Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
(This document has no regulatory power – for information only) 
1. Introduction / Welcome  2 
1.1 Welcome    2 
1.2 Event history    3 
1.3 Event overview    3 
2. Contact Details   4 
2.1 Permanent contact details   4 
2.2 Key officials’ contact schedule  4 
2.3 Rally HQ contact details   5 
2.4 Media contact details   5 
3. Programme and Critical Deadlines 5 
3.1 Schedule before the Rally Week  5 
3.2 Schedule during the Rally Week  6 
4. Entry Details    7
   4.1 Titles for which the rally counts  7 
   4.2 List of entry fees    7 
   4.3 Entry packages    8 
5. Service Park    8 
   5.1 Information about the Service Park  8 
   5.2 Facilities at the Service Park  9 
   5.3 Service Park entry   9 
6. Two Way Radio   9 
   6.1 Application procedure   9 
   6.2 Contact details of authority in charge 9 
7. Fuel / Tyres    10 
Information in Event Supplementary Regulations 
8. Import of Vehicles and Spare Parts 10 
8.1 Freight & importing into New Zealand 10 
8.2 Goods service licence   10 
8.3 New Zealand vehicle registration  10 
9. Helicopters    11 
9.1 Registration procedure   11 
9.2 Contact details for helicopter hire  11 
10. Hospitality Arrangements  11 
  10.1 Contact details for person in charge  11 
  10.2 Spectator rally tour   11 
11. Hotel/Accommodation Reservation 12 
  11.1 List of hotels    12 
11.2 Contact details for reservations  12 
12. Reconnaissance   12 
  12.1 Registration for Reconnaissance  12 
  12.2 Regulations & restrictions   12 
  12.3 Vehicles     12 
  12.4 Reconnaissance schedule   12
13. Scrutineering, Sealing and Marking 13 
   13.1 Pre-event scrutineering   13 
   13.2 Final scrutineering   13 
14. Shakedown    13 
15. Start Procedure   13 
    15.1 Opening Ceremony   13 
16. Finish Procedure   13 
    16.1 Ceremonial Finish   13 
17.  PR Activities    14 
18. Media     15
   18.1 Contact details before the event  15 
   18.2 Contact details at the event  15 
   18.3 Accreditation procedure   15 
19. Medical and Safety Service  15
19.1 Emergency number   15 
19.2 Hospital     15 
19.3 Police     15 
19.4 Fire     15 
19.5 Towing service    15 
19.6 Pharmacy    16
20. List of Useful Facts & Services 16 
20.1 Climate     16 
20.2 Time zone    16 
20.3 Currency    16 
20.4 Car dealers    16 
20.5 Hire car companies   17 
20.6 Airline companies & airports  17 
20.7 Copy service    17 
20.8 Maps     17 
20.9 Security companies   17 
20.10 Drivers’ licence requirements  17 
20.11 Mobile phone (rental & service)  18 
20.12 Rally car & Reconnaissance car lease 18 
20.13 Taxis     18 
20.14 Travelling from Auckland to Whangarei 19 
20.15 Supermarkets    19 
20.16 Personal accident insurance  20 
20.17 Visa requirements   20 
20.18 Hire equipment    21 
20.19 Leisure and recreation options  21 
20.20 Restaurants    23 
20.21 Winery/Vineyard    27 
Appendix 1 Itinerary – Day 1   28 
  Itinerary – Day 2   29 
Appendix 2 Itinerary compared with previous 30 
Appendix 3 Overview Map – Day 1 & 2  31 
Appendix 4 Service Park Layout  32 
Appendix 5 Exemption for Work Visa  33   
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
1. Introduction / Welcome 
1.1 Welcome 
On behalf of the organising committee for the International Rally of Whangarei, I extend a warm welcome to all 
competitors and their teams, media and other participants. Your participation in and enjoyment of this prestigious 
event is important to us and we look forward to working with you to make sure your visit to New Zealand’s largest 
northern city is successful and enjoyable. 
In 2011, the International Rally of Whangarei hosts the New Zealand round of the FIA Asia Pacific Rally 
Championship for the fifth time. The event also forms the third round of the FIA Pacific Cup as well as the fourth 
round of the New Zealand Rally Championship. This year the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship also features 
rounds in Malaysia, Australia, New Caledonia, Japan and China.   
The Rally Headquarters, Service Park, Ceremonial Finish, Parc Ferme, Media Centre, Scrutineering, Shakedown 
and the Super Special Stage are again all located within a couple of kilometres of the picturesque Quayside Town 
Basin in the centre of Whangarei, which is approx. 160 km north of Auckland. The Ceremonial Start again takes 
place in the Cameron Street Mall in the middle of the city’s retail and business district. 
For 2011 we have revised the competitive rally route to provide new challenges for drivers while continuing to use 
the fast and smooth roads so well-known and liked throughout the Whangarei and Kaipara districts. The  special 
stages selected include both new and old stages to provide a fitting challenge and true test of driver ability whether 
competitors are accustomed to these relatively smooth and cambered roads or are visiting this region for the first 
time. The Whangarei Super Special Stage at Pohe Island is again used twice on Saturday, helping bring  the 
excitement of rallying into the centre of Whangarei City for local residents to enjoy. Full details are published in 
Appendix 2 – Itinerary compared to previous years. 
The information contained in this Rally Guide is designed to assist you to ensure that your visit to both New 
Zealand and Whangarei is free of any logistical and operational problems. 
If you should require any further information we have assembled a competent and efficient team to assist you so 
please do not hesitate to contact the Rally Secretariat. 
As always the event has been put together with safety and you the competitor in the forefront of our planning and 
we would like to wish you all a safe, successful and enjoyable rally. 
In closing we must also record our thanks and appreciation for the tremendous support that we have received from 
the region, in particular from both Whangarei City and Kaipara District.  I would also like to take this opportunity to 
congratulate the winners of the 2010 event, Hayden Paddon and John Kennard of New Zealand and wish them 
well for their 2011 attack on the FIA Production World Rally Championship. 
Steve Foster 
Clerk of the Course 
PS: Don’t forget to visit our website at www.rallywhangarei.co.nz  
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
1.2 Event History 
Rally New Zealand successfully lobbied the FIA in 1988 to create the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship. This 
FIA Regional Championship now runs annually in seven countries within the Asia Pacific region.  
In the early years the New Zealand APRC round was run as part of the New Zealand round of the World Rally 
Championship. Then in 2000 the New Zealand APRC round was run for the first time as a standalone event. This 
event was based in Rotorua and featured the infamous Motu special stage with an auxiliary service park at 
Matawai. This format was successfully used for seven years. 
In 2007 the event was moved north to utilise the fabulous roads previously contested by New Zealand’s  World 
Rally Championship event. With the Rally HQ, Finish and Service Park established at the scenic Quayside Town 
Basin in the heart of Whangarei, competitors, officials and spectators are able to enjoy the great hospitality and 
facilities of this harbour-side city. The inaugural event was a great success with New Zealand’s up-and-coming star 
Hayden Paddon, then aged 20, winning his first rally after stiff competition from reigning APRC champion Cody 
Crocker of Australia. 
In 2008 the event was the final round of the new Pacific Cup and also counted as the first Pacific Region qualifying 
event for the new Pirelli Star Driver competition.  Former New Zealand rally champions Chris West and Garry 
Cowan won the event beating Paddon and Crocker. The 2009 event was again the final round of the Pacific Cup 
and a qualifying event for the Pirelli Star Driver (PSD) competition. After early challenges from another former New 
Zealand rally champion Richard Mason and multiple APRC champion Cody Crocker, Paddon earned all of the
silverware by winning the event overall, the Pacific Cup, the PSD nomination and maximum NZRC points on his 
way to winning the 2009 Asia Pacific PSD award and NZRC title. In 2010, Paddon won the event for the third time, 
again taking all the silverware for the Pacific Cup title and the NZRC round victory. 
The organising team has enjoyed great stability over many years and continues to receive great support from the 
Whangarei and Kaipara Council and the Northland Car Club. The organising committee also enjoys positive 
working relationships with local community groups such as the Maungaturoto Cooperative, which provides many 
field marshals and volunteers. Our grateful thanks to you all. 
Previous Winners – New Zealand Round of the Asia Pacific Rally Championship 
2000 Bruce Herbert / Robert Ryan NZ Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 Rally of Rotorua 
2001 Bruce Herbert / Robert Ryan NZ Subaru Impreza  Rally of Rotorua 
2002 Bruce Herbert / Robert Ryan NZ Subaru Impreza  Rally of Rotorua 
2003 Bruce Herbert / Robert Ryan NZ Subaru Impreza  Rally of Rotorua 
2004 Karamjit Singh / Allen Oh MAL Proton PERT Rally of Rotorua 
2005 Toshihiro Arai / Tony Sircombe AUS Subaru Impreza WRX Rally of Rotorua 
2006 Richard Mason / Sara Randell NZ Subaru Impreza WRX Rally of Rotorua 
2007 Hayden Paddon / John Kennard NZ Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII Rally of Whangarei 
2008 Chris West / Garry Cowan NZ Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Rally of Whangarei 
2009 Hayden Paddon / John Kennard NZ Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Rally of Whangarei 
2010 Hayden Paddon / John Kennard NZ Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Rally of Whangarei 
1.3 Event Overview 
- FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship Round 4 
- FIA Pacific Cup Round 3 
- New Zealand Rally Championship Round 4 
Total Distance:  694.52 kms    No of Stages:  16 
Stage Distance:  301.12 kms    Stage Surface: All Gravel 
Longest Stage:  SS2/6 Bull 40.50 kms 
Shortest Stage: SSS4/8 Whangarei Super Special 1.50 kms   
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
Close of Entries: Wednesday 22 June    Stages in Darkness: Nil 
Sunrise: 0733 hrs      Sunset: 1721 hrs 
Service Park: Quayside Town Basin    Parc Ferme: Quayside Town Basin 
Rally HQ Location: Cnr of Dent Street & Quayside Way, Quayside Town Basin, Whangarei 
Rally Headquarters Opens: 0900hrs Wednesday 13 July 
Press Room Opens: 0900hrs Thursday 14 July, Rally HQ Building 
Reconnaissance: Thursday 14 July from 0730 to 1630hrs and Friday 15 July from 0915 to 0955hrs 
Scrutineering: Thursday 14 July 1715 to 2100hrs, VTNZ, 119 Port Road, Whangarei  
Shakedown: Friday 15 July 1000 to 1200hrs, Pohe Island, Whangarei 
Start Order Published: 1600hrs Friday 15 July 
Ceremonial Start: from 1630hrs Friday 15 July   
Ceremonial Finish: Quayside Town Basin on Sunday 17 July at 1530hrs 
Publication of Provisional Final Classification: 1830hrs Sunday 17 July on official noticeboard 
Information & Results: www.rallywhangarei.co.nz  
2. Contact Details 
2.1 Permanent Contact Details
Address of the Permanent   International Rally of Whangarei 
Secretariat:     Mezzanine Floor, Northern Sports Car Club
Mt Richmond Domain, 
1110 Great South Road, Otahuhu 
Auckland, New Zealand 
Postal Address:   International Rally of Whangarei 
      PO Box 62-021 
Mt Wellington 
Auckland 1641 
New Zealand 
Telephone:    +64-9-276-0882 
Facsimile:    +64-9-276-0881 
Email:      info@rallywhangarei.co.nz
Website:     www.rallywhangarei.co.nz
2.2 Key Officials’ Contact Schedule 
Chairman   Mr Laurie Brenssell  laurie.b@xtra.co.nz   +64-274-333-667  
Clerk of the Course  Mr Steve Foster   steve-foster@xtra.co.nz  +64-27-230-9601 
Deputy Clerk of the Course Mr Willard Martin  4martins@clear.net.nz  +64-29-576-6437  
Secretary of the Event  Mrs Deborah Brock  deborah@rallynz.org.nz  +64-21-272-5596 
Competitor Relations Officers Mr Barry Clark   baz-cuda@xtra.co.nz  +64-274-985-552 
    Mr Gary Lathrope  gary@nzgrandprix.org.nz +64-274-522-991 
    Mr Graham Mortensen  g.mort@xtra.co.nz  +64-21-1123-142 
Chief Scrutineer   Mr Dave Robb   dave@vtnz.co.nz  +64-274-817-651   
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
2.3 Rally HQ Contact Details
Physical Address:    Cnr Dent Street and Quayside Way, Whangarei 
Telephone:   +64-9- TBA 
      Facsimile:   +64-9-  TBA 
Email:     info@rallywhangarei.co.nz
      Website:    www.rallywhangarei.co.nz
Secretariat Opening Hours:    Wednesday 13 July  0900-1800 hrs 
      Thursday 14 July  0800-1800 hrs 
      Friday 15 July   0700-1800 hrs 
Saturday 16 July  0700-1900 hrs 
Sunday 17 July   0600-1900 hrs 
Official Noticeboard 
Rally Headquarters 
  Wednesday 13 July 0900hrs to Sunday 17 July 1900hrs. 
A copy of all items on the official noticeboard will be on the official website www.rallywhangarei.co.nz in the 
Noticeboard section. 
2.4 Media Contact Details 
Chief Press Officer:  Name:   Ms Kate Gordon 
   Phone:   +64-21-587-227 
   Pre-event Facsimile: +64-9-276-0881 
   Email:    kate@rallynz.org.nz  
Media Centre:   Cnr Dent Street and Quayside Way, Whangarei 
Telephone:  +64-9-  TBA 
   Facsimile:  +64-9-  TBA 
Website:   www.rallywhangarei.co.nz
3. Programme and Critical Deadlines 
3.1 Schedule before the Rally Week 
Friday 11 March 
1700hrs Rally Guide 1 published on website  Permanent Secretariat
Wednesday 22 April 
0900hrs Supplementary Regulations published and Entries Open Permanent Secretariat
Wednesday 22 June 
1700hrs Rally Guide 2, and Maps published  Permanent Secretariat
 Entries Close  Permanent Secretariat
 Closing Date for Co-driver details  Permanent Secretariat  
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
Friday 24 June
0900hrs Publication of list of entries in seeded order Permanent Secretariat
Friday 1 July 
0900hrs Media accreditation closes  Permanent Secretariat
Wednesday 6 July 
1700hrs Last day for Service Park & Scrutineering Requirements Permanent Secretariat
1700hrs Road Book published Permanent Secretariat
3.2 Schedule during the Rally Week 
Tuesday 12 July 
1700hrs Scrutineering Schedule published on website in ‘Noticeboard’ section Official Noticeboard
Wednesday 13 July 
Rally Headquarters opens 
Administrative Checking & Reconnaissance Registration commences  Secretariat
1800-1930hrs Mayoral Welcome Pacific Ford, Cnr Dent & Caruth Sts, Whangarei
Thursday 14 July 
0730-1700hrs Reconnaissance 
1100-1700hrs Media Centre open  Rally HQ
1715-2100hrs Pre-event Scrutineering (all cars as per published schedule) VTNZ, 119 Port Rd, 
Friday 15 July 
0800hrs Service Park opens  Quayside Town Basin
0800-1900hrs Media Centre open  Rally HQ
0915-0955hrs Reconnaissance – Super Special Stage and Shakedown  Pohe Island
1000-1200hrs Shakedown, APRC Registered competitors and competitors 
providing promotional assistance 
Pohe Island, Whangarei
1215hrs Rally Car Street Parade Start at Quayside Town Basin, Whangarei
1315-1345hrs Waka Challenge  Quayside Town Basin, Whangarei
1430hrs FIA Pre-Event Press Conference  Media Centre
1500hrs First Stewards’ Meeting  Rally HQ
1500-1600hrs Pre-start Park will be open Cameron Street Mall, Whangarei City
1530-1630hrs Driver Autograph Session  The Cameron Street Mall, 
Whangarei City
1600hrs Publication of Start List for Ceremonial Start &Day 1 Official Noticeboard
1630hrs Opening Ceremony  Cameron Street Mall, Whangarei City
1700hrs First Clubmans car over ramp Cameron Street Mall, Whangarei City
1730hrs First APRC car over ramp Cameron Street Mall, Whangarei City
Saturday 16 July 
0730-2100hrs Media Centre open  Rally HQ
0800hrs Start Day 1  Quayside Town Basin
1652hrs Arrive Parc Ferme In  Quayside Town Basin
2000hrs Publication of Start List for Day 2  Official Noticeboard
   Sunday 17 July 
0700-2100hrs Media Centre open  Rally HQ
0700hrs Start Day 2  Quayside Town Basin
1530hrs Ceremonial Finish & Prize-giving  Quayside Town Basin
1600hrs Final Scrutineering Pacific Ford, Cnr Dent & Carruth Sts, Whangarei
1600hrs Post-Event Press Conference with attendees including: 
- Top three APRC registered competitors 
- First, second & third overall Driver & Co-driver 
Media Centre  
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
- First New Zealander 
- First, second & third NZRC Driver & Co-driver 
1830hrs Provisional Final Classification published  Official Noticeboard
1900hrs Official Final Classification published  Official Noticeboard
1930hrs Rally Headquarters closes 
2000hrs All cars must be removed from the final Parc Ferme 
(providing the Stewards have authorised Parc Ferme to be opened) 
Secretariat Opening Hours:
Wednesday 13 July      0900-1800 hrs 
Thursday 14 July      0800-1800 hrs 
Friday 15 July       0700-1800 hrs 
Saturday 16 July      0700-1900 hrs 
Sunday 17 July       0600-1930 hrs 
Official Noticeboard Location 
Rally Headquarters 
Wednesday 13 July 0900hrs to Sunday 17 July 1930hrs
A copy of all items on the official noticeboard will be on the official website www.rallywhangarei.co.nz in the 
Noticeboard section. 
4. Entry Details 
4.1 Titles for which the rally counts 
FIA Titles: 
• FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship for Drivers and Co-Drivers
• FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Cup for Manufacturers
• FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Cup for Drivers, Co-Drivers and Manufacturers using Group N  2WD normally 
aspirated engined cars of maximum 2000cc
• FIA Pacific Cup for Drivers and Co-Drivers
Asia-Pacific Rally Championship Titles: 
• Junior Cup for Drivers & Co-Drivers
• Team Trophy
National Titles: 
• New Zealand Rally Championship
4.2 List of entry fees
(a)  Competitors Registered to contest the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship and/or Pacific Cup: 
 With optional advertising proposed by Organisers:          NZ$3,600.00 
 Without optional advertising proposed by Organisers:      NZ$4,600.00
(b) Entry fee for Competitors who are registered to contest the New Zealand Rally Championship: 
     With optional advertising proposed by Organisers including Pace Notes:   NZ$2,800.00 
 Without optional advertising proposed by Organisers including Pace Notes:   NZ$3,800.00
(c) Entry fee for all other competitors: 
 With optional advertising proposed by Organisers:          NZ$2,600.00 
 Without optional advertising proposed by Organisers:      NZ$3,600.00  
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
Payment of entry fees can be made by; 
Cheque, Bank Draft, Telegraphic Transfer, or Credit Card (Visa/Amex/Diners/MasterCard) 
Note: Please note that any bank charges must be charged to the sender’s account. 
Bank account details for sending a Telegraphic Transfer are: 
Bank:                      ASB Bank Ltd 
Address:             Corner Queen Street & Wellesley Street, Auckland, New Zealand 
Account Name:              Rally of New Zealand    Account Number:   12-3011-0203851-00 
IBAN/Swift code:           ASBBNZ2A 
Please use the driver’s surname as a reference when making the payment. 
When paying by Telegraphic Transfer it is essential that you provide details of this payment by fax to the 
Rally Office to ensure that payment is receipted prior to the close of entries. 
Criteria for acceptance of entries: 
Attention is drawn to Article 74 of the International Sporting Code relating to the refusal of an entry. 
Entry dates: 
 Entries Open: 0900hrs  Friday 22 April 2011 
 Entries Close:          1700hrs  Wednesday 22 June 2011 
Anyone wishing to take part in the International Rally of Whangarei must send the completed official entry form to 
the Rally Secretariat before Wednesday 22 June at 1700hrs.   
To be accepted, this entry form must be accompanied by proof of payment of the entry fee.  Overseas competition 
licence holders must hold an authority from their ASN or obtain its stamp on their entry form. 
Additional Fees: 
• Change of Crew Member   NZ$50.00 
• Additional Service Vehicle Plate   NZ$100.00 
• Stage Notes     NZ$230.00 
• Additional Road Book    NZ$25.00 
• Fee for completing Reconnaissance only NZ$500.00 
4.3 Entry packages
The entry fees specified in 4.2 include: 
 • One set of Road Books   • Two Route Maps 
 • Two Rally Guide 2    • Two Service Vehicle Plates 
 • Two Competitor ID Passes   • Vehicle Livery Pack
• Team Manager ID Pass   • Four 2 Day Spectator Event Passes 
5. Service Park 
5.1 Information about the Service Park
All service will be at the Quayside Town Basin, Cnr Dent Street and Quayside Way, Whangarei. 
Teams will be allocated a designated service area in the service park.  Teams who wish to be allocated a 
servicing position alongside another team or those who require an area bigger than 9m x 6m must advise
the secretariat by Wednesday 6 July.   
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
5.2 Facilities at the Service Park 
(a) Type of surface: tarmac and gravel. 
(b) GPS Reference:  S 35.43.436     E 174.19.471 
(c) Allocated areas will be advised upon arrival at the service park from 0800 hrs on Friday 15 July. 
(d) Access to Service Park 
The service park is not available prior to 0800 hrs on Friday 15 July.  Teams’ service park areas must be 
set up within the advised allocated area. 
(e) Food: There are a number of cafés in the area directly adjacent to the Service Park as well as 
supermarkets within easy walking distance. 
(f) Wireless Internet Access: iGrin Internet are supplying free shared access to a Wireless Hotspot in the 
Quayside Town Basin area during the International Rally of Whangarei. Further details will be provided in 
Rally Guide 2. 
(g) Public Toilets: Portable toilets will be provided in the Service Park. Public Toilet facilities are also available 
in the Quayside Town Basin on the opposite side of the Rally Headquarters building to the Service Park. 
(h) Water is available in consultation with the Service Park Manager. 
(i) Recycling and Waste: For environmental reasons all competitors are respectfully asked to use the waste 
and recycling areas provided in the Service Park. It is absolutely forbidden to spill any oil or waste water on 
the ground in the Service Park. If pressure washers are used, competitors are required to contain waste 
5.3 Service Park Entry
To assist the Organisers, we request that large Service Vehicles respect the following entry times.
   Saturday 16 July    Sunday 17 July
before 0750hrs     before 0650hrs
between 0930 and 1130hrs   between 0800 and 1030hrs
between 1400 and 1600hrs   between 1215 and 1440hrs
after 1800hrs     after 1600hrs
Service vehicle access at other times will be severely restricted.   
To exit the Service Park, please use the main exit.
6. Two Way Radio 
6.1      Application Procedure
A licence is required for the use of 2-way radios in New Zealand.  
The International Rally of Whangarei has a limited  number of simplex licences available for use by application 
before the start of administrative checking and payment of usage fee to the Rally Office.  These will be distributed 
on a first come, first served basis.  They are 84.062500, 84.500000, 84.525000, 150.212500, 150.237500, 
150.262500, 153.581250, 165.737500, 166.275000, 453.493750, 461.543750, 488.293750, 488.331250, and 
449.943750 MHZ.    
Please note that the following frequencies are not available for competitors: 
• 138.000MHz to 150.000MHz and 
• 230.000MHz to 400.000MHz and 
• 430.000MHz to 440.000MHz  
6.2 Contact details of authority in charge 
Competitors who wish to apply for their own licence need to do so online at http://www.rsm.govt.nz prior to Tuesday 
15 June 2011.    
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
7. Fuel / Tyres 
Information will be contained in the Supplementary Regulations. 
8. Import of Vehicles and Spare Parts 
Rally and support vehicles, parts, tyres and components can be temporarily imported into New Zealand without 
payment of Duty and Goods & Services Tax under an ATA Carnet issued by the Chamber of Commerce in the 
exporting country. The only items that are excluded are expendable products such as oil and promotional 
giveaways.  Any items that are not exported will be subject to payment of Duty (where applicable) and Goods & 
Services Tax. 
New Zealand Customs have made special arrangements for competitors in the International Rally of Whangarei.  It 
is recommended to use ATA Carnets. All values must be at the normal wholesale price in the country of export.  
8.1 Freight & Importing into New Zealand
Import Bond – The International Rally of Whangarei has established a Bond with NZ Customs which allows teams 
to enter all vehicles, parts and equipment using normal commercial invoices instead of Carnets. This procedure is 
quick and carries no additional costs other than a NZ$350 processing fee per transaction inclusive of import and 
export. No further duties or taxes are applicable providing all goods are re-exported at the end of the rally. The only 
items that are excluded are expendable products such as oil and promotional giveaways. ATA Carnets are
Documents should be faxed or e-mailed prior to the  vessel’s arrival to Malcolm Total Logistics who manage the 
bond to ensure all procedures are completed and to prevent any possible delays.  
Malcolm Total Logistics are the preferred providers of Customs and Forwarding services to the International Rally 
of Whangarei. For assistance with your customs or forwarding needs please contact: 
• Malcolm Total Logistics Ltd 
PO Box 53-003, Auckland Airport, New Zealand 
Phone:  +64-9-275-3007     Facsimile: +64-9-275-1978  Email:   rally@malcolm.co.nz
Malcolm Total Logistics can provide the following additional services: International freight at preferential rates to 
New Zealand, all Customs and quarantine requirements, delivery to site and unpack/repack of containers. 
8.2 Goods Service Licence 
A Goods Service Licence is not required for rally support vehicles brought into the country by international teams. 
These vehicles are declared mobile workshops and the drivers of these vehicles are not required to maintain 
driving hours logbooks.  Drivers must have a copy of the Exemption Letter that will be contained in Rally Guide 2 
with them at all times. 
8.3 New Zealand Vehicle Registration
On arrival in New Zealand, you will need to complete the following steps to enable your registration to be 
• Fill out an Application for registration of an overseas visitor's vehicle (form MR 2C) – available from VTNZ 
or the Rally Office, one form per vehicle.  Photocopies of this form are not acceptable.  Provide proof that 
the vehicle is currently registered in your name in its country of origin (eg, by providing original vehicle 
registration documents). 
• Show your carnet or temporary import entry. 
• Provide identification that shows your name, date of birth and signature. 
• Pay an Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) levy, but none of the other registration and licensing
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
All rally vehicles must obtain a Warrant of Fitness (cars) or Certificate of Fitness (trucks) before being driven on 
New Zealand Roads. Arrangements have been made with the New Zealand Police – New Zealand Transport 
Agency (NZTA) for overseas rally vehicles to be checked at the following authorised testing stations: 
VTNZ Testing Stations                                                                                  
119 Port Road,  Whangarei           Phone: +64-9-438-8106
5 Sylvia Park Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland      Phone: +64-9-573-1115 
For vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of more than 3500 kg a Certificate of Fitness is required and it is suggested 
to contact Dave Robb, email:  dave@vtnz.co.nz  or mobile: +64-274-817-651, for further information prior to 
NZTA advise that these vehicles may be driven on New Zealand roads prior to carrying out the registration and 
inspection procedures from the point of entry into New Zealand to your workshop or authorised testing station. 
9. Helicopters 
9.1     Registration procedure 
Aircraft are not required to be registered with the organisers. 
9.2 Contact details for Helicopter Hire
Contact details for national Helicopter Companies: 
Heletranz Limited 
PO Box 300460, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand 
Attention: Tony Monk   Mobile:  +64-274-929130 
Phone:  +64-9-415-3550   Facsimile: +64-9-415-3660 
Email:  team@heletranz.co.nz  Website: www.heletranz.co.nz  
Helinorth Limited
PO Box 6062, Whangarei, New Zealand 
Attention: Barry Reiher 
Mobile:  +64-274-736-299 
Email:  baz@helinorth.co.nz 
10. Hospitality Arrangements 
10.1  Contact details for person in charge of hospitality arrangements
The International Rally of Whangarei offers a range of hospitality packages. 
For further information, please contact:  Gracey Monteith 
 Postal address:   PO Box 62021, Mt Wellington, Auckland 1641, New Zealand 
 Telephone:  +64-9-276-0882 
 Email:   gracey@rallynz.org.nz 
10.2 Spectator Rally Tour 
The International Rally of Whangarei again offers a spectator rally tour that allows your guests the opportunity to 
view the excitement of the event from the comfort of a luxurious minibus. Select from a one day tour or the full 
event tour.  
For further information, contact the official tour provider Rally Tours NZ Ltd.   
www.rallytours.co.nz/rally_new_zealand.htm or gp.coaches@clear.net.nz  
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
11. Hotel / Accommodation Reservation 
11.1 List of hotels
The International Rally of Whangarei has a variety  of hotel options.  For further information and booking details 
please contact the rally office via email deborah@rallynz.org.nz  
11.2 Contact details for reservations 
To book or make an enquiry, please contact deborah@rallynz.org.nz  
12. Reconnaissance 
12.1 Registration for Reconnaissance
All competitors taking part in reconnaissance must  register at the Rally Secretariat to get all the necessary 
documentation before starting their reconnaissance. Registration for reconnaissance can be done at the following 
times at the Rally Secretariat: 
 Wednesday 13 July   0900-1730hrs 
Crews may have another team member collect their documentation only if their entry form is completed otherwise 
they have to register in person. 
To assist competitors, reconnaissance registration may be completed outside these times at the Rally New Zealand 
office before Friday 8 July. 
12.2 Regulations & Restrictions 
Information will be contained in the Supplementary Regulations. 
12.3 Vehicles
Vehicles used for reconnaissance must comply with Article 20.1 of the FIA Regional Rally Championships Sporting 
12.4 Reconnaissance Schedule
Thursday 14 July  
Two passes of all stages, except SS4/8 Whangarei Super Special Stage. 
Friday 15 July 
Two passes of the Whangarei Super Special Stage and Shakedown. 
Full details will be included in the Supplementary Regulations and Rally Guide 2.   
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
13. Scrutineering, Sealing and Marking 
13.1 Pre-Event Scrutineering
Date:    Thursday 14 July 
Time:    1715 – 2100hrs 
Location:   VTNZ, 119 Port Road, Whangarei 
13.2 Final Scrutineering
Date:    Sunday 17 July 
Time:    1600hrs 
Location:   Pacific Ford, Cnr Dent & Carruth Streets, Whangarei 
The scrutineering schedule will be posted on the website (in the Noticeboard section) on Tuesday 12 July at 
1700hrs.  Competitors who wish to be allocated a scrutineering time in conjunction with another competitor or at a 
certain time period must advise the secretariat by Wednesday 6 July. 
14. Shakedown 
Shakedown for APRC competitors will be held at Pohe Island, Whangarei on Friday 15 July from 1000-1200hrs.  
Those competitors who provide promotional assistance to the organisers will also be entitled to participate in 
Date:     Friday 15 July   
Time:     1000-1200 
Location:    Pohe Island, Whangarei 
Stage Length:    1.34 km 
Distance to Service Park:  2.33 km 
15. Start Procedure 
15.1 Opening Ceremony 
Date:    Friday 15 July 
Time:    1630hrs 
Location:   The Cameron Street Mall, Whangarei City 
16. Finish Procedure 
16.1 Ceremonial Finish
Date:    Sunday 17 July 
Time:    1530hrs 
Location:   Quayside Town Basin   
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
17. PR Activities
There are a variety of promotional activities planned for the 2011 International Rally of Whangarei both prior to and 
during the event.  The rally attracts great support from local media, both print and radio, as well as the Whangarei 
District Council. The planned activities include: 
Wednesday 13 July      Mayoral Welcome Function                                                                                 1800hrs
Whangarei District Council and The Mayor Morris Cutforth would like to welcome all Rally Whangarei competitors  
and sponsors to their pre-event function.  More information will be provided in Rally Guide 2. 
Friday 15 July              School Colouring Competition                                                   0730 – 0830hrs
There will be three age group winners in the School Colouring Competition, with each winner enjoying a ride to 
school in a rally car.  We seek a minimum of three rally cars to assist us but welcome more as this allows each 
winning child the chance to invite a friend to travel in the rally convoy.  We endeavour to have a photographer 
travel with each convoy, we alert local media to this activity and schools are advised so any necessary parent 
permissions can be covered beforehand. The schools are also made aware of the convoy arrival time and you will 
find pupils eagerly waiting to get driver signatures. If you have your own promotional material, it’s the perfect 
opportunity to secure some young fans. Event posters will also be available. 
Friday 15 July              Shakedown, Pohe Island                                                                      1000 – 1200hrs 
Invited guests enjoy the opportunity to sit in the co-driver seat for a high speed blast around the Pohe Island 
shakedown stage. 
Friday 15 July              Rally Whangarei Official Parade                                                                       1215hrs 
There’s plenty of support from Classic Hits in Whangarei to make our lunchtime rally car parade worth doing again in 
2011. We welcome as many rally cars and support vehicles to participate as possible. We also invite sponsors and 
other groups to participate and add more noise and excitement for the public. We will meet at Rally HQ, Service Park 
at 1215hrs; each car will be given a map and the convoy will be led by rally officials and radio promotional 
vehicles. We do two laps of the approx. 3km circuit, promoting the whole rally to Friday lunchtime shoppers via 
loudspeakers.  If drivers aren’t available to drive the rally car, a crew member can be nominated. 
Friday 15 July              Waka Challenge, Quayside Town Basin                                                1315-1345hrs
Once again, we issue the challenge to our international competitors – can you paddle your way to victory as a team 
in a waka (outrigger canoe) across the still waters of Whangarei Harbour’s Town Basin? International crews against 
the Kiwi drivers and the Kiwi junior drivers – you’re racing for honour! Best of three races. Crews of five. Five 
minute safety briefing prior to the start. Perfect television/photograph opportunity.
Friday 15 July              Press Conferences, Media Room, Rally HQ                                                      1430hrs 
FIA APRC Press Conference                                                                  
Top three drivers (based on current points) plus invited others are required to attend. You will be advised by Friday 
Friday 15 July              Driver Signing, Cameron Street Mall                                                    1530 – 1630hrs
Autograph Signing Session Schedule 
1530 – 1600hrs APRC Mitsubishi     NZRC Category 1 Subaru                 NZRC Category 3 
1600 – 1630hrs APRC Subaru and others   NZRC Category 1 Mitsubishi            NZRC Category 2 & 4 
Please ensure you bring promotional posters and material to this session.  Event posters will also be available. 
Saturday 16 July          Top Half Rally Series Finish Ceremony, Quayside Town Basin                   1800hrs 
                                       Top Half Rally Series Prize-giving                                                                   1930hrs 
Sunday 17 July            Finish Ceremony                                                                                               1530hrs 
                              Post Event Press Conference                                                                           1600hrs 
                                      After Party, venue to be advised                                                                      1900hrs   
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
18. Media 
18.1 Contact details before the event 
Chief Press Officer:  Name:   Ms Kate Gordon 
    Phone:   +64-21-587-227 
    Pre-event Facsimile: +64-9-276-0881 
    Email:    kate@rallynz.org.nz   
18.2 Contact details at the event 
Media Centre:   Cnr Dent Street & Quayside Way, Whangarei 
Telephone:  +64-9-  TBA 
    Facsimile:  +64-9-  TBA 
18.3 Accreditation procedure
The Media Accreditation form is available on our website www.rallywhangarei.co.nz   Closing date for receipt of 
accreditation applications is Friday, 1 July 2011. 
Accreditation Forms for all national and international media - TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites and 
photographers - should be sent to: 
Media Office 
International Rally of Whangarei 
PO Box 62-021, Mt Wellington 
Auckland 1641, New Zealand 
Phone:  +64-9-276-0882 
Facsimile: +64-9-276-0881 
19. Medical and Safety Service 
19.1 Emergency Number 
For All Emergency Services Dial: 111 and ask for Fire, Police, or Ambulance 
The rally emergency telephone number is:  Phone: +64-9-  TBA 
19.2 Hospital 
Whangarei Hospital, Maunu Street, Whangarei  Phone: +64-9-430-4100 
19.3 Police
In an Emergency dial 111 
For Police Assistance (non-urgent)   Phone: +64-9-430-4500
19.4 Fire 
In an Emergency dial 111 
For Fire Assistance (non-urgent)   Phone: +64-9-438-9199 
19.5 Towing Service 
Pre-Event Towing:
Maungaturoto Area:     Landline:  Mobile:
Noel Radd Motors   Bob McCarrol +64-9-431-8483  +64-27-473-6120 
Colin Smith Autos – 2 Trucks  Colin Smith  +64-9-431-8174  +64-21-659-379 
or Matt     +64-21-968-499   
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
Whangarei Area:
Auto Recovery Services   Dennis  +64-9-438-1047 * +64-27-459-1939 
Pete’s Towing    Pete  +64-9-438-7277 * +64-21-451-719 
      * Landline diverts to mobile 
On Event Towing: 
Rally Headquarters    Phone: +64-9-   TBA 
19.6 Pharmacy 
There are a number of pharmacies located near the Quayside Town Basin. 
The nearest Urgent Pharmacy open outside normal business hours is: 
Kensington Pharmacy, 4 Kensington Ave, Whangarei Phone: +64-9-437-3722 
Hours: 8:30-9:00pm – Mon to Sat        10:00-9:00pm – Sun & Public Holidays 
20. List of Useful Facts and Services 
Information on New Zealand – visit www.newzealand.com  
20.1       Climate 
July in the North Island of New Zealand is subject to Winter season.  Temperatures range from 5-15 degrees 
Celsius with some rain. 
20.2    Time Zone
Greenwich Mean Time plus 12 hours. 
20.3    Currency
New Zealand currency system is based on dollar and  cent denomination.  Coins are 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2.  
Notes are $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. 
Banks are open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm. Automatic Telling Machines operate 24 hours a day and 
accept all major credit cards. 
GST of 15% is added to all goods and services in New Zealand. GST is included in the price unless otherwise 
stated. Purchases made in the Duty Free shops are free of GST. 
Tipping in New Zealand is not necessary, however if you have found the service (or food) exceptional it is perfectly 
in order to tip 10% of the total bill. 
20.4       Car Dealers  
Citroen  Water St Motors 44 Water St, Whangarei     +64-9-438-1197 
Ford & Mazda Pacific Motor Group Cnr Carruth & Dent Sts, Whangarei  +64-9-430-4470 
Holden  Mark Cromie Holden 5-13 Hannah St, Whangarei   +64-9-438-3199 
Honda  Northern Honda   Cnr Rathbone & Dent Sts, Whangarei  +64-9-438-2019 
Hyundai I C Motor Group  50 Port Road, Whangarei    +64-9-470-4000 
Mitsubishi Archibald Mitsubishi 50 Reyburn St, Whangarei   +64-9-430-4390 
Nissan  I C Motor Group  50 Port Road, Whangarei    +64-9-470-4000 
Peugeot Water St Motors 44 Water St, Whangarei    +64-9-438-1197 
Subaru  SubLab@Whangarei   104 Cameron St, Whangarei   +64-9-438-5300 
Suzuki  Northland Autos   54 Port Rd, Whangarei     +64-9-438-7043 
Toyota  Northland Toyota Cnr Carruth & Roberts Sts, Whangarei  +64-9-430-4360 
Volkswagen I C Motor Group  50 Port Road, Whangarei   +64-9-470-4000   
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
20.5       Hire Car Companies
For Car, Truck and Van rentals contact the Rally Office:            info@rallywhangarei.co.nz   
20.6       Airline Companies and Airports
Aerolineas Argentinas +64-9-379-3675  www.aerolineas-argentinas.com  
Air New Zealand +64-9-336-2424  www.airnewzealand.co.nz  
American Airlines +64-9-912-8814  www.aa.com  
British Airways PLC +64-9-966-9777  www.britishairways.com   
Cathay Pacific Airways +64-9-379-0861  www.cathaypacific.com  
Emirates +64-9-968-2208  www.emirates.com  
Garuda Indonesia +64-9-366-1855  www.garuda-indonesia.com  
Japan Airlines +64-9-379-3202  www.jal.com  
Korean Air +64-9-914-2000  www.koreanair.com  
Lufthansa German Airlines    +64-9-303-1529  www.lufthansagermanairlines.com  
Malaysia Airlines +64-9-256-8330  www.malaysiaairlines.com  
Qantas Airways +64-9-357-8900  www.qantas.com.au  
Singapore Airlines +64-9-379-3209  www.singaporeair.com  
Thai Airways +64-9-377-3886  www.thaiairways.com  
United Airlines +64-9-379-3800  www.unitedairlines.com  
Auckland International Airport +64-9-275-0789 Whangarei Airport +64-9-436-0047 
Whangarei Airport is located 10 minutes from Rally  Headquarters.  It has daily flights to Auckland International 
Auckland International Airport has daily services by all major international airlines to/from Australia and most Asian 
and European cities.  Whangarei is approximately 2½ hours drive from Auckland.  For any group or individual 
transport requirements from Auckland Airport to Whangarei please contact Greg Paul Coaches at 
gp.coaches@clear.net.nz or +64-9-977-5775 
20.7        Copy Service
For Colour Copy Service Contact:  Northland Document Solutions 
125 Cameron Street, Whangarei   
Phone +64-9-438-2520     Hours: 9:00-5:00pm Mon-Fri     
20.8        Maps
Visitors to New Zealand belonging to a motoring club affiliated to the AIT, The World Organisation of Motoring and 
touring clubs, receive free reciprocal membership benefits. Services offered include the supply of detailed maps, 
accommodation guides and touring information. Enquiries should be directed to:  
AA Centre,  99 Albert Street, Auckland City  Phone +64-9-966-8919 or 
AA Centre,  17 James Street, Whangarei City Phone +64-9-438-4848 
    Open Mon-Fri 8.30am – 5.00pm 
20.9       Security Companies
For Security Service Contact: ADT Armourguard  +64-9-438-1639 
Northern Districts Security +64-9-435-1904 
Whangarei Security Patrols +64-9-946-0146 
20.10       Drivers' Licence Requirements
Overseas drivers with a non-English licence must carry an accurate English translation or an International Driving 
Permit (IDP) while driving.     
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
20.11      Mobile Phone (Rental and Service)
You may use your own mobile phone in New Zealand by prior arrangement with your system provider or hire a 
phone in New Zealand through Vodafone Rental.   
It is illegal for drivers to talk, send or read text messages on handheld 
mobile phones, or other portable electronic devices whose functions 
include being a telephone, while driving a vehicle.   
Drivers using a handheld mobile are liable for an $80 fine from the Police 
and 20 demerit points. 
You can use a hands-free device or two way radio and there is an exemption for 111 calls made in emergency 
Mobile phones which are not hands free may be used by a driver when the vehicle has stopped - but not when it is 
stopped in traffic or at traffic lights. 
20.12      Rally Car & Reconnaissance Car Lease
Rally Drive NZ Lease car available. Group N Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 in Right Hand Drive available, all with 
full support packages available including team management, service vehicles, servicing, parts, and logistics. 
Maramarua Forest testing facilities are also available.
Recce cars available Evo 6 R.s or Evo 4  
Contact:            Dale Perry 
Phone:              +64-7-847-8777 
Email:               motorworld@clear.net.nz  
Website:           www.rallydrivenz.co.nz
Prestige Motorsports can offer competitors 2 RHD Group N Mitsubishi Evo 8 Rally Cars, Recce cars, Event 
Management and Servicing.  Over 25 years experience.  We can arrange packages to suit individual requirements.   
Contact: Peter Van Breugel 
Phone:   +64-9-277-9700 
Email:   peter@prestigeautomotive.co.nz
Website: www.prestigeautomotive.co.nz  
Neil Allport Motorsport can provide event management and servicing.  Rally cars for lease include Left and Right 
Hand Drive Mitsubishi Evolution cars.  New Zealand distributor for leading motorsport products. 
Contact: Neil Allport  
Phone:  +64-9-579-0113  
Email:   neil@namsport.co.nz
Website:  www.namsport.co.nz
Ralliart New Zealand can provide event management and servicing.  Rally cars for lease include Left and Right 
Hand Drive Mitsubishi Evolution cars. 
Contact: Bill Morton 
Phone:  +64-9-525-3087 
Email:   admin@ralliartnz.co.nz
Website:  www.ralliart.co.nz
20.13  Taxis 
Listed below is a selection of taxi services.  The fare from Whangarei Airport to Whangarei City is between $20 and 
• A1 Cabs     +64-9-438-3377 
• Kiwi Cabs  +64-9-470-2299 
• Phoenix Cabs +64-9-438-9933   
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
20.14        Travelling from Auckland to Whangarei 
Travelling from Auckland to Whangarei (north of Orewa) the main highway is the Northern Gateway Toll Road 
(there is an alternative free route) 
The Northern Gateway Toll Road extends north from the roundabout at the current end of the motorway to connect 
with the existing State Highway 1 route just south of Puhoi.  
You are charged a toll each time you use the Northern Gateway Toll Road.  The 
toll depends on the type of vehicle and is GST inclusive.  The toll for using the 
Northern Gateway Toll Road is:  
Car    $2.00 
Light Commercial vehicle $2.00 
Heavy Vehicle   $4.00 
Car and trailer   $2.00 
There is no additional charge for towing a caravan or trailer. The toll is based on 
the type of vehicle that is towing the caravan/trailer. 
Pay as you go
Pay in advance or within five days of using the road via the website 
(www.tollroad.govt.nz) or freephone 0800-40-20-20 (from a NZ phone only) or +64-6-953-6200 (from international 
phones) between 8am – 6pm daily. 
Self service kiosks  
To pay by EFTPOS, credit card or cash you will need to use one of the self service kiosks located before the toll 
road. The manual toll payment points are at the following locations:  
• For northbound traffic the self service kiosk is located inside the BP Connect at Dairy Flat 
• For southbound traffic the self service kiosk is located just off State Highway 1, approximately 1 km before the 
Waiwera exit 
To use one of the self service kiosks you need to know your vehicle registration number, remember to note this 
down before leaving your vehicle to pay. 
Motorists are able to choose whether to pay and use the toll road or take the free route along the Hibiscus Coast 
Highway (SH17) or State Highway 16.   For more information, please visit www.tollroad.govt.nz
20.15     Supermarkets
For all of your grocery and food supplies there are two Supermarkets in close proximity to Rally HQ: 
 Pak N Save                                                       ▪  Countdown Whangarei 
Walton Street, Whangarei                                     4 Okara Drive, Whangarei 
Phone: +64-9-438-1488                                        Phone:  +64-9-430-3141 
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am – 9pm                                   Hours: 7 days per week 7am-10pm. 
                        Sat-Sun 8am – 8pm   
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
20.16  Personal accident insurance
All New Zealand residents and overseas visitors to New Zealand are covered by 24 hour no-fault personal injury 
accident insurance, where that accident is deemed to be an accident as defined in the Injury Prevention, 
Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2001. Overseas  visitors are recommended to have personal travel and 
medical insurance. 
Third Party or Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance is the responsibility of the entrant/competitor.  
The service vehicles, management vehicles and reconnaissance vehicles including those bearing special  plates 
issued by the organisers may never be considered as official participants in the rally. They are therefore not 
covered by the insurance policy of the rally and will remain the sole responsibility of their owner. 
Competitors and crew members are covered for public liability under a master policy held by MotorSport New 
Zealand for an amount of NZ$10 million. Full details may be obtained upon request to the organisers. 
In the event of an accident the competitor or his representative must notify the Clerk of the Course in writing within 
4 hours. The competitor must provide full details including the names and addresses of those involved  and any 
Third party insurance:
It is recommended that all competitors obtain as a minimum third party insurance on all Rally Cars and Service 
Vehicles. For further information contact: 
• NAC Insurance 
PO Box 1840, Whangarei (postal address) or Level 3, 36 Water Street, Whangarei (physical address)
Phone: 0800-501-508 (within NZ) or +64-9-985-0112 (from outside NZ)
Email:   sales@nac.co.nz Website: www.nac.co.nz
20.17  Visa requirements
All competitors, service crews and media are required to have a valid passport and a 
copy of the ‘Special Direction’ letter upon arrival to New Zealand.  This letter may be 
required at the New Zealand border. 
The ‘Special Direction’ letter issued by Immigration New Zealand on 8 March 2011 (Appendix 5) exempts 
competitors, service crews and media from obtaining a work permit during their travel to the International 
Rally of Whangarei and must be carried at all times while in New Zealand. (This letter can also be downloaded 
from the competitors section of our website). 
United Kingdom and Australia
British citizens and other British passport holders who produce evidence of the right to reside permanently in the 
UK can visit for up to 6 months without a visa to travel to New Zealand. 
Australian citizens and people who hold a current Australian Permanent Residence Visa or a current Australian 
Resident Return Visa do not need a New Zealand Visa to enter New Zealand. 
If you are visiting for 3 months or less and are from a country in the list below, you will NOT need a visa: 
Andorra   Argentina  Austria   Bahrain 
Belgium   Brazil   Brunei   Bulgaria 
Canada   Chile   Cyprus   Czech Republic   
Denmark  Estonia*  Finland   France    
Germany  Greece*****  Hong Kong**  Hungary   
Iceland   Ireland   Israel   Italy    
Japan   Korea (South)  Kuwait   Latvia*   
Liechtenstein  Lithuania*  Luxembourg  Malaysia   
Malta   Mexico   Monaco   Netherlands     
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
Norway   Oman   Poland   Portugal***   
Qatar   Romania  San Marino  Saudi Arabia  
Singapore  Slovak Republic  Slovenia  South Africa   
Spain   Sweden   Switzerland  Taiwan****** 
United Arab Emirates United States of America****   Uruguay   
Vatican City    
* Visa waiver does not apply to people travelling on aliens' (non-citizens') passports issued by these
** Residents of Hong Kong travelling on Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or British National 
(overseas) passports. 
*** Portuguese passport holders must also have the right to live permanently in Portugal. 
**** Including nationals of the USA. 
***** Greek passport holders whose passports were issued on and after 1 January 2006. (Greek passports
issued before 1 January 2006 are not acceptable for travel after 1 January 2007.) 
****** Permanent residents of Taiwan travelling on Taiwan passports. 
If you are in one of these groups, you are a ‘visa waiver visitor’, and you do not need a visitor visa to travel to New 
Zealand. You need to apply for a visitor visa, but you will do this by completing an arrival card on the aircraft/ship 
on your way to New Zealand. You must also: 
• hold a valid ticket out of New Zealand to a country you have the right of entry to 
• have enough money to support yourself during your stay 
• hold a passport valid for three months beyond the date you are leaving New Zealand. 
The visa you are granted will allow a stay in New Zealand of no more than six months in a 12-month period. The 
12-month period is calculated backwards from the last day you intend to be in New Zealand. For example, if you 
want to stay until 1 December 2009, you should count back 12 months, which will be 1 December 2008. 
You must only visit New Zealand for the time granted to you on arrival. If you wish to visit for longer you will need to 
apply for another visitor visa. If you want to work, or study for longer than three months, in New Zealand you will 
have to apply for a work visa or a student visa. 
For those competitors who require a visa please contact the Rally Office and we will issue you with an invitation to 
the rally and a copy of the ‘Special Direction’ letter issued by Immigration New Zealand, which will assist with your 
application for a visa.  Please apply for this no later than 6 weeks before your travel date. 
For further information visit www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/stream/visit/visitors/process/checklist.htm  
20.18 Hire Equipment
Hirequip is the Official Supplier to the International Rally of Whangarei.  Their Whangarei Branch is ready to assist 
all visitors to the event and will give all teams a preferential rate on any equipment hired. 
• Hirequip Whangarei    Phone: +64-9-430-3628   
26 Rewa Rewa Road, Otaika, Whangarei Facsimile: +64-9-430-3629 
Branch Manager, Mr James Morrison      Mobile: 0274 833 806 
Email:   jmorrison@hirequip.co.nz
20.19  Leisure and Recreation Options
From exhilarating and completely unique adventures to peaceful back to nature activities, inspired shopping and 
quality dining, you will be surprised by what you discover in Whangarei. Sub tropical in climate this modern and 
vibrant city is set in the centre of a district of fertile farmlands, forests and orchards cradling an expansive harbour 
and coastline with some of New Zealand’s finest beaches. Enjoy a round of golf, dive the renowned Poor Knights 
Islands or relax quayside at the city’s haven for international yachts “The Town Basin” amongst art galleries, 
specialty shops, crafts, cafes, restaurants and a boutique brewery. Check out www.whangareinz.com to explore 
what this District has to offer.   
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
The Whangarei Art Museum (closed Mondays) on Water St in Cafler Park and the Old Library on Rust Avenue, are 
open daily and feature ever changing exhibitions of local and national artists, plus travelling exhibitions. The Quarry 
Arts Centre is a bush-clad quarry site which provides a unique working environment for many artists and crafts 
people. Wander Art galleries and shop. At the Town Basin there are a number of galleries: Reyburn House Gallery 
and gift shop at the Town Basin owned and run the Northland Society of the Arts specialises in Northland artists 
and their work; Burning Issues Gallery specializes in contemporary New Zealand handcrafted glass, ceramics and 
jewellery by Northland artists, plus hot and cast glass studio viewing; The BACH (Basin Arts & Crafts House), a non 
profit craft cooperative specialising in the retailing and promotion of high quality art & craft by local artists; Steve 
Haywood Master Jeweller specialising in fine handcrafted jewellery and Annie Rose - a unique experience and 
offers a retails outlet and lampworking studio with facilities for anyone, from beginners to experienced glass artists. 
There are many more private galleries featuring the work of local, national and international artists.
Adventure Forest    Maruata Road, Glenbervie Forest  +64-9-459-4485  or  +64-210-277-7234 
Northland’s new high ropes course with five exciting aerial circuits and sixty thrilling activities- heaps of fun for 
everyone! Open weekends, public & school holidays 10am-5pm, weekdays by arrangement only. 
Bushwacka Experience                                                                                SH14, Maungatapere.  +64-9-434-7724
Enjoy a 4WD ride then explore the amazing crevices, bushwalks and a real Kiwi barbeque. www.bushwacka.co.nz  
Perfect Day Cruise                                                         Marina Rd, Tutukaka +64-9-434-3867  or  +64 -21-578-240
Take a relaxing cruise to the Poor Knights islands, out of Tutukaka. Experience awesome scenery and unique 
natural history including the world’s biggest sea cave. The vessel Perfect Day was designed and built  in NZ to 
safely undertake open ocean passages. www.aperfectday.co.nz
Clapham's Clocks                                                                                       Town Basin, Whangarei +64-9-438-3993
Clapham's Clocks is the largest collection of its kind in the southern hemisphere with more than 1500 timepieces. 
Open daily 9am - 5pm. Located centrally at Quayside Town Basin (sign posted). www.claphamsclocks.com  
Dive! Tutukaka                                                                                          Marina Rd, Tutukaka  +64-9-434-3867
Dive! Tutukaka is New Zealand’s largest dive charter operator, Qualmark endorsed, PADI 5 Star IDC, with 
professional and personal service. www.diving.co.nz  
Northland Craft Trust (The Quarry Arts Centre)                                                                              +64-9-438-1215
Set in a bush clad quarry site, this co-operative of crafts people in adobe buildings creates a unique atmosphere 
and environment for their activities. Open daily from 9.30am - 4.30pm. Located a short walk from the city centre at 
the end of Selwyn Ave (off Rust Ave). www.quarryarts.org
Northland Districts Aero Club                                                            61 Handforth Street, Onerahi +64-9-436-0890
Enjoy Whangarei from the air – charter, scenic flights or flight training. www.aeroclubs.co.nz
Oakura Bay Cruises & Pacific View Homestays           22 Te Kapua St, Oakura, RD4, Hikurangi +64-9-433-6669 
Come fishing, diving, or cruising on the "MV Ruawaka," a 10 metre power catamaran from Oakura Bay. Holiday 
cottage and bed/breakfast also available.  
Parua Bay Gallery                                                                            143 Te Rongo Rd, Whangarei  +64-9-436-5985
Situated in a unique location, secluded amongst the picturesque hills and beaches of the Whangarei Heads. 
Showcasing over 200 quality original works from talented local artists. Open 10am-4.30pm Tuesday-Sunday plus 
all Public Holidays. www.paruabaygallery.co.nz  
Pukurangi Hire & Tour            Jetty 1 (next to the bridge), Town Basin, Quayside    +64-9-438-8117 
Hire equipment for fun water and land based activities- kayaks, aquacycles, Waka Ama, inflatable dinghy, 
rollerblades, bikes and scooters. Various tours available. Open 7 days a week,, 9:30am- 5:30pm (Oct- Apr), 
weekends only 10:30am- 5:30pm (May- Sep) or by appointment. www.hirentour.co.nz  
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
Skydive Ballistic Blondes                                                       36 Cameron Street Mall, Whangarei +64-21-519-577
Experience the incredible rush and excitement of free falling from 12,000ft above the earth at speeds of 200kph. 
Terenga Paraoa Tour                                                        Town Basin, Quayside  +64-9-430-3083 
Venture into the mystical world of the noble Maori!  Your friendly Maori guides will escort you onto sacred Parihaka 
Pa - reputedly once the nation’s largest fortified  city.  Let mother nature embrace you at Otuihau - the magical 
Whangarei Falls and A.H.Reed Kauri Park ‘Canopy’ boardwalk in the legendary Paranui Valley.  We welcome you 
to enter & enjoy our Cultural world.  Nau mai Piki mai Kake mai Haere mai. Departs Town Basin, Quayside 9.30am 
& 1pm daily, or by demand.  www.tours.maori.nz
Waipu Heritage Centre                                                                           36 The Centre, Waipu         +64-9-432-0746
Discover at Waipu Museum the dramatic story of one  of the world's most remarkable migrations. 
Whangarei Heads Charters Ltd           Driftwood Place, Mangawhai Heads. +64-9-434-0989  or  +64-27-451-2009 
Fishing and diving charters and safaris with accommodation options. 
Whangarei Museum, Heritage Park & Kiwi House                                             SH 14, Maunu      +64-9-438-9630
Take pleasure in perusing this important collection of early Maori and European artefacts from Northland, enjoy the 
historic homestead (1886), and the world famous Native Bird Recovery Centre or wander the 25 hectare park with 
picnic areas and bush walks. www.whangareimuseum.co.nz
Zion Wildlife Gardens                                                                                           Gray Road, Kamo +64-9-435-0110
Zion Wildlife Gardens is dedicated to the preservation of Big Cats. Interactive tours are available every day. Open 
9am-5pm. www.zionwildlifegardens.co.nz
Golf Courses: 
Northland Golf Club                              160 Pipiwai Road, Kamo                         Phone number: +64-9-435-0042 
Pines Golf Club                                    Parua Bay, Whangarei                             Phone number: +64-9-436-2246 
Sherwood Park Golf Club                     Millington Road, R D 9, Maunu                Phone number: +64-9-434-6900 
Whangarei Golf Club                             Denby Cres, Tikipunga                            Phone number: +64-9-437-0775 
Hikurangi Golf Club   Marua Road, Hikurangi   Phone number: +64-9-433-8590 
Pitch Putt & Drive   Three Mile Bush, Kamo   Phone Number: +64-9-435-0766 
Waipu Golf Club   SH1, Waipu    Phone Number: +64-9-432-0259 
Websites:  www.whangareinz.com  www.northlandnz.com         
20.20  Restaurants
Restaurants – Whangarei: 
a Deco 
Fully licensed nationally acclaimed award-winning restaurant. Open for dinner Tue-Sat from 6pm. Modern NZ 
cuisine with an emphasis on Northland produce. 
Address: 70 Kamo Rd Kensington Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-459-4957  
Italian Café & and Restaurant & Gelateria 
All day Breakfast, lunch & dinner 
Address: Quality Street Whangarei 
Phone number: +64-9-438-2961   
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
Asahi Japanese Restaurant 
Great food, very authentic, great prices.
Address: Cnr Vine & Quality Sts Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-430-3005  
Bacio Bar & Brasserie 
Well known nightspot, good pizzas and snacks. 
Address: 31 Bank St Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-430-0446  
Bogart's Pizzas 
Come & check out our tasty Grooves. 15 years & still going strong!  
Address: cnr Cameron & Walton Sts Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-438-3088 
Brauhaus Frings 
Located at the Town Basin is a micro brewery, Brew Bar and Café. It has become a haven for lovers of beer, great 
food and great entertainment as it combines well crafted beer with a relaxed, informal atmosphere making it an 
ideal place to sit and unwind.  
Address: 104 Dent Street, Town Basin, Whangarei 
Phone Number: +64-9-438-4664   
Butter Bank 
Located in one of Whangarei’s historic buildings, excellent food, service and entertainment. 
Address: 84 Bank St, Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-438-0010  
Dickens Inn & Olivers Cafe/Restaurant 
Both dining and entertainment centre, located in the heart of the city. Breakfast, lunch & dinner, functions and 
Address: On Cameron St at Quality St Mall Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-430-0405  
Grand Thai
Authentic Thai Food 
Address: 2 Bank Street Whangarei  
Phone +64-9-438-0711 
Indian Aroma 
Authentic Indian food. 
Address: 23 Vine Street, Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-438-5505 
Jovial Judge 
Address: 57 Walton Street Whangarei 
Phone: +64-9-438-6483 
Killer Prawn 
Excellent food and service – an iconic Whangarei restaurant. Killer Prawn Restaurant and Bar is open Monday - 
Saturday from 11am. Offering Seafood, Steak and now Killer Pizza Upstairs. 
Address: 28 Bank St Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-430-3333    
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
McMorrissey's Irish Pub & Eatery 
Awesome Irish Pub food 
Address: 7 Vine St Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-430-8081  
Mokaba(Coffee House)
Great food, great coffee, on the waterfront.  
Address: Town Basin Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-438 7557 
Great waterfront café. Prompt service with tasty food and good coffee. 
Address: Town Basin Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-430-0467  
2009 Northland Café of the Year! 
Address: 88 Bank Street Whangarei 
Phone number: +64-9-408-8084 
Pimarn Thai Restaurant - BYO 
Authentic Thai Cuisine with prompt service, Fully Licensed & BYO. Open Mon-Sat 
Address: 12 Rathbone St, Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-430-0718  
Reva's On The Waterfront 
Excellent dining on the waterfront and often has live entertainment. 
Address: Town Basin Marina, Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-438-8969  
RYNOZ Bar & Stonegrill 
Excellent refreshments and food – very relaxed. 
Address: 79 Cameron St Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-438-1380  
Salut Bar and Brasserie 
Stunning food and live entertainment in one of Whangarei’s heritage buildings. 
Address: 69 Bank St, Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-430-8080  
Shiraz Indian Restaurant & Bar 
Authentic Indian food - Dine-In or Takeaway 
Address: 58 Walton St Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-438-3112  
Shiraz Indian Restaurant & Bar 
Authentic Indian food. 
Address: 571 Kamo Rd Kamo Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-435-5222  
Split Restaurant & Bar 
Indoor and outdoor inner city dining – a very happening place! 
Address: 15 A Rathbone St Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-438-0999    
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
Sun Wah Chinese Restaurant 
Authentic Chinese dining and wonderful hospitality 
Address: 11-13 Lower Bank St, Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-438-8288 
Tahuna Reef
Enjoy magnificent views over the marina & great food. Open Tuesday to Sunday for breakfast, lunch & dinner. 
Address: Quayside Town Basin Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-438-6873  
Tai Tong Chinese Restaurant - BYO 
Authentic Chinese cuisine.  Banquet Room for 20-30, Karaoke 
Address: 206-212 Bank St Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-438-7921 
Tonic Restaurant 
European Cuisine – using freshest local produce – open 7 nights 
Address: 239 a Kamo Rd Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-437-5558  
Vinyl Licensed Cafe 
Enjoy fresh, funky a la carte dining while you soak up Vinyl's unique atmosphere– brunch, lunch or dinner.  
Address: 14 Rust Avenue (under the railway bridge), Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-438-8105 
Restaurants – within 30 minutes of Whangarei City: 
Marsden Cove/Waipu Area: 
Beach House Restaurant  
Address: 891 Cove Road, Waipu 
Phone number: +64-9-432-0877 
Pizza Barn Waipu 
Great pizza and a stunning atmosphere that makes you feel totally relaxed.  
Address: 2 Cove Rd Waipu Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-432-1011  
Waterline Café & Bar 
Address: Unit 1 Rauiri Drive, Marsden Cove 
Phone: +64-9-946-0020 
Tutukaka Area: 
Marina Pizzeria 
Address: Marina Office Building Tutukaka Whangarei 
Phone number: +64-9-434-3166  
Schnappa Rock 
Wonderful atmosphere, great food 
Address: Marina Rd Tutukaka Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-434-3774    
Rally Guide 1 – 2011-03-11                                 www.rallywhangarei.co.nz 
Whangarei Heads Area: 
Parua Bay Tavern 
1034 Whangarei Heads Road  Parua Bay 
Phone number: +64-9-436-5856 
20.21  Winery/Vineyard 
Longview Wine Estate 
Established in 1969 by the Vuletich family who pioneered winegrowing in Whangarei. This is Northland's oldest 
established vineyard.    Address: State Highway 1, Otaika Whangarei  
Phone number: +64-9-438-7227