Secondary schools and Vocational high schools
in Pernik district

Pernik municipality

Secondary school with foreign language extended learning ‘ Dr Peter Beron” - Pernik
10 Otec Paisii Str.;Tel. 076 608670 ;E-mail: Headmaster: Sevdelina Dimitrova
With extended number of classes in English language

Foreign language teaching school “ S. Radev” – Pernik
17 Blagoy Gebrev Str.; Tel. 076 670140 ;E-mail:; Headmaster: Temenujka Krumova

With extended number of classes in English language, German language and French language

Vocational high school of economics - Pernik
2 Georgi Mamarchev Str.; Tel. 076 608384 ; E-mail: Headmaster: Svetla Spasova
Specialities: Banking; Insurance and social securitytivities; Operative accountant; Operative accountancy ; Economist; Entrepreneurship and management; Office-manager; 
Business-administration ; Economist – ICT specialist; Economics and information provision;

VI th Secondary school “ St St Kiril and Metodii”– Pernik
69 Krakra Str.; Tel. 076 605425 ; E-mail: Headmaster: Ilika Stoyanova

With extended number of classes in Information technology

High school of Natural sciences and Mathematics “H.Smirnenski”– Pernik
1 Monte Carlo Str.; Tel. 076 606615 ; Headmaster: Milena Draganova

With extended number of classes in Biology; Mathematics; Computer studies and English language; Computer studies and German language;

Secondary school “ St Kliment Ohridski” – Pernik
1 Riga Str.; Tel. 076 670380 ; E-mail: Headmaster: Aneta Evtimova
Specialities:  Music;

Vth Secondary school “ P.R. Slaveikov” – Pernik
2 Georgi Mamarchev Str.; Tel. 076 607042 ; E-mail: Headmaster: Georgi Georgiev
With extended number of classes in Information technology

Sport school “ Olympian” – Pernik
2 Klement Gotvald Str.; Tel. 076 670702 ; E-mail: Headmaster: Raicho Radev
Sports: football; basketball,wrestling; table tennis,boxing;

Vocational high school in technics and building “ Architect Yordan Milanov” - Pernik
Residential area Moshino, Mladen Stoyanov Str.Tel. 076 670010 ;E-mail: Headmaster: Samuil Sheinin
Specialities: Designer ; Interior design ; Electrician ; Electric installations/fittings ; A building technician ; Building and architecture ; Layer-out technician ; Park building and grassing/planting;

Vocational high school of apparel and tourism “ St. Ivan Rilsky” - Pernik
3 Radomir Str. Tel. 076 630750 E-mail: Headmaster: eng. Antonia Karadashkova
Specialities: Baker-confectioner ; Confectionery production ; Designer–apparel technologist
Design, modeling and technology of textile clothing  ; Organization of hotel-keeping ; Restauranteur
Catering ; Gastronomy products and drinks production

Vocational high school in technology“ Yurii Gagarin” - Pernik
10 Tarnovo Str. Tel. 076 600910  E-mail: Headmaster: Dr. eng. Ivan Popov

Specialities: Machine operator ; Metal cutting equipment ; Welding machines and facilities ; Computer systems technician ; Computer networks ; Computer systems fitter ; Computer equipment and technologies ; Transport equipment fitter ; Mechanical transport technics;

Technological vocational high school “ Marie Curie” - Pernik
Residential area Moshino 1 Mladen Stoyanov Str. Tel. 076 672947 E-mail: Headmaster: eng. Hedialka Milcheva
Specialities: Technician –metallurgist ; Ferrous metallurgy ; Chemist-operator ; Technology of pharmaceutical, perfumery and cosmetics products ; Food and drink quality technologist-technician;
Quality control and safety of food and drinks ; Ecologist ; Ecology and environmental protection;

Vocational high school in energy and mining “ Hristo Botev”- Pernik
10 Silistra Str. Tel. 076 607783 E-mail: Headmaster: eng. Sonya Nikolova
Specialities: Technician geologist ; Hydrogeologics and geotechnics ; Electrician ; Electrical equipment of production ; Power equipment and isolations fitter ; Air-conditioning and ventilation equipment ; Power facilities and installations fitter ; Gas equipment;

Radomir municipality

Vocational high of technology “ N.J. Vaptsarov’ - Radomir
1 Car Osvoboditel Tel. 0777 80559 E-mail: Headmaster: Vasilka Stoilova
Specialities: Economist – ICT specialist  ; Economic informatics ; Economic and information provision
Electrician ; Electrical equipment of production ; Electronic  equipment technician ; Industrial electronics;

Vocational high school of transport “ Yurii Gagarin” – Radomir
18 Cherkovna Str. Tel. 0777 82419 E-mail: Headmaster: eng. Veliana Iskrenova
Specialities: Financial book- keeper ; Financial book-keeping ; Electrician ; Electrical equipment of transport technics ; Transport technics fitter ; Mechanical transport technics;

Secondary school “ Kiril and Metodii” – Radomir
31 Raiko Daskalov Str. Te. 0777 82418 E-mail: Headmaster: Petar Petrov

With extended number of classes in Biology an Computer studies
Secondary school “ Hristo Botev” – Dren
village Dren  Radomir municipality Tel. 07726 2089 E-mail: Headmaster: Antoaneta-Gocheva Borisova
With extended number of classes in Art
Breznik municipality
Vocational high school in agriculture “ N.J. Vaptsarov’ - Breznik
75 A. Mihailov Str. Tel. 07751 2460 Headmaster: Daniela Goryanova
Specialities: Economist ; Plant-growing ;Organizer of tourist agency activities ; Rural tourism;

Secondary school “ Vasil Levski” – Breznik
9 Al. Filipov Str. Tel. 07751 2137 E-mail: Headmaster: Krasimira Djenkova
With extended number of classes in Information Technology
Zemen Municipality

Secondary school “ Kiril and Metodii” – Zemen
2 Gruiova Str. Tel. 07741 2219 E-mail: Headmaster: Daniela Vladimirova
Tran Municipality

Secondary school “ Geo Milev” – Tran
5 Petko D. Petkov Str. Tel. 07731 2055 E-mail: Headmaster: Yuri Ivanov