aren A. Alden (now Marinovich)
E-mail: kam30...@c...
Web Page:
Location: Mountain View, CA 94040
Updated: 17-May-2006
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What's New?
Manager and Interior Designer, Allied ASID
Paul's Draperies Inc.
506 E. El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
408 720-9393 / 720-0625 FAX

**Also please check out our Awalt 1965 Alumni website
at: **
Don Arlett
E-mail: donar...@e...
Location: Granbury, TX
Updated: 13-Jul-2010
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Jane A. Armstrong
E-mail: jane....@c...
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Updated: 5-Feb-2006
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What's New?
I have lived in Michigan since 1971, when I came to do
graduate work at the University of Michigan. I worked
at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Motor
Vehicle Laboratory from 1974 to 2004. I'm retired now.
I love Ann Arbor, but hate the winter. I'm thinking of
spending January through March in California. If
anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.
The Awalt Vault
E-mail: dougt...@c...
Web Page:
Updated: 7-Jun-2009
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What's New?
Check out "The Awalt Vault" -- your source for apparel
and other gift items from Chester F. Awalt High
School! Great for class reunions, homecoming games,
and gifts for that special Awalt alumni (like you)!
Check it out at
Suzan L. Brickert (now Muir)
E-mail: marty...@e...
Location: Atascadero, California
Updated: 28-Jun-2007
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What's New?
I worked as an RN at El Camino Hospital for 28 years,
now retired. I am married to the same man for 35 years
(Marty from Sunnyvale High, Class of '65). We have one
daughter. We now live in Atascadero, California
William J. Clemence
E-mail: wfcle...@y...
Updated: 7-Feb-2009
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Lynn Cusack (now Bell)
E-mail: lynn_...@s...
Location: Los Altos
Updated: 10-Oct-2004
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Joy-Ann Farrell (now Shinerock)
E-mail: itsab...@i... (e-mail bouncing)
Web Page:
Location: Kerby, OR
Updated: 5-Oct-2000
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What's New?
I attended my Freshman and part of my sophomore year
at Awalt, before my family moved and I finshed high
school at Homestead. All the memories...such a great
school. I enjoyed my Russian class with Mr. Mankowski,
and English with Mr. Birdsall. Many years later I was
in Seattle on a sleepy Sunday morning looking for
something to do in the newspaper and came across a
gallery listing for a Byron how many
Byron Birdsalls can there be? So we took the time to
check out the showing and of course it was the very
same person. Evidently he moved to Alaska and became a
well known fact one of his pieces was on
the cover of the Anchorage phone book.
A few years ago my home burned and all of my yearbooks
went up too so I have no resource for remembering
except my fading memories...37(!)years takes it's
toll. Well, if any of you recollect me I would love to
hear from you...and if you know where Joanne Marino,
or Nancy Marshall or Traude von Steht are now please
tell them to contact me, OK?
James A. Ferguson
E-mail: j.a.f...@c...
Location: Redmond, WA
Updated: 24-Jul-2007
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Terry A. Gale
E-mail: tgale...@s...
Location: Santa Cruz
Updated: 19-Jul-2010
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What's New?
To be succint, am happily married, two grown kids and
two grand children. I work as an IT Manager in Santa
Cruz (although I hope to retire in 2011).

Current passions include music, tennis, photography,
personal homeremodeling and motorcycle touring.

As for music I notonly love to listen, but also have a
band I play in. I play saxophones, clarinet and
percussion. Not bad for someone who didn't start
playing music until way after high school.

I also started playing tennis after high school and
have not only played in more than 250 USTA matches for
my tennis club, but have also captained 13 teams,
taking 4 to playoffs.
Barbara C. George
E-mail: barbi...@y...
Location: Roseville, CA
Updated: 14-Jul-2005
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Pam A. Griffin (now Chase)
E-mail: griff...@u... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Roseville, CA
Updated: 5-Mar-1999
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What's New?
My sister Pam is residing in San Luis Obispo but has
no current email address so I thought I could get any
info to her. Thanks, her brother, Casey
Donna M. Haas (now Watson)
E-mail: dmwat...@h... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: University of Arizona, Tucson
Updated: 6-Aug-2001
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What's New?
I have earned a BS in Business Administration, a MS in
Special Education and an M. Ed. in Educational
Leadership. I am currently teaching full time and
working full time on a Doctorate in Education with a
major in eductional leadership and a minor in higher

My youngest of five children leaves this week for
college. For the first time in my life I am all alone.
I am thrilled to renew old aqaintances.
Peter R. Hymans
E-mail: petee...@a...
Web Page:
Location: Gridley CA (Near Chico)
Updated: 1-Feb-2005
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What's New?
Powering through middle age with an attitude.
Everything is in high gear and I am always engaged
in service, guitar, genealogy,
my 3 sons, working on my house, writing a historical
novel. Single, well-healed from my '97 divorce.
(June Catherine Moore...HOW are you?)
I am very successful in sales and leadership and enjoy
people's company more than anything. Drugfree, very
light alcohol. Too much music. I think about you all.
Drop a line.
If you'll be near Gridley anytime, shoot an email.
Paul Kinnison
E-mail: paulk...@h...
Location: Scotland Island, Australia
Updated: 16-Jul-2001
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Janet E. Kinsman
E-mail: janet...@h... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Mountain View, California
Updated: 2-May-2001
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What's New?
I have a son and a daughter and my husband has two
sons. We have a total of four children and seven
beautiful grandchildren.
I've worked as an Administrative Assistant. for
Hewlett-Packard Company for twenty two years.
Gary A. Kupp
E-mail: gakup...@c...
Location: Chico, CA
Updated: 15-Aug-2009
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What's New?
Have been enjoy Northern California for the last 29
years, having moved to Chico in 1980 from Whittier in
the Southland. Have worked in my chosen field of
journalism my whole career -- mostly as a copy
editor/page designer for the Enterprise-Record, the
daily newspaper in Chico. Chico is home of one of the
most beloved natural parks in America, Bidwell Park. A
great place to hike and bike and swim.
Sharon L. Loucks (now Atkins)
E-mail: slouc...@e... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: San Mateo, CA
Updated: 11-Jul-2001
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Diane J. Mattson (now Burgess)
E-mail: glxxl...@s...
Location: Sparks, Nevada
Updated: 22-Jun-2004
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What's New?
Such a long time since graduation. Have been married
26 years have two wonderful girls 24 and 17 and 1
adorable grandson 6 months. Have been working in the
health industry for several years here in the Reno
area. Would love to hear from others regarding the
whereabouts of friends. Update/6-15-04 Still working
in healthcare field changing over from billing
director of a growing group of practices to
administrative assistant to the CEO. I have two
beautiful daughters 27 & 21, two grandsons 2 & 4 (just
love the grand ones, they are so much fun). Very
active in the Klassic Kruisers of Reno, do all the car
shows. Restoring(on going)1963 Ford Galaxie 500Xl and
1965 Ford Thunderbird. We have lots of fun with
these. Hope all are well would like to hear from
anyone, and information where some others are.

Will there be a 40th Reunion next year!
Rod A. Melkonoff
E-mail: rodin...@a...
Location: DELANEY & MELKONOFF, P.C., Phoenix, AZ
Updated: 16-Nov-2007
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Ellen Owen (now Dessin)
E-mail: lehur...@a...
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Updated: 22-Apr-2010
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What's New?
It's been a while since graduation and I hope this
message finds all of you happy and well.
Professionally, I am a consulting IC layout designer in
the medical industry. Over the years my job has
given me the opportunity to live in and explore
many locations in the United States. My favorite being
New England with all of it's wonderful history and
beautiful seasons. I am married to Steven Dessin (Los
Altos High) and have one daughter and two grand-
children. We are currently living in Fort Collins, CO.
If you remember me, I would enjoy hearing from you.
Stephanie L. Parks (now Baron)
E-mail: 3sbar...@c...
Location: La Mesa
Updated: 14-May-2011
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What's New?
I moved to San Diego in 1967, and bought a home in La
Mesa (just outside of San Diego) in 1974. I have been
teaching high school biology and anatomy for 39
years. I teach at Patrick Henry High School in San
Diego. I was married 22 years, and have a son, Alan
(31) and a daughter, Rebecca (30). I was president of
the California Science Teachers Association and have
published numerous articles in education and
orthopedic research. I never (in a million years)
thought I would end up in science. I am always amazed
at the turns our lives take through the years.
Neil W. Payne
E-mail: neilw...@b...
Location: Eagle, ID
Updated: 11-Aug-1999
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Duane Pless
E-mail: duane...@c...
Location: Sparks, Nevada
Updated: 25-Oct-2009
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What's New?
My wife and I retired for about 6 years. Traveled
around for awhile. During that time we lived in
Florida, New Mexico, Oregon, and Nevada. We settled in
Nevada were we both worked until her death from cancer
in Sept. of 2009. We were married for 28 years. It is
a great loss.
At present I drive a bus for the the city of Reno and
Sparks and love it. It is what helps me keep my sanity
in light of my loss. I really do love driving, so its
a good match. Thats me in a nutshell.
Opal Probasco (now Morrison)
E-mail: opal....@g...
Location: Spokane WA
Updated: 18-Feb-2009
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What's New?
Living in and loving the great Northwest. Married 35
years, mother of 3 grandmother of 9.. Currently
working on the National Advisory Council of a non-
profit organizations that helps to fund other non-
profits and schools. Any of you who are seeking
funding for your private/public school programs or
non-profits can contact me information.
Sandra A. Schultze (now Benze)
E-mail: thisi...@y...
Location: Greer, South Carolina
Updated: 7-Aug-2007
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What's New?
Widowed twice - I am now retired.
Norman J. Shaskey
E-mail: taxma...@s...
Location: Yreka, CA
Updated: 19-Apr-2006
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What's New?
Business owner, Norman Shaskey, CPA, Yreka, CA.;
Former Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilmember: City of
Mountain View, 1986-1995.
Hobbies: Marathon races, biking, skiing, swimming and
mountain climbing.
Linda L. Sloan (now Buller Johnston)
E-mail: billa...@y...
Location: Antelope,CA
Updated: 14-Jul-2010
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What's New?
I have 3 wonderful children 2 daughters and a son and 5
absolutely fantastic grandchildren!! In 2000 I became
disabled due to a back surgery that went bad. In 2006 I
married someone I had gone to school with before my
Awalt days, after being widowed for many years. We now
enjoy family, travel, mission trips to an orphanage in
Mexico and involvement in our church activities.
Karen A. Sorensen (now Strachan)
E-mail: KStra...@a...
Location: Alameda, CA
Updated: 23-Jan-2000
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David J. Stephenson
E-mail: daves...@c...
Location: Danville, CA.
Updated: 28-Apr-2009
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Paul Trinchero
E-mail: pault...@m...
Updated: 14-Nov-2007
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Joseph A. Tyburzcy
E-mail: jtybu...@l... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Greeley, CO
Updated: 10-Aug-1999
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Julie M. Vasquez (now Cummings)
E-mail: jewel...@m...
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Updated: 28-Jul-2005
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What's New?
We are planning our 40th reunion on Sept. 24th at
Michael's Restaurant at Shoreline Park in Mountain
View, CA. Please contact us to send you a letter with
all the reunion information!! Jul
Keith Williams
E-mail: keith...@m...
Location: Los Gatos, CA
Updated: 14-Jun-2001
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What's New?
Nancy (Harrison '66) and I celebrated our 30th
anniversary this last January. Living in the Santa
Cruz Mtns. for over 20 years now. general contractor
mainly doing custom remodels in Los Altos and Los
Altos Hills for the past 20+ years, and Nancy makes
sure i actually make a profit. Currently trying to
renew my interest in photography and get my "eye"
I find my real spiritual self when sailing
however. I took up racing rather athletic small
sailboats 15 years ago and though physically and
mentally demanding, i find a real inner peace when on
the water. Never was much of a surfer because i prefer
to be on the water not in it :^)
I just went bigboat sailing with Rusty Sabella, my
best friend through high school, even though he was
Los Altos '65, lead singer of "The Fugitives" you may
recall. We hadn't seen each other in nearly 30 years!
wow, hard to believe.
I hope all is well with everyone, I have no complaints
and so much to be grateful for.
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Susan Bates (now Bates Klopka)
E-mail: susan...@s...
Location: Calistoga, California
Updated: 20-Feb-2007
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What's New?
After 20 years of living back in Los Altos, I have
recently moved to Calistoga in Napa Valley with my
husband. I still come down to visit my mother
regularly and, in fact, my twin sister Linda still
lives in Los Altos as well.
I was disappointed that we didn't have a 40th reunion
last summer but hope to get in touch with some
friends this way and maybe put something together.
Heard that the water polo team had a reunion this
past fall and had a great time.
Looking forward to getting reacquainted.
Marieka M. Boer (now Meyer)
E-mail: mmeye...@n...
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Updated: 21-Jul-2010
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What's New?
After Awalt, I went to Berkeley and graduated with a
degree in Architecture. I met my husband in the Bay
Area and we moved to Las Vegas in 1970. We've been
here ever since. We have 2 sons, 1 daughter-in-law and
3 granddaughters. I am a licensed Architect and have
been working for NV Energy (the local utility company
for most of the state of Nevada)for the past 30 years,
managing all their facilities including maintenance
and construction. Considering retirement, but no date
set as yet.
Tom R. Bolton
E-mail: tomst...@a...
Location: Visalia, Ca - Tom's Ts, Santa Clara, CA
Updated: 4-Jan-2011
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What's New?
After graduation attended Foothill JC, Oregon
College of
Education, Monmouth Oregon (my roommate was
Ecklund), San Jose State.
Worked for Sears Customer Service in M.V., was a
Five Sporting Goods Regional Supervisor before
my own company in 1981 called Tom's Ts.
Married Janie Adelsbach in 1974. No children of
the two
legged type.
Moved to Sonora, CA in 2003, we built our home, but I
still have my
business in Santa Clara.
Moved to Visalia, Ca. in Oct.2009.
Joan K. Brolliar (now Cheverez)
E-mail: cheve...@h...
Location: San Diego, California
Updated: 15-Sep-2004
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What's New?
Oh what a difference a couple years make! I still
live in the same place at least. My boss retired
about 6 months ago and now I am starting my own
business doing work for attorneys and property
management (nice combo huh). I now have 2
grandchildren - boy and girl. What a treat. The 6-
year boyfriend is gone - another treat! Still trying
to travel as much as possible. I'm hoping Kathie
Bell will let me join her in Costa Rica in 2005. A
lot of Mexico in my future for the remainder of
2004. Hope you are all doing well out there.

About 4 years ago:
Hi everyone - At the moment, I live in Coronado (San
Diego), California. I have been a legal secretary
13 years and like it alot. I have one son that is 29
and one grandchild - she (Celeste) is 2. I have a
-in boyfriend and we've been together for about 3
years. For the last few years, I've been traveling
much as I can, skiing, camping, river rafting,
etc. I actually met my boyfriend in a singles
group. I hope to see you at a reunion in the near
future. If you haven't been to one yet, I highly
recommend them.
Sherie L. Brown (now Bruce)
E-mail: bcbru...@h...
Location: Boulder City, Nevada
Updated: 7-Sep-2008
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What's New?
After graduating 1966 from Awalt HS attended Foothill
College, worked for the Palo Alto School District,
was a flight attendant for NW Airlines for 10 years,
married to husband for 33 years, moved to Washington
state where we raised our 3 kids, son (31), dau's (28
& 25), 3 grandkids. Hoping to retire in 2 years from
Wells Fargo Bank. Love to travel and spend time with
grandkids. Have a home in Silverlake, WA and Boulder
City, NV. Would love to hear from anyone who
remembers me, Cheryl Pinto, Nicki Martini, Mille
Gray, Ellen Lyons, Pat Chateaud, Mary Butler & many
more??? Hope to hear from you all soon!! Sherie
Patrick Burns
E-mail: pwbur...@o...
Location: Mountain View, CA
Updated: 5-May-2006
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What's New?
Please contact me at if you can work
on the 40th reunion. WE NEED HELP!!!
I have been caregiving my mother(Alzheimer's)for the
past eight years. That's over now, all that remains is
to settle the estate and find something else to do.
Mine is probably not the only story like this. Seems
we're all going through this in some form or other.
Hope to see you at the reunion...if there is one.
Patrice (Pat or Patty) G. Chetaud (now Fecanin)
E-mail: fecan...@a...
Updated: 11-May-2009
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What's New?
Hi Class of '66. Where to begin... I met the love of
my life and married in '69. Our daughter was born
in '71. We lived in the Almaden Valley of San Jose
for 25 years. I worked at El Camino Hospital in Mtn.
View for 27 years, my husband retired from
Lockheed/Martin after 30+ years. After our daughter
graduated from SJSU, married and had our first
grandchild, she and her husband moved to Rocklin, CA.
We moved to Rocklin as well & live in a 800 home
gated adult community just 10 minutes from our
daughter & her family including our 2 grandsons aged
8 & 12. We now busy ourselves with golf & I just
recently took over the chairmanship of our Social
Club. It's been a lot of work, but a great way to
meet new friends. I often wonder about my class
mates. I hope this reaches everyone. Please stay
happy healthy, I would love to hear from you...
Please email me...Hugs, Patty... Are we having a
reunion this year?
Tom Cloutier
E-mail: tomas...@p...
Location: Berkeley, CA
Updated: 31-Oct-2006
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What's New?
Can't believe it's been 40 yrs and I'm knocking hard on
60! I'm even a grandfather of twins! Was there a 40th
reunion? I attended the 20th, but missed #30.

Even though I was at Awalt for only 2 yrs, I made some
good friends and still have fond memories (well they're
not all fond!) of that time. After graduation, I went
to UCB, but was lonely, unhappy and disillusioned what
with the war, the draft, etc. I dropped out after a
year and a half and spent almost the next 20 yrs as a
woodworker designing and building, ultimately ending
with a small cabinet and fine furniture making business.

Career #2 began with taking some classes at local jc's.
I swam for Laney College and also on a Master's team in
Berkeley for many years where I met my wife, Marcia. I
returned to UCB, but instead of studying architecture
as everyone thought I would, I got a degree in
molecular biology. This led to some interesting work
including electron microscopy, work on the Human Genome
Project, some cancer research and looking for genes
that may be involved in alcoholism.

Career #3 was a radical departure into the automotive
world. I bought a dynamometer with which I can measure
a car's performance, tune them (usually for max power)
and test various devices I design and build. I do quite
a bit of computer simulation of airflow over car bodies
and through intake and exhaust systems. I'm currently
building an engine that will reside in a Porsche to
challenge the 253 mph speed posted by the Bugatti
Veyron. I'm also working with a friend to form a
company that will do automotive R&D, build race cars
for ourselves and customers, experiment with new
materials and processes, etc. Also working on several
ideas that might even make some money!!

And now there's a concurrent career that grew out of my
wife having a stroke last year. It has been a brutally
difficult and sad year and a half and our lives have
changed dramatically. Marcia is recovering slowly,
having progressed from not being able to sit upright to
walking (with some assistance still). We're working
very hard to bring more life back to her left arm and
hand. Due to some major deficiencies in the Kaiser
system, I've had to manage Marcia's recovery and learn
a great deal about physical and occupational therapy.
I've also made hand splints since there are so few
decent ones available comercially. My heart has been
torn apart from the devastation I've seen in Marcia's
life and the lives of many other stroke victims I've
met. To see someone go from "normal" function to
paralysis and mental impairment overnight is just
incomprehensible to me. As a result, I'm considering
getting a PT degree in hope of helping some of these
folks recover what was so suddenly and cruelly stolen
from them.

I see Steve Kessler periodically at the Berkeley Bowl
Market. I've wondered what happened to some of my other
chums, Jon Nelson (glad to see he's on the list), Linda
Lee, Robbie Halstrom, Pete Rowe, Dave Hargrove, Bill
Greene, John Hottendorf, Fred Klein, Diane McLoughlin,
Judy Moore, Barry Smith, Bob Sproule, my old doubles
partner Dave Trowbridge, Chuck Wade... Looking through
my musky old yearbook I was surprised at how many
claassmates I did not know.

It would be wonderful if a reunion were to magically


Tom Cloutier
Karen Dernovek (now Hunnicutt)
E-mail: ozark...@y...
Location: Highland, Arkansas
Updated: 20-Mar-2008
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What's New?
I'm not sure if anyone remembers me as I was so shy
that I hardly spoke during my school years. 2008 is a
mile-stone year for most of us, the big 60. I haven't
been back to CA in many years because my parents both
died by the 1980's.

My life is wonderfully simple here in the Ozarks. My
husband of 28 yrs and I are semi-retired. I have an
in-home daycare that keeps me young at heart. My 42
yr old son and 40 yr old daughter have blessed me with
3 grandsons... they are the joy of my life!
David B. Duncan
E-mail: dbdun...@d...
Web Page:
Location: Los Altos, Ca
Updated: 25-May-2005
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What's New?
I returned to California in 1966 and attended the 30th
anniversary party. After 25 years in the Jewelry
business as a Goldsmith, Store owner and Store
Manager, I went back to school at West Valley College
in Digital Media and Web Content. I worked at a
startup, which was acquired by Commerce One in 1999. I
worked as a Web/Graphics Engineer there until October
of 2002.
May 2004
My brother, Tom Duncan '67 died at Stanford Hospital
May, 23, 2004. He has had a heart condition for a
number of years and had a pacemaker put in November of
2002. He was brought to Stanford by Medivac helicopter
on Friday, May 21st and passed away peacefully Sunday
afternoon, May 23 at 4:43pm.
I am now living in Los Altos, and working for a
company called REDmedic Inc. as the manager of Web
Development. We provide a service that allows people
to put their medical records online and have them
accessible by medical personnel in emergency
situations and eventually available to all of your
medical providers.
May, 2005
In late February, I started a position as Webmaster at
West Valley College in Saratoga. Working in education
sure is different than in the private sector! Union,
37 1/2 hour week, pension, etc. My last kid Michael is
13 and will be going to the dreaded Los Altos High
next year. Maybe I should move to Mt. View...
James C. Eaves
E-mail: jim_e...@y...
Location: Arlington, VA
Updated: 30-Sep-2009
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What's New?
I retired after 20 years of service with the U.S.
Army, 12 of which I spent overseas in Germany, Korea
and Somalia. I currently work for the U.S. Army
as a Logistics Management Specialist.
I received a BS from San Jose State, an MBA from the
University of California, Berkeley, and an MS from
Florida Institute of Technology. I am currently
attending the National War College in Washington, DC,
studying national security strategy. I have one son,
Ted, who is teaching college in North Carolina and who
has provided two beautiful granddaughters for us to
spoil. My wife, Pauline, is a Contract
Specialist with the Army.
Bruce N. Eckhardt
E-mail: allwo...@a...
Web Page:
Location: Coeur d' Alene, ID
Updated: 21-Jan-2010
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What's New?
Hello fellow high school classmates! I just stumbled on
this web site and had a great time reading your bio's.
Here's a little bit about me:
After Awalt, I attended Linfield College for two years,
transferring to Eastern Washington University in
Cheney, WA. I graduated in March 1971 with a Business
degree. I joined the Washington State Army Reserve in
1969 and served until 1975.
Currently I am retired after 30 plus years in the
furniture industry, having owned a small store in Coeur
d' Alene with my wife.
I am happily married, have three grown adults and three
grandchild. My wife and I are avid motorcycle riders
and each own a GL1800 GoldWing; her's is triked and my
is the two wheel version.
Currently (2010) we are "wintering" in Lake Havasu
City, AZ enjoying a snow free season.
It would be a blast to hear from any of you. Please
drop me a line. I still have fond memories of High
School. What a great time it was!

Barbara J. Ferguson (now Siebeneick)
E-mail: barba...@g...
Location: Randolph, NJ
Updated: 13-Jul-2010
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What's New?
After Awalt I went to UCSB and graduated in 1970. I
attended SJ State college for a year and then married
Uli Siebeneick. We lived in Germany (his home) for
eight years where our 2 children were born. Markus is
now 31 and Mieke is 26. We moved to New Jersey
shortly after Mieke's birth. I worked at various
jobs for the Catholic church, the Seeing Eye and now
the American Red Cross. Uli and I moved to the
Monterey Peninsula in 2003 and love being back in CA.
Mieke is married and living in NJ. This year we
became grandparents. That is an awesome experience.
It's just too bad they live in NJ.

2010 update: We just had our second grandchild this
summer. What a blast. Love the little ones.
Unfortunately, Mieke and Kevin moved to NC so we don't
see them as much as we would like. Markus is still in
San Francisco so we get to see him every couple of
months. Uli and I love living by the Monterey Bay.
He sails and works at the great Aquarium. I docent at
the Cathedral and still put in some time with the Red

Anyone know how to contact Carolyn Hamasaki? I had
her email once and then my computer died and I lost
everything. Darn bugs!

Love the website. SOOOO much better than
William J. Ferguson
E-mail: bill....@c...
Location: Evans, GA
Updated: 25-Aug-2005
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What's New?
Living in Evans, GA (Augusta) close to my wife's
parents. We now have four wonderful boys (ages:

We moved here to Augusta in June, 2001.

I'm the purchasing manager for the County School
District here where all the kids go to school and
Ginger is a substitute teaching.

That's about it.

Hope everyone is doing well.

God Bless The USA.
Albert M. Figone
E-mail: afigo...@r...
Location: Arnold, California
Updated: 16-Jun-2008
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What's New?
From near and far, we met in Sacramento, Ca, (June 14,
2008) 9 Awalt graduates, 4 spouses; had dinner;
attended a River Cats baseball game; and collectively
agreed we want to do this again. How hard is that?

Well, Steve Swanson & wife flew in from Portland, Or;
and we had to pick a date/location/buy game tickets.
If anyone wants to join in, contact Bill Gilliland
('66), Steve Swanson ('66), Richard Grimm ('66), Randy
('66) or Terry ('67) Roselli, Dan Nichols ('67), Tom
Bolton (66), or Ann or me, and let us know; or start
your own local group.

Some of the water polo team met last year (or the year
before) and tried to keep it a secret. Well, you know
about group secrets (not including Las Vegas). Take
William L. Gilliland
E-mail: willg...@y...
Location: placerville/ Hangtown
Updated: 28-Jan-2010
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What's New?
Hi how is everyone? I retired in 05..just couldn't do
it anymore. Live in Placerville, Ca. with wife of 28
plus years. How'd she do that? Play with Vettes
street rods and road race guys. Don't smoke drink do
drugs chase women, but I do have an Automotive
problem. e
looking forward to next year, we are trying to
assemble a Bonneville race car for disabled Vets to
drive. Its slow work but we are getting there. If you
want to go or help give me a call.
After reading one alls writings I guess I left
something out . Went to Central Washington State Col .
Foothill Co, San Jose state . Naval Aviation Hydraulics
school , Colorado Aero tech and Embry Riddle
Aeronautics Univ. Got a Bs and a FAA mechanics cert.
Divisional Scrutineers Lic with the SCCA. Former NASCAR
Millie Gray
E-mail: jamie...@n... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Moorpark, California
Updated: 17-Jul-2000
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What's New?
After graduation from San Jose State, I married and
moved to Southern California. I have been here ever
I have two great kids Jamie and Megan who
are all grown up now. I worked for the Post Office for
17 years. Cheryl Pinto and Ellen Lyons were my best
buddies at Awalt and I want you both to sign up on
this site. We need more people from the class of 1966
on here. We are you Tom DePue, Gene Thistle, Sherie
Brown, Dave Clement, Danny Dodds and Jim Moran?
Richard A. Grimm
E-mail: richa...@r...
Web Page:
Location: Cupertino, CA.
Updated: 9-Aug-2007
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What's New?
Lived in LA for 5 years dancing and singing in musical
productions as well as working at Disneyland in the
Character Department while I finished college at Cal
State LA graduating in 1970. I traveled with Disney on
Parade, 1972 and 1973 where I met my wife Marla in
Louisville, Kentucky. We have been married now for 33
years and have 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren. I
left show biz and went into mechanical design work in
1973. I continued to teach dance in San Jose part time
for 10 years. I have been working as a mechanical
engineering consultant with my own business since
1981. We have lived in Cupertino for the past 25
years. Our son (32) is an officer in Lexington
Kentucky with his wife and 2 children (son 3 and
daughter 8 months), and our daughter (28) is living in
Anaheim Hills with her husband and daughter (1). She
just ended 5 years working for Disneyland in the
Character Department as well as Magic Music Days to
become an at home mom. My wife lost her 30 year career
as a professional musician to a rare form of focal
motor distonia so we have taken up ballroom dance at
the local Arthur Murray Studio for the past 6 years as
an avocation enjoying the traveling events around the
country. Our son is a part time web site designer and
we have several photo sites I'd love to share with
anyone interested. Feel free to contact me my email
Timothy P. Hagan
E-mail: timot...@a...
Web Page:
Updated: 10-Apr-2006
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Sandra F. Harris
E-mail: SEbse...@a...
Location: Medford
Updated: 13-Jul-2010
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What's New?
Living in Oregon.
Sandra Harris (now Ebsen)
E-mail: SEbse...@a...
Location: Medford, Oregon
Updated: 4-Feb-2000
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Valerie J. Haskins (now Skala)
E-mail: vjska...@y...
Updated: 1-Sep-2010
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What's New?
Hello to all the wonderful classmates I have missed.
I am living in Auburn,CA with my husband and two
cats and awesome little doggiel I am currently working
at home (as little as
possible) and hoping to win the lottery. My husband
and I love to travel and enjoy our friends and
children. I cannot believe we are
all over 60!!?? But, I guess we can say, "We did
it!" Wishing all the best of times forever...
Cathy L. Johnson
E-mail: sanar...@y... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Tenino, Washington
Updated: 13-Jun-1999
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Terry Kline
E-mail: terry...@a...
Updated: 20-May-2000
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What's New?
hello to everyone in cybor space---
peace love and happiness---
Donna L. Leonard (now Walker)
E-mail: tcdwa...@a...
Location: Beaverton, OR
Updated: 25-Oct-2006
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What's New?
Alot has changed in my life this past couple of years.
My mother died on December 6, 2003 after a long
illness, and it was a tough time. I had been
looking into relocating to the Beaverton, Oregon area
when she died. I retired from my position as a
Public Safety Dispatcher with the Twin Cities Police
Department in Marin County on February 1, 2004, after
a 23-year career that I loved. I now have a beautiful
home in Beaverton, with wonderful neighbors and
gorgeous scenery. I worked at AAA for 11 months part
time as a call taker (hard work!), got bored, and now
work full-time again as a Booking Clerk in the
Washington County Jail. Guess I wasn't quite ready for
retirement after all. I finally graduated from college
last December with a BS in Emergency Management from
Cal State Long Beach, thanks to an amazing Distance
Learning Program they created for law-enforcement
people who do shift work. Attending my graduation with
my daughter last May was one of the great highlights
of my life!

My daughter, Wendy, is a Project Manager with Blue
Shield in San Francisco and has already passed the
dreaded 40 - YIKES! She is beautiful, funny, happy,
healthy, and I am very proud of her.

Don't know if we had a reunion last Summer. Would love
to see everyone again and catch up. I enjoy working
around my house, traveling, and getting together with
friends and family. And when I grow up I want to
be....well that keeps changing. Hope everyone is well
and happy!
Rosemary Martini (now Christensen)
E-mail: rfchr...@y...
Location: San Dimas California
Updated: 15-Jul-2010
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What's New?
I am so looking forward to a reunion this spring? Is
it happening?
I am a grandma, love to ballroom dance with my guy, Jim, and teach 5th
Frederick E. Mensing
E-mail: koman...@y...
Location: Atascadero, Calif
Updated: 1-Nov-2004
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James T. Moran (now Stillcrazy)
E-mail: jtmor...@g...
Location: Menlo Park California US of A
Updated: 7-Feb-2010
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What's New?
Married Carol Schreyer. Her brother Mike was in our
class and has since been sent way up topside to be with
the 'Big Guy'. Carol & I have been married for 38
years. Really? She is still my best friend and I love
her very much. Believe it or not I'm way clean.
No alcohol, drugs nor smoke make its way inside me but
shit, I still swear.

Three great sons. Brian, Kevin and Quinn. Heard those
names before? Brian & Kevin find and supply 'Special'
people for certain special assignments within the US
Government. Quinn lives in Hollywood and works in the
film industry. He is moving up in the ranks of that
very odd industry. Some day you'll see his name before
the movie starts instead of towards the rear of the
credits. Three grand children what a blast.
Parker, Logan & Taylor.

I'm still a pain in the butt, love to laugh and kind to
all. Loyal to family, friends and The United States of
America. This was fun to write. I have finally grown up.
Your Pal,
Jim Moran
Sally Morello
E-mail: sally...@p...
Location: Mountain View, CA
Updated: 11-Nov-2001
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What's New?
I still live in Mountain View, near El Camino Hospital.
I have practiced bankruptcy law since 1990 in Palo
Alto. I have a 14 year old son that is a freshman this
year at Awalt (Mtn. View) High School.
Jon L. Nelson
E-mail: jnels...@h...
Location: Washington, DC
Updated: 17-Mar-2006
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Mary L. Newnan (now Frazier)
E-mail: mfraz...@y...
Location: Moraga, CA
Updated: 28-Feb-2009
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What's New?
I'm an RN at Children's Hospital Oakland and have
my Master's Degree in nursing. I have a terrific
daughter who is now 23. My sister, Nancy Newnan ('64)
lives in Maui with her husband Bob Shaw ('67). My Mom,
Marjorie Newnan, was the librarian at Awalt from its
opening until 1970 when she went to Los Altos High.
She died in 1998.
I'd love to hear from any "old" friends.
Cay Paulden (now Sanchez)
E-mail: afs...@r... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Updated: 26-Mar-2000
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David A. Potts
E-mail: david...@c...
Location: Santa Barbara, California
Updated: 16-Jun-2008
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What's New?
42 years compressed:
Cal undergrad and grad school
taught HS 8 years
1981-2002 sales and management in software/hi-tech
industry; now retired
married to Elisabeth since 5/23/70 - 2 children
Jake (30) - Cal Poly SLO grad - worked in Madrid and
Korea and traveled extensively - now at Pacific College
of Oriental Medicine in San Diego and planning to do
post grad studies for 2 years at a city near Shanghai
Jessie (25) - UC Santa Cruz grad in theater arts -
now a manager and buyer for several Santa Cruz clothing
We have no grand children yet - boy are our kids
slackers...Congrats to all of you who already have them
Lived in Lafayette and the East Bay from Cal to 2002.
Now in Santa Barbara. Planning to return to the Bay
Area this year - we miss it.
Donn D. Preston
Web Page:
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Updated: 2-Apr-2010
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Pete Quigley
E-mail: c12si...@n...
Location: Whiting, NJ
Updated: 1-Feb-2005
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What's New?
George A. Roccasalva
E-mail: italk...@a...
Updated: 4-Feb-2002
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Jan Schulenberg (now Macomber)
E-mail: jmaco...@c...
Updated: 6-Mar-2007
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What's New?
I've been married to Dean Macomber (Awalt class
of '65) for 37 years now, and we've been living in
Las Vegas for the past 20 years. Dean is in the
gaming industry, so we've lived in Atlantic City,
Lake Tahoe and now Vegas. We have two children, both
grown. Our son lives in the Bay Area, so Dean and I
fly there frequently to visit him, his wife, and our
beautiful new grandson. Our daughter just moved to
Las Vegas from San Francisco to attend law school,
and we're loving having her near.

I teach for Nevada State College and the University
of Phoenix. I don't think Dean will ever retire, but
we're talking about moving back to the Bay Area when
I retire so that we can be closer to the grandbaby.

It's great to be in touch with all of you! Wow! Has
it really been 40 years?
Rolayne L. Stade (now Bashaw)
E-mail: white...@s...
Location: White Tiger Kenpo Studio
Updated: 28-Jun-2006
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What's New?
I own an Americian Kenpo Karate Studio
I am a pirotechnician (shoot off fireworks)
I still play the 'Cello
I am getting ready to retire as a computer specialist
with the US Forest Service
I am married and have 7 step-children, 13
grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren
update 6/2006
We now have 5 great grandchildren and just met the
newest, who is a year old this month.
My husband Randy and I both went back to work after
retirement. I now work at a local hospital as a data
entry clerk, something I haven't done in nearly 30
years! It's slower paced and I'm liking the lack of

Hope all are well.. Please feel free to contact me!
Richard D. Steele
E-mail: richs...@f...
Location: Anderson, California
Updated: 12-Oct-2009
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What's New?
Hi Guys
After Awalt I went to Foothill for a couple of years.
Then enlisted in the Army from 68 to 71, with two tours
overseas. Got back and was married with one son and a
daughter on the way. Guess what I just went back to
being a carpenter while I finish my education at
Stanford, Boulder and San Jose. More education than I
have ever used.

Got divorced in 1975 and remarried a couple of years
later. My wife Colleen and I will celebrate our 34th
anniversary next month.

I stayed in San Jose for almost 35 years and after 23
years in the building trades I finally used my
education and took a job at Applied Materials as their
Global Construction Manager. I got to travel way to
much but built some great buildings.

I retired in 2002 and relocated to a 10 acre parcel in
Anderson Ca. Just about 9 miles east of Redding.
Having fun fishing and running the Tax Payers
Association up. Work when I feel like which isn't much.

Have not heard from anyone from Awalt since I got back
from the service. Would love to hear from you now.
Steve Swanson
E-mail: steve...@c...
Updated: 16-Mar-2011
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Ken K. Tanaka
E-mail: kktan...@g...
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Updated: 8-Dec-2006
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What's New?
Very happy to be able to connect up with the class in
some form, for this is the first time to make the

After graduating, attended San Jose State for a year
before transfering to Stanford. Traveled around the
world for a year, then started graduate school in
Buddhist Studies, finally ending up with a Ph.D. in
the field from U.C. Berkeley.

Taught at Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley for
over 15 years and served as Buddhist priest for 3
years in the bay area before getting a job as tenured
professor at a university in Tokyo, Japan, where we
now live. I love my job.

Imagine, a Japanese American teaching Buddhism to
Japanese students in a country where most of the
people are nominally Buddhists! What an intersting
world we live!I am on sabbatical this year, writing a
book in Japanese on "Buddhism in America"!

I return to California at least twice a year,
spending part of the summer at our house that we kept
in El Cerrito, next to Berkeley. This summer I took
our youngest, a 16 year old daughter, to Awalt. She
was impressed by the campus.

We have two other kids (boys), graduated
college (Harvard) two years ago (and now community
activist trying to "save the world") and another
going to college on the East
Coast (Tufts Univ.). The youngest is still a junior,
which means I
still have 6 years of tuition paying.

I've been wanting to connect up with the class of 66
for some time now, so am happy to be able to send
this in. Should any of you remember me and want to
connect up, I would love to hear from you. And once I
am accepted on this listing, I'll be able to connect
with some of your personally.

40 years is a long time, but some memories are
fresh. I enjoyed learning about those of you with
postings. Best wishes to you all.
Marianne Thackeray (now Snyggg)
E-mail: mcsny...@m...
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Updated: 22-Jul-2010
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What's New?
Hi All,

I graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA
in Linguistics. Am currently living in Colorado
Springs. I've got 3 grandchildren
that live in town, from my son that's now 35!

My sister, Cathy Thackeray (Cardoza), class of '69
died in 1982. And I adopted her 12 yr old son. He
lives in the area, too. He's 39 years old now, and has
2 girls that call me Nana. ;-)

Jeffrey R. Tucker
E-mail: jefft...@p...
Location: Home in Mountain View
Updated: 20-Apr-2010
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What's New?
Still living in Mountain View - greatest place in the
Paul Uhalde
E-mail: uhald...@s...
Location: Milpitas, Ca.
Updated: 16-Oct-2010
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What's New?
Hi to nice to read of you and be reminded of
the many kind people I met at Awalt. Apologize for my
extreme shyness... always hoped people understood and
didn't take it for aloofness. Fondly remember such
nice people as Jim Moran, Glenn Yeager, Pat Sours,
Gale Tasista, Linda Hiersch, Pat Burns, Lynn Sheerer,
Eileen Acker, Brad Brown, Carolyn Craig, Rosemary
Martini, Bob Drennan, Ray Messmer and many others.
Played baseball and graduated from U. Nev., Reno...2
year marriage and divorce...married my beloved Carol
in '81...retired from title insur. in 2007 to be with
Carol through her illness... she died 2007... playing
golf and deepening my Christian faith. God bless all
of you. Paul Uhalde
Kim Vannatter
E-mail: KVann...@a...
Location: Texas
Updated: 25-Dec-1998
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Stan Weiss
E-mail: sw01z...@s...
Location: San Jose, California 95132
Updated: 10-Apr-2006
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David G. Weldy
E-mail: info...@t...
Web Page:
Location: Chelan, WA
Updated: 18-Sep-2003
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What's New?
Celebrated 35 years of marriage to my high school
sweet heart. Mary West class of 68. Had fun at her
class reunion last week. Looking forward to seeing
all of you at the 40th. WOW!
David W. Yancey
E-mail: dyanc...@c...
Web Page:
Location: 540 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133
Updated: 11-Feb-2009
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What's New?
April 9, 2001, my wife Angie gave birth to twins, a
girl, Brooke Elizabeth and a boy, Matthew David.

Twins update. January 23, 2004, my wife Angie gave
birth to a second set of twins, two boys, William and
Samuel. That's right, a second set of twins! We are
blessed, but busy.

We live in San Francisco and enjoy the City life, but
often visit my Mom in Mt. View who is in good health
and still lives in the same house across from Awalt
where I lived when there.

I attended the Awalt water polo team reunion last
spring (May 2008). It was great to see classmates and
teammates Cliff McGuire, Marc Larivee, Stan Weiss,
Gary Sherer and others. Some of those guys are still
in pretty good shape and more funny than ever.

I don't play water polo any more, but I took up rugby
while in law school at Stanford. That has been my
main hobby since and I still play now and then.

I do commercial real estate investing. It is kinda of
like playing Monopoly with real money and I love it.
Retirement could never be this much fun.

It would be great to hear from any of you. '66 Rules!
Wayne (Wally) D. Zampa
E-mail: zampa...@s...
Updated: 12-May-2000
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David E. Zerga
E-mail: dzerg...@a...
Location: Fresno, California
Updated: 20-Apr-2011
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What's New?
I am either too young or too old for this!
Ann Zink (now Figone)
E-mail: figon...@p...
Location: Tustin, California
Updated: 2-Aug-2000
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What's New?
I'm now married to Al Figone. I have two sons from a
previous marriage, a daughter-in-law and a grandson.
worked as a title officer for 17 years until Al came
back into my life.
I'm very envolved in Beta Sigma Phi sorority.
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ail: judy_...@a...
Location: Los Altos
Updated: 31-May-2005
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What's New?
I haven't been notified since graduation and wanted to
get on someone's list.
Pat M. Amato (now Charlesworth)
E-mail: jazam...@c...
Location: Woodbridge, CA
Updated: 14-Oct-2004
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What's New?
October 14, 2004
Hello All.
Jim Amato here, Pat's brother, class of '69.
My sister passed away today, having fought a battle
with liver cancer for the past 6/7 years. She whipped
it the first time, using alternative methods at
first, then having 83% of her liver removed (only
organ that regenerates, who knew?), to become at the
time cancer free. As I'm sure most of you know, once
it has you it doesn't let go easily, and it came
raging back about 6 months ago. She fought it hard
again, but this time it was not to be denied, and she
died peacefully with family around.
I wanted to let you all know the times she had with
the class doing the reunion dinners and reunions were
some of the best times of her life, and she truly
appreciated your friendship. I know she would want me
to let all of you know this news, and the fact that
she had a very strong faith that enabled her to cope
with this battle. I'm sorry to share this news, but
wanted you all to know. Please send up a good thought
to her, and have a cheerful moment on the day you
read this, Pat would like that.
Jim Amato

Hi, Everyone out there in Cyber-post-Awalt-Land! Once
again inspired by Dewey's great writing, I am tearing
a page from his book, and deleting the Olde and
ringing in the new! (Although I'm sure many of you
suffering from Scrolling finger..[like tennis elbow,
only lower]due to my former Bio, wish that I would
tear a page from Dan VanSciver's book instead...)
Trying to examine WHY I'm having such a grand time
with all my newly discovered Awalt acquaintances...
(after only 3 reunion pre-parties and a few e-mails,
feel closer now than I was during my 2yrs at Awalt)...
I think I can conclude that out of an abundant
appreciation of every one of life's blessings, the
greatest Is love; friendships, relationships,
connections between people; what could be more joyous
or fulfilling in life? You won't want to miss out on
these re-connections!! They are so fun!!Dewey
even came all the way from Washington to our last El
Toritos pre-party, and considered it well worth it!
(And I can Report that his humorously self-disparaging
though Highly Entertaining Bio of late, was a
prevarication of the first order. When I called him
out on his reference to the Hair Club for Men, he had
to cram his chin into his sternum and I had to stand
on my chair to see any skin amongst his original
locks; and if they are gray it's only because he's
cheaper than we female alumni...) So, cancel the
Cable and start brewing your own coffee, buy one-ply,
drive right on by Blockbuster's; do whatever it takes
to come up with the plane fare; and hurry your check
to Jan by the 7th!! (It's the least we can do, short
of becoming a Southwest Air Stewardess like Pat
McNelis Schader did in June just to get a free
ticket) Sure, there's a tiny few who are still tiny,
and a few who haven't earned any wrinkles yet, but
don't let that make you miss out on these wonderful
renewals of life! Don't think of this Reunion as a
Fete worse than death... think of it as a Dinner to
dye for, and Run to the nearest Postbox with your
check! Aren't you curious about how a Doctor of
Jurisprudence could be so concise?!(Master of Briefs
as well as Pilot?) Or Who became involved with
Interpol, tracing an international plane heist (ask
him how much That cost!) And don't you want to meet
again all the "first" girls in Bob Mac.'s life, and
chat with our Tibetan-Irish-Japanese-Chinese-Spanish-
Italian-flavored Texan; and learn the secret charms
Gail Eckel and Terry Roselli?(What does D.W. know
we don't?)Inquiring minds should want to know! I
personally can't wait!! See you ALL Soon I hope!!!
Christine Auber (now D'Astous)
E-mail: cdast...@c...
Location: Lafayette, CA
Updated: 24-Apr-2004
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What's New?
I now am the broker/owner of my own real estate
company "Triple Crown Realty". My son is married now
and living in Western Massachusetts. I have recently
moved to Lafayette, California.
The Awalt Vault
E-mail: dougt...@c...
Web Page:
Updated: 7-Jun-2009
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What's New?
Check out "The Awalt Vault" -- your source for apparel
and other gift items from Chester F. Awalt High
School! Great for class reunions, homecoming games,
and gifts for that special Awalt alumni (like you)!
Check it out at
John A. Axell
E-mail: abbas...@s...
Location: Salem, Oregon
Updated: 17-Jan-2006
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E-mail: tripl...@a... (e-mail bouncing)
Updated: 12-Mar-2002
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Linda Bangs (now Maxfield)
E-mail: awalt...@y...
Location: near Sacramento
Updated: 17-Nov-2003
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What's New?
My husband Ray and I have been happily married for
25 years and have lived near Sacramento for the
past 20. Semi-retired public servant enjoying
hobbies and domestic life. It's been fun reading
what you all have been up to since Awalt!
Christine P. Baumgardner (now Chatwell)
E-mail: cpcha...@s...
Location: Mountain View
Updated: 31-Oct-2005
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What's New?
I've lived in or around Mountain View since graduating
from the Univ. of Denver grad. school of social work
in '73. I practice psychotherapy in an office on the
corner of Castro and Church streets in Mtn View and
also work as a counselor in the Chemical Dependency
program at El Camino Hospital (this is after quitting
alcohol and other drugs 12 years ago which I began
using heavily while at Awalt). I live in Mtn View
with my partner and our 2 cats. We're learning French
so we can move to Paris within the next 2 years.
Michael J. Benefiel
E-mail: mike_...@y...
Web Page:
Location: Kensington, Maryland 20895
Updated: 1-Nov-2004
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What's New?
Graduated from Stanford in 1971, studied
Japanese at Waseda University in Tokyo 1973-75,
married Elizabeth Sutton in August 1974,
appointed by President Jimmy Carter to the U.S.
Foreign Service in 1978, moved to Stuttgart,
Germany for my first overseas tour of duty. My
dad died in 1978, my daughter Anna was born in
1978. We moved to Tokyo in 1980. My daughter
Rebecca was born that year at the Sanno
Hospital in Akasaka, Tokyo. I served U.S.
Ambassador Mike Mansfield in Tokyo, there from
1980-85. My son, David, was born in 1983. I
moved with my family to Kensington, Maryland,
in 1985, and worked at the Japan Desk of the
U.S. Department of Commerce until 1988. My mom died
in 1988. We
moved to Osaka in 1988 and lived there until
1990, when we returned to Kensington. From
1990-93, I worked with our Embassies in Africa,
the Near East, and South Asia. From 1993-98, I
was in New Delhi, India; from 1998-99, I was in Tel
Aviv, Israel. My daughter Anna, age 26, graduated
M.I.T. in June 2000, now works in Dallas; my daughter
Rebecca, age 24, now works in Boston;
my son David, age 21, is a senior at
Stanford University. My wife
teaches at the Bullis
School in Potomac. My sister, Marilyn [Awalt '68],
still lives in Mountain View.
I retired from the U.S. Foreign Service on Dec. 31,
1999, and am enjoying a quantity of leisure time for
my family and for me.
I've signed up for photography, television and
courses at
our local community college. I have sold my photos to
the National Building Museum and donated work to the
Smithsonian's 2001 Folklife Festival.
I've started teaching in Montgomery County Public
Schools and in Fairfax County Public Schools. I hope
to finish courses leading to a Master's
degree in Education from George Washington University
in 2005.
Robert C. Birdsall
E-mail: untlh...@b...
Location: Fernwood, Idaho
Updated: 2-Nov-2000
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What's New?
Bob Birdsall is a logger up in Idaho, not currently on
the Internet. However, in the interests of our running
competition with the upstart class of ‘69,one of the
many classes he has sibling representation in, he has
agreed to have a quick Bio entered.
Bob has done a lot of different jobs, including work
as a carpenter, in the mines, fishing: river, and
Alaskan, logging, etc. He had his stint with horses
and cattle and is definitely Finished with them! (I
smell a good story here!) He has raised a family and a
half, and been through a divorce. Hopefully by now he
has a new Love Interest. His logging jobs take him
into the back-country. If you've ever wanted to be a
Mountain-Man, I think Bob would be a good person to
mine for info! He is interested in getting back into
contact with any of you; and especially with Rick
Sherrie L. Black (now Bigelow)
E-mail: Sherr...@c...
Location: Snohomish,Washington
Updated: 3-Aug-2002
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What's New?
UPDATE: Well, decided it was time for an update. My
husband and I are getting ready to celebrate our 20th
year anniversay this month,in these times that's quite
an accomplishment. I returned to my Nursing job last
September and am still enjoying working in Health Care.
Our son,Jared, is on his way to Seattle University
next month, he was awarded a 4 year academic
schlorship there, and we're very proud of him. He's a
terrific kid and lots of fun to be around, we're going
to miss him when he leaves for school!
My husband remains very busy with his job at Boeing,
it's been a challanging year with all the lay offs .
I am still in contact with Donna, Pat and Sonja.
I am looking forward to the next reunion.
See you there!!
Peter Boyer
E-mail: psboy...@s... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: San Francisco
Updated: 13-Jan-1999
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Tom Brannigan
E-mail: brann...@y...
Web Page:
Location: Mountain View
Updated: 1-Oct-2009
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What's New?
Hey, I've just turned 60 and I still have all my black
hair!! Still involved with the collecting of classical
music on vinyl...3800 LPs and 10" EPs and counting. I
read voraciously, still with Arnold Schoenberg as my
major emphasis....but that includes Mahler, Wassily
Kandinsky, Franz Marc, Bruno Walter, Otto Klemperer,
and many others. Schoenberg seemed to know about
everyone involved in the arts for the first half of the
20th century. His "Theory on Harmony" is his opus. I've
read it countless times.... will probably continue
doing so in the future.

Be sure to check out the web site, if you're curious
about what the truly committed will do to achieve
musical nirvana!
Bill Brauner
E-mail: billf...@a...
Updated: 1-Apr-1999
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Sonia E. Brickert (now Burke)
E-mail: sebur...@y...
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Updated: 21-May-2011
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What's New?
Well, my husband finally retired and we left Santa
Cruz and moved next door to Nevada. We love it here in
Las Vegas. The place has grown and there is lots to do
besides gamble. Look forward to seeing everyone at the
next reunion.
Peggy M. Burke
E-mail: burke...@a...
Updated: 26-Jul-2005
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What's New?

Nothing new here. Still living in Sunnyvale
Michelle Campbell (now Russell)
E-mail: mirus...@y...
Location: Vancouver, WA
Updated: 13-Aug-2007
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What's New?
The 40th reunion was terrific! Thanks for welcoming me
even though I moved to Chicago in the middle of our
junior year. My heart was always at Awalt.
I left the Chicago area as soon as possible after
graduation and hit the road in a van with some other
folks. Later ended up in Portland, Or. where I met my
husband of 32 years.
After 20 years as a commercial insurance underwriter I
decided to go low stress, retire and drive special
needs school bus for the local school district. The
kids put life and love in a whole new perspective.
It was wonderful seeing all of you. Mr Cook is still
the best, isn't he? Michelle
Gary Cappa
E-mail: jetbl...@s...
Location: Carson City Nevada
Updated: 29-Jun-2008
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Cindy Carpenter (now Haase)
E-mail: hubof...@c...
Web Page:
Location: Sterling, MA
Updated: 4-Jun-2007
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What's New?
It seems like we just met in Sunnyvale for our 50th
birthday party. It was so nice to see everybody in
that context, and now we're about to do it again.

I was sad to learn that Pat Amato had finally left us,
but happy for her. As unnerving as the cancer had
been, she was psyched to be off to the next chapter
of her life with God. Good-bye to Tom Duncan, too.

Our kids are settled into their own lives, Katherine
(and two wild-women grandaughters)
in Los Altos, Zach in Massachusetts, and Steph in New
Hampshire; and that's a lucky thing. Two out of three
so close is a lucky break.

Love you all, "We were young together!"

Susan M. Chapman (now Newman)
E-mail: guyne...@m... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Fresno, CA
Updated: 24-Aug-2001
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What's New?
My best news of the year is that I am a grandmother!
My daughter Ashley and son-in-law Steve gave us a
beautiful little girl in March named Madeline Marie.
She is the absolute joy of our lives. They live here
in Fresno so we get to see the family a lot. Hard to
believe there are so many in the class of '67 that are

Guy (Awalt class of '66) and I celebrated our 30th
wedding anniversary in Maui this year. I don't feel
as old as that sounds! We are enjoying life
thoroughly and look forward to another 30 years!

Our son, Blair, is still at Biola University in La
Mirada finishing his credential and master's
programs. He's 23 and enjoys living in the L.A. area.

We weren't able to come to the reunion in July but
enjoy hearing about it and seeing pictures. One of
these years...

Guy is president of HRH Insurance in Fresno and still
works real hard. When he hears of people our age
retiriing, he gets a little wistful, but he's not
ready for that yet! I work part time with
kindergarteners. I enjoy that very much but sure
value having the afternoons off.

Hope to see you sometime soon.
Nancy J. Comerford (now Benton)
E-mail: bento...@b...
Location: Fruita, CO
Updated: 4-Apr-2007
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Jim Contzen
E-mail: drive...@h...
Web Page:
Location: California/Tennessee
Updated: 10-Feb-2008
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What's New?
WOW, how do you answer that question, "what have you been doing
since graduation?"

The short version, been married twice and have 2 daughters and (2
grand kids) 2/10/08 now 5 Grand Kids Including a set of twins added
December 2007. I have tried my hand at many occupations, that have
basically always revolved around sales and marketing.

I currently own and am President of Hydro Stream Performance Boats.
We manufacture both family recreational boats and race products. The
plant is in Maryville, TN outside Knoxville, where I spend a couple of
weeks per month. We currently hold 2 World Championships winning
2006 and 2007 ODBA Super Comp Titles and also many High Points
Championships around the country. My wife Pamela and I live in
Alameda and have a second home in Byron, CA out in the delta. We
now also have a place in Cabo, we just got from last week.

Pamela is the Infiniti dealer in Oakland and we have been married
almost 22 years. We both love travel and plan a major trip somewhere
in the world annually, with smaller trips every couple months.
This year, 2005, we went to Thailand, Cambodia (The ruins at Angkor
Watt), and Bhutan (for Spring Festival). We have travel much of Asia,
and have plans for Europe over the next few years. 2007 we finally
made it to Italy, part pleasure, part business. Our company now has a
European Distributor outside Milan. We loved Italy and hope to visit at
least annually. Next we will be traveling to Turkey this spring to add a
distributor for the middle east.

My life has become something I never considered, in high school I was
a class clown who refused to take on responsibility, today I run my
own company that hold multiple World Championships and World
Records and manufactures a product that is distributed around the
world. Who would have thought!

Basically life is good, like all of us I have some regrets but overall I
have been lucky to develop good friends, and financial security that
allows Pam and I to do most of the things we desire.

I hope the class of '67 finds itself content with life, but with a spirt to
grow and experience the world.
Lynnda M. Corley (now DeFelice)
E-mail: lynnd...@l...
Location: New Orleans, LA
Updated: 1-Aug-2005
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Marc Cowart
E-mail: mlmbl...@a...
Updated: 18-Feb-2009
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What's New?
I'm sad to announce that over the Valentines day
weekend, my brother, Marc Cowart passed away.
I'd be happy to pass on any messages to our
parents, and the rest of the family(Glynn, Micky,
Shari, and Barry). My Email address is Thank you.
Mara Cowart McMahon
Danny Cuneo (now Merme)
E-mail: danny...@a... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Loveland, Colorado
Updated: 22-May-2000
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What's New?
The year 2000 is definitely a new beginning. This
girl is retiring from her past and moving to Chico.
Yes, that is Chico, CA. Taking the horses and these
50 years of totally awesome experience and going to
start my own horse boarding and training facility and
eventually a Ranch Retreat. If anyone out there in
cyberspace has a need for a safe place for their horse
or their soul, I am your girl.
Linda S. Curtis
E-mail: aunty...@s...
Location: Santa Cruz, Ca.
Updated: 19-Feb-2006
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What's New?
Hello from Santa Cruz, the Surfing, Drug Rehab,
Esoteric, Herbal Gram of the Western world, where
Ihave been living since 1985. I was married
(nowdivorced) in 1971. I have lived in Montgomery,
Alabama, Taiwan, Boloxi, Mississippi,
Cupertino,Redwood City and Paradise, Ca. prior to
moving toSanta Cruz. I have worked in retail and
office, workedfor others and I was self employed in
the Pet Industry, Newspaper, Termite Companies &
Retail Specialty.In 1987, I took a position with a
World Wide, non-profit retail society. Their profits
are used to help those less fortunate with basic
necessity items. I wasin charge of four stores,
twenty people and a trucking fleet. I resigned when
the upper management changed and the "Heart and Soul"
was no longer there and my goals were no longer being
realized. I am currently unemployed, in temporary
retirement, studying Zen and Reiki. I occasionally
house and pet sit. I am actually at my happiest point
of my life! "A FREE SPIRIT" I turned50 in January of
this year , however have had the fortune of receiving
Senior Citizen Discounts for the last five years. I,
too, am a member of AARP. See you July 31st! I don't
currently have e-mail, but you can contact me through
Lynn (Evans) Morrison Linda
Allison Davis
E-mail: trior...@y...
Location: Washington
Updated: 20-May-2004
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Robert J. Davis
E-mail: bsabo...@s...
Location: Oroville, CA.
Updated: 1-Dec-2002
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Tom R. DePew
E-mail: woody...@f...
Web Page:
Location: Lake of the Pines, Auburn CA
Updated: 21-Jul-2007
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What's New?
Hello All,

Unfortunately, I believe I will miss the reunion due
to scheduling conflicts.

However, Jan asked us to turn in some pictures and I
have sent along my daughter Shelby's picture. She is
5 years old and will be entering kindergarden in
August. Does this classify me as having the youngest
child of our class ? I am sure all of you are empty
nesters by now, so you can imagine my concern when
this beautiful girl enters high school, any clues ?

Picture I sent:

take care
Ken Dessin
E-mail: stoog...@a... (e-mail bouncing)
Updated: 15-Apr-1999
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Michael (Craig) C. Dewey
E-mail: craig...@e...
Location: San Jose
Updated: 20-Mar-1999
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What's New?
I work at Sun Microsystems and have been there for 10
years. Prior to that, I worked at Four-Phase Systems /
Motorola Computer Systems for 15 years. I am a Staff
Engineer (and currently acting Manager) for the Solaris
System Test group. I have been married to Linda for 19
years. We have produced a most wonderful daughter,
Madeline, who is now 17, a straight A student, captain
of the Lynbrook HS dance team and plans to major in
Fine Arts.

My hobby is music: playing and collecting guitars and
cds [don't ask how many %^)].

--Craig Dewey
Susan E. Dombrowski (now Smith-Umbenhower)
E-mail: sesuw...@c...
Location: Fremont, CA
Updated: 12-Sep-2007
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Bonnie Downs (now Jennings)
E-mail: bojen...@n...
Location: Stone Mountain, GA
Updated: 6-Feb-1999
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Diana Downs (now Smith)
E-mail: divaf...@j...
Updated: 15-Jul-2010
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What's New?
So here's the 40 year Cliff Notes on my life! I've
been married to the same great guy for 42 years. We
had four great kids fast, all got advanced college
degrees (MBA, RN, MD, Eng),are all married and have
families of their own. We have nine grandchildren,
five of them here in Idaho and four in California. I
spent over twenty years singing opera, oratorio, and
concerts in the Bay Area and elsewhere. Ten years ago
we moved to Idaho where I am a genealogy consultant,
choir director, busy grandma, still singing....and
queen. Life is good.
Tom Duncan
E-mail: tsdun...@p...
Location: Porterville, CA
Updated: 24-May-2004
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What's New?
Tom Duncan died at Stanford Hospital May, 23, 2004. He
has had a heart condition for a number of years and
had a pacemaker put in in November of 2002.
He was brought to Stanford by Medivac helicopter on
Friday, May 21st and passed away peacefully Sunday
afternoon at 4:43pm.

He is survived by His wife, Veryl Ann, sons Chris and
Todd, his mother Marilyn Duncan and Awalt graduates:
older brother, David B Duncan, younger brother James
C. Duncan and Kate L. (Kostrzewa)Duncan.

David B Duncan '66
Faber Eaves
E-mail: ganno...@p... (e-mail bouncing)
Updated: 18-Nov-1998
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Lynn E. Evans (now Morrison)
E-mail: lemor...@m...
Location: Sonora, California
Updated: 19-Aug-2009
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What's New?
I have been living in Sonora,Ca. for 12 yrs. We have a
beautiful 3 acre home with a plethora of wildlife. I
have a great job and family. I robbed the cradle and
have been married,again,for almost 17 yrs. My wonderful
husband is,Denis Morrison,class of 1971,anyone remember
him? He is currently employed by SFPUC. He's really
changed, you wouldn't recognize him!
We are grandparents to three year old Evan and almost
one year old Logan. We love being Papa and Grandma!
We are lucky that they live a couple hrs away.
I have connected with a few classmates on facebook.
It's fun learning all about what's happening in their
lives. Look me up, I'll keep in touch! Lynn
Jim Ferguson
E-mail: jimfe...@g...
Web Page:
Location: Santa Clarita, CA
Updated: 24-Jun-2009
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What's New?
Have my last kid in college a sophmore at SJSU.

The other 2 are working full time and what a blessing
given the economy.
Retired in 2007 but looking for work to keep busy.
In 2007 inducted into UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame along
with other great athletes. A very huge honor.
Monty Finefrock
E-mail: mfine...@p...
Location: Yucca Valley
Updated: 2-Jul-2007
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Ross Gadeberg
E-mail: reg54...@y...
Location: Glen Ellen Northern Calif among the Grapes
Updated: 24-Apr-2010
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What's New?
Immediatly after graduation, I enlisted in the
U.S. Army (to avoid the draft) & in January of 68
through Dec.69 found myself in Viet Nam serving with
the 25th Infantry Division out of Cu Chi (the land of
tunnels), so much for missing the draft and
the "Nam". Received two Purple Hearts for wounds
that I received, but only have some scars,
nothing to harmful; as well as a Bronze Star (in my
mind for being a little over zealous, as a squad
leader). Went on to Foothill Jr.College (had a delay
of almost a year during my first year due to a
serious automobile accident, Tom Long of our class
unfortunatly died of his injuries) & then on to CSU
Chico and recived my BS in Accounting. Worked as an
Account and as Asst. Controller and later Controller
from 1977 to the end of 1996 for numerous firms over
the years, including Hills Bros. Coffee, KRON TV and
Broderbund Software.

But in 1996 I went to a VA Outreach Clinic to
volunteer for some tests (reserching Viet Nam Veterans
years later, with the University of San Francisco).I
was diagnosed with suffering from several ailments
form my stint over in Asia in the 60's. On the bright
side I am quite well off financially now, and am not
working due to my Veterans Adminstration pension (I
have been classified at 150 % disabled, with Post
Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Tramatic Brain
Injury (TBI), Diabetes due to the Agent Orange that
was used in the late 60's, and I suffer a loss of
normal hearing without hearing aids). And I also
receive Social Security Disabitly benefits which will
both be paid to me for the rest of my life!

I have a 30 year old son, a graduate of UCLA who is
working in the music field in LA, has played as a
member of the backup band for the likes of Quincy
Jones & Barbra Striesand and composes music, for
which some has been published; And he enjoys being a
studio mucician as well! I am married with my 3rd
wife and by far the greatest woman that I ever have
met for 12+ years now, another true hippie from the
60's. We live in the small village of Glen Ellen in
Sonoma County, up here in the Wine Country of
Northern California, a mix of the old hippie types as
well as some of the Dot Com survivors who I refer to
as the yuppies, a couple of famous rock Musicians
live in town, Michael MacDonald of the Doobie
Brothers is a neighbor.....very peaceful and quite a
small town to live, population just broke 1,000 last
year(we have a 1 1/2 acres of land with a large
house, including a Barn, my 4 dogs love the land,it
all brings me nothing but happiness. Ever tried our

Concerning my disabilities, thanks to all you; but I
am doing just fine and get about quite well though I
have to use a walking cane for long distances but
other than that I am physically fine...thanks again.
Just a lot of Diabetes medication as well as the good
old all does me just fine.

Hope to see everyone at our next reunion, they have
all been simply great...lots of love to all of
Rick Gafvert
E-mail: RGafv...@a...
Location: SanJose
Updated: 13-May-2001
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Stephen Gall
E-mail: mmmga...@n...
Updated: 17-Jan-2000
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Steve D. Gall
E-mail: mmmga...@n...
Location: Arlington, Texas
Updated: 3-May-2004
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What's New?
Flying airplanes.... first with the Air Force and now
with American Airlines. Living in Texas (ugh) and
getting ready to someday retire and move up to
Two kids, Tanner, 17 and Lauren, 18 both red-heads.
Lovely wife Marilyn
Walter L. Gates
E-mail: wgate...@c...
Location: Ramona
Updated: 29-Nov-2007
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Nancy Gibson (now Peters)
E-mail: lilbt...@y...
Location: San Jose
Updated: 2-Feb-2004
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What's New?
I am an East Sider of San Jose now and have been for
30 yrs. Met my husband David that long ago and
started working in his family business, a "GREAT"
Bakery, Peters' Bakery on Alum Rock Ave. We are now
running it after the loss of his dad Tony at age 88.
The tradition goes on and after 68 yrs, we still have
great eclairs and cakes. Our son Max (25) Has
graduated frm Long Beach State in Psy. and creative
writing. Not working in either field but at least is
working. I graduated with a degree in sculpture from
Hayward St., cake decorating is just edible
sculpture. So I actually us my art degree. Also liked
victorian costuming so much that went back and got a
degree in fashion design at West Valley so I could
make the clothes. Now too much time at bakery and too
small of a house, leaves room for sewing and
designing cloth dolls and small quilts. Still love
making miniature room boxes, one is of the loby of
the bakery. But I live in the country in a forest and
can Bird Watch every day, just like my mom.
Donna M. Grabau (now Wagner)
E-mail: Doe1W...@a...
Location: Redwood City & Maui
Updated: 14-Jul-2005
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What's New?
I cannot believe it has been 3 years since I even
looked at this site! Life is good, still travelling
quite a lot and still spending our winters in Maui and
loving it! All in all life is good and so is the
health! Just started golfing lessons and just waiting
for the first whirl around the 9 hole course at
Emerald Hills...a few more lessons before he takes us
for our final on the course!
Jackie Greene
E-mail: JGr77...@a... (e-mail bouncing)
Updated: 26-Mar-1999
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Randy C. Griffin
E-mail: skydo...@g...
Web Page:
Location: Vancouver, Wa.
Updated: 17-Jan-2010
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What's New?
I moved to Mt. View in '59 when my folks went to work
for Hewlett Packard.
We moved in across the street from Barry Richardson,
down the street from Danny Cuneo, around the corner
from Ken Jaffe, Nolan Hubley, & Garrick Miyamoto, two
blocks from Steve Grubb, three blocks from Leslie
Prindle, four blocks from Pat Lent, Mike Doro, & Stan
Sooter, five blocks from Craig Thomas, and six blocks
from Larry Quadro.
I went to Bubb, and Graham before Awalt.
After Awalt I met Craig Thomas's girl friends sister
Diane Metz, went to Foothill J.C., obtained my private
pilots certificate, my draft # was 177, and life was
I got a letter from the D.O.D. in '70, and like Ross
Gadeberg, I joined to "beat" the draft. I wanted to
fly helicopters but flight school was closed, so I
was "convinced" to become a crew-cheif, and stay with
aviation while waiting for a flight school slot to
I went to basic at Fort Ord, transportation school in
Virginia, and then was stationed back at Fort Ord
where Diane and I were married, and again life was
Ten months later(still no opening in flight school) I
received orders for Viet Nam that found me dispensing
justice from the back seat of a light observation
helicopter in the central highlands of II Corps
in '72'73. Five shoot-downs later, I made it home all
in one piece, but the part of me that Diane married
stayed in Viet Nam, and the part that came home no
longer interested her, so we parted company in '75.
I went to work for Longs Drugs in Antioch Ca., and was
working for them when my folks were transfered to the
calculator division of H.P. in Corvallis Oregon.
On my first visit with them, I took one look around
Oregon, and turned in my notice to Longs & the Bay
Area for greener pastures.
I went to work for H.P. Corvallis in '77, where I
served an apprentice for (and became) a model-maker-
machinist.I took up bowhunting for elk, and also fell
in with a colorful group of hang-glider pilots which I
flew with for five years until a little girl from
Indiana came along and settled me down.
Anna and I were married in '82, we had Ryan in '84,
and Juliana in '86.
I transfered to the printer division of H.P. in
Vancouver Wa. in '90 where we are now.
I became involved in the restoration of a 7ECA
Citabria airplane, which after resteration we flew to
the EAA convention in Oshkosh Wisconsin, twice. While
at the convention the second time, I fell in love with
a kit plane design called a "Van's RV-8", so after the
Citabria partnership broke up I started building my
own airplane in '99, and it is still a work in
process. To view the project go to and
look under Randy Griffin.
So I've been married to Anna for 22 years, been with
H.P. for 27 years, Ryan is at WSU, Juliana is at CWU,
the folks are still in Corvallis, and you are now up
to date with probably more information about me than
you ever wanted to know.
Gretchen Gruver (now Hull)
E-mail: ghull...@k...
Location: guam
Updated: 22-Aug-2001
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What's New?
It's August, and both of our daughters our visiting
from the Northwest. My nephew from Colorado is living
with us for his first semester of high school. It's
fun to view the island through new and fresh eyes. It
reminds us of how lucky we are to live in the tropics!
I spent several weeks in Oregon this past summer
helping with the difficulties that come with aging
parents. It was bittersweet going through boxes of
memories, many from high school. Now, it's just a
matter of cataloging... If any of you are ever
traveling to the Western Pacific, come and visit!
Frances (Mikki) M. Guerrero (now Johansen)
E-mail: mjoha...@m...
Location: Chico, CA
Updated: 9-Jul-2009
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What's New?
Married 1971-2000. Have lived in Chico, CA, since 1985.
Took early retirement in 11/07. Just hit the big "6-
0". Enjoying the "slower" life. Haven't taking up any
volunteering as yet but the thought is there. Enjoying
reading a book in a day, hanging out with my old lady
cat, she's 16 years, and just relaxing. However, I
haven't been able to fill all my time - so my house is
cleaner than it's been in 40 years!
Spending time with my "grands" is my main joy. Sophia,
4 1/2 years, will be starting Kindergarten 8/09. Hope
to volunteer in her class like I did when her dad was
in school. William is 2 1/2 and is one goofy little
guy. Their dad is my son Mike.
My daughter, Katie, has been on disability since
12/26/06 after taking a fall down a flight of stairs
at work.No idea when she'll be able to return to work
or what she'll be able to do. She and her husband,
Eric, have been married since 2004. No "grands"
planned from that union.
Katie, Eric and I just returned from a 6500 miles, 16-
state trip to the Mid-West and some of the southern
states. What an magnificent country we live in and it
was a joy to see more of it.
One weird experience: had some rings fixed recently by
Pete Cuneo here in Chico, CA. Turns out Pete is the
little brother of Danny Cuneo! So - hey, there Danny.
Your brother is an awesome jeweler!!
If you ever get around the Chico, CA, area, please let
me know. We might not have been close at Awalt but we
do have that connection. God bless!
Barb Haas
E-mail: bjhaa...@g...
Updated: 3-Apr-1999
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Karen K. Hamada (now Harbaugh)
E-mail: kkhar...@y...
Updated: 8-Nov-2006
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What's New?
I have been living in Sunyvale for the past 26 years
and have been working at Acuson Corp in MV for the
last 12 years as a Senior International Accountant
but before that I was working for 16 years at Spectra
Physics in MV (didn't move too far from home). I met
husband Rick at Acuson and we have been married 10
years now. I also have 4 stepkids, 4 grandkids, 3
brittany spaniels and two quarter horses. There is
never a dull moment around our house, so for
I ride my horse in the foothills of Milpitas and for
excitement and letting out energy, Rick and I are pit
crew members for the Folger Motorsport 17E Sprint Car
and race at the San Jose Speedway (the fairgrounds).
you get a chance come out and see what it's like.

This is my second time being on the reunion committee
and it takes alot of work on everyones part but it's
all worth it when the day arrives and you see 'ole'
classmates that you haven't seen in 30+ years. This
e-mail is wonderful, chatting with classmates from
past and getting to know some I never even talked to
all through school.....I hope to see you there and if
you get a chance, drop me a line I would love to hear
from you.
Dale T. Helgerson
E-mail: dhelg...@p...
Updated: 1-Nov-2000
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Norman Henderson
E-mail: norm_...@n...
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Updated: 8-Feb-2006
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What's New?
Still working for the National Park Service but now in
Salt Lake City, Utah. I now have two lovely daughters
named Cassie and Katie (3 and 2, respectively).
Living up in the mountains outside of Salt Lake has
given us me a great opportunity to enjoy hiking and
camping and with my girls. Always enjoy the great
snow and skiiing available here as well. I'm now the
Colorado River Coordinator for the National Park
Service which will probably be my swan song before
retirement in a couple of years. The position keeps
me busy negotiating with river operations agencies to
ensure that NPS values are protected within the parks
along the river.
Norman P. Hiestand
E-mail: nandm...@i... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Hawaii Volcanoes Nat'l. Park, Hawaii
Updated: 12-Apr-1999
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What's New?
Since graduation .... I disliked college (the teachers
just couldn't measure up to the Awalt teachers!), but
held my nose and finally graduated from Humboldt State
in 1976.

For the past 20 years I've been working for the
National Park Service, moving frequently, and enjoying
(almost) every minute of it. Currently I'm managing
the networks and email for the Pacific Island parks,
including those in Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam and
Saipan. Yes, even rangers must have their email.

I live with my second wife, Marilyn, on the Big
Island. My kids are all back on the mainland, and are
mostly grown, with one scheduled to graduate from
Caltech a year from June.

Aloha to all!
Jeff Hood
E-mail: petey...@g...
Location: West Linn, OR
Updated: 16-Apr-2007
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What's New?
Let me see if I can remember what I've done since, much is a bit foggy. While at Foothill,
I met my future wife, Vicki. After studying 2 years of
black&white photography at Foothill, then 1 year of
color at DeAnza, I got into retail sales. Bought a
little house in Los Altos that we thought we would live
in til the end of our lives. After 27 years we sold and
moved to Lake Oswego, Oregon (near Portland). Our older
daughter, Jenny (27) moved nearby, while our younger,
Beth (23) is in San Diego. We will celebrate our 29th
anniversary in August. I am currently with USWest in
Mass Market Group.
UPDATE April 2007 Retired since 2003 and loving it. We now reside on
a beautiful river and watch the wildlife when we aren't traveling. We
have a perfect granddaughter who is now 1-1/2 years old.
Donna Hovland (now Rumwell)
E-mail: dawn5...@a...
Web Page:
Location: Aptos, CA
Updated: 24-Aug-2002
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What's New?
Currently living in Aptos with a beautiful view of the
ocean and open space. Myles and I were married in June
at a very private ceremony on the island of Maui, at
Makena Cove. We are still racing cars and still
enjoying life to the fullest. I continue to teach in
Palo Alto and make the drive over the hill and back
every day.
James Howell
E-mail: jrhow...@i...
Web Page:
Location: San Jose, CA
Updated: 11-Apr-2009
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What's New?
After Awalt, I attended UC Davis, graduating in 1971 with a degree in
Math (what else?). From then until 2001, I worked at several companies
as a computer programmer. I am currently employed as a driver for a
delivery company.

My wife Ruth and I were married in 1990. I have two children, Mike and
Karen, from my first marriage, and a step-daughter Kandy, all in their
early 30's. I also have three grandchildren, the most recent one born on
March 2, 2009.
Noland D. Hubley
E-mail: Copte...@a...
Location: Henderson, NV
Updated: 18-Jul-2010
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What's New?
After graduation, I attended DeVRY college in
Phoenix, AZ. I married shortly afterward, and was
blessed with a son. This marriage ended in divorce.
I went to work for Signetics Corporation in
Sunnyvale, CA in Facilities. I worked there 11 years,
with a stint in the Air Force sandwiched between that
employment at Signetics. While I was at Signetics I
remarried, and will be married to my wife Georgia for
26 years in June. She also had a son. Our sons are
grown, single and successful.
I longed for my own business and obtained an
Electrical Contracting License. I left Signetics to
open my own Electrical Contracting Company in San
Jose, CA. After 11 years, I turned it over to my
I was always fascinated by aviation, and learned to
fly, getting my private airplane license in 1974. In
1989 I got my private helicopter license, and in 1990
got my commerical helicopter license, enabling me to
be a Certififed Flight Instructor. So, I opened an
Aviation Company at the Hollister, CA Airport,which
offered helicopter and airplane flight instuction. I
loved this business, but it wasn't as lucrative as I'd
hoped. I closed the aviation company in 1992,and
accepted the position of Facilitites Manager for the
Anritsu Company in Morgan Hill, CA
In 2003 I left Anritsu Company. I guess you'd say
every 11 years I shed my skin and try a new venture.
Here I am, eleven years later, pursuing a new career
in real estate.
My wife Georgia and I sold our condo in Carmel, CA
and have relocated, purchasing a home at Sun City
Anthem in Henderson, NV. I am a Real Estate Agent
selling properties for Realty One Group in Las
Vegas, NV. Check out my website:
Kathy Hymans
E-mail: kchir...@i...
Web Page:
Updated: 2-May-2004
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What's New?
To compress 33 years into a few paragraphs is a real
challenge. And since I was never one to toot my own
horn, I will keep this short.

My life has had many interesting twists and turns in
it. After high school I attended college in Washington
State. I was far too immature, flunked out and came
limping back to California. I spent one year working at
Fairchild Semiconductor as a wafer etcher and decided I
had too much talent to do that for the rest of my life.

Over the next 15 years, I had a daughter, became a
Registered Nurse and traveled and worked in Europe and
parts of the US. Injuring myself lifting a patient
early on, I finally sought care from a Chiropractor and
liked alternative ways of healing so much that I
decided to change professions.

I spent have spent the last 15 years working as a
Chiropractor. I now have a multi-doctor facility that I
manage and continue to treat patients on a limited
basis. I've managed to salvage a good part of my sense
of humor even if I am almost a half a century old and I
have 3 granddaughters.

High school seems like so many life times ago. However,
many of you helped shape who I am now. And I'm not sure
if that is good or bad. Looking forward to seeing all
of you!

Presently 2004 I have purchased a retirement home in
Mendicino County right on the beach. It's a dream come
true. So in order to finance the place I have taken on
more responsibilities with my old profession Nursing.I
am continuing to work at my Chiropracti business in
Cupertino. I have been in training as a Forensic Nurse
for the County of Santa Clara and work part time as a
Hospice on call nurse. Doubt if I will see any
retirement for a long time with this new purchase.
Carol A. Johnson (now Brooks)
E-mail: carol...@g...
Web Page:
Location: Lacey, WA
Updated: 5-Aug-2010
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What's New?
I think it's about time to update my bio. It's only
been 4 years since the last time! My daughter
Amy is 35 and she's living in Olympia with her partner
PJ and my two beautiful grandchildren, Riley 11 years
and Mackenzie 9 years. My son Jeff is 24, he got his
degree in Psychology and is working for a private
company as a house manager for the mentally disabled.
He also is a pitching coach for a team of 18 and 19
year old men. My son Cody is 22, going to be a senior
at St. Martins University in the Fall, his major is
business. He is also playing baseball this summer for
the Kitsap Blue Jackets. This summer we traveled around
watching him play baseball.
I retired in May 2003 from United Airlines, after
almost 34 years. I was ready and very happy about it.
My husband Denny and I will be celebrating our 30
year anniversary in Nov. 2010. He has a web site
<> for runners. You should
check it out!
I completed my college studies and got an Associate
of Arts degree (Liberal Arts) at South Puget Sound
Community College in Dec 2007. It's never too late.
I am now a para-educator in the deaf education dept.
and also work with the developmentally delayed children
at an elementary school for the North Thurston School
District. I love working with the younger kids. I have
been working there for 7 years.
My goal is to go back to college again and take
American Sign Language so I can sign better to our
hearing impaired kids.
I hope everyone is Healthy and Happy, I AM!
God Bless You All, Love Carol
John M. Kendrick
E-mail: kkend...@t...
Location: Cody
Updated: 1-Apr-1999
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What's New?
After the military (4 years), I worked for
Watkins-Johnson (electronics) in Silicon Valley.
Married my wife Kathy who was an RN at Stanford
Hospital. We promptly left CA for Laramie, WY in 1974
where I received a BS in Animal Science. We moved to
Durango, CO. where after 2 years in the poor paying
industry of agriculture, I went into real estate.
Moved to Jackson, WY. in '87 and started a brokerage
there which I sold in '96 and made our final move- to
Cody in that same year. Own a real estate company
here now. Kathy and I have been married 25 years and
have a 22 year old daughter obtaining an additional
degree as a Physician Assisant. Our son John (that's
original) is 20 and is an undergrad @ UOW. Hunt, fish,
horseback etc. alot! No, Karla Kosling is not married
to me nor am I married to her. Contact Bob Shaw for
further insight into this.
John Koski
E-mail: jkosk...@s...
Location: Wildwood, MO (a St. Louis suburb)
Updated: 1-Nov-2005
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What's New?
Hi, all. Can it be two years since I've last updated
this page?

Still here in Wildwood, now beginning my twelfth year
of teaching physics, my sixth at Parkway South High
School out here in the burbs. The school is great,
the kids are fantastic, and the faculty (especially
the science staff) could not be better.

Judie is in her 17th year as school counselor at
Green Pines Elementary and is talking more and more
of retiring. With all the kids and relatives "Out
West," the main thing holding us here is the jobs we

All four kids are doing fine. Tyleen now lives in
Monte Vista, Colorado, and Brett's in Denver. Marci
is in Escondido, but would like to move up to
Portland where Paul is now located. As you can see,
we're definitely "away," with the closest of the four
being a fourteen hour drive away.

Grandkid number four, Isaac Wesley Alan Stults, is
now in the picture. Takes after his sisters and
brother in the cutie-pie department, and I've got
pictures to prove it!

I've said it before, and I repeat it again: we've a
big house here with lots of room. If you're ever in
the area and are tempted to call, please do!
Karla Rose Kosling (now Kendrick)
E-mail: karla...@c...
Location: Oceanside, Calif
Updated: 15-Feb-2006
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What's New?
I'm a registered Nurse with my Masters in Nursing from
San Jose State Univ. Presently, working at the VA
Medical Center, San Diego Calif as a Emergency Nurse
Education Facilitator for the ED/Urgent Care Clinic

Met one of my professional goals which was to be
published before fifty. Published a research article
Journal of Emergency Nursing June 2000 Vol.26 No3.
entitled: Usefulness of the modified 0-10 Borg scale
assessing the degree of dyspnea in patients with COPD
and asthma. Also in the same Journal a second article
entiltled:Can a self-rating 0-10 scale for dyspnea
a common language that is understood by ED nurses,
patients and their families?
Both of these articles can be found on several nusring
and research web sites.

In addition I was on the Editorial Board for a manual
entitled: Emergency Department Manual:Clinical &
Administrative Forms,Checklists & Guidelines.
Karen L. Lambert
E-mail: kl_la...@y...
Location: El Dorado, CA
Updated: 27-Jan-2010
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What's New?
Moved to El Dorado, CA in Aug 08. Still visit the bay
area often.
Becky D. LeClair
E-mail: rlecl...@c...
Updated: 20-Sep-2003
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What's New?
I've been working in the mental health field for the
past two years and am taking my social work licensure
exam this fall. It's fascinating field but programs
are traditionally poorly funded because of the
population we serve. Hope and the knowledge that
change, growth and stability are possible, sustains
those of us in the field. Grateful for close friends
& family and loving this crisp fall weather. Will
return to the bay area for a few days this fall to see
my folks who are now on an Alzheimers' ward.
Thankfully, brother Bob and sister Lyn live close by.
Sure enjoyed the reunion in '99 and look forward to
another one.
Carol L. Ligda (now Ligda-Wong)
E-mail: carol...@h...
Updated: 26-Mar-2007
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What's New?
I'm not planning to attend our 40th reunion in person, but you can bet
I'll be there in spirit. I’m still happily living in Michigan with my
wonderful husband of 28 years.  Our daughter (an only child) is 21 and
attending college in San Francisco.  Life is very good.

I've changed my email address and am happy to report that
life is treating me well. I had a great time getting
reacquainted with some of you at the Sunnyvale Hilton Bar
on July 13, 2001. I had not attended an Awalt reunion since
1977 and will not be able to attend the all-Awalt reunions in
the summer of 2002. However, my husband, daughter and I
plan to visit the Bay Area in December 2002. I always look
forward to visiting my roots and wish all of us good health
and much happiness for many years to come.


I transferred to Tahoe Truckee High School for the last
semester of my senior year, but I have always identified with
my Awalt graduating class. Fresh out of high school, I
attended California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland,
California. I loved it, but I completed only one year. I was
an arts and crafts counselor for two summers '68 and '69)
and worked at a Girl Scout camp in the San Fernando
mountains. In between those summers I traveled to
Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico. Upon my return from Mexico, I
enrolled at Foothill College, tried U.C. Berkeley for a
semester, then returned to Foothill College and FINALLY
earned my 2-year AA degree in '71. I held various clerical
jobs in Silicon Valley, my favorite one being in the computer
center at Stanford University. I moonlighted as an artists
model and co- founded the Palo Alto Models Guild. I met my
future husband, an artist, in '75, we married in '79 and we
moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in '80. Three days after our
daughter was born in '85, we moved to Joplin, Missouri. We
moved to Michigan in '89 and have lived here ever since.
Currently, I have the good fortune to be a homemaker and
volunteer (school district, church, and sometimes politics). I
switched my artistic creative outlet to writing after marriage
so that I could have an identity separate from my husband's.
Other hobbies include gardening, cooking, stamp collecting,
reading and walking.


By transferring to Tahoe Truckee High School for the last
semester of my senior year, I did not do as well as I would
have liked in the all-metropolitan fencing finals. I was not
around to get my Awalt yearbook signed, so I tore it up.


I remember Mike Benefiel (natural born leader, thanks for the
rides home from fencing practice!), Karen Cole (thanks for
letting me ride your horse!), Shelly Thompson (great humor!),
Marybeth Fogg (intelligent and funny, too!), Jennifer Gregg
(friendly), Marilyn Lambert (awesomely artistic!), Penny
Pingree (life-long friend), Joani Powell (my monopoly pal,
where are you now?), Olive Schad (fencing pal, friendship
renewed as a result of 32-year reunion plans), Pete Sneider
(talented pianist, lived down the street from me in high
school, had a beautiful collie named Sunny), Connie Tuttle
(nice, nice, nice), Tina and her beautiful long, blond hair. I
could probably remember more if my memory were jogged.
Bob MacLean
E-mail: bobma...@g...
Web Page:
Location: Monterey CA
Updated: 15-Dec-2009
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What's New?
I moved to Monterey to work at the Defense Language
Institute in May 2006 then moved on to another job here
in Jan 2009. This place is awesome, do a lot of
mountain biking and surfing, sometimes get together
with Dan Nichols.

The news is I am married to a beautiful Italian woman
as of Dec 4th, 2009. No space for details really but we
are very happy. I visited her in July and the rest is

Had a great time crashing the 40th for the class of '69
this summer, had to drive John Iaquinto home haha. It
was nice seeing some old friends from long ago.

My brother Rich was '69 and is in Seattle, brother
Brian '71 is near Placerville and baby
sis Kathy was '73 and moved to Gilroy a few years ago
from Morgan Hill.
Michael T. Maher
E-mail: maher...@e...
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Updated: 23-Mar-1999
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Mike Marmon
E-mail: total...@g...
Location: Pasco,Washington
Updated: 26-Jul-2009
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What's New?
Hello to all you "almost Seniors"!

Well, after 20 years of Logging & self-employment in
Idaho, I am now a Government retiree.

Living life on a small farm in WA & Collecting vintage cars
here by the Columbia River & loving it!
Rick B. Martin
E-mail: barge...@y...
Location: Alpharetta, GA (near Atlanta)
Updated: 25-May-2001
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Bill McAlister
E-mail: wmcal...@a...
Updated: 7-Feb-1999
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Donna (Charlie) McChesney
E-mail: mcche...@e...
Web Page:
Location: Ashland, Oregon
Updated: 30-Jun-2009
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What's New?
Time flies when you're having fun!

The Japan trip I mentioned in my last update (2006) is
a distant memory now, although I still sing in the
Rogue Valley Peace Choir and its associated smaller
group, the Ensemble. Singing feeds my soul.

Thanks to the down economy, I was able this year to buy
a condo in Ashland, Oregon. It's a great little place,
two bedrooms, two baths, just enough yard, all within
walking distance of work and downtown. Chewy (my dog)
and I are very happy here.

Reading the entries of others, it's clear that I am one
of the few still working. Have been at an educational
organization for over two years and love it. Retirement
is still a ways off for me but that's okay, as I have a
lot of energy!

Lastly, my new quote: I'm an idealist. I don't know
where I'm going, but I'm on my way. - CARL SANDBURG
Bruce McClain
E-mail: windr...@a... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Mountain View, CA
Updated: 29-Jul-1999
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What's New?
Hello Everyone,
I can't believe that I am 50 and back not only where I was raised but working for the Los Altos School District. I work as a psychologist at Egan Intermediate School.
To back up a bit, I attended Foothill and CSU Chico where I obtained my BA and MA in counseling psychology. I then worked at Mendocino State Hospital, Butte County Juvenile Hall, Fresno County Juvenile Court Schools, and became Director of special programs for Fresno County.
While at Chico I met my wonderful wife and we were married in 1977. Our son just finished college and I feel like we are the same age. In my mind, I still feel like I'm 25.
In 1983 we sold out and bought a larger sailboat and spent the next two years sailing around the South Pacific. It was the experience of a lifetime. Damon wanted to go to high school in the States so we sailed home and that is when I thought it might be fun to move back to the Bay Area.
I started a financial and retirement planning business which kept me very busy until 1994 when we sold it to a Wall Street firm. That is when I returned to my real profession...helping children.
After the stress of adolescence, I thoroughly enjoy being "grown up"!
Nancy McKereghan
E-mail: nanci...@h... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Saratoga
Updated: 4-Feb-1999
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Mary-Jo (JOSIE) McLaughlin
E-mail: josie...@s...
Location: Chico, CA
Updated: 10-Jun-2009
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What's New?
Hi Class of 1967,
I had the pleasure of attending our last reunion. And
I also had the pleasure of having Pat McNellis attend
to my needs on a recent flight to Seattle. Pat you
have such a great sense of humor! Pat had the plane
in hysterics!!!!!!!!!

All for now, Take Care, Be Well,
Bruce McLeod
E-mail: bmcle...@f...
Web Page:
Updated: 2-Mar-2008
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Pat McNelis (now Schader)
E-mail: skyma...@a...
Location: Lockport,.IL
Updated: 16-Sep-2007
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What's New?
UPDATE...Hello all...update time. Attended our 40th
reunion last month. Thanks to Southwest I had a San
Jose layover and was able to attend the reunion
while "working"! My highlights of the evening were
spending time with the best of all, life's true
blessing, old friends. Another special happening was
re-aquainting with Fred Sorenson, Southwest Airlines
Capt. for the past 13 years! It's a small world, but
apparently not at Southwest. How did I not know?? My
husband has also joined the airline, having been
downsized one too man times from ag management. He is
in our ground ops deptartment at Chicago's Midway
Airport. Kinda neat having him see me off the gate or
welcome me back in! We are at 33 years of marriage
this year...OUCH!

My oldest was married for the 2nd time last October
and is a flight attendant for JetBlue.
My youngest is a "soph" just like my last update, but
now its college! She recently won a scholarship from
TWU of Southwest and apparently has her priorities
about education on a level I never considered. Her
next step appears to be the Culinary Institute of
Chicago. Pastry Chef! Got something from me after all
even if it's creating sweets instead of eating them!
Cheesecake is cheesecake...right? Love living in
Illinois in my hometown and being close to family and
friends from childhood. 34 of us took a two week trip
to Alaska last year....a memory that makes me smile. I
now have a 3,000 sq ft. condo above a Victorian
funeral home! Incredible place, quiet neighbors!
Speaking of friends, I was honored to have
MaryJo "Josie" McLaughlin on a flight with me last
week. What a great surprise. She was heading off to an
Alaskan Cruise.
To those that missed the reunion, it was those I had a chance to see
was the best. Can't wait for the next time.!!

**** 40 YEAR RE-CAP ****
*After graduation married Tom O'Connor (The "James
Dean" of Awalt '66) widowed 1971.
*Married again 1974, spent the next two decades in
sales and eventually opened a travel agency.
*Adopted two beautiful little girls at birth (now 26
& 19) and learned the most about love and commitment.
*At 50, decided to try the "path not chosen" earlier
in life, "flying" and moving back home.
*Life's greatest lesson ..."If it's meant to be, it's
up to ME!"
Michael Mendelson
E-mail: fiddl...@s...
Web Page:
Location: Santa Ynez, CA
Updated: 27-Apr-2010
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What's New?
Well, since I haven't updated my listing in quite a
while, I suppose I'm due...

My history remains basically the same. Looking back
over the past four(+) decades it has been a truly
interesting excursion: four years at UC Berkeley for a
Physics degree; two years at UCLA for a Master's in
Comparative Folklore & Mythology (honest!); a decade
as a working musician, academic and violin maker; the
past 30 years as a computer systems and network analyst
in aerospace, non-profits and business. I moved to
Santa Barbara in 1978 and then about six years ago to
Santa Ynez (just over the hill from SB). It looks like
this is where I'm going to stay: I love it here! We
have a nice place on a hill, with a large garden, small
orchard and a great view. And retirement is hopefully
just around the corner!

Music continues to be my passion (if I could only
*afford* to be a full-time musician...). I'm composing
and performing as much as time and energy allow. I
recently finished my latest music project in September
2009 - my third CD. Sorry to disappoint any
rock-and-rollers out there, but if you are into
folk/country/western swing/bluegrass, you might like
this one! You can get some idea of what I've been up to
by visiting my web site at:

That's it for now. Stay in touch!
Joanne D. Messick (now Dale)
E-mail: rjdal...@j...
Location: La Center,Wa
Updated: 28-Oct-2003
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What's New?
I am looking for Michelle Hearney leave message,
trying to get in contact with her.

Earl Meyer
E-mail: ewmey...@p... (e-mail bouncing)
Updated: 22-Mar-1999
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Sidney Milovina (now Bunt)
E-mail: nhubl...@n... (e-mail bouncing)
Updated: 30-Apr-1999
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What's New?
Lived in Morgan Hill 22 years. Divorced 9 years ago.
I've raised 3 daughters
to adulthood. Kendra 27 with 2 daughters, Hailey 4 ½ &
Ashley 3 ½. Konnie
25 has 1 son Wyatt 20 months. Layna 23 will graduate
from college in May.
I've been working at Anritsu (Formerly Wiltron) for 11
½ yrs. as a Silkscreen
Printer. My favorite past time is to spend free time
with Dave, my
significant other, as well as my precious
See you at our 50th reunion B-Day Bash!

Sidney Milovina Bunt
Randy D. Minnon
E-mail: rminn...@i...
Location: Campbell, CA
Updated: 28-Sep-2010
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What's New?
Still above ground and semi retired.
Sue L. Molay (now Gilchrist)
E-mail: jga...@c...
Location: santa cruz, california
Updated: 4-Aug-2007
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What's New?
I still work for Santa Cruz County only I now direct
services and programs to help the general public and
families on cash aid become economically self
sufficient. We operate two centers where people can
get help with resumes, search for jobs and in some
circumstances receive training. It is very interesting
diverse work and very challenging right now as the
last of the agricultural processing and manufacturing
plants are closing in Watsonville. My husband, John,
and I continue to make wine with friends, kayak, sail
and play with our dog. I won't be able to attend the
reunion due to family committments but I send good
wishes to everyone. Look me up if you are in town and
want to reminisce.
Elpidio "Junior" S. Munoz
E-mail: JRMun...@l...
Location: Fresno, CA
Updated: 5-Jan-2000
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What's New?
Life after graduation began interestingly enough. As a
US Marine, I served in Viet Nam begining in Dec 67.
During the 68 Tet Offensive my brother Jose (Awalt
65'), cousin David Simental (MVHS 67') and I found
ourselves in the very same foxhole. Unbelievable!
Three tours later I returned home in Mar 71. After
that delightful experience I thought it best to join
life again.

While in Viet Nam I was corresponding with a nice
young lady from Fresno. Yolanda and I later met and
got married in 1972. Six kids (I graciously give up
the kid title to B.McLeod and Mel Gibson with 7) and
27 years later, we have an adorable grandaughter. They
are our greatest blessing. We call Fresno home now,
but we lived in Gresham, Oregon (near the Columbia
River Gorge between Oregon and Washington) when
Mt. St. Helens erupted. That was kind of different.

I graduated from CSU Fresno with a degree in
Microbiology. I am the Director of Microbiology for
Lyons Magnus, an International Aseptic Food Processor
based in Fresno, CA.

Over the
years my family has camped/hiked from
Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain NP, most of Utah/Colorado,
the Grand Canyon, Yosemite to the Olympic Rain
Forest. Been there, done that! Hiking to the bottom of
the Grand Canyon was personally rewarding. Now days
for fun I like to strum my fender guitar, go fly
fishing with my 12 year old daughter Steffanie on the
near by Kings River (we collaborate on the fish
stories) and tinker with all these neat new computer
gadgets. Everyone take care and hope to see all
of you at the reunion to re- share "new" old memories.

Happy New Millenium!
Johnny C. Musser
E-mail: john....@a...
Location: Santa Cruz CA
Updated: 24-Mar-1999
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What's New?
After Graduation I attended Cal Poly Pomona (the Other
Cal Poly). While there I meet my future wife Kathleen.
It took me 10 years, a marriage and divorce before I
convinced her of that. We have now been married for 18
years and have a great 9 year old son Johnny III. I
majored in Aerospace Engineering and Geology. Since I
couldn't decide between rocks and stars, I did the
logical thing and went into computer programming.
After spending 14 years at various silicon valley
companies that are no longer around, I gave up all
hope and went into the public sector. I have been the
IS Manager at the Alameda County Water District in
Fremont for the last 12 years and refuse to leave.
Ken Nakano
E-mail: k4nak...@a...
Location: Los Altos
Updated: 20-Aug-2007
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Glenda L. Niblack (now Lucas)
E-mail: rgluc...@p...
Location: San Jose, CA
Updated: 29-Jun-2000
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Daniel W. Nichols
E-mail: danny...@y... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Oroville, CA
Updated: 3-Feb-2001
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What's New?
I currently live in Oroville, California and am
recently divorced. I have two great daughters (ages
20 and 16). I was in the Navy for several years as an
aircrewman, electrician, and ordnanceman and did two
fun-filled tours in support of our favorite 'police
action.' I finally graduated from Chico State Univ in
1980 with a degree in English. I worked for twenty
swell years as a technical writer for several of the
Bay Area moster corporations (Lockheed, Westinghouse,
and Northrop Grumman). I look forward to hearing from
and seeing any/all alums. Cheers!
Dale O'Neil (now Galvan)
E-mail: joenp...@n...
Location: Minden,Nevada
Updated: 27-Jan-2001
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What's New?
Hi everyone!! Isn't this a wonderful way to keep in
touch? Was sorry to read I missed the last reunion. I
understand I was "lost". Thanks to my brother, Brian,
I was put in touch with this site, and I"ve been
found! Yeah!!(Thanks, Jan!) So, an update: Let's see,
After graduation, I moved to San Francisco, and began
working in the Dental field.
Got married in 1970, to my best friend Tony. We will
celebrating our 31st anniversary in April! Our
wonderful marriage produced two fantastic, beautiful
children, Trevor,29 and Tiffany 27.I had a blast
raising my children. Both are happy, living and
in Silicon Valley. We also have a sweet 5 yr.old
grandson, Nicholas. Our pride and joy. Over the years,
I've worked in
various dental offices, and taught reading,math,and
art to elementary school kids(I love working with
children!) Owned (with Sheri Davis,) a full service
Bridal business.After living in San Jose for 25 years
we decided to "retire". So, we sold our home and moved
to the beautiful Carson Valley! This place is Heaven
on earth! After 5 months of retirement, I went back to
work.I'm now working as a Lab. Tech. for an
orthodontist in Carson City-back with the kids! Life
has been good! I'm
looking forward to seeing everyone in July 2001.
Please let me know if I can help with the preparations
for 2001, See Ya soon, Dale
Janet D. Owen
E-mail: josin...@a... (e-mail bouncing)
Updated: 7-Mar-2000
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Linda M. Ozawa (now Sasaki)
E-mail: lsasa...@o... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Los Altos
Updated: 25-Mar-1999
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Charles A. Paulden
E-mail: pleas...@y...
Location: Santa Cruz, ca
Updated: 15-Jul-2010
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What's New?
I am the director of People for the Preservation of
Pleasure Point

Things are going fast, better come see what you
remember before it is gone.
We were trying to save the Pleasure Point Roadhouse for
a historic park.
The buildings were destroyed by the owners, yet the
County could still buy the property for a park and
Community Center.

I am teaching Yoga at the Spas.
I am on the Sierra Clubs Executive Committee in Santa Cruz.
I advocate for Urban Villages, the purchase of the
rail line for trails and rails, paths along Riparian
Corridors and an integrated transportation management plan.
I have instigated the Pleasure Point 4th of July Parade
for the last 5 years. "The Worlds Shortest Surf Parade"

In my spare time I surf and try to save a little part
of the world.

Wikipedia entry
Daryl Poppen
E-mail: dwpop...@c...
Updated: 8-Mar-2009
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What's New?
67-68 Played basketball at Azusa Pacific University
69 Joined the Air Force
71 Met my future wife at Mt. Hermon Christian
Conference Center
72 Married a High School English Teacher in Merced
73 Graduated from Cal State Stanislaus in Accounting
73-86 Accounting Manager at Modesto Irrigation District
86-99 Director of Business at Forest Home Christian
Conference Center in the San Bernardino Mountains
99-07 School Business Administrator in Redlands
07 School Business Administrator in Modesto
09 Retired from PERS and am working full-time at our
church in Turlock (New Life Christian Center)

Raised two boys the oldest is 32
Two wonderful grandsons (4 and 3)
The younger son committed suicide on 4-15-05

Would love to come to the next reunion or any other
informal get together.

Love to play golf, watch college basketball and spend
time helping those in need.

As I have grown in my relationship with Jesus Christ, I
have come to realize that "only one life will soon be
past and only what's done for Christ will last."
Leslie Prindle (now Prindle-Klein)
E-mail: lesli...@d...
Location: Cupertino, CA
Updated: 16-May-2005
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Terry A. Roselli
E-mail: tar1...@p...
Location: San Luis Obispo CA
Updated: 26-Mar-2007
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What's New?
Still living in San Luis Obispo and working for PG&E
(Nuclear). Both kids have left (one at SDSU and one
working and a part-time student) and there seems to be
a lot more quiet time in our lives. Irene is teaching
8th grade US History and is contemplating a career in
Real Estate (her sister owns a company). I'm rooting
for her to make it "Big" so I can kick back and enjoy
my Golden Years.
Linda Rowan (now Jackson)
E-mail: linda...@e... (e-mail bouncing)
Updated: 4-Jul-2001
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Doug Sameit
E-mail: samei...@c...
Location: Virginia Beach, VA / Lakeside, MT
Updated: 29-Jan-2010
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What's New?
I graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1971 had a
28 year career in the Navy/Navy Reserve flying F-4's
and A-4's. I took early retirement from Northwest
Airlines in August 2008, and we split our time between
our longtime home in Virginia Beach (winter) and our
beloved home on the shore of Flathead Lake in Montana.
Mary and I have been married for 38 years. Our
oldest son, Dan (USNA '94) and wife, Cheryl, both work
for GE Power Systems in Atlanta and are expecting their
first child in June 2010. Our middle son, Paul (USNA
'97, UCLA MBA '07) is President of Jetpool LLC, an
aircraft management company in Charlotte, NC. He and
his wife, Nicole, have two daughters, currently 6 and
3. Paul and I had a memorable trip to the Embraer
factory in southern Brazil to pick up a client's Phenom
100 executive jet and ferry it to the US. Our youngest
son, Mark (UVa '00, Wm & Mary Law '08) and his wife,
Meredith, live in Oceanside, CA. Mark is a Marine Corps
JAG Officer and is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan
later in 2010.
My mom still lives in the same house on Cuesta
Drive and has survived a heart attack and a broken hip.
She will be 89 in March.
Connie F. Sandberg
E-mail: cfsan...@c...
Location: Arden Hills, MN
Updated: 6-Aug-2005
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What's New?
Time for an update, but I don't know what to say. I'm facing
my daughter, Julia's, senior year of high school. Scary how
quickly time passes. Next year, college for her, and the
opportunity to find a life for myself that is not circumscribed by
Julia's activities!

When will we have another reunion? The last one was so
much fun!
Paul A. Schwafel
E-mail: plane...@c...
Location: Oakland, Vacaville (CA)
Updated: 13-Sep-2006
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What's New?
Like many, I have stayed "close to home" (the bay
area). After a couple of years at Foothill J.C., and
an "apprenticeship" at various motorcycle shops, I
have enjoyed a career as a mechanic with United
Airlines, now drawing to a close. I am happily
married, and for the last time I might add, to my
true soul mate and Cribbage-playing partner, Katie.
We plan on migrating out of state by 2007. No kids,
just pets and motorcycles.

That's all for now. See you at the next get-together,

Update 9/13/06;

I retired from UAL in december of 2004, and have been
keeping busy doing home improvement projects, as well
as fun things. Katie and I will stay in Vacaville for
a while yet. This location is great for getting to
the coast, mountains, and wine country. Quiet at
night, too.

I plan to make the 40th reunion. Hoping all is well
in your world.
Jeffry S. Seldomridge
E-mail: autum...@l...
Web Page:
Location: Curtis, Washington
Updated: 18-Dec-2010
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What's New?
GREETINGS!! Like many of you I
attended some local colleges (B.A.,M.A.). It was hard
to find work with the Govn't in the field of
Anthropology due to affirmative action policies so I
entered into the Nuke building business where I ran
into Terry Roselli in SE Washington State in 1980. I
nuked around a couple of more jobs and then entered
back into Archaeology where I ran into Don Zerga in
Reno (also in Archaeology). Worked for the
Transportion Dept. of Nevada until 1991.

Got tired of moving around so got a job with Lyon
County just over the hill from Garnderville, NV. I
lived on 10 acres with my wife of 10 years and raise
yummy sheep, border collies (not so yummy) and train
stallions (at least two so far). Went from a Burb dude
to liberal ranching type (very rare up this-a-way).

I ended up nearly bald but not too fat and did retire
for 8 days to some pasture acreage south of
Olympia, Washington. Couldn't sell my Nevada house so
am working again in WA.
Have traveled a fair amount
(Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Ecuador, and
most of North America).

Not sure if any of you remember me or not but I was
kind of a quite athletic nerd. My only claim to quiet
fame was that while at Awalt, I could BAR SNAP farther
than anyone during my four years. Kind of hard to
capitalize on that kind of physical talent, just one
of my many non-profitable talents. My brain woke up
finally in my forth year in college (probably due to
laying off the booze). It was great to run into this
website. Take care all!
Robert (Bob) O. Shaw
E-mail: bobby...@g...
Location: Maui
Updated: 7-Nov-2007
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What's New?
The indigenous peoples of Hawaii, the Kanaka Ma'oli,
had over 29 meanings for the word Aloha.
Among them were I love you and goodbye
Joan Silvey
E-mail: jsilv...@s...
Location: Nelson, B.C. Canada
Updated: 17-May-2009
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Karen A. Slavin (now Heidenreich)
E-mail: heid4...@a... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Manitou Springs, Colorado
Updated: 27-Mar-1999
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Cindy Smith (now Hereford)
E-mail: cindy...@c...
Location: Corvallis, Oregon
Updated: 17-Jul-2010
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What's New?
A year and a half ago I joined a local Halau (Hula
club) in my town, right about the time I was laid off
from my job as a marketing communications writer. Our
Halau performed at the local Farmers' Market recently
on a Saturday morning, and as we danced, I looked out
into the sea of faces... and there was Carol Johnson!
What a delightful surprise and how amazing that we were
both in the same place at the same time AND recognized
one another! So, while I'm figuring out the next
chapter in my life (since there are no jobs out there),
I'm happily married (second time around)... still
instructing fitness classes (going on 25 years)... and
keeping busy with the joy and challenge of sharing the
spirit of Hawaii through Hula.
Pete Snyder
E-mail: peter...@n... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Sacramento, California
Updated: 1-Aug-2002
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What's New?
Life is great both professionally and personally. I
have been busy since early 1998 building out the new
investment services company for HP and Agilent
employees, the new company that resulted from the
recent "HP Split" -- not to mention the recent merger
between HP and Compaq.

I'm still playing hardball baseball on an over 40 team
in Sacramento and will continue to do so as long as
the old body parts hold up!

Dollie and our kids, Christy, age 26 and Jon, age 23,
are doing great!

We are looking forward to the next reunion event to be
able to see everyone.

Susie H. Solvason (now McLing)
E-mail: suemc...@c...
Location: eugene
Updated: 15-Oct-2007
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What's New?
Hi It's Susie This is my 67000th time responding or
so!!Had a blast at the reunion. Should have bowed &
curtsied to JAN AND THE PIT CREW. What an awesome
job. Wish I could have gone to the beach party,
Lin (Linni,Linette) L. Sprague (now Bollinger)
E-mail: linlo...@e...
Location: Terrace Park, OH
Updated: 15-Sep-2000
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Jan Stephen
E-mail: jan.s...@s...
Updated: 13-Jul-2008
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What's New?
Just a short note this time...Class of 67 had our 40th
Reunion last August. For those unable to make that
Reunion, I do have pictures from both Friday and
Saturday night festivities...

If you are an alumni of our class and wish to get on
the mailing list for the next Reunion, feel free to
email me at the email address listed here...
Ron Talmage
E-mail: rrojo...@a...
Location: Rocklin, ca
Updated: 17-Aug-2002
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What's New?
I'm really happy I finally left the Bay Area and
moved to Rocklin (east of Sacramento) two years ago.
Abdicated from the rat race so to speak. It's way more
laid back up here than in the Bay Area. I've made many
new fiends and really enjoy the neighborhood I moved
into. I'm doing more outdoor activities than I was
able to do down there, since I'm so much closer to the
mountains & the country for my fishing/camping/hiking
activities that I love to do. I'm only 2 1/2 hours
from San Jose/Mountain View so staying in touch with
family & friends there is pretty easy.

I'm sorry I missed this years all class picnic. I was
looking forward to it, but my son brought my
grandchildren to Donner Memorial in Truckee for a
camping trip. Easy choice there.

Take care all & I hope all is well in each of your
Shelley A. Thompson (now Sims)
E-mail: simsf...@a...
Location: Chicago
Updated: 22-Aug-2007
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What's New?
Many thanks for the warm wishes and greetings from all
of you at the reunion, and thanks also for welcoming
my "party double" Kimberly. Being 1/2 my size and
twice as outgoing, she made the perfect stand-in! If
I'm able to come to the next reunion I'll be sure to
bring her along too...on the downside...after 30 years
of marriage, Ivan and I have reached the "for worse"
stage. His dad died of ALS in 1989 and Ivan started
limping in the summer of 2005. It turns out it runs
in the family. I'm thankful we ended up in Chicago
where there's a huge ALS foundation that helps in many
ways, but your prayers are much appreciated at this
David B. Titus
E-mail: dtitu...@s...
Location: Saddleback College
Updated: 11-Dec-2006
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What's New?
30 years teaching full-time at the college level:
engineering and architectural drafting & design,
specializing in computer-aided-drawing/design (CAD).
I still remember the sign under the clock in the
Drafting Room at Awalt High: "Time Will Pass, But
Will You ?"
Marie A. Unquera (now Garcia)
E-mail: marie...@h... (e-mail bouncing)
Location: Los Altos, CA
Updated: 10-Aug-1999
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Dave VanSciver
E-mail: vansc...@a...
Location: Pacifica, Ca
Updated: 26-May-1999
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What's New?
'71 BS Cal
'71-77 USMC A4 pilot
'78-present USMC Reserve
'76 Married 3 teenagers
'78 hired PSA (now U*S Airways)
'89 JD San Francisco Law School
'89 Admitted State Bar of California
'95-present. Int'l Captain U*S Airways
based in PHL. Routes to Europe and
present--life is good--working on LLM-Master of Laws in
Becky Wagner (now Rodman)
E-mail: becky...@e...
Web Page:
Location: Cremona, Italy
Updated: 27-Oct-2009
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What's New?
I am a violinist and violist and earned my music
degrees at the University of California, Los Angeles.
I am also a violin-maker and I make stringed
instruments to loan, free of charge to emerging
artists, through my Foundation - Fondazione MAESTRO

My performing positions included Concertmaster of the
Palisades Symphony, violist and violinist in the
Pasadena Symphony, Santa Barbara Symphony, and the
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. In addition, I enjoy
performing both instruments in chamber music

I was active in recording for motion pictures, TV,and
recordings in the Los Angeles commercial music
industry. Besides my position as the Director of Music
Development at Crossroads School for Arts and
Sciences, and Vice-Chair of the MAESTRO Foundation, I
founded and directed the San Juan Islands Chamber
Music Festival in Washington State from 1991 to 2002.
In 2003, I founded the Fondazione MAESTRO Cremona for
which I serve as President and Executive

My son, Matthew, is 29 and currently working and
living in Manhattan.

I am in my 8th year as a resident of Cremona,
Italy - the city which was home to the greatest
luthiers of all time - Stradivari, Amati, and
Guarneri, to name a few. I truly hope that if you
find yourself in the area, you will stop by and visit.
Robert (Bob) E. Wake , Jr.
E-mail: wings...@c...
Web Page:
Location: Redmond, Washington
Updated: 31-Aug-2010
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What's New?
Married (34 years), four children, seven grandchildren.
Residing in Redmond, Washington.
Retired from FedEx as commercial pilot

President and Founder, Wings World Wide - The Air
Medcial Foundation

Partner in ZERK INC. When you see it on the stock
market, buy it; when you need a job on the internet,
use it!

Enjoying retirement, which means sailing, golf,
playing water-polo again,performing humanitarian work
throughout the world (come join with us)and watching
the geeks at Zerk create the E-Bay of jobs online.

Life just couldn't be any better!
John Welsh
E-mail: astro...@y...
Location: san francisco
Updated: 12-Dec-2008
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What's New?
update: no longer married, much less concerned about
the spice girls. peace on ya.

career - checkered, with various occupations including
community mental health counselor, cowboy, cab driver,
and (currently) retail foods. have yet to publish the
definitive fin du siecle american novel, but hope
springs eternal.

personal - married in 1987, and remain so. no
offspring of which i am aware.

pastimes - hiking with friends among the hills,
seeking insights with some skepticism, photography,
kayaking on the bay, reading anything and everything,
writing, and worrying about the apparent lapse in the
careers of the spice girls.
Terry J. Whiteside
E-mail: tjwhi...@h...
Location: Asheville, NC
Updated: 31-May-2009
Tools: modify profile | delete profile
What's New?
After graduation went to college for two years. Then
joined the Air Force. Served from 69-73. Following
that, I went back to college at Florida State Univ and
became a meteorologist. Met my future wife there and
got married in 1976 and finally ended my drawn out
college years in 77.

Moved to Asheville NC where I still live and went back
to work for the AF. I come out to the bay area
occasionally as my daughter now works in San Francisco.
Dwayne ("Dewey") W. Williams
E-mail: dwalt...@h...
Location: Changes regularly
Updated: 27-Oct-2010
Tools: modify profile | delete profile
What's New?
Been doing a fair amount of traveling. Spent nearly
half of last year in Costa Rica. Floated around the
U.S. the rest of the time.

Bought a crooked little house in Kansas a year
ago. "Fixer upper" (meaning "money pit"). Still
working on it.

If you have an old laptop that still works, I have
been taking them to Costa Rica and giving them to
schools who are in need. Holler it ya got one to

Hope you're a doing well.

Jim Williamson
E-mail: cjna...@c...
Location: Aptos, CA
Updated: 1-Nov-2004
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What's New?
I have been working for the City of Mountain View for
the past 32 years and plan on retiring December 2004.
I live in Aptos, CA with my wife
Carol. Our 22 yr old son Andy, lives in Soquel and is
attending Cabrillo Junior College.

I do enjoy playing golf on the weekends and I am
looking forward to playing better golf any week now.
Don L. Zerga
E-mail: dlzan...@s...
Location: Lake Tahoe, Ca
Updated: 6-May-2007
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