dcelss@yahoo.com 	518/441-0219 V<br/>	CI<br/>CT<br/>	Certified 	Yes<br/>Robert 	Nelligan-Barrett 	Rochester 	NY 	14622 	bob.barrett@mail.rit.edu 	585/475-4632<br/>866-948-9902<br/>	CSC<br/>	Certified 	No<br/>Stephen 	Nelson 	Rochester 	NY 	14624-5202 	sandis@rit.edu 	585/889-4781 V<br/>585/475-6455 V<br/>585/475-7526<br/>	CSC<br/>OIC:C<br/>	Certified 	Yes<br/>Danielle 	Newman-Davoli 	Rockville Centre 	NY 	11570 	DNewman1@nshs.edu 	516-992-8840<br/>516-562-4602<br/>516-424-6825<br/>	CI<br/>CT<br/>	Certified 	No<br/>Paulette 	Nyahay 	Middletown 	NY 	10940 	pnyahay@hvc.rr.com 	845/343-5528 B<br/>	  	Associate 	Yes<br/>Donna 	O'Brien 	Rochester 	NY 	14612 	N/A 	N/A<br/>	CI<br/>CT<br/>	Certified 	No<br/>Elizabeth 	O'Brien 	Elmira Heights 	NY 	14903 	eho324@aol.com 	607/732-8646 B<br/>	MCSC<br/>	Certified 	Yes<br/>Darcy 	O'Dell 	Scottsville 	NY 	14546-1132 	domdis@rit.edu 	N/A<br/>	CI<br/>CT<br/>OIC:V/S<br/>TC<br/>	Certified 	Yes<br/>Sara 	O'Leary 	N/A 	N/A 	N/A 	N/A 	N/A<br/>	CI<br/>CT<br/>NIC<br/>	Certified 	Yes<br/>James 	Orr 	Pittsford 	NY 	14534-3310 	jmo5601@rit.edu 	716/475-6251 B<br/>716/475-6787<br/>	CSC<br/>OIC:S/V<br/>	Certified 	Yes<br/>Pamela 	Orr 	Pittsford 	NY 	14534 	pjorr619@gmail.com 	5852333658<br/>315-246-8371<br/>	NIC<br/>	Certified 	Yes<br/>Jana 	Owen 	Flushing 	NY 	11354 	Jana@JanaOwen.us 	301/575-4020 V<br/>	CI<br/>CT<br/>NIC<br/>SC:L<br/>	Certified 	Yes<br/>Celeste 	Owens 	Brooklyn 	NY 	11201 	clesteo@aol.com 	718/522-1924<br/>917 403-3406<br/>	NAD V<br/>NIC<br/>	Certified 	Yes<br/>Mary 	Pacella 	Bronx 	NY 	10465 	  	N/A<br/>	CI<br/>	Certified 	Yes<br/>Liz 	Palladino- Stelle 	Malverne 	NY 	11565 	lizpalladino@optonline.net 	516/599-2717<br/>516/946-4783<br/>	CI<br/>CT<br/>	Certified 	Yes<br/>Patrice 	Palma Blanco 	North Babylon 	NY 	11703 	nyokwi@yahoo.com 	N/A<br/>	NIC<br/>	Certified 	Yes<br/>Ben 	Passantino 	Ridge 	NY 	11961-2653 	N/A 	631/205-5264 V<br/>	  	Associate 	Yes<br/>Raquel 	Pawlik 	Flushing 	NY 	11355 	shoneys10@hotmail.com 	N/A<br/>	  	Associate 	No<br/>Kathryn 	Pedersen 	Honeoye Falls 	NY 	14472-1022 	kpedersen@snapvrs.com 	N/A<br/>	CI<br/>CT<br/>	Certified 	Yes<br/>Christine 	Pepe 	Sleepy Hollow 	NY 	10591 	singsign@verizon.net 	914/524-7164 B<br/>914/524-9663<br/>	CI<br/>CT<br/>	Certified 	Yes<br/>Search for an individual interpreter or locate an RID member. Some members have requested that certain information remain private. Such information cannot be used to find a member and will not be displayed. Members can log in to their accounts to update information instantly. If you would like to be listed, join RID>><br/><br/>    * |Site Map<br/>    * |Privacy Policy<br/>    * |Feedback<br/>    * |Contact<br/><br/><br/>Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc.<br/>333 Commerce Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, (703) 838-0030<br/><br/>© Copyright 2010 Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc.<br/><br/>Web site design by New Target<br/>