Bible Life Family Ministries 	Rev Hendrick Bruce 	View Detail
Bible Path Christian Ministries 	Rev Paul Dosunmu 	View Detail
Bible Study Network Christian Centre 	Mrs Onye Obika 	View Detail
Bibleway Church 	Pastor Michael Showumni 			View Detail
Black & Asian Forum 	Rev William French 		View Detail
Blessed Hope of Christ 	Rev William Lamptey 	View Detail
Body Of Christ International Ministries 	Pastor Olusegun Stephen Odularu 	View Detail
Bonny Downs Baptist Church 	Rev David Mann 	View Detail
Bradshaw and Holnfield Churches 	Rev Angela Dick 		View Detail

Leader Name
Braemar Avenue Baptist 	Rev Pauline Shirley 		View Detail
Brandon Baptist Church 	Rev B Stokes 		View Detail
Bread of Life Christian Centre 	Pastor Agatha Amissah 	View Detail
Bread of Life Ministry - Hackney 	Rev Thelma Ricketts 		View Detail
Bread of Live Ministries 	Rev Dr Doreen Uwaifo 	View Detail
British Youth for Christ 	Mr Clive Dudbridge 		View Detail
Brixton Baptist Church 	Pastor Desmond Thomas 		View Detail
Broadwater Farm Christian Centre 	Pastor Raffel Enemokwu 		View Detail
Brockley Baptist Church 	Mr William Fransch 		View Detail
Brockley United Reformed Church 	Rev Barry Carter 		View Detail	View Detail

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