&blue=<b>Be My Guest</b> е проект, който цели разработване на основен онлайн курс по руски език. Авторите вземат под внимание важността на руския като език на глобалната комуникация, както и нарасналия брой на хората в разширена Европа, които говорят руски като роден или втори език. В същото време те ще се стремят да представят възможностите  за по-успешно общуване и по-добро междукултурно разбирателство между гражданите на Европа, които създава ученето на руски.

&red=<b>Be My Guest</b> е онлайн курс по руски език за начинаещи.<br>Курсът е предназначен преди всичко за хора, които работят или търсят работа в хотелиерството. Той ще бъде от полза и за тези, които предоставят различни услуги в областта на туризма, например…

&partner1=<b>Euroinform Ltd.</b>
Bulgaria - BG         <i><a href='http://www.euroinformbg.com' target='_blank'><u>www.euroinformbg.com</u></i></a>
&partner2=<b>Educational Programmes Consult Ltd.</b>
Bulgaria - BG          <i><a href='http://www.epcbg.com' target='_blank'><u>www.epcbg.com</u></i></a>
&partner3=<b>Federazione Nazionale Insegnanti Centro di Iniziativa per<br>l'Europa </b>    Italy - IT <i><a href='http://www.fenice-eu.org' target="_blank"><u> www.fenice-eu.org</u></a></i>
&partner3a=<b>Federazione Nazionale Insegnanti Centro di Iniziativa per l'Europa</b>
Italy - IT            <i><a href='http://www.fenice-eu.org' target="_blank"><u>www.fenice-eu.org</u></a></i>
&partner4=<b>Acrosslimits Ltd</b>
Malta - MT             <i><a href='http://www.acrosslimits.com' target="_blank"><u>www.acrosslimits.com</u></a></i>
&partner5=<b>Universidad de Granada</b>
Spain - ES            <i><a href="http://www.ugr.es" target="_blank"><u>www.ugr.es</u></a></i>

&desc1=<img src='euroinform.jpg' width='231px' height='72px'><b>Euroinform - coordinator of Be My Guest project</b>
Euroinform Ltd is a Bulgarian company dealing with consulting services in the field of education and training. The company’s activities cover three main areas: 
<b>Translation and interpretation:</b> the company has been working this field since 1995. It provides translation services in a number of specialized areas, such as law and jurisprudence, medical sciences and pharmacy, engineering, hotel and catering, etc.  
<b>Consulting services</b> in foreign language teaching, adult training and introduction of modern training methods: Euroinform collaborates with universities, colleges, public and private educational providers. The company staff concentrates its services and developments on language training tools as well as intercultural training for adults.
<b>Management and co-ordination of projects</b> under the European Commission programmes: Euroinform has many years experience in project cooperation. Most of the company’s projects are in language teaching and adult training.
The company is a Laureate of the European Language Label and Silver Award of the European Commission for the development of teaching methodology and specially designed learning materials for teaching foreign languages to the blind (Project "Listen and Touch").  
<b>Contact Details:</b><br><b>Address:</b> 19, Slavyanska str., 1000 Sofia.<br><b>Telephone:</b> (359 2) 987 21 35<br><b>Fax:</b> (359 2) 987 21 69<br><b>Email:</b> <a href='mailto:sonler@abv.bg'> sonler@abv.bg</a><br><b>Website:</b><a href='http://www.euroinformbg.com'target="_blank"> www.euroinformbg.com</a>

&desc2=<img src='epcbig.jpg' width='200px' height='139px'><b>Educational Programmes Consult - EPC Ltd.</b><br><b>Background:</b> 'Educational Programmes Consult' Ltd. Is an educational organization, registered bythe Sofia City Court in 1998 (file No: 5725), BG tax No: 222 613 21 15, BG statistics ID No: 121 680 084 and insurance No: 156 232.  Owner of 'Sofia City School' - registration at the Patent Office of BG: 05.05.05/78507/UT
<b>Main areas and types of activity:</b> The centre has detailed experience in national educational system of Bulgaria and language standards, with its established contacts with the Ministry of Education and sectoral organizations in VET, and foreign companies which work on the territory of Bulgaria. It has been specializing in elaboration of modular study programmes, curriculum development in VET, according to national and international standards, project management and co-ordination, development of educational material, both paper-based and multimedia in Bulgarian, Russian and English.
<b>Key competencies: </b>language education and application of the European Framework for Language Reference, especially in the educational materials and the readers that the centre has developed and published. Nine out of thirty one titles were approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education to be ‘a recommended reader’ within the state school system. EPC develops and implements modern educational methodologies and strategies supported by IT in educational institutions and SMEs through integration of language content into vocational training. The language programmes we elaborate are usually in English, Bulgarian and Russian. The latter are also taught in our school. The staff has a practical knowledge of the target sector in BG, and the problems speakers of the Latin-based Alphabets usually have with the Cyrillic one.
<b>Experience:</b> Over 9 years’ collaboration in international partnership in education and industry, Bulgarian language education to foreigners, development of language training materials for VET, language courses development, curriculum design and provision.
'EPC' applies its experience, knowledge, skills and competencies as a partner and  languages expert, uses its resources as an educational institution in order to complete BE MY GUEST! project successfully with the other partners, and implement Lifelong learning program objectives.
<b>Contact Details:</b><br><b>Address:</b><br><b>Telephone:</b> (359) 2 4005 908<br><b>Fax:</b> (359) 2 4005 909<br><b>Email:</b><a href='mailto:epc@abv.bg'> epc@abv.bg</a><br><b>Website:</b>

&desc3=<img src='fenice.jpg' width='200px' height='115px'><b>Federazione Nazionale Insegnanti Centro di iniziativa per l'Europa - FENICE</b><br>Federazione Nazionale Insegnanti Centro di iniziativa per l'Europa - FENICE - Naples, Italy - is a non-profit teacher's association whose aims are to incease the European dimension in education, to highlight the educational and formative value of state schools as they are for all citizens, to promote and plan initiatives, training projects, refresher courses, the cultural improvement of teachers as well as research and experimentation in the teaching field, so that teachers may be better equipped to meet the needs of modern society. During 26 years of activity, it designed and carried out 14 transnational projects funded by the European Community, more than 30 seminars and public conferences, 135 in-service courses and training courses for teachers both initial and in-service, most of which had been authorised by the local educational Authorities. It produced and published a periodical called «Scuol@Europa» sent to all the secondary schools of Italy and all sorts of teaching materials in the field of foreign language, ITC, didactic design, design of testing material, student wastage in high school, Total Quality in  schools, group work, conceptual maps, learning methods. 
The diffusion of the activities of FENICE takes place through its website www.fenice-eu.org in three languages (IT, EN, FR) and a newsletter sent out three times a year in three languages (IT, EN, FR) all over Europe to 3300 institutions and policy makers with the aim to promote the products and the methods developed by transnational partnerships to a wider audience.
<b>Contact Details:</b><br><b>Address: </b> Piazza Quattro Giornate, 64 - 80128 Napoli<br><b>Telephone:</b>(0039) 081 5788295<br><b>Fax:</b> (0039) 081 2141590<br><b>Email:</b> <a href='mailto:fenice.eu@libero.it'> fenice.eu@libero.it</a><br><b>Website:</b> <a href="http://www.fenice-eu.org/" target="_blank"> http://www.fenice-eu.org</a>

&desc4=<img src='acrosslimits.jpg' width='200px' height='175px'>
AcrossLimits is a dynamic SME and creative e-Business, Internet and Knowledge Management solutions provider based in Malta. It provides various services relating to Information Technology focusing mostly on creating e-commerce and e-business solutions from the small and medium enterprises. It is also actively involved in the research and creation of innovative solutions for e-learning and teleworking, as well as being experts in the configuration and programming of cross-platform systems.
AcrossLimits is also very active on the European programmes front. AcrossLimits has a proven track record in the EU field and actively participates in many EU funded projects. Through experience in the field AcrossLimits has developed know - how and expertise in EU project management.  It is currently participating in 5 different research related EU funded projects related to diverse areas of interest including ICT technologies for lifelong learning, environmental monitoring, science popularisation and languages. It is also active in the educational Socrates programmes since two of the directors of the company lecture at the University of Malta and their research interests vary from electronic publishing to using ICT in education.
AcrossLimits experience and track record in Internet and New Media development has been achieved with a range of clients across a wide variety of applications and industry sectors. Our team members have been working in the Internet field for over 9 years now and throughout this time they have created, maintained and programmed several high quality web applications and software solutions.
<b>Contact details:</b><br><b>Address:</b> Gateway Center, Kappillan Mifsud Street, Hamrun, HMR 1856, Malta<br><b>Phone:</b> (356) 21 224 900<br><b>Fax:</b> (356) 23 331 210<br><b>Email:</b> <a href='mailto:info@acrosslimits.com'> info@acrosslimits.com</a><br><b>Website:</b> <a href="http://www.acrosslimits.com" target="_blank"> www.acrosslimits.com</a>

&desc5=<img src='granda.jpg' width='128px' height='75px'><b>The University of Granada</b>
It was founded in 1531, under the initiative of the Emperor Carlos V.  The university centres and buildings are located in various places in the urban area of Granada, giving the city its particular university style, since of the 270,000 inhabitants of the capital, 60,000 are university students. The University of Granada also has University Campuses in the Spanish cities of Ceuta and Melilla, located in North Africa. The University of Granada currently runs 51 degree courses, 24 diploma courses, 141 doctorate programmes and a wide range of courses related to almost every area of knowledge. 
As a result of the growth in scientific production, the University of Granada is among the top three Spanish universities. 
<b>International relations</b>:<br>The University of Granada takes an active part in the European Union's university programmes, both in the mobility of teachers and students as well as research. Programmes are coordinated from the Office of International Relations, and aimed at EU countries and other geographical areas (Latin America, Eastern Europe, North Africa, etc.).
Although the three most intense areas of cooperation, as might be expected for a country such as Spain and a University with the tradition of Granada, are the European Union, Latin America and the Magreb, of no lesser importance are the lines of collaboration which exist with the countries from the former USSR, specially with Russia. As a result of this cooperation, the University of Granada receives more than 8,000 lecturers, students and university administrators each year from all over the world.
<b>The University and the Russian language:</b><br>The University of Granada is one of the first Spanish Universities teaching Russian language in the country and one of three Spanish Universities having a degree on Slavonic Studies. Russian is also taught in the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting with a big success.
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&learnrussian=<b>Be My Guest</b> е онлайн курс по руски език за начинаещи.<br>Курсът е предназначен преди всичко за хора, които работят или търсят работа в хотелиерството. Той ще бъде от полза и за тези, които предоставят различни услуги в областта на туризма, например домашно настаняване, персонала на магазини и ресторанти и т.н. Курсът ще им помогне да улеснят комуникацията както с туристи от Русия, така и от европейски страни, в които руският език е широко разпространен.<br><br>Ние се надяваме, че този курс ще бъде полезен също и за хора, които посещават Русия и рускоговорящи страни с цел туризъм или работа. Те ще имат възможност бързо да научат основите на руски и ще могат да се справят с типични за  всяко пътуване комуникативни ситуации. <br><br>Освен това предлагаме курса <b>Be My Guest</b> на всеки, който иска за кратко време да придобие умения за ефикасна комуникация на руски. Скоро ще започнете да разбирате и ще знаете какво да кажете на руски в различни ситуации на всекидневното общуване. <br><br><b>Какви възможности предлага <b>Be My Guest</b>  на изучаващите руски език?</b><br><br><b>Действително говоримия език: </b>  Ще научите действително говоримия език  с помощта на интерактивни упражнения, в които се използват на най-често употребяваните думи и изрази.<br><br></br><b>Самостоятелно обучение: </b>  Ще можете да учите с удобното за вас темпо и в подходящото за вас време. Вие избирате колко бързо да учите. Можете да минете курса бързо, ако целта ви е за кратко време да научите основен руски за работа или пътуване. Ако пък искате да придобиете повече увереност, ще можете да повтаряте всеки урок толкова пъти, колкото ви е необходимо, за да запомните думите и изразите.<br><br><b>Подкрепа на преподавателя: </b>  Преподавателският ни екип ще организира обучителни сесии онлайн,  за да подпомогне учениците на <b>Be My Guest</b> да практикуват руски. Ще имате възможност да говорите и слушате руски и да задавате въпроси на опитен преподавател.<br><br>Тези уроци „на живо” ще бъдат обявени на учебната страница на <b>Be My Guest</b>.<br></br><b>Езикът за достъп: </b>  Можете да изберете български, английски, италиански или испански език за достъп до обучението. Учебното съдържание ще намерите  адаптирано за ученици, чийто майчин език или предпочитан език за обучение е между изброените по-горе. Преведени са всички текстове, думи и изрази, както и указанията и обяснения по граматика. <br><br><b>Езикова компетенция:</b> Курсът <b>Be My Guest</b> си поставя за цел да придобиете езиковите умения на ниво A (А1 и частично А2) според Общата европейска езикова рамка.<br>&contactus=Fill in the below form, with any suggestions, or questions that you may have. We will get back to you with a reply as soon as possible.
&aboutrussian=Днес съществуват около пет хиляди езика по света, от които 130 езика се говорят от повече от един милион души и 70 езика от повече от пет милиона души.<br><br>Руският е седмият най-разпространен език по света и се използва от 160 милиона души. Той е петият най-разпространен език по света, говорен като роден или втори чужд от общо 285 милиона души.<br><br>Руският е и един от най-разпространите езици като втори чужд в Европа. Освен това броят на ползвателите на руски език като роден в ЕС е относително висок. Това създава основа за разширяване и насърчаване на използването на руски език за международно и междукултурно общуване.<br><br>РУСКИ ЕЗИК ЗА МЕЖДУКУЛТУРНО ОБЩУВАНЕ<br>Бележки за социалното поведение и културния контекст<br>Кликнете <a href='http://www.russianonline.eu/interculturalBG.pdf' target='_blank'>ТУК</a>, за да свалите файла
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