industries
Tel:715-239-6812                           Tel:954-321-2599
                                                                                                                                    Product / Service Description
Fax:715-239-6437                             9025 Eton Ave. Ste. A
                                                                                                                                    Irrigation Equipment Center Pivots
Product / Service Description              Product / Service Description                Canoga Park , CA 91304-6524
                                                                                                                                    Fertilizer Injectors
Wooden cabinets                            Textile Converters                           Contact:Terry Henry, Fin. Mgr.
                                                                                                                                    Moisture Sensor
Kitchen cabinets_wood                      Piece Goods and Notions                      Tel:818-700-2899
                                           Manufacturers of Bedspreads & Draperies      Fax:818-700-2897
                                                                                                                                    Linear Technology Corp
Las Intl
                                                                                                                                    1630 McCarthy Blvd.
                                                                                        Product / Service Description
                                           Lazer-Com, Inc.
3811 Lockport St.
                                                                                                                                    Milpitas , CA 95035-7417
                                                                                        Bow & arrow equipment
Sibmarck , ND 58503-5554                   795 Mc Intyre St. Ste. 204
                                                                                                                                    Contact:Robert H. Swanson, Jr.,
                                                                                        Sporting & athletic goods
Contact:Neal Whittey,                      Golden , CO 80401-7407
Tel:701-222-8331                           Contact:Donald E. Ranniger, President
Fax:701-222-2773                           Tel:303-278-2767
                                                                                                                                    Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description    
                                                                                                                                    Semiconductor Devices (Manufacturers)
                                                                                        Life-Tech Inc
                                           Product / Service Description
Special Industry Machinery
                                                                                                                                    Circuit Boards-Manufacturers
                                                                                        4235 Greenbriar Dr
Water Treatment Equipment                  Mfg Telecommunications Equipment
                                                                                                                                    Industry Leaders-Advertising
                                                                                        Stafford , TX 77477-3918
Service & Supplies
                                                                                        Contact:Preston Reynolds, Dir. Int’l Mktg.
Waste Water Treatment Equipment & Service
                                           Lees Intl Furn Gallery
                                                                                                                                    Link Electronics, Inc.
                                           220 W. 57th St.                                         2137 Rust Ave
LaserMasters                               New York , NY 10019-3200                               Cape Girardeau , MO 63703-7668
160 S. Saint Vrain Ave.                    Contact:Gilbert Steinberg,                   Product / Service Description               Contact:Ellen Henson, Ex. V-P., Fin.
Estes Park , CO 80517-6355                 Chairman of the Board
                                                                                        Surgical & Medical Instrs & Apparatus       Tel:573-334-4433
Contact:Gerald Swank,                      Tel:212 247-0110
                                                                                        (Primary)                                   Fax:573-334-9255
                                                                                        Medical Equipment: Diagnostic                     Product / Service Description
                                                                                        Surgical & Medical Instrument Mfg 
Product / Service Description               Contemporary Furniture and Lighting         (Primary)                                   Product / Service Description
Printer Parts & Supplies                   Artist Supplies
                                                                                                                                    Audio & video close-captioned equipment
Laser Printer Toner Cartridges (Wholesale) Picture Framing
                                                                                                                                    Radio & TV communications equipment
                                                                                                                                    Audio & video equipment_household
Lasercomp Inc.                             Lencore Acoustics Corp                       Lifeline USA
20 Spring St.                              1 Crossways Park Drive West                  3201 Syene Rd.                              Lippincott Supply Co., Inc.
Saugus , MA 01906-1032                     Woodbury , NY 11797-2014                     Madison , WI 53713-3211
                                                                                                                                    105 Lincoln Rd W
Contact:Kevin Collins,                     Contact:Jack Leonard, President              Contact:Bobby Hinds,                        Vallejo , CA 94590-7800
Manager, Sales & Mktg.                     Tel:516-682-9292                             Tel:608-288-9252
                                                                                                                                    Contact:John Kent, Pres.
Tel:781-233-1717                           Fax:516-682-4785                             Fax:608-288-9294
                                                                                                                                             Product / Service Description                Product / Service Description
                                           Sound Masking Systems For Open-Plan
Product / Service Description                                                           Sporting Goods-Manufacturers
                                                                                                                                    Product / Service Description
Thermal conductivity measurement           Offices, Call Centers, Medical Environments, Physicians & Surgeons Equip & Supls-Mfrs
                                                                                                                                    Screw machine products & packaging
instrument, the world standard.            Ect.                                         Exercise Equipment-Retail
                                                                                                                                    Screw machine products
                                                                                                                                    Plastic products
                                                                                                                                    Nuts, Threaded Rod
                                                                                                                                    Anchor Bolts, HEX Bolts
                                                                                                                                    LAG Screws
                                                                       The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                      53
Liquid Coffee Inc                         Loeb Equipment & Appraisal Co.               Loveless Custom Boots & Shoes               Lundberg Survey, Inc.
10875 Old Dixie Hwy                       4131 S. State St.                            4400 S.W. 21st St.                          911 Via Alondra
Ponte Vedra , FL 32081                    Chicago , IL 60609-2942                      Oklahoma City , OK 73108                    Camarillo , CA 93012-8048
Contact:Hirving Ebanks,                   Contact:Howard Newman, Vice President        Contact:Gary Loveless,                      Contact:Trilby Lundberg, Pres.
Tel:904-823-9106                          Tel:773-548-4131                             Tel:800-637-9731                            Tel:805-383-2400
Fax:904-823-9024                          Fax:773-548-2608                             Fax:405-634-9717                            Fax:805-383-2424                                                            Product / Service Description     
Product / Service Description             Product / Service Description                Boots & Shoes Custom Made                   Product / Service Description
Coffee & Tee Products-Manufacturers       Used Packaging & Processing Equipment        Boots-Wholesale                             Trade press & market research
Coffee on Demand Dispensers               Certified Appraisal Services                 Shoes-Wholesale
                                          Servicing the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical
                                          & chemical industries since 1880.                                                        Lutheran Brothers Inc
                                                                                       Lth Express                                 2030 Howard St.
                                                                                       P.O.Box 91338                               Detroit , MI 48216-1822
LiteTouch, Inc.                           Longview Fibre Co                            Los Angeles , CA 90009-1338                 Contact:Joseph Lutheran,
3400 S West Temple                        P.O. Box 639                                 Contact:, Sales & Marketing                 Tel:313-963-8790
Salt Lake City , UT 84115-4328            Longview , WA 98632-7411                     Tel:310-216-1100                            Fax:313-963-9639
Contact:Angie Larson,                     Contact:Richard H. Wollenberg, Pres.         Fax:310-216-4411                  
Tel:801-486-8500                          Tel:360-425-1550                                                   Product / Service Description
Fax:801-486-8569                          Fax:360-423-0320                                             Import / Export; Foreign Trade Zone; U.S.                                   Product / Service Description               Customs Bonded                  Product / Service Description                Logistics & Transportation                  Bonded Warehousing for Lease; Real Estate
Product / Service Description                                                          Transportation, Freight & Cargo Svcs        Services; Storage
                                          A semi-extensible sack kraft, (cement bags),
Lighting Control Systems                  kraft paper
                                                                                       Lufkin Industries, Inc., Oilfield           Luvata Buffalo, Inc.
                                          Loomis Products Co., Inc.                                                                PO Box 981
                                                                                       P.O. Box 849                                Buffalo , NY 14240-0981
                                          5500 Emilie Rd
Lithium Technology Corp                                                                Lufkin , TX 75902-0849                      Contact:Richard Lyons, V-P., Fin.
                                          Levittown , PA 19057-2511
5115 Campus Dr                                                                         Contact:Bill Bardwell, Plt. Mgr.            Tel:716-879-6700
                                          Contact:Karl W. Kahlefeld, Pres.
Plymouth Meeting , PA 19462-1129                                                       Tel:936-637-5437                            Fax:716-879-6735
Contact:Jack Walter, Director of Sales &                                               Fax:936-633-3563                  
Marketing                                                                                           Product / Service Description
Tel:610-940-6090                                                                       Product / Service Description
                                          Product / Service Description                                                            Copper rolling & drawing
Fax:610-940-6091                                                                       Oil field pumping units Control Systems     Copper & copper alloys,
                                          Extrusion Presses                                                                    EDT                                         sheets, strips, bars & tubing
                                          Isostatic Presses
Product / Service Description                                                          Pumps & pumping equipment
                                          Hydraulic Presses
Storage Batteries                                                                      Industrial Gears
                                          Power Metal Forming
                                          Ceramic Powder Forming                                                                   Lycian Stage Lighting
                                          Machine Tools
                                                                                                                                   P.O. Box D
                                                                                       Lujan Of California, Inc.
                                                                                                                                   Sugar Loaf , NY 10981
                                                                                       1413 W Washington Blvd
Littleford Day, Inc.                                                                                                               Contact:Richard Logothetis, Pres.
                                                                                       Los Angeles , CA 90007-1236
                                          Loram Maintenance Of Way Inc                                                             Tel:845-469-2285
7451 Empire Dr.                                                                        Contact:Rachael Medina-Lujan,               Fax:845-469-5355
                                          3900 Arrowhead Rd
Florence , KY 41042-2923                                                               GM & Off. Mgr.                    
                                          Hamel , MN 55340-0188
Contact:Bill Barker,                                                                   Tel:213-747-5648                  
                                          Contact:Mr. J. M. Carlin, VP Intl Bus
Tel:859-525-7600                                                                       Fax:213-747-5250                            Product / Service Description
Fax:859-525-1446                                                                       Product / Service Description
                                          Fax:763-478-6916                                                                         Stage lighting
                                                                                       Clothing_men’s & boys’ knitwear
                                                                                                          Lighting equipment
                                                                                       Men’s sportswear
Product / Service Description
                                                                                       Women knits
                                          Product / Service Description
Manufacturer of Mixers, dryers, reactors,                                              Girl knits
                                          Railroad Eqpt (Primary)
granulators, agglomerators                                                                                                         Lyle Industries
                                          Railroad Maintenance Eqpt
Sterilizers, dispersers, pilot & lab                                                                                               4144 Lyle Rd
                                          Railroad Rolling Stock Mfg (Primary)
equipment. Serving the                                                                 Lumenite Control Technology                 Beaverton , MI 48612-8603
Pharmaceutical, plastic &                                                                                                          Contact:B. Crawford,
 rubber industries with our mixing,                                                                                                Tel:989-435-7717
                                                                                       2331 N. 17th Ave.
Reacting process technology.              Louisville Fire Brick Works                                                              Fax:989-435-7250
                                                                                       Franklin Park , IL 60131
                                          P.O. Box 9229                                                                  
                                                                                       Contact:Ronald V. Calabrese, Pres., Engrg.,
                                          Louisville , KY 40209-0229                                                     
                                                                                       Sales & Mktg. Mgr.
                                          Contact:Bill Shuck, Pres.                                                                Product / Service Description
                                          Tel:502-363-2656                                                                         Thermoforming machinery ( Roll-Fed ) Trim
Load Rite Trailers Inc                    Fax:502-363-3331                                                                         Presses,Bottle Trimmers / Tooling
265 Lincoln Hwy                 
Fairless Hills , PA 19030-1104             Product / Service Description
Contact:Mr. Chuck Holly,                  Product / Service Description                Electronic time switches, liquid level      Lynn’s Logos, Inc.
Tel:215-949-0500                          Firebrick & precast refractory shapes        controls, programmable timing               386 Broadway Ave
Fax:215-949-1385                          Brick & structural clay tile                 controls & milk paste                       Bedford , OH 44146-2604                       Refractories_nonclay                         4-20 mA Continuous Level Transmitters       Contact:Lynda Overholt, Pres.                          Mortar                                       Analog And Digital Sanitary Pressure        Tel:440-786-1156
Product / Service Description             Castable                                     Gauges And Transmitters                     Fax:440-786-1153
Premium Trailer Manufacturer. Boat, PWC,  High Alumina                                 Sanitary Temperature Transmitters 
ATV, Utility.                             Ramoning Mixes
                                                                                                                                   Product / Service Description
                                          Arches                                                                                   Twill
                                          Monolithic                                                                               Screen Printing
                                                                       The Asian Register
5 4                                                                                                                                   Global Contact's
M & M Industries Inc                                                                     MFS York Stormor
                                              M P F Products, Inc.                                                                     MSK Precision Products Inc
450 7th Ave. Ste. 2009                                                                   P.O. Box 2105
                                              3046 Bramlett Church Rd                                                                  10101 N.W. 67th Street
New York , NY 10123-2090                                                                 Grand Island , NE 68802-2105
                                              Gray Court , SC 29645-3602                                                               Tamarac , FL 33321
Contact:Melissa Gibbs, President                                                         Contact:Michael Muessel, V.P. Marketing
                                              Contact:Sales Department,                                                                Contact:Ron May,
Tel:212-239-9690                                                                         Tel:308-384-9320
                                              Tel:864-876-9853                                                                         Tel:954-776-0770
Fax:212-268-5690                                                                         Fax:308-382-6954
                                              Fax:864-876-2465                                                                         Fax:954-772-5170                                                              
Product / Service Description                                                  
                                                                                         Product / Service Description
Textile Converter                             Product / Service Description                                                            Product / Service Description
Piece Goods and Notions                       Electronic components                      Grain storage equipment                       Precision Screw Machining, CNC Swiss
Cotton fabrics - jacquards, dobbies & solids  Hermetic, ceramic & metal seals            Grain handling equipment                      Style Turning
PFGD & piece - dyed available - sueded        Hermetic viewports & windows               Grain conditioning equipment
finishes. Cotton / Rayon & Cotton / Linen                                                Waste water treatment systems
                                                                                                                                       MST Inc
                                              M S E Fabrication, Llc                                                                   P.O. Box 87
M & M Produce
                                                                                         MLT/Micro-Lite Technology
                                              6550 Sims Dr                                                                             Hicksville , OH 43526-0087
4086 W. San Jose Ave.
                                              Sterling Heights , MI 48313-3751           6009 E Sanford Cir                            Contact:Charles Martin, President
Fresno , CA 93722-6122
                                              Contact:Margaret Wibe, Co-Pres.            Mesa , AZ 85215-7759                          Tel:419- 542-6645
Contact:Sales & Marketing,
                                              Tel:586-264-4120                           Contact:Cynthia Giacchetti,                   Fax:419-542-6475
                                              Fax:586-264-1886                           Mgr Mktg/Sales                      
                                              Fax:480-807-5225                              Product / Service Description
                                              Product / Service Description                                   Mfg Safety Products
Product / Service Description
                                              Router & conveyor systems & material                                                     Breathing Air Purification Systems
Garlic, fresh or chilled
                                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                              handling equipment perimeter machinery                                                   Breathing Air Compressors
                                              guards                                     Mfg Adhesives & UV Light Products
                                              Metal products_fabricated                  Adhesives & Sealants
                                                                                         Chemicals & Allied Products
                                                                                         UV and Visible Light Curing
M & O Perry Industries, Inc.
                                                                                                                                       Mac’s Donut Shop Inc.
591 N. Smith Ave.
                                                                                                                                       2698 Brodhead Rd
Corona , CA 92880-6988
                                              M-B Cos Inc Of Wisconsin                                                                 Aliquippa , PA 15001-2768
Contact:Joe Osterhauf, Pres., GM
                                              1615 Wisconsin Ave.                                                                      Contact:Twila McKittrick,
                                                                                         MRI Devices Corp
                                              New Holstein , WI 53061-1339                                                             GM, Sales & Mkt
                                              Contact:John Vandy, Business Unit Director 3545 SW 47th Ave                              Tel:724-375-6776
                                              Tel:920-898-1560                           Gainesville , FL 32608-7685                   Fax:724-378-2961
                                              Fax:920-898-4588                           Contact:Arne Reykowski,             
Product / Service Description
                                                                Tel:352-336-0010                              Product / Service Description
Automated packaging equipment
                                                           Fax:352-336-1410                              Bread, cake & related products
Packaging machinery
                                              Product / Service Description                                Doughnuts
                                                                                         Product / Service Description                 Dawn * Burgeland
                                              Pavement stripers, runaway brooms, broom
                                              attachments, brush chippers                Electromedical/Therapeutic Apprts (Mfrs)
                                                                                         Electronic Coil & Transformers (Mfrs)
                                                                                         Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Whol
M E R O Structures, Inc.
W126N8585 Westbrook Xing
                                                                                                                                       Maclee Chemical Co., Inc.
Menomonee Falls , WI 53051-3329
                                              M-Flex                                                                                   2065 N. Southport Ave
Contact:Ian Collins, Pres.
                                                                                                                                       Chicago , IL 60614
                                              3140 East Coronado Street
                                                                                         MSI / ESOR Engineering                        Contact:Joe H. Lee, President
                                              Anaheim , CA 92806-1901
                                              Contact:Philip Harding,                    11811 North Freeway Suite 200
                                              Tel:714-238-1488                           Houston , TX 77060
Product / Service Description
                                              Fax:714-238-1487                           Contact:Doyle W. Brewington, CEO
Architectural space frames, glazing & curtain
                                                                                                                                       Product / Service Description
                                              Product / Service Description              Fax:281-820-8979
Architectural metal work
                                              Flexible printed circuit boards & assembly                                               Tin & tin alloys plating additives
                                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                                                                         Waste to Energy Plants
M K L Computer Media Supplies                                                            Electrical Energy from the Tides
                                                                                                                                       Macton Corp.
Inc                                                                                      Power Tube A GEOMAGMATIC device
941 Estes Ct.                                                                            that converts the Earths heat into            116 Willenbrock Rd.
                                              (Modern Safety Techniques)
Schaumburg , IL 60193-4427                                                               Electricity.1-5&10 Mega watt units.           Oxford , CT 06478-1031
                                              P.O. Box 87
Contact:Bill Landwer, V-P                                                                Reprocessing plants for conversion of         Contact:David R. Perkins, President
                                              Hicksville , OH 43526-0087
Tel:847-895-6399                                                                         vehicle tires into raw materials.             Tel:203-267-1500
                                              Contact:Jennifer Gamble, Pur. Agt.
Fax:847-895-6802                                                                         Incinerator plants. Including Medical and     Fax:203-267-1555
                                              Tel:419-542-6645                                                                          Chemical Waste. Waste Energy Conversion
                                              Fax:419-542-6475                                                                    Plants. Feasibility Studies for green energy
Product / Service Description                                                            application. Design and installation of       Product / Service Description
Used Printing / Pre Press Equipment Sales                                                Water Treatment Plants.                       Revolving Restaurants, Vehicle Turntables
                                              Product / Service Description
Imagesetters (Film)                                                                      Specializing in waste material solutions.     Stage and Auditorium Turntables, Industrial
                                              Industrial clean air breathing systems
Direct To Plate Systems                                                                                                                Turntables
Fuji-Screw-Creo-Kodak-Scitex-Ecrm                                                                                                      Locomotive and Rail Car Lift Systems and
Heibelbers                                                                                                                             Turntables
Post Press
                                                                            The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                     55
Mad Scientist Software, Inc.               Magnolia Machine Co., Inc.                   Marc Woodworking Inc                     Marketing Arm International
115 E. 200 N.                              PO Box 657                                   1719 English Ave                         23395 Janice Ave., Ste. 16
Alpine , UT 84004-1625                     Auburndale , FL 33823-0657                   Indianapolis , IN 46201-4006             Port Charlotte , FL 33980-8493
Contact:Michael Engberson,                 Contact:Jody Murphy, Secy.                   Contact:Mr Joseph A Hirsch, President    Contact:Sales & Marketing,
Fin. & MIS Mgr.                            Tel:863-965-8201                             Tel:317-635-9663                         Tel:941-743-5533
Tel:801-756-6027                           Fax:863-965-8021                             Fax:317-635-9673                         Fax:941-624-3356
Fax:801-763-9925                           Product / Service Description                                                                                       Product / Service Description  
                                           Metal products_fabricated                                                                                                            Product / Service Description
                                           Metal fabrication, machine parts & precision Cabinets: Custom Made (Primary)
Product / Service Description              machining job shop                           Woodwork: Architectural (Primary)        Phyton-27, Bactericide & Fungicide
Medical training software                                                                                                        New Gibb 10% - Plant Growth Regulator
We specialize in Emergency Medicine                                                                                              Neem-X - Botanical Fungicide & Bactericide
Training including ACLS                                                                                                          Biolife 20SL - Botanical Fungicide &
                                           Malibu Textiles Inc
(advanced cardiac life support), 12-lead                                                                                         Bactericide
                                           49 W 37th St # 4
                                                                                        Marcron Packaging Systems Inc.
EKG, Trauma, Chest                                                                                                               Plant Foliar & Root Bio - Stimulant
                                           New York , NY 10018-6216
Pain, and Blood Gas Analysis /                                                          38148 N. Executive Dr.
                                           Contact:Al Fenner,
Interpretation. Cal us Toll                                                             Westland , MI 48185-1972
Free 1-800-250-2988                                                                     Contact:Ron Cser, V.P.                   Markey Machinery Co. Inc.
                                                                                          PO Box 24788
                                           Product / Service Description                                                         Seattle , WA 98124-0788
Magick Mirror Communications                                                                                                     Contact:Lorraine Libby Thomas,
                                           Textile Converting (Wholesale)
511 Avenue of The Americas PMB 173                                                                                               Tel:206-622-4697
                                           Laces, Nettings, Tulles & Novelty Fabrics
                                                                                        Product / Service Description
New York , NY 10011-8436                                                                                                         Fax:206-623-9839
                                           Cotton Goods-Converters (Wholesale)
                                                                                        Packaging Products ( All )
Contact:Eugenia Macer-Story, Owner                                                                                     
                                                                                        Cord Strapping - Polyester Woven
Fax:212-208-2951                                                                                                                 Product / Service Description
                                           Maple Leaf Farms Inc.                                                                                                               Custom Manufacturer of
                                           P.O. Box 308                                                                                                      Marine Deck Equipment
                                           Milford , IN 46542-0308
Product / Service Description                                                                                                    Winches, Windlasses, Capstans
                                           Contact:Tom Brackett, Export Sales Manager   Marena Industries Inc                    Official Representative for Lantec Winches
Books - Publishing                         Tel:574-658-2842
                                                                                        433 School St
Artwork                                    Fax:574-658-2215
                                                                                        East Hartford , CT 06108-1135
                                                                                        Contact:Mr Teodoro Marena, President
Magnaflux, Div. Of Illinois                                                             Tel:860-528-9701
                                           Product / Service Description
                                                                                        Fax:860-528-3995                         Marlboro Manufacturing Inc
Toolworks                                  Frozen Ducks                       
3624 W. Lake Ave.                                                                                                                11750 Marlboro Ave NE
                                           Duck Breasts                       
Glenview , IL 60025-1215                                                                                                         Alliance , OH 44601-9798
                                           Duck Parts                                   Product / Service Description
Contact:Lynn Broaddus, Cont.                                                                                                     Contact:Tom Naughton,
                                                                                        Machinery & Eqpt, Indl & Commercial, NEC
Tel:847-657-5300                                                                                                                 Tel:330-935-2445
Fax:847-657-5388                                                                                                                 Fax:330-935-2748
                                           Maple Leaf Farms, Inc.                       Machinery Parts                                                                                                     
                                           P.O. Box 308                                 Machine Shops (Primary)                                                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                           Milford , IN 46542-0308
Product / Service Description                                                                                                    Hinges-Manufacturers
                                           Contact:Eric Essig, Chief Executive
Non-destructive testing                                                                                                          Hinges
materials & equipment
Machinery_general industrial
                                                                                        Mark Tech Laser Inc
                                                 PO Box 611687
                                                                                                                                 Marmol Export Corp. Marmol
Magnetech Industrial Services,             Product / Service Description                San Jose , CA 95161-1687
                                                                                                                                 Export U.S.A.
                                           Poultry Processing Plants                    Contact:Joe Markus, Pres.
                                           Poultry Products                                                                      1550 S. State College Blvd.
821 Bev Rd                                                                                                                       Anaheim , CA 92806-5804
Boardman , OH 44512                                                                                                              Contact:Rafael Garcia, Manager
Contact:Ray Seymour, International Sales                                                                                         Tel:714-939-0697
                                           Maplehurst Genetics Intl. Inc.
Tel:330-758-0941                                                                                                                 Fax:714-939-1401
                                                                                        Product / Service Description
                                           32323 190th St.
                                                                                        Tooling lasers and laser gauge
                                           Keota , IA 52248-8552                                                                                                 
                                                                                        interferometers, Manufacturer
                                           Contact:R.A. Carmichael, General Manager                                                                                                         Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                                                                    Marble, Natural Stone Travertine & Granite
Industrial lifting electromagnets / DC                                                                                           ( Granito )
Magnet & Crane Controls                                                                                                          Stone, and Related Material
                                                                                        Market Center At Two Thirty
                                           Product / Service Description
                                                                                        230 5th Ave
                                           Semen, Embryos, Veterinary Drugs, Vaccines
Magnetics         International                                                         New York , NY 10001-7704
                                           & other products
7525 W. 20th Ave.                                                                       Contact:Harvey L. Richer,
                                                                                                                                 Mars Petcare U.S., Inc.
Hialeah , FL 33014-3728                                                                 Tel:212-689-6305
Contact:Bobby Mehler,                                                                                                            707 Rice Road
                                           Marathon Products Inc
Tel:305-825-6527                                                                                                                 Butler , MO 64730
                                           1970 Broadway Ste. 625
Fax:305-825-6122                                                                                                                 Contact:Doug Cahill, Pres.
                                           Oakland , CA 94612-2227                                                                                                            Tel:660-679-3185
                                                                                        Product / Service Description
                                           Contact:Kevin Flynn, Mgr.                                                                                                 Fax:660-679-6391
                                                                                        Lighting Fixtures Supplies & Parts Mfrs
Product / Service Description                                                                                          
                                                                                        Home Textiles
Cellular Telephones (Services)                                                                                         
                                                                                        Bath Products
Mobile Telephone Equip & Supls (Whol)                                                                                            Product / Service Description
                                           Product / Service Description
Mobile Telephone Service                                                                                                         Dog & cat food
                                           Manufactures temperature
Exporters                                                                                                                        Pet food
                                                                                        Architectural Products
                                           recorders & data loggers
Used Cellular Phones Wholesale
Refurbished Cellular Phones Wholesale
Authorized Repair Facility Cellular Phones
                                                                      The Asian Register
5 6                                                                                                                            Global Contact's
Martinson-Nicholls Inc                                                                Mc Clain’s Georgia Pecan & Nut Mechanical Plating Co., Inc.
                                            Mason Machine Shop, Inc.
4910 E. 345th St.                                                                                                               9750 Grinnell
                                            RR 1 Box 446                              3511 Clark Rd
Willoughby , OH 44094-4609                                                                                                      Detroit , MI 48213-1188
                                            Clarksburg , WV 26301-9760                Sarasota , FL 34231-8407
Contact:Dan Ruminski,                                                                                                           Contact:M. L. Martin, V-P., Fin. & MI
                                            Contact:Jean H. Mason, Secy-Treas.        Contact:Doug McClain, Owner, Fin., MI
Tel:440-951-1312                                                                                                                Tel:313-923-4842
                                            Tel:304-624-4920                          Tel:941-923-6450
Fax:440-951-1315                                                                                                                Fax:313-923-1705
                                            Fax:304-622-3125                          Fax:941-923-6454                                                                                                         Product / Service Description
                                            Product / Service Description   
Product / Service Description                                                         Product / Service Description
                                            Industrial machinery                                                                Plating & polishing
Mats & Matting (Wholesale)                  Welding & general machining job shop      Pecans & nuts                             Barrel plating
Physicians & Surgeons Equip & Supls-Mfrs                                              Pecans packaging
Safety Equipment & Clothing (Whol)
Anti-Slip Tapes                             Master Forwarding Network, Inc.                                                     Mectra Labs Inc.
                                                                                      Mc Coy Lumber Co. Ltd., J.
                                            3250 Wilshire Blvd.                                                                 P.O. Box 350
                                            Los Angeles , CA 90010                    6 N. Mainstreet                           Bloomfield , IN 47424-0350
Martroy Electronics Inc                     Contact:Export Sales Manager,             Peebles , OH 45660-1280                   Contact:Thomas P. Clement, Pres., Mktg.,
6259 S Kedzie Ave                           Tel:(213) 739-2092                        Contact:Jack Mc Coy,                      Opers. & R & D Mgr.
Chicago , IL 60629-3304                     Fax:(213) 739-1517                        Tel:937-587-3423                          Tel:812-384-3521
Contact:Ray Gavcus,                        Fax:937-587-3931                          Fax:812-384-8518
Tel:773-776-7000                            Product / Service Description            
Fax:773-434-5002                                                                      Product / Service Description   
                                            International Freight Forwarders                                                                                                           Product / Service Description
                                            Ocean Freight Forwarders                  Sawmills & planing mills, general
Product / Service Description                                                         Lumber processing                         Laparoscopic surgical devices
Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Retail                                                                                          Surgical & medical instruments
Sound Systems & Equipment (Wholesale)       Mat, Inc.
Automobile Radio & Stereo Systs-Sls/Svc                                               Mc Gee Publishers Inc
                                            12402 Hwy. 2
Appliances-Household-Major-Dealers                                                                                              Medgyn Products Inc
                                                                                      217 E Alameda Ave Ste 301
                                            Floodwood , MN 55736
Stereophonic & High Fidelity Equip-Dlrs
                                                                                      Burbank , CA 91502-2622                   328 N. Eisenhower Lane
                                            Contact:Joseph P. Karpik, CEO
                                                                                      Contact:Mr Richard Madden, President      Lombard , IL 60148
                                                                                      Tel:818-848-2957                          Contact:Lakshman M Agadi, President
Mascot Metropolitan Inc.                                                              Fax:818-843-3489                          Tel:630 627-4105
380 Swift Ave. Ste. 18                                                                       Fax:630-627-0127
S. San Francisco , CA 94080-6232                                                      Product / Service Description   
                                            Product / Service Description
Contact:Peter Lee, President                                                                                                    Http://
                                            Erosion Control Products & Hydraulic      Periodicals: Publishing & Printing
Tel:650-873-0254                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
                                            Mulches, Wood Fiber Blankets              (Primary)
Fax:650-873-1623                                                                      Publishers: Periodicals, Magazines        Mfg Medical Equipment , Disposable                                                                        Periodical Publishers (Primary)           Instruments OB / GYN                                                                  Life & Health Insurance Magazine
                                            Maui Trading Co Inc
Product / Service Description                                                         California State, Professional Insurance
                                            444 Hana Hwy Ste D
Retails and Wholesales                                                                                                          Medico Industries, Inc.
                                            Kahului , HI 96732-2315
Tutto Luggage & Bags                        Contact:Mr Greg M Davidge, President                                                1500 Highway 315
Durable Goods                               Tel:808-878-2705                                                                    Wilkes Barre , PA 18711-0226
Wholesale Trade Durable Goods                                                         McClary, Swift & Co., Inc.
                                            Fax:808-878-2803                                                                    Contact:Cataldo Medico, Secy., Sales Mg
Tutto Luggage                                            360 Swift Avenue                          Tel:570-825-7711
Office on Wheels                            Product / Service Description             South San Francisco , CA 94080            Fax:570-824-1169
The Healthy Luggage                                                                   Contact:James W. Swift, President
                                            Custom Furniture-Cabinetry
                                            Wood Turned Bowls
                                                                                      Fax:650-872-3465                          Product / Service Description
Mask U. S., Inc.                                                                                 Industrial machinery
3121 Main St. Ste. F                                                                                                            General machining job shop
                                            Max Leather Inc
                                                                                      Product / Service Description
Chula Vista , CA 91911-5765
                                            8540 Washington Blvd.
Contact:David Bragg,                                                                  Customs Broker
                                            Culver City , CA 90232-7464
Pres., Fin. & MIS Mgr.                                                                Freight Forwarder                         Medrad
                                            Contact:Max Khansefid, President
Tel:619-476-9041                                                                      Freight & Cargo Transportation
                                            Tel:310-841-6990                                                                    1 Medrad Dr.
                                            Fax:310-841-6992                                                                    Indianola , PA 15051-9759
                                                                                              Contact:David F. Kent, Mgr. Mktg. Comm                                                                 McCord & Co
Product / Service Description
                                            Product / Service Description             4603 Oakmont Cir.                         Fax:412-767-2842
Mascots                                                                               College Station , TX 77845-8941
                                            Leather Goods                                                             
                                            Nondurable Goods, Nec                     Contact:Ray Burns, Manager      
                                            Man & ladies cowboy boots, shoes, jackets Tel:800-749-0627                          Product / Service Description
Mason Industries Inc                                                                  Fax:979-690-6931
                                            Portfolios, etc.                                                                    Manufacturer / Distributor of Medical
P.O. Box 410                                                                                                                    Equipment
Smithtown , NY 11787-0410                                                   
Contact:Norman J. Mason, President                                                    Product / Service Description
                                            Mayday Industries, Inc.
Tel:631- 348-0282                                                                     Ball gages & milling tools                Meramec Electrical Products
                                            15158 Goldenwest Cir
                                            Westminster , CA 92683-5234                                                         1 Industrial Dr                          Contact:John Tepel, Pres., CFO                                                      Cuba , MO 65453-1522                                                              Mclellan Equipment, Inc.
                                            Tel:714-893-5410                                                                    Contact:Mr. Terry Fieser, Sales Manager
Product / Service Description
                                            Fax:714-893-5420                          13221 Crown Ave                           Tel:573-885-2521
Manufacturers of vibration control mounting
                                                 Hanford , CA 93230-9508                   Fax:573-885-2543
& hangers. Building isolation and seismic
                                                                                      Contact:Mike Allen, Sales & Mktg. Mgr.
restraint systems.
                                            Product / Service Description             Tel:559-582-8100                          Product / Service Description
Rubber expansion joints for piping
                                            Food rations, drinking water & disaster   Fax:559-582-8155                          Transformers, Instrument, Bushing Type
                                            Food preparations                         Product / Service Description
                                                                                      Lube, water & fuel trucks
                                                                                      Truck & bus bodies
                                                                        The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                   57
                                            Messinger Trucking &
Merchandising Inventives Inc.                                                        Metro Assembly Services                   Micro Informatica Corp
1665 Waukegan Rd.                                                                    14 Enterprise Ln # A                      8400 NW 25th St. Ste. 100
                                            84-132 Lockwood St.
Waukegan , IL 60085-6729                                                             Smithfield , RI 02917-2423                Miami , FL 33122-1530
                                            Newark , NJ 07105
Contact:Larry Johnson Jr., Controller / CFO                                          Contact:John Russo, Ptnr.                 Contact:Julia Dreyfus,
                                            Contact:Jon Messinger, President
Tel:847-688-0591                                                                     Tel:401-233-1315                          Tel:305-418-3200
                                            Tel:(973) 344-4200
Fax:847-775-6974                                                                     Fax:401-233-9618                          Fax:305-418-3201
                                            Fax:(973) 465-7611                                                            
                                                                                                Product / Service Description   
                                            Product / Service Description
Product / Service Description                                                                                                  Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Jewelry findings & subcontracting
                                            Hazardous Materials Carrier
Point of purchase display                                                            Jewelers’ materials & lapidary work       Computer Parts-Motherboards,
Hardware & accessories                                                               Oven Brazing / Soldering                  lancards, hard-drives
                                            Warehousing & Storage of Chemicals,
                                                                                     Brite Cutting of Metals                   Notebooks, memory, cpu, cases, graphic
                                            Including Hazardous
                                                                                     Manufacturer of Graphite Fixtures         cards
Merchandising Inventives, Inc.
1665 Waukegan Rd
                                                                                     Meyer Unkovic & Scott
Waukegan , IL 60085-6729
Contact:Larry Johnson Sr.,                                                           535 Smithfield St. Ste. 1300
                                            Metalcenter Inc.                                                                   Micro Informatica LLC
Tel:847-688-0591                                                                     Pittsburgh , PA 15222-2300
                                            P.O. Box 2101
                                                                                                                               8400 NW 25th St. Ste. 100
Fax:847-775-6974                                                                     Contact:Dennis Unkovic,
                                            Santa Fe Springs , CA 90670-0013
                                                                                                                               Miami , FL 33122-1530                                                                    Partner, Int’l., Act
                                            Contact:Robert Thommen, Manager
                                                                                                                               Contact:Julia Dreyfus, President                                                              Tel:412-456-2800
                                                                                                                               Tel:305- 418-3200
Product / Service Description                                                        Fax:412-456-2864
Point-of-purchase displays        
Signs & advertising specialties   
                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                            Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                               Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Legal Services
                                            Metals Service Center
                                                                                                                               Computers & Computer Software
                                                                                     Mgmt. Consulting Svcs., Export Trading
Mercury Products Corp                       Aerospace & commercial aluminum sheet,
                                                                                                                               Computers & Computer Peripheral
                                            plate & coil
1201 S. Mercury Drive                                                                                                          Equipment
                                            Stainless Steel Sheet & Coil
Schaumburg , IL 60193-3513                                                                                                     Wholesale Trade Durable Goods
                                                                                     Michael Giordano Intl. Inc
Contact:Marie Ritland,                                                                                                         Parts and accessories for computers
Tel:847-524-4400                                                                     14851 NE 20th Ave.
Fax:847-524-8225                                                                     North Miami , FL 33181-1143                                                                    Contact:Michael Giordano,
                                            Metalfab Inc.                                                                     Tel:305-948-6786
Product / Service Description               P.O. Box 9                               Fax:305-948-9853                          Micro Lamps Inc.
                                            Vernon , NJ 07462-0009         
Metal Stamping (Manufacturers)                                                                                                 1520 Hubbard Ave
                                            Contact:Dan Higgins, V-P., Sales & Mktg
Clamps, Brackets                                                                                                               Batavia , IL 60510-1420
                                            Tel:973-764-2000                         Product / Service Description
Tube Products                                                                                                                  Contact:Kei Narimatsu, Pres.
Fuel Tank Straps                                                                     Perfume- Manufacturer                     Tel:630-879-0900
Supply Chain Management                                                              Perfume-Wholesale                         Fax:630-879-0126
Polishing of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous                                                 Bath Related Fragrance Products 
                                            Product / Service Description
Metals                                                                               Cosmetics ( Color ) Manufacturer
Custom Engineered Products                                                           Cosmetics ( Color ) Wholesaler
                                            Bin Activators, Feeders, Conveyors,                                                Product / Service Description
                                                                                     Cosmetic Accessories - Cosmetic Brushes
                                            Integrated Systems
                                                                                                                               Miniature, sub-miniature & aircraft lamps
                                                                                     Private Label Fragrances Manufacturer
                                                                                     Private Label Color Cosmetic Manufacturer
Merex Aircraft Co Inc                                                                                                          Aircraft parts & equipment
853 Via Alondra
Camarillo , CA 93072
                                            Metallic Resources Inc                   Michael’s Bakery Products LLC
Contact:Mr Ahmad Shams, President
                                            2116 Enterprise Pkwy.
Tel:805-446-2700                                                                     10635 Scripps Ranch Blvd D
                                            Twinsburg , OH 44087-2212                                                          Micro-Performance
Fax:805-446-2800                                                                     San Diego , CA 92131-1087
                                            Contact:Stanley R. Rothschild,                                                                  Contact:Mr Scott Summeril, CFO            165 Mill Chase
                                            Tel:330-425-3155                                                                     Tel:858-578-0888                          Covington , GA 30016-7563
Product / Service Description                                                        Fax:858-578-3086                          Contact:Jimmie Smith,
Transportation Eqpt & Splys, Except Motor                                                                                      Tel:770-385-8700
                                            Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description
Vehicles Wholesale (Primary)                                                                                         
                                            Manufacturers of electrolytic bar solder
Transportation Eqpt &                                                                Flour, Blended & Prepared (Primary)       Product / Service Description
                                            Manufacturers of Tin & Tin Lead Plated
Splys Wholesalers, Nec                                                               Food Products; Flour Mixes & Doughs       Microscopes (Retail)
                                            Anodes                                   Flour Mixes & Dough Mfg From Purchased
Transportation Eqpt & Splys
                                            Electronic Material Recyclers
(Exc Motor Vehicle) Merch                                                            Flour (Primary)
Aircraft Compressors
Aircraft Brakes & Cylinders
                                                                                                                               Micromeritics Instrument Corp.
                                                                                     Michigan Brush Mfg. Co., Inc.
                                                                                                                               1 Micromeritics Dr
                                                                                     P.O. Box 10247
                                            Metalline Chemical Corp.
Mermaid Trading                                                                                                                Norcross , GA 30093-1819
                                                                                     Detroit , MI 48210-0247
                                            10620 N Port Washington Rd
                                                                                                                               Contact:Andrew Sherwood,
888 Brannan St. Ste. 1180                                                            Contact:Bruce Gale, Pres.
                                            Thiensville , WI 53092-5048
                                                                                                                               Asia / Pacific Manager
San Francisco , CA 94103-5654                                                        Tel:313-834-1070
                                            Contact:Steve Schneider, President
Contact:Linying Liang,                                                               Fax:313-834-1178
                                            Tel:262-241-3200                                                                   Fax:770-662-3696
Product / Service Description                                                        Product / Service Description
                                                                                           Product / Service Description
Jewelers-Wholesale                                                                   Brushes & brooms
                                            Product / Service Description                                                      Surface analysis instruments & equipment &
Jewelry-Manufacturers                                                                Paint Rollers and Paint Brushes
                                            Plating Chemicals & Equipment                                                      particle size & density analyzers
                                                                                     Squeeges & Mops
                                                                                                                               Analytical instruments
                                                                       The Asian Register
5 8                                                                                                                                 Global Contact's
Micronel U. S. LLC                           Midisco                                    Midwest Truck & Auto                         Miller Compressing Co.
1280 Liberty Way, Section A                  500 Johnson Ave                            1001 W. Exchange Ave.                        PO Box 369
Vista , CA 92081-8319                        Bohemia , NY 11716-2628                    Chicago , IL 60609-2531                      Milwaukee , WI 53201-0369
Contact:Mr Samuel W Linko,                   Contact:Mark Laurenti, Sales Mgr.          Contact:Mark Chudacoff, President            Contact:John Busby, CEO
General Manager                              Tel:631-589-8035                                   Tel:414-671-5980
Tel:760-727-7400                             Fax:631-589-8167                           Product / Service Description                Fax:414-671-2529
Fax:760-727-4436                                             Heavy, light duty drivetrain parts, Axles,                                              Bearing Kits                                 Product / Service Description                      Product / Service Description              Differential, transmission,                  Secondary nonferrous metals
Product / Service Description                                                           transfercase, drive line, Yokes
                                             Electronic components                                                                   Company headquarters & scrap iron &
                                                                                        Valves for air brake systems, Slack
Blowers & Fans (Primary) Sized From                                                                                                  nonferrous material processing
                                                                                        Adjusters, Spring Brakes
16mmsq to 172mmsq
Blowers & Fans: Military & Civilian Resp.
Proctection Sys                                                                                                                      Miller Corp Harry
                                             Midwesco Filter Resources, Inc.            Migar Enterprises, Inc.                      4309 N. Lawrence St.
                                             P.O. Box 2075                              PO Box 315                                   Philadelphia , PA 19140-2406
                                             Winchester , VA 22604-1275
Microwave Dynamics                                                                      Bloomingdale , IL 60108-0315                 Contact:Bruce K. Entwisle, President
                                             Contact:Gene K. Ogilvie, V-P., Mktg.       Contact:Michael Garcia, President
14321 Chambers Rd Ste A                                                                                                              Tel:215-324-4000
                                             Tel:540-667-8500                           Tel:630-980-3961
Tustin , CA 92780-6911                                                                                                               Fax:215-324-1258
                                             Fax:540-667-9074                           Fax:630-980-4033
Contact:Shaun S. Adel, President/CEO                                                                                       
Fax:714-505-0994                                                                                                                     Product / Service Description
                                             Product / Service Description              Product / Service Description                                                                                                          Chemicals, Industrial Inorganic
                                             Filter bags                                                                                                           Metalworking chemicals, lubricants, rust
                                                                                        Freight Forwarding Intl Air/Ocean
                                             Cartridges Filter
Product / Service Description                                                                                                        preventatives, cleaning compounds &
                                                                                                                                     pickling addi
Telephone & telegraph apparatus
                                                                                                                                     Drawing Compounds
Microwave oscillators                                                                   Milestone Inc.
Phase locked dro
                                                                                        4225 NE 9th Ave.
                                                                                        Amarillo , TX 79107-7107
                                             Midwest Aerials & Equipment
Crystal oscillators
                                                                                        Contact:Steve Brenna, President
                                             2231 Papin St.
DRO * PLO * VCO * VCXO * OCXO *                                                                                                      Million Dollar Round Table
                                             Saint Louis , MO 63103-3025
AMP                                                                                                                                  325 W Touhy Ave
                                             Contact:Dan Tumminello,
Sub-systems                                                                                                                          Park Ridge , IL 60068-4265
                                                                                                                                     Contact:John Prast,
                                                                                        Product / Service Description
                                                                                        Mfg. Lightweight limestone building
                                                                                        products. Lightweight concrete
                                             Product / Service Description
Microwave Filter Co Inc
                                                                                        construction technology.
                                             Contractors-Equipment & Supls-Renting
6743 Kinne St                                                                                                                        Product / Service Description
                                                                                        Cast Stone Architectural Ornamentation
                                             Safety Equipment & Clothing (Whol)
East Syracuse , NY 13057-1215                                                           Fireplaces, Oak Leaf or Lion Carving         The Premier Association of Financial
Contact:Mr Carl F Fahrenkrug Sr, CEO                                                    Gargoyles, Angels, Sculptures                Professionals
                                             Rental Service-Stores & Yards
Tel:315-437-3953                                                                        Garden Temples, Fountains, Landscape         Financial Services Association
Fax:315-463-1467                                                                        Elements                                     Life Insurance Sales Association                                                                 Historic Reproduction of Stone
Product / Service Description
Filters: Electronic
                                                                                                                                     Mjk Inc
Microwave Components
                                                                                        Mill Masters Inc
                                             Midwest Gear & Machining, Inc.                                                          P.O.Box 405
                                                                                        P.O. Box 7566                                Glencoe , IL 60022-0405
                                             100 S. James St.
                                                                                        Jackson , TN 38302-7566                      Contact:Ireland Stewart, President
                                             Kansas City , KS 66118-1125
                                                                                        Contact:Bill Panthofer, Pres.                Tel:847-242-0188
                                             Contact:Frank Carr, Pres.
                                                                                        Tel:731-668-5558                             Fax:847-835-4099
Middle East Shipping Co Inc.
6013 Spencer Hwy
Pasadena , TX 77505-1603
                                                                                                 Product / Service Description
Contact:M. Badr, President
                                                                                        Product / Service Description                Management Consulting Services
                                             Product / Service Description
                                                                                        Thin-wall welded seam tube mills, tooling &  Marketing
                                             Precision machine parts
                                                                                        components for radiators (Auto/HE)           Representation in the USA,
                                             Gear and Shaft Manufacturing to 24" dia.
                                                                                        Tubemill for thin wall tubing ie. stainless  Licensing and Joint Ventures
Product / Service Description
                                                                                        steel, low carbon Stl, Copper, Aluminum,
International Ocean Shipping
Auto Equipment Shipping
                                                                                                                                     Mobile       Communications
FCL, LCL, & oversized cargo
                                             Midwest Scientific Inc                                                                  3733 NW 16th St, Suite B
                                                                                        Millennium Adhesive Products
                                             280 Vance Rd.                                                                           Lauderhill , FL 33311-4132
                                             St. Louis , MO 63088-1521                  16855 Park Circle Dr                         Contact:Gary Eichsteadt,
                                             Contact:Larry Degenhart, President         Chagrin Falls , OH 44023-4593                Tel:954-581-4963
Middleton, Inc., John                                                                   Contact:Ronald Janoski, CEO                  Fax:954-321-9371
                                             Fax:636-225-9998                           Tel:440-708-1212                             Product / Service Description
418 W Church Rd
                                                              Fax:440-708-1211                             Towers (Manufacturers)
King Of Prussia , PA 19406-3150
                                                                Emergency Medical Supply Boxes
Contact:David Salem, Director of Int’l Sales
                                             Product / Service Description                                                           (Fixed On Corner)
                                                                                        Product / Service Description
                                             Lab / Molecular biology supplies, reagents Adhesives & sealants                         Emergency Call Boxes-
                                             & equipment                                Adhesives                                    (PreRecorded Messages)
Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                     Emergency Communications Equipment
Chewing & smoking tobacco
Pipe tobacco & cigars
                                                                         The Asian Register
         The Asian Register                                                                                                                                    59
Mobile Dental Equipment Corp.           Mohawk         International                Moore Truck & Equipment Co
13300 SE 30th St. Ste. 101              P.O. Box 1448                               10400 Wallace Lake Rd.
                                                                                                                              2052 Niagara St
Bellevue , WA 98005-4434                Dalton , GA 30722-1448                      Shreveport , LA 71106-8023
                                                                                                                              Buffalo , NY 14207-2503
Contact:Peter Moore, Pres.              Contact:Richard J. Burkemper,               Contact:Wayne Moore,
                                                                                                                              Contact:Mr. Earl B. Mosegi, V.P.
Tel:425-747-5424                        Tel:706-278-8000                            Tel:318-688-5394
Fax:425-746-6332                        Fax:706-226-8782                            Fax:318-688-5405
Product / Service Description           Product / Service Description               Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
Dental equipment                        Carpets, Carpet Tile, Rug, Mats             Trailers new and Used Oilfield and Heavy-
                                                                                                                              Men’s shirts
Mfrg. Mobile Dental Equipment           Ceramic                                     haul Trailers and Attachments
                                                                                                                              The min. order is 50,000 - 1 million pcs
                                        Hardwood, Laminates
                                                                                                                              over a three year period. No deposit. All
                                                                                                                              Bank Guarantee or
Mobile Radio Engineering                                                            Morgan Lumber Co., Inc.
                                                                                                                              Moulding Mfg., Inc.
                                        Monarch Nut
745 Boone Ave. N.                                                                   628 Jeb Stuart Hwy.
                                                                                                                              RR 4 Box 427B
Golden Valley , MN 55427-4430           786 Road 188                                Red Oak , VA 23964
                                                                                                                              Martinsburg , WV 25401-9804
Contact:Dan Davey,                      Delano , CA 93215-9508                      Contact:Brian Shepley, Sales Mgr.
                                                                                                                              Contact:Heather Triggs, Comp., Fin. Mgr.
Tel:763-544-3319                        Contact:Kewel Munger, Owner                 Tel:434-735-8151
Fax:763-544-2078                        Tel:661-725-6458                            Fax:434-735-8152
                                                                                                                              Fax:304-267-2961            Fax:661-721-1065                  
                                                                                                                              Product / Service Description            
Product / Service Description           Product / Service Description               Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                              Wooden mouldings
Radio Communication Equip & Systems-    Pistachios, fresh or dried, whether or not  Lumber processing
Whol                                    shelled                                     Sawmills & planing mills, general
Radio/TV Broadcasting/Comm Equip (Mfrs) Almonds, blueberries                        Manufacture Southern Yellow Pine Lumber
Radiotelephone Communications                                                       Kiln Dry, HT Stamp                        Mountain Valley Seed Inc
Cellular Telephones (Services)                                                      IXU, IXG, 5/4x6 R.E.D., 5/4x4 R.E.D. 2x4  1800 S. West Temple
                                                                                                                              Salt Lake City , UT 84115-1851
                                                                                                                              Contact:Demetrious Agathangelides,
                                        Monin Inc.                                                                            Chief Executive Officer
                                        2100 Range Rd                                                                         Tel:801-486-0480
Modern Solutions Inc                                                                Morning Star Industries
                                        Clearwater , FL 33765-2125                                                            Fax:801-467-5730
6370 Copps Ave.                         Tel:727-461-3033                            PO Box 1266                     
Madison , WI 53716-3761                 Fax:727-461-3305                            Jensen Beach , FL 34958-1266    
Contact:Jeff Cardarella, President                         Contact:Steve Cook,                       Product / Service Description
Tel:608-222-2022                                      Tel:561-334-3456                          Vegetable, Herb,Grass & Flower Seeds       Product / Service Description               Fax:561-334-7979                          Wholsale
Product / Service Description                                             
                                        Flavoring Extracts & Syrups
                                                                                    Product / Service Description
Portable Industrial Air Purifier
                                                                                    Lamp Bulbs - Manufacturers                Mouse Design Studio
                                                                                                                              1500 Redi Rd
                                                                                                                              Cumming , GA 30040
                                        Monje Forest Products
                                                                                                                              Contact:Wade Parker, Fin. Mgr.
Modern Track Machinery                  10101 SW Bargur Blvd. #207                                                            Tel:770-518-0292
                                                                                    Morris Wood Tool Co., Inc.
                                        Portland , OR 97219
1415 Davis Rd.                                                                                                                Fax:770-518-0294
                                        Contact:Mike Monje, Owner
Elgin , IL 60123-1321                                                               4990 E. Andrew Johnson Hwy.     
Contact:Alan Reynolds,                                                              Morristown , TN 37814-6408      
Tel:847-697-7510                                                                    Contact:Michael G. Cartwright, Pres.      Product / Service Description
Fax:847-697-0136                                                                    Tel:423-586-0110
                                                                                                                              Signs & advertising specialties
                                                                                                                              Interior & exterior sandblasted signs
                                        Product / Service Description                                                
Product / Service Description                                             
                                        Lumber Brokers
                                                                                    Product / Service Description
Railroad Equipment & Supplies (Whol)    Structures and parts nesoi of iron or steel
                                                                                                                              Mr. Winter, Inc.
Railroad Equipment (Manufacturers)      Hydrogen chloride (hydrochloric acid)       Manufacturers of Industrial Quality
                                                                                                                              8080 W. 26th Ct.
Importers                               Nonconiferous wood nesoi, sawn, sliced      Woodworking Tools Since 1874
                                                                                                                              Hialeah , FL 33016-2730
                                        etc., over 6 mm thick
Industry Leaders-Advertising                                                        Twist Drills, Boring Bits,Countersinks,
                                                                                                                              Contact:Manny Mijares, Pres.
                                        Electrical equipment & supplies             Router Bits, Cutters
                                        Plumbing fixtures & supplies                Standard and Custom Styles Imperial and
                                        Piping & fittings                           Metric Sizes
                                                                                                                              Product / Service Description
Modular Mining Systems Inc
                                                                                                                              Walk-in coolers & freezers
3289 E. Hemisphere Loop
                                                                                                                              Refrigeration & heating equipment
Tucson , AZ 85706-5014
                                        Monumental Construction Co                  Morton Machine, Inc.
Contact:Yosuke Shiino,
Tel:520-806-3211                        1010 Vermont Ave. N.W. #203                 13533 S. State Highway 51
                                                                                                                              Mrs. Clark’s Foods L.C.
Fax:520-889-5790                        Washington , DC 20005                       Coweta , OK 74429-7106
                                        Contact:Michael Amrine,                                                                 Contact:Ashley M. Withers,                740 SE Dalbey Dr
Product / Service Description                                                       Fin. & MIS Mgr.                           Ankeny , IA 50021-3908
Indstrl/Coml Machinery/Equip Nec (Mfrs) Fax:202-745-5802                            Tel:918-486-2359                          Contact:Michael Vaughn,
Industrial Measuring/Cntrl Instr (Mfrs)                      Fax:918-486-4442                          Nat’l Sales & Mktg Mgr.
Mining Equipment (Wholesale)            Product / Service Description                  Tel:515-964-8100
Mining Consultants                      Plaster Products-Ornamental Architectural           Fax:515-964-8397
                                        Mouldings                                   Product / Service Description   
                                        Cornice & Crown Moulding                    Automotive Machine Shop                   Product / Service Description
                                        Granite                                     Industrial Machinery                      Sauces & salad dressings
                                                                                    Engine Parts & Accessories                Salad dressings, fruit juices, concentrates,
                                                                                                                              barbecue & food sauces & mayonnaise
                                                                     The Asian Register
6 0                                                                                                                            Global Contact's
Mud Technology International,              Multiquip Inc                               N Wood Counter Laboratory In             Najarian Furniture Co. Inc.
PO Box 509                                 18910 Wilmington Ave.                       P.O. Box 2509                            17560 Rowland St.
Athens , TX 75751-0229                     Carson , CA 90746-2820                      Chesterton , IN 46304-5609               City Of Industry , CA 91748-1114
Contact:John Miller, CEO                   Contact:Roger Euliss, President             Contact:Marjory Wood Crawford, Director  Contact:Serop Arabian, Manager
Tel:903-675-5383                           Tel:310-537-3700                            Tel:219-926-3571                         Tel:626-839-8700
Fax:903-675-7837                           Fax:310-537-3927                            Fax:219-926-3571                         Fax:626-839-8707                                                                      
Product / Service Description              Product / Service Description               Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description
Linear Shakers                             Concrete Power Trowel & Screeds             Bf3 Neutron Proportional Detectors       Furniture
                                           Construction Equipment-Manufacturers        Nuclear Radiation Detector Tubes
                                           Concrete/Masonry Cutting Tools &                                                     Nameplate Mfrs. Of America
                                           Equipment                                   N. & J. Printing                         100 Dale St
Multi Imager Service LLC                   Light Towers & Lighting Solutions
                                                                                       1924 NW 9th St                           West Babylon , NY 11704-1123
                                           Concrete/Masonry Mixers & Pumps
13865 Magnolia Ave. Bldg. C                                                            Fort Lauderdale , FL 33311-6923          Contact:Connie Case, Off. Mgr.
                                           Compaction Equipment
Chino , CA 91710-7028                                                                  Contact:Noah Jones, Owner & GM           Tel:631-752-0055
Contact:Klaus Kraemer, President                                                       Tel:954-524-5330                         Fax:631-752-3324
Tel:909 591-6444 / 800-400-4549 US                                                     Fax:954-524-3996               
Fax:909-591-5293                           Multivex Mirror Co.                                            6220 Burton St                              Product / Service Description            Product / Service Description                Romulus , MI 48174-4222                     Silk screen printing                     Nameplates, labels, decals & bar codes
Product / Service Description              Contact:Robert C. McCord,                   Off-set printing                         Signs & advertising specialties
Medical Imaging Equipment Sales, Service,  Pres., R & D Mg
Parts & Training                           Tel:734-595-8957
                                                                                       NORTHWEST TRANSMISSION
                                           Fax:734-595-6473                                                                     Nanofilm Ltd
                                                                                                                                10111 Sweet Valley Dr.
                                                       13500 U.S. Route 62                      Cleveland , OH 44125-4249
                                           Product / Service Description               Winchester , OH 45697-9645               Contact:Scott Rickert, President
Multi-Fineline Electronics Inc                                                         Contact:Rusty Yarger, Manager
                                           Motor vehicle parts & accessories                                                    Tel:216-447-1199
1301 N. Dynamics St.                                                                   Tel:937-442-2811
                                           Automotive aspheric anti-blind area mirrors                                          Fax:216-447-1137
Anaheim , CA 92806-1901                                                                Fax:937-442-6555
                                           Blind spot mirrors                                                         
Contact:Philip A. Harding, CEO                                               
                                           Wide angel mirrors                                                         
Tel:714-996-1248                                                                    Product / Service Description
Fax:714-996-3834                                                                       Product / Service Description
                                                                                                                                Optical cleaners, non-stick treatments
                                           Mustang Engineering Inc /                                                                   Automatic Transmission Parts             Precision castings / molding release agents
Product / Service Description              Mustang International                       Transmission Parts: Automatic Standard   Clarifying treatments, Ant-fogging coatings
Electronic Components assembled to         16001 Park Ten Pl / P.O.Box 10250                                                    Low friction coatings, Protective coatings
flexible printed circuits                  Houston , TX 77084-5135                                                              Anti-corrosion coatings for reflective
                                                                                       Nacco Materials Handling
Manufactures flexible printed circuits     Contact:Mike Mott, Sales & Marketing                                                 surfaces. Dirt / dust repellent treatments
Assembles camera / sensors on flexible                                                 Group, Inc.
                                           Tel:713-215-8000 / 973-769-7566                                                      Surface smoothing / sealing coatings
printed circuits                           Fax:973-769-7481                            1400 Sullivan Dr.
                                                            Greenville , NC 27834-9007
                                                    Contact:Colin Wilson, Pres.
                                                                                                                                Nashville Wire Products Corp.
                                           Product / Service Description               Tel:252-931-5100
                                                                                                                                199 Polk Ave.
                                           Engineering Services
Multicolor Specialties, Inc.                                                                                                    Nashville , TN 37210
                                                                                                                                Contact:David Rollins, Pres.
                                                                                       Product / Service Description
1532 S. 50th Ct.
Cicero , IL 60804-1901                                                                 Forklifts
Contact:Harry L. Cody, CEO                                                             Trucks & Tractors_Industrial
                                                                                                                                Product / Service Description
                                           Mylan Technologies, Inc.
                                                                                                                                Signs & advertising specialties
Fax:708-656-5055                           110 Lake St
                                                                                                                                Corporate headquarters; wire store displays               Saint Albans , VT 05478-2266                Nachon Lumber
                                                                                                                                & shelves             Contact:Tom Campbell, Admn. & Sales Mgr.    2477 W. 4th Ave.                         Oven shelving
Product / Service Description              Tel:802-527-7792                            Hialeah , FL 33010-1422
                                                                                                                                Refrigerator shelving
Architectural, Aerosol & Industrial        Fax:802-527-8151                            Contact:Carlos Nachon, President
                                                                                                                                Warehouse shelving
multicolor solvent & water based coatings,                       Tel:305-888-5236                         Wire containers
paints & products                                    Fax:305-885-9734
                                           Product / Service Description               Product / Service Description
                                           Transdermal patches & pharmaceutical labels Structural Steel Erection
                                                                                                                                Nat Sherman International
                                           & medical products                          Drywall, Wood
                                           Medical Films, Release Liners, Adhesive                                              500 5th Ave.
                                                                                       Door Department: wood,
Multinational Electronics Inc              Laminates                                                                            New York , NY 10110-0002
                                                                                        metal, fiberglass, steel
101 Route 130 S # 420                                                                                                           Contact:Louis Carbone,
Cinnaminson , NJ 08077                                                                                                          Tel:212-246-5500
Contact:Charles Abrams,                                                                                                         Fax:212-246-8639
                                           Myles Lumber Co.
                                                                                       Nafta Traders                                                                                                        Product / Service Description
                                           PO Box 1274
                                                                                       600 N. Wildwood Dr.
Product / Service Description              Elkins , WV 26241-1274                                                               Nat Sherman is a premiere tobacconist
                                                                                       Irving , TX 75061-8830
Electronic Equipment & Supplies-Mfrs                                                                                            located at 500 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
                                           Contact:Faye Channell, V-P., Fin.
                                                                                       Contact:Sales & Marketing,
Electro-Mechanical Assemblies              Tel:304-636-3149                                                                     10110. Products sold to customers &
                                           Fax:304-636-2180                                                                     wholesalers ( both domestically &
                                           Product / Service Description                                                        internationally) include cigarettes, cigars,
                                           Sawmills & planing mills, general                                                    lighters, tobacco, humidors, high-ends
                                           Lumber processing                                                                    men’s accessories as well as other specialty
                                                                                       Product / Service Description
                                                                                       The biggest wholesaler of branded sport
                                                                                       footwear & apparel in the USA
                                                                       The Asian Register
          The Asian Register                                                                                                                                       61
                                                                                           Nedco Conveyor Technology
National Electronic Alloys                                                                                                          New England Machinery Inc
                                             Naturally Delicious, Inc.
3 Fir Court                                                                                                                         6204 29th St. E
                                             1811 N.W. 29th St.
                                                                                           967 Lehigh Ave
Oakland , NJ 07436-1884                                                                                                             Bradenton , FL 34203-5304
                                             Fort Lauderdale , FL 33311-2123
                                                                                           Union , NJ 07083-7632
Contact:Richard Geoffrion, President                                                                                                Contact:Marge Bonura,
                                             Contact:Arthur Price, GM
                                                                                           Contact:Curtis Tarlton, Pres.
Tel:201-337-9400                                                                                                                    Dir. of Sales & Mktg.
Fax:201-337-9698                                                                                                                    Tel:941-755-5550
                                                                                           Fax:908-964-9411                                                                                                                  Fax:941-751-6281
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                                             Product / Service Description
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                                                                                                                                    Product / Service Description