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The only store in America dedicated to petanque, the fastest growing outdoor bowling game in the world. Since 1991.
Petanque: funny name, fun game.
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Message Board

We closed this board in 2005, but left the posts for sentimental reasons. Several groups throughout the country started right here!
Questions, suggestions & tips are now on our blog.

Looking for other players?
We'll be happy to put you on our Petanque in the USA map. That's the best place for others to find you. 
Just e-mail us. 

Date: 05/31/2005
I am looking for Petanque players in the Charleston, SC area. We have what we believe to be a start for a local team. If you are interested in playing or, working on an actual team, call or e-mail me. Possibly Palmetto Petanque?
Thanks,Bart 843-343-8442

Date: 02/28/2005
Update from Stuart, FL:
An informal local group tentatively called the Conch and Boule Tossers meets to play petanque and usually find a place for some dinner on Friday evenings. Ages range from 9-70. Nationalities include American, French, Italian and anyone else who shows up. We have two members with courts at our homes for small groups. Otherwise we play on a a shellrock lot or a Little League infield in Stuart.
Anyone interested call Jim Butler at (772) 283-5555 or email at

Date: 02/28/2005
I'm looking for anyone interested in starting a regular round of Petanque play in the Ft Myers/Cape Coral/Lee County, FL area. if interested e-mail me @
Bob Synnott

Date: 02/24/2005
Hi all, As some of you remember I programmed game called Petanque Manager -
Now I have programmed a new version of that game. There going to be much more faetures like... - different fields - different boules - money - player transfer list - training - trainee - new characteristics for players - hidden variables for player - "scriptable" strategy for your team and many others.
Now I'm looking for beta-testers for this game. If you can spend little time to play that game, and report avery bug and misunderstandings to me. You are what I'm looking for. If you just want to peek, what the new game look like, then you need to wait release.
Petanque Manager is free and I am doing this only because I love this game.
If you are interesting in, please email me in kimmo.keranen @ 
Regards Kimmo Keränen

Date: 01/15/2005
Snowbirders, unite ! You have nothing to lose but your pale. Let's form a snowbird club in Cape Coral (Florida, merci) and show these arrivistes how it's really done.
Larry Gillis 603-498-4412 (cell)

Date: 12/13/2004
Our family recently constructed a petanque court/playing surface on our property in Orange, Virginia. Other petanque enthusiasts interested in playing please contact me at 
Thanks, David

Date: 12/09/2004
Looking for Petanque players in the Casa Grande, AZ area.
Will be there Feb. & March '05. Please e-mail 
Thanks, Jim

Date: 11/23/2004
I am looking for players in the Jersey city, New Jersey area. This is across the Hudson River from New York City.
Please email me at: if you are interested.

Date: 09/23/2004
Looking for petanque players in south jersey or near by .
If you are interested please E- mail me at:
the woodwhistle @ aol . com
thank you.

Date: 08/27/2004 21:14:14 
I live in Concord Massachusetts,  looking for some players to get together and play.
I hope to possibly start a club soon.  I am quite experienced in playing and am teaching lessons at Emerson Park in Concord, on August 29th from 3:00 until 4:00
Email Me at if you are interested in anything.

Date:   07/01/2004    22:51:16
Hi,  I'm looking for players in the Richmond/Central VA area.   I'd love to get a small league going if there enough of us out there.
Jeff Ensley

Date : 06/28/2004 17:50:56
I live in Seacoast New Hampshire (Portsmouth-Rye-Hampton Beach-Seabrook) and would like to find a local group of 'tankers. Drop me a line. 
Larry Gillis, Rye

Date : 06/28/2004 17:53:30
I'm in Cape Coral & Fort Myers FL in February and March. 
Any 'tankers wanna rumble? 
Larry Gillis, Rye NH

Date: 06/18/2004 16:49:11
We are looking for Petanque players in the Pittsburgh, PA area. I play as well as my 6 year old son.
Please contact at

Date :  06/17/2004   23:22:52
Mount Aukum Winery-New Petanque Course 
To fellow Petanque enthusiasts,
Mount Aukum Winery has just put in a brand new Petanque Course!  What goes better with Petanque than wine?  Enjoy a game while sampling our 2002 wines and by the way, we are at an elevation of 2615 feet with panoramic views of the Sacramento Valley all the way to the Sierras at Tahoe.  Its the best place to play petanque in the world.   
We are located in the Fair Play Wine Appellation at 6781 Tower Rd. Mount Aukum, CA 95656. You can learn about us at 530.620.1675 or or visit our web site at
Brandie Campbell
Tasting room Manager

Date:  06/18/2004   01:20:11
I want to join / start a Chicago, Illinois petanque club. 
Looking for players on the North side of Chicago. If you're interested, please email me at 
Thanks, Bryan

Date :  06/08/2004   02:02:10
I live between Cortland and Syracuse, NY and I'd like to find a place in Upstate NY to play petanque. There is Empire Haven Nudist Camp nearby but that's no good.  I've no problem shedding the clothes to play; it's the twenty dollar day fee to get into the place. I'd drive a bit to play once in a while. Anybody out there or shall I have to spend the twenty?
Michael 'Red' Matthews

Date:  05/13/2004  17:51:10
We are interested in meeting players & also want to start a club in the Prescott,AZ area.
My email is   
my phone # is (928)925-0740 
mailing address is
Paul Wheeler 
P.O. Box 12704 
Prescott, Arizona 86304-2704

Date:  05/11/2004   09:45:58
If anyone likes to join to open a petanque club in Dallas, TX - please contact me at
My cell 817-939-5577

Date:  05/11/2004   20:14:22
Looking for players in downtown San Francisco
I'd like to hook up with some other people for some regular games someplace close to the financial district.  Lunchtime would be ideal.  Contact me at if you're interested.

Date: 04/30/2004  00:26:38
Starting up in Santa Fe
There are several players in Santa Fe who would love to find more players. 
We have several levels of players.

Date: 04/18/2004  18:00:59
Interested in starting a club on Long Island. 
If anyone is interested in playing in Nassau County LI, please contact me via Email:
Put Petanque in the subject line.

Date: 04/11/2004  17:08:28 
This is Reto. I m temporarily located in Boston MA (until winter 05). I' m looking for players within the Boston area to play a nice game or play some 
tournaments. If anybody s interested please mail me at .
I'm looking forward to hear from all of you!!!

Date: 03/24/2004 00:00:56
Starting Club in New Orleans
Hello if anyone is interested in petanque and would like to play it reguraly in a nice area in city park please contact me at

Date: 03/15/2004 19:25:58
Two side-by-side courts in the heart of Decatur are waiting to be discovered.  
The courts are now used only during parties or occasionally by a few neighbors who diddle around, and really deserve more of a regular crowd.  This is a call to anyone in the Atlanta area who likes to play Petanque and is interested in starting some regular play.   Send Matthew at a note to find out more.

Date: 03/07/2004 07:28:28
Anyone in Eastern Pa (Philly area) interested in created a petanque club with membership in FPUSA. New to the game and trying to find out the level of interest.

Date: 03/05/2004 17:00:03
There is a group that plays petanque in Stuart, FL, generally on Friday afternoons at about 4:30, following which a "clubhouse" is chosen for dinner and fun. They play at other times and places as well when the urge strikes. The group includes men and women, is international, and is multilingual. Play is for fun.  Everyone is welcome. Anyone interested in playing should call Jim Butler (772) 283-5555 for more info.

Date: 02/19/2004 04:05:49
My husband and I are looking for players in the Phoenix, AZ area, prefer the East Valley.  
Please email me at

Date: 01/28/2004 15:13:24
Looking for Petanque players in Dallas 
I would like to meet people in the Dallas Texas area ( Addison) who play Petanque. Any help would be great. ( I speak alittle French also ) Please email me at or call my cell #469-358-9656. 
Regards, William

Date: 01/27/2004 17:52:01
Playing the game 
Just taking advantage of the board to ask if there is anyone out there who just likes to talk about petanque. I have been playing the game for some years now and have seemed to stop progressing. I'm sure it must be the way it happens as you get older but it gets quite frustating. I must say the sport has transformed my life in that it gave me a physical challenge when I came upon it some six or seven years ago. 
By the way I'm from Hampshire UK England, and I belong to quite a strong and active club about 25 miles away. We play both in winter as well as summer, although it's more relaxed in winter because you don't have the major competions that you normally play in summer, although we have a few club and regional matches with a 'winter' added to the front of their names.
Look forward to hearing from anyone who loves playing the game.
Vernon Walker.

Date: 1/16/2004 21:59:50
Any petanque players in Hawaii? Where can I play Petanque on Ohau?

Date: 1/12/2004 00:44:18 
bonjour à tous!
there are people living in Logan, Utah (inc. northern Utah) who are constantly looking for more to join us in our games of pétanque.  i learned firsthand from the locals in limoges, nantes, and évreux and am excited to share with others.  
contact me with any questions.-- matt sample

Date: 01/09/2004 14:57:38
Seeking petanque players and those wishing to learn in the Gainesville, FL area. 
Call Matt at (352) 372-5094 or email Matt & Janine at


Date: 01/05/2004 07:59:47
Petanque players in Las Vegas 
I got to know and love the game in California but now I am in Las Vegas and can’t find anyone to play with. If anyone is interested please contact me.

Date: 11/12/2003 04:06:44
Je passe l'hiver en Phoenix, Arizonie EUA. Je n'ai pas des boules, mais je considere de ces acheter. Si vous êtes ici et veut jouer, ecrivez-moi.
Stan Rocklin

Date: 11/25/2003 01:55:02
I live in Provence France part of the year and would like to learn the game.
I will be in the Hollywood Florida area until Jan 10 th. Any players or clubs in this area.
Michael Taper

Date : 11/02/2003 8:59:50 PM
Looking for petanque players in the Charleston SC area. Call Chris at 843-870-1555 or email me at 

Date : 10/10/2003 1:13:10 PM
From :
I would like to start a petanque club in Madison, WI. Is there anyone in Madison who is interested? I played for a while with a club in Dubuque, Iowa-yes, its true, in Iowa- but I moved to Madison, and our captain moved abroad. Kirt Murray

Date : 08/17/2003 2:53:30 PM
From : 
I am looking for an old friend, Joe North. He started playing Petanque with us when stationed at USAF Lakenheath in Suffolk. Joe has a brother Dan, maybe Joe is a member of your club?
Can you help?
Cheers Ken!

Date : 08/15/2003 07:15:44 PM 
From : 
I'm looking for petanque partners for my dad who lives in the Philadelphia area (Glenside, exactly). Know anyone? Marc M.
PS He speaks French and English, in case that would matter.

Date : 08/11/2003 11:11:57 PM 
We are a young french couple living in Richmond, VA and would like to grow our petanque team. email us if you are nearby. Merci :) Sebastien

Date : 08/10/2003 03:32:14 PM
Looking for players in Kissimmee Florida.
Have found an interest in this game and am looking for others in this area to play. I can be reached at
Robert Gambotz

Date : 07/29/2003 10:14:45 PM 
I'm looking for anyone interested in getting together to toss some boules in the Indianapolis, IN area. I live in Zionsville on the NW side of Indy. You can reach me at

Date : 07/07/2003 00:09:15 AM 
Looking for players in the Northwest area of Iowa. Not much experience, just have played a few times in visits to Sweden.

Date : 07/01/2003 09:45:41 PM 
Hi, my name is Walt and im looking for players in the southern New Jersey area. I live in Mullica Hill and would like to possibly start a club if there is enough interest. 
Gimme an email. :-)

Date : 06/28/2003 03:59:16 PM
Hello, I'm looking for anyone interested in getting together to toss some boules in the Skaneateles, NY area. Red Matthews.

Date : 05/12/2003 03:05:15 PM
From :
Any petanque players in new york city, preferably brooklyn?

Date : 04/28/2003 06:36:09 PM
I don't have much experience but I'm looking for petanque players in Orange County, NY. Anyone interested please e-mail me.

Date : 04/11/2003 10:12:25 AM
Looking for players in Fort Lauderdale ? 
Contact : Serge Benjamin at

Date : 03/22/2003 10:26:44 PM
Hi I've been playing Boules in Germany for the last five years, now moved to Manhattan. Where can I find a pick-up group? There must be places where people just meet every Wed nite or Sat morning, like in every German town!
--Natasha email

Date : 02/28/2003 08:14:48 AM 
Hello, still looking for players in the Tampa Bay area to start official club ... any help appreciated.
My email address is: 
Thank you,
Olivier H.H. Roy De Rives
Oldsmar, FL

Date : 18/02/2003 05:50:32 PM 
I am trying to find out if there is any interest from people in the Dallas, Texas area to start a club, if one doesn't exist already .

Date : 01/06/2003 12:33:21 PM
I am looking to start a regular petanque club in the Raleigh, NC area. Please e-mail me at if interested.

Date : 01/06/2003 00:55:00 AM
I'm looking for petanque players in Northern of Orange County in CA. If you are interested in playing, please email me at 
Thanks, Michael

Date : 01/04/2003 8:45:43 AM
I'm looking for fellow players in or near Woodward, OK. email me

Date : 12/27/2002 6:13:44 PM
I am very interested in learning how to play petanque. I am looking for a club or group that play in Dallas, TX. 

Date : 11/08/2002 10:53:31 AM
The Palm Beach  Traveler RV Park in Lantana, FL has just installed 2 new championships courts for come and play with us. Many Canadians are here now and more coming for the winter.
Call 1-866-927-7287

Date : 09/25/09/2002 1:22:24 PM 
I am an old Marseille resident with a few sets of boules that are accumulating rust. My wife and I would love to take up the sport again. We live in Kent, Connecticut. Anyone in Litchfield County or nearby interested in getting games started? 

Date : 09/04/2002 2:46:56 PM
On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month, between 2 PM and 5 PM, members of Alliance Francaise d'Austin and other interested folks get together at the French Legation in Austin, TX to play petanque. The French Legation is located just East of downtown Austin at 802 San Marcos Street - phone: 472-8180.
Novices and experienced players are welcome and equipment is provided for adults and children. The shade trees and gravel walkways all around the French Legation provide us with excellent "courts" in which to spend lazy afternoons sharing both the sport of petanque and conversations in all levels of French & English. Since lots of folks bring a pot-luck dish, we also get to enjoy some excellent French cuisine!
Alliance-Francaise calendar.

Date : 7/10/2002 01:50:57 PM
Hi, I am a 32 year old male looking for petanque players in the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor, Michigan region to play with, perhaps in the Frog Island/Riverside Park areas or where ever is convenient. If you are at all interested in playing, please feel free to email me

Date : 6/25/2002 2:48:07 PM
We are having a Bastille Day Picnic and Petanque match on July 14, 2002 in Cleveland, Ohio. Beginners encouraged, I am one myself!. For details and an invite click here.
And I am looking for anyone interested in playing Petanque any time in the Cleveland area. Thanks, Bob

Date : 6/13/2002 11:37:48 PM 
I am looking at starting a Petanque club in central Houston,Texas. We have several parks we can play in. Baldwin Park in Midtown, and Elenor Tensley park outside of downtown. If you are interested, email me at with the word Houston Petanque in the subject.

Date : 6/3/2002 3:45:21 PM
I am a single young guy (28) living in Washington DC. I have also lived in Brussels, Paris and Adelaide Australia amongst other places. I learned about Petanque in Brussels and South of France. I would like very much to meet with anyone interested in the game and perhaps more experienced than myself. If French speaking, fabulous, as I need the practice! No age or gender requirements, just be interesting. E-mail

Date : 5/21/2002 10:19:56 AM
Hello, my name is Eduardo Diaz. I am new to the game of petanque and would like to find players or a club in the Atlanta, GA area, preferably close to Virgina-Highland. Please email me at

Date : 5/14/2002 1:33:10 PM
Are there any boule players out here in Berkeley, CA?
Just came from Marseilles - love this game. Send me a line.
David Gunn - E-mail.

Date : 5/12/2002 5:07:22 PM
I have just returned from a tour of Provence and I returned with three sets of boules and nobody or no place to play. Anybody know of a club or group in Dallas, TX who can and will play? Kit Vinson.

Date : 4/29/2002 3:50:41 PM
Find players in Palm Springs, CA
I am a beginner, but love the game. Would like to find players here in the desert. Lew Mitchell. E-mail. Palm Springs has lots of great parks for picnic and petanque.

Date : 4/22/2002 2:29:15 PM
I live on Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts, looking for fellow islanders or Cape Cod residents interested in forming a league. E-mail Rebecca at

Date :	2/21/2002 8:35:55 PM 
I'm moving to Rhode Island and am hoping to find a petanque club or team in the area. Please email me if you know of any in the state or nearby. Thanks!
Brent Cox

Date :	2/14/2002 6:35:02 AM
Hello, my name is Mike and I live in the Harrisburg, PA., area. I just started playing Petanque, and would like to find players in the Central PA. area.

Date :	2/13/2002 4:40:48 PM
We are a breakaway group who have formed a new petanque club in Dorset UK, looking to twin with a club in the USA. Any club interested mail us on or 

Date :	2/9/2002 6:13:12 PM
"New Fan"
I am located in the Worcester Ma 01604 Area and would like to get involved in this sport.
My E-Mail is Armand.Barrette@Verizon.Net

Date :	2/6/2002 4:46:44 PM
I am a single guy (again), looking for people to play petanque with other than the NYC petanque club. I live in the east fifties but find Roosevelt Island ideal for playing.
E-mail to

Date :	10/27/2001 2:08:31 PM 
I'm looking for Petanque players in Ohio, preferably around Columbus.
E-mail to

Date :	10/8/2001 6:55:47 PM 
Looking for players in Nashua, NH and Providence, RI.
E-mail to

Date :	10/1/2001 9:27:06 PM 
Naturist couple looking for petanque players in central Virginia. Respond to

Date :	9/26/2001 10:19:31 AM
My wife and I are looking for Petanque players on Long Island....anyone there?....

Date :	8/27/2001 2:11:02 PM
345 days of sunshine - petanque all year long. I am trying to get a club started in El Paso, Far West Texas. If you are interested please email me at
Tim Channell

Date :	7/23/2001 8:53:14 PM
My name is Loi, I'm looking for any petanque players in the West Philadelphia area (University City). Please e-mail me at

Date :	5/17/2001 5:08:23 PM EDT
Are there any players interested in playing in Portland, OR ? Email me at Thanks.

Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 8:50:51 PM EDT
I'm looking for people in Chicago, preferably the north side, who would like to get together to play. E-mail me at

Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 9:24:48 AM EST 
Patagonia, Arizona is the new headquarters for Petanque!
I have just returned from three months in Germany and while there I was taught the great sport of Petanque by my new German friends. I have gotten my neighbors interested; they are all horseshoe players and find Petanque MUCH more fun. Are there any other players in the Santa Cruz County area!
Thank you very much, E-mail Murphy Musick

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 10:42:57 PM EDT
I have a boule court in Blowing Rock, NC. Any players nearby? E-mail David Dauphine

Date: 00-08-24 13:42:09 EDT
Petanque in Salt Lake City, Utah 
I can't believe there is no one living here that hasn't played or wants to play. I've recruited a couple of people from work(they love it). We're looking for players in our area to get together with. Please respond to E-mail if interested.
Thanks and merci - Alain Navez

Date:	6/15/00 7:08:38 PM EDT
Anyone interested in playing the ever-so-entertaining game of Petanque in the Denver-Boulder area? 

Date:	05/27/2000 10:02:25 AM EDT
I'm in Horseshoe Bay Texas, an expat Brit, anyone in the area want to play ? E-mail

Date:	03/26/2000 3:11:23 PM EST
We're looking for anyone in Kansas who plays.

Date:	01/17/2000 1:59:40 PM EST
I'm new to the game and am looking for someone in the Nashville area who would be interested in playing. If so please e-mail me, Doug Barnes, at

Date:	01/13/2000 10:23:50 PM EST
Hi guys glad to find someone on net for this subject---looking for clubs or players to start one in Southern Alabama-- if you could pass on request I would appreciate it - thanks, Lynn
Interested parties, please e-mail.

Date:	01/06/2000 1:47:13 PM EST
Atlanta's first Petanque Club is now forming. Candler Park Petanque Club, playing most weekends, any level of skill welcome. Be a part of the competition and fun. Park is easily accessible from all area highways. Hoping to schedule tournaments soon. 
For more information, e-mail Brian Eames. 
For directions to Candler Park, click here.

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