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1. 11 LV 58AD 3NH6 TO
A Latvian company offers a unique sound correction technology. The technology enables automatic or semi-automatic correction of all the major parameters of two-channel or multi-channel sound systems _ loudspeaker positioning, signal delay, signal level, phase, Amplitude Frequency Response curve, as well as dynamic adjustment of parameters depending on the conditions of sound reproduction. The company offers a license agreement and/or seeks for technical cooperation.

2. 11 PL 61AJ 3NI8 TR
Polish SME plans to expand its offer and create a construction reinforcement product center. Therefore, the company is looking for production technology for construction stirrups, beam foundation beams, and reinforcement and smooth bars with cross-sections greater than 14 mm. The company is interested in a following form of cooperation: technical cooperation, and subcontracting and contracting.

3. 11 IL 80ER 3NEF TR
An Israeli company specializing in timing synchronization solutions is looking for advanced European satellite positioning system. Ideally, the system should be cost-effective (less than 100 USD), small sized (approx. 10 x 10 mm). The technology requested can be at any stage of development.

4. 11 IL 80ER 3NFA TO
An Israeli company has developed an environmentally friendly new composite material providing thermal and acoustic insulation for all types of construction. Advantages over the materials in the market include its absolute friendliness & recyclability, high insulation efficiency and simple installation. The company is looking for strategic industrial partners as well as representatives. License, joint venture and commercial agreements with technical assistance are offered.

5. 11 NL 60AH 3NGE TR
A globally active Dutch company is seeking technologies and products that support the sleep development in healthy infants. Most existing solutions are based on light and sound. The aim is to identify durable solutions, also based on other technical or physical principles (either electrical or non-electrical) that enhance the natural behavior of healthy infants. The Dutch company is interested in licence and/or technical co-operation agreements.

6. 11 MK 82EX 3NI0 TR
Macedonian SME specialized in the exploitation and processing of calcite is looking for advanced fine grinding technologies for micronization range from 10 to 80 microns. The company is searching for manufacturers of grinding technologies interested in technical cooperation through adaptation of the technology or joint further development and testing.

7. 11 GB 44O6 3NHZ TO
A London based SME offers the results of 3 years development work on virtual world technology for social, collaborative, multi-player games that can be played via web browsers. This proven technology can be re-used as a basis for new games, thereby providing any organization wishing to release a title with a fast route to release and lots of technically refined functionality and features.

8. 11 IT 56Z4 3NK0 TR
A SME from Italy, active in the field of the IPR and technology scouting, has filled a new patent about smart solution for electricity production and storage. An FP7 project is going to be applied and two suppliers/integrators of systems in the area of the renewable energy and/or elecrical components and subsystems are now sought. The scope of the project is the realization of a prototype integrated solution which may demonstrate the advantages of the patented solution.

9. 11 GR 49R0 3NJ6 TR
A Greek SME active in the energy sector is searching for partners to join a project proposal for the open call FP7-ENERGY-2012-RTD. The aim is to develop a novel scaleable technology and commercial unit for converting organic materials and waste into heat and syngas by means of gasification. They are looking for small companies active in the renewable energy and solid biomass domain, preferably with experience in organic materials and waste.

10. 11 PL 62AQ 3NE2 TR
SME from North-East Poland looks for a paint coating technology on modular position. The searched technology can be adapted to specific needs of the company during the investment process and it should be characterised by high efficiency and low exploitation costs. The paint stop should look like a multi-positional paint module. The company is interested in technical cooperation, commercial agreement with technical assistance.

11. 11 PL 62AQ 3NB3 TO
A Polish SME developed an IT tool, that allows building a system to present integrated science-related data that can be embedded into any web page. It allows to import and join multiple data sources as SQL databases, websites or documents, and create automatically comprehensive records of experts, research units, etc. The SME is interested in licence agreement, technical cooperation, joint-venture agreement, commercial agreement.

12. 11 PL 63AY 3NHT TO
A Polish company from the tool industry offers modern methods of processing and manufacturing machinery parts and components for the chemical industry. Innovative methods of execution offered by the company provide the highest quality parameters.Technologies offered by the company are available for demonstration / use. The company is seeking technical cooperation or commercial agreement with technical advice.

13. 11 ES 28G2 3NF0 TO
A Spanish public research organisation has generated an expression vector system that detects uni- and bidirectional promoters in lactic acid bacteria. Reporter genes that encode autofluorescent proteins are transcribed divergently and allow to control a transfection efficiency and the ability to form colonies in live cell assays, especially for Lactococci and Enterococci. They search for industrial partners interested in further development of this technology under a patent licence.

14. 11 ES 28G2 3NGX TO
A Spanish public research organisation has synthesized improved haptens to generate antibodies to fluoroquinolone-based antibiotics for determining their residues in food. The immunoassay is fast and efficient, has detection limits of 0.025-6 ppb depending on the fluoroquinolone, matrix and animal species and detects fluoroquinolones undetectable with other methods. Companies interested in patent licensing and/or in collaborating in the development of its applications are sought.

15. 11 ES 28G2 3NH0 TO
A public research organisation and a Hospital Foundation from Spain have devised an ELISA test using chimeric citrullinated peptides derived from vimentin/fibrin or vimentin/filaggrin chains for early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. The test has shown 91% specificity in studies performed with sera from 100 patients, being able to detect the disease when other tests failed. Manufacturers of diagnostic tests are sought to develop and commercialize this product under a patent licence.

16. 11 RB 1B1M 3N81 TO
Serbian company offers a technology allowing the production of animal feed from fruit and vegetable waste. It is an innovation which enables utilization of large quantities of waste as a healthy animal feed. Company is looking for partners interested in Licensing Agreement.

17. 11 PL 62AP 3MPS TO
A Polish company specialised in the manufacture of materials and products for interiors has developed a technology of manufacturing of quartz coatings on furniture boards imitating stone and concrete. The developed technology is applied in the production of kitchen countertops, table tops, furniture panels, wall panels and floor panels. A company is looking for partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

18. 11 PL 61AN 3MY9 TO
Research institute from Northern Poland has developed a system which utilizes GIS database of geometric network of the pedestrian passages in a city and is capable of finding a route from any indicated place to a required destination. Subsequently, the system helps the blind people by navigating them along the found route. Navigation is in polish language. The institute is looking for partner interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance.

19. 11 CZ 0744 3NGH TO
A Czech biotech company developed a special preparation that kills over 20 families of causative agents of skin fungal diseases. It also disturbs biofilm on heterogeneous surfaces and eliminates microflora from objects. On completion of its job it disappears with no side effects. Successfully employed against fungi, yeast fungi and bacteria on skin and nails. The company seeks partners from medicine, cosmetic and household industries that would like to enrich their product lines.

20. 11 PL 63AX 3NH8 TO
Medium size company, located in West Poland designing and producing high quality equipments for heating technology, developed capacitive heat exchangers with multiple coils. Product can be used in detached houses, laundries, car washes etc, which allows fuel saving up to 30 percent. The company seeks commercial agreement with technical assistance.

21. 11 NL 60FI 3MY3 TO
A Dutch SME offers an electronic medical filing patient system with the shape of a credit card. With this system the patient always has important elements of his medical file available. The patient is an owner of his own encripted medical file so there is no threat of misusing by any governement or organization. This company is looking for licence agreements and/or technical cooperation.

22. 11 IE 51S6 3NH2 TO
An Irish company specialising in the development of products and devices targeting the area of noise related hearing damage has developed a material which can proportionately respond to noise. The louder the incoming noise the greater the material blocks that incoming noise.The company are seeking licensing / partnership agreements with manufacturing companies who can apply this material to their products to improve performance.

23. 11 FR 34K2 3N89 TO
A French SME offers Research and Development services in computer science and electronics applied to the manufacturing of high performance test benches. For over 12 years, the SME has been developing modular test hardware and software solutions allowing their easy evolution and re-use. Furthermore, the SME is commited to the development of sustainable products. The SME is looking for Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance notably with Aerospace, Railway and Telecommunications industries.

24. 11 RB 1B1M 3NBU TO
Serbian firm invented and established a modern procedure for traditional dairy product from milk fat with high quality and safety as well as delicious taste characteristics. The main innovation advantage is that the manufacturing process can be effectively controlled, allowing precise standardization of dairy product which wasn't a case till now.Firm is interested in technical cooperation with producers of dairy products in order to introduce and apply this modern technology in their enterprises

25. 11 BG 0530 3NBG TO
A Bulgarian company has developed a very efficient technology and product for enhancing the quality and exploitation properties of liquid fuels such as diesel, gasoline, aviation fuel, etc. It prevents polymerization. The company seeks manufacturing agreements, commercial agreements with technical assistance and technical cooperation with companies interested in the implementation of this technological product.

26. 11 RO 662B 3NGG TR
A Romanian company is looking for a solution that integrates a sensor detecting motion with an audio player. The company is interested in a laboratory tested solution or a fully developed technology, already on the market.

27. 11 NL 60FI 3MDT TO
This SME is an international fast growing service provider for customers which are involved in the maintenance or construction of oil & gas pipelines, transport or storage, distribution, refinery, plant piping, shipping and process industry. They are offering a cost reducing advanced measurement technology for coatings.

28. 11 PL 63AU 3NGI TO
Polish company has developed a modern fender system with electric generator which has been designed to protect port infrastructure against the damage resulting from impacts. The fender system dissipates the energy of the impact between the hull and the waterside while berthing. The system produces electricity by means of an electric generator. The company is interested in selling a license for the application of the developed module or the license to manufacture the whole fender system.

29. 11 DE 1486 3NGT TO
The Bavarian SME, located in the south-east of Munich, Germany, has specialized in sensor systems which can be seamlessly integrated into large surfaces such as floor, glass panels and walls and so give these surfaces entirely new functions. With their competences in textile-microelectronic integration, wireless sensor networks and large-area proximity sensors, the SME develops customized solutions from the concept phase to prototypes and products. Commercial agreements are sought.

30. 11 IT 54V7 3MY4 TO
An Italian SME specialized in DSP (Digital Signal Processor), FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) and cPCI (CompactPCI), has developed many high-accuracy devices for Time and Frequency synchronization of the signals (Broadcasting applications) and Ethernet, through NTP/PTP protocols (Energy, defense, industrial automation and banks). They are looking for technical or commercial collaboration in order to realize new products, participate to FP7 or local calls and explore new markets.

31. 11 SK 69CV 3N8W TO
Slovak research SME developed software for design, construction and manufacture of air conditioning, duct systems, filtration and oil economy that are used in energetic heating technique, heat exchangers, heat recovery equipment, separators jail for gross cleaning and filtration units. Advantage is complex solution from project to delivery and service. Company is looking for a licence agreement partner or further technical cooperation on technology.

32. 11 EE 21C1 3NF8 TO
An Estonian SME has developed a new filter material based on coalescent technology. The respective filter separators are usable in systems to purify different fuels and oils from water and mechanical impurities. The unique structure of the material enables to break emulsions that are hard to separate by sedimentation. The company is searching for industrial partners who would be interested to use the material in their production (filters, filtering equipment, etc.).

33. 11 DE 18A5 3NEP TO
A German research institute examines the flow conditions in different types of pumps and specific problems of vibration technology. Broadband Ultrasonic sensors for the machine diagnosis should be used in order to understand the impacts during the vibration analysis of machines and to result in an improved machine evaluation. Partners experienced in application of such sensors in the machine diagnosis are sought.

34. 11 DE 18A5 3N9N TO
At a German research institute a drive unit for the finishing process especially for the finishing of plane surfaces has been developed. The short-stroke oscillation movement necessary for the machining process is generated by one or more piezoelectric actuators. They look for a partner for license agreement and/or technical cooperation.

35. 11 IT 55X8 3N8L TO
An Italian research team has realized an innovative system related to the different aspects of the Metal Corrosion and Protection. Some of the topics are: behavior of metals in sea water, evaluation of inhibitors, advanced electrochemical tests for localized corrosion monitoring, preparation and characterization of anticorrosion ceramic coatings. The team is looking for SMEs or research centres for technical cooperation agreement for joint further development.

36. 11 ES 26E5 3MQA TO
A Clinical Research Basque Organisation specialized in providing high quality Clinical development services to the pharmaceutical Industry, focused on animal and human pharmaceutical companies, offers a full range of know-how on clinical trials. It is looking for pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations and biotechnology companies to cooperate technically in order to implement an advanced data management system. This will have to be adapted and customized in collaboration.

37. 11 HU 50S5 3NF7 TO
A Hungarian University has developed a novel technology which relates to nanocomposites comprising of hydrogels and to their preparation process. The technology covers osmotically active hydrogel expanders containing said nano-composites, suitable for tissue expansion and the use of said materials for obtaining live skin. The University is looking for R&D partners for product development and clinical trials.

38. 11 HU 50S5 3NEG TR
A Hungarian SME is looking for a technology for the creation of lightweight bronze statues different from currently used bronze statue molding technologies. The company requests a fully developed technology.

39. 11 HU 50S5 3NCB TO
A Hungarian technology transfer agency is offering a new efficient technology  for eliminating smoke. The technology _ developed by a Taiwan SME _ uses high-frequency circuits and fly-back transformers to generate high voltage electric field arc. This arc plasma impinges upon a smoke particle, and zaps it away. The company is looking for license partners.

40. 11 PL 63AW 3NFW TR
Polish company operating in a wood sector, producing wide range of wooden products, i.e. pallets and packaging, roof structures, general-purpose timber etc., is looking for pallets' nailing technology in a form of single nailing machine.Joint ventures, technical cooperation and commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought.

41. 11 GB 42O1 3NG3 TO
A UK teaching Hospital has developed the first new design of obstretic forceps for decades. The forceps are a single use design made from recycled plastic with built in load indication ensuring excessive force cannot be applied during assisted delivery better protecting both mother and child and reducing the risk of cross infection. Partners are sought to bring this product to local markets collaboratively or under license.

42. 11 GB 42O1 3NG2 TO
A UK hospital has developed a training simulator that allows medical staff to develop skills in the discipline of targeted ultrasound guided needle insertion. Manikin-based, the simulator allows the trainee to develop the hand eye co-ordination required for this discipline in a safe environment prior to performing actual clinical cases, enhancing patient safety. Partners are sought who would be interested in licensing for manufacture and sale.

43. 11 GB 42O1 3N5Y TO
A Gastroenterologist at a UK Teaching Hospital has developed a means of measuring gastric acid secretion by a combination of radio labelled ingestible substrate and subsequent breath test. Results obtained have sufficient sensitivity to demonstrate suppression of secretion e.g. after prescription of proton pump inhibitors. A patent application has been filed for the device and the validation experiments are well advanced. Partners are sought for licensing, for manufacture and sale.

44. 11 DE 18A5 3NF9 TO
A German enterprise has long term experience in the processing of cutting tools to increase their life expectancy. A process has been developed offering the possibility of forming ferromagnetic abrasive powder by means of magnetic fields to an elastic tool. The abrasive powder adjusts to the profile borders of the surface to be processed.The potential partner should be interested in the technological application or in marketing with technical assistance.

45. 11 DE 18A5 3N9O TO
At a German research institute a process and a facility for chilling and freezing food has been developed. The foodstuffs are placed in a special chamber. The pressure in this facility is lowered to an extent that the product chills and freezes due to evaporation of moisture. Stickiness of the product is prevented by vibration during the chilling and freezing process. The potential partner should join further development of a complete prototype and market launch.

46. 11 DE 18A5 3NC9 TO
A German medium-sized company developed a new sensor series for the device automation. The newly developed sensor serves for a fast and safe identification of the flow rate and detection of the volume flow rate of liquids in thin pipes and tubes. The company is looking for partners with interest in the innovative ultrasonic flow sensor for own use or adaptation to specific needs.

47. 11 DE 18A5 3N9V TO
At a German research institute a process and a facility for the optimized disinfection of water using electrolysis has been developed. The method combines sterile filtration and electrolysis. The institute looks for licence agreement or technical cooperation.

48. 11 FR 33J8 3NFV TO
A 25 year old experienced French SME has developed an innovative tyre pressure control system for subway trains. The captor is not embedded in the tyre as most of the existing systems but located on the rail track. This solution brings advantages such as reliable measurements, a longer life for tyres, a costless exploitation of trains. The company is looking for partners to implement this solution in existing or new subway trains with tyres (technical assistance and commercial agreement).

49. 11 IL 80EP 3NDU TO
An Israeli SME has developed a technology that substantially increases the efficiency of wastewater treatment.The company will market proprietary biomass-carrier knit-fabrics stretching media and support-devices that will substantially increase the water treatment efficiency of existing and specifically-designed WWTP while decreasing energetic-demand for treatment. The company seeks partner to jointly construct, experiment and commercialize the proprietary technology the company has developed.

50. 11 DE 0855 3NJQ TR
A German research institute is looking for partners to join a project proposal for the open FP7-REGIONS-2012 Call _Regions-of-Knowledge_. The aim is the valorisation of resource-efficient value added chains in Europe_s emerging dendro-energy sector. They are looking for regional cluster organizations in the renewable energy and solid biomass domain, preferably with experience in woody biomass.

51. 11 PL 63AV 3NFI TO
The Polish research institute located in Western Poland has developed special products for enteric nourishment. This mixture of natural ingredients ensures complete or complementary nutritive support for patients unable to digest adequate amount of nutrients in conventional form or of specific physiological nutritional demands. Advantages over easy preparation include long shelf-life products. The company is looking for industrial partners interested in technology co-operation.

52. 11 DK 20B7 3NFQ TO
A Danish innovation and research institute working with technology and development in the agriculture sector offers its competences within willow and poplar for energy production. The institute is looking for partners within the area of short rotation coppice for energy production and protection of the environment in order to enter into joint development projects.

53. 11 GB 44O6 3NFT TO
A London based SME is looking for Academic, Technology and Commercial partners for technical cooperation. The company_s work specialises in the education and technology sectors, delivering research, consultancy and multi-media content services to UK Government departments/agencies, commercial companies and a range of other organisations.

54. 11 HU 5010 3NF6 TO
A Hungarian SME developed a complete 3D turn-key Digital Signage solution for designing, distributing and displaying content. The set-top boxes convert any stereoscopic (with glasses) 3D content to autostereoscopic (without glasses) 3D format, in real-time from any incoming 3D feeds including satellite, cable and terrestrial services. It is ideal for advertisement companies, it can be used in shopping malls, airports etc. Service partners for technical cooperation/mapping new areas are awaited.

55. 11 NL 60FI 3NFG TO
A Dutch SME active in the drinking water and wastewater treatment industry has developed a simple durable turnkey prefab water treatment system. The system consists of various corrugated steel tanks where all the different stages of treatment take place. The sytem is prefab, modular and doesn't contain concrete. The company is offering a joint venture or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

56. 11 LT 57AB 3N67 TO
Research group from Lithuania developed a two energy sources (one of which is central) coordination solution. It is based on unique principles used for selection and optimization of few energy sources according to their characteristics (price, etc.). It could be used by companies that install, maintain alternative energy supply sources, multi-heating units and/or modernize central heating systems. The authors seeks partner for commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement.

57. 11 LT 57AB 3NB4 TO
A Lithuanian SME created a novel technology for remote monitoring of vending machines. It offers owners of vendors real-time information about sales and stocks inside the vending machines. The Lithuanian company is looking for partners who want to implement the technology. Commercial agreements with technical assistance and license are offered.

58. 11 ES 27F3 3NFC TO
An Andalusian University has developed an invention which constitutes a solution for some problems and relates to a system using modular structures that enable the incorporation of under floor heating using pipes with circulating air vent. Manufacturers are sought, interested in exploiting this funding under a patent licence.

59. 11 PL 61AL 3NCT TO
A Polish university has developed an inter-axle clutch applied for wheeled vehicles. The solution is capable of transmitting up to 100% torque to the wheel/axle with better traction. It does not modify its working parameters during operation. It offers the possibility to use a less sophisticated control algorithm resulting from the simplification of the clutch adjustment. The goal is to establish different collaborations with companies interested in full scale application of the innovention.

60. 11 PL 63AV 3NES TO
A Polish research institute located in Western Poland has developed a new method of producing instant macaroni. The method includes manufacturing with thermo-extrusion using domestic raw materials; and machines and equipment were developed. Quantitative and qualitative selection of macaroni mix and the manufacturing process enabling its rapid production were invented. Main advantage is wasteless technology. The company is looking for technology partners interested in purchasing know-how.

61. 11 HU 5010 3NEO TO
A Hungarian SME has developed an interactive virtual anatomy technology for 4D modelling of the human body. Main technology advantage: a multi-dimensional display device which operates based on real photographs. It is ideal for studying and practising difficult operation skills. Technology is highly suitable for hospitals, clinics and medical schools. The company is seeking for a service partner for content extension and specialised technical development.

62. 11 ES 27F3 3NEM TO
A Spanish inventor has developed a new kind of energy generator by the use of the low earth frequency radiation able to transform into induction currents. It has an easily maintainable and very short costs production and installation. It represents an innovative energy generation. Invention is scalable and applicable in a wide range of conditions due to its innovative construction. The inventor is looking for partnership, financial resources and licensing opportunities.

63. 11 ES 27F3 3NEK TO
An Andalusian University has developed a novel procedure for the mobile devices usability system based on Bluetooth used to give computing power and the communications procedures. Manufacturers are sought, interested in exploiting this funding under a patent licence.

64. 11 FI 30h9 3N30 TO
A Finnish SME specialized in producing wire-free charging units for mobile devices is looking for industrial partners to integrate the company_s products to new or existing interior objects that will be used in the hospitality industry (hotel chains, cafe chains, operators), ie adaptation of the technology by eg furniture integrators (wireless infra construction) is sought, as well as potential investors. The units can be integrated in any furniture and are suitable for any mobile device.

65. 11 RO 75DU 3MY7 TO
An romanian inventor has developed a device that can be used to reduce fuel consumption by at least 20%, reducing pollution and vehicle wear. The inventor is interested in finding partner for Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance.

66. 11 PL 63AY 3NE1 TR
A Polish company active in a tool industry is looking for new technology for machining aluminum alloys. Processing technologies should provide high accuracy and quality of the machining of aluminum alloys and should provide possibility of accurate machining of small bores. The sought technology should be available for demonstraction/using. The company is seeking technical cooperation or commercial agreement with technical advice.

67. 11 PL 63AW 3N47 TO
Polish IT company is offering mechanism that is automatically translating documents. The solution is cheaper than similar products present on the market and allows to translate documentation written in various languages and forms.  The company is looking for financial resources to finish the product and/or for technology implementation. Company is also looking for a technical cooperation, and long-term joint venture agreements.

68. 11 NL 60FI 3N9J TO
Product life cycles are declining while customer demand rises with regard to delivery periods and available versions. A flexible, reconfigurable, profitable setup of an assembly process is therefore essential. A Dutch manufacturer of product assembly solutions based upon robotics, offers their cost-effective solution suitable for assembly lines in electronics, automotive or solar panels. A commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought in Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and/or Russia.

69. 11 RU 86FG 3ND4 TR
A small company from St. Petersburg specialized in design and production of high-power semiconductor lasers is interested in a technology for making optically strong reflecting and antireflecting coatings at cleavage surfaces of semiconductor Fabry-Perot lasers based on AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructures. The company would prefer a ready technology or close to mass production. The company is ready to sign a license agreement or finalize the technology jointly within international programs.

70. 11 RU 86FG 3NCY TO
A company from Saint-Petersburg, engaged in medical X-ray diagnostics, has developed a portable low-dose digital X-ray diagnostic complex for traumatology. The complex enables taking images of all organs of the human body directly at the accident site. The company looks for partners for joint testing of new applications and/or a joint venture.

71. 11 PL 63AW 3ND6 TR
Leader in logistics and forwarding services and container handling from Poland is looking for a technology for its logistics management based on cloud computing. Delivered technology should allow to control the flow and positioning of the cargo in various places and ports across the world.License agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought.

72. 11 PL 63AW 3ND3 TR
Company from North West Poland, providing complex shipping and forwarding services, is looking for a technology to mark and read container's content, so called: input-output location system. The system should be mobile and easy to operate with i.e. code scanners.License agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought.

73. 11 PL 63AW 3ND1 TR
Polish shipping and transport company, providing forwarding and handling containers services is looking for a container monitoring technology. Technology should be cheap and easy to operate, in a form of chip or device, placed on a container, however company is also open for other solutions.License agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought.

74. 11 ES 27F3 3ND8 TO
A Spanish research group has developed a pharmaceutical preparation for the treatment and prevention of oral mucositis. The success of this preparation lies in the type of gel that permeates the entire gastrointestinal mucosa. The advantage of the product is that it can revert up to 100% of oral mucositis. The research group is looking for license agreements.

75. 11 ES 27F3 3ND7 TO
A Spanish research group with international projection in the field ofmelatonin and its clinical applications, has developed a pharmaceuticalmelatonin preparation for human and animal use, based on a aqueous, stablesolution of melatonin that can be autoclaved. The research group is looking for license agreements.

76. 08 IT 55X7 2S04 TO
An important Italian company skilled in analysis, diagnostic and study of cultural heritage has developed a new frame for paintings that allows the strain control of canvas. This technology is able to follow the dimensions variation in order to prevent mechanical stresses. Other advantages include the lightness, the easy carriage, the corrosion and biologic agents. The company is looking for license, manufacturing and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

77. 11 ES 28G2 3NAK TO
A Spanish public research organisation has designed a multichannel generator of olfactory stimuli (one channel, one specific gas mix) under a controlled temporal sequence, and with fixable volume of gas mix and exposure time showing no variation within a given channel and among channels. The equipment is fully portable, controllable using a PC application and applicable to olfactometry or behavioural studies. Companies of measurement instruments interested in a patent license are sought for.

78. 11 IE 51S6 3NCQ TO
An Irish company has developed intuitive software, phone APP & booklet recording system to allow users to maintain & record an individual_s medical history & vital information. The company is seeking partners to form an ideal licensee/joint venture who are aware of the market for such a health product.  The product is ideal for pharmacies, health clubs, doctors loyalty system. The product is fully functional, packaged, branded.

79. 11 IE 51S6 3NCP TO
An Irish product designer has developed and patented a door handle design that automatically rotates the contact portion of the handle through a sterilising unit each time the door is opened and closed. The system is developed to a prototype stage and the developer is seeking manufacturing partners to manufacture under license and market the product.

80. 11 ES 26E5 3N8A TO
A Basque SME has developed a system that integrates automatic generation of documents from texts already stored by the user, management of dossiers and management of strategies and risks. The main innovative aspect of this technology is that in its engine incorporates risk as a key variable to be introduced in the decision making procedures of the management system. The company is looking for technical cooperation in order to customize and adapt the solution.

81. 11 CZ 0746 3NCN TR
A small research company aimed at automation of buildings is looking for control ICT technology for energy efficiency building management. The objective is to contribute to a nationally funded Israel and Czech Republic project. The partner looked for should have innovation potential and experience and customer base with large scale building management installations.

82. 10 IT 55X7 3HYC TO
An Italian research institute develops open source Geographic Information System (GIS) and WebGis tools devoted to aggregate information on environment heritage for private companies and public institutions involved in conservation and tourism promotion. The advantage is represented by the aggregation and presentation of heterogeneous information in an open source product. The institute is looking for final users interested in adopting GIS open source technologies.

83. 11 ES 28G2 3NCI TO
A Spanish public research organisation has developed a method to enhance the dynamic range and uncertainty reduction of measurement in distributed sensors on optic fiber. It is based on distributed amplification by Raman effect in optic fiber by using different pumping lasers and mirrors. By this technique it is possible to induce in the fiber conditions of virtual transparency for the propagation of the signals. Industrial partners to obtain a patent license are sought.

84. 11 EE 21B9 3NCJ TO
Estonian scientists have developed a method and analytical kit for simultaneous determination of absolute activity of five B-complex vitamins in food, food- and bio-supplements and feed. The method calculates the vitamin activity on the basis concentrations of respective vitamers in the food sample. Licensing agreements or joint further development are sought.

85. 11 RU 86FG 3NC7 TO
An academic R&D institute from Novosibirsk, Russia, has developed a technology for designing and building efficient sensor networks. The technology provides tools for building sensor coverages that account for spatial features and structure of areas with minimum costs and energy consumption. The institute looks for partners for further joint development and commercial agreements with technical assistance.

86. 11 CZ 0748 3N5H TO
Czech SME developed the key technological device for the processing of biodegradable waste, sludge from waste water treatment plants and other biological waste using a controlled thermophilic aerobic fermentation. The company is looking for partners for Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance and Manufacturing Agreement focusing on finding New way to use an existing production line.

87. 11 RU 86FG 3NC4 TR
A small Russian enterprise from Chelyabinsk specialized in development and implementation of energy-saving automated systems needs modernization of the intellectual remote control device for building illumination system. The company seeks partners for realisation of new technical solutions in the component base of their system within joint further development and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

88. 11 RU 86FG 3NC3 TO
A company from St. Petersburg specialized in voice technologies (speech recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, voice biometrics) developed a multimodal system of personal authentication by voice and face, applicable in access control systems and physical protection systems at strategically important objects. The key benefits of the system are a high accuracy of authentication, stability, language independence. The authors seek partners for technical cooperation and commercial agreements.

89. 11 ES 26E5 3NAJ TR
A Basque SME specialized in the manufacturing of chains, hoists and fastenings is looking for innovative alternatives to conventional electrolytic galvanized coatings (Zinc) for steel chain manufacturing processes. Such coating material should easily be applied in an automated immersion system, must dry rapidly and ought to maintain the same coating properties as Zinc. The company is looking for a manufacturing agreement and/or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

90. 10 IT 55X7 3J1S TO
An Italian research institute developed a high performance portable X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer. The main advantage of this XRF system compared with those commercially available, are the better detection limits range. The institute seeks industrial partners and research organizations interested in further development and to test new applications.

91. 11 KR 9A9D 3NCD TO
A Korean SME for game equipment manufacturing has developed a functional game software and equipment for fitness and entertainment. The equipment has a monitor and a cycling machine. By cycling, anyone can enjoy and experience a race either with second player or the computer. It makes workout activity more exciting. The company is looking for companies for license agreement and financial resources.

92. 11 KR 9A9D 3NB2 TO
A Korean SME has developed a color arrangement index program. Professionals and regular users can easily use this program in the field of standardizing digital color arrangement, animation production, story book design, movie production, etc. By typing specific 'sensibility' adjectives, even non-artistic person can find perfect matching color. The company is looking for a partner for License agreement, technical cooperation and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

93. 11 KR 9A9D 3N8C TO
A Korean contents developing company has developed a multi-touch digital table software. The multi-touch digital table software is structured to operate together with various devices. The devices include projector, video clips, printer, daily information service, and so on. They also include the QR code reader for e-book. The company is looking for a partner for license agreement, joint further development, and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

94. 11 KR 9A9D 3N7F TO
A Korean SME has developed a cheap 2 Channel electroencephalogram Measurement and algorithms analysis device, operation software, Brain Computer Interface game engine etc. It improves the concentration and cognitive skills which enables the frontal activation. It is effective for brain development, and dementia prevention. The company is looking for partners for license agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance and financial resources.

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