www.usatf.org  15 
High Performance (HP) Programs/Services
HP Summits
HP Summits bring together elite and emerging elite athletes, their personal
coaches,Development and Sport Science Coordinators and experts in the field,
for multi-day programs of activities designed to share ideas about improving
performance. Generally held in the fall, the programs may also be held at special
times elsewhere in the year. Athletes qualify for HP Summits based on their
U.S. andWorld Rankings, competitive profiles in the two previous years and viability
for futureWorld Championship and/or Olympic teams.
HP Competitive Opportunities
HP Competitive Opportunities provides funding to and competitive opportunities
at select domestic and international meets.USATF’s HP Programs will
set-up competition events at these meets to ensure highly competitive situations
for each athlete. Sport Science and filming support may be provided.Qualification
for funding to these meets is based on the athlete’s U.S. andWorld Rankings,
having met the current world championships “B” standard and having a recent,
highly competitive profile.
Sport Science and Medicine Programs
USATF sport scientists in biomechanics, physiology, nutrition and sport psychology
conduct programs at domestic meets, as well as participating in HP Summits
and HP Centers to work with athletes and their personal coaches throughout the
year. Moving forward, a great many of these programs will be held at sites where
a number of athletes train at USATF recognized HP Centers.
U.S. HP Olympic Training Centers
USATF, in cooperation with the USOC, carries on Residence (full year), Short
Term (up to 90 days) and Facility Use (daily use) Programs, as well as camps,
clinics and schools at the USOTC’s, with most activity being at the Chula Vista
OTC. Residence program athletes qualify by having met stringent standards of
U.S. and world rank, world “A” or hi “B” qualifying standars and successful competitive
profile against top-level internationl athletes.
Short-term and facility use athletes must be highly ranked U.S. athletes to qualify
for cost-free use of the U.S.Olympic Training Centers.
*Subject to change
 14  2010 USATF Elite Athlete Handbook
Athletes must travel to Indianapolis to receive medical services.All medical
services, ground transportation, housing and meals for visits of 72 hours or less
will be provided to the athletes at no cost.Athletes will be required to purchase
flights (approved in advance by USATF), but USATF will reimburse
all but $100 of the approved airfare to the athlete after the visit.USATF will
work with the athletes to arrange the most reasonable flight options.Qualified
athletes who wish to utilize the program should contact Beka Suggs at 317-
713-4689 to coordinate eligibility and arrange flights, ground transportation,
housing and appointments with St.Vincent. Please visit website for more
details: http://www.usatf.org/groups/Elite/supportPrograms/SaintVinent.asp
Project 30 Program
The Project 30 Program, is a cooperative venture with Nike that is designed to
assist emerging elite and elite athletes stay in the sport of track & field at critical
periods in their athletic careers.The primary goal of the program is to help immediate
and recent post-collegians “bridge the gap” experienced by many top college
athletes after completing their collegiate eligibility.The secondary goal will be
to assist veteran, elite athletes who warrant consideration for the program due to
special circumstances in their athletic careers and/or lives.
The athlete(s) in Project 30 will have met the currentWorld or Olympic
“A” qualifying standard in the previous year, be highly ranked in U.S. andWorld
listings, and have exhibited a highly successful competitive profile during the
past two years.The athlete will already have, or have made plans for, a proven,
high-level coach who has shown success in bringing athletes to the “podium”
level atWorld-level events.The athlete will have some degree of financial need
in one or more areas of his/her life and sport endeavors. Finally, they are willing
to partner with USATF (and Nike) in crafting a program that will help bring
them to the podium level inWorld and Olympic competition.
If you have any questions or if you are interested in being considered for the
program, please contact one of the following USATF staff members:
Steve Simmons DuffyMahoney
Phone: 925-580-5962 Phone: 317-713-4673
E-mail: steve@accusplit.com E-mail:Duffy.Mahoney@usatf.org
Detailed information regarding criteria and Frequently Asked Questions can be
found on our website: http://www.usatf.org/groups/Elite/supportPrograms/
www.usatf.org  19 
Bob Greifeld, Chairman, USA Track & Field Foundation, CEO, NASDAQ OMX New York, NY
Jerry Banks, Founder, CEO & Inventor, MLC Intellectual Property, LLC Saratoga, CA
Willie Banks, Olympian & Former Triple Jump World Record Holder, Attorney-at-Law San Diego, CA
Bill Belk, Managing Director, Carolina Financial Securities Charlotte, NC
Ike Belk, Retired President, Belk Group Charlotte, NC
Bob Betz, Retired President, Cognis Corp. Cincinnati, OH
Kim Betz, Legislative Director & Counsel, Washington, DC
U.S. House of Representatives, the Honorable Steve Chabot (R-OH)
Chris Borch, CEO, Micro-Mechanics Los Gatos, CA
Rudy Chapa, President, SPARQ Portland, OR
Ken Flax, SVP, UBS Palo Alto, CA
Stephanie Hightower, President, USA Track & Field Columbus, OH
Mark James, President & CEO, Frias Holding Company Las Vegas, NV
Bruce Jenner, 1976 Olympic Decathlon Champion Los Angeles, CA
Reid Johnson, Investor San Francisco, CA
Pete Kight, Director & Vice Chairman, Fiserv, Inc. Atlanta, GA
Mike Kitson, CEO, Utilimaster Corp. Elkhart, IN
Larry Lee, President & Owner, Leepoxy Plastics Group Fort Wayne, IN
Paul Lilly, Retired Founder, McData Corp. Boulder, CO
Doug Logan, CEO, USA Track & Field Indianapolis, IN
Frank Marshall, Movie Producer Los Angeles, CA
Craig Masback, Director of Business Affairs, Nike Global Sports Marketing Division Eugene, OR
Dan McClory, Managing Director, Hunter Wise Financial Group Irvine, CA
Raphael Peck, VP, Under Armour Baltimore, MD
Ed Plummer, CEO, Harnell Capital Corp. Los Angeles, CA
Amory Rowe Salem, Founder & Executive Director, In the Arena Cambridge, MA
Michael Saltman, CEO, The Vista Group Las Vegas , NV
Nicholas Sparks, Author New Bern, NC
Mark Sutton, Retired CEO, UBS Americas Austin, TX
JackWickens, Retired Executive, UnitedHealth Group Nashville, TN
AshleyWright, UBS, Wealth Management US Weehawken, NJ
Tom Jackovic, Executive Director, USA Track & Field Foundation Pittsburgh, PA
 18  2010 USATF Elite Athlete Handbook
USATF Foundation Performance Funding
Elite Athlete Development Grant
Grant Program Purpose – to support the pursuit of world-class performances
by “up & coming”American post-collegian track & field athletes who have met
minimum performance standards, have demonstrated significant performance
potential, and have compelling individual financial needs.
Athlete Career Mentoring Program
The Athlete Career Mentoring Program is designed to match athletes with
knowledge career mentors who can provide long term career direction and
preparation advice and networking support to help open doors to post-competitive
career opportunities.
The USA Track & Field Foundation has assembled a stellar group of highly
successful individuals across a wide range of industries and professions, who
have volunteered to lend their time and expertise in furtherance of this new,
innovative program.
Job Search Support Program
The goal of the program is to assist motivated athletes with finding quality,
resume-building part-time jobs, which will be flexible to athletes training and
competition schedules.
Currently there are 16 companies who have agreed to support the program.
USATF/USOC Programs:
Sariyu “Beka” Suggs
Phone: 317-713-4689; Email: Sariyu.Suggs@usatf.org
USATF Foundation Programs (Mentor and Jobs Program):
Email: drive.mentor@gmail.com
USATF Foundation Programs (Elite AthleteDevelopmentGrant)
Tom Jackovic
Email: Tom.Jackovic@usatf.org
 42  2010 USATF Elite Athlete Handbook
important to remember that any Missed Test previously received by any Anti-
Doping Organization is subject to be shared with other Anti-Doping
Organizations with authority to test you.
Phone Calls
Beginning January 1, 2009, the new rules will no longer allow phone calls to be
made in an attempt to locate you, as is currently practiced in the United States.
Being diligent about being available during your 60-minute time-slot and updating
yourWhereabouts Filing whenever plans change will be critical to
avoiding aWhereabouts Failure.
This new rule will allow Anti-Doping Organizations world-wide to conduct
TRUE no-notice testing.Additionally, this new routine will help give you
control over these whereabouts obligations, which has not always been the case
on a universal basis.
Collection Requirements
Currently, when notified for an In-Competition or Out-of-Competition test,
athletes are required to submit 85 mls of urine to process the sample.
After January 1, 2009, the minimum amount of urine needed to process a
sample will increase to 90 mls.Additionally, the pH of the sample will no longer
be evaluated.
Change can be daunting, but in the end, these new measures will streamline
the current processes, and make things easier for you, the athlete. It is important
to remember that these changes are being implemented with athletes worldwide
and will help to harmonize anti-doping efforts around the globe.
If you have any questions, please contact Kelli Feltmann, USADA Olympic EducationManager,
at 719-785-2023 or via e-mail at kfeltmann@usada.org.
www.usatf.org  43 
2010 Prohibited List
TheWorld Anti-Doping Agency has announced the release of the 2010 Prohibited
List which will take effect on January 1, 2010.USADA has provided this
alert to notify athletes of the release of this list, and to highlight five major
changes and clarifications.
Please note that this alert only highlights some of the changes in the Prohibited List
and is not intended to be a detailed summary.
Summary of Major Changes
• The intramuscular injection of Platelet-Derived Preparations (such as
Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP, and ‘blood spinning’) is prohibited, and therefore
requires a Therapeutic Use Exemption. Platelet –derived preparations
by other routes of administration (such as local injection into a joint, tendon,
or ligament) will require only a USADAWebsite Declaration of Use.
• WADA has added Glycerol as an example of a substance that can act as a
Plasma Expander at certain dosages.
• Two commonly prescribed inhaled beta-2 agonists, salbutamol (referred to
as albuterol in the USA) and salmeterol, will only require a USADAWebsite
Declaration of Use.Oral use of any beta-2 agonist (i.e. tablets, syrups), including
albuterol and salmeterol is still prohibited.All other inhaled beta-2 agonists
are also prohibited and require a Therapeutic Use Exemption prior to use.
• WADA has clarified that Supplemental oxygen continues to be not prohibited.
• Pseudoephedrine will be prohibited in-competition only. Pseudoephedrine
may be found in cold and flu medications and decongestants that are often sold
from behind the counter at pharmacies, but without a prescription.Athletes
need to be certain the medications they take during, or just before competitions,
do not contain pseudoephedrine.Athletes need to allow enough time for
the substance to pass from their body prior to competition, and to be aware of
the slow excretion of pseudoephedrine from “delayed release” preparations.
If you have further questions or inquiries please consult the 2010 Prohibited List
(available on www.usada.org), or contact the Drug Reference Department at the US
Anti-Doping Agency on DrugReference@usada.org for further information or the
Drug Reference Phone Line on 1-800-233-0393. For questions on Therapeutic
Use Exemptions or theWebsite Declaration Process, please contact the Drug Reference
Department on tue@usada.org or visit the USADAWebsite www.usada.org.
 54  2010 USATF Elite Athlete Handbook
I, ______________________________, knowingly and with specific intent
do hereby surrender my entitlement to compete in track and field events as a
United States citizen, in favor of competing for __________________________,
of which I am also a citizen. I understand that by surrendering my eligibility to
represent the United States for competition purposes, I will forfeit all benefits
to which I would otherwise be entitled as an American athlete member of USA
Track & Field, Inc. (USATF), including but not limited to: my ability to compete
in USATF national championship competitions,my eligibility to receive
American-only prize money awarded at USATF national championships, and
my eligibility to receive USATF or United States Olympic Committee grants,
insurance and athlete support. In submitting this Surrender of Citizenship Benefits,
I understand that I will be removed from USATF's no-advanced notice
drug testing program, and that if I wish to resume my status as a United States
track and field athlete at a future date, I will be required to: 1) make all my drug
testing results from my other Track and Field/Athletics Federation available to
USATF, and 2) comply with all applicable International Olympic Committee,
United States Olympic Committee,USATF and/or International Association
of Athletics Federations eligibility rules, before resuming competition for the
United States. I further understand and agree that this Surrender of Citizenship
Benefits is not intended to avoid, nor will it have the effect of avoiding, any
disciplinary proceedings that have or will be brought against me pursuant to
USATF Regulation 10 for drug testing conducted prior to my surrender of citizenship
_________________ ___________________________________________
Athlete Signature
I certify that this document was signed in my presence, by the individual named
above, on the date indicated.
_________________ ___________________________________________
Commission Expires Notary Public
www.usatf.org  55 
The Resource Exchange Center (REC)
The Resource Exchange Center (REC) is a subscription service of Drug Free
Sport provided by USATF to provide accurate and confidential information
about dietary supplements and dangerous or prohibited substances. Information
is available in both English and Spanish.Access for the REC is provided as a
benefit to current USATF members.The REC is available 24 hours a day, seven
days a week online (see below for login information).
E-mail enquiries sent to the REC staff will receive a response within 24
business hours after receipt.All inquiries may be made anonymously.
To access the REC:
• www.usatf.org/members-only
• You will then be provided with a link to the REC as well as login and password
If you have any questions about accessing this service, please contact Melissa
Beasley at Melissa.Beasley@usatf.org. If you need technical support, please Eric
Patterson at epatterson@drugfreesport.com.
􀁴 􀀢􀁓􀁆 􀁚􀁐􀁖 􀁕􀁂􀁌􀁊􀁏􀁈 􀁅􀁊􀁆􀁕􀁂􀁓􀁚 􀁔􀁖􀁑􀁑􀁍􀁆􀁎􀁆􀁏􀁕􀁔􀀠
􀁴 􀀢􀁓􀁆 􀁕􀁉􀁆􀁚 􀁔􀁂􀁇􀁆􀀠
􀁴 􀀸􀁊􀁍􀁍 􀁕􀁉􀁆􀁚 􀁍􀁆􀁂􀁅 􀁕􀁐 􀁂 􀁑􀁐􀁔􀁊􀁕􀁊􀁗􀁆 􀁅􀁓􀁖􀁈 􀁕􀁆􀁔􀁕􀀠
􀁴 􀀵􀁉􀁆 􀀳􀀦􀀤 􀁉􀁂􀁔 􀀢􀀯􀀴􀀸􀀦􀀳􀀴􀀋
􀀋􀀵􀁉􀁆 􀀳􀀦􀀤 􀁅􀁐􀁆􀁔 􀁏􀁐􀁕 􀁓􀁆􀁄􀁐􀁎􀁎􀁆􀁏􀁅 􀁕􀁉􀁆 􀁖􀁔􀁆 􀁐􀁇 􀁔􀁖􀁑􀁑􀁍􀁆􀁎􀁆􀁏􀁕􀁔􀀏
Call: 􀀙􀀘􀀘􀀎􀀓􀀑􀀓􀀎􀀑􀀘􀀗􀀚 􀀉􀁕􀁐􀁍􀁍 􀁇􀁓􀁆􀁆􀀊 􀁐􀁓
􀀙􀀒􀀗􀀎􀀕􀀘􀀕􀀎􀀙􀀗􀀖􀀖 􀁙􀀒􀀓􀀚
Online: 􀁘􀁘􀁘􀀏􀁅􀁓􀁖􀁈􀁇􀁓􀁆􀁆􀁔􀁑􀁐􀁓􀁕􀀏􀁄􀁐􀁎􀀐􀁓􀁆􀁄
Organization: 􀀶􀀴􀀢 􀀵􀁓􀁂􀁄􀁌 􀀇 􀀧􀁊􀁆􀁍􀁅
Password: usatfgold
Supplement Warning: YOU are responsible for any substance you put in your body and the
use of any dietary supplement is at your own risk. Many dietary supplements sold over the counter
and through the internet contain substances that are prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Code. The
presence of a prohibited substance in your urine can result in a positive test and a doping oense
regardless of how the substance got there. Contact the REC BEFORE taking any dietary supplement.
pp g
 64  2010 USATF Elite Athlete Handbook
order, to the desired field sizes. For notification purposes, a current phone number/
e-mail address must be provided during the declaration process.
Qualifying Guidelines for Championships in Non-Olympic Years
1.All qualifying performances for running events must be made on an indoor
or outdoor track for the outdoor championships.No allowances are provided
for altitude, nor for indoor facilities of differing size, banking or other configuration.
2.Qualifying marks must be made in accordance with USATF Rule 149 and
verifiable in one of the following:
a.USATF or IAAF sanctioned events which prescribe to or exceed USATF
competition rules
b.Events at collegiate meets which prescribe to or exceed USATF competition
rules, or
c.High school meets, but not dual or triangular meets.
d.Meets or events which meet a minimum for competitiveness set by the
Chair of the Sport Committee and determined to be valid by the USATF
National Office staff member responsible for verification.
3. This is an annual Championship which requires qualification within a specific
period of time.
Qualifying marks from outdoor competitions must be attained on or after
the first day of competition of the National Championship, or Olympic qualifying
meet, during the previous calendar year through the Sunday in the
current calendar year just prior to the Championship.Qualifying marks from
indoor competitions must be attained within the same time period.Qualifying
marks for the 10,000-meters, RaceWalk, and Combined Events must be attained
on or after the first Saturday in January of the calendar year prior to the
Championship through the Sunday in the current calendar year just prior to
the Championship.
4. * F.A.T. is the only method of timing acceptable for qualifying marks for
events listed with an asterisk.Times submitted in hundredths of a second,
must be fully automatic times.
5. ** A manual time may be used for qualifying in events with a double asterisk
only if no fully automatic qualifying time exists for the individual in that
event during the qualifying period.A manual time may not supersede any
fully automatic qualifying time for an event.
a. women - Qualifying manual times, for eligible events, are the F.A.T. qualifying
time without the last zero for events 200m and longer; the F.A.T. time
minus 0.14 for events 400m - 1 Mile.The seed time for a submitted manual
time will be in accordance with USATF Rule 76.
b.men - Qualifying manual times, for eligible events, not already listed, are
always the F.A.. qualifying time without the last zero.Manual times will be
converted for seeding purposes using USATF Rule 76.
All performances are subject to verification.
www.usatf.org  65 
Continental Cup Selection Criteria
The 2010 IAAF Continental Cup (formerly known as theWorld Cup) takes
place in Split,Croatia on September 4-5, 2010.USATF will participate as part
of the Americas Team which will be composed of athletes from the NACAC
area and South America. It will be a great opportunity for athletes to run with
some of their friends from other countries as opposed to running against them
in major events.
Athletes will be selected from the 2010 IAAF Senior Top List Outdoors
as of July 31 for all events except the 3000m. The 3000m selection is still under
review.The Americas will enter two athletes per individual event. Selection to
the Team will be based on the highest ranked athlete affiliated with NACAC or
South America Consudatle per event.Only one athlete from any one country
may compete in each individual event.
Athletes will need to compete at the national championships for their country
in order to be eligible for selection to the 2010 IAAF Continental Cup.The
national championship for U.S. athletes is 2010 USA Outdoor Championships
in Des Moines, Iowa
Please contact Sandy Snow,Director of International Teams and Championships
with questions. sandy.snow@usatf.org or 770-392-1027
Prize Money Breakdown
Individual Relays (4 x 100m, 4 x 400)
1st US $ 30,000 1st US $ 30,000
2nd US $ 15,000 2nd US $ 20,000
3rd US $ 10,000 3rd US $ 10,000
4th US $ 7000 4th US $ 8000
5th US $ 5000 5th US $ 6000
6th US $ 3000 6th US $ 5000
7th US $ 2000 7th US $ 4000
8th US $ 1000 8th US $ 3000