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D1201  SHAMBHU NATH SINGH 0506433980 Medical Practitioner 
D1262  WALID MOHAMED NOUR KHAYATA 0508208388 Medical Practitioner 
D1277  ABU MOHAMMED ZAFAR SADIQ 0506110356 Medical Practitioner 
D2200  ANANDA BASKAR RADHAMANGALAM SANKARAN 0505725830 Medical Practitioner 
D2323  MUDUNKOTUWAGE SRIYA MALLIKA 0507904476 Medical Practitioner 
GV248  FATMA ELZAHRA GAFFAR KHOGALI 0502622381 Medical Practitioner 
GV291  SAIF NAJIM DAWOOD 0509013495 Medical Practitioner 
D1078  ABBAS MUSTHAFA LEBBA 0507815515 Medical Practitioner 
D283  KANILA JAGANNATH MELANTA 0504144307 Medical Practitioner 
D293  ANTONY STANISLAUS LEWIS 0504144307 Medical Practitioner 
D2989  SAID MOHMOUD ABDEL RAHMAN 0504144307 Medical Practitioner 
D3447  ZIA UR REHMAN 0505822885 Medical Practitioner 
D3702  ZUBAIR HAMEED ABDUL HAMEED 0507606566 Medical Practitioner 
D405  DEVADASAN PONNAMMA INDIRA 0505822885 Medical Practitioner 
D4139  SIMIN MOHAMMAD BEHBOUDI FAR 0506265265 Medical Practitioner 
D4236  IBRAHIM ELHAM SAOUD 0503105805 Medical Practitioner 
D4414  ASHRAF JAMAL MUHAMMED 0507813199 Medical Practitioner 
D4603  SHARIF WAZIRI ABDUL HAMID 0507813199 Medical Practitioner 
D471  ABDUL HAMID IBRAHIM ALLAM 0506342122 Medical Practitioner 
D4897  HASANEN MOHAMMED ABDUL HAMEED 0507365075 Medical Practitioner 
D5131  WAQAR HUSSAIN MASOOD AHMED 0503239512 Medical Practitioner 
D5140  FAROUK HAG EL SHEIKH OMER 0508354342 Medical Practitioner 
D5216  SHAMEER BABU MEEMPIDI 0507904476 Medical Practitioner 
D533  JEAN PAUL HISSIN 0506614725 Medical Practitioner 
D5398  NAHID HUSSAIN YASSAIN 0503229882 Medical Practitioner 
D5436  JAN SAID ABDUL JALIL 0503147067 Medical Practitioner 
D5568  ASRAR UR RAHMAN 0508221942 Medical Practitioner 
D707  MARIAMMA SEBASTIAN . 0503126814 Medical Practitioner 
D748  MUNZER MOHAMMAD DARWISH EL SHANTI 0507724221 Medical Practitioner 
D898  USAMA ABDEL RAOUF ALI EL BAHKIRY 0506114436 Medical Practitioner 
GD10139  KHAULA MUBUSHER . 0501327566 Medical Practitioner 
GD10260  EIMAN GHAITH AL SWAIDI 0507729660   Medical Practitioner 
GD10237  ZUBAIR ALI MEMON MUHAMMAD 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10293  HAFIZ HAMID HABIB 0508208388 Medical Practitioner 
GD10321  MOHAMMAD TAHER MASOUD 0508208388 Medical Practitioner 
GD10411  FANIA ABDALLA AL BADRI ABDALLA 0506170801 Medical Practitioner 
GD10500  MONA AHMED RAOUF MOHAMED EL-SHAFEI 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10526  MAHBOOB UL REHMAN HABIB UL REHMAN 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10527  AMAR MOHAMED PETRO 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10531  SHAHZADA ALI KHAN 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10539  MOHAMMAD . SADIQ 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10540  MAHMOOD BASHIR AHMED 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10542  MOHAMMAD ILYAS KHANZADA 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10543  ADNAN . ARIF 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10544  SABER SABET MOHAMED FARGHALY 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10556  KHALID ABDALLA MOHAMED HUSSAIN REYAYSA 0503397787 Medical Practitioner 
GD10560  ARMUGHAN HAFEEZ MUHAMMAD 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10563  NIDAL MOHAMMAD ELDAHLA 0508354342 Medical Practitioner 
GD10576  OSAMA MOHAMED ABDELKADER MOHAMED 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10517  IBTISAM IDRIS AHMED AL HAJ 0501220313 Medical Practitioner 
GD10588  ABID HUSSAIN ABRO 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10592  KHALID ALI KAMEL AL AYAT 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10598  LAILA MOHAMED OSMAN MEAWAD 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10629  FARIDA ANJUM LATIF 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10630  MUSHTAQ AHMAD BHAT 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10658  ABDALMALIK L. A. ABUTAKYEH 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10663  NAVED ALI KHAN 0506670606 Medical Practitioner 
GD10665  SHABBIR . ALI 0505927268 Medical Practitioner 
GD10677  LUBNA . FATIMA 0509020164 DRLUBNAF@YAHOO.COM Medical Practitioner 
GD10681  IBRAHIM L. A. ABUTAQIYA 0507602143 Medical Practitioner 
GD10721  SALMAN ZAHID . 0505822885 Medical Practitioner 
GD10732  CHRISTEEN BAHIG BESHARA 0559551618 Medical Practitioner 
GD10784  MUHAMMAD . AWAIS NAWAZ 0501744001 Medical Practitioner 
GD10889  SARA NASIR ELSEED 0508354342 Medical Practitioner 
GD10890  MOHAMMAD AFTAB AZIZ 0505364220 Medical Practitioner 
GD10894  BASEL KHALED AL SAMARA 0508560820 Medical Practitioner 
GD10905  OSAMA FADLALLAH MOHAMMED ELHILALI 0501744001 Medical Practitioner 
GD11043  MOHAMMAD . SAQIB 0503543414 Medical Practitioner 
GD11052  SHERIF RIAD MOHAMED ASKAR 0506633401 Medical Practitioner 
GD11135  SAJIDA . PARVEEN 0024992731219 Medical Practitioner 
GD11158  MAYA SUNIL JAYASWAL 0503543414 Medical Practitioner 
GD11236  NAJLA HASAN MAHMOUD BALAS +4162334520 Medical Practitioner 
GD11362  MANAL EBRAHIM HASAN AL MULLA AL MANSOORI 00971502026999 Medical Practitioner 
GD11373  SYED FAIQ AHMED SHAH 009871506853043 Medical Practitioner 
GD11377  AMIN ALI SALIH ABOBAKER 0508354342 Medical Practitioner 
GD11511  OMAR ABDELRAHMAN YOUSIF A.HASSAN ALHAMMADI +971504843338 Medical Practitioner 
GD5769  ALYA BASIL MUSTAFA 0503124730 Medical Practitioner 
GD5780  SHAZA FARAH AHMED FARAH 0554155055 Medical Practitioner 
GD5860  SEYED REZA MODARRES HASHEMI 0507904476 Medical Practitioner 
GD5906  ENAS JAMEEL SAEED 0508221942 Medical Practitioner 
GD5939  FARHEEN MASHHOOD KIRMANI 0503105805 Medical Practitioner 
GD5954  NOZAD MOHAMMAD ALI DARWICH 0503646341 Medical Practitioner 
GD5978  SHAZA MOHAMED ABBAS 0509338321 Medical Practitioner 
GD6005  AMBREEN ABDUL HAMEED 0505822885 Medical Practitioner 
GD6042  ROSS GEORGE MATHEW 0508296561 Medical Practitioner 
GD6063  ANUPAMA ABDUL GAFOOR 0504456918 Medical Practitioner 
GD6079  SUHAD EL-SHEIKH AHMED EL-TAHIR 0509987602 Medical Practitioner 
GD6111  MA. NORELI BARDENAS CURIOSO 0507730815 Medical Practitioner 
GD6131  CHRISTINA DELA CRUZ GABUTINA 0508394010 Medical Practitioner 
GD6138  CHOWDHURY MOHAMMED ANWAR PARVEZ 0505413581 Medical Practitioner 
GD6147  MOHAMED SAMER ABDUL KADER KHLEEF 0508221942 Medical Practitioner 
GD6243  FAHAD FAHIM KHAN 0501252040 Medical Practitioner 
GD6252  ABDULLAH FADIL ABDULLAH 0508221942 Medical Practitioner 
GD6234  MANAR KHALDON KHALIL 0508221942 Medical Practitioner 
GD6276  JEAN CLAUDE HONEIN 0507917974 Medical Practitioner 
GD6314  AMINA JAUHAR KHAN BIBI 0505223873 Medical Practitioner 
GD6355  AHMED ADNAN ABDULWAHAB KALAMCHI 0501736901 Medical Practitioner 
GD6373  HARSHA PALANCANDA BIDDAPPA 0504456918 Medical Practitioner 
GD6380  KAUR . HARBHAJAN 0504144307 Medical Practitioner 
GD6382  ANAS HAMMOODI NAEEM 0506265265 Medical Practitioner 
GD6393  SAJAH HMEED JASIM 0508477993 Medical Practitioner 
GD6408  FIROZBABU KODAVANDY ABDULKADER 0509529455 Medical Practitioner 
GD6441  SAIF AL DIN ABDUL SATTAR ABDUL JABAR 0508221942 Medical Practitioner 
GD6452  MUHAMMAD OWAIS WADUD 0508354342 Medical Practitioner 
GD6507  OMAR MOHAMMED ZAKI 0508221942 Medical Practitioner 
GD6511  NAVEED MOHSEN MALEK 0504144307 Medical Practitioner 
GD6514  SUHALE YOUSUF MOHAMMAD 0504144307 Medical Practitioner 
GD6515  RATHEESH RAVEENDRAN SARALA 0504456918 Medical Practitioner 
GD6465  FATMA ELZAHRA GAFFAR KHOGALI 0502622381 Medical Practitioner 
GD6550  ALAA MOHAMED ABDELAZIZ ISMAIL 0508208388 Medical Practitioner 
GD6657  JISHALAKSHMI EMBRANDIRI . 0504144307 Medical Practitioner 
GD6663  MAZEN SHABAN KILANI 0508221942 Medical Practitioner 
GD6704  AYESHA KHAN KALA KHAN 0508296561 Medical Practitioner 
GD6707  JAN EZZAT GORGY 0508354342 Medical Practitioner 
GD6762  SAMAR MOHAMMED RAMLI 0508221942 Medical Practitioner 
GD6764  NASRIN NOUR ELDIN SALMAN 0508470044 Medical Practitioner 
GD6786  HIBA CHEHADE CHEHADE 0508296561 Medical Practitioner 
GD6796  IMAN HASSAN KHALIL 0508208388 Medical Practitioner 
GD6833  MEGAN DAVIES KABIR 0508198905 Medical Practitioner 
GD6848  OMID ABBAS GOLI 0506690008 Medical Practitioner 
GD6907  FARAH TARIQ SADIK 0508208388 Medical Practitioner 
GD7003  SAMINA SHAKIR ALI 0504157021 Medical Practitioner 
GD7009  RABIA SAID AL TALIB 0501202060 Medical Practitioner 
GD7023  GEORGE SAMI AWAD 0505715139 Medical Practitioner 
GD7072  SAIF NAJIM ABDULLA 0509013495 Medical Practitioner 
GD7097  AHMAD . AL SHOUM 0503543414 AHMADALSHOUM@HOTMAIL.COM Medical Practitioner 
GD7129  BASSEL ALI SHAABAN 0503543414 BASSELSHAABAN@YAHOO.COM Medical Practitioner 
GD7130  SALAM J. HASSAN 0503543414 Medical Practitioner 
GD7175  TAJAMMUL . HUSSAIN 0503543414 Medical Practitioner 
GD7185  MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM MIR AFZAL 0503150092 Medical Practitioner 
GD7165  SYED TAHIR ALI 0505934709 Medical Practitioner 
GD7245  ISRAA ABDALHUR NEAMA 0508354620 Medical Practitioner 
GD7282  ASHRAF KAYAKKAL PUTHIYAPURAYIL 0559660511 Medical Practitioner 
GD7286  SALAMAT . RAI 0501744001 Medical Practitioner 
GD7306  MOHAMED MOHAMED RADWAN AHMED 0501744001 Medical Practitioner 
GD7314  MOHSEN MAKAR ISHAK NASEF 0501744001 Medical Practitioner 
GD7325  BHARAT KUMAR BHUPATLAL KOTICHA 0505238570   Medical Practitioner 
GD7356  QUDSIA RIAZ SHAUKAT 0501744001 Medical Practitioner 
GD7375  MOHAMED SEID OSMAN ABUZEID 0501744001 Medical Practitioner 
GD7407  RITA TADROS SHAFIK AWAD 0505619606 Medical Practitioner 
GD7414  SOBHA SAMUEL PEEDIYAKAL 0505314433 Medical Practitioner 
GD7463  MOHAMED BADY MOHAMED HAMED 0508300134 Medical Practitioner 
GD7473  MOHAMED ELRIDA MAHMOUD ABU SAMRA 0501447327 Medical Practitioner 
GD7503  TAREK MOHAMED GABER ABDELKERIM 0506237150 Medical Practitioner 
GD7513  OMAR KAIS IBRAHIM 0504385218 Medical Practitioner 
GD7517  HODA ABDELALEEM MOHAMED ELGOHARY 0505914015 Medical Practitioner 
GD7524  MD ABDUR RAHIM LATE AL HAJ FAZAR 0506611297 Medical Practitioner 
GD7527  HANAN HAFEZ MOHAMMAD AGGOUR 0504439696 Medical Practitioner 
GD7544  RIHAB AMIN ZOUGHEBIE 0508231549 Medical Practitioner 
GD7486  AMEER KADHIM ABDUL AMEER 0507818551 Medical Practitioner 
GD7630  SADIA - ABUZAR 0503643495 Medical Practitioner 
GD7631  HASSAN MOHAMED AHMED 0566188514 Medical Practitioner 
GD7728  SEADA MOHAMED FARGHLY MOHAMED 0505803850 Medical Practitioner 
GD7738  SARAMMA . GEORGE 0504139458 Medical Practitioner 
GD8043  ALI MOHAMED ALI ELDAMANHOURY 0503329047 Medical Practitioner 
GD8080  SAAD RAJAA TAHA AL-QASSAB 0505990574 Medical Practitioner 
GD8119  JUHA TAPIO KETTUNEN 0506234578 JKETTUNEN@TAWAM-HOSP.GOV.AE Medical Practitioner 
GD8230  SAFAA ABDUL KADER AL SOUFI 0506012074 Medical Practitioner 
GD8233  ARIG AHMED SALEM ATIEH 0508167493 Medical Practitioner 
GD8214  MAYADA IMAM ALI YOUSSIF 0501207903 Medical Practitioner 
GD8339  RUSHI PARTAB RAI . 0505822885 Medical Practitioner 
GD8352  SALMAN MAHMOOD DURRANI 0506211103 Medical Practitioner 
GD8434  OMAR ABDALLAH AZZAM 0504910091 Medical Practitioner 
GD8464  KHALID AFZAAL KHAN 0501744001 Medical Practitioner 
GD8502  YUSRA TALIB MOHAMMED ALI 0506418232 Medical Practitioner 
GD8541  HANANA MARIAM AKHTAR AJMAL 0556522859 Medical Practitioner 
GD8599  AMIR FADL AL MOLA MOHAMMED AL AMIN 0501221164 Medical Practitioner 
GD8682  FARIDA FAISAL BAHANAN 0503286365 Medical Practitioner 
GD8689  GAMAL MOHAMMED ABDEL GAFAR HASSAN 0501744001 Medical Practitioner 
GD8697  JUDITH BABITHA COUTINHO 0501744001 Medical Practitioner 
GD8714  VANISRI . . 0502734192 Medical Practitioner 
GD8744  SYED ZAKIR ALI SHAH 0558667705 Medical Practitioner 
GD8820  KRISHNA AMMA PADMAVATHI 0504921174 INFO@SKMC.GOV.AE Medical Practitioner 
GD8841  THANUJA THACHIL THOMAS 0505189175 TANU70@REDIFFMAIL.COM Medical Practitioner 
GD8885  MOMIN KHAN ZANJIR 0506624064 Medical Practitioner 
GD8916  HALA . AL ALWANI 0502385419 Medical Practitioner 
GD8924  NAZISH - AURANGZEB 0509351736 NASHZEB77@HOTMAIL.COM Medical Practitioner 
GD8932  AMIN ALI SALIH ABOBAKR 0505466583 Medical Practitioner 
GD8933  HOSSAM ELSAYED MOHAMED BILASY 0505921565 Medical Practitioner 
GD8944  ABDULMALIK ALI SHASH 0503126277 Medical Practitioner 
GD8945  ALLAA K FAIK 0504854310 Medical Practitioner 
GD9032  TAGHRID FAROUK HASSAN SOLIMAN REZK 0508232953 Medical Practitioner 
GD9062  MOHANNAD HASAN MAHMOUD AL-HASANI 0501228595 Medical Practitioner 
GD9071  KHALED AHMED MOHAMED EBRAHIM AL MAREI AL SHEHHI 0505427755 Medical Practitioner 
GD9077  MOHAMED MAHMOUD HUSSEIN FAYED 0504922849 Medical Practitioner 
GD9106  MOHAMED WALID ABDIN 0504913300 Medical Practitioner 
GD9121  ZAINAB QUSAY SABRI 0503511129 Medical Practitioner 
GD9141  ZEENAT ABDULRASHID ABDULMAJEED 0506611297 Medical Practitioner 
GD9180  SALEEMAH ATIYAH ABBOOD 0509656691 Medical Practitioner 
GD9196  HAZOORA - SHAIKH 0508329848 Medical Practitioner 
GD9531  MOUTAZ AHMAD KHALEFEH 0507423789   Medical Practitioner 
GD9554  SADIQA MOHAMMED JAWAD AL SHAIKH 0505965210 Medical Practitioner 
GD9567  MOFEED BAHJAT ATTA SKAIK 0506188687 Medical Practitioner 
GD9577  ATEF AMIN ZACHOW 0504481266 Medical Practitioner 
GD9586  VEENA RAGHAV HEREKAR 0506754462   Medical Practitioner 
GD9589  ARCHANA . SHARMA 0505878025 Medical Practitioner 
GD9599  AMBIKA BINDU GOPALAN 0503312633   Medical Practitioner 
GD9414  FAIROUZ IBRAHIM MOHAMMAD RADI 0503344615 Medical Practitioner 
GD9465  AMEERA IBRAHIM MOHAMMED AL-BAYATI 0508666783 Medical Practitioner 
GD9500  KLAUS DIETER - SCHEYTT 0505935862 KSCHEYTT@TAWAM-HOSP.GOV.AE Medical Practitioner 
GD9518  IHAB MAHER OWIS HASSAN 0507334764 Medical Practitioner 
GD9666  KHALIQ UZ ZAMAN . KHAN 0506622146 Medical Practitioner 
GD9671  FARHANA KHALIQ-UZ-ZAMAN . 0508237860 Medical Practitioner 
GD9686  HANEM ABD EL WAHAB ABD EL RAHMAN BESHIR 0505427434 Medical Practitioner 
GD9712  SHAGUFTA . TASVEER 0504180960 Medical Practitioner 
GD9752  MUHAMMAD ASLAM ZUBAIR 0504692234 Medical Practitioner 
GD9847  PRADEEP KUMAR JAIHITNDKUMAR . 0504456918 Medical Practitioner 
GD9865  MOZHER SUBHI HABIB 0503128814 Medical Practitioner 
GD9880  MOHAMMAD TAHER MEFLEH MASOUD 0503124623 Medical Practitioner 
GD9904  AYMAN AHMED ELHOUSIENY SOLIMAN ELBAYOUMY 0507678987 Medical Practitioner 
GD9907  INAM HAMEED KAREEM KAREEM 0506817865 Medical Practitioner 
GD9815  ABDUL KADER HASAN DAWARA 0503077560 Specialist Accident & Emergency Medicine 
GD8528  OMAR BASYOUNI ABDOU EL MOKATTAF 0502892807 Specialist Accident & Emergency Medicine 
GD8041  AHMAD . AMMAR 0503336013 Specialist Accident & Emergency Medicine 
GD7615  MUBARAK SHAH . 0505822885 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD8619  HESHAM IBRAHIM MOHAMED EL GAMAL 0506211103 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD8509  WAFAA SAAD HASSAN MANSOUR 0505923528 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD7584  HUSSEIN MOH'D AL-ZAHER AL-AHMAD 0506819646 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD7464  NASEER ABBAS SADEQ MANDALAWI 0505967156 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD7391  MAHESH CHANDRA PAI 0559821136 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD7392  SUSHIL KUMAR MISRA 0504144307 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD7370  GHUFRAN SAYED AHMED SHAH 0501744001 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD7281  MUSHTAQUE AHMED MANGALORE 0501744001 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD9863  PAWAN KUMAR CHILLORIA 0504456918 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD8986  AMJED MOHAMMAD AL-NUAIMY 0505741226 AMJAD_YOSIF@YAHOO.COM Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD8855  SAWSAN . ABDEL-RAZIG 0506857736 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD8799  RAHEEL AHMED QURESHI 0504451076 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD7209  AMIRA . MOHBOUB 0504466297 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD7235  HIYAM MUHAMAD SAID ABDUL-MUTI 0502680081 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD7144  GITA DOKHT HASAN MAJDI 0506726887 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD6836  MOHAMMAD ASGHAR KHAN 0507282053 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD6607  EDWIN LYMEN VETHAMONY 0504456918 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD6483  PRABHAKAR RAO . 0504456918 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD6281  AHMED AHMED EL TOUKHY 0504479060 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD6010  KRISHNADAS THAREMAL VADAKKEKUDILIL 0508296561 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD6019  ARWA MAHMOOD FUZI 0508221942 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD11862  MORITZ . HAUGK 004316404003952 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD11075  GEORGE . PAULOSE 0505822885 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD10778  NEVIEN SHAFIK SHOKRY 0509331298 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD10780  AJAYKUMAR KATTUMPURATH SANKARAN 0509575303 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD10590  HIBATULLAH . MEMON 0506670606 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD10381  RABAH MOHAMED EL BAHNASAWY 0504456918 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD10298  REDA ABDUL RAHMAN MAHMOUD HEMAID 0508765432 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD10157  AZHAR ALI MALIK 0508221942 Specialist Internal Medicine 
GD10171  MOHAMED GOMAA IBRAHIM 0508221942 Specialist Internal Medicine 
DT89  HESHAM RASHAD RATEB MOHAMED 0507024908 Specialist Internal Medicine 
DT91  LATA AJIT KADAM 0507203126 Specialist Internal Medicine 
DT99  AHMED ALAMBATH PUTHAN 0509499694 Specialist Internal Medicine 
DT101  VARKEY MAZHAVANCHERRYPARAMBATH ITTIMANI 0503229882 Specialist Internal Medicine 
DT111  RADHIKA RANI SUPRAKASAN 0505822885 Specialist Internal Medicine 
DT113  BHUPENDRA KUMAR SAIKIA 0505822885 Specialist Internal Medicine 
DT116  RENJITHNATHAN SWAMINATHAN RENJITHNATHAN 0505822885 Specialist Internal Medicine 
DT41  MOUSTAFA. AZZAB. MAAMOUN. 0506162141 Specialist Internal Medicine 
DT64  KESHAV LAL . 0505822885 Specialist Internal Medicine 
DT70  ANISSA BOUTERBAG . 0508296561 Specialist Internal Medicine 
D4624  AJITH SYAMALAKUMARI NARAYANAN 0506332255 Specialist Internal Medicine 
D4032  SOLOMON CHATTERJEE SANTOSH 0504456918 Specialist Internal Medicine 
D2863  MADAN MOHAN PADMAJAN 0505822885 Specialist Internal Medicine 
D1411  CAROL KA KA 0507112744 Specialist Internal Medicine 
V99  YVES CRASSAS . 0509987602   Specialist General Surgery 
V64  SYLVAIN BAUDELLOT . 0506157865 Specialist General Surgery 
D2608  ABDOLAZIZ ALI MOHAMMAD EFTEKHAR 0506265265 Specialist General Surgery 
D2339  PRASANNARAGHAV NARAYAN DESHPANDE 0559821136 Specialist General Surgery 
V147  HASSAN DARWISH RAJAB 0509987602   Specialist General Surgery 
V157  CHAVANE HERVE ETIENNE 0506179910   Specialist General Surgery 
V176  BRICE PIERRE JEAN EDOUARD 0509987602   Specialist General Surgery 
V103  ABDUL KADER . KOTTB 0509987602   Specialist General Surgery 
V104  OMAR MOHAMED FATHY IBRAHIM 0509987602   Specialist General Surgery 
V122  JAMES LEWIS COX 0509987602   Specialist General Surgery 
V123  AHMED OSAMA GABER 0509987602   Specialist General Surgery 
DT95  CHRISTIAN ROSBURGER . 0506179910 PRO@HFE.AE Specialist General Surgery 
GD10394  MOHAMED SABER MOHAMED 0508354342 Specialist General Surgery 
GD10443  AHMED BADR IBRAHIM 0509987602 Specialist General Surgery 
GD10473  MARTIN . KASPAR 0503543414 Specialist General Surgery 
GD10687  MOHD TAHA MOHD COSSACK 0506225693 Specialist General Surgery 
GD10613  CHRISTIAN . ROSBURGER 0506179910 Specialist General Surgery 
GD10980  THAKER MAHMOOD ABED 0508243505 Specialist General Surgery 
GD11198  MUHAMMAD ZUBAIR KHALID 00971508176072 Specialist General Surgery 
GD11050  KHALED HUSSAIN ALREFAAI 0505604493 Specialist General Surgery 
GD11346  AMIR . HALEEM 00353872256523 Specialist General Surgery 
GD5658  FAYEZ OMAR AL BASHA 0505858148 Specialist General Surgery 
GD6312  AHMED ZIA MIA ABDUL AZIZ 0508394010 Specialist General Surgery 
GD6350  KUTTIYIL GANGADHARAN ANANDAN THAMPI 0505822885 Specialist General Surgery 
GD6453  AHMED KAMEL FARHOUD 0503327338 Specialist General Surgery 
GD6646  NADER MATTA HABIB YAKOUB 0507904476 Specialist General Surgery 
GD8871  ZOEB HUSSAIN HAIDER 0502145879 Specialist General Surgery 
GD9101  TAHER MAHMOUD HELMY ABDELKARIM SOLIMAN 0505465498 Specialist General Surgery 
GD9192  AMMAR S.SALEH AL-DHAMIN 0501383288 AMMARSAMISALEH@HOTMAIL.COM Specialist General Surgery 
GD7574  AWF A. MOHAMMED 0507893108 Specialist General Surgery 
GD8219  KHALED HUSSAIN AL REFAAI 0507118608 Specialist General Surgery 
GD7837  MANZOOR . ABBAS 0506611297 Specialist General Surgery 
GD8078  ADIB KASSEM ABDOU 0503381037 Specialist Neurosurgery 
GD8469  MAHMOUD SALAHELDIN KAMEL FATHI MAHMOUD 0501744001 Specialist Neurosurgery 
DT82  MAHMOUD FARID BATH ALLA 0509987602 Specialist Neurosurgery 
DT51  YOUSRY MEGALY KEROLOS 0509987602 Specialist Neurosurgery 
DT102  HOSSAM SALAHELDIN TAHA 0556677869 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
D3275  AL AMOORI RAJASE KHARA REDDY 0507904476 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
D5309  PAUL PARAMEL ANTONY 0504456918 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD6598  VARADARAJAN - PRAKASH 0504144307 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD6903  MAHANTESH YELLANAGOUDA PATIL 0505822885 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD6976  OUSSAMA KASSEM MANSOUR 0504142618 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD5649  VADYM LOPUSHAN . 0508221942 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD5916  WAIL MUSTAFA BADAWI 0508354342 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD6012  SUNIL SHESHRAO NIKOSE 0504144307 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD6041  WALEED ABDUL HASSAN ABDUL WAHID 0504144309 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD6104  SAJID HUSSAIN ABDUL RAZAK 0508354342 PRO.ALNOORHOSPITAL@GMAIL.COM Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD11080  RAVICHANDRAN . SUBBARAJ 0504456918 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD10996  FAIZ AHMAD MALIK 0505928386 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD10971  MOHAMED NIZAR KALLI VALAPPIL 0506722544 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD10765  SHAJI KOZHIPARAMBIL KRISHNAN 0505822885 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD8370  THACHAPALLATH KOCHUMOHAMED IBRAHIM 0507901585 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD7656  PAUL RICHARD CULPAN 0506611598 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD7554  EMAD ABDELLATIF ISMAEIL 0508354342 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD7556  KAYVAN MOHAMMAD REZA NOJOOMI 0507454157 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD7569  PRADEEP KUMAR SRIVASTAVA 0505822885 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD7430  SAFAA EI DIN EL SAYED ATTIA ِABAZA 0506211103 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD8998  IFTEKHAR . AHMED 0503543414 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD8959  RAJENDRA PARSHAD GUPTA 0559135661 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD9841  ALAN RAYMOND NORRISH 0508394010 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
D2387  BURHAN IBRAHEM TRAMA 0506265265 Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 
GD5826  LAITH DAWOOD SALMAN AL-ANI 0508147258 Specialist Paediatrics/ Paediatric Surgery 
GD5609  ABDULFATAH NAZIM ABDULFATAH 0507904476 Specialist Plastic Surgery 
GD6580  LEO PETER VAN DER WEIJ 0506720740 Specialist Plastic Surgery 
D4606  VISPI NOSHIR DRIVER 0504456918 Specialist Plastic Surgery 
GD10019  PADMA KUMAR JANARDHANA KURUP 0506211103 Specialist Plastic Surgery 
GD9840  SYLVIA ANGERER . 0506419961 Specialist Plastic Surgery 
GD7346  EHAB ABD EL AZIZ EL METWALLY SALEM 0506211103 Specialist Plastic Surgery 
V71  MICHAEL SCHEDLER . 0507713252   Specialist Plastic Surgery 
V89  PIERRE FRANCOIS FOURNIER 0508354342   Specialist Plastic Surgery 
V1  JORAMA PINTO DE LIMA 0507713252   Specialist Plastic Surgery 
V168  CARLOS ALBERTO . 0508354342   Specialist Plastic Surgery 
V183  MOHAMED MOUJAB AWAD 0509987602   Specialist Plastic Surgery 
V189  LENA CHRISTINA ANDERSSON 0508354342   Specialist Plastic Surgery 
V33  GIRBEA SANT DRAGOS 0507713252   Specialist Plastic Surgery 
V34  ANTHONY ERIAN . 0507713252   Specialist Plastic Surgery 
V4  KRASTINOVA . . 0509987602   Specialist Plastic Surgery 
V149  RUDOLF MEYER . 0509987602   Specialist Plastic Surgery 
GV233  PAUL EUGENE AUDI 0501291026 Specialist Plastic Surgery 
GD10167  RAMI ISSA . 0508208388 Specialist Urology 
GD10392  DAMODARAN NAMBIAR PULLAIKEDI 0505822885 Specialist Urology 
GD10272  SRIKRISHNA PATRULL KOKA 0508296561 Specialist Urology 
D3612  PURNANDAM RAMABRAHMA SASTRY YEDAVALLY 0505635270 Specialist Urology 
GD6477  ZAHI FAWZI ABOU RJEILY 0506179910 Specialist Urology 
GD6717  ABOOBACKER NAIR KUNNIL 0559601099 Specialist General Medicine/ Cardiology 
D3169  VAHID MOHAMMAD ALI SEPEHRI 0504144307 Specialist General Medicine/ Cardiology 
DT48  ANDREA MARIA BADICS SZAKOLCZINE 0507024908 Specialist General Medicine/ Cardiology 
DT55  VIVEK GUPTA GUPTA 0505822885 Specialist General Medicine/ Cardiology 
DT61  BAHAA EL DIN IBRAHIM ALI 0508221942 Specialist General Medicine/ Cardiology 
GD10284  NARAYAN MALA BHAT 0504456918 Specialist General Medicine/ Cardiology 
GD7347  MOHAMED RADWAN MOHAMAD RADWAN 0506542220 Specialist General Medicine/ Cardiology 
GD8821  PETRA . PAZDERKOVA 0501329602 Specialist General Medicine/ Cardiology 
DT88  KRISHNAPRASAD RAMABHADRAN . 0504456918 Specialist Pathology/ Clinical Chemistry 
GD10691  HASSAN IBRAHIM HASSAN GALADARI 0502032994 Specialist Dermatology 
DT37  HANAN HASSANEIN AHMED 0506448708 Specialist Dermatology 
D3002  KIRAN KUMAR KATTISHETTAR 0503105805 Specialist Dermatology 
D3765  MARY YOSSEF AYAD 0504465497 Specialist Dermatology 
GD6107  SATHISH KUMAR SHANY 0504928161 Specialist Dermatology 
GD9386  PEGAH GEB.DEHDARI CERIC-DEHDARI 0501398775 Specialist Dermatology 
D2617  ZEIN ELABDINE OBAGI 0504414592 Specialist Dermatology 
D1544  MAHER AHMAD MAED SAYADI 0508208388 Specialist Radiology 
GD9331  ISTVAN ANTAL . SZIRMAI 0501359875 Specialist Radiology 
GD7337  MAHA . EL SHINNAWY 0506211103 Specialist Radiology 
GD8026  MONIKA ALEXANDRA GELENCSERNE HAVASSY 0507731303 Specialist Radiology 
GD6070  HANAA AHMAD HELMY 0505611998 Specialist Radiology 
GD11023  BULABAI KARPAGAM . 0506694791 Specialist Radiology 
GD11062  RANIA ATEF DIAB 0507590480 Specialist Radiology 
D3081  SHANTI KUMAR . 0508221942 Specialist Radiology 
D5251  LAKKARAJU VIJAY KUMAR 0507904476 Specialist Radiology 
D5123  AFRAH MOHAMMED ABDLKADER 0505936465 Specialist Radiology 
DT39  MEERNA ELIAS GHANNOUM 0507024908 Specialist Radiology 
DT43  ANNABELLE S. TALISAYON 0506224210 Specialist Radiology 
DT49  HESHAM YOUSSEF AL GAZZAR 0509987602 Specialist Radiology 
DT53  DIPANKAR GOSWAMI DIPANKAR 0505822885 Specialist Radiology 
DT75  MOHAMMAD ALKHALEED MARWAN ALSIBAIE 0508058466 Specialist Radiology 
DT81  AHMAD MAHMOUD OTHMAN AGHA 0508221942 Specialist Radiology 
DT107  MOHAMED AWAD HASSAN AGGAG 0507938589 Specialist Radiology 
DT100  RAHUL GARG . 0504456918 Specialist Radiology 
DT117  PRAVEEN RADHESHYAM MAHESHWARI 0504456918 Specialist Radiology 
DT119  GAURAV SOM PRAKASH GUPTA 0504456918 Specialist Radiology 
DT114  YAHIA LABIB MAHMOUD MOUSTAFA ELDOKY 0507938589 Specialist Radiology 
DT112  ARASHDEEP SINGH . 0504456918 Specialist Radiology 
DT126  MILIND MUKUND SULE 0504456918 Specialist Radiology 
GD10585  ALI MOHAMED LOUTFI HASSAN ALI ZEYADA 0506670606 Specialist Radiology 
DT87  MOAFFAK MOHAMAD ABDOULLATIF 0508208388 Specialist Radiology 
DT96  FARID GAMIL AMIN 0509987602 Specialist Radiology 
DT94  AHMED MOHAMED ELAGATI 0509987602 Specialist Radiology 
DT127  HALA S ZANTOUT 0507615696 Specialist Internal Medicine/ Gastroenterology 
GD9177  JAYAKUMAR BHARGAVI KANNAN 0505239424 Specialist Internal Medicine/ Gastroenterology 
GD5793  KRISHNA PRATAP SINGH 0504456918 Specialist Medical Microbiology 
GD7151  MUHAMMAD MARZOOK MUSTAFA SHAIKH 0506179910 Specialist Pathology 
DT103  ZAIDOON ALI MUSA 0506179910 PRO@HFE.AE Specialist Pathology 
DT71  ROLA KAMAL ALFAKIH 0508221942 Specialist Pathology 
GD8798  MUNEEZAH LIAQAT QMAR LIAQAT 0506117427 Specialist Pathology 
GD8858  KRISHNASAMY . JAYASUNDARAM 0505811927 Specialist Pathology 
GD7341  RANA SALEH SALEH 0502231806 Specialist Pathology 
GD7323  SANDHYA UDAY JOSHI 0555139504 Specialist Pathology 
GD9869  JOY VIJAYAN . 0505822885 Specialist General Medicine/ Neurology 
GD8001  DIGNA ELIANA SALDIAS MARTINEZ 0501744001 Specialist Nuclear Medicine 
GD8016  JENAN MAJEED RASHID 0503393037 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD7957  HUDA SALAH MAHMOUD 0501398180 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD8321  KHITAM KHALAF HAMZA AL-AMIRI 0504141806 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD8350  RAVICHANDRA .. JAYASUNDARAM 0507722169 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD8478  AFAF MOHAMMED ALI EL GHANIMI 0503355110 NAAF_OVE@YAHOO.COM Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD7332  WASNAA AHMED MUSTAFA AL-YAWER 0501744001 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD7470  NADHEEMA HASHIM HADI AL-HAKEEM 0501250072 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD7368  SWASTI ALOK GUPTA 0505822885 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD7676  RASHIDA MOHAMED ABBAS MOHAMED KHAIR 0506147945 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD7577  HUDA K. MAJEED 0502374003 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD9854  ABEER HASSAN MOHAMED OSMAN ZULFO 0508239110 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD9842  MARIAM KUNJACHEN MADUCOLIL 0505822885 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD8739  SABOOH KHAIRI AMEEN AL-OMARI 0501744001 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD9299  BAN NABHAN MOHAMMAD 0508857002 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD9120  TEODORA ELENA UCENIC 0503383226 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
DT72  NAJAH MOHAMMAD DALILEH 0508208388 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
DT78  MOHAMED WISSAM ELYAMAN 0506142799 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
DT79  FATIMA HUSAIN ABBAS 0508296561 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
DT80  SANAA ISSA ALI 0508208388 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
DT59  KHULOOD SAEED ASAAD 0508305087 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
DT106  SEHAM ATTIA ELKADY 0505667170 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
D5157  NAWAR ABDULGHANI ABDULAZIZ 0507938589 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
D414  REKHA SHARMA - - 0504144307 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
DT98  NAGWA MAHMOUD HAFIZ 0508239110 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD10708  RABAB HOSNY GABR 0507982077 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD7148  AZIZUNNISA . SHAIKH 0504146838 AZIZ7860@!HOTMAIL.COM Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD7039  BAZEGHA . AKHTAR 0506685501 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD7096  TAYEM . ADDAS 0508124415 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD7083  MUHAJ MAHDI SALIH AL-SHAIKHLI 0506373205 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6885  AHMED FAHIM SAYED 0508221942 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6853  AMANI AHMED MOHAMED ALI 0503223732 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6603  KANCHANAMALA . KAMATCHI 0508296561 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6644  CHITRA CHINTAMAN GALANDE 0503202258 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6687  ANJU BHATIA SATISH 0504456918 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6576  AQEELA MUSTAFA NOORUDDIN 0508296561 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6552  MANGALA PRAFULLA WANI 0506661555 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6517  BEENA PANICKER PAPPU NARAYANA 0505822885 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6526  IBRAHIM HUSSEIN HABIB ELGHARIB 0508221942 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6189  JAYACY CHANDRASSERY JAYANKAR 0505822885 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD11227  SAJIDA MOHAMMAD AUDEH AL SAQARAT 0507450990 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD11330  EMAN ABDEL FATAH SADEK ALAALHA 0561259968 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD11401  SAADIA . SIDDIQUE 0508208388 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
V94  SAFAA KAMAL MAREI 0509987602   Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
V166  CHRISTOPHER CULLEN HOMEYER 0508394010   Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
V127  MOHAMED HAMDY BADRAOUI 0509987602   Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
V45  LORRAIN ANNE MILIO 0508394010   Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
V124  BENGT SPORRONG . 0507938589   Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
V115  MOHAMED MOHAMED ALI AL 0509987602   Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
V101  JONATHAN EDWIN ASKEW 0508394010   Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD5984  ZEINAB SAAD ABED ALHUSSAIN 0506720740 Specialist Surgery/ Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 
GD6078  CONJIVARAM VIDYA SHANKAR 0508394010 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD5672  SUMITHA NAYAK KADRI 0504456918 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD11338  MARYA OBAID MOHD ALI AL MANSOORI 0506611297 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD11274  MOSTAFA AHMED IBRAHIM EL BABA 0501744001 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD11161  DESIREE NEHME HAIKAL FEGALI 0506142799 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD11216  NIZAR RIZK ABAZID 0509427767 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD10837  ANWAR IBRAHIM MOHAMED YOUNIS 0507734394 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD10942  SULTAN BEDEWI TAKHSHON HALLOUSH 0503312435 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD6446  RAJEEV . RAMACHANDRAN 0505822885 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD6488  MOHAMMAD SHAMSUZ ZOHA 0504144307 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD6411  ALI KAREEM KURADY 0509490523 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD6242  ISRAA ABD AL MUHSSEN ALI 0508221942 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD6620  ABHAY CHANDRAKANT BHAGWAT 0504144307 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD6618  ASHWANI BHATIA TILAK RAJ BHATIA 0504144307 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD6896  HIBA HAMID AHMED MOHAMMED 0505721643 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD7233  NADIA ABDELKHALEK MOHAMED IBRAHIM 0506611297 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD10671  OMAR AL FAROUK ABU BAKR ABDEL KADIR 0506624718 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD10581  EL AMIN OSMAN MOHAMED THANI 0506670606 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD10491  RUBINA DILSHAD ANSARI 0506670606 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD10186  PETER PRASANTH KUMAR KUMAR 0508107878 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD10253  ANIRUDH PRALHAD THAKRE 0504456918 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD10418  MAGDY SAYED MOHAMED ALSHAKRE 0506625810 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD10430  YAHYA HUSSAIN CHIAD AL-ETHAWI 0506685501 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD10440  SANJAY BHALCHANDRA BAROT 0504456918 Specialist Paediatrics 
D5316  HEBA DOSOKY EID ABD ALAH 0506133725 Specialist Paediatrics 
D5489  MOHAMMAD ANWAR EJAZ MALLICK 0505461086 Specialist Paediatrics 
DT104  GHANDI MARIAPPAN . 0504456918 Specialist Paediatrics 
DT105  SATENDRA SINGH MADHUKAR 0504456918 Specialist Paediatrics 
DT118  RAMANASHREE SWAMY CHENGALA 0504456918 Specialist Paediatrics 
DT62  AHMED GAMAL ABDALLA 0501058987 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD9188  GHOLAMHOSSAIN HESAM PEZESHKI 0506611297 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD8797  ISMAIL AHMED MOHAMED YASSIN 0506211103 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD8954  NANDITA BAJAJ . 0504144307 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD9741  OSAMA ZAKI AHMED 0509987602 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD9526  SHATHA K. SALMAN 0505269116   Specialist Paediatrics 
GD9732  HAMDAN SAAD HAMED ADAM 0505326223 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD7648  ATEF AHMED AHMED BADAWY 0504165779 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD8497  MOHAMED SOBHY RAMADAN 0507810128 ADMIN@ALREEFHOSPITAL.AE Specialist Paediatrics 
GD8524  RULLA ESSAM AGARUSHI 0506231624 Specialist Paediatrics 
GD7954  BASIM HAMEED MOHAMED SAEED 0503474022 Specialist Paediatrics 
D2359  MAHMOUD MOHAMED JABR AFANA 0505126040 MAHMOUD41@YAHOO.COM Specialist Paediatrics 
GD7887  ATIF MOHAMMAD AYISH MUSTAFA 0506102000 INFO@SKMC.GOV.AE Specialist Psychiatry 
GD10627  EMEL SHEIKHO . 0501095884 Specialist Psychiatry 
GD6379  TUSHAR KUMAR ISWERLAL AGRAVAT 0504144307 Specialist Psychiatry 
GD5902  ALI HUSSAIN AL ATTYA 0554155055 Specialist Psychiatry 
GD11505  HUSAIN SALEH ABDULLA HUSAIN AL MUSAABI +971504434248 Specialist General Medicine/ Respiratory Medicine 
GD10705  ALI SAEED MOHAMED BU HUSSAIN 0508354342 Specialist General Medicine/ Respiratory Medicine 
D1522  GAYATHRI DEVI HOSANAGAR 0505822885 Specialist General Medicine/ Respiratory Medicine 
GD10819  NESREEN MOHAMED ISMAIL 0501821985 Specialist General Medicine/ Rheumatology 
GD7570  ATEF RAMADAN MOHAMED 0503296329 Specialist General Medicine/ Rheumatology 
GD7713  MOHAMED ABDEL MONIEM ABDOU ATTIA 0556727375 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD8362  HASSAN YAHIA OMRAN SHAAELDIN 0507225171 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD8363  KHALED MOUSTAFA MOHAMED ABDO EL-QUESNY 0503199979 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD9735  MOHAMED SHERIFF POOLAKUNDAN 0507896058 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD9656  JOSHY . ZACHARIAS 0501744001 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD8914  BALAZS . HETHARSI 0506611297 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD8949  ZEINAB MOHAMED MAHMOUD ZAYET 0505732053 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD8801  MOHAMED ABDEL HAKIM RATEB SAID ALY 0503137654 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD10818  MANISH SINGHAL . 0504456918 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD5735  GOPAKUMAR ATCHUTAKUMAR PILLAI 0505822885 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD5647  ILONA BERCIC . 0506720740 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD6196  BRIJESH ANILKUMAR TRIVEDI 0505822885 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD6202  ALAA ALY ELSAYED SHAHIN 0507904476 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD6263  BISMAN ALI ABBAS 0504414592 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD7207  SHAZA FAHED AL MOHSEN 0508156819 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD7061  MILIA . ALAHMAR 0507113146 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD7062  NIRAJ KUMAR SINHA 0508371792 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD6715  SELVI MAHALINGAM - 0504456918 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD6599  DHEERAJ - ARORA 0508354342 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD10636  MONKEZ ABDUL RAZAK ALMASRI 0506179910 PRO@HFE.AE Specialist Anesthesia 
GD10404  AYMAN ABDELHADY ABDELMAKSOUD 0508354342 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD10408  SABAH MOHAMAD MATIT 0507724279 DHAM_4@HOTMAIL.COM Specialist Anesthesia 
GD10319  ABDULRAHMAN AHMED SHAWKY BAYOUMY ALY 0508208388 Specialist Anesthesia 
GD10363  RASHA NABEEL MOHAMMED ELSAEED ABOUELMAGD 0501177685 Specialist Anesthesia 
DT58  MOHAMED SAAD KHALIEL 0509987602 Specialist Anesthesia 
D5918  YASSER SAMIR MAHMOUD 0507724279 DHAM_4@HOTMAIL.COM Specialist Anesthesia 
D4684  UPENDRA SRINIWASRAO BHINDWALE 0508208388 Specialist Anesthesia 
D3492  MIKHAIL TANNOUS HANNA 0508354342 Specialist Anesthesia 
DT108  MOHAMED FAWZY MOHAMED EL ANWAR 0507938589 Specialist Ophthalmology 
GD10379  RANIA MEDHAT MOHAMED 0509987602 Specialist Ophthalmology 
GD6974  NAWAL KHALED OTHMAN 0504448479 Specialist Ophthalmology 
GD7116  ADNAN OBAID JWDA 0508284547 Specialist Ophthalmology 
GD6307  AHMED MOHAMMED AL SAMAK 0502909419 Specialist Ophthalmology 
GD6372  ARCHANA SUNIL NIKOSE 0504456918 Specialist Ophthalmology 
GD6403  CHETANA ANAND VISHANDAS 0508296561 Specialist Ophthalmology 
GD6587  PRIYA - PRAKASH 0504144307 Specialist Ophthalmology 
GD6455  SIVAKAMI ARUMUGAM SHENGANI VEERABAHU 0504456918 Specialist Ophthalmology 
GD6174  RAID MAHDI KHALAF 0507724279 Specialist Ophthalmology 
GD5992  SAFWAN MIDHAT MOHAMMED AL BAYATI 0504144307 Specialist Ophthalmology 
GD6031  SHEHABUDHEEN ARAVASSERY SALAMU 0506332255 Specialist Ophthalmology 
GD10725  ABDULRAZAK HUSSAIN ALGAZAIRY 0555440084 Specialist Ophthalmology 
GD10753  AHMED ALI INAMALI QURESHI 0508208388 Specialist Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD5982  UDHAYASANKARAN SANKARA PANDIAN 0508296561 Specialist Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD6200  EMAD AHMED KHAIRY KAZEM 0507904476 Specialist Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD5790  AHMED MOHAMMED FALIH 0505822885 Specialist Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD5686  DILLAN KUMAR SHETTY KADRI 0503832753 Specialist Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD10442  NIZAR FAWAZ MUHANNA 0507938589 Specialist Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD10433  MONA OSMAN . 0506168690 Specialist Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD10275  SURESH KUMAR ADVANI 0505822885 Specialist Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD10586  AHMED MOHAMMED SALLAM 0506670606 Specialist Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
D5431  AHMED EL FAROUK FARAG 0508292429 Specialist Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD9727  AHMED ALI INAMALI QURESHI 0506718576 Specialist Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD9848  SANGEET KUMAR PODDAR 0504456918 Specialist Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD7649  MONA . OSMAN 0506168690 Specialist Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD6375  ALSAYED RIZK SAADAH 0508208388 Specialist Intensive Care 
GD10644  KARIN JANATA SCHWATCZEK 0501744001 Consultant Accident & Emergency Medicine 
GD10282  WILHELM . BEHRINGER 0501125209 Consultant Accident & Emergency Medicine 
GD7389  HAMID . EHSANI 0508417291 Consultant Accident & Emergency Medicine 
GD8662  CIARAN MICHAEL . DIXON 0506611297 cdixon@SKMC.GOV.AE Consultant Accident & Emergency Medicine 
GD7666  DHIA YOUNIS ALDOORI 0501442452 Consultant Internal Medicine 
GD10428  ABDELRAHMAN OSMAN MOHAMED ADAM 0506730139 Consultant Internal Medicine 
GD10160  DAUD SALIM ABDUL LATIF AL MUDALLAL 0508221942 Consultant Internal Medicine 
DT63  TAREQ ABDEL HADY ABDEL AZEEM 0509987602 Consultant Internal Medicine 
GD6323  NAZIR FAYEZ BARAKJI 0506265265 Consultant Internal Medicine 
GD6709  LEGESSE FULLA TEBEJE 0508394010 Consultant Internal Medicine 
GD5842  ADNAN NOOR SHAKIR 0506659741 Consultant Internal Medicine 
GD5944  SHIRINA AHMED AL SOWAIDI 0506230608 Consultant Internal Medicine 
GV255  SALWA ABDEL ZAHER MABROUK 0501291026 Consultant Internal Medicine 
GD10982  MOHAMED HANY OSMAN MOHAMED FAHMY 0506162104 Consultant General Surgery 
GD6451  AHMED HAMDY ALI 0508208388 Consultant General Surgery 
D5507  MOHAMED EL DESOUKY HASSAN 0507904476 Consultant General Surgery 
D4842  TASHIN ALI WAHEB 0558502020 Consultant General Surgery 
D4827  HENDRIK MARINUS SCHAAP 0506830116 Consultant General Surgery 
GD10492  JERZY MACIEJ SKUCINSKI 0503543414   Consultant General Surgery 
GD7699  AHMAD GHASSAN (M.S.) (EL YOUSEF KLOUB) 0506211103 KLOUB@MSN.COM Consultant General Surgery 
GD7371  MICHAEL MAYES WILSON PARRY 0504162506 Consultant General Surgery 
GD8503  ABRAR . KHAN 0508134771 Consultant General Surgery 
GD9222  YOUSEF I.M. ALASHAL +971505837266 Consultant General Surgery 
GD9226  ABDUL RAHMAN E H G EL-TAJI 0506232879 HAKAMTAJI@YAHOO.COM Consultant General Surgery 
GD9111  NOUHAD . HAMADE 0503231034 Consultant General Surgery 
GD7344  AHMED FOUAD AL SAYED ALI 0506211103 Consultant Neurosurgery 
GD6391  ELGOHARI MOHAMED ELGOHARI 0509338321 Consultant Neurosurgery 
GD11682  MAJED JOUMA KATATI +3495820360 Consultant Neurosurgery 
GD10201  KUROSH . PAYA 0501744001 Consultant Surgery/ Paediatric Surgery 
GD8441  MARIO . PATRICOLO 0506611297 mpatricolo@SKMC.GOV.AE Consultant Surgery/ Paediatric Surgery 
DT76  JOHANNES HENDRICUS SOHEEPERS 0507813199 Consultant Plastic Surgery 
GD10970  ABDULBAQI M.R. ABDULBAQI ALKHATIB 0507410136 Consultant Plastic Surgery 
GD6097  LUDGER JOACHIM MARIA MEYER 0504144307 Consultant Plastic Surgery 
GD6556  JEAN MARIE ALPHONSE MAES 0504465497 Consultant Plastic Surgery 
GD6551  MOHAMED FATHY ALY HASSAN MAROUF 0506720740 Consultant Plastic Surgery 
GV240  NICANOR GHARIB ISSE 0506419799 Consultant Plastic Surgery 
V50  ANTONIO PUIG ROSADO 0506265265 Consultant Plastic Surgery 
V179  BERNARD ANDRE CORNET 0506179910 Consultant Plastic Surgery 
GD6297  ELIE AZIZ EL-KHOURY 0506731945 Consultant Surgery/ Cardiothoracic 
GD5800  ABDEL LATIF MOHAMED ZAIED 0509987602 Consultant Urology 
GD10798  HISHAM ALI IBRAHIM MAGHRABY 0506170135 Consultant Urology 
GD10198  DHARI IBRAHIM MOSLIH 0501744001 Consultant Urology 
GD7305  MOHAMED ABDEL-BASIR SAYED 0509987602 Consultant Urology 
V52  JAMES JAMSHID ELIST 0508354342 Consultant Urology 
GD7299  JATINDER . DHAWAN 0506211103 Consultant General Medicine/ Cardiology 
GD7686  MOHAMED SAEED ALI SAEED AL MANSOORI 0506211103 Consultant General Medicine/ Cardiology 
GD10329  SAFWAN KHALIL JAALOUK 0506894563 Consultant General Medicine/ Cardiology 
D4419  ALY MOHAMED ABDELRAHMAN 0509338321 Consultant General Medicine/ Cardiology 
GD6275  SAAD ABOU ALI 0507917974 Consultant General Medicine/ Cardiology 
GD6458  UMESAN CHIRAMMAL VALAPPIL 0504144307 Consultant General Medicine/ Cardiology 
GD6608  GOPALA KRISHNA SUBRAYA BHAT 0505822885 Consultant General Medicine/ Cardiology 
GD10691  HASSAN IBRAHIM HASSAN GALADARI 0506440110 Consultant Dermatology 
GD7568  THOMAS GEORG BERGER 0505332143 Consultant Dermatology 
GD7674  ABDULNABY BAYOMI MOHAMED 0509987602 Consultant Radiology 
GD7707  MARIO DIMITRIO DONADIO 0506211103 Consultant Radiology 
GD8972  PETER . SWANBERG 0505321237 Consultant Radiology 
GD9297  WALDEMAR ANTON . GORKA 0504762899 Consultant Radiology 
GD9187  JAKOB . SWANBERG 0506611297 jswanberg@SKMC.GOV.AE Consultant Radiology 
GD9765  SHADHA ABDULSAHIB ABD ALI 0508394010 Consultant Radiology 
D5124  MAKI ALWAN ABOOD ALHILLI 0507904476 Consultant Radiology 
DT47  USHA KUMARI JAIRAM 0508296561 Consultant Radiology 
DT57  ABDULNABY BAYOMY MOHAMED 0509987602 Consultant Radiology 
GD6443  TOR ALBERT LOUIS MATTSSON 0506423175 Consultant Radiology 
GD6565  JANUSZ CZECHOWSKI . 0508221942 Consultant Radiology 
GD11412  SALAH . AL-JEBOORI 0508765432 Consultant Radiology 
GD6478  CAMILLE ESTEPHAN ABI RAAD 0506179910 Consultant General Medicine/ Gastroenterology 
GD7555  DREHER FRIEDRICH ALBERT 0507813199 Consultant General Medicine/ Gastroenterology 
DT56  KHALID MEHDI AL SHAFI 0506227862 Consultant Pathology/ Medical Microbiology 
GD10668  MUBARAK SAIF OBAID MOHAMMED AL FARESI 0506670606 Consultant Pathology/ Medical Microbiology 
GD10490  MAHFOUD Y. M. ELBASHARI 0506670606 Consultant General Medicine/ Neurology 
DT93  BENJAMIN PATRICK TURNER 0566017962 Consultant General Medicine/ Neurology 
GD6958  KHALDOUN MOHAMAD MOZAHEM 0508867399 Consultant General Medicine/ Neurology 
GD10962  BENJAMIN PATRICK TURNER 0566017962 Consultant General Medicine/ Neurology 
GD7294  DEEB MAXWELL KAYED 0501211900 Consultant General Medicine/ Neurology 
GD10941  THOMAS FRANCIS HESTON 0507731303 Consultant Nuclear Medicine 
GD10498  BRUCE KEITH ADAMS 0506670606 Consultant Nuclear Medicine 
GD10523  BARBARA BODNER ADLER 0501744001 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD10619  KLAUS MED UNIV BODNER 0566135310 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
DT85  ELSA LOSEVA . 0506179910 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD10112  MUNA KHALFAN OBAID 0501744001 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD10378  TEODORA ELENA UCENIC 0503383226 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
DT109  BADR ELDIN IBRAHIM AHMED 0506624450 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
DT124  MUKADDES - OKSUZ 00971567526967 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
D4863  GHANWA KAMAL AL SAIGH 0506830117 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
D3621  FAWZIA ESMAIL IBRAHIM AL SHAMMA 0506265265 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD11723  RANGEEN RAFIK HAMAD 0046700617373 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6081  MANAL KAMAL AMIN 0506265265 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD7108  STEPHANIE DEE . SMITH-SHAM 0503307336 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6535  MUNA KHALFAN OBAID 0506199005 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6311  GHASSAN MOHAMAD SAMIH LOTIFI 0506720740 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6278  MOHAMAD JANAH ABDUL FATTAH EL HASSAN 0507917974 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD6410  KEMIL BOUTROS RIZK 0509081364 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD7604  JACQUELINE CHARLOTTE HILL 0508394010 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD8790  NAGLAA THARWAT RIZK 0507955344 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GV225  IMAD FARID ABOU JAOUDE 0503296062 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology 
GD5855  HASSAN MOHAMED FATHY NAGUIB 0506265265 Consultant Paediatric Surgery 
GD10716  MOHAMED OMAR MOHAMED SALEM 0506935584 Consultant Psychiatry 
GD8337  ADEL SLEIMAN ZARAA 0506246717 Consultant Psychiatry 
GD8842  SALIM - CHAIB RASSOU 0507731303 Consultant Radiotherapy 
GD11072  GIUSEPPE . SASSO 0507731303 Consultant Radiotherapy 
GD6199  AVINASH PINGALE . 0506128321 Consultant General Medicine/ Nephrology 
GD11282  JASSEM - ABDOU +971507728460 Consultant General Medicine/ Respiratory Medicine 
GD11271  MUSTAFA KHALID YAHYA AL-IZZI 0506670606 Consultant General Medicine/ Rheumatology 
GD10615  WALTER - CONCA 0503362845 Consultant General Medicine/ Rheumatology 
GD8556  ROBERT . MARTEAU 0506611297 Consultant General Medicine/ Rheumatology 
GD8545  PETRA ALEXANDRA GROGER 0508343554 Consultant Anesthesia 
GD8105  ANNA LOUIS REYNEKE 0503465043 ALOUIS@TAWAM-HOSP.GOV.AE Consultant Anesthesia 
GD8088  ANDREA - KAHLENBERG 0508296561 Consultant Anesthesia 
GD7551  ROBERT CHALMERS REID 0502970431 KREIDSA@YAHOO.CO.UK Consultant Anesthesia 
GD7518  FRIEDERIKE JOHANNA VON CANAL 0506810262 Consultant Anesthesia 
GD9820  PETER OTTO LEMBACH 0506817810 Consultant Anesthesia 
GD10611  MOHAMED AL MAMOUN HANAFI OBEID 0506670606 Consultant Anesthesia 
GD11464  AMAR - SALTI +971507470539 Consultant Anesthesia 
GD11487  KLAUS-JOACHIM . WILD 004917640237376 Consultant Anesthesia 
GD10943  MOHAMED SAMY MOHAMED MOHAMED ABDEL REHIM 0508358689 Consultant Anesthesia 
GD6105  RAMI SALIM SHAMMAS 0506179910 Consultant Anesthesia 
GD6463  LATIF AHMAD . 0509060976 Consultant Anesthesia 
GD6979  MICHAEL . HORNUNG 0502863757 Consultant Anesthesia 
GV224  MOHAMED IBRAHIM MOHAMED SHEHATA 0505393799 Consultant Anesthesia 
V91  SAMIR GEORGE OUAIS 0506265265 Consultant General Medicine/ Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases 
GD10603  HUSSEIN FADL SAADI 0504481960 Consultant General Medicine/ Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases 
GD8068  JOB - SIMON 0504727945 Consultant General Medicine/ Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases 
GD10494  AYAT MOHAMMED ATTIA AL NAZER 0506670606 Consultant Pathology/ Hematology 
D5183  MOHAMMED CHAHBI . 0507556800 Consultant Ophthalmology 
GD6567  SALEH AHMED SAIF ALMOSABI 0507904476 Consultant Ophthalmology 
GD9203  SAFA HUSSAIN ABBAS AL ALI 0502157078 Consultant Ophthalmology 
GD9092  MAYSOON MOHAMMAD SAEED RAOUF 0506611297 Consultant Ophthalmology 
GD6365  JIHAD KHALIL MOHAMED ALBABA 0506173401 Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD6716  SALEH AHMED TAWFIQUE 0508221942 Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
D5144  TAREK HASSANEIN ELGABRI 0503229882 Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
DT29  MONES IBRAHIM MOUSSA HENDAWY 0506111354 Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
DT54  MEDHAT EZZELDIN TAWFIK 0509987602 Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD10635  BOUTROS MICHEL NAOUFAL 0508296561 Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
D1308  GAAFAR MOHAMED EL OMARI 0506417427 Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V53  JOEL DEPONDT . 0508354342   Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V5569  WOLFGANG ARNOLD . 0506111354 Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V27  MOHAMED CHAFIK KHALIFA 0558877424   Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V69  EDGARD DEPAEPE . 0508354342   Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
D1764  AHMED AMAR BIN AMAR 0508118380   Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V17  NABIL GALAL MOHAMED ZEID 0558877424   Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V173  REDA MOHAMED HOSSEIN KAMEL 0508208388 Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V2  JACK LEE PULEC 0507713252   Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V129  ASHRAF EL SENOUSY 0509987602   Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V130  DETLEV ADLER . 0508354342   Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V121  THOMAS .J. DONALD 0509987602   Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V162  ALLEN SEIDEN . 0509987602   Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V160  REDA HOSSEIN KAMAL 0509987602   Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V100  SERGE PLOT . 0509987602   Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V106  RICHARD EDMUND . 0558877424   Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
V125  WOLFGANG ARNOLD . 0509987602   Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GV283  MAJED HUSSEIN IBRAHIM 0508296561 Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GV244  ASHRAF ABDELZAHER MABROUK 0501291026 Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GV287  CANAAN LAVELLE VERNON HARRIS 0508296561 Consultant Otolaryngology (ENT Surgery) 
GD8374  MOHAMMAD NASER CHIRAZI 0506611297 INFO@SKMC.COV.AE Consultant Intensive Care 
GD8909  STEPHEN EDWARD SHIPTON 0506721280 Consultant Paediatrics / Paediatric Cardiology 
GD10151  MUHAMMAD MUHAMMAD HASSAN RABBAA ALSHEHHI 0506670606 Consultant Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 
D5580  THOMAS JOSEPH . 0508221192 G.P Dentist 
D5923  ISHRAGA NAGEM ELDIN ABBAS 0508208388 G.P Dentist 
D3244  FARSHID ABDOL HAMID ALI KHANI 0506265265 G.P Dentist 
D3290  AKEEL SALEH MEZYED AL-DABBOOS 0502339177 G.P Dentist 
D3035  HANNA JONSSON KREDKIEWICZ 0507213101 G.P Dentist 
D2988  MAMOON MOHAMED JAWAD MAZHAR 0506163234 G.P Dentist 
D4016  MANJIRI NIRAV VIDYARTHI 0503208409 G.P Dentist 
GD6627  HASSIBA AKBAR MOHAMMAD 0508140057 G.P Dentist 
GD6988  KHULOOD KAMIL KADHUM 0508845249 G.P Dentist 
GD7018  RESHMA PRADEEP . 0505822885 G.P Dentist 
GD7091  DHRAR S. DAWOOD 0559310963 G.P Dentist 
GD5821  RAMYA KIRAN NARAYAN SWAMY 0507016546 G.P Dentist 
GD5974  GINU SHAJU DANIEL 0509987602 G.P Dentist 
GD5660  MINI MANOJ . 0504105178 G.P Dentist 
GD5661  ABDULLATIF MOHAMAD TAHA 0508296561 G.P Dentist 
GD5684  SUHA KHALIL ALMUSLEH 0503524719 G.P Dentist 
GD5737  KHAMAEL RAZZAQ ABDUL RIDHA 0507328177 G.P Dentist 
GD11185  RABAB AHMED M. AL RAHMA 0506577748 G.P Dentist 
GD8774  NAHED NAEIM ASHAM 0503820334 G.P Dentist 
GD9072  AMAL MOHAMAD BAHAA AL SARMA 0505423055 G.P Dentist 
GD9524  HANAN WADIE MOSAAD AYOB 0506228977   G.P Dentist 
GD9470  ATIF ADLI KHAIR GIBRAEIL 0505834605 G.P Dentist 
GD9603  LEILA SAADEDDINE EL HABACHE 0503330723   G.P Dentist 
GD8323  ABOU BAKR AHMED MANSOUR ALI 0507729660 G.P Dentist 
GD8335  SHINY GEORGE THEKKADATHU 0507662778 G.P Dentist 
GD7806  MAGDI HASHEM EL KASSI 0506634118 G.P Dentist 
GD7764  MISS FATIMA MOHD K.A AL SOUAIDI 0504453744 G.P Dentist 
GD7904  MOHAMED FAWZI ALI BADRAN 0506917959 G.P Dentist 
GD7920  SALEH MAHMOUD ABDEL KADER AFIFI 0505130234   G.P Dentist 
GD7290  YAHIA MAGDY SAMEH 0509987602 G.P Dentist 
D1840  MOHAMMAD RIYAD EL HENDY 0505630665 G.P Dentist 
D1287  ABLA ABD EL WAHAB AHMED 0507816205 G.P Dentist 
V90  KHAYRI AL JABI 0508354342   G.P Dentist 
GD9087  KHALID MANZOR AHMED 0506265265 Specialist Endodontics 
GD8732  LARA EMILE SAWAYA 0505669729 Specialist Endodontics 
GD11491  NAJLA ALI ALDIWANI +971504590110 Specialist Endodontics 
D4243  ALINE ALBERT SAADE 0507209726 Specialist Endodontics 
GD10595  ABOOBAKER SIDDIQUE ABDUL KARIM AHMED 0506670606 Specialist Endodontics 
GD10130  HARES HASSAN ABDUL SATER 0505836261 Specialist Endodontics 
GD10215  ABDUL LATIF AYYARIL KUNJUMOIDEEN 0508296561 Specialist Oral Surgery 
GD10126  EDGARD ANTOINE JABBOUR 0505836261 Specialist Oral Surgery 
GD10651  ADEL KAMEL AL-KHAYAT 0507610876 Specialist Oral Surgery 
D4386  ADEL SALAH EL-DEIN MOHAMMED 0505224073 Specialist Oral Surgery 
D5115  LINA SAD ALKHADRA 0507904476 Specialist Oral Surgery 
D5931  MOUFK R. ABED ABDUL GHAFOOR 0508221942 Specialist Oral Surgery 
GD6975  ABDUL WAHAB LAWAL . 0501279517 Specialist Oral Surgery 
GD7028  EMILIE . EL HAYECK 0507210205 Specialist Orthodontics 
GD5752  DEVENDRA KUMAR SINGH 0501291026 Specialist Orthodontics 
DT44  AYMAN SAEED ADIB 0506585580 Specialist Orthodontics 
D473  OSSAMA ABDULWAHAB ALMNJJED ALLHHAM 0506220901 Specialist Orthodontics 
D3822  DANI KAHIL . 0504463756 Specialist Orthodontics 
GD10530  BENNY MATHEW MULAKAL 0506670606 Specialist Orthodontics 
GD10248  ZIAD FAROOQ EL KHOURY 0505836261 Specialist Orthodontics 
GD6377  BABU JOSE KANICHAI 0502970740 Specialist Paediatrics Dentistry 
GD9608  SARA BAKRI MOHAMED BALDO 0507905055 Specialist Paediatrics Dentistry 
GD7479  INTISAR N. HAMOUDI 0508163820 Specialist Paediatrics Dentistry 
GD5654  DINOOP SHANKAR RADHA KRISHNAN 0506418383 Specialist Periodontology 
GD6497  SUNEEL KUMAR NAMBURI 0504928161 Specialist Prosthodontics 
GD10593  VINOO POTHEN MATHEW 0506670606 Specialist Prosthodontics 
D3273  NIRAV SHIRISH VIDYARTHI 0508296561 Specialist Prosthodontics 
D4838  HASSAN MOKHTAR GALAL 0506911531 Specialist Prosthodontics 
GD8209  ALIAA H RASHEED 0507217705 Specialist Prosthodontics 
GD9096  MUJIB ABID MINHAS 0506265265 Specialist Prosthodontics 
GV273  ANTOINE SAADE . 0506149320 Consultant Orthodontics 
GV241  AMR EMAD ELDAKROURY 0506216817 Consultant Orthodontics 
GV264  MARTINA TRAUTE WITTDORF ROLOFF 0506167152 Consultant Orthodontics 
GD10638  DINA SAMIR DEBAYBO 0506255146 Consultant Paediatrics Dentistry 
GN10  SHAMARRE JOY RIZALDO 0506179910 SVCARINO21@YAHOO.COM Registered Nurse 
GN1000  ANTHONY SUNDIAM RAMOS 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN1013  ANALIZA PAPAURAN LINATOC 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
GN1014  ROCHELLE ANNE SADORRA RAMA 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
GN1017  JESUS SANTOS NEPOMUCENO 0509510225 Registered Nurse 
GN1059  JOEL PELLEJO SALDAJENO 0506265265 Registered Nurse 
GN1035  MARITES CENIDOZA RONQUILLO 0503215950 Registered Nurse 
GN1037  JULIET ALARCON JONES 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN1085  ERIKA HILDA NIEBUHR 0508394010 Registered Nurse 
GN1099  RANALYN CHUA MAGCURO 0506139351 Registered Nurse 
GN111  DELEENA KONNOTH MATHEW 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN1116  ERICNELL PLAZA GINO-GINO 0506265265 Registered Nurse 
GN1118  SINY RAJESH . 0508902345 Registered Nurse 
GN112  SHEESA PAUL PARAMBY JOSEPH 0507904476 Registered Nurse 
GN1066  AMNEH AMER ABU-RUB 0503495533 Registered Nurse 
GN119  BINDU SUSAN JOHN 0507321141 Registered Nurse 
GN1209  MICHELLE PASION DOMINGO 0506193499 Registered Nurse 
GN1224  MARY STELLA . 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN1228  BINCY KURIAN KURIAN 0509987602 Registered Nurse 
GN1230  SINU GRACY JOHN 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
GN1233  ERWIN NERA PEROS 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
GN1243  MANAL MAHMOUD ELAZAB 0504455657 Registered Nurse 
GN1254  YASMIN JAMEEMA . 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN1255  JUBY ABRAHAM . 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN1257  CLEOFE PAGUSARA AMBALONG 0508226097 Registered Nurse 
GN1261  NIDA BAUYAN BESTRE 0509987602 Registered Nurse 
GN1266  SOBHA POULOSE MATTAPPILLY 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN127  MARICEL POMPERADA STA. ANA 0508394010 Registered Nurse 
GN1293  BAMBEE RUTH MAHILUM 0502534648 Registered Nurse 
GN1311  GEETHA CHULLIKKAL . 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN1322  ORAL JOY PRICELLA APPALOSE 0508296561 Registered Nurse 
GN1331  MONA MOHAMAD ZOHAIR 0501210838 Registered Nurse 
GN1348  SHINEY KALLANANIYIL MATHAI 0508214249 Registered Nurse 
GN1349  EBEN THURALAYIL ABRAHAM 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN1351  MONSY CHERIAN . 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN1354  JOMY ANTO JAMES 0566742577 Registered Nurse 
GN1356  MELANIE BILIRAN DIAMANTE 0566923104 Registered Nurse 
GN1374  KAREN SIENES GARCIA 0506179910 Registered Nurse 
GN1388  ENY KUSMYATI SETYANINGSIH 0507227045 Registered Nurse 
GN1389  KHALED MOH'D ABBAS BANI ISSA 0505237613 Registered Nurse 
GN1410  RONALD SANTOS APOSTOL 0504152318 Registered Nurse 
GN1420  HAWA S . YAKUBU 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
GN1421  RAJALAKSHMI . SUBRAMANIAN 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
GN1437  SUJATHA KODIYATTU MALAYIL VASAVAN 0507211103 Registered Nurse 
GN1438  DANILO SEDILLO BONAOBRA 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN1463  HANAN NOURELDIN ELSAFFY GABR 0504380655 Registered Nurse 
GN1484  ELIZABETH MACALINAO ENGLE 0508361695 Registered Nurse 
GN1486  ABDURAHMAN REPONTE BAGIS 0506131949 Registered Nurse 
GN151  CHRISTINE BALBOSA NADALA 0505481150 Registered Nurse 
GN1529  JOSEPH DERRICK DINO VENZON 0509987602 Registered Nurse 
GN1544  JANE EUSEBIO ROTHWELL 0506211894 Registered Nurse 
GN156  SMITHA THINDIATHIL BABY 0508373848 Registered Nurse 
GN1560  SUSAN HEATHER. KUISMA 0507957405 Registered Nurse 
GN1568  HALA ALI HARB 0506724900 Registered Nurse 
GN1573  LYRA CUNANAN JIMENEZ 0501306389 Registered Nurse 
GN159  AILEEN PAPASIN CRUS 0502674222 Registered Nurse 
GN1594  JOBCY ASHA MATHEW 0508394010 Registered Nurse 
GN1600  JANE GANZA CAUNGA 0509987602 Registered Nurse 
GN1612  ELIZABRETH OBOR ALINTANAHIN 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
GN1631  VINI MATHEW . 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN1661  SAMUNDEESWARI . DAVAMANI 0507428610 Registered Nurse 
GN1666  SAFAA SAYED YOUNES DHAWY 0506131949 Registered Nurse 
GN1668  MARIAM MUFLEH MOHAMMAD EL WAHSH 0507714662 Registered Nurse 
GN1415  MERCEDITA CARAAN QUELISTE 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN1416  DITTY ELIZABETH MATHEW . 0508351689 Registered Nurse 
GN1727  M S AMARA M SANKARA REDDY 0506724900 Registered Nurse 
GN1775  CHRISTIAN LORESCO HISOLER 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN1804  CHAKKALAKKAL OUSEPH MARY 0566188514 Registered Nurse 
GN1807  SEENAMOL THEKKANAMKUNNEL JOHN 0508327675 Registered Nurse 
GN181  CHARIEFEL OMEGA LACSAMANA 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN1827  SUNITHA BEEGUM ARIFA BEEVI 0505169870 Registered Nurse 
GN1878  PEH YIEN PIN 0506724900 Registered Nurse 
GN1880  YANIKUNNEL JOSEPH . SHANTY NOOTTI 0502381413 Registered Nurse 
GN1906  AMIRA ALI HUMAID AL MAQBALI 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN1908  BINDU PAYYANATTU UTHUPPAN 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN1858  CAROLINA . CLAYTON 0503284631 Registered Nurse 
GN1983  PAOLO MIGUEL ARENAS GONZALES 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN2026  JAMES ARTHUR HUGHES 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN205  PERICLES CHAVEZ DE LUMEN 0502644684 Registered Nurse 
GN2059  JUNER JULIUS PAPA BASE 0508166932 Registered Nurse 
GN206  MUNJARAF KHAN MIRAJ KHAN 0503259608 Registered Nurse 
GN2088  MARIA ELLEN SEROGNAS BRIGOLI 0504769330 Registered Nurse 
GN2116  MONTAHA AHMAD MAAROUF 0507729660 Registered Nurse 
GN2120  CAROL ANNE . FLYNN 0506159601 Registered Nurse 
GN2156  SOSAKUTTY . JOHNS 0566188514 Registered Nurse 
GN2176  NADIA ELTOUM AHMED FADL ALLA 0566188514   Registered Nurse 
GN2178  DALILA OBTINALLA BARAIRO 0566188514 Registered Nurse 
GN2199  MAURO CRUZ SITCHON 0566188514 Registered Nurse 
GN2205  LYNETTE JOAN UNSER 0503178456 Registered Nurse 
GN222  MERRY LOVELLE FERNANDEZ PEREZ 0507427132 Registered Nurse 
GN2241  ANNIE . THOMAS 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN2251  MARIAMMA GEORGE . CHARAMPARAMPIL 0559292279 Registered Nurse 
GN2254  PATIENCE MARY MAHLANGU 0502355373 Registered Nurse 
GN226  FRED LUIS BERNARDO SANTOS 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN2310  SHUKRIYA ABDULLAHI ELMI 0504185832 Registered Nurse 
GN2359  MA. ELENA ABUNDO RAULE 0503218349 Registered Nurse 
GN2384  JAISON JOSEPH LUKE 0508394010 Khaddad@oasishospital.orq Registered Nurse 
GN239  CELIA ANN HEMS 0506265265 Registered Nurse 
GN2431  REIGWANA MOHAMED BAPOO 0506931097 Registered Nurse 
GN2437  SERUWAIA VALA YOUNG 0506477441 Registered Nurse 
GN2471  JIMMY BALATUCAN SANCHEZ 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN2510  MELANIE MARY . CHRISTENSEN 0502337802 Registered Nurse 
GN2512  FE SILLORIQUEZ PINPIN 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN255  ERICK ECHALUSE BARRERA 0504144407 Registered Nurse 
GN257  STEVE ALLEN HEBRON 0501444307 Registered Nurse 
GN2614  MOZA ALI SULAIMAN AL MA'MARI 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN2618  LOGAMBAL . RAGHUNAN 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN2620  ELENITA MORALES MAGRATA 0506936817 Registered Nurse 
GN2631  RIHAB MOHAMMAD AHMAD ALHAMDAN 0505914595 Registered Nurse 
GN2647  MARK JAYSON MERU DIMAANO 0566923104 Registered Nurse 
GN2648  MICHAEL JOHN ROBLES LOPEZ 0503771455 Registered Nurse 
GN2649  ROBERTO JR. SARAZA RUY 0561385843 Registered Nurse 
GN2698  JAN MICHAEL LIJA LOSTE 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN2418  ENDANG SRI HARYATI 0508161700 Registered Nurse 
GN2727  KHOR LAN CHING 0503308646 A@A.COM Registered Nurse 
GN2734  SARAMMA . JACOB 0507939456 Registered Nurse 
GN2763  NOMBULELO VICTORIA . MTONGANA 0503232956 Registered Nurse 
GN2773  JENY MANEKUDYIL . 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
GN2812  ROLANDO SADAYA ORAIS 0503351927 Registered Nurse 
GN2959  SUZETTE LIRIO GONZALES 0508113655 Registered Nurse 
GN2979  SABAH SAIF RASHID AL DAHMANI 0508106997 Registered Nurse 
GN303  RASHELLE PERALTA CABJUAN 0506265265 Registered Nurse 
GN3070  TESSY . GEEVARGHESE 0507332152 Registered Nurse 
GN31  SHERINE JOSEPH AMBALATHINGAL 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN3106  JANET ALAIR ARABIA 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN311  THOMAS MAXWELL SMILLIE 0504470795 Registered Nurse 
GN2789  KAMEELIA MUSA MOHAMMED ABDESSALAM 0506656428 Registered Nurse 
GN2792  MAHASEN YOUSSEF ELABD ARAFA 0506659856 Registered Nurse 
GN2889  VILMA DALINA CATALAN 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN2895  MICHAEL TABORA ROXAS 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
GN3177  DIVINA BOBILES GUZMAN 0502877241 Registered Nurse 
GN3184  NOURA SAEED JUMA SAEED AL SHAMSI 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN3192  KURIKESU VALSAMMA THENGUVILAYIL 0506735349 Registered Nurse 
GN3200  PETER MICHAEL SILERIO TALASAN 0503388983 Registered Nurse 
GN3232  JULIUS PATRICK MATA MANCHING 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN3238  FAIZA ALI SALIM AL- AZRI 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN3269  STEPHEN DAVID O‘BRIEN 0501240375 Registered Nurse 
GN3299  NADIA ADAM MOHAMUD 0504193445 Registered Nurse 
GN2937  CATHERINE DE GUZMAN BAUTISTA 0507938589 Registered Nurse 
GN3365  REHAB RIYADH MOHAMMED SHAHER 0505437370 Registered Nurse 
GN347  ANALIZA CASTILLO MATIENZO 0501200529 Registered Nurse 
GN3537  THRESIAMMA . OUSEPH 0507937352 Registered Nurse 
GN3599  NISREEN A.M. ALGHUSSEIN 0507936163 Registered Nurse 
GN3601  SHINY . GEORGE 0504932314 Registered Nurse 
GN363  JOEL SUBA MALLARI 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN3635  ANGELINA OLAN BAUTISTA 0505716373 Registered Nurse 
GN366  MAVEL NGAYAN AGCAOILI 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN367  DENNIS BERNABE BLANCO 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN3672  LILY . AGNEES 0506155132 Registered Nurse 
GN368  MARIA LYNZEL ESPINA IGNACIO 0501263219 Registered Nurse 
GN3681  SUHAD NAIM MUSTAFA ABDALLAH 0506914819 Registered Nurse 
GN3685  AKLEEM . AKHTAR 0507828829 Registered Nurse 
GN3711  ALAA M.I. ABUASSI 0503223310 Registered Nurse 
GN3725  JEREMIAH GALDIANO GUILLEN 0501239262 Registered Nurse 
GN3730  LANIETA NASIGAYA KOYAMAIIBOLE 0508218911 Registered Nurse 
GN3390  RHEA CANILLO GUIMPOL 0509942978 Registered Nurse 
GN3391  ANJA - STODTMEISTER 0505438673 Registered Nurse 
GN3839  MARIA THERESA PACE MILITANTE 0508289845 Registered Nurse 
GN3845  CICILY . THOMAS 0503204103 Registered Nurse 
GN3878  AMELIA TAGUINOD LOZA 0501223136 Registered Nurse 
GN3932  SHEELA VALOOKARAN DEVASSY 0508353042 Registered Nurse 
GN3938  MA. ERLINA CAYAO TABANAO 0504173786 Registered Nurse 
GN3958  PRINCESS CATALINA DE ROXAS REYES 0501903159 Registered Nurse 
GN3967  ELSAMMA . FRANCIS 0509848318 Registered Nurse 
GN3968  EVANGELINE JUAN LONGBOY 0509726942 Registered Nurse 
GN3976  MILAFLOR BATAY ARIOJA 0508193567 Registered Nurse 
GN40  MARY JANE GERONIMO 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN4010  SALEH AL 'ABD SALEH AL RASBI 0505914595 Registered Nurse 
GN4044  MUNA MOHAMMAD SALMAN SHAHEEN 0505416028 Registered Nurse 
GN375  GENIE IBRAHIM SAWAYA 0506686679 Registered Nurse 
GN3799  RACHEL HELEN FORBES 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN3891  EMERSON DOMINE RABANG 0501287698 Registered Nurse 
GN39  GLADYS PENARANDA URONGAN 0507813199 Registered Nurse 
GN4080  DAISAMMA . O.J 0502635754 Registered Nurse 
GN409  DORIS MORAA GITARI 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN4100  MOH'D SALAMEH SALEEM ALMHAREB 0501231512 Registered Nurse 
GN4101  NASSEM HASSAN ABD AL-KAFER AL-KHAWAJA 0501223150 Registered Nurse 
GN4105  JIMMY YU MANALANSANG 0508217154 Registered Nurse 
GN4200  MANAL RAMADAN DRWISH AZZAM 0507713354 Registered Nurse 
GN4222  MAIE KRISNA FIRMALINO FRIAL 0503328216 Registered Nurse 
GN4227  JOYCE SHAILA ROCHE 0508101361 Registered Nurse 
GN423  AMAL ABDALLA MASOUD 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN4233  RANA MOH'D HUSSAIN ABU ALRUB 0508366219 Registered Nurse 
GN4243  TAHANI TAYSSIR AL-SARADI 0506821151 Registered Nurse 
GN4244  MARCIA ELIZABETH . HUDSON 0509050755 Registered Nurse 
GN4249  MARIA PEPITA MORRIS SULIT 0503204373 Registered Nurse 
GN4252  DONNA . KUFFLER 0503206490 Registered Nurse 
GN4145  GEMMA ACUERDO GALLENERO 0503353805 Registered Nurse 
GN4152  LORD GUZMAN COLOT 0507335486 Registered Nurse 
GN4188  ESRAA ABDELHAMID BORHAN AWAD 0501494330 Registered Nurse 
GN4276  RANDA YOUSEF SALEH AL HASSANI 0505278632 Registered Nurse 
GN4285  MA. CORAZON NANETTE CARBON CASTOR 0503179997 Registered Nurse 
GN4292  ROSEMARIE QUIZON VERGARA 0503192948 Registered Nurse 
GN4349  CHARMAINE . VAN HEERDEN 0508208675 Registered Nurse 
GN435  RUEL BUSTAMANTE DIAZ 0506174133 Registered Nurse 
GN4392  ASA'D ADNAN ASA'D SALMAN 0506630494 Registered Nurse 
GN4394  SUSAN . THOMAS 0503145460 Registered Nurse 
GN440  AMMINI RAJAYAN SICILY 0508296561 Registered Nurse 
GN4418  MARY ELLEN GIBSON 0507725102 Registered Nurse 
GN4420  TANYA MAY LISA . JENSEN RESCH 0503289901 Registered Nurse 
GN4434  DIVYA DOMINIC . 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN4448  THNAA HAMZA ALDERA 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN4454  SUSAN JOY ROBERTS +966532296100 Registered Nurse 
GN4535  IBTISAM MOHAMED ABDULLA AL SIYABI 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN4557  ANWAR BEGUM ANWAR 0505966646 Registered Nurse 
GN457  LYRA RUTH DIMAANO GOMEZ 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
GN4572  DOLLA . SAADE 0505612528 Registered Nurse 
GN4573  ASMA HASSAN SALMEEN AL ZAABI 0508064406 Registered Nurse 
GN4616  SOSAMMA . ALEXANDER JACOB 0505715689 Registered Nurse 
GN4624  PAMMI - SHARMA 0505436784 Registered Nurse 
GN4629  ASILA MUBARAK RASHID AL-MAQBALI +971505914595 Registered Nurse 
GN4689  ANANTHANAYAKI SARAVANAN . 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN4706  FREDRIKA CORNELIA VAN ZYL 0508237225 Registered Nurse 
GN4707  CARMEL PATRICIA . HILL 0505428041 Registered Nurse 
GN472  PRAKASH VELUCHAMY . 0555975777 Registered Nurse 
GN4790  RAMI FARHAN AHMED ABU-SEIF 0508148798 Registered Nurse 
GN4880  FARES AHMAD KHALIL DARADKEH 0506897394 Registered Nurse 
GN4886  NELIDA ROXAS FLORES 0505428768 INFO@SKMC.GOV.AE Registered Nurse 
GN4889  OMAR MOHAMMAD AHMAD ALAMRI 0503348416 Registered Nurse 
GN4960  MARIE DONNABEL CLEMENTE ELOPRE 0561238621 Registered Nurse 
GN4805  VERONICA - BARNARD 0501998435 Registered Nurse 
GN4983  PHILIPPA GAIL CLAYTON 0501121258 Registered Nurse 
GN5076  NADIA ABDULLAH SALIM AL KHUWALDI +971501127028 Registered Nurse 
GN5162  ROMIR SANCHEZ AGLUGUB +971501249185 Registered Nurse 
GN5169  FAKHARI KHAMIS ALI AL SADI 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN517  BHANUDAS KUNDALIK SAVANT 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN5170  RANIA JAMIL MUSTAFA THIKRAKKAH 0507067247 Registered Nurse 
GN5243  SAJITHAMOL JOSE VELAMPARAMBIL 0504449545 Registered Nurse 
GN5258  AHLAM AHMED OMAR HASSOUNA +971503339434 Registered Nurse 
GN536  MYRA ABDON RELLORES 0507904476 Registered Nurse 
GN544  LEDON BARCELO VILLA 0507904476 Registered Nurse 
GN5458  JOANN LEGASPI SAN PEDRO 0506685501 Registered Nurse 
GN546  MARIA CHRISTINA BERNALES LAUREANO 0507904476 Registered Nurse 
GN5466  MARIAMMA . THOMAS 00971505966646 Registered Nurse 
GN5476  RIBIN - SEBASTIAN 009391734031 Registered Nurse 
GN548  MISSY RACHEL ABRAHAM 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN5492  NANCY . MADATHIL 0509683053 Registered Nurse 
GN5505  MAITHA KHALFAN NASER AL SUWAIDI 0507500556 Registered Nurse 
GN5514  KARREN FAITH FLOR CANJA 0503181191 Registered Nurse 
GN5305  LAILA HUMAID ALI AL-RISI +971507902602 Registered Nurse 
GN5313  IMAD MOH‘D ABDELMAJID ODEH 0504481301 Registered Nurse 
GN5350  WONG MEI LING 0506724900 Registered Nurse 
GN5209  TRYPHINA ELLEN KADALIE +971507600297 Registered Nurse 
GN5217  AILEEN ARZOLA BAUTISTA 0505966646 Registered Nurse 
GN5558  VERONICA OPIANA SERONA 0503374310 Registered Nurse 
NT12  MA. YALITA SORIBELLO REGALARIO 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
NT19  WANG YUE . 0506179910 Registered Nurse 
NT20  LIU YUEZHEN . 0506179910 AHR@HFE.AE Registered Nurse 
NT24  JING . JIANG 0506179910 Registered Nurse 
NT3  MARIA CECILIA BALBIN DELA PENA 0501081229 Registered Nurse 
T101  RADHA DAN SINGH 0507530339 Registered Nurse 
T1277  LAXMI GANAPATI KAMATH 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
T1290  MARIA CELESTE DONATO 0507826300 Registered Nurse 
T1127  GLORIA BILLONES SACARE 0507904476 Registered Nurse 
T1525  MONTHY NORONHA NALERIAN 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
T1632  BETTY KURIEN . 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
T1677  LEELAMMA PAPPINASSERIL JACOB 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
T2110  ERNA POLODEANU . 0506265265 Registered Nurse 
T2200  LOREDANA PETCH . 0507218750 Registered Nurse 
GT4620  BIJIMOL JOSEPH VATTUTHATTUKALAYIL 0506174133 Registered Nurse 
GT4626  ABDALLAH ALOUI . 0507904476 Registered Nurse 
GT4634  SMITHA STEPHEN . 0507904476 Registered Nurse 
GT4641  YAPING LI . 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GT4643  GIGI NIBU VARGHESE 0506265265 Registered Nurse 
GT4666  THUSHARA GOPINATH . 0559821136 Registered Nurse 
GT4676  FEDERICO CORPUZ TABOR 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GT4565  EDNALYN PAUSANOS CARPIO 0508207831 Registered Nurse 
GT4572  MICHELLE VETTY BERR DELA CRUZ REJOSO 0507031225 Registered Nurse 
GT4579  DANIELA PARASCHIV . 0506265265 Registered Nurse 
GT4710  SINI BABY SAMUEL 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN5718  VENUS NATNAT LOGATOC 0508209511 INFO@SKMC.GOV.AE Registered Nurse 
GN574  MARTHA PETRONELLA PRYDE 0508394010 Registered Nurse 
GN5749  JUDALYN MIRANTES AVENIDO 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
GN58  JUSTAN AMNOON MASIH 0505819131 Registered Nurse 
GN5805  SAMIYA SALIM AAMIR AL BALUSHI 0507837380 Registered Nurse 
GN581  MARY ANDRE ECHAVEZ SOMOZA 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
GN5873  OSAMA MOHAMMAD YOUSEF BARGHOTH 0552400398 Registered Nurse 
GN5887  JASMIN KANJIRAKOMBIL PAUL 0501237215 Registered Nurse 
GN5895  JERSEY ROGER MANZANO PASIBE 0553013992 Registered Nurse 
GN6004  SHARMILA RAMAMURTHY . 0508296561 Registered Nurse 
GN6039  JOICE - MATHEW 0501090536 Registered Nurse 
GN6059  OLIVIA NAVAL UY 0501268411 INFO@SKMC.GOVE.AE Registered Nurse 
GN6088  ADRIAN VILLANUEVA DE LEON 0502637596 Registered Nurse 
GN6128  RASHA M.M. ABUAWAD 0503276430 Registered Nurse 
GN6207  ARIEL DE LEON BAYUDAN 00971506105268 Registered Nurse 
GN5668  ADOLFO SANCHEZ SANTISTEBAN 0553013992 Registered Nurse 
GN5688  ROSS SINCLAIR FORBES +441983565433 Registered Nurse 
GN6215  CHRISTINE SIEW CHENG CHUA 0506685501 Registered Nurse 
GN6421  SUZAN ABDUL RAHIM MOH'D ASAAD 0506925515 INFO@SKMC.GOV.AE Registered Nurse 
GN6488  DUA'A ISSA AHMAD BRAIK 0566184031 Registered Nurse 
GN6496  NAINU SOSA NINAN 0553235792 Registered Nurse 
GN6546  MAJED HASSAN ALTALLA 0566923104 Registered Nurse 
GN6577  AMANDA ELIZABITH . ARNOLD 0557897418 Registered Nurse 
GN6589  RONALD ANDREW SARES AMARILLO 0553013992 Registered Nurse 
GN6599  SONYA KAUR LOI +97137022663 Registered Nurse 
GN6601  MAHENDRA KUMAR JANGIR 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN6620  ANITHA MARY - ABRAHAM 0500000000 A@A.COM Registered Nurse 
GN6642  JANCY . KOSHY 006492708659 Registered Nurse 
GN6657  ANGIELYN SORIANO RELUCIO 0501976428 Registered Nurse 
GN6697  SUN YOUNG KANG 0566124021 Registered Nurse 
GN6831  JENNIFER ANNE SEVILLENO VINLUAN 0505466071 Registered Nurse 
GN6877  SHIBY . CHANDY 0503605312 Registered Nurse 
GN6879  JIN - HAN 0566124006 Registered Nurse 
GN688  CHERRIE LUDRIN BELEN 0509708772 Registered Nurse 
GN6924  HANAN HAFEDH SAID AL KALBANI 0501744001 Registered Nurse 
GN6947  PERLA RAMOS HINUNANGAN +97155215181 INFO@SKMC.AE Registered Nurse 
GN716  ALELIE NISPEROS MAGAT 0508243650 Registered Nurse 
GN73  VANDANA GIRIJADEVI NARAYANAN 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN734  RUTH LAURE PIMENTEL 0506179910 Registered Nurse 
GN7359  YUN JIN - PARK 0566124005 Registered Nurse 
GN736  TITTYMOLE CHEMBIL PHILIP 0508296561 Registered Nurse 
GN747  FATIMA HAMZA JALLAD 0505968955 Registered Nurse 
GN7011  BADREYYA AHMED ALSHEHHI 0505894258 Registered Nurse 
GN7066  SAWASAN DARWISH ABDULLAH AL MUJAINI 0507768727 Registered Nurse 
GN7082  MAYASSAR YOUSEF HUSAIN AL-DABABI 0504441483 Registered Nurse 
GN709  JOANN LEGASPI SAN PEDRO 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN7093  SHARIFA SALIM MOHAMED AL QUTAITI 0509284849 Registered Nurse 
GN7102  NOORA (MOH‘D ZUHAIR) A. HASOUNEH 0505421266 Registered Nurse 
GN685  SOMA MATHEWS MANAYATHARA 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN7504  JONATHAN RECANA LOGATOC 0501377045 Registered Nurse 
GN7649  MAY ANCHETA MAGLALANG 0552810964 Registered Nurse 
GN7660  SOLOMON . TSEOLE 0503284460 Registered Nurse 
GN7718  MARICEL MURILLO OSORIO 0507749507 Registered Nurse 
GN809  GINA JAVIER . 0503147769 Registered Nurse 
GN812  MARIA RACHEL TIO ARANCON 0506179910 Registered Nurse 
GN815  ERIKA NINA BREIT 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN833  LINCY CHERIAN VARIAVEETTIL 0503327338 Registered Nurse 
GN8348  ASHLEY FAYE LUCAS 0505966646 Registered Nurse 
GN835  MICHELLE TOME AMON 0504144307 Registered Nurse 
GN8455  NIDA'A SHAFIQ AHMAD HABBOUSH 0509012191 Registered Nurse 
GN8518  DAVID . OWEN 0506611297 Registered Nurse 
GN852  NESTLE GALLARDO TUPAS 0507904476 Registered Nurse 
GN853  MA.HASMIN FRANCISCO MACANIP 0507904476 Registered Nurse 
GN8539  TINTU . MATHEWS 0505617084 Registered Nurse 
GN995  SHEELA MAY REYES AMBROSIO 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
GN996  YEHYA SALAH KAYED 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
GN997  ARLENE BASALO LAGURA 0557849729 Registered Nurse 
GN862  JILU . ABRAHAM 0507904476 Registered Nurse 
GN868  JACQUILINE ESTANISLAO SOVERANO 0553056342 Registered Nurse 
GN869  ROSEMARYN MIBALO MAQULING 0505048537 Registered Nurse 
GN8742  ARIEL BACAMANTE PORLARES 0505460514 INFO@SKMC.GOV.AE Registered Nurse 
GN8755  MARIE GRAZIELLA FERRER BAUTISTA +971506161592 Registered Nurse 
GN8904  CHARITO LOZADA VILLALOBOS 0505824461 Registered Nurse 
GN902  MARK LESTER BRIONES BOLATETE 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN9104  MARILYN MENDOZA DERAY 0506825369 Registered Nurse 
GN9233  EMMA MARY COX 971505831863 Registered Nurse 
GN9234  GLAUDA . GOOSEN 0507529405 Registered Nurse 
GN924  MARY KRISTINE ESCANO ABUEME 0508354342 Registered Nurse 
GN7999  SHAMLA . MUNDAPPILY 0505125123 Registered Nurse 
GN8009  STEPHANIE RAY MARIE CARLSON +971506161592 Registered Nurse 
GN965  JULIE GARY FORTIN MONDERO 0509987602 Registered Nurse 
GN977  RODERICK GUTIERREZ CAMBA 0566923104 Registered Nurse 
GN98  PREETHI PORIAMPATHARA THOMAS 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GN9882  NEETHU . FIBIN 00971555253892 Registered Nurse 
GN971  NISHA DEVARAJ . 0508296561 Registered Nurse 
GN991  NISHA MAHESH MAHESHKUMAR 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GT4399  JOOBI KALLIYATTUMATTOM ABRAHAM 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GT4414  CIJIMOLE KARIMPANACKEL CHERIAN 0507904476 Registered Nurse 
GT4415  SINDHU AMBIKA . 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
GT4416  SHEENA JOHN PHILIP 0505822885 Registered Nurse 
GT4450  RACHEL KOSHY . 0503823661 Registered Nurse 
GT4463  SHEEBA JOY . 0507237971 Registered Nurse 
GT4309  GINA FERY ENRILE 0505969642 Registered Nurse 
GT4319  MONA LISSA UNCIANO PALOR 0509060976 Registered Nurse 
GT4338  RANA MURSHED MAHMOUD DABOUS 0507224267 Registered Nurse 
GT4478  MANJU CHACKO CHACKO 0507904476 Registered Nurse 
GT4538  CECILIA FERROS PAGUIRIGAN 0507430291 Registered Nurse 
GT4550  LITTY JOHN . 0508296561 Registered Nurse 
T77  JOLLY SAM - 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
T4659  ROMA MANALOTO GUZMAN 0506650245 Registered Nurse 
T4183  NITHA LAWRANCE . 0508394010 Registered Nurse 
T4129  JINCY PAPPY . 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
T4139  SMITHA . CHANDRIKA 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
T4246  ANCY VARKEY VARKEY VARUGHESE 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
T2468  ASHA SUKUMARAN NAIR 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
T3012  SHIJI THENAKARAIL SIMON 0509987602 Registered Nurse 
T3021  SEESA KANNAMPULLY THOMAS 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
T3152  ANNI JOYCE CHANDY 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
T3258  BEENA JOSEPH . 0508221942 Registered Nurse 
T3309  LEILANI GARCIA YANEZA 0507904476 Registered Nurse 
T3414  ANITA PINTO . 0505822885 Registered Nurse 
T3435  SOUMY JOSEPH NALPATHIL 0507203126 Registered Nurse 
T3439  ELIZABETH PHILIP . 0504456918 Registered Nurse 
T3087  SUNI THOMAS . 0505520100 Registered Nurse 
T3539  REMYA KANJIRAKKATTU THAMPY 0505822885 Registered Nurse 
T3898  SENTHIL KUMAR PONNUCHAMY 0508292480 Registered Nurse 
T3946  RANI JAYAPRASAD . 0504928161 Registered Nurse 
T3954  REVATHI ANGAMUTHU . 0505822885 Registered Nurse 
T3956  CHANDIRAN GOVINDAN S.GOVINDAN 0507633807 Registered Nurse 
T3792  ALMA LINDE MENDOZA 0506273888   Registered Nurse 
T4005  SMITHA FRANCIS EDAVAZHIKAL 0506711000 Registered Nurse 
T4028  SAMIA MOHAMED ABDEL RAZEK 0504188545 Practical Nurse 
T3879  OMAYMA MAHMOUD AL AKEL 0504104406 Practical Nurse 
T3885  RALUCA CRISTINA ALBERT 0506729305 Practical Nurse 
T3574  HANNAN MOUSSA ELSAFADI 0509987602 Practical Nurse 
T3575  NADIA RAGAB ABD EL KADER 0509338321 Practical Nurse 
T3534  ADIL SULIMAN ALI 0509338321 Practical Nurse 
T326  RAMA VARADARAJ . 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
T3019  JINCY VARKEY . 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
T4161  RAJI RAJAN SANKARAN 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
T72  MARY KUTTY MATHEW 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
T735  ERALY SHINY SHAJAN 0507230432 Practical Nurse 
T85  VILMA NIEVA SUMALINOG 0505708783 Practical Nurse 
GT4554  SHINYMOL SCARIA . 0507904476 Practical Nurse 
GN972  RONALD DANIEL THOMAS 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN989  SINI ELDHO KIZHAKKEL 0558167849 Practical Nurse 
GN803  BABITHA ANIE MATHEW 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN936  PRIYA MANOJ KUMAR 0501306191 Practical Nurse 
GN940  JUDITH REEMA DSOUZA 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN951  SHYMOL VADAKKEMURY SEBASTIAN 0557131567 Practical Nurse 
GN955  LINI KOLAGIYIL JOY 0559268891 Practical Nurse 
GN904  SUNITHAMOL VARGHESE . 0508296561 Practical Nurse 
GN873  NESA RUBY SELVA KUMAR 0507904476 Practical Nurse 
GN874  SONIYA JOSEPH . 0558350660 Practical Nurse 
GN854  CHERINET DIMTSE KIFLE 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN842  JISMY BABY BABY 0507904476 Practical Nurse 
GN820  MARIAMMA KURIAKOSE ABRAHAM 0508296561 Practical Nurse 
GN789  MERCY JOHN . 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN799  GULANZ AHMED AHMED KHAN 0501328969 Practical Nurse 
GN766  NEETHU GEORGE BEHANAN 0508296561 Practical Nurse 
GN6856  JOMY JOSE . 0501965282 Practical Nurse 
GN713  MINI - SHIBU 0509289022 Practical Nurse 
GN748  ANNAMMA THOMAS . 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN75  LIBY ABRAHAM PUTHANVEEDU 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN695  DEEPTHY . SOMAN 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN684  PHILOMENA XAVIER NEDUMPARAMBIL 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN683  CYNTHIA PINTO MENDONCE 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN571  ANEESH THOMAS . 0507904476 Practical Nurse 
GT4589  ALI MUSTAFA QASAS 0508221942 Practical Nurse 
T2189  CHADI TAYSIR DEEB 0507904476 Practical Nurse 
T2194  NAGLAA FATHE ELSAYED 0509987602 Practical Nurse 
T2057  ZAHRA SABIR . 0505828440 Practical Nurse 
T1257  MARIYA ATANASOVA CHELIBASHKA 0506265265 Practical Nurse 
T1879  FADI MAHMOUD CHIHA 0509338321 Practical Nurse 
T1884  NADIA AHMED IBRAHIM AL SAYED 0506416999 Practical Nurse 
T1401  AYMAN FADEL MOURAD 0509987602 Practical Nurse 
T1347  WAFA AHMED AL HOURANI 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
T1380  HANAA MUSTAFA ABDEL AZIZ 0507815833 Practical Nurse 
GN562  GAYATHRI SANKER . 0505635270 Practical Nurse 
GN5358  SABITHA RAJ KOLAMKOTTU 0508597693 Practical Nurse 
GN553  SANDHYA RAO RAJENDRA RAO 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN555  SIMI KOORAPILLIL SATHYAN 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN527  MYONEE CONCHITA MENDEZ 0508221942 Practical Nurse 
GN530  ASHA . MATHEW 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN519  SHEEJA MATHEW . 0505133816 Practical Nurse 
GN513  TIBIN MATHEW . 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN500  SEENA VARGHESE . 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN505  REJANI PLAMKOOTTATHIL THOMAS 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN506  ISSAC ANDREWS . 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN4852  ANUMOL . SREEKUMAR 0508221942 Practical Nurse 
GN4973  JAN MILVEN ODILAO ALABA 0508208388 Practical Nurse 
GN480  AJI KOMBAN JOSE 0505822885 Practical Nurse 
GN456  RAMYA SALEESH PULINKUZHY 0508221942 Practical Nurse 
GN420  CHITHRA GEORGE . 0508296561 Practical Nurse 
GN413  JISHA JACOB . 0559507121 Practical Nurse 
GN391  SHINY - JOSEPH 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN380  MOURAD FAROUK HARB 0509987602 Practical Nurse 
GN405  SMITHA PANIKKAVEETTIL STEAPHEN 0504144307 Practical Nurse 
GN408  ASHNA . MANU 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN388  ANUMARY JOSE . 0503129890 Practical Nurse 
GN344  KASSEM AHMED KANAN 0508221942 NOORMED@EMIRATE.AE Practical Nurse 
GN337  SHEEBA JANI DANIEL 0504144307 Practical Nurse 
GN335  MALATHY KAMACHI . 0504144307 Practical Nurse 
GN3222  JYOTHI AUGUSTINE . 0508296561 Practical Nurse 
GN291  FESSY YOUSEF VETTIKKATTU 0507337524 Practical Nurse 
GN2806  JOSEPHINE NEGOSA KARMARKAR 0505838779 Practical Nurse 
GN3118  HINDI SAID OMAR 0506199380 Practical Nurse 
GN317  JAYASUDHA JOHN KIRUPAKARAN 0509987602 Practical Nurse 
GN2821  LOVELY REJI KADOOR 0508394010 Practical Nurse 
GN288  VINODA MATHEW MATHEW JOSEPH 0508221942 Practical Nurse 
GN278  ROBIN CHANDY VARGHESE 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN276  ANITHA THOMAS . 0508296561 Practical Nurse 
GN243  DIVYA MARY GEORGE 0504920814 Practical Nurse 
GN270  GIGI ANDREWS ANDREWS 0503229882 Practical Nurse 
GN2710  REMYA AMBATTU KRISHNANKUTTY NAIR 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN272  REENA SARA VARGHESE 0508296561 Practical Nurse 
GN265  SHEENA THANKACHAN . 0507921092 Practical Nurse 
GN2658  GRACYKUTTY . VARUGHESE 0559304621 Practical Nurse 
GN2476  RINCY THOMAS . 0507724279 DHAM_4@HOTMAIL.COM Practical Nurse 
GN2483  TIPSY JOSEPH . 0557383114 Practical Nurse 
GN2380  TALI . THOMAS 0508394010 Practical Nurse 
GN230  SWARUPA NANDI MARTHA 0501611203 Practical Nurse 
GN183  SINI NOBIL JOSE RAPHAEL 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN1033  MINI KOTHAMATTATHIL PAULOSE 0508296561 Practical Nurse 
GN1730  ENIK PRABAWANI SARDIYO 0507227035 Practical Nurse 
GN175  SINDHUMOL PALACKAL ALEX 0506711220 Practical Nurse 
GN1417  SUJA POOVAPPALLIL MATHEW 0503493844 Practical Nurse 
GN1706  ALI ADEL KASSEM 0505633119   Practical Nurse 
GN164  JESSY JOSE MAYAMPARAMBIL 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN1651  GNANASHEEBA BALACHITHRA PONRAJ 0557383114 Practical Nurse 
GN16  SINDHU JOSEPH . 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN1446  ANUPRIYA SARALA . 0508354342 Practical Nurse 
GN1412  MOLY NELLIKKUNNEL JOSEPH 0558026845 Practical Nurse 
GN1294  RIJESH MATHEW . 0505822885 Practical Nurse 
GN1219  DEEPA - PRASANNAKUMARI 0506151386 Practical Nurse 
GN1223  INDIMOL PARAMBY . 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN1072  NEETHU JOY ABRAHAM KANDANATTE 0508221942 Practical Nurse 
GN1073  SAJINI KOLLIKATTIL AYYAPPAN 0508296561 Practical Nurse 
GN1074  MAYA KANDANAD CHIDAMBARAN 0508296561 Practical Nurse 
GN1080  SHEELA . ISSAC 0508221942 Practical Nurse 
GN1153  SHINCY MARY JOY KUMMAMKOTTIL 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN1156  MANJU PONNAMMA GENGADHARAN 0504456918 Practical Nurse 
GN1161  SHERLY GEORGE . 0508394010 Practical Nurse 
GN1167  NISHANTH GEORGE . 0505635270 Practical Nurse 
GN1040  LOUSY VARGHESE PALLITHARA 0508354342 Practical Nurse 
GN1041  SIBY PANIKKADAN VARGHESE 0505819702 Practical Nurse 
GN1045  DEEPA KUMARI THANKAMANI AMMA 0508354342 Practical Nurse 
GN1006  MARLIN JEBA SELVI DANNES RAJKUMAR 0508296561 Practical Nurse 
GN1183  SAHAR SADAT SOBHGOL 0508394010 Registered Midwife 
GN1543  LOUISE ANNE . ORMEROD 0504925476 Registered Midwife 
GN1550  LYNNE MAREE . BERRIDGE 0505709202 Registered Midwife 
GN1553  KAY . DUNCAN 0506694945 Registered Midwife 
GN1554  SIAN HOLLY ARTHUR 0504468585 Registered Midwife 
GN1800  SIVANESWARY . PALANIBILO 0506724900 Registered Midwife 
GN1857  JAYNE MICHELLE PETERS 0506724900 Registered Midwife 
GN2081  CHRISTINE . QUINN 0502266595 Registered Midwife 
GN2049  CAROLINE EILEEN ROBERTS 0506685501 Registered Midwife 
GN1877  MELISSA ANNE REDMAN 0503157037 Registered Midwife 
GN2355  SANDRA LOUISE BLANKENSHIP 0506479552 Registered Midwife 
GN2392  AMAL NAYEF KHEIREDDIN 0503677248 Registered Midwife 
GN2394  TERESSA . ROSSOUW 0505329344 Registered Midwife 
GN2609  LEHNA LAILAH . ANTHA 0508376856 Registered Midwife 
GN2737  ZAINUB . ARIEFDIEN 0504490695 Registered Midwife 
GN1950  GAIL ELIZABETH . WIN 0505393975 Registered Midwife 
GN4271  NA'ELA MAHMOUD HUSSEIN (ABU SALIM) 0503158690 Registered Midwife 
GN4319  LYDIA PATRICIA . MANEVELD 0505424611 Registered Midwife 
GN4339  DEBORAH JANE . BENSON 0506685501 Registered Midwife 
GN4343  ANTONELLA . ROTA 0506685501 Registered Midwife 
GN4647  MUNA JAMIL IBRAHIM AL KHATEEB 0503336026 Registered Midwife 
GN4620  ANDREA . AYRES 0506685501 Registered Midwife 
GN4985  IREEN . MUMA +26771269722 Registered Midwife 
GN4986  KERESEPE . BADISA +26772639615 Registered Midwife 
GN522  CLAIRE MARY LEE 0508394010 Registered Midwife 
GN6217  NONDLALA EUNICE . SHUPPING 0506685501 Registered Midwife 
GN6005  NICOLA JAYNE SKIPP 0506699852 Registered Midwife 
GN6714  JUNE PEARL NTOMBIFUTHI MLONDO 00277826753 Registered Midwife 
GN966  YVONNE PATRICIA THOROUGHGOOD 0505149265 Registered Midwife 
GT4364  MERVAT MOHAMMAD ALNATOUR 0508221942 Registered Midwife 
T2732  OMOSSALMEH ATAOLAH MISSAGHIAN 0507938589 Registered Midwife 
GN1020  CRISTITA DE GUZMAN SARMIENTO 0507316623 Practical Midwife 
GN1021  GLAIZA ALCARAZ MARIANO 0508241154 Practical Midwife 
GP12173  OMAR MOHAMMAD SALEH HASAN 0506611297 Pharmacist 
GP12687  SOUHEIR . LOTFI 0506720740 Pharmacist 
GP12688  NAWAL SAEED AWADH 0507218033 Pharmacist 
GP12700  HANAA THARWAT YOUSSEF AHMED SAAFAN 0505822885 Pharmacist 
GP12719  MUNIRA MOUSA MOHAMED YOUSIF ALHOUTI +971503220522 Pharmacist 
GP12732  HEBA MOHAMMAD ZIDAN ALJAMAL 0501744001 Pharmacist 
GP12751  SAFYA EDREES ADM 0501732250 Pharmacist 
GP12762  AHMED J.A. MAGAZACHI 00971505044952 Pharmacist 
GP12800  KENANA CHAKER KAWAS 0505822885 Pharmacist 
GP12832  IJEOMA GRACE . KAREEM 0503293094 Pharmacist 
GP12843  MERHAN ISMAIEL FAKHRY MAHMOUD 0557416494 Pharmacist 
GP11805  RIMA . SAADE 0504484720 RIMETE3@HOTMAIL.COM Pharmacist 
GP11810  MOH'D A. M. ALFAR 0507679671 Pharmacist 
GP11814  YOLANDA NGO BELLEZA 0506239167 Pharmacist 
GP11815  ESTELITA BRIONES EL LAHHAM 0507736454 Pharmacist 
GP11816  SYED MUHAMMAD AFTAB 0505015947 Pharmacist 
GP11845  ASHWAQ NASIH MAHMOOD 0505995521 Pharmacist 
GP11867  SAMAR ADEL KHALIL 0506231375 Pharmacist 
GP11914  FAWZY MOHAMED MAHMOUD SEDDEK 0504443963   Pharmacist 
GP12131  TOULAILA . AL JALLAD 0505660824 Pharmacist 
GP12187  BARBARA MARIA KULETA -TARKOWSKA 0504726082 Pharmacist 
GP12205  JAKLIN . ABOUD 0506611297 Pharmacist 
GP12291  ISSLAM ALI ABDELFATTAH YOUNES 0557549792 Pharmacist 
GP12339  RASHA AHMED KHOLOSI 0504736503 Pharmacist 
GP12340  DINA EID ELSHISHTAWY 0504440824 Pharmacist 
GP12363  AZZA SABER GHAMRY 0504108122 Pharmacist 
GP12387  SALMAN R. SALMAN AL-TAHMSCHI 0506611297 Pharmacist 
GP12390  ARWA ABDEL SALAM GADELRAB 0509351943 Pharmacist 
GP12482  SUSHEELA D\O SUMELINGAM 0502961978 Pharmacist 
GP12555  AMANY YOUSEF ABDELFATAH 0508221942 Pharmacist 
GP12561  DALIA ABD EL MONEIM EL BADRAWI 0508114165 Pharmacist 
GP12579  RASHA JAOAD SHEPLY 0503023459 Pharmacist 
GP12587  KHAWLA SALEM RAFEET 0505911153 Pharmacist 
GP12595  KINDA . ATASSI ABBARA 0503432204 Pharmacist 
GP12608  MAGDI MAURICE MARZOUK AYOUB 0503270477 Pharmacist 
GP12634  AMEERA MOHAMMED EL-NAHHAS 0509458432 Pharmacist 
GP12642  DALIA AZIZ HELMY 0503297299 Pharmacist 
GP11444  HANAN ABDUL MAJEED ISMAIL 0505819515 Pharmacist 
GP11457  BASEM ADEL YACOUB 0507904476 Pharmacist 
GP11461  MARWA MOSTAFA GNEADY 0508169154 Pharmacist 
GP11476  HODA ABDULLAH JBEILY 0553226293 Pharmacist 
GP11491  SINI KRISHNA . 0508324160 Pharmacist 
GP11520  ADIL ABD ELHAMID MOHAMED OSMAN 0507733765 Pharmacist 
GP11529  OSAMA MOHAMED ABDELSAHER GAAD 0503135885 Pharmacist 
GP11531  ENAS MOHAMMED MOUKHTAR EZEDDIN 0503306029 Pharmacist 
GP11534  AMINA MOHAMED ALKHABIRY 0508093883 Pharmacist 
GP11546  KAMEL ODEH KAMEL 0502940321 Pharmacist 
GP11551  NEVEEN ADLY ESHAK HANNA 0508368310 Pharmacist 
GP11561  THARAA MOHAMED HASSAN ABYAD 0501739944 Pharmacist 
GP11582  MIRAL ADEL LABIB TOMA 0501304878 Pharmacist 
GP11609  IRSHAD AHMED GULAMNABI SHAIKH 0507449150 Pharmacist 
GP11614  RASHA FERZAT AL HAJJAR 0507907725 Pharmacist 
GP11144  LUMA MOHAMMED FATOUM 0505367830 Pharmacist 
GP11150  AYMAN WASFI MUSTAFA JABR 0507904476 Pharmacist 
GP11173  SAWSAN TALAL ALMASSRI 0503324531 Pharmacist 
GP11202  MAYSAA NASSIB ALAISSAMI 0554461126 Pharmacist 
GP11226  MOUSA MOHAMED HASSAN 0508364093 Pharmacist 
GP11252  BANA MOHAMMED WALID FADIL 0507904476 Pharmacist 
GP11261  SHAREF MOHAMMED MAHMOUD 0507904476 Pharmacist 
GP11277  VENKADACH ALAM VELU 0504162800 Pharmacist 
GP11293  ENAS MOSTAFA AL SOLOH 0503168483 Pharmacist 
GP11294  HIBA SUBHI AL RIMAWI 0505708788 Pharmacist 
GP11360  HAGAR ABDELHAK KHATAB 0505264558 Pharmacist 
GP11368  NERMINE WILLIAM BASTA 0507829346 Pharmacist 
GP11370  YASSER MOHAMED FAHMY 0503377464 Pharmacist 
GP11378  HIBA ALYAS ALTAHER 0505814068 Pharmacist 
GP11384  AHMED HAMED HASSAN 0508583683 Pharmacist 
GP11392  SUHA HASHEM SUBHI ABU FOUL 0506416024 Pharmacist 
GP11404  ANNAPURNA SEETHARAMAN . 0505496205 Pharmacist 
GP11407  AFAF MUSALLAM MOHAMMAD BARHOOM 0501291499 Pharmacist 
GP11413  NOHA GABER ABDALLAH HUSSAIN 0503242931 Pharmacist 
GP11417  RASHA REFAT SHABANA 0559427549 Pharmacist 
GP11422  SHERINE ABDUL AAL ATTIA 0507829346 Pharmacist 
GP11430  MARJAN KAFTOUSIAN . 0506174755 Pharmacist 
GP11434  AYMAN MAHMOUD AL GHOBARY 0503215950 Pharmacist 
GP11628  ISLAM ELSAYED ALY HOSSAMEL DIN 0557869398 Pharmacist 
GP11666  KODAPPULLY GANGADHARAN RAVY 0505468239 Pharmacist 
GP11675  NADA MOHAMED AHMED SALEM AL QAHTANI 0504455439 Pharmacist 
GP11682  YASER SOBHY HASSAN GHONIM MAHFOUZ 0559600861 Pharmacist 
GP11685  ELIZABETH CHAKALAYIL GEORGE 0504926395 Pharmacist 
GP11694  AHMED SOBHY HASSAN GHONIM MAHFOUZ 0505361346 Pharmacist 
GP11719  RAHME YOUSEF DARWICHE 0506720740 Pharmacist 
GP11729  ALY MOHAMMED ABOUEL MAATY HASSAN 0506685501 Pharmacist 
GP11736  NADIA FOUAD ABDEL RAHMAN 0505712878 Pharmacist 
GP11741  MOSHERA ABDELMONEM ALI ATIA 0502351528 Pharmacist 
GP11778  NESRIN . RAAD 0507729660 Pharmacist 
GP11782  HERMAN . JOSEPH 0507904476 Pharmacist 
GP11928  HAYA HILMI ALOBAIDY 0508996977 Pharmacist 
GP11943  BECKY ALEYAMMA JOSE 0506611297 Pharmacist 
GP11952  JARRID WILLIAM ROSS MCKITRICK 0508257043 Pharmacist 
GP11954  SALY NAGI ASSAD WASEF 0506711325 Pharmacist 
GP11963  FAISAL HASSAN SULIMAN ELSAYED 0507330624 Pharmacist 
GP11966  NAGY H.S. ELLAHHAM 0507938835 Pharmacist 
GP12010  FARIS K. JASSIM . 0506611297 INFO@SKMC.GOV.AE Pharmacist 
GP12080  SABER ABDEL SATAR MOHAMED EL FARRA 0503131567 Pharmacist 
GP12095  ROLA OMAR AUDEH 0506611297 Pharmacist 
GP12097  SUZANNE . QUADER 0506611297 Pharmacist 
GP12106  RACHEL SIAN SIAN ASHCROFT 0506611297 Pharmacist 
GP10946  ASMA ELSAYID ELANWAR ABDULLA 0504176178 Pharmacist 
GP10990  SINDU BABY KURIAKOSE 0505133411 Pharmacist 
GP10997  MAGDI MAURICE AYOUB 0503270477 Pharmacist 
GP11006  AZMAT SHAHEEN ALI KHAN 0508158924 Pharmacist 
GP11035  HAITHAM AHMED HASSAN 0507724279 Pharmacist 
GP11059  MAHMOUD MOHAMED MAHMOUD 0507428715 Pharmacist 
GP11070  DANA JEHAD BADAWIEH 0507829346 Pharmacist 
GP11073  JYOTHI JAYAPAL ODUNGHAT 0504726277 Pharmacist 
GP11080  RAGAB MAHMOUD SALLAM 0502647278 Pharmacist 
GP11089  ZILL -A- HUMA RIAZ HUSSAIN 0502374264 Pharmacist 
GP11106  MICHAEL MAGDY RAMZY 0504176750 Pharmacist 
GP11114  NADA ABDUL MUNEM AL RYAHI 0503344755 Pharmacist 
GP11140  DALIA ELSAYED HASAN ABU EL-KHAIR 0508306657 Pharmacist 
GP10009  ELSAYED ELSAYED AMEEN EMAM 0506127956 Pharmacist 
GP10010  SHEELA VARUGHESE . 0504140022 Pharmacist 
GP10015  KEMAL KHALID HATEP 0506240171 Pharmacist 
GP10039  NABIL HESSEN AHMED ABDALLAH 0504120903 Pharmacist 
GP10054  AL AMIR ZAKI SOURIYAL ZAKI 0509922664 Pharmacist 
GP10067  ANAS PACHILANGATT MOIDU 0507412800 Pharmacist 
GP10089  BIJI PLAMOOTTIL KURIAN 0507421960 Pharmacist 
GP10096  GORASHI MOHAMED AHMED GARSHAB 0507631077 Pharmacist 
GP10107  RAVI RAJ PANJITTOR HARIDAS 0507904476 Pharmacist 
GP10117  SALWA NAEM AMIN GHATAS 0507829346 Pharmacist 
GP10158  AMIR MORIS ASAAD BASHAY 0506224726 Pharmacist 
GP10159  MOHAMED YASEEN TAHA 0504746717   Pharmacist 
GP10199  DINESH MATHO TTATHIL 0505822885 Pharmacist 
GP10200  KHAMIS ABDALLA ABDELAZIZ 0507590600 Pharmacist 
GP10236  IBRAHIM ELIAS TOHME 0506112302 Pharmacist 
GP10247  MOHAMED ABD EL SAMIE ALY SHAABAN 0502888796 Pharmacist 
GP10249  SAMAR MURTADA MOHAMED IBRAHIM 0507935390 Pharmacist 
GP10266  AMAL DARWEESH ZMILY 0504110802 Pharmacist 
GP10297  DALIA MOHAMED MOUSSA 0505633849 Pharmacist 
GP10307  AMAL ABDELHAMID MOHAMED MOHAMED 0507212655 Pharmacist 
GP10340  SHERIF SHEHATA ABDIN SHEHATA 0504135181 Pharmacist 
GP10343  WAJD SAMIR GHAZAL 0505734144 Pharmacist 
GP10348  RANIA AHMED MAHMOUD 0504199382 Pharmacist 
GP10350  NOOR NAWAZ MIR ADAM KHAN 0505124759 Pharmacist 
GP10352  THOYAKKAVIL BALAN NANDAKUMARAN 0505611271 Pharmacist 
GP10357  HAMEED GUL MOHAMMAD 0504913190 Pharmacist 
GP10365  MOHAMMED YOUSUF ABDUL FATTAH 0506705505 Pharmacist 
GP10368  FRIDOUN FAROUK CHAHIN 0505443987 Pharmacist 
GP10376  MOHAMMED RAGHIB AL KHATIB 0508221942 Pharmacist 
GP10399  ABDUL JABAR PUTHIYAKATH 0508267206 Pharmacist 
GP10418  KADRIA AHMED MOHAMED FARIS 0503346859 Pharmacist 
GP10433  KHALIFA NOURI KHIRI 0508143590 Pharmacist 
GP10440  RANA MUSTAFA MUSTAFA 0505123699 Pharmacist 
GP10455  ABD EL NASER RAMADAN ALI 0507933272 anaser_r@HOTMAIL.COM Pharmacist 
GP10488  MARWA SAAD EL DIN IBRAHIM 0507724279 Pharmacist 
GP10525  ADIB AHMED EL ARABI IBRAHIM 0506416865 Pharmacist 
GP10526  MADELEINE SAMIR SADDIK 0506179910 Pharmacist 
GP10531  AKBAL JADAAN KUTICH 0507530020 Pharmacist 
GP10537  GOPI PUTHIYA PARAMBATH 0507904476 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10552  BHASKARAN BIJU BHASKARAN 0504192980 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10571  JAMEELA ABDUL LATHEEF 0507934423 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10585  WASFEYH FAROUQ ATIEH 0503343435 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10618  SAFIYATH ABDUL HAMEED 0506235041 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10633  FIYAZ AHMED . 0507217083 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10656  SYED MUJEEB UDDIN 0504129568 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10657  ABDUL HAMEED CHITHILA MADATHIL 0503390518 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10662  ALIAA MOUSA ALI ABUMEITIQ 0507323170 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10668  MOHAMMED JASHIM UDDIN KHALIL 0507904476 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10670  ROY THOMAS . 0556957325 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10700  ALI ALANGADAN BEERAN 0559416670 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10715  MOHAMMAD TUFAIL MOHAMMAD SHAFI 0503159403 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10738  NASSER MOHAMMAD EID ABU SHABAB 0553016832 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10747  WALID MOHAMMAD ABDEL LATLF ELMAHROUQ 0505851223 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10753  HANAN YOUSEF ALKAWAMLEH 0502319434 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10774  ZIAD AL HAJ ALI 0558906827 Pharmacy Technician 
GP10784  MOHAMED FIROZ THEKEPAT 0506919512 Pharmacy Technician 
GP11141  SHAJINI PADMANA BHAN 0503208331 Pharmacy Technician 
GP12117  ADNAN . EL MERHI 0505438835 Pharmacy Technician 
GP12120  BABU . MATHEW 0507534129 Pharmacy Technician 
GP11794  OOMMEN ISAAC ISAAC 0507330253 Pharmacy Technician 
GP11795  MUNDUKOTTACKAL MATHAI JOSE LAL 0506735349 Pharmacy Technician 
GP11439  GOPALA PILLAI SREEKANTAN NAIR 0508221942 Pharmacy Technician 
GP11371  AHAMAED BAVA PULIKKALATH MOIDEEN KUTTY 0507203126 Pharmacy Technician 
GP11463  KUNJUMMAN MATHEW . 0508354342 Pharmacy Technician 
GP11460  ABDUL RAHMAN MOHAMED JABER 0507321145 Pharmacy Technician 
GP12646  KUNNUMPURATHU VIGI MATHEWS 0505318460 Pharmacy Technician 
GP12650  PALAKKAL KOYALI SAYED MOHAMMED 0505184577 Pharmacy Technician 
GP12577  TARIQ AHMED ALBISHEH 0501382610 Pharmacy Technician 
GP12432  MUHAMMAD ISMAIL . KHAN 0501124497 Pharmacy Technician 
GP12298  MOHAMMED AIJAZ MOHIUDDIN 0507934571 Pharmacy Technician 
GP12309  NAJMA . SHAHEEN 0505469389   Pharmacy Technician 
GP12313  AHMED RAFIQ RAJEH AL-FAHEL 0504278333 Pharmacy Technician 
GP12143  RAMOS . DAYANANDA 0508303145 Pharmacy Technician 
GP11919  SANILAL . VISWAMBHARAN 0507806195 Pharmacy Technician 
GP11927  SHABEELA C CHALLAKKARA 0503842303 Pharmacy Technician 
GP11870  MAJEED PANANGATTIL PANANGATIL 0559258584 Pharmacy Technician 
GP11878  MOHAN KUMAR PUTHAM 0505132823 Pharmacy Technician 
GP12177  KAFA I. M. BEDWAN 0506611297 INFO@SKMC.GOV.AE Pharmacy Technician 
GT6021  FATEMA AYADA AHMED MOHAMMED AL HAMELI 0506153033 Speech Therapist 
GT6150  JIHAD KAMAL NEZHA 0504454671 Dental Technician 
GT5795  HAZEM MOHAMED ABDEL AAL MOHAMED EL LEITHI 0504196553 Dental Technician 
GT6282  MOUINE AHMAD SALEH 0505313384 Dental Technician 
T1061  JESIE FULGENCIO ESTRADA 0503115467 Dental Technician 
GT4749  JOSEPH DE LA PENA CURIBOT 0503100389 Dental Technician 
GT4750  CARLO TORRES BAGSIC 0504456918 Dental Technician 
GT4761  FELIPE DUYA DE REAL 0503113870 Dental Technician 
GT4822  SUDHEESH MEENAKSHI BALAN 0506237281 Dental Technician 
GT5662  MURHAF SOUHAIL KATRIB 0501308191 Dental Technician 
T3147  SAFWAT ALI ALKHATIB 0507634323 Dental Technician 
T731  MIA PARCON . 0506157713 MUNZER88@YAHOO.COM Dental Technician 
GT5670  BALA SUBRAMANIYAN . DEVENDIRAN 0505640876 Dental Hygienist 
GT4874  BERIT CAROLINE PORTER 0508341230 Dental Hygienist 
GT4989  MELAIDA LACAP SALEM 0501383023 Dental Hygienist 
GT4990  MELCANIE DELA CRUZ PABLO 0506237281 Dental Hygienist 
GT6057  AHMAD KHALIL MA'BAD ABU RABI' 0505914595 NO@NO.COM Dental Hygienist 
T2400  SUZAN TERZIAN . 0507904476 Dietitian 
GT7375  AMAL RASHED AHMED ALMARZOOQI 0504713731 Dietitian 
GT5521  ZAINAB TAHA ABDELSIED TAHA 0505915811 Dietitian 
GT5522  SHADIA SAIF ELDIN ABDALLA OSMAN 0505415540 Dietitian 
GT4979  RANIA BASSAM EL TAWIL 0556096318 Dietitian 
GT5056  CHRISTINA HELENA . NIEUWOUDT 0503543414 Dietitian 
GT5250  HIBA MAZHAR HAMADEH 0503823112 Dietitian 
GT5829  ABDALLA ELSONNI HIGAZI ABDALLA 0501744001 Nuclear Medicine Technologist 
GT5799  ISOBEL . SLAMOND 0506138194 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5721  SUSAN - JOHN 0505917241 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT6010  HASSAN EL BANNA ABD EL BASET 0506722692 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT6014  NATALI AHMAD AL LAHHAM 0504138601 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT6144  MACARIO JR SANTIAGO MONSANTO 0504456918 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT6069  WAFA ALI EL HASSAN GADOUR 0504107536 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT6090  BADRIA . EL MOUSTAPHA 0506215930 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT6205  SHEREE CARMONA AURELIO 0508221942 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT6457  HOUD HASHIM AHMED EL KAMALI 0507729660 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT6636  ISSA TAWFIQ SA'ADEH 0505082349 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT6256  MUKHLID IMAM ALI YOUSIF 0566437514 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT6924  SYLVIA - EL KURDI 0507434425 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT7019  ALNAIR GIDAYAWAN LLAGUNO +971505645488 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT7204  JAMAL MAHDI JAMA 0506918400 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
T1950  VARGHESE PRASAD VARGHESE 0503117029 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5228  MOHAMED ABDALLA SID AHMED IBRAHIM 0505155929 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5234  RAFEEAH MASOUD NASIR MAJID ALASMAILI 0503543414 RNASSER@ALRAHBA.AE Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5136  BERNADETH ASTILLO LLAGUNO 0508394010 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5143  JAZZIE JANE DEATRAS MALLORCA 0508354342 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5148  MAHA IBRAHIM ABD AL HAMID 0502675448 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5155  NELSON JR. ARENDON FUSINGAN 0508354342 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5187  HIBA MOHAMMAD MASOOD 0505295822 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5043  GRACE SALACUP PUA 0503543414 GRACE_PUA@HOTMAIL.COM Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5100  SUENA PE RAYO DE JESUS 0508354342 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5107  JENETTE GABRIEL SALPURA 0559821136 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5029  DIVINA OCAMPO ALITEN 0503215950 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5490  AMR MUSTAFA KAMBAL RAJAB 0507602410 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5533  AMILYN BORONG BAITING 0507729660 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5369  MOHAMMAD CHAND JAMALI 0508221942 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5400  MAITHA SAIF AL DHAHERI 0508221942 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT4956  ROMMEL VALLES RAMISCAL 0509268728 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT4930  FAWAZ AHMED MOHAMED OSMAN 0504456918 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT4944  HIBA WALID EL GHAZIRI 0502681118 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT4827  IHSANULLAH MUHAMMAD SADIQ 0506603166 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT4848  OMER SALAH MOHAMED HAMD EL GAMRI 0508296561 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT4852  AIRENE CONCEPCION LOZANO 0508382179 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT4759  AL ASRAB HADJULA HAMIS 0503137467 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT4812  LENE GRACE CHUA 0504911345 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT4609  PRIYA SUSAN NINAN 0505822885 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT4684  KENENT ARCEO PASION 0507365378 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT4689  BINDU SADANANDAN . 0504456918 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT4506  ARIJ WAFIQ ASAD 0506720740 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT4508  HANAN ELTAYEB ABDALLA RUDWAN 0505822885 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT4465  AMANI TALAL TOUBASI 0508245405 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
T4194  WAHEED ZAIDAN ALYASIN 0504456918 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
T4203  ANISHA SARO KURIAN 0507637777 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
T3603  ABDELRAHMAN ISMAIL KARSOU 0506720740 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
T4125  ASHRAF HASSAN NASR MOHAMMED 0505541155 Medical Laboratory Technologist 
GT5713  INTESAR SALEH SAEED BRAIK AL MANSOORI 0506999189 Medical Laboratory Technologist (Histopathology) 
GT4914  MAYSA ABDELBAGI ABDELRAHIM TAHA 0504456918 Medical Laboratory Technologist (microbiology) 
T2056  LOLITA PINTO . 0503266930 Medical Laboratory Technologist (biochemistry) 
GT6145  REFQA ZAKAREYA SAAD AL DEEN AL DAEEFI 0507534438 Medical Laboratory Technologist (biochemistry) 
GT7103  MAHMOUD YASEEN MOUSA RAHALL 0502880707 Occupational Therapist 
GT6298  PHOEBE MANGINO MALABANAN 0508346453 Occupational Therapist 
GT5449  AYESHA ISMAIL MAHOMED 0503282951 Occupational Therapist 
GT5433  LEAH ESGUERRA DE GUZMAN 0505716278 Optometrist 
GT5016  JITUMONI RAJKONWAR . 0507417863 Optometrist 
GT5019  OSAMAH ABDEL FATAH DAOUD IBDAIR 0504278437 Optometrist 
GT5021  MOHAMMAD MIZANUR RAHMAN 0556153468 Optometrist 
GT5025  NABIN BARAL . 0556140935 Optometrist 
GT5131  JESSICA REAL PREZA 0505626554 Optometrist 
GT4931  VILMA MASUPIL MANGUIAT 0505626554 Optometrist 
GT4850  MARIETTA ARADO RANCES 0509079189 Optometrist 
GT4908  ERLIZA JENNIZA MADURO PUNZALAN 0503762201 Optometrist 
GT4692  JEAN CECILLE MANIEVO FLORES 0504395672 Optometrist 
GT4694  MA. ROUSELLE SABILE MILAN 0552528702 Optometrist 
GT4517  HERMINIA YAUN SAORNIDO 0508199007 Optometrist 
GT4818  DELMA BALTAZAR MANALILI 0506730329 Optometrist 
GT4795  SUNITHA SATHEESH MATHUKKAL 0506425504 Optometrist 
GT4757  ARIEL MATEO BUENAVENTURA 0506237644 Optometrist 
GT6255  GAMI IBRAHIM GASIMALLA 0505031467 Optometrist 
T2464  CHERLIE CABANZA GONZALES 0504456918 Optometrist 
T148  ARLYN CAYANAN DE GUZMAN 0502583144 Optometrist 
T1645  ERLINDA PASARDOSA` PONDANO 0506737791 Optometrist 
T3996  ARLYNROZ MATEO BUENAVENTURA 0504412488 Optometrist 
T2212  NORAIMA AMDIA HADJI EDRIS 0506650737 Optometrist 
T3262  DENALYAN GERMO DU 0502367299 Optometrist 
GT7234  BRADLEY STACEY MC WILLIAMS 0507014374 Emergency Medical Technician 
GT6721  NIRVANA . RAMHARAKH 0505238294 Physiotherapist 
GT6334  JULIETTE ESPIRIDON MOUSSI 0508352235 Physiotherapist 
GT6536  JEAN . THOMAS 0501550121 Physiotherapist 
GT6555  ELISABETH . MOLNAR 0501744001 Physiotherapist 
GT6584  IAN ADAM . CLASSEN 0509140349 Physiotherapist 
GT6585  SAMEERA . KADER 0509017389 Physiotherapist 
GT6600  SHAMMA ABDULLA MOHAMED SAEED ALAHMED +971505477775 Physiotherapist 
GT6067  ARNEL RAMOS AGBAY 0504921773 Physiotherapist 
GT5796  KAMAKSHI SHANMUGAM KARPAGAVALLI 0505183313 Physiotherapist 
GT5948  SUSAN VERONICA . RODDA 0558238636 Physiotherapist 
GT4735  RITCHE FAJARDO CADETE 0508296561 Physiotherapist 
GT4756  JOY ANN PAUYON JUMUAD 0508221942 Physiotherapist 
GT4711  ALLEN ARIENZA LADAGA 0509338321 Physiotherapist 
GT4700  JASMIN VILLACORTA HERRERA 0507724279 Physiotherapist 
GT4702  HAFIZUL AZAD MALMINTAKAM 0503229882 Physiotherapist 
GT4879  EFREN ANINO LAGAT 0506179910 Physiotherapist 
GT4832  VENE VENUGOPALAN KOLOVARA 0504456918 Physiotherapist 
GT4950  GISELLE DEL ROSARIO TAN 0508109153 Physiotherapist 
GT5097  KATHRINA MARIE CRUZ CORTEZ 0501351228 Physiotherapist 
GT5269  NIMMY MARIAM VARUGHESE 0508480622 Physiotherapist 
GT5041  LIELA DAMASO ABAD 0502810045 Physiotherapist 
GT5450  SANJNA . SEERAJ 0502233500 Physiotherapist 
GT5391  DONABEL AGUB MAQUINAD 0503312284 Physiotherapist 
GT5338  TITOMOL THOMAS THARAYATHU 0508296561 Physiotherapist 
GT4498  GAURAV DUTTA HARISH 0503294575 Physiotherapist 
GT4504  LORALIE DIMACALI MALONZO 0504456918 Physiotherapist 
GT5901  SAHAR M. M. SALEH 0501234567 Physiotherapy Technician 
GT5916  CRISTETA PUGEDA SACLOLO 0507226857 Physiotherapy Technician 
GT5777  ALI AHMED MOHAMED NOR AHMED 0503242403 Radiography  
GT5802  ELVECIA LAVERN ROBERTS 0508267784 Radiography  
GT5202  RANDY ESTALLO VILOAN 0503259260 Radiography  
GT4924  SEENA - SYAMALA 0504456918 Radiography  
GT4887  FRANCISCO II BALOG TURINGAN 0504456918 Radiography  
GT4888  RESHMA VEERAN . 0504456918 Radiography  
GT4725  MONRICO BARICAUA MAMAUAG 0506265265 Radiography  
GT4381  NEETHA SARAH PHILIP 0503135574 Radiography  
T2550  JANNET ALINDAY PALENCIA 0507230571 Radiography  
T431  ARCELYN F. LICOP 0505210749 Radiography Technician 
T929  NALEEN KUMAR BOBBILI 0507904476 Radiography Technician 
GT4472  MUJEEB RAHMAN CHALU PARAMBIL 0508350998 Radiography Technician 
GT4607  JOYAL DSOUZA SANTHAN 0504456918 Radiography Technician 
GT4927  MOHAMMED ATAULLAH TAJ 0504456918 Radiography Technician 
GT5203  ASHA REGHUVARAN ALUNKALVELIYIL 0508296561 Radiography Technician 
GT4971  MAHMOUD ANIS MAHROUS 0508221942 Radiography Technician 
GT5290  ISHRAQA AL- TAYEB ABDALBAGI 0504440824 Radiography Technician 
GT5299  JEROME ENCILA FRANCE 0566923104 Radiography Technician 
GT5572  WAAD SALIM AL-KHOURI 0506611297 Radiography Technician 
GT6103  INSHERAH SALAH MABROUK KHAIRALLA 0509877345 Radiography Technician 
GT6122  ROY EMERSON NORANHO 0507638267 Radiography Technician 
GT6055  PONNAMMA . VARGHESE 0505312196 Radiography Technician 
T2053  SONIE DEENA JACOB KOSHY 0505712454 Radiography Technician 
GT6941  HODA . SAMADI 0505025475 Psychologist 
GT5133  AZHAR MOHAMED ABU ALI 0507612962 AZHAR76@AOL.COM Psychologist 
D1126  SOBHIA HENDAWI RAMADAN ELZINI 0505833737 Specialist (b) Internal Medicine 
D131  AMAL AHMED MAHMOUD EL BIELY 0507356669 Specialist (b) Internal Medicine 
D2441  NADIA WADIE TAWFIK ELGAWLY 0506265265 Specialist (b) Internal Medicine 
D1125  ABDEL AZIZ MOHAMED ALY MAHMOUD 0506141014 Specialist (B) Paediatric 
V110  JULIET AE EGGINTON 0508394010   Radiologist 
V108  ASHRAF ALI KAMEL 0509987602   Urologist 
V105  MONEER HANNA . 0509987602   Urologist 
V148  JENS ERIK ALTWEIN 0509987602   Urologist 
V154  HENRY PETER . 0508354342   Urologist 
V177  MOHAMED AHMED GHONEIM 0506439900   Urologist 
V18  MOHAMED HUSAM EL DIN 0509987602   Urologist 
V59  J. STEFFENS . 0509987602   Urologist 
V140  CLAUDJEANMARIE ANTOINE EL QUANG 0509987602   Consultant (b) Plastic Surgery 
V136  HEINRICH BLECKMANN . 0508354342   Ophthalmologist 
V143  MICHAEL HEINRICH FOERSTER 0508354342   Ophthalmologist 
V146  GARTH ALFRED . 0509987602   Ophthalmologist 
V15  GEORGE ORAL WARING 0558877424   Ophthalmologist 
V150  THOMAS ALAN . 0508354342   Ophthalmologist 
V158  FATHI FOUAD AL SAYYAD 0558877424   Ophthalmologist 
V165  KENNETH WESTON WRIGHT 0558877424   Ophthalmologist 
V190  ALEXANDER ARTUR . 0508354342   Ophthalmologist 
V24  ROBERT JOHN MORRIS 0507713252   Ophthalmologist 
V11  NABIL WADIE MESIHA 0558877424   Ophthalmologist 
V10  FATHY FOUAD ELSAYYAD 0558877424   Ophthalmologist 
V66  ROBERT BAKER . 0508354342   Ophthalmologist 
V62  BERND KIRCHHOF . 0558877424   Ophthalmologist 
V3  HANS REINHARD KOCH 0558877424   Ophthalmologist 
V77  JOHN BIERLY . 0508354342   Ophthalmologist 
D4964  AMAL ABDELSAMIE ABDEL MAGID 0506265265 Specialist (b) Pathology 
T1384  WINNIE ESTRADA PERALTA 0506157713 MUNZER88@YAHOO.COM Assistant (b) Dental Tech. 
V145  IMAD SHAHHAL . 0508354342   Neurologist 
V60  HAMDY ABOU EL FETOUH 0509987602   Specialist Dentistry 
V25  ANNETTE SPIELMANN . 0558877424   Doctor Ophthalmology 
V126  STEPHEN CREANOR . 0509987602   Consultant (a) Dental Surgeon 
T3025  MYNA SUDHAKAR SHETTY 0504456918 Naturopathic Therapist 
V144  AZAD NAJMALDIN . 0506439900   Paediatrician 
V164  MAKRAM ISSA GOBRIAL 0508394010   Paediatrician 
D5044  MUNIR HAMDI AL AMIEDY 0507667666 Specialist (b) Rheumatology 
V68  JEAN LOUIS MASSON 0508354342   Doctor General Surgery 
V13  JAMES ANDREW RUTHER FORD 0508394010   Paediatric Surgeon 
V135  WEBER HORST ULRICH 0508354342   Orthopaedic Surgeon 
V141  MED . HANSJ- GEORG 0509987602   Orthopaedic Surgeon 
V142  GEORGY GAIKO . 0508354342   Orthopaedic Surgeon 
V159  ARMIN SKUGINNA . 0509987602   Orthopaedic Surgeon 
V152  BENGT JOHAN . 0508354342   Orthopaedic Surgeon 
V155  JAN MARIA VICTOR 0509987602   Orthopaedic Surgeon 
V21  JACQUES BRUNO BEJUI 0508354342   Orthopaedic Surgeon 
V47  AHMED ABDEL AZIZ AHMED 0509987602   Orthopaedic Surgeon 
V186  MARKUS ANDREAS FROEHLING 0506179910   Orthopaedic Surgeon 
V175  GERARD PELITRE . 0509987602   Orthopaedic Surgeon 
V171  SAMIR VICTOR FANOUS 0508354342   Orthopaedic Surgeon 
V118  VITALI FISCHENKO . 0508354342   Orthopaedic Surgeon 
V63  DAVID CABORN . 0508354342   Orthopaedic Surgeon 
V65  DARREN JOHNSON . 0508354342   Orthopaedic Surgeon 
V75  ALI MONIS . 0509987602   Physician 
V181  ABDELSHAFI MOHAMMADY HASSAN 0509987602   Physician 
V153  RAMACHANDIRAN COOPPAN . 0508354342   Physician 
V128  MOGHAZY ALI MAHMOUD 0509987602   Physician 
D1983  BOUTHINA MAHMOUD ABDEL MAGID 0506227620 Specialist (b) Obstetrics And Gynecology 
D29  BHANUMATI HARSUKH DOSHI 0506661555 Specialist (b) Obstetrics And Gynecology 
V169  MOHAMED YOUSRY ABD ELMOHSEN 0508354342   Psychiatrist And Neurologist 
V58  SHI ZHAOQI . 0508354342   Proctologist 
V185  MOHAMAD HAMED ASMI 0509987602   Cardiologist 
V156  GARY LEE . 0508354342   Cardiologist 
D5575  RASMI AHMAD QESHTA 0507904476 Specialist (b) Oncology 
GT4497  AMIR ABDEL RAHMAN 0508221942 Laboratory Tech. 
GT5424  JASON KYLE DURTSCHI 0507612962 Social Worker 
GD6500  YOUSIF ALBEER POLOUS GOGUE 0502339177 Specialist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 
GD6091  SEMBARA SUBRAMANYA SHARMA 0507803020 Specialist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 
GD11687  MAEN KHALID AL KHATEEB 0506720740 Specialist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 
GT5685  SHEEJA - AJAYAKUMAR 0504912652 Medical Laboratory Technician 
GT5286  CATHERINE BERNALES LAUREANO 0501730415 Medical Laboratory Technician 
GT4915  RIYAS BABU KALATHUMPADIAN 0505822885 Medical Laboratory Technician 
GT4951  RESMI RAJAN . 0508296561 Medical Laboratory Technician 
GT4823  ANWAR GAMPADADA SADU MANU 0507062913 Medical Laboratory Technician 
GT4599  GRACE SERENO ELERIA 0509987602 Medical Laboratory Technician 
GT4699  SHANOOJA ABHAS MOHAMAD 0504456918 Medical Laboratory Technician 
T221  DESAI BIRAJ KUMAR MANGUBHAI 0504456918 Medical Laboratory Technician 
GT6649  ABEER AKRAM MOH'D ABULKHAIR 0505226321 Medical Laboratory Technician 
GT6385  THRESSIAMMA . THOMAS 0503305327 Medical Laboratory Technician 
GT6052  ANNAMMA ABRAHAM GEORGE 0507114725 Medical Laboratory Technician 
GT5859  RAJU - THOMAS 0505705172 Medical Laboratory Technician 
GT4321  TALAL AL-DERDERI ALLOUP ABDUL 0505346440 Medical Laboratory Technician 
T4225  GOPI NAVEEN MANAKKADAN 0505520100 Medical Laboratory Technician 
T3465  BESSYMOL RONI GEORGE 0505467860 Medical Laboratory Technician 
V120  MOHAMED MOSTAFA FAWZY 0506265265 Consultant Dermatology & Venerology 
GV228  ELHAM ABDEL ZAHER MABROUK 0501291026 Consultant Dermatology & Venerology 
GV231  ALAIN ALFRED EDOUARD SANDOZ 0506265265 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GV217  ERIC ARMAND ROLLAND 0506179910 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GV271  ARMIN SIEGFRIED SKUGINNA 0508296561 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GV242  WILLEM JACOB WILLEMS 0505393799 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GV308  SIEGFRIED HOFMANN . 0505393799 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GV280  NICHOLAS JULIAN GODDARD 0505393799 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GV281  HOWARD ROBERT EPPS 0508296561 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GV282  KENNETH GREGORY BERLINER 0508296561 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GV284  KAARE KOLSTAD JR 0508296561 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GV286  EVAN DOUGLAS COLLINS 0508296561 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
V23  MARC A. C. MARTENS 0508354342 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GD6219  RABIH ANWAR MAKAREM 0506102367 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GD5839  RIYAD ABDUL FATTAH ABUSHAMMALA 0508296561 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GD6973  WOLFRAM THOMAS . 0505118292 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
DT122  HANS JOACHIM ROLF WALTER POSSEL 00971567526967 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GD10505  ANNA . MOON 0506211103 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GD10416  MICHAEL FERDINAND PIEPER 0506422714 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
DT84  PETER MILANOV MATCHEV 0506179910 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GD9389  CORNELIUS DU PLESSIS BURGER 0504359772 Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GD8412  DOUGLAS CHARLES MACMICHAEL 0506611297 dmacmichael@SKMC.GOV.AE Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 
GD7774  SEDRA RASHED KHAMIS AL MANSOURI 0504468416 Specialist Family Medicine 
GD10165  ELIZABETH LOIS NORRISH 0508394010 Specialist Family Medicine 
GD10631  HANI . JABER 0506670606 Specialist Family Medicine 
DT120  SABINE BELLMANN . 00971567526967 Specialist Family Medicine 
DT69  SHIHAB MOHAMMED ELASSAM 0508208388 Specialist Family Medicine 
DT66  HUSHAM MOHAMMED ALASSAM 0508208388 Specialist Family Medicine 
GD6541  DIYAA MOHAMMAD NAWAR 0501096466 Specialist Family Medicine 
GD10810  NADIA ATEEQ MURAD ABDULLA ALBLOUSHI 0508883395 Specialist Family Medicine 
GD10847  LAETH SARI NASIR 0505190568 Consultant Family Medicine 
GD10848  CHARLES . LEDUC 0505320879 Consultant Family Medicine 
GD10852  BEVERLY ANNE RAASCH 0504484977 Consultant Family Medicine 
GD10938  ASSIL ISMAIL KHELIL 0506611297 Consultant Family Medicine 
GD11295  CHRISTIAN GEORG STUTE 0506422714 Consultant Family Medicine 
GD6869  SAMIR ABDEL RAHMAN IBRAHIM 0506611297 Consultant Family Medicine 
GD7243  ASSEM . AL ALWANI 0502385502 Consultant Family Medicine 
DT121  GABRIELE SOBEK . 00971567526967 Consultant Family Medicine 
GD10039  INAS . ABDUL KARIM 0507729660 Consultant Family Medicine 
GD10101  GEORGE . ZAJAC 0506670606 Consultant Family Medicine 
GD10007  BASIM . AL MALIKI 0507729660 Consultant Family Medicine 
GD8551  IBTESAM OBAID KHATEM 0506611297 Consultant Family Medicine 
GD7387  JAMES VICTOR SHEPHERD 0506611297 Consultant Family Medicine 
GD9109  PATRICIA TERESA SNOZYK 0504461014 SNOPAT@SKMC.GOV.AE Consultant Family Medicine 
GD8729  PATRICK FERGAL MC SHARRY 0505967163 MCSHARRY@MCSHARRY.COM Consultant Family Medicine 
GV302  KATHLEEN KENNEDY QUADRO 0508394010 Consultant Family Medicine 
D5290  ALYAA MOHAMMED HUSHAM AL 0507904476 ALYAA_HUSHAM@YAHOO.COM Specialist (b) Prosthodontics 
D2510  AMMAR ABDULRAHIM ALAMIR 0506265265 Specialist (b) Oral Maxillo Facial Surgeon 
GT6018  SHIRLEY GABAON TANDOC 0501329207 Dental Assistant 
GT6068  JANETH CAJES ALZONA 0501450637 Dental Assistant 
GT6157  ROMMEL MARIANO JIMENEZ 0505914595 Dental Assistant 
GT6764  JAMILA . KHADIM 0502433078 Dental Assistant 
GT6799  SARAH CATHERINE MORRIS 0506934707 Dental Assistant 
GT4727  ELEANOR SANTIAGO FLORA 0504911345 Dental Assistant 
GT5538  JULITA FAUSTO VICTORIA 0566188514 Dental Assistant 
GT5194  HAYDEE CORTEZ NARCISE 0501986542 Dental Assistant 
D4132  WINSTON GEORGE KUDAKKACHIRA 0505939260 Specialist (b) Periodontics 
D4651  FAWZIEA AHMED AL ALI 0554155055 NON@HOTMAIL.COM Specialist Conservative Dentistry 
GD9737  IMAN MOHAMED SAEED 0504399253 Specialist Conservative Dentistry 
GT5080  SHARAFELDIN IBRAHIM EL MADADI 0504150844 Anesthesia Technician 
GT4728  EBRAHIM MOHAMMAD SARKHOSH POOR 0508394010 Anesthesia Technician 
GT4935  FERIAL ALI AGHNIM 0506828056 Anesthesia Technician 
GT6886  ABIL PAUL LUEZ +966556258929 Anesthesia Technician 
GT7149  WISSAM JADOU MANEDDIN NASSER 0505322853 Anesthesia Technician 
GT6149  ROMMEL CUEVAS CLERIGO 0556469138 Dental Nurse 
T1875  ANA MARIE SANIDAD ACOSTA 0505363538 Dental Nurse 
T1007  VIRGINIA ARENAS AQUINO 0506219800 Dental Nurse 
GT4948  ELENITA TORNO MULA 0506180883 Dental Nurse 
GT4919  CORA DEMATERA ASICO 0507183283 Dental Nurse 
GT4994  LEAH MARIE SALAZAR MAYO 0507210275 Dental Nurse 
GT4996  WERNER CLIFTON RAMOS LAPENA 0506237281 Dental Nurse 
GT4997  ZYUHOON VILLAFLORES RAMOS 0506237281 Dental Nurse 
GT4998  BOOTS HIZON PALACIO 0506237281 Dental Nurse 
GT4836  JANE AILEEN GARCIA DELA PENA 0501350049 Dental Nurse 
GT4853  CHRISTITA RUIZ DINDIN 0501521382 Dental Nurse 
GT4882  ZARA CADAG GOSILATAR 0556271438 Dental Nurse 
GT4885  ELIZABETH VALDERAMA TY 0505814465 Dental Nurse 
GT5192  FLORYVIC ESTIANDAN ABOBO 0506237281 Dental Nurse 
GT5205  MARY ROSE SANGALANG RIVERA 0507544731 Dental Nurse 
GT5301  GRACIELA GODOY ABARRONDO 0506168064 Dental Nurse 
T2869  MA. LOURDES ENDERIO ALEMANIA 0505706270 Dental Nurse 
T1660  SAMSON GORA . 0507813199 ECG Technician 
GT5527  FATIMA JUNGCO VALENCIA 0505739497 IVF Medical Technologist 
GT5119  JEYARANI RAHINDUWAGE . 0508354342 Ophthalmic Technician 
GT4809  SABER MOHAMD GEWIDA 0507813199 Ophthalmic Technician 
T12  SENDAMANGALAM VENKATACHALAM ARUMUGAM 0559284019 Ophthalmic Technician 
GT5885  VIDYA SREERAGAM NARAYANAN 0504456918 Ophthalmic Technician 
GT6203  GANGABADA ARACHCHILAGE PRIYANTHA 0504911345 Ophthalmic Technician 
GT5871  SARAH ELIZABETH TAYLOR 0506720740 Operation Room Technologist 
T1657  MUHAMMAD SHAHBAZ BHATTI 0506220640 Operation Room Technologist 
V114  WIETE WESTERHOF . 0509987602   Specialist Dermatology & Venerology 
V107  ZAFER ABOUTARA . 0509987602   Specialist Dermatology & Venerology 
V48  ADIL AHMED HALIM EMAM 0509987602   Specialist Dermatology & Venerology 
V49  MONA MOHAMED ABDEL HALIM 0509987602   Specialist Dermatology & Venerology 
V44  ALI ABDELFATTAH EL MAKHZANGI 0509987602   Specialist Dermatology & Venerology 
V187  AMR ABD EL HAKIM 0509987602   Specialist Dermatology & Venerology 
V161  MOHAMED FARID ABDULLATIF 0509987602   Specialist Dermatology & Venerology 
D4982  MOHAMMED ABDUL QADER AL MALMI 0501244573 Specialist Dermatology & Venerology 
DT60  PRAKASH SHIVALINGAPPA MALAMMA 0505822885 Specialist Dermatology & Venerology 
DT86  OURIDA TAGNIT HAMOU OUHACHI 0509016062 Specialist Dermatology & Venerology 
GD10182  CHARULATA BASISTHA BOSE 0504456918 Specialist Dermatology & Venerology 
GD6619  KHALID MOHAMMED AWAD 0508221942 Specialist Dermatology & Venerology 
GD10726  SUMI THOMAS . 0509575303 Specialist Dermatology & Venerology 
D458  NADIA HADDAD . 0508118380 Specialist (B) Dermatology 
GD7461  WALID . KAPLAN 0506736686 Consultant Paediatrics/ Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases 
GD7342  SRINATH . KIDAMBI 0506714616 Specialist Internal Medicine/ Cardiology 
D2786  SAAD ALI TABBARA 0508208388 Specialist Internal Medicine/ Cardiology 
GD6177  EMAD ELDIN HAMDI NEGM 0509987602 Specialist Gastroentrology 
GD6430  SALIL SHANTILAL GHANDI 0508394010 Specialist Paediatrics/ Neonatology 
DT77  YAHYA HUSSAIN AL ETHAWI 0508208388 Specialist Paediatrics/ Neonatology 
GD7393  AMIT DATTAJI JAGTAB 0504144307 Specialist Paediatrics/ Neonatology 
GD7697  JEHIER KAMAL ELDIN DESSOKY AFIFI 0509723996 Specialist Paediatrics/ Neonatology 
GD5874  ATA GHASSAN ATA 0507904476 Specialist Internal Medicine/ Neurology 
DT68  MAN MOHAN VYAS 0505822885 Specialist Internal Medicine/ Nephrology 
GD11166  ADEL ABD ELHAMI EZZELDIN 0504184362 Specialist Internal Medicine/ Respiratory Medicine 
GD8344  AFSANEH HOSSEIN KHADEMI 0506720740 Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology / In Vitro Fertilization (I.V.F)  
GD9868  NADER NAGUIB AHMED ALI 0508239110 Specialist Surgery/ Otolaryngology (E.N.T Surgery) 
GD9746  SAAD KAMEL SAAD EL RAHMANY 0506611297 Specialist Surgery/ Orthopedic Surgery 
GD8446  MAZEN T. SILMAN 0507214228 Specialist Surgery/ Plastic Surgery 
GD9349  ANJUM MUHAMMAD SHARIF NAVEED 0504488367 Consultant Surgery/ Otolaryngology (E.N.T Surgery) 
GV295  AFSHIN . TEYMOORTASH 0508208388 Consultant Surgery/ Otolaryngology (E.N.T Surgery) 
GV235  NEMR TANIOS MALAB 0501291026 Consultant Surgery/ Plastic Surgery 
GD6327  ALI MOHAMMED JAWAS 0508221942 Consultant Surgery/ Vascular 
GD6899  HUSAM ZAKARIA OUDA 0508221942 Consultant Internal Medicine/ Cardiology 
D4321  RICHARD JAMIL NABHAN 0508221942 Consultant Internal Medicine/ Cardiology 
GD9040  REHAN . MAHMUD 0506672743 Consultant Internal Medicine/ Cardiology 
DT74  SUZAN MOHAMMAD AL GHARAIBEH 0508208388 Consultant Internal Medicine/ Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases 
GD10589  MOHAMED HASSAN FADL ALI 0506670606 Consultant Internal Medicine/ Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases 
GD10678  AHMAD KANAAN AWAIDA 0504454901 Consultant Internal Medicine/ Infectious Disease 
GD9744  MUHMMAD JUNAID MOTIWALA 0505566515 Consultant Internal Medicine/ Infectious Disease 
GD9342  MOUSAB OMAR ALMUSADDY 0506181972 Consultant Internal Medicine/ Intensive Care 
GD7350  IMRAN YAQOOB NIZAMI 0559094726 Consultant Internal Medicine/ Intensive Care 
GD8109  FERHANA . NAJAM 0503326765 Consultant Internal Medicine/ Rheumatology 
GD6357  HANI SALAMA MOHAMMED SALAMA 0506720740 Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology / In Vitro Fertilization (I.V.F)  
GD10840  SASIDHARAN . PONTHENKANDATH 0507834340 Consultant Paediatrics 
GD10841  SAYENNA ABDUL KAREEM UDUMAN 0504490056 Consultant Paediatrics 
GD10486  NICOLENE . SHIPTON 0506721280 Consultant Paediatrics 
GD10487  BILAL MOHAMMAD MOHAMMAD YOUSUF 0506670606 Consultant Paediatrics 
GD10488  ABDELMATLUB ALI A. BEN MUSSA 0506670606 Consultant Paediatrics 
GD10349  ADAM FERSCH . 0506422714 Consultant Paediatrics 
GD10330  DINA . JAALOUK 0509824953 Consultant Paediatrics 
DT73  AHMAD SAEED YOUSEF SHAHWAN 0506173401 Consultant Paediatrics 
DT129  ROBERT WINKLER . 0567526979 Consultant Paediatrics 
GD8000  KHALID SALEM FADEEL KAKISH +971503315012 Consultant Paediatrics 
GD8615  JUDIT . VOROS 0505967163 VOROSAL@VZPACIFICA.NET Consultant Paediatrics 
GD7522  MOHAMMAD . HOWIDI 0506114062 Consultant Paediatrics 
GV238  JOSEPH HADDAD . 0507813199 Consultant Paediatrics 
GV314  ROBERT - WINKLER 00971567526967 Consultant Paediatrics 
GD11112  SHABIH M. MANZER SIDDIQUI MANZAR 0506211103 Consultant Paediatrics / Neonatology 
GD7212  KHALED MOHAMED BEKHIT SEWIFY MOHAMED 0504382368 Specialist Critical Care Medicine 
DT52  ALAA ASHOUR HADDAD 0509987602 Specialist Critical Care Medicine 
GD7166  SAQIB IQBAL DARA 0503543414 Consultant Critical Care Medicine 
GD8830  HANS UWE SCHULZ 0506827845 Consultant Critical Care Medicine 
GD8970  MOHAMMAD FAISAL ABDULLAH MALMSTROM 0505640455 MOHFAI@HOTMAIL.COM Consultant Critical Care Medicine 
GD5822  MOHAMMED AHMED HUSSEIN 0506720740 Specialist Pathology/ Hematology 
DT23  DUSHYANT DHANANJAY DESAI 0505722990 Specialist Pathology/ Hematology 
DT50  MANOJKUMAR MANGALDAS SHAH 0505722990 Specialist Pathology/ Medical Microbiology 
GD6264  WALID KHALID ABDULRIDHA 0504414592 Specialist Pathology/ Medical Microbiology 
GD10397  BAKHYT TUREKEYEV . 0508354342 Specialist Surgical Oncology 
GT5855  NOFOOZ MAHMOOD ALI SHEHADEH 0504430745 Phlebotomist 
GT6166  CHOUDHRY KARAMAT ALI 0507831579 Phlebotomist 
GT6371  HUSUNUL JAMAL KAYAKOOL 0507714667 Phlebotomist 
GT5054  KRISTINE FERY . ENCELAN 0503543414 Phlebotomist 
GT5702  SAMERA ISMAIL MOHIDEEN 0504147479 Phlebotomist 
GT5677  ETTIMANIL KURUVILLA KURUVILLA 0507814310 Phlebotomist 
GT5681  HANAA MSTAFA MOKHTAR MOHAMED 0505210601 Phlebotomist 
GT5525  EMAN YOUNIS MOHAMMAD AL AMEER 0506178811 Phlebotomist 
GT5444  VADASSERY SARAMMA PAUL 0507722608 Phlebotomist 
GD10499  GAMAL EL DIN RASHED ALI HELAL 0506670606 Consultant Pathology/ Histopathology 
GD7703  THANGARAJAH . SORNARAJAH 0506919421 Consultant Pathology/ Histopathology 
GT4899  DHIAA NAJI FARHAN 0509020949 Optometry Technician 
GT4501  HAMED ELYAMANY HAMD SALAM 0507904476 Optometry Technician 
T759  SAMER ADEL ATALLAH 0506990086 Optometry Technician 
GD10903  GERHARD HANS KOCHHAN 0506414347 Consultant Oral Surgery 
GD10809  CHITTARANJAN MOHANTY . 0505822885 Specialist Pathology/ Histopathology 
DT97  TAMER MOHSEN KHALAF 0509987602 Specialist Pathology/ Chemical Pathology 
GD6398  HENRI MAWSSOUF BITAR 0506179910 Specialist Surgery/ Gastrointestinal 
GD8902  STEVEN JOHN LIGGINS 0506611297 sliggins@SKMC.GOV.AE Consultant Maxillofacial Surgery 
GA4  VALARMATHY RACHEL FERNANDES 0509970309 Homeopathic Practitioner 
GA9  JULIAN FRANCIS WYNNE 0506142799 Chiropractic Practitioner 
T4244  JODI LYNN DASSOUKI 0504102505 ajdassouki1@HOTMAIL.COM Chiropractic Practitioner 
GT6061  ABID KHAN . 0504456918 Cath Lab Technologist 
GT5886  VIJAYAKUMAR . KURESI 0504456918 Cath Lab Technologist 
GT4909  SUNDAR RAJAN SUBRA MANIAN 0504456918 Perfusionist 
GT5276  BELAVI VISWANATH . 0504456918 Perfusionist 
GV272  TARIF BAKDASH . 0501211900 TRBAKDASH@YAHOO.COM Consultant Pediatrics/ Neurology 
GN1194  NOEL BALBA AALA 0507510810 Registered Nurse / Accident and Emergency/ Emergency Room 
GN3731  GENEVIEVE MARY . MAGUIRE 0501142207 Registered Nurse / Infection Control 
GN2948  KOCHUMURIYIL MARY THOMAS 0508354342 Registered Nurse / Pediatrics 
GD6438  MOHAMED MOHAMED MOSTAFA 0509338321 G.P Ozone Therapist 
GD8391  GEORGE BLACK MCMEEKIN LINDOP 0504461014 LINGEO@SKMC.GOV.AE Consultant Pathology/ Clinical Pathology 
GD8403  MICHAEL ANTHONY TRUDEL 0506225471 Consultant Pathology/ Clinical Pathology 
GA6  SEEMA ANTONY NEELAMKAVIL 0505822885 Homeopathic Therapist 
GD9620  RASHED MOHAMMED HASAN 0506183092 Consultant Pediatrics/ Intensive Care 
GN1937  TARJA- LEENA . HAVERI 0503289468 Registered Nurse / (OR) 
GN1784  OOI BEE GEOK . . 0503130352 Registered Nurse / (OR) 
GT7719  ROMINA JOY PIGAR SUR +971503361322 Respiratory Therapy Technician 
GT7391  CRESENCIO DE LOS SANTOS GARASI 0505311235 Respiratory Therapy Technician 
GT6375  VINCENT PAUL VILLENA LAGUTAP 0502672517 Respiratory Therapy Technician 
GT6377  HUBERTO MIRANDA NIEVA 0509868131 Respiratory Therapy Technician 
GT7358  GEMMA AMIGABLE GARASI 0505311235 Respiratory Therapy Technician 
GT6676  APRIL MANUEL DE LEON 0502609571 Respiratory Therapy Technician 
GT5128  MICHAEL ESTO BERNARDO 0502086018 Respiratory Therapy Technician 
GT5271  MOHAMMAD USMAN ABDURAJAK 0508241062 Central Sterile Services 
GT5340  AMOL CHANDRAKANT NAIK 0504456918 Central Sterile Services 
GP12615  MARIA CLAIRE JAVIER AGUSTIN 0506685501 Pharmacist III 
GT5629  SHADIA MOHAMEDD ABDEL RAHMAN EL AGRA 0505821459 Radiographer - General 
GT5660  RODRIGO BALBIDO EPE 0505212174 Radiographer - General 
GT6512  FATEMA OMER AHMED ABDALLA 0507120738 Radiographer - General 
GT6674  MARIA GINA CONCEPCION PADUA 0501346695 Radiographer 
GT6367  SONIA DE MESA TOMELDEN 0508284671 Radiographer 
GT5761  HUDA ABDULLA MOHSEN 0506424965 Radiographer 
GT6083  PAMELA CABINTE FERNANDO 0502372606 Radiographer 
GT4961  DARWIN MARZAN ROSETE 0504911345 Radiographer 
GD8912  HANAN MOHAMED EL HADI FARAG 0506195250 Specialist Medical Genetics ( clinical Genetics) 
GN6210  SAWSAN ABDELFATTAH IBRAHIM ELSAYED GHALLY 0566188514 Registered School Nurse 
GD11004  REEMA MOHAMED AL HOSANI 0503332448 Specialist Sports Medicine 
GD8423  IAN GUY JEFFERSON 0506611297 Consultant Paediatrics / Endocrinology 
GT5399  ERMA DOMINGO LEUTERIO 0509987602 CSSD Technician 
GT5414  ANNABELLA DRUMMOND . 0508354342 CSSD Technician 
GT6426  KAREN JENNIFER ABUZAHRA 0506200140 MOHAMEDESMEIL1980@YAHOO.COM Clinical Psychologist 
GT4481  PASCAL GROLAUX . 0566017962 Osteopathy Practitioner  
GD11725  NABEELA . NASIR 0508765432 Consultant Neurology 
DT130  BETINA - ROGALSKI 0567526979 Consultant Pediatric / Rhuematology 
GV313  BETINA - ROGALSKI 00971567526967 Consultant Pediatric / Rhuematology 


Total Number are 2037

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