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Tuesday 05/03/2011 9:52:57pm
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Sunday 05/23/2010 7:07:15am
Name:	Ken & Vicky Connell
Referred By:	Just Surfed In
City/Country:	USA / Colorado
Comments:	Absolutly GREAT. We have been diving with Victor & Willie many times and have had the time of our lives. Nobody is better than Victor when it comes to fish lessons and passion for the reef. Captian Willie has been awsome at being their for us when we surface and know the reef location very well. Victor's "Surface Intervals" are some of the most entertainment we have have while on the island. We have loved diving with them for many years. If you hate the crowd of a cattle boat you will love Victors small fast boat.

Tuesday 10/13/2009 10:19:22am
Name:	Nils et Camille
Referred By:	Just Surfed In
City/Country:	Brussels, Belgium
Comments:	Nous avons passé notre brevet Open Water avec Victor et c'est jusqu'à présent la meilleure chose qu'on ai fait! A bord du Tormenta avec le capitaine Willie, nous avons pu découvrir à notre rythme les joies de la plongée avec l'assistance dévouée de Victor. 
Thanks for everything, Victor, we'll be back soon!

Friday 06/26/2009 5:41:15pm
Name:	Brant Tunget
Referred By:	Friend
City/Country:	Grass Valley, California
Comments:	Hola Victor, Well another year of great dives has come and gone (10 for Kurt and I and 8 for Tami and Rosie). Next year will be year four for us and we are already making plans and arrangements. To all who consider using a different dive master, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ! Victor's and Willie's concern for your enjoyment, experience and safety is second to none. Last year we scratched "Devil's Throat" because he didn't like the way the ocean looked, and that's what you pay him for is his knowledge expertise. This year we dove "The Throat" and what an experience. We have referred numerous friends and families, No One Has Been Dissapointed. . .Cio until next year Brant Tunget

Thursday 06/25/2009 9:49:27pm
Name:	Victor G Brito
Referred By:	Just Surfed In
City/Country:	México
Comments:	 These comments I saved them from the first guest book my web site ever had, somehow could not entry and manage that one guest book, so newest commentaries can not be seen, sorry.

Victor G Brito

Info: 157 entries on 1 page(s)
4555 hits since 2002-05-01 02:48:57
Victor Brito's' Homepage 

157 Date: 2007-07-23 17:00:04
Mike ( / no homepage) wrote: 

07-11 July 2007. Thank you for your excellent service. My children had an exceptional first diving experience with you and Gustavo. The boat was always on time, clean and well equiped. I am recammending you to others. 

156 Date: 2007-07-15 06:11:38
Teddi McCullough ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hello Victor!!!!!! 

In March 2007, my 3 children, 1 girlfriend, husband and I went on a snorkeling trip with Victor-what a fantastic experience. By luck I found his web page on the internet-what a true find it was!!! 

We had never been snorkeling before and I was a little nervous. Victor was very kind and professional--he showed my family the courtesy of a true professional. He held onto my 12 year old daughter's arm the whole time we were in the water-she got a wonderful guided tour being with him the whole time. The rest of my family also was very lucky because as Victor and my daughter would swim around locating wonderful fish and sea life, they would call the rest of us over to view what they had spotted. 

I would encourage anyone who is interested in going snorkeling to go with Victor. His gentle, kind nature made us all feel at ease immediately-he won my complete trust immediately. And since we are from Kansas, we are not in large bodies of water very often-so I was a bit apprehensive.... 

We got exactly what we all had hoped for-the most AMAZING experience of our entire trip! 

His knowledge and love for the ocean and life that lives within is humbling. And he has a fantastic sense of humor!!! Victor I will never forget the fun we had with the pork rinds!!! 

We would never snorkel with anyone but VICTOR BRITO!!!!! 

We miss you Victor but we will see you again- 
The family from Kansas- 
Terrylee, Teddi, Cody, Hunter, Lauren and Tessa! 

155 Date: 2007-05-03 07:03:30
Brant Tunget ( / no homepage) wrote: 

What an experience! ! !One word describes diving and sharing time with Victor and Willie, FANTASTICO ! ! ! I have dove in all types of conditions, combat, recreational and this was the best. His knowledge, compassion and love for the underwater world is beyond reproach. The side benefit is his humor, he is just a genuinely great human being. My friend Kurt and I accidentally found him and will never dive with anyone else, if he has room. He took our wives on their first introductory dive and gained their trust immediately, they had a wonderful experience and are now getting certified. When we got back to our hotel, The Palace Resort, Cozumel... we told everyone who even looked like a diver to give Victor a try. I consider Victor a friend after one trip in April of 2007... CIO Victor, until next year!

151 Date: 2006-12-29 18:47:52
Claire Hawks ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hola Victor! We dove with you in 2004 and now are coming back 1/07! We can't wait. We felt so safe and learned so much with you! Thank you for holding my hand and showing my all of the peppermint baslets. See you in January! 

150 Date: 2006-12-08 09:26:30
Peggy Moore ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hi there in warm Cozmel, I am planning to be in the group with Roger from Sunset Dive and Travel here in Loveland,CO. We are on the Jan 18-21, 07 trip. My son-in-law is also comming. I am very exicted to dive with you. I have a request, can I get directions to the Christo De Cozmel? I understand it can be a snorkel trip, but don't know where it is? Thank-you in advance. See you soon.... 

149 Date: 2006-11-10 01:38:33
David Larwood ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Wow! This was the best, best, best diving I have enjoyed for a long time. I have heard of Cozumel as a fabulous spot, and a friend recommended you, and I found you had room to take me on short notice. Santa Rosa was super, and your small group made it particularly delightful. We had many conversations on the boat, and it was a wonderful day. I have been on hundreds of dives, and the others with you were very experienced, so all went very smoothly. I look forward to diving with you again and I recommend your operation to anyone who wants a personal, intimate dive with a true reef-master! 

146 Date: 2006-08-30 17:52:24
shawn hoover ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Diving with Victor Brito was fantastic. My daughter and I were both first time divers, as an instructor he was able to help us feel comfortable with the equipment and teach us the skills needed to become certified divers and to be confident underwater. 

We did a total of 7 dives with Victor and each time he seemed to know exactly where to go to see the best of the reef system and the marine life. I really liked that he was able to give a lot of one on one attention to us due to the fact that he books smaller groups. I am definitely looking forward to another trip to cozumel and more diving with Victor Brito. 

145 Date: 2006-06-14 05:25:30
Laura Wells ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Victor is a marvelous host. He is passionate about diving and took excellent care of his guests. We have been diving for a number of years but there are long spells of time between excursions. We are rusty on our skills. Victor set us up with all the gear we needed and paid special attention to keeping an eye out for our safety. His watchful eye and honed diving skills gave us confidence and allowed us to fully enjoy the adventure. He shared a lot of interesting facts about the hurricane, ecology, and his views on both the past & future of Cozumel. Thank you Victor! 

144 Date: 2006-05-31 01:48:32
Martha Mims ( / no homepage) wrote: 

What a fantastic day of diving with Victor. We had 3 divers, 2 snorkelers, and one "rider" on the Tormenta. Victor took such good care of us. He took us anywhere we wanted to go and made us feel so at ease. He showed us so many things we would have otherwise missed. What a terrific dive master he is. Captain "Willy" took care of everyone else while we were down below diving. If you want 1st Class treatment, dive with Victor! He will be your personal dive master for the day! 

143 Date: 2006-03-22 12:35:52
Marnie ( / wrote: 

Diving with Victor and Willie is the most amazing, exciting, interesting, educational, fun diving EVER!!!!! Victor is a guru who loves to share his experience and knowledge with everyone. I always look forward to visiting Cozumel and diving with him. I will continue to be a loyal customer (and friend) until the day I can no longer dive! 

142 Date: 2005-08-17 16:02:39
Riccardo Ciappa ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Great to speak to you again, after all these years ! I believe we fist met in 1977-78 ? 
We hope to see you soon Victor ! 

Hasta luego ! 


141 Date: 2005-07-30 03:30:34
Bettye Ballard ( no email / no homepage) wrote: 

I have been diving with Victor for 20 years. HE IS THE BEST! I can't tell you how much he has taught me about the underwater life, fish, reefs, and etc. Thank you Victor for all you do to teach and to protect the underwater world. 

140 Date: 2005-07-27 04:08:28
Pat ( / no homepage) wrote: 

I just talked with Victor and he is fine, he had no flooding this time and now has electricity:-) He is excited about everyone coming to visit him. Especially that group from Nebraska !!!!!! 

139 Date: 2005-07-19 17:04:27
Todd Pratt ( / no homepage) wrote: 


We want to know how you made out during the hurricane. Hope you and your 
family are safe. We send are best to you. Thanks again for the great diving in Feb. Hope we can see you soon after the new addition to are family arrives. 


Todd & Jenny Pratt (Alden) 

138 Date: 2005-07-19 04:49:43
The Jennings Family ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Are you okay? We are very concerned about the hurricane, and want to make sure you and your loved ones are safe. We send our best wishes, and you are in our thoughts. We will be seeing you in November. 

The Jennings Family 
Fred, Jan, Mike, and Jenn 

137 Date: 2005-07-17 06:39:42
Alyson ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Dear Victor - 
My partner, Annette, and I dove in Cozumel with your company in Febuary of '05. We had a great experience. When we heard the news of Hurricane Emily we immediately thought of you. We hope you, your family, and the island sustain minimal damage and we wish and pray for your safety. 


Alyson and Annette 

136 Date: 2005-06-25 17:03:07
monica walter ( / no homepage) wrote: 

I was referred to you from Doug, up here at alpine scuba in Fort Collins, Colorado. I need to complete 2 more open dives to complete my certification My name is Monica and I will be in Cancun from July 10th to July 11th, My phone numbers as follows H 970-472-1080 Wk 970-226-3131 or my cell is 970-231-3522 I look forward to hearing from you soon, Monica 

135 Date: 2005-05-02 07:09:00
katherine ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Because of how I learned from Victor to 'see' the ocean and it's inhabitants I was able to pass this along in a recent dive in Belize. Most dive masters aren't as interested in educating their divers as Victor is. If you dive with him, your enthusiasm in infectious!! 

134 Date: 2005-04-23 02:05:48
David Wendland ( / wrote: 

I dove and was certified by Victor back in 1993. He was a great instructor back then and hope to meet up with him next week when I am in the area. 

Victor - great to hear that you are still the same enthusiastic diver you were when I met you!! 

Dave Wendland 

133 Date: 2005-03-16 20:16:15
Jonathan Matthews ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Although my gear is hardly dry, I am compelled to thank you for being such a great host and guide. Saara and I had a fantastic time with you and Captain Willy. 

For those people just browsing, here are some of the many reasons to go with Victor: 

1) Boundless enthusiasm -- Victor's enthusiasm for Cozumel's reefs and its inhabitants was really contagious. 

2) Years of experience -- The web-site says it all. 

3) Individual attention -- Saara and I dove with a group of very experienced divers, so Victor was able to devote his attention, when necessary, to my Open Water Certification and to Saara's refresher course. 

4) Great teacher -- Victor took the time to educate our dive group about distinctive fish, corals, sponges, etc. that many of us never would have found or recognized without his help. 

5) Captain Willy -- So smooth . . . . 

132 Date: 2005-03-09 16:25:55
James Goodman ( no email / no homepage) wrote: 

A big thanks go out to Victor Brito for his assistance with our coral reef research in Summer 2004. Victor provided both excellent support for our investigation of reef health in Cozumel as well as invaluable insight into local ecology. He possesses a wealth of knowledge on coral conditions in Cozumel and was dedicated to assiting us with our research goals. He is also a true advocate for reef preservation. I highly recommend using Victor for your next research expedition or dive vacation. 

Thanks Victor!! 

131 Date: 2005-02-24 13:54:25
Emmanuel Kas ( / wrote: 

Dear Victor, are you there, somewhere? It's been years, but I'd like to come back to Cozumel with my eldest son (hecho en Cozumel 12/1995) and perhaps Caroline. How are you and when's the earliest a kid who can swim can learn scuba diving? Hope to hear from you soon. All the best from Emmanuel, Caroline, Joshua & Ezra! 

130 Date: 2005-02-21 19:27:49
Jen Alden Pratt ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hi Victor! This is my first day back at work after another GREAT week in Cozumel diving with you. Thanks for another FABULOUS experience! Todd & I enjoyed every minute of it & appreciate your extensive knowledge of the reefs & of course all of your fish friends ;-) We can't wait for the next trip. See you soon! Jen Annapolis, MD 

129 Date: 2005-02-15 07:57:55


128 Date: 2005-02-01 16:00:31
Teri Watson ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Victor, Thanks for showing us such a great time last summer. Pat and the gang are coming down again next summer (2005) Ed and I can't make it but we will be there in spirit. Can't wait for the next trip. It is so cold right now in N.C. I visit your web site to get warm again. Teri 

127 Date: 2005-02-01 01:21:37
Mary Callele ( / no homepage) wrote: 

It's cold here in Saskatoon and I'm thinking of Cozumel and (of course!) my friend Victor Brito. GREAT webpage and love this questbook feature! Hope to see you and my favorite spotted Eagle Rays soon! 

126 Date: 2005-01-25 21:11:04
Steve Gardner ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Great web page. It is cold and snowy up here in Indiana. I miss Cozumel and can't wait to dive with your excellent group again. 

125 Date: 2004-12-17 03:47:34
Bob Adams ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hi Victor, 
Another great week of diving. Thanks for the great experience. 

124 Date: 2004-12-12 21:56:33
John Shipley ( / no homepage) wrote: 

See you soon. Next time I will be fully certified. Look forward to diving with you again. 

123 Date: 2004-12-12 21:55:18
Victoria Zimmermann ( / no homepage) wrote: 

The best shelf dive ever! Thanks. 

122 Date: 2004-10-24 02:46:16
frank ( no email / no homepage) wrote: 

thanks for the midi, nice site, keep your head wet 

121 Date: 2004-08-30 20:06:25
Adrian Card ( / wrote: 

Dived with Victor 8/23-8/27/04. His enthusiasm for diving and reef ecology is contagious. We encountered some extreme currents (ever seen a horizontal stream of bubbles? sand tornados? bouyancy excitement!), but Victor made the most of it and managed to keep us on the reef and keep less experienced divers from "flying away"! Hats off to expert wheel man Willy. These two made for a laid back but top notch diving experience. I know more about reef species and ecology and the secret of the infamous pink "Mexican Spit" (but I won't tell...) - Thanks Victor and Willy - it was a blast. Protect Cozumel's Barrier Reefs! Dive with Victor! 

120 Date: 2004-08-25 03:44:52
Ute Riggin ( / no homepage) wrote: 

I learned so much diving with Victor last year and had such a great time..I'll be back in Cozumel in a week from now, to dive with Victor again and look for the hairdo's on little fish :-)) 

119 Date: 2004-07-30 20:48:30
Randy ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Haved dived many dives with Victor, hope to dive again 8/23/04! Victor is the best! 

118 Date: 2004-07-23 15:04:50
Dan & Richard Moorer ( / no homepage) wrote: 

We had a wonderful time diving with you in Cozumel. Unlike the other shops' "cattle boats", diving with you was a fun and exciting exploration. Each dive was an educational experience for us. I re-discovered the old, exciting love for diving I had when I first began diving 25 years ago. Thanks very much. 

Dan Moorer 

117 Date: 2004-06-16 06:38:47
Margo & the McKennas ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Our family really loved our 4-day (9 dives) diving experience with Victor in early June. He may look like a wild man but he's very down-to-earth. He knows more than any divemaster I've ever dived with and loves to share his knowledge about these reefs. He is a teacher with a conscience. Thanks Victor. We hope you get that perfect photo of the Splendid Toad Fish - with a new camera. 

Margo, Don, Sarah, Lisa, and Robert 

116 Date: 2004-02-01 19:08:04
Larry Amato ( / no homepage) wrote: 


Nice site. I sure enjoyed meeting you and diving with you at the C-53 and night dive at Paradise Reef on January 23, 2004. 

Larry Amato 
3333 Bent Drive 
Loveland, Colorado 80538 

115 Date: 2003-12-25 18:11:13
Bob Adams ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Holla Meester Victor, 
Thanks for the wonderful week of diving. Could not have been nicer. Keep the wonderful attitude and service, it is hard to find such a great experience anywhere. Bob 

114 Date: 2003-12-15 04:57:27
Curt and Susie Kiesling ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Thanks again for another great week of diving. As always you exceeded our expectations with the underwater wildlife, the education you provide, and just the overall great adventures. We can't stress enough that you are THE ONLY divemaster we feel completely comfortable recommending. Hopefully you will be getting the pictures in the next couple of days... Thanks again, Victor - you are the best. 

113 Date: 2003-11-13 20:03:38
Jerry Pace ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Victor - We just got back to the States from diving with you for three days. I just wanted to say thanks for going the extra step with us and showing us a very exciting three days of diving. I would like to highly recommend you, without any reservations about anything, to other divers. I would like to see anybody that dives in Cozumel experience the same great diving experiences that we did!!! Again thanks for the outstanding three days of diving. 

112 Date: 2003-08-17 04:36:26
Kim Steffen ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Kool webpage! 

111 Date: 2003-06-21 17:20:01
Beth Gajewski ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hello Victor! 
We had a fantastic on our dive excursions with you and we are looking forward to returning to Cozumel next year....mostly to be able to dive with you once again. You provided wonderful experiences on each trip we made with you. The night dive was unique and a different view of the reef life. Thanks!! Hope you are well and enjoying life! 

110 Date: 2003-06-07 06:31:12
Carlton Edwards ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hola Senor Victor, 

Espero que tengamos la oportunidad que bucear. Me gusta su pagina por la red internacional. Tiene una isla bonita y quiero visitarla pronto. Tome cuidado debajo de las ondas. Me esposa y yo estaremos ahi el julio que viene. Buceamonos!! Bye. Carlton. 

109 Date: 2003-05-21 17:09:42
Johan ( / wrote: 

You've made a beautifull site, please take the time to look at my site also. 


108 Date: 2003-05-16 22:56:25
Denny Farnsworth ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Victor, Thanks for everything, we'll be back soon. 

Denny & Kelly 

107 Date: 2003-03-25 16:42:03
Erik and Lupita ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hola Victor, 
a little late but we want to thank you for taking us out on our first dive. right now we are looking into classes so we can get certified and go back to see you. hopefully if all goes well we will be back in cozumel around august or october. okay well we have great pictures just let us scan them and we'll send them to you. Again thanks for the great memories. 
Erik and Lupita 

106 Date: 2003-03-22 16:21:40
Harald Rickenstorff ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hallo Eliabeth, hallo Victor, 
wir sind glücklich wieder zu Hause gelandet. Leider konnte ich in der einen Woche nicht so oft tauchen, aber ich bin sicher, dass wir das Beste daraus gemacht haben. Vielen Dank für die kleinen Wunderdinge, die uns Victor unter Wasser gezeigt hat. Nicht nur Großfisch ist spannend. Vielleicht komme ich ja mal wieder! 
Liebe Grüße von Marie und Harald aus Minden 

105 Date: 2003-03-03 01:21:18
ryan hitz ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hola Victor! 

Espero que este bien! Gracias por todo los tiempos buneos y memorias que tenego buceando en cozumel! La isla es bella y el agua es precioso! 


104 Date: 2003-03-01 07:02:43
Colleen & Rob ( / wrote: 

Hi Victor! We dove with you 2 years ago (and we're still waiting for you visit to New York City), and we're coming back in October for our wedding. We'll be looking you up. We hope you're doing well... 

103 Date: 2003-02-02 17:42:07
Jill ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Wonderful web site, Victor! 

102 Date: 2003-01-31 22:12:49
Les Preston ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hola Victor ! 
We are now home in the the land of mountains and cold (Colorado)! Barely 18 hrs ago we were enjoying the sun, heat and humity of Cozumel! But alas, all good things must come to an end ! 
We enjoyed our 5 days of diving with you and as always learned something of your world. Thanks for the memories my friend, and and we will see you again next year !! 
Les Preston and family 

101 Date: 2002-12-24 08:54:58
Chris ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Victor: Haven't seen you in a couple of years, look forward to coming back. Good luck with everything you do and Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas! Chris 

100 Date: 2002-12-08 21:26:51
Sheri Kirkwood ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Just wanted to thank you again for helping me complete my Open Water dives. You and your crew are the best! Thanks for a wonderful time!! I'm already planning a trip back to Cozumel. 
Senorita Sheri 

99 Date: 2002-10-11 23:50:53
Matthew Smyrl ( / no homepage) wrote: 

A great new web site! Looking forward to diving with you again soon! 

98 Date: 2002-10-03 12:09:18
Axel Bub ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Waren mit Viktor vor Cozumel tauchen,es war unser größtes Erlebnis. 

97 Date: 2002-08-21 07:26:18
Chris Strauss ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Victor: Just wanted to say hi, haven't been there for a couple of years and hope everything is going well with you! May come in September and use you! Good luck in paradise! Chris 

96 Date: 2002-08-09 16:30:47
Tamy Grate ( / no homepage) wrote: 

My family and I were recommended by a friend to Victor when we were there in June, 2002. We went on a 3 hour tour and he took us to 3 different places. We saw lots of beautiful fish (even a baracuda) and learned alot about life underwater. We didn't realize until we snorkeled on a different island what good equipment Victor uses and how much better his instruction and safety are. We highly recommend him and have to many people. 

95 Date: 2002-07-01 03:51:43
Blanca Idalia Acoltzin ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Felicidades por la página, yo soy una fan del sureste Mexicano y no se diga del caribe, seria genial que tus paquetes tambien incluyeran cotizacion de hospedaje y si es ecoturistico mejor aún, te aconsejo poner fotos de este maravilloso lugar por aquellos que no conozcan se den un taco de ojo y se enamoren y asi cliente seguro. 

un saludo y sigue conservando tan buenos precios, espero visitarte pronto. ciao 

93 Date: 2002-06-28 00:03:41
Joe Dunigan (Colorado) ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Just a short hello my sister told me to check out your web page. Very nice. I hope to get down to dive with you again in the near future. Until then be safe and have fun. 

92 Date: 2002-06-03 23:30:02
Anja Gentner ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Tolle unvergessliche Tauchtage warten auf euch, wenn ihr mit Viktor und Kapitano Willi auf Tour seid. Schildkröten, Haie hautnah und mikroskopisch kleine "Viecher"(Hat euch schon mal ein Plenny in die Augen geschaut?) sind an der Tagesordnung. Dazu mal so nebenbei nen neuen Hamlet entdecken - was will ein Taucherherz mehr?- 
Kurz und gut - mit Viktor tauchen macht einfach nur fun fun fun - und wir würdens jederzeit wieder tun. 

Ganz viele liebe Grüsse aus Bietigheim-Bissingen und bis zum nächsten mal senden Anja+Michael 

91 Date: 2002-05-31 00:19:20
eric ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Just found your site, had some great dives on our last trip. Can't wait to return... 

90 Date: 2002-05-02 02:46:31
GiLL E. W. ( / no homepage) wrote: 

As an Er physician who has seen victims of diving accidents I went this time to Cozumel with great trepidations. 
I had plenty annual dives and because of the yearly break between dives I felt always ill at ease. 
Victor is thew best Dive Master I have had in 10 years of diving: he knows the terrain, he knows the write pace and he is so calm to wipe out any fear. 
I would recommend him as your guide and dive master without any reservations! 

89 Date: 2002-04-29 18:01:00
patty winnik ( / no homepage) wrote: 

We had a fantastic time with Victor!!!

Without doubt one of the best diving experiences we have ever had anywhere in the world. Not only was the diving itself great, but Victor made all the difference! We are a family of three different levels of diving)-myself, husband and son Henry--Victor was able to manage all of us with utmost care and made it all very very easy and comfortable. We will be back next year with Victor. Hhe is truly a special dive instructor!! We have had dive masters in the Red Sea, Hawaii, Caymans and once before in Cozumel--Victor was the Best!!!! 

88 Date: 2002-02-17 23:00:00
Jerry Sullivan ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hi Victor,
Jan and I will be down to our favorite place - Cozumel of course the week 0f Feb 24-Mar 2. We're looking forward to seeing you and diving off Tormenta. I'll burn some good blues for you (a CD with Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughn together). Adios, Jerry 

Kelly and Troy ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Paul, Steph, "Senorita Uva," and I had a most wonderful time diving with you. Our first dive in Cozumel was spent with another ‘highly recommended’ dive shop. We were not that impressed. Then we heard about Victor and was told to give him a try. We dived the next four days with Victor and were completely satisfied with his service. We have come to the easy conclusion that Victor will be the only dive master for us while in Cozumel. Victor truly is in love with diving and his enthusiasm and knowledge made our dive trips outstanding. Thank You Victor!!!! 
-Your friends from chilly Minnesota.

84 Date: 2001-12-02 02:11:00
Jack Wilson ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Joan and I only dove with you one day since we were already booked with another outfit last week. We will be using your services the next time we get to Cozumel since you were so thorough and enthusiastic. We have used about a dozen different operators on the island, and our day with you was as enjoyable as any we have had. 
Thanks for keeping the diving fun for the customer as well as safe and informative.

Jack and Joan Wilson

83 Date: 2001-11-28 20:39:00
Brenda Zetina ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Me encantaría bucear en cozumel, yo soy buzo 2 estrellas de FMAS y estoy buscando un plan para 6 días a fin de año 

82 Date: 2001-11-08 00:56:00
Chris Wright ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Dear Victor, Thank you for the great dives you took Pam and I on both 10/20/2001 and 10/21/2001. Your experience and patience were a great help to Pam after 9 years away from SCUBA. We both felt at ease and had a wonderful experience diving at all the great locations you took us to. I do not think Pam will ever forget petting the Nurse Shark! Thanks for everything. We will definitely look you up again on our next visit to Cozumel.
Chris & Pam Wright, Bremerton, WA USA 

81 Date: 2001-10-07 18:12:00
julia ( / no homepage) wrote: 

como estan
yo soy julia gorri
tengo 13 años
y me encanta bucear cuando viajo a brazil
hise snorkel por muchos años
y estos dos ultimos años fuia bucear con tanques
bucie ya 4 veces
queria que me menden promociones y fotos 
POR FAVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
julia gorri

80 Date: 2001-09-11 18:06:00
Ira Schimski ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Wir hoffen Ihr Team bald kennezulernen, also nicht nur Ihre Unterwasserlandschaft.

79 Date: 2001-09-08 00:43:00
Emilio Cerice ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Muchas Gracias for a great 3 days of diving. You've definitely made some new friends here in Alabama! We look forward to diving with you again, hopefully en el futuro que no es muy distante (working on my Spanish). I've already referred you to the travel agent that booked our trip, in case she's ever asked for recommendations on dive companies in Cozumel. You da hombre!

Hasta luego, amigo,
Emilio Cerice 

78 Date: 2001-09-07 21:39:00
Jeff Ray ( / no homepage) wrote: 


Just bookmarking your website for future use and referrals. Thanks for a great 3 days of diving (Emilio Cerice group from Birmingham, Alabama)!

Looking forward to our next dive together.


77 Date: 2001-09-07 00:45:00
RICK CIAPPA ( / no homepage) wrote: 



74 Date: 2001-07-24 06:58:00
Dan, Jesse, Dorian Shaner ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Victor, Thank you for a simply incredible certification dives, and bubble-makers with my 9 and 13-year olds. Your patience with them and careful explanations made divers of them forever. A trip none will ever forget, we look forward to another visit. 

73 Date: 2001-06-22 07:28:00
Leslie ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Your web site is very informative , I was in cozumel a few years ago and I don't remember who we dove with but I do remember the divw masters name Moises do you know him and where he is also do you teach groups 

72 Date: 2001-06-12 23:26:00
RAFAEL RAMOS MARTINEZ ( / no homepage) wrote: 


71 Date: 2001-04-03 06:14:00
Debbie & Gale ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hola Victor got your e-mail thanks for writing back we though you fell off of the earth. Hey we would not think of diving with anyone else you are the best. We are passing the word here in the USA that you are the best and when they go to Cozumel only think of diving with you. Deb & Gale Colorado 

70 Date: 2001-03-27 07:20:00
DEB & GALE ( / no homepage) wrote: 

sorry Deb & Gale, Rob & Jamie form COLORADO. 

69 Date: 2001-03-27 07:13:00
Debbie & Gale ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hey Victor we are comming to Cozumel May 3 Rob & Jamie are joining us, hope you have the time to take us on some of your great dives. Gale and I had a great time when we were there in Sept. Did you happen to find my pink mask and snorkel? Hope so because I sure do miss it. May 3rd-10th we are staying at the Feista Americana Cozumel. We will call you when we get there. Please write back and let me know that you got this. Gale, Deb, Rob, Jamie 

68 Date: 2001-03-19 05:43:00
Deborah Garringer ( / no homepage) wrote: 

why haven't you wrote back? Gale & Rob & Jamie & myself says HOLA see you in 45 days. 

67 Date: 2001-03-17 01:28:00
Richard Mattos ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Dear Fellow

I´m wrinting Brazil and I would like to know if you have any clue about where I can find fishing names and species in Spanish.

66 Date: 2001-02-01 16:11:00
andrea ( / no homepage) wrote: 

you need more pictures in your website like with turtles 

65 Date: 2001-01-16 04:55:00
JAVIER VELASCO TREJO ( / no homepage) wrote: 


64 Date: 2000-12-08 19:08:00
Bj ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Great page! Hope to see you soon 

63 Date: 2000-12-03 00:44:00
Holger Ucher ( / wrote: 

Hi! Ich bin zufällig hier aufgetaucht! Nicht schlecht diese Homepage. Gefällt mir gut. Besonders das Design und Layout. Weiter so...bis bald...vielleicht tauche hier hier ja nochmal auf...
Bye Holger

P.S.: Vielleicht begegnen wir uns ja auch mal auf meiner HP?

62 Date: 2000-12-01 16:18:00
michael ( / wrote: 

Hallo, Freunde des Unterwassersports!
Habt ihr schon das richtige WEIHNACHTSGESCHENK für die "Gattin"? Bei einer Auktion via Internet habe ich versehentlich einmal falsch geklickt und hatte antikes, chinesichesPorzellan (von 1820) aus einer vor Jakarta untergegangen Dschunke ersteigert.
Das wollte ich zwar, aber nicht soooo viel.
Deshalb gebe ich 3 Teile ab. Rein von Privat und nicht kommerziell!
Dann unter der folgenden Internetadresse nachschauen: 
Da stehen alle Details drin.
Viel Vergnügen und Grüße an alle
Michael (Hobbytaucher seit 1960)

61 Date: 2000-11-20 04:53:00
Ginny Stokes ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hi Victor - thanks so much for the wonderful dive experience (again)! You are the best, and we really appreciated the extended underwater time allowed by your superior management of each dive. We wouldn't want to dive Cozumel with anyone else! 

60 Date: 2000-11-03 14:55:00
Michael Wikstrom ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Thanks for some very nice dives 30 Oct - 2 Nov 2000, specially the last night dive

Michael, Erik, Daniel & Lotta 

59 Date: 2000-10-07 06:20:00
violeta rodriguez alvarez ( / no homepage) wrote: 

me gustaria que me enviaran las medidas de precaucion y riesgo, soy principiante en esto y quisiera que me informaran todo sobre este hermoso deporte 

58 Date: 2000-10-02 16:50:00
Jennifer Fantuz ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Victor: It was GREAT diving with you on Tuesday. I really enjoyed the dive and would reccomend you highly--including to other cruise shippers. Hope to see you again soon.

JEnnifer from Washington, D.C. 

57 Date: 2000-09-29 21:10:00


56 Date: 2000-09-07 00:47:00
Matt and Kathleen Dorram ( / no homepage) wrote: 

We should have signed Victor's guest book a years ago as it has been since August 1998 that I became certified with him. I think about my diving experience with Victor at least twice a week! Matt and I will most definately plan all of our future dives with Victor! We were very impressed with his concerns for preserving the ocean and for our safety in the water! Victor, you are the best! I must say, that if you are AT ALL apprehensive about open water diving, you will feel at ease with Victor's professionalism and knowledge/care for diving the big blue waters! I recommend Victor over any other! 

55 Date: 2000-08-25 17:30:00
Jill Macon ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Victor: Thanks very much for the great dive trip. My first time & loved it. The extra attention from you really made me very comfortable. Very much looking forward to doing it again next year. (Trip with Randy Ogle). Later! 

54 Date: 2000-08-21 15:28:00
Randy ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Amigo, Really enjoyed our visit and dive's with you. You ensure a great time and excellent safety on every trip. Wonderful and safe dive profiles. As I have known for more than 5 years. You're the BEST! Keep the spirit and faith ol' hippy, it is the right way to do things!
until 2001, your Tennessee friends... 

53 Date: 2000-07-31 21:13:00
Raymundo Valle Aguirre ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Me gustaria que me enviaras informacion para poder aprender a bucear, me recomendaron contigo, desconozco estae especialidad, soy principiante. Gracias 

52 Date: 2000-07-29 17:43:00
Chris & Victoria from Dallas ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hi Victor,
Victoria, my nephew and I would like to go diving August 9 & 10 and maybe the 8th. We'll be at the Presidente. Please arrange for it not to rain that week. Thanks, Chris 

51 Date: 2000-07-25 02:02:00
Steve Young ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Victor, I like your new web page. I'll see you
week of August 8. I'm on the Randy Ogle trip from

50 Date: 2000-07-20 13:44:00
Dr. Caroline Monod ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Lieber Victor!
Februar 2001 schicke ich Dir meine Mutter, damit sie auch Tauchen lernt.
Umarme Elisabeth, Ines, und Victoria von uns allen in Toulouse.
Caroline, Emmanuel, Joshua und Ezra 

49 Date: 2000-07-03 00:41:00
Kay Kunze ( / wrote: 

Hello from Nebraska! Jessi and I just wanted to tell you how wonderful last weeks diving with you was! It was amazing and thank you for yet another great time. Can't wait to dance with you under the ocean again.... KAY 

48 Date: 2000-06-26 23:42:00
Detlef Matthes ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hallo Victor,ich möchte mich auf diesem Wege nochmal
rechtherzlich für die tollen Tauchgängen bei Dir
Ich kann nur jedem empehlen der die weite Reise
nach Cozumel aufsich nimmt,sich bei Euch zumelden um
sich von Deinem Enthusiasmus anstecken zulassen!!!!
Diese Tauchgänge sind nicht mehr zu Toppen
Ich hoffe wir sehen uns nochmal wieder bis dann
Detlef Matthes/DM 936505/
Buxtehude d.26.06.00

47 Date: 2000-05-31 11:42:00
Carmen Anton Romero ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hola Víctor:
Espero que sigas también como siempre.
No he encontrado tu dirección en Cozumel para mandarte mi foto y pueda recibir el carnet.
Ahora estoy viviendo en Madrid y me gustaría ir este verano a bucear por las Españas.

Te mando un besote, Carmen

46 Date: 2000-05-17 16:53:00
Daniel Citro ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Muchos Saludos Victor, la pasmos muy bien buceando con vos.

Daniel y Claudia 

45 Date: 2000-05-15 08:25:00
Marcelo Sámano ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Tío Víctor :

Saludos cordiales, soy tu sobrino Marcelo , hijo de Katy y sobrino de Malú.
Te había querido escribir hace tiempo hasta que encontré tu pagina en Internet.
Primero para saludarte y segundo por lo del buceo, ya tomé cursos de buceo aquí de la asociación SSI , tengo cursos de open water o principiantes , avanzados que incluyen: buceo profundo, navegación con brújula, buceo en barcos hundidos y buceo nocturno, y el curso de stress and rescue, quiero llegar a instructor pero me faltan dos cursos más y solo tengo 26 buceos registrados en bitácora .
Mi pregunta es si con estos cursos me puedo actualizar a PADI, y cuantos cursos me faltarían con PADI para instructor y cuantos buceos necesito para poder ya trabajar de instructor de principiantes por lo menos.
Espero poder visitarte pronto, saludos mi e-mail es espero tu respuesta. 

44 Date: 2000-05-13 21:20:00
zoe Lafarga ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Somos una pareja de españoles que vamos a visitar Cozumel en Julio. Nos gustaría adquirir un paquete para bucear de 5 días (entre el 18 y el 22 de julio).

Deseamos información sobre los siguientes aspactos: ¿Podemos reservar el paquete desde aquí?, precios, distancia al Hotel Iberostar Cozumel, inmersiones aconsejadas (somos un Dive Master y un Avanced con bastante experiencia.
Esperamos vuestra contestación. Gracias. 

43 Date: 2000-05-07 06:09:00



42 Date: 2000-05-05 02:55:00
Sandra ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Solicito información de ustedes 

41 Date: 2000-04-15 03:48:00
Sheralyn luplow ( / wrote: 


I got yur name from Steve Boehme in Ft. Collin, Colorado. My daughter and I will be in Cozumel from sunday the 17th - Saturday the 22nd. I hope to connect with you for a dive. 

I will be staying at the Iberostar.


Sheralyn Luplow 

40 Date: 2000-03-17 17:56:00
Stephen Blois ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Greetings from Ft. Collins, Colorado, today outside weather 10" fresh snow, sunny (3-17-00) I sure miss Isla Cozumel. Rock on Victor... 

39 Date: 2000-03-09 23:50:00
SONIA CUETO ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Somos una pareja de España y estamos pensando en ir en Abril o Mayo al Yucatán para bucear. ¿Nos podríasi informar de cuales son los mejores sitios para alojarse?¿Cancún o la Riviera Maya? Supongo que habra trasbordadores o hareis salidas desde varios puntos hacia las zonas de buceo.
Os agradecería que nos enviarais información. 

Muchas gracias. 

38 Date: 2000-03-06 03:26:00
Ross Carnes ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hey Victor!
I am going to be in Cancun between the 17th and 25th of March and I hope to come see you and go for a few dives. I had such a great time last January when you took my creative writing class out diving. Becky told me so say hi. If you have time write back to me, if not I'll look you up when I get to Cancun.
Your friend,

37 Date: 2000-02-28 20:29:00
Carmen Anton ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Da gusto encontrarse a personas como Victor, que aparte de ser un super instructor hacen que te sientas muy bien.
Gracias por ser tan encantador.

Un besote, Carmen 

36 Date: 2000-01-13 19:53:00
Denny Farnsworth ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hi Victor, Hope to be back soon. Denny 

35 Date: 2000-01-08 08:20:00
Dave Bohn ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hey "Purple Haze" isn't "Elctric Lady Land"! Yeah I'm experienced! Are you on the bus? 
See ya Montag!


34 Date: 1999-12-11 19:44:00
Henk & Monique Jacobsen ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hi Victor,
We zijn weer thuis in Nederland, koud en nat. We hebben 3 dagen gedoken. Het was prachtig. Veel moois gezien o.a. barracuda's, schildpadden en gevlekte adelaarsroggen, zelfs een slapende verpleegsterhaai die je toch even wakker moest maken. Gelukkig ging hij weer slapen. Voor ontspannen duiken met kleine groepen moet je bij Victor zijn. Zijn enthousiasme werkt aanstekelijk.
Bedankt Henk & Monique 

33 Date: 1999-12-03 03:05:00
eduardo can ( / no homepage) wrote: 

te comento que tu pajina es muy buena , e interesante , somos de la universidad de quintanaroo , y tu pagina es de muy buena calidad , pero trata de mencionar mas datos sobre los arrecifes , y ponerles una foto de cada uno de ellos , y tu pagina seria perfecta , no es que este mal como lo tienes , pero estaria perfecto si mencionaras sobre cada arrecife , pusieras fotos de ellos. hasta luego. 

32 Date: 1999-11-23 02:16:00
Rick Dickinson ( / no homepage) wrote: 

From COLORADO, it's cold and we just recieved a ten
inch snow last night and today. SO decided it a good time to visit VICTOR in Cozumel. Booked trip and will be down 6Dec-10Dec, look forward to diving with you again Victor and Hope ALL is Well--RICK D 

31 Date: 1999-11-18 03:19:00
Eduardo Sánchez ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Que tal Victor primero que nada felicidades por tu pagina.
Por otro lado soy buzo 1 estrella pero no tengo mi certificación de la FMAS, varios compañeros tomamos el curso de buceo 1 estrella y algo de buceo de rescate ya que perteneciamos a una coorporacion de auxilio y urgencias medicas, y quisiera saber si nos puedes dar una cotizacion con todo y hotel para cuatro personas, que fuera una cotizacion de categoria media.

30 Date: 1999-11-07 18:00:00
Patrick, Maryse, An, Wim, Chri ( / no homepage) wrote: 

we zijn terug in België en het weer is verschrikkelijk : heel koud en regen !!!
We hebben genoten van het duiken met u en zullen het ons nog lang herinneren! Doe de groeten aan Victoria. Wij hopen nog eens terug te komen.
An, Wim, Chris, Maryse en Patrick. 

29 Date: 1999-10-02 01:06:00
Denny Farnsworth ( / no homepage) wrote: 

My best dives have been with Victor! 

28 Date: 1999-09-16 22:05:00
luis martin gomez ambriz ( / no homepage) wrote: 

procurar mandar mucho mas informacion para viajes de familia 

27 Date: 1999-09-14 20:24:00
Ralf Schlegelmilch ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hi there,
I`ll stay with a group of six at Playa del Carmen during the first two weeks of november. Four of us are divers (open water). Could you send me some informations how to get in touch with you.

Thanks for that


26 Date: 1999-09-13 03:04:00
Jesús Cruz ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Por la información que aparece en la pagina me parecen interesantes sus paquetes.
¿Los precios incluyen la estancia?
¿Es posible obtener los mismos precios para dos personas?
¿Cuanto cuesta en promedio estar unos tres días en Cozumel?, en plan austero pero sin que sea lo mas barato.
Te agradezco la contestación lo más pronto posible.

25 Date: 1999-09-09 23:51:00
victor hugo guel ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Que onda victor, soy victor hugo el hijo de victor el de la vinata de enfrente de blueblube (o como se escriba) pues nada mas te mando saludos de la tierra de las tranzzzas. ye esta de pelos tu pagina y el midi de jimi hendrix esta mas bueno bye bye.. 
si ves a mi jefe me lo saludas por fabor
bueno bye bye...... 

24 Date: 1999-09-04 09:37:00
RODOLFO C.CHAIB JUNIOR ( / no homepage) wrote: 



23 Date: 1999-09-02 23:47:00
Muffett Weizenegger ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Victor, Got your email for Rick. Your web page is awesome!!!!! Yes, we all dove with YOU in July 1996, all three girls Kjersti, Katie & Margi, me (mom) and Rick. Kjersti had been with you before with Colorado State Univ & Suba Colorado. You are the greatest!!!! I said I'd NEVER do so many things and you helped me do them ALL. Will show Rick your letter. At the moment he's in Istanbul. EEEK Still flying for Delta. We have great pictures of you with our girls. How can we send them to you ?
Tell the world.. YOU'RE ARE THE BEST.
Muffett Weizenegger 

22 Date: 1999-07-11 13:54:00
Miguel Angel RUBIO ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hola Victor, mucho tiempo sin verte, Ada y yo esperamos "burbujear" dentro de poco en Cozumel, el mejor lugar del mundo. 
saludos Ada y MA 

21 Date: 1999-06-25 17:08:00
Robert Brito ( / no homepage) wrote: 

hello.....I'm trying to figure out my family line....Can you please help me? Do the sur names "Maxima" "Andal" "Sejera" "Contreras" sound familliar? Please reply back!! Maybe we're related or something?
Anyway PLEASE write back with any family names you know that is related to you. Thank you!!

-robert brito 

20 Date: 1999-06-23 00:43:00
Abbie Lewis ( / wrote: 

Victor I like this web page! Is it the new one??? You have music attached to this one. Thanks for the diving fun, I had a wonderful time. After I got home I broke out with fire coral on my knees- Funny. It lasted quite a while. Keep smiling! 

19 Date: 1999-06-20 05:43:00
Franz Flury ( no email / wrote: 

Hi Victor
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit Dir, mach weiter so.

18 Date: 1999-06-14 03:20:00
CHRIS CREW ( CCREW16376@A63.C60 / no homepage) wrote: 








17 Date: 1999-06-09 18:26:00
Brian & Brandy Shaknaitis ( / no homepage) wrote: 

We will be there June 28 for three days in Cancun and are looking to come over to Cozumel for a day and do a dive trip in 20-40 feet of water. What is the best way to come over to Cozumel by boat? We are staying at the Melia Cancun. Thank you! 

16 Date: 1999-05-31 05:07:00
Pedro Munguia Aguilar ( / no homepage) wrote: 

quiero ofertas y precios de equipo completo de buceo nuevo o usado 

15 Date: 1999-05-27 22:24:00
jörg ( / no homepage) wrote: 

hallo victor
es grüßen dich jörg , volker , angela und marlene
wir kommen am 28.7.99 und wollen wieder mit dir 
wir wohnen wieder im alegro diamant 
melde dich mal bei uns 
viele grüße und tschau !
P.S. ruf mal an 0049 172 7983252 

14 Date: 1999-05-11 07:25:00
BOB PARKER ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Victor had one hell!!!! of a good time, Your one of the best dive masters i have dived with. You also got a great taste in the oldies, lets here some Jerry Garcia, after all there is a little dead head in all of us! There has to be if we live to breath under human oxygen level! Hope to catch you this fall in that upgraded ocean skimmer. enjoy the summer, catch up with you soon!!!!!!!!!!! 

13 Date: 1999-05-01 06:16:00
Rick Dickinson ( / no homepage) wrote: 

P.S. Tell your German guests we miss them and hope they are having a wonderful time...Colorado..... 

12 Date: 1999-05-01 06:13:00
Rick Dickinson ( / no homepage) wrote: 

WHY WHY WHY??? We could be on the dock tomorrow AM
waiting for your friendly face looking forward to 
another day of hell out on the reef. But we sit here in Colorado looking out the window at gray skys and a temperature of 50/F. I guess this just 
makes coming back to paradise sooner seem more logical than waiting for later. By the way "Victor" , love the music and web site , talk to you again soon. I'm sending another couple your way soon. Rick 

11 Date: 1999-04-26 19:59:00
gean carlo vilchis zith ( / no homepage) wrote: 

necesito informacion sobre arrecifes de coral por favor 

10 Date: 1999-04-25 05:05:00
Kirk, Orvil and Roger ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Yo Victor, Victor, Victor

We are just sitting around having a cold beer, feeling very sorry for ourselves. Yes our minds are being wasted on work and home improvement. We would much rather be diving in the morning with the coolest Dive Master we know, in the whole world (we only know one).

All kidding aside, take care Victor and we will see you soon, possibly at Chincharro (spelling).

Kirk, Orvil and Roger 

9 Date: 1999-04-25 05:05:00
Kirk, Orvil and Roger ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Yo Victor, Victor, Victor

We are just sitting around having a cold beer, feeling very sorry for ourselves. Yes our minds are being wasted on work and home improvement. We would much rather be diving in the morning with the coolest Dive Master we know, in the whole world (we only know one).

All kidding aside, take care Victor and we will see you soon, possibly at Chincharro (spelling).

Kirk, Orvil and Roger 

8 Date: 1999-03-23 23:03:00
Bev Ensley ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Hi Victor,
I was just there with Chris a week ago. I would rather be there than back at work.
Hope you like the dry bag.
Take care,

7 Date: 1999-01-24 20:10:00
volker wagner deutschland ( no email / no homepage) wrote: 

hallo victor! wir waren 1996 auf cozumel im Alegro, kommen dieses jahr wieder juli/august und wollen wieder mit dir tauchen, werden dich noch anrufen und über den genauen termin reden viele grüße marlene,angela,jörg und volker

6 Date: 1998-12-29 02:56:00
julie sisney ( / no homepage) wrote: 

love your webb page, your music is my MUSIC!!!!!! 

5 Date: 1998-12-25 00:41:00
Matthias Holz ( no email / no homepage) wrote: 

Hi, Du Raeggae-Freak,
Merry X-mas, Cozumel

Vielen Dank für den schönen Tauchurlaub und die unvergessliche Tauchgänge vor der Küste Mexikos.

Dive deep, love hard...
Matthias aus Mannheim/Germany

4 Date: 1998-12-24 17:58:00
Kyle Teague ( / no homepage) wrote: 


I had a great time in Cozumel in December and I look
forward to getting back down there soon. Especially 
since it's -7 deg. F in Colorado now! Brrrr!! :(

Merry Christmas,


3 Date: 1998-12-24 03:17:00
alfredo colin ( / no homepage) wrote: 

Mi esposa Oliva y yo estamos muy entusiasmados en las experiencias que se tienen al bucear y esperamos el proximo año visitar Cozumel para disfrutar de los arrecifes tan comentados.
Olivia opina que Victor Brito es un excelente instructor y que logro eliminar la claustrofobia y panico que tenia al sentir agua salada sobre su cara, esta segura de seguir bucenado
Feliz Navidad 1998.. 


Saturday 01/07/2006 1:10:30am 
Name: Ron Thompson 
Homepage Title: 
Homepage URL: 
Referred By: Friend 
Location: Colorado 
Comments: My brother Ric, raved about how good Victor was. I had been diving before and thought I have dove with some great people and in some great places, but have never enjoyed diving as much as I did with Victor. 
My three brothers and I went to Cozumel last September and dove for a week with Victor. I saw things that I had never seen before. On one dive we were surrounded by 15 black tip reef sharks. Vicotr bettered himself everyday and found us something new and exciting each day to see and do. He is the best dive master I have ever dove with. Look forward to diving with him again real soon! 


Friday 11/18/2005 8:34:55am 
Name: Jackie Zeissler 
Homepage Title: 
Homepage URL: 
Referred By: E-Mail 
Location: Pittsburgh, PA USA 
Comments: Hi again Victor. Love your website and am very anxious to see all of these things for myself. The photos are fantastic. 


Monday 07/18/2005 10:45:24pm 
Name: Maureen Noe 
Homepage Title: 
Homepage URL: 
Referred By: Friend 
Location: Wellington,Colorado,USA 
Comments: I have been diving with Victor for some years now and from him I have aquired a deep appreciation not only for the premiere sites we explore, the animals that inhabit them but also for the culture and heritage Cozumel has to offer!! You will not be disappointed with the service and expertise he has to offer. No wonder Cozumel is ranked top in the dive sites of the world!! It also helps to have a top Capitain..hey Willy!! 


Thursday 12/16/2004 8:35:53pm 
Name: Lucia 
Homepage Title: 
Homepage URL: 
Referred By: Search Engine 
Location: Germany 
Comments: Dear Victor,

Thank you so much for the incredibly amazing 5 dives beginning of December and the personal time you have taken just for us!! I have learned so much diving with you - never enjoyed it that much :-) I will always keep the great memories of the dives and I will definitely come back for more dives and a much longer time (to show you that I am not from NYC ;-))! This is a promise!
Thank you so much again,

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