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Quality Retirement Residences in Ontario, Québec
and British Columbia
In your search for quality assisted living, long-term or memory care for a senior in your family, location will play a key role in your decision. Along with all the comforts and amenities of home, you are likely also looking for a familiar community setting and easy access for family and friends to visit.

In Eastern Canada, Sunrise Senior Living retirement residences are located within communities in the Greater Toronto region and throughout Southern Ontario including Aurora, Burlington, Markham, Mississauga, Erin Mills, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Windsor, and in Québec, including Beaconsfield, Blainville, and Dollard-des-Ormeaux. In Western Canada, you will find residences in Vancouver, North Vancouver and Victoria. Each home offers a complete range of services including retirement and assisted living for seniors, 24 hour and Alzheimer care. Short and long-term care options are available. (Links to Canadian locations are at the bottom of this page.)

Quality is the hallmark of every Sunrise location and it is delivered through the highest standards of accommodation, facilities, décor, services and most importantly resident care.

Both inside and out, our retirement communities are designed to feel like home, rather than institutional-style environments. An open inviting entranceway welcomes guests upon arrival. A grand sweeping staircase - a Sunrise signature - gives the feeling of a luxurious private residence with plenty of access to elevators located discreetly to one side. Throughout the building, open areas provide opportunities for residents to come together and comfortably socialize. Cats, dogs and other Sunrise pets may also wander by to greet you!

There are bistro areas where residents, friends and family members can help themselves to refreshments. Large lounge areas with highly specialized furnishings provide ample living space to watch TV, play bridge or just relax and chat. Our jukeboxes are popular at our socials and the smell of fresh baked bread or popcorn frequently wanders through the building.

Every resident, whether enjoying the benefits of assisted living, long-term or Alzheimer care, has a spacious and well-appointed suite with full ensuite facilities and kitchenette. Parking is available and there is plenty of space to make your apartment, your home.

Thornhill, Ontario
Canadian Headquarters
484 Steeles Avenue West
Thornhill, Ontario L4J 1A2
Phone: 416-553-2103
FAX: 866-823-8072

North Vancouver, British Columbia
Sunrise of Lynn Valley
980 Lynn Valley Road
North Vancouver, BC V7J 3V7
Email: lynnvalley.dcr@sunriseseniorliving.com
Phone: 604-904-1226
FAX: 604-904-1335



Vancouver, British Columbia
Sunrise of Vancouver
999 West 57th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6P 6Y9
Email: vancouver.dcr@sunriseseniorliving.com
Phone: 604-261-5799
FAX: 604-261-9797



Victoria, British Columbia
Sunrise of Victoria
920 Humboldt Street
Victoria, BC V8V 4W7
Email: victoria.dcr1@sunriseseniorliving.com
Phone: 250-383-1366
FAX: 250-383-1379



Beaconsfield, Québec
Sunrise of Beaconsfield - Opening Summer 2008
505 Elm Avenue
Beaconsfield, Québec H9W 2E5
Email: beaconsfield.dcr@sunriseseniorliving.com 
Phone: 514-693-1616
FAX: 514-693-1717


Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Québec
Sunrise of Dollard-des-Ormeaux
4377 St-Jean Boulevard
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Québec H9H 2A4
Email: dollarddesormeaux.dcr@sunriseseniorliving.com 
Phone: 514-620-4556
FAX: 514-620-0556


Blainville, Québec
Sunrise of Fontainebleau 
50 Boulevard des Châteaux
Blainville, Québec J7B 0A3
Email: fontainebleau.dcr@sunriseseniorliving.com 
Phone: 450-420-2727
FAX: 450-420-5757


Aurora, Ontario
Sunrise of Aurora
3 Golf Links Drive
Aurora, ON L4G 7Y4
Email: aurora.dcr@sunriseseniorliving.com
Phone: 905-841-0022
FAX: 905-841-2833



Burlington, Ontario
Sunrise of Burlington
5401 Lakeshore Road
Burlington, ON L7L 6S5
Email: burlington.dcr@sunriseseniorliving.com
Phone: 905-333-9969
FAX: 905-333-3199



Markham, Ontario
Sunrise of Unionville
38 Swansea Road
Markham, ON L3R 5K2
Email: unionville.dcr@sunriseseniorliving.com
Phone: 905-947-4566
FAX: 905-947-8658



Mississauga, Ontario
Sunrise of Mississauga
1279 Burnhamthorpe Road East
Mississauga, ON L4Y 3V7
Email: Mississauga.dcr@sunriseseniorliving.com
Phone: 905-625-1344
FAX: 905-625-4135



Sunrise of Erin Mills
4046 Erin Mills Parkway
Mississauga, ON L6Y 5G8
Email: erinmills.dcr@sunriseseniorliving.com
Phone: 905-569-0004
FAX: 905-569-7754



Oakville, Ontario
Sunrise of Oakville
456 Trafalgar Road
Oakville, ON L6J 7X1
Email: oakville.dcr@sunriseseniorliving.com
Phone: 905-337-1145
FAX: 905-625-4135



Richmond Hill, Ontario
Sunrise of Richmond Hill
9800 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0P5
Email: Richmondhill.dcr@sunriseseniorliving.com
Phone: 905-883-6963
FAX: 905-883-9986



Thornhill, Ontario
Thorne Mill on Steeles 
484 Steeles Ave. W. 
Thornhill, Ontario
L4J 0C7 
Email: thornemill.dcr@sunriseseniorliving.com 
Phone: 905-731-4300 
Fax: 905-709-1300


Windsor, Ontario
Sunrise of Windsor
5065 Riverside Drive East
Windsor, ON N8Y 5B3
Email: Windsor.dcr2@sunriseseniorliving.com 
Phone: 519-974-5858
FAX: 519-974-6776



For more information about any of our locations, our doors are always open. Please call or visit a community near you.
Sunrise Senior Living Communities in Canada
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