Catholic Cemetery Association
10101 West Main Street
Belleville, IL 62223                       618-397-0181
Director:  Joe Hubbard
Administrative Assistant: Dee Dee Murray
Holy Cross Cemetery – Fairview Heights
St. Philip Cemetery – East St. Louis
Immaculate Conception Cemetery – Centreville

Cursillo in Christianity
Lay Director:  Julie Bostick
470 Tiffany Drive
 St. Louis, MO  63123                   314-583-6918

Spiritual Advisor: 
Reverend Gary Gummersheimer
724 Mulberry Street
Murphysboro,  IL  62966             618-687-2012

Day Care Centers
Cathedral Grade School Early Learning Center
200 South Second Street
Belleville, IL  62220			             618-233-6414
Director:  Mrs. Patty Birkner

St. Henry Creative Learning Center
5303 West Main Street
Belleville, IL  62226
618-234-6061                        Fax:  618-234-6801
Directors:  Judy Shovlin and Mary Haas

St. John’s Day Care Center
2620 Lebanon Avenue
Belleville, IL  62221
618-235-6717	Fax:  235-8485
Director:  April Weeams  

Catholic Day Care Center
617 Summit Avenue
East St. Louis, IL  62201                                              618-874-7178
Director:  Sister Gema Juarez, M.C.M.
Engaged Encounter of Southern Illinois
Pastoral Services
2620 Lebanon Avenue
Belleville, IL 62221	             618-235-9601

Engaged Encounter Weekends
Deacon Jerry and Ann Bach     

Homes for Senior Citizens
Apartment Community
National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows
726 Community Drive
Belleville, IL  62223
618-394-6400	     Fax:  618-394-9051
Executive Vice-President:  D. Robert 
   McCardle                                   618-394-6410
Director of Pastoral Care:
Mary Mertzlufft
   Reverend George Capan, O.M.I., Chaplain
Masses:  Daily 11:15 a.m.
Our Mother of Perpetual Help Devotion:
   Monday’s at 4:15 p.m.
Eucharistic Adoration:  
   1st Fridays Noon-4:30 p.m.

Hincke-Sense Home Residence for Priests
2620 Lebanon Avenue
Belleville, IL  62221
618-234-5722                        Fax:  618-234-5792
Manager:  Joline Beck

Fox River Apartments (Senior Assisted Living)
1016 Parker Street, Olney, IL  62450
Director:  Ms. Jessica Slater

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital
211 South Third Street, P.O. Box 694
Belleville, IL  62222
618-234-2120                        Fax:  618-234-4391
Web Site:
Chief Executive Officer:   
   Maryann L. Reese
Religious Leader:   
   Sister Joan Winkeler, O.S.F., Provincial
Pastoral Care
618-234-2120                        Fax:  618-641-5455 
Chaplain:   Reverend Elmar Mauer, O.M.I.
                   Reverend Carroll Mizicko, O.F.M.

St. Joseph Hospital
9515 Holy Cross Lane, P.O. Box 99
Breese, IL 62230
618-526-4511                        Fax:  618-526-8022
Web Site:
Chief Executive Officer:  
Mr. Mark Klosterman
Chaplain, Pastoral Care:
   Sister Dorothy Niemann, S.C.S.C.
618-526-4511, Ext. 327

St. Mary’s Good Samaritan
Centralia Campus
400 North Pleasant Street
Centralia, IL  62801
Web Site:
President:  Bruce Merrill
618-436-6205                        Fax:  618-436-8024
Pastoral Care:  Rev. Sumner Morrison,
    Deacon John Hempen, Associate Chaplain

St. Mary’s Good Samaritan
Mt. Vernon Campus
605 North 12th Street
Mt. Vernon, IL  62864-2899
Web Site:
President:  Leo F. Childers, Jr. FACHE
Chaplain. Reverend Rafi Kuttukaran
Pastoral Care:  Mark Fuller

St. Joseph Memorial Hospital
2 South Hospital Drive
Murphysboro, IL  62966-0580
618-684-3156                        Fax:  618-529-0530
Web Site:
Administrator:  Steve Pautler
Director of Pastoral Care
   Sister M. Bede Bolzenius, A.S.C.

Marianist Community
614 North 7th Street
East  St. Louis, IL  62201            618-271-0204
Brother David Betz, S.M.
Brother Norbert Karpfinger, S.M.
Brother John Laudenbach, S.M.

Natural Family Planning
Matt and Emily Joost

Priest Center
Carlyle Priest Center
17440 Highline Road
Carlyle, IL  62231	             618-594-8671
Scheduling:  Contact the Chancery

St. Henry Oblate Residence
200 North 60th Street
Belleville, IL 62223
618-233-2991	                  Fax:  618-233-9855

Prison Ministry
Reverend Christian Reuter, O.F.M.
St. Benedict the Black Friary
P.O. Box 398
404 North 14th Street
East St. Louis, IL  62202
618-482-5573	Fax:  618-482-5574

Mr. Adam Toennies
398 West Oak Street
Aviston, IL  62216                        618-228-9052

Retreat/Renewal Center
King’s House Retreat and Renewal Center
700 North 66th Street
Belleville, IL 62223-3949
618-397-0584                       Fax::  618-397-5123
Director:   Father James Brobst, O.M.I.

St. Noel Retreat Center
Camp Ondessonk
3760 Ondessonk Road
Ozark, IL  62971
Director:  Dan King

Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows
442 South De Mazenod Drive
Belleville, IL  62223-1023
618-397-6700                        Fax:  618-398-6549
Shrine Director:   
   Reverend Greg Gallagher, O.M.I.			                           618-394-6248
Associate Director:   
   Brother Bill Johnson, O.M.I.    618-394-6284

Human Resources Manager
   Cheryl Hertfelder                      618-394-6233
Financial Services Manager
   Diane Mitts		             618-394-6274
Marketing  and Guest Services Manager 
       Chris Diel                               618-394-6293
Mission Enrichment Director
   Geri Furmanek	             618-394-6990
Pastoral Department
   Brother Bill Johnson, O.M.I.    618-394-6284
Events & Development Coordinator
   Tina Huck                                  618-394-6287
Volunteer Coordinator
   Tina Huck                                  618-394-6287
Liturgical & Music Coordinator
   Orin Johnson                             618-394-6276
Youth Ministry and Retreats Coordinator
   Donna Eisenbath	             618-394-6286
Spiritual Programs Coordinator
   Judy Williamson                       618-394-6270
Victorious Missionaries Director
   Brother Thomas Ruhmann, O.M.I.

Hispanic Ministry
   Father J.C. Cain, O.M.I.            618-394-6299
Minds Eye
   Director:  Marjorie Williams                 

Teens Encounter Christ (TEC)
Pastoral Center, 2620 Lebanon Avenue
Belleville, IL  62221

Thrift Stores
Cosgrove’s Kitchen and St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store
Mike Johnson, Manager
3718 State Street
East St. Louis, IL  62205              618-271-6230

St. Francis Thrift Shop
Mr. Leroy Forness, Manager
800 East Main
Belleville, IL  62220                      618-233-6998

World Wide Marriage Encounter
Joe and Pat Kaiser
118 Woodbourne Court
O’Fallon, IL  62269                      618-622-8851
 Marriage Encounter Web Site: