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WHS Class Reunions - Any WHS Class holding an upcoming reunion is asked to send us information about their event so we can post it on this website.  Also submit photos of your class with names so we can add it to the WHS CLASS REUNIONS section. 
WHS Alumni Association Announces Centennial Celebration Fund Drive
The Winslow High School Alumni Association would like your continuing support of a major fund raising drive to increase their Scholarship Fund.  A slide presentation has been prepared and is now online on this website giving details.    Click on this link:   WHS Centennial Celebration to go there now and see the slideshow.   Those wishing to participate can send donations to:  Jenny Cherry, Treasurer WHS Alumni Assn, PO Box 32, Oakland City, IN 47660 or to Pike County Community Foundation, PO Box 587, Petersburg, IN 47567.
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Next WHS Alumni Banquet - Oct 8, 2011 - Winslow High School Centennial Year Banquet
See the Calendar for the next WHS Alumni Banquet and list of Officers for next two years.   Our next banquet will be the 100th Anniversary Year of Winslow High School.   Click on this link to go there now.   Calendar, Officers, Life Members, Listing of Alumni by Year

Indiana Story Tellers Blog & New Town of Winslow Website August 2009
We are pleased to have a link to two interesting websites that WHS Alumni should find interesting.   The sites were created by Winslow resident, Rose Beyke.   She is interested in promoting the history of Winslow and what is happening today.   The Indiana Story Tellers Blog is the main site, and is about "MEANDERINGS AROUND WINSLOW" and this Blog has some interesting LINKS to enjoy.   One of the links is called THE NEW TOWN OF WINSLOW WEBSITE AUGUST 2009 and provides some good information about current things of Winslow, Indiana.   Click on this link to go there now:   Indiana Story Tellers Blog
View A Slide Show of Photos From 2006 WHS Banquet Held in October 2006
Now you can view a slide show of some photos taken at the last Winslow High School Alumni Banquet.  These photos have been set into a small slide show for easy viewing.   Click on this link 2006 WHS ALUMNI BANQUET to go there now.
Send us your old photos of Winslow School Days or photos of things around Winslow
We would like to have copies of your old photos for display on this website.   We will scan them and return them if in photo format or you can send us jpg, gif, tif, bmp.   We will see that they are returned to you promptly and will display them on these pages.   Please provide names of those in the photos and a brief description of the picture or activity.
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        Oct 08, 2011
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Winslow Eskimos
Sectional and Regional
Championship Teams

Winslow won sectionals in 1923, 1924, 1925, 1941, 1950, 1951, and 1954.   Regionals were won in 1950, 1951, and 1954.
Click here for other Alumni News and Alumni Items

Any WHS Class planning a reunion is asked to send the information to this website so we can help you spread the word on your reunion.  Anyone having photos of their class or group which hold reunions is encouraged to submit their photos to this website for publication.  Photos will be returned to you or you can send in - jpg, gif, tif, files via e-mail .  Send them to:  jddedman@gmail.com
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Official Winslow Eskimos Web Site
The Winslow Eskimos  from Winslow High School, Winslow, Indiana  have been around since 1911 and were in existence until end of school year 1974. Beginning school year 1975 Winslow was consolidated along with all the other high schools in Pike County, Indiana into Pike Central High School.   Pike Central is located 4 miles north of Winslow, Indiana.    Many former Winslow Eskimo children, grand-children, etc now attend Pike Central.  There also is a Winslow Elementary School still in Winslow and a feeder school for Pike Central.                         
Your help has made www.jddedman.com one of the most popular basketball information websites on the Winslow Eskimos on the internet. Your loyalty means a lot. This Official Winslow Eskimo website shall always be dedicated to the Alumni of Winslow High School, their basketball players, cheerleaders, coaches, teachers, and friends who helped make little small Winslow a big name in Indiana High School basketball for many years.

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