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Panel Session on Cars of 20 Years Later - Do they really run by electricity? -
Organized by Yoichi Hori (; Giuseppe Buja (

Future key technologies to realize the new EV society will be discussed. Future vehicles must run by electricity and will be linked to the electric power system. The range of one battery charge will lose its conventional meaning, and it may mean the distance within which we can feel easy if we are apart from the infrastructure. There, super-capacitors play an important role instead of batteries to need long recharging time. Wireless power transfer system with high efficiency should be required. Finally, advanced motion control technique utilizing advantages of electric motors is the key technology to improve energy consumption as well as driving safety. 

Invited panelists are:

0.Yoichi Hori node/100: Future Cars will run by Electric Motor, Super-Capacitor and Wireless Power Transfer (This is the very short introduction).
1.Hiroshi Fujimoto : Advanced Motion Control of Electric Vehicle.
2.Yoshihide Igari and Toshiyuki Murakami : A Comparison Study of Road Condition Cognition by Visual and Torque Feedback.
3.Giuseppe Guidi and Atsuo Kawamura : Efficient Use of Electric Double Layer Capacitor as Energy Source on Board of Electric Vehicles.
4.Takahiro Imura : Study on Maximum Air-gap and Efficiency of Magnetic Resonant Coupling for Wireless Power Transfer Using Equivalent Circuit.
5.Giuseppe Buja : New Propulsion Solutions for Light Electric Vehicles.
6.Ricardo Pinto de Castro, Rui Esteves Araújo and Diamantino Feitas : Reusable IP Cores Library for EV Propulsion Systems.
7.Nobuyoshi Mutoh : Front-and-Rear-Wheel-Independent-Drive Electric Vehicle (FRID EV) for Next-Generation Eco-vehicles.
The invited panellists should submit their contribution at selecting “SS Panel on EV”. Only the invited panellists can submit their papers to the Panel.

The instructions for paper preparation are the same as regular papers and they are included in the conference website at 
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