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Volume 10 Issue 2 February 2011
US NZ Partnership Forum rocked by Christchurch earthquake
The 4
th US NZ Partnership Forum was in full session in Christchurch when the devastating earthquake happened 
on 22 February.  Over 120 delegates representing an impressive cross section of politicians, senior officials, 
business and community leaders, senior representatives from the US Administration and Congress were spread 
throughout the city. The NZ US Council has confirmed that all delegates and staff attending were safe. As John  
Mullen, President of the US NZ Council put it‖ Let me simply thank Kurt Campbell, David Huebner and his team, 
MFAT and the NZ Embassy in Washington for their competence and leadership under pressure – and for getting 
us all quickly to safety. An amazing job, well done.‖
We have heard from a number of our members in the region many of whom have been significantly 
affected, businesswise and/or personally.  Our thoughts are with them during this difficult time and 
whilst there are many organisations collecting money for the Christchurch earthquake, AmCham is 
working with the US NZ Council, ANZA in the US and the US Embassy on strategies to raise  funds from 
the US business community and US citizens to assist with the rebuilding of Christchurch. Further details 
will follow. 
Speeches given at the Forum
Prime Minister: Opening address at US-NZ Partnership Forum
Murray McCully presentation to US NZ Partnership Forum 2011
Tim Groser address to US-NZ 2011 Partnership Forum
Ambassador Huebner opening remarks at the United States-New Zealand 2011 Partnership Forum
At the Forum Ernie Bower from CSIS in the US and Brian Lynch from NZIIA presented a study ―Pacific Partners 
– the Future of US NZ Relations”.  The joint Councils will be releasing the study in due course.  
Continued Progress at Fifth Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Round
The United States and its TPP partners  – Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, 
Singapore, and Vietnam – concluded the fifth round of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations in Santiago, 
Chile today, marking continued progress toward the goal of developing a high-standard, 21st-century trade 
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Obama to US Chamber
US NZ Health Innovation 
AmCham South China 
Reports available
Rugby World Cup—US is 
coming—seeks support
T R A D E B U S I N E S S 
Commercial News USA 4
In ter n atio n al Bu yer 
NZTE US Canada Events 4
From NZ Bio 4
US based one week 
US NZ Trade Show 5
2degrees invests in 
PAE celebrates 20 years 6
T o p A w a r d f o r 
Engineering School Head
New Patent & Trademark 
New Members 6
People on the move 6
Making Mobile Marketing 
US Security Service 
D H S P r e T r a v e l 
World Class Business 
People named
Seeking Work / Contacts 9
AmCham Auckland Golf 9
IRS Voluntary Disclosure 
AmCham Members
Statement by President Obama on the Earthquake in New 
On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I extend our deepest condolences to the people of 
New Zealand and to the families and friends of the victims in Christchurch, which has suffered its 
second major earthquake in just six months. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those whose lives 
have been touched by this tragedy, especially as they search for their loved ones and work to recover 
from this disaster. The United States is a close friend and partner of New Zealand, as evidenced by 
the meeting of the U.S.-New Zealand Partnership Forum that was underway in Christchurch when the 
earthquake struck. To assist in the rescue and recovery efforts, we have agreed to deploy a U.S. 
Agency for International Development Disaster Assistance Response Team, including an Urban 
Search and Rescue Team, and we stand ready to provide more assistance as needed. As our New 
Zealand friends move forward, may they find some comfort and strength in knowing that they will have 
the enduring friendship and support of many partners around the world, including the United States. Volume 10 Issue 2 Page 2
Having exchanged initial tariff offers in January, the teams from the nine TPP countries began goods negotiations in Santiago, agreeing to 
exchange lists of requests for improvements in these initial offers next month ahead of the sixth round. The partners also agreed to exchange 
initial offers on services and investment and initial offers on government procurement before the next round. In addition, the teams began 
consideration of how best to develop a TPP rule of origin, which will help support development of a regional trade agreement, and agreed to 
exchange proposed product-specific rules of origin in March.
TPP countries made further progress in developing the agreement‘s legal texts, which will spell out the rights and obligations each country will 
take on and that will cover all aspects of trade and investment relationships. The teams carefully reviewed the text proposals made by each 
country, ensuring understanding of each other‘s proposals so negotiations could advance. With consolidated negotiating texts in most areas, 
partners began seeking to narrow differences and to consider the interests and concerns of each country.
TPP partners also further developed approaches addressing the new cross-cutting issues that will be incorporated into the agreement, 
including a proposal for promoting competitiveness and facilitating business; how to promote the participation of small- and medium-sized 
businesses in international trade; deepening the production and supply chain linkages between TPP countries; enhancing the coherence of 
the regulatory systems of TPP countries to facilitate trade; and promoting development.
As in previous rounds, the teams received input from a wide range of representatives of business, civil society and other stakeholder groups 
on a variety of issues. The labor delegations attended a seminar on Chilean labor law and practice, with presentations by government 
officials, trade unions, and industry. The sanitary and phyto-sanitary group participated in a seminar on electronic certification and risk-based 
inspection programs, with presentations by Australian, Chilean, and U.S. officials. In addition, the technical barriers to trade team participated 
in a seminar on non-tariff barriers, including in the organic sector.
Reflecting the direction of the nine TPP Leaders for the TPP negotiators to conclude as expeditiously as possible, the teams  agreed to 
intensify their work, planning an ambitious agenda ahead of the next negotiating round in Singapore in late March and agreeing to extend the 
length of the round so negotiators would have more time to make progress in each group. As it prepares for the sixth round, the U.S. team will 
continue its close and detailed consultations with Congress and stakeholders in order to ensure that the TPP Agreement deals with the issues 
U.S. businesses and workers are facing in the 21st century and reflects U.S. values.
Remarks by President Obama to the US Chamber of Commerce
By Tom Donohue, President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
President Obama made the short trek across Lafayette Park from the White House last week to address the U.S. Chamber. Referring to 
what‘s often described in the press as a contentious relationship between the administration and the Chamber, the president quipped, ―… 
maybe if we had brought over a fruitcake when I first moved in, we would have gotten off to a better start.‖
We‘ve never put much stock in the sensationalized—and often inaccurate—media portrayal of a huge rift between the White House and the 
Chamber. There are times when we agree. For instance, we vigorously support the administration‘s Race to the Top education initiative. 
There are also times when we disagree. We believe that the U.S. health care system needs an overhaul, but we couldn‘t support the flawed 
health care law. But even when we do disagree, it‘s never personal. We‘re just doing our job.
Our most fundamental responsibility is to represent the interests of our members. Sometimes that puts us in sync with the White House—
other times it doesn‘t. Regardless of who sits in the Oval Office, our mission is the same: to advance policies that will grow the economy, 
create jobs, and expand opportunity.
We were honored that the president came to speak to our members, and we welcome his renewed commitment to working with the business 
community. The agenda that he outlined—encouraging innovation, strengthening our education system, and rebuilding our infrastructure—is 
one that we can support in principle.
Our concern, however, is that the administration‘s actions have not always matched its rhetoric. From the outset, for example, the 
administration has talked a good game about free trade, but it wasn‘t until a few months ago that it got behind the U.S.-Korea trade 
agreement. Equally vital deals with Colombia and Panama remain in limbo, and there has been no movement on negotiating new ones.
Or take infrastructure, where the president has consistently underscored the need for major improvements. He‘s on the right track, but the 
administration must outline a comprehensive, multiyear plan for highways and transit and how to pay for it. The president has also missed the 
boat by not addressing the navigation needs of our ports and waterways, which are critical to increasing exports.
In my introduction of the president, I reaffirmed our absolute commitment to work with his administration to advance our shared objectives. 
And no objective is more compelling than the need to strengthen our free enterprise economy, create jobs, and put America back to work. 
We‘ll even bring the fruitcake.
For a full text of President Obama‘s speech see
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US NZ Health Innovation Symposium
Responding to the science, technology and innovation agenda of the US-NZ Partnership Forum in Washington DC, October 2009,  The 
University of Auckland partnered with the Ministry of Science and Innovation to identify strategic areas for intensified collaboration to 
benefit both economies.  Health innovation was the first priority area.  Over 200 participants from tech transfer companies,  research 
institutions, business and government attended the US-NZ Health Innovation Symposium held immediately before the Christchurch US-NZ 
Partnership Forum in February 2011.
Events: Showcase of Medical and Industrial Biotech
Opened by Hon Tim Groser, Minister of Trade
Public Lecture: ‗Understanding What Works and What Patients Want
Dr John Wennberg, Peggy Y Thomson Professor Emeritus in the Evaluative Clinical Sciences, and Founder and Director 
Emeritus, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice 
Symposium:Opened by: Hon Dr Wayne Mapp, Minister of Science and Innovation; Mr Randy W Berry, United States 
Consul General
Priority Areas for US-NZ Scientific Cooperation
 Health Service Innovation - Enabling and enhancing outpatient care through technology
 Food, Nutrition and Health - Foods for personal wellbeing
 Medical devices - Disruptive technologies, devices and interventions
 Biopharma - Diagnostics and therapeutics to reduce the burden of disease
Plenary:  Building research collaboration between the US and NZ in health innovation
Concluding remarks: John Mullen, President, US-NZ Council, Washington D C
1. Agreed on key areas for US-NZ collaboration in health innovation where New Zealand has global expertise;
2. Identified ways of leveraging venture capital, the US market and commercialization expertise and New Zealand as a laboratory 
3. Called for active government promotion of scientific collaboration as a major component of the US-NZ relationship along with trade, 
foreign policy and security;
4. Stressed the need for more targeted and effective funding schemes to facilitate research and innovation including joint research, joint 
commercialization and personnel exchange.
Looking for info on China – AmCham South China reports available.
The American Chamber of Commerce in South China has launched the 2011 "White Paper" on the Business Environment in China and 2011 
Special Report on the State of Business in South China on March 1st, 2011.  Both are available to download at no cost.
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Pernod Ricard New Zealand proud supporter of
Volume 10 Issue 2
Hertz Enters Low Cost Market in Australasia by Acquiring Ace 
Rental Cars 
Award-winning NZ tech company sells to US partner
Auckland software company sells to US giant
Kea Petroleum testing new prospects
Hyperfactory US Scholarship applications open  – even to the 
Kiwi corporates eye potential NZ$1 billion worth of bond issues 
in US private placement market
US to drive wine growth for 20 years
US food companies vow healthier school lunches
Media Design School joins Laureate International Universities 
NZ company offers cheap surgery to AmericansPage 4
Seeking support - Rugby World Cup – the US is coming   
The U.S. Embassy is planning American-style tailgates before each of the Eagles games during the Rugby World Cup, with a large Texas 
Barbecue at the embassy before the U.S.-Australia game on Sept. 23. We‘ve invited military bands and U.S. tribute bands to take part in 
these events. In New Plymouth there will be Classic American vehicles and a parade. There will be food, fun and distinguished guests at 
these events.
The dates of the U.S. games are: Sept. 11 (vs. Ireland in New Plymouth), Sept. 15 (vs. Russia in New Plymouth), Sept. 23 (vs. Australia in 
Wellington) and Sept. 28 (vs. Italy in Nelson).
The Embassy is looking for U.S. businesses who would like to partner in this venture. We believe the events will generate a lot of good will, 
fun and will showcase the shared values between U.S. and New Zealand.
If you are interested in supporting any of these events please contact: Adrian Pratt at the US Embassy
Volume 10 Issue 2
Commercial News USA 
The March/April issue of Commercial News USA, the official export promotion magazine of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is currently 
online at
Trade Events in the USA
See also
International Buyer Program – Trade Show Schedule 11 Jan to 31 Dec 2011 
The US Embassy has provided us with copies of this publication. If you would like a copy email:
NZTE US & Canada events 
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise will be holding two linked events in May and June to support NZ business objectives in the US and 
Canadian public sector markets. NZTE Washington is hosting its third Annual Immersion and Innovation Programme 10-12 May, 2011 in 
collaboration with Austrade. Event activities will be held at both the New Zealand and Australian Embassies in Washington, DC and offer NZ 
company representatives a chance to learn firsthand from in-market experts and key contacts, showcase leading edge technologies  to 
procurement leaders, and network with end-users and commercial partners. Similarly, NZTE‘s Vancouver Office is putting together  a 
Canadian Defence/Security/First Responder Programme in Ottawa, Ontario from 31 May to 2 June 2011. For further information on the 
Washington programme, contact: and for the Ottawa event, please reach out to
From NZBio –
NZBIO has confirmed US-based Quality Risk Management Consultant, Robert Chew will be flying into Auckland to exclusively present at our 
scale-up manufacturing workshop taking place in Auckland at the end of this month. Robert has provided quality risk management consulting 
to some of the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the world. He has worked for organisations including Johnson & 
Johnson, Merck & Co, Immunex, Bayer and Genentech. He was ISPE‘s (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) 2008 Member 
of the Year.
An American study lead Associate Professor Alan Davidson, from the University of Auckland has identified stem cells in adult zebra fish 
kidneys that can be transplanted from one fish to another could potentially revolutionise the lives those facing a kidney transplant or life-long 
dialysis. Read more at NZBIO.
Two international charitable foundations, New Zealand-based Cure Kids and U.S.-based Children with Diabetes Foundation, have each 
pledged to provide US$140,000 to fund the final two patients in a Phase II clinical trial in New Zealand that has the potential to transform the 
treatment of Type 1 diabetes, Living Cell Technologies announced this week. Read more at NZBIO.
US-based One Week Course for FREE!
The Commercialisation Centre for Innovative Technologies (CCIT) in New Jersey, USA is offering a one week course in May 2011  for free. 
This invitation only course normally costs $5000 to attend. This is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of a course that focuses on 
fostering the development of new global bioscience businesses with a US-base. To find out more about the course please follow this link and 
if you are interested in attending the course please contact Andrew Hamilton, ICEHOUSE Chief Executive Officer on
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USA New Zealand Trade Show - IndyCar with Ron Dixon
From NZ Trade Centre
We have some great companies showing early interest in the US Trade Show. This is your chance to show off your products at 12 different 
venues across the USA. Not only that, you will be represented by Ron Dixon, Scott‘s dad who is so passionate about Kiwi products. He has 
already identified some of his contacts for the early adopters. Even if you are just curious about what this Trade Show could mean for you, 
contact me so that we can talk about your business. Also, maybe I didn‘t make it clear, but you don‘t have to be there! Part of the deal is Ron 
will get skilled up on your product and make the contacts for you. Of course if you can make it to some of the events, then all the better! 
Contact me
Abalone, Green-lip mussels
We have a hot contact for those of you growing Abolone and Green-lip mussels. Our visitor already has a well established business in the US 
moving fish around the US. Interested in finding a supplier or suppliers for Abalone, Green-lip mussels or any other NZ fish species that can 
supply to the bigger markets in the South West, United States. For more information please contact us.
Trade opportunities in US Pacific
There is some encouragement for smaller and new local companies when we begin to realize that there is US$20 billion of business
opportunities in American Micronesia (especially Guam) either currently available or coming forward shortly. New Zealand has  not made any 
real effort or commitment to be a serious player, despite under utilized New Zealand based personnel and facilities. One example is the 
US$5.5 billion Honolulu Hawaii Rapid Transit System under construction, in which New Zealand, to the best of my knowledge, did not get any 
contracts. This is despite the massive amount of products which could be used in a broad range of activities.
To focus on Hawaii and its growing interest by our cultural and business clients, our Council could well host the former Director of the 
Honolulu and Country Economic and Development in a workshop early this year. For the Guam Micronesian region we will also be arranging 
for the New Zealand Consulate representative and a leading businessman in the region, John Scragg, for similar trade workshops, and this 
can be on a one on one with interested parties.
It is forecast that our trade in the 23 Pacific Countries grow by to be about 9-10% this coming year.
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Volume 10 Issue 2
2degrees invests in network and future growth
New Zealand‘s newest mobile provider 2degrees is to invest more than $100m in its network over the next two years, following an agreement 
with global telecommunications provider Huawei.
2degrees already provides its customers with nationwide 2G and 3G mobile services via its own network and through commercial  roaming. 
Today‘s announcement will see a significant increase in the size, capacity and capability of the 2degrees network. 2degrees Chief Executive 
Eric Hertz says the investment will see the company extend its 4G ready network beyond the main cities.
―We already provide great value calling, texting and mobile broadband services throughout New Zealand, so that won‘t change. What this will 
mean is a network that meets the growing demands of smartphone and data device users,‖ says Mr Hertz.
―We‘re very conscious that we need to build networks that deliver on tomorrow‘s speed and capacity demands, so being able to  upgrade to 
4G via a software activation rather than a network rebuild is especially important as new spectrum becomes available and consumer 
demands for data continue to grow.‖
Mr Hertz says network investment will bring total investment in 2degrees to more than $400 million. 2degrees will also open another 30 retail 
stores open in 2011, create 80 new jobs in a new Christchurch-based contact centre and drive the uptake of entry, mid-level and  super 
―We‘ve experienced rapid growth in the 18 months since launch. Our shareholders are eager to see us develop the network, stores  and 
innovative services that make 2degrees even more appealing to New Zealanders.‖
Mr Hertz says Huawei won the deal following a competitive process in which its technology solution and local in-country delivery capability 
shone through. The project will see Huawei undertake a ‗turn key‘ project solution.
―Huawei technology underpins our current network and has impressed us with the way it performs, while allowing 2degrees to maintain its 
value leadership position,‖ says Mr Hertz. ―Huawei is heartened that 2degrees has again chosen our company as its partner for the building of 
phase two of its network. It‘s a vote of confidence in Huawei‘s technology and our ability to build a world class network for 2degrees‘ 
customers,‖ says Huawei New Zealand CEO, Arthur Zhang.
2degrees will now work with local communities as network planning and construction takes place.
(Continued on page 6)Page 6
PAE celebrating 20 years
2011 marks a milestone for PAE in New Zealand as they celebrate 20 years delivering innovative, cost effective facilities solutions to clients in 
the Defence, Education, Energy, Health, Local Government and Manufacturing sectors.
PAE Chief Executive Philip Orchard is very enthusiastic: ―We are part of a strong global group working in over 40 countries. Our NZ team is 
around 350 strong, supported by long-serving national and international specialists, so we can combine technical excellence with an 
understanding of local client needs.  Through strong partnerships with our clients we meet their facilities maintenance and management 
needs into the future, allowing them to focus on their core business.‖
Top award for engineering school head
School of Engineering and Advanced Technology head Professor Don Cleland has been awarded the J and E Hall gold medal by the British 
Institute of Refrigeration.
New Patent & Trade mark firm
Corporate & commercial law firm Lowndes Associates has provided patent and trade mark services as part of their service offering for many 
years. In response to the growth of this work, we have launched a separate firm  - Lowndes Associates Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys. 
Lowndes Associates Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys is led by Leonard Cousins
New Members
Armourguard Security Ltd,  Auckland – David Tombs, National Manager ADT Commercial – Armourguard, a Tyco International company, 
has served local communities for more than 50 years. With 14 branches in New Zealand from Whangarei to Invercargill and in Fiji, we provide 
New Zealand‘s most comprehensive and integrated range of security services.
Industrial Research Ltd, Wellington – Shaun Coffey,  CEO - Industrial science technology research and development company providing 
Intellectual Property, R & D and Technologies to both public & private sectors around the world.
Vista Entertainment Solutions Ltd, Auckland - Brian Cadzow, Finance & Legal -  global leader in entertainment software solutions. We are 
one of the leading producers of software for the  cinema market worldwide. Building on this success we now offer solutions for food and 
beverage outlets, particularly those associated with entertainment venues and attractions. Based on our experience in these sectors we also 
offer customized software development services to the entertainment industry with an office in Los Angeles.
People on the move
LCT has appointed Roy Austin to Board of Directors 
Filemoni Timoteo who used to be with Manukau City Council is now the Chief Operating Officer at Computer Clubhouse Trust
Stephens Lawyers has appointed Jane Traynor as a staff lawyer.
Greymouth Petroleum  has appointed Marcellus Lensvelt  as General Manager, Taranaki; Ewan McLeod  as General Manager, Public & 
Corporate Affairs; and Steve Cross as General Manager, Auckland Technical Office. 
Anna Gestro is the new Regional Manager - North America for the Kiwi Expat Association in New York
Alister Gates is the new CEO and owner of the New Zealand Trade Centre
Louise Smythe is the new Director of Sales & marketing for Kauri Cliffs, The Farm at Cape Kidnappers and Matakauri Lodge.
NZBIO  has announced the appointment of Michelle Sullivan Chief Executive. She joins NZBIO from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise's 
investment team.
Kiwi Expat Association (Kea) has announced that Dr Sue Watson has been appointed as the new Global CEO.
Christopher Hourigan has been transferred to Vietnam with Johnson & Johnson. Max Pahlow has been appointed as his replacement in 
Mike Toxopeus is the new General Manager at Cubic Defence New Zealand Ltd
Nickelodeon Australia has appointed Hugh Baldwin as Director of television & content acquisitions for Australia & New Zealand. 
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th March – Annual Wellington Receptions for Members & Government Officials hosted by Minter Ellison Rudd Watts.
rd March – ―Reinvigorating Your Business” forum with Kim Seeling Smith; Mark Spring CEO of DTR; Alan Casey Alan Casey –
Casey Osgood & Hutchinson, &  Perigee+; Michelle Visser, GM of Manpower Professional  in Auckland
Volume 10 Issue 2Page 7
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Volume 10 Issue 2
US Service Security Update
US sites to see for updated information visit and or
DHS announces Pre-Travel Authorization Program for U.S.-Bound Travelers from Visa 
Waiver Countries
Beginning on September 8, a fee of US$14 will be introduced for a new or renewed electronic travel authorization (ESTA). Please click here
for further information and here for FAQs.Page 8
OSAC New Zealand 
Membership of OSAC New Zealand is free for US companies and provides members with advices of Special Notices re security warnings, 
threat analysis and other security advisory services.  For more info on OSAC see (there is also a New Zealand county 
specific site at this website) or contact OSAC New Zealand Secretariat, Mike Hearn on tel: 09-309-9140 or email
Kiwi Expat Association –
American Club – Auckland
American Women’s Club – Auckland
New Zealand-American Association – Wellington
Wanganui New Zealand American Association
American Women’s Network – Wellington
American Club of Christchurch –
World class New Zealand business people named
Seven successful New Zealanders working across fields like business, science, and investment are being recognised for 
their contributions to New Zealand‘s success on the international stage.
Kea, New Zealand‘s global network, has announced the 2011 World Class New Zealand Award winners:
Information and Communications: Michael Boustridge, President, BT Global Services Multi-National 
Creative: Michael Stedman, Managing Director, Natural History New Zealand (NHNZ) 
Life Sciences: Emeritus Professor Robert (Bob) Elliott, Medical Director, Living Cell Technologies Ltd 
Manufacturing, Design and Innovation: Sir George Fistonich, Owner and Managing Director, Villa Maria Estate 
Science, Technology and Academia:  Dame Anne Salmond, Distinguished Professor of Maori Studies and 
Anthropology, University of Auckland 
Finance and Investment: Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas, Independent Public Policy Professional
New Thinking: Sam Morgan, Founder, TradeMe 
The Supreme Award and Friend of New Zealand winners will be announced at a black-tie gala event on Wednesday, 6 April at The Langham 
Hotel in Auckland. Now in their eighth year, the World Class New Zealand Awards are one of the country‘s most important accolades for 
outstanding individuals who have made major contributions to New Zealand‘s success on the world stage. The awards are presented by Kea 
with support from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. For more information about the award night check out Kea‘s website. 
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Volume 10 Issue 2
Your advertisement here...
Making Mobile Marketing Pay 10th February 2011
Thank you to Doug Rozen (Senior VP Creative, Interactive, Media & Mobile Carlson Marketing based in the USA) who presented a working model built up 
through his hands-on operational experience. He specifically discussed case 
studies from Carlson clients:
•AT&T - a leading USA based Telco
•Coca-Cola - their new direct to customer strategies
•Amtrack - a leading US rail network
•The UK’s Nectar loyalty programme (Nectar is Carlson Marketing’s sister company).
Wonderful to work with Simon Rowles from Carlson Marketing in Auckland and 
once the presention is available we will have this on the AmCham website.
An informative presentation from Doug and lots of discussion at the networking 
L to R Karl Shuster, Doug Rozen, Simon Rowles, Mike HearnPage 9
Seeking Work/Contacts
Lauren Bridges - I have recently moved to Auckland from The United States and was granted a work visa and permit.  I am a North Carolina 
State University graduate with a degree in Communication Media and Journalism. I was blessed with natural, communication skills and am an 
approachable and outgoing people person. I have learned to be very competent in most computer programs including Office, Word, Works, 
PowerPoint and Excel. I have had the privilege of working various internships, volunteering and traveling internationally. These experiences 
will serve in a marketing career well because it has enabled me to communicate effectively with diverse individuals. I am a determined 
individual who thrives on fast passed environments and believe I am at my best under pressure.
I am very comfortable speaking publicly and possess various marketing skills because I have worked as a brand manager and public 
relations representative at various events and promotions throughout the Southeast United States for over 5 years.  While working at these 
various events, I was able to strengthen my marketing and social skills while gaining a passion for the industry.  I never meet a stranger and 
believe some risks are necessary to be successful. I am willing to go out on a limb if it can be beneficial for me or the company I represent. I 
am a team player, hard worker, and quick learner, highly motivated and capable leader, who loves to travel, laugh, cook, work hard and take 
pride in my successes. I am ready, willing and able to give 100% of myself to establishing a career in which I can shine and  have growth 
potential. Email:
Volume 10 Issue 2
Annual AmCham Auckland Golf Tournament
The 16
th Annual AmCham Auckland Golf Tournament was held on 25
th February at The Grange.  This was the first year 
that we tried the ambrose format and were delighted to see a full field come to play. It was great to see some old friends returning as well as 
some now ones, and in particular former AmCham President Jim Butts (1990-92) who was down from the US for his annual visit. 
The wining team was Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics New Zealand comprising of: Darren Allen, Garnett Munro, Sapa Paea, Mark 
Second was the Baldwins team
Third was the Teltherm team 
Nearest the pin on 8
– Darren Allen
Nearest the pin on 15
– Garyn Hayes
Straightest drive on 18
- Phil Lewis
Our thanks to the hole sponsors many of who also donated prizes:
AJ Park – John Hackett/Sean Neely 
DHL Express – Phil Corcoran 
Baldwins – Tim Jackson/Amanda Kirk
Hamburg Sud – Marilyn Morley
Oceanbridge Shipping – Hugh McKay 
Porter Novelli New Zealand – Andrew Craig/Strahan Wallis
QBE Insurance (International) - Mike Kayes
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics New Zealand – Richard Chu
Other prize sponsors:
3M New Zealand – Debra Tong/Sonja Murphy 
Atlantic Pacific American Express Travel – Carolyn Guthrie
Citibank – Derek Syme/Doug McEwan/Stefan Boisen
Constellation New Zealand – Joe Stanton/Tim Fogarty 
Creative Awards (2004) Ltd - David Hartstone
Eagle Technology – Gary Langford & Karen Belshan
Easiyo Products – Paul O‘Brien 
James & Wells – Ian Finch
Lion Nathan – Peter Kean 
Motion Picture Association – Tony Eaton
Top Half Agencies - Lester Clarke
A very special thanks to:
Sonia Donnelly Pernod Ricard New Zealand for the wine with dinner. 
Our thanks to Skippy, Brian and the Caterers at Grange Golf Club at the Grange for again making us so welcome.
The Porter Novelli business card draw at the 18
hole for a case of wine went to Gary Hampson from BMW.
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics New Zealand  - WINNERS Baldwins team—RUNNERS UPVolume 10 Issue 2 Page 10
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Pacific Jemm is an 80 foot luxury super yacht berthed right on the waterfront of Queenstown. She is fully licensed 
for 40 passengers and undertakes cruises around the luxury coastal homes, fly-fishing, intimate dinners or gourmet 
cocktail parties.
We can accommodate up to 10 guests 
for an amazing overnite cruise in an 
isolated bay or arrange a helicopter pick 
up for golf or winery tours.
Pacific Jemm is available for $1500 per 
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Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Special Voluntary Disclosure Initiative: deadline 31 August 
By Gina Wallace, director of NZ US Tax Specialists Ltd 
‘Combating international tax evasion is a top priority for IRS. As we continue to amass more information and pursue more people 
internationally, the risk to individuals hiding assets offshore is increasing’ – Doug Shulman, Commissioner of IRS. 
On February 8, 2011 IRS unveiled its second voluntary disclosure initiative (OVDI) for taxpayers with offshore assets including offshore 
accounts. OVDI succeeds the last disclosure programme (OVDP) which ended on 15 October 2009. 
Penalties are intentionally harsher for the 2011 initiative, as IRS reinforces the message that delaying the disclosure will  get progressively more painful for taxpayers, including those who did not comply with the 2009 disclosure initiative and have effectively put off the 
disclosure to date. 
However, in a move in which IRS recognizes taxpayers‘ different situations, a new penalty framework for the 2011 disclosure has been 
Penalties are as follows: 
Smaller offshore accounts attract a lower penalty: 12.5% where accounts or assets were less than US$75,000 in any calendar 
year under the initiative (which covers 2003 – 2010).
Otherwise the penalty is up to 25% of the highest aggregate amount in the foreign bank account(s) over the years 2003 to 2010 
Some taxpayers may be eligible for the minimum penalty of 5% in limited circumstances. 
The penalty of 25% is already hefty, but, IRS advises that failure to disclose will result in even higher penalties and potentially criminal prosecution as well.
Shulman said that there will be no more chances for voluntary disclosure, and that ‗the situation will just get worse in the months ahead for 
those hiding assets and income offshore‘. 
All original and amended tax returns and payment for taxes, interest and accuracy-related penalties are required to be filed by August 31, 
Form TD F 90-22.1 Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts is a key part of this disclosure.
IRS has new cases and banks under review, and enforcement is set to really ramp up with the provisions of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax 
Compliance Act) coming into force for foreign financial institutions on January 1, 2013. More information about FATCA will be provided in the 
next AMCHAM newsletter. 
For assistance with US tax issues including voluntary disclosures and FATCA, please contact Gina Wallace at or by 
phoning 64.9.525.5931.