from	sara arshad

hi maha
am mailing you on som common grounds we both hav mayb.   I'm in relationship, my guy has becum close with this tania the baker.  I kept an eye on her to chk if she is sleeping or seeing him. But I also find out tht she is with nadir, same guy you r with at the mo. I didn't know you r with nadir nowadays but I saw you spend night/mornin at his house last month, then I found around tht you are his gf.  You can ask your guy to take promise or kasam if you hav any doubt on my info. I'm very sure. I see her go 2 nadirs house for many hours all alone. I see her get birth pills also. He is her x btw.       I don't know how and wat to say to my guy abt them 2 and all the things I found.  I want to mail her also but I don know wat to say!    
But If you r in an open relation with your guy in tht case I'm sorry to waste your time. But if you r not in tht case you should be knowing all this like me Tc