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Annual Programs Fund Strategic Advisors roster
for Zones 1-21
Annual Programs Fund Strategic Advisors for Zones 1-21

Provide a link among Rotary Senior Leaders, RRFCs, TRF staff, and district and club leadership within their designated territories with the purpose of promoting the annual giving Every Rotarian, Every Year message and assisting clubs and districts in setting and achieving their Annual Programs Fund goals. Membership and contact information for some zones was not available at the time of printing. Please contact for more information.

Zone 1: Akitsugu Kiyoshi (clergy) (spouse: Masako), 848 Kamiochiai, Fujioka, Gunma Japan 375-0057.   Bus.: 81- 274-223980, Res.: 81-274-223981,   81-274-224768,

Shuichi Kobunai (retail sales prof.) (spouse: Yukiko), 2-7- 20 Sumiyoshi, Kushiro, Hokkaido Japan 085-0831.   Bus.: 81-154-432101, Res.: 81-154-430678,   81-154-432107,

Yoshisaku Shimamura (nursing homes) (spouse: Kimiko), 22-7 Fujimaki Ishioka, Goshogawara-shi, Aomori-ken Japan 037-0005.   Bus.: 81-173-354215, Res.: 81-173-356485,  81-173-356485, (Member, Rotary Club of Goshogawara Chuch.)

Zone 2: Hiroshi Ohsuka (air-cond. duct constr.) (spouse: Yasuko), 4-73-7 Tomioka-nishi, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan 236-0052.   Bus.: 81-45-2521222, Res.: 81-45-7713388,   81-45-2528658,

Zone 3 & 4A: Kazuhiko Yasuhira (lawyer) (spouse: Sachiyo), 4-7-6 Aoyama Nishi, Himeji, Hyogo Japan 671- 2224.   Bus.: 81-792-220522, Res.: 81-792-672270,   81-792-231167,

Zone 4B: Jason S.C. Hsu (arch.) (spouse: Betty), 11F, No.81, Sec. 1 San-Ming Road, Taoyuan, Taiwan 330.   Bus.: 886-3-3369660, Res.: 886-3-3396026,   886-3-3396028,

Zone 5: Sandeep Narang (restauranteur) (spouse: Anu), Topsel Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Katras Rd., Dhanbad, Jharkhand 826 001 India.   Bus.: 91-326-2303240, Res.: 91-326- 2302361,   91-326-2303629,

Satish Vasant Sule (consult. ophthalmic) (spouse: Sunanda), 145 Sai Kripa, Khare Town, Nagpur 440 010 India.   Bus.: 91-712-2531512, Res.: 91-712-2523496,   91-712-2533105,

Parmod Kumar Vij (exporter) (spouse: Neeru), Plot 4, Sec. 25, Huda, G.T. Rd., Panipat 132 103 India.   Bus.: 91-180-2663582, Res.: 91-180-2658053,   91-180-2660582, (Member, Rotary Club of Panipat Midtown.)

Zone 6A: Dilip R. Salgaocar (ind.) (spouse: Pramod), Sharvani, Nr. Govt. Sports Complex, Pedem, Mapusa, Goa 403 507 India.   Bus.: 91-832-2257697, Res.: 91-832- 2257910,   91-832-2257215,

G. Vasikaran (arch.) (spouse: Chitra), 6 Sprinagar Colony, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu 612 001 India.   Bus.: 91-435- 2411880, Res.: 91-435-2411998,   91-435-2411860, (Member, Rotary Club of Kumbakonam Midtown.)

Zone 6B: Natalia Soebagjo (consult.), JL. Tanjung 4/68 B, Ranco Indah Estate, Tanjung Barat, Jakarta Selatan 12530 Indonesia.   Bus., Res. &   62-21-7817491, (Member, Rotary Club of Jakarta Gambir.)

David How Heng Tow (acctg.) (spouse: Irene), 64 Jalan, Dermawan, Singapore 669012.   Bus.: 65-68362011, Res.: 65-67676863,   65-68355173, (Member, Rotary Club of Singapore East.)

Zone 7A: Brian E. Guest (furn.) ( spouse: Marie), P.O. Box 1348, Canning Vale, W.A. Australia 6970.   Bus.: 61-8- 94554972, Res.: 61-8-94741098,   61-8-94557828, (Member, Rotary Club of Kenwick.)

Russell J. O’Malley (share trading) (spouse: Dianne), 6 Tamboura Ct., The Gap, Qld. Australia 4061.   Bus., Res. &   61-7-33006390, (Member, Rotary Club of Ashgrove/The Gap.)

Douglas E. Pascoe (dir.-ins.) (spouse: Wendy), 23 Reynolds Rd., Applecross, W.A. Australia 5153.   Bus. & Res.: 61-8-93159323,   61-8-93159606, (Member, Rotary Club of Perth.)

Zone 7B: Melito S. Salazar, Jr. (govt. official) (spouse: Amaryllis), 7 Tulips St., St. Dominic IV, Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines 1128.   Bus.: 632-5233151, Res.: 632-9319011,   632-5246680, (Member, Rotary Club of Diliman.)

Zone 8A: Please contact for more information.

Zone 8B: John S. Rennie (diary farmer) (spouse: Annie), 2002 Hunua Rd., RD3, Papakura, Auckland New Zealand.  

Bus. & Res.: 64-9-2924360,   64-9-2924361, (Member, Rotary Club of Mangere.)

Zone 9: Chang Ho Kang (retail sales) (spouse: Myung Ja Kim), 3Fl. Kwang Jin, Bldg. 627-34 Amyang-dong, Amyangsi, Gyeonggi Korea 430-830.   Bus.: 82-31-4473750, Res.: 82-31-2663084,   82-31-4483375, (Member, Rotary Club of Anyang East.)

Shung Yeoul Yang (doctor), 72-3, Bumil dong, Dong-gu, Busan Korea 601-060.   Bus.: 82-51-6466835, Res.: 82-51-6465130,   82-51-6465095, (Member, Rotary Club of Sae Busan.)

Zone 10A: Alan R. Barrable (bus. mgmt.) (spouse: Sue), 5 Lake Nona Cres., Oakmont Mews, ZA-1501 Benoni, South Africa.   Bus., Res. &   27-11-4256834, (Member, Rotary Club of Benoni van Ryn.)

Jean Richard Bieleu (tax consult.) (spouse: Lydie), P.O. Box 129, Douala Cameroon.   Bus.: 237-3422349, Res.: 237-3423548,   237-3429101,

Chicka Chiejina (hotel & catering) (spouse: Faith), P.O. Box 69, Garki Abuja, Nigeria.   Bus.: 234-08033257964,   234-9-2342842,

Zone 10B: Kalcho N. Hinov (consult.) (spouse: Emilia), Bl. 27a, Ivan Assen II Str. BG-1124 Sofia, Bulgaria.   Bus.: 353-2-9461085, Res.: 359-48-988888,   359-2-9461086, (Member, Rotary Club Sofia- Vitosha.)

George Katsilas (doctor) (spouse: Marina), 205 Maizonos st., GR-26222 Patras Greece.   Bus.: 30-2610-326585, Res. &   30-2610-331475, (Member, Rotary Club of Patras-South.)

Zone 11: Jacques T. Grimm (mktg. & sales) (spouse: Anita). 1 Chemin Mittelbühl, FR-67370 Berstett-Gimbrett, B.-Rhin France.   Bus.: 33-3-88819080,   33-3-88512926, (Member, Rotary Club of Strasbourg-Ouest.)

Zone 12: Antonio Lico (fin. adv.) (spouse: Raffaella) 4 Via Luigi Amadel, IT-00152 Roma Italy.   Bus.: 39-658333303, Res.: 39-65-8320689, (Member, Rotary Club of Roma Sud est.)

Roberto Napolitano (entrepreneur) (spouse: Marialuisa), Corso Buenos Aires 59/1, IT-16033 Lavagna (GE) Italy.  

Bus.: 39-185324713, Res. &   39-185304617, (Member, Rotary Club of Chiavari Tigullio.)

Zone 13: Rein Scheper (military forces) (spouse: Ria), Dalmatië 7, NL-3831 EE Leusden, The Netherlands.   Bus., Res. &   31-33-4941954, (Member, Rotary Club of Leusden C.A.)

Zone 14E: Günter Ertler (energy sec.) ( spouse: Christine), Pertlstein 1, AT-8530 Fehring, Styria, Austria.   Bus. & Res.: 43-31552130,   43-315524304, (Member, Rotary Club of Feldbach.)

Zone 14W: Rudolf Tang (pensioner) ( spouse: Antje) Dorfstr.

48b, DE-24109 Melsdorf, Germany.   Res.: 49-4340-402707,   49-4340-402708, (Member, Rotary Club of Kiel.)

Frits Zeeuw (elec. ind.) (spouse: Louise), Eckenberg 30, DE-91448 Emskirchen, Germany.   Res.: 49-91041673,   49-9104826955, (Member, Rotary Club of Neustadt/Aisch.)

Zone 15: Jarl Lund (mba) (spouse: Ritva), Tiilimäki 9-11 B 9, FI-00330 Helsinki, Finland.   Res.: 358-9-488722,   358-9-481696, (Member, Rotary Club of Töölö/Helsinki.)

John Örtengren (mktg. mgr.) (spouse: Lena), P.O. Box 4, SE-191 21 Sollentuna, Sweden.   Bus.: 46-08-966910, Res. &   46-08-350956, (Member, Rotary Club of Sollentuna-Tureberg.)

Zone 16: Bent Holm (headmaster) (spouse: Margrethe), Pedersholm Alle 88, DK-7100 Vejle, Denmark.   Res.: 45- 75828399, (Member, Rotary Club of Vejle Nord.)

Zone 17: Colum McLoughlin (chartered acct.) (spouse: Noeleen), 50 Harberton Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland BT9 6TT.   Bus.: 44-28-90435685, Res.: 44-28-90665405,   44-28-90314278, (Member, Rotary Club of Newtown Abbey.)

John Naysmith (chemicals) (spouse: Eileen), Red Dykes Cherry Ln., Gauldry, Fife, Scotland DD6 8RT.   Bus.: 44-7880-550077, Res. &   44-1382-330639, (Member, Rotary Club of North Fife.)

Zone 18: Jill A. Johnston (life coach), 306 Durdham Park, Bristol, England BS6 6XB.   Res.: 44-117-9745373, (Member, Rotary Club of Avon Mouth.)

Clifford S. Quartly (retired) (spouse: Margaret), 7 Jordan Close, Sanderstead, Surrey, England CR2 0JW.   Res. &  44-208-6511164, (Member, Rotary Club of Croydon Jubilee.)

Owen J. Saunders (food mfg. mach. dist.) (spouse: Gillian), 12 Grenfell Rd., Stoneygate, Leics., England LE2 2PA.  

Bus.: 44-116-2542121, Res.: 44-116-2708061,   44-116-2553114,

Zone 19A & 20S: Salvador Strazzeri (cpa) (spouse: Maria Lucia), R. Miguel Zuccas 139, 03124-040 São Paulo S.P., Brazil.   Bus.: 55-11-61654430, Res.: 55-11-69147715, 55-11-69148736, (Member, Rotary Club of São Paulo-Alto da Mooca.)

Zone 19A & 20: Please contact for more information.

Zone 19B & 21B: Please contact for more information.

Zone 20N: Alberto de Freitas B. Bittencourt (engin.)(spouse: Helena), Av. Domingos Ferreira, 3965-S loga, 51021-040 Receife, Pe. Brazil.   Bus.: 55-81-34652822, Res.: 55-81-33412594,   5581-34659021, (Member, Rotary Club of Recife-Boa Viagem.)

Celso R. Alves de Moura (chemist) (spouse: Eda), R. Benedito Silva Ramos, 668 Esplanada, 12242-650 São José dos Campos, S.P., Brazil.   Bus.: 55-12-39336267, Res.: 55-12-39212697,   55-12-39213584, Zone 21: Salomon Pesel (sch. & off. supp. mfg.) (spouse: Jenny), Norte 59 #846 A, Ind. Vallejo, 02300 Mexico D.F., Mexico.   Bus.: 52-55-57190014, Res.: 52-55-55009837, 52-55-53686296,